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What is your opinion on breast implants?
First time smoking marijuana ..was it laced?
Do i need help or is this normal?
whats first, second and third base?
What works better? Zoloft or Prozac?
How to stop a 13 year old girl from wetting their bed on a trip?
Normal to feel anxious before taking medication?
Ways to tell if someone has smoked marijuana?
omg its so hot ! please help !?
depression treatments ?? help. i don't know what to expect?
how tall will i be when i am 18?
OCD obsessive thoughts?
please help my friend is acting weird?
do you think im a sick person?
Guys only!!! 12 and up?
Everytime I eat I feel sick to my stomach, why?
how much is medical billing and codig salary in oklahoma city?
whats the best website for vicodin?
Disadvantages of using pharmaceuticals?
Has anyone ever used MDMA therapeutically? Like not in a recreational setting?
cherry angioma natural removal?
do leprosy patients get addicted to drugs?
Can scoliosis affect my wrestling.?
How do you know if you have OCD?
What area of the brain causes this problem?
What does indigestion in chest feel like?
Lupus Medication advice?
Do I have to get an endoscopy?
what is the percentage of people allergic to wheat?
my nose burns when its cold?
have you ever experienced swollen lymph nodes after having an allergy to hair dye?
How to get rid of a runny nose?
Any way I could make my eyes look red?
Why does my nose itch when I turn on the kitchen faucet?
Are there any allergy medications that cause mental disorder?
Why is my eyes burning,itching,and watery?
How do i get the dried up blood out of my nose after having Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery?
Hi,for several years, I had an itchy throat.It starts all of the sudden for no reason it starts itching kinda?
Has anyone experienced pregnancy knowing your baby has a heart defect?
lightheaded, heart skippng from laughing?
What is it like being a cardiologist?
Will they make drugs test harder to pass?
d.o. after doctors name?
Is This a Heart Problem?
can valve repair be done by catheterzation?
Question about my heart rate?
Heavy pain in my heart?
How do i get rid of big red spots on my tummy from insulin pump?
are the animas comfortable in artificial setting instead of their natural habitat?Why?
If I regular delivery of my blood, will be there is a weight loss?
Prolonged use of alcoholic beverages has been shown to do no damage to the pancreas.?
How is glucose accepted into cells?
Can i have type 2 diabetes can i be a wrestler??&what PRO wrestlers have type diabetes 2?
why does my grandma never want to eat a real meal, and always says she's not hungry?
For someone with type 2 diabetes is eating chili okay?
Why am I so dizzy??????????????????
Digital Scale Weight Fluctuation? Within an Hour?
When will stem cells cure diabetes?
do ou ever do food without wine or beer because diabetics cant do that and i would like to see you do one?
Myocardial Infarction & Diabetes?
Do people with low blood sugar have a very keen sense of smell? Give some examples.?
is it good to follow blood type diet?
if blood sugar level is to high how long do you wait to give insulin shot to diabectic?
why is my mom not eating?
what are some fruits that are low in potassium?
Is it normal to get so dizzy so easily after spinning around 2x ?
could i have pre diabetes?
where does lice come from?
wat methods used in dissemination of HIV/AIDS in Africa?
how long does it take for exposure to the sun to kill soemone?
ive got to have a hiv test as i am pregnant and around a year ago i had 2 stis/stds. wots the odds i have hiv?
Can you tell me if i have been exposed to lead or bad water , will it show up in a blood test?
,,,is there's difference between dyspnea and dysponea ?
is the middle nasal conchae part of the nasal bone or ethmoid bone?
I am really sick. any idea what i have?
does benylin mucus cough work?
Birth Control and azithromycin (Z-pack)?
Do i have asthma or just bad breathing?
My 8 yr old has developed a fast heartbeat with breathlessness, does it sound serious?
i have a cough and a cold will dairy make it worse.?
Can you remove a black widow spider's venom?
What is the most painful place you have been stung with a bee by?
bruised face from cat scratches ..help?
I get 10-12 hrs of sleep a night, why am I still tired?
Tips for constipation?
Can you do push-ups/press-ups?
Help im 12 need help?
I lost a fight, what should I do?
how do you get rid of the hiccups?
getting molested when i was a child?
why do i get tired so easily?
Where could i buy a gas mask?
how long does weed stay in your system?
How do i get help for my problem?
how can i get rid of a really bad zit without sqeezing it?
how can I start smoking?
where is the hottest point in ones body?
My sister needs to go to the hospital NOW, but she refuses?
Is weed better for you than cigarettes?
double wrapping a blunt?
What do you think is the worst way to die? (horrible question i know)?
Lost my "sparkling" eyes?
need to gain weight quick!?
Please answer! I need help on this one!?
my palm is swolen and blue after playing tennis ?
what is the weirdest injury you have gotten?
Do i have a broken finger?
Should I get my pinky looked at?
My friend touched a broken thermometer.?
Wrist injury...could it be a fracture?
Could i have broken a bone (10 points best answer)?
what does it mean when it hurts when i show my wrists or the air hits it?
How do I stop my lip leaking?
There's a huge vein sticking out of my gum, It's broke the skin and just sticking out literally.?
please help with my ankle problem?
What is this pain in my lower back, just above the hip on the right side?
When will my knee stop hurting?
What happened? was it a seizure?
should i be walking long distance on a minor sprain?
My ankle is so big could these be the reason 10pts?
How to fracture your wrist?
how long does pills stay in your system? like lowertabs and muscle relaxers?
how do you stop clicking your fingers?
i scrached my foot on a computer desk when iwas trying to do a cartwheel am i okay im just a child?
how to treat a strained wrist?
i have a child that's 3 he is black and on his bottom lip is discolored is this something i should worry about
Get answers from millions of real people.?
What kind of oil or kitchen product helps you to tan faster?
when you have razor bump does it burns when it touch water?
