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i have blood in my poo!?
How long can you live if your dehydrated?
why do i feel sick after i eat?
Can you die from klebsiella?
How does exercise help/prevent scoliosis?
What is wrong with my stomach?
My 2 year daughter is severely developmentally delayed. We got the results of the MRI.?
ok i have Bulimia n today i throw up blood what does that mean please tell me am scared?
water on the knee AND tendonitus in arms...WHY IS MY DOCTOR PUSHING STEROID SHOTS?
Is it possible for a baby to acquire schizophrenia while in the womb...?
New methods to diagnose pancreas diseases?
my son has hemophilia A and he has a swollen foot?
What foods are okay and not okay to eat when you have gout?
how much blood in a 100 pound person.?
how do u get to levels?
Eating before blood test?
Is this reactive hypoglycemia?
questions about gestational diabetes screening? help please!?
what is the effect of tear gas on type 2 diabetics vs cancer patients?
iam a mom of six month old still sugar levels are high?
what does it mean if you have blood when you eljeclate?
A blood clot caught too late- will it need to be amputated?
Has anyone hadany success treating diabetes with alternative treatments?
how important to science is the study on the effect of too much sugar intake in the body>?
HELP! do i have diabetes ?
How long does Metformin take to completely reduce glucose levels in the bloodstream?
will acidreflux cause keytones?
life expectancy for healthy people to unhealthy people; ratio?
What foods stabilize blood sugar and prevent insulin spikes?
My 45 yr old sister is obese, Blood Sugar Levels high, Triglycerides high and Serious sudden vision problems.?
I have been told I can't donate blood because I have a d- blood type, what does that mean?
What is the best thing to take for my low Thyroid?
Does anyone know how a serum viscosity test is done? Is it just the regular stick in the arm blood draw?
In cases of severe diabetes, a patient’s tissues cannot break down glucose, and, instead, the body breaks down?
I just ate some cereal just a few minutes ago and now i am sweating bullets and lightheaded?
I have arthiritis in my finger.. and I'm 13!?
I do pushups every day and my shoulders are killing me?
Is anyone one on warfarin from pergnancy and having to always go up on meds?
Bad smell and sticky mucus from inside corner of right nostril????? Please help?
Bulbous nose job questions?
Robitussin and Delsym, same cough med?
Nasal Polyps have been removed But ......?
what do I have? symptoms: sneezing, slight dizziness, temperature and coughing?
what are some symptoms of syncope?
i need to talk to someone who has herpes or a doctor or nurse who knows a lot about it?
21 days clean. swab test?
i'll be having my medcal test next mo.am afraid I got infected by hepB.What shoul I do?
Just found out I have herpes what do I do?
Diagnose this: ADD? Laziness? Depression? Combo?
Can someone explain Schizophrenia to me, in depth?
What's the boundary between being able to get free psychiatric help and not being able to?
How to prevent bullying?
Can i donate blood? if i smoked marijuana before?
Do you think I was drunk? Please answer?
How should I store weed?
Help im going to test dirty for crack cocaine...?
Is this normal????????
is it ok to cry? i feel like a baby?
my school starts so early, what do I do to help me wake up?
does marijuna usually clear a person system in 30 days if you do not smoke a whole bunch of it?
i am 12.. i am going to have surgery..wil it hurt?
How can I keep myself up for the next hour!?!?
If I'm smoking weed outside with a 13" bong, how long will the scent of weed stay on my clothes and breath?
Should I bother going to the doctor?
Do you think smoking should be banned in public places?
Need help! Please advise me some effective tips to grow!:S?
How do i stop smoking weed?
Do you think im really really eye catching??
Can weed have lasting effects?
Whats the best way to die? (without fire, guns, water, high objects, knifes, playdo or murder)?
How long does dehydration last?
I rarely smoke weed, but this week i've smoked 4 times. Can i pass a drug test next week?
is smoking marijuana a sin?
What is the painful yellow spot on my tongue?
Low pain back pain Help?
Weird bump on my shoulder?
Wrist Pain and I don't know what it's from?
How can I get rid of a muscle that keeps twitching in my leg?
My neck hurts when i turn it to the side and look down?
Haven't slept much, fainted, headaches. Help?!?
my lower abdomen.? help.?
Cramp behind my shoulder, on my chest, left ovary, and left abdomen?
What is this strain i have on my top inner left thigh?
Snorting Painkiller effects?
What other hot drinks will help my throat?! 10 POINTS?
natural products to get rid of a headache?
Has anyone ever tried Ivory Wave or any other research chemical? How about salvia divinorum?
How fast would THC leave my system with a detox kit?
Any safe smoking option?
trying to find out what kind of weed is this?
Can I take more sleeping pills than the bottle says?
MDMA cant pee STILL on 3rd day.. help?
how can i control my overeating?
Is there medical intervention to alleviate constipation? Is it normal to be constipated for 3 weeks?
If i took all the pills in my house right now, would it kill me?
What would happen if you took a whole bottle of Advil?
what can help with my sunburn?
what natural supplement is good for concentration and focus?
help with medicine and bud??????
Anybody know about herbal medicine ?
sleeping pills are they bad for you?
why do I have a stomach ache and stomach cramps in the morning? :(?
I am thinking of becoming a Doctor, how would I do that?
Caffeine high? WHAT THE?
What to do about headlice?
How can i improve my eyesight?
How come I keep sneezing and my nose keeps getting blocked up or starts running?
Help my ears are clogged?
Is it possible to be allergic to all meats?
What do you call a person whose allergic to salt?
why does my sinus rinse hurt so much?
runny nose every morning and after shower?
i got out of the shower and noticed these little bumps all over the top of my back and sides of it?
Allergy Relief...................?
Is it safe to take Levitra if you are allergic to sulfur drugs/medication?
