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What Is Wrong With Me?
i have life time illness?
Why are my hands stiff and jittery feeling?
How do I get rid of my mono?
Can someone explain my rapid drop in hemoglobin?
Am I internally bleeding in the head?
What is the best and easiest way to stop cracking your knuckles??? Please help me!!!?
how can I stop chronic my nailbiting?
Advice for someone with a drug addiction?
How to relax Before Bed???????
taking ecstasy for the first time?
This is embarresing but here it goes!!!?
What is that "bad feeling" that a lot of people seem to get in the mornings?
Is this an unhealthy habit?
What are ways to get rid of gas?
Does smoking weed have any long term effects on the body?
If I am left handed,and I do EVERYTHING with my right hand.does that mean that I should switch.?
I'm sleeping in weird positions, giving me cramps during the day?
can you die from 5 sleeping pills?
Is it as bad to have a low temp as it is to have a high one? My temp is 95.7 is that ok?
Why do i want to be asleep?
Heeelp!. Im Bored, Im going to fall asleep soon.?
i were glasses how do i get rid of them?!?
I have a fever of 101,my throat is sore,i have a slight cough,and i have very sore and puny.?
Lip Peircing Swelling.?
how do u make your nose bleed ?
i got my cartlidge pierced in march and i took the earring out last night?
Bad Circulation to Legs?
How long should i stay on suboxone?
My wrists will stiffen and then pop, is this bad?
my neck hurts cracks and it make my head hurt why?
What can I do to reduce the pain in my eye?
Fast way to get rid of this headache?
I'm diabetic and take blood thinners and have anemia what kind of diet should I be on?
what are the monitoring parameters for ace inhibitors?
Allergies or Diabetes?
Wounds on hands not healing?
does getting your A1c down really help get rid of yeast infections with diabetics with uncontrolloble sugars?
what's hemoglobin c trait?
If you were a lab researcher and you given a grant to solve type two diabetes and accidentally discovered t...?
Has anyone tried Nutrisystem is it worth the money to get it?
why should we avoid foods high in fat?
for urinalysis tom. need help?
what are hormonal changes leads to gestational diabetes?and the cause of polyurea in case of them?
how long will it take for DLA?
What kind of blindness is it when you can only see shadows?
what kinds of filtered materials are reabsorbed by the blood in the kidney?
How long after a possible insulin overdose will a diabetic cat start to show signs of negative effects?
what is the positive test for glucose using benedicts solution on urine?
What could be cause of Dizzy / Disoriented?
I have a full blood Germanshephared?
iorn levels of 2.9 and have low blood count?
Do Coldness effects the circulation of our Body?
elaborate on diabetes mellitus?
Would it be alright to take celery tablets or magnesium tablets when you are on blood pressure medication?
I have a question about my leukemia chemotherapy?
I feel insane and crazy please help. I dont know anything anymore?
Zoloft not working 7 weeks?
is Dissociative disorders a mental disorder? and what is it excatly?
would someone with these problems need rehab? (female adolescent)?
you are tired of your life and looking to kill your self you 12 you are taking pills but they don't work?
..... I am a rock? ...?
explain why the second heart sound sound occur after T waves?
Is this true you are not allowed to drink beer at all on coumadin?
if a schizophhrenic had a heart condition or a serious illness would they be treat adequately?
is it possible to beat a instant cocaine test ?
When was the link beetween smoking and Coronary heart disease established ?
If I stick needle in someone heart will it kill him ?
How much should my blood pressure fluctuate?
The Heart Fill in the blank worksheet?
What is this lump under the bruise on my hip?
How to heal a mouth wound?
What happened, i was just strectching my legs, and suddenly it felt like my muscle got tugged and hurt?
My friend pierced my cartilage today and I am so scared of what might happen, what do you think will happen?
Sprained Ankle Treatment?
Ok, i cut myself(not on purpose) with a pen. No ink is on my skin and the cut is so light and doesnt hurt.?
I was in an accident. No one is really hurt. Bruises and stiffness. How much shuld I ask for?
i have a broken ankle cast ?
Putting a plaster on my scabs...?
when is surgery performed for tendonitis. what calls for surgery over other treatment?
Im a cheerleader and today i fell and really hurt my ankle..and i need to treat it in one day!!!!?
If your nose breaks...?
Ankle sprain ruined my soccer life?
i think i have a concussion but im not sure.?
if i hit myself in the stomach will it..?
Easiest joint to injure?
Bilsters that won't go awayyyy!?
How did you break your wrist? (with BQ)?
How can i make my swollen eye go down?
woke up Tuesday morning to find my one month old twins left side of the faces were bruised.?
Rolled Ankle in my basketball game. Please help.?
what muscle relaxes when you bend your arm ?
Is My Ankle Broke Or Fractured?
How fast would i get mono?
HELP! I'm sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Im sick and i dont know what it is.?
many gets diseases dont know the symptoms and they have it and spread it. everyone needs to get educated?
24 hour stomach flu? Help!?
is thyroid gland not affected in tuberculosis?
How do i get rid of my fever?
What can cause a false positive HIV test?
Viral Meningitis: Common Location?
Anyone familiar with Kidney Infection?
to complete the chain of infection, all of the following are required except a:?
does this look like oral herpes?
how long would I be in the hospital do you think?
concerned about hep c?
a weird feeling in the throat?
do u know everybody has staph?
is it possible to have bacterial meningitis for 2 months?
My Brother has a Cold and I Don't Want to Catch It?
do i have tonselitis?
Today i took 3 airborne tablets and a vitamin, is that bad?
does anyone know what technology luc, montagnier used to find hiv?
do u know anyone famous that has AIDS or has died from AIDS?
