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uti Bladder infection?
can chicken pox affect a person twice in a lifetime?
what kind of sickness do i have?
As far as other common intestinal disorders, .?
what are treatments for e coli and if there are treatments where can i buy the treatment/medicine?
can chlorine from a school pool cause "optic neuritis" because i have swimming class?
Will I ever Get RID OF MRSA?
Flu shot and epstein-barr?
Do you know any of detection system that is used for detection of E.coli O157:H7 or Salmonella? ?
Is this cross contamination?
What happens if mosquito coil is swallowed?
What are the leading causative agents for sepsis? Where can I find this information?
I wake up too soon and feel so exhausted because of it, what can I do?
What are the ingredients in Tramadol?
how to break your ankle?
does toradol cause euphoria and is it addictive?
What is the use of calcium lenix drug?
What is wrong with my ankle please help?
I was cutting up an some foods and I accidentally cut myself.?
I have had a cough for about 5 days now and it is getting worse. How long should I wait b4 going to doctor?
I cant walk on my foot or put it to the floor is it broken?
Is it worse to get knocked unconscious from hitting your head?
If i jump of my bed and land on my foot would it break?
18 year old male serious back pain and hard lump. Any ideas as to what it is?
Are yams beneficial for soothing ulcers?
Why are the joints in my ring fingers locking up?
Describe cholesterol. Including LDL lipoprotein, HDL lipoprotein an triglycerides.?
how frequently echocardiogram should be done?
im sad angry snappy crying chest pains and have high blood pressure?
How can I get my touch sensation back in my fingertips after a stroke ? The muscles or nerves in my arm still?
I just had balloon sinuplasty done?
What can you do for a person when they pass out because there pulse rate went to high/?
Heart attacks in teenagers?
What kind of physical limitations are there if you have stints in the heart?
possible heart problems? im 16 btw.....?
Sore on Tonsil?
Crystals are falling from my skin.?
Cold sore???
can you tell me if this is a generic valum 5?It's small yellow in color and has the number2683 on it.?
Can I go to a dermatologist by myself when I'm 16 for laser acne treatments ?
Topical Clindamycin?
grainy skin? is it acne?
Does your diet have anything to do with acne?
how do i apply the selsun blue to get rid of the spots?
Noxzema Original Deep Cleansing Cream?
pleaseeeeeee help me!?
I have a bump and internal bleeding but i dont know why. Is this a problem?
Removing Moles?
i am not sure if i have a cold sore !!??!!?
Can someone tell me about chronic uticaria?
Anyone ever have Heavy Metal Toxicity?
How soon can I become infected with Mono since I have been exposed?
am i protected? Please answer asap?
can you you get an std from piratebay.org?
Can someone tell me if someone has HPV or cervical cancer, are the able to have a baby?
Telling a partner about a std?
What are some recommendations for people infected with STDs?
if i get cut on my finger and finger a girl do we get aids?
Can u get an STD from making out and kissing?
What causes my dizziness?
Is this an Ear Infection?
what is the difference between these three pills?? anti biotic meds..?
Why is there blood when i blow my nosee?
Can you give an example of a circus elephant diagnosed with tuberculosis?
anyone know any sore throat tricks?
What is the best non surgical treatment for a Spontaneous Pneumothorax?
I was just recently sick with a cold and..?
What's the difference between claritin and reactine?
Special asthma Medicine for flying.?
Do you think i have diabetes? or not?
wy don,t doc know about a gluco watch thats you where automatic cheeks your glucose levels?
Type 1 Diabetes & exercise/diet?
Should diabetic take fish oil as a supplement?
what brand of bread do you most recommend for a diabetic?
can anyone beat diabetes?
blood sugar-diabetic?
what do you do if you think have low blood sugar?
I'm on a lot of medicine but my sugar is not leveling out?
Is a home done fasting blood glucose test reliable in terms of just keeping an eye out for possible issues?
Do I have Hypoglycemia?
What illnesses can have the same symptoms as diabetes...?
if you eat candy daily for two months will your a1c level go up?
Gestational Diabetes?
I'm 14 and im getting shots tomorrow?
Good things to do when your sick?
Deaf Question: Is it okay to stop using my voice?
Earrings to be left in....or out?
can you soak in tub with teatree oil?
How to reduce ear congestion?
Is the flu shot worth it?
can someone help me?!?!?
what do you do if you have really bad strep throat?
What are some past treatments ( like in the 1800's and stuff) for hepatitis A disease?
What is the best thing for a cold?
Which virus causes cells to grow abnormally?
I have uti im pretty sure?
when you have herpes on your lip, for an outbreak to occur do you have to have a fever?
i'm not to sure what to do about suicide?
Can you give me any advice for my dyslexia when it comes to coordination in dance class?
taking mulitple perscriptions at once?
is there a test that can be performed to see if u need your septic tank drained?
How to get airplane anxiety meds?
my dog has a low RBC count? help him please?
I got a non reactive hiv 1-2 test but the lab post a note which said they found some particles what that mean?
What type of sickness do I have?
What Would Happen If....?
Painful bony lump on finger?? What the heck is this thing?
Flu shot soreness has persisted for weeks?
How to get rid of a burn?
help with strep throat?
Do you think i am Schizophrenic?
Is it possible i have both borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia?
How to treat a rope burn?
HELP ear piercing (1st one the flippy part) BLEEDING?
My psychologist says I have cognitive disorder.. What is it?
I REALLY need to relax?
Why is my mosquito bite really hot?
huge gash. no stitches?
I caught my winkie on my zip what i do please!!!!!!1?
Knee Injury...Please Help.....!!?
what happens if you stick an earring in the tear hole in your eye?
Do I have a mild concussion or something?
Do i have a concussion?
can you bleed to death from a nosebleed?
eye injury what should we do??
when can i run on a sprained ankle?
Backwards bend of the knee a year an a half has not got better what to do it still hurts at night? HD?
