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I have a bump on the left side of my jaw?
Head problems aneurysm?
Neurofibromatosis?????? I have a headache at my top of my head! SUFFERS AND DOCTORS ONLY!?
Help me with my nerves?
Knee hurts when it's touched?
Help! My ear is clogged and i cannot hear anything.?
I have a pain in the top right side of my back when i swallow , what could be causing this?
Why is my nose always bleeding?
What are the risks of using a nose spray too much?
Odd side effects of Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride?
How do you get rid of bad allergies?
My eyes are quite red .What can it be?
With hypoglycemia what is significant blood drop level?
Does this sound like it could be an oncoming illness?
Why does any dose of Vitamin D3 over 1000 IU make me constipated?
zoloft withdawrs or not?
Why is marijuana considered "alternative medicine"?
What aromatherapy products are safe for use in a hot tub?
Quick Questionnnnnnnnnnnnn?
Is dxm doing this i throwup everytime i smoke now?
some people prefer to be on meds?
How do Chiropractors interact with other healthcare professions, especially Physical Therapists?
am i in danger of Mercury poisoning?
My dog just ate mold help!?
Should I go the hospital, my stitches came out and now it's just an open wound?
how can u tell if an injury is infected or needs stiches?
I am 46 I cannot walk fast and cannot sit fast what I can I do?
Fell today, smashed my ribs bad, they feel better but my heart feels squeezed and strained Should I be worried?
Hit my head when i fell to the floor bump on head freaked out!!?
if i fractured my pinky should i keep playing?
is it ok to cut yourself?
HELP!!!!!! I REALLY NEED IT!!! I need help ASAP!!! Easy earning points!!! I NEED HELP!!!! HELP HELPHELP?
Is My Arm Broken..........[PLEASE ANSWER ASAP]?
please help my little boy hurt his wrist he is 2 yrs old please?
can a broken tailbone cause any major problems?
I broke my knee and i cant afford a docter?? HELPPP?
I have sliced a flap of skin into my finger tip. Will it heal?
Using crutches on stairs Which leg do you lead with?
I dropped a heavy guitar on my foot...heat or ice?
Help! My sister just fainted!!!?
A red-ish bump on the corner of my eye..?
Knee pain!!!!!!! Help me please!!!!!!!?
After a bicycling injury, I see red (blood?) when I pee in the next 2 days. are they related? should I worry?
what i can do with a broken arm?
PLEASE HELP! 10 PTS. i have knee injury?
Do i need to worry?Is it being very pessimistic?
getting tested for hiv wat to do...?
What's the difference between gastric bypass surgery & lapband?
How do I know when I'm not contagious anymore?
how many times will I need to have a pilionidal cyst removal surgery?
how do you get rid of panic attacks?
Corneal Refractive Therapy?
Can halo/angel contacts ruin your eyes/vision?
Diabetic snack after breakfest?
why do a person need to take 5000 vitamin d?
How would a hypoglycemia person develop diabetes?
Does anybody know a good diuretic?
Am I losing it or is this normal?
Is low potasium dangerous?
Is a reading of 60-70 normal for blood sugar level? I crave sugar, I get shaky, sweaty, and irritable.?
another question ( there will be many to follow)?
what does high sugar pressure means?
I am a 54 yr. old female, I have numerous medical problems, diabetes which I am on 2 types of insulin?
Can an anemic person be possibe to diabetes?
Do I have diabetes? Help me please.?
I think I might have diabetes?
when does Insulin God Bad?
Diabetes Question...?
I have type 2 diabeties and want to know if I can eat 2 or 3 bananas a day?
All Beef Baloney for diabetic?
I'm worried that i might have diabetes because it runs in my family should i worry?
Diabetic at the Age of 36?
what can i do if my head is killing me and my sugar is high?
rising blood sugar levels in 3yr old?
Is an insulin level of 41 normal? impared fasting glucose?
i need help on dizziness?
I can't stand this anymore.?
Can i admit myself into hospital?
I'm not too sure what my problem is...?
I think someone at my job might be a pedophile. What should I do?
can birth control cause depression?
Please help, do I have schizophrenia?
Can this be what's causing me so much confusion and also, believe it or not, depression? Please read?
do i have anxiety/panic problems?
am i normal or do i have an anxiety disorder?
I'm actually scared of living with my mom and I'm scared for my brother...help??!?
Did something bite me?
wound wash for contact solution?
bee sting PLEASE HELP!!?
Why is the hydrogen peroxide bubbling up UNDER my skin?
i swallowed a small piece of plastic off the top of a bottle, what should i do?
What is the best Jellyfish Sting Treatment?
SPIDER BITE? please help!?
Poison Ivy HELP?? Swelling on underneath the eye?
What could this be on my son's foot?
how much does the human heart weigh?
Ciprofloxacin. heart pains. worried.?
Help! How do you get rid of tape marks on your body from a Holter test?
how long can chewing tobacco be traced in your blood?
What is the name of that new drug on the news today that increases hdl over 100%?
blood pressure would be increased by...?
what are causes for pulse deficits?
Blood clots in the leg????? what do they look/feel like???????
Interview!!! Cardiovascular ???
how quick does it take to notice sun stroke?
Rash on my inner leg?
Possible skin allergy?
help, brown patches on my skin.?
do you think that regular glycerin soap.. no scent.. is the best for acne?
how to lighten my flat keloid scars?
what would ya prefer tan or white skin color?
I have extremely dry hands?
how do i get rid of my scars ?
what causes fingernails to curl downward?
Skin rash...?
Do most people with face acne have it other places to?
I see little dots?
my skin is breaking out , i have really dry skin on my cheeks and im breakin out on my chin i need a quick fix
Recently U.of Boston came up with a new treatment for Autism.May I have some info on it?Thank you.?
okay i got mono like a week ago. how long will it be before i can kiss someone agian ahah a?
is this normal.... protein trace, pus cells 4-6/hpf and epithelial cells 1-2/hpf?
Morphine sulfate 15 mg?
