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What causes fatty liver to go away?
Hard Bump Under Skin on Right Index Finger, Feels Like a Bone is Popping out. Please Help.?
How long will it take for iron supplements to get rid of Anemia symptoms?
Can I take levothyroxin with coffee instead of water?
Touching an eye drop(near the tip;at the side)?
Why can't I wink my right eye separately?
Do i need to buy something for my colored contacts?
How many eye floaters do you have?
I have a Eye and Driving Question. Please Help.?
How much college does a optical technician need?
Is there any glasses for Lazy Eye??? read my story?
freshlook color contacts? help please!?
ewwww RINGWORM!!!???
asking once again =)?
allergic reaction??
Could a topical steroid applied to the face improve inflamation in other areas of the body?
Is this a cold sore?
have any one use Murad for red or brown acne marks?
Acne on my chest?
Is anyone currently on tazorac cream and minocycline pills for acne? if so are they working for you?
Does Celatril work on Psoriasis?
on my arm, there are tiny tiny white spots in a group that are rough...?
Searching for a tried and tested skin specialist. I have a black itchy patch at the nape which is increasing.?
what are these bumps on my chest!!!???
Accutane and the dreaded stress???
skin toner.?
Itchy bumps on my body?
HELP IT HURTS BADLY is there a way to help it?
Can You?????????????????????????
Something is wrong with my lip?
I have this bump on the upper back right corner of my head?
I have a badly swollen thigh. I didn't bump it, no scratches, bruises or anything. HELP! What's wrong with me?
backpain after a Gym session, what can I do ?
i was punched in the face and ever since i've been seeing blood in my saliva, what's wrong with me?
What would you do if this happened to you?
Knee ginding sometimes, but no pain...?
What kind of Injury do I have and how do I treat it?
excuses for bruises..?
Help with my broken finger please doctor or nurse ?
Got a bad cut on arm and now my arm is really sore?
My feet is hurting from wearing heels, what can i do to heal my feet?
punched on the lip what can i do to make the bump go down?
when you get blood work done?
I just walked down the stairs and fell down them and got carpet burn on my toe. what can i do to help it?
Hi,Can I do a 14 hr flight if I broke my 5th metatarsal mid-shaft 9 wks ago?
just sprained my ankle really bad i need help.?
my son, is learning to walk and fell and cut his chin, wondering if he should go to the er.?
Is nerve damage permanent? I bumped my hand and now have tingling/numbness along the nerve?
my ears just got pierced 2 weeks ago and i took the earrings out for a day and now 1 ear is clogged?
my neice was hit by a car and suffered brain swelling why is she opening her eyes but not responding?
I pulled a hangnail from my big toe and now it really is a BIIIIIG toe.?
What Is wrong with my toe?
Possible Gestational Diabetes? Has anyone ever had it?
is avocado good for those who are diagnosed with high cholestrol?
i twisted my knee and cant bend it?
how long does it take your blood alcohol level to go down?
What can i expect if i stop lisinopril?
I love coke but hate diabetes.?
is it ok that my skin and eyes turn yellow only when my blood sugar is low?
dosages of prestig what doseges available besides 100mcg?
My Best Mate Has An Eating Disoder !?
how long can i stand when i have diabetes 2?
glucose screening test????????????/?
Does this make sense when talking about?
What does DMA12 stand for? regarding diabetic pregnancy complication?
should a diabetic eat liver?
can i claim dla mobility for my son?
what is kalunji, It is known as black seed?
Pain in upper chest..?
A.M and P.M. hormone rise/fall? Blood Sugar?
Does hipbone tattoos hurt?
Kind of hurts right between my rib cage?
Can I bungy jump with a hurt knee?
What is a popping ear?
How long does blood labs take when checking blood sugar and cholesterol?
Sharp pains up rectum after ovulating?
What could be the cause of my random wrist pain?
my left palm hurts? why? & what can i do?
Tendon operation scars ?
What injestible otc medicine is equivalent or close to amoxillan?
inner ear care for repeated yeast infection?
If i have ADD can i get high off my adderall?
Can someone give me some recipes for weed foods ?
Do hgh pills make you taller?
What happens if you let weed smoke stay in the bong?
What's the best probiotic out there?
Supplements for energy and focus?
What medical conditions is Marijuana used for?
How to cure an aching shoulder?
marijuana pros vs. cons?
Giving my friends cocain?
Sleeping pills, please help?
fast way to get rid of a sore throat!?
is mixing these medications ok?
Would mixing these "vitamins" together interfere with each other (or not have the same effects)?
What are some soothing, relaxing songs to listen to while doing yoga?
Whys Cardiovascular excercise good for you and what does it do?
Do you any facts about smoking?
Are DXM users mostly gay?
Medicine Mix up!! Please help!!?
Does this normally happen? Should I go to the hospital?
Girls: Your opinion on chewing tobacco?
i have a question this is embarrassing?
how to stop picking my nose?
Does removing your tonsils hurt?
Why does my knee have a cracking sound when i bend it?
Help my bf has gonorrhea?
Is this true or not- marijuana question?
Help? I have a phobia to shots D:?
is chlorine good for cuts?
Unreal feeling after smoking marijuana.?
my friend just overdosed on vicodin after what can i do?
What are some signs of a STD?
Did i smoke laced weed?
cant breathe out of my nose?
what causes red and white bumps in the private area? STD? and if so...what kind?
How bad is doing cocaine a couple months after rhinoplasty?
How do I convince my mom that I don't need to see a therapist?
How much do different types of marijuana cost?
i have make tatoo in my hand,after one year i had test my hiv I & II(screen test),result negative,?
can a doctor tell if you have a yeast infection from a blood test?
do u know crying is good for health?
how do i know if i have herpes or any other std?
If you do drugs only once(smoke, weed, speed, Ecstasy ect.) can it have long term effects on you?
is this a fever????????/?
how to pass a hair follicale drug test?
when i stand up i get light headed..?