Is it possible to be allergic to tap water?
has anyone used a himalayan salt rock before? I have heard it is supposed to help with your allergies.?
What is in potatoes and apples when they are raw, but not cooked?
guttate hyperhydrosis?
Allergic to cats, but wants to own one. help!?
how can i get rid of my runny nose?
skin dried out and peeling?
how much will it cost to get surgery on your face like i need to get tissue put in the left side of my cheek?
Will my medication prevent me from giving plasma?
what is gastroenteritis?
how is chicken pox caused?
i think i might have an ear infection, but i dont know, please help, it could be worse?
what would make you have diarrhea for like 3 weeks >?? ?
Can you get sick from touching someone?
Do I really have mono?
how do surface barriers prevent infection?
do u think i have meningitus?
is HIV test required?
why their is vomiting and nausea when we have gastrointestinal infection?
The disease's Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention?
What should I put on a small blistered burn I got a few days ago?
Spider bite? Possibly?
ear piercing infection?
There is something in my ear!?
what ought we to do when somebody is dangerously ill?
okay, gauze off, how do i keep it from sticking next time?! bandaids are too small!?
spider bite? idk i need help keeps gettin worse?
how much INTERNATIONAL UNITS of Vitamin A r in 200mcg of Vit. A?
How do I deal with a diabetic partner who is always ornery?
Do i have hypothyroidism?
protein in the urine?
is a condition found in untreated diabetics. It causes blood to become acidic and can alter basic bo?
need help with diabetes medication!?
Does 2 units of levemir once a day make a big difference?
Thinking about buying the omnipod..?
is glucbiotic supreme good for diabetes?
if given an extra dose of lantus insulin by accident should i take it the correct way the next day?
which hormone does the pancreas secrete as the blood sugar level falls?
I want to send medicines to India?
Can I still donate blood if....?
Blood glucose test result was 106?
can hypoglycemics have salt?
What does "not stated as controlled" means? Talking about diabetes.?
My mom is in a Hypoglycemia Coma will she come out of it?
what are symptoms for Pancreatitis?
how many carbs a day for a 1800 diabetes diet.?
If insulin goes in the blood stream.?
Can diabetes cause you to sleep more?
My lips are drying very quickly after drinking water?
What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
Glucose test.....What to expect?
how can i make my arm veins pop out?
My Eyes Turn Green When I Lie...How Is That Possible?
When I see why, is my left eye so bad?
How prominent can a post LASIK eye scar be?
what can i do i need help? i wear glasses and the reason for that is that when i was born oner of my eye open?
do i need different eye solutions for different uses?
How long should i wait before putting on contact lenses?
Can I wear normal contact lens with -0.50 cyl and 175 axis?
Why is it bad to rub your eyes (when they're closed)?
what is a typical work day like for a respiratory therapist?
What do I do if I think my mom is smoking weed?
Lost sensation in my arm.?
what color cast and how does it feel?
Bump on head serious?
Tripped on sidewalk, fell squarely on both knees, one knee now feels mushy. What is this?
Pain in the back of my neck?
I broke my ankle, now what?
Gas leak at a house scared!?
knee injury question?
I broke my finger ? Please help doctor or nurse?
why am i still experiencing pain in my foot ?
HELP!? Read Description it says it all!?
I sprained my ankle a year ago, and it healed but I keep respraining it.?
about my ankle injury eleven months ago and its still swollen and painful?
Ankle Pops and Cracks?
Concussion-help me please?
i have a big bruise like a softball size.. what is it ? and what do i do?
My friend banged my arm really hard around a corner?
What can I do about an old back injury?
Im 13 and i sprained my ankle so bad it feels like i cant walk on it?
Would a 3rd degree burn caused by water at a young age leave a permanant scar?
Why does my ankle hurt when I run?
please please please HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
what is the size of an A(H1N1) virus?
What is the difference between Bacteria vaginosis and Trichomnas?
blood test ???????????
Hiv and high drug user?
How can I control the urge to sleep during the day while I am on High Blood Pressure Medicine?
How many americans have arrythmia?
do i have an arythmia?
how can i keep my heart valves healthy?
heart/chest pain? howd i get it?
Do you know of any sites on the internet that take you step by step through open heart surgery?
How did my heart rate come down?
What is the pulse when someone is going into cardiac arrest?
I feel like my heart rate has increased?
Why does this happen?
Why so many nosebleeds? :(?
how bad is taking 600+ mg of caffine a day?
Is smoking really that bad?
do cigarettes stop bleeding?
what should i use to clean infected ears?
Is it dangerous to drink lava?
I have sleeping issues.?
How do u get rid of a really bad cough?
ok i have been having really bad stomach pains for the past few months?
Does bacteria build up in wooden handle cutlery?
Why is prevention better then cure?
does anyone kno if weed is addictive?
how to grow taller?.......................................?
does Alcohol or drug addiction affects the entire family?
I have seen something traumatic and don't know how to deal...?
weed, help drug test in a week!?
shopping while on acid?
Why did I get a few full body twitches when almost asleep?
can you have 6 beers before anesthesia?
Help!!! SUNBURN! what should i do?
Do I have one of the sighs of breast cancer?
Havving some boy issues?
weather/asthma/school question...what would u do?
Could I have diabetes?
Is there any OTC product for diabetic pain?
what happens if my blood sugar drops and i have been drinking to much gatorade. and not eating enough food'?
sugar levels can it be to low .?
Type one diabetic trying to loose weight?
I might have swallowed glass? help?
protein trace in Urine?
Diabetes? Extreme food allergies? Something else?
food digestion? mmmm?
Would 45 MG of Temazepam be harmful?
Is a blood sugar level of 124 after drinking juice diabetic?
