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What kind of illness?
Stinging pain in my chest (where my heart is)?
cognitive impairment can reduce the person;s abillity to: tell the body what to do.?
I hit my maximum heart rate too fast?
how come anemia and polycythemia increase platelets?
how con I stop being A kind of person that binges all day long and can't stop from doing that?
Is it normal for you skin to heal over stitches that the Dr. planned on removing?
Treating an infected ear?
What's the best way to take care of a scratch that is half way on your scalp and half on the forehead so it?
I lost a finger nail?
I walk alot and I've developed a blister right below my big toe...what can I do?
Would like Some Info on Gardernella?
When doctors test for Std do they test for HPV also?
what could it be? tested for stds, all negative but still have symptoms?
Is my tongue infected?
how many years do you have to have aids before it shows?
I can't do this anymore?
Applying for disability.. but I feel like I don't deserve it.?
How should i handle this?
Do you think I have depression ?
It burns when I take a pee?
I'm getting sick, what should I do?
How tall do you think I will be?
What time are you guys sleeping at these summer nights?
My house is 96 degrees and i'm burning up.Sholud I just strip naked?
What requirements do you need to be able to donate blood?
I cut my wrists. What should I do?
i need a lotion that is non-toxic, tasteless, and odorless, preferably water based that i can buy at walmart.?
Blood test - really scared of needles?? Tips?
Do you not take showers at night?
Do I Have alot of piercings for my age?
Yellow Eyes what could it mean?
how long have you gone without sleeping?
What's the best way to get rid of a mole without seeing a doctor?
How do I tell my parents that I'm emo?
HELP!!!!!! My brother tied a twiistie thing around his finger and it wont come off.?
tips on quitting smoking.?
I have smoked marijuana 3 x's since the 13th of june, the last time being 19 day's ago.?
Hit in the head today, and now my entire head randomly hurts?
how do you save someone's life when they get shot in the torso?
how do you heal a broken toe?
question about crutches? please answer?
should i go to the doctor?
Need advice on injuries?
I have a black bruise under my toe nail, will it ever go away, when?
whats wrong with my ankle?
after rolling an ankle?
is this a hand injury???????
Can I go to the ER by myself I think I tore my ACL?
please help!! this is urgent!?
I hit my head earlier and want to know if I should go to the hospital?
How can I test to see if my middle finger is sprained or possibly broken? ?
My daughter injured her knee , she is 9 and remembers crawling on her knee and hurting it a couple of weeks?
my son's tooth broke off..?
My pinky is purplish-blue?
MRI stand up is the best!?
Can my job refuse to let me work today because I have a black eye from last night?
sore muscle pain after falling on hip, small child?
when a stye pops on its own?
Can somebody with colitis eat a sauce made with tomato paste?
I vomited & feeling unwell like i want to throw my wife saying she will kill me with some poison, help me??
Throat Infection help!?
do i have the winter sickness bug?
have others here felt ill after flu jab when they were ok before ?
what is mono? and how do you get it?
I have rotavirus, need advice please?
Can heartburn drugs elevate risk of developing pneumonia?
How do I get my gf unpregnant?
I f you find out your 13 year old have ADHD cant' focus at school would you put him on medication?
I want to smoke weed for the first time but I have no clue what to do?
Is there a natural way to cure anxiety?
Is going to the chiropractor worth it/real/or is this a quack?
How many Triple C's should I take to get high?
How to cure constipation? please help!?
what is the best and cheap way to quit smoking?
how do you buy drugs?
Im having a bad trip on acid and i just killed my friends cat?
will smoking help with weightloss?
Natural remedies for a toothache?
what can i use to remove a mole using things that i can find at home ?
Is the Sun good for you?
I have a hard time tryna focus what can i take to help me focus?
Should i confront my dad about this?
What are some smokable herbs that aren't cancerous?
whats the best way to get rid of a hangover!?!?
what can take place of sleeping pills?
Is musterbation harmful?
Garlic as antibiotics. I'm confused.?
how to boost my high?
Consequences Of Marijuana?
Should i get Blood work done before i start to lose weight?
What's causing my frequent urination?
Can you buy oral glucose... Such as glutose 15®?
diabetic, toes a little bluish, feet getting hot, can I slow down these problems?
How accurate are those mobile medical screening units?
what is the maintenance dose for hypothyroidism?
How much is an animas pump?
Could I have diabetes?
Diabetic and putting on weight!?
Foods with a lot of sugar and little sugar.?
emergencey..plz answer !?!?
Why am I getting stomach soreness after I eat?
anyone know where i can get life insurance for my husband if he has diabetes?
What is Osteoporosis?
I'm scared...do I have diabetes cuz my body twitches?
can diabetic patient drink cerevita oat drink (nestle)?
Pain in my mid right side chest?
I keep popping my jaw and i cant stop?
hey it's me again, i'm 13 yrs old, i feel a pain on my forearms?
Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy Pain?
having pain in groin area after cystoscopy?
what is a natural way to stop heartburn?
is there wires or muscles in the back of your neck?
Does popping your knuckles give your arthritas?
Blue spots by my wrist?
can wheatgrass be taken on a regular basis by a fit man without any disease and if yes then what quantity?
Is it best to drink warm water first thing in the morning?
what would you recommend a 16 year old guy for acne??
I need to change my sleep schedule for this long trip?
im still sunburned!!!!?
Is Doxycycline good for Acne?
I have a golden retriever that gets "hot spots" or rashes that come and go. Can anyone tell me how to treat?
How can I tell if I have a cold or a sinus infection?
I have a small knot behind my ear. Can you tell me what it is?
something on my finger? please help?
how to get rid of sunburn?
why does my scar burn?
Can I still wear Kids sunscreen??