Ok i neeed help now!!!!!!! HELP PLEASE?
the skin on/around my face is sensitive, burning, etc?
Sore eyes due to nervousness?
i've been using a cream combo of lidex,lotrimin,& garamycin, filled script and not the same stuff, why?
back acne!!? its so imbarrising?
bumps under skin on right side of neck !!?
I attempted to try and wax my arms, it left these round purple bruises in my arm, will it go away?
I need to know a bit about rashes can I die?
What is vasaline used for?
My wife has toenail growing over existing toenail on her big toe, There is no infection or damage to the nail?
Need Some Help?!!?
Need suggestions with my skin discoloration?
Is this more than a cold?
Sometimes I feel like there is something in the eye?
where to get Sport glasses?
What's wrong with my friend's eye?
What risks are involved if a Diabetes patient doesn't control the diet they are given by doctor?
High Potassium Level?
alcholoism not eating right?
My TSH level is .63. I have all of the symptoms of Hyperthyroid. Doctors say i am in normal range? HELP!?
What could be wrong with me, and how do I deal with this?
how does low and high GI relate to obesity?
Can depression make diabetics sick?
Why do some people weight 400 pounds?
Should a Diabetic Detox?
i see double vision in both eyes?
Constipation and fatigue?
phantom pain in a stump?
Ive been using a Deltec Cozmo insulin pump for the last 9 years, I'm getting a new pump?
Can i interview someone with diabetes?school paper?
Help with my blood sugar... please?
What do I do if my mom is diabetic and wont go to the doctor?
Why am I not loding weight?
Normal toddler blood glucose Canada?
Drinking blood..............................................?
lower blood sugar when its very high?
I have High potassium level in my blood and also have a kidney impairment, I am going into hospital for a cyst?
What does this mean (indicate?)?
if i was slowly becoming pre-diabetic what would i be feeling or have as symptoms?
IBS feels like??????????
how do you reinsert a prolapsed rectum?
Why does my foot hurt ?
I'm really sore and tender in one spot of my lower tummy.. what could be wrong?
i might have an issue with my leg?
My Throat is Burning!!!?
Why are my hands feeling numb and tingly? Help!?
What do I do if I woke up in the middle of an acid reflex attack?
Placenta anterior,lower margin just covering int.os means ?
how does the immune system prevent further infection from a virus?
how wood the doctor give you HIV treatments I'm just asking?
how do i get rid of a stye that has spread?
can i get food poisening??
About the flu that's going around ?
Do I have stomach bug?
Do I have Food Poisoning?
Are you contagious if you dont have symptoms?
Has anyone heard of varicella zoster virus?
how long it takes to get symptomatics from hiv needle sharin ?
what are the symptoms of having damaged your live with alcohol.?
In jail do you share soap bars? what if they have diseases?
what can you do for and infected toe?
Just wondering...what would happen if I had strep throat that was resistant to penicillin?
What is Whooping cough?
I was bitten by my dog a few days ago. do i have rabies? he was vaccinated a year ago but this year he wasn't.?
what are the symptoms of internal fungal infection for men, and what to use OTC . Is it whitening on the tongu?
recurring ingrown nail problem?
dizziness from being inactive?
What are the signs and syptoms of having a thyroid problem?
Can multiple sclerosis be affected by smoking?
Is it common to get a series of kidney stones at a time?
whats the name of the substance that is injected into the knee cavity to prevent friction?
My foot swelling bone poping out?
Shoulder problems!!...........?
I'm alway depressed.?
does st johns wort work?
Looking for free/cheap/sliding scale psychotherapy near Lansing, MI???
Repost: Do I have maybe a mild form of Dyspraxia?
I keep crying for no reason?
Taking LSD with a depressed Mum?
Schizophrenia Medication Question ?
does anyone know the name of the thick pink fruity tasting liquid prescription for bronchitis?
Is asthma-related death very common among people with severe asthma?
Nyquil cough mixed with alcohol?
Could My Mom Have Ink Poisoning?
can i drink vitamin water for actue bronchitis?
Sinusitis help, bloody mucus from nose?
problem with cold help?
What services do asthmatic sufferers use?
I was dropped off at the emergency room by a friend who I met for lunch & drinks, I feel my drink was spiked,?
Repair damaged blood vessels?
I am 23 and a diabetic.. I have been since I was?
Why might someone have dry brown kneecaps if they have type 2 diabetes?
Cure for Diabetes Type 2?
what will happen if i take fast acting insulin eg. humalog etc intravenously?
what foods can I eat on a renal/diabetic diet?
tattooing while on blood thinners?
how long can the elderly live on a malnutrition diet?
30 years ago was there a 5 unit or 10 unit insulin syringe for diabetics who used only low dose of insulin?
Is there a website like this?
my mother in law has diabetes and the arteries in her legs are 60% clogged?
How does the amount of water you drink affect blood glucose levels?
Anyone out there with Type 2 Diabete's that is under weight? I thought Type 2 people were over weight.?
non alcoholic red wine. same benefits?
I need a diabetic person for my homework?
Which one is better to Control your weight?
what can i do for managing pain from diabetic neuropathy?
Do i have diabetes? Please Answer?
How serious is proteinuria?
Has anyone developed type 2 diabetes after being on beta blockers. Also did they gain weight whilst on them?
blood sugar levels and a1c test?
what can this be if i'm not pregnant and no UTI?
question about std why its not leaving?
question on HIV viruss helpp?
can you get HIV from a dirty razor?
Anyone ever had an adnormal papsmear?
Having a problem with cold sores please help.!!!!?
is my tongue infected?
My giny tingles. It's all gooey up in there. What should I do?
what is the Aids consequences ?
herpes realated question?
Where can I get tested/treated for STD's in Bangalore?
My 13 year old mongrel has a large lump on his throat which the vet thinks is related to a heart problem.?