What to expect when asking my doctor about diabetes?
some example of an automal recessive disorder are?
i am diabetic and loosing my eyesight help me please?
is exercise alone sufficient to control diebetes mellitus?
Good diabetes adult endocrinology doctor?in manhattan erea?
y am i still thirsty?
have a 17 yrl old glucose non fasting of 37 why and what is next help thanks?
Blood Glucose Level Range?
what causes a person to vomlte blood?
what should i bring with me on vk?
Are guavas high in sugar?
PCOS? Metformin? Insulin resistance?
Is there a name/diagonosis for people who are very....sensitive to substances???? alcohol, medicine, caffeine.?
Can this belly fat cause heart disease?
how long after contracting hiv can it be detected in your blood?
are there any free std clinics in portland OR?
anyone know where i can find a book on "Worts" pills?
Do i have an infected toe?
If having the hpv virus is it likly you have stds?
How do I boost my immune system when I'm pregnant?
Help!!! Do you know some good cure for hiccups?
What is the method used when a naturalist determines what illness a person has?
whats it like to be high on weed?
Smoking weed question?
Dose weed make you lose fat? please answer?
What happens if i consume 6 ounces of tylenol cough syrup?
Does the placebo effect work inversely?
St. John's wort or 5-htp?
Is it possible to clear marijuana out of my system in 10-12 days for a drug test?
I'm trying to figure out what this word is?
How do I get high off 5/500 mg hydrocodone tablets?
can you get high off of any pills?
whats is the best kind of marijuana used for anxiety?
Is ginseng tea really a cure-all?
Is it really harmful to take medicine then drink some alcahol?
Help! I think I have ADD!?
My friend is snorting pills I don't know what to do?
What if i put a wort removal pad on a boil?
whats a good home remedy for constipation?
Small blisters on skin when playing sports and body temp rises. Any Ideas?
urgent Medical question?
I just got really dizzy and blacked out and fell.?
Im Coughing Up BLOOD!?
Episodes on Eating Disorders?
Is there any difference between Ultracet and Ultram?
What are the causes of lupus?
24 Hour Urine Cortisol Test?! 50.6 mcg/dl?
I think i have some kind of disease here are my symptoms?
What's wrong with me? Anaemic?
How long does 10mg of adderrall stay in blood?
what's wrong with me? can someone give me a advice?
What can I do if my boyfriend has a bad sunburn?
what does it mean when they said i had moderately diffuse erythematous mucosa in my entire stomach?
Feeling lightheaded, should I go home?
Should I go to the hospital for a second degree burn?
do i need to get stitches?
Why does my back hurt?
ive badly hurt thigh,hurts when you touch it, etc and sometimes when i talk on it, had x ray ,hosp sent me hom?
how to keep my dad from smoking !?
Should gum chewing be allowed in school or not?
How do I lose my voice?
Do you think I have depression?
can 6 mg of melatonin harm a 6 year old kid?
a friend of mine wants to try LSD but i dont think she should...?
My New Year resolution was to stop smoking cigarettes, what can I do?
what are the advantages to the body by doing masterbeating?
bad breath article using hydrogen peroxide?
what foods can you eat to help with constipation?
How do i get my boyfriend to stop smoking, weed & tobacco ?
Is it safe for me to drink this?
Question about vomiting/throwing up! PLEASE ANSWER!?
What would happen if an adult ate cigarettes?
i smoked weed for the second time and went weird?
do i have OCD please help!?
If I took 4 ibuprofens and drank a lot of alcohol?
really sick, signs of the flu?
If someone is going to buy weed?..?
Is this malpractice??????
Home visiting optician for the elderly or housebound in NJ?
what year did colored contacts first come out?
I see little specs of light in my vision?
How to stop constant blinking?
Odering Contacts Online.. HELP?!?
Strategies for Presbyopia Management?
What hurts our sight the most?
a 1 year old boy cant open his eyes for three days because of cornea abrasive what will do about it?
What is the blood flow from the heart to thoracic cavity?
How do you lower a high creatinine level?
Pulse rate fades out?
How to get a consultation with doctors in hospital?
Administer KCL total of 60mEq (2O mEq in 100mI IVPB at 20mEq per hour x 3 does over 3 hours?
Heart problem? Thyroid? I don't know to you?
metoprolol and alcohol?
how long do blood pressure medications stay in your system?
Does Confirmation Bias play a part in choosing the best answer?
cutting works--why stop?
how to get over from stress of breakup?
Am i normal? or am i going insane?
Clear liquid came from my nose out of no where.?
Why do I feel sick when I cough up phlegm?
What nasal sprays to recommend my doctor to prescribe me?
How Can I Cure My Stuffy Nose? (Allergies?)?
Why does beer not affect my gluten allergy?
What are septum and sinus problems on the nose?
i have a dry couph. should i use a humidifier or a vaporizer. should it be a cool mist.?
i keep breaking out in a rash?
Year-round allergy????????????????????????????????????
Is it safe to take lortab and drink water with epsom salt in it (as laxative) at the same time?
I have two bites on my leg the pain is going up and down my leg how do I figure out what bit me ?
Huge headache from Hydrocodone?
i have a hard bumb behind my ear its really painful any explanations?
OK. . .So i broke my arm awhile back and I'm in the recovery process?
Sore upper back ligament?
5100 mg of pain relievers will do Wat to a person?
Why do I have I still have this pain in my chest?
Do knee sprain pains come back? HELP!?
pain in my right cheekbone under eye?
Respiratory Therapy.. what do you like and dislike about it?
is it normal to feel buzzed or sick off of penicillin vk?
Choking Game Brain Damage?
hallucinations only when im high?
I have broncitis I'm scared its serious?
Bronchopneumonia diagnosed - how would this show on x-ray?
