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Is throwing up after fainting normal?
calcific granuloma in liver?
how to treat fever from food poisoning?
How can you heal bladder cuts faster?
Protocol for giving children shots at school.?
STREP throat ?
what metal detecter cant see threw?
Will hepatitis B go away?
kitten white discharge from eyes ?
If you have a cut in your mouth from your braces, can you still transmit hep c if someone drinks after you?
If I get diarrhea, does that mean all the food I ate before is gone?
my sgot and sgpt is 196-202 can i quick down this level within 2 weeks?
Do books get appendicitis?
Could I have mono? Help me!?
Are these normal symptoms of a cold?
Insurance approved hospital had no beds..transferred to different hospital.Bill not covered..what should i do?
eating feeling too full and sick?
what are some STD locations in Michigan?
why do we get hives and what are the symptons and cures?
How accurate are those oral swab tests that life insurance companies use?
How is aids formed?....................................................................?
When should a guy get tested for stds?
Is it possible that std tests can fail?
could i have laryngitis AGAIN..?
Nasal spray???????????????????????????????????
Bleach inhalation query?
Sudden back pain, rub tenderness. Could it be a lung infection?
If someone tried to choke you, what does it mean when you have a headache and you spit up blood?
Help my asthma is ruining my life?
What could swelling of the nasal passage be caused by?
Is it normal to still not feel fully recovered from bronchitis after 2 weeks?
How should I tell someone to stop smoking ?
Im sick and wondering?
lower back surface piercing?
I have my lower lip pierced its been 1yr,2days ago i woke up and it was swollen.i took it out,what to do?
I fell on my thumb and it sort of bent back. Now when i move it around it hurts. What can i do to heal it?
How to treat a hurt ankle?
he was " limp" last night..?
What can I do about my injured toe?
Do you think this will scar?
im hurting myself with like safety pins and pen caps when i get overwhelmed and mad and sad HELP ME?
Do I need a cast? I tore a ligament...?
I rolled my ankle and the muscles seem tight, what should i do, or how do i make it better?
Anesthetic used for knee surgery?
is my foot broke or not?
My wrists are killing me, plz help!?
what are some problems that can cause you to walk funny?
can i still jog my mile and do air alert or would that b 2 much strain on my legs?
Can a Damaged facial muscle be fixed?
what do i do for a sprained ankle?
Have I broken my knuckle?
my 9 month old baby hit the back of his head yesterday and now he has a fever what should i do?
I slipped on the porch stairs this morning... Can someone please help?
just getting over a cold?
Why do we stretch when we wake up?
What's a drug free way of getting high?
how long do nilstat tablets take to work on oral thrush?
What to do about enlarged nostrils from nose-picking?
antiseptic cream is 2 years expired, should i still use it?
How do i get rid of an infected ingrown toe nail?
i have this really weird thing going on with my finger can anyone tell me what this is?
will covering up my posion ivy with a long sleeve compression shirt harm my poison ivy?
Medicines or Remedies for Poison Ivy?
Ear gauge infection, please help!?
How long does a blister take to heal?
Epiduo = swollen eye?
What are the causes of fanconi anemia?
should i go to school with a conjested cough ?
vertigo sickness...for my mom please help?
can you obtain or lose a commercial drivers license if you get vertigo?
I feel dizzy in the morning. help?
Does suboxone show in a urine test?
i've been diagnosed with PID/Cultures for about a year but have gotten antibiotics for it.am i cured?
how soon can you go for testing for h i v?
how so I get rid of a yellowish spot on my tongue?
What happened with my friend today?
My Eyes Are Hurting(Lack Of Sleep)?
Are the 1997 e/m codes currently used by coders? Weren't they revised in 2008?
pneumonia and abdominal surgery?
Depression help. ......?
What causes sleep talking?
Is smoking weed really bad?
I really think have OCD, every morning i get up for college and continuously change my clothes?
Why does one of my abs have small dents?
If i call my pediatrician and ask that he takes steps to give me things that make me grow, how much would he?
Is it nomal to like being alone?
i have a cold and a red, itchy, non-raised rash; why?
Schizophrenia? hurry... please..?
why is my earlobe skin drying?
Why do I have thus white-ish circle on my forehead?
My Asthma Is Bad I Can't Do AnyThing!!?
Has anyone ever felt this symptom? I'm curious as to what it is...?
Everytime i inhale or exhale i cough resulting from bronchits?
Will the antibiotic DOXYCYCL or METRONIDAZOLE treat Bronchitis or strep throat?
Why am i having trouble breathing?
I would like to hear from anyone who has had experience with an ALS patient on the ventilator. My mother (73 y?
Why do I have a sore throat every morning?
Why Can't I Breath Properly?
White blotchy skin on my naeck, how do i get rid of it ?
Black Heads?
I have sensitive skin with a little acne what can i used for me not get the red on my face.?
what should i do to prevent my body from spots?
Could i have bugs or insects in my car? I notice bites ONLY on my feet, ankles, legs when i get out of my car
help me find a clear eyebrow ring... please! <crying> i dont want it to close up!?
I have sores on the bottom of my left foot and it has puse inside of them.?
How to i get rid of it?
just been diagonosed with cellulitis but i fly out to spain on sat is it safe to fly. been given antibiotics?
Does my 20-year old brother have to go to the hospital for symptoms of what could be a ulcer? ?
ill!? Achy, coughy, weak...?
What causes chest pain + rash on the back of he ankles + vein pain?hat would you like to ask?
How long does one have to have gonorrhea for it to develop into Disseminated gonococcal infection (DGI)? ?
why salmonella affect chicks at 1 day to 7 days old but not on older chickens? ?
Is there something wrong with my sister?
Tips on how to get my voice back by tonight(strep throat)?
Could I have a tapeworm?
Does DHPPI Booster Increase the Sgot Levels in Dogs?
White Patches on tonsil .. HELP!?
AHHHHH! Do I have Mono?
What are some dangers of cold weather to children?
What is the best medical book out there?
