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which soap is the best?
Plantar wart surgery?...please help and hurry!?
what is this??!!?
I have a Bump Near ear; right near earlobe and one along the jawline where wisdom tooth was..what can it be?
does smoking have any effects on acne on the face?
can i have a breast implant even if I have psoriasis?
Please help! What's best out there to fight acne?
high cholesterol>.....................?
Hypertension and gluacoma?
I have 50% stenosis in my ostial lad is there any hope for me?
stiff pain where arm meets body?
can I have back surgery with a leaking mitral valve? Any risks?
Seizure/Stroke or Orgasm?
What is Infantitis? Is it contagious?
cirrhosis's of the liver ?
Do I have mono/strep or something more serious?
What are the effects of consuming vomit? ?
Green Diarriah twice this morning?!Salmonella?
Sore throat- Please help?
can you get a staff infection from a dog?
i've just found i have hep c?
what is the difference between infectious and non infectious infectious?
my bf has been sick for months now, well on and off, never fully recovering..wat can it be?
What is Man Flu,,does ne1 nooo ?
If hepatitis c relapses what else can be done?
i was bit by a hamster and now i feel sick?
Airborne Epidemic Question...?
Is it safe to buy a house where the previous owner had recurring meningitis?
whats that disease when?
is molloscum contagiosum dangerous for a new baby?
My campus is infested with parents. What should I do?
I think i might have mono, but im not sure if i have strep...?
I'm not sure if I could have low blood sugar?
i take humlin r 1 unit for 20 carbs. what would i take in humalog?
Is this what happens when you have low blood sugar?
If a healthy person is taking a diabetic medicine for a study is it possible for them to become a diabetic?
Help for black hole patient, female that had her leg cut off due to diabetics.?
is there any particular cause of sudden hyperglycemia?
Humalog Overdose. What to do?
Diabetic Symptoms and Eyesight?
Do I have blood sugar problems?
she just found out about the diabetes about six months ago.?
If you're a diabetic and don't know it are there certain foods you eat that can make you feel sick?
what are the physiological problems resulting from untreated diabetes?
I am a diabetic and am being sick daily.?
Low Blood sugar anxieties. I mean I'm feeling quite anxious when I go out that I would get low blood sugar!?
does anyone know a good suboxone doctor in N.E. Mississippi or N.W. Alabama?
How do THC drops work?
Are the double baloon bardex enema nozzles worth having for retention because I have an inflatable plug type?
has anyone ever tried adagio teas?
Where can I find a bowl/pipe like this?
Body improvement help?
Why is yawning contagious?
I heard that smoking marijuana causes very vivid dreams, but....?
why do my feet keep itching? And how do i make it stop?
do these symtoms sound like the flu?
Please help...Head/hot tub ?
Which is Worse anxiety disorder?
Can psych meds cause pancreatic cancer?
I don't know what to think of anything?
How do I get myself out of moderate depression?
should cutting stop u from allowing u to have a girlfriend?
I think someone's accusing me of molesting a child?
I used to cut myself a few months back..?
Cure for hypophrenia? Please answer, help is needed.?
crying in sleep over a boy?
How do I get happier/more possitive?
How to stop my anxiety?
Do i have dyslexia? or is this normal?
ocd is it possible to have ocd fears about tons of things?
wen r they comin out wid the army of two movie?
Being Positive? How has it helped you?
Does monistat really works?
does it exist and if so where?
Okay, is Herpecen L secretly for herpes?
Can someone tell me what HIV is?
Ear won't stretch any more?
I need a remedy for yellow fly bites.?
Sunburnt! HELP me!!!?
what do i do for an ant bite?
HELP! i have a bite(?) on my ear?
Help?! Red, Swollen Bug Bites!?
Why did my ankle swell up after I twisted it?
help!! my elbow is kiling me!?
knee injury meniscus tear?
Why does my foot hurt when I run?
how do you take a hickie off....?
i fell on my wrist 6 weeks ago and it still hurts?
I think i could have concussion????
Why Won't God Heal Amputees?
if you where to hit my head two weeks ago , and didn't have a concussion , could i now?
hey i have had knee pain for over 3 weeks now it (i play basketball)?
does jumping in ice water help relax your muscles?
i accidentally drank liquid skin?
I broke my knuckles, am 13years old?
Did I break my finger?
What can I do to a swollen , painful middle finger that I spained over 3 weeks ago?
how can I tell if I broke my pinky?
What should I do for this knee injury?
Is my ankle injured?
How do you know if you have a concussion?
i just got finished playing in da snow and now my pinky finger is getting swollin...what is going on?
I found square pieces of light brownish red flesh in my vomit, it was definately not food or blood, what is it?
What are the practices/procedures are implemented with mass graves?
when ever i eat a fruit my lip and throat gets itchy?
How do you stop a sneezing fit.?
my face is bumpy from allergies that didn't recently happen but?
Side effect of Vitamin D?
What are good climates if you have allergies? What locations and why?
Expired Cold&Flu Pills?
Hives/Skin Rash Problem?
how to Hypnosis someone safely?
im a vegetarian and i need to get my white blood cell count up?
When your bones crack is that bad?
Insurance Co. Told me It was Covered!!!?
How many hours of sleep do you absolutely need?
A DISGUSTING Video that will make you quit smoking!?
smelling weird things lately what could this mean?
What are the chances of HPV getting worse?
why do i have green spots appearing on my nose?
how do u get rid of strech marcks?
AHHH. help me please?
a brown spot on my lip?
what might happen if the cornea becomes inflammed and as a result more fluid collects there?
My face is nice and clear when i wash it, but gets darker during the day...why?
how do u remove scars from arm?
RAHHHH. please help me!!!!?
How do you prevent your sunburn from peeling???
what is pseudofoliculitis?
Vaginosis treatment?
A black ant bit me?
What is this desiese called????
I don't have acne. I just have breakouts, and drier skin, but not very dry. What facewash do you suggest?
dots on legs !!!?
Is it possible to completely prevent yourself from catching a cold?
where can i get a copy of my childhood shot record if the hospital i went to is now closed?