I want to go back to running but, my once broken ankle gives me pain, help?
punched in chest...what to do?
How do you know if your nose is broken?
Im havin injury nite @ church...what should i do to be injured..nothing to gross please?
would it be inappropriate if i sent my teacher i brief get well email because he dislocated his knee?
Is it possible this woman has brain damage?
I got beat up about a year and a half ago. I got hit repeatedly in the same spot.?
Does your fingernail grow back?
How do i prevent shin splints?
might have torn or bruised a muscle in my right shoulder blade.?
need help!! is my ankle sprained ,broken or twisted ?
Why did my nose randomly start bleeding?
I think it's an allergy????????????
My cats' eyes are runny. What does that mean? Is it serious? They have appointments next weekend.?
Health problems? Dad has swollen sinus's.?
i had a reaction to a color....?
Am I allergic to dogs? I dont want to give her up!?
Allergy to pineapple?
Im babysitting a kid with a allergy to strawberries?
i think my brother is lactose intolerant and he just ate ice cream?
Without any warning my whole body became Itcy?
Does she looks like Selena?
Long term Circle Lense Storage?
Eye disorder causing one to see "too many" colors?
Eye stye lid surgery/draining procedure is it painful?
would you ever go in a pool or beach with contacts on?
Previously broke orbital bone/dilated pupils.?
Is it true that the louder a bone cracks the better it is?
Back Pain?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?
Are you addicted to prescription pain killers? Are you having to take more and more?
How to treat a knee sprain/strain when you have school the next day?
What are some ways to relieve a gas bubble?
Why do I have a sharp pain on left knee on left side?
How long would some one have to stay int he hospital with third degree burns?
Can teens get tendinitis?
Does watching TV cause alzheimers disease or does it only promote it sooner in those who have inherited it?
Water in my ears? Help how do I get it out?
Pain in stomach can be due to gastric problem?
What is the difference between a punch biopsy and shave biopsy for moles?
I was diagnosed with uterine cancer that has started to affect one of my kidneys and I need a stint put in?
What are common uses for sterility in women?
what does 3-6 pus cells means? is it an STD?
I got a blood test and I have some questions?
Is it true running causes AIDS?
Do i have a yeast infection?
Reproduction and STD Help?
The HPV Virus.......?
I have these weird, puny red bumps on top of my right hand...?
nose infection, healing?
I don't know if this is a tick or not?
Cellulitis caused by Contact dermatitis, what can stop the itching?
Chicken pox marks?
what can i do about my life with a red face?
Tannig beds?
what helps acne better?
What do I do if nothing of that works?
Rashes and hives or bug bites... can it be caused by allergies? What can I do, the dermatologist doenst help?
i think i might have been bitten by a spider.?
Understood, but still...?
big night out?
my face had some peeling yesterday and the dead skin is gone but at those places skin bcame red & it's burning
i have a coldsore which appearred yesterday. i used zovirax and it has now come out pretty well but is there..
How do you clear ance off your shoulder blades.?
Which Acne Pill is Better?
How long do scabs from a blistery sunburn (on cheeks/forehead/nose) last?
How can mandalas heal? Should we draw them or just look at them? Is that all?
magnetic therapy? has anyone bought those bed magnet wear blankets?If so what benefits did you find thanks?
How long does L-Lysine 500mg take to get rid of a cold sore, taking 2 tablets every day?
is the 30mg tablet of adderall considered adderall XR ?
Someone took one of my medical marijuana cookies without my consent and had a bad reaction?
Does anyone know where I can get the liquid form St. John's wart?
my father in-laws feet are extremely swollen . he is 83 an has stage 4 lung cancer and is also diabetic?
does diabetes skip a generation?
Every morning after I eat breakfast, I get headaches?
If my skin smells sweet when I wake up, could I have diabetes?
another famous disability?
is it ok to drink a pint an hour on the hour,say from 12pm - 9pm?
im a diabetic nd my insulin pump has made a big lump on my tummy wat should i do?
What is happening to me?
how do i register my onetouch ultra mini meter?
I am 16 years old skinny boy, and do I have diabetes?
Can my mother apply for VA aid and attendance if she's diabetic.She's an insulin dependent .?
frequent urination, sweet fruity breath, fatigue, hunger, dry mouth. Do i have diabetes?
Does anyone know any website that send out free colour blindness test?
what happens if your a diabetic?
Do i have diabetes??????????????
is there no cure for diabetes?
my brother has been peeing alot, can anyone help?
I want to be a Pediatrician when I grow up?
Vinegar found in teenager's room... Should I be concerned?
I have a question about my diabetes?
If i am testing for..?
Why are yawns contagious?
I'm not a diabetes patient but my monthly cycle is not come on fixed date.doctor concern me metforminsustain?
what blood type would my child be?
Can you pass out not eating even if your about 170 pounds?
do carrots lower blood sugar?
Is this because of the alcohol?
Is it possible to train oneself to need less sleeping hours?
Im Really Freakin Out !!?
Cream to help with septal perforation crusting?
Haven't slept in 2 days!?
I feel like I walk funny.?
i have a gun shot wound from last night and i dont have the money to go to the hospital. any remedies?
I have a concussion, but ive been getting chills, like heating up then cooling down. is this normal?
How do I cope with my new husband's finger amputation while helping him cope as well?
How do you know if I have broken my ribs?
I bit my lip and now its swollen :[?
There's a hole going through my toe...how can I heal it without my mom knowing?
I hit the top of my head really hard, now I'm having neck pain ..should I go to a doctor?
My nose was broken 2 days ago and i have a soccer game today, what is the best way to protect it?
Do I have a concussion or is it just migraines?
What's wrong with my finger?
How do i know if i broke my finger?
had carpal tunnel release and I am still having sharp pains in hands and wrists 4 months later any suggestio?
Lower left back pain advice please?
Should I see a doctor about this?
i am having an x-ray on my back today what should i wear?
