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Morgellons? Please help.?
How To Care For A Cold?
anyone got kidneystones?
Is It Possibly An Enlarged Spleen? Help!?
My Rat Has A Scab That Has Gotten Worse and Worse over the past month - Any Tips?
How do you distinguish between a spider bite and mosquito bite?
Insect bite anyone know?
How long did it take for your belly bar to heal?
After I heard a sharp sound, my left ear What to do ?
is there any way to stop a blister right when u feel it coming on?
My fingernail is messed up?
Did I take too much vitamin e?
I am a male, my partner been diagnosed with PID, how should I personnaly address this issue?
Betadine Douche for Bacterial Vaginosis?
Audrey... well i dont think ur emial is working i sent you something but it said that i was unable to send an?
Whats wrong with my mom?
Should i see a doctor about it?
Hickie in my (t...i...t...s)?
I got my belly pierced a week ago. the top whole is really red and its painful is it a sign of infection?
i dislocated my elbow should i wear a brace?
What did I do to my left arm?
HEAD IN A PLASTIC BAG... why is that bad?
Could it br Fractured?
Do I have a concussion?
How can I give myself a bloody nose?
i need a brusie on my left check bone?
I just crushed my foot with a 45 lbs olympic sized plate?
my shoulder keeps popping out?
Whats wrong with my toe?
My husband recently lost part of his thumb in a bike accident and had to have surgery. We can't afford his?
stubbed my toe, please help.?
how to care for sprain?
what do it mean to throw salt over both shoulder?
Emergency . please help got a bad wound!?
my lip is really swollen!!! how embarrasing!?
i think i broke my arm, but im not sure, and i don't have the money to go to the hospital?
Does anyone have this symptom? I have 20/20 vision last time I checked... she said my eyes could focus a bit?
what should my babys eye color turn out to be if me and my girlfriend both have light brown eyes?
Query regarding interocular lens?
Small bump on my eye, i cant see it but when i can feel it if i rub my eyelid?
One quick involuntary eye movement (shake?) when I look to the left or right?...?
Sharp Eye pain in right eye?
Uncomfortable bloated feeling in lower stomach?
i'm 60 years old, disable and need health and hospital insurance in USA but cant get medicaid what can i do?
Why do so many people (also men) suffer from iron deficiency?
What sort of illnesses do people (children) have when they're in intensive care?
Can someone explain this to me im eligible for medicare and im on disability at age 23?
Blood in mucus when blown out?
Looking for a doctor in Jefferson City, MO that prescribes phentermine?
Donate plasma, but breastfeeding?
If you were forced to cut off your finger...?
Questions about Reye's Syndrome?
Do i go to the doctor for a bleeding benign lump?
could her past affect her now?
Possible issues with the following symptoms?
Aspurgus syndrome question?
Are depression and obesity related in any way? Why?
When? And how often? Should i get tested?
Does anyone know about Cushingoid symptoms that started after starting a benzodiazepine?
What causes gastrointestinal symptoms with urinary disorders?
can sleeping a lot (over 45 hours) cause you to forget things?
How to care for affected area after cryotherapy?
What could be the reason for this?
umm i just tried trimming my pubes?.. and it really itches, any suggestions?
dermatitis in baby living with cat?
Is there any way to keep bed bugs from traveling with me?
a tiny spot on bottom lip?
What foods are good for my skin?
i have this bruises on my face from acne what can i do to remove it?
There are white dots on my forehead & they're pretty dry, probably from sunburn, but how do i get rid of them?
3yr keeps breaking out in a rash?
When I itch I get little pink spots?
Acne free rescently but left with small brown spots. HELP!?
is tea tree oil as cure for seborrheic dermatitis available in the philippines?
I have funny looking spots on my forearm. They have been there for ages. and i cant wear short sleeves! help??
Is the Tunny Hunney cream really prevent and get rid of stretch marks?
my lab has dry skin we thought it was fleas but it isnt. what can we do? he itches and drives him and us crazy
How do I stop biting my cold sores?
after being treated for shingles,i have little bumps where the shingles were, what can i do about them?
I bruised my knee cap- healing suggestions?
How long will it take for me to adjust to adderall?
Is this a bug bite?
How do I releive stress?
I have some herbs i.e. galanga which I want to make into capsules.?
Is it safe to take pepto bismol and imodium at the same time?
Can a detoxifier for the whole body clear a vitreous hemorrhage?
can i get an ear infection and won't ears don't hurt?
how to pop staff infections?
O.K. What is the story on milk thistle as it relates to alcahol and the liver? ?
how does someone get thrush in their mouth?
Whats the best way to get rid of headlice???
Always have sore throats and white spots on tonsils...?
hurts when I twist the earrings?
i feel a tingling sensation in my left knee when i bend it.?
when i drive i cant drive for more than 5minutes without my legs shaking what is wrong with me?
Can diabetics have surgery? Will the scars heal?
Which Fruit Juice is Better for Pre- Diabetic?
what is the reason?please help by any physician. my mom has diabetes since last year she has a problem that?
is a jacuzzi harmful for a diabetic?
If your pre-diabetic how long will it take until you become a diabetic?
why ketogenesis do not occur in type 2 diabetes mellitus?
what does a spike in white blood cells mean?
Dizziness/ Light-headedness?
Are ketones during early stages of pregnancy dangerous (Type 1 Diabetic)?
How do foods high in fat/sugar/sodium cause heart disease, diabetes, etc?
Help! Think i need to see a doctor?
I have been very thirsty lately.. What are all of the possibilities this could be a symptom of?
Diabetic question help please! Thank you!?
Can someone give and any ideas to what is wrong with me?
Is this a prediabetic condition or hypoglycemia?
why do they indicate that most items are sugar free when they are not?
can prediabetes be cured?
I'm a 14 year old recently diagnosed with diabetes type 1.?
What would be a good attention getter for an imformative speech on diabetes?
the pancreas is located close to the...?
