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what kind of sickness i have?
I have a DayCare and need to get rid of mosquitos with out any harm to the children. Is there any help for us
compare and contrast of medical handwashing from surgical asepsis?
What are vaccines made of?
what is the relationship between infection and microbiology? what's its significance?
RABIES???`help plzzzzzzzzz?
How do I know that my brothers cremains are really his?
the signs of mono???
Can i get my tounge pierced if i have high bood pressure??
what is your reaction from nosocomial or hospital-acquired infection?
is cider alright to drink for diabetics with it being brewed in its own sugars?
Why am I always thirsty?
Will exercise prevent diabetes?
What are the sytoms for diabetes?
can you be a model if you have diabeties?
I think I have diabetes, is it okay to wait to see the doctor?
Do i have diabetes? please help.?
Should I be concerned about these blood sugar levels?
Is 27 too old to develope diabetes?
what is a coumadin reversing agent?
I am a type 1 diabetic considering using the pump ...?
Unexplained weight loss?
diabetes symptoms, I am worried I may have it.?
I might have type 1 diabetes? I am scared?
Do i have Diabetes???
Do I have diabetes? im not sure?
I think I might have diabetes....?
why am i over thirsty?
Can you really get diabetes from confusion?
i have diabetes, take insulin and take pill, just started taking soma and loratab for pain.?
Can diebetics live as long of a life as a regular healthy person if treated?
Just had my first A1C test as part of annual physical exam.?
12 week test conclusive or no
possible hiv cure any time soon
one of the distinuishing characteristics between HIV and Aids is
is it true that chris brown had or his aids?
my sister might have Herpes's
Does having herpes HSV-1 cold sores lessens the outbreaks of HSV-2?
Is It Possible for your partner to have gonorrhea and you not?
where can i buy certain dry in the philippines?
Skin Fungus Caused by Anxiety?
how much is .. Olay Quench body mousse??
my skin is a caramel colour but my back is dark it has been getting on my nearves for years please help!!?
Burnt foot!! questions?
how far should I strech my ears?
randomly got a pain on my side?
What is wrong with my shoulder, it keeps locking up?
Am I right, when I say, there's a difference between an MRI and a Catscan?
Is it bad if i hit my head twice on the floor?
What permanent restrictions will you have after a total hip replacement?
My body is swollen, and it's freaking me out?
how do u make a swollen lip turn normal?
Sunburn and swelling?
I got bit by a Spider?
why are not good for our health to drink ice often? scientifically please..?
Weird medical question regarding the thumb nails....?
Stopping Smoking After 3 Months?
Swollen lymphnodes question?
I feel a cold coming on! I really don't want to be sick on Christmas!?
How to get better fast?
Why does my stomach make noises when Im not hungry?
Uh, what's wrong with me? Am I sick, or is this just something I need to change?
What are some effective ways to clean piercings?
what happens if you overconsume calcium?
Are there any medical schools in Nebraska? In near states?
is hvaing a nosebleed during arousal normal?
How long should I wait after my ears heal to gauge them?
I had been diagonsed with osteo chondratis dessiscans of talus.But i really dont have much pain.Please help?
Pulled muscle in neck?
When does a Orthopedic have to do surgery...?
i fell into my trunk on my car and hit my forehead and started bleeding help...plz?
do i have a concussion?
will i be able to carry a backpack?
Two canker sores in my mouth, mouth is swollen?
I fell on my knee and now I have a sharp pain and a raised up bump along the line of the pain. Is it broken?
Is it possible to have a broken arm without realizing it?
what causes muscle spasms l?
what parts of the human body may be affected by AIDS in its advanced stages?
What are the most common causes of abnormal white blood cells?
Why most antirectoviral therapies could not provide long term viral suppression?
Is laziness an epidemic?
viral infection mde the eye swell, medication cured it, the eye ball shrink very much, will be to orizinal siz
nausea at mornig practice?
stomach bug?
can yew get fifth;s disease from a dog with parvo?
Are you a positive person?
tick question????
Low Grade Fever?
i may have mono but my girlfriend does not?
Anybody with experience with toxoplasmosis-especially those who have had it, I have a couple of questions?
Type 1 and Type 2 herpes?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
mosquito bite panic?
is pnemionia contaigus? how do children catch this?
if i drank alcohol would it kill?
Information on shingles?
I have a question?
My daughter was tested for MRSA. How long should the results take?
Las Vegas in the 80's we had the top of Sahara to score. (aww the good ol days) What/Where do we have now?
what does kratom actually do to you?
how do I transfer prescriptions?
Constipation after Fasting?
What is 2C-T-x? Its found in ecstasy but i dont really know what it is, what it does.?
Is appetite and hungry the same or different?
how does snorting drugs get you high?
I have a question about my glasses?
Specsavours delivery?
A bright 'light' dot in my right eye for a very long time?
question bout contacts pls help!?
eye surgery! please read...?
Is it normal to see eye flashes? Floaters like camera flashes?
Is a blood pressure of 90/56 okay?
Eye vision problem? Help! Need glasses or something else?
What's Wrong With My Eye?
What is the light brown spot on my baby's white part of the eye?
I have hemoglobin 8.0 gm/dl. What that means and what I can do?
Is is true that a donated pancreas cam help with diabetes?
I want to Donate blood to the Red Cross but.....?
What is considered to be a dangerously high blood sugar count? When should we seek emergency care?
what is kidney FAILER?
Is 6.1 on an ac1 test high? does that mean you're a bad diabetic?
Could you give up junk food for life?
Can girls with diabetes get wet?
How can I I get health insurance with diabetes and high blood pressure?
How dangerous are these blood test results?
I have type one diabetes, and i cant seem to get it under control with doctors. Please help me.?
I'm 17 and I think I may have Diabetes type 1?
Does this mean i might be diabetic?
I'm drinking 6 quarts of water every day, help!?
Question concerning insulin?
what is the best drug to treat diabetes?
if you have type 1 diabetes, should you take metformin?
what is hypoglycemic?