Do I need to see a doc about my poison ivy? Pictures included.?
Are these blisters from the sun?
how does stives sunblock cream spf 90 affect taking a tan? does it prevent it or help it?
i can feel a pulse under my right ribcage?
How likely is it that I will have to have surgery for my wrist?
We need help? Cancer Surviver?
Would they test my urine..?
how accurate is a regular HIV test after one month?
is chlamydia a notifiable disease in singapore?
If I have ring worm, can I still use the hot tub without infecting other people using the hot tub?
what if i finger somebody who has chlamydia?
I think I have a yeast infection?? please help!!?
is this more than a yeast infection?
I recently received oral from my partner, im a female, he said he only performed oral on 1 person and is clean?
Is the dot on my hand a spider bite?
I have a Burnt nose , help!?
What was I bitten by?
Minor Dog Bite on my Hand Will i need to see a docter?
Is my thumb or knuckle broken?
Cure for a swollen hand? And Bruised Palm of hand?
does bio oil really work on mosquito bite scars? how long before you start seeing some results?
I burned my tongue from some hot melted cheese ad now I have a bump on it. Is there anything I can put on it?
smelled pot, not the smoke?
Fast heart beat when standing. Normal when sitting?
what is the best cure for athlete feet?
Why is my pee so yellow?
why do old people sleep alot?
Why has my urine gotten darker?
Uknown bump on my eyelid?
Please read and answer. Not long?
Im so nervous! I got drug tested for a new job! I need advise!!!?
is it bad for a 12 yr old to stay up from10am to 5am next day is that bad?
Why have I been so sleepy?
How can a person stop smoking weed?
Is this normal.......?
My boss wants a doctors note!!!?
I need some help......?
Would one marijuana bud get a new smoker high?
How can I make my bowels move fast?
why do my eyes itch and burn?
Im going to the doctors tomorrow how do I get out of the drop your pants parts of the exam?
I hear a "snap" sound after taking a couple of steps barefooted?
Question about cataracts...?
To create an image, the lens of an eye __________.?
What glasses does mychonny have?
Contact.. colored contacts [10 points]?
Does plain water sting the eyes?
How old do you have to be in order to get punctal plugs?
At what times is nystagmus normal? Does it relate to the emotional state?
Would most people wear eyeglasses all the time at this prescription? Is it weird that I haven't been?
my eye is kinda red.....?
i have insomnia, what do I do?
Tingling near the Deltoid muscle on my left arm, 14 years old?
i really need help with my toe touch!-Cheerleading?
could anyone help i have a huge problem?
what is the best way to heal a sprained anle withot going to the doctor?
I think I sprained my ankle?
Please I need serious help?
fast ankle pain relief?
Muscle below knee in serious pain, any advice?
What do you think is wrong with my foot?
What can help plantar fasciitis?
how do you treat a jammed finger?
My mom fell and now she feels nauseous?
I have a bone or something slightly jutting out of my groin area. What is it?
Bumped my head on door?
Will people think that I am faking it?
How to unspain your ankle ?
how can i get a black eye to go away in 3 or for day?
Sore and swollen eye?
My friend broke his toe....?
I have bumped my head...help !!!?
how can we improve panic lanth and improve sax time?
a deficiency of vitamin C, can and will result in this condition?
Strange sensation in chest/heart?
Is it this healthy??
Do I have blood clots?
Just found out my son has a systolic heart murmur and he nevr had it before? Why now?
Health question! Please help thanks.?
I am only 18 but having SEVERE chest pain and heart palpitations?
Do I have a thyroid disorder?
cholesterol is 222 mg/dl triglycerides 389 mg/dl and hdl is 22?
ct scan, is it harmful?
it feels like i took a second breath help?
I have a cold for about two weeks nows. Well over the past week it has gotten worse. It is now that I cough so?
Can acoustic guitars mold since they're wood?
Chest pain when taking deep breath or coughing?
Breathing..what is my problem?
Clear urine, stuffy nose, chills, hots, exhausted feeling?
pregnant w/ type 2 diabetes?
Which gulcometer is better and why? Accu-check Aviva or OneTouch UltraMini?
If the medicine seroquel makes me gain weight and i continue taking it, will i get diabetes?
Why am I having hypoglycemic attacks after eating candy?
how to keep our blood healthy?
Does a physician have to prescribe diabetes test strips?
Insulin Question- 1 unit lowers by....?
does this mean i am hypoglycemic?
My blood sugars have been up really high a lot, i am only 14, why is it like this?
why do pickles both the gall bladder?
when i went to the bathroom blood came out.?
signs of possible diabetes maybe?
Sugar vs High-Fructose Corn Syrup.?
has anyone heard of any latest news on the cure of type 1 diabetes?
Having a hard time losing weight and I just found out I have PCOS?
Does anyone know how to lower a dogs blood glucose at home without insulin?
good diabetes adult endocrinology doctor?
can a diabetic person have strawberry and groundnut?
if a 13 year old girl drinks 10 shots of alcohol is it fatal?
Tomato Allergy (any dr.s out there?) HELP!?
Question about my nose ring?!?please help!!!?
Alternative medicine treatment for adult male with dog allergy?
What am I allergic to?
allergies??!! what to do?
Are there any stockings that is allergy safe?
Im allergic to nickle metal and i have braces, can this cause a reaction?
Is it common for mono to cause allergies?
Is being allergic to milk the same as being lactose-intolerant?
Am I allergic to cats?
My cat who is 12 years old is sneezing..does she need to see a vet ?
Brown stuff in my mucus?
What's wrong with my daughter?
How to get over homesickness? Anyway I can go home?
What is doll phobia called?
can a nurse medicate you with no name band on or asking your name and dob?
is anti anxiety medication sold over the counter or do you need a prescription?
is weed really as dangerous as everyone makes it out to be?
does anyone know any natural or herbal remedies for severe joint pain in the knee?