Does anyone have any experience with arachnoid cyst on the brain?
I think an earing back that was caught inside my lobe caused some metal toxicity.?
what is the problem with my knee? NEED HELP IMEDIATLY!?
How long does it take to contract a Stomach Virus from the time of exposure?
Why do I feel so sick :( please help ?
having a problem with comfort they may be a mental or physical problem?
How long should THC stay in my body, given my situation?
Having problem sleepings at night for two weeks now anyone help?
Can septoplasty affect the look of your nose?
What it called the "Anti-cigarette body stickers" that helps people to quit smoking?
having breathing trouble?
Today i was sick and needed a little rest. I slept maybe an hour waking up looking around.?
I found a hole in my bag of sourpatch kids?
How badly will it affect my health if i smoke 1 cigarette a day?
Why does my voice crack so much?
How much do nurses make in Fresno, CA?
what is a good way to fall asleep?
how long does it take for a hairline fracture in the foot to heal?
How many times you suppose to use it a day?
Has anyone ever ACCIDENTLY got high?
Frequent urination, and tingly numbmess feeling?
eyebrow dandraft?!?!?!?
what's a good facewash for acne/rosacea?
i have swollen lymph nodes all of the time? im 14, but its usually in my cheeks, or under my chin?
what is the std thatmen carrie but cant get they pass the std to women?
Help, how do I know if I have a virus?
follow-up question to one asked before ?
What is a planned parenthood exam like?
how long does it take for an std to spread?
Where do STD's come from?
Herpes... need help!!?
Do Herpes appear only in clusters or?
Herpes and rejection?
Why wont this bruise go away?
Help with Knee Injury?
I fell into a nail, and it went threw my hand. What can i do??? or should i do?
Do you think its broken?
Will I die?????????? IMPORTANT?
My phone fell in a toilet five days ago but im scared to turn it on it was in for about a minut. will it work?
Good excuses to parents about getting shot by a BB gun ?
My wrist is killing me!?
blood under the toe nail...for over a month?
how do football players heal from injury so fast?
I broke my nose and what should I do?
i cant throw up and really want to. I know its bad-but please tell me how u do it?
i hit my head... now i'm vomiting?
3 yr old with fever and left side pain?! Really worried?
I pulled a muscle in my arm lifting weights what should i do about it?
can i drive a car with a broken collar bone?
Ingrown toenail, doctor won't help me(UK)?
I have been shot in the shoulder and cant feel the right half of my body, is something wrong?
please answer! my ring is stuck?
I cut my wrist , how do I know if I need to go to the hospital?
Does popping your knuckles make your knuckels bigger.?
i have a broken arm, any ways to heal it?
I landed on the outside of my ankle, heard it crack, and now it hurts too much to put pressure on it walking.?
Mixing diphenhydramine with tryptophan and melatonin? Still can't sleep?!?!?
Is it possible to get an allergic reaction from this?
Does skeletal muscle have intercalated disks?
I think my boyfriend is using heroin.?
Got Conjunctivitis Or (Sore Eyes)..Need Natural Cure ASAP ?
How scientific is mainstream medicine?
blood sugar is 153. im 17 and i feel really dizzy. >_<?
do i have diabetes because i think i do?
Why do they use aspartame?
Do i have diabetes? Or pre Diabetes?
how do I measure 3 tenths of a cc on a 3ml syringe?
Diabetes is a consequence of ineffective production or use of?
anything to help diabetic neurooathy of the foot?
i am anemic how can i not be?
Average monthly costs for Juvenile Diabetes?
Does sugar help our system if not, how does is affect us?
How to lose weight if your diabetic?
do i have type 1 diabetes?
Do you have to have the same blood type to donate a kidney to a loved one?
If you are a professional football player, how many units of insulin would you take if you were a diabetic?
Taking a blood test for diabetes?
Why is this happening to me?
does anyone know about type 1 diabetes?
Diabetic? Hypogylcemia?
I recently have been told by my doctor i have diabetes, can my parent request homebound schooling for me?
which one is considered very bad between type 1 and type 2 in diabetic?
today i ate ... could you tell me if this is this OK?
insulin injection - sterile syringe?
red blood vessels all over face and eyes?
I have a mosquito/ant bite in my bellybutton?
how long does i take for sunburn to heal?
Can Poison Oak and Poison Ivy get to you through long sleeves and pants? My son insists on wearing heavy?
Can you realy get high off of poison ivy?
huge burn on finger? ):?
Which bug sting and bug bite hurts the most?
How do you get rid of a scratch in two days?
Pesticide - Was I Careful Enough?
I have what looks like a bug bite on my leg....is this what is making me feel nauseous?
Im 15 years old and have bad ADHD. I have trouble focusing, and sleeping!?
When I eat too much (binge) or more than my stomach is used to I burp an awful fowl smell that somewhat...?
how long will a hemorrhoid last without treatment?
Is this a medical problem?
What is the problem with my fingers?
I have 2 small red bumps on my back. Both itch excessively and without relief.?
is keloid the same as a wart?
What kind of rash do I have?
What's the solution for heightened light sensitivity?
Help, I think I have lymes disease?
Greenish-bluish birth mark/spot?
What is the most natural way to heal eczema. Does any one know about kenalog cream and does it work good?
Weird Face?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
Back acne question?
Freaking Out....still contagious?!?
can a biotechnologist research about virus?
do i have lice or fleas???
Can anyone give me tips on how to handle an ear infection?
Can I donate blood if I have a fever blister?
HOW DO you get ans urinary tract infection
Are human fleas bites contagious
Is throat clearing germ spreading?
how can you tell some one your sick
Do i have an ear infection?
Does Abzyme really have the potential to become a vaccine for AIDS?
if u have 1 germ and it fills a
what is the suitable food when having fever?
What is salmonella ?
how can we protect us from harmful diseases?
I am 38 yrs old, for the past 3 days I have had this 102.7 fever followed by sweats and chills is this flu?
How can you tell when your scratchy throat is healing?
