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how can i get rid of neck pain?
Good stretches to loosen up my back, it's a bit tight right now...?
The ball of my rt foot is on fire?
Why does stretching feel so good?
Neck and Back pain!!!?
Does anyone know what causes dizziness?
can my unfinshed root canal be finshed as its now causing me pain again?
how do i keep my feet from hurting at work?
How many hours after you've eaten before the stomach gets empty again?
WOULD you RATHER......?
please tell me what are some energy foods i can eat so i have a lot of energy whenever i do my exercises?
How do I motivate myself to exercise when...?
is it safe for me to exercise?
What's the glycemic index of 1 oz of milk chocolate versus 1 oz of white bread?
What should I eat today?
hey people?
besides starving myself, whats the best way to lose 20 lbs?
how can i increase my fitness(stamina... 45 to 60 days?
How does the South Beach Diet differ from the Atkins Diet?
Does anyone know how I can increase my jumping and kicking power?
Weight Loss?
Need help finishing off these last couple pounds...?
How healthy is pizza for you? If you order the works, doesn't it contain all the food groups?
the best way to stretch before play?
Does anyone have a diet that has worked? Something that I don't have to eat the same thing everyday?
Who has lost alot of weight recently? How did you do it what is your secret? Did you lose it fast?
i want to loose wieght really fast like several pounds a day.?
Hey all,I am 21 yrs old male,height is 5 ft 11 in and my weight is 49 kgs. how do i gain weight??
Anyone know where i can get phentermine but generic brand disebsin??/?
Wouldn't it be a good idea to show fat people advertising junk food?
Anxiety numbed out my emotions, has this happened to anyone else?
Are these signs of OCD?
Why are ther so many people with Bi Polar disorder these days? Do you think this condition is on the rise?
how do i lock away my emotions?
Does This Sound Like I'm Bipolar Type 2?
I think I have a speech disorder, help?
how to find a child psychologist?
Is depression an illness? Should I feel guilty for having it?
why do i get comfort from depression songs?
Was this a hallucination?
Man WANTS to be with me but not in a relationship?
I woke up with my mom seeing where I've cut?
how hard is it to get a medical marijuana card?
Would you be hurt by this?
How slow do you come off Lexapro?
death in the family ... help!?
If my parents both had drug induced schizophrenia, will my children get it?
I think I have a stomach problem?
After a seizure that was stopped with multiple IV injections of Ativan and another drug, is this normal?
This is strange.....Please help!!?
Bad cough and night sweats?
how does share of cost medicaid work?
why when i run and over exert myself do i feel sick?
what conditions do you have to have in order to get your medical marijuana card?
Took some ritalin, no effects yet.?
can i get marijauna out of my system faster?
plaviX =low rbc drug interaction possible?
Would medicaid cover eye exams?
do i need glasses...easy simple question!!?
stye??????? help!!!!!!?
Can light reflected off the back of a cd harm your eyes?
Are wearing glasses all the time bad for you?
Why did they call the eye the window of the body?
Is this bad for your eyes?
How far back does the use of undetectable poisons go?
How is a disease caused?
is bleach harmfull if you get it onto your hands if you dont wash them off?
Baby just recovered from cold; now hubby has it. Can he give it back to her?
Question about mono and cmv?
How many viruses are each of us exposed to or get per year?
Mumps? Mono? Flu? HELP!?
How do you get the shingles?
Are Hepatitis A shot painful?
What is "germ warfare" or "bioterrorism?"?
So the results are in: I have mono. D:?
I have ulcer in my testis but no cash to go to hospital. What do I do? Any alternative to hospital is welcomed
does cat scratch fever lay dorment for any amount of time?
fever question?
how much is the ulcer medicine kremsil-s in the philippines cost?
i suffer crones decease..help!?
how has the Aids statistics been looking like since2000?
does anybody know of a disease with some positive symptoms?
Does freezing meat prevent food bourne illness such as e. coli?
can illegal drugs cause urine infections?
how do you know if your tongue is infacted?
Warts are caused by?
How has the AIDS pandemic affected African people on a daily basis?
blister inside of bottom lip?
why is it that most women who are infected with gonnorhea are asymptomatic?
Suppose a person have problem in his stomach &has mucus then can it be transmitted to someone through snoozing
can any one give me some good ideas for the science fair for 10 std..??
