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Swine Flu Epidemic Help?
Tired of being called fatty?
am i fat? i weight 126 pounds and im 5`6 am i fat?????//?
Drinking vinegar= loseing weight??
********How can I lose 5 pounds in a week ....PLZ HELP ASAP)****?
my heart feels like it beats then drops and beats again is this normal and why?
im scared hes going to snap....?
snapping your wrist with a rubberband?
what are some tips for quitting smoking weed?
body image - self esteem help?
why do i laugh hysterically when i....?
When I cut myself I laugh. Whats wrong with me?
What is wrong with me?!?
drinking cold water after a meal will give you a heart attack?
boyfriend has cocaine addiction?
i need help falling asleep!!?
Are you afraid of dying?
Is something wrong with me?
Bitten by mouse - am I in trouble now?
How do you grow taller?
I have a serious fear of burglars. I really need some tips/advice for calming down at night.?
what should a person do if he is really depressed?
Do you ever fantasize about dying? what's your ideal way to die?
What are the causes for cutting oneself?
do i have high blood pressure 148 over 110 and in 36yr?
Does getting your first ear piercing hurt a lot?
I keep waking up at 4:44 AM?
Do I need heating pad or a bag of ice?
Why do people turn so quickly to medication when dealing with depression and anxiety?
anxiety question! someone with anxiety help me.?
My Dad died five years ago. I'm trying to find a book to read that might help with the pain. Any suggestions?
I think Im depressed??
Is it wrong for me to think like this?
have you ever been to a mental hospital?
why do I never get sick?
My BFF has swine flue...I could possibly...HELP!!!!!!??
is there a medicine i can take over the counter for a urinary tract infection?
Help NOW!!!!!!?
how can you tell bewteen strep and sore throat?
PLEASE help me get over my fear of the dark?
I cheated on my wife, now what?
Should I commit suicide?
What are the most important things to think about?
She actually plays the rape card?
HELP! Should I go back to therapy?
If it normal to feel sad all the time?
Do i have the swine flu? I had lots of the synthems but not a fever?
Can you be allergic to popcorn?
Ideas for healthy snacks?
Someone that is hiv and is spitting up blood what does it mean?
Should i take my husband to an emergency room?
Is eating gum bad?
Please help........Am I weird for........?
What is wrong with me? Mood swings, irritability, relationship affected.?
i'm sick of always being compared to my sister?
Need an advice please...?
Do i have math disorder?
do u know any good pills i can take for my depression ?
Cutting Yourself?
voices in my head?
How Can I Prevent the Flu?
Blisters on upper lips?
I have taken three antibiotics for urinary tract infection, please tell me the home remedy! Thanks?
Anti-bacterial Pandemic?
can high blood pressure cause head aches?
Did you take showers after gym class in high school?
Do I need to cut out soft drinks when I am trying to lose weight?
Is 99.5 degrees F considered a fever?
Is swine flu transfered from pigs?
DO i have the swine flu?
Is it normal to feel dizzy when i wake up every morning?
Why does my head hurt everyday?
Is there a cure for depression/anxiety?
Oh, geez. Swine flu maybe?
is it likely that i'll die if i get the swine flu?
Will the current H1N1 Vaccine protect against the new mutated strain of H1N1?
What are the actual chances of getting salmonella poisoning from a raw egg?
If you have whit patches in the back of your throat is it strep?
i saw a baby with its head flat like a book?
How can i stop feeling hopeless.?
My boyfriend abuses me verbally and i cant tell anyone because?
Home Alone... and scared! URGENT?
Sore throat that won't go away...Is it strep?
what happen if you eat some of the tomatoes that are tainted with ecoli?over the counter remedy available?
can I get the swine flu just from being near the line of people who are in line to receive the vaccine?
Should I get a flu vaccine?
Are there any natural ways to treat depression?
Digestive Enzymes?
how to swallow a NyQuil Plus tablet?
Do you know how to detox from Heavy metals in your body?
will i be ok if i drink red bull every single day ?
im feeling ill today?
swine flu?????????????
do you think some doctors make a kickback off flu vaccines?
what are some questions you would ask someone who had suffered from teenage depression?
i need help can you help?
ending my life?
Can rain make u depressed.?
my mom is to busy for me, im a burden?
Is being addicted to something a choice the addict makes?
self harming marks - how to avoid my parents seeing?
Lately I have been experience shakes sweating etc.. My blood sugar has tested at 70 after eating. this normal?
When do antibiotics expire?
sore throat on the left side and fever all in the same week..help?
what are the short temr effects if being HIV positive?
What are symptons of Rheumatoid arthritis? Can it happen at any age?
How do you stop cutting yourself?
Has anyone ever been in this situation with self-harming?
Is there anything that will help me stop thinking while I'm trying to get to sleep?
Desperately need help with my son. Can ANYONE help?
do you have to pay to donate blood.!?
I want someone to convince me, and tell me that it's all just my imagination?
My life seems to get worse and worse everyday and I am really starting to get tired of it. What should I do?
Why do people cut their wrists as an outlet and say it feels good? How can that physically feel GOOD?
I'm so angry right now!!!! I have gone from being scared and now I am just plain mad!!?
Is weed good for you?
Gas pain:( any home remedy's?
What type of cookware is safest?
My son has scrached my eye. Is there anything i can treat it with?
How eliminate scar on my face?
Person getting sick because their pet is sick or vice versa?
I'm a massage therapist. How do I tell someone that I don't want to see them anymore?
What would happen if I spent the whole day doing crunches?
really an extra heart beat, or not?
why isnt there a cure for aides yet?
A nurse palpated enlarged lymph nodes. Describe signs and symptoms that help to distinguish?
what the answer to negative 5 plus positive 4?
Iis there natural medicine to promote healing muscles?
how are magnets used medicaly?
Melatonin for just one day?
