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Quarter size bump on 3yr old head...should I do more than ice, neosporin & band-aid?
I cracked my nose and can't get it back in place?
Legs strained everywhere? In gym...?
Do I need stitches??? Help! Urgent!!?
I have this scar on my leg...?
What should i do about my split lip an stiches, how should i cover it?
is diablo marajuana an OG?
sleep help? pills waking up?
How do you treat Alopecia?
i used clean pee and a few drops of my pee mixed in with the good is thc going to show up?
Cutting help please?!! ?
Is it safe to drink Chamomile Tea every night?
Good sites to look at or books to read on how to massage someone?
valium and tramadol interaction?
Any other home remedies thanks =)?
Is it a good idea to use a used pipe?
How to remedy a hunched back?
How does taking LSD make a song better?
What cures a yeast infection quicker? monistat, vagicaine, or azo yeast?
Can I get the same benefits from organic oregano leaves that I would get from oregano oil?
Siberian Ginseng - Reputable Manufactures ?
can you take nyquil cold and flu doing the day?
What headshops in San Jose, CA sell Synthetic Urine?
What is an alternative for prescription medicine for impotency?
Can you take flexeril codeine and alcohol?
Is it true that if you don't eat very much, or don't eat awhile before bed, you will need less sleep?
ok so i have allergys its hard to breath?
Why is mucus production important in the olfactory epithelium?
Just got over bronchitis but fever won't go away!?
How Good or Bad is a 112 per cent lung capacity?
pulmonary edema autopsy?
What is the cause of my shortness of breath?
What is this fluttering feeling I keep having in my chest?
Blood in my Mucus; Been Coughing for Almost a Week?
has anyone expierenced like an air bubble in there chest?
chronic periodontitis?
can you get high off of singular?
im 12 just got my period anything i should know about it?
Does anyone else get sick..?
Is it appropriate for a 6 year old to get a body massage?
Why I feel bad and nervous when I eat what I want ?
Do you like to be comforted when you are crying?
DO YOU or have you ever smoked marijuana?
Should I throw up? Please answer soon?
Where can I get a drug test to prove I never done drugs in my life and how much?
Will I pass the drug screen?
What are the negative consequences of DRUGS?
Is it true, if someone pokes you in the stomach some where you will instantly get diarrah?
Will my jogging routine increase my running endurance?
Why can't you keep my eyes open when you sneeze?
A terrible thirst problem?
Can drug tests detect if you have smoked Cigarettes ?
can i still grow taller?? HELP!?
Should I see a Doctor for this?
16 paracetamol at once ?
How can i make myself throw up?
13 year old crying and don't know why?
How are soundwaves transmitted?
how can i inflame a white mouse?
Does anyone know what these symptoms are? Herpes? STD? ?
dewey, even if we have been together for 4 years? ?
can anyone help me with this hpv question?
Can i take adderal with my current meds?
What to do with a freshly picked scab?
Skin Lightening ? help?
dent cans are poison ?
how do u clear your face?
how much does photo facial cost? is it a good idea for extreme acne and why do you need five treatments?
I get flush to the point of it hurting my skin..how can I fix this?
Can I become immune to venom?
What can I do to get PERFECTLY flawless skin?
Is it ok to apply Ziana gel to my back and chest area?
Can dry skin on your head hurt to touch? What does a lumb mean?
Monroe piercing healing process?
is there any treatment for keloids?
Please tell me the secret behind this?..?
i feel heavyness in calfmuscles nd knee part of my right leg . my blood sugar is in control.?
How can I keep from having faint like symptoms?
why am i dizzy??????
Kidneys working at 55% PLEASE ADVISE!!?
substance x has a clearance greater than zero but less than insulin - secreted?
Could I have hypoglycemia?
How does insulin bind to cells?
what are the conditions for giving glucose orally?
what is the difference between amlodipine and amlodipine besylate?
UPS failure??????????????????????
Why have I loss the taste for certain drinks?
How long does it take for maltose to break down into glucose with maltase?
how much fasting sugar level is?
My cousin's husband is losing weight.?
What is the difference between hypersensitivity and autoimmunity from a biochemical and cellular perspective?
how do i type my prescription number at walgreens.com?
how long after exercise does your blood sugar continue to drop?
What can make you anemic?
Is there something wrong with me?
How do I stop worrying about the future and listen to my own inner self?
i have excessive iron levels. would me taking 2 multivitamins a day each containing 5 mg of iron cause this?
My friends in hospital with his appendix removed?
why does my dog lose so much weight?
I am going to be 22 in the fall. And I want to get out of this phase of my life.?
Tonsillitis after marijuana?
I need some advice on life?
I have epilepsy. Is it possible for me to be doing things that I don't remember?
could a small hit to the head lead to a blood clot?
I think I have insomnia?
Tennis elbow-a disease related query?
stool is color of what I drank?
Is DPT and DTAP vaccinne basically the same?
some problems with strep throat?
What type of strep infection can't be cured with antibiotics?
how long is mono contagious?
I been getting urine infection?
sore pain between ribs.sore on right side of ribs to toch.and lots of indigestion?
My gums hurt how many days do I wait until I schedule an appointment with my dentist if pain does not go away?
Wondering what this pain is coming from.?
What is this pain in my chest?
I have ankle pain... danger?
I stand up and get a headache?
Why am I all of a sudden having frequent headaches?
how do I get out of a condition of neuralgia?
Could this be my gallbladder?
Good core exercises to combat arthritis?
Would i be considered an Alcoholic?
Can the doctor call the police on you?
At what age can you get mono?
i need to go to sleep!!!?
Is my head too big for a 15 yr old?
should i or not Help?!?!?
I'm 13 and i really wanna get my bellybutton pirced, but what are all of the risks and what can and cant i do?
How far back can you remember?