How do you know if you have kidney failure?
DIABETES: (type1) I need someone to talk to! Just diagnosed!?
Diabetic question plz answer.?
If I go for a blood sugar test and haven't eaten in days will the doctor know?
is this a kind of mental disease?
Could someone diagnose this please?
why does it feel like my ribs 'pop' sometimes?
; - ; Hypoglycaemia!!! Help?
How has hypothyroidism treatment been for you?
why do doctors say to the relatives of the sick person. not to speak of depressing/distrubing news?
Is there a pill that can make you feel no fear or emotion?
I'm Feeling Really Sad?
Schizophrenia Question?
Turning to alcohol and weed to help anxiety..please help?
So do you think im crazy?
I hate my hormones!They make me MAD!?
Do you think telling someone how you feel is a good thing? Or keeping it in and seeing what happens ? Answer(;?
i m into manic depression? n brutally depressed?
if you get your drink spiked (drugged), will it definitely show on a blood/urine test?
tell me could i have a heart problem and is it a trip to the ER or could i wait?
Stabbing pain from back to heart?
My brother is on coumadin for a blood clot (it's going away it was on his leg)?
How serious is this condition?
do I have heart problems ?
Cardiovascular System and ECG?
Heart Attack Question?
Is it common for a 5yr old boy to test positive for all allergies?
Can Gentamicin sulfate eye drops be used for allergies?
Alcohol/Salicylate Intolerance?
what to do?????????????
where are these bumps coming from?
what colorr are my eyess?! (confused)
i think im allergic to..... ?!? (DOCTORS and EXPERTS IN MEDICAL FIELD, PLZ HELP~!!!!)?
Allergic reaction to gold?
what home remedies for allergies do you use?
Is a flesh fly bite worthy of medical attention?
Should i get this checked out?
large carpet burn on arm?
Ankle and foot problems.. help!?
Is it dangerous to have a glass splinter in the finger?
What would cause this bite?
How should I take care of my toe after I got the ingrown nail removed?
Ear blowout!!!!!!!!!?
what spiders in the virginia area could cause nausea and dizzyness with their bite?
what happens if you are supposed to take doxycycline on empty stomach but eat food to prevent nausea?
Do antipsychotics cause brain damage?
Dont you mind telling me an online store to buy an ipod touch 32gb best price ?
Is forex software good enough for beginners?
what's wrong with me? bladder leakage problem...?
My ear was swollen and it hurts. can someone tell me what is wrong with it?
Does zoloft mess up your thinking?
Why do you want to be a doctor?
cherifer PGM, is it effective?
What are the names of the pathogen that cause food contamination ?
14 yr old son sgpt level 83 other tests normal no hep a, b or c. No mono, cmv. Bilirubin 1.0?
Whats up with my tongue?
strep throat?
My mono symptoms went away quickly. Explanation? and still Contagious?
32 year old male been taking antibiotics for a week still has high fevr and low white blood count. what 2 do?
I was stuck with a needle on accident that was used to inject the meds into a sick puppy with parvo - help!!!?
Urinary tract infection?
rabies question?
mono a second time?
what medicine can lower my sgpt?
Is there a different product besides bugspray that will warn off mosquitos? Something I have around the house?
Can a person with tuberculosis get into the United States?
What do do when you have the flu?
Can H-Pylori cause headaches and fatigue?
Could it be salmonella?
Am i suffering from anaemia ???
How to get rid of a tick problem?
i think i have a stomache flu... : (?
Has anyone ever had the Super Bug ( Staph )?
Anyone who has had mono or knows about it can you help??
post knee injury pain possibly?
ACL, plica band in knee?
I dislocated a bone(in descrip) about a month ago and well I have high cholesterol, how can i loss it?
can a 12. 20. 24 pack of soda break your foot if dropped on it.?
How much would someone be able to use a broken arm?
i have a big trapezius muscle hurts and getting bigger?
brother slipped on wet floor?
My nose has a bump, how do i get rid off it?
I'm 11, and there is a black spot under my toe nail! Plz HELP!?
Could this be a herniated disc?
Sharp Mid Back Pain from Volleyball?
looking for a product that will clean out my system?
Why doesn't it bother anyone that we are bleaching our flour, there are actual dangerous chemicals being used?
Brain Cyst causing my headaches?
Can indigestion cause you to feel short of breath?
Why can't I sleep in?
What happens if you take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time?
How do you edit your sleep cycle?
Anyone an orthopedic?
What is the bump on my left top eye?
Whenever I stand up I..?
How Do You Soothe An Ulcer?
If i have been a alcoholic/addict is there a concern taking tramodol and flexeril together...?
Coldsore help!!!?
jaw makes a grinding sound?
Does a herniated disc hurt to touch?
can hydrocortisone get rid of stretch marks?
Re-occuring pain in both my knees.........?
What is in the skin that picks up impulses?! I NEED TO KNOW THANKS!?
i am getting marriedin fifteen days,, willturmeric will help me lighten my skin,?
Why every time I play basketball I start to see blurry and then a strong headache.?
Indica or Sativa for my pain issues?
Mixing pain killer with other meds?
Calluse Question?
My hands and feet get so hot? Is there a solution for this?
i just got my ears periced?
Im 22wks preg.& was diagnosed w/diabetes(type 2)?
How can I stop my right ear's hearing problems?
poisen ivy?
Why does my shoulder hurt?
I have a strange bump on my neck.Its not a wart, or a cancer lump.?
my mom is about to give herself an insulin shot for the first time. She is wondering how far the neddle goes?
can a sugar count be accu. when you drank coffee 15 min before you entered the clinic? surprise blood test !?
Is tightening of skin normal after a burn?
What are the effects of eating too much chocolate ?
I can't find the answer to this - and I don't' have money for a doctor. How do I know if I have Diabetes?
is a normal blood test quick?
type two diabetes question?
Tested for diabetes i need a hug?