Buddy Hackett popularized a diet based on injections of urine of a pregnant woman, in the 70's; does this work
Does weed effect your driving?
is it safe to take two different vitamins?
Why doesn't the Conventional vs Alternative medicine debate ever end?
Is this normal for a teenage girl?
What should I do?
I AM EXTREMELY Nervous~ help please!?
I'm going to commit Suicide if my Fiancee dies, is this a reasonable solution?
what to eat when your sick?
Any advice for someone who's about to be in a fist fight?
What causes light headedness? i am lightheaded right now :(?
what is a normal blood sugar level for a 15 yr old?
Is sudden onset of bedwetting in a 6 year old a sign of diabetes?
Can a man who has diabetes have children?
How Contagious Is Pink Eye?
Can you get Hepatitis or HIV from a piercing?
can i get high by kissing?
Don't say this is a dumb question please...?
I had a panic attack today and I want to know what to do?
Could depression and anxiety be passed by heredity?
Can you help me with a complex moral issue I have been grappling with for a week now?
Besides excercise, steady sleep, and a good diet, what more can be done to fight depression?
What kind of side effects come with suicide by pills? ?
whats the best pain relief for period pain??
What kind of diseases can I get from sitting in a public toilet?
Can u tell me another word for small wound ???
blood work ordered was liver panel hep2 ,hepC,hep B &creatine, are they checking for Hepatitis, was on bf work
My friend is 12 and she is emo can u help me please?
I want to die. I am in so much pain, it is unbearable. I don't know what to do.?
The tips of my fingers feel dead. What might cause this?
i am in the hospital right now, everyone said it would be fine but i hate it!!!?
Why do I always feel like people can hear my thoughts?
I stepped on a nail at my friends house and didnt really go in that far.?
is there a shot to prevent swine flu...?
Am i overweight or not?
can u have an ear or sinus infection and not have fever? I?
Sinus infection...still!!!!!?
There is headlice going around my school. Is there any way to repel/prevent from getting them?
I licked a colorful frog and now I don't feel good, any advice?
Have you ever suffered from insomnia? how did you cope with it? what did you do those nights? some remedy?
My friend has been in contact with someone who visited Mexico and has h1n1 signs but he can't afford to see DR?
Serious answers please?
i need help please?
dropping out of school, moving out, running away. PLEEEEEASE HELP ME!?
I need your help in dealing with death?
Is my problem normal or is it for real?
I'm Diabetic... Should I have kids?
My Brother Has Diabetes?
how do you know you have diabetics?
Does anyone know of a Homeopathic cure or alternative medicine for schizophrenia?
Is there any safe herb supplement I can give for my baby to let her sleep a little bit longer at the morning?
i have severe anxiety.........i have heart pain..........palpitions......what shud i do?
Is there such thing as to much meth?
!!!!!!!!!WEED Question!!!!!!!!!?
Is there a big difference between generic perscriptions and the real thing?
what happens if you attempt suicide?
I smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day...?
I have random conversations with people inside my head, am I going crazy?
Does meditating make you weird or anything?
my best friend in the whole wide world is moving away........................... ways to treat depression?
runny nose, sore throat, and stomach ache -swine flu?
when is it dangerous to get chicken pox?
does a kiss under the age of 10 count? [im not 10]?
if you are lactose intolerant... do you still eat dairy?
How Do I KILL "bed bugs" without using harsh chemicals?
Are there any herbal remedies for canker sores?
Whats a good natural remedy for burns?
I have had a lot of gas lately. Does anyone know of any remedies or pills that actually work?
reiki. can you explain its benefits?
Is swine flu more of a scare than past flu scares?
where'd the swine flu come from?
What causes a person to black out for 1 hour?
what disorder is this called?
does it sound like i have autism?
Am I fat? My friend said I was.?
I just want to say something happy?
i'm confused about my life. i spend most days crying or hiding. help.?
wats the fastest way to kill your self?
What do you do if your parents just don't want you to grow up?
Whats wrong with me?
can anxiety cause confusion?
What is your addiction?
Why should people get help with mental health things like depression or stuff?
How do I get rid of a fever of 103.4? I tried medicine, tea, sweat, ice, a bath, everything!!?
are hiccups contagious?
I have horrible undereye circles due to bad allergies. Cold compresses don't seem to do much. Any suggestions?
can you get high off nutmeg?
How Do I Explain Ecstasy To My Daughter?
Ever hated yourself so much you cant stand yourself?
why is it when...?
I feel like i am dyin, I dont know what to do?
Why do i feel like self harming when im depressed?
What is the best way to help someone who feels like giving up?
my question is since i have been back from iraq i have been sick of being tired no energy has any one else?
12 year old daughter has UTI and it's burns when she urinates.What is the best home remedy until we get her to?
my mom is taking interferon treatments for liver failure due to hepatitis C how will she feel?
My son has low grade fever right now. I'm worried he has measles. Can I take care of him if I'm 4mos pregnant?
tuberculosis is a disease in what body system?
Can you get a tapeworm/worms from licking the bottom of your shoe?
why I always have flu?
I'm broke and disabled. I need help?
Why can't the person who causes everyone else to catch a cold get the same cold again?
will I get mono...........?
Stayed up all night! What can I do to stay awake during the day!?
What are all of the symptoms of diabetes?
i need help! I have been an amputee for 6 years and i can't seem to find a guy that accepts it?
Diabetes help???? How do u know if u have it?
I have been sneezing constantly for a few days and now I'm blowing yellow snot out of my nose...?
is it possible to become allergic to something?
What to do about some animal Allergies?
If you're allergic to honey.....?
Are you fat if you are 5ft 6in and 145 lbs?
Am i too fat? or just fat...pics included.?
Im 5'2 Im 192 Pounds Im 17 Am I Overweight?
Ever visited an accupuncturist?
Does valerian root help relieve stress and pain?
How to kill an infection naturally?