Chest discomfort after quitting smoking?
Do I have a cold or a virus or something else?
seasonal influenza??????????
I have a respiratory infection?
how can i get pneumonia?
Who else shouldn't eat tryptophan ?? Patients with Asthma or Lupus should not take tryptophan.?
Is there a proper medical term for being chest infection prone?
Is it okay to have thick blood?
im suffering from UTI as doc told-continues pain and burn sensation on penile shaft please advise?
It started out as a white thick discharge, but now its turned yellow. What is it?
what if a mole bubbles up after i got it frozen and then is still there and hasn't fallen off after a week
how do i get rid of sunburn on my feet fast !!!?
I am that to buy a over the counter acne medicine what product is the best?
Im getting dizzy spells?
why am i retaining so much water?
Could I have hypoglycemia?
I might have diabetes?
my husbands sugar drops in a heartbeat and he eats an three hour later it goes down why i'm so upset .?
what happen when digestion is interrupted?
My grandsons iron level is 4 what can we do to bring it up and are there any complications that can be?
how come my sugar went down to 34 one morning but im only border line diabetic?
I think I have diabetes, could I wait to see the doctor?
Not diabetic Insulin Resistant, metabolic syndrome.?
I'm so tired and I could sleep the whole day, but some times very thirsty and graving sugar, why?
Diabetics, do you ever see a test strip on the floor of a public place you frequent and wonder if it is yours?
when you use a pen lancet what does the mark look like?
Had gestational diabetes, is this a normal sugar level?
how often to check blood glucose level when on insulin?
How close am i to be a diabetic?
Anyone with Gestational Diabetes or Type 2 find that insulin does not work for them?
weightgain drink w/out sugar?
Anyone in North East Ohio?
my friend is a diabetic?
i am diabetic, i recently was placed on prozac, is this a problem?
Am I at risk for Diabetes?
if you are taking Ranitidine can you still take pepto bismol?
What is wrong with my ankle?
does anyone know the precedure to attaching a partially severed optic nerve.?
Leg bruised and numb from car accident....please help !?
Wondering how bad i hurt my wrist?
What can you do if your waste hurts?
Is my meniscus still torn?
should I see a doctor?
Worried about my knee? Urgent?
6 weeks since i broke my wrist?
nerve block in arm... painful after-effects?
i pulled my hamstring what do i do?
I take ibuprofen everyday before basketball practice. Is this healthy?
Swollen,Fluid and Thumb Press?????
Can a smashed finger (through the bone) be put back together?
how to get in a pool without getting your cast wet?
When I was playing baseball with my brother I heard my wrist crack and I don't think it's broken?
My kneecap slid out of place...should I see a doctor?
Do you think i did something to the top of my hand?
torn ligament in ankle? PLEASE ANSWER!?
Is my ear infection serious?
help a ear infection and in bedding?
Question About Cannabis?
Which medicine is better to relieve a runny nose?
Natural remedies for our long-lasting sickness please!?
What are some good legal non-prescription pills to aid in focus and motivation for heavy college work?
I have a question for stoners(20 char)?
is it safe for me to take my dad's prescription muscle relaxer pills?
How can I get rid of a cold, fast without medicines?
Do only the things you take orally get processed through your liver?
Is this ok to take while Breast feeding? Medication for Uterus infection?
Hemorrhoids is there a Home remedy, how do you get rid of hemorrhoids?
What are natural ways to boost your serotonin?
is colon cleansing really necessary?
ear wax blockage is making me freak out?
I forgot to live today?
Drug question???????
so i've read some studies that weed actually has no negative side effects...?
could a common household medicine reverse its purpose of too much was taken?
I need some help with a sore throat?
Benefits of eating alkaline foods?
How do you know uf your lacking iron?
is solar healing and sungazing really effective?? they say u can live without eating food for years if u do?
im freakin out!! help plz?
how many hours can you store an amputated body part?
I am taking a Multivitamin and I have to pee A LOT. It also has caffeine and guarana in it?
Overactive bladder problem? Please help?
my doctor is sending for a test like thisa3n cxr/ca7?
Will physical therapy help my bursitis (inflammation in the knee), and should i go back to the doctor?
How can I get to sleep?
I can't fall asleep. What are some tips and tricks?
Bloated and full for 7 hours?
Should I try polyphasic sleep during exam week?
A question for the smokers out there?
is marijuana bad for me?
Why do i keep fainting?
why do people who get surgery have to wear a cap?
What should I do when I can't sleep?
Is Ecstasy (MDMA) a safe drug to take?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
What does it feel like to smoke weed?!?
What Do You Guys Think is Marijuana Bad?
how do you escape life permanently?
Blacked out, woke up with static noise in ears and shaking what happened?
how can you make something stop stinging if someone slapped you?
how do I pass a urine test for THC?
how can i rid my body of toxins in one week?
whats wrong with me plz help?
Stomach Is Bugging me?
i am starting a anti-drug club in my school, i never had drugs, any tips?
Should i run away from home?
Why does my neck hurt?
I get frequent micro-sleeps, what could be the cause?
did your mind become more dull and less sharp since you had ocd or took meds for it?
Fatty liver issue!! any help?
Need help...Acid Reflux?
What Is Neurofibromatosis type 1?
Can thyroid cysts cause throat pain / a sore throat?
Please help! No blood or bacteria in urine but constant need and urgency to urinate!?
Does Cyst Causes death?
Have u ever had H. Pylori? if so,does it go away? and whatever medication u took did it make u sick in anyway?
Help with Trichotillomania?
Does anyone have any information about "Stereotypic movement Disorder"? Any information, or resources? Thanks!?
is it worth prolonging someone's life when theyre terminally ill and feel nothing but pain?
can you get Hep C off a rusty nail?