How do you make yourself throw up?
What could be my medical mystery?
Losing partial vision when standing up to quick?
How to treat hemorrhoids?
Why is that when you sneeze...?
Is this the cause of my headaches?
Loud ringing in ears?
okayyyyy. how do you get rid of b.o. if you have tried every deoderant out there?
Should people get the swineflu shot? If not why not?
Is Marijuana really a gateway drug?
will i die during surgery?
How do I keep getting sick?
Help!! My poo hurts!!! What do I do?
Why does this hurt so bad?
"Pruritus, seen in patients with end-stage renal disease, is caused by high levels of:"?
Help! Scratch on face! Get rid of it?
2 days ago i accidentally closed car door and it hit my thumbnail, now its throbbing and all black.. it hurts?
what will the doctors do to help?
How long do sprained wrist last?
broken ankle & 13 weeks pregnant?
uhhhh someone help me?
Why is my ankle hurting so badly?
would a person still be able to walk if they snapped a ankle ligament?
How can i make my ears heal faster?
i threw out my back... Can i Snowboard or workout..how long will it take to heal?
my ankle keeps giving outttt?help!?
The bottom of my toe hurts - HELP!?
Why won't my bruises go away?
Knee Pain...what is it most likely?
do you have to strap your ankle if you twisted it?
which hurts more, a paper cut or a broken nail?
I hit my head really hard on metal..?
Internal bleeding? I don't know?
what should i do cause my knee is a lot of pain and makes a loud pop>?
My finger was slammed in a door last night and it broke the skin, it has been bleeding off and on. Help!?
i have a pinched nerve an cant work is there any govenment agency tht will pay u untill u get better.?
(Injury) Whats the worst that could happen?
Whatt are the effects of darvocet withdrawl?
What are some good natural herbs for anxiety?
Has anyone experienced massage therapy and Chiropractic treatment at Viva Wellness & Rehab in Toronto?
Is this guy fit, or normal, or what?
What if I straight up went to my Dr. and told them I need Adderall because I have trouble focusing?
is purple weed better than green?
Is it better to remove prostate or undergo radiation?
Does Yogurt helps flash Kidney Stones?
whats a recommended herbal supplement(s) that helps boost mood, memory/concentration?
Has anyone heard of a drug called fleepers ?
Can I take Agnus Castus with Korean Ginseng??
Why does potassium chloride (in salt substitutes) cause a bitter aftertaste?
Are ampheta salts the same as adderall?
is there a natural, or over the counter drug for ED?
Want to lose 5 to 10lbs in 2weeks in a safe and NATURAL way?? :)?
What does $10 of Chronic weed look like?
Does anyone know if Saffron Tea will interact with the medication Xanax?
can taking 50 to 60 200mg ibiprofin kill ya.?
I recently got mouth swab tested at work and i probly wont pass...?
i just had chlamydia treatment and now i have a really heavy period is this normal ? ?
When taking OTC supplements with a multi-tablet daily dosage, should I take them all at once or spaced out thr?
a tuff test is used to test microbial growth of suspension?
What if your long time girlfriend claims you gave her HPV from some other girl?
cities in new jersey with stds?
what kind of std could it be?
Is a fever blister a std?
Is this normal for a smoker to experience?
can i mix claritin and mylanta?
What is the difference between pleurisy, pneumonia or walking pneumonia?
How long can severe pneumonia last?
how many mg's are in prometh/cod syrup?
How can I get myself to sleep during anxiety attacks?
what can be the cause of chest pain and shortness of breath?
I woke up gasping for air.. two nights in a row. Should I be concerned?
sputum test while having cold?
how long does a inner ear infection last?
how pressure stops bleeding ?
Loud noise damaged left ear's hearing?
what happens when you barely get snake bites and you take it off?
help quick! somethings lodged in my throat?
how can i heal this fast?
Does the tetnus shot hurt when they give it to you?
Why do I get chills when i take the first bite of my meal?
my 2 y old burnt his finger on a fireplace. The fingers blister right away, but he never cried. Is this normal?
fainted while exercising and injured my ankle badly?! HELPPP!?
Possible knee injury, or bad bruise?
Tiny Splinters?!?!?!?!?!?
Spider bite 2 yr old please help please?
Is this a man-o-war sting? Are they poisonous? And, how long does it take for them to heal?
Lip swollen, please help me out...?
I got nine stiches in my ear how long before i can get them out?
peroxide cleaning ear drops?
Having some Dizzyness?
What am i experiencing when im aware of things happening when im asleep?
Do you think I have low blood pressure?
If got this ball about the size of a marble on the inside of my knee.?
Why do I wake up after only 4 and a half hours sleep?
Weird medical question?
How much codeine is in cheratussin ac cough syrup?
several times a minute I am getting dizzy spells that last a second each.?
Do I have heart disease?
Pulse of 150, should I be concerned?
Do i need an ECG? Chest x ray normal, but have pain?
what to do to lower High Cholesterol?
why a 14 year old boy got low blood pressure with fever?
AFROTC medical question?
Does Aluminum Chloride lead to cancer?
i want to be a pilot and this is my ambition to be and i hv astigmatism on my right side eye . so,please help?
Could I have a scratched cornea?
Where do I find the power of my contacts?
Contacts for brown eyes?
Trouble Reading After Exotropia Surgery?
i need help with an eye question?
My friend bought me contacts for my birthday?
what are the measurements of terror eye contacts?
What tyoe of Dr. should I go to for a sebaceous cyst?
Allergic reaction or Staph?
do you have a wound or scar anywhere!~?
Dermatologists help!?
Only answer if you've had warts frozen off!! please!?
Stopping sweat from head?
how can u get head out of skin?
Am I using too much?
ball underneath my skin?
How to fix my skin problem?