Interval training and high blood pressure?
What is Twisted Coronary Artery Syndrome?
Why am I told I need to have more tests on my heart?
what is the life expectancy after a heart attack?
What does right atrial hypertrophy mean should I be worried?
Heart Transplant recipients please!?
CPR and first aid class question?
How to detox for drugs?
Can you drink alcohol if you haven't taken your medicines in three days?
Weed Wrap Question Please help?
Is rose essential oil edible?
can anybody tell me about Best Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure. give links?
are there any side affects to the pills glipzide?
How do I format a Comparison?
can you go buy triple c's at the store off the shelf?
Can any one give me a no BS link to a website or forum about Pharmacognosy?
Who is a good Holistic MD in Maryland?
are neti pots real good for clearing sinuses?
I can smell bad things, but not my own cooking while I cook... what could be causing this?
What's another word for a canker sore?
Can I ride bike with stitches in my knee?
So like i hit my friend in the groin?
What are good remedies for canker sores?
I just broke my wrist and im a righty?
I slammed a car door onto my index finger, what should I do?
i have a cut on my leg and it has fluid coming out.?
why does it fell good to wack off?
I fell on an egg while i was cleaning, now it's in too far to get out.?
Why is my scab still bleeding?
I hurt my leg.. should I get it checked out?
Strained hamstring will not heal?
Thumb injury at basketball practice?
Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad For You?
bruised nail, should i be worried?
Is it really bad if you sew something into your stitches and close them up really quick? The blood won't stop.?
Is it possible to twist a bone in your arm without braking it?
how do you embalm someone?
Do I have the stomach flu? =?
why corticosteroids and non-steroidal analgesics cause an acute abdomen?
Food poisoning or Something else?
can osteomylits make you feel REALLY COLD??
could it be my ulcer?
swollen lumph nodes what does it mean?
what are the symtoms of staff infection and what does it look like?
Do i have pink eye or a scratched cornea or what?
how can i get over the flu over night?
Is if bad to get a Flu shoot while sick?
Do i have Scabies? I held an ID card from someone who has Scabies..Im so scared!?
how aids can be co use of death?
Is there any cures to help my wife from getting Meningitis again.Or to Control her headaches. ?
Describe two problems that occasionally occur with vaccines?
Do I have stomach flu?
Thoughts on abnormal cat scan results?
Please explain information regarding steven's johnson syndrome related to adverse drug reactions.?
does ringworm make you itch?
How long will i be ill for?
my 10 yr old daughter has an elevated ALT(SGPT) level of 26 out of range of 5.0-20.0 and has right side pain?
Anyone know a good way to get in touch with Seniors (over age 65)?
I need information about B.S.219 type D in urgent.?
How long does it take to get results back from 3 hour glucose tolerance test?
where can i find a good doctor?
are there any children in st. louis (north county) with diabetes?
Is it bad to take tablets with coke?
passing out because of hypoglycemia/diabetes, help?
can a person with blood type o+ and a person with blood type ab+ have a child with blood type o-?
blood has 45% iron level is this bad?
full blood count..........?
How do you use an Accu-check diabetic meter?
help please! 14 yr old female w/ ADHD on strattera. is something else wrong?
Potato juice and diabetes?
how did insulin help the practice of medicine?
How well does Armour work for losing weight? I have hypothyroidism.?
What can I do to get my systolic lowered?
can u take birth contorl if u have diabetes?
can diabetes cause g.i tract problems?
When should I take my BCAA and Glutamine supplement?
Blood Sugar dropping after eating sugar?
Any ideas on a/noon to evening nausea.Going on several months.Not pregnant. ?
when I stand up I frequently feel as if the room spun. I get so dizzy I have to sit back down. whats happening?
Do diabetics have a certain kind of chest pain?
Im scared I may have diabetes?
I have a question concerning weed?
what would happen if there was no such thing as pain?
do you think you should shave your goodies?
how can i ask my parents if they smoke weed?
Mehh...sick again): What should I be eating?
How Can i Prevent From Sweating?
What are your thoughts on weed?
Easy methods to quit smoking.?
15 year old girl Needs help about smoking weed marijuana !!!!1?
what happened to me? i think i fainted? why? how?
does it sound like a have the flu?
Is it possible to vomit food that is in your large intestine (or colon)?
is it normal to get turned on by ankle socks?
I think I have a smoking problem..and I am 14?
ways to qet over a hangover?
i cannot take a poo, i won't come out, what should i do?
Is it true being on the computer will give you sleeping problems?
would weed come up on a drug test?
I have this dreamy and dizzy feeling. PLEASE HELP! 10 pts. to best answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…?
i feel so sick..what do you think i have?
Bad stomach pain can somone help?
I`m 5 ft 7 and 16 years old...i`m a female by d way...do you think that i am going to grow taller?
Painful Internal Hemorrhoid?
Could this be Multiple sclerosis?
Liver and Spleen pain?
parkinson's with no symptoms?
Is decomposing fly on my eye's surface possibly bad for my eye?
Why are my Lenscrafters' eyeglass lenses cracking at the part nearest the bridge of the nose?
Sudden Eye Problems in One Eye.?
White under irides more visible growing up?
Is it possible to have multicoloured eyes or eyes that change colour?
please help! am i getting headaches from my eyes?
I've been having alot of stomach/chest pain..help please!?
Why do my legs hurt when I don't get enough sleep?
is it possible to get gallstones again after they have been removed through surgery?
Excruciating arm pain! ?
Why does my underwear have an odor?
Is it possible to have a test that is not in your body/system?
H.I.V. infection and contributing factors?
Acupuncture multiple treatments in one?
Do I have a stress fracture or shin splint? Help please!!?
Where can i find an STD clinic in Madrid Spain?
possible herpes? please help!?
i am wondering about this test result what do you think about it should I be worried?
how long can lice live with no human contact?