Why is the weed causing this reaction?
Question about hepititis?
Is there a test you can run to find bacteria?
A persistent cough, should I see a doctor?
I,ve been on a strong doseage of Prednisone and ascotol for close to 3 months-my face has?
Nose Breathing problems?
What would be the cause for being to breathe on your own?
How is breathing rate controlled?
how to get around asthma for SEAL training?
Are there remedies that inhibit the CATARRH PRODUCTION?
New born baby has too much oxygen...? What would cause this and what needs to be done to correct it?
how do the cardiovascular and respiratory systems work together to maintain homeostasis?
I have walking pneumonia. I've been running fever and I feel exhausted but I'm on an antibiotic. .?
any foods that i can eat when i have the flu but wont upset my stomach of make me throw up?
Hidden mono symptoms?
are small pox still diagnosed?
My flu swab came back negative. I also received a flu shot. Could I still have the flu?
Can you get the mumps even though you got the shot when you were a baby?
Night blindness in one eye at night. It has happened twice.?
Mononucleosis: Do I have it for the rest of my life?
hiv question help help?
Question about appendicitis?
5 year old has diarhea for 2 days and I believe she might have a fever....?
can i get rabies if a cat stabs me with its nail?
I think I'm getting sick...or....??? Can someone help?
Sore Throat or Strep Throat ?
List 2 disease one can prevented by eating breakfast and tell why breakfast can prevent these diseases.?
Is this a virus or neurological?
Stomach flu for more then a couple days?
How serious is streptococcus pneumonia?
I have a bug bite can anyone help me?
How to get rid of a cold.....quickly?
numb fingers on my Right Hand for like 2 hours now...?
Second degree burn to face...?
Why does my thumb,first finger and pinkie burn randomly?
Mosquito bite scars!?
How long does it take for fingers to stop being numb from cold?
electric pen thingy used in surgeries?
how can i get rid of my squeamishness(I know, it sounds silly, right?) whenever a nurse draws my blood?
Kidney infection is this one?
What will happen when I go to the hospital?
I quit smoking November 8. I was wondering since I have quit I cant sleep really. I slept last night for 5 hrs?
can you get high on unisom the sleep aid stuff?
pls explain 'assessment of intracardiac structures,left ventricular function and cardiac haemodynamics?'?
Echo cardiogram, unfamiliar with test?
Is it common for someone to fall into a comatose state after a seizure?
Why has ICD-10-PCM not yet been adopted in the United States?
Does any one have concentration problems with early onset Parkinson's?
Cases of lower leg swelling?
!Girls & Boys with Eating Disorders! Read please!?
What is the average number of months a person is on dialysis? (Q3/4)?
How much does dialysis cost each month? (Q1/4)?
Do kidney donations shorten your life expectancy?
How do you get rid of a cold fast?
Always tired and feel sick after eating?
Chlamydia?? What is it?
Transparent bubble please help!?
What about a girls getting yeast infections?
Is there a dating group for those who have hsv?
what is an EPT LEV 2-T test from planned parenthood?
I have trouble to get to sleep Please Help Me?
how much maijuana do you have to smoke before you die.?
Is this an anxiety attack? or a heart problem?
What the heck is wrong with me!!!?
If I have an eye infection, should I throw out the contacts I was wearing?
whats going on with me and my body!!!!?
10 letter words that means: Removal of a drug from the body system that can cause physical and mental problems?
is this overweight???
How long until weed is out of my system?
why do people get their appendix removed?
Do you think I can bounce back after this? Smoking cigarettes?
Can Arizona Green Tea clear my system to pass a drug test?
What does it mean when someones is spitting up blood with mucus?
how many glasses of wine/alcohol can a 10 year old have?
Does marijuana make depresion worse?
will i pass a drugtest in a few hours for a job if i got drunk lastnight?
I`m Scared of Dying!?
ways to speed up my metabolism?
Will I likely test positive for Marijuana?
Have I harmed my body ?
does weed lead to meth?
i have a bad problem with dandruff?
Stinging pain in my chest?
how can you breath in Freeon From Your Air Conditioner?
I'll got this cough,whats a cough medicine?
sometimes i wake up paralyzed, has this ever happened to you?
About toxic shock syndrome?
Fell at work, have some numbness and swelling. Bruse went away.?
I was attacked by a man and my foot was injured it hurts to step on it?
does it sound sprained???......?
What did I do to my head?
my ankle is messed please help!?
Is my ankle sprained or somethin?
Can a sprained ankle make your ankle more flexible?
2 year old head injury, go to hospital?
I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and surgery on both hands. left 1 yr ago, right 1month ago.?
at about 2 pm I got this pain in my tummy I thought it was gas but now it is 6 pm and it still hurts bad.?
How to stop ankle swelling?
Have you ever fainted?
I hurt my toe this weekend?
What can you suggest me,i've got the nail of my toe that is black and pus is coming out,and is also bleading?
i hurt a tendon in my shoulder?
What went wrong? and how come the doctors couldnt help?
How to heal a calf cramp?
broken bones in the hand?
Left Lower Back Pain Please Help?
Have I pulled a back muscle?
is it safe to smoke weed and/or drink while taking prescription pills?
I have a question preferably for a specialist in natural medicene regarding sugar cravings?
Questions about Diet Pills? Are they safe?
Is it good for health to take bath with too hot water ? I heard it causes nerve weakness , was that true...?
i had a shot of vodka about 2 hours ago can i take my sleeping pills now?
Can you cleanse the liver of vitamin A buildup?
Suboxone and relapsing?
I have a big cyst in between my eyebrows?
passing a drug test today?
Flush THC from system?
Poll: Are you on any prescription drugs?
how long will marijuana be good for?
I have play-dough arms - please help!?
Drinking from a wooden cup for ailments?
how much does 4 oz. of marijuana oil cost in CA?
intestinal/digestive problem?
