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If a 40 year old healthy man hasn't taken a flu shot in over ten years, should he start now?
does drinking alcohol reduce your chances of getting stomach bugs?
How can you prevent a 20mth old from getting swine flu?
World's Most Deadliest Disease!!?
if you was diagnosed with this which 1 would you rather have?
I'm terrified about swine flu- can anybody reassure me?
is the swine flu something to really worry about somewhere as far north as michigan?
my brother has herpes?
My girl friend takes like 7 vicodins with booze. She's addicted. What can I do to help her?
What should I do, possible cracked ribs?
do i need to see a doctor for my sunburn...im in severe pain...?
How can I make myself feel better ?
How do can i stop being depressed?
What is the longest amount of time you've been awake?
Tell me why my husband blames all his bad behavior on being bipolar - isn't he ever to blame for hurting me?
Cure for diabetes true or false?
Scared to get checked for diabetes?
People say you might have diabetes when you have frequent urination. How frequent?
Could my symptoms be diabetes?
My daughters eye is almost swolen shut! Yesterday she had a red ring under her left eye & now this...?
Is it okay to wear the same pair of contacts for two months--keep reading?
Why do I look like a panda when I'm tired?
Correct me if I'm wrong will you please but I understood that it was only?
What will happen if someone elses blood gets on your skin?
my girlfriend is having trouble urinating. What can she take over the counter to relieve her?
how do get out blood stians?
Why do I have a terrible sore throat? - and why won't the doctors help me after 2 visits?
My eyes are bleeding, what should I do?
I think I have pink eye!! =( what do I do?!?
My 2 year old has staph?
can i get sickle cell by touching black people?
I ate 10 kiwis at lunch at school a while ago and my mouth bled horribly all over the table thy did this happe?
Can HIV be transferred through Saliva?
Can walking barefoot inside your home cause me to have ovarian cancer?
Are contacts supposed to be slimy?
my optician says my eyes are minus 14. What does this mean please. ?
help me! i have to get contact lenses tomorow!?
What does a pink eye look like?
How do i get sand out of my eyes?
Am I the only one who can't make a U shape with their tongue?
I sleep 10-14 hours a night and I'm tired allot?
New insulin pump- PINK OR GREEN!?
I have type 2 Diabetes and I have tingling in my finger tips, WHY ? What can I do to prevent this ?
what is the color of an healthy urine?
What illnesses can rats and mice spread?
Im a Canadian in Mexico while this swine flu is going around?
how long does it take someone to die when they?
Is this swine flu pandemic anything to seriously worry about?
What's the best cure for a hang-over?
Is there a faster way to detox you're system from marijuana?
HELP! Mt Finger Won't Stop Swelling and it Hurts!?
How common is this in people my age?
What does a decrease in the diameter of arteries cause?
Wondering if I'll get diabetes.?
Does eating chocolate/sweets cause acne/make it worse?
Nothing stops my sweating! I don't know what to do. Please help!?
how to protect your eyes in a tanning both?
what would happen if i sneezed while my eyes were open?
Apparently rice is one of the few foods you can't be allergic to - what are the others?
What to do about seriously swollen feet & ankles?
What type of illness, do you think I have?
Is it true that almost everyone who gets HIV/AIDS eventually dies from the disease?
uk only too sick to get a sick note..?
what things make the flu go away?
I am a 12-year-old girl who is overweight... HELP!?
if you had one minute left to live what would you do?
How can I shake this off I don't know what's wrong with me?
Depressed and I want to die. Can anything help?
Am I long-sighted?
would you donate your organs?
Which came first, the cancer or the chemicals?
So, is EVERYONE going to get cancer in their lifetime?
What is it really like to have diabetes?
Could i have passed HIV within a week?
Why do EMT's & Paramedics in the USA allow so many nurses to govern what we do??
What are some reasons your eye might be twitching?
I feel very sick and feel faint (light headed)?
Whats that bulbous thing that hangs down at the back of the throat?
Alright, so my friend bent my pinky very far back an there is extreme pain. What Should I do?
Should I tell my Grandmother it's ok to die?
My baby sister has a fever of 104.4!!!?
my toenail fell off!?
Blood pressure question?
stinking head ache from hangover, cure?
I went on a 30 minute run yesterday and today and my legs are so sore I cannot walk??
Poisoning - Washing up Liquid, please help me!?
Is it true that if you smoke and exercise, smoking won't effect your health as much?
Can they get rid of me after having cancer?
Would you wear glasses full time?
Oh No? Do I Have It? Swine Flu.?
where did swine flu come from?
is the swine flu in ireland?
should I get my h1n1 shot?
is this a stomach ulcer?
Who thinks the swin flu is to over dramatic?
where can i go to get a TB skin test ?
Do I have symptoms of diabetes.?
I would appreciate if anyone can help a diabetic child to get cured?
is tylenol the same as aspirin?
saw my doctor who told me i can take 8 paracetamol and 6 ibuprofen in a day is that right seems Alot to me.?
How do I get rid of back pain??
This morning in swimming, I strained my neck somehow, and it has been hurting very badly this whole day. ?
I want to start smoking?
What is the fastest way to grow your hair for free and that's easy?
I got sunburned pretty bad today. I don't have any aloe, anything else around most houses that would work?
i got herpes from a fever blister on my fiance' lip...now i have to live with it forever...what to do?
I met a woman I'm considering dating. She told me she has hepatitis C. Am I at risk of catching it from her?
Do you think I could have gotten aids from this?
Sick! and my birthday is coming on the 17 of november! what do i do?
what is the fastest cure for FLU?
My boss is ALWAYS clearing his throat, WHY?
My brother has meningitis, Is there a chance of me getting it?
1 year, no sleep...I have made it! I have not slept for 1 year as i was participating in a?
Is it possible to get back your get up and go once it has got up and gone?
My leg is hurting?
Is it bad to pop your neck and knuckles? ?