Which medicine is best during constipation?
What can you do to help cure a really bad hangover?
Should i stop smoking?
first time smoking weed, dont know if i was high or not?
Question for stoners: have you/would you ever?
Burned myself with a curling iron. HELP!?
Is it true or false that people shouldn't shop on an empty stomach?
Is it easy to get a medical maryjuana card?
question about shrooms...?
My mom wont take me to the doctor?
what is your favorite meditation technique?
Is it possible to improve your eyesight?
What is the best way to quit smoking cigarettes?
does cranberry juice clean ur system?
hiding weed smell???????
I am 14 and I wet the bed 1-2 times a week 4 the past 2 months I told my parents &theydon'tbelievemewhatdoido?
what is the fastest relief medine for burning urine (without prescription)?
What's your drug of choice?
What is with this burning feeling when i pee?
flu question?? ?
Everytime I visit my boyfriend, I get a throat infection, this time strep! Is he a carrier of something?
whats the interpretation of my urinalysis?
how do I get help with my medicine?
What's wrong with me?-not only fever?
Sick....again? What is going on?
The common cold. Do people in hot climates cough and have runny noses?
Sores In Throat... PLEASE HELP...?
I used Ky last night and today after I urinated the last few drops of my urine were white. what is that?
Can anyone tell me if mononucleosis can cause fainting?
I got sunburned and now i'm peeling....how do I make my skin color blend again!?
good diet that actually work?
Acne cream & home remedies?
my vein in my hand just swelled up?
What is a really good face mask? I have acne prone oily skin but also have bad colegine issues and wrinklles?
brand names of sulfate free shampoos?
How long till I stop showing symptoms?
What are some ways HIV is not spread?
a pregnant female infected with syphilis risks what?
i have been taking my antibiotics wrong for treatment for chlamydia im 34 weeks pregnant?
what are the symptoms for herpes?
I was diagnosed with an STD about 5 years ago. But they didnt do any tests. Is it pos I dont have it?
No STD or Yeast infection. What could it be?
Can you clean your colon by drinking water?
What are some things I can try to fall asleep?
what does flatuate mean?
Why can't i feel the pain?
How do I gain weight?!?! Help please!?
If someone uses a different person's urine for a drug test, can the tester tell whose it is?
Is weed and salvia the Safest drugs?
What would happen if you smoked tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, meth and heroin all mixed together?
Am I weird for not doing what everyone else is doing?
Any knowledge of losing consiousness when smoking weed?
How can I cure his really bad cough?
How to relieve stomach aches?
I have trouble sleeping:/?
Do they drug test you in physicals?
How do you get the hiccups?
what kind of help do i need?
does smoking two different ciggeretes make you sick?
What is a good way to kill lice?
Whats the fastest way to clean or hide any substance that's in your system? Like methamphetamine?
SOS Peal in nose help?
what happens when you put bleach into your eye and don't put water on it?
please help.. A painful ear piercing..?
Right ear bleeding after ear wax removal?
4 painful bumps under my chin?
I don't know if I have poison ivy or not?! Please help me I need to touch my eyes?
what is the definition of bulimia? does this count?
I'm worried i have mouth cancer?
is this a sprained arm muscle?
Do I have a concussion?
what's wrong with me? My back is aching every time it is cold?
My stomach has been hurting for three weeks now and it tends too start up every time i eat, What could it be ?
Very painful Problem?
I've been losing my voice for at least three weeks, any suggestions?
what can you do for a hairline fracture in a small toe?
Where can I find a quality knee brace under $50?
Will wearing a sweatband round my ankle help sore ankle?
I tore a tendon or something in my ankle almost 3 months ago in a motorcycle accident.?
Should I see a doctor for this?
i hurt myself months ago?
How hard is it to get sleeping pills from your doctor, like from a clinic or something?
Indigestion or worse?
ICD-9 coding. When coding a patients record, how do you know what to put for the secondary diagnosis?
which is worse Alcohol or smoking Weed for atheletes?
I think I may have stuck a q-tip in too far what do I do?
What should I do when I sprained my foot?
what the first thing that you need to do when you suspect the victim has a fracture of the leg?
I need ideas on how to decorate my walker...?
Why does my foot still hurt when I run?
My ankle is bruised and swollen. Treatment help?
how do you know if your wrist is broken? i think mine might be. its hot (temp) and numb. help pls?
got into a accident was in the back and they rear ended us?
Whenever I kick the ground I hurt my toe?
One year old has indigestion?
i think my pinky finger is broken ?
why is it hard to get out of bed in the mornings during the weekdays?
Anyone know what Straight Medi-cal means?
Does Anyone Know of a Good Gluten Free Lotion?
Can I eat icecream with a cold....?
Got a hot date tonight. With that, how much chloroform is too much chloroform?
How long does it take to fully feel better after a bad sinus/ear infection?
How can fiber correlate with GI difficulties?
Really wierd lump in my neck.. help? D:?
is weed really that bad?
I'm female with a disability that makes me look funny and I've been getting harassed on the street lately, wha?
Can I donate a kidney, even though I have seizures?
Donating a kidney with Epilepsy question?
How Common Are Thyroid Nodules - Especially In Younger Women/Teenagers?
For people suffering with IBS?
what is a rotator cuff?
dont you feel bad for stepping on a balloon?
has anyone with lupus, lupus SLE tried the master cleanse?
is it important to take your tb meds at the same time everyday or you can take it anytime ?
Vitamin b12 deficiency and palpitations?
i have severe sinusitis, but lately i have been very dizzy with a migraine headache, can this be an ear infect?
