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Can I become addicted to Pepto Bismol?
best cold medicane for young girls?
Is it safe to take 2 10mg ambiens?
Whats the dosage for Xanax?
Hands and feet really cold! Help!?
product name is acidophilus?
was this a coincidence?
anybody ever try any of those vitamins for sleep at like vitamin cottage or whole foods?
How can you get a guy's natural scent?
If u take diuretics and don't drink (for 4 days) would u be sick?
how do you fix a hormonal imbalance?
Orthopedist or Physiatrist for hip and knee condition?
What is Kratom and what is it for?
what are some natural remedies for sinus dripping ? :( help please i am miserable .?
20mg prednisone, 5 days, 2x a day?
Can talc be removed from the lungs before damage is caused?
Is my asthma not controlled?
What is wring with me?!?
Getting headache daily Heavily?
Is it okay to take another aspirin?
throat head and ears hurt, need advice?
Please answer my previous question about knee pain posted an hour ago?
Terrible Lower Rib Pain?
Strong pain in my neck and left shoulder blade, but i don't know why!?
Muscle pains or something else?
I broke my collar bone and ...?
is my ibs something more serious?
Do you know whats wrong with my knee?
what could be wrong with my foot?
Other migraine medications...?
Is removal of internal nasal splints painful?
Muscle pain on the sides of my waist?
Is this the Flu or not?
what does the biohazard symbol mean?
What could cause these symptoms?
How soon should you take a 12 year old to the Dr. that you think has the flu?
About uti and cranberry?
Do I have an Ulcer...these are the symptoms!?
Pink eye- When can I go back?
Diseases that supposedly don't exist/ other conspiracies?
Does this sound like the stomach flu?
what is the diffrence between antibiotics and antibiotic resistance?
Need help re outcome of blood test?
Are You Immune To Mumps after catching them before?
Can you take antibiotics once a day to prevent colds and bacterial infectins like Cocycline?
Has anyone gotten the flu this month, if so...?
Two years ago I had an intestinal infection. It started with an H but I can't remember what it was actually.?
Was that the "virus" I saw in his diarrhea?
Had tonsils removed today, And hints?
I am sick and the doctor said i just have a cold but...?
Swollen Tonsils but no Symptoms?
I have dark brown eyes and brown hair and pale skin what color contacts would look pretty on me?
3D movies don't work for me?
Cataracts and ICL Surgery?
Do I have Strabismus? What's type?
If I now wear progressive lenses, can I change to bifocals instead?
i broke my glasses and cant afford new ones,is there a free program for help?
Lazy Eye Or eye sympton?
I have a question about Marijuana?
Am I underweight for my age and height?
Is it ok for a 13 year old boy to mastribate?
What is the best safest way to get high?
Can someone give me their advice on something concerning going to see a gynecologist for the first time?
Why am I sick? what are these symptoms of?
i hurt my ANKLE! OWWWW!?
Recurring Shin Splints - What do i do?
uncontrolled random bleeding from no cut?
did i break my wrist?
i have a bump on the back of my head,what is it?
ear canal/drum bleeding perfusley?
Do i need to go to the doctor?
how to get rid of a pulled back muscle?
i broke my tumb a few montha ago and now my wrist hurts when i make a fist what should i do?
i have noticed over the last month that i am walking on the sides of my feet? why?
i have this pain in my big toe and it's green and mushy with this?
paper cuts i just got.....?
How do I wrap my injured shoulder?
Shin splints wont go away... ?
what do you do when you pull a muscle?
I got a red bump on me and i don't know what it is?
I wondered If my foot was broken?
When can i walk after knee surgery?
Iam25yrs male, my bp is 142/79 oxygen in blood is 98% i take alcohol twice in a month(3 pegs each time)?
gestational diabetes and numbers hve been somewht high all day?
Which blood sugar monitoring devices is better?
oral hypoglycemic drug administration and their justification?
Diabetic problems as young age!?
sir i am taking dexametahasone cyproheptadine and paurus jeevan one capsule of each day shold i continue?
Will ibprofin help make canker soree pain go away?
taking a shower with a cast on my arm?
Badly sprained ankle or broken?
I hit my head on the door frame of my car tonight as I was getting in...do I need to see a doctor?
i have diabetes disease since last 14 years. i m taking glycomet 850,glucar 50 mg and premil 25 mg.?
Has anybody ever had heel pain (severs disease) and how you get rid of it?
is the PRANAYAAM having the power to control the diabeties and the other deseases in the today world?
Will this be on my medical record?
Can a mother blood test during pregnancy(8 weeks) indicate or show signs or risk of carrying a body with?
STD or nothing serious?
Do you a question for HIV, AIDS?
can you get herpies by kissing alot of clean people?
I need a good therapist in Hamilton Ohio.?
How to overcome the fear of flying?
why am i being irresponsible and having memory issues?
Symptoms of someone doing drugs?
Why does athletes foot rapidly heal if you stand in beach water?
purple toenail because shoes were too small?
Really bad lip piercing infection!!! Help!?
What are signs of frost bite? And how do you cure it?
My finger got smashed?
Is bleeding of an ear gauge for 1 week normal?
I have eye strain..Please give me some tips how to cure it or what are some home remedies? Thank you!?
My ear hole (where I got my ear pierced) is bleeding?
My ferret got under the oven and burnt his ear, what can i put on it to help it heal?
Doctor is crazy or not?
Is it ok to have a swollen neck when you've got the cold?
What Do You Do When A Bee Gets Stuck Up Your Nose ?
Is this normal for a bee sting?
I have rasor burn really bad all over my legs. How do I stop the stinging?
How would I cure a swollen pinky finger?
i had got my ear done and one night there was a huge hole in the back of my ear what do i do?
How much does it cost to get prescription for AndroGel?
Question about the American Red Cross.?
Throwing up after smoking second cigarette?
How long do results to a CBC blood test take?
Im asleep but awake and im lossing sleep from it, what is it? ?
