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The 911 aftermath of smoke inhalation?
Running in humidity bad for asthma?
how should i decorate my inhaler?
I accidentally inhaled a big whiff of fresh start dry shampoo, should I be worried?
My left ear is red, a little swollen and hot?
Mosquito bite like bumps?
Did I destroy my ears?
is my ear infected or is it in the "healing" process?
i have an ear infection where the hole is for my earrings... what to do?
I accidently got burned by the oven and .....?
Ear ringing - tried peroxide, didn't work?
i got a cut on my lip and i want to know how do i make it heal faster?
My cat has a pretty deep and long cut/bite, will it heal?
How to clean blood out of ear canal?
what happens when you bite youre lip?
my cut is is long and burns when i touch it, and also its violet so, is it infected?
is this medicine dose correct?
Am I overdosing on vitamins?
Will an amino acid supplement help during fasting?
Can I take Valerian Root Extract with milk?
Oxycontin sold by Ethex:?
"Valerian" Side effects (Frustration at anything and moody?)?
What is the best herbal inscene to smoke?
Diastolic Blood Pressure question?
Does any1 kno hw long it takes for the honey remedy to cure hysteria?
What are the risks of cortisone shots? please help?
where to find dr. king's sulpher bitters?
Could taking 6 exlax pills be harmful?
Will my eyesight change?
please please please help pills?
What is EMDR and why are medical doctors using it?
what medicine is best for flattening scars?
I want to quit smoking/drugs but im on and off?
Best to take medicine in night or morning?
how would cough go away?
Can i snort this pill?
Will cod liver oil stop the creaking sound in my legs when I move?
I'm 15 and might have High Blood Pressure?
Is thksthis normal for a broken finger?
How can I get swelling down on my eye?
I pulled my hamstrings, strained quads. What do I do?
Im breaking out! ugh its terrible?
what does increased diastolic pressure in postoperative period indicate?
My blood pressure has been between 78/27 and 105/62 the last almost week; should this be a concern for me?
Anticoagulant therapy clinics?
i have a swollen ankle can any one help?
how do i cure my muscle ache?
What drugs would eliminate a blockage in an artery in the lower part of the heart?
Knee injury and pain, help?
how can i avoid A scar?
Injured finger: I was playing action cricket and caught a relay fast ball. no pain finger blue.should i worry?
can u take ibuprofen 800mg with cyclobenzaprine 10 mg its a muscle relaxer?
I had a seris of xrays done on various parts of my body.?
What is wrong with my ankle?
how long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
what do i do if i feel nauseous and can't throw up?
Is this numbness in my foot to be expected from the type of injury I sustained or should I consult a Dr?
having acl surgery and having second thought on which graft to use... any advise welcome?
What happens when you get x-rays done?
diagnose my ankle....?
Limited toe flexibility, but no pain?
Anyone know any really good natural ways to get to sleep at night?
I swallowed this things as a kid?
Can your tonsils and adenoids really grow back?
My ambition it to become a general pracititoner...?
what would happen if someone took a whole bottle of blood pressure pills?
the Sampling Unit is Cancer Patients,Doctor’s attitude toward personality, behavior, competence, and prescribe?
i ran a lot but now my left ankle and my right knee kills.?
Bicep and brachioradialis muscle swelling, moderate amounts of pain upon movement and heavily restricted use.?
can you over medicate your eyes?
has anyone ever used microdermabrasion on there face and gotten a rash and really dry skin from it??
HELP ME PLEASE poison ivy itching really bad!!!????
Burned arms HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
skin cancer prevention question?
I have a red rash at the corner of my right eye, and it won't go away. What is it? And, will it go away?
Scarring on my skin...?
What does having a lot of bumps on/in your ear mean?
Help with rash identification?
HOW to clear up your acne the fastest??
how long do accutane pills last for?
i have been taking minocycline for acne for a few months and recently got pregnant. please help!!?
I've been dealing with acne/acne scars for 8 yrs and tried everything(peels,pills,creams) and nothing works?
Embarrassing..Help ?!?
doctors or dermatologists?
sking problem help needed?
school starts tomorrow and i woke up with a fever blister.......HELP?
What are the symptoms of a Gonorrhea Lesion? Easy 10 points?
When do you get tested for herpes?
Is this symptom of HIV?
what are common questions that people have of STDs'?
Should I Get This Checked Out?
Another way to get rid of phlegm/infection?
I am not feeling good. I think I may have a cold.?
what is the best remedy for the flu?
Blood work please help!?
My doctor wants my urine will they find out that i smoke?
my son is nine got an eye exam and i dont under stand it at all?
there's something wrong with me but i'm not sure what the symptoms suggest!?
What do my symptoms mean? Dizziness, headache, blurred vision..?
May have taken 2 Vyvanse 30 mg this morning...?
I've lost my hearing in one ear for about a day?
what are the symptoms and treatments for hypoparathyroidism?
i feel like hiding, and switching off from everything. whats wrong with me?
who invented cigarettes?
Bump behind my left ear?
What is with my facial numbness? - Multiple Sclerosis?
Who is the right person to contact, or the right place to go, if you found the cure for all disesases?
Offer at least one analogy and any other means of explanation you can think of: Thyroid Gland?
Is acromegaly genetic?
Strange, possible kidney related symptoms...several doctor visits and no answer?
Really yellow urine?....................................?
how can you smoke dmt?
I have a small and dark bump on my left armpit and I am scared to death!!!!?
I have a small lump on the back of my ear??? 10 points best answer?
What is this disease?
... Please dont judge me?
is 3 weeks efficiant for passing a urine drug test?
Do you think I have an eating disorder?
why am i constantly tired?
is it safe to smoke a cigarette 37 hours after wisdom teeth removal?
sore throat..or more?
is this overweight??????