Help im in mega pain please i need help!!!?
my wife needs heart surgery but i cant afford the 2000 deductible what should i do?
my gums bleed very badly...cure?
Does anyone know any legal highs?
Wrist pain – office job. Should I go to the Docs?
what can cause dissiness? Can not even get out of bed. Please help.?
what causes headaches?please read?
What is the best way to overcome a pain killer addiction??
some new glasses symptoms?
My grandma calls me fat?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you have a bad habit or two that you'd like to break?
omg my ear is gonna drive me insane! pls help?
What helps sunburn and releives the sting? I know aloe vera does but what else I don't have any aloe vera.
I just had surgery for acute appendicitism my left leg is swelled three times it's size. Is this normal?
do i have the symptoms of allergies?
I'm very allergic to seafood, it is safe to eat and then take allergic medicine?
The side of my face swells when I've been drinking alcohol. Why is this?
Question. Is it bad for your eyes to read in the dark?
would my eyesight improve without surgery?
Changing contact lenses' brand and having problems?
I am having an eye problem?
how do i know if my daughter faking?
Does anyone know a home remedy to get rid of a wart???
do i need to go to a doctor?
small ear infection should i use alcohol? help?
Can herpes be passed to children through the father?
My boyfriend has a cold sore, but I still want to kiss him. Is this a good idea?
How do you deal with a housemate who insists on having the central heating on maximum all day.?
what illness do i have?
What is the worst pain you've ever felt?
I had a spinal tap two days ago and am having major back pain, but I also have Fibro. Should I be worried?
My old GameBoy had liquid on it that looked just like water & made my tongue tingle was it battery acid?
i am a smoker, but the smell of smoke or others smoking around me, makes me feel sick?
How long does your prescription get worse when you start at age 13?
Help! I Slept In My Contacts and I think I may have an eye infection!?
My daughter is 11 and takes a lot of dance classes is she too young for contacts?
How much are contacts?
PINK EYE! I don't have any money to get it checked out, but I KNOW thats what I have! (3 people I've been
What are the effects of smoking?
Have you had cancer?
Is it possible to have two different kinds of cancer at the same time?
how can we know that whether a person has developed breast cancer?
How can you heal a cold by tommorow?
Can you get mono a second time?
i have a cold. what do i do.?
Why are we Always sick?
I am seriously sick and in pain and need help. I'm scared!?
As heroin users build up a tolerance to morphine if they were involved in an accident would hospitals have?
Does anyone know a way to prevent stiffness after training?
What is below belly and above knees??? ?
What is it called if you know that a child swallows poison, but don't do anything about it?
Is it possible to get an STD by?
Why don't they make a chewable adult pain reliever?
my head and wrist hurt?
Why is my eye so Watery?
i have a problem.?
I am very lightheaded and excessively thirsty, it's 2:30am, I'm 19 years old, what could be wrong?
y am i always thirsty?
I was talking to a girl a day before she was confirmed with swine flu, should i be worried?
My blood test result arrived today. I have Hepatitis B?
can eating bad cheese cause the swine flu?
Food Stuck in Throat? (Warning: This is Nasty)?
What could the reasons for headaches be?
do you worry at the slightest pains you get?
Can a person with no ears wear glasses?
Strep throat but don't want to miss school?
My mother had the swine flu vaccine, last week. my 18 year old child, was next to her a lot and now she?
Does anyone else think this is great news?
Chicken Pox(12 year old girl)?
Ear pain...please help?
What do you do, if you can't get to sleep?
does having stitches taken out hurt?
Can women with type one diabetes have children?
Why do i poo blood? ?
It is 2:15 am and I can't sleep, anyone else out there with insomnia?
How long do people with grade 4 terminal cancer have left to live?
Worried I have eye cancer, please help?
Is marijuna really that bad for you?
Can eating hot peppers everyday lead to stomach cancer?
eye problem blury eye!?
How high of a prescription is this??
is it true that if you had a measles when you are a baby, you can't be affected with measles anymore?
Lasik Eye Surgery...............................?
What Are The Swine Flu Symptoms?
H1N1 vaccine question?
is a temperature of 98.9 a fever?
Are people getting sicker these days or is it my imagination?
what hurts your heart...?
Why is my temperature so low?(around 96.1, sometimes in the 95s)?
I was thinking about cutting my tongue off. Bad idea?
What is wrong with me??
why do my knees hurt when i run?
if the brain doesn't feel pain...?
What stunts growth in teenagers?
Diseases from Tattoo- HELP!?
Serious Symptoms of the Swine Flu?
What is the difference between flu and cold?
Would you feel like this with Flu?
what color are my eyes?
how may pairs of eyeglasses should i have?
Where can I get affordable prescription glasses for my daughter?
How do you pop a white head? And does it hurt?
Does a person in a coma eat?
Will I automatically get Type 1 diabetes?
Generally for fever or for continuous head-ache, going to Doctor, but the Doctor says to open the mouth..why?
what causes stds and what are the symptons?
can you drink with antibiotics?
could i sue if they gave my son a wrong vaccine?
HIV Infection & Blood?
How can i pertect my self of the swine flu?
blood pressure 220/120 is this very dangerous?
Rapid movement in the right side of top eye lid?
is there a problem with my eyes?
Are blind people constantly seeing blackness?
Do you have a good home remedy for poison ivy?
I've got a nasty splinter.. is it better to gouge it out or wait and let nature takes its course..?
Do you like the feeling of being nervous?
Dilema, you've just been to the toilet. Its not too clean, the sink is bad too?
can you die from Testicular cancer?
Am I Covered In Cancer?? SERIOUS ANSWERS ONLY PLZ!!?
How do you emotionally deal with being diagnosed with cervical cancer and only be 18?
If im 12 and am 87 pounds the height of 5'1 am i over weight?
I can't breathe and I can't afford to go to the emergency room.?
My friend has a nasty dry cough and we are looking for remedies...we can't get meds until tomorrow.?