How can I get rid of this cold, fast?
what is the best remedy for unclogging a drain?
What do magic mushrooms look like?
help how can i get rid of my sore throat fast and easily please i need step by step?
what could i be sick with (list possibilities that you think)?
i have a sore throat and am taking antibiotics. is it bad for me to eat raw sushi?
Is the flu shot a weakened flu or dead flu virus?
Can I eat yogert if I have sore throat / runnie nose?
I'm really scared help me please?
My mother is suffering of panic attack...what can i do to help her? She is afraid that she can die..?
Who likes this?
Can one become a psychiatrist when mentally ill?
Is this hallucinating?
He is really hurting me emotionally by doing this.. Help please?
tell me 1 good resen why i should not kill my self?
i'v had headaches almost every day for 4years,can someone help me?
Should I go to the hospital right now? I have a tick thats way too deep to get out, and i am freaking out like?
With the swine flu scare - will it still be safe to eat sausages, bacon, pork chops etc?
smoked pot....i messed up?
Would Huffing Nail Polish remover Kill you?
can taking expired medicine hurt you? Or is it not as effective?
where can find books about alternative medicine?
How long should you wait to take LSD again to feel the same effects?
Isn't healing without medicine better for you than taking medicine?
I think my daughter is a little over weight whats the average weight for a 12 year old??
Is this overweight?
omg will i die? do i have the swine flu?
I have a friend that gets sick a lot but even more so since she became a teacher. In the last...?
How can you take away the fever?
What exactly are the white things that appear on your tonsils?
im coughing alot what does the mean?
I feel like I'm getting sick, would it be a waste to get a flu shot?
Can Hep B stop you from working at a Hospital?
I can't get to sleep, help?
ways to get high legally and thats not hard to get?
i have problems sleeping at night, but during the day(at work) im so sleepy, what is the natural way to help?
What is the best supplement to take for anti aging?
best remedy for sunburn?
does anyboddy knows a home made remedy for candida ? please help?
Two Questions About Smokingg.?
what can it be?
What happens if a diabetic's sugar gets too low?
too much sugar in urine,,,what can i take to reduce other than stopping sugary foods and drinks?
What is the main reason teens kill them selves?
im depressed and want to die?
how many hours should an 11-12 year old go on the computer?
My sister just tried to commit suicide...please help!?
what would happen to me...?
How long can you hold your peeee!!!?????
An IQ of 93??? Is this considered good????
are you afraid of swine flu?
How can you get rid of cramps when your jogging so you can continue to jog?
How many Lortab 10's equal to one Roxicodone (oxycodone) 30?
omfg you gotta help i havent had anything to eat today but a poptart and that was in the morning now imstarvin?
Doctor gave me vicodin? But...?
Help! Does anyone know of a natural treatment for ADHD? I know a teen who is suffering from this condition.?
does Adderall spead up your metabolism ?
I'm in a little situation here....?
Should i suggest using ear candles?
If you had some type (any type) of cancer, would you seek a homeopathic treatment?
What is the most effective natural anti-depressant medication?
how to quit weed?
What do chiropractors really cure?
Do you think swine flu could end up being a worldwide epidemic?
Which is worse for a diabetic: white bread or wheat bread?
Question about Azithromycin?
brother has aneurysm in his stomach and I have pad should I ask my doctor for test on aorta?
How do you know if u have a brain tumor ?
What is the difference between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis?
Which has more germs...A public toilet seat or a computer keyboard?
Help!! what is it and what to do!!!!!!!!?
Is checking your blood sugar always this painful?
Unusual Phobia?
Why would you want to cut yourself?
If your new boyfriend told you he would kill a guy if he walked in on his wife with another man,?
What is your opinion on death?
My life is boring. I'm bored. BORED! I have been...?
What can I drink to pass my drug test?
I want someone professionl in herbal medicine to tell if fish oil has any side effects.?
I need sleep!!!?
Quamtum Elbowology - will it cure me?
Does anyone know of a legal alternative to smoking marijuana?
I need a natural or home remedy for elbow joint pain?
About sceptism on Reiki:Whether it is a placebo effect or not as long as it works, is it harmful?
A friend of mine is in a burn unit and her and her family made the doctors stop doing dressing changes?
Whats Better Tylenol or Advil?!?
do doctors prescibe methadone for back pain?
My back hurts when I try to stand up straight, what should I do?
How do i get rid of food poisoning without medical treatment?
Broken heart??
Should I Kill Myself? I'm really Serious.?
Can sleeping too much be a bad thing?
Am I weak?
(I'm sorry I'm asking this again, but I need alota ppl's thoughts) DO I have BiPolar Disorder??? (Or WHAT?)
Has anyone ever OD"d on 2/3 rds of a joint?
Anyone heard anything about a new injection to help you stop smoking?
Help soothing an upset tummy?
Why patients choose Homeopathy over Allopathy?
What is your favorite home remedy?
Where can i find an MD that practices Naturopathic Medicine?
Your "bestfriend" announces she is pregnant to her friends via email THEN mentions YOU can't have kids...
How can you avoid colds?
Burned my mouth/tongue today, anything to comfort it?
i can't hear from my left ear!!!! help?!?!?
I am going for an abortion and am getting local anesthesia, Does it hurt when they give you the injection?
are there any STD'S that can be cured?
Do you think about certain things that you think nobody else thinks about?
anxiety being alone?
Am I going crazy?
what's the best kind of weed.?
What do you call someone who practices multiple forms of alternative medicine for a living? And..?
Know any home remedies for cold sores?
Why do we have ear wax?
Why do we sweat more when near someone we're attracted too.?
Is bi-polar disorder a serious mental illness, what are the characteristics?
how do you do?
What can be the cause of my headaches and what can I do to stop them, besides taking a Tylenol?
what does it mean when you feel a pain in your side when you walked far?
Hang over cure?
why do ppl think homeopathy is ineffective?