PLEASE HELP! what drug is it?
if you take 8 ibeprofen?
How long does weed stay in your system?
Would You Die If A Live Mouse Ran Down Your Throat?
Where's the safest spot to bite a person?
What it means when doctor ask you if ever had Chicken Pox?
Is it possible for a person to be born without these parts?
if you smoke weed, how long would you stay high?
if your high school tests you for steroids, will the results they get also show weed?
why do i keep yawing 24/7?
I have been having some sleeping problems help please?
okay i have pink eye for almost a week,it's now red,swollen & it hurts when i touch it,i haven't gone to the?
What can cause long term constipation and other issues? ?
does anyone have good types on how to stay awake longer ?
My nostrill has been blocked for like a year?
What are you allergic to?
How do you know if you have asmtha?
If I'm lactose intollerant, can I still eat fruits such as peaches or pineapples?
Bloody nose gross weirdd?
can sinus infection cause yeast infection?
my nose is so annoying due to Allergies help!!?
My friend is spending the night. she is allergic to cats. what else can i do.?
allergic reaction to marijuana?
Can you have an allergic reaction to seafood without eating it?
anyone on here not like their nose?
Can you be allergic to grass?
Allergic to cold water/weather.?
My ears are PLUGGED! Best solution to drain them?
is it possible to become lactose intolerant?
What are you Allergic to?!?
I cant breathe threw....?
I woke up last night to my boyfriend shaking crazy and his eyes were open and he had spit coming out of his ?
My daughter is a year old and has been running a temp with swollen eyes. Could this be a pet allergy?
Shoulder pain and headaches?
Back pain. Help plz. .!!!?
Why cant i straighten my arm?
How hard is it to taper down off prescription opiates with 14 suboxone?
My left upper side hurts?
What could be causing the top of my foot to hurt when I walk, jog, or flex my big toe?
Zoloft withdrawls causing chest pains?
Why can't I feel my finger tips?
my left forearm has a stabing pain?
Hot sensation near appendices?
Sore knees during exercise?
Burnt My finger on 450 degree oven rack how do i treat it?
how to stop mosquitos biting you at night?
My finger is turning different colors and is cold to touch?
Hurt finger from basketball..? :(?
Help what is this on my right earlobe?
compound fracture..help? 10pts?
my wound won't heal! help!?
what is wrong with me?
can you get ssi for being type 2 diabetes?
I'm looking to buy some insulin pump supplies.?
Is sugar better for your health than HFCS?
blood sugarwant go down?
not losing weight anymore?
Someday Ill Breathe Again?
does pentasa cause weight gain?
I have hypothyroidism, shall I eat Semolina?
Some question about sugar?
Do I have bronchopneumonia?
Could Coumadin cause low platelet counts?
PLEASE Help!!! Sinus Infection!!!?
what is a Parathyroid hormone?
Is Nescafe good for our body?
i found out i have gestational diabetes?
20/15 vision in comparison to 20/20 vision?
Suffering from back pains, chest pains, and nausea?
What are the 2 structures of the exocrine pancreas and their secretory products?
Muscular Dystrophy, Diabetes Type 2, ?
My stomach is upset due to a supplement use so kindly any who can help me ill b very greatful to him/her?
How can a 66 y.o. man manage diabetes with wt.110 lbs./ht. 5'10"? Just dx'd last week.?
followup my repeat chest x-ray?
glycotrol for diabetes?
I am looking at a Ch. 14 due to being alcohol dependant. What benefits can I expect as far as VA, etc.?
I have a somewhat soar throat and I just spit out a loogie with a bit of blood in it.?
dibetic hallucinations?
Smoker's Cough After Quitting?
Sneezing fit & sudafed?
Can I use Blue Agave as a sugar substatute?
Is chest pain linked to TB?
TB help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
Neck injury caused eye swelling and severe headache?
I just got an adjustment from a Chiopractor today for the first time, my back hurts now, is that normal?
I fractured my forearm in half and when will it stop hurting?
knee.pain or weak in my knee?
the number of std cases in atlanta?
How long should I wait until the pain is gone? Should I just take pain relievers? Little long.?
Tight muscle question. Please help.?
Can you drink coffee after you have had a concussion?
Why wont my arms bend strait?
Smashed my knee, what should I do?
I'm having a wierd discharge. What does it mean?
Shin splints but want to do cardio?
I gave 4 guys herpes.Now what?
Is my wrist going to be crooked after my cast is removed?
ankle injury....plz help!!!!?
Could my foot/toes be sprained, fractured, or broken?
Is it safe to mix Kratom with Lion's Tail (The herb)?
will the blood go away?
I Need To Know If It Hurts When You Do It.?
Could this be serious?
Is there a scientific name or medical name for a broken toe?
whats the deal with all these canker sores on the tip of my tongue?
why do my knees crack when ever i bend down or crouch?
what do you do for a ingrown toenail with yellow crunchy stuff coming out?
How Much Can I Do Before Its Too Much?
Weird side effects after taking Six Star Energy Fuel?
Thizzle, MDMA, Ecstacy Based drugs...?
How to stop Parinoia?
Wondering please fill me in..?
does it require to have special license to make herbal pills?
If I hate being punctured by needles, is it a bad idea to become an accupuncturist?
Is my arm and wrist sprained or broke?
I'm 17 and im taking melatonin 300 mcg to get to sleep, it isn't working how much can i up it?
What is the best blue light therapy product for SAD?
when can a blackout occur?
I have high blood pressure and I take 100 mg. of Zoloft daily i s it alright to take 1 no-doz pill?
Help me put I need yo know if she is or not?
What is jwh-018 in powder form?
Do I need light up more than one aromatherapy candle?