What would you recommend I use or do to treat my acne?!!?!?
hair loss in women? Help!!!?
am i too young to use anti aging product?
Are you a teen with Hyperhidrosis (sweaty palms?)?
What ointment gets rid Of carpet burns?
How to fix a infected nose/ how long does the bump stay?
zits on the inside of my legs?
has anyone who has had gastic bypass had any issues with there sugar being real low?
the medication levoxyl anyone know of the hghest mg is comes in?
Why do I feel nausous and shaky?
If you get a seizure because of a medication, does that mean you are prone to get more seizures ?
How can I increase my willpower?
does insulin make you gain weight?
Which mineral is critical to the formation of hemoglobin?
What are the bad effects of simvastatin 20mg?
will gout medicine make my blood sugar go high?
is marmodica charantia capusls good to reduce sugar blood?
what is a proper veg food for heart patient?
Diet snapple before taking blood sugar test?
would my gp contact me if i don't go to the diabetic clinic?
what is the function of the endocrine system?
classifying hunger,craving,?
Who has diabetes Type II after the baby was born (after gestational diabetes)?
My TSH 3rd gen level is 8.26 with a normal range stated 0.4 -4.50. Am I hypo or hyper?
whats the difference of novolin70/30?
question about diabetes? experiencing symptoms...?
Where can I get syringe needles longer than 1 1/2"?
How Does Diabetes Affect Your Heart? Please Answer?
Could some unexplained bruising around my knees and feet be a symptom of diabetes?
Diabetic clinical trails?
Can a belly piercing cause fevers?
Random badd nosebleeds?
How long can a human possibly stay awake?
What Do These Physical Symptoms Sound Like?
Euphoria. What are some ways to achieve it?
sniffing/smelling a cigarette lighter?
Sick enough to stay home from school?
if you pierce your nose by yourself can you hit a vein or artery?
Can a veterinarian treat a human?
what to eat to grow taller?
What could happen to me?
whats so bad about a fever?
What's good for a stuffy nose?? PLEASE HELP ME?
I'm a 14 year old girl and im like 5"1, whats wrong with me?
I NEED fast answers - like in the next 30 minutes! Should I stay up or try to fall asleep?
What helps you get to sleep?
Can anxiety give you any of the following symptoms i have..?
how do you know if a mole is bad?
Whats wrong with me!?!?!?!?
how does AIDS/HIV affect red blood cells?
What can I do about a lasting kidney infection?
can you have hpv without spreading it?
aids awareness statistics?
Is it okay to ask my doctor for a prescription for Percocets?
lower back hurts by my tail bone.?
Pain in the side of my left knee?
Hydrocodone - Vicodin vs propoxy?
Why does my head hurt really bad when I cry?
Rigor Mortis starts in about ___ to ___ hours and is complete after ___ hours. It disappears after ___ hours.?
What's wrong with my throat?
My right knee feels wet on the inside and it hurts a little when i walk.?
Going to the ER for hernia?
Pain in right testis and above?
what do we exhale oxygen in what comes back out?
could this be a boxers fracture?
how to treat a foot injury from running?
weird brown puss from toe?
One of my eye started hurting a lot... help????????
Do you think Ibuprofen and ice can heal a swollen nose in 3 days?
Why 70-75% alcohol is the best to sanitize?
Are there any sports that help a bad back?
What do I do I pulled a muscle in the back of my neck?
please i think i have a concussion from football?
Should I go to the doctor for my ankle?
I'm afraid to play games now because of having a seizure?
I have to write a patient information sheet on different types of bone fractures and breaks?
what is best treatment for Achilles tendonitis?
Fell on my elbow about a week ago, locked joint?
Im 16 years old and i pulled a muscle in my neck?
is my skull supposed to be squishy?
i have a bruise on my lower arm by my vein and i have a small ball under the skin..is it normall?
What is a good way to bring down foot swelling except for ice?
is it a hematoma? please help?
i went to the drs today with pain on the botton of my right foot...?
High ankle sprain recovery?
The Skin on the bottom of my bell has come off and is bleeding!?
i hurt my foot, helpp?
What is this? Panic attacks?
Please help me i am having a OCD problem !?
Am I Bipolar?!!??!?!?!?
what does being mentally evaluated feel like and what does it entail?
How do you treat burns?
My Palms and Toes are sweating always in normal climate also?
Garlic tincture for ear infection?
I need some advice on irregular digestive system?
What's a spray for the body that is like Vicks nasal spray?
Xanax(Alprazolam) vs. Ativan(Lorazepam)?
i found this pill its white and oval/ovlong shaped its broke in half and the only numbers i can read are 04?
Snorting oxys or popping them?
advise needed please ?
Robitussin - tripping........?
How much Epsom salt should I put in one cup of water?
does pseudophedrine or dextromethrophan make you feel loopy in cough medicine?
is there any positive results for taking b1 vitamins?
Is garlic tablets as good as crushed garlic (fresh)? Thank you?
Does Niacin remove THC from your body?
Questions about snorting benadryl?
how much codeine is in methocarbam 500mg?
How come you cant find spirulina in its natural form anywhwere?
Vitamins and minerals question?
is it ok to take my antidepressent pills with orange juice?
Checking eyesight online?
are we going to get sick from this?
osteosarcoma on forehead? help!?
What do they do at a physical?
Is it wrong to hire someone to end your life?
Do i have a sleeping problem ?
Will I get sick from this?
this is a wierd question... answer plz?
How do I gain weight?
What's the top 5 most horrible drugs anyone can take?
How long does a person stay in the hospital for a Car crash/Accident?
How can I cheat a drug test ?
i have a cutting problem?
How would this affect my body?
How many of you out there have random days when u wake up in a bad mood and feel like crying?
Terrified of injections and I have to have one tomorrow, what can I do?
I wake up really sweaty in the middle of the night?