My heart beats really fast and then back to normal? help?
heart beating fast after practice?
On pages 298-303, Pollan argues that America’s lack of an orthodox cuisine is at the heart of our ‘anxious omn?
Heart Disease ? Help !?
which blood vessel has the highest pressure?
revesered stress test what does that mean?
I'm 40 with a blood pressue is Levodyn safe to use?
heart block and severe dizziness after surgery?
Help cant stand my hypothyroid?
Am i allergic to Nutmeg?
How can you tell when it's an eye infection or just allergies(I do have a temperature also)?
My neighbor who is a nurse told me kids are coming down with a really strong allergy cough this year, my child?
Could this be allergies?
Allergies all the time! Help?
How can I fake a fever?
Received Deviated Septum surgery BILL $48,500?
What's the difference between an Allergy and Just not being able to Digest something well... confused?
How to help my allergies?
Best allergy medicine for my symptoms?
what is the 'juice' or pus in a mosquito bite?
Painful calf. Help please?
I'm a very serious alcoholic, I would like to quit. I don't need Jesus, I found him long ago.?
Feeling the need to eat as soon as I wake up in the morning?
Do pectus carinatum braces work?
can somebody please tell me something?
Sleeping Schedule back to normal, but I feel weird? 10 pts?
Small red bump on lip?
I have a quivering jaw, keep yawning big, sore throat, and upset stomach?
are supplements affect human kidney?
what is a good herbal remedy for "sleep apnea"?
I had a front lobal lung biopsy on a mass performed and the doctor said it might be TB. Who is at risk if so?
will i have sleep apnea?
what caused this to happen?
what is the formula for blood transfusion?
Which blood type can possibly be mine ?
Is it possible I have mono?
Dose Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency couse Emphysema ?? and why it causing it ??
What can I do with my 1 yr old?
Tinnitus treatments can someone advise me about any that really produces results.?
Sharper Image Ionic Breeze: helpful or harmful to people with asthma?
what is the average number of breaths a person who lives 80 years takes in a lifetime?
what are some complications researchers have been getting with embryonic stem cell research?
how long does pulmonary/lung function tests usually take?
Can i man ran a few miles with just on lung?
I have diabetes am i deploy able?
what is a acid test for?
Can anyone tell me what Critical Chronic Halitosis is??
What is the average life spand for a asthmatic that was born with severe asthma ?
Cough + phlem + high pitch when I breath in?
What do you do at the doctors when you think you have diabities?
thyroid taken out symptoms?
Can you eat too much frozen yougurt at one sitting? I like ice cream, but.....?
is it safe to drink alcohol two weeks after an appendicitis operation?
Is my laxative working, weird question but please answer?
Does heroin contain morphine?
is it okay to take aleve with ambien cr?
Is it OK to take Vitamin D & Fish Oil at the same time?
does melatonin give you a headache?
Has anyone ever done a gallbladder/liver flush?
What can I do to stop holding my breath?
my best friend is sick and she doesn't know whats wrong because she has odd symptoms?
My father had a heart attack & had to receive CPR for an hour.?
Marijuana and anti anxiety tablets?
How long does one 8 mg subutex last?
Is being a massage therapist good?
what should I do to increase my height, but I am 25?
How can I relieve joint pain?
Why does my lower back hurt?
how do i get over chronic fatigue syndrome?? its ruining my life :(?
Is it usual for the police to be following you if you had a paralyzing stroke?
Did u ever experienced abscess under your arm?
What's wrong with me?!?
There's a lump on my throat?
Can you catch anything from someone elses urine if you come in contact with it?
why can't you cure stds?
HPV Treatment???
What is the difference?
i dont know abut aids what is it tell me abut it and form watch thing human can get it ok thanks?
Most of the time, people to whom we're repetitiously exposed become noticeable. TRUE OR FALSE?
do I need to have a parent or guardian with me to purchase meds for stds or HIV if I'm under aged?
can dark circles occur if you sleep late and wake up late?
Has anyone else had an Hita Scan done? (Unsure if that's how it's spelled)?
jaw popping out of place?
If i take 4 or 5 sleeping pills at a time, will i finally be able to sleep?
Is it normal for someone with chronic sinuis infection and allergies to have swollen gland?
Infection near my nose piercing?