Is back pain normal in pregnancy and?
hurting so bad. cant even speak?
I get scared when I look in the mirror?
Eye help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What would you call a colour that is half green-half brown.?
i have bad back pain?
I woke up with a terrible pain in my neck when I move it. Must have fallen asleep in bad position. Help?
I got a sharp pain in my heart. It came out of nowhere and then went away after. what was it?
Really Bad Stomach Cramps ... Helpp?
Questionable eyesight?
Are contacts hard?
Is it possible to change eye colors with-out contacts or corneal surgery?
How to get rid of a stye on your eye?
8 yr. old daughter has a dry cough, remedy please?
why when you sneeze your eyes close?
I can't sleep?
Am I pregnant or do I have the swine flu?
Been giving up smoking but?
Why are people avoiding me?
How do you explain this?
Tetnis Shots/ Rusty Nail?
i cannot stop couging! what's wrong?
I want to quit smoking, but i can't. I'm not a heavy smoker. I just consume 5 sticks a day. Is it hazardous?
odd feelings in the brain make me dozy and numbe ? what do i have ?
What do i have?... I'm very sick!!?
Should I get this checked out?
Is this flu epidemic just a hoax?
Do I have the SWINE FLU?!?
why do most doctors suggestantibiotics for cold?
My temp is 103.8.. What should I do?
lower back pain?
left is right??????????????????????
I don't want to offend anyone but could someone help please?
Should I do this or listen to my mother??...?
Blood in stool?
White cloth for cleaning glasses?
Is it true that right handed people can only raise their left eyebrows and vice versa?
i have hiccups?????????????
Do Mosquito's have any useful purpose on this planet?
i accidently got super glue on my finger how do i get it off?
I have a pain in the center of my heel
I've been diagnosed w/ cronic sinusitus... any advice?
is it safe for a 16 year old to take motrin?
what is wrong with my ear?
what happens when you have a ear infection?
why is everyone so worried about swine flu?
Is it safe to never have any carbohydrates in my daily eating?
what do you do to get blood sugar down?
Are diabetics allowed to eat sugar?
Is it possible for a diabetic person to get their blood sugar under control and not be diabetic anymore?
what r homely remedies for curing diabetes?
Pre-diabetic problem views please?
am i diabetic? help!!?
how much would you wear glasses?
My brother beats me up. He took my eye out, and hid it. I can't find it and my eye cavity hurts.?
Do I Need To See A Doctor?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
on averge basis smoking 20grams of tobacco more harmful to the body then 20grams of cannabis?
Do cancer patients in the USA have to pay for treatment?
How can I get rid of this wart on my finger?
I need tips on putting in and taking out contacts.?
what is wrong with my eye?
is it better to wear your glasses all the time or just when you need to (e.g. copying notes from the board)?
Should i let my child have swine flu jab?
Does anyone know any good stress relief?
Why do all of my joints hurt all of a sudden?
I need help swallowing tablets!!!?
Ingrown Toenail help. What should I do?
What should I put on a big mosquito bite I have?
I've had a constant headache, slight sore throat for a week now, Strep Test negative. Should I go back to Dr.
can you get swine flu from eating pork?
Whats A Disease that eats at the immune system?
Should I see a doctor????
I accidentally poked myself in the eye whilst peeling a banana- who do I sue?
What can i do for my son's chapped face?
I can barely talk this morning any ideas to help my voice come back a little bit?
Can u please??
can you get herpes in your throat? ?
Why wouldn't you have your daughter vaccinated to prevent cancer?
No she is not Reade to go ,today she has sad I'm not ready i don't want to dead?
hi i hve swallowed chewing gum & havin a feeling that its stuck in my wind pipecould u suggest how to remove?
i think i have diabetes what should i do?
what to do when blood glucose levels are above 600 mg?
How do you get over the fear of using a lancet for Diabetes?
I can't believe that is all she said!?
can this really make you go blind ?
what do i put on baby's neck when its raw?
i've found a lump on the right hand side of my neck, should i be worried?
Tick on headd?
Is it awkward to wear a facemask in public to avoid germs?
There are actually 10,224 questions on Yahoo Answers about the Swine Flu... Are You Worried?
Rinse Contact Lenses?
Would it possible for a 5th grader to have contacts?
Why is my face swelling?
i have always had a peanut allergy and i want to know how can i cure this allergy?
Is it possible to be allergic to only one color of eyeliner?
What are your opinions on Smoking?
Does anyone know how to break an arm or leg easy and quick?
I have been having headaches for about 2 weeks and they don't go away..can it be a tumor?
how do you know weather you've got leukemia?
How do you get rid of a REALLY bad lovebite?
if u kno sum1 is suicidal what do u do?
what does this say about a person?
why are you not in bed?
why does my eye twitch!?
what are some good things to eat for hypoglycemia?
What's the best cure for heartburn?
Do tongue peircings hurt?
Pain in my knee, suggestions please?
I am always stressed, i cant relax, does any one know anything that could help ?
Anyone scared stiff by Jellyfish and wont go in the sea?
my 18 month old has a fever blister how did he get it? isn't fever blisters herpies?
How long will my neck pain go on for?
I just had a shot of tequila, but i had taken tylenol about four hours ago...should i be concerned?
Why is my hand numb and hurting?
Does getting an IV hurt?
How can I prevent leg cramps?
I don'tkno what I have,Can u tell me?
does anyone know of any optician who will make the lenses and then put them in the frames you have already got?
Do contacts wreak your eyes ?
When will a person die?
blood in my poo when i go to the loo?
What causes young people to start smoking?
If you have Hay fever are you likely to get Asthma?
My brother in law is dying...had cardiac arrest, is unconsious, and?
how can i get rid of a hickey?
what's the risk of having a breast cancer, there is couple pea size lumps near arm pit,?
What would be a good song to play at my dad's funeral?
How do you know if you got cancer?
Ok ppl, I just quit smoking & I need help in not going back?How do u deal with the gravings?I quit cold turkey
:[ i hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you help?