Help Finding A Diabetic Friendly Cake?
Is it possible to be tested for mono VIA a blood test and it not show up, but show on a saliva swab?
Filipino bar girl question / HIV / AIDS?
can you get it this way? (20 characters)?
the envelope had a red stain could it give me HIV?
Why do I have chest pains with my heart murmur?
how do u take orthostatic BP?
ablation of avnrt explained? (Atrioventricular Nodal Reentry Tachycardia)?
Worried about blood pressure?
Is it really just Arrhythmia?
What is 1 typ of heart diseases?
Does drinking red bull help Bradycardia?
what should i do about this tick bite?
How can you safely unplug your ears?
Is Adrenaline safe in this situation?
My pulse is around 90 resting im 6ft 2in around 17st but it feeks like my heart is racing should i be concered?
i feel a blister coming in!!?
What does it mean when you have an odd, watery orange liquid oozing out of a cut or scratch?
daughter possibly broke/sprained her..? help?
can an ingrown hair go away by plucking it??? please help?
Could what appears to be a blood blister on my cheek actually be a spider bite?
Please help..Do i need therapy..?
If my depression/anxiety is a chemical imbalance, can it be cured?
I WANT TO DIE!!!! :(?
Obsessing about consciousness, it freaks me out, what can I do?
I feel like people stole my body?
How would you react if you found out that your girlfriend was cutting?
Is taking Prozac for Pristiq withdrawal the best solution?
How do I know if my therapist is any good?
Borderline personality disorder?
Want to self harm even though I feel back to my normal selfISH? ?
What is the most effective way to deal with anxiety and depression naturally?
Can clinical depression ever develop into psychosis?
is it okay if i just leave it at this?
My daughter accidentally kicked her little brother on the nose. What do I do?
The hospital is giving my 15teen year old morphine ?
My braces cut my mouth, what could i use or do to make it heal faster?
can u break a wrist and not feel anything and barley looks different?
I was playing tug-o-war with my dog and my shoulder popped. whats wrong?
do i have a sprained ankle? please look at details?
my finger hurts so bad & is swollen, what could it be?
what do i do my earing sank in my ear to deep?
Why is ankle is warm?
How to make swelling go down?
How to prevent scars?
Would this be safe??
Did I break or sprain my left foot?
Can my boyfriend qualify for being handicapped?
should i go to the doctor?
what is gonna happen if someone takes 50 advils?
Chances to survive with multiple rifle wounds from close range?
I broke my pinky about two months ago and it still hasnt healed, I can't afford to go to the doctor.?
What Do I Do If I Want To Cut Myself? (Please Help!!)?
If you sprain your ankle, do they give you a cast of some sort?
Does Xanax cause seizures?
How do you know you are anorexic/ have an eating disorder?
why can a bone that has been soaked for several hours in acid be tied in a knot?
Tender spots on head, dull constant headache pain?
Does this sound like I have myiasis? Links are provided if you don't know what it is!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
does anyone know what i might be sick with?
I was walking by and a lady told me my cell phone was hurting her, does anyone know the name for this?
I have this weird lump on my left tonsil?
Easy ways to fall asleep easily at night?
what could be happening to me?
Why do Cis Fats have a short shelf life?
I'm currently taking Ibilex 500, is it okay to drink alcohol?
my subdermals are red and swollen?
Do people usually Survive Critical Condition?
How do I straighten out knocked knees?
how long after having the hpv shot do i have to wait before giving blood?
What does ELISA & WB looks like in HIV TESTING?
help with my carrier?
how long does it take to feel better?
please help me doctor people im freaking out?
Is there a way to keep my allergies from acting up?
Have a question abouut stds ?
how do you tell the difference between herpes and normal mouth ulcers?
Am I sick or is it just allergies?
can sitting in a hot tub make my gental herpes worse? what are somethings i can use on it? I am in lots ofpain?
What if you eat too much of a food you're allergic to?
my allergies making m chest hurt?
allergic reaction..? can i still wear makeup?
Could I be allergic to alcohol?
why am i itchy? Help!?
i have watery red eyes...?
how to get better from a cold ?
do you have to have mono to get mono?
what would be the best product to sanitize a home that had an merca infected person living in?
can a person be diagnose with dengue fever twice?
what do you mean by cholera?
How dangerous is Hepatitis A infections?
Does anybody know what is happening in your body when you have strep throat?
How long does the common cold usually last?
Can i get aids like this?
Songs that send chills down your spine?
boyfriends right eye has been runny for days has to keep wiping it what could be the cause?
DO I have the Flu or Cold?
coming down with cold?
Would a hospital lie to a patient?
Sinus and Ear Infection?
i am migraien patient. how can i relief with this disese?
strep throat contamination?
deadly or not?!?!?
Cure for Zits?
Ok, i pierced my ears a lot and i got these little bubbles on the back, really small, know any home remedies?
Weird bump near finger...What is it?
Poison Ivy Help?
I have red splotches on the backs of both of my calves,spidery,just under the skin. What could it be?
Ok so I developed this rash on my neck I went to the doctor....?
Raised red Spots! Help!?
What's wrong with my skin?
Rashes... Please Help!!!?
Blood sugar results question?
Can someone sell their blood or just their plasma? or both?
how can one contract diabetes?
does anyone out there have chronic direaha that has been told that it is "diabetic gut".?
why is glucose normally absent in fasting urine?
If you didn't eat for a 3 days as a diabetic.?
Is the pain of diabetic neuropathy so common that it is not classified as a disability.?
I work 5 hours aday am l supposed to have a break?
can you drink water before a blood test for diabetes?
where i can buy noninvasive glucometer and which one is better? whats news on the market?
Could I have diabetes?
If someone is moving his arms is he still in a diabetic coma?
Do I have diabetes? PLEASE HELP ME ):?
How accurate are the Blood Glucose meters?
Why do you get hyper off of sugar?
is chemo an option for someone with a bad heart and diabetes?