About Vitamines?
Any know of any kind of alternative method or vitamin to help for ADHD?
what is the best thing to use to get high off weed?
Does Meditation really Work?
I cant stop the voices,what should i do?
My friends bipolar how do i get him to get help.?
were you ever stripped naked in front of a person or group of people?
I loose my temper alot. am i realy a heartless monster?
My friend goes from one extreme to another, extremely happy to extremely depressed?
My boyfriend is cutting himself because of me?
do you ever yet to the point you want to really hurt someone really bad if they have made you angry?
I want to come clean to my parents. What should I do?
headache..won't go away?
Studying for more than 20 minutes gives me a headache?
I Get pressure pains in my chest right above my heart, why?
whats your name!? READ MY QueSTION! :)?
i'm bored out of my mind!!!! help!?
Help,what to do?
bipolar how long can this go on?
Tonite I am depressed..i have sucide on my mind..what should i do??
Are stalkers mentally ill?
Should i stay home tomorrow?
I've been having pain on the upper right side of my chest when i inhale and when i laugh. what could that be?
What things about your childhood have shaped you as an adult?
what would happen if i really did "stick a needle in my eye"?
what is the illness where people suffer severe depression in the winter?
I feel like I'm going to die soon?
Where do you live? Think about this Question before you answer>?
Constant Vomating And Head Aces?
I took too much Tylenol?
Help with being Bipolar?
I'm 14 and I have a few questions to all people !!!?
help me please i am going to die?
how much of your brain do you use??
CAN I GET SOCIAL SECURITY DISability for depression???
What is the difference between ADD and bipolar disorder, and can you have both disorders at the same time?
opening the third eye?
Can doctors write prescriptions to theirselves?
Headache Remedies?
Horrible Back and Neck Pain?
how you rid of headache and i have serve headache from nerve damage?
I'm 12 and i want to get my ears Pierced does it hurt and is the pain unbearable?
I feel like killing myself?
How can I make myself block out pain?
OMG my bones are hurting so much!?
help me i hate myself?
Do schizophrenics know that they schizophrenics?
What can I do to relieve stress besides a;Hot Bath,Music,Sleep,or Excersize?
have you played sick?
what body shape would you say i am? pics?
What are some things I can do to avoid gaining weight if I quit smoking?
Does bigger muscle mean more strength?
Am I fat, just right, or thin?
If I Dont Eat For 4 Day's And Drink A Lil Bit Of Water (maybe)????
How to improve eyesight naturally ?
Does someone know of a product that can hide my... 'female' mustache?
pill information?
What is the best cure for a migraine ?
Is this weed safe to smoke?
Does anyone know a sure way to get rid of a nasty bruise right away?
What is a good naturopathic remedy for insomnia?
Getting off Effexor!!!?
Muscle cramps when I sleep?
14 years old with bad back pain?
facial acne?
I think I need counselling, but I need advice more...?
What do you use when you take a shower ... Examples:
Do you think I'm really weird?
Does any1 every get tierd of life?
I'm an addict please help!!!?
I am having thoughts of suicide but cant afford therapy or professional counciling what can I do?
Is drinking one beer a day benefitial to one's health?
Am I overweight or something? cuz I think I'm fat?
how do you lose 20 pounds when you only have 23 days befor shool.?
What is the most you've ever weighted?
How can you get nice legs?
Would You stay with a guy who has cheated on you and lies constantly?
Am I really confused ?? Need some serious help here.?
I never feel like i get good sleep?
My heart is breaking into pieces.?
I have developed an allergy to the aluminum in deodorant, looking for an alternative?
whats better sitting in a sauna or a steam room?
whats the best way to pass a drug test?
What are some good drinks for a sore throat?
Any natural remedies for allergies and sinus infections? Does acupuncture help?
Can't stop drinking water? I really can't! PLEASE HELP.?
Is it safe to take a bunch of herbal supplements? More info...?
anybody else think herbs are a load of c**p?
what's a good all around carrier oil to make my essential oils into a massage oil??
I am 13 years old, i weigh 156 pounds (71 kg), i am very lazy, not a morning person, HOW DO I LOOSE WIEGHT! ?
Do you think im fat???
I am 5'5 and weigh 145 lbs. How much more weight can I lose?
How do I overcome my fear of driving?
If a Person drinks twice a week, do you think he/she is abusing alcohol or alcoholic?
Is it possible to have depression for 3 years and suddenly it goes away?
I want to kill myself cuz i keep getting bullied. . .?
I'm 13 and i think I'm depressed?
can someone help me im going to suicide...?
What can u do 2 treat conjunctivitis?
can you suggest an alternative to eggs in recipes for people with allergies?
what is the best over the counter allergy medican?
Hey I am severely under weight and my doctor said I needed to gain any tips?
if your bulimic is it okay if a little blood comes up instead of throw up?
What is the healthy aspect of cigarettes?
If you could be invisble for one day, what would you do?
Why cant i stop licking my shirt?
how i boost my confidence level?
Does know a remedy for paranoid personality disorder?
I've been cutting for almost two years?
"your parents are responsible for your childhood, but only you ar responsible for your adulthood"Do u agree??
Whats the most lonely u have ever been?
What can i do to stop my ear aching?
Wisdom teeth removed no pain killers ?
Does alcohol increase the risk for suicide or are both suicide and alcoholism caused by something else?
Why do I feel so strange?
What is the best way to deal with a newly diagnosed bi-polar husband?
What time do you usually sleep?
Why many famous people commit suicide?
how much weight i can loose without any equitment.. any ideas!?
for the love of God will someone please answer my question?
I broke my arm?
I Can't Afford My Prescription Migraine Medication - Anyone Know Of A OTC Alternative?
I don't understand how painkillers are addicting?
what is a good natural product to help with edema of the legs and ankles?
what does over the counter mean?
how to stop eating so much when stoned?
does medicine that is supposed to dissolve in your mouth still work if you swallow it?