How to save swab sample for make culture?
should i go to the hospital?
I have pink eye!! help!!!!?
Kitten:3.5 months; just got him from breeder; sneezing and watery eye. She sent me Zithromax sneezing ongoing?
What can I eat when i have the flu?
Do you add "the" to words like flu, chicken pox,, etc?
What does Shigella need to live?
Period panic. Please helppp me ?
what does a dyspnic patient mean?
What are the symptoms for mono?
Is it appendicitis or not?
Green stool..please help?
what is secreted by the endocrine glands and causes physical changes during puberty?
What are examples of good germs and bad germs?
Has anyone had any experience with extreme right lower back pain with a dx of pneumonia, such as with kidneys?
How can I get rid of this cough? What are these symptoms?
I have a cold and phlegm's but they won't come out?!!?
Could i have sinus infection?
why after 2 weeks is my baby still coughing and breathing fast? shes been on breathing treatments as well.?
Do I have a chest infection?
how to stop my chest pains?
I Randomly Feel Like I'm Breathing In Smoke And I Cough.?
Is there anything healthy you can smoke in a pipe?
I had Asthma Since Birth Please help?
I was treated for gonarhea/chlamydia monday night, its now weds. how long do symtoms last after treatment?
Can Paronychia & Misdiagnosed Herpes be related?
What is a yeast infection?
are all of the STD virus?
is there tests to check if u are sterile?
how long can someone go without treatment for hpv?
How many Americans have died of AIDs?
can kissing or deep kissing caused herpes ?
Does a sustained apical impulse cause decreased cardiac output?
Is left ventricular hypertrophy a sign of HTN?
My Iron Level is lower than normal I was told it is 35.?
can high blood pressure cause acne?
why is dilates pupil & accelerates heartbeat be useful during stressful period ?
VIOXX Class Action Suits?
heyy heyy, i think broke my leg?
I think I've broken my toe; how do I tell?
My boyfriend is a diabetic (and very stubborn). How can I help?
Where do I go to get a referral to go to a dermatologists?
PCOS & METFORMIN, I've come off it for a month, will i gain weight?
What is a phosphorous level?
diabetic supplies for poor?
If someone is thirsty all the time.................................................?
my family has a history of diabetes...does that mean i could have it?
Can ranges ages 30-70 ................?
I also have sugar in my urine?
The gait of alcoholic neuropathy is which: Antalgic, spastic,steppage, festinating?
Should i get checked?
a good diet for a person with diabetes?r=1264465939?
24 hour urine test questions?
Are Norco's just vicodin? But higher milligram?
Diabetic patients have risk in injuries/cuts.....?
Is a triglyceride level of 18 mg normal?
8 day diabetic coma...?
resistant rushes on my son please help?
what is the highest should your blood sugar be after eatting candy?
I took 8 500mg. Hydrocodon, how long will it take to get out of my system?
Unusual eye color questions/ ring around iris?
Do I need reading glasses?
What in the world is going on with my eyes?
What diopter goggles should I get if I am very nearsighted?
What color contacts should I get?
My friend brought contacts I could where? This question is about eye infections...?
Can light reflected off of a cd damage your eyes?
can non subscribed colored contacts damage your eyes?
Someone help? I have had headaches lately behind my eyes, what could it be?
Could this be kidney pain?
i have stomache ache ?
Why do my ribs hurt for no reason?
why does my thigh go numb when i am walking?
What would be the effects of 2 hours of sleep a night for a week and 3 days?
Getting high, High feeling wore off, hours later suddenly high again?!!?
what does "original" (black) and "moisturizer" (blue) ChapStick smell like?
What causes lower flank pain?
Why have i been feeling so dizzy lately?
Sneezing a ton! I don't want to share germs?
Weed out of system for job?
Where can I find a medical vein scanner?
is it possible to get the same medications at wal marts health center that i got a long time ago?
Could my cartilage piercing be causing my fever?
What was the Health like in Victorian London?
Possible panic attacks or something else? Please read.?
How can I get rid of my hiccups?
My nose is stuffy what should I do?
What time is it in america?
how long does it take to get a six pack?
How do u get rid of that bad feeling the night before a school day?
Help my brother is 17 and he smokes weed?
why should i be alive,...why do i feel like i want to die...do i need help?,...or a gun to my head or maybe...?
Help, I found a dead body.?
drinking urine increases life span????
I was 11 when i started my period, is that to young?
Am i on marijuana? please help?
lately i have been peeing in my pants when i cough because of allergies?
cigarettes and marijuana?
Can Vitamin D deficiency affect allergies?
allergic reaction to Nair?
Is it possible to be allergic to Vitamin C?
Is it true that smoking a cigar a month is good for lungs?
im addicted to bad things...help?
What's wrong with my friend, I need an answer real quick!?
how can i get thc out of my system naturally?
how can i get rid of an allergic reaction on my face overnight. (its from my facewash)?
15 years old. 100.4 fever. is that bad?
My boyfriend doesn't think he's considered "Sick". He's blowing his nose, so he clearly is, right?
Is it pink eye or am i just allergic to my contact solution?
Why Are my Eyelids/Eyes burning?
Zyrtec with Fluconazole OK?
flushed face, what could be wrong?
Allergic/sensitivity to cheese?
can a person take 6 pills a day?
Sore throat? Help...?
Weight loss after cocaine use?
What is the best sleeping-aid pills?
What are the remedies for gall stones?
Is there such thing as a "social" drug?
I took five vicodin pills?
Direaha after gallbladder removal?
Can you give a cat a small dose of NyQuil if it has a cold?
How do I know what kind of DR to choose for my PAIN?
I got an itchy painful sore throat. I've bin sipping tea all day but no change?
What are some natural remedies for bruises?