Most drug addicts started off drinking and smoking, How is marijuana a gateway drug?
Is it bad to be in the ocean ALL day?
What is the ratio of chest compressions to breaths in CPR?
been awake 4 almost 24 hour str8?
Weed? Testing? Passing through your system?
Omg, why does this happen to me!? I'm scared...?
Yeast infection is not responding to treatment....could it be an STD?.?
what does micheal shortell have to do with the history of aids?
How dangerous is tyramine?
Low blood pressure and syncope... what next?
can hiv virus killed if hiv contaminated blood is heated in owen?
it always feels like i have to pee do i have an infection?
my lip is beating? like.. my heart beat?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
What kind of comfort can i give to someone who has a close family member with aids?
Are red bumps on the back of the tongue strep throat?
ringinging in the ears?
Everytime i eat My neck swells?
Will drinking milk with a soar and runny throat hurt it more?
I had a cold. It Kind of started as a scratchy throat and then it travelled to my nose.However, now it is knd?
Runny nose but no cold or allergies?
When I get my pink and white nails done. My finger tips itch really bad. Is there Formaldehyde used?
can you choke to death from cotton mouth?
Is it possible to be allergic to sand?
How do I get rid of cat dander? Quickly?
Just ate brownie with white mold on it?
I have tested my Insulin 14mU/mg (fasting blood test) what is the actual range of Insulin in body (Fast, PP?
Why is there random blood everywhere?
Getting Dizzy Help Please?
i gums usually bleeds and i have nose bleeds. My parents are diabetic, am i diabetic too?
Does low inhibin-b level mean the end of road?
Easily dehydrated...?
My TSH level is 65 and I also have hashimoto.?
Do I have pancreatitis?
How To Do A Toe Touch In Just 2 Days When Your No Flexable At All?
Newly diagnosed as prediabetic. Is this normal?
is grease worse for you than sugar? why or why not?
whats the normal range for a person with diabetes sugar level?
What's the total number of doctors who treat Diabetes in the Philippines?
what is the role of sugar , protein, vitamin A, vitamin C , calcium and iron?
What is wrong when....?
giving blood???????????????
i was told my insulin level was 6 is this high?
Does anybody have to take random drug test in Aurora, Co?
What is being a pediatric clinical dietitian like?
Lipids (ALL CHOOSE)?
What is an effective STRONG pain killer that wont destroy my stomach and liver? (for severe menstrual cramps)?
I puked last night but I don't feel sick?
How long will I be tired after getting mano?
Glucose drink? Beta Blockers?
What is the complete list of fibromylaga symptoms?
Does Milk Thistle supplements actually help your liver?
Do i have a medical condition?... read on!?
Vision/Health problems... help!?
Are there any other tweens with CRPS/RSD?
Does anyone else suffer from 'Dissociative Seizures/NES'?
X.X What sort of illness have I got?
I have a friend who I think may be bulemic or Anorexic?
what are my chances of having diseases please help?
Are these symptoms connected?
My mother got a Amniocentesis and the needle hit my head. now there is a bump on my head should I be concern?
Appendicitis symptoms?
What was this unexplained panic I experienced last night?
HIV testing, Is 3 months enough?
Lead Exposure and a Rash?
If you're sharing a bathroom with someone who has a staph infection what do you do?
What's causing my son's high fevers?
whats the best way to get rid of poison ivy?
Itchy skin due to bed?
what is this thing on my face?
any ways to clear acne?
Blister like bumps on hands and feet. The bumps last about 3 days then go down and make red spots.?
how long do mumps immunisations last?
head colds....................?
ryan's well volunteers?? do they even have any?
dog vomit spread disease???
What to do about Mono?
What are the chances of getting salmonella from eating a raw egg from scotland free range?
please help me im worried- diarrhea?
what are general characteristics of the flu?
What is the virulence of pneumonia?
What is a Utensilnal Virus?
long thin clearish possible worm in my stool. what is it ? help!?
I need Help with a wart!!!?
How long should i leave Mederma on?
can you get Hepatitis from your own fecal matter or does it have to be someone Else?
how soon can a blood test detect viruses or infections and pregnancy?
Could my son have inner ear infection?
How long does it take for the HIV virus to be detectable?
Can you make me know some of your prolems?
what would happen if a monroe piercing didn't go all the way through and someone left it like that?
Okay, I've been getting hives 2 months now. HELP. I have changed sheets..the whole works all over the house.?
I have this dark circular mark on the center of my neck that doesn't seem to go away.?
If you go to the doctors and they check out your body and don't mention you have cancer, does that mean you do?
what is that sack located on the tongue webbing, and whats it function, if any?
Ear infection or impacted Ear wax?
Eyelash in between layers of eye?
Natural touch baby clue contacts only come in 8.7 or 8.4 my BC is 8.6?
Where we can find a bench glasses in uk?
Today I fell asleep with my contacts in ?
Can an Ophthalmologist be blind in one eye?
Will Eye Contacts Prevent Floaters And Clear My Eye Sight!?
does anyone have cystic fibrosis?
who has cystic fibrosis? how does it affect your life?
quick dumb question for hookah?
How many times do people with asthma yawn in an hour?
How is testing done for Legionella pneumophila?
Cigarettes, Weed, Hooka?
I can only smell from the left nostril!!?
can anyone explain or relate to my situation?
Oh no, could I be getting bronchitis:(?
Asthma and pregnancy?
do you think i have a hairline fracture in my foot?
Braces for a broken jaw..?
Swollen Skull?????????
what is the tiny bone called on the back of your ankle?
I took too much advil is it bad?
help me figure out what kind of leg muscle injury i have?
I got my ears pieced years ago and the piercings still smell and pus comes out when i squeeze my earlobe.?
PLEASE HELP, Ver painful upper back pain, how can this happen ?