Why is a 26 year old female going through this?
Is acne punch excision painful?
what happens when you go to the dermatoligst to check a rash?
Ingrown Toenail?
WATS the best way to?
My Ieg hurts and is warm, red and itchy down the center after pushing a heavy box with it. Any ideas?
I have poison ivy...REAL BAD...HELP?
after some days of waxing..when ma hair starts to regrow..i feel very itchy ...is it normal???
Sunburn Help?
are there any things that will naturally darken your skin?
How do i get rid of Scars?
Is it true that people in Third World countries don't get acne? If so, why?
i have a mole on my head that has seem to double in size since a bad sunburn i had once, what should i do?
i have a relative whose got some skin problem does anyone know whats its called ?
Can physical activity, stress be actually detrimental to your heart?
what chemicals control blood pressure?
I have a tightness in my left upper arm like a blood pressure cuff?
how long should one take fibrates for hypertriglyceridemia? ideally.?
Besides memory loss, what problems does Arteriosclerosis cause?
can extreme anger (rage) cause the heart to slow down?
Hospital Thing question thing?
Why does my heart stops when i sleep?
Subcutaneous emphysema and Ibuprofen pills?
what happened to our dog? he always had a hard time breathing.?
How long can live with lung transplant & possibility of rejection?
Is it possible to have multile sinus nodes?
horrible nose bleeds and coughing up blood clots?
plz help!! my doctor said today that platelets were high or low i forget now, but he is ordering another blood?
Coughing from dry to phlegm like?
hacking up clear glue like mucus?
can i take vicodin with avelox?
What are the best maintenance medications for asthma ? Bronchodilators only or Bronchodilators + steroids?
What's with the chest pain?
Are there natural remedies for PCOS?
what is crestor for medical reasons?
Home remedies for an ear infection?
Is it bad if you take paracetamol with alcohol ?
My cold sores haven't opened. How do I keep them from opening?
Can Anti-Depressants such as Effexor, and Clonazepam inflict neurological damage?
what would be a herb or supplement, to combat chronic fatigue syndrome?
can you snort xanax if you take diabetic medication?
i have a really bad cold.. any remedies?
Can not eat./repulsed by food/it tastes terrable?
Please help me im anemic but i cant sleep?
Darvocet details-dosage levels?
Questions about Sleeping?
does dark chocolate really stop migrains?
What is the best medicine to over-dose on?
If I never get sick is it ok that I never have a Check-Up?
how long until this xanax is out my system?
Do normal blood tests on allergies detect hidden food allergies?
Can prostate massage prevent prostate cancer?
do u have to be 18 to have a meridional marijuana license?
Massage oil recomendations.....?
why do i need sleep so much?
What are the harmful effects of LSD?
Passing a home drug test?
Please help. Can't sleep.?
What are some fun things to do when stoned with a friend?
Can you die from eating coke and mentos?
how to break a bone instantly?
I dont feel like going to school tomorrow?
is drinking 2 diet pops a day bad?
what should i clean first? please help before i go paranoid!?
Is this normal and okayy?
my husband has heart burn and stomach cramps throwing UP blood?
am i deformed?????????????????
My stomach hurts all the time! What should I do?
Will chain smoking cigarettes get you high ?
Could it be that I have swine flu?
how can i get taller?
I used to be a regular marijuana smoker(daily) , I havent smoked in a month,1 week,will i pass a drug test?
I just got hit will it be okay!?
Is there such a thing as trauma induced allergic reaction?
What is going on with my eyes?
My eyes stopped itching but my eyelashes keep bothering me? Does anyone else suffer from this?
Every time I drink more then one cup of coffee ,i feel real sick,why would that be,could i be allergic?
Cold, Allergies, or sinus infection?
How effective are allergy shots for seasonal spring allergies?
is it good to drink liquids with allergies?
Do I have a Sun Rash or a Sun Allergy?
Is this an allergic reaction to cigarette smoke or am I just sick?
I'M 14 , My Legs Are Stiff and ake alot , been going on for a while now and keeps getting worse :( help?
is poor sanitation the cause of all water diseases?
Can you get sick from this?
i had strep throat...the doc prescribed me avelox(moxifloxacin)...and im having palpatations.....?
question on puppy illness?
What Part do people play in the spreading of HIV and AIDS?
Is this the beginning of the flu? or just my body's way of reacting to it?
What causes bladder infections in guys?
is it the flu or strep throat? I need help!?
can some one give me a list of HIV treatments?
who discovered the rsv virus in1955?
why does my seven moth old baby keeps getting fever for maximum 101.00?
urinary tract infections in men?
Top 10 diseases that kill Africans?
pregnancy and meningitis!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have strep throat.?
what is gastro-intestinal tract particulary the colon?
why should a patient that has malabsorption problems avoid TPN?
can beer boost estrogen levels ?
Could i be type 2 diabetic?
brown blood what is wrong?
does duke hospital network accept champva or medicare?
how we inherit diseases?
moods affecting cravings?
I already have to use the restroom but its painful (very) wil exlax chocolates make it softer?
what does 10 mg/100ml blood alcohol mean? does that mean alcohol is in the blood or not?
I have a white round pill imprints are 54/196 on other side 4?
need fo control of glucose in the blood? etc biology essay...help!?
where is the hormone ADH produced and where is it stored?
embryonic stem cells?
side effects of glycomet 500 mg?
Will exercising the hands help with diabetic neuropathy if there is nerve damage in the neck?
Is it dangerous if i take two depon pills of 1000 mg?
Now that I have a supply of Insulin Hypodermics with needles?
He's not diabetic any more?
Type 1 diabetic question?
all newly diagnosed with diabetes 7th graders?
My daughter is diabetic and a single Mom with 2 small children. Her husband recently left her.?
could I be anemic ?????
Do I have blood so I can do Bella?
how do I get financial support for my walk to fight Diabetes?
After Eating About 3hours Later I Now Have A Bad Headache & Nauseas?
Anybody who knows about Migraines?