Diabetic and going on a plane...?
Are all blood sugar meters this inaccurate?
Am i diabetic as the symptoms seem to point that way so people tell me?
Could this be a warning sign of Diabetes?
What is diabetes??????????????????
Diabetes, and Fasting?
What is renal function ?
how long does it take for a knee to stop hurting?
Abnormally clumsy adult?
What are some drugs with NO recognized off-label uses?
Is it possible to inhale too much tea tree oil?
Been Feeling tired help?
What have i done to my head?
How can I make my nose quit running?
I have random bruises on both my hips. They will randomly appear every so often. What could be the cause?
Do you think my Foot could be broken?
Best way to HEAL upper back / neck strain PAIN?? PLEASE HELP!!?
Somebody please help me!!!!!!!! Broken arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do u get paid for losing a toe at work?
Is menthol smoking worse than regular cigarette smoking?
Can you die from being punched in the nose?
My dad is getting surgery tomarrow, really worried. Any reassuring advice?
I have a question about an injury.?
i was injured on the job and had miner serjury can i sue and how much can i sue for?
What is the best endotracheal tube shape to use and what evidence is there to support it?
Urge to cut!! please help!!?
Can you answer some questions about really weird side effects from my pain pills.?
Blood pressure problem?
What could this be? Im very scared. Help please?
My 4 month old has somehow cut his ear just inside the lobe. What should I do.?
Any suggestions for a son coming home from work with a pulled muscle in his back?
What's wrong with my sleep patterns?
nursing diagnosis for dysphagia?
I chopped the mole with scissors now blood is coming out!!?
I'm going on isotretinoin(acutane) soon and I was wondering what interactions it has with other drugs?
I've been dizzy for about 2 months now...?
I have a broke toe,,Help?
I am 14 and tryed crack ??
How can I get insect-bite-swelling to go down?
blistering sunburn on my face please help!?
How to Cure an Insect Bite?
scar .how do i get this cut off my face ?
My bandage is stuck to the cut ?
Ear problem i really need some help!?
Is lecithin 1200mg good for weight management?
Are dandelion root supplements good for clearing a vitreous hemorrhage?
help me please i am getting strep throat!?
Why do I constantly have to clear my throat after I get done talking alot or laughing?
Wich tea consist most l-theanine?
Any retail stores that sell puritans pride, swanson, or vitacost vitamins?
when a heart beat is over 100 beats per min, can that mean high blood pressure?
Heart burn or heart pain?
irregular heart beat?
Why feet are swelling after angioplasty ?
is it possible to have a mild heart attack when your only 18?
Woke up with bad heart/chest pains?
what am i to expect after infant heart surgery?
Renal kidney diseaes ,when you have water gain advice on removeing the waTER GAIN?
what does ambien do to your brain?
Why do people smoke marijuana?
How do drug and alcohol affect your emotional health?
Will I pass my hair drug test?
is there any difference between the man and woman's diets?
can there be any positive effects of drinking urine??? Have you heard any beliefs of whatever?
Is incontinence inevitable as you get old, and if so, at what age does it tend to kick in?
What are the consequences of a massive overdose of chlorpromazine and alcohol?
inflamatory arthritis?
Does a vibrating foot bath make RLS worse?
Lower Back Pain/Aching?
I have a black dot on the bottom of my eye?
Pink eye or hair dye .. ?
Do I have a broken blood vessel in my eye?
somethins is stuck in my throat what is it?
Shooting pain from shoulder to arm?
Contact Lenses Help Me?
i just went to a dinner party and my throat is sore?
different eye colours?
Which do you prefer: Rohto Ice, Rohto Arctic, or Opcon A?
honey contacts?? please help!!!!!?
Problem with eye please help?
Cold/Chilly feeling in throat. What is it?
Why doesn't the goverment try vaccines for disease we haven't found the cure even if they are deadly?
What happens if you don't drink enough fluids?
Is addiction considered a disease in countries other than the United States?
Once in a while Ill hear this sound in my ears? head?
I have had constant itchy eyes. And my eyes have been watery. Any clue?
What Is The Best Treament For Graves Disease?
how much tv should i watch a day to not damage my vision and keep it good please be serious.?
lactose intolerent or rap?
something wrong w/ my lips!!?
flagyl, bv, and pid.?
Do I have a STD? Or just scaring myself?
once you have had gonorrhea and its been treated can it come back even if you have been with some one that don?
Would taking 3,700mg of seroquel cause uto get stomach pumped or activated charcoal?
Is taking 3,700mg of seroquel bad?
I can't control my mood, that's why I think of terrible hocd thoughts. How do i cure this?
What are some ways to vent stress(without medication)?
help fear of losing teeth?
Treatment facility for teens?
first time seeing my father help?
how can i become comfortable with my body and self?
Bf with bipolar has stopped talking to me?
Addiction documentary's similar to.. ?
Is it weird that i'm 18 and already having a mid-life crisis?
is it okay to go down the road to a church and swing and listen to music to relax your mind?
How to cope with bullies?
what are some airobic viruses out there. ?
I'm looking for names of infections/diseases?
Under cooked meat... Chances of getting sick?
Undercooked meat...chances of getting sick?
is it dangerous for pregnant mother get infected by chicken pox?
what does vaccine mean?
Doxycycline vs Chloroquine?
Possible symptoms of mono?
i have problem in remembering hepatitis b antigens/antibodies and their significance .need some mnemonics?
Penicillin mechanism of action ? easy points....?
if you cannot take alcohol with anti-biotics. how do alcoholis get rid of their infections?
Can I still get an eye infection?
Help I feel sick like 95% of the time!?
readtion about probiotic use to prevent childhood illnesses..?
anti-biotic dosage problem?
Possible rabies contact?
how can i prevent germs?
Question about a recurrent UTI!?
Getting your tonsils removed?
Could I have Diabetes?
For People Who Have Ever Tried Stevia (Sugar Replacement)?