Feel like I got hit by a truck?
Von Willebrand disease?
what are the symptoms that a dog may have if they have been poisoned by any unknown source? ?
Hair or lump in throat for 3 days. What is it?
my husband has strep throat, what will happen if my 3 month old gets it?
Seeing relatives over the holidays and suspect lice from them...?
do I have the stomach flu?
Bad food poisoning HELP!!?
this crazy hiccup trick?
Does wearing a hoodie elevate your brain temperature?
Really bad rash on my hands?
how to smoke in my room without getting caught?
Drug test before jail shock time?
Just experienced electric shock?
Why does my body feels very hot but im cold ?
i was on 20 mg cipralex last 10 days ago but i lowered dose to 15 mg daily?
Top 7 unhealthiest ways to be underweight?
What do these numbers from my optometrist mean, which is my eye curvature?
black dot in my eye that follows it? please help ..?
Why is my astigmatism getting worse after pupil dilation test?
Can Sharingan Contacts be Prescribed? I don't want to wear Glasses.?
would you be able to tell if you were a tetrachromat?
do you know whats wrong with my eye?
Possibly fractured my ankle...?
Leg problems old bruises/cuts?
Yesterday I fell on some ice and hit my head pretty hard on the concrete...was unable to sleep last night?
head feels tense. Can someone tell why?
I have a pain in the middle of my back when I bend over or move slightly?
this morning i was wrestleing with my brother and?
Treatment for hurt hand.?
My ball of my foot/ Big toe hurts?
Sprained finger I think!?
got shot twice last night ok now but should i got to the hospital?
how long does it take for a bruise to go away?
what happens if you get stabbed?
I ripped my nail off and It is soo painful?
I have a broken toe , can anyone help?
My Auntie wants me to make her a ‘Homemade’ catheter for her to use. Need help with design and piping?
can you make AIDS by combining blood with someone that DOESNT have AIDS? else?
are lice only spread by contact with other people?
as of what i have read when a person is hiv+ he or she get initial symptoms is it true?
Being treated for chlamydia and now a bladder infection?
DO ppl bite u who what when?
What happen to my thumb?
THIS IS URGENT!! Should I go to the ER?
does this look infected?
Can tongue piercings increase chances of STD's? If so, please explain how!?
Can people who are infected with the STD Chlamydia still make out?
diffrence between Chlamydia and Yeast infection syptoms?
how do you get rid of crabs?
std testing what to expect...?
Really sore tongue when exercising?
i have neck pain form working out?
What is the Pain my Mother's Feeling?
what is the best thing to do for a bad knee?
What is causing pain behind right eye?
excedrin causing stomach pain?! HELP!?
i keep getting major sore throats?
What could I use to prevent pain when getting tragus piercing?
sides of head hurt, feel really tight?
my right ear hurts like its popped and wants to pop again?
i got this really nasty pain all over my body and its like someones stabbing me what is it?
I have lupus, is it necessary to have a medical bracelet?
My doctor said that tricyclic antidepressants cause lots of symptoms?
What foods can a person with renal disease generally consume freely?
Hi i am 16 years old and healthy and last night randomly this lump above my collarbone on the left side appear?
cold fogger is it possible to make one?
Could i have Post Tramatic Stree Disorder that i care for my 29 year old disabled daughter after all these?
Does anyone know what snow vision is?
(Teen) I feel sick when I eat, is this stress related?
Swelling in mouth and lip area?
runny nose help please!!?
Help Quick:Nose Problems?
Extremely ticklish nose!?
Do you think Remicade is my only option for all the Diseases I have listed below along with chest wall pain?
What medical tests can i take to prove ive shaken asthma?
How do you heal your lungs from being exposed to detergents?
What's that thing that they put in your nose at hospitals?
I have had bronchitis for over a month and inhaler makes cough worse.?
ciggarette question?
why do i cough up black stuff?
Pain and rattling in my right lung?
Can a knot in your shoulder cause pain in your arm and neck?
Staph Infection??!?!?! HELP!!! ten points!!?
Anesthesia and/or morphine question in young toddlers?
Symptoms of appendicitis.?
food poisoning???? and what else?
Does anyone know the ACUTAL effects of someone with schizoaffective or schizophrenia smoking weed?
I feel like I am about to get sick, and its lasted for days?
Can u get a contact high off of shrooms?
please help (medical)?
Does metformin cause sugar buzz?
Why am I having problem in talking ?
How tall could I get?
Is it acid Reflux or an ulcer?
question about getting reallly highh?
What does it mean when you get nauseous after eating too fast?
suggest a good website for authentic medical and food information?
Can smelling your breath harm you or kill you in any way?
I have numbness and tingling in my fingers and hands, what could be causing it?
my boyfriend stopped donating plasma are they losing money now because of him?
Does anyone else out there crack your ankles?
What are some Ideas to help someone with global aphasia?
Can smelling your breath kill you?
Have you ever bit your tongue while you sleep?
I can't sleep and I need to wake up early is Advil PM ok?
can wheatgrass be taken on a regular basis by a fit man without any disease and if yes then what quantity?
Would it hurt to just try one cigarette in my lifetime?
when u try to quit smoking does it keep u up at night?
What is the FASTEST way to eliminate chest and back acne?
i have been getting a lot of hot flashes and sweaty palms for no reason???
super heat irritating shoulder HELP?
how can you get rid of blackheads?
I am itching all over!?
Help my face?
When you have a nail that is turning dark, what causes this?
I have a small red mark...?
Sandal scars?
Red bumps on hands, arms and elbows...?
Host with acne?
can i use dr.scholl corn remover if..?
DO you get itchy skin or sinus problems when you are pregnant?
I have acne on my back/shoulders, what is the best way to get rid of it?
my skin looks splotchy. will the damage be perminant?
Whats wrong with my ankle! Pictures included, what do YOU think is wrong?
why dont you get hurt when you jump in to water?
do you think i have a concussion?
Should I be worried about this?
please it hurts really badd in my shoulder?
