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stomach flu?
I heard your not supposed to pop ant bites, Why?
Wisdom Teeth Extraction?
What does a spider bit look like?
Water wont come out of my ear?
Bug bite driving me crazy!?
possible to have an std?
i have a report to do about people with hiv and aids?
when you take a blood test, if you have something does it show up in the blood test results?
Wow!!! I dont know wat dis could be..?
please explain how the person is geting hiv possitive?
blood test for hiv?
everytime my friend makes?
Cold sore? or herpes?
how many kids drop out of highschool each year due to drug abuse?
Why does no one take my depression seriously?
Why is my room soo messy and can't i clean it even though it makes me cry?
Can I get diabetes if I have no risk factors?
blood sugar 400,why is this?
Any idea what is wrong with me?
Serious question about being diabetic?
Which is better: Celexa or Zoloft?
I'm having trouble sleeping?
Can not eating for 4 days affect a diabetes test?
At what age can someone get Diabetes?
i am not diabetic can and what happens if i overdose with insuilin?
Why am i so dizzy all day?
I am extremely dehydrated?
do you think i may have diabetes?
how do i donate a kidney?
Embarassing but I always have to pee now. . diabetes?
I think I have diabettus?
How do I know if I have diabeties without getting tested?
Can having one sign of diabetics mean you have it?
Are these diabetes symptoms?
Question for people who have diabetes?
what happens when the pancreas does not secrete adequate insulin?
why do i drink so much water, but get even more thirsty?
how do you get diabetes cured?
Should I take my daughter in to get tested for diabetes?
Where can I find a Diabetes 2 diet?
how bad is 28 blood sugar?
I went to a podiatrist yesterday and found out?
back pain after spinal fusion?
I had a forehead lift out of the country in 09 and it turned out horrible. Gauze was left in my head & slide?
where can i get heavy wrist and ankle bands?
Okay so am I detoxing?
My ears and chest wont stop hurting HELP ME!!!!?
Anyone know much about it Intuniv?
wat does smoking lemon kush make you feel like?
How to make my hair root strong?
how to measure bromelain activity of pineapple juice?
Are caffeine pills like coffee and are they safe?
is there any way to make a home made version of icy hot, or some other kind of pain releaver?
HOW do you?
has anyone out there tried the prayer approach with stopping smoking?
what are some good sites to find the morphology of whooping cough and rsv?
I have been having problems breathing over the past year?
Sharp chest pains on the left side of my chest?
Has anybody else had anything as bad as this?
i have epelepsy ( black outs) . The older i am getting the more difficult it became to handle my temper.?
Is there a specific Tar breath test available? Tar from smoking?
Please help me! I have trouble breathing, and my chest and back hurts!?
what effect does nasal congestion have on the respiratory system?
Why does it feel good to breath cool misty morning air?
Is BCG vaccine still effective as you get older?
where could I find a website that is all about articles of true stories regarding an asthmatic patient?
What is phemeldahyde posioning?
what vitamins help ease colitis flare up's?
Any home remedys for heartburn?
Okay if you held your breath then you would pass out. But for how long???
Traveling with portable oxygen?
Can i just jump off medication?
Mice and rodents help.?
Are there any doctor's offices/ clinics open today (black friday)?
Migraine or something more complex?
SCARED weils or lcmv?
I haven't been able to sleep...Please Help!!!?
What is a discease that affects the muscular system?
Why do you get dizzy when you spin around and around?
Best medicine for sore throat and stuffy nose?
Any songs about someone in your family that is addicted to drugs, preferably heroine but anything works,thanks?
Clarithromycin and stomach/intestinal discomfort?
HELP could I have bronchitis?!!?
Can I still have a colonoscopy if I'm menstruating?
do i have the NRA virus ( really bad stomach virus) ?
Puppys with an allergic reaction?
Hands Hurt From Writing 2 Lines...Help?
What kinda Bite is this?
I got stung by a bee, not sure what to do?
I got an Insect bite with a red line?
How do I treat a blister on my finger?
Help really bad sun burn?
is it ok to use peroxide for ear wax?
is the blood sugar of 117 bad after eating 2 oranges?
when does digestion take place?
question about diabetes?
Should I donate blood?
Will it be harder for me to get pregnant since my bf is diabetic?
i have never had problems with my blood sugar?
are there any natural substitutes to lower sugar?
what happens if I drank a bottle of Snapple Ice tea 45 minutes before my fasting glucose test?
how can I make my blood sugar normal?
what is a healthy blood sugar count?
Are artificial sweetners a good substitute for sugar?
when in injection needed instead of medication for diabetes?
I need help controlling my diabetes?
If I eat a lot of fruit, will it lead to diabetes?
wat do you do when your blood sugar gets dangerously high?
How to Prevent my Diabetes?
Do I have Diabetes ???????????????
I think I have diabetes? Im really confussed on what to do? Please help!!!?
I want to lose weight but its impossible. i have type 1 diabetes. what can i do?
I have most of the symptoms of diabetes and my blood sugar is 114? So I guess I don't have it?
what is the best alcoholic drink for a type 1 diabetic?
alcohol and diabetes?
Is there a way to eliminate diabetes?
my mom been having a seizure for two days what could that mean?
clear white discharge with no odor after eating. pls. answer only if this had happened to you.?
Is it an STD?
How to get rid of worts?
plz help this...?
if you come out with a dirty pee test for the first time, can you go to jail?
I got a cigarette ash in my eye?
what do nubers mean on eye exam?
Why should people not call James Sokolove that have had a sore throat?
Gastroenteritis food poisoning; prevention?
If dog has undiagnosed heartworm and is treated with heartworm preventive meds, can it kill the dog?
what causes yellow stick puss in children in eyes?
How do you get rid of a sore throat?
whats the best treatment for a stuffy nose?
does ostepmyletis of your neck show in a normal x ray ??
can engraving be removed from tiffany heart charm?