What is the very best rapid home remedy for a UTI?
I have rapid weight loss through bowel movements. I feel fine but worry that it is not natural.?
How do you shotgun weed?
What is wrong with me?
is it ok to take zyrtec and mucinex together?
does dust from sitting in a messy room all day make your face puffy, rashy and red?
What could be causing allergies and break outs to my face?
Why would I be allergic to green peppers but not red or yellow?
can spider bites be as big as mosquito bites?
Am I alegic to dust or animals?
if i'm allergic to penicillin can i take bactrim ds?
Am I allergic to bee stings?
I need a custamized sillcion wrist band because of my peanut allergy?
does anyone have stories about being inside a mental hospital?
Why has my friend suddenly regressed in age? Why is she paranoid?
Natural supplements for depression/anxiety?
Her thoughts collide?
I need to file for a court hearing to release an involuntary patient in a NYC mental hospital?
How to get through the tough times?
The skin under my eyes gets itchy and red. It also welps up. The skin then flakes in that area. HELP!!?
Proactive 3 step treatment?
garlic or msm supplement?
red itchy bumps?
looking for help from the ladies but anyone can answer?
how to get rid of a sun burn?
Are these acne scars or acne?
10 POINTs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO GET RID OF FRECKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
has anyone used the biskincare cream for scars?? is it effective?
What is the best cure for teen acne?
is this smart?;proactive solution?
what is cause of round red skin sores?
i have bad foot odor please help?
What can be done if someone put liquid soap around their eyes and let it dry,and it caused deep wrinkles?
well i have a habit of biting the skin around my nails and....?
how did people acquire immunity to a disease before the development of vaccines?
Can you suppress a Flu without getting rid of it?
Is this the stomach flu?
if i go to chicago will i get yellow fever?
um flu question? help plz?
Is there a virus that will give you something like a bladder infection?
my doctor just called and said my white blood cells are low and my liver enzymes are a little elevated. ?
Conjunctivitis????? 10 POINTS!!!?
Now a days do most people die from Tuberculosis?
I need some information about AIDS?
food poisoning at 8 months pregnant?
how do i avoid the stomach virus?
I was told that it didn't need immediate attn, should wait to see if a fever comes ... no signs of infection?
OMG! Can I get sick if my cousin's dog scratched my hand and he hasn't had his shots?
Do All Viruses lay dormant in your body?
Is my tongue infected?
How will drinking beer or wine effect someone with a urinary tract infection? ?
My bowl movements have consisted completely of liquid for the last seven days + stomch ache.Diagnosis or cure?
Is this the stomach flu?
Enchiladas with Mononucleosis?
could a virus mutate to kill in minutes?
what diseases will a blood test show for a bone marrow donor?
what are the causes of scarlet fever? ?
Do I need eye glasses?
I'm scared... I may get a retinal detachment..?
Advice on FxEyes Colored Contacts.?
Colored Contacts Question!?
can you put on too much hydrogen peroxide?
How do I treat a toenail infection?
Road Rash help!!!!!!?
In July I got an ant bite a nd I still have a small but noticible dark purple mark. Why is this happening?
Cotton stuck in my ear?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
my 9 year old brother got a big splinter in his finger...?
Is there any way to tell if my ear cartilage piercing will heal okay?
How to treat a face burn?
does california medicaid cover insulin precriptions?
Hcg level question?!?!?
Is the test that I have done enough for diabetes enough?
c peptide...insulin level...?
does gen metformin go bad?
Supplements for PCOS?
Do i have diabeties? im scared!!?
I am currently taking Lantus SoleStar in a Quickpen for my type one diabetes.?
if i have one line on urine test did i pass or fail?
How would a concussion affect a stroke patient?
Duncan, age 65, has had diabetes for 40 years, with resulting damage to the small blood?
When you're going down the slide and you're feeling something glide, diarrhea?
i am having blood suger type 2 i am eating daily raw bitter gourd is it any side effects for me?
Why am I always hungry for junk food when I have a sinus infection?
complete appendix D for com/220 for reseach on diabetes?
Nurse to firefighter?
when a person gets faint and woozy from being hungry, does this mean their blood sugar is low or high?
Question About The Freestyle Lite Meter for diabetics?
any advice regarding dizziness and light headiness?
Exersize when pregnant?
What kind of a diet should someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis have?
are lantus and levemir the same?
help on paying for or getting my insulin needles free.?
Why does my chest hurt so much?
i have been having cramping pains near my overies that seem to come and go?
nonstop headache for 8 months?
torn labrum and prolotherapy or surgery?
Help! My throat is killing me! :P?
I get Dizzy, can't see, etc...when I stand up?
I get really sharp pains in my shoulder and it is always popping and grinding what could be the cause of this?
How to get rid of trapped gas in rib cage?
help! i have gas trapped in my stomach and right rib cage area?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?
does CBC NO DIFF blood test find out whether one has cancer?
Husband is hepatitis B positive. Wife is negative. How?
how many hiv/aids pationts are there in tbriz/iran?
My parents don't believe this is hurting me?
Pain in my right side (ascending colon) when i have a bowel movement?
Does my friend have compulsive shopping disorder?
How many are there a deaths a year from Xanax?
How do i know if i passed a kidney stone w/out another CT scan?
Teen inpatient depression center in Canada ?
Can a baby with Reflux & become silent and than active again?
how long to survive for the person who only have one kidney?
If im hungry before I sleep, is there a higher possibility of getting gastric when I wake up?
I have health insurance but no job how much planned parenthood cost?
Will they do an autopsy on my sister?
Why have I been feeling nauseous? Could it be smoking or sickness related?
Sometimes i feel my body is boiling especially in the night and i cant sleep?
I had sharp, tightness pain in right side of my head near temple for 30 hours, now its in my neck?
Why are my veins so dark all of a sudden?