Have you ever tried washing painkillers down with?
What is the most painful way to die?
Is my wrist broken or do I have carpal tunnel?
my body is super sore need help!?
I am a 33 year old woman who has suffered with migraines ever since I can remember.?
Medication problems?
What are some remedies for a sore feeling throat?
How can I make an ear infection stop hurting so badly? Advil isn't working...?
Seeing everything a bit smaller with my glasses.?
OMG Help I AM CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
ive got a cold and its going away but i want to keep it, how?
O.M.G -_- i got the flu shot and IM GETTING THE FLU.?
what colour braces (rubber bands) will make your teeth appear whiter?
i acedently took 3 pain relievers (advill) for burnt skin am i going to be ok and what should i do?
Do I have CANCER!!! I really need to know?
Any advice for someone who is preparing to lose a parent?
Can you get breast cancer in the young teens ?
Is it common to have breast cancer at age 14?
how do i stop my eye from twicthing?
How do you stop your eyes from burning when you've been staring at a screen for a long time?
How can I improve my vision I'm scared?
What can I do to confort my best friend who is going into surgery?
does the anti-reflective coating on my eyeglasses provide sun protection to my eyes?
how do I get an old prescription refilled?
In an emergency, why is it important to not move the body of the injured patient?
What is the unhealthiest thing you can eat?
I cant breath!!!!!!!!!!!!?
whats the most dangerous disease known to man?
How much does it hurt?
Ihave astigmatism, can I wear contacts not made for astigmatism?
I'm unfocused, but not blurry. Will glasses help?
My throat has been sore from smoking all week, is there anything I can do?
My sunburn Itches sooooo bad!!!?
Breast Cancer?
is homeopathy useful removing disease of cancer?
I have a one-third chance of dying from smoking, so I might as well risk it, right?
Does Vicodin make your skin itch? (details)?
What is the best OTC pain reliever for a migraine?
If you could have any celebrity’s bright white smile, whose would it be?
What's up with this?
Is it ok to smoke weed every weekend?
Smoking, Why do people start?
if i smoke 1 cigarette will it do much damage?
I'm 13 and I am overweight, what should I do to lose weight without excersising so much?
sleeping with contactss?
Very curious about Why do so many people, especially children wear eyeglasses?
are my pupils supposed to be this big D:?
About contacts?
How often should I get my eyes checked if I don't wear glasses?
Help, health deteriorating (headaches, fatigue, muscle pain) and I don't know why...27 year old woman?
is it bad to work out when im sore?
Please Help! 10 points!.....................?
My stomach hurts allll the time?
has anyone ever really beat cancer?
Do you think that there will be a cure for cancer one day.?
Should i be worried about gettin MRI , CT and PET scans ????? advice please?
If my Dr. only gave me a 3 month refill how do I get a new prescription?
what do you do if you get stung ?
why has my dr given me diazepam?
What degree means you need to wear glasses all the time?
should i get a tetnus shot.?
Any ideas on where I can get a Hazmat suit for swine flu?
What do you pay for cigarettes?
My Chest hurts when i breath deep!?
i have a serious burn...?
Should I go to the E.R?? Ouch!!?
Why do I get dizzy when I wake up or stand up after sitting?
my brother is super scared from needles and he is only 6 years old?
I have severe ear pain that's driving me crazy!?
Opnions on smoking...?
ok, my dad had skin cancer (melenoma [can't spell today]) and i get a lot of sunburns....?
is it possible to swallow a mouse while sleeping?
ok im gettin my lip pireced on friday and i wantd to know if it hurt i think i can stand the pain ?
Does Vicodin lead to a hangover the next morning?
I'm extremely sick, my throat hurts, and when I swallow it hurts a lot!!!!!!! What should I do?
Severe back pain, how can I help it?
Is my heart rate too fast?
I'm hypochondriac/worried about Swine Flu?
Who has accent?Americans or British???
I'm 5'3 and 410 lbs. is this an ok weight?
Is it safe to drop acid before you go to sleep?
I'm trying to give up cigarettes and stop smoking?
any advice on how to deal with moms death?
Can you die from prostate cancer?
my back ALWAYS ache badly whenever i walk & stand . what's the problem?
i think i really hurt my toe?
why do people cut their wrist?
if I am 5'7'' and weight 230lbs I want to lose 30lbs what is the best way to do it.?
I am half blind in one eye will i ever be able to learn to drive?
What are you supposed to do if you drop your contact lens in the sink, while you're putting them on, one day?
with my eye that you want to see the other half of me, right?
Do cataracts cause complete blindness?
I'm considering wearing contact lenses instead of walking around in dork glasses..some questions about them
I think i was electrocuted? what do i do?
Im Bulimic and cough up Blood. How bad is that?
Smoking weed to remove pain?
Do i need glasses?
What kind of bug bite is swells to the size of a golf ball?
What can I do to make my sun burn feel better? [I seriously have never had sun burn.]?
is there a simple way to getting rid of head lice & their eggs?
When I run/jog the back of my neck hurts. Help!?
Should I get braces? I need your opinion. Please!?
What is a sphincter?
I can hardly breath though my nose......?
Do you think this is healthy eating for the day?
How do I get the white part of my eyes whiter?
What should i do i just drank coolant?
Why do you get a headache when you've been drinking ?
How serious are my cholesterol levels?
When falling asleep sometimes i 'forget to breathe'??
Hay fever question : where do I get local honey from in London to help ease my symptoms?
where can i find the cheapest specs?
Last week I took over 8 500mg paracetamols and I didn't have any reaction , should I continue for headaches?
Waking up with migraines?
what do i do if my chest is in pain?
I have water in my EAR and I can't get it out!?
Is there alot of sickness viruses going around?
Should i go to the doctors?
why will dressing warm in the winter keep me from catching a virus?
Can I get Hepatite C from develovipng a picture froma a paitient's tooth?
How to pop a boil instantly.?