Palpatations when stood up help?
what can you take instead of amox if you are allergic?
could i have Clostridium difficil?
Was treated for UTI with Cipro 9 days ago......have begun to feel?
My friend had just diagnosed with 3 of his arteries blocked (75%), can advance artery solution help?
Is my heart rate something to worry about?
Does anyone much about the heart ?
what is the effect of aerobic exercise on blood pressure?
why does my heart beat fast?
How nephron function relates to control of blood pressure?
could my lip be infected?
150/80 blood pressure?
Is taking an aspirin a day too much?
Table tilt test and adrenaline question?
I take Timol 10MG because I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, but it makes me sleep all day?
What are some re-emerging diseases?
Any HIV specialists? I Need help!?
I have black and white puss in big pockets on my tonsils. Is this a symptom of tonsillitis?
my puppy is 7 month has had diarreah for three days.?
what is the use of glotucola herbs?
Can you swim with an ICD?
whats wrong with me... my sleeping schedule is crazy?
How do you get to sleep when your not tired.?
i have no idea what this is?
could i have depression? ;/?
Sleep Disorder Help. [Need Diagnosis]?
Is there any sad/advice chatroom out there?
Do you think I can I fly?
Klonopin... How should I safetly exercise on this medicine?
What's best, safest, least side affects treatment for schizophrenia or paranoid delusion disorder?
Difference between passive and passive aggressive behavior?
Aside from taking my anti-anxiety medication, how can I stay relaxed at my first day at work tomorrow?
What are the symptoms of an individual suffering from derealization that can be seen just by looking at them?
How do you replenish yourself if you don't have time to sleep?
Heart went out of rhythm?
It's Christmas and my taste buds are gone - help!!?
Playing Electric Guitar in HEAVY METAL style for long years, could Damage the Auditory Nerve in the Brain?
my blood pressure is usually ok but whenever i go to the ER or doctors it shoots right up why is this?
How many cystex tablets for urinary tract infection do i take?
can staying up untill ur exhausted in order to sleep be dammaging to your brain?
Any reasons why I shouldn't go?
what is this the symptoms of?
does walmart vision accept parkland medicaid?
Do I have the flu? Symtoms below...?
I was in a car acedent and my head went into the window witch caused glass to shader along with sending pecies?
I have a bad case of diarrhea. Please help,?
Spirulina, chlorella, or both?
will 9 percocet 5mg taken on thurs show up on a screen da next tuesday? im 250 poundz datz 4 and a half dayz..?
approximately how much beet juice powder in mg equals 500ml of beet juice?
Does sodium sulfate work as a diuretic?
Any natural dopamine antagonists?
Does 500ml of beet juice equal 500mg of beet juice powder?
Do lymphatic massages work?
What are the effects of niacin?
Fiance's toxicology report was positive for cocaine,137ng/ml in blood, 1007 ng/ml in urine.Is this very high?
What is wrong? is this a disease?
Med for parasites to help cure blood in stool?
Proper function of the urinary system is frequently evaluated by?
I think i have mild hypospadias but im not sure. if i have this will it affect my private life?
sleeping with staph infected child?
Is it okay to take fish oil while taking blood thinners?
Swelling in the blader area......?
swollen lymph glands in aids?
Is it common to gain weight with aids?
Can people get HIV/AIDS from boxing?
URGENT:I did not notice allergy to Amoxicillin. But when I took Aroxin I broke out i itchy rashes whole body.?
any home remedies out there pliz?
My sunburn has gone yellow dry and crusty...?
I just took a bite out of a burger that was uncooked?
help i have a thorn splinter stuck in my tummy?
my ear needs to be poped i think?
i've been peeing like every 10 mins. I'm not sure if its a urinary tract infection, diabetes or pregnancy or?
Can diabetes be caused by medication or an illness?
- Questions about being prediabetic?
What is the blood sugar checker that some diabetes patients use called?
Juvenile Diabetes, do I have it?!?!?!?
(diabetic)my step dad quit taking his insulin and lost alot of weight....is this good or bad?
Should I stop being worried about having diabetes?
I have a slightly disgusting question about diabetes and menstrual blood?
what is the normal blood sugar level ?
help im passing out......?
can you help me understand type 2 diabetes?
Is aspartame a poison for your body?
How to stop worrying I have diabetes?
What are the symptoms of diabetes?
i think im diabetic...can any one look at my symptoms and help?
What do you think the chances are?
Diabetic - Pls explain HOW extreme heat temp affects blood glucose and why it causes SEVERE DROPS in levels?
Does Maple Syrup have sugar in it?
am i low on iron? COMMENT PLEASE...?
Am i diabetic or hypoglycemic?
Blood sugar (glucose) of 28 how could this be?
Fasting for bloodwork tomorrow...ok to drink water?
my husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes blood sugar is still high-409 Is 15ml aday enough insulin?
My forearm is aching? please help?
What could cause my feet/lower part of legs to get really really bad cramps sometimes...?
Grinding shoulders what is wrong?
Pain under left arm?!?
My knee is messed up! Help!?
why does my knee hurt severely?
how to wax stomach and chest at home?
What does It Mean when the bud goes black when you smoke?
Was drugged....now what?
Why does everything i eat taste like puke?
blue botches on leg no idea?
c'è qualcuno fra di voi che è uscito da anni di depressione solo con le proprie forze?
Lately I have had a problem with passing more than just gas. Is there something wrong with me?
How can I fall asleep ? ?
Could I just be sick, have the flu, or could my sister have passed me her sinus/ear infection? Help!?
I threw up..what caused it ?
How can I fall asleep at earlier time?
horrible left knee pain when going from bent to straight?
Can I take lemsip with nytol?
how come the hospital havent released autopsy after a month of death?
Tonsillectomy tomorrow?
I get this really bad feeling?
really bad chest pain? wat is it?