What would be a good remedy for thinning hair (for women)?
Does pickle juice help to flush your system to pass a urine drug test?
What's a natural way to ease lower back pain?
Is it harmful to be in a romantic relationship with a depressed person?
I need advice on how to explain my bipolar disorder to my best friend.?
how much percent of our brain do we use?
Is it inevitable for a therapist to have just as strong counter-transference reactions as the patient?
Please help. I want to kill myself, I feel like I can't go on!?
Is it comforting for you to sleep with the tv on low at night?
Do you think this is infected?
he thinks I'm fat?
How bad is my weight?
I swallowed a straight pin and now my stomach hurts bad. why?
Allergic to cinnamon?
I'm trapped! what should i do?
Weed making me see things?
I keep crying for nothing ?
What do you say when someone tells you they are dyslexic?
Are you crazy?
How to loose thigh fat?
How much water do you drink a day? Honestly.?
when people say eat 6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going..?
Why do my daugther have a continuos dry cough? Cough & allergy remedy dont work, Doctors say she is fine,?
Is there something wrong with me?
I need HELP building up my SELF ESTEEM!?
I'm getting abused at home. Please click here, it's desperate!?
Do you think she is actually cutting herself?
What are your 3 biggest fears?
Am i to fat for skinny jeans-pic included-no BS remarks?
What is the least amount of calories I can eat per day to still be "healthy"?
it really bothered me when my friend called me fat. do you think she's right?
people say i am skinny but i don't think i am. i am 13 years old and i am 5ft 11" my pound is 130. am i heavy
why are so many people obsessed with anorexia?
my eye is red and swollen and there is white stringy stuff coming out of it, what could it be?
When i rub my forehead my ears itch?
My eyes are constantly watering and I have trouble seeing, does anyone know what this could be?
whats wrong with my belly??
Am I to fat for my age?
If I'm 5'6 and 109 pounds...?
Is cracking your bones bad for one?
Does anyone have any wierd Phobias?
how do i getrid of hicups?
i need to loos weight but don't know how to do it?
Who here love to smoke a blunt?
Why are M.D.s (insurance companies) so unwilling to support/pay for alternative therapies for chronic pain?
I've had a prolonged cold; lasting about 3 weeks. Any cures?
Taken too many pills, now she's sick.?
If you crunched up pills, will it still work for you?
can merely the smell of marijuanna(no burning of or anybody smoking it just the smell)get you high(tipsy)?
what is the best thing to do if my baby has cradle cap?
Coca Cola: What is the truth, GOOD or BAD?
How do you fix insomnia?
What could happen if I ingested another persons blood? I mean in terms of health risks- it wasn't too much.?
Am I fat??? Be honest?
2468 diet for 210 pound 5'3 14 yr old girl?
How long will it take me to lose 20 pounds?
My friend eats Tyson chicken nuggets every single day?
Is there a diet pill that actually works?
i've had an ongoing headache for about 4 weeks now.?
Are expired painkillers harmful?
i was shoveling snow yesterday, and now my back is so painful i can barley move. should i be worried?
What's a good pain medication to ask my dentist to prescribe?
wat do cramps feel like?
I need to relax.... ideas, anyone?
what is best remedy for constipation...?
What do you do for an infant earache?
What are your thoughts on human fission; is it possible?
what are the methods to help cure childhood obesity?
Taking Apple Cider Vinegar Internally?
Can you direct me to a web site that offers products to detoxify your body?
I can't make myself throw up!?
Does anyone have a natural sleep remedy?
I feel fat! Is this fat? :[?
Whats mono?
How can all you people stay up this late??
A capsule has been stuck in my esophagus for two days. What should I do?
Toenail Fungus - What Is The Best Toenail Fungus Treatment That is Natural, Safe, And of course Effective.?
How many beers is it okay to drink on 30mg valium?
have there been any studies proving the benefits of apple cider vinegar?
First time taking shrooms.. how many?
help pass blood/urine test for marijuana..?
Can Cannabis make you gain weight even if you don't eat on it?
how do you copy a homeopathic remedy?
Fun ways to get nice legs?
is my daughter overweight?
Do you think I am eating enough?
What do women think about men who shave their legs?
Eyes blacking out upon standing?
I get chest pain - feels like my heart - and heartburn medicine doesn't help. What could this be?
Does Zicam cold remedy really work to shorten the duration of a cold?
I am very interested in Reiki. Can you explain it to me and also where do you get trained to do it?
i have seen too many acai berry weight loss ads,?
im 15 and i want to take maletonin to help me sleep is this safe?
I heard Gary Null was thinking of running for President?
would you use natural remedies for you and your family?
Please help my serious SINUS problems!?
Serious question...what are the symptoms of dehydration?
can i follow a 1000 calorie diet?
Good exercises that flatten your stomach and back area?
What is your opinion on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?
Im a 14 yr old girl and im 5'5'', looking to be 5'7'', is it possible?
Can you lose 10 pounds in 2 days?
if i eat some one is that a bad thing?
Why Is It Okay To Tell Someone Their To Skinny But It's Wrong To Tell Someone Their To Big?
urine, i know this is gross?
how healthy is seafood?
Am I fat????????????????????????????? ='[?
why do people make fun of overweight people? that's rude ?
I have one month to lose 10 lbs. What kind of exercise will help me achieve this?
is chemo therapy the only way?
Do the alt-med skeptics plan to explain to the German government that herbs are infective?
Is cold water contain fat?
Does the stomach digest while sleeping?
What do you do daily to keep your diet in order and to stay in shape?
Could I be an empathic healer?
Is there any benefits with drinking water with lemon juice in it?
what type of food that helps a hangover?
Natural anxiety relief questions?
Is it BAD to do weed?
My son is 8 and was diagnosed with adhd. What drug worked best for your child? How about herbal meds.?