Why does my hip keep popping?
Sudden severe pain in abdomen?
how do you normally dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
How to help my tail bone pain?
Will this mark bruise?
How to heal a jammed finger?
What is the prevalence of Chlamydia in Australia?
i want to know if i have aids?
Will this lead to cancer? infection? or neither?
spinal stinosis what is it'?
when using lubricant, is it safe to have oral after applying it?
got tested for hiv like a week before 3 months?
does my sister have a std?...bumps in the lower region?
how can i change the health of the infected in l4d?
Why does my eyelid do this? Has this ever happened witha anyone else?
Plaster in eye... permanent damage?
Halloween Contacts with Prescription!?
Any good solutions you recommend for soft lenses?
Can I wear colored contact lenses if I have amblyopia (lazy eye) in one eye?
Can eye movement cause the vitreous to tug on the retina?
do optometrists or opthalmologists?
Anybody else bored @ work?
Is it possible to become addicted to coke after using it for the first time?
what does it mean if you get a really weird feeling like someone is watching you but only in the dark and goin?
What is the best color?
how can I cure boredom?
can 500 mg of ibruprfen and 5mg of hydrocodone make u high?
feeling sick to my stomach, body aches, headaches, and really tired?
Am I clinicially depressed or what?
Trying to determine--panic attack or something serious? please read!?
How much do you weigh and how tall are you?
Should I be concerned about headaches that occur nearly every day?
why does my sister wake up having a major meltdown?
How much weight did you loose after getting your tonsils taken out?
any doctors or nurses or anyone that can help please?
Need help improving cognitive abilities.. Pleaseee help?
My Sleeping Scale Is Off Balance...?
I need a way to get over my fear?
What Are Few Tips To Staying Focus When Reading?
as a self-harmer, how do i stop getting weird triggers?
why? heroin addiction?
I have discomfort in my sternum area and worsens when i drink or eat, goes away sometimes when i lay down?
i have problems like anybody at work i work nigth shift sometimes i feel tired stress?
What to take to hospital?
Why is this happening (sleep)?
Can a night person ever make themselves into a "morning person"? Will I ever fix my sleep habits?
is there clinics for travel shots in oakland that accept medical insurance?
Can you get air bubbles in the blood stream by giving blood?
How long after drinking alcohol can I take my morphine extended release?
how do i no what my tru blood pressure is when both my At home blood pressure cuffs say two different readings?
Who is the Top Gynecologist in Delhi?
bactrum and it's ingrediants?
At an annual physical (not for a job) test for drugs?
Found a few pills from about a year ago, and can't remember what they are. Its Oblong, White and it says L484.?
I don't want to have bear?
Medicine question HELP PLEASE?
bath salts used as cocaine substitute?
WHAT CAN I DO?????????
Is it safe to take methocarbamol and vicodin?
Can Amoxicillin 500mg capsule be emptied and put into a liquid?
is smoking green tea bad for you cause my friend has been doin it alote and she says its not bad xD?
Who needs a vitamin Supplement? Why?
Natural Herbs or Pills for ADD?
what is i a few good reason to get my medical card?
can i buy valium in watsons or guardians?
what is the best medication for yeast infections?
best infflamtion medicine?
Can Salvia Devinorum extract be taken orally?
looking for over counter medication for sleeping purposes. what am i looking for?
can stool softeners perpetuate constipation?
Do Sea Kelp tablet work, PLEASE ANSWER!!!!:)?
How much melatonin should I take?
Woke up choking and coughing?
Do you think I have pneumonia or bronchitis?
Breathing Problems ? ( Please Help )?
Weird chest pains after odd sickness?
what is wrong with my thoat?
my poison ivy is gone but now i blister-like bumps that itch, is it still poison?
Smoking without id !!?
Am i using to much cold and cough pills? to trip?
Is there a Specialist that deals with only the Throat (Pharynx)?
Itchy throat but not cough symptom, help ?
huge hives and breathing problem?
What does it mean when a guy injected himself with drugs and having trouble breathing and spitting out blood?
I have very oily skin..so what kind of toner should i use-alcohol containing or alcohol free? plzz help?
Chest(?) pain along with difficulty to move or breath?
Hi question about chest pains?
Best method to send EKG tape results via internet?
why am i losing my apatite?
What is the duration of prophylactic treatment of migrain (repeat with more info)?
What do i do if my thumb is swollen and tingly?!?!?!?
What are the chances of needing surgery?
a cracked rib cant be fixed by a dr- you live through it until it heals. is a cracked wrist the same thing?
Is it true that a leg cast can be waterproof even though a arm cast can?
Umm. I'm really confused/worried..?
What do doctors do to you if you have a hurting foot or ankle?
Do you need a Sling for a SPRAINED wrist?
I Recently ran away.. Advice?
Why do my feet sting really badly after a long walk?
Do you die straight away if you get stabbed in the back of your head?
i have had this cold for a while and now it got worse. what can it be?
Ankle sprain pain: How long should it last?
I fell back on my foot and twisted my knee a week ago how do I know if it is broker?
Foot impact injury advice?
ankle swells for no reason?
I hit my head four days ago and it still hurts really bad?
i went to a concert and still have a ringing noise in my ear. How do I make the noise go away?
Did I break or bruise my rib?
what is this pain in my foot (ballet dancer)?
in large spleen? what causes this condition and how can it be treated?
how long does ear mite meds take to work on a dog?
What cause Vaginitis?
Lump under skin after abscess?
Any signs from those who passed?
How can I prevent getting the flu?
can Infectious mononucleosis kill you?
How long does bacterial meningits last?
When you have a sore throat are you producing more saliva than normal?
do i have a tapeworm or other parasite?
Any fast cures for the common cold?
Does getting your tonsils out greatly reduce your risk of getting strep throat?
what is this on my left tonsil?
Alcohol Poisoning & Puking?
what is a teenager's aspiration to be doctor ?
Is it pink eye or something else?
Should i even get the flu shot next year?