Why doesn't my son bruise?
what do you do if you're tongue is burned?
Some of my nail got smashed off by a door.?
What can I do to help a stress fracture without going to the doctor?
i got cut but could not wahs it out right away?
what is the name of a person who dis cove AIDS virus?
is it normal to have stomach pains that take breath away when someone has full blown aids?
My boyfriend said he has herpies! what should i do?
Rapid Screenings Centers Costs?
Having Problem when urinating?
I need a good Arguement for AIDS.?
Could Alli be preventing me from getting pregnant?
if ive been diagnosed with gonnorea/chlamydia and have been given antibiotics and a shot what is the follow up?
do herpes blisters always become sores?
How long does indegestion last?
asbestos fibers accumulate in?
What is a similar otc medicine to allegra or allegra D?
I don't know if this person is genuine but if he is he needs advice?
how do you get motivation when?
Why do I hiccup so much?
Is my triglyceride level high?
arteries of the leg are becoming occluded with fatty material and he is advised to have the nerves severed, wh?
Strange Illness at Work?
what do i do i need help suicidal?!?
Switched from procardia xl to the generic for toprol xl. When will I see a difference in my blood pressure?
can anxiety effect breathing?
is it bad when it feels like you heart is beating hard and your chest hurts and it makes it hard to breathe?
Do anti depressants really help?
How to get over my girlfriend being raped? :/?
lately i have been had shortness of breath, almost if I cant get a deep breath and belching through out my day?
Why does a female stroke patient only respond to male voices?
Can atrial fibrillation with ventricular standstill be recognized from fine V-Fib?
Getting rid of whatever this is?
Ketamine and rapid sequence intubation: Is this drug continued throughout a medically-induced coma?
My Two ECG's said different than echo ?
Is my brother's knee infected..?
I feel so tired all the time, why?
I just spit out white phlegm, what does it mean?
do you think I have asthma?
My chest swells and hurts so much, whats happening?
Can I take 1/2 Amox tr-d clv 875-125 tab for sinus infection?
Anyone who has been to therapy, can you help me?
Why am I not sleeping at night? How can I sleep better?
Can eating meat increase my chances of getting cancer?
marijuana second hand smoke effects?
Why can't I stay to sleep?
Why do I have such large eye bags?
What are the long term side effects of take medication for ADHD ?
Question About Genetic Breast Sizes?
Can someone with hearing loss still be be awaken by noise?
breathing in matches, is it safe?
How do you no if you are lactose intolorant ?
Omnipod question help please?
How do I fix constant low blood sugars?
what should i do if i have been drinking too much alcohol?
My dad isn't managing his diabetes properly, help any diabetics/medics?
why do i feel ill after i have a meal?
What does urine with glucose in it look like?
Citrucel or Metamucil?
my blood sugar level on a monthly basis is198 is that good or bad?
How can lower my Blood Sugar?
what are the chances that im diabetic?
question for insulin pump users?
When u are diabetic & eat 2 much sugar, take the right amount of insulin,but get red,hot & very itchy, why?
Im Diabetic and my A1C is kinda bad... 8.2 and i want to lower it. what do i do?
i think i have diabetes but i dont have any medical insurance and i am on unemployment(illlinois)?
What should i do ???????????????????????????
is there a blood test that determines if diabetes has been present since childhood?
regarding diabetic and how to get cured using some herbal medicines, gondh, black seeds, etc. is it true? why?
My insulin doesn't seem to be lowering my blood sugar?
i need to know how to deal with presure?
What does it mean if my blood sugar is 80?
What type of doctor should I talk to?
Do I have a coldsore?
can u tke augmetion for a kidney infection?
Ear bleeds when I put my earring in?
my daugther got sun burned and her eyes are swollen? what to do?
what do i to heal this?
Scar tissue bump or something serious?
what are stitches made out of and how are they sterile?
how do you heal this?
Water stuck in my ear for over a day now?
How long does it take for an allergic reaction to go away?
Could this have been an allergic reaction?
Might be allergic to wheat?
Does anyone else get bloated and a bit sick after eating anything made with white flour?
Why is it every time I eat this I get nauseous?
Why do I get hives every day?
what are the symptoms for Food Allergy and how allergy testing will help if anyone suspect a food allergy?
I am allergic to sulfa, is it okay to take Alli?
cant smell have a cold but my nose is clear..?
heat and pressure in nose and eyes?
Catscan made my eyebrows twitch like crazy?? why?
head aches that comes the same time?
what causes pain in the grain?
Is this why my legs would be hurting?...................?
My daughters ear piercing!?
Whats wrong with my legs?
sudden dry patches on skin?
Help! I Have Jock Itch and it's driving me CRAZY!!!!?
pain behind the knee and on the hip? right side?
how to treat damage hands?
shaky eyes and terrible headache?
Help! 16 with near constant hunger ?
what is the best cure for athletes foot?
Is this a fungal Infection?
Sore right foot pain when walking?
Sharp pain in torso, help?!?
I have this little bumps on my back that look like a rash, It stings when I bend over and stand back up.?
What does my eye prescription Mean?
why did my eye doctor give me freshlook colorblends w/ if my bc is 8.3?
Eye disorder, right eye shifts to the right when dilating focus.?
blue eyes on a kid with 2 brown eyed parents?
what food should i eat to remove and prevent eye bags?
REALLY WORRIED my right eyeball not moving inward?
will my flashes in my eye go away?
Why do I see random colors?
I have alot of smelly discharge what is it?
Molluscum Contagiosum (MCV VIRUS)?
Is it possible to get AIDS before HIV?
Tingling and Numbness?
I have been feeling really thirsty but not hungry?
My lymph glands have been swollen for 3 days, but I'm not sick.?
how to feel better quick?
Does my friend have OCD or anyform?
my head hurts and I feel terrible?
Can you get H pylori bacteria in your system without an outside source?