74 year old took 60 units of regular insulin when he should have taken 60 units of Lantis. What should he do?
homeopathic dog care?
Splotchy arms?? Why???
is it normal ...?
so...i drank a vile of poison and the only way to nullify the effect (effect being death) is to drink my pee.?
Why was my blood sugar 82 after eating a good meal?
is there any relation with drinking wine with diabetes ?
is it dangerous to mix flexeril,cymbalta,lyrica,mobic,hyzaar all together.I take these every nite.?
type 1 diabtes. im having a Diet issue can someone help?
Why does wilford brimley say Diabeetus not diabetes?
what will happen if a diabetic person tried to avoid peeing?
Does having a sweet tooth mean you have diabetes?
we have plenty of this fruit in my place, is this safe for a diabetic people?
Do you think I could have diabetes?
which form of diabetes is caused...?
is this a low blood sugar?
When people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, they have....?
I accidentally took an extra dose of 125MCGS of Levothyroxine, what do I do? Please help.?
Are cigarettes addicting?
Are Parkinson's Disease patients exhausted at the end of the day because of their constant movement?
What is the name of the disease that causes starving African children got look bloated?
This sudden quick small shaking ? What is this?
What medical problem is often misdiagnosed as a thyroid problem at first?
Liver Function Test results help?
What drug is this described smell?
Is getting a physical for athletics somewhat like getting tested for std/hiv?
is there a tym in a month's cycle when albotyl should be used?
i have bacterial vaginosis and im pregnant......?
possible outcome of syphilis?
does it hurt getting warts removed by the doctor? please help me?
What happens when you go hospital to see a allergy specialist?
Quick remedy for lost voice?
Can i watch the Hangover?
What's the longest a healthy person can fast before any major health concerns arise?
Didn't trip, as such?
which arm bp value to consider ?
Is Heart Rythm OK !!!!!!!!?
why does my heart beat really slow when i get up to fast?
what is the life span of a 80 yr. old women that has had a infarct stroke of the brain?
What should I do about having low blood pressure?
im 17 and have a heart murmer (from birth) do you die earlier than other people and also i work out?
heart and lungs question?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
Vein Mapping Test Show Blood Clots?
how do colleg woke for densty?
what is a constricture inthe urinary tract ?
how effective is vet treatment against worms and how long does it last?
What is this?
my cat having fever 5/7 ago?
if a person takes meds for aids but does realty have aids what happens?
what is the best way to remove ticks from a kid?
So scratching is considered as bad as cutting?
I smoke Marijuana on a daily basis, but my first time is something ill never forget, help explain why?
how much salt will make this happen?
Anybody out there a Paramedic?
What kind of insect or spider bite is this?
What are some good home remedies to help get rid of bad scars?
Medical Marijuana for Bipolar?
I recently popped a blister and took the dead skin off but now there is a red scab forming where the skin was?
Healing time for deep knee gash?
super glue on hands! help!!!! 10 points!!?
What happens if you don't get the stinger out of the wound?
how can i "cure" this bite/infection?
A board fell on my head. I should be fine, right?
broken foot but no cast?
Suddenly swollen left eye followed by bruise?
I have a indent on my forehead from a car accident which pushed my forehead lines up. How can i make it normal?
I got elbowed in the side of the head (temple area) at a concert a few nights ago, should I see a doctor?
is this a serious ankle problem?
I cut off circulation to my fingers 6 hours ago and the tip of my index is still numb. What should I do?
Is it possible after someone being beaten to have some intern injuries that cause very often vomiting?
cyst removal in ankle?
Is it possible to sprain the bridge of your nose?
What gives the knee joint its strength?
If you have certain colored eyes, are you good at certain things?
does sams club contact lenses ship through the weekend? [sat.&sunday?]?
I've been wearing glasses all my life and now I switched to contacts but...?
How much does Lasik eye surgery cost?
Sunglasses Size: Which Size Matters Most?
Reviews on lasik eye surgery.?
Can Cats get shots to reduce their allergy causing stuff?
Really bad allergies and possible sinus infection. PLEASE HELP!!?
Amoxicilline reaction questions?
What are some home remedies for runny noses?
Soy allergy need help :(?
Do you think you know my allergy?
Whenever I eat chocolate I feel hot/flushed, do you think I have a sensitivity to chocolate?
Neti pot VS nose dropper: what works better?
Can Someone have an allergic reaction to drugs?
HELP! Why does this type of lighting give me a migraine? What can I do about it?? Help please!!!! ?
how to stop florescent lighting headache?
I need a good diet to follow for diabetics...........?
What would happen if you were allergic to insulin?
Sore arms because of just dance(10 points)?
why do i always think wrong (kind of embarrassing!)?
Why do I get so tired after I eat?
im type 2 diabetic i've been taking 30 unit shots twice a day is that too much?
Is there a chance that I have diabetes??? Please help!?
I take 40 MG of prozac and i cant fall asleep till like 7 a.m.....?
Borderline diabetic. my sugar never goes above 150. Last night it was 216. Is that okay or bad?
Why do my big toes hurt when I sleep?
I need help quitting cutting?
can near drowning lead to depression?
Hit my head should i be worried?
did any of the Ingalls (little house on the prairie) have diabetes?
How can I desensitize a lot?
Treating needle phobia with medication- It's not working!! Anyone else have this problem?
Help my new ear piercing still hurts?
Wondering if its reading glasses needed, or low blood sugars or what?!?
Know any Diabetic Friendly Restaurants?
Dull pain on left side of Abdomen for 4 days now?
Could this be depression?
I Don't Wake up after sleeping?
what would you call the device to measure glucose levels? or sugar levels?
General anxiety disorder?
My son has ADHD, Im so scared to give the him meds Do they really help? should I try something herbal?
I have Two Questions.....................?
I can't remember....?
Is my son's spastic behavior contributed to diabetes?
Sudden pain in lower left leg?
Is it normal to drink like 12 cups of water 4 hours before bed and still have to pee? the next day?