What can i do to speed up my ankle sprain?
i keep rolling my ankle?
how many advils do i take to die?
Is seeing blood trail on the sidewalk normal?
what is the best way to hurt yourself with leaveing a scar?
just got a cast on my broken ankle and my ankle doesn't hurt much anymore but my toes are numb and ice cold?
Do i honestly need a nose job?
could a head injury make a person forget someone?
I can't staighten my arm?
Can you help me find out what wrong with my leg?
popped a zit on the ankle and the entire leg is now swollen?
My toenail is blue, And its going to fall off.?
My knees point inward (picture)?
My toe is broken, what do i do?
My middle back suddenly hurt while i was runing and i couldnot continue running and it hurts while i walk?
Is it possible to touch your eyeball wihtout blinking?
what makes a toenail fall off ur toe?
can u explain about what is preload?
Does anyone have info on the Janene heart operation for Transposition of the Great Vessels?
what causes sharp pains near heart?
Can a blood pressure monitor give you 2 readings from 1 test?
Anyone Have Or Had Renal Artery Stenosis?
whats the normal heart rate per min?
Low Blood Sugar Symptoms?
i have an STD question?
Question for anyone who knows about hearts.?
what can I do or use at home to help clear up my herpes bumps?
if i have Hpv and just found out i have a cysts is there anything i should be worried about?
can you get hpv if you dry with an infected persons towels ?
wat methods used in dissemination of HIV/AIDS in Africa?
hi how are you doctor i am a petient of hyper thyroid,,i want to ask about my better treetment,,?
Can i get an std from kissing?
Have I caused my HSV outbreaks to lesson with lettting it take its course?
Wasp, Bees, ect. while tanning. Help? Please.?
a shortened leg with the foot falling outwards is the sign of a fracture to which bone ?
I have an ear infection... is there somthing i can take to make the pain go away for a bit im tired.....?
Something bit my ear while I was sleeping...?
how long does it take for Angle bites to heal?
I want to be a Paramedic; are there any Paramedics on here that can give me some advice?
I need tips on how to get rid of my ingrown toenail!?
Did she get bit by a spider? Is it an infection? What do you think it is?
Chest congestion and cough relief?
Do i have asthma or reflux like my doctor says?
Effects of Herbal Incense?
what are the symptoms of smoking herbal incense?
Who has had a amniocentesis? how much does that cost?
how much does an xray technician make?
Help help ehlp help help help?
discomfort in my chest like something is crawling inside?
Does this sound like a sinus infection?
Super sore throat hard to breathe?
Can a sinus infection cause swollen tonsils?
HELP! I Think I have a lost an ability to sleep, and I feel like I'm dying......?
Are Radiographers like nursers?
What is Meningitis? is it a virus that needs special attention?
Question about fund raising?
How do I get into therapy for Avoidant Personality Disorder?
Do my symptoms look like sporadic fatal insomnia or it's just a normal one?
Blood in urine after kidney stone?
Avoidant personality disorder help?
what do you think is wrong with me??? :(?
Can't look at the hooks on which they put merchandise on?
Which kind of laser eye surgery is considered the best overall?
Abusing the Q/A format :) no offence Y!A?
my eyes are sensitive to light why?
Loss Of Memory or something else?
Can the flash from a camera phone permanently damage your vision?
After eye surgery to correct a lazy eye, is it normal for it to still be lazy even after the procedure?
Which is the best Charitable Hospital in Delhi for Eye Care (Operations)?
Water contamination? Tell me about it :) It has to do something with cancer, though. Help!?
Having trouble finding the name of the allergy blood test?
Why do you sometimes get startled awake when you start to fall asleep?
random andreline like rushes?
do you have to be diagnosis to get on a.d.d Medication?
How much the MRI and CT scanners cost?
docs cant explain when shocks went down my forearm for 1week it left my fingers numb and ice cold?
How long will i have this fever?
List three possible reasons a person may develop diarrhea while receiving tube feeding;?
do i have pneumonia or bronchitis?? or someother illness?
Does anyone know anything about herpes?
How to reduce darkcircle with in 1week?
What is hep C and can you catch it from an al s e x from someone who doesn't have it?
how i can understsnd labaratory codes as gluc3,hdlc3?
could u get hiv from this just wondering?
Is it possible too get....?
ah, Im starting to think that the man wasn't really a doctor at all?
which food item can prove widal test positive?
Can I still be HIV pos instead of AIDS if my CD4 was 135? ?
when you get well from a sickness...how long after are you immune to getting it again?
is my infection coming back AGAIN?
looking for a lab/school/org.to take my son's viral myocarditis case on as a case research study?
what is the disease called when you...?
i just found out i have tonsillitis, what can i do?
I need help doctors....sore or strep throat?
Whats the best thing for getting over da flu?
How to I cover up my black eye?
what to do if pulled a muscle?
severe pain when sitting and getting up from a seat had it for about a week now?
My right upper arm muscle hurts really bad whenever I use it, what should I do?
Torn ACL how long on crutches?
I broke my ankle :( Should i get a orange cast or a blue cast with yellow stripes (michigan colors)?
i cut out my ingrown toenail and now it is sore what can i do to make it stop hurting?
below my knee, when i run it hurts SEVERELY bad?
Someone pushed their finger in the back of my head. Is my brain okay?
I popped a blister on the bottom of my foot..?
elbow injury someone please help?
what should i do my son falling from our stairs?
Fluid on top of kneecap, fragment moving around?
Apart from drowning, is holding your breath underwater dangerous in any way?
I have eatean 300 mg fluixtine and 6 clonazzepam would sth happen to me?
What do I do to reduce stress....?
Sinkhole caused by sewer line has caused yard, shed and Trailer to sink?
when the height of the boys is at peak in his whole life at which age to which age?
Gagging but not throwing up?
Hi pangolin.............................?
Is the androderm patch bad for you in any way?
How can i tell my mum to stop smoking?
How to help my little sister fall asleep?