Is 100 mg of thiamin ( vitamin b1) too much to consume in a day?
My friend took sleeping pills by accident?
opinions on health improvement needed?
just wondering about pills?
Home remedy for the flu?
How can an nite owl go back to being an early bird?
How to get rid of wind in your back?
Medical Marijuana Dispensary?
Is something wrong with me?
Can a baby recover shaking baby syndrome?
How could a person die from natural causes at a young age?
What is my illness?
Im not sure why but i have to pee like every 10 seconds. I don't have a bldder infection what is it!?
Is there an illness that makes you lie uncontrolably?
I have to pee alot, what should i do?
Should I get the swine flu shot?
this is a serious question, doesn anyone else eat soap?
What could this illness be?
mom is an alcoholic.never puked a day while drinking. last night she puked uncontrollably.alcohol poisioning?
say you were a doctor and your patient is terminal. He asks if he will make it. What do you tell him?
I have drank 14.5 liters of water in the past 2 days?
Should Marijuana Be Approved For Medical Use?
Why is there blood in my pee?
whats wrong with me?
what do i have plz help?
How many ppl no someone with autism?
Why is my daughter constantly getting headaches?
bad!bad!headaches anyone know what it could b please?
Getting Muscle Spasms/Twitches HELP!?
Why do I still cough up phlem after a month?
Does this sound like wetting the bed?
When should I get worried?
what happens if you open a delayed release capsule and take it?
going to holiday house to sleep over with my 8 week old husky is it a bad thing?
Are my legs really knock-kneed?
My hands are shaking really badly...?
cat scratch, can i contract rabies?
Had stomach flu for long time?
ok so is it ok to take amoxicilin and ibprofin together?
Do i have a tapeworm?
virus removal from n 72 tell me how and the procedure?
What is the capsid description of mumps? ?
Why doesn't restasis say dry eyes could be from low thyroid in there ads?
Please Help - Strange Vision Disturbance?
Small bump on waterline of my eye?? HELP!!?
is there something wrong with my glasses?
14 year old blocked tear duct, what next?
Should i wear contacts instead of glasses?
Can i wear a colour contact lens?
What race is mostly likely too have hazel eyes?
My Boss wants me to poor out 60 bottles of water because it's cardborad carrier was rotten from getting wet...?
Flu symptoms monthly?
i really need someone to talk to about my eyes and neck, do you know any place that is online for free?
can anyone explain the pathogenesis of metabolic acidosis in diabetes melitus?
What explains the acidic urine in diabetes mellitus?
5.8 blood sugar levels. normal?
tingling sensation (electric shock) in Spanish?
diabetes question...........?
CT scan Impressions? Does anyone how to read them?
Depression maybe? Or am I just crazy?
What do you think's wrong with me?
Struggling with depression and anxiety?
How do I get rid of black heads in four days?
Red Face? PLEASE help? Recommend products?
Safe to use Benzoyl P. and Differin Cream this way?
i been bitten by a tick and i swept it off what should i do
How long before i can stop using MEDERMA
Scar Reducer Mederma
which is the intramuscular injection use for alopecia ?
please help me i have a huge problem
would laser acne treatment on my face hurt?
Why do my bones do this?
Should my new ear stretch be swollen and painfull?
how to get rid of my sinus pain?
Earrings hurt my ears?
Is there any pain worse than stubbing your toe?
I have chest pains....what should i do?
I have back pain and it hurts when I breathe in.?
What will reduce my post tonsillectomy vomiting?
What are the name of the states that have HIV laws?
Went to the Doctor took a PT test and came out negative...?
if i dont have a sore down there and its itchy does that sound like herpes?
When do Hemroids go away on their own? if they do...?
HIV and white blood cell count.?
if someone infected with aides had a child what would happen to the child once conceived?
how exactly do you get infected by Gonorrhoea?
i have an airpocket in my stomach,how do i get rid of it?
Should I go to a doctor or am I just worrying to much?
Embarrassed by my age for some reason?
why am i so tired after sleeping?
The only thing stopping me from killing myself is knowing what my family and friends would be like after?
Why am I so tired even though I get adequate rest?
My boyfriend sleeps too long, and too hard. What's wrong?
How many surgeries have you had in your life?
i am having surgery in 2 weeks and i have some questions?
Why am i always cold plz help?
My best friend got diagnosed with cancer on her bday last yr and her bday is saturday and she doesnt want one?
Throwing up EVERYTHING I eat!?!?
i am 5 '9 and I need to know how to grow taller! plezzz help!?
how do you stop hunger pains?
I just found out that my mums getting a bath installed, meaning they take away the shower.. what do I do?
Am i addicted to facebook?
whats wrong with my stomach?
anybody have any idea?
can u overdose on ibuprofen?
What could be Wrong with Me?
Is this normal for a 17 year old?
My 9 month old yesterday had red around her left eye then it got swollen what could it be?
My friend's eye is excessively red?
my boyfriend always has a blocked nose..?
Are these Hives, or what!? (pic)?
am i allergic to apples and pears?
What are you allergic to?
Does honey help allergies to ragweed?
anybody know what this could be?
There's a Piece of Popcorn stuck in my throat?
Swollen Throat = Death?
my kid is alergic to milk and dust what can i do to avoid his alergys?
I ate something really bad & I have to throw up but I can't. Help?!?
When I read some books (paperback or hardcover) and most newspapers my eyes tear and my nose gets runny.?
i have popcorn stuck in my throat what should i do?
What's wrong? (throat; swelling, white spot)?
Where can I get Gluten free Chocolate for a party?
What is a good brand of eye drops for allergy relief?
What is Anaphylaxis ?