Can viral meingitis turn into bacterial meningitis?
what is herps? any idea..?
does fire kill all germs?
do i have mono maybe?
a question about hospitals?
if i have tonsillitis what are the chances that i will have to have my tonsils removed?
Do I have a cold or the flu?
Bladder Infection Medication?
lymphnode and epstein barr question?
What would happen to me if i found a cure for HIV/AIDS?
Night fevers and night terrors?
what is lymphocytes colitis?
who discovered the chickenpox vaccine?
Is it true that if A Staph Infection is not treated commonly, that it can kill you?
Possible Mono..Please Help!!?
You know Dexter from dexter's laboratory.....?
What is a normal heart rate for light activity?
if anyone uses asthalin inhaler, any chance of getting heart attack?
What are the signs or symptoms of a mini-stroke and are they noticeable?
I am gurmit my blood go down?
Is it the amount of miligrams of asprin that determine how thin the blood gets?
Serious Replies Please..............?
what dose the best eat inorder to low blood pressure?
can i use my health condition on my Social Security review?
blood pressure low to normal but pulse in over 91?? Why is that?
what should i expect if i donate a kidney, i mean as far as my body, and health?
Is root beer okay to have on an upset stomach?
which food can increase the production of melanin?
What is the largest amount of water that can be in an enema.?
Can I enroll in a LPN-RN bridge over program graduating from a technical school?
why does my 4 year old chocolate lab pace?
What is Static Encephalopathy?
Do IVs damage your veins or anything...?
What do you think is wrong with me?
Right weight for a weighted blanket?
medical marijuana card how can i get it?
If u have a gallstone, will it be ok to eat tomatoes or lettuce,or will they make u have a attack or sick ?
Will I have to take this medicine forever?
How low can a persons blood sugar go before they slip into a coma?
What do these terms really mean and when should they be used: Diabetes, Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia?
i was wondering will this affect me?
Are the concerns about diet the same or different in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes?
what happens after your immune system goes bad from diabetes?
Should people with Diabetes eat at Cici's Pizza Buffet?
What are the symptoms of dwarfism?
Dressing with an Insulin Pump ??????
I am on a low potassium diet, will that cause severe constipation?
Do diabetes type 2 people always urine often?
This may seem like a dumb question but can eating too much sugar cause diabetes?
Are these blood sugar glucose levels ok?? (question asked by someone without a clue)?
diabetic and carb question please?
Do you think i'm diabetic?
drinking and eating off of people?
what are the odds of me becoming a diabetic?
Extreem thirst and hunger all day every day?
I just started my sugar pills.?
Recipe for Diabetic Oatmeal Cream Pie?
I have a couple of days to lower my blood sugar from 250s to normal range...any tips?
Bunion?!?!? Help please!! ?
How do I get rid of Plantars Fasciitis?
What is the maximum number of oxycodone w/apap 5/325 tablets that can be taken in one day?
no feeling on top of spine?
Does Mintiva Topical Pain Relief Cream work well for TMJ?
is it possible to have..?
Can a pressure point cause shoulder pain?
The lower right of my back hurts?
What can I do for my achilles tendon pain?
Can I test my cheap sunglasses to see if they block UV?
Has anyone had personal experience with this eye problem?
Do screens really ruin your eyes and how so?
What to do about a red, burning, weeping eye?
my glasses number is (LEFT EYE) -0.50 ,-.075 AND (RIGHT EYE) 0.00 , -2.75,?
Please help... need glasses and lens right away but I need somewhere cheap?
What is this dark spot in the white of my eye?
What eye doctor accepts PA ACCESS insurance?
A odd/strange occurrence ?
optometrist stuck something in my eye?
Asthma symptoms or something else?
Is It ok for me to get bloodwork?
How long do i leave the cotton thingy on after drawing blood?
sprained ankle still hurts?
Shoulder, lower back and heart pain?
17 year old boy with severe hip pain?
How do I know if my finger is broke or fractured?
Would wearing flip flops more often help prevent veins from surfacing up from the foot?
I broke my jaw. i went to the doctor and im getting it wired shut?? what should i expect?
Asked this before but need more answers...help!?
my head's been hurting really bad for the past 2 days :( ?
I need someone to tell me what is wrong with me. I have felt dizzy on and off all day long.?
My finger is internally bleeding and my arm is numb, what do I do?
What type of injury is not likely to occur from a chemical?
Can i snowboard with stitches?
My bands playing a gig in 2 days and my left hand really hurts. What do i do?
Have you ever broke any bones??? If yes what bone?
My back hurts from a car accident and all my doctor will offer me is Vicodin 5mg.?
I have a painful cut on my left middle finger, and I have a violin competition in 5 days...what do i do?
Eye Injury, how serious?
Little Toe injury-Help needed!?
My dogs eye is outside its eye socket??????!!?
I just burned my finger like 10 minutes ago while cooking?
I'm 16 years old and two weeks ago I had this sharp pain in the left side of my chest and down my arm ever sin?
How bad are tremors and spasms? Are they indicative of a serious thing?
Can an antihistamine be used to treat a cold?
Bump on shoulder and collar bone pain? Please help!?
Can I take aleve with Cephalexin and Sulfameth/Trimethoprim?
codeine/co-codamol and weight loss?
Can Having Pinworms make you very thin?
Does Robitussin Show up on Drug tests?
I am so confused about the workings of the medicine.?
What's wrong with me? I've had pink eye for over 3 weeks now!?
How can you use Biotechnology to limit or stop the spread of disease?
what do you expect to see for a positive Tollens' test?
Does the meninngicoccal (menigitus) shot prevent the disease?
So I was diagnosed with strep throat today..?
So I have strep throat...?
I need hep now 10 points best answer?
My one year old has a fever,rash,and sores in his throat. What so you think it is?
Can the general public be vaccinated for most infections caused by germ warfare?
Mupirocin cream should I listen or no?
What should I do about my finger?
I bite my fingers all the time, i have cream but it doesnt work.. help?
How to get rid of a blood blister?
whats the bubble for on medicine?