Can I sleep on my stomach after having a laparoscopic cholecystectomy?
what is the chain of command when there is an outbreak of a disease ?
i drained my primary fluid and it came out looking like gravy almost. more white and milky. what is that?
stomach virus please help!!!?
okay i have a really sore throat....?
Where can I get more flu-shots?
avian flu in quebec?
Question about MRSA?
My HBsAg is 4 Reactive, HBeAg is 0.24, anti HBeAg is Reactive, my ALT and SGPT is normal,am I contagious?
How to check entamoeba histolytica?
Enlarged prostrate untreated?
Should I go to the doctors?
is the test for htlv and hiv the same?
Germs question LYSOL lol?
What are some diseases that enter through an open wound?
What is the average length of time for the flu to last with kids?
45 year old female-whose last 3 lab results have shown an elevated WBC count.?
with glangla fever should i go to school?
what the first symtops of hiv?and what medication need?
I have a very high count B -12 in my blood, should i be concerned? Over 500?
Can you get Hep B through getting your nails done?
Is the Polar F6 Black Heart Rate Monitorh easy to use and does it work ?
Is anybody in here using the diet pill call PHENTERMINE?
a good way to lose wieght fast?
What is the ice-cream diet?
What kind of element mushrooms bring to your health?Vitamin?
is there a web site that has a list of callories burned by doing daily activites.?
how to stop smoking?
what is the easiest way to loose weight within a week or so?
do tomatoes make u fat ?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
For flexibility to be developed, should one stretch up to the elastic limit or slightly beyond it?
what is the best way to reduce ones weight quickly, esp in abdomen and thighs region?
NHS told me lose weight now my breasts hang to my waist. Why won't NHS help with the effects of weight loss
Winter Cherry?
Are my calves/ankles getting bigger/fatter from running? I run about 2 miles/day. Eek! My boots seem tight!?
Does anyone know of a free healthy diet plan website?
Is my weight ok?
What types of food................?
Is it true that fresh garlic has much CALCIUM in it??What are other veggies that do have Ca also??HELP?please?
i am 13 and i weigh 158 pounds how do deal?
Chicken pox or bug bites or poison ivy?
Started breaking out in this rash bout 2 weeks ago i notice it only happen when i go outside in the cold ?
How does the body's immune system respond to the disease cholera?
Should I contact mystery-diagnosis about my rare disease?
How does time pass in a coma?
Why should I get rid of pacifier before my daughters surgery for tubes in ears?
Do you think I have insomnia? ?
Have any of you been in-patient for anorexia?
what is the best antibiotic for a cut somewhat deep but is stitched , i don't wont to get infected?
My incense just smell like Regular smoke. Why?
What chronic conditions are major risk factors for cardiovascular disease?
Medical class essay help. Unit=heart?
How do heart attacks impact the person and society?
How do the heart lungs and small intestine work together ?
Diagnosis help please?
My dad has hart failure and he complains of itchiness, what does this mean?
pain in the back of heart!?
Am i having a heart attack? Whats wrong with me?
Cardiac gut feelings, when wife or friend in beauty parlour during waiting and when they come out :O)?
what can cause an irregular heart beat?
tingling, warmth sensation in calf?
help again!?
Hearing Aid Question?
Approximate cost?
how long could claymidia stay inactive or undectable in a male body?
how do you send money to africa for there hiv/aids problum?
i have just been to the toilet and my wee was a lightist brown is there anything wrong?
what are the types of hiv and aids?
Does it seem like I have anemia?
Clenbuterol drops, is it bad to do any other drugs while on clenbuterol like blow and mdma?
Why is the tip of my tongue bumpy and white after licking a frozen pole?
Does anyone know alot about Ritalin?
Tips for getting soft feet.......?
Why Is My Right Foot ticklish?
I have a hairy mole, most of the hairs are black but I found one that's red. What would cause this?
do diabetetic people still produce glucagon?
Hcg levels..i'm confused!!?
What are treatment methods for diabetes 1 and 2?
Diabetes type 1- blue hands?
Do I Qualify for an Avandia Lawsuit Settlement?
if u eat a little a piece of candy and drink a sugary drink everday (20oz 3 cups)?
is it ok to eat pure sugar?
I'm not sure if I could get it or not?
Question about cat allergies?
Allergic reaction or something else?
Preventative measures if you have Allergies to Cats?
What is the remedy of every day morning sneezing due to allergy and bent of nose?