Can someone please help me with this thyroid question?
is anyone bald from alopecia areata like me? i'm only 11 :(?
Are esophageal cancer and throat cancer the same?
A slow heart rate increases end diastolic volume, stroke volume, and force of contraction.is this true or fals?
During exercise the most important control mechanism to increase cardiac output is?
Irregular heart beat?
i'm 21 and i have chest pain? what is it actually?
Patient's right to see Psychiatric Med Records?
does having a sickness affect your heart rate and why/how?
Are there any clinical trials for Hemochromatosis in Tulsa, Oklahoma?
Getting tonsils out please help?
what is goin on with my back and neck?
I have a problem with weeing.?
whats wrong with me ?
how can i know my blood type?
If you have hyperinsulinism after you eat what happens to your blood sugar?Does it go up or down?
how does resistance training prevent osteoporosis?
Peeing a lot, thirsty and lethargic?
Migraine or headache help?
Numbness that never goes away?
Type 1 diabetic moms, did this happen to you?
does my appendix effect my bowel movements?
My Grandfather is in coma from congestive heart failure, cardiac arrest, will he wake up 75% brain is gone?
Menapause syptoms please ?
Why does the pain come back only when I go to bed?
Iv been having diahrrea as a symptom of early prgnancy, is there anything I can use besides antidiahrreal meds?
Fasting blood sugar after 12 hours or after waking up?
What do they test for at blood drives?
do people loses control of bodies after drinking an energy drink?
incontinence warning device?
mental confusion is a sypmthom odf Diabetes and hypoglycemia. How are results exhibiting...?
what is flaxseed? What foods or seasonings is it? I was told by my Dr. to avoid flaxseed.?
How I can get list and description of approved drugs from FDA?
Could this be high blood pressure or diabetes?
can stroke raise glucose levels?
how does drinking alcohol effect type 1 diabetes?
My "BM" smells just like what I ate. Is this normal?
can diabetes insipidus be inherited?
i get light headed after not eating sugar for a while?
35 yr old diabetic...Sudden weight gain, persistent cough, headaches, nausea, weakness & excessive sweating?
what does trazadone do?
I need tips, my eye/eyelid hurts?
What's going on with my right eye?
Question about coloured eye contacts? (non-prescription)?
is this a cool eye color to have?
Clear care scares me.?
Is there a way to make my vision better without surgery?
my friends QB got hit in the eye?
i have a laboratory bill for chlamydia/GC Amplification so does this mean i have chlamydia?
can your hymen break thru getting fingered?
Please help! im freaking out! ?
How long does it take to get tested for STD's?
When can you get cold sore?
it is possible hiv virus was present 100 or more year ago if not so how its come in monkey?
What does a blood test tell you?
i infected with HIV or i m just to stressed? what is wrong with me?
which std would a lesion appear that doesnt hurt..?
Is his cold sore still contagious?
while smokin a cigg even though i tke a lot of smoke in nly a lil cmes out wen i exhale....does nyone knw y?
I really need some comfort.?
can you tell your doctor you take drugs?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
what should i do? please help me?
Does weed bring back the ecstasy after it wears off ?
Why does everyone think cannabis(marijuana) is so dangerous?
how many hours of night sleep do we need?
my friend drank alcohol and took vicodin a little after. what do i do?
can it be dangerous to get too high?
Remedies for a sore throat?
help;; what's wrong with me?
Alcohol=75000 deaths a year,Legal Drugs (Tylenol, advil, aspirin)=106000 deaths.Steroids=0. Why illegal?
Is it normal to be able to feel a lymph node in your neck? SUPER WORRIED!!!!?
I'm 14, and 5'0''. Do you think I'm still going to grow?
how bad is marijuana for you?
Should I try smoking weed?
how do i pass a drug test?
What can you roll a joint with?
am i infected by poison ivy?
How do I get rid of this?
canker sores!!!!!!!!!!?
Pulled a muscle in my foot!! tumbling next week!!!heeellp?
What are two natural drugs?
Is cocaine addictive the first time?
How can i calm myself?
whats the best cigarettes to start smoking?
I have social phobia. I get nervous in public places . What's the cure can anyone relate?
Dose heavy smoking ruin electronic items?
What is the best Medicines or the best way to fight of a cold?
Why is myacne so bad?
What are some good home remedies for an upset stomach?
I'd like to learn to meditate ..?
What`s up with some "alternative medicine"?
how can you treat urinary tract infection without going to a doctor?
dont have insurance and got a uti any home cures?
Do you eat raw Garlic and how?
Whats the best way to cure a bulging leg? 10 pts!ba?
CAN"T SLEEP so I'm thinking about taking a Calcium and Magnesium supplement as studies have shown the two?
Snorting Vicodin better then orally taking it?
what is the best way to get rid of hiccups?
Where can I buy Ear Candles in New York City/Brooklyn?
How many fish oil capsules to take?
Natural tinnitus remedy - is it possible?
Is it possible to get high off of these things?
What disease is this?
are these symptoms of mono?
So if my t b shot spot is big in the circumference, does that mean I am positive for it/?
Rabies shots for Humans?
eww a fungus !!!!!!!!?
what diseases caused by lack of iron?
What is Sputum(is it spit)?
Thanksgiving is coming. Can my Daughter who has mono be around babies?
Constant yeast infection, I think ?
ear piercing infection?
I took my cartilage piercing out but my ear still keeps getting red. Is that normal? or should I go to see a?
How long does a cut take to heal?
how do you take off the battery cover from the Tribod Hand Held massager?
why can't you apply ice directly to skin?
Scared to cut my fingers off from a saw?
I've been gauging my ears to a 2G and I pulled out my tappers and both of them are bleeding! What do I do?
single bug bite at night, help determing what it is.?
have any of you done Interferon treatment?