Mouth Olsars... help please.?
if a girl has herpes and a guy eats her out what will happen?
i dont know if im allergic to the sun or to sunblock?
I'm having trouble breathing please help me?
Acai berry detox dosage?
can someone explain to me in detail about a bad trip?
Can eating a grapefruit interfere with my HBP medicine Mavik?
What is causing me to lose feeling in my arms when I raise them over my head?
Whats the best otc sleep aid with no type of side effects whatsoever, Melatonin has been my best choice?
I have had a stye for 2 months, i need a home remedy besides hot compressors.?
how to treat hemroyds?
Will peppermint tea conflict with the benefits of parsley tea?
Whoa feaking out is tis normal?
What's a good way to spend rolling by yourself?
Can u mix lorazepam (for treating anxiety) and speed pills like concerta?
this true LSD/shrooms/extacy/DXM anything will make you fail, even alcohol if under age for up to 10 days?
Do you think Green Tea with Apple and Pear is OK to put on my face?
Should pharmacies cut pills in half?
can hypnotherapy help with acohol moderation?
What is the best way to drink tes while sick?
what is alcohol pill?????????????
Are green tea diet pills unhealthy to take? or have long term side-effects?
Are these real Diazepam ?
does trazodone work well as a sleep aid?
is chronic laced with coke?
Dirty toothbrush cup?
Clarithromycin Side Effects?
Who can tell me where I can buy a good cigarette?
how can i go to sleep with caffeine in system.. not for the reason you think?
how do you treat a pressure sore? (bedsores)?
how to sleep well ?help!help!?
question about softening skin?
Does anyone know how to cure hives...quickly??
What type of bite..?
what is this?
white spot rash thing on palm?
what is dermatitis and how can be it cured?
My 18 month old son has weird rash???
my belly ring just flared up a few weeks ago, I have had it pierced for 5 years, why won't it heal?
how do you get rid of big pores on the nose...and legs.?
I have fare skin color what color would be best for me??
What options do I have if any?
skin question?
face care?
I have lots of white spots that have come up on my tongue. what are they?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Ive not eating much and keep vomiting yellow stuff and some blood what do you think it mean?
Is having sleep paralysis constantly normal ?
what can cause scaring on lungs?
Is it illegal to purchase Albuterol Sulfate inhalation solution 0.083% for asthma in U.S.A.?
Any one else ashamed of smoking cigaretts?
How would water or fluids in the thin alveoli cause them to collapse and be unable to exchange air?
My friends puppy got pneumonia they're putting it down is there an alternative to this?
If we breathe through our mouth. How the body makes it so the food does not end up in the lungs?
if one of my guinea pigs has as upper respiratory infection should i keep it away from my other guinea pigs?
do you think alcohol is a drug?
Why does my arm turn blue when I eat dirt?
what's wrong with me?..... is it brain cancer?......headachessss!!!!!!!!?
how to wake up early?
what is the most painless way to die?
How do you become a squirrel?
cigarettes for a new smoker?
Is cracking your knuckles or neck bad for you?
why are cigarettes really unhealthy?
Is there a way to make my neck longer?
What is wrong with me?
Ways to wake up/stay awake?
why is it that when i smoke weed i always trip?
When you get the munchies from smoking marijuana...?
Severe Height Problem?
what are foods that can help me stay awake?
What should i say when a person calls me out saying "omg you so skinny"?
Does the first time hurt really bad?
I am really worried about lumps in breast please help! :'(?
what part of the cigarette smoke causes lung cancer?
Any information on ruptured kidney?
What is this feeling called and how do I get rid of it?
is there any way to get ink out of a cut?
how does frost bite look and feel?
When will my finger nail stop being blue!?!?
My snug piercing is hurting bad!! What do i do?
how can i heal my cut?
How to bandage a heel with a small open wound?
Popped something with a needle, how likely will it get infected?
First Aid Techniques?
what is the name of the part of your foot between your toes and arch?
bad burn, 1ST or second degree?? how do i treat?
I have a cutunder my fingernail and it HURTS SO BAD! PLEASE HELP 10 POINTS?
I'm under the sea and near a bee. You use me when you don't want to get close. What am I?
Just got my tounge percied red spot in front of of the ring ?
Friend got bit by spider? Foot is paralyzed?
I went to the doctor for my 6month sono,and my doctor said my babys belly wus a lil big, but not Sug Diabetes?
Pioglitazone Pills on Healthy Patients?
Is it unhealthy to hustle everyday?
Is Free-For-All in MW2 boosting?
Is it normal to get a sorta light headed fealing when I am about to go to bed?
Can a underactive thyroid go back to normal if...?
what gland produces oxytocin and vasopressin?
when urinating alot from diabetes ..is it all day and night or just in nite time....can it be just the feeling?
what will happen when i take too much medicine?
what kind of allergy medication can i take while being diabetic?
why do pathological changes occur in diabetes mellitus?
What do you think I have caught or have?
Can you have PCOS without insulin resistance?
May glucose cause patient stroke rebleeding?
how many 500mg of cephilexin should a newfoundland weighing 74.5K take a day?
How do diabetic test strips work?
diabetes and swine flu?
how can i froce a foot amputation? amd tell me step by step dirctions?
gall bladder problems?
Does anyone know the least expensive place to buy insulin and?
when i m sleeping i feel hungry why?? i have sugar.?
What happens in a typical contact lenses exam?
Whats wrong with my eye?
why are my iris jagged?
I don't know what to do about my loser glasses....fml.?
i needa eye doctor in chicago that takes public aid?
Help, do i have pink eye?
I have foggy vision in one eye, what could it be?
does lasik work on astigmatism? And nearsigthedness in different eyes?
Sore Muscles.. need to feel better?