Is Lactaid really 100% lactose free?
im allergic to ballons but want to eat one. what should i do?
my son had an allergic reaction to something he ate?
are there any foods that help you get better when you are sick?
everytime i bend my knee it cracks?
My girlfriend's eye is hurting her. She hit it. It feels like a bruise. What is it & how long will it last?
I fell on my elbow about a month ago and it's still sore?
Chances of dislocating my knee cap again?
can a sciatic nerve be repaired?
my left foot is extremely swollen?
how long does it take for a jammed finger to heal?
If You Have A Head Injury, How Long Are You Supposed To Stay Awake?
how can i make my pulled quad feel better?
I have had a Chronic Sprained Ankle for 14 years..?
How long would a slight concussion last?
do you know the name of this??
how do you know if you sprained your ankle?
what to do for a back strain muscle?
Help! Did I sprain my foot?
I feel like my Achilles is getting pulled when I walk or run?
what are the top 5 causes of injury that can occur to young workers?
Do I need an x-ray for some sharp ankle pain?
I recently got a concussion ...?
i have really bad back problems and its shooting down to my leg?
Ankle, Sprained or Fractured?
Sudden blurry vision, large amount of sweat?
It's been a while since I have had a knee sprain, seemed to be healed, but still pops out?
i took a plate out the microwave it was super HOT i burn my hand what do i put on it to relive?
what is the best way to treat a spider bite nonpoisonous that is infected?
Help me...My lips bleeding!!!?
Ive found a big lump beside my ear and it really herts. any ideas what it could be ?
Ear infection, no more pain but still has pressure?
Should I continue applying petroleum jelly to my wound until it is healed or only once when the bleeding stops?
Really bad ear infection help! how much alcohol and vinager!?!?!?
Suspected concerta overdose. Help!?
what ratio of chest compressions to breaths is recommended during CPR ?
how do i treat a spider bite?
spider bites :( help, please!?
How long do you think this will take to heal?
If i am certified as a EMT in a different state and i move will my license still be valid?
When to shave chin after stitches?
What's the best thing to use to get rid of a small infection on my arm?
What's the life expectancy of clogged heart arteries?
What is my life expectancy?
I've been having chest pains, but what tests can check for heart problems?
I am a 21 year old female and my heart feels funnys ,like i am nervous all the time,plus?
Why inflammatory disease of cardiac valves diminish their effective function?
Bad circulation in feet?
will eating seeds cause appendicitis? please answer! :)?
Alternative for Augmentin?
I have a Graduation Test Monday through Friday next week and I have a cold. How can I get over it by Monday?
What is the morphology of Meningitis?
what is pus cells? my 9 month doughter got pus cells 4-6hpf what this mean?what should i do for this?
Emetophobic Having a MELTDOWN!!!?
Can exstacy kill you?
alcohol effect on blood sugar?
Has anyone heard of the Colonic Center Of America?
what replaces meridia and sibotrim for obsesity?does anybody tried contrave pills?
Is there any side effects of using Ceragem in a long run?
I watched Dr. OZ about putting some sesame oil in my nose to proctect for cold. How?
Home remedies for a cold?
Emetophobia. PLEASE HELP!?
Where to find pure herbal oils?
Does castor oil really work on ?
what do these symptoms mean please help?
What could I be sick with?
what are the after effects of the body being cooled to 15C?
can someone tell me about fiber capsules?
problems after stomach flu?
can someone describe symptoms of ceriasis?
Strep throat question, pleaseeeee please read!?
Multiple choice question: Bone marrow is considered part of the immune system because it?
If I have Oral Herpes, would I have a better chance of passing mononucleosis?
How contagious is strep throat?
what is trichina disease?
are there any special programs for people with tuberculosis?
Do i have tonsilitis?
a virus is capable of?
Can having MRSA staph infection affect my ability to have children? I have them often.?
so none of them will work to pass a drug test? Not I am taking all of that at once.Just what is the best?
is there anything that can get you high?
What does Proprioceptive sense mean? ?
is suboxone worth the money ?
How do I describe this man as a physician/doctor?
Do modafinil pills really make one smart?
What can be the benefits Electric Cigarettes?
How do i make salt water?
What is the medication for a bad cold called?
Fun things to train the body?
What to take to hospital?
if i push really hard (making the blood rush to my head) i see white specks appear?
What are these the symptoms of?
Blood isn't clogging, and I don't know why.?
Is 2.46 blood alcohol high in WI?
I cant stop throwing up?
Blood in Stool...scared and worried!?
My father died in his sleep....Yet he was not sick and was quite alright before sleep. he was 64. Hw is that?
Am I Anorexic? Please tell me.?
does xanax make you feel loopy?
Can you legally die of old age?
what are some bad things about epilepsy?
If my ears keep getting infected when I wear earings, what type of earing will be best for me?
ew! this is gross?
URGENT: im about to take a 5mg ambien while drunk. is that bad?
does anybody know the long term effects of cannabis?
whats wrong with my head?
ocd is it?
Help!? I am Very sick!?
My boyfriends dad has brain cancer?
State the process of how to rescue a choking victim?
If both of my parents had herpes before I was born, does it become transmitted to me?
Do periods return to normal after std treatment?
blood test questions, a bit worried but lets see what you guys have to say about this.?
Can someone else go to planned parenthood for you to get medicine?
My unfaithful ex gave me chlamydia. I'm prescribed doxycycline.?
If you kiss somebody with a COLD SORE are you guaranteed to get the virus?
i got herpes type 1 & 2 if am not havin any outbrakes could i kiss my son?
Aids = murder? websites?
Can You Play as infected by yourself?
how can you contract metagitis?
what is the difference in bloods between AIDS patient and normal person?
Is STD testing at health departments free?
Does lens crafters sell non perscription colored contacts?