Blue veins on my legs?
if you take 10 tylenols at one time will you die?
13 yr old; growing pains?
What do hamstrings do.?
Is this a sleeping disorder or a ghostly encounter?
am i sick????????????
why do i keep sneezing?
Please Answer My Question, Its Important.!............... Is This Normal?
If getting drug tested, how long does it take after smoking weed to be clear?
Ugh every time I eat a banana my...?
how can i cover up the smell of marijuana?
Whats up with me happy then sad on and on?
Could a person kill themselves by holding their breath and try choking on their tongue at the same time?
Is 7 grams of weed a lot ?
Am I going to grow any taller?
Can I drive while taking Vicodin?
Help! My nose has been bleeding for 3 days!How do I stop it?
how do i make my self throw up?
how can i stop smoking weed?
Can a 16 year old go and buy some lube?
what is wrong with me.?
What is the difference between a bone bruise and a break?
Is this more than bronchitis? Should i worry?
What is wrong with my sore throat?
What controls your breathing rate and how does it do so?
where can pseudo-stratified columnar epithelium be found?
what causes high fever and severe chest pain?
my friend has a hernia in her lung will she die?
How does emphysema reduce the amount of oxygen that diffuses into the blood ?
what is the CPAP mode?
what differences can be seen between an emphysema lung and a normal lung?
what effect does smoking have on bronchial epithelium?
Speed Base Ecstacy Pills?
can i miss one dose of my ear infection medicine?
Temp Doctor cut my Medication?
what drugs will NOT show up on a urnalysis done at STERLING reference labrotories?
How do I make myself afraid of needles?
how big is a 9mm bowl?
can you smoke coffee?
My hands get so sore and achey when I stir food (say cooking hamburger) or cutting my kids steak or even chopp?
wat are the dangers of smoking nutmeg?
is 100% pure tea tree oil safe to put on skin?
Too much orange juice?
What are the benefits of meditation?
how to avoid getting a booster injection PLEASE ANSWER ITS TOMORROW?
Where can i buy legal herbal incense to smoke?
Quick question about a remedy for a cold?
I just ingested marijuana and I feel pressure on my ears and back of my head? Normal?
Are teenagers allowed to but over the counter drugs?
remedy for shaky hands?
What is the best pill, that I can buy at a drug store, that would help with arthritis?
Does cocaine and hydrocodone feel alike?
Can warts spread to your actual eye?
My mom has breast cancer and I am terrified. What do I do?
does salmonella go away ?
Are kissing bugs located.....?
if you get eatin out, can u get std's?
HIV testing on people in United States navy?
What is an alternative treatment for HPV for males aside from Condylox which is a bit painful.?
Am very worried can anybody help me out ?
How many new cases of NGU are there per year?
what do they do with your syringe needles?
Why do tick bites turn black?
Blocked ear, no wax, really annoying, please help! :)?
how does a professional piercer even out snake bites if ther a little un even?
How do you 'heal' a pinched or dead nerve? I can't feel my thumb!?
EMT employment NYC Queens?
Help need NOW!! Please. Acne needs to go.?
what is the cause of handwarts?
I burned the cheek area of my face(2nd degree) & would like to know when it is safe to use mineral powder?
If you pee on a wart does it make it so away?
anyone ever have holes in their skin?
How do i get rid of blemishes for 3 days?
why does my chest have a bump on the left side?But the right side of my chest is flat .Why?
how do i get wasp bites to go away.?
HELP! will you still be able to tan with a big hickey on the side of your neck?
Can antibiotics effect you at sport?
what exactly does wart remover do?
my husband has a rash on his foot that looks llike shingles but has no blisters?
how long should it roughly take to get to get a strong tan in a strong sun, when you have light olive skin?
weed question please answer?
Does marijuana make a person vomit?
Why is telling a smoker to stop smoking o.k. but telling an obese person to stop eating is not?
strange symptoms.... should i see a doctor?
How to get back in the school sleep mode?
Whats worse?...Smoking 1 Ciggerate a day or Smoking a fin (5 bucks) worth of Weed a day?
How long should it take to clean out my system of Marijuana?
Is it possible to naturally uplift the production of dopamine in the brain?
Can anyone help me cope with my depression?
How can i make myself sick enough to be hospitalized?
Will I have less dandruff if I shave all my hair?
should i drink Water when I'm sick?
does waterproof sunscreen ever come off?
Why does my fingers, toes, and even the tip of my nose get cold for no reason?
My heart hurts when i breeth.What could be the answer.?
what happens when you get high?
What's your way of relieving stress?
Whats the reason for your ears to bleed?
ladies do you actually like shaved privates?
My eyeball is loose, what should I do?
I'm new to being gluten free and have a question..?
So, i took 3 medicines?
Only sneezing when I'm on my room?
100% Polyester blanket Allergic Reaction?!?
I have a werid bump in my eye what is it?
Frequent urination after alcohol consumption?
have parkinson's and wonder what to safely take for pain. Have heard that you should be careful.?
Help? Has anyone been through this before?
I have this twitch sometimes?
Can a tick enter your blood stream and kill you?
Feeling extremely exhausted all of the time. What could be wrong with me?
Head Injury and Dementia?
How can i develop anemia?
What causes headaches?
Has anyone ever felt weird or have any health problems after smoking K2 or black magic?
Can you hear better in one ear than the other?
My mouth started twitching when this guy was talking to me?
Rope-Like Mass Near Pelvic Area/Ovaries?
When is it ok to work out if you are sick?
I wear contact lenses and take them out daily and I wear a pair of backup glasses.?
regarding FMLA!! 10 points!!?
What could this twitch in my thumb be?
Why are my eyes like this? Please help?
I got hit in the eye with a volleyball and now I have a grey spot in my peripheral.?
Whats wrong with my eye?
Eye vision question.?
is There Anyway that brown eyes could look blue without contacts?
BPA Experts Only: BPA and eyeglasses?