Does weight training help lower high blood pressure?
Is this anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
0.62 still a normal range of crp?
Anyone get this procedure done please read?
Heart problems cause dizziness?
Has anyone ever experienced rapid heart beats but only in the morning. I mean as soon as I open my eyes.?
How to lower blood pressure?
is medical treatment likely to be needed?
Pills To Prevent Asthma Attacks???
my dad is taking Chantix and all he does is sleep he takes other medication with it!?
i have a mild cough and a fever that ranges from about 99.5-101.5?
Drink natural skunk oil for cough symptoms?
How does a hyperbaric chamber work?
I have a nasal polyp on the right maxillary antrum.?
Can hair loss due to mold exposure be reversed?
Sleep Apnea: is it common to have mood swings AFTER treatment?
My Welsh Corgi Recieved Pills FOR 1 WK I LOST IT WHERE CAN I GET MORE PILLS ?
Is therapeutic health technician the same as a physical therapist?
Those with asthma...do you have 2 inhalers??
Quitting smoking?
anyone thier who knows the pathophysiology of abdominal mass?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold : sneezing,coughing and a stopped up nose in less than 1 day?
Blood Results Scaring Me!!!!!?
Do atrophic rhinitis sounds familiar to any of you guys. is it curable or is there any treatment for it.help?
Is there any way to improve breathing?
Do I have Oral Herpes?!?!?
conclusion on syphilis ????
How does AIDS effect families?
question about the stomach virus!!?
drugs that hide urinalysis tests?
STD life????
Whats wrong with me.?
How can you get rid of in grown hair?
Severe flank pain on the lower right backside?!?!?!?!?
Kidney stone or not. Please help!?
.1 Blood Red Cells in Urine, Constant Peeing, In a five year old Please help?
What is the difference between Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy?
Did I have a seizure?
How do you know if it's just gas or something serious?
Which lobe(s) does Bipolar disorder affect?
What are symtoms of hepatites A,B,C,aids?
how can i start a speech about sickle cell anaemia?
I was diagnoised with scabies recently and have been taking the medication i was percribed, its now back, help
Get answers from millions of real people.?
What does it mean when you get something in the mail from the clinic and it has:?
Chicken pox?
Rota virus and zofran HELP?
true of false- if a mosquito bites someone with malaria they have 15seconds to bit someone else to pass it on?
How can i help a soar throat???
friend has a fever=contagious?
what is a good thesis statement for influenza?
what will an AIDS petiens CD4 count be?
Help! please!?
can u get Chylamadia in the mouth?
Can a patient with chickenpox take a bath and use electric fan?
Worms for dog to human??
Has anyone heard of a kids eyesight being impacted after having chicken pox.?
I am not sure what I have my symptons are.. should I see a doctor?
what if my dog coughs saliva?
What is Infection?
paranoid scientistst!?
Is there anyway to tell between a bacterial and Viral infection?
I'm 15 and i think i might have diabetes?
Are all Artificial sweetners bad for type 2 diabetics? Any O.K. ?
my son might have diabetes. he is 10. how would i know?
Is there an herb for fibromyalia ?
can a diabetic patient can have a safe pregnancy?
can honey cause diabetes?
will I die of diabetes?
what are symptoms of being pre-diabetic?? can i still reduce the chance of haveing diabetes if i lose weight ?
If someone is showing symptoms of diabetes and have no insurance or no doctor should they go to the ER?
What are the chances I will get diabetes?
Neuropathy - How do you know you have it? I'm worried...?
Am i diabetic????? please help?
im 14 years old and none of my family members have diabetes but i have a lot of the symptoms, could i have it?
Plz help me my problum is hai blood pireshr end may left leg is week pleez suol may problum ?
Can someone please answer!!! Diabetes Problems...?
If i get a blood test to see if i have artheritis in my back could they find THC in my blood? ?
What is Diabetes? Simple answer please.?
is my blood to high?is it normal?
diabetes & sitting exams?
Diabetic shots at work?
should i continue fasting if i have a little diarrea?
ive been eating like 15 pieces of candy a day, could i get diabetes?
What is placebo fraud?
What is the most effective over-the-counter sleep aid?
What are some good books on light and how it effets nerve systems?
Can I take th Tylenol?
Bio Oil Vs. Vitamin E Oil for stretch marks...?
How long does Aloe Vera juice remain good?
Will percocet show up in a hair drug test if only taken once in a while?
i have diploma in nursing.i want to do post basic BSc nursing from any university in canada through online?
possible broken bone..? help?
why does my sunburn sting after i put aloe on it ?
if i have a scab and it goes away, will i have a scar?
Did this tick bite me or not?
Dizziness, nausea, weak hands and legs, blacking out, cold chills, anxious, fatigue, bruises- can anyone help?
swallowed baquacil... helpp ? lol?
question about minor cut?
Why Does my Left Eye Keep Watering?
Are my eyes freaky looking?
I need contacts I just came from Miami, where can I buy cheap contacts store or online? Thanks?
Can somebody possibly change his eyes iris color completely?
Can I Wear Contact Lenses (NEW) That Are Not My Prescription?
How to overcome depression?
How do i cover my self harm?
How does one get through the 1st anniversary of a loved ones death?
My parents don't understand!?
Is there any way to remember what happened after being drunk?
Fluoxetine is making me lose weight...every day?
I feel so empty inside?
Do multiple personality person understand each other?
Taking Zoloft for anxiety?
STD Testing??????
what does "BDRS" mean?? URGENT..?
ok so i thikky i have hiv i use my mom boold tester and her two friendys use it two dos it been i have hive?
brown discharge?
If your eyes start to itch and throat really really hurt is that allergies or just sick?
I have excessive post nasal drip every day, sometimes it is like flu , thin mucus,increase after meal?
does anyone feel like this 2?
I need to fall asleep 4 hours earlier than I'm used to tonight...?