Is there an HIV/AIDS clinic in Los Angeles where I can actually talk to some of the patients?
can YOU get an STD!!!!! this way?
can this be passed on?
what is the concequences of having sti's?
a post again about nausea while jogging?
Information on Cervical Cancer?
Spider Bites/Repellents?
puffy finger ... ingrown nail or cyst?
I need some advise bout poision ivy?
My husband has a swollen and infected tongue, not from a piercing. Any remedies?
Is it normal with strep throat to have chest heaviness?
What bone is easiest to break in your hand area to get a cast?
need some medical advice?
i had black mole on my under lip in left side is it lucky or what?
mi foot itches really bad?
I've been eating too much sugar lately. How do i control myself.?
So, I may have "Peripheral Neuropathy",I can deal with that. What in your mind can I do to control it ?
Nausea and headache after eating sweets...Details!!!?
Poor circulation, should I ignore this?
how to lower blood sugar?
How i treat may self from diabetes tip 1?
Ovarian cyst & diabetes?
what is wrong with me? i might have diabetes?
is having a heart rate of 100 bpm normal for a girl at 15 years of age?
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Could this be caused by exposure to agent orange?
can liquor cause your cholesterol to go up?
can you take metformin with vitamin B1?
Is it still possible for me to have diabetes?
What types of diabetes will a regular blood test not show?
I will like to hear from those who have successfully control the blood glucose level for Type 2DM?
the deference between novolog insulin & novolin insulin?
Can chestnut elevate my sugar level?
Diabetes and charcot's joint question. PLEASE HELP!!!?
Am i diabetic???????????!!!!?
Using the regulation of blood glucose as an example, explain what is meant by a negative feedback system.?
how does weight loss directly effect a pre-diabetic?
How doctors telling about their patients?
im getting my blood drawn,help?
Any low-key way to get high with and without marijuan?
Could taking DXM actually worsen a dry cough?
trouble breathing and shaking in the leg is it mental or physical?
Why does weed cause people to do this sometimes?
can you smoke weed if you have thyroid?
why is weed so bad? from what i have heard it doesnt do anything?
Hair Test coming up....think I'll fail?
this is a weird question?
how do u stay up all night?
how do you smoke weed?
why can't i sleep lately?
Would it be painful to pierce my ears?
My big brother recently did something (more shocking than it sounds)?
if you smoke weed once every two - three months is it still really bad for your health?
What can I do to get to sleep?
Am I done growing or is there hope?
Oh no i can't sleep!?
are you drug tested when you take a physical?
im 15 i been smokin cigs since i was 14 im 5ft 6 in. since i smoke does tht mean i wont grow any taller or wat?
WHY DO I BLEED! when i go!?
Are cigars really that bad for you?
Why do i get dizzy, and sometimes blackout when i smoke pot?
I smoked weed and had a bad experience.. wtf?
i m regular doper and smoker i use opium,marijuana,and weed daily,,will it put affect on my medical tst 4 visa?
Is anorexia unhealthy?
Is my foot broken?plz read?
do you need to get injected by something before you get your x-ray?
What helps heal a black eye faster?
My shoulder is killing from either pushups or lifting weights what can i do to stop it?
Last week my left knee randomly started this weird thing where, when i walk, it pops every step:?
Did i brake my elbow?
Do I have Strep Throat? ?
Is my Knuckle broken?
Is my head injury something to ignore? Will the injury heal as time passes?
I might have a concussion. Need help.?
Food Poisoning or the Flu?
Surgery in 2 days i am really freaked out?
Passed out Concussion Maybe?
i got pulled over yesterday....?
Ankle is still swollen after nearly 2 months?
I recently got into a fight and my eye got swollen how do i make it go away by tomorrow?
I got punched in the Chest hard?
I accidentally cut my toe nail deep will it grow again?
i got my ears pierced and after i cleaned them last night one of them has swollen and hurting. what do i do?
how do i know if my nose is infected ?
Husband nailed his fingers together!?
How to STOP popping your knuckles?
I hit my knee just today and I applied ice to it and then it hurt more. What should i do?
how to ease knee pain?
my ears have been hurting?
What does a tingling sensation in the left hand mean?
too much dust at work?
Is my itchy chest and mucus-ey sinuses an allergy?
can someone with wheat allergy drink wheatgrass?
If your eating a girl out and she queafs, will I get pink eye?
I have a runny nose.. and my head is killing me...?
anybody have an ALLERGY to yeast?
Is it possible to become allergic to alcohol?
What would happen if you took nasal spray for your nose more than 3 days? Because take it for less then 3 days?
When can I eat while taking Triamcinolon Acetonide Cream USP 0.1%?
Cheese makes me sick but not milk, why?
why is my nose bleeding?
Is it possible to get high off of children's benadryl?
is having a bloody nose a side effect from smoking weed?
Can I take dramamine for allergies?
New Pet Allergies (HELP)?
Can you be allergic to wheat but not gluten?
what happens if one is allergic to garlic?
sinus/ bronchitis/ allergies question?
Odd high cholesterol results after doctors visit?
Lab Test without doctor?
which medications are essential in the treatment of septic shock?1antihistamines2vasodilatorsCantimicrodilator?
Depression relapse help?
One day i'm up but the next day i'm down?
Can VA patient receive treatment outside U.S.A?
Another personal question?
I Scratch myself with a blade or scissors. Any advice?
How do I get past this?
Personal question, please help?
How do i know when im recovering from depersonalization?
all you people who say suicide is selfish,bad etc have no idea?
Wellbutrin users question?
Mental Illness in Parents?
whats an oral???????
What are two intrinsic, and two extrinsic factors that inhibit wound healing?
how do i get my boyfriend to go get tested?
Why did Rolaids get recalled ?
home remedies for pinworms?
Why does Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) cause me to dream like this?
Is there a cure for herpes?