Has Anyone bought Colored Contacts for Astigmatism with a BC 8.6 DIA 14.2?
Wheezing cough first time.. Plz help?
Lost Prescription for Colored Contacts?
I just caught a cold , and i lost my voice.How can i get it back?
why we dont use beta blockers drugs on patient with asthma and coronary disease?
whats a cure if i can't breathe out of one nostril just about all the time for the last week?
Do i have skin cancer? (PICS)?
doctors in mumbai specialist for UTI?
how long does it take body to reabsorb blood?
can a person donate blood without social security number?
Insulin and Glucagon?
is esrd considered permantly disabled?
Does anyone know a website that could inform me on pancreatitis?
Can you convert my prescription to "20/20"?
what is considered low testosteron?
Is it possible my grandma passed her diabetes/anemia down to me?
what is the difference between hypothyroidism and cretinism?
Thirsty all of the time and elevated liver enzymes!!?
sources of aldehydes and ketones?
if to increase sodium i take?
If I have been recommended for a Summarised Article 15 because..........?
where can i get paid for giving blood plasma?
when is Cellnovo's wireless touchscreen micropump going to be available in the U.S.?
Can I donate plasma if I have diabetes?
How can stem cells be used to treat Diabetes?
How to make a creative poster?
diabetes question and worries?
Can i get my 3hr. glucose results without really drinking my glucose drink?
insulin and blood sugar...?
Job for Schizophrenia Treatment/Therapy?
i always think im an getting some sort of illness or disease or disorder a little insight plz?
When will zoloft work?:(?
People who cut themselfs...?
Problem With my Brain? please help?
what shows up on blood and urine tests?
Natural cures for morning sickness?
can you get ringworm from a dog?
Do I have strep throat?
How can I hallucinate with meditation?
Ways to Stop Insomnia?
should i get hight right now? :)?
Where can i get apple cider vinegar in Panchkula/Chandigarh?
what is a good way to clear your sinuses?
Cure for fever? No resting allowed?
What is the best medicine to cure a tendonitis or shoulder pain?
Do you think ill pass?
Where should I pour agar plates for the less amount of contamination?
What legal highs would help me through the day in school?
Can cannabis be used as a sleeping aide?
does burning rosemary smell like weed?
i got into a car accident coz was drunk how can i find out if they gave me the breathalyser or took my blood?
Does Herbal Moisture Cream Enlarge breast growth?
is putting chlorox in bath water to treat an abscess that's being allowed to drain alright?
I cant swallow a capsule, can i open the powder?
passing a drug test for vicodin urgent please?
What are some medicines/drugs that give you insomnia and high blood pressure?
How to help a *REALLY* bad sore throat go away?
doxycycline hyclate?
HIV transmission through saliva?
Norovirus ?? Help. 10 points!?
i think i have Strep Throat... will my 2 month old get it?
are chicken feces harmful to humans?
what are some incurable diseases that have been discorvered in the last century?
I am tired....what can give me positive energy?
i had a section 4weeks ago i had internal bleeding and infection two antibiotics,now today i had really bad cr?
why I'm I always sick?
Is endolimax nana a parasite or is it a worm or both in the stomach?
What if I use my straightener and I have lice?
Mono???????? Help asap?
how to massage prostate?
I have a phobia of worms. I want to know if i use colon cleanser will i be seeing it?please be honest thanks?
meningitis affect on other body systems?
does sitting in the jacuzzi kill lice?
Left Supraclavicular Lymph Node ?
How can i extract thc?
Sometimes when i spit i have this grayish stuff in it and i find myself have to spit ALOT i get really mucusy ?
chiari at age 50 family member says no way wasn't seen no way you have it others with late diagnosis?
Help with swallowing ibuprofen?
I have a question about Mono?
HELP IT HURTS BADLY is there a way to help it?
I slipped on ice, cut back of my head 2 night ago If I go have it checked out today (Fri) what can they do?
I pulled a hangnail from my big toe and now it really is a BIIIIIG toe.?
i twisted my knee and cant bend it?
Can a doctor prescribe painkillers to someone who was previously addicted to them?
there's something on my foot.. i can't seem to get it off?
Anyone knows what happened to the Nurse Relief Act of 2009?
what are some good remedys for muscle cramps i play a lota basketball and i get em all the time?
When is it ok to take Nyquil after taking Tylenol?
are my headaches normal?
i have fibromyalgia and was thinkin of gettin a memory foam matress to help wit the pain.is it worth the money?
Why do my legs hurt so much?
Chest/stomach pain because of neck?
ear pain.........PLEASE help!!?
cigarettes have filters so why are they bad for you?
what could be wrong with my health?
What are some good ways to fall asleep?
I'm so depressed feeling so bad but I can't take meds ?
Why do people keep smoking when it is known to be so bad for you?
Sleeping problem please help?
what colour is an albino person's poo?
I think i am going to start cutting myself?
can you pass MEPS with an ingrown toenail?
Scared about my mom... please help me!!!?
I have a toe that will not heal; How do I fix, Is there a health question site?
why did my hand get white when i i put peroxide on them?
I am depressed but I don't want to take anti-depressants. What can I do?
How do you get weed out of your system quickly?
I am scared of throwing up?
Bleeding, super swollen stretched ears?
SO RANDOM but im tryin to get an answer?
Any suggestions on how to get rid of a cold....fast!?
Will a urine screen for drugs show pregnancy?
should i stop smoking and drinking?
What should I do if I'm unable to go get an x-ray?
Got bite by a dog in the face?
A place to be certified in CPR and First Aid?
is it nomal to pee out a blueish purpleish concoction?
What happens if you eat sand?
What if you watched Yo Gabba Gabba while you were drunk?
Is there a bug in my ear?
My left ear seems to have popped and it's not going away?
Info on flight nursing please?
How to get rid of a splinter off of my foot?