Estimated time for a cure for type one (juvinial) diabetes?
i took my blood sugar 2 hours after dinner?
can trauma to the body trigger diabetes?
If I am anemic and I eat ice does that make it worse?
What's wrong with me?
does drinking anything that has ginger in it cause a high blood reading?
3 Diabetes Questions About MicroAneurysms, Normoglycemia, and Insulin Pump?
Aprx. How many mg of Methadone will I be on?
can i still get medicare, am 19?
anxiety or low blood sugar??!?
can drinking alcohol cause a kidney infection?
for a prediabetic/diabetic....when waking up in the morning....how long can they go without eating....?
What would be the cause of low blood pressure with someone who had Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus?
do you think i have diabetes?
can you get aids from human insulin?
any one tried byetta?
if a body produces to much insulin can that cause belly fat?
i have diebetic, my bottom of my foots get hot. what could cause it ?
gestational diabetes during pregnancy?
why is my grampa hurting so much?
Diabetes during pregnancy?
if your blood sugar is normally ok can not eating all day an having a couple drinks cause it to drop to low?
why have i been feeling so ill and why has it lasted so long?
left side of my ankle on my right leg not hurt but still swollen?
Did a bug bite me while i was asleep?
Are there first aid courses without touching?
What is best for a wrist sprain?
Can lips get swollen from cherry Carmex?
How old do you have to be to receive a EMT/First Responder License in Illinois?
how do you know if you need to go to the doctor over a spider bite?
why is north Africa least infected with AIDS?
i have been to the docters for a swab about a smelly distcharge.results are clear but the smell has not gone?
I want to work in clinical trials to help find cure for Aids.?
herpies need help now ?
Is this okay Medical Professional wise?
What medical background does a n Occupational Therapist have?
What is a sports hernia?
Can I get my doctor to give me something for flying?
Wierd thing with my ear?
I have a deep ache at the back of my knee-what can it be?
Is suicide by helium really painless?
i need help! what is wrong with me?
will I need surgery for this?
Gauged my ears from 6 to 4 in two weeks, was fine the first day but after i went to sleep the second night?
Do any of you have any ideas on how I can sleep with my mouth open that's not outrageous?
confused about bunion surgery?
Are Volt heated/electric slippers any good?
How do you know how severe your Pectus Excavatum is?
Can one punch thyself in the head hard enough to cause death?
What is my body shape?
albuterol inhaler used as drug/inhalant?
In the People's Pharmacy in today's Buffalo News it said you can use pie cherries to relieve RLS pain. What ar?
Where can i find Trojan Fire and Ice 3Pack in san jose ?
Is size of hands and feet genetic?
what is the weird'st thing that have ever happen to you while on any drug?
bad mood swings after i stopped taking paxil?
I have an eating disorder...Does this sound like gastritis?
Should I be going to class if I have jaundice and don't know why?
What are several reasons we don't vaccinate against all diseases?
Poor circulation? Cold hands?
Adderall Do's and Don'ts. Anyone prescribed please help!!!!?
Cold ALL THE TIME! Help ME!?
I can feel a line from my hairline to my eyebrow could it get worse and what causes it ??
My sister??????
extremely dry/rough skin around my mouth. help!?
My feet sweat all the time causing itching and peeling skin in chunkc. What can I do?
okay my skin has been peeling off for the past 5 days it has scabs and bleeds sometimes, what is it?
I have a weird bump on my lower back, on top of my spine?
Is Dr.Bhatras skin treatment package reliable for psoriasis? Is it effective?
Areas where chicken pox were are really red?
wats the reason for blackheads?nd hw to avoid it?home remedy pls...i hav it all over my face..?
I have white spots on my face! Cure?
Is this normal if you have been on accutane for 3 weeks?
What's the best treatment for fever blisters?
red spots, blemishes and bumps on chest?
How does someone get diagnosed with heart disease?
Not enough oxygen during a stress test?
Can a 16 y/o have a heart attack? Did I?
i have dcm does anyone else the question "why me?" is it karma, just bad luck or is god teaching me a lesson?
Can very strong black tea anyhow harm cardiovascular system?
Will my angina show on my Medical exam?
how do i break/fracture my arm?
should i apply a hot pack to my swollen ankle?
am I going too be ok?
should i go to the hospital? or am i just worrying?
Can I sue the city for a broken sidewalk if it made my son fall off his skateboard and get majorly hurt?
I fell down skiing and I think can see my bone what do i do!?
what's the worst pain you've ever experienced?
I fell earlier and now i cant walk on my ankle. help?
What will happen if I cut off my arm circulation overnight?
My son had an accident a couple of years ago.?
Ideas on how to scratch my knee while wearing..?
What could be wrong with my wrist?
i have a hairline fracture in my little finger what sould i do to make it heal faster?
i'm 25 never use to have headaches maybe once a year for the past week ive had several long headaches for days?
Sprained Ankle x-ray?
My right knee hurts....?
Are you more likely to die if shot in the chest than in the leg?
Ankle? Should I be worried?
I broke my wrist and two days after they put the cast on my thumb as gone numb and still is?
i have a broken arm, if i don't go to the hospital, would it heal by itself?
Is it safe to take Chasteberry with Metformin?
Ankle Injury *10 POINTS!*?
What are the health benefits of the herb Cat's Claw?
Why do I bruise so easily and they last so long?
i got loss of magic with ecstasy will i roll this time?
What is the importance of muscle nerve preparations in the screening of drugs affecting the ANS ?
Is threelac.. or fivelac any good? I heard some bad and good... not sure what to believe?
what are the side effects for anadrol?
Question about moles...?
Any information about sickle cell disease? ?
What are the symptoms of........?
Can u mention type of human virus, animal virus, plant virus?
kidney infection or uti ?
how likely is HIV transmission from deep kissing?
fever blister flare ups with use of birth control?
What kind of inhalation anesthetic may have been administered?
what are the symptoms of strep throat?