Bug bites?
how to get rid of razor burn on my legs?
I have asthma and my inhalers don't work?
Why do I always wake up with a cold?
Children Nasal congestion through night?
I wanted to know if anyone knows if I can take Medrol dose pack with an antibiotic name Ceftin?
Horrible Snoring Problem?
Why do I keep getting pneumonia!?
I had a severe asthma attack and was intubated and put on a ventilator. Why is it that I cannot remember...?
I have asthma, and it gets really bad when I am stressed out.?
I can taste blood at the back of my throat when I cough..?
How can i stop smelling ? & sweating?
please help me, what is wrong with my mom?
Hurt from fall after sleep?
my throat hurts what do ı do?
Hurt neck while sleeping now i have horrible neck plain?
questions about my plugs (ear) /tapers?
Unexplained pain in bone/joint?
Sharp pains in the back of my head and flushed cheeks?
what could this pain be?
burning pain in stomach and back?
Help with Stomach pain?
Is a bleeding sore on my external ear bad?
Minor Burn from Clothes Iron?
my lip was pierced yesterday over night its swollen up quite alot pleasee help me?
Is there any site from where I buy Herbal Cigarettes?
Why are Vitaganic vitamins recommended for maintaining optimum inner ear health?
what are the benefits of vitamin e cream?
What does clonzepram really do to you?
Medical Marijuana Strain Reference list?
I'm trying to educate myself on drugs.?
How is Melanoma and Parkinson's Disease interrelated?
Is it over yet? Can I open my eyes?
My question is will my probation drug test be positive if i only took two puffs a week before?
the inside of my mouth hurts... whats my diagnosis?
My mother has been diagnosed with End Stage Liver disease, what should I expect next?
Cystoscopy. Are there any tips that would help before and after this procedure?
k so i need help understanding graves disease?
URGENT !! ..Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome with Cervical Cancer !!!!?
Can being around sugar make you sick?
Is it common to get weaker months or years after a stroke?
is there a product that determine if you have a yeast infection?
Do I have a Yeast Infection?
am i infected??????????????
CAN YOU GET HIV/HEP C FROM...? 10 pts...?
Sore throat plz help?
ive got a rash/............?
How difficult is it to find a partner if you have herpes?
Medications tht start with "D"?? (10 POINTSS)!!!!?
Medications tht start with "D"?? (10 POINTSS)?
Cholesterol guaranteeing?
Where does the coronary artery openings above the valve go out to?
my heart suddenly beating fast?
to pacemaker-why do you have three lead pacemaker? how long have you had it.?
does taking anxiolytics reduce stress related hypertension?
If you never feel symptoms, how would an event monitor do any good?
im 14, am i having a heart attack or stroke? PLEASE HELP IMMEDIATELY.?
36 weeks BP is 164/97?
i've been having minor sharp pains in my chest what could this be coming from?
what is going on with my heart ?
i am 12 and i am thinking i want to die?
How many cigarettes do you smoke per day?
im master bating at 12 should i be concerned...should i tell my parents?
Someone help me please.?
Is this a healthy body weight?
too scared to even sleep....PLEASE HELP!?
bored and sick what to do?
This may or may not be a strange question, but I'm gonna ask it anyway?
i woke up late for work what should i do?
what can i take or do to get marijuana out of my system for a drug test?
genderrrrrrrrrrrr questionnnnn?
weed rice crispy treats?
I can't swallow pills?
cleaning weed out for drug test and other pupose?
Scared about blood test tomorrow?
my friend smoked 3 nights ago?
what can help me sleep?
have you ever had surgery?
Is this reasonable????????
Did I break my wrist?
I get bruises without getting hurt?
I fell of my horse, and hurt my nose and back, what do I do?
Does a hitchhiker's thumb hurt when it is bent back? If not, what does it feel like?
so i have stepped on a few rusted nails about 3 days ago it really hurts and ice and such doesnt seem to work?
Pain above ankle when running?
Sprained Ankle... What now?
Why is it called a funny bone, when if you hit it, it's not funny at all?
Will A Straightener Burn Go Away?
When you get a burst blood vessel in your eye does it hurt?
What exactly are bruises?
Getting your cartilage pierced?
Should i get my Ankle x-rayed?
I have a cut and I didn't realise it. It was on my thumb. If sawdust got into it, wilkl I be affected?
wrist pain - what have i done?
What should I do about my ankle?
My girlfriend shook her head back and fourh really fast and now has a headache and is nauseous . Is she ok or?
My husband thinks he may have fractured or broken a bone in his hand, what kind of doctor does he need to see?
What do I do my nail is purple and hurts really bad?
Nerve damage due to alcohol?
dark brown eyes and always hurting and blinking?
If somebody is talking to you with their hands all up in your face ...?
How to get rid of bloodshot eyes?
colored non perscription contacts?
I want to order colored contacts but...?
my contacts burn after a while of being in. then they fine and then burn again. like a cycle?
Why I cough when i smoke? I also been had this cold for 2 weeks now n I'm guessing is because of that..?
accidently inhaled whip cream from the can ?
I smell smoke when there isn't any?
Im positive this has somthing to do with my liver but im not quite sure what it is.. im very scared?
I was just diagnosed with asthma...?
is eating alot of HALLS cough drops bad for you?
Can you have popcorn if you can't have gluten...?
My sneezing problem ?
What are some command noninfectious diseases?
Extreme congestion in sinus. draining in my throat. best medicine?
I have been having allergic reactions to foods and thought it was only pineapple and tomoatoes.?
what causes yeast infections?
What is going on with my 5 month old God-Daughter?
how long would i have to you use nitrofurantoin macro to make what i have go away?
Whats wrong with her...please help?
Questions about my case of pink eye/ eye infection.?
can alot of bladder infections cause you not to have kids? ?
Is this a stomach flu?
my 9 month old has had a very high fever of 103.6 or more for the last 2 days..now her temp is 97 ?
How to get rid of the flu?
do i have appendicitis?
what do these symptoms sound like????