I have a friend who has a fever, dehydration, and fever blisters in his
what type of bug is this
is it normal to feel cold and hot then cold
How do you clean human poo off your doormat ?
Cancer patients with rhabdomyosarcoma are treated. What are the effects of the treatments?
Which is the better treatment for my colon adenoma problem, thank you.?
HIV/AIDS Fat-Tissue Loss Incubation?
Does Chris Brown have aids?
website sale drug(pill) for high?
Question about the STD panel?
Herpes or Angular Chelitis?
What really is herpes?
Jarrad Vass - I think i'm blind...?
f a patient has pulmonary hypertension and congestive heart failure all at the same time, which one is .......?
can i still take glucosamine sulphate tablets now i`m on atenolol beta blockers?
Can someone help? Crazy heart rates?!?
I was on the treadmill & then i feel a big thump in my chest, then my heart started beating a lot.what do i do?
What is good as stroke remedies?
Does Omega 3 1000mg fish oil capsules increase my blood pressure?
Is it possible for a 10 year old to have a heart attack?
which two places does the heart distribute blood to???
If my pulse has been abnormally high for a week now, should I see a doctor?
Implantable loop recorder?
I Just turned 25 and i am worried about a heart attack?
how many breaths should be delivered after establishing an open airway and before checking for signs of bleedi?
Which immunizations would a non-invasive cardiovascular technologist need?
ive had a ache for 3 days n nothing is working.?
My back has been hurting bad for a few days. I'm 15. ?
is it possible for your head to swell when you have a headache?
do you think this is TMJ?
What should I do with my knee/what's wrong with it?
My mom thinks ill have seizures after i blacked out and my back hurts?
what can i do if the baby is kicking my sciatic nerve?
How bad would 20amps hurt?
How to quit vicodin or hydrocodone?
I think I pulled my leg muscle?? Please help I'm not sure why I'm getting this pain!?
Is copper good for arthritis or cramps?
A broom stick fell on my dad's head and he keeps vomiting?!?
If a toe nail rips off, does it grow back again?
What is an easy way to break a bone?
I swallowed a lit cigarette today on accident?
Sprained ankle? How long before walking?
when you get cut and you blood clots up is that bad?
Head Injury?? Please Help!?
Concussion From Wake Boarding?
how do you make swelling go down?
I have a sliver in my foot and it hurts and it won't come out?
What kind of wrist injury is this?
Help! I cut the top of my finger off!!!?
Have you ever been hit on the nose?
How can i get my broken toe to stop hurting? Please Answer!!?
if ive had my ankle wrapped for 3 days and its not swollen anymore but it still hurts could it be sprained?
hamster bit my finger please help?
When it is cold my legs turn a purple blue color?
Do I really have scoliosis?
What can I do if my heels are hurting me?
Would I be able to continue playing tennis if my ankle was fractured???????????
Please help! Bad experience with marijuana?
How much would a punching bag cost? (£)?
Is My Boyfriend Taking Drugs??!! HELP!!!?
will pesticide kill an adult if accidentally digested?
cheapest health insurance for Californians?
I have this fluttering throbbing sensation in my stomach?
Im 14 and just got caught with a pipe and a container that used to have weed in it. Any advice would help?
Sudden Blurry Vision?
pleasepleaseplease help me!!! doctors?
Why have I been feeling queasy?
What is the best blood group to have to be an AirForce pilot?
Cylinderical eyesight?
what's the difference between being uncomfortable?
Typical cold or something else?
Does blood work hurt?
umm i just tried trimming my pubes?.. and it really itches, any suggestions?
Corlan pellets wont dissolve?
Tired light headed like I'm in a dream?
I have a question about my Mother's health?
Do you guys know what this is?
Can the doc redo an eye exam w/o charge?
Has anyone had to have Avistan injections in there eye?
why do some figure skating spins cause me to see stars?
highly recommended Optometrist?
i have a large painful lump in the corner of my eye. I went to the urgent care and they said it was a stye.?
does a pediatric oncologist require the use of personal belongings?
How does PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) affect you emotionally? ?
find the person who discovered AIDS.?
i had itchy spots inside my private parts 3 years ago?
can u get chlamydia from a bacteria infection?
if you have candidiasis, is it possible that you can get a visa to work abroad?
abnormal pap smear/ 2 colposcopies, 2 different results?
Can you help me with the topic on AIDS?
for swollen neck lymph nodes do you use warm or cool compresses to reduce swelling?
I overdosed on iron! please help me!?
what would happen if you popped the white sack on a tick?
How to get rid of sun-burn? Please help got really bad sun-burn very pain full!!! HELP!?
Help with my sunburn? Aloe Vera Gel?
How can I treat this rash?
Spider bite that keeps peeling?
Is my daughter a diabetic?
if you know anything about diabetes. please look into my question.?
what should your a1c numbers be if you are a diabetic?
Borderline Diabetic Question?
juvenile diabetes help plz!!!?
how much insulin would kill a non diabetic?
i am 13 yo female showing the symptoms of diabetes my blood sugar level is 5.4?
I have gestational diabetes and on insulin will it harm my baby?
inexpensive medication for high blood pressurer?
how many mg does it come in?
Is diabetes caused by an eating disorder reversible?
what is a normal blood sugar level for a 59 yr old,287 lb male?
why should we avoid foods high in sodium?
need low carb diet for kidney dialysis patient?
Was I wrong not being ashamed of self-harm scars?
is 289 high for your blood sugar level after you eat if your a diabetic?
Best weight gain supplement for people with diabetes?
Am I a sociopath or mentally unstable?
Severe headache for 2 weeks. and blood sugar is high.?
if you bottle things up for a long time...?
I believe my mother is in the begining stages of either being bi-polar or having alzheimers?
Is it true that people with depression get colds alot?
Gruesome images and intrusive thoughts?
Why can't I give eye contact?
How can I sleep at camp when I'm homesick? PLEASE help me?
I think I might have a panic disorder but my parents don't? Bit long...?
What are the benefits of being a neurosurgeon?