Could i possibly have asthma???
strange feeling in my chest?
Can not eating right contribute to having a small chest?
why do i constantly coughing?
I have this feeling that I can't catch my breath.. I'm 16 and it's a scary feeling.?
What should I do for my asthma?
Why won't my cough go away?
I have Acute bronchitis?
How can i cure a sore throat?
Chest pain left side? really scared!?
I've had a cough for two years!?
Am I lactose intolerant? PLEASE HELP!?
What is wrong with me?
how can i control my anger.............................................................=/?
How do I get my husband to see a pshycologist about severe child abuse side effects?
Ive been taking depression medicine also sleeping medicine at night. Im not sleeping what should i do?
Is something wrong with me?
Why am I so obsessive over EVERYTHING?
Would this relationship work as a marriage in the near future? My life is falling apart & im confused! Advice?
What did people in mental institutions do?
why does my face feel like it is going numb? and occasionally other parts?
Why did it feel like my heart was beating in my stomach for a moment?
What is wrong (diagnosis)?
Over the past three weeks I cannot seem to eat enough. I am consuming more food in one day than I used to eat?
Are my thyroid results normal? TSH.55 and FreeT4 .67?
Can I give blood if I've had Glandular Fever?
How can I tell if I'm passing a kidney stone (13 female)?
Is Crohn's Disease Hereditary?
I have mono, Please any suggestions for dealing with the fatigue?!?
whats wrong with my buddies stomach?
IS OCPD a disease? Do I have it?
what is this going to tell my doctor?
can people with fibromyalgia do ziplining?
defibulator, what causes it to go off?
Can any1 define macroplatelets?
how many people suffer from tinnitus in the uk?
Do certain foods contribute to getting Alzheimer's?
is autism spectrum disorder the same as autism?
what is treatment for osteoarthritis and inflammation of the joint.?
The disease diphtheria affects?
19 years old with hiatal hernia what should i do to prevent surgery?
ok its about cocaine i need help?
What should I do about this?
Is it okay to take Nyquil every night while I'm getting over a cold?
My ears keep popping help?
Upper/Lower Split Program?
problem with sound in one ear -- gears grinding?
Do i need another vaccination?
How do i get quality sleep?
When I sleep too much, I get a headache throughout the day, and in the evening I throw up. Why?
I went in for STD testing ...?
how long until herpes show up?
what is the longest time the hiv virus can live outside body in dry state?
with some one for seven years no she do need me anymore tells me the std is from hir,says i cant do anything?
what is the normal temperature range for someone having a herpes outbreak?
i have a urine infection??what can make it go away A.S.A.P.?
What are std symtpoms is this? (itching under the testical sack no bumps or anything) (not me)?
if I drank alcohol last night will it show in my blood today?
My blood sugars are 126. My mom is a diabetic and im 17 years old.?
Do I have diabetes or mono? ?
about dizziness after alcohol!!!?
What is high fructose corn syrup?
why lifestyle could be dangerous?
i am 25 years mother ..my pressure drops and i get dizzness?
Is an average fasting bg of 108 really "just fine"?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
pp question B=================)?
Possible Gallstone or infection?
anyone would like to interpret my urinalysis test?
Could I be diabetic or prediabetic?
Future possible diabetic?
am confused.. deadly help me out?
I'm feeling thirsty all the time?
feeling dizzy and nauseous,could it have anything to do with my blood?or my thyroid problem?
diabetes question....?
I am diabetic, how do I get health isurance?
What type of cannabis is good for glaucoma patients? Indica or Sativa?
I have had diarea for a month I was taking metformin for diabetes dr stopped it but I continue to have it?
Accuracy of walgreens brand drug tests?
what are some type of health issues people go through? like a common one?
how many hours before you can eat or drink before blood work to see i your a diabetic?
Do these symptoms mean I have heart health problems ?
What percent of heart attacks have no symptons at all?
what is trivial tricuspid regurgitation? is this dangerous?
Can high blood pressure cause blurred vision?
Which type of fat is considered to have beneficial effects on heart disease risk?
I feel my heart pounding when im laying down?
What are 5 factors of a heart disease that can be changed?
does anyone else have this condition?
ever scince ive gotton braces my mom has been bck slaping me repeatedly knowing the braces will destroy my lip?
Can a marijuana drug test be passed after only about 1 week of abstinence?
Am I the only one who eats cucumbers and gets a bad dose of hickups afterwards?
Inhaling smoke?10 pts 2 best answer?!?
When I pee it feels normal until I stop then it burns why is that?
what do i do to get rid of a high fever and sore throat. and the doctors is not an option right now?
oops I didnt read it right?
My friend took 4000mg of acetaminophen and 4000mg of aspirin and I need to know what will happen to her?
Ecstasy? First time use?
if i do weed once will i get addicted?
i have a drug test in 10 days?
is it alrigt for me to take?
drug test!!!!!!! what to do i smoked yesterday and my mom is drug testing me tomorrow morning!?
What's wrong with me?! HELP PLEASE!?
What is lsd like????????
why do the jonas brothers make me sick to my stomach?
Why cant i fall to sleep at night.?
Is there any ways to stop gaining some height?
Are we shorter, Or taller in the morning?
Does weed cause permanent short term memory loss?
how do the left side of the brain work?
Carpal tunnel problems bad?
I hit my knee and bruised it on the top right side and now the opposite side is swollen?
I fell on my left foot, and now ankle is swollen.?
My GP has perforated / ruptured my both EARDRUM with wrong procedure / treatment last Friday .. what best cour?
does "comfort care" mean certain death?
Traumatic Injuries..........?
how to cure a swolen leg?
When will I stop feeling broken?