Are there actually people with purple or "violet" colored eyes?
question about my eye color?
What eye color is this?
Do black people get lice?
what's the reason of increasing aids people in the world?
Is it ok to have a sick day for the flu?
Can you catch chicken pox more than once..?
swine flu???????????????????????///?
Why is the swine flu considered to be so dangerous?
I have sleeping problems and don't know what to do...?
Why did I sunburn if there was no sun?
I've been having chest pain for the past two days?
Pain in my back? Any ideas?
Why does it feel like I have a bruise on my leg, but there's no bruise?
i'm 19 and my back always hurts.?
does it hurt to have your ears pierced?
am i too fat?????????
if i tell a doctor i smoke will she tell my parents?
day 2 off the smokes!!?
people always cough around me?
Why do I feel like this?
Left arm really hurts !?
Does anyone have restless leg syndrome?
Excuses as to why I can't drink alcohol?
Cousin is real sick need some advice?
Swine Flu? Answer please.?
What do you recommend to clear up dry skin under the nose from having a cold & blowing nose often?
='( what should you do if you burn your finger on a hot pan?
i have just broken someone's finger what should i do?
How to overcome depression & lonliness whithin a family?
contact lenses!!!!! plz help me?
what's wrong with my foot?
What kind of doctor should my husband see for his back problem?
Is swine flu deadly? What are the symptoms?
I am 52 yrs old. Just discovered that my BP is 167/98, Pulse 65. Am I in immediate danger?
Does anyone have any remedies for bad allergies?
Am I having an allergic reaction?
He's Allergic to my cats....How can I make him more comfortable when he visits?
Should I be worried?
I smoked one hit 33 day ago and it was my first time ever smoking. I have a pee test coming up...will i pass?
Ok read this please?
My bf's leg muscle twitches when he sleeps. What's causing it? What can be done? (he's a runner)?
ouch ouch ouch ....help?
I'm getting glasses for the first time. Are transition lenses the way to go?
What is the color of my eyes??? (Pic included)?
What are signs of low blood sugar?
I think some one is poisoning me but i can't prove it?
Shoulder pain, what is it?
I don't want to live Please help me.?
i want to commit suicide ?
Why do people say that Arizona is the best place for people to live who have allergies?
My bf's mom is allergic to cats, but I want one???
my dad has a cold how do i help him?
Do blood tests hurt worse than the school virus needles?
Sharp pain in my neck/upper back on right side only...what is wrong?
if im 12 and i have the swine flu, will i die?
Serious question - does it sound like i have swine flu?
I Bite My Nails And I Really Need To Stop How Do I?
If I cry when im wearing contacts what would happen?
why does my back hurt?
stomach cramps?
severe calf pain.?
curing stomach aches ): ?
Is 14 normally too old for braces?
what do you do when you burn your finger?
R U allergic 2 anything?
How should I de-stress from my day?
Is it wrong to bring along reading material to the Dr's office, while I wait in the waiting room ?
Is it safe to remove a skin tag? [Picture Included]?
What should i do about this rash on my hand?
i have dark skin above my upper lip, looks like i have a mustache. can anyone help me with this problem?
What is the best possible way that i can get dat Beyonce booty?
What can I eat for a sore throat?
i have had 8 puffs of a cigerate can this giv me any chance of lung cancer...?
Can i take an eye exam one place and get glasses from another?
which eyeglasses do you like? :)?
Help me im freaked out!?
why can't you sit on a boy/man(s) left leg ?
What's the difference...?
Why won't blood sugar level go down???
should i hide in my room so i dont get swine flu?
I have a girlfriend that Herpes Simplex 1. She used my lip gloss several times,and has a fever blister.?
Had my tonsils out on wednesday....?
How worried should we be about the Swine Flu epidemic/possible pandemic?
How can you tell the difference between swine flu and normal flu/cold?
How do I get rid of this type of infection?
What happens if you eat a cigeratte?
i just cut my finger off will it grow back?
what can cure a wasp sting?
what causes a persons heel's to hurt so bad that they cannot stand on them without excruciating pain?
When I am on the med. prednisone why am I so darned testy with everyone around me?
how many beats does a heart beat a minute?
Do you think the swine flu will kill us all?
What is Alzheimer's??
13 year old, vomiting for 3 days?
two persons died after taking swine flue vaccine, is it true?
what causes yeast infections?
I have no eye drops and my mom will be home in like 40 min how the **** do i make my eyes not red!!?
I was wondering if anyone could help.. I went for any eye test and got my prescription for the lenses I need.?
I just got my ear pierced and it hurts- what is something I can put on it to numb the pain?
I got water stuck in my ears.......it's reallly annoying. Anyone have any suggestions to get the water out????
I've tried everything to stop smoking - nothing seems to work...?
how can i tackle sugar addiction?
i cant sleep how can i fix it?
I'm 14. Having a Blood Test soon. Will it hurt me ? PLEASE ANSWER?
Wo is still awake now ? It's 1AM?
if i poped my bug ite should i put a bandage on it?
What color eyes do I have?
How long is the flu shot needle?
Help, my psychiatrist was off sick?
kinda sad does any one want to talk to me?
is this bipolar ???????????
Isn't it ironic how more people benefit from Cancer than Die from it.?
im going to have a root canal in 3 days and im wondering if it's going to hurt alot after it's done?
How long do you think you can hold your breath underwater?
My brother burnt his fingers?
If I kill some one and drink there blood?
Should I get glasses? i already have conctacts.?
Do you think it is rude to ask somebody why don't they remove their birthmark off their face?
How does smoking cigarettes contribute to wrinkles?
Is there anyone out there with diabetes who is scared of hypo's ? am i the only one ? panic attacks ? :-(?
I can't get my blood sugar levels down. Please help!?
Need sugestions so i can try to stop cutting,?
Does hanging around depressed people make you depressed ?
I'm stuck..Physically stuck.?
Friend's mum just diagnosed with breast cancer?