Any sore throat remedies?
Is there a herb stronger than Valerian?
How can i improve my eyesight?
Suggest me some medicine for cold?
What foods are good for eyesight in general?
Should i get taken of my medication?
Are There Any Drugs That Raise Up Your Adrenaline Level?
Dizzy While Scratching Head?
could my ear drum be busted?
Is there a way to heal a pitch burn (from roofing)?
weird looking blister..spider bite?
I have these little bumps on my legs and feet and they are really itchy could you helpp .
red bumps on my knee from razer
i neeeeeed to get rid of acne it blowsssss.
My sunburns never hurt and always itch, does anyone else have this problem?
how do you get rid of blackheads
does the clinique acne system work?
Hives covering my body?
Okay ive barely found out i have combination skin!..
Double chins.. how do you get rid of them?
are there any over-the-counter ORAL acne meds?
skin problem???need help
Can stomach problems cause rashes all over the body that appear for a couple hours and dissapear after that?
How can i get rid of this fungus?
How do i use oxy???????????
I have been suffering from acne .can someone help me please?
Please help! Sleeping problems!?!?!?
Do you over think and stress yourself?
I need help with sleeping problems...?
Social Anxiety Disorder?
All these things are messing up my concentration, what to do?
can co2 kill us from our breath?
how much carbon dioxide is suposed to be in the lungs?
Asthma/chest pain? Wheezing too?
I've been having trouble sleeping?
Can I mix Suddafed with Ibuprophen?
Is it possible to change the color of weed smoke?
Methotrexate and feeling like I'm dying!?
Are headlice really itchy?
how do we get sick?...........?
Becoming Very Very Sick ?
Could I possibly have mono?
Is acute renal failure caused by a microorgamism and is it preventable?
Vaccine shots for me?
can you have a stomach virus for two days?
Could I have strep throat? I don't have tonsils.?
Can I give part of my liver to my sister?
Can Hepatitis C be removed from one's body?
What sickness do I have?
Is there any other way to get rid of my soar throat with out using the Salt water technique? ?
Why are my lymph nodes on my neck still swollen two years after mono?
Antibiotic Questions!!!?
Why do I feel like I have another bladder infection?
Would you rather have the stomach flu and be throwing up all day on...?
what makes me have diarrhea for 3 weeks?
How can I prevent from getting sick?
can a person who has human papilloma virus still have a baby?
If my boyfriend gave me herpes?
Lump on my outer labia?
how do i know if my lip ring is infected?
How to cure a twisted ankle?
Can wet hair cut your skin?
why do you bruse easy?
what are the best ways to treat a sprained ankle?
what is wrong with my ankle?
I stepped on glass...?
how to break your ankle while doing a cartwheel?
will her nose heal from doing too much drugs?
What is this bump on my lower back?
The feeling is not coming back to my toe?! will i have to have it amputated?
How will the doctor exam me if I go about a foot injury?
What have I done to my knee?? Ouch!! Help!?
What happens when you take six ibuprofen?
but why the sudden burn ? coz i have just experienced this problem some months ago!?
is it ok to work out if im still sore?
how long does it take for a bone to fully heal?
I have this scab on my leg....?
For the past two days my left eye has been red and squintng when ! wake up?
what was your worst injury ever?
is my ankle sprained,broken or frautucred?
my husband was playing baseball with our boys when his calf made a loud pop now he has pain what could cause b?
I'm diagnosed positive to ANA screen and also my C-reactive protein is 10x more than normal.?
Am I Anemic?????????????!!!!!!!!?
i have ocd and it is sometimes hard not wash my hands 5x a day and also put purell on my hands.?
Can you tell me which eating disorder this is?
Crohn's survae ANSWER IF YOU WANT! :)?
Is it crohn's disease?
What is Your View on Smoking?
I want to take ecstasy for the first time at a party, but I'm kinda scared to do so.?
i don't want to smoke but I've already smoked twice but i can control smoking does that make me an addict?
Is it ok to take a pill that expired already?
I am scared and don't know what to do?
Should I tense muscle during injection?
Why am I getting sick? Help!!!?
I am 17 and can I drink while taking vicodin?
Does smoking weed make you psychic?
How can a person wean themselves off of Zoloft?
Best cure for hiccups?
I have restless leg syndrom, hair loss and I can't get it up. Was I created by an ad agency?
Does anyone else smell honey when they sneeze?
Is it safe to give my 9 week old baby water.?
Should I go to the ER?
Do I have insomnia...............?
I drank bleach / had bleach on me by accident?
how long can the human body go without food ?
how to pass drug test ?
What Is The Best And Worst Experiences You've Had With Drugs?
I think I might be diabetic?
How has childhood obesity affected America?
My lipase and amylase levels were elevated.?
How to stop thinking I have diabetes?
can someone anwser my qus=estion?
where can i find out about a sick cat.?
Walk To Cure Diabetes?
Expired Food That i Ate 4 Days after expiration?
can anybody help me???? what medication is available for a psycopath and how can i know that it is safe.?
If you have diabetes, what do you have to do about it?
How is it possible to have ketones with normal blood glucose levels?
Is it Normal to be in better mood after one gives blood?
I have a brown clumpy discharge that itches. And It wont go away. Am diabetic wasn't yeast! please help!?
Can you crush Imodium Tablet to give to patient?
what can raise the level of blood sugar suddenly for a cured person?
i would like to know what type of diabetes i have?
can diabetic supplys be sold ?
if my wife has A+ blood and I have A- blood what blood type will our son have?
would a Kidney not be like Medicine? to sell?
please help very concerened?
Genetics involved in diabetes?
Could I have hypothyroidism?
smoking deaths sydney?