Is it bad to lift weights or try to gain muscles for a 14 year old boy?
How much do you weigh?
Am I Fat ? ?
What is a treatment for sore muscles?!?
My soar throat's going 2 kill me, plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what herbs lower chloresteral?
Are there herbs or supliments that help quit smoking?
Is there a smoking alternative that is healthy?
name the medecines that should be taken when our BP is very low?
How can you increase circulation?
What are natural stress relievers?
What are the benefits of pot?
Have any one ever use colon cleasne products and liver cleanse products?
I have been getting minor nose bleeds everyday...?
What's going on here?
doctors only please?
how to throw up??
Whats the best over the counter medicine for colds?
Should you go to school if you are constipated ?
Under sedation, what will I be aware of?
I have a swelling in my eyelid?
What are some of the symptoms of strep?
Quickest way to lose weight?
Could you please give me symptoms if a person is sufferring a heart attack or stroke?
Do u think i am too skinny?!?
is diet coke healthy for you?
I want to loose ten pounds fast?
has anyone ever died from taking too many pills like excedrin or aleve?
How can i cultivate my chi or anything related?
alternative to smoking?
Has anyone ever had chronic candidiasis (yeast infection)? If so, how did you cure it?
Natural remedy for nerve pain?
How do you cure a minor sore throat almost instantly?
Whats the easiest way to remember things?
I have an indented chest?
I'm having surgery..I'm scared...plz read plz!!!!?
help me my head is killing me! i have been in pain for bout 4 days....?
How serious is my anemic condition?
can you lick your elbow?
Coughing up small lumps?
Does anyone here have panic attacks?
If I smoked pot for the first time, how long after I smoked, will it show up on a drug test?
Is this a drug to you?
why am i always cold..?
what's the best home remedy for a tooth ache ?
best activities when wicked high?
the marijuana debate?
Haven't eaten in 3 weeks!!!?
my heart beats extra fast just by me thinking about stuff and it hurts like a shock wave what do i do?
what do you do when your in pain?
Ooh boy, is this true?
should i be worried?
What are treatments for Strep Throat?
woke up from sleep with severe metallic taste in my mouth,shakiness,lip numbness and tingling what is this?
If i smoke weed like once every weekend will it honestly affect me in school?
am having this heat in my body follow by shaking nerve and numbness and i also have a sore in my jenital?
I have a sickly sweet smell on my breath and in my nose. Is this a sign of anything I have to worry about?
Is 202 over 100 high for blood pressure?
why do i lose more weight when i eat very very little then when i dont eat all in one day?
i am chubbby.. and i vomit my food out will i loose wieght and how?
how to stop a bloody nose?
What are ways you can tell your anemic before visiting a doctor?
Heart pains, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, what's wrong?
Tell me is this healthy?!?
How many calories should a 12yr old girl eat everyday?
Can a 13 year old drink half a cup of Coffee in the morning? to make Her/Him metabolismm faster.?
Is my daughter overweight?
I am 25 years old female. 5 ft tall and 105 pounds. I would like to drop 7 lbs qucikly and for good. HOW?
if your stomach is aching from hunger, but the sight of food makes you sick...what do u do?
Whats the quickest way of loosing weight?
Do you have unbearable pain an take pain medication an you are addicted to it or abuse it?
What is causing this pain?--- PLEASE HELP!!!?
what are some helpful steps to get rid of a headache?
How to lose 10 pounds in a month?
What Fatty Food Have You Eaten Today?
Does drinking lots of water make your face/skin look better?
What if your blood type isn't A, B, AB, and O? Is that bad?
How do I get my energy back?
Is there a "you'll never get fat" disease?
What is viral gastritis?
Is there a cure for Fibromyalgia?
I am a 15 yr old girl and my urinalysis included a trace amount of blood. Am I at risk for disease/disorder?
What is an easy way to gain weight?
cons of getting a tonsilectomy? why won't my doctor condsider it?
plleassee HELP me out!?
Does rubbing alcohol mixed with marijuana cure pains?
What are some home remedies for motion sickness??
Is it hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol that you can pour into your ears after swimming?
What is a good remedy for a hang over?
What is a good natural dieuretic?
whats the best all natural way to rid yourself of a sinus infection?
What herbs improve memory?
My shoulder is killing me... feels like a sore muscle, like I've been carrying 200 lbs all day, but I haven't
If the brain does not feel pain ...Why do I get head aches?
is too much water bad for me i drink plenty of water?
can someone tell me how to loose a ton of weight in 3 weeks, with no pills, powders, or potions involved?
I need to lose about 30 lbs; is there a quick & easier method to do this? I already hit the gym 3 x a wk.Help!
What is a quick effective way to shed roughly 5-10 pounds in a month's time?
am i fat? pics included?
I'm Hungry.?
OMG! I am FAT !!!!?
What are some foods that are high in calories?
Should i go to school like this?
Help me with my weight.?
I have had pain in my neck for 3 days.Hurts to hold my head up for long periods of time..?
What else can I do to relieve pain from very bad sunburn?
How to kill Migraine ?
I iced my foot for 3 hours.. now it's turned blue.. what should i DO?
Do I have heart problems?
pleaseeee ???
I pierced my lip..?
Nose bleeds, headaches, and dizziness?
Can a recent car accident lead to nausea, swayed vision, depression, extreme fatigue, being lathargic?
what helps you get up in the morning?
What are possible negative side effects of being treated by a chiropractor?
Can anyone tell me where to advertise my herbal/food supplement product for free in the website?
HELPPP paxil and alcohol question?
Will this cure my cold?
Ginger ???
any tips or remedes for constipation???
Getting off pain pills, trying to find some vitamins to make me feel better.?
What can you use at home to help constipation?!!? Please read!?
hyperactive thyoid and heart?
i keep hearing this ringing sound in my head. what's wrong with me?