Is there any difference between organic / regular spirulina?
Ive Taken azithromycin 4 days ago.?
anybody want some good home remedies?
What do you do when and if your legs are sore, for exercise, when you are a diabetic?
is there anything that diabetics can eat guilt free?
Sugar free cookies recipes for diabetics?
Growth Spurt, Diabetes, or just being normal?
With stomatitis, what is the priority nursing diagnosis. A. High risk for infection or B. Imbalanced Nutrition?
true or false hunger?
should poison ivy make the infected area swell?
where in ireland can i become an emergency response technichian?
I've just swallowed some sellotape. What should I do?
How badly do spider bite piercings hurt to get?
why has my mum been coughing for a few months?
Husband snores!!! help on sleeping?
Is the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae found in our bodies normally?
which reptile has only one lung?
Feel like my lungs are hurting...?
steam radiant heating system, inhalation of the steam?
Removal of two lobes of a lung is termed a(an)?
Chest hurts and runny nose?
I think my Father has Emphysema?
What happens at spirometry/asthma question?
I am having breathing problems.?
Smoking marijuana every day?
wat gets rid of hangoverz?
What is wrong with me?
Im getting drug tested soon and i smoked marijuanna last night how do i get it to come out negative?
Is it safe to wash your face with faucet water?
boyfriend is very sick please help us?
If you drink to much alcohol and puke some black stuff, what is the black stuff?
Why don't I get addicted to cigarettes?
Is there something wrong with me? These are my symptoms... --?
Why don't I get high(Marijuana) anymore?
im 14 and smoke weed?
I can't eat or sleep?
How do you get taller?
i'm 12 and i think i have a big forehead i can fit 4 fingers on my forehead so will it get smaller as i grow?
Why don't I ever feel like eating?
ive been feeling a bit quesy this last week or so what do u think i should do?
what to do when stressed?
What can i do to throw up?
Dying you hair with kool-aid: Instructions and personal experiences?
i dont know if this is bad or normal?
What do these recurring nightmares of being in prison mean?
wondering about diabetes?
what is the normal sugar level should be in our body?
Headache and blurred vision ?
I have sugar in my urine but my doctor said I am not diabetic?
one kidney creatinine level?
i would like to retire after37 yrs of being a nurse?
Why are potato carbs so bad for people with Diabetes 2?
Question about type 1 diabetes?
What is mesothelial hyperplasia. Is it curable?
What is the total intake of vitamin C for one day?
where would you find a needle clipper?
bad circulation please help x?
Is there a link to a chart to enter blood sugar counts periodically manually? I can't find one.?
Are these symptoms of being anemic?
Hypoglycemic: how long until food raises blood sugar?
Help! I ate Sugar Cookies and they cause me bad headaches!!?
where can i purchase a syringe?
How high does your blood sugar need to be to get symptoms?
what is considered too low blood glucose?
thirsty all the time?
700 range for a home glucose meter?
question for diabetics?
OK I know that each person is different when it comes to controlling Diabetes.?
Very big predicament?
any eye protection glasses for one wont wear spects?
Contact blurry/moving around?
What is this bump on my eye ?
will arkids first pay for colored contacts?
Why does my vision sometimes get cloudy for a second?
I Stepped on a lego set and some of the pieces are in my foot and I can't remove them?
how do i know if my arm is thrown out or it is a rotator tear?
I fell down but cant remember what happened.?
Protein buildup due to contact lenses?
Why does my ankle click when I rotate it?
have to break an ankle before tommorow?
Knee Pain, Feels Like Its Giving Out On me...?
Contact Lenses Help- On the ground, water, then into clean solution! Still wearable?
I have a big blod & clot with blood right beneath the skin. Big deal or just bad bruise?
i've damaged my knee and can't walk what are my options for tomorrow?
how to break your leg?
Can i really go back in time?
Eye pain what could it be?
there is a floaty thing inside my arm right in my inner elbow. it feels like a cluster of pebbles. what is it?
question about herniated discs?
I fell asleep in the full sun without a top on?
Very bad Abdomen pain and pressure under rib cage, and lots of vomiting?
Is it supposed to be swollen still?
What's wrong with my arm? ?
I fractured my wrist. Is it normal for the doctor to NOT prescribe pain meds?
Should I Get My Hand Looked At?
I ripped some of my toenail off?
I have a bruse on my big toe and im plaining on wearing heels but it hurts when i walk any suggestions?
i got hit in the forehead with a tennis racket what should i do to get the bruise/mark/red out?
how to get rid of coldsores fast?
urinary tract infection.?
Dose anyone know a good web site for info on hep c?
My throat is red and is uncomfortable for more than 4 months.?
I have these symptoms does anyone know what it could be?
5 year old with stomach virus?
Swollen lymphnodes and the flu shot?
can children be exposed to someone being treated with Chemo ? ?
What are the beginning signs of cirrhosis of the liver?
How Long Does Tetnus Shot Side Effects Long?
what medicine for chicken pox?
what are harmful mutations?
i have the flu and keep throwing up alot, but im so hungry?
Drinking beer with chronic Hepatitis C and cirrhosis...?
Do I have Strep throat?
What are 3 ways in which people are diagnosed with HIV ?
ulcer idk of thats what it is?
i would like to ask if hepa b can be cured? some says it can only be treated but never cured?
Leep Recovery? Please Provide Feedback.?
keep helpin me people please with my system and getting it cleaned?
i have chlamydia. do you think i should go for a full screening ?
which std has the greatest incidence in the united states and which has the greatest known prevalence?
Is HIV viable in soft drinks like sprite, 7up, coke and pepsi?
Squiggly line running up elbow joint and knee joint?
i got a sunburn on my leg.its been 5 months and its stil there.how do i get rid of it?!=(?
I have 0- blood can I donate a kidney to my mother that is A+?