Anyone who answers this is amazing. my knee problem. follow up.?
BIG PROBLEM Drill bit went it hand?
Will it hurt me to smoke weed 4 weeks after a skull fracture?
what do u know about a sprained ankle?
Pain In Left Leg - HELP?
can i sue my son's school? my son got jumped in the lunch room an now has sprain ligaments and bone contusions?
what have i done with my toe?
my ankle...please answer?
How do you know if you broke your finger?
Can some 1 please just answer my question?
My ankle popped and now it keeps rolling...?
I hit my nail, have a bruise?
Pinkie toe, broken, sprained, or other?
Does getting your ear pierced hurt?
Numbness in my pinky finger?
My scoliosis Brace!!!?
i hit my head hard please help?
She got really hurt, we can't go to a hospital, what can we do?
What the heck is wrong with my hands?
i have vertigo would it make me like im in a lift?
Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Deficiency?
Why does one of my ears always get dirtier than the other?
How can i get rid of my acid reflux?
I think I may have smoked k2. Almost had a heart attack, when will my heartrate go down?
Is it okay to take Topamax and Saint John's Wort together?
Why are some things good oils and some things bad oils/fats?
if i smoke less will it have better effects?
epilepsy+premeds+adhd meds=...?
Am I contaminated if
Can't get rid of a UTI ( had it for 5 wks)
Can I drink milk while taking antibiotics (levofloxacin)
Can you mix Nystatin Oral Suspension and Cephlalexin together?
was this a sinus infection??
A question on mono...?
Is my blood pressure too low during pregnancy?
could this be from high blood pressure?
can weed give u a heart attack?
can a person die of a hiatal hernia?
My heart makes funny "noises" (mostly like bubbling sensation) sometimes like a bad drain. Should I be worried?
Would a blood pressure of 80/55 cause dizziness and light headed?
I need help. Please answer seriously. The area near my heart hurts.....?
How can I raise my blood presure but at the same time lower my heart rate?
Why am I having heart cramps?
What could high blood pressure do?
why do i get the hicups all the time?
Is the concentration of amino acids and glucose higher in blood or in urine?
Mole help in chemisry please?
How dangerous is it to take meds closer than than the allotted time?
Open sore on leg from cowboy boots rubbing leg while riding horse?
I get on and off constipation.I'am 12 and I'm telling my parents I have a polyp.I don't eat break fest.?
How to overcome stalling medical help?
I really need help?
will cutting out a wart putting asprin in it and using duct tape and a bandaid kill a wart?
Acne cleansers without fragrance, or REAL reason for skin allergy?
question about a lump?
Why Do Our Bodies Itch....?
Whats A Good Medication For Kiloids?
how do i get rid of acne problems?
acne. what is it and how do u get rid of it without the use of creams and whatnot?
Red spots where I shave.?
can't do without Afrin more than 8-9 hours--used it too much and too long. What can I do now?
Itchyness redness bumps am i alergic to something ??
Why does my skin do this every week?
I have a slim body but I have a a little bit larger shoulder.I cant wear sleeveless.How can i make this slim?
My 3 month old develops skin rash whenever we use our deep well water. How do i treat this water?
chichen pox in older adults, pls help?
I bruise very easily- would a specific vitamin prevent this?
Treatments 4 nail fungus/infection from fake nails?
Is this an STD?
Question about my gyno visit?
How soon can you fly after am appendectomy ?
Anyone know the laws/ethics on taking someone off of life support?
Will not having enough sleep for several weeks affect your blood test results?
Is it bad to go to bed with hunger pains?
Having alot of foot pains please help?
Why don't i trip od C's anymore i haven't takin them constantly?
spine - prolapsed disc - disadvantages to multiple lumbar epidurals?
Will I get Arthritis when I get older?
Shooting pain in my lower right abdomen?
Is there any painless way to die?
waking up morning after taking sleeping pills?
can i change my cartilage now?
I sprained my ankle, but I don't think it's too severe. Should I go to school or go see a doctor?
If you wet the bed after receiving a concussion, is that cause for worry?
i had let my sister pierced my ear for me a n now it hurts my ear is big its hot what should i do?
If you break your ankle will you be able to play soccer ever again?
my 9 year old daughter stepped on a nail yesterday and now it is red and swollen around the sight?
I had knee surgery a few days ago?
I hit my head really hard .?
I just burned myself!?
Did i cut too deep??????????????????????????
I Have a broken toe????????
Quick relief for constapation?
Thumb knuckle fracture?
i don't know if this is normal but its been happening to me?
where is the cheapest place to get a hip replacement?
mouse trap on my tounge?
what happens if i stick a fork in my eye?
I got cut/scatched in my eye, what should I do?
I am still very sore ?
If you break your thumb do you get a cast?
HELP I sprained my foot/ankle What should I do?
I broke my rib, can I still work out (exercise)?
Sprained wrist? HELP?
is type 1 diabetes a mutation?
Is It ok for a diabetic type 2?
There are certain brands of pasta that claim that some of their carbs are protected , no need to count. True?
Urine smelling like honey smacks/ sweet?
Can you ever not have type II Diabetes if you at some point diagnosed, in terms of insurance?
how can i help for not having my iron to be so low?
can you have normal weight and have diabetes?
could i have type 2 diabetes?
question for those who know about diabetes....?
what kind of mayo can diabetics eat?
i'm Male 31, my blood sugar measure was 63 after fasting 15 hours & just woke up, is this normal or low?
Is High Fructose Corn Syrup linked to diabetes in the same way that regular sugar is?
Tingly head dizzy and slured speech in mom?
Is it possible that i have diabetes? ?
Do I have Diabetes Help!!!!!?
Why is the brain less affected to get diabetes then other organs?
I have extreme thirst and have been check for diabites and it is ok. It seems to be while I am sleeping?
Can the unwanted sudden weight loss due to diabetes be stopped?
type 1 diabetes. My blood sugars always rise after i wake. why?
diabetes/endocrinologist questions?
Is it okay for a type one diabetic to put on acrylic nails?