How would I be safe from a Plague?
what to eat when a person is suffering from typhoid?
I'm taking entecavir for 2 months.Do I need a blood work?
some other mutation diseases are?
Cold help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
If Mr. Krabs is a crab then how is Pearl a whale?
Is diabetes,restless leg and insomina connected?
why do poeple drink mechanically altered "ALKALINE" water ? can it be harmful?
Anyone know a good website that I could learn about child hood diabetes?
Question about urinating a lot?
woulndt this be funny?
i have few bumps on my private?
hormone produced by the pancreas to increase blood glucose levels?
Do I HONESTLY!!! look like im 229?
STDs,hiv and drugs resistance,hiv?
i hav tested negative hiv test after 1 year of my exposure. so nw is there any chance to get infected from hiv?
Pilonidal Cyst, possibly infected?
how was insulin currently created currently and created historically?
I'm diabetic and I have a cold?
What causes uremic systoms to develop?
songs to pump you up?
Is this a yeast infection?
what a-levels should i do?
What could it be? In my head, or something like diabetes?
Can you get high from doxepin medecine?
how Diabetes influence there diet?
how many shots do u have to have for h1n1?
hypoglycemia symptoms?
Best place for diabetic pump supplies?
Can high blood glucose affect a saliva drug test?
i am not americans but iwant to get free blood glucose meter how i can to it?
Hyperactive thyroid and diabetes?
chemestry help with pecipitates?
Can minor allergies make you nauseous?
allergy medicine and bruising?
why do vitamins make me break out?
Tickle in throat...please advise!!!?
How to get rid of cat related allergies?
Sick, please help me with some home remedy ideas, PLEASE?
Looking for a connection between potential dairy and alcohol allergy/intolerance?
i crushed my finger nail please help?
why am i bleeding slightly from my right ear.?
How deep do scratches have to be to leave scars.?
What can I do if I was accidentally cut by glass?
Whats Spinal Canal Stenosis?
Torn skin on stretch mark?
Arthritis - how to prevent this?
Thalidomide used for morning sickness 1950's to 1960s (Phocomelia)?
brown stuff in vomit?
I have a fever, how to get rid of it fast?
17 year old with occasional minor chest pain?
Why do people have hiccups?
Should I Go See a Doctor? HELP!?
Affects of Salvia ? should I try it ?
Can this method of drug testing work, or is my mom bluffing?
What parts of your body do you remove hair from?
why has my stomach been rumbling for the past 3 weeks. and what can i do about it?
will the doctor take my tonsils out?
How Long does it take to show signs of conjunctivitis?
Which medicine works better?
how is it to drive when you have some shrooms?
Does having a high tolerance to a drug mean that it'll take more of that drug than normal to overdose?
can you please tell me what these pills are?
Should I go to school? Easy 10 points help?
What are these tablets doing to me!?
Natural preservatives for juice?
are legal buds for getting high for real or is it a scam, if so what are some online ingredients?
Is it safe to smoke Aromatic Potpourri "Black Ice"?
What natural supplement can I take for Restless leg Syndrome?
Are there any vitamins/supplements that help with mild depression/anxiety?
what happens if you take vicodin with valium?
is it wierd to drink windex?
Can you make acid (LCD) from D-Con?
Why do you think that the medical industry went to a coding system vs. just writing out the procedure name an?
This question is about smaking pot and my health.....?
What are some natural remedies for water retention?
Is ketoprofen a narcotic? ?
Can niacin clean your urine in 2 days?
is 5500mg. of Lortab lethal?
Red bump with white material inside?
what cause itchy skin?
i have a growth on my nose what is it?? HELP!!?
how can prevent leucopathy?
i have extremely itchy feet, mostly on the sides, but they look normal. Any suggestions??
Skin care help?
today i discovered i have a red bump on my cheek?
i have a bump on my eye lid it was small at first now its bigger any ideas on what it could be what shud i do?
Anyone who has revocered from acne, please read.?
Face is itchy with some bumps at different areas?
I have a .. rash?
acid in nails?
Mystery bump on skin?
how do i get clear skin..?
Doctor Fish Skin Clinic in Germany??
How does an Optometris determine if you have a cold sore in your eye.?
Ugghh! My eyes are SO messed up?
where to find sleeping eye-mask? :)?
Is something wrong with my eye?
One constricted pupil?
i had choc lab she was ABIT i had to put her t asleep bones she was on then had breathing?
What is the change in blood with the movement of the diaphragm?
Sick..how to get a day off !!?
I am having trouble breathing. Took Zyrtec to try to help. Could it be from the flu shot or the HPV shot or?
Blocked Eustachian tube?
What is the tolerable amount of carbon monoxide?
Why is it that my percocet painkillers are the only thing that has worked to stop my coughing?
Surrounding the alveolii are the branches of the pulmonary artery and vein. The pulmonary artery brings what k?
i have bronchial asthma and a swollen right lymph node in my jaw,no fever,?
what does it look like this guys smoking?
What illness do I have?
headache dizziness fever?
What enzymes breakdown alcohol in the liver?
PLEASE ANSWER NOW Weird Feeling In Throat?
Some good articles on current Leprosy?
what does it mean when your white blood cell count is high?
I just got over a really bad flu and now my head is hurting all the time and I also feel like vomiting...HELP?
When should I be worried about my fever?
headlice removal FAST?
Have you been Diagnose w/ Hep B?
my father is suffering from meningitis he is not talking,eating or even walking do you think he can survive?
i have had a temperature of 102 for the past 4 days and it wont go away. what should i do?
My little brother has pinkeye in both eyes. Can I get it from just being in the same house as him?
what are the symptoms of salmonella poisoning?
What kind of sickness/virus do i have?
where did measles come from?
Azithromycin safe to take?
anyone that has hammertoe, bunion or any other type of foot surgery?
Why does my leg hurt?
Ok now i m 22 yrs old. whenever i tryd to go with shagging the prosterior got pain. Is this harmfull?
is my tailbone fractured?