How many people need glasses/contacts in America?
where can i find colored contacts if i don't need any vision correction?
is there a special eye conditions that could improve vision?
Eye contact questions?
I am so worried about my eyesight (help)!?
I just got my skin scretched by my dog and I have a question!!!!?
How beneficial can quitting marijuana be?
i had a pyschotic episode while smoking weed should i see a doctor?
i just drank 2 litres of energy drinks?
if you have constipation can eating yogurt help with that problem and make you go number 2?
how to lose weight fast???
I have a gf that is doing Crystal Meth. how do i stop her from doing it again before she gets addicted?
How do u know if someone is high ?
what are these symptoms?
Is it okay to be naked? (in private, of course)?
Is this a panic attack?
Am I addicted to Marijuana?
Why do my hands shake uncontollably?
What do you think about smoking?
Im super tired but i can not fall asleep...what should i do?
HELP! Please answer!?
how to get clean before a drug test?
I have given up, what should I do?
What are good hobbies and talents for kids with ADHD?other than sports and art?
I think I have severe OCD and anxiety issues?
Coping with depression without asking help?
I need help with fixing my sleeping hours!?
what are the best anxiety drugs, and will the natural oneswork for someone who can barely leave the house?
Can therapy make you worse?
I need help, maybe as far as depression?
who is the best eft (emotional freedom technique) therapist online?
Just did a CTA chest scan?
Why can't I bend my left wrist like my right wrist?
Odd eyelid pain/itch?
My left arm at the top hurts a lot when I move it like sharp pain like its ripping. Did I pull a muscle?
Whats wrong with my hips?
I think I pulled something in my leg?
It seems like my ears are always hurting?
I have herniated L4,L5 ,L1,, stenosis, arthritis, and a history of ostomyialtis and a brittle diabitic. Im on?
why does the outside of his ear hurt?
My grandmas body ache what to do?
Why does my ear hurt?
How to wean yourself off pain killers?
i woke up with a bug bite or something!!!?
if youre drunk, and you take a hot shower, could you die? what would happen?
Can I somehow shrink my knuckle size?
brown recluse or boil?
Does anyone know any inexpensive cpr/first aid classes in Orange County?
How do i help my ear to get better?
how do i stop the nitrous burns on my fingers?
Ear/ Earring Infection?
blister that turned into a swollen lip?
finger nail was ripped off when a fake nail got caught.?
I've wanted to get my tongue pierced for a while but I heard that its the 1 thing that wont completely heal?
How long does it take for a middle ear infection to go away?
My ear piercing won't heal. What do I do?
Hot water mouth burns?
Ear stretching tapper's good or bad?!?
Is tongue piercing bleeding normal?
How do you break your arm or leg?
Recovering from muscle atrophy?
What to do if your eyes are really bloodshot?
help ! i think i have fractured my knee it hurts realy BAD when i walk like somone is stabing me what can i do?
Hurt My Foot, Ideas Guys!?
How to get rid of back pane instantly?
i just got an ingrown toenail surgery done and it hurts?
im 15 and keep getting sharp pains down below?
Why is my ankle still swollen?
I think my mom broke her rib.?
I have an injured hamstring (from doing a split)?
I got into a fight two nights ago... and it really hurts to turn my left eye ball.?
Is it a work related injury or not?
Is busting my tooth through my lip enough of an injury to go to the emergency room?
How should i take my stitches out?
Bone Brusie: Ice or Heat?
How long would a cut on the leg thats one inch heal?(opinion question)?
I had my son over 2 weeks ago and I just got this severe cramps/ contraction?
what kind of doctor should i go to ?
Do I need to go to the doctor? Please help!?
hurt myself with a nailgun?
At what glucose number does a diabetic go into a coma?
pls cud anybody recommend something that i can put on my hands im allergic to latex!!!?
Do you think babies can have seasonal or pet allergies? My Dr. said no, but I'm just not too sure.....?
will a hot humidifier help me with my astma and allergies and congestion?
Head throbbing a little and I have a little bit of a runny nose?
i have a stuffy nose my throat clogs up a little and i couge a few times a day ive been sick since saturday?
can you become allergic to something that you were not allergic to as a child?
i have a mildy sore throat, a little bit of runny nose, and my body is slightly achy, no cough. what is this?
i need help pleeze its drivin me crazy!?
Runny Nose?
Gluten allergy? Please help...?
Those of you who like cats & know some doctor stuff answer this.?
My boyfriend has Red puffy painful eyes?
How is the best way to keep nose moist?
Could this be allergies?
Im allergic to something,i just dont know from what?
I was cleaning today and stuff at..?
Why do my nose itch a lot?
What effects does an allergic reaction have on the body?
What can I do for a nightly asthma/coughing attack?
How do i get rid of a runny nose all day long?
My ear is clogged! ahhhhhhhhhhh!?
Best allergie medication?
Do i have some kind of food poisoning?
Will we be able to get rid of chickenpox in the future like we have smallpox?
Is the measles a long term or short term disease?
can people with hepatitis c work in the medical filed?
what can you put on a new tounge piercing....is anticeptic spray okay?
I have a molar infection, and I used to have a bit of fever?
I think i have mono help me?
what does it mean to have a low wbc, high lymph %, and low neut?
how do men get urinary tract infections?
if you just had staph infection can you get tattoos?
home remedy for ear infections.?
Stomach Flu or somthing else? help?
I am sick!! please help me!!!!b?
How do I know if I will ever get my tonsils out?
How Do You Treat An Eye Infection?
HIV testing within 1 month of possible exposure?
i am cold but i am running a fever?
how has ulcer emerged as a global issue?
whats wrong with me?
Bloody Stool.?
ok i got drunk earlyer first time, i feel like im gonna vomit...?