I'm looking for a good diabetic meal plan software program?
my son who is diabetic type1 wants to go for a school marathon. Do I need to worry?
Does joint pain from cold weather last more than a month?
what is arizona like for allergies?
anyone use any good eye allergy drops??i used Visine-Allergy and it is even WORSE!!?
How can u help treat this allergy?
could this be lactose intolerance?
what is an allergic reaction?
Do you need a reference from your general doctor for insurance to pay for allergy tests?
Do i need an epi-pen for peanut allergy?
Soothing allergies for a track person?
Is this my throat closing up? Or am I getting sick?
is this a alergic reaction?
why can i only eat cold foods?
What should I do with this bite?
Can a very small insect (that looks like a mosquito) be harmful?
Healing stages of a second degree burn?
Cut, being reopened when i go to the loo?
can you stretch your first earlobe piercing with a second earlobe piercing still healing?
How do I heal my cut scars or make them less noticeable?
My right eye reflects less light than my left eye, is this a problem?
I'm 24 and have -2.5 vision. I cant see far. Can I get laser eye correction?
who discovered laser eye surgery ? and whats his nationality?
Question about Eyes: Astigmatism & one eye turning?
I am so excited! But I CAN NOT wait..... ):?
About the white of your eyes?
I left my contacts in too long and now my eye is red?
help with eye drops please?
are the optic discs for both eyes similar to each other?
Dark circles/ orbs in peripheral vision?
does your eye base curve ever change?
How do i know if i have oral herpes (part 2)?
when you get a basic blood test do they check for aids?
Will the US Marshals service not hire someone if it's found that they have an STD(herpes) on their med exam?
is it possible to give a possitive urine for alcohol if u havent drank 2 weeks prior to the test?
For filing my I-485 , I need to get immunized for TD , MMR and Gardisal .
Foot Fungus....Why???
Chickenpox. Where does the disease commonly occur?
Chickenpox - Have any large epodemics occurred?
after immunization - treatment?
Is it normal for dementia patience to urinate themselves?
can someone tell me if i have pinkeye?
Im sick do i have salmonella or not?
What would be best for a sore throat?
If a doctor gives advice over the phone to a patient that called the office and ?
Can u carry the stomach flu and give it some1 when u don't get affected?
Bloodshot, watery eyes that get better, but then get worse again?
List and describe three infectious diseases. Give the symptoms and treatment for each?
how do you get an ear infection?
Sharing Contact Lens Holder at Eye Doctor Office?
How to beat your habit?
How can people be against drug use when...?
I dont know what to do to ive been sick for three weeks throwing up and everything else my fever wont go down?
What's wrong with me!? Headaches & earaches...?
What should I take when I think Iam about to get sick?
I thought i Was going to kill myself on weed. I wanted to get out of my high and almost tryed to killmyself.?
how can you tell if someone is a transgender or cross dresser?
recently discovered cancer?
is it ok to take Saint johns wart with effexor?
Has anyone ever lost their memory after going through traumatic life experiences?
Im embarrassed.................?
Is it common for the average person to attempt guilt tripping other people into doing things...?
is it ok to live in fear and denial ?
Want to know what is this condition called?
How do I improve my memory? Everything's a blur to me.?
Why do I feel like I have to be the best in everything?
Will cutting scars ever go away?
So I figure I have a Yahoo Answer Addiction?
What should i expect from Buspar?
anyway to get rid of birthmarks ?
How to get rid of hickey???
cast help? shower?
I am naturally tan. And recently the skin around my belly ring is turning white? almost like a peel? why?
i need to know the best ointment to heal my skin on my face.. i have acne and i tried to pick at them?
Bug Bites?
does excema come and go?
Help, skin problem???
I have eczema around my mouth, and its been infected, is it a good thing if it gets flakey after anti biotic?
Thinking about going to the Dermotologist..?
ui have a little skin bump on my ear should i get it fixed when i am older?
red face? please read!?
helpme please?
My family is biting by mosquitos. Can anyone give me a help?
how to get rid of back acne?
ok i have a weird question about my legs?
my face is so dry! what home remedy can i use?
my 6 month old min pin( red)came in 2 day with red spots?i guess from reading this,it might b allergies!?
Girls Only Answer?
what are health products?
Any good dealers in Buffalo, NY area?
Outer Earlobe Pain- Caused by Loud Noise?
is this true about breaking a pill into powder?
difference between savlia a and salvia divinorum?
Has any one tried Ecklonia Cava for health and wellness?
I have had reacquiring bruises where are they coming from?
should you go hospital if you have broken your finger?
What is wrong with my finger?
what is the pinkie finger for?
should i get my nose fixed?
I have a ouchie, what do you think?
are crutches suitable for an almost 5-year-old boy?
How to heal an ankle fast?
My legs and hands are aching because of lots of sports. What should I do.?
how do you tell if your finger is broken?
Burn seeping out water-like substance?
Please give me your GOD HONEST OPINION?
i was shaving and i cut my skin right to the bone. what should i do??/?
Infected Toe? Red and warm to the touch!!!?
Would you rather have a bleeding but not broken nose or 2 dislocated fingers?
ive been weight lifting about 7 weeks and ive started gettin pain in my forearms, what could this be?
eye hurting bad bad bad bad!?
What could this injury be?
i cut off my toe and have no phone or car to get to a hospital any quick fixes?
How do I heal my sprained ankle?
i cant bend the top half of my finger?
what are the kind of foods that are good for diabetics?
What is the maximum time you can use insulin without spoilage?
Type2 Diabetic - Progress 12/12/2010?
Can a diabetic have Normal blood glucose levels after eating?
What does your blood sugar numbers need to be during pregnancy?
what will happen if a person has diabetes?
Are Humulog 72/25 and Humulin 70/30 interchangeable with the same dosages?
Do you think I'm diabetic?
in autopsy of alcoholics is there a genetic link to alcoholism?
I am not diabetic so why do I get mini comas after I consume a lot of sugar?
is there any kind of sugar which can be used by a diabetic patient?