A few years ago there was a flu vaccine shortage. By what % did incidence of the flu increase that year?
how do you know if you have a cist? and how do you get rid of it? ?
can i have hepatitis c?
have u ever had ur appendix taken out ?
E.coli Poisoning if Vegetables have alot of ecoli on them but I cook them on the stove or conventional oven?
My child has typhus fever for the last 2 weeks.what is the remedy and how long it will take?
Bug bites! IDK what bug is doing it!?
Very bad sore throat. Whats the best thing for it? I do have the Flu, temp. broke in 1 day.?
Help! I have a huge fear of throwing up and I was just around someone with a stomach virus?
Help ! What is the cure for Pink-eye ?
Blood in stool and Diarrhea?
can i catch mono from my ?
what is grade 1 stage 1 in hep c?
i over dosed a few days ago help?
Circle lenses hurting my eyes?
Contacts question???? ?
Could I get away with wearing colored contact lens with BC 8.4 instead of 8.2?
My bottom eyelid on my left eye has been twitching all day?
what types of insulin makes you gain weight?
HOW does the pancrease know?
Has anyone ever had blood sugar levels all over the place while pregnant?
what do you mean by kidney?
high protien food can increase adiabetics blood glucose level?
ingrown toe nail removal....?
Can I use Accu Chek at the age of 16(male) ?
how can I get blood glucose levels down in the morning?
Borderline gestational diabetes?
Question about blood sugar readings?
What is the body's normal responce to high levels of glucose?
I read that the drug Metformin stinks, is this true?
whats healthy to drink for diabetics?
Im a diabetic how do i lose weight cuze the insulin i take makes me gain weight and i dont know how to lose it?
why should ourgovernment not able to handle medicare?
If I am an insulin user, do I need to continue with diabetic-type oral medications?
My husband was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.?
how would i know that my blood is needed to donate?
I think I have Diabetes...?
Can diabetes be cured using our baby's stem cells?
No diabetes but sometimes super hungry and sweat breaks out?
Depression is getting the best of me?!?!?
my freind just started zoloft and throws up every time. why?
Depersonalisation disorder?
I need some help, please?
Zoloft - problems with intimacy?
Why people who have amnesia don't forget to talk and read ?
what does marijuana do to the mind?
Where can I go in Utah for mental health help?
I forget words in sentences when I write?
I have schizophrenia. It's a lifelong disease. And it's not worth it. I want to die.?
i got some dots in my mouth.. they dont hurt or nothing but could it possible that its an std?
Questions on herpes??
how long does it take for an std to make u sterile?
how likely is it aids with scratches?
whats is aids and HIV virus?
when is the hpv incubation period?
i had discharges before that smells bad and i take antibiotic and thought its gone but didnt n now blood out.?
How Will Gonorrhea Reoccur?
Pain in neck and shoulders?
I have a question about hydrocodone?
Pain Bumps, What are they?
Pain and feeling dripping i'n back my neck?
im 20 and been taking pain meds but they are not working?
what does PAIN on my BLADDER indicate?
im having some PAIN on my BLADDER...?
Can you leave a band aid on a cut if it's bleeding a lot...?
Road Rash and Gauze motorcycle accident?
help with a health problem?
garlic question-how long?
Where can I find good information about BPA?
ear infection or something else?
Im a 16 year old boy and my height is 5'3"...do i have any hope of reaching 6'?
is there a recall on the Actos drug?
I have regular panick attacks?
Allergic to shrimp/prawn - Recommend me?
Can hamsters catch kennel cough?
Good thing to use for nasal decongestion in the AM?
Delayed allergic reaction?
Allergic to many antibotics-- what are my options now?
Debaiting on going back to the doctor hives returning?
What type of doctor do I see for this medical problem and what can it be?
Is this a form of eating disorder or weight disorder?
Will my doctor know I'm bulimic?
why is my left hand shaking?
Should She be Worried? (medical)?
Lump on my sacro illiac joint? Doctors, please?
Has anyone heard of stiff person syndrome,and if so I have it and need to find a Doctor that knows about it?
Two questions about electroencephalograms and their specifics?
Where to buy Colonix in the Philippines?
What's a good health insurance plan for a pre-exisitng condition?
Please help, I've woken up with a swollen top eyelid.?
Can you make your nose touch your knee?
What's this bump on my wrist?
what's wrong with my foot? help pleasee?
If i cut myself and go to a doctor....?
is it dangerious to take vicodin if its about 5-7 months expired?
Is my ankle sprained or fractured?
should i still go to practice?
i got my cast wet Help?
my chest 'cracks' when i expand my chest , like when you crack your back and its started hurting. what is wron?
how to treat a pulled muscle in my back?
My Pinky Toe is BLUE !!!HELP!!!?
What's wrong with my toe?
I got my ear pierced almost 4 weeks ago, will it close up if i take it out for baseball practice?
Please help!! I broke my toe last night, can I walk on it?
Is it normal for my armpits to feel like i pulled a muscle after using crutches? (answer ASAP please)?
How much force would it take to snap your brainstem?
My son fell and hit the back of his head a few months ago. A knot formed their and has never really went away.?
i have a pinched nerve in my lower back, what can i do?
i popped random pill and now i feel kinda out of it?
how can i cover up wrist cuts!!!?
What should my friend do? (he has a slight cut on his face)?
why is it that i wash my face everyday and i still have medicine for my acne but i still breakout.what do i do
is corn bad for puppies? can corn causes the skin to fall or rash?
Is it safe to apply BENZOYL PEROXIDE to get rid of dark red chicken pox scar?
Someone Please I Need Your Help?
do i have an std?
Would you like to share an AIDS/HIV statistic?
Can you please help me...?
How long can the HIV virus survive outside of...?
what is a yeast infection?
how do i first culture mixed bacteria on a swab?
how was AIDS originated?
What does herpes look?