Does anyone know what this is? (Stomach problems)?
will smoking weed help my brain tumor removal?
very inportant my son has a stiff neck donno if its meningitis?? please help?
Should I see a doctor? (read details for symptoms I'm having)?
i know if you eat nutmeg you can get high but if you smoke it can you?
I have a really bad ocd, HELP PLEASE?
Do you think severe obesity should get the same kind of attention as anorexia?
So ive been throwing up?
Is this a serious problem?
Ear Problems??
Obesity is a choice, not a disease. Right?
I need help here are my symptoms can someone tell me whats wrong?
What is wrong with me. I'm sick but not sure what it is. please help!?
The upper age limit of a child a pediatrician can see in the countries of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, & UK?
Why am i constipated?
what could this be? is it serious enough to go to a doctor?
Is there medicine to lessen acid in stomach (for those with ulcer)? ?
Why, even after a good night's sleep, do I fall asleep working on my computer, but not...?
Hick ups! What are they? and how can you get them away!!?
Wondering if Anyone Knows of a Disease/Condition/Problem Involving Vomiting?
Child started to tense and flex then relax. Over and over rhythmically right before sleep. What is this?
What is the best Massage Chair?
question about drug test - will i pass?
which water filter is best but does leave minerals in?
Bump with white spot inside cheek?
What's the instruction on how to use Super-Growth?
What can I do to make myself fall asleep?
is 35190n sap 10-50/2000 w/nit a urine test?
Hiv testing ????????????????????????????????
Did i get HIV/AIDS>???????
why is the lung so important?
how to stop anxiety please someone tell me?
how is my grandma still alive after she died?
Can someone tell me What is tylenol?
Can you take aspirin on an empty stomach?
Which one do you personally think is worse: Smoking Cigarettes, Drinking Alcohol or Smoking Marijuana?
urine test serious question? please answer?
Is There something wrong with me? I'm 14....?
Does running make your legs not grow as much?
I am a bad person. Is it too late?
is it possible for food to land anywhere else in your body besides the stomach?
I am just recovering from an addiction to opiates and thinking about the army, is it safe?
What can you smoke besides Weed and tobacco?
Any tips for quitting smoking weed?
My friend came to my house 5 days ago. He has got swine flu. 2 days ago i started to feel ill. do i have it?
Is my feet too small?
Does this sound like swine flu,regular flu, or just a cold!?
I LOST MY VOICE!! HELP!! Any tips?
why do my hands shake when i am mad?
how much vicodin do you need to take to OD?
i am 11 and i havent been feeling weel for the last month?
I Always Wake Up With a Stomach Ache?
I have bubbling in my lungs?
Anyone know anything about Blebs disease?
What prevents pseudomonas aeruginosa from growing in the college pool?
acid mine drainage problem?
Very small amount of what appears to be/could be blood in phlegm from cough?
Coworker came in hacking?
Does tenex cause drowiness?
With bad asthma are steroids commonly prescribed and if so. What kind of steroids? Are there side effects? ?
recreation therapy and respiratory therapy same?
Asthma related queston....?
If I had a sleep study done, why wasn't I given a CPAP?
Does mucous normally move in the direction of the external or internal nares?
can i give normal birth if i have high blood pressure but im controling it?
What is making me high?
Is It Safe to Mix Vitamins?
does green tea(Lipton) all natural speed up ur metabolism ?
doctor said I have a Leaky Valve in my heart? should i be worried?
Am I overdosing on cough syrup right now?!?
When my 14 mo baby get mad she will rub her feet together until she makes her self bleed?
home remedies for ear infections?
i need help with cardiology.?
Friend throwing up and medicine not really helping?
Was i having a panic attack?
Any alternative songs sung by a girl?
any idea to become a massage therpist?
Best over the counter medicine for congestion, sore throat, and a cough?
In what category would you include massage as it relates to medical care?
massage therapy schooling?
Something stung my finger 2 nights ago and now an itchy rash is spreading?
is evegen fda approved?
How many questions are on the EMT-basic certification test for Connecticut?
Can you identify these pills?
where could i get a test tube in lowell massachusetts? size for like carrying cigarettes, or joints?
does the breast enhancement pills work?
Question about iron pills for kids?
What is the street value of liquid lortab?
You think I'll come out clean...?
What is this reoccuring red rash?
birth control help acne?
Can you get rid of stretchmarks??? How???
Skin question? ....need to be answered a.s.a.p bout doctors.?
Um Sun Burn Help?!?!?
Is my brain going crazy?
So...what sleep disorder do I have?
why cant i sleep??? PLEASE HELP?
how long does it take depersonalization to ware off?
Could an adjustment disorder kill a romantic relationship?
how to treat eyebrow burn caused by waxing while using Differin on face?
Is it normal for my earring to bleed, alot?
Should i still use headphones even thought i have an ear infection?
Soak hand in alcohol?
Industrial piercing cut my ear! Any solutions?
How long does it take for a roach bite to heal?
If a bruised toenail falls off would a new nail have already started growing by then?
How do I unjam a right index finger?
I put a warm pad on my infected ear, and a tiny bit of this watery stuff started comin out. Is this normal/ok?
my daughter got kucked in the eye an now its all puffy how can she get the swollen down before school monday?
If you have a cut that is currently bleeding, when do you use peroxide(antiseptic)?
Do I need to put rubbing alcohol more than once on a cut?
I'm a heavy drinker. Can anyone answer this health question?
what do i have, i am sick?
My mother has Insomnia?
Can someone help? Is this something I need to go to the doctor for?
Does anyone know a good tick repellent?
my 8yr old chews tobacco?
Why is it when i read i get dizzy and big headaches?
Does anyone know what bleeding from both ears means??
anorexia had made me weaker?