Always very tired and thirsty?
What does it mean if you have sugar in your urine?
Im really worried about having diabetes?
Vegetarians diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
I'm a pre-diabetic and i woke up to a sugar level os 123?
i want to call my doctor and make an appoitment to check for herpes. what do i say?
What do they do when you get tested for STD's?
hiv test elisa1&2 antibody?
what is hiv/aids, what 3 ways is it transmitted and how does it affect you?
Are there any statistics on how many people go their whole lives without getting an STI?
Are there any advantages of smoking shisha / hookah?
bump in the lower middle of my chest, help?
What does it mean when one side of your body feels restless and it is hard to sleep?
difference between stearyl and seagal alcohol?
should i go to physical therapy when my fractured foot heals?
Today I got a colon therpy thing done what do you expect one the first time ?
How much does a single syringe usually cost a doctor? There so cheap they would never use it twice, right?
Heavy bleeding and cramping while taking active birth control pills?
Do your muscles deteriorate if you can't use them for so many years?
I just became really dizzy all of a sudden.?
How do I get this water out of my ear?
What is causing my lip twitching and how can I stop it?
Wifey threw up, laying down, says she weak, and was babbling nonsense like dreaming but awake?
client vs. nurses?
strep throat for way too long! (no joke)?
What to use for bug bites?
Any one have tips for not getting mono?
Avian Bird Flu?
what are the ten leading causes of mortality in the philippines?
Cartilage peicing...done with a gun?
Can anyone give me any ideas as to what high GGT and MCV mean?
i need help with some kind of cat sickness?
Is the The Home Access HIV-1 Test the same HIV test that the doctors give you?
Ear Infection???
Can I be infected with African pests or infections from a person who just arrived on a plane from Africa?
My 3 mounth old rescued puppy has mange and hookworms his immune system is weak and I want to help him at home
If a person does not have a UTI, does that mean his urethra is sterile?
Could I have strep throat?
Colitis Medication?
Does a barn manager have a legal obligation to inform other boarders if a horse has a contagious illness??
ima cheerleader...im tiny but im getting a gut and idk how to get rid of it?should i just condition more?
what should i do...?
can i???????
Skin Problem?
What can I do about my eyes?
how do u get rid of ance marks?
Hi, my labia is very dried and the skin is very hard and white. it feels like the skin is dead.what is wrong?
facial blackheads?
how to clear dark circles?
how to fill a prescription?
Foot Problem?
is there any grants available for lap band procedure?
I am suffering from weight gain in my head.how to cure it?
Does anyone want to be eating disorder RECOVERY buddies?
What are the chances that someone who woke from a coma lost all their memory?
Why does my SVT act up every time I eat avocados ?
Temporary blindness due to extreme cold?
How long does it take for Bellb Pasly to heal with the rite meds?
In what ways do people with capgras syndrome interact with the health care system?
why do i get such a bad nights sleep after drinking alcohol?
I got 2 bloody noses?
how much of cetirizine hcl you need to take to get high?
What are the filters in newports made of?
Can I drink Epsom Salt in water AFTER I've already taken two laxative pills?
I always feel naseas?
Swollen ear lobe might be infected? Help?
omigosh! is it normal for a massage therapist to get a hard-on while he is massaging a woman?
how do i make a black eye go away?
My dad hit his head and it's bleeding, should he go to the Hospital?? He won't listen to me, please help.?
Household items to numb a wound?
I had fallen and gotten a large bruise on my leg a week ago.Now there is a lump that is red, sore & feels hot.?
Could I have broken my nose?
Please help me. My friend might be seriously hurt. Read below?
is it bad if my knee pops a lot?
Have you ever broke a body part?
I stepped on a rusty nail, what should I do?
Body parts to break without it being too painful?
For any doctor, I need a serious question answered now please!!!!?
if u break ur leg and u cant move and ur are bleeding, should u call an ambulance?
i cut myself and put a plaster on for school and told people i'd burnt myself,?
whats the best thing to do for a broken wrist and ankle?
I fell cut my knee and it's been bleeding for the past 2 hours.?
I broke my toe, is there anything i can do?
i recently punch someone really hard a few time...after that night my elbows and hands are numb?
Is it worth it to go to the doctor to a jammed or sprained finger.?
Assuming exstasy is not laced with anything, how dangerous is it?
5mg of hydrocodone and 5mg of oxycodone?
Is there an odor-free version of Valerian Root (I use the capsules... come in an orange bottle Sun something?)?
what are my bug bites?
Saving a life. Or not?
spider bite? yikes what do do?
does taking a hot shower when your hot cool you off better than taking a cold shower?
bad sunburn on my head how to make it not hurt?
Help!!! is this normal for this to happen to my fingernail???!!?
Hi Guys and Gals ty 4 reading this..Wondering as i had a blood test 4 basically everything..?
ok what if ur snake bite piercings are closer than normal snake bites is that called something different?
after my partner and i are treated with chlamydia and rid of it can i get it back after 3 weeks?
Can you contract Hepatitis C if someone has it and kisses you on the check, but, you have a scratch on your?
cut my knee 24 hours ago and clear sticky stuff is still coming out of it?
I have oral herpes and accidentally cleaned contacts with saliva... can it mess up my eye now?
I have a situation that I need some serious advice on?
can trich get so bad that down there are bumps? HELP?
can normal weight teens get type 2 diabetes?
can a tv show give you a seizure?
Type 2 diabetes concerns...does abusing your body increase the risk?
are these signs of diabetes?
Diabetes run in my family... PLEASE HELP!?
i think i might possibly have diabetes, help?
what quantity of olive oil we can eat daily?
i have diabetes whats the best way to control my sugar?
could this mean i am diabetic?
What is a regular blood suger level for a child.?
How long can a person with kidney failure live?
what vitimans could i buy for more energy?
Am i obese, i think i am and i hate it, What do i do?
Cola addict Just diagnosed with diabetes help?
how can i fight temptation ?
when does blood anitiation start dis year?