My grandads got cancer and i'd like to do something special for his funeral, like a reading?
10 points for best answer! Please answer! Should I be worried or is this normal?
What to put on sunburn?
How to get rid of dry, chapped lips permanentely?
Danger i'm pretty scared : DIABETES?
One of my neighbors is diabetic, and I want to make him cookies for the holidays, ?
I think i might have diabetes! help!?
How Can I Get Rid Of Streach marks.!?
Horible sinus pressure relief??
Will I be okay with contacts even though I don't even like eye drops???
I'm have diarrhea and have horrible stomach pains...are there any cures or relief for it?
I am 15 and i dont know what is wrong HELP.?
effects of smoking weed!?
Is it bad to eat a lot of cough drops? I LOVE THEM!?
Do you believe in Tom Cruise's theory that a person can cope with depression without medication?
if i told my therapist that i was suicidal...?
I feel really weird - help, please?
left nut hurts?
Are you suppose to hold your head back when your nose bleeds.?
Best way to treat bruises?
Have you had your appendix out, did it leave a big scar?
I just found out i have cancer!!!?
newbie at contact lenses?!?
contacts are makeing my eyes water?
I want to improve my eyesight, but,....?
Heartburn attacks?
really bad sore throat?
What should you do if you see a car that has crashed into a power pole?
Is it possible that I can get HIV this way?
What is the gestation peroid of swine flu (serious question, I am at risk)?
Can a person develop lactose intolerance?
how do you stop a nose bleed?
If you keep on exercising and getting asthma attacks, will your asthma attacks eventually go away?
can an baby have grey eyes ?
Are you supposed to use an alcohol wipe when you test your blood sugar?
HELP?? The doctors don't know what type of diabetic my roommate is.?
Small, hard lump on the back of my neck?
Natural Anti-Depressant?
i was stung by a bee, now what?
Which is best for depression.Diazapam or Prozac?
How come when i sleep ?
When I put in my contacs ,they don't want to stick to my eyes- what am I doing wrong?
What can happen if I don't change my contact lenses when I'm supposed to?
Can glasses damage your eye sight?
What is STD?????Is it life threatning?
What is smoking cigarettes like?
i am 5'2'' and i weigh 90 pounds?
Should I go to the hospital? (bleeding like crazy)?
I'm 13 years old and I have just had really really bad pains near my heart, what should I do?
My son is coughing, headache,fever of 101.8 are these symtoms of swine flu? HELP!!!!!?
How can you determine at home how good is your eyesight?
lazy eye in a 3 yr old?
Why do we rub our eyes when we're tired?
can anyone tell me what problem it is?
What happens to Lantus insulin if it's not refrigerated.?
does diabetes affect your life?
dog bit me, need help!?
i burned myself on the stove cover plate and i'm using ice but every time i take it off it hurts?
I fell out of a tree?
Why can't you sneeze with your eyes open?
How can i permantley remove finger warts?
What's the easiest way to get a foreign body out of your eye without seeking medical attention????
Everytime I get a paper cut, I have been bleeding a lot before it clots...?
How to tell if I have cancer?
doesn't heaven sound boring?
What does it mean when you are told a patient's cancer is a level 5?
whats the best way to control anger?
Why does your nose get blocked up when you've got a cold?
Is it possible to get a cold in summer?
how can scratchin' make it worse?!?
okay, nervous and paranoid about contact lenses?
How can I increase my pain tolerance?
Aches & Pain?
How bad does ear piercing hurt?
Does anyone vomit EVERYTIME they get sick?
help! I've got something going on with my body but i cant figure out what or how to cure it!?
is it safe to drink blood?
How long should I wait after eating to check my blood sugar levels.?
my age is 21 at present my sugar level in blood is 367?
Migraines! What is the best thing to take for them?
Help! My foot is swelling up fast!?
does root canal hurt?or does your teeth bleed?
lump on my chin?
How does Brain food help your brain?
i pulled a muscle how can i get the pain to stop?
If your in a closed room with no windows open and you turn on a fan,will you die?
How do you know if you're Bi-polar??
Is E.Coli deadly?
Do you think the Swine Flu will be the next big pandemic?
Do I have tonsil stones?
Am I Getting a Flu and Should I stay home?
How to break my habit?
Contact lenses - few Q's?
Should I get contacts? its true that u can keep your contact len till 1 year or 3 month without remove ?
No glasses - Have school tomorrow :O?
cough won't go?
I just had a very large meal and wasn't feeling well, my blood sugar is at 76. Is this bad?
How to prevent diabetes?
I will be starting my first cycle of chemo next monday?
Do you know someone with cancer or someone who has passed away from it?
I have a splinter in my tongue?
i feel like cutting!?
I have suffered with my sinuses for years I have contstant mucus?
My brother spilled food on the stove and now my parents said all we're gettin is baloney and bread from now on?
ok i hate flying and i'm going away in 6 weeks what's the best thing to calm my nerves?
How to make yourself get a fever?
Would boiling hand sanitizer kill someone if you poured it on them?
Do people faint after getting a flu shot?
I just took 14 aleve in about 10 minutes... What's gonna happen to me?
anyone know natural remedies for a sore back?
What kind of a doctor would I see for low back pain?
i cant take this ring off my finger?
What should i do, Bad migrane/headache?
I Cant Sleep at Night?
What's the worst thing to have a mix of, AIDS mixed with Gonorreah, or Syphillis or Chlamideah or a UTI or...
Help, my hands hurt, need help?
Whats the difference between a headache and migraine?
I just got jalepeno juice on my hands, and rubbed it on my face and now my face is stinging!!?
Funny story about how i hurt my wrist?
I swalloed my tounge ring.?
How can I smoke weed without getting lung cancer?
My mother is going through chemo. What can I cook for her?
Sore throat, stiff neck, ear ache, and headache... what could it be?
Do I have tonsilitus?
Sleep problems...advice welcomed....?
Will dehydration cure itself?