Water bubble on hand.?
What resiratory structure is most likely swollen from the result of a bee sting?
My husband just got home and thinks he has poison ivy in his left eye, what can we do?
how do i know if my nose is broke? !?
lately I've been feeling overly paranoid, and I keep thinking I see shadows behind me. help?
what kind of doctor deals with self harm and suicide thoughts in teens?
Could this mean I'm depressed?
Is it bad to throw up because you're full?
What are mental institutes like?
FUN:DDo you belive that society holds a negative or positive view of an individual with a mental illness?
Do you belive that society holds a negative or positive view of an individual with a mental illness?
Help me decide....WWYD?
How can i help my bf now thinking he has problems with anxiety and depression.?
Nervous all the time?
Is it possible to develop a blood brain barrier disorder where drugs can't penetrate through to the brain?
is there a mental disorder terminology for being an idiot?
if a doctor tested me for a uti would they be able to tell if i have chlamydia?
does hpv go away or no?
does the pill affect your chances of fighting off HPV?
Please Help Me, I'm FREAKING OUT!?
serious HIV/AIDS question?
tom hanks what a funny guy?
something is seriouly wrong with me i mean serious?
how to rid black spots on back and legs?
Hi desperatley need answers to copd confusion and falls?
Eczema!!! problem!!!! HEEELLLLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Red hard spot where acne WAS !!!! Need help now?
my son has little red marks on his body look like bug bites?
is honey supposed to get all hard?
is this low blood sugar reading?
my bloodsugar is 102 Is this high?
what drugs can affect blood sugar?
can you live without a pancreas?
At 2:45ish had salad, some chick. strips..4:30ish at Dr. tested 125...7:00pm tested 86...Does that sound ok?
Is it true that when your in a coma...?
What can I do for my 11 year old dog who has both Diabetes and Cushings. He has been on meds since March,2009.?
Problems with fuzzy vision?
Are there specific foods humans should NOT eat when experiencing renal failure?
Could I have diabetes?
How do I prepare a calorie diabetic diet for my son?
how often can i safely take vicodin 10-660?
I am an Indian 52 yrs age diabetic since 23 years on insulin and lopid for TG and other tablets for lowering s?
diabetic fruit salad?
My mum was taken to hospital on Monday (she has type 2 diabetes) and they said she has ketoacidosis?
Do I have a high chance of getting diabetes?
Im pre diabetic and am wondering some things?
Why am i so thirsty??? It's scaring me...?
Iris turned white and losing eyesight on a Type I diabetic?
problems out of control?
Will exercising *before* a meal use the glucose in the food?
I have a white tablet with M on one side and 15 on the other.?
Does anybody know what this may be?
Which is eaaier to treat?
Body went hypothermia in a warm home?
do i have a fever???? or wahts wrong?
Why does my left leg shake?
Do I have whiplash after dancing to a song?
Why is the water pressure in my shower suddenly awful?
how to heal a cold sore over night?
How long does it take to heal a pulled muscle in your arm? and how can u heal it?
What is wrong with my ankle?
im getting my first tatoo and im a little scared what should i do to ease my mind and nerves?
ice skating with hurt pinky toe?
What's wrong with my shoulder?
Got hit in the head and knocked uncontious. Can anyone help?
My mom fell and hit her head?
If you lose an arm or a leg, how long does it take to bleed to death?
Was it really that bad?
What can I put on my bruises to make them go away fast ?
Smushed foot, badly bruised and swollen! What do I do!?
What would cause a cut not to heal right ?
what did i do to my ankle?
i just got stung in the back of the head by a wasp i took two amoxicillon what else do i do?
got hit in the head now i have a headache?
Should I go to the hospital!?!?!?
3 weeks after an ankle sprain, feels like I could walk, but my heel hurts when I step down!!!?
cut on my head? help?
what shud u do if the blood circulation stops in your foot?
How to stop eyes watering from a cold?
1st degree burn on upper palm and fingers, recovery?
Is pacific source and pacific care insurence the same company?
Middle of the night, completely numb arm?
How do you make my jaw line more sharp ALSO posture?
Are these panic attacks?
How good is Helpo Growth Formula?
High heart rate at 28 weeks?
Rapid heart beat that I can hear is this normal im 20 weeks pregnant with my first child?
How long will it take for inflamation to go down in my chest?
My chest hurts and need some advise?
What are sone artery clogging foods?
The landlord keeps swearing at me, I had a heart attack because of the swearing?
What does "patient zero" mean when AIDS is involved?
Bug bites! IDK what bug is doing it!?
Give two situations where someone might be exempted from mandated immunizations.?
what are the Phsical characteristics of the Epstein Barr Virus?
I been Sick for a while but not all the time off and on Vomiting Fever Really shaky all the time nausea.?
Can antibiotics cancel out my BC?!?
Has anyone ever used hand sanitizer down there?
My SGPT is 70. i know it is above the normal but is it too high? could it mean a serious problem?
What do you do if your child has had three sets of ear tubes and still keeps getting infections?
My family member is a 12 year old female, What vaccines do I need to get her to get super protected?
Has anyone ever done the bladder flush?
what would be your conclusion in using virgin coconut oil?
can you sniff methadone?
Is the high you get from pain killers similar to the high from weed?
Is it okay to take accutane while on sleeping pills?
Does Dimenhydrinate have the same delirium effects as Datura........................…?
panic attacks related to herbal incense, i really need advice?
Could this be brain cancer?
Where is a good place to hide 4 joints?
is it safe to take womens one a day and vitamin b?
how to remove poison of a bee sting?
What bug bite is this?
How long will it take for a glued nose cut to heal?
Can't See Ingrown Nail?
Is my eye going to be okay?
my eye is like red underneath?
twisting pupil feeling pain and tingly weird feeling in eyes scared. help me please?
My prescription is for -4.25 -4.75 lenses my eye Dr. is trying to sell me 1.67 lenses?
eyes hurt feels twisting at the pupil, sensitive to light, hurt, feels tingly and weird. scared out of my wits?
Can a computer screen cause strabismus?