I felt something pop in my arm the day after my last game of bowling and now my musle is sore? what did I do?
Intense/regular headache on left temporal lobe?
why does my knee hurt every time i run or play soccer?
injured my left hand shoveling snow in 2008?
A question on Sebaceous cysts?!?
how to deal with tmj?
can chrondromalacia patella aggrevate plantar fasciitis?
Jack Russell Terrier in pain?
Whats up with my Neck? Please respond soon =D?
what do you do when you pull a muscle?
can´t sleep during the night?
I wondered If my foot was broken?
What's better for cuts hydrogen peroxide or alochol?
can you do a chlamydia test while on your period?
can you get syphilis by drinking after someone who already has it?
can I get a medication to prevent std?
Cold help plzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!?
Can someone give me statistics on HIV/AIDS?
So, i had a blood test but can't ask doctor before 2 days ?
does ecg report is must to get an visa for china?
cardiac drugs please help if you can?
where isthe urinary tract found in human body?
my pom keeps having high white blood count and wont eat?
how to improve blood circulation?
Praziquantel was given to my can how long before it takes effect?
about retinal detachments?
my glucose test confused me, pls help?
Do you Donate to causes like these?
what type of protin i use?
I have problems with my insulin?
how long does it take for blood vessel to heal?
which fruits have less potassium?
can having low blood sugar stop you from going into the military?
Hypoglycemia question. I have hypoglycemia without diabetes. Your thoughts on Xagave nectar? Tips for hypo?
Does green tea with sugar in it effect hypoglycemia?
TPN Calculation For Pharmacy Technician?
can i drink if you have diabetes.?
sugar taste after vomiting...?
what is it like getting poked by a diabetic pen lancet? (visual mark,pain sense, open/closed)?
weight loss treatment in diabetics?
Can metformin go bad? Bad batch?
wrongly diagnosed, will i still get money backdated for DLA claim?
My Sim drank the elixir of life when her aspiration level was low?!?
DIabetes genetic question?
Feel 'normal' now, but scared about meeting new people soon?
I know this is not normal....so what is this?
i cant focus or retain information?
I get nightmares at night what do I do?
If your scared that you have a mental disease , can you psychology cause your brain to develop it?
I think I have a broken pinky, and I don't know what to do about it!?
why does my back hurt?
is it normal to have a ball under my tongue ring?
Problems with left knee (going to the ER today, What will they do??)?
I have a swollen right eye I was wondering what do I do to make it go away and how long will it last swollen?
I took laxatives and now my lower left side of my stomach hurts.. normal?!?
I'm not sleeping at all...?
How can I make up for 3 years of barely sleeping.. I'm about to turn 21.. it's not good?
how to pass a drug test?
what causes you to see everything in blue tint?
How long have you kept waking up?
can you smoke weed? i heard you can?
anyone kno how to get rid of lice?
can a doctor unplug a blocked ear thats plugged up withextra wax ?
How can I get a flat stomach?
How do you Getting rid of acne?
Why is everyone panicking?
Does an ethanol injection get you drunk?
I have been sick for a week now with diarrhea, what can I do about it, besides Imodium.?
i smoked nov 29. and i have to do a drug test no later than dec 15th..can i pass? ?r=1260414004?
I have a severe headache that will not leave?
What can i do for my headaches?
will it harm my body if i vomit every now and then?
Bright red cheeks and ears and high temperature; reaction to alcohol?
Terrible Rash....don't know what to do?
Can red cheeks be a reaction to a medication?
Will my left eye burning after being exposed to airborne mold go away or do I need to go to the doctor?
Mouth is bleeding, weird texture on inside of cheek?
Allergic to my sweat?
I woke up in the morning and my glands & ubilla was swollen and my throat was almost closed in!!!?
Has anyone ever used a neti pot? Nasal lavage?
Tongue Swelling (Hard to Breath) Can anyone help?
I got my ears piered and it is bleeding?
How much does it cost for 1 bottle of quality clear scentless antibacterial soap and where to buy it at?
How do u make something heal faster?
Guestic pain and medicine or yoga & anysuggetsion to remove this.?
Adderall and sleep questions?
Career in Herbal Medicine?
First time vicodin user?
What type of cold medicines can i take if i'm on high blood pressure medicine without raising of lower my pres?
what causes a body high?
Which is a better state to practice massage therapy: CA or Oregon?
Happy Camper Herbal pills information?
What herbal stimulants can I take to help with long study hours?
question on fiber supplements?
Consuming wild/natural peyote.?
for doctors on y/a...help..?
is it normal not to get hiccups :o?
How to stop ear ringing - anybody has ever heard about this?
Does Hypnotherapy really work for weight loss?
what are the herbal cigarettes with the indian on the front?
Can I take Apidexin while on Prozac and Lamictal?
Can I take Tylenol 3 with Codeine if I am on Zoloft?
What are some natural suppliments that will chill me out, like a Valium feeling?
are Vitamin Pills are ok ?
Does Purify Para Clean Parasite Cleanse really work?
Can smoking nutmeg get you high ?
can you use a tranfer of an STD in court as far as legal terms go if the other person knew they had something?
Something wrong with tonsil please help im so scared.?
Woah way embarrasing question..?
looking for disease common to hospitals, edificil?
What exactly is a bacterial infection?
Do I have symptoms of a sentinel bleed?
How long do I take extended prilosec before taking an NSAID?
Can a Gastric Bypass be a cause for severe stomach cramps?
My ENT suggest putting Steroids in my inner ear . Will this really Help?
what does it mean when your mri come back saying c3-4c5-6 facet disease and abutting the cord?
it is safe to take xanax and DMAE?
my bf's kidney stone?
The bone in my elbow is huge.. is this normal?
My ears are clogged and I have a cold?
How can I go about adding my 25 year old brother with epilepsy as a dependent?
How long is .5 mg of Xanax detectable in urine.?
what if girlfriend dosent want to go too the er and she bump her head?