Every time i get up i fill dizzy?
what kind of future problems can drinking in excess alcohol and being insulin dependant cause your health?
I am looking for a printable log that includes blood sugar, carbs, insulin, time and date.?
Symptoms of nerve damage?
How do I convince my doctor that I have gastroperesis or neuropathy?
Can anyone please answer these questions on cystic fibrosis?
Question to people with asthma....10 pts.?
my dad just had a heart cathe done for checkin for blockage and there was none. they said his blood platlets?
How long for a stroke patient to feel some relief of a stroke with the use of Pta?
can you make it out of heart surgery?
just found my daughter has a cyst on back of brain, been suffering dizziness, blackouts, heart racing any idea?
Does my friend have a kind of condition?
Concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy?
Can dentures increase a BAC test?
on 2 flouxitine a day (40mg i think) nd beta blockers still miserable why?
A heavy purse makes a light heart?
Can 7.5 mg of Oxycodone raise a person's blood pressure?
What can I do to lower blood pressure XD?
What could be the source of cold heels, cold wrists and cold knees all the time?
Will lanolin help my excema/dermatitis?
Does it sound like wheat intolerance?
Do I have seasonal allergies?
Can dust cause fatigue?
Am i allergic to pineapple, or is it just acid?
alot of pain when i wake up!?
Some people say taking a bath right after a meal causes problems?
Can't pop my ears!?!?! Any suggestions/remedies?
My eye muscles hurt. help?!?
what can you do if you having coracobrachialis muscle pain?
What is the easiest, least painful way to quit a vicodin addiction?
pain in my lower knee when squating or playing ball?
Should I get the surgery?? Help please?
When should one go to the hospital wit low temp and illness?
E. coli and a diabetic dog what do i do?
what is my herritage? gruss?
Lice? ticks? fleas?
what are the cures of thypoid fever?
Can you get sick from this?
how do you gat rid of staff infection on a dog?
Can I work as a nurse with shingles? ( obstetrics)?
chicken pox question?
Who here has ever had a Typanic Perforation?
How long is a urine specimen good for once it has got to the lab?
Should my friend see another doctor?
If your mortality is 76% how much time do you have left to live?
What can I cut myself with besides a knife?
I get a stomach ache after I drink milk?
Am I sick? What do I have?
Mixing methadone with suboxone what will happen?
I have a slight cough and a stuffy nose!?
DO you think i got food poisoning?
What kind of effects does meth have?
Cod liver oil or omega 3 fish oil?
Feeling sick every time I eat?
what is bacterial vaginosis?
does some need to have hiv to get it or can you create it by having a cut and their fluids getting in it?
Milky white discharge in urine?
I have ADD and whenever I drink more than 50 mg og caffiene in a drink it makes me sleepy, if I drink enough c?
Insomnia and fear of being late.?
How long should i start eating gluten again before i have a celiac blood test at the doctors?
Epilepsy Winter Camp?
if you take the aids test and you are taking meds for that what if it comes out unditectable will it show that?
How much Gabapentin do you take for your Fibromyalgia?
can you remember a seizure?
Is dwarfism a disability?
Why don't they sell glasses for myopia at drug stores?
Glasses/spectacles- what is the problem?
I have strained eyes?
I see a red or seagreen point before my eyes.?
Can staring at the computer for too long affect how you see shadows?
What to do about swelling under one eye?
What causes off centered pupils?
what should i do with all my injuries that my boyfriend gave me like pulling my toes apart cutting my feet,hit?
How to break a bone preferably in my leg/ankle?
So lately my pee has been smelling kinda weird.?
my jaw kills on my left side only how can i stop this.?
Will my eyebrow grow back?
can you duct tape a 2 inch gash?
Call me crazy but answer this questtion 10 points?
My bother fell down a well!! Need help quick.!~!!!!?
Why does my pinky tingle when I work out?
having some shoulder problems?
Ways to make you fall asleep?
What are ways to improve my back?
i banged my elbow!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will falling out of a tree on a straight leg break it?
i was in a fight a couple of months ago and my right cheek bone is still swollen would is the best thing 2 do?
can I take my cast off?
how do i make puffy eyes go away note: they are caused by glandular fever?
Could a direct hit from a baseball bat fracture a wrist?
Post-op symptoms - bladder stones removal?
Getting an EGD tomorrow?......?
How can I stop being exhausted after work?
What is a minor cut or wound?
I Peirced My Ear 2 Days Ago & It Is Throbing When I Touch It?
Will swell go down if i dont use ice?
How To stay up late like around 5.00am or even later?
My son slammed his finger in the door and lost his fingernail. Will it come back?
Folliculitis treatment?
Itch-less Red Bumps?
Important!! I need reviews on a product called "skin Zinc"!! Or has anyone know of something better? psoriasis
does gold really help with styes?
Help with my skincare routine!?
am i sick please help?
i have really dry skin !!..HELP..?
How do I avoid getting blisters?
back waxing & back acne help?
How do you seriously get rid of acne???
Can someone explain to me the symptoms of dandruff or burning scalp problem that won't go away?
Help with hives...I am going crazy?
what happens if you have little bumps on your arm that are red?
Can someone diagnosis me?
2nd degree burns; new skin safe to protect from infections?
How do i knw if my tat is infected (first one)??
Scar from mole removal? HELP PLEASE?
i have really bad acne scars on my back...... what can i use or do to help lighten them up or get rid of them.
I have no friends and I want to kill myself?
How can I get someone with bipolar disorder to understand I am there to support him and love him?
i got stung by a bee?
how do i know if my ear gauge is infected?
paxil withdrawak-how long can it last?
How to warn those around me I'm about to faint?
How can you reduse swelling of chiggers and mosquito bites?
1. Average wage for someone living in Sydney 2. Wage of Paramedic in Sydney?
My son bruises easy is this due to ADHD meds?
I have a son who is 20 years old who i believe has mental problems?