Dry Socket!!! Can antibiotics from the doctors work???
what cream is used for roasica can I buy something over the counter. Also for like age/sun spots??
need some skin care help?
Did I get skin cancer from shaving?
Patches On My Face ?
How do I heal my scars?
What are the cause(s) of black spots or bruises on your body?
My friend's body is extra warm, super hot. Does anyone know if this is a disease? Why is his body heat so hot?
I have a big bump on my eyelid that I thought was a stye but upon looking "stye" up I don't think it's that
does eating un healthy make acne on your face?
what is another skin condition that has similarities to acne?
Skin Cancer Help !?
skin irritation?
which of these is the best vitemin e...for my acne scars??
Skin Peeling on hand and feet?
Easiest way to get rid of acne?
Another question about acne pills? =)?
how do u get rid of a blister caused by friction?
what is shingles?
is it called a stint or a stent?
why did my doctor give me this medications?
Is 175/150 to be alarmed about?
What is the cost of Angiography in Mumbai and which hospital is suggested?
please tell me,what is cataract treetment is availabale?
Is my cholesterol level too high? Is it good? I'm confused?
What is the main core of the heart?
difference between CAD and CHD?
is this normal????????????
Is this the beginning of a stroke?
constriction of arteries?
Is a Swan-Ganz or pulmonary artery catheterization the best option for my mom?
Whenever I try to sleep my heartbeat goes haywire?
Do i have sports induced asthma?
How can the doctor tell if the baby is alive or dead by the lungs ?
is it common for your chest to hurt once you quit smoking?
I need help with quitting smoking.?
What can people do to get rid of smog in the air?
Why do i keep coughing?
How to get rid of chilblains?
How can i get a albuterol inhaler from a doctor when i smoke?
Why does excessive body weight put a strain on both the respiratory and cardiovascular system?
My wife has bronchitis and we sleep beside each other can i take a amox clav to prevent me from gettin sick?
Is inhaling a bit of talcum powder bad for the lungs?
Scleroderma patients or family members?
Should one take benzodiazepines if they have liver damage?
Does bulimia effect your brain/memory?
My friend hates music. Does he have some kind of medical disorder?
could a small hit to the head lead to a blood clot?
im a male with a uti ...how long does ciprofloxacin take to get rid of the symptoms?
I think I have insomnia?
Is having cortisol dangerous?
Cerebrospinal fluid and blood pressure?
Occasional Burning sensation while Peeing?
water on knee....naproxen for it....what else can help....had it long time ago, its back.?
does picillili sauce kick off acid reflux?
Has anyone in this section had open anti reflux surgery?
home remedy for eye allergies?
What are the symptoms in a person that is allergic to fish?
Question about Lactaid...?
Am I poisoned? I wore LATEX GLOVES FOR TWO HOURS!?
i have hives and it is swelling?
can i blow my ps3 dusty vents directly with my mouth?
Doctors put small blue "meditrace" pads on me?
Half asleep and awake weird behaviours?
Alcohol problem, need help fixing it, EASY 10 POINTS,FRIST ONE TO GIVE ME ADVICE WILL GET THE 10 POINTS.?
Since I am going to live alone in another year?
Is it bad that I woke up this morning hardly remembering anything from the past few days before?
Oklahoma CNA in other states?
10 Nursing Diagnosis that needs to be put in order.?
my right eye started to black out while i was exercising?
Will you help me get Herpes?!?!?!?!?
Can herpes lie dormant in a man for 15 years? If so is it possible for him to still infect a women?
can regular doctor test for hpv?
What STD might this be?
Could this be an HIV skin problem?
What to call an STD physician for men?
what is hpv and how do you get it?
What are the chances that I got Herpes?
What can we learn from AIDS?
Diabetic sweating while eating?
Scheduling holiday dinners with adult siblings... How to avoid conflict/conflicting schedules?
can drugs affect your alcohol level?
What is subconjunctival hyperemia?
what kind of meals should you have at night if your diabetic?
What help is out there for a homeless diabetic in RI?
is there glucose in figer nail polish?
What is my body type !!!!!!?
memere,i asked about pseudomyxomperitonei,(pmp),is there a cure?,or ,can this be terminal?, i,m 53 w/stints?
What is it like to be a hemophiliac?
can I avoid starvation mode with my ED?
Anyone using Humalog 75/25 pens?
How long does it take to get out of the navy after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.?
Are there any cheap gyms in nottingham that are sutible for 13 year olds?
Not sure if I have Diabetes?
maxima ast blood glucose meter kit ratings?
What to make of my Blood Glucose Levels?
Has anyone heard if Bret is in any danger of another seizure other than this story?
How to avoid acidity problem?
is carnations powder in tea or coffee good for diabetes?
Glucose testing for diabetes?
do i have to change colored contacts every day?
sunken eyes :S glasses?
My Contact Got Stuck!?
Should I get monthly or daily contacts? Read details.?
I am going to the ophthalmologist for some weird bubble looking thing on my eye today. Will they dilate my eye?
question about high index lenses !?
is overdosing sleeping pill the least painful way to die?
Does chocolate cause headaches?
Is being around a person smoking just as bad for you?
what fluids do you drink to stay hyrated when sick?
Why do I get so high so fast when I smoke weed?
cant plug nose underwater. related to tonsils removed?!?
why do i feel so ill after quitting smoking ?
Question for ex-alcoholics?
Could i have iron deficiency?
What is Marijuana used for?
i stoop a bit and when i sit my shoulders form the shape of 'C'.can anyone tell me how to correct the problem?
My hands are shaking!?? Please answer this is NOT LONG.?
should I try smoking?
Have you ever tried ecstasy? what was it like?
Marijuana Help......?
Opinions on smoking weed?
Sleeping Issues...i have trouble waking up in the morning?
What is wrong with me?
Stepped on a yellow jacket? PLEASE READ?