Can you have an X-ray on your ankle if there is a possibility you may be pregnant?
Very badly bruised knee?
What sould i do about my hand hurting?
My wrists hurt from gymnastics what should i do?
How can I work out with a torn ACL, pre/post surgery?
Can i still walk with Both feet with a sprained Right ankle? Good or bad?
What can I do for my ankle?
My ankle is still hurting after my sprained ankled healed?
What kind of doctor for my knee injury?
Yellow Liquid coming from nose?
is it a wasp or a hornet?
my wrist hurts really bad...?
What should i do??????????????
It Fell off seriously, just want to know if it is dangerous? any ideas? ?
sprained ankle it hurts?
I'm so sick of this. What do you think?
I pulled my thigh muscle 3 weeks ago. I can jog on it a little. how long before i try to run. ?
if you were sleeping and someone chopped of your leg and you woke up and they was eating it what would you do?
What's the best way to get rid of and prevent toenail fungus?
Rubbing Alcohol?
Jock Itch - Clothing to help wick moisture away?
is baking soda good to keep your skin soft?
I am a guy with an oily face. What do you advice me because I have a sweathy face.?
how to get rid of rough skin on my feet?
How to treat acne scarring?
White acne spots on dark (tanned)skin???
need help.hv itching scalp n body?
How can I tell if my dog's under belly is being bitten by lice or fleas?
Nose ring infection?
Face Cleanser?
How long will it take to tan?
keratosis pilaris??
Colonn cancer along with prostate cancer?
Brain Tumer/Cancer worries?
Problems but What is this? :( :(?
Hiccups Advice? ...DESPERATE!?
I'm having problems breathing for the last four years, what's wrong with me?
By what process are oxygen and carbon dioxide exchanged between air and capillary blood in the lungs?
Bronchitis from postnasal drip...?
my left lung is bad might be my past?
Is it possible that I have asthma?
Any heightened or inappropriate immune response resulting in tissue damage is called a/an..?
Is there any harm done in running with a bad cough?
Why can't sucrase catalyze the formation of sucrose from glucose and fructose?
Fasting Blood Glucose meter reading 65?
diabetes question?? pls answer?
ciprofloxacin side effects?
Is me having to pee normal?
organic red rice benefits for a diabetic?
What happens to glucose in a patient with uncontrolled diabetes?
I am from Banglsdesh.I am a CKD stage 3 patient .?
Nausea and hypoglycemia?
Help with dizziness.......................................................?
tengo diabetes,y me gustaria saber que tomar para la indigestion el sal de uvas esta bien?
Best supplement raise acetylcholine levels?
how the body maintains blood sugar levels when the digestion system of a meal high in sugar results?
where in kalamazoo mi excepts medicade for gastric bypass surgery?
My bf was diagnosed with a big bladder and a blocked prostrate What is the cause of a big bladder?
Insulin Level 500. Can we bring it to normal in 2 months?? How?
where can i buy a nova max test strips for glucose blood monitoring tests?
i need help in just cause 2?
being a diabetic should you take bilberry?
Will eating too much sugar make you dull-witted?
how much do pediatric endocrinologists get paid per week/year?
So... What WAS in the sugar bowl?
what can you tell about patient which is feed with less sugar?
Do I have Diabetes? Or am I freaking out?
if someone keeps sneezing is it a sign of low sugar?
Why am I more tired when I have more sleep?
Alchol helps brain work faster?
Why do I sometimes get a Niacin flush and sometimes do not?
Why do my toes go numb?
really sharp pains on my right hand side?
Small pain in my knee?
do you think fatigue a stutter problem, because when I drink an energy drink, like 5 Hour Energy I don’t reall?
nauseous .............. help?
Can opiate tolerance last several months?
My doc says I can have a normal lifespan being on narcotic pain meds?
I injured my head/ neck in a fall three days ago, How long til the pain goes away?
Why do my legs hurt after I play in the snow?
stomach and rib pains, throw up a lot depending on how much i eat? PLEASE ANSWER! ASAP.?
i have been mustabating for sometime but recently a friend of mine told me it might cause effects. is it true?
Is marijuana more harmful than alcohol?
Are these panic attacks/?
Do you need to get a doctors clearance before using a personal trainer?
took lamotrigine for 5 days?
I just want to die.. I'm tired of everything .?
are they changing oxycontin formula back to oc?
Rid shoulder bursitis?
how can i grow taller?
if i tell my therapist that i smoked weed, and now i think i have anxiety, will they tell my parents?
hey im going to donate blood tommarow should i exersize before or not at all?
What would happen to me if I...?
I feel extremely uncomfortable with my body.?
do you think this is a sleep disorder or what? like what is it?
Whenever I eat, I feel like I might choke.?
how do you get rid of a cold really fast?
why am i always cold?
Why do people get their tonsils removed?
how to get over a sore throat and fast?
how do i take my anxiety medication?
Smoking Marijuana...?
Drug Test (do you think i will pass?) NEED HELP!?
can a substance be ingested to cause a stroke?
Which lady's only No 1 was Total Eclipse Of The Heart?
Is it normal for your heart rate to increase when breathing in?
i got Leukonychia on my nail im 15 am i dying?
Which of the following exudates would be present in highest concentration at the site of a persistent bacter?
What age can you have a heart attack?
my blood pressure had been on average 180/85 obviously ntt good suddenly past 2 weeks its been normal 120/70?
How often do people get better from cancer?
Can you have gential warts and abnormal cells from HPV at the same time?
how long does the "blister" stay around before it crusts?
Trash on the tongue is a symptom of what disease?
I gave lip to lip kiss to girl friend MAY 2005 her lips lacerated i tested ELISA 3 times negative any risk ?
My gram stain resulted in GRAM POSITIVE COCCI IN PAIRS-occassional/ single-occassional.What disease do i have?
conatcts owwwww!!?
Sledding after Surgery?
Desperate Help needed. Swollen Ear piercing.?