I have really bad menstrual cramps helP!!!?
does anyone else get "hyper" from pain medications?
What should I tell my gym teacher?
Boy keeps pinching my neck?
is percocet addicting??
Does caffeine make you lose weight?
What is the first rule I need to know about dieting?
Can you eat oatmeal everyday?
How can I get skinny within 2 weeks time?
Does the Kellogs Special K Diet work?
Whats the best excercise for losing wait.?
Are fruits bad for your diet??? I heard they were from a personal trainer?
Has anyone ever called you fat?
congestive heart failure...?
What's the minimum time a person would be in the hospital after receiving a pacemaker?
i've been getting little anxiety attacks
Ear Wax situation?
Are there any good home remedies for a cold sore? Any good products?
Am I skinny or fat?
i'm 31 4 children 5'2 340lbs or more can't pay much really need to lose weight HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!
Am I fat?!?
anything will help so give me any wight loss ideas for football i weigh 360 and I'm 6ft 1?
Can you do 5 push ups?
My weight? Read all Please?
im a ten year old girl and im 100lbs should i go on a diet?
How is this possible?
I'm want to become anorexic but don't know how to start?
Am I fat??? How much weight should I lose?
My left arm is tingling and my chest feels really heavy. Should I take an aspirin?
Chest pains?
headachs in the back of my head?!?
Is there any way to stop bulima after its starts?
what can cause numbness and tingling in the left hand and arm?
I'm losing my eye sight!?
Will I fail a drug test for marijuana if I only took 2 hits the night before?
What are the effects of cocaine and pot?
am i anorexic? Please be serious about this.?
Anybody have any clues? Vomiting and fever!?
Is it normal to be hearing a 'white noise' all the the time?
Would this poison me?
horrible insomnia?
My Father has yellow skin and yellow eyes but it just started can it be reversed?
diarrhea w/blood stomach & head pain, little chill off and on!!symptons for 4 days.started after i ate spinach
How do you lose weight fast?
weight help?
I'm so happy?
I have sever back pain and I need medication with NO Ibpruffen in it.?
My throat is really sore, I can barely talk. I also have other symptoms like a slight fever, headache,etc.?
How do I submit an article to a newspaper?
if u dont know the answer to this,say i dont know and get the points.plz help!!!!!!?
how can a 14 year old boy alot of weight in a month?
do i have bad love handles? pics?
How many calories...?
Is starving really the fastest way to lose weight?
Im 14 and i was wondering Whats the best way for me to lose fat.?
Stomach problems..?
On going Low Grade Fever?
What is the difference between a midget and a dwarf?
my stomach feel acidic after drinking orange juice?
Someone with Mitral Valve Prolapse please help?
how can you stop smokeing?
I am sixteen years old, 5' 5" and 118 lbs, I need serious help I am thinking about going bulimic?
it feels like my heart is spazzing inside my chest. it feels like its twitching. like its outpumping itself?
Is there any medicine witch causes heart attack?
sick of it?
what's the best way to lose weight...a diet or a tapeworm?
I need to lose weight fast?
best way to curb your hunger?
how much do you weigh?
is there a difference between big and fat?
What is a healthy weight of a 5' 4" 13 year old teenager?
What food group are lima beans in?
went to give blood, but had a lack of IRON, what can i eat that is high in iron?
breakfast or not?
I'm having heart surgery. lots of questions...?
My eye is swollen from crying?
Do I look fat from the front?
am i to fat ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
how can I lose weight real quick?? My dress for a wedding doesn't fit for next weekend...eeeekkkk. HELP!!!
Junk food - Pizza?
Is there anyone 23yrs and still a virgin?
just wondering?
How old were you when you first realized the world isn't fair?
how do you get rid of a cold fast?
Can I sell my kidney on Craigslist?
My right lower side is bothering me?
There's a gush of blood in my sister's bowel for weeks now and her rectum is painful and it wont open. Help!
Would I lose any of my extra baby fat (i'm about 700 lbs) if I went on a diet of primarily BBQ baby back ribs?
my weight keeps changing from day to day...?
can i diet by having only fruits and water everyday?
Lacking fitness equipment, what is the best way to stay fit?
do you have to be 18 to get flu shot?
things to help you fall asleep NATURALLY??? BEST ANSWER 10 PTS****?
did michael jackson die with cardiac arrest?
How can I tell if I'm getting enough water inside my system each day?
PLEASE HELP IM TOO SKINNY!!!!?!?!??! help!!!!?
What is the ideal wight for a 15 year old girl, 5'6?
...Can Drinking alot of water help you lose weight?
can i lose 20 pounds or more in a week?
HOW can I Stop over EATING?
Why is it better to take a day or two off from exercising?
Is laxative abuse considered an eating disorder?
Lumps in my neck been there awhile, what should i do?
My neck is stiff for over a month. HELP!!!!!?
I need to loose 35lbs in one month...HELP!?
Why do skinny girls always stand at the front of a gym workout
Why can't I loose weight?
What is the BEST diet motivation?
why do i get sugar cravings?
Need advice on how to lose weightt..?
am i fat just want to know?
I need a good exercise to lose weight in my stomache that i could do at home, any ideas?
do you think im overweight for a 15 year old girl ?
Time spent on toilet?
how can i lose weight over the summer?
whats going on with me?
If a partner you've been with in the past has HIV , what is the chance of you having the disease?
What are the things an alcoholic do inorder to permanently stop drinking?
I feel like shi#! whats the best thing to take or do to get rid of my cold- Im miserable.?
What should I do when I'm hungry late at night?
Do you believe that by the receiving of the H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine, it will become mandatory for everyone?
I am around 5'5 or a little shorter and 125 ish. am i over weight???
eating junk food, then throwing up?
what is better for dieting??
How to get your blood pressure down?
My right ring finger really hurts when you hit it even just a bit. No broken bones or deformities.Whats wrong?