Can loss of blood change you?
What are my chances of getting diabetes?
what is diabetes type 2?
Question about medicine for Type 1 Diabetes?
why is it hard for diabetics to lose weight?
Arms feeling heavy and unmovable?
Becoming a Provider for my Aunt in Texas ?
i wake up during the night, everynight?
back side bleed when i clean it after number two?
any doctors in the house?
i was hospitalized, i dont have insurance and the ER Doctor charged me $1,200 is that too much?
I have Naproxen that expired 8/2010. If I take it now will it still be effective?
What is an impatient program in hospitals?
my heart pulse rate is 150, doctor advice to take thyronorm 50 mcg is it solution?
does diovan and plavix make a bad combination?
i feel slow.........?
What are the possible complications after heart valve surgery and how are they dealt with?
I get very tired so easy why could it be a actual heart/lungs problem?
How much to RNs make in Omaha, NE?
Is it safe to have three procedures done during valve replacement surgery?
can a fit be mistaken for a stroke?
I am 15 and I think I have xerostomia?
What's a disease that one would get tested for where the doc would advis not to drive until results came?
Having a ganglion cyst aspirated: What's it like afterward?
What's wrong with me? Irregular heartbeat+Breathing problems?
i am shy. i know its not selective mutism but..?
Whats wrong? Am i mis-diagnosed?
My MIL had surgery for a hiatal hernia and 1 week after they found a leak, repaired that by putting a skin...?
Am I free from it ? ?
My nose only bleeds out of the left side... also some other confusing stuff.?
How to clean crack cocaine from urine, done 10p on Monday, scheduled for urine drug test on Wed @ 3:30p, ?
I need a good/REAL overseas pharmacy to get a pill that is not available in the US?
What seizer is this?
My Mom uses CPAP device but she gets nose bleeds alot she is on Kumidin blood thinner?
what happens if you dont get your second HPV shot on time?
what are these they look like little warts on the side of my feet and it itch and have moved to my side hands?
what infection can it be if dishcharge have a bad smell?
abnormal pap test.could it be HPV?
I am up til 12 every night.. how can I fix this?
What does a blood and urine test check for at a yearly physical?
When is incontinence normal?
Why does dehydration sometimes cause acid reflux?
how can I quick and easily clean out my nail polish remover bottle?
about acne?
chemical skin pealing?
how to get rid of a bump under ur arm??
fastest way to remove a hichie?
my terrier ears run all the time alot of discharge dark brown in color and has a odor so please help?
skin issue?
can a regular GP , family doctor, remove a small mole on my face or do I have to go to a cosmetologist and pay
How can i get rid of blackheads?
What are some natural things i can do to clear up my skin...?
What kind of yogurt is best for your skin and getting rid of acne?
Showering after running?
My freind peirced my ear nd its a little swolen...nd puss is comin out...could it b infected?
is it sun poisoning?
please help me?
What can be tha cause and cure of chronic dark circles around eyes for a very long period of time?
I Have Spots On My Neck.?
I have no insurance please Doc/Nurses help me with this rash/welt question!!?
which is better for acne treatment, maxclarity or proactive?
Diabets type 1. High blood Sugar!!!!?
I am considering gastric bypass surgery in the hopes it will help control my diabetes as well as losing weight?
Is this indicative of diabetes?
is it normal when my blood sugar is low that my eyes and skin turn yellow?
what sugar reading is normal for my husband?
Can drugs mess with diabetes?
pancreas transplant ?
do eating a lot banana increased your blood sugar and became diabetic.its sweet?
Does this mean that i dont have diabetes?
How can I see if I have Low Blood Sugar?
what are the similarities between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?
I'm a diabetic type 1 trying to lose weight,i'm 11st & trying to go down to 8st?
Can you please help me!!?? i think i might have diabetes?
I ate 4 small cookies/cakes that has a lot of sugar in it..?
sugar makes me sleepy until i have something with protein in it; is this normal or is it a sign of diabetes?
My blood type is RH+ O+ what does that mean?
insulin bottle broke on my hand?
Could I have type 2 diabetes?
Diabetic A1C little freaked out please help me!?
what if my one touch ultra mini reads the word Hi. What numbers are they talking about?
What causes a high insulin level with a normal blood sugar level in teenagers?
someone with type 1 diabeties whos travelled before please answer?
Do Doctors Test for HIV before doing an operation with blood work?
how long can the hiv virus survive outside the body?
Please give me advice, I think i have a STD but i am so scared to go get tested.?
Afraid of building personal relationships?
am i a schizophrenic?
How to deal with stress when its causing self harm?
Developing "genius" at a late age?
What is it called when you think bad thoughts about a subject that you do not wanna talk about?
Can You Tell Me If I Have ADHD?
Help, I can no longer cope with BIID?
Is this considered separation anxiety?
How will therapy help?
Im really sad i need help to get me through?
Do you have a bucket list?
What are some good stress relievers ?
How do you deal with depression?
I need answers about herpes2 meningitis in infants?
my dog is at the hospital right now he has parvo he is getting 24hour treatment do you think he will survive?
can pinworms last for a lifetime????????????????? HELP!!! ?
I had polio in childhood and have recovered.?
can an eye infection cause discomfort to the throat of my staf/lab dog?
OMG i got a grasshopper bite!!!!??
best flu remedies?
what kind of disease can this be?
Can you get MRSA like this?
Could this possibly be infected?
how can someone be a nurse?
Is Staph Infection contagious?
mosquito bites and is it impossible to spread the virus through bites?
how do i get rid of bacterial infections under my finger nails?
I had a tick for about 4 days and didn't realize, am I sick from it? ? ?
Can you get West Nile Virus more than one time?
please help me for my nursing care plan about WOUND?
What are the causes of urinary tract infections? ?
Sore Throat? Please Help?
mosquito bite help?!?
ear is stopped up but I don't think it's infected any remedies?
How can I pop my ear EASILY? -read-?
My nostril is swollen after I scratched it, what should I do to make it go away?
why wont the alcohol leave my ear?