Best way to clean minor wounds?
Tingling feeling on my right hand, ring and middle finger?
how long should a burn sting?
why are you not allowed to put hot or cold reusable compresses directly on your skin?
is the raised yellowish skin on my cut an infection or the scab forming?
my newly pierced ears are infected an i've been using a salt soak on it to clear it up. and its working but i?
ingrown toenail help:(?
i had the stomach flu for two weeks and im am still throwing up a little bit after i eat should i go to the dr?
How can I get rid of the swelling on my lip caused by a spider bite?
i need help with how to treat a chemical burn?
help! major blood vessel is hurting a lot!?
did something bite my boyfriend?
what is the best at home treatment for a burn?
does your mom tickle you while applying sunscreen?
I have a few scratch marks on my hand. How do I get them to heal faster? Would hydro-cortisone work? Sauna?
Whats the best prevention for not getting sick/the flu. Whats the best soap to use to kills germs.?
Strep Throat! PLease help?
In what degree of water or degrees in general can germs no longer survive?
hey i cut my thumb on a soup can lid?
Can I work in a US restaurant If I have a HEPA B?
i have no fever, and only one tonsil hurts and there is a white spot, its like a hole what is it?
tell me about the discovery of yellow fever - the disease?
Important: What will the Dr. do for an ear infection?
infection after infection?
what is hepititus c and what tretments are out there?
Please help me, im in panic...?
why do i have i bump on the back of my ear lobe after i pierced my ear?
Could this be shingles?
Ending Antibiotics Early Because They Were Not Needed?
how to cure tubercloma?
has anyone ever had h-pylori?
I have a cold that's lasted over 2 months with the flem in the throat being what never goes away.?
I have the flu and I'm about to travel, what should I do?
can babies get chrome disease?
will the antibiotics work again?
I had a fever for two days, now i keep hearing distant noises...?
how can i stop my toenail from falling off?
hi my hand skin is very loose n dry how can i make it tight, soft n remove wrinkleles?
sore to touch spot on my head.?
swelling in hand is it broken?
what do i do about a broken toe?
kinda weird but under my eye i got like blue color..?
I jumped off the back of a truck and hit my head?
What is wrong with my ankle?
Could I broke my cheek?
Spinal problem - bilateral limb odd feelings?
Hi, i had a direct fall on my knees last year and have had a horrible creaking noise ever since?
Possible Torn Bicep and Working Out?
Broken ribs he won't go to the doctor....what the heck should I do?
Having fun with a broken toe??!??!?
What specific type of muscle makes up most of the muscle of your arm?
Honestly, do concussions lower creativity? If so, will this decrease be permanent or have permanent effects?
So I passed out yesterday and....?
how to fix a broken arm?
i had a 4 wheel accident and landed face first and hurt my left eye and now it only opens half way wil it heal?
what should i do had thermometer in mouth and broke in mouth spilled on counter and floor?
Benadryl as a sleeping aid?
i need a bob marley smoking pipe or smking bowl?
Can you get cranial bleeding due to smoking with aluminum foil?
How can i have glaucoma?
Does ambien make you.....slow?
what are the bad side effects that could happen if i snort zanax?
Can I take metronidazole 500mg that are designed for aquarium fish, to treat my recurring bacterial vaginosis?
Can i take my Multi Vitamin and Omega 3-6-9 tablet at the same time?
Are there drugs similar to ativan/lorazepam that aren't benzodiazepines?
Laxative question about what my doctor told me to do.?
How long should I take the drug vicodin?!?
Reiki healing Question?
NAtural Ways to fight nausea and stomach food better?
is there any way to cure epilepsy forever?
does vicks vapor rub work for stretch marks?
Does OXY Clinical work?
Detoxing from shooting up Oxy and vicodin?
Question about Turmeric supplement?
assingment on antegenic properties?
Which conditions herbal medicine therapies can routinely treat?
do i have a tobacco/nicotine intolerance?
is it possible to become immune to certain medicines?
Do you get High when you overdose on Zantac?
Can I take another 5 mg melatonin pill since the first didn't work?
How many sleep aids can I take?
My right inner ear is aching and throbing, what kind of over the counter medication can I take to cure this?
Anorexic man, drinking alcohol daily...?
How do antipsychotic medications affect serotonin levels?
I think I'm depressed?
An extremely tall man needs help on how to hid some height?
How should i tell my my my brother has OCD?
what should i do when my chest is krooked?
How much damage does a Black and Mild do to me?
i have been on minocycline for about 50 days, Can i stop now?
i smoked a craven a and shortly after finishing my chest began to hurt?
Does Zyrtec work for allergies to animals such as guinea pigs?
Best Place/Strategy to Test for Shampoo Allergy?
I need other hay fever and allergy treatment options.?
question about rash or allergic reaction?
Have any other nail techs out there become allergic to the acrylic that they were working with?
Is this an allergy to apples?
Am i deformed??????????
should i get an h1n1 shot tomorrow, or is it too late and the flu is already gone?
why is it important to see a doctor when you are healthy ?
I think I'm sick. What's wrong with me?
Will this damage my brain? ?
HELP! i get this really huge irresistible cravings for candy?? like i need them? 10 pts?
I think I got poisoned?
i let my bf use massage oil when he f*ngered me, and then i read that you can get yeast infections from that?
My chest is tight after swallowing maijuana smoke.?
how to have a drug screen and pass it if you have marjiuana in your system?
Is it normal to shake when not eating?
Do i have an anxiety disorder/panic attacks? Plz help?
Want to wake up like at 8 Am?
i can never fall asleep whats wrong with me!?
I have bad smelly feet help!!!!!?
when i read why do my eyes hurt?
how can i stop my feet smelling (embarasing)?
My friend has a Phobia of Paper towels, what is the name for that?
why do i have mini blackouts?
Help me! Help me! Help me!?
how does smoknig cause cataracts?
How to store and use medecine safely?
what is the best blood sugar testing machine available in india and its cost.?