For what purpose is this gel used for , Generic Cleocin T, Clindamycin Topical Gel?
Herpes Can you catch it from a cough?
what is hepatitis c and its treatments?
Help for hepatitis c pain?
Can a dog get affected with hiv?
digestion disease?? know any?
Is peptic ulcers a negative or positive?
I've had the flu for 6 days and going to school tomorrow?
My family is getting very sick! Please help!?
would a whole bottle of germ-x kill u? 0_0?
How to get rid of a cold?
Why are my eyelashes twitching?
Is My Tongue Infected?
What phylum/kingdom does herpes zoster (shingles) belong to and what type of organism is it?
why would a 17m old have a fever from 104.7 to 96.3 aleast 2 time month been to doc may time?
HIV Transmission - Important question?
Do you urinate in the shower? Is it considered gross/unsafe unsanitary? Thoughts?
What is the fastest way to get rid of flu symptoms?I have to do some things this afternoon and cant feel sick!?
Herpes Topics!!!....?
Help About Enlarged Spleens?
Was prescribed zithromax . I have some from another time which has a use-by date of 4 months ago. OK to take?
What can I do to get rid of back pains instead of constant medicines?
What is the least smelly way of smoking my medical marijuana?
can u buy caffeine pills?
Can i take orange juice during severe cold?(i have infection since my mucus is green)?
Does acetaminophen help you increase your concentration?
How long does it take for nicotine to leave the body after quitting smoking?
treatment for bleeding kid ear?
Is 18mg Clonazepam safe?
UTI: Why do I test negative for UTI's at the ER (dip stick) 24 hrs before I test positive or one?
How to cure tinnitus properly?
Other than carrots what else can help your vision?
Why am i so tired? Somone explain plz!!!?
how does a hematite stone is used and how are they cleansed?
what is the best substance to take to gain muscle?
My supplement makes my stomach hurt, any tips?
What are the main symptoms of panic attack? What are the cures apart from medicine?
I have a question about Zoloft?
Diet supplement question, please answer A.S.A.P.?
Is there any remedies for hot flashes?
loved one is snorting small yellow pills and getting sick once they wear off. WHAT ARE THEY HELP!?
i am sick with 100.4 fever?
Is gettin high on codine like speed?
what would happen if you ingested marijuana?
what remedies will i take to improve my weaknesses and compensate my weaknesses?
get rid of lots of ingrown hairs?
White Spots of face? read description!?
Hives/rash/itching and numb fingers/toes while taking keflex?
Tiny red bites on my daughter?
cystic acne medications?
chemical peel?
I noticed a small pink bump in the back on my mouth, looks like it could have fluid in it. should i b worried?
what could this be?
What is this awful rash on the bottom of my foot?
I have a cousin who is sick with a rash all over his body?
I have a big zit and I've tried a lot of different things to make it go away but nothing is working! PLZ HELP!
Does wheezing come from your mouth or your nose?
How long would somebody live with untreated pulmonary edema?
What is safe to take for an upper respiratory infection when you're taking an MAOI?
Will my throat close?
Can you get emphasema at 16? Also can it go away?
Coughing that tastes like blood when I exercise?
Feels like something is blocking my breathing?
What are the tissues in the respiratory system.?
whenever i try to sleep my eyes twitch rapidly?
What are the foods i can eat? i have a Uric Acid Kidney stone.?
should i be put on an anti-depressant?
How much water do I have to drink to go into Water Intoxication?
Annoying, persistent ringing in my ears?
Help? Too much sodium?
Why do people with an eating disorder eat chalk?
How can i become anorexic?
I have celiac disease, is there any supplement I can take to aid in the absorption of nutrients?
high white blood cell count due to cold?
My friends mother was diagnosed with dementia and she's having problems coping.?
I don't know what I have, but do you know if I have the flu?
Doctors: What is wrong with me?
lump in neck.. caused by cold sore?
Randomly feeling dizzy and can't stand the sight of food?
Should I filter what I ask to my newly found skizophrenic father?
my dad is 50, hes smoked since he was 21, and he started having flu like symptons(look at extra details)?
My wife is losing her memory at the age of 24.?
How can I help my son who's just been diagnose with early psychosis?
Something just doesn't seem right with me?
After the denial phase what?
whats makes us get "The Funny Feeling" with some people? like the run now sensation?
Extreme pain after using bullworker?
My ears hurt really bad?
Foes Anyone know of any doctors that will prescribe tramadol as an atidepressant or anti anxiety med?
is it bad for your back to sit criss cross applesauce?
Pain in my right rib cage with a deep breath or quick movement?
I just went outside into the snow and now i can't feel my lower legs, what should i do?
how can i put my knuckle back in place?
somebody hit me in my ear,right when it happen my ear started beaping.after it started beaping i coluld hear.?
Using mustard to vomit?
URGENT!!!! Burn on leg from motorbike, skin has come off, what do I do?
Earring cutting skin on my ear?
Can clobetasol propionate be used for first class burns?
I broke a CFL light bulb and cut my finger. Should I do more than put a band-aid on it?
How do you heal a cut on the lip?
When to change my antibiotic pad.?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Bee Sting Reaction - Still?
Whats the best way to get rid of swelling?
what are some reasons people pass out?
How can i heel a cut faster?
Water in ear, when I bite i hear a drum sound in my ear?
why does it feel good when someone runs there fingernails down your spine and rub your knees until they tickle?
need advise on my snake bites?
frost bite.at what point can u tell u have it. tip of my one finger keeps getting ice cold.?
Can a liver be trained not to produce LDL cholesterol ...?
what could this be? heart or what?
My heart hurts at random times then it goes away?
Is it normal that my heart rate increases as I breathe in and decreases when I breathe out?
Whats the diff between nitro and epi? Parameidc?
Interpreting an EKG help please?
what are he typical symptom's of hypothyroidism?
If a person has had a stroke an a year starts doing drugs can i cause then to have another stroke?