What Was That One Medicine Commercial?
Would a B12 injection help?
Ultram and Lunesta-safe to take together?
Would marijuana be an effective treatment for gastroparesis?
Acupuncture for Brain Stroke Patient?
i'm receiving a knew knee; how long does it take to recover ?
y do i get bruised easily read deatals?
Is my ankle fractured or badly sprained?
What would happen if you accidently took 2 ?
Deep Splinter, IS there anything I can do?
wut do i do if i lost a cup of blood?
Cartilage piercing/metal sensitivity?
Ear Piercing went Wrong?
My middle finger is swollen....?
How can you tell if you have a concussion?
Was I knocked Unconscious?
How can i intentionally tear my rotator cuff?
i haz ingrown toenail and i love soccer what do i do?
What does it feel like to get stitches taken out?
What do I do about a torn muscle?
i splashed a little bit of bleach in my eye about two hours ago. ?
my toe is hurting..? help?
My knee popped completely out, help?
Is my son's nose broken?
I have a few burns on my arms?
how can i know if i have a broken knuckle w/o an e-ray?
How do i get my belly botton to not be infected anymore?
my fingers turned blue!?
Is there something wrong with my throat?
Why do my ears feel weird today?
what does this mean " Conversely, bupropion may antagonize the central pharmacologic effects of sedatives."?
Shaky, weak, irritable, headaches, tiredness? Huh?
Question about sleep paralysis?
Any tips to get a better nights sleep? 12 POINTS (holiday special)?
Why does the cost of my prescription vary monthly?
I have a voldyne 2500 but no instructions for use. Are instructions readily available?
a dog did a very small scratch on my knee?but the dog has no rabies?can i get trouble from this dog?
Help, About Apendix !?
where can i get a free flu shot in atlanta or north of atlanta?
Are you always sick with Mono?
what cause nausea and vomiting?
Is hard rusty water bad for the body?
heart has little aches but pulse is fine?
What is the cause of supraventricular tachycardia?
Could it be a heart attack..?
Atrial fibrillation please help me.....?
what does red under heart and in middle of chest mean?
Can birth control pill increase cholesterol?
Do you think i have a heart problem?
how can you detect a hole in the heart of a new born baby?
is the travel prohibited after cath test ?
Am I having a stroke/heart attack?
I think i have diabetes!!!!!!?
could a person crave blood and not be a vampie?
dear type 1 diabetics: what candy/carb-full bon bons or tablets or candy do u carry around and find best?
can i skip dinner if i pigged out at lunch?
If a diabetic patient is ill and hasn't eaten why do they still need to take their insulin?
my sister has diabetes now she is in kidney failure and unable to do dialysis due to damaged heart how long do?
Small frequent meals?
Symptoms of Diabetes..Mom won't take me to doctor?
what should your blood sugar be after a glucose fasting test?
Do any of these signs lead to diabetes?
Type 1 Diabetes and sick days?
Do you take Humalog insulin?
medicare coverage for a spouse?
If a person dies, can they tell if it was caused by LOW BLOOD SUGAR?
Too much sugar makes me want to puke. Early case of Diabetes?
type 1 diabetes and chewing tobacco?
When i went to the dr yesterday they put the thing on my finger to check heartrate and oxyagen,oxyagen was?
can a person go from being severely obese to becoming almost underweight?
what is a normal sugar level in a 20 month old ?
whats wrong with me!!! Do I have diabetes? HELP!?
Diabetics please help me if you can?
Can a blood test reveal STD like gonorrhea?
what is the brown liquid? PLEASE ANSWER IM SO SCARED!?
Can the nurse who did my pap test prescribe medication for an STD?
I forget to take my Iron supplements what can I do?
Can Anemia kill people??????
Please help whats wrong with my sister!!!!!!!!!!!(10 points)?
can someone be addicted to cigarets without smoking?
Bad cough for three weeks?
still having problems from one first time marijuana use?
I took the prescription drug fioricet and my face swelled up. do i HAVE to go to the ER?
help me it hurts guys?
Random Swelling of Lip?
first aid to be given in any emergency?
what is the effect of ingesting electrophoresis?
Whats this white line by where my blister is?
I think I got poison Ivy?
Can you take a sugar glider on holiday?
i need help writin an outline for my research paper which is about eating disorder?
I'm so confused on my life?
Why am i sleepwalking still?
I think I am depressed after leaving uni?
Can someone please tell me how I can handle my brother?
Songs or quotes to help you get over the death of a loved one?
Can You Lose Feeling In Your Legs From A Cut Nerve?
How can i intentionally tear my rotator cuff?
Sprained ankle advice?
A bruise that WONT go away?
Jammed finger in door. Should I see a doctor?
Whats best for muscle aches?
i seperated my shoulder but still want to stay in shape?
Do you get a permanent scar on your arm from carving it with a pencil?
Callous or plantars wart?
Curious about huge/several bumps! What are they???
Aloe Vera?
My son is only 10 years old, and lately I have been seeing a few white hairs on him!?
weird skin rash... what is it?
if you have microdermabrasion, is it a chance where acne can come back again?????
i have had this rash in between my chest and stomach for years. I was wondering what it could be?
I have very bad sunburn on my face and under my eyes...what can i do to help sunburn to go away fast...?
Freezing wart caused clear substance?
Retin-a and sunlight?
What is more sensetive, the left one or the right one?
eczema and skin so soft or coppertone water babies sunscreen?
What can cause episodes of itching?
Effects of skin laser??
Is it Ok if i have lotion on 24/7?
Why does allergy medicine say consult a doctor before use if you have thyroid disease?
What do the ending of Bronchitis mean?
A bad skin reaction to sun screen?
Is this an allergic reaction?
Can drug allergies be confirmed by allergy testing?
Allergic reaction to clean and clear?!?
How to get rid of an allergic reaction?
Accuracy: MRA V Transcranial Doppler (TCD)?
does 5 hour energy drink make you burp?