Can a bee sting act up a week later?
Anyone else have celiac disease?
Nose constantly clogged in at least one nostril--nosebleeds only in right nostril--postnasal drip.?
i have 3 month old baby i'm using sma gold infant milk. i like it, its good product?
Survey For Allergy/Pollen Sufferers:?
My chihuahua's eye(s) has become very swollen and sensitive and is also oozing "eye boogies". Please advise!?
Headache for 3 days straight...help me?
What happens the dust that we breath in every day?
I sound stopped up but breathing fine through my nose?
Hey, I've been reading about plus Lens therapy. Has any one used to to reduce shortsightedness?
Why are my eyes seeing this?
Need help on a vision problem?
My eyes are messed up?
I need birth control?
How can I get Suboxone?
please help me!! Can Milk Thistle or dandelion help clear my vitreous hemorrhage?
are there any pills that make you not remember what happened?
aiuto.. x favore potreste darmi un risposta?
Where can I get mugworts in new york city?
Why do I feel like ice water quenches my thirst and lukewarm water doesn't?
When baroreceptors in the carotid and aortic bodies register a level of blood pressure that is higher than?
i have grave's disease (thyroid prob). does this mean its normal for me to be a bit heavier?
I have a spastic like thumping in my ear?
Side effects with Keppra?
Swollen gland on the side of my neck?
trazadone gives me really bad headaches what should i do?
Is it a bad thing that every morning my temperature is read under 96.1 F?
will i be okay if i breathe in 2 stroke fumes?
please help does this pain in me head due to c ancer?
what will impact on men or women after bypass surgery in case of high troponin t 0.440?
Cause: Stress Relations?
What disease is this?
Pains in my heart when i breathe in deeply?
SVT? Catheter Ablation ?
can the person hear you during a Stroke?
My blood pressure is 163/81 and heartrate 102 should i be worried?
Is this shot really normal or just me?
Is it normal if heavy metal putsbyoubto sleep at night?
What makes me and other people carsick?
How to read blood pressure?
Weird Question: how can I walk up and down the stairs in my walking boot without tripping and/or falling?
Doesn't clonazepam show up on urine drug screens?
i went to my high school trainer today...they said that i will start stem tomorrow? whats stem?
Are these symptoms that I'll go deaf someday?
have an appt with a pain specialist for the first time tomorrow. on first visit do they drug screen?
Is it possible for a piece of arm bone that's stuck in my arm joint to dissolve or disintegrate?
I got the results back from my Hida scan, all they told me was that my gallbladder is not functioning right?
What type of nose bleed is normal?
Husbands got stomach aches?
I am running out of patience.. HELP!?!?!?
What to drink when..?
for the people that are worried or scared rite now!!!?
will i become infertile if ?
HIV+ people can get weight in window period?
is my tongue infected?
Is anybody here a doctor? ?
whats best protection from stds nitrile or latex?
twisted ankle 5 weeks ago?
I have had a black toenail for about 2 months, should I see a doctor?
If I was just stabbed in the lower stomach and CANNOT go to the hospital do I take the knife out or leave it?
What's wrong with my arm?
I slipped on ice last night in front of my dorm building and now my ankle is broken. Can i sue the university?
Do you think i possibly may have broken my foot..?
I hit my foot really hard and now it's extremely sore and hard to walk on what should i do?
Should I go to the ER?
What is wrong with my knee/shin?
When does a burning mark go away?
my nephew just got bit by some black insect. help me out!?
stubbed my toe, and need advice!?
why do I keep getting headaches beind my left eye?
I think I broke my toe how can I tell?
How did you break your arm/ankle/foot/leg?
Dislocated Thumb - no health insurance?
My finger tip is almost purple, should i worry?
Does anybody have a clue? My boyfriend all of the sudden lost all sensation in is left arm...................?
If someone has a green foot is there something wrong with them?
Is this supposed to be happening?
What could it be.....?
Help on my Swollen Ankle?
cellulites problem?
my skin is extremely dry any remedies?
what would be the first aid for internal hemorrhaging for a cat that has be in RTA?
how to get rid of an ear clogg?
Thumb knuckle soreness?
clogged ear after using ear wax remover debrox?
Is there a medication/cream I can buy at cvs/riteaid I could rub on my mosquito bites to make it less itchy?
does this need stitches?
Small Bubble full of blood on my hand....need help!?
When I was blowing up a rubber dinghy by mouth, I had a tingling in my hand?
I've cut my arm and the cut has now turnt white is this normal?
I have red ant bites from India, should I go see a doctor? (see below for details)?
Should I take my 4 year old to the Dr. for what looks like 2 spider bites?
do i need to take a medicine for sugar (glucose) level 144?
Diabetes, Alcohol, Hep C & Kidneys?
my boyfriend is diabetic?
For Type1 diabetics. If you use a continuous monitor or insulin pump, what is your biggest problem/complaint?
Want to know the most common kidney stones symptoms?
Will the Army kick me out if they diagnose me with diabetes while I'm in?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
When I wake up in the morning i feel as though I need to throw up i'm not pregnant and I get a shaky feeling.?
can all diabetics use nutrasweet?
Are the blood or urine tests at physicals screened for drugs?
I have a question about low blood sager?
Question about type 1 diabetes?
Could I have diabetes?
Borderline diabetes type 2?
. Is a large percentage of U.S. paper currency contaminated with traces of cocaine?
what is dementia?
what is the best thing to get rid of/help a bladder infection?
my roommate moved out with his dog that had mange. how do i get the smell out of my house & is it contagious.?
Question about smoking?
What is the quickest/ easiest way to lose your voice?
is the medicinal marijuana from the dispensaries somehow different from marijuana off the street...?
Does cocaine affect your athleticism ? ?
What happens if you don't eat?
How do you get rid of an Allter Ego?
Stories of medicinal marijuana helping someone?
How long after taking 2 lemsip tablets, can I drink alcohol?