I woke up today and my upper left eyelid is slightly swollen- theres a bump? Please help!?
why do i strain my eyes when i close them?
My eyes feel dry and sensitive?
stabbing eye pain help please?
Diabetes can make you look younger?
how many americans over the age of 60 die each year from diabetes?
Can i donate blood after getting a tatto ? To my family?
iam taking 60units aday can i cut it down to 30 units whout out it makeing me sick?
THYROID ISSUE: I am hyperthyroid and just started on 5 mg of Methimazole. Will I actually feel better soon?
Could I have hypoglycemia or diabetes?
Glucose screening and test?
does anyone know anything about a diet med that the dr would give by shot form?
am i underweight or just right?
what is the sugar content of fruit?
how can you get medicare?
what's the relationship of diabetes and hypertension to stroke?
how far back does a blood sugar level go when checking by blood?
I am diabetic and take my medication why i keep losing weight?
What health screenings are recommended for people with high risk Type 2 diabetes?
I have diabetes one, and I had a cortizone shot in my knee two days ago. My sugar has been running very high.?
To anyone with Diabetes Knowledge, I just did a 3 hour at home test..?
Is it possible that I actually have....?
what is the top five best things to drink after havign a kidney stone?
what symptoms would low levels of ADH cause?
How long does it take for food to affect your blood ratings?
what would I feel like with to high of blood sugar?
how to create awareness on the cause and consequences of HIV/AIDS?
can gycolic acid cure acne?
i have a dark strip across my face and it looks like i have a mustahce..........how do i get rid of it???
could there be something in your blood that would cause the underlining texture of your skin to change color?
planters wart?
What can you do for an oily complexion?
help i have bumps on belly don't know what it is?
weird bump on shoulder?
i have a dog that has scaley skin like sores and his hair is falling out?
Sunburn help?
why did my face sting?
Problems in cold water contact.?
What's wrong with me? lol?
Scar reducing methods???????
What type of lotion is good to use?
Car accident injuries!!!!!?
I really need help! I have a bruise that wont go away!?
Ear Is Killing Me...Cant Take It Anymore?
What acne medicine do i use? Beynzol Peroxide or differn?
hurt my ankle what do I do about the pain.?
did something to my back. Now i have a weird numbness in my hands and arms. any ideas what it might be?
how can i fix my protruding chin with a dent?
a breasts question?
my underarm is extremely sore ,unless i lift my arm way up.when i gently put pressure or degree an it is..?
I have a toe problem?
My ankle isn't getting better, it has been a week, what do i do?
Room spinning? It wasn't just a little dizzy spell.?
My girlfriend just under went knee surgery and stuck at home for 3 weeks What can I do to keep her spirit up?
what to do after you have a surgery and they tell u to lay in bed all day!!?
Upper thigh pains? Help?
How do I ask my mom....?
armpit problem?
For those of you who suffer from canker sores- what's the best thing you have found to relieve your pain?
Dislocated Shoulder: Should I be Concerned?
What would you do if you had a pain in your side and it won't go away? &?
For the last several njghts, I wake up with bad gas pain, extreme lower back pain, and sometimes stool. Help?
The middle of my body hurts? What is wrong?
I think I've had a piece of glass in my foot for the last 4 days? whats the worst that can happen?
How can I get a Shoulder Disloctaion/ Rotator cuff Injury to heal faster?
I have numbness on the outer edge of my foot.?
how do u break an arm !?
my elbow hurts near the joint on my left forearm,inside, when i make a fist or lift some thing. why ?
my neck hurts, and when i move it it keeps on clicking, can anyone tell me whats wrong on my neck?
i sprianded my ankle, and i wanted to know if it can heal over night ? can it?
What would help a sprained ankle???
I need some answers about being under a Pain Management Doctor. Need nurses to help me.?
I messed up my left knee playing football and im wanting to know if i should go to the doctor or not?
Stomach issuses or more?
I have black stool, nausea, stomach cramps and fatigue, whats wrong?
Doctors? Shrinking your stomach...?
What happens when super glue goes onto your skin?
how does a disability effect a persons development?
i take blood pressure meds is it safe to take yeduc?
I feel completely sick, but I'm nowhere near a fever...?
Why does my back hurt so bad?
When im away from mom and dad i get sick??????? =S?
tinnitus/fluid in ear?
Trileptal and hypothyroidism?
homeopathy for tinnitus - can somebody help me on this ?
Did I have a seizure in my sleep?
Autism and Gluten-Free Diet?
I am feverish all the time. How do I cure this?
can disability be increased>?
What types of valium is there?
Can inhaling helium dilate the pupils?
Yesterday I inhaled dust when I was reading a book by accident..?
What are some of the hazards of being an x-ray technician?? Health wise I mean?
why hypoxaemia in pneumonia?
Born at 36 weeks with fluid in lungs?
Recently ive been having shoulder problems to the point that i cant sleep on it(right side)and so ive been sle?
What could cause chest pain in a 20 year old female?
How hard must an induration be to be considered positive TB test?
i smoked meth twice today?
I have had ringing in both my ears for almost 6 years now. It is called tinitis.?
There isn't much I could do in this situation right or there is?
I keep getting the sensation that im dreaming when im clearly awake...?
Is this a mental illness!?
Do you think that internet sites fuel mental illness even thought they are trying to help coz they add stress?
Medicine for psychosis without side effects of depression?
what is tss how is it caused?
can sinusitis be fatal?
I went to the bathroom and saw a bug in the toilet.?
important question about HPV?
what is a yeast infection?
can doctors actually tell u how long u had chlamydia for?
Is this a bad sign or just mandatory?
Is there an HIV test that looks for the virus and not antigens or antibodies?
I think I might have an STD but I have been tested and nothing...?
can someone give me some STD info?
Can someone out thr PLS CLARIFY THIS Q REG HIV?
Last night I made out with a guy. His nose started bleeding and some of his blood got on my face!?
How Many Teens Contracted An STD?
children in group settings can become infected with AIDS virus (HIV) from?
When I work out I sweat more (much more) on one side of my body that the other. Is that a problem?