I think I hurt my coccyx?
i hurt my knee badly and i wanted to know what the recovery is usually.?
I broke my two toes in my left foot around 5 years ago, now they cannot bend. Is this bad?
Whats wrong with my knee? I hyperextended it and what else....?
I Sprained My Ankle Do I Need Crutches?
I think I sprained my ankle, but I don't know how that happened, but what do you do for a sprained ankle?
will meniscus tear heal itself without the surgery?
Is it normal to get bruises from a deep tissue massage?
Would it be okay to take aspirin for ingrown toenail pain?
i have sprained my elbow i think, but i can move it, but it hurts so bad, since like 3 days ago.?
what can i do for a black eye?
my shoulder really really hurts?
Numbness and Stiffness in neck PLEASE HELP?
can a acl tear happen at any time?
what does it feel like when you get back your breath after having the wind knocked out of you?
my left and right side and my stomic hurts when i sleep what is this?
Why my throat paining?
Does a recumbent exercise bike help the knees?
Could it be gastritis?
Foot pain? Help please?
What should I do to help the swelling go away?
Sharp pain in left inner shoulder/upper chest?
I feel an ingrown toenail starting...what can I do to stop it/ease pain?
My ears keep hurting when I listen to music loud?!?
wher do i get pills for anxiety?
is anemia an enzyme deficiency?
i feel so dizzy and light-headed, what's wrong?
How can a 13 year old stop a smoking addiction before it starts?
How bad does your first time hurt?
Fingernaill helpp pleasee?
Are antidepressants considered antibiotics?
Medications for teen..?
should i see a doc?...?
Is this behavior normal?
do i have an eating disorder?
What happens if my pee is purple?
I was out last weekend and, while drinking, snorted 1/2 a percocet friday night and 1/2 a vicodin saturday.?
what to do if you are sick and see ghosts and your r lonely in a room?
Is their something wrong?
what could be causing my frequent headaches?
Constipated really bad?
will alcohol mask marijuana in drug test?
Shakes and Dizzyness, Tired. Help?
what home medications can kill you ?
Besides salvia, what is the best "legal bud" to smoke as an alternative to marijuana?
Question about my meds..?
What happend to me from smoking weed?!?
I forgot to put my medicine in the refrigerator?
does anybody know where to buy salvia D in billings Montana?
Sertraline, spironolactone, and alcohol?
Does anyone have experience ordering from medsonlinedirect.com?
whats the best over the counter cough medicine?
how much would a facial surgery cost?
What do you call this?
Can you mix 15 mg Roxy with 10mg lortab?
Is it possible to extract guaifenesin?
A fast with similar benefits to mastercleanse?
How does electroencephalography technology work to help you sleep? is it safe?
what is 50 mcg's ?in gram?
The effects of inhalants..?
Before riding fair rides, How many ginger pills should you take?
Where do i find probiotics?
how do you cure weed?
My Ear is blocked???????
6mg ativan, like a third bottle of cough syrup with codine and two 50 mg trazadone. am i goona die?
Comment on a poem... "dear daddy".?
Am I getting enough sleep?
Best friend self injuring video ideas!!?
Does a psychologist break confidentiality if the patient if their underage?
How to cope with Anxiety?
How to avoid someone i like?
How can I focus more on school?
Help super paranoid ?
Why are women at greater risk for gonorrhea after a single exposure than men?
could you please answer this question please?
my boyfriend think he has herpes what are the system?
Is it okay to kiss this person after having mono 3 months ago, when I really think he gave it to me?
Do i have an std or a bladder infection?
Are there any STDs that have the loss of menstruation as a symptom?
Hiv Symptoms ???????????????????????????
I've been staying up all night?
Does even one beer affect sleep quality?
What is the present Philippine Health Situation?
I'm getting a colonoscopy soon, and I'm a little nervous and don't know what to expect.?
Too Much Potassium??? How much is too much?
The nurse that takes care of you before the doctor comes in?
I have the flu and broncitus. Does anybody know how to get rid of the eye pain?
is the anyone who use virus doctor?
Are There Any Consequences To Tattooing Your Eye . I Seen it Before?
I am getting an endoscopy on Friday, what should I expect?
getting a 3rd hep b shot?
why? when i have the flu?
Microorganisms that cause Mono. Please explain?
how many times does the needle have to go in to get enough sample for a biopsy?
i went to the doctor, and he said i have viral pinkeye....., but i have symptoms of bacterial pink eye.....?
Is it possible I got strep throat from my girlfriend? She had it a few months ago.?
my wife has stomach pains as soon as she is finished eaten her supper then she vomits what can this be please?
how do i get rid of my sore throat?
Sickness? Cold? Flu? What do i have?
Is it Possible of getting a bladder transplant?
does appendicitis show any sign other than the physical symptoms?
what to do if you're catching a cold...?
Are clinical testing studies dangerous?
what can i do ? i have infection in my urine since last week . i feel vommiting a and fever,?
Do I have influenza? And how do i get rid of it?
is taking a klonopin like a xanex bar four bar?
Do I have tics, why, and how can I reach out for help?
Pink eye questions!!!?
want to get pregnant but fear toxoplasmosis?
Are these symptoms the flu?
How potent are mosquitos in Florida? I was bitten on the neck by one a year back, was quite ill for a few.....?
I'm really cold?????
Do you know any cures for pink eye...????? Without havin to go to the doctors for maedicine......an easy way..?
is it possible to be in excellent shape with muscles/abs and good BMI and still have type 2 diabetes?
how long it will take for a minor wound to heal?
is ambien or zolpidem prescribed for adults only?
hot water burns and a diabetic?
Diet Soda and Triglycerides: Stopping the soda change your blood work?
what does it mean when you want to vomit after eating every time you eat?
how high is a dangerous blood glucose reading for a gestational diabetic?