I'm in a cast coz I broke my ankle slipping on the ice. Today, the stockinette around my toes got wet?
I had a torn meniscus, so I had that repaired, and ortho scoped while I was there.?
Shoulder popped out after falling on my elbow and is in pain when I throw?
How many regular strength advil...?
home cure for swelling and bruising?
is it ok to play drums with tennis elbow?
My frind hit me in the left side of my head and im freaking that i might have a concussion it happened night?
My son who is 3 fell @ daycare hit his head. It has been 6 months and the bump is still there. Is this norma?
how to make the swelling go down in the knee?
If I sliped a disc in my back what are my odds of playing football again?
How do I heal more quickly?
how can i make a scar match the color of my skin?
I picked at my scab and it didnt bleed at all, and there is only skin under it, can I take it off?
heyy heyy PEOPLE, i think i broke my leg?
how long does it usually take for a chiiped bone in your foot to heal?
What did I do to my back?
I have no idea whats going on but i really hurt myself!?
why is my sisters eye swollen and she didn't do anything to it?
help...strange bruise??!?
Anyone know what is wrong with my thumb?
cant touch my toes!! any ideas?
Tonsillectomy in Children 6yrs old?
who does it feel to be shot?
Can you get AIDS by swallowing spit of some who has it?
I have strep, I got antibiotics, but it's not going away!?
cold sore...from fever?
Have tonsillitis with a temperature of 40C - I feel fine, do I need to worry?
symptoms: do i have cold or flu?
I started getting sweatty about an houre ago and now I have a fever of around 101. What can cause this?
How can y ou treat ulcer?
Will I catch it ...Need to know?
What are symptoms of last stage of hepatisis c?
am i sick? or no?? what could it be?
Bump in the back of throat?
eyebrow confirmed as fungal infection?
Influenza is best described as...?
Odd on and off fever?
Can I carry the chicken pox virus home with me?
What are these symptoms a sign of?
fever at which the human die?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
is t possible to get a stomach virus from breathing the air a sick person is breathing?
whats a yeast infection?
is it true that after getting syphilis three times, you are cured?
my friend is having a brownish discharge kinda like a period no odor or irritation and has lasted over a month?
i have hpv but i have so many questions.can hpv be transmitted by straw kissing?
I tested negative on a rapid HIV test. Can I put my mind to rest?
can a virus make some die?
HIV testing a week before three months.?
With half of my toenail removed, will it hurt/burn/sting when it gets wet?
REALLY bad stomach pain?!?
I have sharp pain in my ear it wont go away!?
cannot eat, swollen jaw, doctors wont help, what is it..help!?!?
I burned my fingers, What should i do? -_-?
How does extreme couponing work?
Why do I feel unreal and worry?
could this be Dissociative disorders? help please?
Is having a girlfriend good for a guy psychologically?
how do i stop procrastination ? (help, its taking over my life)?
why does everytime i laugh alot, i start coughing and sometimes wheezing?
Does Dextroamphetamine have to be prescibed?
What to drink when you have a sore throat?
What can i do to relieve my migraine headaches that is killing me alive ?
I have an ear infection, and everything sounds weird?
Is the G-spot real? is it on both girls and boys?
Do you think ill get food poising?
why does this happen after i drink?
how can i controll my anger?
Does it hurt to get a tattoo on your shoulder?
i dont smoke weed,i am around people who do at times is it possible for it to be in your urine?
Marijuana Kills brain cells. Fact or Myth?
my son swollowed a 2p coin what should i do?
What is this that is happening to me while I am asleep?
am i constipated or is something seriously wrong with me?
I am extremely shy and need help.?
Any Marijuana smokers out there?
Skin cancer life expectancy and cost help!?
Does fluoride give you cancer after a long time?
Could a low TSH result ever indicate HYPOthyroidism?
Heartworm treatment advice needed ASAP?
I can hear a really loud heart beat?
I have a heart condition (Wolff Parkinson White Syndrome). Is it safe to take birth control?
Anyone have a baby with SVT?
will 200+ otc sleeping pills kill a person?
Smoking tea through apple pipe or a joint ?
Why would Simply Orange orange juice have less vitamin C than an orange?
My friend mixed ecstasy and oxycodone. will he be okay?
What is the best probiotic supplement?
Are there any non specific drugs?
Do I have ADD? Please help with insurance and prescription.?
Is there any way to eliminate the need for eating, eliminating, sleep and breathing without simply being dead?
having vocal issues. Any remedies?
are their any benefits to fasting?
Whut can I do to make my brain smarter n tink better?
what do they all do in a swedish massage?
Is this safe for me to take or am i overdosing?
Is Apple Juice good for gastric pain?
What type of K2 is the best?
How to cure muscle ace?
What do hospitals typically check for in blood work when screening for pre employment?
Hair drug tests at work?
Does anyone wanna work with Health and Wellness products?
Will this harm me in any way?
How can you clean the back of your tongue without gagging?
is it possable to get a possative gonarreah test and not have it?
Can anyone give me websites on why blood donation should be mandatory?
if i have aids---taking medicine will put me back on the HIV+?
is it thrush or something else?
cold sore or canker sore?
how do i control my sudden sweatiness?
Does lack of sleep age a person?
Do you think our health care system is bad ?
who discovered syphilis?
if my mirrena was infected an had to be remove can i get another one?
what is an std that starts with the letter m?
if there is a kidney doctor that will take you without insurance?
What kind of doctor do I need to see for this?
what is the histology of rickets disease?
Was this a mental disorder at one time?
How is Fragile X Syndrome treated?
Burning, stomach hurting, always feels like i got to throw up, but i don't?
What is the detection method for Fragile X Syndrome?
Does bleach mixed with water make your urine clean?
ways for dealing with ibs?