Volunteering for American Red Cross at registration desk; what is the process?
What are the steps i need to take to work as a Pharmacy Technician in another country?
Why have my veins suddenly become so prominent?
Are doctors specifically trained in how to have a good 'bedside' manner?
Why did my chest hurt during a light exercise?
How do you get Coxsackie Virus? Anyone heard of this?
Heart palpitations and head ache?
What is the rare drug that causes plaque on inside of arteries to break up?
Heart Reaction Question?
How can I become less aware of my heartbeat?
Chest pain & abnormal heart beat?
after the heart attack, please advise on drugs I take.?
what country has the highest blood alcohol?
White coat BP fear possible?
My heart beats hard and heart rate is always around 101. Is that normal?
could this be a blood clot (pictures)?
my blood pressure ranges while sitting from 90/70 to 112/80 is this normal?
after femoral artery leg bypass surgery, how long before you can fly?
How to prevent Cat Allergies?
Please tell me about poison Protein of peanut that makes us be allergic?
Who Should I go to for Allergy Shots?
should i be juicing with a raw food allergy?
My eyes are suddenly really itchy...?
Awful blisters on my feet?
i have a blister in my lip...?
Easiest and quickest way to remove wort's?
Anaphylaxis initial exposure question?
burnt my whole hand in bacon grease? what should i do?
If I feel like I have a little wax in my ear but it's not plugged or blocked, will ear irrigation?
I have an ingrown thumb nail?
If I hit you in the leg as hard as I could right now would there instantly be a bruise there?
My nose is swallen.How can I make the swell go away?
What's wrong with my wrist?
Any scoliosis treatment?
Can you get surgery on your nose if you are younger than 13?
Why can't I put weight on my wrist?
Baseball like injury?
the tip of my thumb has hurt like a bruise for about a month. what could be wrong with it?
Dropped a case of pop on my toe... ouch help!?
How would I know if I cut my foot off?
My eye got hit by a ball. It hurts alot, then my eye got blurry. Do i need to let it heal or visit a doctor?
Do you think that my arm is going to be put into a cast? (xrays)?
can a 16 year old give a kidney to a 39 year old?
How do i stop my cravings for sweets?
why am I so thirsty all the time?
What are good foods for diabetics?
what do you think is the 3 main cause/effect of obesity in young canadians?
58 year old Diabetic?
blood in urine m male?
am i at risk of dying?
Does diarrehia that is yellow and slimmy all time have anything to do with a bad gall bladder?
i have blood reading 7.5 is it normal?
I'm supposed to eat 150g carbohydrates a day, is that just carbs or carbs - fibre?
Diabetic Diet: Total Carb intake for the Entire Day?
best buy drug test??????????
What are the Different forms (if i got that rite) of Diabetes?
How can I convert the uric acid from mg/dl to umol/l for rabbits?
Before meals, what is the recommended blood glucose level for a diabetic patient?
I would like to get a meaningful tattoo reflecting my type 1 diabetes. Any ideas?
Is it possible to donate a foot?
do I need to go on insulin yet?
Is it better for a diabetic to have crackers or juice?
Instead of using sugar is there a healthier substitute?
If a battery is low on a glucose meter can it give a false reading?
What's Wrong With Me?Should I See a threapist or something?
how do you get rid of a stufed nose?
How do I stop taking Xanax .5 mg after takin it 3 times a day for 5 months?
Does fellowships in Gynecologic Laparoscopy or Reproductive medicine demands MRCOG clearance besides IELTS?
Looking for name of an alternative/folk band?
Tigtness and ache in chest?
my son has a bad cough and stuffed nose.should i take him to the hospital?
Is it ok if i drink kefir grains?
I have heartburn and am taking Prilosec. Past few days I have been having sour stomach, can I take Phenergran.?
how do i stop worrying?
What are the Risks of Grommet Insertion surgery ?
If you had to choose between Acid and Marijuana as a better experience, which would you pick?
natural product to get rid of headache?
How dangerous are cipla actin tablets to kidneys?
Do i absolutely HAVE to get my doctorates degree if I want to be a Veterinarian?
i just ordered an ounce of skullcap, how to use it?
What are these bumbs on my knee?
hard skin on fingers...?
when u reffer to lemon juice do u mean squezze a lemon or what??
Bug on my bed??
red spot on bottom of big toe?
rash on ankles and lower legs?
How does skin breakout?
Poison Ivy?
Would gold bond help with razor burn?
Sunburn on my shoulders??
Son gets small red bumps over his chest?
I itch randomly every day?!? am i diseased?
acne please?
Using Secret Clinical Strength overnight?
what anti-flammatory can do on acne/acne scars?
how will i know i have a infection plz have pictures?
cellulitus of the leg?
Can a horse give you tuberculosis?
On a blood test what does a high global sedimentation velocity indicate ?
diseaSES in africa...?
how do antibodies protect us from pathogens and infectious disease?
is this gynecomastia or pseudo gynecomastia?
what is a stomach ulcer?
uti treatment. why do my utis return?
Somethings wrong with my tonsils?
erodynamic test??????
Quick question about the AIDS virus?
What is military biological HIV?
can u give someone a cold sore if you dont have one?
Do you know this eye prescription?
what are some reasons why your eyes water, burn, swell and make you feel dizzy?
Does Flovent cause a cough?
Wrong sized contact lenses?
Undiagnosed sleep apnoea and driving?
Is there any problem with my heartbeat?
What's wrong with my eye?! I'm scared!?
how do you improve bloodshot eyes without eye drops?
Why do people get more long-sighted as they get older?
Pupils changing size?
Strange blurry circle around my soft contact lenses?
did pressing too hard on my eyelids cause this?
has anyone had stromal puncture done to eye? did it take? Your experiences ? Thaanks!?
i've been getting bloody noses lately and there not long like 2 or 3 minutes what could be wrong ?
I just found out my grandpa got shadow lung? what does it mean?
I have itchy and dry eyes. I use Pataday and I used visine and systane and warm compresses.?
Frequent Cold Sufferer?
echotexture of liver WITH OUT FOCAL MASS?