I drink 2 water bottles a day and i feel i have to pee every hr and once i do i feel i have to go again. Y?
have i got a brain tumour? should i see a doctor?
Sore Throat!?
how many bowel movements a day?
What could this be??
Is this Anorexia Nervosa?
Im new at this, is it normal?
if i get stabbed with a pencil and it gose under my skin will i get let poisining?
Severe Constipation. Help me!?
i need to speak to a doctor?
I keep burping?
TMJ question, eye and temple swelling?
Anyone know if Walmart has decent glasses?
What would you classify this eye color as?
I am fifteen and I think I have eye floaters.....?
i scratched my eye?????????
Ughh! My contacts don't have the same vision?
what is the name of the enzyme/group enzyme term that destroys insulin in the stomach/intestine?
Cooking Easter Dinner for a Diabetic?
I am 17 and diabetic, which multivitamin would be best for me?
Tooth hurts, Root Canal needed !?
pain inside thigh into knee and shin?
What's wrong with my head?
foot pain? need help diagnosing..?
periodic joint pain in evening better by morning?
My wrist hurt when I punch my punching bag?
please give me some advice on what to do! <girls only>?
i just took 14 pain killers i feel dizzy and shaky!!!! help please?
is 6'2 tall???? (Please read the details before you answer.)?
Is this normal?? PLEASE YOU GOTTA ANSWER!!?
how do you get rid of a stuffy nose i hate it!!!!!! plz help!!!?
how can I reduce stress, please answer?
does anyone know whats a boil ?
what causes average, healthy people to faint?
I don't feel good. My throat hurts, runny nose,& coughing.?
What happens if you never wash your Armpits?
I Have no Social Life. Need Help.?
Does soup go to your bladder or your stomach?
Why dont ice cream makers shut down their plants in winter since no one eats them?
can you get high from second hand weed smoke?
I just had a really weird sneeze. am i going to die?
Why can't I smoke weed?
What would happen if I overdosed.?
how is called that sickness which is making people white?
3rd Stomach Virus in the past 3 months! I work at a daycare & whenever theres somthing going around I catch it?
I feel sick and i was wondering if someone could tell me what i have?
How do I kill mold on my desk?
Can I place Impetigo cream on my face?
what cold medicines can a pregnant sickle cell patient take?
Only children and elderly people were effected by the influenza disease?
contaigous disease-tburulois?
do abcesses, on your eye, go away on thier own?
Super worried about super high fever?!!?
i have conjunctivitus help?
I have a platelet count of 524, yet all the numbers I see are in the hundreds of thousands. Is this high?
Do i have meningitis?
Feeling flu-like symptoms only at night- what is going on?
My sister is really sick with some stomach virus. please help?
i get sick every other week, usually seem to be different sicknesses. what could this be caused from?
Is this really food poisoning?
Redness on open abdominal wound?
Why did I wake up with a slight cold?
Help, I think my chicken has pneumonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what are the general functions of the respiratory system?
Are the cool burst cigarettes worse than regular?
which homeopathic medicine is for Castro diseases?
Depolarization of a neuron to threshold stimulates?
I just tried to yawn and then I couldn't breathe?
how long will it take me to recover from ACL surgery?
Causes and treatment of tachycardia in senior male _ long term?
Why do i get the hiccups everytime i eat or drink anything?
I'm a 40 yr old female with calf cramps and very weak legs. I can barely lift myself up one step. Any thoughts?
knuckle cracking injury =/?
I think my finger is broken. Where can I get it checked out in Los Angeles free of charge?
Is there a bone above your heal called the trigondm?
Marble up my nose, what to do?
Broken Toe????????????????????????
My big toe nail turned blue. Need help.?
Could I have a mild concussion?
I think i broke my ankle?
What can I do for a toenail that's falling off?
whats wrong with my LEFT eye?
what does ot mean when ur grion area hurts?
What should I do? I was shot in the eye.?
Why do i get dizzy every time i bend over to fast?
I think I broke my toe but....?
Was at School football someone hit my outside left knee and the front.Its swelling and i cant walk?
Hit my head, worried?
My friend got into a major car accident.....?
Forgot how to walk? Help.?
is this knee injury serious?
what is this pharmacy discount card?
Is my infection getting better or worse?
why do my fingers keep bleeding?
should I take a decongestant? I have dizziness and indigestion?
Can you take Illness Recovery Time off work (%Paid), AND State Diasability too?
does this happen to you when you take medication or drink?
How long can a person lock their knees before they pass out?
How do I stop my nose from twitching?
Will smoking like this affect my health that badly.?
Is there any way to prepare my self for not getting a lot of sleep?
How do you get rid of a sinus infection?
nose question...please answer:)?
Should i put it in my nose?
Help I came out of the shower & parts neck & face are red n itch?
My blood pressure is 80/54 it is normally 90-110/ 60. Is there a way to raise it a little without pills?
My husband told me he cant eat eggs and is lactose intolerant. what could be the problem?
If someone is allergic to cats, then has to live with a cat, will that person become "less allergic"?
Can you improve myopia naturally?
Message from an EX Hypochondriac...?
My grandma has burning sensation in her body, but freezing on outside?
How to get calcium if you're allergic to dairy? ?
i have recently developed an allergic reaction to my cat?
if someone tried to feed you something that you were severely allergic to...?
How to ask my doctor about switching medication?
Am I getting strep throat?
Bloody nose...............................................................?
I am almost 12 and just now have allergies? Is that possible?
why does my doctor tell me to stop eating dirt?
I have a sore throat and runny nose?
What herbal remedy is there for allergy relief?, because benadryl makes me so sleepy.?
HELP swollen lips for no reason.?
calling all people with celiac!!!!!!!!?