What do i have? for doctors ?
My eyes keep shaking all the time!?
Do I have the stomach virus, or is this acid reflux?
Does anyone know anything about Bright's disease?
is it safe to drive when u have a phsychosomatic illness that affects u physically?
Progressive Chronic Liver Disease?
How can I ease a sore throat?
How do i i pearce my ear but it cant hurt?
How to get rid of a "bruised" cold sore ?
What to do for puppy with frost-bitten toes?
I need help with an ingrown toenail please?
My wound smells awful and sour.?
how can i diagnose cmv in pregnancy?
nutrition and lipids?
If one determines the concentration of cortisol in the blood plasma to be 10 ╬╝grams/ml and that in a 24 hour p?
i have above average Retention yet below average recall how can i raise just my recall my memory is fine?
can a diabetic have brown rice syrup?
gall bladder problems or no?
i have an a1c of 6.0 my doctor told me i was a diebetic.but i thought 6.o was normal?
TYPE 2 DIABETES......................?
Blood plasma for cash in Virginia?
i get a faint feeling?
Any Philippine Food Recipes that written in Tagalog for diabetic?
what is a normal range of crp? I'm worry I might have the appendisitis?
Ordering from Canadian Pharmacy...Help! Is this safe?
not on medicare card?
what is Asama and does it effect the persons air way?
part d medicare is that rx?
blood after ruunning/!?!?!?!?
ok her's one for ya, why is it when i drink and then eat does this happe the wors, i meen the red face from d?
microgynon 30 help please?
What is the cause for these symptoms?
Hypothyroid and water retention?
can frozen insulin be used insulin was put in freezer by mistake?
How can I rise sparm count and mortility rate?
my mom is a carrier of MRSA... does that make me one as well?
how does germs invade the body?
Can your body ever win infections by itself? or does it needs antiboitics?
Am I getting the flu?
what do u think of my CBC result?Segmenters,Leucocytes and Lymphocytes?
If i have strep throat, what should I do to make it go away?
Is this right??????????/?
Why has there been so many Salmonella outbreaks in US recently?
What Are Some Of The Home Remedies for Thrush?
Is this strep throat?
TD Vaccine Side Effects?
How to treat infectious mononucleosis after discharge from hospital?
Can you tell me what I have/ if I'm sick?
Tonsils still red and swollen 3 days after finishing antibiotics?
I was wondering about hepatitis c...?
Is this an ear infection?
Not sure if I have a sore throat or worse?
How to loosen up your muscles?
If you shattered the ball of your ankle, what would the hospital do?
funny bone or ulnar nerve discomfort?
Are we more likely be allergic to PINE or CEDER?
Why you can't donate your own blood if you have a tatto?
How can I get tired really fast?
Why does my rectum swell up and turn red when I eat dirt?
i disagree with, ' having a cold is sick' do you?
Am i overweight or the right size for my height?
What do you say when you sneeze?
hydrogen peroxide hurt my gums, extreme pain?
i smoke 4-6 packs of cigs a day?
I Was An Obese Child?
I feel different.... need advice?
Question for 12-13 year olds?
If you were a heavy marijuana user and think it caused ED and stopped smoking will the ED go away?
what happends if a human eats human poo?
How do you get ur old marijuana buzzes back?
if you don't take the whole bottle of antibiotics what will happen to you?
How do u get Marijuana out your system fast?
My friend has a cough and coughed up lots of blood.the doctor came and said it was to do with a rib is this ok?
Can you put VICKS vaporub in the medicinal cup of VICKS humidifier?
Having problems with my asthma!!! please help?
for all vascular technologist..?
Very annoyed by throat clearing/coughing of others?
Is this weird? Everytime i see stuf like this?
Nose whistles and asthma?
what is the tube that carries air to our lungs called?
Chest Pains When Breathing?
what are the good effects of inhaling gas?
is it true that people who has asthma that soda prevents them from having an asthma attack?
I need some instances of when an elderly person would be admitted into ICU and put on mechanical ventilation.?
Still thirsty ever after drink a lot of water? Also feeling sickish?
Got a bad head ache????? Help?!?
Lower abdominal pain/cramping at 21 weeks?
i think i broke my knee?
Can anyone give me some good home remedies for an ear infection?
Can I break it in half to lower my chances of groggy feelings?
How would one gram of shrooms affect me?
Are these bumps herpes?
Itchy irritated eyes NOW, irritated dry skin around eyes! alternative home remedies?? or just more organic?
Why do I feel so dreamlike?
Can you get high by smoking Gorilla Glue?
Are supplement pills better than protein shakes?
does the honey cinnamon remedy help arthritis?
Cheap bongs in the USA?
How to get money for marijuana?
what is the best wheatgrass to buy online?
Is there something wrong with me?
is subutex better for you than suboxone?
HELP! does laxative soften the already hardened stool in the body?
natural treatment for tinnitus?
Does popping pills make you depressed?
DID I HAVE A SEIZURE OR A STROKE? from smokin weed?
What ingredient in Tylenol Cold & Sinus makes the heart race?
what is the best multi vitamin to take, I'm a vegetarian also?
Home Remedies help please?
What is the prescription Omaprazple?
Is it okay to have sty and wear your contacts?
Easy Ten Points!!!!!!!!!?
I want to order eye contacts online what does sph mean?
Cost to remove a foreign body in the eye?
Question about googly eyes?
Effects of cocaine and zanex?
Why do people write 'love' on their arm - self harm?
Why am I so Moody? How can I stop it?
If I am suffering from anxiety should I take green tea or not?
I always feel really upset lately and I cry myselft to sleep all the time but I don't know why I am so upset?
How does it feel like to be normal?
Help me please!!!!!!?