It feels like I need to vomit but I havent?
What is the name of this disease?
what responsibility rests upon a person who is infected with a communicable disease that is potentially fatal?
i know someone that has had an operation and keeps getting?
Bulimia ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What is it called when people hallucinate a lot? Like a diseases or something.?
I have urea levels 7.4?
After having an IV for a ct scan put in my arm, feels swollen?
do i have a fever???????
I injured my knee and I need to keep working...what can I do to make it heal faster?
Sharp shooting pains down inner thigh and My backs hurts now too?
my yorkie poo broke her foot doc says 3wks cast can come off I took cast off is that fine?
Problem with my ankle?
what would happen if i took more than two motrin pills?
i hurt my head real bad?
Just coughed really hard, having some really strange side affects.?
When you go to the hospital after an accident why do doctors cut off all your clothes.?
what is wrong with you if your right side hurt at the bottom?
PLEASE HELP ME! IM IN PAIN!? (10 points!)?
Old sprain in my left ankle, hurts from time to time.?
when you get small particles in your eye,and you rub it, its not there anymore, where does it go?
Quick fix for uper back pain?
If you hit someone with a sock full of quarters will it leave a visible bruise?
Help me please! How do I get this out of my foot?
how do you KNOW you broke a toe?
I haven't really had my dad around and i have been on the down side.?
what is it called when your scared of wrists?
What do I do when I wake up in the middle of the night and I wake up with a machete in my hand?
why do they cast a ankle sprian?
My eye hurts...please help!!?
Pencil lead in my arm, what should I do?
Why has my lip become swollen?
I got cut on my ear at the barber. Infection/ healing thoughts?
Why do I have no appetite all the time?
Anxiety! Natural Solution?
question about a friend...?
how to recover from apathy?
I think my mother needs medical treatment.?
what are Good and bad Foods for a woman diabetes?
can borderline diabetics get low blood sugar?
Where can i get a fast food list for diabetic foods?
what happens when your blood pressure is too high?
signs/symptoms of diabetics?
Confused about blood test results?
Should I see my doctor about possibly have diabetes?
What would make a healthy 22 yr old male's blood sugar to go down to 25? He ended up in ICU on a ventilator?
What's the average blood sugar level for a 10 year old?
What are my chances of being diabetic?
using melabic as a diabetes cure possibility, combined with diet and exercise, has anyone been helped by it?
is this a sign of diabetes?
hey guys tell if one person has blood grp B+ ND d other has B- ..reproduction is possible or not?
What's a safe dose range for Insulin (Navolin ge toronto)?
What is the History of the death rate of heart patients before ECGs?
My pressure has been running 142/144 over 99/90 and pulse rate 62/59 and I have been very dizzy?
Does anyone know of a child that has had heart valve replacement surgery done in minneapolis mn?
tricuspid regurgitation?
Heart Rate after Faintingdoes it go up or down?
vagus nerve/cardiac arrest?
Help Chest pains is it my lungs or my heart?
What can cause a stroke ?
Geolgist experts have a heart and answer these plz ?
where do i find a Umbilical Hernia belt that is not online?
Running a race instead of jogging alone is an example of a change in which category?
Can someone please answer a "Coffee" Related Question? How Much?
How can I make myself sleep again?
What makes glue dangerous to smell?
am i going to bed too late?
hearing things when i sleep? what does it mean?
how do i make myself throw up?
What is it like to pass-out?
Is this normal? Anyone know what's going on?
Can 5 hr energy upset your stomach?
what is the shelf life of o-t-c drugs, eg; bayer 81, motrin ?
What happens if I take too many cough drops?
Question about bulimia problem.what damage have I done Dx?
Neck hurts really bad after Acupuncture?
why does my left rist always hurt?
i was wondering why do i have flat stools???? is it IBS or?
Why Does It Feel Good To Rub Something That Hurts?
Ouch what do i do?!!!?? Burn?
Hard bumps all around neck?
Prednisolone is anabolic steroids and corticosteroids?
what are these worms called?
Can nerves in a persons body be transfered to one who needs it?
is it true we have worms and such organisims inour stomach?if its true how can we kill them?or get rid of them
what biologics common in hepatology?
Throat Swab Question?
Why is my lymph node swollen?
I have a cold and a sore throat... can i still go to the gym?
How true is that if you have cats you are in danger of have toxoplasmosis and how dangerous is that?
STDs. Which ones are only carried by men without presenting any simptoms?
Is this HPV or something more?
my friend has a cold sore and hes a kisser and can he go on?
if somebody has had syphilis, and he kisses you on neck and mouth with no or little salive exchange. ?
chapped lips or coldsore virus?
Can too much benadryl hurt me?
what can you do to reduce allergies that doesn't involve any medicine?
My nose sweats when it's cold out?
will cough syrup make my eyes red and how long will it last?
Do Air Purifiers still work O.K. if there is a venting to outside? I live in an old place?
Alergic to penicillin?
any good moisturising with sunscreen face cream for dry skin with combination skin for regular use?
i hve taken many acne treatments,it worked til sme extent,nw it leaves acne scars,i want to fade it off,tel me
I heard aloe can clear up razor burn?
Help! Adult acne?
How long would you go before seeing a doctor?
How can i get botox out of system quickly???
I have a foot problem but I do not know what it is..help??? :S?
HELP.. Little white patch on face?
has anyone used zenmed or clinique for rosacea and which one works?
can cats get poison oak or ivy?
spots with green spongey pus?
Erythema ab igne from laptop?
is it possible for your face to be immune to any cleansers? that they just make acne worse?
Why do i sweat when im not doing nothing?
do i have a pulled muscle? what's wrong?
I think I have torn a muscle, what should I do?
I Just Got My Cartilage Pierced and Was Wondering What Happens If You Bump It?
A bug flew down my throat it could have been a fly will i be ok?
can you step on a balloon for me and see if it hurts?
Toenail nearly come off, worried that another not growing properly?
Can someone explain to be how blunt force can cause someone to bleed?
if i have a torn ligament in my foot would i be able to walk or run on it without it hurting?