Food Alergies Or What?
Need HELP from anyone about a possible allergy to CATS!?
For over 3 months now i've had a runny nose?!?
what is the best way to get rid of a stuffed up nose ?
Valium (Diazepam) expiration.?
food allergy questions?
Should I go to school or not?
how to grow weeds at home for personal use?
Why does pot help nausea?
Is there anyway to get a pill tested to see exactly what it is?
where can i get detoxifying supplements?
what will happen if someone eat 10 paracetamol tablet at one time?
Relief from hot flashes?
Are there risks to taking Gingko Biloba or is that not true?
If I'm allergic to oranges would I be allergic to margarines too?
help with my eyes!!!!?
what are it's side effects to our skin?
What is the cause of Apiletic?
I've had an inflamed sore throat for 8 months, no doctor knows whats wrong?
is it true he has diabetes
I think I might have had a panic attack but not sure.?
What is a remedy for itchiness all over?
Can you do me a favor?
i have a doctors appointment coming up and i wanted to know if i will test positive on blood and urine samples?
My pee was green this morning is that bad?
How long does the flu last?
Do think this this is wrong?
why human can not breath under the water?
i have the stomach flu can i take flu/cold medicine?
can someone make up a disease for me?
do you have to have a license to open a rodent business.?
disolving kidney stones?
Random Blindness??
DYING. please help?
do i have a eating disorder?
Im wondering if i have a tumor?
Should 86 year old mother be put into Nursing Home because of Dementia?
Why do i feel like i have to pee all the time but i don't have too?
Sudden unexpected dizziness and difficulty concentrating?
prettty or not...TRUTH please.?
I have a problem!! Read now! Don't laugh! I need Help!!!?
I can't stop thinking of death and health?
what is Swine Flu? if some one has this, what symptoms do people have?
What's the quickest way of waking up?
Can anyone give me an idea about what's wrong with my stomach?
what causes random nose bleeds?
I slept for 12 hours but i need to go early to bed so I can wake up for school, how can I make myself sleepy ?
Painful dots on tongue?
I cannot sleep, how can I change that?
What anti depressant won't make me sleepy?
She's still smoking with emphysema!?
I'm donating blood for the first time at school tomorrow?
I found a small light pink pill with the letter S and the number 280 on it?
Dizzyness from smoking?
does baking soda really work for acne?
Would God want you to smoke marijuana?
why do we need a nose?
Can abuse from childhood cause brain cancer later in life?
Is there a tree in me? Am I a tree?
is something wrong or am i just in shock?
Large Bump on Forehead but no trauma.?
How do i know if this cut on my hand is infected?
raw, gross feeling lips! too much chap stick! help!?
I have something on my thumb ? What is it?
I have this ingrown hair, that has been on for a few weeks. I think it's an ingrown hair. If not, is it bad?
lol ok again how big is the artery in a persons rist and can it be helped if taken to a hospetal?
ear is clogged from a Q tip?
Who makes the silicone-coated nylon pouches for Adventure Medical's ultralight and watertight first aid kits?
How to prevent my burn from scarring?
What would happen if you put salt on an open cut?
I got slapped in the face... I feel like my ear is always popped; I can blow air out of it. Go to Dr.?
need help now! burns!?
I ripped my muscle under my tongue a little bit?
How badly drunk am i, and am i in serious danger?
how to treat ticks bite ?
i have a question about ingrown toenails, what do you mean by V-cut?
my dad has recently lost all his strength in his left arm?
do i have diabetes!???
How do I get rid of blackheads. They are ruining my nose!! Help!!?
Please Help Emergency?
I have a strep throat question?
Husband has pneumonia but won't go to the hospital...?
Portacath pain several months after surgery?
what are are some symptoms of hiv, or how can I tell without a test?
gallbladder, ulcer or gastritis ATTACK?
Infection by longs?....?
can you get hepatitis from pain medications?
how do you prevent a cold?
How does The West Nile Virus infect your body?
Am I going to be okay?
can my dad stay at my house and share our bathroom if he has mrsa internally?
If you have dysentery what should you do?
can hiv transmit from the gastric ulcer with saliva?
forgot to go back in three days after a tb test, what do i have to do now?
what are the chances of another outbreak of TB?
is there any relation with coming from diarrhea and later on, start day dreaming all the time? Im just worried?
Question about herpes simplex virus 2.?
re occuring bacterial vaginosis?
Chances of the stomach bug?
how widespread is tuberculosis?
White Clusters on throat, but not Strep or Mono. What is it?
Received my Liver function results.?
anyone know a webasite that has statistics for the disease PRANCREATITIS (sorrr spelt it wrong) eg age effect?
Which is better to relieve cold/flu symptoms dimetapp or codral cold and flu?
what is panic disorder?
Emotional freedom? Repression? Suppression?
Is Vomiting Really THAT Bad?
my bf broke up with me and has adhd?
Is there an ADD med that doesn't cause weight gain?Or do they at all?
Penicillin that is 4 years old. Will it hurt to take it? I have a UTI and snowed in! Please help.?
repost, please answer?
what are he symptoms of aids and what should i look for if i got aids please help me im lost?
It is possible if the cell phone touches a herpes lesion on one person?
How do I take this Oxycodone?
Carpal tunnel . rest or exercise?
Help!!! Pain in lower right abdomen.?
weird feeling under left side of my rib under arm pit?
Brain aneurysm from sneezing?
How long should a mouth bruise last?
is it normal to have a headache after tonsillectomy?
acl injury question?
what to do for a sprained ankle?
Generally, how long do bruises last? If you bump it will it stay longer?
I need help figuring out if I broke my foot or if its just a sprain?
When i move my ankle up, it hurts in my calf?
how to break your toe or sprain your ankle?