How much blood to you lose in a below knee amputation?
what could this be? low blood sugar.?
Does diabetics relates to itchiness on the back?
Did anyone feel funny after your glucose test and have it come back high?
I forgot to take my BP medicine this noon, now it is almost midnight...can I take it at this time? Please note?
why do biotin make blood sugar levels go up?
preasure point i guess?
How often is it normal to get the runs?
Eating problems not sure why?
how do i get a free test meter?
Urinalysis test results?
if am anemic what should i do?
After administering prevacid preoperatively , what should the nurse monitor ?
Why does a person with sugar concentrating stay relatively stable in a person whose diet is low in carbohy?
How many time check my BP (within week or month)?
What are the bad effects from taking carvedilol 3/125 mg, twice a day?
What can I do if my folate is twice what it should be? How can this affect me. I have had bariatric surgery.?
how can i get medical help for diabetic insulin and supplies outside of mainecare?
Can you break down what diabetes gastric statis and antiemetic is?
Can someone identify this rash? (Pics included), please help!?
I'm trying to contact "Tayebird" about the Mangosteen juice cure for excema!?
Do STD's last forever?
I want to have another baby but i had an std after my first son was born can i still have a baby?
Just have a couple symptoms and I was wondering if someone could help me out.?
how is it possible for a mother not to spread HIV to her baby? also, how long do they live?
Is it less likely to catch HIV from a man who has had a vasectomy as opposed to a man who has not?
my friend has herpes?
Has anyone had laser treatment for dark elbows and knees?
Why does my boyfriend have bumps on his lips?
Cheek injections with collagen?
why is the death rate of aids so high ?
is it possible to catch lip herpasimplex from a bar glass in a public bar?
do i really have to not eat or drink anything for 14hrs before my oral surgery?
What is this sore on my tounge?
Could I have a bladder infection without pain?
Ache/Pain in Left Shoulder/Arm what is it?
please help me i just started feeling this way?
i just stretched my right ear to a 14?
I have pain on my upper stomach area a little to the left side...?
my arm hurts and its sore?
Shoulder pain... possible causes?
Tingling, cramping in hands, arms ,legs, feet ?
What does your backpain feel like on Accutane?
how sick am i? (virus or not?)?
Strep Throat diag, started on Biaxin. First day, my throat got much worse, pain and swelling. Is this normal?
Can I get the flu this week?
ways to get rid of a sore throat :] :] :]?
Whats the best non over the counter treatment for scabies?
Does this sound like the flu?
Do you think I have Mononucleosis?
14 $ pregnant with hepatitis B...What are the risks ?
What are the functions of the immune system?
i have e coli food poisining, what foods can I eat that won't aggrevate my condition ? It just hit me yesterda?
Is yogurt okay to eat when you have the stomach flu?
do you think will i get mono?
my mother was recently hospitalized it started as a uti but with the lenth of time it has turned into sipsa?
what is mad cow disease?
Can I get any good prescription drugs for strep?
What are measles and how young can a get this diease?
Last night, I had a really light sleep?
Prilosec and citalopram?
What do I do if I have a cold and I have a monologue the next day?
Why am I having these dizzy spells?
How do I get my mom to let me stay home from school?
yesterday i found out for the first time my dad chews tabaco help?
I have a cold but my nose is not stuffy at all. But food does not taste the same.?
is it okay to take a shower even if you didn't went to sleep?
treatment for high ammonia in blood?
Resting Heart Rate of 120bpm..help!?
My heart keep feeling like its getting stabbed?
stents in left arterial descending?
Does chewing tobacco contain as many toxins as cigarettes?
what is the probability of a 14 year old boy getting breast cancer?
how do i get rid of my cold sore?
Why do I have this pain in my eyes?
Shower of floaters in my eye after stretching...?
poked in the eye?? what should i do? read all?
Is it posible to change your eyecolor w/o using contacts?
Can Someone Send Me A Rohto V?
Where do i go to sort this eye problem out?
Laser Eye Surgery Vancouver - British Columbia?
anyway to lighten eye color naturally?
glaucoma, 20/50, eye drops?
cant find out whats wrong me please help ! weird feelings arm and left chest?
I got my foot ran over, what do i do?!?
a 27 year old woman suffers fracture of her tibia. the fracture is severe enough that she need immobilzation?
How Long will my MRI take?
Why is my arm doing this?
I was punched in my upper arm several times, now it's bruised and I can't lift it, what's wrong?
Did I break my wrist?
What does a lump in your tongue mean?
Should I pop this blister on my heal?
Is this a spider bite??? What kind do you think?
I burned my arm accidentally with my flat iron?
hip piercing: opinions and information please?
the ball of my foot hurts to put pressure on it. it is swollen now but the thing is its been hurting since?
Bruise from twisting knee?!?!?!?!!? PLSANSWR!!!?
my right eye is red and burns! please help?
I want to bite things!?
I fell in gym and i can't walk because my ankle hurts so badly?
is this a normal sign of ear piercing?
Should i swim? please read the details fully...?
I'm kinda worried, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. If someone whacked you in the head would you hemorrhage?
help i think my friend broke her ankle?!?
I got disolvable stitches?
help! there's a bubble of puss on my toe..I think it came from a bug bite, how do I treat it?
my freind bleeds through mouth?
I have a fever of 104.7 reads the thermometer, how should I bring it down?
Ear Piercing Infection?
help. i acidently cut my wrist how long will it tak to stop bleeding?
My ribs really hurt, how do I make them stop hurting?
Major shoulder pain???????????
how to clean out a cut with ink in it?
Mysterious Bites that appear in pairs?
Some guy at work keeps on turning on the gas on his lighter into my ear.?
Ive been feel really nauseous whenever i eatt....?
How do i know if my pinky is broken?
I hit my pinky toe really hard on a wooden chair a few months ago and it still hurts.?
What are all the useful things for Peroxide?
20 ways on how to sprain my foot?
Nails Too Short And Stinging?