Piercing Swelling while sleeping? (2 questions)?
Can I take gravol or other meds after cocaine?
i have a small office medical procedure. which should i use: ativan or valium?
Off and on sleep problems...?
Hit my head will i die in my sleep?
is ripened pumpkin good for diabetic?
List of 10 professions or industries can produce headaches or fever?
Yawning temporarily cures pain?
A floating black dot out of my right eye?
why does my left ear feels clogged?
Why am I too young for doctor prescribed eye contacts?
solution for headache while sleeping?
I wiped my eyes when i was making jalapeno poppers now they sting, help?
Neck,throat and ears hurt really bad. Can this be from my Abscess tooth/gum?
Will my lower left iner wrist be like this?
Pretty colored contacts?
What did I do to my shoulder I am in so much pain?
help my eyes red and i have important plans!!!?
I swear my eye color is fading. Is this possible?
do blind peole grasp the concept of colors?
What may cause vicodin to not relieve pain? ?
Does osgood-schlatters disease (osd) stunt or increase growth?
MRI and laser and eye?
What happened to Quinine pills?
Can lupus be passed down?
If i experienced secondhand smoke through k2 will i fail a drug test the next day if i didnt smoke it?
Why do i wheeze when i lie down? Hard to sleep?
Gastric... lopsidedness?
Do you know of any disease or illness like this?
Contributing to scoliosis research?
What are some health screenings/ Exams for acid reflux?
drugs how much to smoke?
what is the purpose of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?
Am I sick with just a cold?
Can I work abroad if I have Asthma?
Scar on left arm from vaccination as a child (TB/Polio)?
Does alcohol affect sore throat?
is it normal to have semi-low blood pressure when you have tonsillitis. ?
My five year old daughter has bronchitis...?
Can clyndamicin be taken to treat laryngitis? ?
Asthma acting up, need help ?
What respiratory diseases are of concern for the elderly and infants and why?
Feels like I'm not getting enough air?
i stepped on a nail again?
If you have Hepatitis A Virus, what food should you take?
can they still operate if the patient has sepsis?
tong piercing...pls help me?
if brown liquid comes out of my girlfriends vigina did she have miss carige?
what is the percentage of hiv infected people in the state of mn ?
it a question about the disease malaria?
Is 250mg Ampicillin the right dosage for Kitten, age almost 3 months?
What specific test is needed to test a rabies infection?
why do i have light brown discharge? sorry tmi?
Am I getting better with my tonsils?
Finding STDS in Blood Test?
How can I get rid of my major sore throat?
If someone was taking med for hep c can do you get a less chance of contracting it?
Treating a STD with antibiotics?
Treating an STD with antibiotics.?
would i get a high blood sugar reading if my hands were dirty?
Can a Diabetic person be an organ donor?
i feel very tired, i'm diabetic?
I know Elizabeth Hasselbeck has CELIAC DISEASE, but does she have DIABETES as well?
Will I have any other position in the military like a nurse if I have diabetes since age ten?
Help . I need oral surgery work ,my medicare will not pay,it is a life or death problem i need some help tks?
how does the insulin get into the skin with the pump?
What are signs of gall bladder problems?
Are there any outward symptoms a person would signal that they could possibly have Diabetes?
If I have lower abdominal pain, fatigue (especially after meals), and irrability. Could I have diabetes?
dietary restrictions for juvenile diabetics?
How old to buy a1c test?
i am not diabetic but my sugar was 122 is that ok?
what are some of the symtoms of diabetes?
can you still take Xanax after expiration date? and can you get high on Xanax after it expires?
where are e mail items saved?
how can i get marijuana out of my blood? i wil be getting my blood tested...?
should i not test my finder for diabetes if i eat before bed, because number will not be accurate?
I have type 2 diabetes, and this morning around 11am i checked my sugar, and had a reading of 401. yesterday?
Help with wight loss?
im thinking about getting the lapband done im 290lbs and im 5"10?
I've been having a lot of symptoms lately, and a lot of them match up to type II diabetes. How do I know?
I am sick but with what?!?! need help ASAP?
Possible food poisoning after raw eggs in cookie dough?
How long after eating/drinking dairy should I wait to take vitamins?
Methadone maitenance question...?
Am i experiencing oxy withdrawal symptoms or food poisoning?
Does jet lag affect your metabolism?
HELP! I have a sore throat!?
When you eat oily foods, why does it go to your face? ?
swollen lymph nodes for 6 months. plz help!! cud this be cancer?
is the protein drink ensure safe to take with a type 2 diabetes. Have just been diagnosed .?
are the medications in barbados the same safe and effective as usa?
best weed you ever smoked?
is somnapure safe and effective?
Can anyone tell me how can I download the complete book of ayurvedic home remedies by Mr.Vasant Lad?
Question about ephedrine!?
Wellness/Health Topics?
can taking paxil block the effects of ecstasy?
does promethazine expire?
Is 73/48 a normal blood pressure for a 13 year old girl?
My father has dissection in arteries, is it bad?
Can a blood pressure test be affected by what you ate earlier in the day?
I got a Hematoma giving plasma?
My heart randomly starting beating really fast?
I have a burn bubble?
What could be wrong with me?
Nyquil sealed but cap not child-locked. safe to drink?
how long does niquil last if you take it to sleep?
What Wrong With My Cut?
Got up from couch yesterday back is hurting!?
whenever i wake up in the morning or doing nothing for long peiods of time, i lean over and my knee pops?
straightener burn, 6 days ago still burning/stinging?
Why do I have stiffness in my ankle 2 years after a sprain?
I have surgery in two days and the doctor has to fracture my nose. How bad will it hurt?
I hurt my thigh doing the splits too many times and now it hurts to walk and stuff. Did i pull my muscle?
I don't know if my ankle is sprained or broken?
Cutting myself? (No Haters please)?