Is it normal to be dizzy after giving blood after 10 hours?
tonsillectomy in adults?
Why do I want to throw up when I look at food?
im always tired....im confused?
American Red Cross Ambulance Service?
What time should I got to bed so I am not tired tomorrow?
how can i make my arm veins pop out?
Can I get put to sleep for a root canal if my heart beat is fast?
My face itches at night really bad?
son had a blood glucose reading of 250 and now it seems a little more normal. is that normal?
Could I be diabetic....?
I have to take a UA in 3 weeks, I drank on New Years will it show up?
is this to much sugar in a day?
i have diabetes i am 23 and my hair is falling out?
gestational diabetes failed tests..Low numbers since?!?!?
Can you get a glucose moniter on the nhs?
How do you make it so your One Touch UltraLink meter is compatible with your Insulin Pump?
Whats a good cookie recipe with dried fruit for someone who is a diabetic?
Me again! Diabetes Insipidus?
question bout asthma, diabetes and anemia?
Diabetes is a condition where blood glucose levels remain high due to a lack of what? Please explain.?
diabetic neuropathy with controlled blood sugars?
Would a diabetics blood taste different than a non-diabetic?
Anyone know about Blood Conditions?
is it normal when you get out of the pool and are thirsty?
a man who has a blood circulation problem.can he enjoy the life?
does weight and tolerance affect your blood alcohol level?
If you eat sugary foods (cookies, candies) daily for a month, without exercising, will you get diabetes?
gestational diabetes blood level ?
after gastric bypass surgery, how long does it take to get down 12oz of fluid?
no any haramfull effect?
Diet plan for Gestational Diabetes?
Telling Others About Diabetes?
Pain below my left breast?
What do I need to do?! Pleaseee help!?
Feeling dizzy, can anyone help why?
im having ear pain anyone help please?
Persistent headache and pain when I look up and down?
I have unusual cramps in my stomach?
Please help, odd shooting pains in lower abdomen on both sides!!!!!!!?
what is a sharp pain in your lower abdomen?
why do my ear hurt after i got my back tooth pulled?
is it normal to feel this way after gullbladder surgery?
What's the best way to get rid of a strep throat?
will i pass my drug test?
how do you get hiccups?
IM 17..basically bitten nails my whole life. committed to stopping..will they still grow/ any tips to stop?
I know Ecstasy is bad?
Am I too sensitive to be a nurse?
do you like the smell of weed?
is marijuana bad or not!?
whats a 14 year old's year of birth?
if you smoke cigarettes but never really inhale it.. will you still be addicted?
Why do i feel sick so often?
Has marijuana messed up anyone else's life?
What can I expect from xanax?
why is smoking so bad?
Anxiety when smoking weed?!HELP?
is there a spot on your stomach that when pressed causes diarriah?
How long should I wait?
Does it help to drink more fluids when youre sick?
Why do we sleep.......?
What is the best and cheapest way to test the air for toxic vapors ?
Hi, I'm pregnant and been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Pneumonia, any information on this illness?
Untreated Asthma Causing Symptoms?
I need help with a possible urinary tract infection. Please read details?
Question about coughing?
Does smoking a pipe makes you look smart and cool?
what is the effect of smoking on organs?
Persistent sore throat and coughing?
How do I get rid of a constant cough?
My mom just died from Wegener's Granulomatosis, am I at risk?
How should I treat my twisted ankle?
What should I do if a stitch comes out?
cut from glass at top of index finger?
What are the basic procedures for first aid care?
Can a smiley burn be third degree?
Part of my finger hurts and is a bit swollen?
Red ring around a burn?
spider bite help. how to treat a spider bite?
any effective home remedies?
Brewing up a Kombucha?
Do you feel euphoric when you smoke weed? I don't but other people seem to...Why?
What is your favorite legal herb high?
My back hurtz really badly and i dont know why?
Do the Purvana hair, skin and nails herbal supplement actually work?
Zyrtec&Sudafed.. Answer..?
Hives, swollen upper lip, what's happening?
alcohol + allergy = needs medication?
how can i make my alergy symptoms go away?
Why would tattoos affect allergies?
Is it possible to have a bacterial infection (skin rash) WITHOUT having symptoms such as fever, etc.?
Are allergic reactions to vaccines genetic? I am especially wondering about , pertussis?
Which is cheapest, Nasonex or Nasacort?
Please help my 2 yr old son?
What's it called when someone wants/acts as different people? Read inside.?
Need help sleeping at night?
How can I deal with homesickness & depression?
coming off anti psychotics?
Why am I so afraid of hearing and seeing subliminal messages?
What does a saliva test test for?
How common is HIV 2? Do I need to get tested for it if I am HIV 1 negative? Do doctors even test for HIV 2?
could my friend get chlaymydia from making out?
3 HIV Elisa test + 1 inconclusive WB 1 negative WB(same clinic) 4 hiv rapid test negative (2 different clinics?
what the heck is candida ?
How do you get get herpes? (male)?
My mom broke her toe! What should I do?
Should I see a dr about my swollen testical? (Not a joke)?
Should I use heat pads, or cold patch's? Is there a technique to help muscle pain?
Did I break my hand??
if i poke a bruise with a needle will purple or green blood come out?
After Zumba or running/walking my calves and shins kill me!?
Can someone please give me some advice ASAP?
Ok a few weeks ago i got my tounge pirced. Well these last few days the hole on the top part of my tounge?
My son got stung in the neck and I believe I pulled out the stinger but its swollen. What can I do?
help with shin splints? I'm pretty sure I have them, how should I take care of them?
i have a bump over my lip. any ideas of what it could be? feels like a bugbite / windburn. its pinkish. help?
My husband hurt his back?
Weird question: I cut myself with a paperclip, will it scar?
I also have an urge to defecate but its all soft and not enough? This has never happened to me before.?