I have persistent arch pain that's not plantar fasciitis. What is it called and how can i fix it?
i had blood taken almost a week ago and still got bruising, could i be anaemic?
my wound wont scab what is wrong with it?
I have a bump on my wrist?
i have had bad diahhrrea for two days and massive headaches. I also been sleeping alot and i feel very weak...?
Ankle Hurts. Anybody know what it could be?
can someone cast me a voodoo spell against my health problems?
Can a sports hernia be healed without surgery?
Is it normal when you cannot move your hands while their numb?
sleeping constantly since I hit my head ?
Can young teens have a problem with their IT band?
shoulder hurts after throwing dodgeball for a while,why?
What is wrong with my pinky finger?!!?
how do you bring down the swelling in a sprained ankle?
i had horrible sleep last week, is that why im tired?
I just got out of a flu and got another one? what?
what are sleeping pills called?
Question about Salvia Divinorum?
best treatment for tinnitus-where I can get it?
What is the easiest way to swallow pills ?
Im out of melatonin! I dont know how to sleep tonight please help!?
Bad trip on marjiuana?
What is the best way to sooth a sore throat?
help, are there any supplements/vitamins or drugs I can take to gain energy?
my ear is blocked with wax been useing ear drops for a week but no joy, any ideas of how to cure this?
I am regular drinker since 1995,my mother started given me homeopathy medicine for alcoholisam in 2001?
Please help! Any remedies?
Seriously craving some weed, but I'm trying to quit!?
What are the effects of Ecstasy?
cocaine (whats more addictive)?
My homeopathist has prescribed silver?
Is 3% hydrogen peroxide safe to use, and if so, what quantity should be used?
how do i clean my system of thc in 8 days?
i need to know all the facts you know about pot and smoking it!?
Why do people in the West baby their immune system?
how do i get rid of sore throat really fast?
What foods and beverages help dissolve kidney stones?
How do i treat a bad, big turf burn on my knee?
If I go through reciprocity process to work in an another state ?
Do they sell ipecac in Idaho?
Will my puppy be fine? He just got stung by a bee.?
perforated ear drum question?
heartbeat-yes, breathing-no?
I am having some toenail trouble! Please help!!!?
What's the best "at home" treatment for the common cold?
Many symptoms, no answer?
Can you help me find information on Electroneurodiagnostic Technologist?
my question is what would be the longlasting effects in children using gravol.?
Help with my cold/flu?
how long do lymph nodes stay up after a fever ? ?
What is the best way to treat HEP-C?
Colored contacts? Any Advice?
what are the best contacts for sports?? (softball)?
What freshlook colorblends color contacts should I use? PLEASE ANSWER?
Colored Contacts Help!?
do hospitals work on sunday in sydney?
I went to the optometrist today, I'm VERY confused, and was too mad to talk to him, help?
Where to get colored contacts?
WHy are lady gagas eye lids so HUUUGE?
Do I have epilepsy or something wrong with my eyes?
Getting cosmetic contacts; question with prescription.?
Can HIV live outside the body, but not in blood?
Which STD causes clear urine in men?
someone give me some comdoms they are a litle big is there anyway i can use them somehow?
im doing a research on HIV/Aid I wanna know any info that would help me on this project,?
This is a bit embarrassing but can someone help?
Do you think i have herpes?
AM I OKAY? I took a dookie and it was PURPLE like Barney!?
how come every time i puke, i puke violently?
Doctor For Oily Skin?
What natural thing is good to get rid of really itchy sore looking heat rash on my foot?
i think i have a wart?
My skin keeps itching all over randomly. I have exlcuded any changes in laundry det, soap, etc. anyone know of
Small yellow patch on face?
which is worse, hives or chicken pox??
how do i get rid of a planters wart. PLZZZZZZZZZ HELP!?
I am recovering from a throat and cold infection, is it normal for my eyelid to sag during this period?
is there? a natural remedy?
Is this normal.. I feel sick and tired after?
Insomonia troubles sleeping at night?
what common idems can get u high besides weed?
Will the diarrhea effect it?
my boyfriends wiked sick right now what do i do?
I accidently consumed something poisonous. What will happen to me?
anything i can wear when i sleeping to prevent rubbing my eyes?
How do I throw up rainbows?????????
How is smoking marijuana bad for me?
I keep getting dizzy- quite often and i have for months, do you know why?
how to get rid of popped ears(after getting off a plane)?
how to overcome my fear of?
Is it bad for you to wear a bra to bed?
Why is it that some times when I smoke weed my bowels are affected?
omg! please please help me throw up!!! sick :(?
should i go to practice even if im sick?
how long does marijuana stay in your system?
what the fast way to die?
Do colorblind people see colors if they're on acid?
What's wrong with me...?
18 year old son fainted?
please please please help?
How much .25 mg to equal .5 mg? (Risperadol)?
Glucose test was not normal, now what?
Diabetes or something else?
Is he diabetic? I think he's lying.?
dizzy and diabetic what does that mean?
Is there a blood sodium meter one can buy to check the sodium level at home?
Do i have diabetes, or is it something else?
I just need to know if I am pre diabetic or diabetic. I had blood tests done, sugar level was 57 not fasting.?
i had to sign in sick to go for an hospital appointment to revue my type 2 i have to go on insulin?
question about my levels?
normal glucose level?
what are the chances that i am a diabetic?
A hypoglemic patient is given orange juice.how does it raise blood sugar? list the organ systems involved.?
Age to Donate a kidney?
picture of blood packets?
Statewide test coming up, no 504 plan?
Is it normal to have blood when I "squirt"?
how is insulin needed to move glucose into cells?
can a diabetic woman do surgery in her stomach tumor?
So , how do you like paying for Health Ins. and paying for Medicare, Social Security?
diabetics:help please?