Anyone know of any causes of the linea negra when not pregnant or diabetic?
Can obesity in middle age increase the probability of Alzheimer's?
Reason for doctor suggesting my Mom(diabetic-Age 55)not to sit down from now onwards?
does anyone know a free clinic in LA? Please let me know asap.?
what is isodosis, my sister in law has diabetes and they are trying to prevent it?
why does jammer put sugar on his frosties?!?
any diabetic mom ever have a child with trigger thumb or an extra digit?
is 91 fasting good or am i diabetic?
what is the feedback mechanism of insulin and the concentration of glucose in the blood?
is exia mg better than exia 1 100?
Anerexia? Am I done with it?
Why is the lac operon of E. coli not inducible in the presence of glucose?
I am in the hospital for my diabetes bc I'm 32 wks pregnant. My sugars were doing well for a couple of days...?
dinner menus for hypoglycemia?
Do I have diabetes? I'm 17 years old.?
Medicine for my lips please help me.?
How can i get my sunburn to turn to a tan quicker?
Lowering my heart rate?
I'm sick of my heart worrying me. any advice to reassure me?
Low Pulse Rate- Cant stay awake- help!?
What is my bmi????? more info?
The 9th of August my brother had a heart attack.?
Teenager with high blood pressure...please help.?
will 2.5 mg of adderall two times a day increase my blood pressure?
Lumbar Spinal Fusion for Degenerative Disc Disease: Success rate?
infiltrating lymphocytes?
How can you stop itching your eyes?
how to get a roach out of my ear?
what is lactose intolerant?
is it possible?
What's the liquid that's draining from nasals due to sneezing?
Im allergic to shrimp, I need to have a surgery that will use the "blue dye"(iodine) which is in shrimp,HELP.?
boyfriend alergic to cats?
help me please i am really scared?
type of deodorant to use if have an allergy to deodorant?
Can hives kill you?????????????????????
is it true that when a person sneezes then that person is having 1/8 of an oragasim?
can't drink milk-why? ---causes bowel problems?
am i allergic to marijuana?
Help-- is there ANY way to get rid of dairy allergies?
Help! Is this an allergy or a cold? Please help!?!>?
allergic reaction to Palmolive, Help?
what kind of sickless can people get from mold?
Do I have allergies or a cold?
How do you give yourself diahhrea easily?
is being bitten by your boyfriend a bad thing if you like it?
Freaking out, please help me!?
After a bad day, what do you do to relax?
What causes a paper cut?
Blood when I have a bowel movement?
Whenever I read about new diseases I'm scared of my life I have that disease?
Is the tongue the strongest muscle in the body, or for its size?
Pass Drug Test (THC) length of Time?
I was born with one hip higher than the other?
Does anyone have a significant other that snores??? How do you cope?
Have started to wet the bed and don't know what to do.?
how is ear wax formed in your ears?
How tall will i be when i'm older?
How can I eliminate drowsiness before takin the ACT?
How to bring someone back from the dead?
How long do i have to wait to get Marijuana out of my system? Or is there any solutions?
Do you think I have an ulcer?
HELP!?! everytime i eat i feel like i need to throw up?
I stop breathing for about 1-2 minutes when i sleep and it happens often. whats happening?
what are ways to prevent the seasonal flu?
Lack of sleep for 3 years. Medication doesn't work. Why?
Common side effects of tachycardia drugs?
Is upper airway apnea and obstructive apnea the same thing or are they different?
Can anyone tell me what type of pneumonia I got?
Is it bad for you to constantly cough while congested?
how come dairy is bad for asthma?
Is it possible that I can get idiopathic thrombocytopenia pupura again?
lung function test-asthma?
Help I Think My Thumb Is Infected ?
What are some remedies for pink eye?
UM well i have a kinda bad cut...?
Accidentally burned my arm on a cake pan, how to treat it?
My kid cut the circulation off with a rubber band and now his hand is swollen?
HELP!!!!! I don't feel so good.?
how long to heal 2nd degree burn?
Raw, red, burning tongue!!! IDK?
inner ear fluid going crazy please help?
Is Neo To Go the same as Neosporin without Pain Relief?
bleeding under the skin on lip?
Any tips on what to do when your toddler's foot is bruised?
Home remedies for pink eye?
Is it bad to get stitches out late?
How can I help someone who is drunk and throwing up?
is my spider bite poisonous? please help! should I get it checked?
what finger is ring finger?
All I can hear is this beeping noise in my right ear..?
Why do you get high from cutting?
I got burn 11 years ago. It still pains a lot?
I'm in a lot of pain... Please help!?
Sore/tight muscle, help!?
I have a two year old who just broke his thumb. How long does it take for it to heal?
How Would You Get Rid Of A HUGE Bruise On Your Head?
knee cartilege damage?
if i go to the doctor over and over and pretend my ankle hurts can i get a boot?
Massive Knee Bruises?
i hurt my foot, should i go to the doctor?
My friend had a concussion yesterday and doesn't remember me or any recent events. What can I do to help?
Can having your dog lick a wound help it?
I hurt my lower back at work, I am supposed to see a doctor...?
Friend put me in chokehold, should I worry that he caused any damage?
How to treat an ankle thats been sprained and resprained?
bump in groin area...plz help?
Is my nose broken?!o?
how to heal my wrist sprain?
Is it better to use crutches or a cane?
why i cant bend my finger?
I'm a little concerned. Please help?
i know you can get stds from making out but can someone list off what you can get?
Where should i get tested?
Do soldiers going to Afghan get tested for std's?
Does herpes last forever? What is the typical experiance with it?
Just a UTI? (first time question asker)?
what are stds and what do they look like...are they contagious and can you die from them...?