How do I prevent this "allergy"?
what is a good alternative for garlic. My grandson is allergic to it.?
does anyone get vomiting occasionally after eating pringles cuz i did today for the 2nd time?
Why are so many people allergic to nickel?
whats the best way to relieve sinus pressure above your eyes?
What can I use as a substitute for liquid Latex paint when making a superhero costume if I'm allergic to Latex?
MY THROAT IS ON FIRE ! What can I do!?! It hurts soo badly cough drops and meds aren't helping?!?
Is it possible to have bad vision given to you via D.N.A from your parents when you were born?
Surgery to fix lazy eye?
Can COLOR-BLINDNESS, caused by a fight, be fixed?
Strep Throat...?
how can i change my eye color to like blue or green with out contact lenses or surgery?
i have exotropia and amblyopia?
plz help.....?
How can i get colored contacts just by going to walmart and not anywhere else??what are the steps?
could black pigment spots on the back of the eye be something other than retinitis pigmentosa?
Gahh. Strep throat and ulcers?!?
Immunity to anthrax?
Dangers of Anesthesia with children?
Are these contacts from this website safe?
When Taking 5-HTP what is a normal dosage?
Do I have the flu???
blood test??
what is the latest treatment for PNS?
What is a superimposed infection?
Piece of contact stuck in my eye?! Just discovered it but I think its been there for a few days?
are there such cases?
has anyone taken the lactaid fast act chewable tablets?
What is the supplement DIM?
Got fever??
Make your own cure ..?
does the sea salt enema affect your daily sodium intake?
effect of 5% alcohol on microorganisms?
Does getting a runny nose count as getting sick?
need to know if hiv test at three months and at year and nine months after exposure is conclusive?
Can a painkiller aggravate a hernia?
Is the prescription drug Ponstel popular in the States?
Pain in knee after sitting cross legged?
How to cope with TMJ?
Can Sever's disease and the Osgood bump in middle school cause life long problems?
How do i get rid of a migraine?
Lump to the right side of my throat.?
My toe pops, what should i do about this?? and what's happening?
Why do I get better sleep when I take Advil PM?
Is it bad to donate plasma with little sleep?
Why did I lose my eye sight temporarily?
cramping underneath a surgical scar?
Panic Attacks - what kind of doctor do I see?
I think I'm depressed?
how can i deal with this news?
Fiance's daughter is trying to end our relationship & hates me! How do i handle this?
Depression better, need help with anxiety over bi-polar diagnosis....?
why am i looking for any opportunity to hate?
Can someone cheer me up?
Why do Community Mental Health workers go out of their way to sabotage your progress?
Is this a possible sign of ADD?
how to deal with this depression?
whats bi polar disorder? also, whats manic depression for a 10 year old?
What are the side effects of stopping Valerian Root Suddenly without easing off it!?
I get seriously depressed while on Facebook?
Others who can hear voices,is it the same one and can you only communicate with them by thoughts?
Family issues are driving me CRAZY. please help me. :(?
PLEASE HELP fear of getting blood taken?
I feel uncomfortable with...?
What should I do about my medicine? Is 8mg risperdal too high?
If you shoot speed with a needle in your arm and miss, how do you treat it?
Why does my stomach or leg hurt whenever i run? Ten easy points. If i like your answer i'll thumb it up.?
my daughter got stung by a bee and it seems to have gotten worse!?
What happens if you don't treat a tick on your body?
People with United Healthcare Insurance...?
Could I possibly have bipolar?
can using quell pass a hair drug test?
Normal TSH but low Free T4?
jumping at the mall ?
My mom might see my questions...what to do?
How can I prevent myself from smoking?
What can cause blackout "spells"?
I feel a great sense of urgency, as though if I don't perform some action, something horrible may happen: why?
Infected Ear Cartilage!?
Im on antibiotics for strep throat and my vigiana has bin throbbing ,itching and now swollen. what should i do?
so i have bad breathe?
Name of this abnormality?
What is the difference between someone on meth and someone on cocaine?
too skinny?
My head feels really cold.....?
how can you lose weight?
What nutrients and/or minerals are calciums co-workers?
i am 14 and need to lose 45 pounds. Is there a diet in which i can still eat what i want and still lose lbs??
ok i really want to lose alot fat how do i do that?
Where can I get a guide regarding food/nutrition for an active young male who is trying to put on muscle?