I have recently discovered scab like sores on the top of my cats head and around his ears. Any guesses?
toenail keeps breaking
roaccutane information?
Will this help my skin??
What is a real cure for acne? I cant take it anymore I look like a pig's backside.
whats the best type of acne solution?
how do u get rid of scars?
tips on curing a fear?
Can I do anything if the water only in my apt makes my skin itch after shaving?
Is this a planters wart
Bad situation, Help! Bad Sunburn on my back, arms, and upper legs and school starts next week!!
Can you get molluscum more than one time?
My face is clear except for my chin..any advice on how to clear it up??
home remedies for shingles
for the people with no acne, how do you wash your face?
Do you have the answer
Does this mean I have skin cancer?
How can I avoid getting Tinea Versicolor?
Really bad sunburn? will this work?
I'm 18 and my blood pressure read 135/85 and 139.?
Why Do I Get heart pains when I eat Sweet foods?
what is the LDH-I level stand for in lab work?
i'm experiencing irregular heart beats/palpitation.Why? How serious can it be?
why does it feel like my heart is stopping before sleep?
If someone passed away due to cardiomegaly, would CPR have actually been able to revive the person?
Im starting to see eye floaters, is this bad?
Synthetic Disease Modifying Anti- Rheumatic Drugs?
What Can i use to cure my sore eyes, Can be Home remedies Or Medical?
Dizziness and head rushes from coming off Sertraline / Zoloft?
Scoliosis surgery? I need answers.?
blood test & stool sample stomach bug?
HELP! im having black stool second day what should i do?
How long does food poisoning last?
i think i may have something wrong with my brain?
Vertigo treatment please suggest.?
Can a head trauma at age 2 cause tinnitus later in life?
What would cause this?
how do you pass a pee test if you have taken only 5-6 vicoden 7.5/750 mg within 2 days?
Is this a ringworm? I'm not sure. Please help?
What happends when U smoke weed?
if i drink a ton of water and sit in a sauna will it help me pass a drug test?
Marijuana question. realllllly, important.?
A Marijuana Question?
if you smoked marijuana back in july and you have not smoked since then will it show up in a hair test in nov?
How long does it take you to wake up in the morning?
does bulimia actually work?
Is 5'8" short for a guy?
Is marijuana poisonous?
What is wrong with me?!?
i cant sleep. my mind is racing. help!?
Will I fail my drug test?
If i am about to develop a coldsore, is there anyway to prevent it?
Do you HAVE to go to the hospital after almost drowning?
i am 14 and 5 foot 4, will i grow much taller?
What do I do?! My body is shaking badly?
how to pass a drug test within a day for weed?
what's one thing that you love about your body?
if 2g in150ml is administered over 90 minutes how many mg/ml will the patient receive?
Did NaCl affect glucose transport?
How does insulin work? please someone help me google is not being very helpful right now. thanks?
How much sugar is in ensure per serving?
long term use of metformin side effects?
bracelet for ultistic child?
why do sometimes i am having chills when i drink coffee and coke?
what's the difference between the two boxes of nature made diabetes healh pack?
when you have hypothyroidism is it important to know the cause, or which type it is?
can your TSH level increase after losing weight?
where is the pancreas located?
when you have diabetes is your blood different when you did not have diabetes?
Use the following scheme for the hormone glucagon.?
Ny friend was diagnosed with Diabetes and broke out in full body hives that have not gone away for four months?
What are the monomers of sugars?
Recently had my blood drawn...?
how will diabetes affect my pregnancy?
What systems of the body does it affect?
I have mono but......?
Research Paper on Stem cells: A cure for Diabetics?
How low can blood pressure be and still be healthy?
artificial sweetener that smells like coconut?
who can predict this outcome?
when you went to the second insulin pump classes did you have to show her your blood sugar numbers?
Is it normal to have achy weak legs after raised glands and some kind of viral infection?
I have the flu, I feel better, but still cant talk?!?
The organism responsible for 50 percent to 80 percent of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) infections is?
Pneumonia? Flu? What is it?
I might have mono PLEASE HELP?
I have the flu. Am i still contagious after my medicine has made my symptoms go away?
How long does it take to get Salmonella out of your system?
tonsillitis...i had icecream....and then wen i had soup...it acted up again?..?
Did my doctor misdiagnose?
How do you cause pinkeye?
Do the cranberry tablets actually work to help a bladder infection?
Do you think that i have strep throat? pleasee help!?
What happens if kids have Molloscum Contagiosum?
i have pinworms?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
I hit my head badly, what should i do?
Partially torn tendon in the knee?
Has anyone been injured at work and have to see the company's doctor?
What do i do about wrist and thumb pain from tennis that wont go away?
I got an ingrown toenail a week ago, how do I treat it?
Has anyone ever had a walking cast?
I have to get ankle surgery soon and I'm afraid to be sedated?
Yesterday I had a hockey game and...?
Why does my knee lock in a lot?
the back of my knee hurts when i walk...?
Do you think that I broke my ankle?
how long should i expect to stay in the hospital?
i pierced my ears and now it hurts and it inflamed, what should i do?
i was bmxin and i slipped and the handle bar hit my stomach. the spot it hit got hard What happened?
Is it normal for hand joints and muscles to weaken after wearing a cast?
Muscle Recovery Supplement?
What can I do to make my tailbone heal faster?
Is it possible to break a kid's neck by picking them up by the head?
I need help with my ankle please!?
I have got a cyst on the right vocal cord. Does anybody know what to do in this case?
How long does clarinex (desloratidine) take to get out of the system?
PLEASE help with a cough?
What can i be sick from? And do i need to go to the doctor?
i need some help with my cough urgent?
What is an acute physical therapist?