I was hit on back of my head and now I get a head ache when my heart race. Should I visit a hospital?
I broke my thumb at work can i sue.?
I have a swollen lip and I have a band concert tomorrow, will the swelling go down by then?
puffy sprained ankle after 2 weeks?
Have you ever had to go to the hospital for dehydradtion?
I slipped on a rocky beach while holding my 5 year old and when I lost balance it felt like my foot tore.?
what do you need to tape an ankle?
I ruptured my achilles....but my heel hurts?
what should i do about my toe?
why can't i break my ankle?
How come when i dont smoke at night i sleep better and quicker?
okay so i have to go to the doctors for a couple of blood tests but im scared of needles what do i do? xx?
what is an antihistamine?
Whats wrong! Constant ringing of the ears. Can not sleep!?
Please help! pneumonia, whooping cough? ill give you points!?
I think im sick but??
When was lice first discovered and how?
will i need a parent to go and rid an std?
how does aids kill people who has it?
How difficult is it to find a partner if you have herpes?
explan why one human immunodeficiency virus test cannot definitely tell the presence of HIV?
Hiv Test??????????????????
Someone Help! Herpes question!?
Treated thrush but still here?
do plies have aids real talk?
fever that wont go down?
i am expecting a baby and my husband has heterochromia iridis, will my son have the same condition?
what type of chromsome is affected by tourette syndrome?
I'm 15, and I have a deviated septum. Can I get surgery for it at this age?
dog with no rabbies bite a kid possible happen to the kid?
Kidney infection fever?
Immune System - Anyone Have Sure-Fire Ways to Build Up?
genetic diseases ard passed on from parents to off spring?
in witch is jaundice a very hight level of conjugated bilirubin was noted on bloodwork in addition very light?
Common Cold? Or much more?
Do i got the flu cause i`m not sure?
My boyfriend has mono..?
flu? or something? idk helpppp?
Where can I find information on physiological diseases?
My fiance is gaining weight due to his medicines what should he do in order to control his weight?
similarities of type 1 and 2 diabeties?
Which is the better buy: 5 lb of sugar for $4.75 or 20 lb of sugar for $19.92?
Do I have type II Diabetes?
how many carbs does a diabetic need daily?
Can eating alot of sugar everyday cause diabetes?
how did i develop type 1 diabetes?
treatment for diabetic neuropathy?
Serious Responses Only: Elderly Relative with Food Addiction + Type 2 Diabetes --HELP?
Thyroid question is there a test better than tsh and t3 and t4 to prove thyroid is not working even if the tes?
I think I might have diabetes do you think so?
Will the hospital let me redo my blood test free of charge. After someone there told is wrong on fasting.....?
Do i have diabetes?.? Help Im Scared!?
how do you get lukiema?
healthier alternative for sweets?
what is a normal glucose range for a 13 year old girl?
diabetes hyperglycemia happened to me :(?
ok just a little help here..so I can think clearly..Diabetes? Or something else major?"?
What are the Diabetic symptoms ?
I am worried. I am 26 on HBP meds and even tho my BP is normal on the meds. They want to do Kidney Ultrasound.?
Acne problem, read additional details?
What works best for surgery scars?
I have no acne but my cheeks and chin are red. Also some black heads on my nose. Help?
Coldsore and itchy bumpy lips. BLEH?
what creme can i use to make my skin lighter?
small bumps?
who know's the name of an italian co bug itch releiver device?
I'm using tazorac cream .5 and i was wondering should i put it all over my face each night?
skin changes?
What type of infection can a steam room cause?
I have swollen lymph nodes on my underarms. What should I do?
is this chicken pox? or just an allergy or rash?
Scabs on scalp?
a question???
What is it??
I am doing an - Internal - Ultimate Cleanse and my face seems to breaking out more.....Is this normal?
Whats the best way to remove skin pollups?
Tiny bumps on outer line of lips, really dry, no blister? Hepes? Something else?
I feel tired alot during the day. and I get like 9 hours of sleep. any ideas why?
Does blood carry oxygen through the body better if it has been thinned out?
How does sleeping on a couch effect your sleep?
My prescription is at Walgreens but I need to get my refills mailed to me through Medco?
what is a chemistry analyzer?
can i get my medical records at any office?
Should I see a doctor for this mild chest pain?
hard lymph nodes and feels like something caught in throat on right side?
Are VRADs dangerous/hazardous - really need an answer?
Seizures after getting injections?
Should I be worried about having Pneumonia?
What do you think causes this?
How can I get back to my usual sleeping pattern?
What sickness do you think I have?
How likely is it to be overweight and not have high blood pressure?
Im 16, is there a chance that i could have alzheimer's in the future? ...?
For people who tried goin to therapists or mental doctors ?
why cant i remember things?
why am i feeling like this?
how can i know if eye floaters are already serious?
Allergy to face wash wont go away?
I think i broke my foot but im not sure?
My eyes are strange ?
Why is my sting/bite cite hot?
I have about 20/60 vision in my left eye, and 20/40 in my right eye. Can I still become a Marine?
please help, im allergic to barrels!?
How come overheating causes you to get these symptoms and possibly faint?
Why am i deathly afraid of spiders?
Then where can I get a cheap eye exam?
Flashing lights in my eyes?
What do you do if you want colored contacts and contacts for short vision ?
problems adjusting in flourescent lights?
I have a question about marks on the side of my thigh?
My hand is cut and it won't stop bleeding! it's a shallow cut, and its been here for two days! it won't close!?
did i pull a muscle in my calf?
How would you heal it?
I need help for a busted lip?
No Knee Injury, Continuous Swelling.?
Open Fracture. (Compound Fracture)?
what do i do now and how long does it take?
my friend fell hard yesterday and thought he definitely bruised/cracked a rib, today he spit up a little blood?
Will a 13 (almost 14) year old teenager be able to have a small toe fracture healed in 2 weeks?