Daily calorie intake to lose weight?
how much water does the human body need to function daily?
what are the common claims for low carb diets?
what is the perferct weight for somone who is 5,4 ??
would taking creatine pills and nitrotech hurt me?
i need to make a workout plan to gain 20 pounds of muscle and increase size and strength. suggestions?
How many bottles of water are you suppose to drink daily?
How important is flywheel weight on exercise bikes? Is the heavier the better?
I am 15 yrs old and 40 lbs overweight. Can anyone tell me a fast way to lose weight, plz?
has anyone ever tried diet pills you can by in your local drug store and actually seen results?
Why don't i sweat?
what is a good daily diet of foods used to gain wieght?
where can i purchase the EPH200 capsules. i live in malaysia.?
will i die without eating? only drinking water?
how to grow taller?
Do you have a member ship to Curves Fitness and what do you think of the exercises and the weight loss?
Anyone know a good brand of treadmill? What should I look for when shopping for one?
Shaking head? Dangerous?
i just developed asthma and i have a lot of questions can anyone answer them for me?
what side effects does gas inhalation have?
Smoker in the office (CLEAN the AIR)?
what do ido for a sinus cold?
Why can you only breath through 1 nostril perfectly and have the other blocked at times?
i have been smelling exhaust for about a month at work and at home strange......?
Can I mix Claritin and Nyquil?
are black and mild cigars worse than smoking regular cigaretts? how many cigaretts equals one black and mild?
Chest Hurts and I have weird scratchy sounds coming from my throat and chest when I breath. Is it Pneumonia?
im having trouble with food acids, its hard to go to sleep knowing i might wakeup choking on food acid help me
Why is it an average female with a debilitating chronic disease can't get disability benifits.?
I can not stop coughing - please help?
Smoking and Breathing?
how much does it cost to keep someone in a coma at a hospital?
Slight breathing constriction for past 2.5 weeks?
Has anyone out there had "lung densities" show up on a chest x-ray? What was it?
what are the best tests to determine heart disease name at least 3 pls?
Does high blood pressure cause you to ramble?
does anybody know a program i can take to learn more about the heart?
high blood pressure after 2 weeks of delivery?
Is elevated blood pressure a serious Adderall symptom?
what could this be?
What are the HIV/AIDS stats in young adults for 2007?
what could you do to know it for sure that herpes at home?
herpes test positive?
hi got my medical result i have sceeningunreactive hiv,wat it means?positve or negative this month only thanks
why would a gynecologist perscribe valtrex?
Is this Acidity or Ulcer?
when i eat sweets i pass urine frequently and also i have swollen feet is this diabetes?
What is the difference between insulin and glucagon made by the pancreas?
How to detect diabetes through urine and urination?
does rogaine work on legs?
what can i take for a tonsil in throth?
AIDS Punch?
How does HIV replicate?
Looking for a human ear that is infected.?
i got bit by a dog?
How can i save my puppy from dieing of parvo at home?
can u get leprosy from ammadilos?
it is a viral infection?
Strange health stuff going on, anyone have any ideas?
Simple question?
will drinking a lot of water rid my liver from alcohol faster?
What is the name of the disease where you see your body diffrent than how others see you...?
i am a staff nurse in india and has got an offer from Esperanza hospital in Madrid. can somebody authentify?
what does it mean when ur urin?
list all the ways you can get hepatitis c?
Do I have arthritis in my finger?
Extremely dizzy after strenuous dancing???!!?
Appointment gone HORRIBLY wrong! Please help!!?
Help..! I've been getting a "I wanna sneeze, and, tickling in front of my head"?
What are some movements someone with hip dysplasia cannot do?
when i curl my toes...they sorta tense up ...why?
shooting sharp pain in right ear?
i am having MAJOR cramps..?!?
My left side of my jaw hurts?
My knee is killing me?
milk allergy or teething?
Black stuff coming out of my nose?
allergies and toddlers?
Could This Be An Allergic Reaction?
I have a scratchy throat, headache, and im aching all over. Strep? Or just allergies?
Why do we have a runny nose when we are sick?
Are there any sites that sell concealed bong slides?
how does Focalin work?
Certified Massage Therapist v.s. Licensed?
47... And Now the Chronic Back Pain...I hate pills, can Cannabis help?
Is it good to mix these medications and energy drinks?
Bad spider bite: what spider could this be?