What is the link between LEG CRAMPS and Pulmonary hypertension?
What food is good for your lungs?
Two numb fingers....?
im really tired but cant sleep?
I am going to have a surgery.?
Is it a bad thing when your heart feels big?
Why do my fingers and hand fall asleep after using the computer mouse for at least 1/2 hour?
what can i do i need help?
How much does doctors and/or surgeons make an hour?
Trouble sleeping at nights?
can you have hpv without spreading it?
i have a question bout boil, bacteria infection.?
i gave head a week ago, and i just went to the doctor & have tonsilittis. could i possibly have a std?
if you have ever had a cold sore that means u have hsv 1?
can girls have herpes on the inside around the cervix area that way u could never tell if they had an outbreak?
Is it possible for my boyfriend to have had chlamydia for 2 years with...?
Do people with AIDS feel sick all the time?
Can you be prescribed medicinal marijuana in Ireland, is there such a thing?
Does ice reduce swelling in the jawline?
bad occasional pain left side near rib area..?
Cramp like pains in front right part of skull.?
What's wrong with my back?
Extreme Fatigue-What to do?
Why do I get this feeling on my knee?
Inhaling causes pain on right chest?
How to get rid of steroids for allergic asthma patient ?
I used Nair In Shower and i have a strange allergic reaction?
What could be causing my nose to be sore?
Is there a reputable website were I could compare different drug prices?
Lamictal question - I have a rash but havent had any changes in meds. Prob just skin allergy?
I just had a major nose bleed, I never get nose bleeds, what may have caused it?
I just found out I am allergic to corn and soy...need knew meal ideas!?
Can I take probiotics if I'm on an antibiotic?
Will alcohol work for a sore throat?
Is it okay to take one Lortab & drink alcohol? ?
Where could I get steroids?
What is the most potent sedative herb?
What syrups have codeine?
How to cure my chicken legs?
How to get rid of a cold sore...?
is legal buds a good high?
Do you have to have take a pee test when going to the pediatrician?
Does this hypnosis website work?
What a way to cure a upset stomach?
Using fibre supplements?
Asap! What is the best medicine for age 15 for this?
Is water kefir less useful as a probiotic due to the lack of dairy?
My brother got a cut on his face?
I got stung by a bee a week ago and it took 2days to become itchy?
i burnt my finger..how to clean it?
where is the PAD in you thumb?????
Help!! I cut the tip of my finger off...?
What else can I do to help relieve the burn?
Accidentally ate really old Christmas sausage.?
I had phenegran pushed into my hand with a small syringe in the hospital..and now it burns and swollen?
Need an answer badly!!?
Please help me (: this is strange.?
does the snake bites on the lip hurt?
Spider bite.. any suggestions?
Help, too much vitamin C!?
Can I buy Ipecac at the local Rite Aid?
Is it ok to take my moms iron pill prescription ?
I'm always tired haha?
does women mitchum gel deodorant make your underarm hurt?
Is this bad... smoking related :( ?
i smoked yesterday and i have a drug test in a week what do i do?
Please help! I'm scared!!!?
People who have quit SMOKING, please answer these questions briefly for me?
will taking a super cold bath make me sick?
I called out sick and I couldn't get a doctor's note. worried?
help! body problems! puking up blood, sharp pain in sides, hurts to pee. ?
what is the most longest and most painful way to die?
I ate a bottle of...?
is 100.3 a high temp?
how can I get longer legs or taller?
Do you need to get the flu shot every year?
Will I pass my drug test tomorrow afternoon?
Just started Prozac, feeling strange?
lump behind my ear.............?
Does Acid Reflux create a warm sensation in your stomach and make your esophagus congested?
Should I go back to the doctor for my lymph node?
Could I be starting to get a brain aneurysm?
why do i get dizzy spells sometimes...what could be causing them?
if a mother is the carrier for PKU and the father doesnt have it at all. what is the likely hood that?
What exactly happens during an epilepsy?
Has anyone ever donated platelets?
HELP.....Is it a stye?
How do I avoid catching vomiting bug?
Is this Flu-like or what?
what type of mutation causes hypertrichosis*?
Should my friend worried about mercury poisoning?
Why so many New Diseases in America?
how do you know if you have an over active baldder?
Can I take my son to the pool if he has a mild cold?
Flu or strep? Which one do I have?
is typhoid a form of consumption?
I have been with headaches, coughing really hard, stomach pain and flu symptoms for the past 9 days.?
Dealing with side effects of interferon?
can humans die from heart worms?
how long does the flu bug stay in the house?
What to do if you might be sick?
Question about stomach virus.?
Mono or could be something else with it?
While taking Doxycycline... What foods should I stay away from?
if the anal glands arent expressed can it cause the dog to die?
Can STD's (like Aids) spread into a dry healing cut?
Blood on my toilet paper comes back again?
can your body push out the hpv that causes warts?
what can u give someone when they come down with the stomach virus?
Can I still have an UTI when I have no other symptoms then just smelly urine?
Bladder or std infections most common for burning/stinging urine and puss?!?
deep cut on my knee - need help : (?
Broken or bruised tailbone.?
Do band-aids gives you AIDS?
A pill is blocking my throat, and i cant swallow water, help?
I junped on a log and fell. Now arm messed up hurts. Should i see which doctor?
Is my toe broken? What do you think?
I think the inside of my foot may be sprained?
Do I have a concussion?
Causes of a swollen ankle?
how to pull muscle or sprain ankel fast?
whats the best way to handle a damp plaster cast for a broken limb?
What doctor to see for a pulled hamstring?
my friend broke his back. what does that mean?
my scab accidentally came off, what do i do?
I twisted my ankle 2 months ago, but it still swells up,never went to the doctor..opinion anyone..?