How stressy did you go when giving up smoking?
Are getting colored contacts changing yourself?
Is this really a good idea?
Is the swine flu the world's way to get rid people on this overcrowded earth?
what is hay fever and symptons?
what would happen if someone drank bleach and didnt get medical help?
Im getting my tounsils removed tommorrow.. Im really worried? ITs my first time bein put to sleep...?
I'm a secret agent in need of help!?
Sore muscles?
My left wrist hurts i don't know why can anyone help me i'm 27 years old?
I was involved in a car crash last week. Now i keep fainting and feeling dizzy what does this mean?
can diabetic people eat jaggery?
Recently found out that I have low blood sugar, and I'm CRAVING sweets!?
What is the weird pain and bubbling sensation I have in my left side?
my mom is having severe chest and left arm pains,cold sweat,turned pale,can't move?
I have a bleeding mole?
can you get anything from the store for a urinary tract infection?
are you shocked that pro athletes had there swine flu shot before the general public could?
For Smokers and non-Smokers?
How do you get children's hair to grow back?My 6 yr old lost his.?
Do you have to avoid fast food restaurants to be healthy?
Can you break your ear?
Questions about faking eye exams?
can i get rid of glasses by doing eye exercises?
HELP! I can't get my contacts out?
Really bad eye sight?!?
If your over the age 0f 8 can u still fix a lazy eye?
is being 4 foot 8 a bad thing?
What could it mean when your ear feels hot ( I know that sounds weird ) and feels a little sore too?
Does anyone have a congrats for someone no longer suicidal?
what to do when you cannot sleep at night?
i cant sleep................?
why do you think people smoke? what's your opinion on smoking?
i smoked the other day and took 4 hits i had not smoked in 7 months how long will it stay in my system?
should I get glasses or contacts?
Is 85 normal blood glucose level for 32 yr. old? How do I get the level up?
I'm scared I may have diabetes?
my brothers blood sugar level?
can you live without your pancreas?
I think I have diabetes but I don't know how to ask my parents to get me tested for it.?
any cure to get rid of warts ?
I the swine fle real? Have u gotten it?
If 1/5 of America is obese, how come 9/10 won't admit it?
I watched a programme about ANAL bleaching?
contact lense wearers?
What happens when you get contact lenses for the first time?
New prescription eyeglasses , having problems ? Is this normal ?
i am paranoid about swine flu am i over reacting?
im getting contact in a few day....?
Is it dangerous to wear Glasses when Driving?
Anyone have eye floaters?
Are you or your children going to take the swine flu vaccine? If no, why?
If somebody gets blood on my food, and I eat it, can I get hepatitis?
Is it very bad to take ibuprofen on empty?
How can i break my leg?
my ankle is really itchy whats wrong.?
Is my toe smashed or broke?
Headache that is getting worse, Pale, nose feels blocked and can't get warm?
I've been having a bad headache for the past 2 weeks.?
What's wrong with my ear?
How does the eye work? (Put it simply)?
What are some really good and easy to follow tips for good oral health?
When you get swine flu will you cough like a pig?
What is the difference HIV + and HIV -?
How can I make a mask to protect against the swine flu?
what is anti HIV means?
low blood sugar question?
What happens when diabetes is left untreated?
what is the normal blood sugar result?
What's the average life expectancy for a person with type 1 diabetes?
i think i might have diabetes help?
Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's, which would you rather have?
do cigarettes shorten life?
My eyes keep going blurry?
how can i gain weight.?
What do I do about my horrible seasonal allergies?
I'm sneezing a lot around my cat...Does this mean I'm allergic??
Do you think if people can catch HIV/AIDS by their saliva?
Can humans catch dog fleas?
I have a bad sweating problem. I sweat a lot even when I'm cold, and deodorant dosn't work.. what can i do?
i feel dizzy and see spots please help!!!!? im beggin you!!!!!!!?
I was bullied badly in school?
I feel like my life's being wasted, I'm 13, And I'm so bored and depressed I just want to die? Is it normal :(
Ive handed my notice in at work & have 2 weeks left however I need to take a days holiday, can I do this?
Chest pains! I am 310 pounds and 6'1". What can be causing this?
I have been diagnosed with T2 diabetes ?
Can you ever get rid of athlete's foot?
I'm freezing 24/7 WHY?!?!?
why are there sparkly bits in my eyes?
Is it alright to wear contacts longer than the time given?
Eye infection - why do you get it and how do you get rid?
One eye sees better than the other. Can I get glasses for it?
Is it safe to wear a contact lens in one eye then wear it in the other eye the next day?
Pot smokers...This is about your eyes?
How bad is my eye site?
I can feel my heart breaking??!?
How bad is it to swallow 8 grams of tylenol a day for 5 days? I'm curios if i need to go to the ER?
I am suffering from writer's cramp for last 2 years. I cannot write with right hand. Suggest remedies.?
side effects of paracetamol overdose?
what do you think when you wake up in the morning?
Yea, well i got some some contacts and i want to no if the brand matters?
Please help me, tell me the faster way to open my 3rd eye...?
what does it mean when a girl pierces the upper part of her ear?
How do you get rid of a week-long headache?
Is it possible for a person to become addicted to pain?
i just took 600 mil of ibuprofen?
is this normal, it really hurts?
At what age can you start giving your baby eggs? I forget.?
The best way to give up smoking?
I can't look at people eye to eye ...help!?
what's the worst number you could get for your eyes in vision?
Why are my eyes so dry?
laser eye surgerey questions?
Is a good to swim with eye contacts?
i have a floater in my eye that wont go away, what should i do?
What color is my eye?
Does it seem like I could have diabetes?
how much weight will i loose if i didnt eat and just drank water for 2 weeks?
i think i'm allergic to something?
this may seem like a very strange question, but ive heard many terms for...?
The most PAINFULL moment in ure life?
my jaw seems to be clicking on the left side?
BIG NECK PAINS !!! i have severe neck pains ... please help me :(?