If u got red bumps on your toung but don't have a shore thorut what is it?
im haveing pains on and off in my genatals i hope its not a std what u guys think need help asap?
what do they do with your syringe needles?
how do you know (your body) if you have cancer? i had cin3?
I know that someone has been brain washed how can i undo that?
birthmark laser treatment with no anesthetic will it hurt?xx?
Scabies Question.... Help!?
What glasses would look good on me?
anyone here wear conact lenses & acrylic or fake nails?
Help! Flickering black horizontal lines in my vision?
Can advil PM be taken with amoxicillin?
Have you been tried MaxGxl?
is germ line therapy banned in Australia?
what medicine will likely be prescribed for my ADD?
Is there a phobia for the fear of never ending hiccups?
I Have a cold and my left ear is pluged and what do I do?
I took 2mg of Xanax...?
If I take 2 hydros in the morning?
Taking medicine, could this happen?
Info on Hallucinogens?
whats the treatment of tuberculosis and for which period of time?
what type of laxative is prune juice?
how much light does a light box give off?
Acai berry supplement or Multi vitamin?im 1?
can i buy pain pills from the stores for my back and whats the best one?
Is there an alternative to getting a filling?
Is it safe to take Tylenol PM while on the Nicotine Patch?
Massage Therapy Schooling! Please Answer!?
Where in California can I get Cheap Bomb Kronik?
does anyone know a good home remedy to keep away mosquitos?
Can you get high from crushing up codeine and snort it ?
wondering if any one is takeing topiramate?
Do Pro Plus caffeine tablets work?
taking sleeping pills are safe ?
I need some help, I have got a cold/flu i court it 2 day's ago and i feel really ill.?
sore throat? what is it?
i am male my age is 20. ihave 2-3hpf pus cell what does it indicate.is there any infection or any disorder.?
2 monts baby got eye flu.. pls help?
Treating strep throat?
hiv first positive then negative is she positive?
is it possible that im just now feeling the symptoms?
that drink made by the teacher who was tired of getting sick, i think its called airborne?
My Puppy May Have Parvo?
i have a cold, so as you can guess i need help?
After the stomach-flu or food poisoning?
Do I have to get vaccinated for chicken pox again?
vaccines for Labrador?
Umm,Does it still count?!?
Sore throat, runny nose, tonsils?
Treated small pox and measles with this?
Can someone out grow Cerebral palsy? how can someone take care of Cerebral palsy? what treatment is avaliable?
Fibromyalgia pain, what is that burning type painful feeling you get with fibro? It hurts sooooo bad.?
Do I have tinnitus even at this age?
Do people with Tourettes Syndrome tic at night?
My toe is swollen and secreting green puss?
Could my son be lactose intolerant?
I have an increase in the secretion of thyroid hormone and hair loss?
Anyone using the drug Orencia for rheumatoid arthritis is it working for you?
how to put up a diagnostic laboratory?
I feel sick but I don't know if I actually am sick?
iam having an eeg scan .. what happens if they find something ?
What causes A lot of Belching/Burping with really no other Symptoms-?
what is the treatment of thyroid disease?
my mom is taking metoprolol 50mg, can she take amlodipine besilate 5mg instead of metoprolol?
My father was a DNR and an ambulance worked on him is this legal?
Could I have hypoglycemia or something else?
For anyone taking Levothyroxine, how long did it take to fully work for you?
Did you hear...Martin Bashier has a brain tumor?
At times i get Severe headaches, dizziness, Muscle Aches, and fatigue,Also my toenails turned yellow overnight?
Gluten free diet for autoimmune diseases that are not Celiac?
dry skin 'down there' ??
whats these red blochy things i get when im in the heat?
scratched by someone beard ?
What's up with my toes (pics)?
Are there any illegal drugs that can help a person if they are sick?
Thumbs been numb for over 10 hours?
Question about sleep?
I Might Have Hernia? please help?
What are my options regarding my knee health.?
Young person with Severe Chest Pain?
Whats wrong when you eyesight leaves you at random time during the day for seconds at a time, as in darkness?
Where can i get free patches to quit smokin?
Type 1 Diabetic with GAD result negative?
I am unsure of this procedure he calls it the blue dye test......what is it?
walking is controlled by groups of neurons in the spinal cord?
which is the good treatment for piles(ayurvada,Allopothi,unani?)?
Why am I gaining and losing weight?
what kinds of things cause GAD?
what type(s) of stroke are you likely to get if you have a poor diet?
Are there any scientists that have type 1 diabetes?
Diabetes Type 1 question about membrane transport process?
Do you like Paul Chek?
How to get NAT type 2?
low systolic/what to do about it?
what are normal levels for uric acid and triglycerides?
Creatine in my blood is high?
Cut out sugar cookies! Please help!?
boils,poped eye vessel high blood Sugar?
Looking for low sodium low potassium salt substitute?
where we get salt tablets?
Blood glucose level staying relatively low after eating?
I have some questions about the treatment of diabetes....?
chart for hemoglobin 8?
New moles/freckles on my chest?
Am I allergic to earrings?
Will this cause me to have more acne?!?
how can i get rid of dry skin?
When will I be able to eat again? I got my tonsils out...?
what causes bright red blood when im wiping after i have a bowel movement?
i need to go to the bathroom really often... help?
I have a fear of swallowing medication...?
What does it feel like to be on both weed and ecstasy at the same time?
Can you get an operation after you die?
If someone has not spoken a word in 2 years not a single word. When they finally did talk would it be hard?
Can I smoke marijuana I have anxiety?
Shortness of breath, skipping a beat hearbeats, and chestpain?
if you sleep all day why are you still tired when you wake uP?
why am i dizzy when i stand up?
Have a cold, can't breathe!!?
does it hurt ur first tiime...!!?
Should I call in sick?
How do I quit cutting?
i have done cocaine and my nose is bleeding?
I always feel sick.... Help?