I hurt my pinky metatarsal bone, and don't know if it is broken...?
I was in car accident about two weeks ago an now have trouble thinking or focusing an have blurry vison what?
will jogging worsen or help a person's case of degenerative disc disease?
what's the difference between the two boxes of nature made diabetes healh pack?
where is the pancreas located?
i m a diabetic how can ii put some more weight?
in southern california without insurance and with diabetes, what govenrment program can help me get my?
Why do iron supplments cause extreme nausea?? m?.?
do u go to the loo more just before your totm?
is the diabetes home test kit reliable?
how to go on internet in dsi?
Metabolic function panel?
my iron level is 243 how bad is that?
My mom may have diabetes?
Which fast foods have the highest glucose levels?
How do I raise my HDL?
Is an S3 heart sound an indication of a heart attack?
Cautions for strength training include seeking medical clearence for those who have cardiovascular problems, h?
In a healthy individual which of the following would be low?
Why does my heart beat so fast?
If echo,holter monitor,ecg are ok,is it possible to have any heart disease?
Alot of bruises?
is it true?
A rash please help..?
wierd bumps?
i used to have bad acne but now it went down but now theres small red bumps?
Hey if you know anytihng about skin please give me your opinion.. .. will this hurt my skin, im 14???
My 9 yo son has 2 hard, pea like lumps on one foot heel, one lump other foot heel?
i work out in the sun and heat all day. I sweat 100% of the time. however after about 5 hours i get chills?
What skin disorder is this?
Help Please! Skin question...?
Hi!I was diagnosed with morphia its spreading even on my face .does anyone know what's there to do?
My Sister's skin?
Why is my nose red like this?
Does the clean and clear acne healer work better or the pro active???
best suncream for my skin? I really burn ! thanx!?
Why are my friend's critical of my appearance?
What do I do about my sudden memory loss?
Could I be dehydrated?
My hair was pulled repeatedly I am shaking should I get medical help?
what is the best exercise for bicep?
what is the best way to care for your teeth?
Tonsillectomy question?
i have terrible eyesight?
Your lungs can handle two months of smoking weed right?
HELP! Worried:/ Is it bad if my bones crack too much?!?
Why does the sun make your hair lighter but your skin darker?
Why am I always sick?
I think im getting a sore throat..!!!!?
Is it safe to take allergy medicine every night to fall asleep?
Am I going to die soon?
What to do when you have to go diarrhea but can't get to a bathroom?
When you have stomach ulcer do you spit up blood? Do you spit up a lot of blood?
Should I see my doctor? read inside?
can someone please help?
Undiagnosed chronic condition-who should i seek help from?
Same headache 7 days in a row?
help! i need help, with period stuff?
What is the difference between a UTI and a Bladder infection?
Why do I care so much? Is this normal?
How do I clear a stuffy nose without drugs?
Why Do I Wake up! Help Please?
Need help!!! Cant swallow A Capsule pill!!!! Any suggestions?!?!?
how much more inches could i grow..?
Is cannabis harmful to the body?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I think I tore something in my leg?
dent in chest. dent in chest. dent in chest.?
Should i see a doctor about headaches?
What would cause numbness on the right side of body? Arm and lower leg.?
my daughter hurt her ankle but there is no swelling or bruising?
So, what's a non-painful way to die?
Why does some music make your head hurt?
Intense stomach pain?
why is it today my back hurts after riding a snowmobile on bumps?
Feels like there is something in my throat?
If I hurt myself now, will I be in serious pain when I'm older?
Contact Lenses and Glasses Insurance?
How long does the dilation on an eye last?
help! i need answers please?
How can I get this odd stain on my glasses (details)?
Can I get my contacts?
Can you tell by looking at the side of someones eyeball that they have myopia?
Foggy vision? Like a film over the eyes?
what is a good way to relax the eye?!?
i need a good home remedy please somebody?
Is drinking a monster a bad idea before marching?
Can you take too much vitamin b?
Are there pills to make people more obedient?
tinnitus natural remedy - is it possible ?
Can I stop taking Zoloft after 3 days of taking it?
Is all tea high in anti oxidants ?
My work is asking for a doctors note. Can Walgreens clinic provide one?
Sleeping Drugs/pills to make my sister fall in a deep sleep?
can i take diet pills?
my son is on clorezapate, keppra, lacosmide and trileptal. Is this combo safe?
How many minutes of yoga a day is sufficient?
If you've taken magic mushrooms, what was the trip like?
I took 2400mg of gabapentin an hour ago?
Do pills have calories?
Does this hypnosis website work?
water in the inner ear?
is it bad to take pills right after you just ate? please read!?
I have cough for last two years. its of white color, please give me some suggestion to cure my self?
Do you need your Aero Chamber with your inhaler?
When acidosis becomes decompensated in renal faliure, a key indicator is:?
Scary Coughing Fit and Couldn't Breathe?
any ideas on combating asthma during physical exercise?
Im not sure about a bite that keeps occuring?
Cardiorespiratory Diseases?
What Would One Put In A Yoga First Aid Kit?
My spleen? keeps pulsating really fast?
Stepped on earring last night?
Can you get over bronchitis without going to the doc?
I cut my finger under the skin. It filled up a little buldge of blood Should I drain it?
DIY ear cartilage piercing?
Are There Any Home Treatments For Unclogging A Stuffy Nose?
I am lactose intolerant do you think this would bother me?
Is it harmful to spray bodyspray in your mouth?
Can you be alergic to something only when its raw?
What's up with my clogged nostril?
i just wanna know. can i get syphilis if my partner doesnt have it. and w0e both lost our virginties?
what do you think about this?
can you catch an std from a bed???/?