Have been having pain in my joints ( elbow,knee and shoulder) what do you think this might be?
My contact lenses are expired..how safe is it to wear them?
I HATE braces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do you brush and then floss or floss then brush?
I have a sore throat what do Ido to stop it?
I've "popped" a rib, got an osteo app tomorrow, is there anything I can do for the pain in the mean time?
motrin overdose??
Im 25 and dont really exercise, why do my knees hurt after sitting or upon standing?
Im going to Water Country in a couple of days and I'm thinking of wearing my contacts on the rides...?
My hands are incredibly shaky. Anyone know how to make them stop?
If countries like Canada and The Netherlands have health care for everyone, what's this country's problem?
Is there a chance if someone dies they could come back to life??
When I pee, it hurts.?
For those who suffer chronic pain: Are you able to tune out your pain?
Ive been having a weird type of "pain" on the right side of my stomach.?
After an hour at gym my heart rate was 163bpm, i'm 24 female?
Smoking: is this true???
How can I tell if my wrist is broken or sprained?
Are contact lenses usually covered by health insurance?
any reason why i'v started getting headaches on the computer?
I'am 14 and terrified of needles and soon have to go to the doctor for my 15 year old shots!?
What do you recommend for a massage oil that helps aches and pains?
How good is transitional glasses?
I'm Crazy .What should i do?
i think im depressed.?
My eyes are turning yellow! help me ?
help, I dont get it, self esteem?
How do you efficiently and safely clean the parasites and toxins out of your body?
I'm not anorexic,but is this normal?
How to brush your teeth with braces?
How can you stop red wine staining your teeth and lips?
wearing glasses for the first time?
what wrong with my knuckle?
i took two slighty small hits of marijuana on friday n tommorow is thursday and i have a drug test will it sho?
terrible chest pain!!?
AGHHH!!! I um superglued my thumb and pointer finger toghtr...HEELP how do i get them apart?!?
Splinter (or something) in my foot...removal?
Help! What is the best way to give up smoking ?
Could you guys pleasE pray for my mom?
If somebody paid you to quit smokeing for life would you do it ?
help with self confidence?
Starving myself...right or wrong?
White stuff all over and under my tonsils. Went to the Doc's and Strep came back negative. Wtf is this?
Help!!... I'm singing at a wedding next thursday and took a cold last week.?
Can I have a cold with a fever?
People who've had a broken bone(s): does upcoming rain REALLY make your bones ache?
My mom's on the floor, and she can't use her legs. HELP!?
If I take my tongue ring out will it make the swelling go down?
My ear drum popped in the pool?
I've had a terrible migraine, that has lasted almost 3 days???
I'm So Scared, I feel So Much Pain!?
Where does it hurt when your kidneys are bothering you?
i got my eyes checked Saturday, i need glasses. when will they come in?
America & Canadian Medicine . Why many Americans go to Canada ; to buy medicine ?
Where are your intestines? Are they in your stomach?
What are you allergic to ?
HELP! My eyes are so red!?
Good deodorant for someone with allergies?
Is this normal for everyone my age?
This is my 5th day of a headache, which i can not seem to get rid off..im not sure if i this is a migraine?
What is your remedy for treating a cold?
i took a depression online test,,,,,?
Ok so I need to know, whats wrong with me... Am I depressed, insane, and what do I do?
How to convince my sister she's NOT a vampire?
What happens if you soak your contact lenses in mouth wash?
ive been feeling sick for seven days?
What do I do about a cramp in my foot?
What's a patella?
really bad head ache for days, now a nose bleed?
Why is diabetes and high blood pressure tending to occur together?Is hypertension common in diabetic people?
i accidentally cut myself i need to stop the bleeding.?
what kind of sunblock do I need I a red head with very fare skin?
Any idea how to treat this???????????/?
Is it possible to get the flu twice within 2 weeks?
should I get tested for swine flu?
What are the signs of sever internal bleeding?
I need help! My daughter who is 4, contracted head lice.?
Should I go to work today?
What happens if I look at the sun directly without closing my eyes?
How long does it take to hop around the world on your tongue?
can any age get Parkinson's disease?
if a Dog has HIV, Can you get it if his saliva gets in your sores?
What song (S) describes your current mood?????
Why do people cut their selves when they're depressed?
did you ever feel like you really have no purpose of being on earth..?
Do i have asthma?
why do I get diarrhea every time i eat milk products or drink milk?
Contact lenses?
Is swine flu airbourne?
Asthma Help Please!!!!!?
What's the best way to kill a headache?
Does cutting your wrist hurt alot?
is it OK to take asprin after drinking 2 beers?
Hi, I am in extreme pain & my Dr. recently cut my pain medicine. Where can I buy oxycontin,perc,morph online?
does children's tylenol work for adults?
I get a bunged up nose but only at night time when i go to bed,does anyone else have this problem.?
If I take Zyrtec now when I haven't taken it in a while, will it clear up my allergies today?
I slept with my contacts in, my left eye KILLS.?
am i going to be blind by the time i'm 18 or 19??
Hey is it too late for me?? Can being on the computer alot make me blind!! I'm scared people!! Panicking!!!
Is There really any harm in wearing 1-day contacts for more then 1 day?
Is it possible for a teacher to go back to teaching after a fatal accident.
I'm dying, how do I cope?
How do I get rid of this empty feeling?
How deadly is swine flu to humans?
What can I do after my son accidently got the new 2010 seasonal flu shot?
which of the following is not an infectious disease?
Do i have the swine flu?
I overdosed on tylenol?
what is causing my heartburn?
Do colored contacts hurt?
If my eye prescription is -6.5 dipoters in my left eye and -7 in my right, what does that make my eye sight?
I'm reallly reeeaaallly thirsty?
helppppppppp 10 points!!?
back pain and stress. Related?
Period Pain?
STD/STI from a handjob?
do you think swine flu came from Mexico or is it racism saying that?