Chicken Pox and Varicella Zoster Virus ?
If you ingest pesticides,how long is it in your system?
whoat is it when you have white bumps and blackishholes aroundd your tonsils?
is it a sinus fever/cold?
Finding cures and illness?
i have the flu please help me!?
flu... cold... i need help! ?
Please help me with my chicken pox?
flue? cold? strep throat? what do i have?
Mental and Physical abuse... Am I doing the right thing? 10 POINTS.?
am i overworked if so help?
Can anyone help with my sleep problems?
An example of an interpersonal goal?
Healthy ways to cope with stress?
What is the next level, Stronger pain medication then a oxycodone 5mg/325mg?
i stuck my finger in a power spot of a car and im burned it cut (not a bleeding cut)?
Best relief from itchy mosquito/spider/ant bites?
Water in Lungs - While in the Shower?
Can I cut my ingrown toenail vertical?
I'm allergic to ant bites, would I also be allergic to bee or wasp stings?
How to cure chipped nail completely?
Whats the best way to cure a blister burn?
can herpes #1 be transmitted by kissing? or blood?
What is the life expentancy of an HIV infected individual?
weird question about hiv?
are their any new herpes treatment?
I cant get to sleep need tips (thanks :) )?
can smoking old ciggaretts hurt me?
How would I know if I need glasses?
why does his nose keep bleeding?
How can I grow taller?
if i smoke weed everyday and consume alcohol at least twice a week am i a junkie?
is it normal for a 14 year old boy to be 4"10" size?
Cough, very bad headaches, body is very sore and also aches.. what could this be?
please i need to know what this is?
I'm really sick.. how do I get over my sickness by 2:30pm?? PLEASE HeLP! Easy 10 points!!?
This is an embarassing question...?
I smoked marijuana every day.now i stopped for almost 3 months now.i think im going crazy w/out it.what do i d?
Help to quit smoking?
I'm so soar! Help!!!?
how long after smoking weed is safe to drive?
How do I improve my eyesight? or at least stop getting it worse?
How to pass a drug test?
Right eyelid is red, puffy and hurting?
Does anyone know why the first time I smoked weed, nothing happened?
swallowed facewash a few days ago?
Husband may have glaucoma, is it really serious and more info..... please?
Is it possible to give blood with a Viral infection.?
Does hernias have any effect on appetite?
What is Morgellon's disease?
how thrombophlebitis occur?
i have insomnia, what do I do?
Life after gallbladder removal?
My girlfriend has had anerexia for almost a year now what do i do?
I'm going to be on crutches and in a cast for at least 6 weeks, are forearm crutches better?
how can you tell if you broke your arm?
Why do my lungs hurt when i smell second hand smoke?
What does a x-ray therapist do?
Terrible Cough, keeping me up!?
What is respiratory depression?
Do you think I might have pneumonia?
what kind of antibiotic in minocycline and is it recommended for uri?
Endless Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)!?
Sinusitis question??
Am I having a seizure or is this sleep paralysis?
What happens if you refrigerate Robitussin DM Max?
what is the safe anti deppressant to take?
how can get high without weed?
Zinc Intake and Acne?
I an american citz living in Italy , and I have been trying to find a good thryroid doctor can some one help?
Does this sound like lupus or some other auto immune disorder?
Is marijuana really that bad?
Is Anyone interested in Free No Red Meat Recipes?
does dshs cover a heart transplant?
Can loritabs raise my blood pressure?
a description of the part of the brain affected by a stroke, including the healthy function of this part?
I need Donors for Operation.?
what are the causes of heart beat gaps (lapses) and how to prevent it from happening again?
Which side of the patient is the c-arm placed for pacemaker surgery?
i have familial dilated cardiomyopathy not due to diabetes. it is hereditary. my question is has anyone?
Is a past medical history appropriate to list in the Nursing diagnostic statement?
has anyone tried energy healing to help with heart conditions. i have dilated cardiomyopathy and am wondering?
Husband had another attack what do we do if we need help?
how can i heal my infected throat?
Recently i have had thrush and just finished the antibiotics but it still hasn't quite gone. Is that normal?
Month old sunburn still itchy?
Dry, red patches on inner thigh.Been there my whole life.Goes away and comes back.Not itchy.?
Burst Cyst on forehead left scar?
what is the cause low body temrature and swetting in hands ???
Red feet in summer!! ARGH!! HELP!!?
15 Month Old with Hand Foot and Mouth Virus?
do hickeys go away all of a sudden or do they slowly disappear??
Pins and needles???
Bottom layer of wart?
my skin is thin and i am always bruising myself and/or bleeding. is there any vitimin that will reduce this?
There a way to induce peeling with a sunburn so it will heal already?
can you give posion ivy or poison oak to someone if you touch something then they touch it can they get it?
Ance myth?
Randomly appeared bumps on right arm and stomach?
why do i have a lump in my lip?????
laser treatmnets?
opportunistic infections may increase the risk of malnutrition in the patient with HIV/AIDS because of?
what are some contagious diseases in the united states that are around today?
what wrong with me am i sick?
Should i get my tonsils out if my lymph nodes are swole n i have a fever and strep? ?
any free bladder protection to get?
how can you get shingles?
Why am I suddenly getting all these injuries?
Muscle tense from reverse curls? Weird pain?
do somebody have aid or hiv that a rapper?
How many children die of AIDS in 8 hours/a school day?
my platelet count is 133 and lymphocytes is 768 and my Dr. doesn't seem concerned. Should he be?
Does this sound like an Infectious Diseases?
I think my hubby's has a disease.?
Mono and house remedies?
Foundation looking for a disease or condition.?
what causes my feet to swell? I have a small blood clot in my right leg but my left ankle hurts more?
My knee cap popped out of place, I think, and how do I help my thighs?
Bacterial Vaginoses i have a question?
Is it common to get the Flu or fever on September?
throbbing postpartum back pain?
Why am i dizzy all the time?