Do all anti anxiety meds make you drowsy?
Please help me? thanks :)?
plz help!!! the longer you keep taking ativan for aniexty and social situations, will the ativan relieve the?
I am only a kid what can I do to help?
I think I'm going to try to die if no ONE talks to me. no joke. I have tons of thoughts rite now.?
Very painful sunburn help?!?!?
Is it normal to think this way? Anyone do this?
Drinking 8-oz 8 glasses of water to lose weight and taking prescription medication for mental illnes?
I fainted after cutting my thumb accidentally and lose vision for a lil while, why did it happen?
I'm having trouble with sleep please help?
where is glucose stored in the blood?
if your over weight and diabetic is 129 beats per min bad oh my heart?
Should I get checked out for Type two Diabetes?
i help on diabetes please?
Can type 2 diabetes be given to another person not related?
Can someone recomend me proven internet shop with medication?
can u catch hep c from reusing your diabetic needles?
When Im taking a nap I.....?
how to get diabetes type 2 ?
Explain How Eating Healthy is good for your health?
The more water I drink the thirstier I get -?
what else causes high potassium levels besides food?
does atenolol 25 mg tab reduces fever?
Can fresh sugar cane juice be harmful or cause diabetes?
what happens when a 70 year old diabetic woman vomits and feels extremely weak?
could i have diabetes?
am i a good candidate to have a ankle fusion with diabetes i had polio in my left food?
question about getting prescriptions at walmart?
why am i thirsty if I'm drinking way more water?
My blood glucose level according to the blood glucose meter test was 106?
Why am I getting two completely different blood sugar readings on two different machines. 110 /142?
Is there an herbal or plant preparation that would act like an opiate in the brain?
What does it mean to be herdedoxed?
Do the Gia Wellness products work?
Is D Mannose safe? Does your body flush it out? I know some plants naturally have it; but is it safe as powder?
What's a good blend of herbs for smoking?
Natural acne supplement i'm taking ?
ok im sick but i cant figure out what?
i feel fatigue what is the reason for it ,am i suffering from immproper immune system?
what is chamomilla?does it help diarrhea?
can you still travel while you have the shingles??
Infection Medicine...?
If i had Kawasaki's disease when i was young does that mean my kids may be able to get it?
I am HsAg positive patient. Can i work in CANADA permanently?
Since I have had multiple ear surgeries, do you think learning to sing is a possibility for me?
cover a wound?
does levofloxacin cover actinomyces pyogenes?
normal urine examination values. what if alb+1 ,mucus threads+++ , bact. flora +.?
Dry mouth??
Important Question!!!!?
Did i get rabies?
i mean the aids virus?
what can I take for a stomach virus?
Is there a disorder/virus/sickness that a person can get from enough flea bites?
Can you get a coldsore one time and than it goes away and never comes back?
hpv and 38 weeks pregnant? ?
can you catch a std,sti from a unsatinary bathroom?
Should I worry about this sore?
getting tested for hiv...?
why is hirschprang disease more common to males than females?
Can i catch HIV from using a diabetic test pen?
What did I have......?
i had a dream that i n my boyfriend died in a car accident on a rainy day but my spirit was still alive?
how long can a person hold their breath without becoming unconscious?
Air Purifier Takes Air In Slowly... Is This Normal?
How long does a ban from the Red Cross last for?
Will hydro 421 show up on a drug test?
Does thus sound like anemia?
How come I can't fall asleep till so late?
my friend shoved a pencil up my nose and i cant get it out and it is bleeding. what do i do?
Can someone die by having a pencil shoved up their nose?
I have a problem my boyfriend is to large and I keep having to go to the emergency room.?
is it safe to say my lip is permantly numb?
my shoulder help please please?
What color cast should i get?
Have YOU ever broken a bone? How many? How many times?
Is it normal to flick or rub on your ear?
Do You Still Pick Your Nose?
Could this be a fracture?
When my doctor had to "set" my wrist, did that mean "brake' it?
How painful is it to get your head cut off?
How should I deal with a black eye at work?
whats is the best way to make bruises go away quick.?
how do i know if hand is broken?
I think I may have broken my finger... help?
how to pass the time until tomorrow morning?
girlfriend hurt her ankle, broken or sprained..?
What can happen if a person sustains repeated blows to the head over a long period of time?
I think I got bit by something?
ok this is a strange question...but im worried?
Whats wrong with my back?
i walk on my toes,a lot.?
Would a vitamin D deficiency explain all this?
Does taking focalin interfere with azithromycin?
how do i get rid of my nits!?!?
My child has acid reflux and doesnt put on weight, we find that zantac isn't working what shall we do to help?
Do I need help????? ?
Hypothyroid but frequently have hyper symptoms off and on?
vitiligo disease ,is this disease spreads .?
how to tell i have strep without going to the dr?
All possible brain diseases which does not allow you to be under stress and is treatable at an early stage?
long nose or small nose?
Will a UV-C Room Air Sanitizer help with a mold problem ?
is it ok for my dog to drink water after induced vomiting?
Am I allergic to my kitten?
Do i have allergies or just a common cold?
Why do I only breaK out in hives sometimes when I drink beer and other times I'm fine?
How can I find out if I'm allergic to certain metal?
How do I know if I'm allergic to dairy?
Asthma + animal allergy, can OTC allergy medicine help?
my lower back KILLS.. what is the cause?
A lot of annoying symptoms, does anyone have answers to whats wrong with me?
My new Tragus piercing hurts?
Can a broken elbow affect your balance when walking?
i have a bump inside my wrist and my wrist is so sore and my whole hand tingles?
neck pain from kissing husband?
is a cardiac output of 8.5L/min normal?
My blood pressure is 102/58. Should i be worried?
Does anyone know what a loud pumping sound for your heart can be?
My dad had a stroke july 20 2010. And they cant find why.?
Is heartburn common with teens?
What does this mean??????
How is vitamin E thought to play a role in reducing the risk of heart disease?