Is there a cure for Hashimoto's disease, which causes my hypothyroidism, or does it ever go into remission?
What do you think I have?
What percentage of people are affected by alzheimers disease?
How is inflammatory bowel disease diagnosed?
Is there anyone born with miscroscopic vision?
My TSH level is 3.79. I have many symptoms of hypothyrodis. Should I get a T4 and a T3 test ? t?
Can Inner Ear cause your head to bob?
what does it mean if you have constant pain and thumping like beats in the lower part of your stomach?
HIV Benefits, How can i know my social security credits?
medicine for overactive bladder?
which functional group of paracetamol is the cause for bitter taste?
i need a thesis for obesity research paper?
Insulin pump question...?
Did Diabetics always have high blood sugar or was it once very low blood sugar?
why is thirst a poor indicator of one's hydration?
after 25 yrs the drops me as a patient what do AI do?
What is better for a type one diabetic athlete, anaerobic or aerobic exercise?
I have a Diabetic question?
What should your triglicyride level be and how do you lower it?
where does insulin come from?
i have never check my blood sugar?
Has anyone found a cure for Juvenile Diabetes?
What do high levels of sugar in the urine indicate? My son-in-laws test came out at 100, sb less than 90.?
Diabetes sugar problem?
why not re-define diabetes mellitus is a disorder of the co-enzyme acetyl-co-A?
Can hypoglycemia effectively mimic most symptoms of type 2 diabetes?
Question bout diabetes?
Which insulin do you take first long acting or rapid acting? (if your doc prescribed you to both)?
What are the early symthoms of Diabetes in an infant?
What are some of the safest drugs to try?
What vitamins are good for diabetic person?
How can I lower my Blood Sugars?
How to make my voice sound more feminine?
Diabetic taking Ginseng pills?
How do you hang an Insulin Drip and a Heparin Drip?
What is that thing called where we put the blood during the check up of diabetes?
Could you possibly test for diabetes with a blood glucose meter?
What kind of daily vitamins should I take?
Would it be OKAY to take ADDERALL even though I have vasovagal syncope?
what pills to take now?
how can i get my ritalin perscription changed to adderall? i dont like ritalin at all!!!!! please help!!!!?
Smashed fingers and thumb. HELP!!?
I just got my first tattoo, a back piece, small but pure black. It burns to put anything on and hurts to move.?
I have bad blisters and important game on weekend?
I need help with my venom bites?
possbible broken foot or ankle?
Sea Wasp/Box Jellyfish- Feeling?
If you put Lysol on your hands, will it work the same as hand sanitizer?
Took out stitches in 7 days like told, now gaping wound...what do I do?
Ways to take Movicol?
Sleep Aids? (food, drinks..? no drugs)?
nobody has my immunization records will i have to get all the shots again to prove that i've had them all?
What can I expect when weaning off percocets?
Next question regarding why im sick!?
what happens when you take prozac?
Stretching then almost collapsing?
Whole body sore I'm tired,dizzy,sore throat, stomach pains Please more than 1 answer?
My mom passed away Dec 3rd can i cash her disability check that she gets on jan. 1st?
MRI results and questions?
i sleep day and night 3 or 2 days a week then i wind up staying awake 1 night?
Any one know this medical answer?
Since, you can get a hernia from coughing,...?
What's wrong with my tummy just through up ? ASAP I just want it to go away?
Knee cracking almost every time I bend it.....?
I asked this in another area of health but no answers. Swollen lymph node? should i get it checked?
What is the difference between a vegetative state and locked-in syndrome?
Help would be very nice !! especially if you are in the healthcare proffesion?
Is everyone open to health care and able to stay healthy?
Very Constant Dizziness?
seek health advice in relationship?
can you get an std in your mouth from kissing?
hiv question&exzema.?
what is altizm? what are some signs?
Oral Herpes Symptoms...?
if i currently have hpv and im in a relationship would it do anymore harm to me and my partner?
Disease, Virus or Something in my food saliva.?
Please tell me if it's infected?
Can a virgin person be a carrier of syphilis without showing any symptons?
How is Hepatitis B transmitted?
Scabies. Why did I get it?
What to do about continuous ear infections..?
I feel like i have the very beginning of the flu, but the back of my neck hurts!!?
Red spots, no Temperature, what can it be?
Has the flu season started already?
my doctor told me i have a virus so i should use baking soda, do i keep the baking soda in my mouth or rinse ?
i just found out my friend has mono?
how would you fill if you have a weak immune system?
i had a stomach virus ?
what can this throat problem be?
What are the most common symptoms of influenza?
post effects of mersa infection?
Is yellow fever vaccine available in Bangalore? where do I get the vaccine?
I have been diagnosed with Colitis. I will be put on an anti-inflammatory next week.?
what is meant by dementia?
Eye infection!? What is this?
I Have Step Throat, I Havnt Slept IN 3 To 4 Days, Help ?
My doctor says I'm in the recovery stage of mono, but that I don't have it anymore. Am I still contagious?
Is this a normal cold?
Why did my heart rate drop for five seconds, then shoot back to normal?
Is a change in heart beats always a symptom during a heart attack?
What to do on first interview my blood pressure feels like it is sky high?
Why does eating such small amounts of sugar bother my mitral valve prolapse?
can an eeg be done too fast causing inaccuracy?
What would happen theoretically if the atria of the heart were to contract at the same time as the ventricles?
Do you believe i could have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)? (Short??)?
I just took my blood pressure and I got 134/94 with a heart rate of 56bpm, what does this mean? I'm 24 yrs old?
Christian, ever felt your heart ache uncontrolable?
I got my my blood work back from a company called labCorp I had my cholestoal checked.i can't read the?
Black and brown specks in mucus?
Nebuliser keeps packing up?
What to do about a mold problem?
What is hypomania and hypermania?
Interstitial Lung Disease Treatment?
I feel as though I'm doing everything wrong. I'm the caregiver and really hard on myself. Help!?
What kind of mental disorder is this?
What is question for the Respiratory system?
URGENT HELP?!? related with drug abuse!?