Had a severe jolt or 2 popping noises while bending over followed by squeezing lower back pain. What is it?
Why am I getting all of these headaches?!!?
Feel like i have a lump in my throat?
Opinions on pills that make you tan?
Can you break your nose and not even know?
Need an answer quick?
Can siamese twins be a boy and a girl or do they both have to be the same gender?
Pressure around forehead and temples when reading?
Is smoking REALLY that bad for you? I mean, come on?
My friend did all this stuff and didnt remember anything coz it was like she was in a trance?
I hate my life, and I wanna die?
Can you hear a bodily organ pop inside of u?
Who can I tell that I haven't been eating and whats wrong with me?
I get really light-headed, nauseous and dizzy when I'm in a crowded or confined space. What's wrong with me?
how can i help flush my system of marijuana?
What do they typically do when you have to get a drug test for a job?
if i am 5 foot 5 and weigh 118 is that skinny? but i feel like i have a gut.?
what is the worst thing that could happen from smoking weed?
Whic one makes u look older faster weed or cigs?
How long do you let contact lenses soak?
My mom never cares when I...?
What is weed? Is it a drug, I know you smoke it.?
How do I get rid of my nervousness?
Vaseline alternitive?
What is the easiest way to pierce my ear myself?
My grand daughter was stung by a bee?
is putting salt and ice on your vein bad for you?
blood blister on my nose piercing?
when i put peroxide on a cut and it fizzes or bubbles...?
What Makes An Infection Worse?
what are the side effects of wearing eye lenses?
Would it be okay just to buy glasses from the net for reading without having my eyes tested?
How can I tighten my glasses without going back to the doctor?
Question about contact eye lenses?
Why does it hurt so much when tears come out from my eyes while using pc ?
how does the acuvue free trial pair work? do you get the contacts right when you're there?*colored contacts?
Flickering in the corner of my right eye?
Cheap Eye Glasses In...?
do i have eye problems?
How old do you have to be to wear coloured contacts?
why do I vision glowing stars when I close my eyes at night?
I can't see clear out of my eye ... Help?
eye prescription??????????
What are some ways to treat amblyopia/strabismus?
My psychiatrist said something about me receiving treatment today in front of others. Can i do anything?
Zoloft..what did it do for you?
What is it called when you have nightmares all the time, feel ike being watched, and someone is talking about?
I have severe anger problems that affect my relationship.?
Depression/Cyclothymia Question?
What are the bad things about valerean root? Can it be used as a fast acting anxiety med?
spasms of guilt and anxiety?
Whats the chance of getting Post Traumatic Stress disorder from joining the army?
Is seeing blood trail on the sidewalk normal?
what is the best way to hurt yourself with leaveing a scar?
Do i honestly need a nose job?
WTF do i do about my shoulder?
Help me with my Foot injury?!?
Whats the least painful way to sprain your anke?
can anxiety cause coughing?
Sick with what????????? ?
What's the best way to get rid of a strep throat fast?
Sore throat, itchy ears, cough with mucus?
Could this be a sign of a serious illness?
Trouble breathing And sleeping?
Shortness of breath and breathing problems?
clean your system of pcp?
Where can I get a free glucose meter?
Gestational diabetes dangers?
having daily dizzy spells?
Need help on weightloss for women...?
Does Diabetes Type A can pass on you?
What does dark glucose in a urinalysis mean?
Should you limit your fluid intake during a pancreatic attack? Can I drink all the gatorade or water I want ?
Could I have diabetes??
slim fast diet safe for diabetes 2?
both grandmothers have diabetes does that risk me and my neice too?
type one diabetics 21-30 yrs of age. how do you pay for all of your diabeties supplies and medicine?
Whole grain vs whole wheat. Which is better (especially for diabetics)?
Type one diabetics and gene technology?
Where can I buy Stevia in Israel?
What is the best diabetic products?
Does anybody know the medicine Adavent or Advent?
can the sugar patients take honey ?
Diabetes Health Question?
Experienced diabetic patients, do you know the following?
Perindopril, Coversyl & Aceon?
I have elevated C4 serum levels what does that mean?
how to stage an intervention (not drug related)?
Does Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys have Down Syndrome?
What could be the reason for orthostatic hypotension if the person has normal sodium and sugar levels?
Effects of Hypothermia and Hyperthermia?
My boyfriend has been diagnosed with acid reflux disease, but he has symptoms other than acid reflux?
what type of surgeon would operate on a temporal bone tumor?
i need help curing my friends vomiting disorder.she doesnt have to eat to vomit and i cant find cures elsewere?
I have to get a blood test done tomorrow , what should I expect ?
chlamydia symptoms- lower ab pain?
Whats wrong with my lips?
How HIV/AIDS transport?
What happens if an epipen is injected (epinephrine) into someone who is severely dehydrated?
What's going to happen?
Dr. Scholl's Corn Remover...does it work?
Am i allergic to my dog?????
Can I be allergic to kittens and not cats?
pup sick,little foam at the mouth is she ok?not feeling well also drink alot of water.and a little whitr rice.?
how would i check if i was alergic to weed, how long would it take?
Is it true that if you hold your sneezes in it gives you nose cancer?
Air coming from my eye.?
Serious? Should I go to the doctor now?
What can people do for cat allergies- say if they already have a cat and have become more allergic?
Hi. my 4yo had a bout of allergic rhinitis for two weeks, which seems like cough and cold. His pedia prescribe?
Am I allergic to nail polish?
Hi I am 13 years old and I have a clicking sound could it just be sinuses or allergies?? Please Help?
what are u allergic too...........?
Is it ok if when your sick and you sneez and mucus and some blood comes out?
I'm hives for the first time in my life, help!?
What is wrong with my soft palette and tongue?
What is your opinion on the occasional recreational smoking of marijuana?
Do you think that marijuana is more or less dangerous than alcohol?
hoorrrriibleee horrible stomach?
im 14 but im into halucinating?
Marijuana can cause aggressive and delinquent behavior?