Why am I not able to hum?
Am I Allergic To Almonds?
Pain in Right Tonsil when I swallow?
Does any one else have a reaction to aspartame after gastric bypass.?
How does one's body develop tolerance against drugs?
disadvantages of IFT in Physiotherapy?
help, I am allergic to sugars?
Is This An Allergic reaction to Chocolate?
and pain medicines make you itch?
What is worst for a lactose intolerant person? Milk or cream?
Sharp Pain When Swallowing Food?
My eye hurts ! HELP :(?
Im 15 and have a weird unknown problem. When i run my hand down my left femur bone i feel "divits" in my bone.?
What's wrong with my knee? :(?
My tongue hurts badly!!!!........help?
Please help me, whats wrong with my legs?
Does standing for long periods of time cause legs and knees to swell?
Pain behind bottom left side of rib cage?
Why am I tierd all of a sudden?
Why did I get a headache after I ate?
Head ake, sore throat, ears hurt?
My mum has been have pains in her neck?
How to cure diarrhea at home?
My doctor nicked my aorta during laproscopic surgery for diverticulosis. Was he at fault?
Does Target's version of Zantac 150 help for globus hystericus?
Am I infected with rabies?
what system or organs in your body make swelling go away?
Pregnant and trouble breathing and cramping and high heart rate does anyone have any idea or have had this ?
If I am taking meds for atrial fibulation does that account for weight gain?
what is the thing which found in the heart, if it get little u will die, and if it get more u will die also?
What medical condition could this be?
What is the best diet for people with heart disease,stroke and blood disorders?
Says I've got a small aorta?
marine mammal heart rate depression?
can you take ada pak pills with high blood pressure?
Getting rid of moles?
how to even a sunburn?
I have a lower leg problem,a number of spots, it is red around with blackish centre, no,injury,trauma,surgery?
do clementines work?
I found a pill that is oval shaped , tan in color and has a big Q on it, can anyone tell me what it is?
my mom has itchness around her skin of her eye can some plase tell me how she can get ride of her itchness or?
Burned my forhead & now the scab is peeling, what do I do?
i live with hyperhydrosis(sweaty hands) in ethiopia what shall i do?
Oh no!! Please help me!?
Why have I still got a piercing mark? and how can i get rid of it?
roaccutane on keloid scars?
is there anything from boots that you can reccommend me that gets rid of blackheads ?
how to get rid of Scars?
Back acne scars?
need acne help and lots of it?
about a week ago i noticed an bump a bumb u could not see cause it was soo small then i kecpt playing with ite
anyone else use head and shoudlers shampoo who hasnt got dandruff?
i have really bad acne like horrible it even hurts what can i do to make it go away im so tierd of it !?
is it possible to black out if you taste alcohol?
Can you kill yourself by staying awake?
How can a patient coordinate prescriptions so that they all are due to be refilled at the same time?
i accidentally swallowed my blood hELP!?
Are there any orthopedic knee surgeons out there?
What is wrong with my niece?
small stingy spots on wrist and fingers?!?
For many years I have been drowsy at all times. I am drowsy when I go to bed, but I can't get to sleep?
In my vision, if i focus on something and dont move my vision, i c a little brown dot slowly comin down. help?
why did this cold come back!?
Medical ethics...Need Help?
Health concern?
when the gynecologist does the screening for stds what does it detect?
Possibility of STD?
how we can know if were cured from gonorrhea?
Can you obtain a copy of your std results from planned parenthood clinics?
how long shoud augmentin take to work?
I need information on hepititis C?
wondering about a certain kind of disease?
which disease can spread via the air?
after treatment can you infect someone?
can people that's diagnosed with mononucleosis always get symptoms?
Alcoholic dressing?
6 year old boy with swollen glands on back of neck, very tired, elevated white blood cells. What is it?
Please advice me. my brother's son had ears infection and becouse of that he had hight fever?
Do you think most people would rather wash their hands or get a flu shot?
what happens when you catch dematitis and leave it un treated for avery long time?
Is it true in altanta GA, you can get hiv from mosquitos?
colds and nausea?
bird flu????
Can you get staph infection from dirt?
Smoking and Drinking After Strep Throat?
Past History of Tuberculosis- VIsa Problems?
My Nephew of 2-1/2 of age infected with chiken fox,please suggest the medicinal treatment for it?
what is ganoderma?
Could it be possible if your throat could get smaller?
i want to lose 65lbs by july 2011 is it possible? how?
If I don't have the black ring around neck could I still have diabetes?
Is 70 a normal blood sugar reading for a teenage boy?
body measures 40 28 41 Thoughts?
WEAR CAN I GIT A Glucose monitoring Watch?
I want to know specifically how much sugar is too much for a diabetic. I am type 2, controlled by medication.?
These are my TEST results!!!!?
my mother is a diabetes patient since 5years she is fed up of insulin injection. Is there any oral drug 4 thi?
I think i might be diabetic? please help?
Can a normal person's blood sugar level reach 146?
If I have type 2 diabetes, should I stay away from putting brown sugar on my oatmeal? Any other suggestions?
Is it possible that I could be diabetic?
This question is for folks who have or have had "low blood sugar." Could you please tell me "how you feel"?
is it possible for a healthy 2 year old female to die instantly from diabetes?
Hot weather and diabetes?
I'm scared that i might have diabetes..?
Do i have diabetes? help me!?
Did somebody know any institution where you can stay and learn how to take care of diabetes type 1( like insti?
My life is at risk I'm 12 please help?
how long would it take for untreated diabetes to kil you?
Why is it that I'm so dizzy?
blood sugar was 45 mg/dl is that good?
do diabetic people experience this?
How can I stop snoring?!?
I'm having strange cramping (chest) with deep breath - Pregnant?
COPD, what will 02 saturation be at sea level?
How to prevent a sore throat?