Why would Izzie shave her legs for Alex when she knows he has syphilis?
When it first appeared in HIV virus?
what are the symptoms of a sterile person?
How do adults get staph infections?
which is the good anti vires?
Do I have Strep Throat?
Persistent stomach gurgling, the flu, etc. Unable to sleep?
My son is having many unusual health problems? please answer!!?
how do i get rid of a fever? im not vomitng or anything, i only feel slightly weak with a fever of 99.9?
Can dogs get pink eye?
when do you start to get sick from a cold/virus going around?
what is spleen granulamas? My husband has a mass on his spleen and on his liver, what could this be?
someone told me today (after i rejected them ) that i look sickly and that i have HIV......?
one of the people I love in this world has contracted hapatitus C. Could u please help her with some of your?
Do I have the FLU or a COLD?
Where can i fine an HIV blood bank?
Can you have a mono relapse?!?
Sick for 5 days What is It?
how many injections for hepatitis b?
Unexplained fever for going on two weeks, HELP PLEASE?
Can a person develop a serious disease/condition from enterobius vermicularis?
Is the one touch ultra mini really free?no strings attached online?
my vision is this normal?
What is the best time to take lisinopril.?
Did LOU GEHRIG and most cancer victims have diabetes and take insulin?
what to do to lower createnine level?
Can someone please desiribe the pathophysiology of type 1 and 2 diabetes?
can we give vitamins in iv n/salie or in dextrose?
Mechanically Recovered Meat Facts?
Diabetes Help please answer ?
With having anemia and not getting better with iron supplies, Is it ok i get pregnant?
best endocrinologist in toronto area?
does claritin have side effects and does it raise sugar levels?
How many times does a person have to eat a day and when?I have glucose intolerance,next is the real diabetes.?
What are risk factors for alcohol problems , and why do these factors seem to contribute to alcohol issues ?
My mom is 50 yrs, having sugar... can anyone suggest a good sugar testing meter and procedure.?
One in every how many people have...?
In which organelle might you expect to find insulin prior to its secretion?
What are 4 pancreatic secretions?
Am I having problems with my Gall Bladder?
How to stop thyroid flare up?
Feed bag "food" able to sell?
Does anyone know what's the problem with my foot?
How can I heal a shoulder that I popped in gym?
HELP!!! its really big?
Can you get an inner ear infection from a car crash?
will my fingernail fall off?
Why do I keep spraining my ankles?
HELP! i dont know if i bruised or broke my 2 to last toe.What should i do?
Is it advisable to ice a freshly stitched wound on the upper face?
I got Dye in my eye, should i go to the doctor?
i think my nose is broken?
so i had an awesome time tonight but i have a HUGE hicky on my neck!! How long till it goes away?
should i go to th E.R?
Could my toe be broken?
bruise on my stomach.?
how do i make this feel better?
i think i broke my finger but im not sure?
What happened to me? Whats wrong?
Very tight calf muscle, can you help me?
Please help me, my boyfriend is in the ER?!?
i have a scratch from a rusty screen door.?
Why do i love the smell of my feet?
Shrooms or Acid, which is better?
I cant stop wasting all my money at Starbucks, how do I stop?
i am so itchy all over my body and i have a sore throat?
Do girls think my voice is funny?!?
Can you lose your hearing like this?
12 and still cant sleep!?
What's wrong with me?
help on drugs? i need to get these drugs out.?
whoaaa what a trip! not really but what was this? [non drug related]?
i need 5 things that relieve stress can u me some?
How long have you people stayed awake without sleeping?
Do djarium cigarettes have nicotine in them?
What is the name of the vitamin that is required for good skin?
Anybody else bored @ work?
i have trouble sleeping..?
If I took 10-15 ibuprofen, what would happen?
Why does my stomach get stabbing pains below my rib cage?
swollen glands :S ?? school?
I've had a squeezing feeling in my upper chest (right below my neck and above my breasts) occasionally.?
Hypopituitarism and infertility.?
Help with my eating disorder?
my husband had a siezure?
How do i develop Insomnia?
Why am I always sick?
Leg numbness please help?
why i have migraine plzzzzzzzzzzzz?
I am having frequent dizzy spells in which I lose my vision, please help?
could my friend be addcted to cocaine?
Am I having a zoloft withdrawl?
i'm having some stomach problems?
What can cause your skin to peel?
What is this? Poison Ivy Or Not?
what could this be and what causes it?
What were your results from Mesotherapy or Acoustic Wave for cellulite?
new rash..what is it?
Can someone please help me with my skin issue?
Does anyone know what my skin condition is and are there any possible cures?
What kink of doctor can remove a hanging mole?
how to get rid of keloiads?
What else can I do to clear up my acne?!
i think i have toenail fungus???
i have a cold sore and i want it to go away now.!
Arrythmia concerns for my sis?
I feel a mild pain in my chest on the left side while resting, Is this something serious?
i have a question about high blood pressure?
how cold does bannus's heart need to be for eggs to live in it?
Food ideas on what to make for somebody who has an abdominal aortic aneurysm?
Does anyone else out there have Neurally Mediated Hypotension or G6pd Blood deficiency ?
Infrequent Minor Chest Discomfort?
Why shortness of breath while taking "Flecainide Acetate" for an irregular heartbeat?
Where can i find these? Hepatitis B question? Please help me, thank you.?
how to prevent blisters from ankle braces?
well i took an acid tab put in on my tongue for a while and under??? or is it maybe just THE acid THAT IS NO?
What cigarettes were used for this study?
Euthanasia in cases which have no cure. Opinions?
whats a home remedy for ringworm?
How do I roll a joint with these zig zag papers I bought from the convenient store?
Friend is really sick?
can i take this if i am pregnant?