Hey everyone i need help to get rid of a sore throat?please answer?
Embarssed about...............?
My friend paid me to drink a cup of paint. Anything bad can happen?
can you really die by drinking to much water?
If you are Irish and have red hair, is your body/body type just naturally bigger?
i'm scared that i may have a brain tumur...?
i drank for the first time last night and over did it...question! please help?
Im 5'7 (and a half), will i keep growing?
I smoked some pot, and I have to take a drug test in 1-2 weeks. It's been 8 days since I've smoked?
help have i got some illness and should i go see the doctor or just let it run its course?
really cold when coming out of the shower?
What happens if you drink bleach?
Does weed affect your baby when its n the stomach?
Why do I see shapes that aren't there when I first wake up?
is 91 pounds too much ? =/?
Make a wish foundation?
Right, my skin is beginning to annoy me.?
poison ivy?
could i be sick from ingesting any primer paint, it would of been very minimal and it was a oil base?
what do I do for a painful spider bite on the back of my head?
How do I get a glass sliver out of my son's foot?
I have a splinter...I think?
What happens when you get dirt in the cut of your hand?
Is it bad to stay in front of a SAD lamp for several hours per day?
What is a Pre-ICO dispensary?
does flexipatch work?
Potassium and voice...Comments please?
how to stop ringing ears?
weight loss/ eating disorders and topiramate/topamax?
What beverages are good to mix kava kava tincture in?
what does niacin pills do?
Diabetes and Gaining Weight?
where are 3 presure points?
Concern for my mother in law she has diabetes should i take her to ER?
a drop in the ratio of sodium bicarbonate to carbonic acid becaus of untreated diabetes can be called:?
What foods does a diabetic diet consist of and what foods should be avoided?
How do people get diabetes?
what is a Rheumatologists?
Help sticking to fitness thing...?
How can you tell if you are insulin resistant?
Syptoms of?? PLEASE HELP!!?
Does anyone know why medicaid wont pay for bayer contour test strips?
do i have diabetes or aniexty related?
type 2 diabetes diet plan?
HI do u know were i can get a really really cheap dsi?
can a diabectic get a Class A Licance?
Are insulin users for diabetes subject to long range cancer/neurology/lou Gehrig deceased. problems?
could i have some form of diabetes?
diabetes help PLEASE answer?
why is wholemeal bread good for people with diabetes?
How high would a nondiabetics blood sugar get after eating ...like 30 minutes...(wrong time to test i know)?
Will I get diabetes now?
Broken wrist, what should I do?
I injured my hand/thumb. I cannot put any pressure on it. What can I do?
Glass stuck deep in my foot?
What's wrong with my elbow?
Should i get a knee brace?
Whats wrong with my hands!?
ring finger knuckle really hurts after a fight?
Please diagnose my sprained ankle? Thanks?
Do I have a concussion?
Big Toe Nail 1/2 lifted and bleeding from injury?
How can i make my knee feel better?
heyy heyy, i think i broke my leg?
would it be the same?
Is this Doctor the injured boy's father?
My thumb went numb from cutting someones hair... 8 HRS AGO?
i pulled my back when i was bendding down what can i do to get better HELP ?
i think i broke or did something to the top of my hand. ?
what does the doctor do to take off a foot cast?
Is my tail bone broken?
toenail is off!! help me please?
Throat Congestion causes?
Can you use an inhaler too much?
I coughed up a few drops of blood.?
expired inhaler question?
my mother has als and is on ventilation at home, she is 73 years old, how long is her life expectancy ?
How to stop smoking cigerettes.?
1 week bloody nasal discharge?
How do i stop my cough?
I have strep throat and I'm on antibiotics, but why am I having trouble breathing?
Pink eye maybe? Help with symptoms?
Could you have mono and show none of the symptoms?
If I got a negative test result for Hep. C can I still have it and how long can it lie dormant ?
how long does it take for a cold soar to go away when using abreva?
can a sore throat be more then a sore throat?
Iraq's water disease?
I currently have mono. how long do i have to wait to kiss my boyfriend?
i think i might have mono..?
How long does one have to wait, for HIV-1 DNA PCR results to come back?
how much it cost of percutaneous aortic valve implantation –the sapien?
Panic Attack or Heart Attack?!?
whats the difference between a stroke and seizure?
If heart rate was the same as breathing, would heart palpitations be yawning?
Was anyone here born with a heart defect?
can this actually happen if someone donates a heart?
Grandma had a stroke?
My heart feels tight and heavy?
do i have ocd.....................................................?
What is it like to smoke weed for the first time?
what causes both wandering eyes and frontal brain atrophy?
Does anyone out here have Lupus? If so can you tell me how you were diagnosed and what symptoms you have?
Doctors, anyone. Please help me.?
can you die from insomnia?
I need to go to bed early.?
I don't want to grow...what are ways to stun your growth? (im 13)?
Help me with a hiccups question?
Doctor gave me wrong diagnosis?
Who has found the cure for a severe case of...?
Autism Tests Able to be Taken at Home?
How can I stop cracking my knuckles?
why do ppl smoke cigarettes?
What are the cons of keeping an infected industrial piercing in?
cold sore? lump under my chin?
"whats it mean when you have a fever, congested throat, cough, dizziness, cold then hot, and headache?"?
How do i get my voice back?
Sleeping problems!! Help?? TIps for sleeping normally?
Should i try weed???!!! please help????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
who is sick of people picking on smokers?
Why do I have black tarry stools?
If you lose your voice could it come back different at all?
Who can help with this? PLEASE HELP!?
If a pill doesn't dissolve in vinegar, does that mean I have 200 undigested pills in my stomach?
why cant i eat without smoking marijuana?
What is smoking weed like?
In desperate need of advice?
I am 42 years old and a teacher. I have lupus, diabetes and other illnesses. I am covered through my insuran?
what is iron niacin??
can anyone tell me where you can buy a prostectic leg...?
how long will insulin stay in your blood stream and would chlorine disapate the insulin?
how does medicare work?