Im emetophobic and this is really worrying me...someone please help :(?
what do you do when you are feeling low?
Can anyone suggest a company from whom i can outsource medical transcripts from? Its really expensive here?
How do you become a yoga teacher/instructor?
Does D&G 3 L'IMPERATRICE contain parabens?
where can i buy tar filters for cigarettes in Bellingham WA?
where can i buy tar filters for cigarettes in Bellingham WA?
Very painful walking?
Red/pink in the corner of my eye?
Where can I buy honeyrose herbal cigarettes in USA?
Does ultrasound massage have any effect on a liposuctioned area?
the medicines methocarbamol and atenolol can you take them both at the same time?
Any massage therapist out there?
Is it safe for him to take another?
I like drugs...do you?
was this laced weed that i smoked?
What's the lifestyle of an anesthesiologist like ?
Feeling depressed after smoking weed. Please help...?
Should I be worried? (HIV infection)?
my anxiety and feelings of constant guilt have gone, but i did not do anything to cure it?
how do i delet this thingy?
really bad burning with monistat 7?
Serious STD Question?
How do i get over my fear of heights?
I feel lightheaded, spacey days/weeks after smoking weed. What's going on and how do I fix itl?
How to heal an infected cartilage piercing?
colon pain and dis comfort?
Has anybody worked with people suffering from motor neurone disease?
On the House episode "A Pox On Our House", why does the father die when he has Rickettsialpox, it's not fatal?
what happens after touching acid?
I got headeche and dizziness from ceforal cephalexin 500mg ?
my back of the head itches me like an irritation,i dont have lice....?
Burn scar treatment?
why do we need a bellybutton and how do we keep it clean on the inside i have one that is in?
please help me?
moroe infectedd ??? help?
wierd bump?
What is an economical and effective Over TheCounter brand of anti fungal cream ?
how long do sunburns usualy last?
is this true?
What are some household ways to get rid of toe nail fungus?
Has anyone a Cantharidin wart treatment?
acne everywhere.?
I have mono and i get this itchy rash in the morning when i wake up how long will this last????
acne question?
I am a dark skinned afrrican american and I noticed that my right nostril is turning pink I am 15 years?
Is it sun poisoning?
Im 35 wks pregnant and have developed the most annoying total body itch!! Is this normal?
What's wrong with my eye?
Is it bad that I'm seeing halos around lights?
white eye in photographes?
Does anyone know what this under eye pain may be?
Does any body no were i can buy eye contacts?
What color contacts should i get, or can i get multicolored!? Thanks?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
Where can i get non perscrption colored contacts for a cheap price?
where do i go to get certified to become a home health aid?
is mediblue plus medicare advantage plan part of empire bc/ bs insurance?
Discharge with blood?
How to get back into a sleep routine for school?
Is it possible to be so tired you can't sleep?
is it bad to bend one knee constantly?
How much water do I need to drink before my system is flushed?
Coughing after surgery?
my heart as been bothering me do u know y this could happen?
what is a normal blood sugar for a 25 year old female?
I had a dizzy spell yesterday for hypoglycemia?
About how much sugar would you have to consume a day to get diabetes?
When you eat sugary snacks do you feel like...?
what is the difference between brown sugar and white sugar?
Is the kidney a part of the endocrine system?
Differences in readings on different blood glucose monitors?
is an insulin pump safe for a 9yr. old boy? and if so why won't the doctor give it to my son?
Do I have diabetes!!?
what are normal readings for checking blood sugar levels what is a high and what is a low readings?
My fasting sugar level is 146.Am i type 1 or type 2 diabetic?
Why do i feel thirsty all the time?
what's too high blood sugar for a elderly to have?
I am not a relative, but I am taking care of a friend who is disabled and a diabetic. can I get paid?
i need help with some sort of doctor, or diabetic!?
i get a wave in my vison every day i blurry vison?
what treatment can be given for diabetic shock?
What could cause a blood sugar reading to jump from 102 mg/dl b4 dinner to 151 2hrs. after dinner .?
How many grams of sugar should a person on a low carb diet consume per day?
Am I Dehydrated? please help?
whats the lethal dosage for liquid caffeine?
Someone please help me with low blood sugar?
what causes Appendix and what is it PLEASE HELP!?
Is there something wrong with my knee?
Ear stretching! Double zeros?
my bum cheek just fell off??!?!?
pain in hands and arms?
Am I getting growing pains in my legs?
Why are they making such a big deal....?
Why drinking cold stuff bad for you when you have a cold/flu?
All white hint of greenish discharge, what does it mean?
im a peds cardiac icu nurse.had chickenpox since im kid.my kid has now.no danger that i infect my patients?
How long are you contagious after a fever breaks (from having a cold with fever)?
if you get strep throat to much is that something to be concerned?
Aids,Cancer,diseases? Ugh!!1?
Chicken pox?
can you get chicken poxs twice in the same year?
I Have a high lymphocytes 54, low wbc 4.2,diarrhoe and high level of candida in the Microsopic test?
what is an infectious disease?
MRSA survivors?
Hepatitis contaminated lake water?
what are symptoms of measles in the 1840s i really need help i have searched every where?
What do i do when my eye swelled up?
are warps contagious?
Has the Avian flu arrived in the USA?
I have brown discard?
hair loss?
can i get the HIV virus if blood drops on an old wound that is not bleeding?
I just took nyquil and my heart is beating really fast?
Can pistachios increase Hdl ? ?
how serious are heart murmers?
How long does it take to adjust to lower hrt levels?
what is warkany syndrome?
Can someone tell me why they wouldn't take someone who has chest pains seriously at the ER?
who knows if this was a heart attack?
what drugs to people who have had a stroke take after their stroke?
What are rS complexes in ECG ?
blood pressure readings and cuff size?
I have a pulling feeling around my heart, what is it.?
Is this a heart attack...?
Can cellulitis feel and look like herpes?