Had A Stent Done Two Days Ago In Both My Renal Arteries..My Questions is?
Is physiology and/or pathology of the heart the same as cardiology?
Sinus infection cause Tunnel Vision?
Is it only when speaking on the phone that it could cause brain cancer?
Drug test please help?
having trouble falling asleep?
I always go to sleep in the morning and wake up in the afternoon...?
What could this bump on my leg be?
I'm not sure if I have diabetes or not?
what happens if i pee alot in 2 hours?
what can you do for low iron?
how do I find the difference between sugars?
what are some severe reactions to diabetes?
Low blood sugar and drinking?
whats the normal blood sugar level?
Is it better for a diabetic to eat fruits with a higher glucose level or a lower glucose level?
I had a ALC done and the result was 6.3.Does that say I am a diabetic?
what can effect a breatherlyzer test besides alcohol?
I am type II Diabetic. Recently I have lost almost ten pounds of my weight.?
when using lancets get sore fingers and get callous how to treat this problem?
Diabetes Question, for non-diabetic. I'm a little worried! Help please =(?
what is a normal glucose reading for a 29 year old male?
What could be wrong with me, could it be diabetes?
Thoughts on unisom whole pregnant?
what does it mean if you go dizzy, weak and crave sugar?
Type 2 Diabetes Question.?
how do you feel when you have high sugar blood level?
I'm so confused?. Is my blood sugar high? please help?
Does he have a risk of developing type II diabetes?
where can i cut myself with small amounts of blood?
Mosquito bite issues?
Why won't my bug bite go away?!?
Which sting is more painful, the bullet ant or the scorpion?
Foot Blister from basketball help?
Yellow Jacket Wasp Sting Concern?
I rarely go out side & I have mosquito bites all over my legs. Where could they have come from?
poison oak?
Laser treatments and stretch marks???
If you get a tatoo can it peel your skin off. And what are other side effects?
My 2 yr old apparently has a skin diease......?
have any of you ever used rentin-a micro for acne?
Questions about Accutane?
Keppra causing fatigue, diarrhea, and or perfuse sweating?
Red spot on my arm, should I be worried?
so i used NAIR on my arm and it turn all red and itchy?
help please?
What exactly is Andersen's disease?
what should i do if i consumed mice droppings?
why can't i wear earrings?
i need your help like now pleaseeeeeeeeee?
Help me with my eye problem?!?!?
lepra organigation.co?
Lymphocyte Enumeration - High CD19?
can a hair stylist work if they have hepatitis a,b,c and aids?
My boyfriend has just found out he has shingles. Ive been close to him and just wondered if I can catch it?
i was recently exposed to hiv+ blood. can i take the Post-exposure prophylaxis meds if i am on methadone?
red blotches on lips?
I have a red rash on my chest....?
red spot on cheek?
I feel heatiness in my feets with or without shoes.?
i have these little red bumps on my inner big toe and then it spread to my middle toe on my other foot?????
does drinking alcohol while taking antiobiotics make the antibiotics ineffective?
I have PSC?
Why is it that after I finished my exercise, I got fever and cold?
My fiancee was currently diagnosed with H.Pylori. Is it ok for him to still drink alcohol?
Crack Cocaine Epidemic?
What causes...???
Does anyone have any information on the bird flu?
is Ciproflexin a NSAID?
bladder infection??
IF I have an STD...?
how quickly can a D. N. A. sample be tested?
how possible is it to get std's from someones urine?
oral herpes or irritated zit?
What's a lip kiss????????????
can males give females yeast infections??
I got my lip repricedd yesterday and now the front of it has swolen and has gone in my lip. What should i do?
My arms hurt really bad!?
I cut myself and now my arm feels weird?
so i fell off my skateboard last night and hit the right side of my forehead and eye, still swollen?
i smashed my finger in a locker?
i'm on crutches and i'm home alone?
My eyeball fell out of my head? only real answers please?
Tendon behind my right leg...?
i have hade a nose bleed for almost a week now i think its cuz i just moved from florida to colorado w.s.i.d?
What do you when your foot goes to sleep?
is my toe broken plz help?
if today is tuesday and yesterday was monday then what is tomorrow?
i banged my head 2 days ago, i have a small bump and ever since then, i have had a bad headache. what do i do?
Have you ever had stitches and where?
can you overdose on 8 advils and four bayers?
I have an injury that I have had for awhile. Advice?
I got a paper cut and it is bleeding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
hi; with an injured right leg, and using a cane,what is the proper way to use the cane, when i walk. thanks.?
If my arm gets cut off accidentally it will grow back right?
Eye Check-Up doctors that take CHIP medicaid Insurance? (Kid) & 10 points each!! ***)?
will astigmatism get worse even with glasses?
something is wrong with my eye!?
Do I have a eye infection or dry eyes?
Can blind people see images in their dreams?
What is this thing connected to my eye? (picture)?
eye floating problem?
I placed an order with coloredcontacts4cheap.com 4 days ago, how long does it usually take to receive your ord?
What's it like being colorblind? How can I make life better for a color blind person?
Dry throat and sinuses when I wake up.. What should I do?
What are the Duties of a Nurse?
i am going to buy a new mechanical massager,does it have any disadvantage for health?
Insomnia help... Im desperate?
Does malnutrition weaken your bones?
I have a16year old friend his height is 5feet .is hisgrowth normal.? is thereanythinghecan do to make him grow?
Can Anemia Cause Petechiae?
if you faint do u go to hospital?
What are some good home remedies to get rid of a cold?
why does salt help soar throats?
I heard something about marijuana and olive oil?
the medicine Concerta 4 add or adhd how do pple react that take it when they dont have add or adhd?
Why do i pass a fair amount of gas, after i have given a massage?
Should I continue seeing my Therapist even though I lied to her about quitting smoking marijuana?
In the UK, if you recieved substandard treatment from a hypnotherapist and they are not willing 2 put it right?
Surely all pharmaceutical drugs are made from natural ingredients? ?