Chest pain, Shortness of breathe and rib discomfort.?
daughter on new inhaler?
How do I convince my daughter to go back to school after having 2 severe illnesses?
What is the easiest way to determine Respiratory Alkalosis, Respiratory Acidosis, Metabolic Alkalosis, etc.?
Is it ok to mix seroquel and doxycycline?
question about a cut?
should i go to a & e?? 10 points best answer?
Rotator cuff injury.. what can I do to bounce back?
Should I go to the hospital?
I broke my leg, what do i do about the the gym?
What are ways to treat back pain?
I iced my shoulder for 20min and it went purple and bruised up? how come?
i keep waking up with cuts on my fingers. what does this mean?
I'm having severe abdominal pain and cant lift my leg leg or stand up straight.?
how do you know if you have a fractured foot?
Hyper extended finger?
how can you tell if u broke your hand?
I sprained my ankle playing basketball. Whats the easiest way to recover?
HONESTLY, if you cause an accident with someone or you accidentally hurt someone really bad, are you....?
Should I go to the hospital Due to a head injury?
Does Ibuprofen 800 or any other NSAID's take more than a day to start working?
I have a question about my ankle?
What do you call the bed you sit on in the doctors office when you get examined?
what does it mean when I have intense pain in my shoulder when I try to do a prone row with external rotation?
I got hit by a puck do i just ice it?
Scared about surgery?
I have chicken pox, i want to take my bath, can i use Cetaphil for soap?
a product to help you get healthy beautiful skin?
Today I got a shot in my left arm and it is sore with a big bump and immediately bruised. Is this okay?
what is the cause of itchy legs and tingling toes?
i have some brown dots on both of my hands and i was wondering if anyone knows what they are?
i have sun poising on my arm it stings it feels lke people r poking neetles in my arm and really sour.?
what was the name of the 80-0's acne treatment (I dont think itis on the market anymore) it was a white cream
Can scars open up?
Wart, mole or what?
Hi! i've been waking up every morning for the past 2 months with crusty eyes and whiteish yellowish some what?
where do bed bugs come from and can i get rid of them?
Will my vitilgo spread?
glutathione users please answer?
what are the importance of cutiing your fingernails?
Itchy skin, no rash?
I have some old scars and I was thinking of using scar guard?
Is pain to be expected in Diabetic Retinnopathy?
Does Lens Crafters check to see if you need glasses?
Someone give me details about laser eye surgery!?
What's wrong with my eye?
Putting contact lens in...?
My Eye is irritating and it's really annoying?
Strained eyes and told I was slightly long-sighted. Do I need glasses?
Can marijuana cause central serous retinopathy?
childhood dog allergy?
Why does my throat itch when I sneeze?
help on my red eye? (only one)?
I am wondering if I can become lactose intolerant later in life. I am 53 and have never been a milk drinker..?
Mold on strawberries?
what is the best home remedy to use if your allergic to dogs?
What is the thing to do for sinuses or allergies?
Question about going gluten free?
allergic reaction to bactrim! should I go to the ER?
What alternatives are there to adenoid surgery?
What is thyroid storm?
In type 1 & 2 diabetes which one is more prevalent? Which one is diagnosed early in life? Late in life?
my blood sugar was 5.9 before a meal and 11.7 after is this normal?
Stopped eating... Now I Get dizzy when i eat.. Help!?
Need help with True/False Drinking Questions!?
my mother inlaw is taking Lovastatin and Niaspan at night she ate a cream filled doughtnut and broke out in hi?
What kind of genetic liver disease can cause the same symptoms as shaken baby syndrom?
what type of blood can a person with type "o" receive?
Blood Sugar 150/100 and Sugar 300?
I feel exhausted now that I have the common cold?
If you've had CCSVI treatment, how do you feel?
Does diabetes makes you urinate a lot even if you don't have a lot to urinate? Also do you urinate clear water?
I feel dizzy and nauseous after I eat. Help!!!!!!!D:?
why are my glucose reading lower after I eat than before I eat?
Why is my vision blurry?
currently on gestational diabetes diet and confused!?
I'm thirteen and 5 feet...?
what are the fibre rich foods will be useful for a diabetic patient?
if my husband and i has both B type blood, what type of blood will our child have?
How can I get rid of diabetes-associated nausea?
Is folic acid same as iron?
Can taking synthroid be for something else other than hypothyroid?
I am 75 years old and have type 2 diabetes. What should my upper limit be? I have been told 105 and 125. Thank?
does insulin resistance cause anything, whatsoever to form on your neck?
I heard you lose about half the calories when purging, but don't the calories already get absorbed once eaten?
Diabetes Type 2 Emergency?
i have high blood sugar levels, dr wouldn't tell me how high but kept referring to diabetes how do i check?
waht is the prognosis of gestational diabetes mellitus>?
I think I may have diabetes?
Are artificial sweeteners bad for you if your diabetic?
Could this be diabetes?
Why the HDL of Blood get decreased? Is it a seriuos case?
Is there a list of possibly survivable but dangerous artery injuries?
how often can you eat shirataki noodles?
what exactly is eustachian tube dysfunction.?
when im sick it feels like im floating?
The seaside sun makes me stronger?
Strange Bug Bite On Index Finger, What Can It Be?
What does it mean when water in the ear burns?
How do you treat a slight cold? What do you do to make it go away as soonas possible?
When I try to blow my nose I feel popping in my ear.?
How Long Does It Take For A Rug-Burn To Heal!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Daughter broke her foot -help?
Can you get an std from a public taning bed?
If you had coldsores before but you dont have a one when you kiss someone will they still get a coldsore ?
Can I get herpes simplex virus from saliva to saliva contact?
confused about clhamydia!?
Am I able to go for an STD test?
if you have the warts virus can it come out when pregnant?
Chances of getting infected?
is this a positive test?
HIV QUESTION, help please?
help help help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do i have strep throat?
Appendicitis issue...What's next?
how often do people die from tuberculosis nowadays?
can you get a cold sore from....?
Is it possible to recover/get rid of a cold in 2 days? if so how?