My iron level reached 1.7mg is that dangerous?
I need advice on how to loose weight after a cortisone injection?
how much fiber does metamucil have?
are there any programs in illinois to help pay for insulin pumps for kids?
how many prefilled syringes can be prepared by the home nurse?
the insulin molecute contains ____________ amino acids?
What is the difference between sugar and starch when it comes to solubility?
a free online nutrition Specialist?
I am wondering if you suddenly give up eating food with sugar in them if you can get insomnia.?
gestational diabeties?
-ii need somme spaniish help;*?
If you have Illostomy supplies I could use them.?
does prempro lowers blood surgar?
question about fasting?
can u get kicked out of the national guard for having type 2 diabetes?
type 1 diabetic and need to lose a stone!?
is the nursing process the same for both diabetes mellitus 1 and 2?
how do you tell on an animas 2020 pump how much battery you have left?
What is an average level of serum lipase or amylase for 50 year old females without pancreas abnormalities?
will quercetin interfer with diabetic medications?
is it bad to drink too much Hi-C juice boxes?
Where else can i get a coupon for plan b?
What are these Random Air Bubbles?
how long after i get approved for my gastric bypass does my dr have to scheduale me in?
Why do I like to sleep so much?
I heard it’s bad to have EGGS every day because of the amount of LDL cholesterol you consume, is this true?
what is wrong with my knee ?! / knee muscle?
My nose has been bleeding on and off for the past week! What should I do?
Do you need surgery if you have carpal tunnel ?
do you think i eat to much or little for my weight?if it help i weigh like 85.7-93.7lbs usually,it all depends?
why do my legs sometimes get a wierd feeling when i pick something up?
bf told me to break my feet so he can bind them and wants me cutt my achilles tendons so i cant walk?
medical help and advice?
should i go to the hospital for a 4wheeler acc. i had one on christmas day?
How do u break ur foot?
What's wrong with my ankle?
What do i have to do to recover from a sprained knee?
My little puppy is paralyzed in he's back legs. He broke he's uper spinal. He is 13 weaks old. What must I do.?
Did I break my ankle?
i got shot and still have the bullet in my back can i get money for that?
help! please! accidentally cut myself and dont want scars?
I have a bruise on my big toe underneath the nail?
Why do I sleep so much?
How could I make my growing pains go away?
Why does my head crack when I turn it?
Does a toe have to hurt to be broken?
What could it be and what should I do?
How many times should you use reuseable earplugs ?
how long does it take to heal a broken little toe?
The doctor gave me a knee immobilizer?
Help :( I tore my ACL, my MCL and my Medial Meniscus!?
cartlidge peircing i peirced myself?
Bone sticking out Back of ankle? Pictures included?
10 stitchess from a deep cut. How do minimize the scar as it heals.?
How to stay healthy in the same house as a sick person?
so what does it mean if you have a heart valve infection and normal cbc?
I was let go for missing too many days due to illness, in which I did have doctors note describing my hyper-te?
Have I been exposed to meningitis?
what are side effects of tobbaco chewing?
is it bronchitis or the flu or hypochondria?
do you think she has strep throught?
i dont know what kind of infection i have so could someone please help?
What are some over the counter medicines to get rid of a yeast infection?
could i die from strep throat?
what does it mean when the doctor says your liver is 10.1?
red cheeks, throwing up, runny nose, and no fever?
My girlfriend has a cold... is it okay for her to kiss me?
pneumonia and the side of flu?
IS HE STILL contagious?
How do i get over a cold faster?
Do you think I have the flu?
Can sinisitus spread to tonsillitus?
going out feel sick! helpp!?
Am I still contagious?
How do I know if I got an infection?
can i buy Nutribiotic, or even any Antibiotic over the counter? And if yes, where?
If a person doesn't eat fish, can they take fish oil pills?
What is the best NON-narcotic way to stop pain?
can you use excedrin for?
can i buy a ecstasy testin kit in the usa?
what marijuana strain is this?
is pomegranate juice really good for the body?
Which is best way of meausring Blood Pressure?
Where does urine drain to first? rena pelvis or urinary bladder?
Problems with meditation?
what are some addictive medicines?
paracetamol overdose ?
Any Steriods to Grow Taller?
what strain of cannabis is good for bipolar disorder?
can a 14 year old take 500mg of vicodin?
I got prescribed to a new medicine called VYVANSE. It is 70 mg and 60mg of it consists of Adderall.?
Mechanisms of Disease, Diagnosis, and Treatment?
remedies for spider bits?
Whats the best over the counter sleep medication?
What are the danger of misuse of drugs that have the ability to reduce inflammations?
advil and ecstasy safe?
Does heating food in Styrofoam containers cause cancer?
is it possible to have a long torso and long legs?
i think i'm losing hope. =/?
Is it okay to take a nap with contact lenses on?
I need help?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Mixed up my contacts!! HELPP.?
chlamydia treatment and nutrition?
what is a yeast infection?
Can razor bumps sometimes look like a herpe break out?
How much blood is taken for STD testing and how long does it take for the body to regain that amount of loss?
use a flow chart with arrows to describe the path of air flow from the nose to the alveoli during inspiration?
Ventilator Settings are these good?
Chest pain. Is it serious?
Does No Sleep Cause Seizures?
tonsillectomy breathing problems?
i am having problems on my new medication now mornings?
What is wrong with me?? please help!?
Is being excessively tired a symptom of a bladder infection?
Why does it feel like theres not enough air in my lung?
I'm sick? What to do? What can I do?
What qualifies as an emotional disorder? Explain which emotional disorders are most common in children. How mi?
tiny lump on the side of my head.. HELP!!!!!!!!?
Is this a sign of HPV? Do i have it?
Has anyone ever had anorexia? I'd appreciate it if you'd help me answer these questions for my essay....?
telogen effluvium - has anyone suffered from this and what does it look like?