My dad is in ICU and is on ventilator and dialysis for last 16 days?
i have low blood pressure, and smoke ciggarettes.. if i quit?
Could it be diabetes?
Would the consumption of sugar packets yield glucose results in a urine analysis?
Untreated Diabetes in relation to someone who is intoxicated?
should I be worried about diabetes?
question about diabetes?
What is type 1 diabetes?
can you break your toe by dropping a rock on it?
Does glucophage help prediabetes?
i have type 2 diabetes , the side effects i am referring to are lightheaded? and severe headache's D. 5 yrs?
If I made a diabetic cake, would it be okay for people with diabetes to have normal slice of cake?
can mac cheese and beans give diabeties?
what happens id i take insulin regular 30 units instead of 10 when my blood sugar was 323?
Do I have diabetes? Help?
Is 390 level dangerous 4 hrs after eating?
My bf omnipod has been ripped off. What to do?
Does sugar burn your throat? Does anyone know why?
Chocolate Diabetic Desert Recipes?
Can a simple blood test determine if you have diabetes?
What does the endocrine system do?
can sugar alcohol cause you to have a fake positive on a breathalyzer?
what is the difference between myopathy (diabetic) and gout?
Does diabetes do anyting to your metabolism?
what is the difference between white and black headlice knits? ?
the ebola virus...Is itn for real?
has anyone died from taking doxycycline?
is this hiv or could it be? help ?
What is the life expectancy for someone who has recently been diagnosed with tuberculosis?
is it ok to have a urinalisis/urine test if you have flu?
Appendix bursted for 3 hours?
what is the update treatment of pnuemonia?
Why do I keep getting the flu?
how to anesthetize a finger?
does whey protein have HDL or LDL cholesterol?
How does a Heart Transplant work?
blood pressure 149 over 117 age 24 should I get to the ER?
why no one answer my question my heart breek?
decision to do ablation?
Weird feeling in chest and shortness of breath at night?
my boyfriend recently started having heart problems?
To what existent are irregular heart beats okay?
Can heart failure be reversed if I starts to exercise eat properly & take good care of myself?
Possible cardiac/airway issue?
Are there any natural remedies for learning difficulties?
Benefits of tea? (as a staple, a remedy, etc.)?
does virility ex work?
Where can I get these in Karachi, Pakistan?
How do I get my normal sleep schedule back?
What would happen if i consumed a lot of OTC drugs with alcohol?
What do kidney stones feel like? What are the symptoms? Thanks.?
i feel like i cant take in a deep enough breath?
I am REALLY scared of shots!!!!?
what exactly is orthostatic hypotension and can you die from it ????
why do i go dizzy and everything goes black when i stand up?
Should I take a shower everyday?
How come my head is spinning?
Can anemia be fatal?????????
I'm nauseous everytime I eat! What can I take to help this?
i just hurt my knee and i was wondering do the doctors take pee tests if you hurt your knee?
is my rib broken or bruised or what?
My knee cracks everytime i bend it?
I think I've done something to my head! HELP!?
Can I Play my b-ball game on my slightly swollen sprained ankle. i feel no pain in it.?
What happens if you don't stretch?
Is my ankle broken???????????????/?
Possible rib injury? i need help asap.?
What to do with a jammed index finger?
What's wrong with my toe?
HELP! I can't figure out if i need to go to the doctor or not.. awful knee pain?
Hey, can anyone help?
Hit my head on the car door....?
What is the best way to inflict injury on someone without leaving a mark?
what does it mean when a doctor presses on your shin and it leaves a dent for a moment?
I'm in need of help, I have a cold sore and a canker sore and I would love them gone fast!!?
How do I help my ankle weakness?
blood test does it...?
Feeling vulnerable and angry all the time and hating my family?
What do I do in this Situation? (High School Problems)?
Should i tell my manager i might have adult ADD?
Im so stressed out and don't know why!?
Please read my story?????? 10 points for the best answer?
How to feel happy again?
Why do people forget what they are just about to do?
Angry at my psycotherapist?
Stimulants and ADHD ?
Can severe depression cause a person to be unresponsive?
What are 3 positive behaviors of emotional health?
what are some good songs to listen to when im confused about my relationship with my boyfriend?
Do I have a form of depression?
How can I stop screaming/yelling/talking in my sleep? /:?
Why don't I feel like doing anything anymore?
what is a good home remidy for bad cheek redness on the face?
I went to a tanning slaon and now have this thing that looks like a burn, and it's not healing any advice ?
Do i have a itch diease?
what do you do for psoriasis that works for you?
I had stitches..what will it look like when it heals? Right now it is a red line.?
acne scarring?? help!?
No fur in inside corner of dog's eye?
Just wondering, is there a way to get your skin lighter?
worried about an itchy patch of skin?
I get in troble at scholl for lauhging and i have a.d.d. but i take vyvesse and i cant top laguing i class?
Benzoyl Peroxide Concentrations?
Keloids for over a year?
Kidney stones question(s)?
Has he taken too much zinc?
Question about WHEAT GLUTEN...?
suddenly lactose intolerance becomes worse?
I think I'm allergic to citrus trees. Is that possible? I sneeze & get a runny nose about fifteen yards away?
Why whenever I go form a cold place to a warm place my nose immediately starts running?
OW! I think i have broken my thumb, but i'm not to sure. HELP?
Can a vertebra really be "out of alignment" and what does that mean anyways?
Herniated disc at L5 and S1 (extrusion)?
how can I strengthen my knees?
Recovery length for arthroscopic shoulder surgery?
does ky pain clinics prescribe oxycodone 30?
being outside few hours in sun -working/etc. later/next day, I'm seeing doubles, why?
I feel as though I am looking through a fuzzing TV - what is wrong?
What type of color deficiency does it sound like I have?
how do eye glasses help us see better?
What is my eyesight in terms of 20/20 vision if I have contacts with the perscription of -2.0?