Anyone know the % of ppl with HIV that have other std's?
A friend has this offensive smell from the nose.2nd smell from stomach when he eats and berge what is it?
Why am I shaking like I am cold when I am not?
What health qualifications would i need to pass in order to donate white plasma?
Should I be worried if I have thrown up three times since taking a hydrocodone pill?
What Disease or Conditions Benefits From Radioisotopes?
I Went And Got A Flu Shot Yesterday. Then I Had To Get Blood Taken For My Doctor To See Like 40min Later?
18 years old-life after gallbladder surgery?
is dying due to kidney disease considered as martyr too?
had carotid surgery on august 8 2010, what is the complete recovery time frame?
i just took valerian root for the first time and i wanna know how it has effected other people?
Does anyone smudge with sweetgrass, cedar or sage?
What are the best hot stones to buy for a message therapist?
what are the names of some of the toxins released during message therapy?
does anybody know whether folic acid 5mg contain gelatin not? plz help thank you.?
does black magic contain amphetamines?
can bugs be fatal to humans if bitten or swallowed?
is the frequent lose of body fluid leads to aids?answer me?
what are the health consequences of prolonged exposure to diesel?
Chicken and alcohol?
What kind of yeast infection is caused by hiv?
Chicken pox or what ??!?!?
is lopus treatable and curable?
can eye inflammation cause blindess?what is other effect?
MRSA..please help?
redone-if people briskly touch?
whats surg procedure can remove scars "THAT COME FROM BUMPS "?
What should you for an ear infection besides ear drops and going to the doctor????
Have white thrush is it hiv or daibetes? I have had no hiv early signs but my sugar is up?
is guillain-barre or polyneuritis inhearable?
Skin outbreak?
Has anyone ever used Laser Dermatology for their facial skin? can you let me know what your price came to?
can you have diahrrhea & night sweats while having the flu OR cold?
Do i need to ask first a prescription from the doctor before i buy an ointment(Faktu) for m hemorhoid?
What does infective mean ?
What is heavy Dandruff?
Does anyone know...?
bleeding ulcer & tagamet (cimetidine)?
If u have kidney stones and u drink apple cider vinger juice,will the stones pass out?
i have mono....?
can you go from insulen dependant to no diabetes?
my daughter was just diagnosed with hypoglycemia. She is 12 weighs 110 lbs. Im not sure what her sugar should?
What are some signs of diabetes in kids?
salmonella tainted tomatoes?
I think i have salmonella?
how does insulin and glucagon affect blood glucose levels?
Could I have Diabetes?
would georgia medicaid pay for a insulin pump for me?
I found a little orange pill in my friends room it has novo 50 on it...?
does neutrogena's complete acne therapy kit rlly work?
Is This Diabeties??! HELP!?
Blood sugar levels and energy drinks...?
Where can I buy a 10 cc syringe?
why am i peeing blood?
Is craving for something sweet a symptom of low blood sugar?
Could i have diabetes?
I think I have diabetes help!?
i am a diabetic sugar is high?
Why is this happening?
Is this diabetic, prediabetic, or normal?
type 1 diabetes? how can it lead to weight gain or weight loss?
is my friend getting high?
anyone have any suggestions for an allergy to pollen? I took two cleritin today?
The roof of my mouth is itchy. Is it just spring allergies?
Is there any way to tell if the blue safety cap of and EpiPen has been taken off?
Can I Wear A Surgical Mask In Public?
After painting my nails they have turned a yellowish colour - allergic reaction to varnish?
Used Afrin for one month and now I'm COMPLETELY clogged up!?
I've been reading that HPV can go away on it's own after a few years. Does that mean it's gone forever or it's
Is it possible to be allergic to soda or too sensitive to it?
Please help! Could this be allergies?
Is it true if you've ever had a coldsore, that you have the virus herpes (HSV-1) for the rest of your life??
how do u contact herpes?
Can using makeup an aids infected person used tranfer it?
Is this around an reasonable length for shoulder width and pant length?
what does it mean if i have the simian line on both hands?
Olive oil? Two questions :)?
What do these symptoms mean?
Does Flomax work well. Side effects?
respiratory acidosis ?
Gastritis (20 char).............?
Am I developing Asthma?
Is Mayor Bloomberg lying when they say the air after steampipe explosion is safe from asbestos?
why do cigarettes get you high at first?
7 mnths ago i had a ct that showed numerous hypodense nonspecific splenic lesions and this new ct is the same?
Something is wrong.?? Help please?
Give me some cool things to do instead of drinking?
I haven't been out of my house for almost a year and I have no idea how to speak to people?
How to stop the urge of cutting?
How to talk better with autism?
why do obsessions linger after traumatic experiences?
Brief hallucinations?
Visual snow? What would cause this?
if i went into my eye doctor's?
How Can I Buy Opaque Colored Contacts?
i just got new contacts, i got them in okay....any tricks to taking them out!?
What do I do with my new contacts?
It's been so long since I've snorkeled that I forget if I risk wearing my contacts inside the mask or not.?
can a male have an std without a burning feeling?
If you touch someones blood who has herpes or hepatitus C can it drain through your pores and infect you?
Severe pain near spleen?
Stds in my throat?
Is there anyone with Arnold Chiari Malformation here? Do you know anyone with Arnold Chiari Malformation?
can wiping a cut with HIV infected blood give you HIV... i know it dies in air but what if you wipe a couple..
can someone have an s.t.d. cause by having urinary tract infection?
If ELISA comes out positive twice, does it mean a positive result?
How do we get VD?
if u.............................?
Those who have had eating disorders, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?
What would cause blood to come out of ones mouth and nose during death? Could lupus be involved?
Chronic sinus pressure and dizziness?
Question about Diabetes, please help me!?
Low Blood Sugar please help!!!?
Does my sister have diabetes?
Got type 2 diabetes-what foods should be avoided?