I am taking zoloft and I am on Implanon birth control, cigarette smoking?
How do I sterilize a watch?
Earlobe piercing sleep?
what can you use mitosyl irritations pommade (cream) for?
Is a contrast media and a tracer the same thing?
How do I stop snoring?
Can one contact tonsillitis through bad weather condition?
Why can't I breathe out my nose at night?
why cant you hook up a bi-pap mask to a ventilator?
What's wrong with my breathing?
My snot is only yellow right after i wake up, otherwise clear... sinus infection?
Have you checked out STOP SWEATING TODAY? That did it for me?
Question about snoring and sleeping?
What can you do for a wasp sting?
My Bee MP is wack help me please?
Need help with an injury?
i broke my ankle last summer and now i think i have nerve damage?
Bruise on my forearm?
i hurt myself months ago?
i was playing with fire crackers and the blwo tourches with axe cans and i bruned my hand reallly baddlyy!?
What should I do when I sprained my foot?
how do you know if your wrist is broken? i think mine might be. its hot (temp) and numb. help pls?
Hi, I broke my ankle on Sept 6th, I had surgury on the Sept 10th and 2 weeks later they took the cast off?
Question for those with 2 or more siblings?
Music for mentally ill (10pts)?
Sometimes I think I should stop daydreaming... Fear that I won´t be able to tell fake from real?
Do you think becoming a psychiatrist would be unethical?
how many infections look like a std?
do you think i have ADHD?
about getting your results back from the ER if you have(chlamydia)?
Salvia VS. JWH-018 (Space, K2, Summit, etc.)?
streptococcus on fingers or herpes?
Is this even possible?
Which std tests do obgyns routinely perform. which do you have to ask for?
what is the cpt code for diagnosis 726.19?
My mom has Mitral Valve Prolapse.. what kind of cold medicine can she take?
gastric bi-pass versus lap-band surgery?
Second degree AV block type 1?
is the serum calcium normal/high/low in extensive osteosclerotic metastasis?
Miguel Induran (a former world class cyclist) is reported to have a resting heart rate of 29 beats per minute.?
My heart rate is below average, help?
Help me, 25yrs old and have right ventricular hypertrophy, pulmonary hypertension, cardiomyopathy dilated,?
Could I have an Aortic Aneurysm at age 28?
Is it true that you can trip off your own spit?
Is there a drug that makes you feel like youre dead and revived?
Weed smoking question?
if you buy from the black market?!?
what does being in labor feel like?
Are there different types of weed that give you a different high?
Can you get high if you smoke duck tape?
how to feel better with a cold?
questions about cocaine?
Are there any medicines available that can extend a persons life?
...What is "space"?...?
my father used to take sleeping pills but dr. took them away a while ago. so now he takes NYQUIL every night.?
What happens if you're filled with more blood than your body is supposed to hold?
My cats dying of poison, help quick please!?
why don't people eat weed instead of smoking it?
How do I bless or CLEANSE a new home I bought...from bad energy and whatever else?
how does marijuna get in the usa?
Is salvia the new pot?
Can constipation cure completely?
Does this sound like the flu? hot/cold?
Is Hot Chicken soup still *best* against this yr. flu epidemic?
im sick what sickness do i have?
What substances in your digestive tract aid in the breakdown of food? ?
Help please someone ?
help i think i have a pink eye?
what is 30 days in patient like?
what is a shunt......?
Why do i have this fever-I don't feel sick?
what are some things that you shoud be aware of before kissing?
my mycobacterium combo Igm test is under borderline the Index Value is 0.98 will I have problems in conceiving?
what transmission based precautions protect against pathogens that are less than 5 microns in diameter?
took rabies shot but no booster ?
how contagious is shingles ?
Is it a throat Infection?
hutingtons disease? ?
how can i get my throat better by saturday?
Chicken pox question ?
What does 32.5 anti-hcv signal/cutoff mean?
when should a 10 year old go to bed?
things to do before working 13 hours early in the morning?
Whats the consequence for getting high on ibuprofen?
i need help! am i dehydrated?
I just took 400mg of caffeine (tablet form) What's going to happen?
If i smoke marijuana one time, will i get addicted to it and smoke it again?
I swallowed a battery what do i do?
Important question about weed?
Reaction from IV fluids?
What kind of reaction from a band aid do I have?
Milk allergy or lactose intolerant?
nose been running for 3 months?
Somebody please answer. Hypertension medication and marijuana?
How come, every time i eat sourdough bread I feel like it is going down my throat really slowly?
Please help what's wrong with me, I have trouble thinking and I'm constantly sick PLEASE READ?
if you where to get stabbed?
Age 14, Constipation problems.?
If i took a couple hits of marijuanna how long would it stay in my hair if i got tested?
Do i look full mexican?
what is in Benadryl that causes the itch to stop?
why is my neck so incredibly stiff?
I have lost interest in eat...and when i finally try to eat it makes me sick, how can fix this?
how can i get a bad cold in two days?
I plucked a lot of EYELASHES(not eyebrows!) now I have huge gaps!?
I know 70-135 is considered a normal reading today but what was "normal" 20,30,40 years ago?
Problems with not being able to eat?
need to know why my father cant use the restroom?
diabetic tips req for breakfast?
can hypoglycemic cause you to be intolerant to alchohol?
What is the normal fasting insulin level for a young kid?
What's your hypothyroidism diet to lose weight?
what are signs of daibetes?
what medicines affect blood sugars?
Question about glucose tolerance test? I failed mine at 177..?
Question about Trazadone. Please Help?
for what reason would i be throwing up blood only blood?
What is the recomended daily amount of high fructose corn syrup?
Diabetes or something else?
I have family with Diabetes and i have been getting dizzy and eating and feeling better would that be related?