Is 5 mg of lithium aspartate a high enough dosage to help eleviate depression?
Feeling suicidal tonight But I don't have a plan Just thinking about it. Can someone talk to me?
Does Ativan mess up your memory?
Stress: How I Need Help?
is there a medical explanation for the sudden alienation we feel sometimes ?
My boyfriend's entire personality changed out of nowhere?
severe memory loss? help?
I'm paranoid something will happen to mum?
Why is cutting so addictive?
Should I Kill Myself ? Because I'm tired of living ! Please Answer?
Is it strange I literally only like one band, one tv show, 2 book series and listen/watch/read them repeatedly?
I am 17 and i 'stutter', please tell me why?
Who has ever donated a lung? If so I would like to talk to you?
blisters in creases of lips??
Fainting and shaking causes?
i need medical advice?
how can someone do crack, meth and pop percocet pills all in one night?
My uper abdomen hurts bad when I cough and my lower abdomen has a crampy feeling?
Has anybody else just slept 2 hours and feels wide awake?
Does swallowing gum cause Digestive pains?
what causes cellulitis? my friend's calf is very swollen &blood clots were ruled out?
can diabetics eat beans?
Is there a way a daughter's cord blood can be used by the Type 1 diabetic father to eliminate insulin shots?
Could this have affected blood samples testing for diabetes and similar illnesses?
blood result? PLEASE HELP.?
Toe problems that idont know what it is?
can i diabetic get more headaches?
If I donate plasma or blood will it mess with my unemployment?
is there a cure for diabetes in Cuba ?
Im hypoglycemic, can i give blood?
best thing to eat before bed if u have Hypoglycemia?
I think I'm diabetic?
my blood sugar is 50 after 4 hours after the meal?
Diabetic ketoacidosis ?
iam diagnosed with type2 diabaties what shuld i do iam un married?
Do You Think I Have Diabetes?
Any suggestions for my senior thesis on a healthier lifestyle?
Can Eliminating Sugar from Diet cause Low Blood Sugar ?
What tips can you give me, a woman, for being with a man that has Hypothyroidism?
what are the health benefits for diabetics, Is it good for diabetics.?
Low blood sugar symptoms?
How do you get diabetes?
What can I do to benefit my health if my mother has diabetes?
remedy for poor foot and leg circulation?
How do i get a healthy heart?
feel heart when hand on chest?
is there a telltale sign to know when my liver is damaged?
How do you get rid of high blood pressure?
What can I do about my blood pressure?
What are the chances of surviving open heart surgery?
is 215 total cholesterol for 47 year old woman that weighs 118 pounds high?
What kinds of health problems can be caused by blockages in coronary?
how do i stop cutting my wrists?
What should I do about my sprained back?
Help! my jaw won't go back into place!?
If my hand and leg is broken from falling on roller skates how long will it take to recover from my body?
Whats wrong with my leg?
What hurts worse: childbirth or getting your arm cut off by a sword?
Cut myself (down there)?
10 points for best answer! Please answer, i dont know what this is and it hurts!?
What do I do about my leg?
I need a good lie about why my eyebrow area has been cut?
answer this please.....?
i have an ankle problem it cracks when i rotate it and some times its really painful whats wrong?
My friend needs to hide cuts on his wrist...?
i went skiing and i fell on my arm now i cant make it bend all the way to go strait and it hurts what should i?
My son is limping !!!?
i recently hit a wall out of anger and now it hurts to make a fist on my right pinkie knuckle ?
injuries you would get jumping out of a second story window and landing on a car??
how come broken necks lead to paralysis, wont the bone and otheres heal over time.?
Did I cause serious damage to my finger?
if i have cough and flu,will it cause me internal bleeding?
I would like to know about Hepatitus A?
white hard pussball in the back of my throat, what is it?
Are there any modern-day vaccines that are given with an IV?
How can mosquitoes be controlled?
While having mono, how long will it be before you can't pass it on to other by sharing a drink, kissing, etc.?
mosquitos transmit west nile virus & malaria via salivary glands, what about bed bugs tansmitting disease?
how to cure chicken pox?
if u have a bacterial infection do u have to go to the doctors or?
What are the symptoms of AIDS?
Why won't my son's sore throat go away even if his tonsils were removed about 5 years ago?
how can i go tell authorites of a close family member spreading hiv?
can u catch tetonis from drinking out of a rusty can?
Any doctors, nurses..?
What about Mono?
will pinworms go away without meds?
If you get your tongue cut out can you still taste food?
help thumb bone bruising more details below?
my chich lid is badly bruised from bites how can i save it?
Help! Will this wound leave a scar?
What's the least painful way to cut your finger off?
What happens if you touch stinging nettle and how long do the effects last?
How come whenever I'm trying to fall asleep, my foot twitches?
Very small red bump on right thumb? Painful when touched. Please Help!?
Sleep and pain issue....................?
Infected cut on knee?
Full health check....?
What is the best way?? 10POINTS?
What's the best way to get back on a sleep schedule?
i really wonna get veins popping out of the upper part of my arms?
What is this loud beeping sound I hear in my head?
i have a rash ichy bumpy can u help had for 3 to 4 weeks getting wrose?
Facial Wound: Is my red/pink mark scarring or will it thicken upon final healing and fading of red mark?
How to tell if scarring is permanant?
i have really oily skin...what is a good cleanser/lotion to help control the oil?
what do you call the nodules that results from a healing torn hymen?
My skin sort of burned and a brown patch formed wher i got sprayed by a fire extinguisher.?
how do you treat flea bites on a human?
Does Proactiv Really Work?
i have a 3inch chemical burn on my fore arm it's very itchie?
Stretch mark fading time?
lower hypercholesterolemia?
My medicine is causing more problems then it is helping?
Tips for a Sodium Flush/Detox?
Ahhh! Strep throat! Glands hurt! OUCH?
Whats a good home remedy/exercise for torn rotator cuff pain?