Is Dirt harmful to eat? Is there something wrong with a person who eats dirt?
how to heal oven burns?
My eyes water and burn. I thought it was my makeup, but then it happened when I did not have any on. why?
Hit my Head, and now I feel kinda drunk?
Sis got herpes and she has terrible pain...how long will this last?
how is trigamonis caused?
Does an STD test hurt? for a girl?
I think i have hpv is this a bad std?
what are 3 bacterial STD? What are 3 Viral STD? What do the letters in HIV stand for?
my vigina has more skin on it than what is normal why is it like that?
Why do my fingers & ears swell when they get cold?
Dizziness upon standing, only at home.?
Why do i have pain in my chest?
doctors who spealialize in piriformis syndrome?
Sharp pain behind knee cap?
Ear popped and hurts so bad!!!?
What could be causing this?
I think I bruised my toe nail, a part of it is black, will this ever go away?
how do i make a canker sore go away fast?
What the F**K!! This was strange!?
My shoulder has been hurting lately from weight lifing...Help!?
Where can I buy.....?
How do i get rid of my upper lip scar?
Iv'e been working out for 3months. My forarm bone feels like its coming out?
Torn biceps how can i speed up healing?
Stitches question???
i think i have wii-elbow...oh no?
Could I have a broken finger?
Why does my wrist / hand hurt?
should you see a doctor for a finger injury?
I've missed the last step while coming down the stairs to throw the rubbish out, and it was dark,?
Should I be worried about my head and still practice?
Twisted ankle and track starts tomorrow?
Did i get a concussion from a punch?
How do you treat an infected toenail?? Please help, im in pain!?
If u have an injury in one foot and then break the other one what would be the healing process?
How bad is my Arm Injury?
I sprained my ankle on wednesday and it's still REALLY swollen....help me PLEASE.?
I have a sprained ankle ?
how to relief of niacin itch?
I want to get on with my new start, but find it hard. There are so many things that block my way?
depression? possible bipolar disorder??? HELP!?
My sleeping pattern is acting weird, does anybody know any reasons why?
I think I should seriously tell me doctor about this ? Idk what to do...?
Is it normal to be confused after talking to a counselor?
Is there a link between alzheimers and adhd?
Do i have a cold or allergies?
every time i drink my facce turns red?
Is it possible I've developed a nasal allergy?
when i'm eating dirt my arms turn bright red is this normal?
If my little brother is allergic to wheat, can he eat wheat flour?
Major Sinus Allergies?
How do i get rid of a sore throat?
why are my eyes burning?
is drinking milk when you are lactose intolerant bad for you?
Lactose intolerant??
anything healthy to eat with a sore throat?
What am I allergic to? shower, water?
How can I tell if I am allergic to pumpkins?
can you eat and run and choke at the same time?
i ate a lot of seafood 2 days ago. my face is now swelled up, very, very sore, and not getting better... ow?
Is marijauana causing me to get ill?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
my eyes are extremely puffy and red on the inside and i have been sneezing constantlly. any ideas what it is?!
What does it mean when you wake up with a dry throat?
what happens is you let tonsilitis go untreated for 2 years?
Strep Throat Issues.?
Antibiotics can kill gram-negative bacteria, but symptoms of fever and low blood pressure can persist. Why?
I didnt kiss anyone for 6 months why do they think i have mono?
Describe some examples of abnormal or deficient immune responses in humans?
What is the J-Curve of mortality?
can my house be making us sick?
Movement in my abdomen, what is it?
What am I sick with? Please help, it's really important.?
Guys: what do you prefer...?
What does it mean if i have a 97.9 temperature?
help?!? (yeast infection)?
I want do start yoga, i am 13 years old?
Do you think I can still grow taller?
Can your bloodtype change?
what if you're caught using some else urine for a drug test?
can chlamydia cause weight lost???????
Intense K-Y, a waste or for filling?
*10 POINTS!!* Why are Some People Clumsier Than Others?
hpv symptoms????????????//?
I want to go to the doctor but am afraid that if i get tested, they will find weed in my system?
How Can I Control My Weed Smoking?
Pads...please help????
can you get checked for chlamydia if you are on your period?
How long does it take to treat Gonherrea?
Can anyone help me im very sick:(?
Would it be fair to give someone an ultimatum.....?
why can i only makeout when im on E?
Swollen eyelids and sore?
How much are non-prescription Colored Contacts at walmart?
Would Freshlook Turquoise colored contacts on brown eyes look natural?
dropped my contact lense on the floor?
Would you fly to Prague for a laser eye surgery?
what is eye lint, I get two lines of it inside my bottom eye lids?
Lazy eye and detached retina?
Synthetic insulin process?
what causes shortness of breath when my blood sugar level is high?
What size of adipure II's should I get?
What is a 4 level scoop?
Diabetic friendly recipes?
Brown blood worried??!!?
My mother has a contusion filled with blood but her doctor wont drain it because shes diabetic?
Can someone clear this up for me? (One touch ultra mini)?
if you go to the hospital with all the symptoms of internal hemorrhage shouldn't the blood count show loss of?
Sudden weight loss - specially from abdomen to lower body.?
I am Hypoglycemic, however too much sugar makes me very sick as well, why?
remeron side effects?
how doe diabetes affect each body system?
has anyone been to SUGAR CANE and how is it?
what will you do to help maintain homeostasis?
I feel funny after eating sweets. Symptoms such as body heat waves and nausea. Normal for non-diabetics?
What does parenteral solution mean?
can u interpret my urinalysis?
Is fasting required for Intravenous administration of streptozotocin?
What is difference between Glipizide ER and Glipizide XL?
Creatinine of 7.1 after 3 months of dialysis?
what is differences between medicare supplement plan and advantage plan?
what the fastes way two get loratab out of system?
I have questions about having seizures?