Levothyroxine 125 to 112?
can u get high off of cyclobenzapr 10 mg tab myla?
what do high absolue Basophil levels means?
If you are a border line diabetic how many grams of sugar are you allowed for the day?
HII FRIENDS.... MY TSH level is 7.1, is it a very dangerous? Please tell me how to decrease it naturally..?
Woman who has diabetes have heathly babies?
Kidney failure doubts?
what does 1 ml measure on a 1cc syring?
diabetes is part of what system?
Where can i buy the actual HCG shots?
Glucose levels in urine after too much candy?
Please help me with inhalers?
i have low blood sugar and i know i need to eat right now but i feel nauseous what should i do?
gain weight for diabetic?
why is it irritating to look at an eye flu patient's red eye?
How to fix gassy/hunger pains in your stomach?
Oww! My legs are sore! Help?
Do Ray Bans 2140 clear protect against %100 uv rays?
Why do my brown eyes look orange?
Why is one pupil bigger than the other.?
Please help me with the pain?
Any way to get better after this surgery?
crackling ear like rice krispies. no pain but extremely annoying!?
Is there a certain type of eye-drop?
Will i ever recover from this emotional scar?
REALLY bad stomach ache!?
Flu and severe headache on left side of head and neck?
How do I heal myself from this agonizing pain?
What is the best over the counter medicine to take for sinus pressure and pain?
Pain in the middle of my chest?
Can getting 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol in your eye casuse the eye to go blind?
Dizziness when I stand up? Severe headache? Slight shaky?
11 year old girl having abdominal pains. Treatment?
Should i go to the doctor if i have a pain on the upper left leg near groin ?
what is wrong with my head?
I hurt my knee bac n 08. I couldn't bend it or put much weight on it, it didn't swell and when I went 2 the dr?
I burned my hand with some boiling water! Will vitamin E help?
How can I stop bed bug bites from itching?
how to strip hair toxins from your hair folicle?
Will having a bad head and chest cold effect your period?
biologically speaking, why do smokers feel out of breath?
just lately when i eat it hurts my back and i start coughing?
Breathing in burning plastic fumes for almost 30mins while asleep?
does any1 know if u can give blood from a port cath?
Choking? How to tell someone you are in distress and has this ever happened to anyone before?
What happens when the carbon monoxide thing starts going off?
why do i get dizzy when it is cold outside or in a pool?
please help I'm in pain!?
Blood under skin in finger? Please help?
I have a weird lump on my hand..?
There is a lump on my face and it hurts.What should I do ?
lol wrist injury help? or something.?
i got my cheeks pierced bout 3 dayz ago and the swelling is still pretty bad... how to i make it go dwn faster?
I hurt my pinky 3months ago playing basketball and it still hurts and I cant bend it. Do you think its broken?
i have achilles tendonitus?
Tongue Injury Question?
melted plastic dripped on my hand need care help?
Emergency room????? Adult????????????????
How do you make a jammed finger better ASAP?
I just got a job and hurt my finger?
Toe stills hurts after about 1 week?
Black pus from toe nail?
Its hard for me to get a tan because im really white so how many hours in the sun will it take me to get dark?
I got bitten by a dog near my eye brow and its now a scab, what can i do to make sure it doesnt scar?
Don't you find it amazing that....?
what is going on??? i woke up dizzy about 20 minutes ago, im still dizzy but i feel like throwing up?
Ankle Sprain? Bad or Worst?
ankle problem ! please please please help !i no i have asked this a few times but please can you answer?
What should I do about my sore knees?
i have acne & i dont know wt 2 use...pls help...my acne is not that bad.. should i use roacutane? pls help?
What can I do for my 2yr, that has dry scalp?
are your feet in good condition?
Help?! Itchy Bumps out of no where?
What should i put on a rash that doesn't itch?
Acne Help.........?
How to get rid of Cold burn?
After a shot is swelling normal? Please Help?
what is azithromycin ?
How much is the works toilet cleaner?
What are the diets for the patients with AIDS/HIV?
Blood Test.....Result.....Help!?
at what point in a relationship should someone tell the person they are dating?
can chlamydia cause permanent damage to bladder functions?
How do people get STD??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How come i Tested positive for herpes and negative for HIV in a month and a half?
I've had the flu for 3 days now my urine is dark and my face is breaking out. what could this be?
How to get rid of foggy sore throat?
Do I have pink eye...?
If your IV is running at 60 ml/hr and is hung at 1300, when would the nurse expect it to finish?
diabetes 1 com par too 2 is what?
how am i a type 2 diabetic ? i am underweight.?
What could these symptoms mean? I NEED help!?
why are you supposed to 'lessen achohol[sp?] consumption' after getting a piercing?
Does being in the 80's and hour after eating normal?
What is dumping syndrome of the bowels?
Diabetes or Overactive Bladder?
I am a supplier of diabetic shoes in china ,i want to get the werification of the PDAC ?what should i get it ?
sick and thirsty dehydrations help?
Diagnosed with early diabetes, and my fasting numbers are always high. Anyone else had this happen?
Ok I'm 9 weeks pregnant my blood type is O negative I don't know the babys fathers blood type but if it's ?
Diabetes type 2 advice?
Does garlic help control diabetes?
What is the difference between Fructose and Glucose?
Digestion time of a Whole Wheat Pancake vs a Bagel w/cream cheese?
How to relieve diabetic shot spots?
If you slip into a diabetic coma , how long are you kept under hospital care ?
Late Morning Urination Frequency?
Where can i go to look up my application statis?
type 2 diabetes and heart attack. HELP NEED MORE INFO?
I'm 14 and i smoke weed is this bad?
I smoked weed for the second time about a month ago. I'm 5'4 and 190lbs. Will i pass my drug test in two days?
Emotional Treatment Centers?
I've heard that extravagant gift giving is sometimes one of the signs of a manipulative personality...T/F?
what's wrong with me?
I just drank nail polish remover on a dare... should I be worried?