Type 1 Diabetic Wanting to Lose Weight?
how do i make myself dehydrated before the morning?
need help to help me reduce my blood sugars that I check morning, afternoon?
My friend(?) uses her diabetes for an excuse?
does fasting create a problem for diabeaties?
can i be 16 and diagnosed with diabetes?
a quick questions about diabetes?
what causes being shaky to diabetics, and what can be done to make the shakes go away?
Is 20/25 good vision?
My mother was just diagnosed with pre diabetes.?
My blood glucose (sugar) monitor is apparently inaccurate. Is this typical?
how often does someone with uncontrolled diabetes go to the toilet?
could i be diabetic or is something else wrong?
If you have diabetes?
can diabetes also be caused by low sugar intakes?
what happens if diabetes goes undiagnosed for a long time?
Could I have diabetes??? Are these high numbers?
To All Diabetics: What did the onset feel like?
So with the Salmonella scare, is there any worry about ketchup?
school i work at had several cases head lice i have been found not to have any not working can i still catch?
what are drugs both have categories of analgesic and anti pyretic?
White of left eye - glazed and red.?
Have they determined the tomatoes from Mexico have salmonella?
Is It Just A Common Cold?
MEPS and Pilonidal Cyst?
answer this question plz=]?
What is the timeframe in which campilobactor (campylobacter?) symptoms appear?
what happen in first years after infected by hiv?
Possible rabies?
white patches. what is it?
Are there any symptons of the vireal deasie?
does my mom have salmonella?
What is the fastest way to get k2 out of your system?
I went to the doctor and found I had a double ear infection, and now I think it is back?
How to deal with a bad diagnosis?
What type of medication would you take for a stomach/anxiety problem?
Auditory hallucinations ? ?
How much vacation time do Physical Therapists get?
Is there any proven way to take of yourself and live a happy healthy life past 100 years old?
how to get rid of dry skeen around my mouth?
blotches on skin..??
pleasse ASAP!! my face! the problems really gettting bad..?
Problem with my eye?
i got a cold sore on my lip that lasted 5 days?
can you answet this for me?
burning/itching on back, chest, and neck?
How long can you have a hemmeriod?
Weird Purple/Pink Thing On My Back How Do I Get Rid Of It Or Hide It?
Please help! I've been told by a doctor that the welts on my body are hives. Treatment and causes please. Doc
niacin flush ?
Redish/purple dots on legs?
how do I get rid of backheads?
I am having serious face issues! Please Help!?
Oily Skin Issue?
Weight gain from an iv?
what is the product L argi 9?
How many 10g pills of Flexeril (Cyclobenzaprine) would it take for me to feel good? And how many is too much?
Similarities in the high from opium and heroin?
I have a question on sleeping pills?
a few questions about vicodin?
How can i get to sleep fast?
Do I have the cold, the flu, or an infection?
Is it bad to sleep sitting down?
How to fall asleep fasst?
Getting a prescription?
whats on page 485 of The World's Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets"?
How do I fall asleep on Xmas eve? 10 pts10 pts?
how often does your spinal fluid replenish?
does bupron taste like mint/mint coating?
Std Help??
how does water pressure affect sanitation?
Can someone contract sporadic fatal insomnia from a surgery?
Is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy More Common in a Certain Race?
I did a mix of MDMA and ketamin and had some sort of traumatic attack and now have insomnia ?
wake up with red, burning eyes!?
what is wrong with him? seizure disorder?
Does putting Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet get rid of a head cold?
What are some treatments for Acid Reflux?
Does anyone here have POTS?
is there something similar to glow capsules in the indian market?
What are symptoms of water toxicity/overload?
do i have a stroke or mini stroke ?
Can't sleep because of sudden heart flutters and they make me feel light-headed?
When I hiccup it's hurts my chest and my heart?
How many times can someone have a Heart Attack?
Help me, im very scared to know my blood pressure?
can someone help me with this stats problem?
Senior, Heart attack, Induced Coma. Chances?
2 stents in heart, big bruise?
How to stop a scar forming?
Bruising around a spider bite on a Toddler?
I have a bug bite on my elbow, It keeps getting bigger?
Mosquito bite swells with no scratching?
Cat bite on finger leads to red bumps on arm near elbow..?
my 2 year old bumped her head and has a bruise?
How to treat an open blister from a sunburn?
If I had my legs amputated, would I have to change my height and weight on my driver's license?
High Sugar in MY Urine Test.!!?
Insulin Resistance, PCOS-How to lose weight?
if you vomit during the 8 hours you're supposed to fast for a blood test regarding diabetes, does that ruin?
blood tests for accutane?
Do my higher-than-normal blood glucose levels mean anything?
Can you be hypoglycemic and not be diabetic?
diabetic runs in my family?
is blood sugar reading of 360 dangerous?
Help! Child is constantly 24/7 eating sweets, junk food, soda, juices that are loaded wtih sugar:?
Can Lucky Charms cereal cause diabetes?
can I eat kellogg's special k i need some one to tell me what kind of food can i eat if i have diabetes?
what number do you have a seizure at when your blood sugar drops to low?
Is there another test other than blood to check glucose levels for diabetics?
what foods to eat to before bed help stabilize blood sugar while sleeping?
Six months ago, my doctor became concerned because my "blood sugar"?
how to stay away from diabetes?
can you die of diabetes ?
what are "keytones" when talking about diabetes?
how much is type 2 diabetes injections?
scared of labour because of hypoglycemia?
What are some symptoms of diabeties?
could this be diabetes?
what are the chances of her having diabetes?
If mosquitos can give you the west nile virus then can they give you HIV and Hep C?
Give me five or more examples of food contamination?
Is there a store that sells home strep tests?
What is Amoxicillin prescribed for?
How often does the chicken pox vaccine work?
A friend stayed at my home with Staph infection?
What would happen if i took nyquil when i dont have a cold?