I peeled my sunburn! Is that ok?
is there a number were i could contact for rattlesnake venom?
Helix/ Ear Cartliage piercing infection?
Good Poison Ivy remedies?
Weird thing with my left ear?
I Got Stung By A Bee (Or Something Else), Please Help?!?
Can you get your hand off of my knee?
How do you take care of a Bee Sting?
FUCIDIN OINTMENT ??????????????????????
What is this bee sting?
What is the best thing to put on a burn?
how do you get rid of nerves?
Why are my intestines bloated and painful when I skip lunch?
what is the result of anemia?
What makes people have to dookie when they eat???????
why do people get crazy and go to a mental hospital?
Diarrhea caused by food?
how to stop my leg from shaking?
are there any celebrities that use/addicted to Rohypnol?
what do you know about HPV?
plz give me an idea to submit a concept paper for HIV/AIDS prevention programme!?
what are the symptoms of AIDS or HIV?
Virginal Thrush?
when can you check your viral loads for stds?
what do know about the black death and aids?
Did you ever feel like your eye was falling out.?
URGENT!Boston Contact Cleaner Advanced solution In EYES!!!?
What did i do to my eye?
HELP .. Is it weird that i have 7 colors in my eyes?
Are grey eyes normal? I can't find color in my eyes.?
I have had a blood shot eye for a week?
Is my eye going to be okay?
Which Lasik is better?
Baby came back from BMC and still have diahrrea and 100.7 Fever?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
toddler is getting in her maulers and she got infections is it necessary to go to the doc with her? fever also
Is it true that chemo affects the body's immune system if you are having chemo and having chemo done to fight
what are the modifications of renal failure?
Blood test at meps?
how many germs do you collect in one day?
name of protozoans which infect the blood stream, tissue & mouth?
can rain cause an ear infections?
cost of shingles vaccine?
how much does valtrex or those type of meds cost?
Please help!!!!!!!?
what is the risk of staph infection marsa strain b?
I have a sore throat can't swallow nothing but water. I have no tonsils. I have fever, nausea, stomach cramps
I have eczema around my mouth, and its been infected, is it a good thing if it gets flakey after anti biotic?
whats the genus and species of these viruses?
what happens to a person who has prolonged exposure to sallmonella?
Chickenpox Vaccine ?
am i going to get my stI'mulus check at all because im a week pass due?
My heart beats hard and sometimes fast?
What are the reason that you might have high blood pressure?
How likely is it that someone who is in serious condition after a heart attack is in critical condition?
Are there ways to prevent heart disease?
is this an anxiety attack or something more serious?
Irregular Heart Beat While Sleeping!?
In the mornings I wake up with headache and rapid heart beat.Any Advice?
Really Fast Heart Rate!! 160BPM After lifting few boxes. Please Answer!!!!!!?
i need help with my condition.?
Can birth control cause low tsh levels?
How many sit ups?
STRESS! how do u deal?
Is there anything wrong with me being shy............?
I have e.d due to depression howcan i get it up please help?
What could be wrong with me? Do I need therapy?
What are lazy mans ways of treating depression?
Does weed cure depression?
Help: My family doesn't take my E.D seriously.?
How to get rid of my addiction of cocaine?
What does it mean if you do this?
Need advice on this here?
i need help .. please?
How many Wellbutrin tablets would it take to kill you?
I think I have Asperger's Syndrome?
Days of the week are colored for me?
I hate his guts and now he wants to be friends?
How do you handle a death situation?
Phobia of alligators! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can white blood cells defend themselves from hiv?
after my cycle i was noticing small discharge of blood with an odor. does this mean i have an infection?
Dead from a gram?
How many of the (HIV Positive) people in need of antiretroviral drugs have access to them?
I was diagnosed with HPV and the second biopsy I had said there's abonormal cells?
wat is VD?
how could you tell if the herpes is spreading to you eyes?
can you tell what something is just by touching it ?
is it safe to have baby i your husband is carrying a herpes - mareina p?
"Eye opener "This man has spread the AIDS Virus around 'Do You know him and what can be done about him?
Weird fingers when meditating-is this normal?
63 year old women with a 20 year old man?
Do young people have to worry about heart diseases?
Diagnosed with Anemia!! Help!?
What does it me when after i work out my spit gets all thick like i just had alot of sugar?
How do i become a nurse?
emmmmm..am i anorexic?