What makes up a drug report?
why can't i grow hair on my face?
i need info about polio?
does the world's most flexible person suffer from Ehlers-danlos syndrome?
what is the highest dextrose concentration that may be adminstarted throught periphal vein?
what diseases can be treated/cured by stem cells?
If i have a cold/bronchitis, is going into the sauna going to make me feel better?
Horrible knee pains and I don't know whats causing it?
Pins and needles attack when I get heated?
How can i straighten a hammer toe without seeing a doctor?
multiple sclerosis nystagmus abducting eye?
why does my foot become numb during physical exercise?
does hpv itself give you cramps?
Anonymous STD Testing?
do clinics charge to get check for std's?
why do doctors refuse to do a herpes blood test on me ?
i had an hiv test from a normal laboratory in a market and i am not sure whether the results are satisfying?
how long would you have to go without treating a yeast infection for it to turn into a std?
i had some helium today from balloons and im worried that it might be fatal. i feel fine but im worried?
Skin turn yellowish after some time since getting injured.?
There's blood coming out of my private part!! I'm really scared and think I might be infected!!?
how can i remove my pain?
how do you heal a burn?
eliminates stretch marks?
What is the safest way to fracture my leg?
what do you do if you have a cut on the top of your mouth?
I hit my head on top of my driver door and now I feel weird?
Badly sprained ankle, very painful to walk, first day back at school tomorrow??:S?
The back of my head is really sore when i touch it?
Why don't I heal....?
Will you definitely die after cutting your wrists?
the left side of my knee has been hurting for months..i cant kneel on it and if i knock it the pains awfull...?
what could keep someone from work? like they are sick or maybe broke something?
whats wrong with me...?
Lower Back Injury Help?
I stubbed my pinky toe hard on a metal post, broken or dislocated?
can you take steroids and nyquil at the same time?
What's the best way to harvest/prepare therapeutic herbs?
side effects simvastatin?
Capsules vs. Extracts for health?
Why does the medical myth that cholesterol causes coronary artery disease persist, despite lack of evidence?
where to buy tongkat ali ?
Who is the founder of "modern" medicine?
This happened last year at this time, i overdosed on mucinex?
Ability to test for Marijuana (in the UK) ?
Why would they prescribe medication that isn't 100% effective or safe?
(2) Dietary Supplements in (1) Day?
DXM and guafinesen???????????
Electrical physiology study?
What type of lipid is best for our cardiovascular health?and what is its structure?
Which health insurance covers Rx drugs?
On my RIGHT side, I have facial tics, arm and leg muscle twitches... What could it be?
Can a drink like QCarbo used to free the body of toxins affect the lithium levels in your blood?
is kidney stone pain episodic or constant?
iam a brilliant student ,,sleep 8 hour a day am 20 now..but why iam lazy ?csnt even concntrst in anthng...?
Do we have to sleep ? Is it mandatory?
How can I stop the cramps I get in the back of my thigh, a little over the back of the knee?
Can not sleeping become a problem?
Is eyelid twitching indicative of something if it occurs for longer than 2 months?
Can you experience withdrawal from Fentanyl Patch after only 2 weeks or so?
What is causing this pain...?
Do I have a herniated disk?
what is this side pain?
Back Pain at a Young Age.?
Do you have any bad family past?
Ive been on zoloft for 2 months?
Salvia Divinorum trip flashbacks?
Is this anxiety or depression, I have no idea, help?
I'm feeling suicidal and don't want to go to a psych ward, please help?
How do i help someone who says they feel all alone?
Best methods (besides medication) to alleviate depression?
I'm worried that my anxiety should not be like this, help?
Is there anything wrong with me?
social anxiety and high school?
how do i make my bi polar girlfreind happy when she freaks out?
What is the name of the thin layer of skin under the tounge?
does smoking cigarrettes cause you to breakout?
question about acne?
Why does it itch?
Could someone help me identify this medication?
Purple Bump?
What's the best working acne medication that isn't perscription?
I've never burned so is it okay?
puffy cheeks ?
mole problems.?
what arebumps on myarms,legs,chest?
what do boils look like when you first get one?
Dose anybody know what good for dark spot, on you keens, elbow, under arms??
Small bumps on the palm of my hand.?
A small smple taken from the body and paced on a medium to allow bacteria growth is a?
weird bump on my side---?
Acne Help?
military disqualifications for allergies?
Half and Half milk allergy?
What exactly am I allergic too?
Why do i get hives when my boyfriend kisses my neck?
how high can one get off of drinking 6table spoons and one tablet of benadryl allergy kids?
four hours after i ate my blood sugar was 125 is that bad?
white rice + potato versus glucose level?
Diabetes help .. i think im diabulimic?
Do you think I might have diabetes??? Type 1 or Type 2?
How can I cure the swelling of my dads feet, he fell and broke his heels, he is also diabetic. Please help!?
Is my oatmeal bad for a diabetic?
Sugar went from 72 after 8 hour fasting to 147 after the glucola drink. Gestational Diabetes?
how to manage a patient having diabetes mellitus uncontrolled with 40 units of 30/70 human insulin twice daily?
what is A1c in diabetes ? how is it treated?
Am I becoming hypoglycemic?
what was the name of the red and white swirliy sweets?
Can you get diabetes from drinking two monsters a day, everyday, for four years??r=1253574794?
If insulin is used to lower blood sugar levels, then why?
Am I at a higher risk of getting diabetes because I have a high carb diet?
I have Diabetes. Just these year I noticed that the lower part of my legs are discoloring.?
What about stevia for Type 2 Diabetics?
What is the meaning of coma?
weak and dizzy. Why is this so?
traveling with diabetes-?
I'm not sure, but I think I might have diabetes.?
i have fluid in my feet ,is it the symptom of diabetes?
Possibly diabetes- I'm tired and weak all the time!?
My Diabetic Mom has Pain in her feet?
i suddenly had some bumps on my legs and im scared it might be measles. can u pop the little bumps?
How do i attack a cold or flu early?
What are possible medicine that can cure or reduce the effect of hepa-B virus in our body?