I don't know what to do.?
Is there a way to lose muscle?
Is it normal for your ribs to show?
19 year old male 120 lbs 5"9".. healthy or unhealthy weight?
Can this really be true?
how much should i weigh?
What is the best excersise to burn calories?
Will over eating result in health problem in later life?
I have high cholesterol?
is parkinson curable???
i feel dizzy in the morning.?
Am I obese or am I overweight?
im 13 years old and im 5ft 1in and weight 74lbs is that normal or am i fat(be honest)?
I weigh 206 pounds and i am 12.?
How to get rid of excess tummy ?
Is 5.5.foot tall for a 12 year old slim girl ?
Fat or skinny?
Is it okay to eat 800 calories a day?
stones won`t brake my bones but words can never hurt me?
My mum has been prescribed Prozac, Valium, Steroid, Methadone & Morphine + more. Safe to take together?
what foods are the best source of protein ?
Is 132 lbs at 5'5 for a 19 year old female large?
How do u loose wieght if u r a picky eater?
How can I lose my belly fat in 1 month?
Children's hospital recommendation for open heart surgery?
What's the easiest way to quit smoking?
do you think its okay for a 16 year old and 23 year old?
I am sick! What's wrong?
aren't you tired?
I got my tonsils out today, when is it safe to smoke a cigerette?
How can you make yourself vomit?
What is the age when a person starts feeling old ----(no longer young)?
How do I get tested for food allergies?
Could I Die If I keep This Up??
balance problems?
I have really broken out in acne lately, any way to treat it with out spending a lot of money?
I have a twitch under my eye that has been there for two weeks. How do I get rid of it?
Will a dirty house make my kids sick?
Can you give yourself chest compressions?
Why do i feel tired all the time ? I get plenty of sleep ? Is something wrong ?
drinking affects what body organ?
Is Justin Bieber dead?
How do I get over this cold bug?
what can i put in my hair so it won't be frizzy and thick?
Are there more fat people in the world than skinny?
My age is 16 and I'am a size 16. I'am Overweight and a border-line Diabetic I really need to lose weight?
why do my feet itch when i wash the dishes.?
Is bulimia like really bad, if you only do it a few times a week?
is she look good or need to lose some weight? 10 points for honest answer. Thank you?
If I'm naturally skinny and what will happen if I lift weights?
How often a day do you have to walk to lose 5 a week?
Im 21 311 pounds 5'3 and want to loose weight should I get the gastric bypass surgery?
how to lose 10 pounds by nov. 1st?
I'm 5 2' in a half and i have a large body frame. I am 14. How much am i supposed to weigh? Please help!
guys!!! what do you think of 5'4 for a girl???
New Years Resolution Question: Should I pay $15 for a yoga book or a yoga dvd to workout with?
becoming a strong 13 year old?
I can't seem to get skinny! What do you think of my body?
why am I so fat and why can't I stop being an emotional eater? Please be nice!?
Could mold be causing my problems?
say i was to have a heart attck in my room... im 18. wood it be likely i make it to the hospital and i live?
Is it possible to have any type of heart attack and it not show up in the blood?
is this normal for a smoker?
Can being nervous change the bottom number of your bp?
heart model?
xray test tomorrow, and broken heart?
Pt. borught to ER suffering from cardiac arrthymias. Pt. exhibit tachycardia and loses consciousness. Why?
What is a good stop smoking snack for my Husband who just had a heart attack?
High Blood Pressure and Pregnant?
What is the best way to lose weight?
please suggest some good cardio excercises?
i need to lose 30pds by feb, going 2 start adipex soon, any other suggestions to help me lose weight?
How do i stop sneezing? It's a problem!?
Do you have a bad reaction to sucralose? or "Splenda"?
Am I allergic to fruit?
is it possible to die of a broken heart?
Is heart bypass surgery dangerous?
My dad recently had a stroke and is on a low sodium diet..I need to buy some groceries before he arrives home?
How can I contribute?( I am serious)?
my heart has been beating at a rate of 104 all through out today.. should i be worried? ?
howv can i raise my blood pressure?
What r good food for who jst had heart surgery?? Can someone give me some information???
Does anyone sell easter eggs for people with allergies?
Is cracking my knuckles really bad for me or is it just a myth?
I have clicking in my right ear when I move my jaw and it's very annoying. anyone know what it could be...
How can I get rid of heartburn without antacid medicines? Because I'm stuck in my room with no way out.?
Am i having a heart attack? Whats wrong with me?
why are people fat?
How Can I Lose Weight?
Stay up all night?
I am 18 years old, four foot two, and I weigh 982 pounds. Am I overweight?
How can i lose a few inches??
i have severe abdominal pain i just ate an nectarine and then an unripe plum?
does anyone else here have celiac disease?
How do i loose ten pounds in one month?
help!!!!!! serious answers only!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Simple ways to help lose weight?
am i fat ?????????????????????
v-neck on a guy?????????????????????
Is there any way to relieve pain while getting blood drawn? I have a dr`s appt tomorrow?
what side is your appendix on?
I have been having soooo much gas lately?
What sort of "light" do you see when you have a migraine?
Is ten large glasses of water to much for one day? How bout 12?
how to loose weight without the quick fix?
How could I easily lose 10-15lbs fast?
Around how many miligrams of cholesterol a day should someone with high cholesterol limit themsleves to?
What makes the thudding sound experienced during heartbeat?
Why does my hip keep hurting?
Will I get sick? I ate some old food.
I am starving but not losing weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what have you eaten today?
does popping zits make them heal quicker?
can you give an adult cat benedryl?and if you can how much?
am i having a heat attack?
Is there any cure for Alcoholism ?
Are These Symptoms of Anorexia?
How do you get rid of a bunch of phlegm in my throat.?
My 6 yr old son breaks out in hives! Help!?
how to get 6 pack abs?