If i got a gunshot wound and didnt want to go to the hospital what could i do at home to patch me up?
Why is it recommended that you flex your knees and hips (squat) when lifting a heavy box off the floor?
How long does it take for your toe to heal after an ingrown toenail removal?
I fell from a 13 meter tree, am I bleeding inside?
What am I doing wrong when it comes to building muscle?
My friend just broke her leg and has to use a walker, I feel bad what should I do?
What should I do about this?
Possible thyroid enlargement ?
Anesthesia smell?????????? Freaking out?!?!?!?
my mother has been dia. with kidney failure and is diabetic, doc says she will die in 10 days its been 5 weeks?
dermatomyositis exercises?
My left rib is swollen?
I have severe anxiety and really want to have a baby?
What are signs or things to look out for for Multiple Sclerosis?
What is the best treatment for a surgical scar? To minimize appearance?
has you had experience with accutane. would you reccomend it for mild acne. what about side effects?
Painful spot on bottom eyelid?
Why does everyone try to con young people with issues such as acne due to their apparent vulnerability?
Should I use compound W Freeze off or duct tape on a plantars wart?
pea sized under armpit?
pea sized lump under armpit?
Hyrdrogenated Cetaphil?
will my skin colour return to normal?
PLEASE HELP!!!IUnbearable itch!!?
acne problem advice?
sweating like crazy!!!!!?
My 14 year old after taking advil his lips got swolln and little blisters, what can I do.?
do cold sores feel like small cuts on your lip?
I am 49 years old and suddenly in the last week i've gotten numerous hot flashes. could this be the beginning?
i'm 15 and sniff solvents, how bad is it?
How many germs are transmitted through a kiss?
i got a serious question about smoking pot?
HELP!!! I have a drug test for a job at 8 o'clock in the morning tomorrow?
how do u sleep? on ur back, stomach, left side or right side.i allways sleep on my stomach. is tht bad for u?
SUPER embarrassing! Chaffing help!?
Can you use instant hand sanitizer before putting in or taking out contacts?
Isn't a TWO HOUR massage kind of excessive?
do you smoke weed? yes or no?
Help with bad alcoholism please?
Can I still grow taller at 16?
PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!???? easy 10 points!!!!!!!! kinda weird question tho..........?????????????????…?
if olive oil comes from olives and vegetable oil comes from vegetables were does baby oil come from?
ive never smoke weed before ( 10 points )?
How come I'm always tired?
Should I smoke weed next weekend?
What would happen if a guy?
Doctor's office sending out ultrasound reports to my parents a violation of doc-patient confidentiality?
Can I get Ink Poisoning from this?
will alcohol show up in a lab result?
is a pear heather than a apple ?
i took the test incorrectly....could it be wrong?
help getting free diabetic supplies?
What does it mean to have diabetes mellitus at 30 weeks pregnant?
what is negative feedback in homeostasis?
what is worse, high blood sugar or low blood sugar?
How can I avoid gaining weight on seroquel?
Can you get diabetes in one day?
Trying to figure out what is wrong diabetes, hypoglycemic, lactose? any help would be greatly appreciated?
If a person uses up his reserve supply og glycogen and still does not eat, sugar comes from the?
hi, can anyone tell me what your normal blood sugar should be through out the day.?
dizzy spells?????? d?
Is this Depression or Diabetes or something else?
Shower problems...burns?
Ripped skin of finger?
how do I remove dr. scholl's moleskin on a very large blister?
What is this? - gross*?
HELP! doctors plz (others appreciated too)?
Pulsing throughout my body?
Home remedies for poison Ivy?
Why am i craving DRYER lint and dust?
Can I go to an orthopedic without them having my medical records?
can human flea bites ooze?
Nj cna exam information? Please answer asap?
Would putting salicylic acid acne medication on a blood blister (that's already been opened) make it dry out?
Quick question about general health?
What happened to me? Dizziness and a fuzzing in my ear?
Why does this always happen to my throat?
can a 14 year old get a nose job?
Is it copd or not please advise me?
Hard time breathing while exercising??HELP?
For the past 5 days I've had the flu?
Does my boyfriend have Trich?
what r symptom of STD ?
I went to the restroom awhile ago?
can someone help me :[?
got hiv test 11 weeks after exposeure testedt negative now im getting redness on my arms and stomach?
chlamydia treatment and nutrition?
Bump has come up on the back of my cartilage ear piercing (read on)?
what are symptoms of colon cancer?
i click my back,neck,fingers im 13 nd ive did this since gr 4?
Does getting your cartilage pierced hurt and is it worst than child birth?
Physical pain all over?
Pain in my arm...ideas on what it could be?
Situp help for my tailbone and back?
What could this be? It hurts to move my arm.?
Can I mix Diclofenac with Meloxicam?
Why do my eyes hurt to move?
if cytotoxic t cells were eliminated from a persons array of immune defenses, read details?
What are you suppose to do when you have a sore throat?
Do i have appendicitis?
Can you get sick by being in the same room as you were sick before?
what clear liquids should i drink when i have food poisoning?
contact lenses from unborn ?
I've heard the term shingles all my live.It's a medical term for some kind of nerve problem?
need help with flu A virus?
did people really die from sneezing?
i have cronic hep c will i ba able to still work i own a construction co and work on site with my men ?
What would you do? Run a daycare with a child who was exposed to VIRAL MENINGITIS?
There is pus in the my throat could that be Strep throat? ?
strawberry tongue disease ?
Is This The Pink Eye?
My brother has staph infection and I want to know whats going to happen to him?
can you get hiv from bathroom?
what is the signs of ADIS?
How can you temporally fix a sprained ankle?
Do you wear an ankle brace over or under your socks?
Hit my forehead on a wooden door.?
Can i used anything to make my black eye go away i had it for 12 weeks?
my mom had surgery today and i only took off for today should i take off tomorrow to if she not getting around?