Before Angio my echo was 30%. Arteriosclerosis and 2 stents. Now echo is 20% 4 months later, how?!?
my daughter is and her iron is continuasly low and so is her hemaglobin,she is on an iron supplement?
Anyone dealing with the condition called alcohol induced cardiomyopathy?
How is orthostatic hypotension a sign/symptom of hypovolemia?
Im Sick! Help? How To Treat It!?
Why do people still engage in sun gazing?
How should I eat in order to improve eyesight?
any over the counter medication you can use to make alcoholics sick when they drink?
Legal marijuana/incense K2 like.....?
Help! taking a drug test!?
Intensify percocet high?
Can you get high off of delsym cough syrup?
Three bad shroom trips. Can someone help/explain?..?
What can I do now to ensure I live at least 200 years or more?
What is the best way to smoke weed?
i am 16 i have unexplainable scratch marks on my back that are only horizontal?
Has anybody ever had a 3day hangover?
Contact-Highs from my housemate, how can I stop it?
What is the best method to quit smoking?
oily skin?
How can I stop coughing?
What is the most effective way to take exctacy?
Does weed always have an effect?
Question for the poison ivy rash experts?
does anyone know any Sore Throat Remedies to cure a Sore Throat?
Is it ok to mix xanax and vicodin?
If i just apply for a Med Marijuana license will it keep me from joining the military?
Zoloft side effects: Anger, anxiety?
Does vicks nyquil actually work?
my dad has a hernia and has been having "stomach" problems?
Does smelling your breath harm you in nay way?
Should I be afraid of CJD?
Does tea make you sleep? or stay up longer?
my body gets numb when sleep????help?
My 2nd last rib and hipbone (pelvis) is showing?
HELP! Question about Health Insurance?
How long does weed stay in system?
Serious sleep issue. Why does the medication not put me to sleep?
A site that explains how you go blind from food coloring in contact lenses?
My eye really hurts and I feel it in one spot (its like a blood vessel) what to do?
Is my eyesight formula good or bad or average?
Is it safe to use the computer after laser surgery of a retinal tear?
Can you look at the sunrise with the naked eye, and what does it look like with sunglasses on?
Has anyone had Crosslinking for Keratoconus?
orange/red spot on my childs eye?
blurry vision and eye pressure after soccer ball hit to face?
Do i keep the vitamin E on my ear do i leave it on?
I got my nose pierced in December, and for about 2 weeks now there has been a bump on it. what should i do?
should i take my tongue ring out and let it heal over?
Ouch! Pain in stomach and chest?
Horrible back pain when I sleep! How can I stop it?
Pain/swelling in glands?
What could it be when you get like a sharp tickling feeling on the lower left side of your back!?
i'm 17 and female. I've got an ulcer that has lasted for 4months now, it doesn't hurt at all?
should i go to the physical therapist?
pain reliever suggestions?
Lower left abdomen pain?
blood blister on bottom lip?
i think if u think u have it go 2 da doctor like i did they will test u and mean while give u pills?
how long does it take for a person be infected with hiv from a female?
Nurse has confused me with results, how did you get the courage to call for results?
i am toxoplasmic positive how to get rid of this soon.?
how long will my mono last?
I'm concerned I might have E Coli? What are some symptoms?
how can i develope antibody of a specific antigen in mouse?
can a uti cause a false positive for Benzos? ?
Disease? Things taste weird. ?
Is it bad to be depressed while high on pure ecstasy?
Why do I throw up after i take in nicotine?
What do you do when your life is going downhill?
If someone quits smoking later in life can they still get lung cancer ?
Should smoking be illegal?
Smokers why do you do it?
Im a teenager with a Marijuana problem, and i need help?
why do I have so many white hairs?
went out drinking last night, and the place where my kidneys are is painful?
How to get rid of constipation fast?
Do cats really relieve stress?
my besfriend told me she tried drugs & smoked?
What is wrong with me?
what can i do 2 stop hiccups?
Symptoms of ADD?? ADHD?
How can I pass a drug test?
I get dizzy and then i get light headed for about 5 minutes. Is there something wrong with me.?
Will 1 gram of cocaine, taken gradually within an 8 hour period cause harm?
Ive been geting back to back cold sores in the last month and am starting to think its a bad thing ?
my friend go hurt and posted all this, what does it mean? how bad is it?
Anybody been out in town whilst on crutches?
Yesterday at Warped Tour, I got so badly sunburnt. How can I soothe it/make it heal faster?
I went to throw up...?
Is it possible for blow to head to cause symptoms which worsen over months and months?
I slipped on ice and fell on my back on the cement..?
if there is broken bone or chissle scratch in a bone how can we know abt it. symptoms will be what?
Whats up with my ribs?
what is frozen shoulder?
Why does my ankle still hurt?
How long will it take a broken ankle, a grade 3 sprained wrist and a grade 2 sprained knee to heal ???????
help ! my shoulder !!?
can someone tell me how to get a knee cast?
so i bit my lips and then a i got this big bump then it kinda opened its going away?
Hyperextended knee or what?
is my doctor an idiot or should i get a diffrent one?
a cold speeds up the heart rate?
suffocating while breathing?
I fell on the ice hurt top of my foot 4 days ago, dr said it was just sprained?
What is wrong with my elbow?
have you ever been so sad it's hard to breathe?
Will my foot ever feel better?
What is wrong with my eye?
Could my thumb be fractured?
Canker Sore Remedys *ouch!!*?
Is this Asthma or something else?
what will happen if i inject tessalon perles?
i broke my toe... my big one?
I have asthma, what do I need to know?
feels like there is a rock in my throat and chest?
what is this illness!!!?
is obesity a cause for elevated GPT level?
how far apart should insilun injections be given?
what symptoms do someone with low magnesium have?
what is a rainbow blood test?
i take a centrum multivitamin,a d3 2000 iu capsule,4 tri-boron plus, a probiotic capsule and 2 mega red krill?
umm im (fasting) got some questions?