Possible brain injuries?
does anyone know what i did to my knee?
Forearm Tingling problem.?
can i paralyzed myself if i peirce my own ear?
What are the top 5 most painful sports injuries you can get?
adult gray squirrel with serious head injury HELP !!!!!!!!!!?
Do sprained ankles really only take 3 days to heal?
i pulled a muscle in my back this is like tthe 4-5th time the same muscle has pulled what should i do?
Fractured ankle...? PLEASE help!!!!!?
I have a cold and I want it to be gone fast!?
what kind of doctor should i see for a knee injury?
blood clot in the lungs?..questions?
Does anyone use Airborn on a regular basis?Or just for a cold?
Can anemia be confused with asthma?
What is sinus rhythm with PVCs on an ECG?
might i have MS not sure if these are signs.?
Been really sick & now throwing up yellow stuff what is it?
I hv a horrible toothache and hv a few tramadol pills left from and old script,only thing is it still good and?
Respiratory Therapists, what's the best stethoscope for listening to lung sounds?
How to Calculate Caloric Intake Needs for People with Cystic Fibrosis.?
How to get rid of a headache at home?
Ok my girlfriend is 34 weeks preggo and in excruciating pain been to the hospital they refused to help now wat?
Why do my hip hurts when I walk?
Hands turn red/purple, from hydrocodone?
Sharp Stomach Pain on both sides?
Somethings wrong with my finger... Do you know what it may be?
Knee pain treatment)?
Sharp head pain and bloody nose? Serious condition?
Painful Tightness in feet and leg.?
Has anyone ever had tendinitis in the elbow?
Pain in leg after birth, could it be from epidural?
Is it Panic attacks???
Variable blood pressure within a day?
What does Basal Metabolic Rate measure? Please help fast?
Will a course of antibiotics for tonsilitis also heal chlamydia?
article about seeing a picture of runner which revealed an unknown disease?
Does anyone here have or have a child a child or know someone with Transposition of the Great Arteries?
Why are roller coasters bad for people with heart conditions?
Is it okay to take homeopathic hcg drops while also taking high blood pressure medication?
WHAT DISEASEs lead to the need for a HEART TRANSPLANT?
i have got hepatitis negative report should i believe that iam completely out of hepatitis?
Is it common to get a series of kidney stones at a time?
What's a medical term for multiple conditions for a medicalert bracelet?
Does anyone know what disease this is?
How can i tell what kind of glaucoma i have, and will i go blind?
What should you do if u swallow a large amount of cocaine?
Do I have OCD or something?
Sudden, rapid weight gain? Help!?
can you take adderal with a thyroid problem?
Approximate cost of chalazion removal surgery?
Are all these things giving me a distended abdomen?
can an insulin resistant person sell plasma?
where can i get dsi that already has internet in it?
Does a sugar and a peptide make a peptide bond?
genetic problems help please..?
question about old alcohol?
how is type 2 diabetes treated?
I had Gestational Diabetes 4 years ago(it was really easy to control.w/ diet)Is it for sure I'll get it later?
Need Examples of diabetic person vs. nondiabetic person after drinking a glucose solution.?
Can you get gestational diabetes even after you take the glucose test while pregnant?
I am looking to switch to an insulin pump... what is the best?
amoxycillin trihydrate?
What is the definition of renal?
obat diabetes kucing?
Question About Blood Type?
HBA DEPOT order #102-2500915-8564265 5/3/10 not received?
My blood test results showed a muscle enzyme level of 2683.?
Is diabetes a continuous problem if you get a healthy diet?
Is it safe or okay to take d4 thermal shock if i have type 1 diabetes mellitus?
COULD IT BE????!!!!!!!!!?
Anyone here who experiences diabetes symptoms yet doesn't have diabetes?
How do I awaken my sharingan?
Best cough drops for sore throats?
What's a wholistic or natural way to manage depression?
Ear Infection home remedies???? help me!?
I am british and I am visiting USA I need to see a doctor can I use NHS?
I really need some tips. Have any?
I got drunk, slept for three hours, woke up and felt sober, then felt drunk again 2 hours later?
What causes me to get head rushes when I'm falling asleep?
Zoloft vs Celexa. Has anybody had these same side effects?
I just accidetally drank an ounce of Dimetapp cough syrup???? help?
How can I get a good night's sleep?
i donated blood the other day and..?
acne treatment?
I don't really feel nauseous but i can feel myself swallowing puke?
My 16 year old son has bad acne?
Help wit dry eyes...??
how much is 1 dose of pepto bismol?
i have a sunburn?
if i cut my fingar off can they replace it with one off my toes?
I have had dry peeling feet since I was 12 I am now 21 they also get red with little bump..lotion doesn't help
pink spot on big toe?
itchy little bumps?
armpit sweat?
I might get fired from work for being sick? ADVICE??!!?
How can I treat my wind/sun burn?
Do i qualify for the gastric bypass surgery?
possible complications from my appendectomy ?
have you EVER felt like this?
do you ever check where your doctor went to medical school?
does it sound like i have a chest infection?
Could my puppy be giving me acne?
i need an all natural cream for psoriasis's?
Weird colorless bumps have suddenly appeared on my thigh....?
chinese foot binding?
Have you ever used benzyl peroxide for your acne and if so is it worth it?
Where do you get itching powder from?
My disabled son has reoccurring ear infections and boils.?
What should i do about a "Urinary Infection"?
I feel a sickness coming on, how can I prevent it?
can you get a heart murmur from scarlet fever,even if you haven't had rheumatic fever?
Can I catch another cold while I already have one?
What is Mono? What does it do? How do you get it?
am i over the flu or not?
what is the subarachnoid layer?
What is the standard procedure for the CDC when dealing with a new and deadly unknown virus?
Epstein barr recession?
A question about colds.?
should all dogs receive the vaccine for kennel cough? if so why? and if not why?
high bilirubin decreases rbc count?
is there a cure for a virus?