Please help!!! I would prefer an optometrist's answer please.?
contact lens help? circle lenses, please helppppp.?
brown circle around pupil?
maybe cancer maybe not help?
what causes diabetes?
what does it mean when i have to urinate every5 minutes?
my wife is a type 1 diabetic and now we want to have children, what is the likelihood that they will diabetes?
can the blood bregnancy test be wrong?
my grandpa has diabetes and could i have it?
Is mebendazole safe if you have hypoglycaemia?
Paranoid about having diabetes..plz help?
Regarding the LONG-ACTING INSULIN (in particular, LANTUS SOLOSTAR), are they less likely to cause extreme dips?
Blood sugar slightly low, wont go back up?
can anyone help me with the operational definition in regards to obesity? My son needs help for school?
I keep getting really thirsty!?!?
Do i have problems with my sugar levels?
diabetes symptoms possibly?
Is Metformin sustained release tablet better than Metformin hydrochloride for type 2 diabetes patients?
diabetic and trying to gain weight?
what r symptoms of diabetes?
pre-diabetes testing?
I thought it was a bee sting but could it be lime disease?
Just got rook pierced, bump behind ear, help?
Do I have teen diabetes?
how do i make poison ivy stop itchingggg?
once the swelling stops can i change the tongue ring ?
Could it still be diabetes?
info on carbohydrates?
diabetes concerns of worries?
Blister: popped, bleed, red raw skin, painful, swolllen, and wait now its numb and tingly?
Ingrown Toenail Help Please!?
Weird noise in my ear when I turn my head?
Bite on my leg that is very painful. Please help!?
cut my foot up pretty good, best way to cure?
can u stab in a taper in your ear?
I've just had a real bad cold (Still a little snuffly) & broken capilleries have appeared under my nose..?
am i going to get sick?
is my tongue infected?
protection against pathogens? ?
MRSA/ Staph infection?
if a person had hep c and their viral count has been 0 for years can they spread HepC ?
phlebotomy how can i get my certificate?
is kissing good for sinus infections?
if someone coughs on you, can you get the stomach flu, if they have it?
what is the address of iu medical college?
Can red blood cells from a bladder infection affect a pregnancy test?
what is a bacteria called H. Pylori?
What does Low WBC count, High Lymphocyte Count and low neutrophil and absolute neutrophil count mean?
is my finger broken/fractured?
how long will it take to heal?
i think ive broke my little finger, its all swollen and sore, how can i be sure without going to the doctors?
Can you move your ears?
Should I Go To The Doctor?
How do you know if you hurt a group of muscles or your spine from back pain types?
Is it possible to get a cast..?
Why is my thumb swollen?
how can i tell if my hand is broken?
should I see my doctor? Do you think my eyes are damaged? please help.?
Why is my toe not healing?
I think I tore my meniscus?
Why is my shoulder hurting when i tense my muscle in my arm this is happening in both my arms HELP!!!?
Is there any treatment for the eye being red after a black eye?
my eye is is really swollen, what should i do?
My knee hurts :(?
How to heal a swollen ankle?
HELP! What if my doctor sees the cuts on my wrists?
Can I play basketball with a pulled leg muscle?
Woke up and can't move leg? Doesn't look to good.....?
how do you know if you are getting a cold sore?
which 2 statements contracted each other?
my girlfriend had a papsmear and it came back abnormal so they said she had to go to a specialist.?
hiv question rash important?
How can I stop going up to the WC so many times at night?
why do i bite my lip all the time?
Chlamydia? STD.. Need Help on Final Report?
Passive smoking and TMJ?
How Would U Know If U Have STD?
I had an STD, i took the medication and it still burns when i pee, does this mean the medication did not work?
stem cell for usher's syndrome?
Recent heart pains, what could it be?
is fish oil good for heart arrithymias?
How can i prevent stress?
Is this heart rate normal.....?
What to do if you have low blood?
Does Warfarin lower hematocrit?
can smoking weed increase risks of bloodclots?
what does a clot pole look like?
is taking whey protein bad for heart patients?
Is my pulse safe.........?
Doctor Got mad bc I didn't take adderall today (supposed to be 5th day on it)? It makes my heart hurt.?
Got my blood pressure checked ... help?
If you have a Gluten Intolerance, what are your symptoms?
Do you have a duodenal ulcer?
What can you tell by looking at the human's eyes? (Medically)?
is my thyroid number bad?
acid reflux or something else?
What is causing my hair to break off and how to I stop it?
What is a scalp vein medical procedure?
What is the probability that I'm going deaf? And if so how can I stop it from happening?
What illness makes you see and hear things that are not real?
does A.S. pain ever stop progressing?
How to shrink uterus fibroids without surgical operation?
Alright. Someone tell me, DOES MARIJUANA CAUSE CANCER?
will you go out with me?
Are there any cough syrups or medicines that only have DXM in them?
how much aspirin can you take before over dosing?
Will Kenalog 40 injectons iterfierre with my birth control?
What Vitamins/Minerals/Herbal Supplements Help Fight Memory Loss?
where is the nearest cure aid practitioner in florida?
Valerian root decoction?
skin problem?
how to get rid of hairs on face tell me herbal treatment?
My palms turned orange the day after my mystic tan? Help! What can I do?
what could this be?
My nose is red no matter where i am or when, help?
What clears your face from ace the fastest and keeps it that way?
i need zit help?
are any warts harm full?
is there any food tat can prevent psoriasis from flaring up or can improve d condition of psoriasis?
Help with red itchy bumps all over my body? PLEASE HELP?!?
what is the best acne solution?
Foot in cast?
shaving head??
bump in my lower eyelid...?
Bumps on my back?
what is wrong with my tongue?
I got punched in the face and...?
I have tendinitis in my left knee. Should I use ice or heat to heal?
i just got hit in the lip how do i make the swelling go down before tomorrow?
my girl hit me in the back of the head and now its 4 days later and it is still throbbing inside my head every?
Is it true that sprained ankles heal faster with a plaster cast?