HELP my dad is diabetic and got a quarter size cut on his palm?
Diabetes type 2. Carb limit.?
if i have hypoglycemia what should my blood sugar level be ?
Does metformin 2000mg along with insulin give you diarrhea?
Can you improve your vision, if it's already damaged?
What is peptide hormones?
can sugar cause worms?
Blood Tests, can they make mistakes?
Do you think I may be Hypoglycemic?
How low does a non-diabetics, Blood sugar get after insulin release?
Help me, I feel weak, deep down in my bones?
What happens if you pick at a Chicken Pock?
How EXACTLY do you know what to eat from looking at labels?
I have a problem with my count help please?
Sulfa Drug Reaction? Does it need medical attention?
Will this go away by itself?
Allergic to chocolate?
how long does cankor sores last?
Why does my nose run?
What am i suffering with?
this morning my eyes are very swollen red itchy and sore after dyeing my eyebrows?
has anyone ever heard of chaya tea?
I smoked some pot about 2 weeks ago?
If I do delsym 12 hour cough suppresant tonight, will i be clean for a dipstick drug test tomorrow?
i split my nose from conner 2 conner what do i do NO HOSPITAL?
what happens when you take your birth control 30 minutes late?
What's the best supplement to take for memory loss beside gingko?
Can you put vicodin in tea?
can social anxiety disorder get you medical marijuana?
how to get rid of sinus pain from snorting pills?
What's a good non-habit forming sleep aid pill?
how can someone stop passing kidney stones?
how do i deal with withdraws from alcohol?
would i pass a drug test?? please help if experienced?
Best food for covering the taste of a capsule?
Really sick...home remedies?
My eyes have turned red from playing a computer game 24/7?
I have CO PD.The only symptom I have is phlegm.What medication would work best without effecting the prostate?
Do generic pills always work the same?
Does Omega 3 Fish Oil help you mentally?
is weed the only thing that makes thc?
what is cotton fever?
When do Quest Multivitamins expire?
Humidifier with high iron content in water.?
Hospital jail.................?
Why is it so hard to breathe through my nose?
How to sleep if you have a cold?
i stay up late frequently even if i aim for early. how do i get to sleep on time?
Is there a good, medicated lotion for extremely dry and chapped hands?
OMG PLEASE HELP ME????????????????????
My stomach has shrunk!!!?
Brain damage and deja vu?
I am depressed, but it is not depression?
What if I were to go to bed right now?
I'm 37 and life seems to be passing me by. Is it to late to start over.?
Why does everyone want to kill themselves...?
Just starting RT; does Radiation Therapy or Cardiac Tech provide more opportunities?
Is this heart attack related ,plz help?
are these symptoms of heart attack pleae help?
How do antibiotics affect the heart?
what cause a heart mer mer?
Internal bleeding, then came a small bump. How to cure this. Help?
i am a little concernd with heart and blood pressure issue's need some ansawers?
When do you yawn the most?
Something to help you stay up at night?
How do i get rid of a hangover?
how can i prevent my armpits from smelling?
What does this mean?? (girls or women can only answer plz)?
What are some good cures for hiccups?
Should I take my friend to the hospital?
I'm 14 and I need an answer, Will I grow taller?
How can I get really sick really fast?
Will I come up clean for heroin if I drink a detox drink 2 hours before the test?
Why is it that I can be tired all day long, but when it's night i'm not tired all of a sudden?
What are the Pros and Cons of Smoking?
Why do I shake when I get hungry?
Why do I keep fainting?
i have never smoked marijuana before i was outside with someone that was smoking can i pass a drug test and wh?
why is my hand hurting soo bad?
Hw do you make yourself un-sick in 24 hours?
how do i make my feet bigger?
i have suffered a drug problem need help to stay away?
how do i get rid of body odour?
questions about acid?
Kissing and Getting Sick?
Enlarged Spleen from mono?
just had a cyst removal & im taken two antibiotics at once?
Is it ok to drink alcohol if you have the symptoms of mono, but not quite sure if you have it or not?
Is it possible to NOT get mono if you kiss someone that currently has it?
How long does tonsillitis take to go away?
Touch of the stomach flu, Motion Sickness, Or Imagination?
i have a question about hiv?
tonsil infection?? or..?
I get strep throat like 3 times a year Would getting my tonsils out help?
stomach virus question?
mad cow disease information..?
How can I avoid getting sick?
Vomiting and diarrhea in 1 year old after flu shot?
arcesuryl is medicine for diarrhea?
What's Polio? What kind of disease is it?
can anyone tell me what kind of cold I have here?
another mrsa question with toddler HELP?
Could it be Strep throat?
Anyone who knows a hospital in Manila that conducts the following test?
i had a piece of my gf candy and two days later she got a cold soar would i get one 2?
What does it mean if you have a clear mucus with a bad cough?
can the co2 from you breath kill you if you smelt it alot?
Why do my lungs crackle when I inhale?
My boyfriend is having major back and chest pain. What will help for tonight?
Smelling ammonia or vinagery smell?
Why adults (30 year old male) make noise /squeaking while breathing even during daytime?
What kind of molecule produces the symptoms of cystic fibrosis?
what kind of infection you have if you itch,burning when urine, yellow leakage running.?
Took too much Xanax, what do I do?
When SOURSOP (GREVYOLA) - aatha chakka available in India?
What's wrong with me? I feel dizzy and short of breath?
WHy do i feel lightheaded?
I think I may have an under active thyroid, what should I do?
Is it bad to swallow phlegm?
Sweaty & terrible foot burning.?
which diagnostic xray will make a tumor look larger?