Workers Compensation PD payments do they continue if you return to work?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How do I stop feeling sick?
How are we all sick????????????
does acid make you brain bleed into your spine?
How do I know if my hotel has bed bugs?
How to find the online dating websites of charge from internet ?
What happens now! I just tore my ACL!?
is this a tailors bunion?
Something in my eye but I can't see it. Stinging?
Lifting weight after an open appendectomy?
Possible bowel condition. How can I obtain a prescription for pain medication?
Is it normal to have fat toes on the foot that has a spranked ankle?
Why does my back hurt ?
Should this be killing me THIS MUCH?
I have a Suboxen questions?
How to treat a wasp sting?
My husband cut down plats that he thought were poison ivy or one of that fa miles poison. He took a shower but?
I have my physical soon and ...?
i want to be sure its safe.please answer?
Is there anyway to get rid off Poison Ivy?
Should I be ashamed if I have dibaetes?
if all of America, ate right and exercised, would there be any?
is lard heathy to cook with?
can pre-diabetes be cure?
Do I have a drinking problem?
how do i avoid getting diabetes?
how can i not be affraid?
Does diabetes make you skinny? I want diabetes...?
How do you stop hunger?
Is there a chance that I have diabetes? Answer please!!!?
Blood sugar over 500, what should I do?
really bad trip on weed, ( wont ever do it again) help?
What are the effects of Ponstan?
What are some home remedies for tonguesalidis?
i need websites of B2B USA..?
Can you Make a Cake with Splenda? my dads diabetic and he cannot eat sugary cakes.?
what to do with unused prescriptions?
Can You Die From DiabeteS?
My Adderall IR, takes 5 hours to work, and then works for 6-8 hours?
13 with possible Diabetes and i don't know what to do.?
Nowadays, how hard is it to get pure arsenic in America?
would diabetes cause athletes foot?
How many people in the U.S. die every year from prescription drug use?
what causes diabetes?
what causes blood in urine?
Is it way off to think that diabetes can be caused by...?
Can hydration avoid water retention?
what does it mean if my thyroid is slightly elevated?
was wondering how sharpes hospital is? what kind of environment it is?
I still have scabies?
Low White Blood Count - Would infection be detected (Hiv, TB)?
can i kiss my boyfriend if i have ebv?
diarrhea help..?
do you know of any new bacteria that has a flu like symptoms, rashes, swelling and sore throat?
treatment for vomiting and Nausea ...?
Just want some feedback on n acetyl l cystine and liver problems. Also liverite and milk thistle.?
How can humans harbor microorganisms on and inside their bodies without experiencing systoms of infection?
what is the hiv+ ratio in brooklyn n.y.?
help i have a white bump on my left tonsil, what is it? it hurts!!!?
how to bring down a fever in a dog?
thanks everybody who answered my question on rabies!?
Aids patients?
what is the early symtom of staphylococcus?
if your child has pink eye wat should you do?
What causes people to go bilestix?
can you pass ecoli while makeing love?
What is phlegm?
Can Someone Please Explain This?
I don't think I have meningitus but..?
ughhh im sick. what could this be?!?
What causes pluralize and what is it ???
What could this be? This is for class?
i have been having sharp pains in my sides could this be indigestion???
Quick cure for phelgm & sore throat!!?
other than surgery, what is a good way to relieve sinus problems?
High sedimentation rate something to worry about?
What is a Panic Attack and can they be life threatening?
If you are intubated (on the ventilator in ICU), is there a continuous feeling of wanting to cough?
does anyone know of a good hospital to get an analplasty?
what is medicine for tinnitis?
Pneumonia ?
i have a really bad chest congestion that wont go away. i tried mucinex and have an inhaler. is there anythin
will hynosis help me stop smoking?
Coughing up phelgm for a week???
what is geymorrit?
Formulate a plan of care to a patient with tuberculosis that vomits blood.?
Need site with?
can you get std by?
smegma or STDs? how can you tell the difference?
Contracting herpes?
I keep seeing warnings to men on Yahoo answers about girls with STD. What is it and do men have it too?
Can you get herpes from a mic even if your mouth doesn't touch it?
symptoms of hiv/aids???
my 15 week Maltese mix sneezes occasionally after playing in the litter box of wheat?
Addicted to getting high on Cough Syrup?