Is fluoride really bad for you or is it that too much of it a problem?
where can i find manuka honey in india ?
How do I know whether or not I still have glandular fever?
How much benadryl and beer would be fatal?
How can hallucinogens (tripping out on acid, etc) be harmful to your body. Both now and longterm?
If I change my diet, is it still necessary to get tested for Hypoglycemia?
definition of infertility treatments?
my alt in the liver is 4 times higher than a normal. but i dont have any hep A,B,C and plus fatty liver am i?
salmonella in tomatoes?
My daughter has had Diarrhea?
acidy throw up keeps coming up to the top of throat?
how can you get rabies thru your mucous membrane?
my boyfriend is throwing up blood and i dont know way please help?
We've been hit by the bed bug epidemic who should we go with...?
Is there any problem if we insert finger inside the throat and vomit to avoid sputum?
How can u get rid of the vaginosis for good?
Yet Another Constipation Question :/?
Do you have ITBS or any information on it?
Will you die if you have a tumour in the liver?
I have had achilles tendonitis for a year now and it is really affecting my dancing, Any tips for healing?
I think I have a staph infection!?
I get sick with anything body related..?
Will my eye doctor give me a pair of contacts of my current prescription until I can see him in 2 weeks.?
When protective glasses will useful for elders?
Eye Troubles! - Contact Problems and Eye secretes Oil?
Cheap, non-prescription color eye contacts over the web?
What is this pupil defect?
I wear contacts and I have an astigmatism, what prescription should I get when ordering halloween contacts?
how do i cure a cancas sore without buying medicine.?
Is it bad if u have a bump on your chest?
Acne Question?
i have a bump on my toe and it itches and burns?
looking for foods that con tans iron.?
spot removal?
questions ONLY for all that have oily skin... thanks :P?
i have this thing on my arm!?
red thorn like thing on my tongue!!?
Need help!? sorry for the literal explanation!?
I have a rash that comes and goes literally from one hour to the next all over my body!! Help!!?
can you get fungus in your face?
my arms is white and my hand is black due to sun effect wht i hv to do?
head lice...?
Reduce sunburn within 2 days??
Have i lost my flocka wocka mind?
depression/sadness+eating alone=barely or no eating?
How to cure computer addiction?
Best way to deal with obsessive/compulsive behavior?
My mom does not understand me. It's quite depressing.?
Another self harm question..?
My dream is to be a clinical psychologist but....?!?
I can't study at all?
HPV help!!?
Hiv active and hiv not active that what are meaning? but i confuse if hiv activite and hive not activite.help
can it show in a uti testing?
Aldara cream!!?
can you be cured of an std and still be hiv positive. Or is your imune system too weak to fight off infection.
Question about STI's?
so what of i took a urine test today?
has anyone drank on metronidazol if so will a couple of drinks hurt me?
Could I have bowel obstruction?
what wrong with my knee?
Can anyone in healthcare please answer?
Can you guess what's wrong with me?
how to revive one's voice after a byepass surgery?
How can i Sleep Longer than Usual?
How do I get to sleep a little easier tonight?
There's no expiration date on my minocycline, how long does it take for it to expire?
how many watson 387 can i take and how often?
T My left eye is hurting so bad .tell me the home solution?
Why do I have sudden and severe lower back pain?
Is there a way to get rid of pain below the rib cage in the middle and on the sides?
Can I still work out if I have a mild cough?
Got tackled yetsterday, my back hurt, today it felt good all day now my upper back is hurting?
How to stop thumb pain?
Why do i have pain in my thighs?
Why does Adderall make me feel this way?
Does everybody rest(20 characters)?
I want madical adminsion result?
Where do you get LSD in Milan?
interested in becoming a massage therapist..need some info?
Where are the hopeless hopheads?
i just took 300 mg of diphenhydramine (benadryl)...?
Am I allergic to this Dove product?
why does my chest hurt during allergy season?
Am i having an allergic reaction to WATER?
Help! Allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide!?
have a really bad cold, allergy thing help?
is there gluten in sour patch kids?
Allergy eye problems! Please help!?
Where is the best place to live for someone with severe allergies?
Can Prednisone cause hair loss?
the right side of my throat, and my right ear hurts?
bumped head on cupboard?
Would I happen to be going blind?
Ingrown toenail?! Please help.?
Woke up this morning and my Tongue was purple?
swole foot and itching from a bee sting?
guide me to Restore gutflaura?
is there a test that can clear substances from your blood?
I have swimmer's ear; really bad pain and pressure in ear. Please help!?
my sheet is realy smell bad what is wrong?
i feel like i'm shakey and tense all day long. What to do?
Is a CT scan able to see nerves or nerve damage? Would it be better to get an MRI?
Is it possible to be immune to stimulents?
about white blood cell scan?
What is wrong with me. what do My symptoms mean?
financial help with surgery?
How do i get skinny by 9th grade?
There's a big black spot in my vision?
How old do you have to be to get punctal plugs?
How to get rid of my neighboring apartments smelly, seeping, smoke!?
Is there something wrong with me? I can't do anything when I get really hungry?
Does a 31 year with a Head problem get worse?
do i have an ear infection? plez help!?
Problem with contact lenses?
why was zovirax used to treat viral meningitus?
Mixing medicines? Excedrin with Contact cold medicine?
What are the symptoms of distemper in a kitten ?
once a black coloured dogs bug bite me .want to know will it effect my health?
I have a yellowish puss like circles in both my eyes, I have had it for over a month now and there shapes.....
how is typhoid fever controlled in the wider community(ie preventation strategies)?
how to stop a bug as soon as you realise the symptoms?
can people get worms? what can happen if they do, and what can happen if they dont do anything about it?
How serious is mono?
what are some other chemotherapeutic agents?
who knows where i can find pitbull - breakout?
Anyone know anything about Esptein Barr Virus?