What are your best tips to avoid scarring on a new wound?
a couple of months ago a got really drunk at a party. LIke really drunk and i acciently slipped and told my?
How can I get rid of all of these knots in my shoulder and my back?
Is my ankle sprained?
Treatment for Plantar fasciitis?
how long would it take..?
about an hour ago my laptop fell on my foot and i now have pain moving my toes. Could it be a fracture?
Whats Wrong with my ankle?
i think i broke my pinky toe i am a very active person so i just wanted to know what i could do on it?
I have a busted eardrum that is leaking discolored fluid.?
Could tendinitis in ankle, cause me such pain that, I cant walk?
how do u know if you broke your wrist n how long do u need to keep a cast on it?
Had surgery on finger and my hand turns purple... advise please?
Omg I think I just broke my ankle help!!!?
i broke my foot playing golf at a golf course should they pay the doctor bills?
Is there seriously eye drops that can cause Heterochomia (two different colored eyes)?
what eye problems can result from years of albuterol nebulizer mist in childs eyes?
What does a blind person's eyes look like?
Can your eyes be healed naturally?
Does headbanging cause eye blood vessels to break?
are there nerves on the eye lids?
Can eye color change and change back?
Tell me you complains about contacts.?
what should i do to improve my ear?
Are mushrooms a narcotic or psychedelic?
herbs ??????????????????
Prop 215-question about blunts?
How to clean a hubmar aromatherapy nebulizer?
How can I get healed from my worsth hemorrhoids?
who knows of a well known hypnotherapist?
What is the best way to get advice on using supplements?
What will happen if i take 200mg of Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)?
Insomnia, please help?
can hypercalcimia cure itself ? my daughter had it but they could never find the cause now after a year its ba?
Allergic to dust mites, any help removing/controlling them from my bed?
Red, bloodshot eyes during allergy season?
Can you tell me a few conditions that in 10 years later doctors can treat it today, like it s the flue?
Can a TMJ Effusion cause chronic headaches, facial pain and eye pain?
very mild hypospadias....26 years virgin guy.....should I go for surgery?
Could I be Allergic to the Sun?
started taking prednisone and suddenly I can't urinate, I have the urge to urinate but I just can't?
I get a lot of headaches but i don't know why. I need help!?
Constant swelling of nose?
Why do my ears do this?
Can someone finqer you while in a pool?
Should i get braces or have lasik?
Last few weeks when I drink water (filtered or tap) my stomach hurts a little and I feel pretty nauseated. Why?
I was just told my son has an environmental allergy, how do I figure out what it is?
How do migraines happen and what can they lead to ?
omg I cannot lose weight and I have no energy!?
Would pollen counts typically be lower around lakes, large bodies of water?
Bump or lump on my neck under ear the size of quarter !?
What would make you smell like ammonia or cat urine?
Could this be stomach gas/bloating?
Deficiency of Vitamin D may lead to:?
Does coffee really put hair on your chest?
Not that i smoke weed or anything...?
im hungry but i have really bad nausa. what do i do?
is it safe to take a statin and eat grapefruit?
wath does it mean when u feel hunger all the time and sick?
What are the symptoms of insomnia?
cracking in my ears when I swallow. Could it be that I have Tinnitus?
do punches hurt when you have abbs?
Is it normal to loose your appetite after getting a blood test?
do you have a "cute" sneeze?
is it normal not to have to breath or blink for a while?
My mind is creating projections?
marijuana is bad for you.?
What would a guy need antibiotics & pain killers for?
What's wrong with me? Can't concentrate and remember!?
Does Vitamin E help get rid of acne spots and scars?
Laser hair removal?
How to get rid of blackheads?
Red spots in genetal area?
acne systems?
my husband has knots on the bottom and sides of his feet, arm and now has one come up in the middle of his sto
how do i stop my nose from peeling when its crinkly?
Help?? Allergic reaction or something else?
I've heard that having oily skin is good for you?
is this acne?
big lumpy red/purple spots?
permanent goosebumps?
How to help mild acne?
help plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Could this be diabetes that I have? Could urine test help?
Pre-ear infection help?
my hands keep tingling.... im scared!?
I'm sick HELP!!!!!!!!!?
can i lower a1c by 1% in a month?
if you have diabetes will it always show up in a urine test or not.do you need blood test aswel?
does medicare help pay on this?
Gould I be a diabetic?
Diabetes And Ecstasy?
Work 8hrs on my feet, i have been getting very lightheaded?
is there i could rapidly increase my metaboslism?
Can i join the marines if i have diabetes but it is under control with diet and exercise?
cranberrie good for type2 diabetic?
numbing, tingling on hand,?
My daughter is suffering from Low bp and low sugar and she gets exhausted quite often and i want cure for her.?
Do anyone know a drug for diabetes that don't cause nausea ?
Type 1 Diabetes an Alcohol?
How bad do you think hyperthyroidism is?
Unchecked Type 2 Now Has Kidney Mass?
Do I have Asthma or is it just me?
Is it normal to have your blood sugar levels fluctuate when you are healing from minor surgery?
i have gerd and it says not to have chocolate but i REALLY WANT CHOCOLATE!!!!?
Wat should i do to get immediate relief from cough?
husband is diabetic, aetna is 447. a mo 5000. deductable, we pay all anyway, if dropped can we get other?
When I get stress, I get blurry vision and tunnel vision, do I have diabetes?
Will blood tests show any kidney problems?
how does Fever affect Glucose levels for Non-diabetic?
Feed back on the attachment for Diabetes, The Guardian?
Was i in a really really deep sleep?
What can I do from lack of sleep?
Numb Toe..I bought a pair of Skechers and I wore them the next day for about 7 hours walking around shopping..?
sometimes i find it difficult to wake up when i am asleep, even though i am conscious of my sorrounding.?
what are symptoms of colon cancer in teens?