Aspartame side effects?
diabetes type 1, Help!!?
My stomach really hurts?
dull pain in diaphram?
Sore, tight chest.. I don't know whats happening!?!?!?
my left ear hurts alot what do i do?
How can I relieve joint pain so I can work out?
My knees im 15 and hurting :S?
My calve hurts really bad for no reason?
Took Imodium AD and now constipated?
HMO hired intermediary that denies care. What are options?
My back hurts and I have pneumonia?
Can you only get HIV if your "partner' is infected with HIV?
how is apoptosis related to cancer?
Asthma in the winter?
Is it okay to take off 3 sick days in a row?
how to have a clear voice?
Can i grow out of asthma?
how long do air pockets in the chest last?
kennal cough suggestions?
What is the noticable difference from a cold and whooping cough?
I am having gallbladder issues and need an endoscopy, what is entailed in this?
do i have a hairline fracture in my ankle?
How do I prevent shin splints?
i got poked with a pencil (wood) not deep and nothing and foot but bleeding wat should i do?
How do I know if I sprained my ankle?
Ankle Injury PLEASE HELP!!!?
should i see a doctor? what would you do?
I cut my foot four days ago and it's still bleeding?
Could I have bruised my tailbone?
had knee surgery mon i have questions?
Idk whts wrong? Plzz help?!?!?
Is my ankle sprained or something?
How can i help my daughter?
I think I sprained or fractured my wrist?
expert advice needed on this one... please help! ?
Can you sleep after a concussion?
what might be wrong with my wrist?
I twisted me knee this morning and it hurts to walk, and tommorrow there is a fall dance, so how can i heal it?
my shoulder gets this little painful knot in it when i use it repeatedly or carry heavy stuff what could it be?
What could be causing this?
What is the vein, that if you cut it you can't walk anymore?
i have a question bout bones?
I think I sprained my ankle?
Can glasses (prescription) over time help better your eyes/eyesight?
how do you know if you need glasses ?
Can Sodium Laurly Sulfate (SLS) in shampoo damage eyes?
what are some brands that offer light frames?
Eye Birthmark??????????????
I can SEE my pupils resizing when I look closely at them in the mirror...?
please help should i be freaking out or not?!thanks,?
going to get tested at the health department?
What is Testing for std ?
Herpes on tongue?? PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE?
i am 19 years old......?
I drank after someone that got a cold sore the next day, was the person contagious when we shared a drink?
i have hives all along my wrist?
Athletes foot?
Trag piercing - keloid that wont go away?
Does frontline flea treatment work????
StiTCH SCar?!?!?
rash thingy on arms?
I have tiny hard bumps in my groin and scrotum area They are only formed around every hair follicle.?
Why does acne treatment seem to make my acne worst?
i need to know about the best face pack to keep the skin fresh and white?
Treat sunburn quickly???
how do they remove....?
Help please!!?
Bumps under my 2 armpits?
hi skin problem pls help?
I drank ipecac, and nothing is happening, is that bad?
how can i close my ear hole?
why wont this black stuff get off my peeled skin?
How did Neosporin make my Fingernail Red Swollen Infection from Mouse bite go down so fast?
Is using "Swim-EAR, a swimmers ear medicine, alright to use on a child with ear tubes?
Is an oil based lubticant safe for a teenage kid?
What exactly are shrooms? I'm having thoughts.?
Is green tea brewed and applied with a cotton ball as good as a green tea cream?
help i think i did something wrong please help me :(?
natural way to get marijuana out of system?
How Dangerous is Hand Sanitizer?
I have a bad cold, no money for the doc. Any good home remedies I can use. I am in the US?
how to get high with weed but without smoking it.?
Besides cooking. What other ways have you used Garlic? Thanks?
I took 5 tylenol pills?
how to cure back pain?
is there any homeopathy medecine for gallbladder problem?
can you smoke household herbs?
is alcohol good to clean out your system?
Any herbs for treating arthritis?
Can you get weed out of your system within a day?
Whats wrong with me? =/?
Sore throat!???? PLease help!?
can you take tramadol and percocet together?
what herbal remedy works for add children?
Can you get high off snorting pain pills from the dollar store?
Where can a 18 year old female get health insurance if she missed her employers health insurance.?
How long does it take for Dramamine to get out of your system if you took 8?
Yellow stool cause for concern?
So just got blood work to see?
Random upper nose twitching?
will i ever sleep normally again please help?
angioplasty and branch vessels?
Echocardiagram for women?
Deformed tricep? The upper heads of my left tricep are way larger than right tricep?
Will protein worsen Tachycardia?
how can you make an appointment with a specialist at kaiser?
How to raise my blood pressure?
chest compressions on a child per minute should be?
Help with bad anxiety!?
if i smoke to much marijuana , will i die early?
Lipoprotein and heart disease?
What happens when you get blood work?
Has anyone ever dreamt in cartoon?
Am I Affected By Marijuana?
Is it possible to get a heart attack without blocked arteries?
Someone help me quick please I am in alot of pain?
What will you do if you had 72 hours to live?
I smoked marijuana today, and am getting drug tested in a little bit, is it in my system already?
Do crest white strips harm your teeth?
What is bothering you today?
why cant i talk when i smoke marijuana?
I've never seen anyone sneeze in their sleep before, can you sneeze in your sleep?
What could this be, should I see a DR.?
smoking weed...................?
Can Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium (amox/kclav 875 mg) cause a yeast infection?
i have mono for the second time....please help?
Urinary tract infection question?
ok i think im going to die need help?
I found a pill on my carpet,can't identify it?
Is this a staph infection on my back?
i was almost rapped last night! HELP! (LONG)?
Can I wear medical exam gloves to change my sister's diapers?
does masterbation relieve stress?