I have mono and I need some info?
How long is Epstein Barr virus contagious?
disease due to water base?
my son is 12 years old having fever in the range of 102 F for last three days. he is in hospital and anibiotic?
What percentage of people in Africa die of AIDS each year?
Dengue Fever and Hair Loss?
how long does thrush take to clear up?
Do gypsy tears cure or cause aids?
16 month old with reurring pneumonia?
How do you know if you have immonia?
How do you know if you have bronchitis?
Sleep apnea question please help!?
Help? There's a bump on my head and it hurts!?
What happens during bronchitis that causes shallow breathing?
Home remedy for a phlegmy cough?
Is avil a antibiotic?
I didn't take my splinter out?
Do I need a prescription to buy an IV bag of plain Normal Saline (0.9% NaCl)?
Does aloe vera actually cure sunburn or does it just make it feel better?
Chest pressure from stress?
what should you do if a victim refuses first aid help?
Needles???? Can someone explain?
How long do you leave fatback on a boil?
How can you tell the difference between a spider bite and a bug bite?
Pierced ear infection...help!?
i need a quick way to heal a blister?
Which part is the most sensitive among shoulder, hand or knee?
why cant i even walk on my crutches?
Why is my stomach beating?
Does hanging make you taller?
Am I sick, and with what? (Descriprion below)?
I rolled my ankle=[??
do I have a concussion????
My cut is still bleeding. What should I do?
Fractured elbow, took off cast without doctor?
Jaw fracture? Hurts too eat but not impossible?
i fell alseep on my hand and i cant get blood to my fingers it feels like exspecially to thew middle one its?
Do you often get sharp pains while exercising?
my son is 3 yrs old he fell n fractured his nose and i worried his nose will grow crooked when he gets older.?
Sleeping problem,please help?
Why does my body feel so weird?
I need help or an opinion please?
What drug stays in your urine the longest?
I have separated shoulder, what should I do?
I have schizophrenia & I have trouble expressing myself?
Will I notice any differences after my prescription being changed from Ritalin to Concerta?
What are the symptons of Dyspraxia in 13-year-olds?
How to reduce stress physically?
Im so stressed out?! I cba anymore?! HELP?
how to be more self confident?
my ayes are not the same color?
has anyone ever taken doxepin? Help?
I like my psychologist? Weird dream?
If you smoke 3 Cigarettes a day....?
walking chair with rollers and brakes, color is black, on sale of about $78.00. Not Ian store product, was le?
true or false hunger?
What's wrong with me?!?!?
during the night mainly ... my head starts to pound and i can hear my heart bear in my ears ... is this normal?
Questions about being in International Doctor...?
How long does it take to get bed sores?
What could cause 'not be able to think' condition?
Is this normal to have a weird sleep pattern?
Why do my Maxillary Sinus cavities always hurt?
I have an epi-pen that expires 4/2010...how much longer after that can I use it?
can an alcoholic energy drink cause a sudden redness on the face and neck?
I have an peanut allergy can somebody give me a list of things to avoid if you can then great?
Does this sound like a shampoo allergy?
I wasnt allergic to dogs for 16yrs (had1myself) and now i suddenly am. Can i test a speffic breed of dog?
what to do with nasal congestion?
Is it normal for my nose to itch everytime i start bleeding anywhere on my body?
Is this even possible?
How can I test this spring water to make sure it's safe to drink?
My chewed on a lead pencil (possibly ate)?
What causes choking/gagging on food/drink/air?
anyone have hyperthyroidism and how do you live with it?
Are former drug addicts always(physically) cold?
Ive been sick 4 over 3 years and cant seem to get help anywhere i get dizzy light headed cant concentrate?
What are the types of anxiety? Aslo what are medications I can take for it?
Is there an oral treatment for internal hemorrhoids?
why does my head feel like its cold on the inside?
Help guys,gimana cara menghilangkan depresi ?
What does a Coronary Risk Factor of 2.5 mean?
cholestrol test results help?
my HDL count is 44.What type of risk I may have?
if there are any blockages in your arteries, what do they do to fix it? am having angiogram to see why i am?
what are some of the many disease's in cancer?
Help needed please on sickness?
Please help need good medical advise?
what cream numbs skin for a couple of hours?
My upper thighs have been sore for maybe 3 days now, and I haven't been doing any sports lately? What's wrong?
Do i get headaches from getting hit in the head alot?
Never ever had a stomache ache this bad? Help please! :(?
Sharp pain near my lower right rib?
Can cough syrup and nasal decongestants be mixed safely?
i have an ache in my hip i dont know if its groin pain?
pain back of head and neck?
I just woke up and my left forearm really hurts?
Do I have Severe Scoliosis? I'm going to an orthopedic surgeon?
what to do about neck problems?
How To Stop Blinking Alot?
What do you do with the solution in the contacts lens packaging?
Was it safe to have a facial wash after doing computer works for hours?
my eyes shoot when i blow my nose?
my pupillary distance ? put the incorrect amount?
how can i finish off getting rid of my zit i jsut want it gone asap! no cleansors tho id have any and cant get
I have the following skin problems?
Little bump on the side of my tounge with a little ring around it..could it be a blister..it is also sore.?
is eczema make baby skin fade out (like change color to white)?
spots, blackheads, scars?
My insurance's ending and i'm on isotretinoin,want to know how to get cheap isotretinoin without prescription?
how can i make a hickie?
i have keratosis piliaris i have it all over my arms and legs any help?
my red ears?
acne scars.?
I'm broke out with bumps on my neck and arms and it itches.?
My bottom lip is swollen and has quadrupled in size!?
how do u get rid of spots?
What connects skin to neck?
What type of Colon Cleanser do you recommend?
Should I be concerned about how often I get sick? (See details)?
i have to have a ryhme about strep throat....any ideas?
are guinea pig ear infections fatal?
Sick. Cold Or What Is This?