How can i heal my cuts fast?
wound on cats face, yellow substance oozing out?
Anyone Know What Will Happen If Someone Took 48 Ibuprofen Tablets & 45 Nurofen Tablets (16Tabs = 200mg)?
Can you fracture your shins?
Can hip fractures be fatal for the elderly?
Any advice on removing stitches yourself?
My head hurts really bad?
Should i go to the hospital ?
Will ballet help with my foot,, knee, and ankle problems?
i smashed my thumb with the car door, nail is blue!?
Do you think my Doctor will put me on Crutches?
What should you do after you hit your head?
How can i get my mom to take my to the doctors?
Is it normal to see patience go into a chiropractors hunched over and walk out the same?
fibromyaliga questions?
Do i have "Sleep Paralysis"? i really need to know :(?
Are there any specific foods that are better to take a multivitamin with?
help with cold weather?
My lips are so chapped they are bleeding?
Why do American doctors rely more on medicating people than actually HELPING them?
Weird Twitch might be a problem?
Hole in between lung cage?
so i missed my last period and yet to get my next one. prego?
cheap health insurance?
Is it harmful to u if u stretch out your arms for a long time> like 30 mins to an hour.?
Do I have insomnia, or was it just a bad night?
please help, what do you think this is?
How do I remove cactus thorns from my tongue?
Any tips on how to relieve Pink-Eye?
How long before I can take off the bandage?
i got white spots under my foreskin i dont know what it is?
Is my lip infected? please help?
i have two tiny little blisters on ?
i havent had a cycle since october and that was only for one day and i've took pergnacy tests and a blood ?
how can one get infected with gonorrhea and what are the medications?
planned parenthood costs?
possibly have mono ? ?
what is cirrhosis of the liver?
Can Hydrocephalus be detected before birth?
Can I blame stress on the amount of activities I'm in?
am i showing signs of depression?
What helps you with your depression?
I have a really bad memory, any ideas on how I can improve it?
What can too much stress cause?
Am I turning Bulimic ?
Sister talking to people that aren't there?
Am I suffering from depression?
Do you think people with a mental illness are considered odd weird or strange?! ?
I don't feel emotions?
Why do I want to cut when nothings wrong?
Name something that only has one known medication for treatment?
Question about Attention Deficit Disorder?
Why do i feel so depressed all of a sudden?
Pre-diabetic or diabetic or something else?
i take humlin r 1 unit for 20 carbs. what would i take in humalog?
Do alcoholic food increases blood sugar abnormally? Can inhouse cycling / walking reduce blood sugar leve?
If i am developing type 1 diabetes, how obvious are the symptoms?
Is 167 too high for blood sugar after eating a meal?
If someone has 15% liver function left, what fruits do they avoid?
Why did my glucose tolerance test show both high and low results?
Thyroid levels please help?
Might I have diabetes?
why am i so hungry and thirsty?
I eat a lot and pee a lot?
what is the treatment if a patients sugar level is lower in the morning and increases drastically in the night?
how many carbohydrates does a type 2 diabetic need ?
if someone has undiagnosed diabetes...?
My doctor wants me to have a glucose test but I never had gestational diabetes. Why is this necessary?
A while back, Paul Harvey(on the radio) gave an ad for mouthwash that was good for diabetics, non-alcohol.?
what does it mean to have 103/78 blood preasure?
If a healthy person is taking a diabetic medicine for a study is it possible for them to become a diabetic?
do i have a high risk of diabetes?
Will restarting my thyroid medicine help my alopecia?
is it bad to support your body on your elbow when you're laying on your side?
How much DXM should i have to get a good trip?
Can your Tricare reserve select bill be taking out of your mouthly drill pay?
Please HELP!!!! This has been going on for a while and I'm scared!!?
I have not been sleeping well lately?
How to make my life more productive?
Miralax for Colonscopy Prep?
is sulfamethoxazole-tmp prescribed for sinus infection?
Are generic brands the same as Claritan? They cost less?
im allergic to this...what is it in and what exacly is it?
Natural sinus allergy treatments?
do i have milk or lactose allergy?
37 year old gets nose bleed?
Weird Allergy to cats? =/?
Evelyn haag, why don't you get out of my life??!?
does the electric chair hurt?
I had a series of severe muscle cramps, help?
headache, stomach ache, back pains, nose bleeds, vomiting ?
Colored Contacts that have Weak Prescription?
I have dislocated lenses without marfans, when can i get MY eyes back?
Should i take accutane?
Question about using Clear Care Lens Solution???? Help please?
where can i order eyeglasses online? the Sama Deco 3 frames to be exact?
Sister is having eye trouble please help!?
When should i wear my glasses?
Why were diseases endemic not epidemic among Old World populations?
I feel down my stairs and now i cant get up what do i do?
i played basketball for 4 hours at the gym yesterday, there is a pain in my calf if i walk or run, whats wrong?
How to make any red liquid that would stick out through a bandage?
hurt my knee, will i be able to play volleyball on saturday?
my finger is swolen...?
lump on leg????????.................?
how can you get stds? can you get it even if both partners dont have any stds?
Kidney failure.. feeling?
How do I get someone checked into rehab?
What are some syptoms of an STD?
Pain in stomach can be due to gastric problem?
How old do you have to be and how do they do STD tests?
Hemorrhoid bleeding no pain?
Big question about mono.?
Fevers, chills, body aches, fatigue, etc.?
What are vascular and tension" headaches"?
Do i have a Case? Erb's Palsy?
Cluster Headaches- Urgent Information Needed Please?
my eyes are swollen?
Tea Tree Question?
what is the best way nutritionally, to get rid of small warts on fingers (think I got from my gym?
cure oily skin?
For the last 3-4 months i have sore cuts on my palm line on my hands. its red and sore any advice??
I have a wort on my finger, it's over where a cut from a scare used to be?
How and why does itching occur?
can u get a infection from masterbation?
What is this spider?