Would you suggest taking pepcid ac prior to drinking alcohol to prevent facial redness?
What are natural ways to deal with allergies?
Does anyone know where I can purchase a Betti Neti Nasal Pot?
allergy spray and tablets?
What am I allergic to?
What are ways to get rid of allergic reactions due to honey?
How to identify blood clots?
What medicine is used for a leaking heart valve?
why do i have a rapid heart rate, no appetite, and thefeeling of vommiting?
What are these strange heart beats?
Explain the purpose of resting, target, and maximum heart rates.?
what to eat or drink when blood pressure goes down?
I think i have hyperthyroidism? =(?
CAN you please help me?
How do I deal with sweat in my behind?
Is it possible for a person to stop drug use on their own?
What poison/s cause/s excruciating pain and then eventually death?
Can you heal Brain Cells ?
is this good or bad? (biorhythm)?
Whats the best decongestant I can buy?
Hurts when I stand up straight and?
How old do you have to be in the uk to get contact lenses without parental permission?
How can i get rid of a droopy eye lid i got because of bad sleep or something?
my glasses are perfect for my right eye but my left is still blurry?
Micro Lasik vs Wave Front Lasik?
Red Lights in vision?
Problems With My Eyes?
jaw popping out of place?
Is it normal for someone with chronic sinuis infection and allergies to have swollen gland?
who has the most affordable health coverage?
very wierd swelling help?
My throat feels swollen on the right side?
Should I go to school with a migraine?
13 years old. Dizzy spells, light-headed, tunnel vision...?
Can being sick raise blood glucose levels?
What are good snacks to eat when you have low blood sugar?
Can Losing Weight Cure Diabetes?
Is it true that the only cure for diabetes is to inject yourself with a mix of unicorn blood and maple syrup?
Extreme Shoulder Pain?? PLEASE HELP?
When am I going to get DIABETES???
Are these symptoms of diabetes?
Okay, so I am about 98 percent sure i have type 2 diabetes....?
both hands: my knuckles hurt when I don't use them, why?
Jaw, neck and shoulder pain...connected?
Rheumatoid arthritis?
My son has Diabetes and we need a team name for the walk, any ideas? His name is Will.?
how do i pop my lower back?
airplane plus pain pills?
Ear pain for Months now?
The outer corner of my right eye is hurting. What is it?
Should I see a doctor for this weird lump on my neck?
I have a serious question about Diabetes, anyone willing to answer?
can type 1 Diabetics have kids?
Diabete's help... :'(?
can a seizure be caused by using the computer?
Should I wear a medical bracelet?
person is diabetic, has black skin on the bottom of their feet. what is this?
is it true that if a diabetic consumes no sugar, then he's going to be fine?
do u think its right that when im low in class that i have to raise my hand and tell every1 that im low?
Can you give diabetics biscuits or a spoonful of sugar to help them when they have an attack?
Is there a cure for Diabetes?
Do I have diabetes.....?
my blood sugar is 417 and when it was 377 they had to give me insulin should i go back to the hospitall?
does this sound like diabetes?
What do you think is wrong?
Is this a nerve disorder?
Nausea and Vertigo For About Three Weeks?
I recently caught a cold and my ears have been clicking and popping every time I swallow?
how can i find a way to make a fund to raise money for my kidney treatment?
There is a bump on the left ear lobe, what is it?
how muany grams of sugar does it take to cause acid reflux? ive had 79grams ive estimated and i dont know if i?
What is this condition called?
I went swimming yesterday& I got water in my ear, I can still feel it. Is it going to turn into an infection?
i have a sunburn on my forehead how can i heal it or take the pain away?
eye is bleeding...what should i do? anyone here with first aid?
Is my blister infected?
swole foot and itching from a bee sting?
I was bitten by something that 'burned' my hand - progressively got worse over a week and spread to my other h?
How do I clean and take car of an infected ear gauge?
What does a spider bite look/feel like?
what helps when you bite your lip?
How can i stop my friend from cutting herself?
Is there something wrong with me?
Is it normal to like being around animals, more than humans?
Is there some place i could leave home for, without worries of dying?
Oh no. I read schizoaffective disorder can turn into straight up schizophrenia. Is this true?!?
How can I control my self from getting nervous during work meeting?
am i a candidate for antidepressants?
tell me how to control anger???? :(?
my cuzin wakes up and do weird stuff in his sleep?
What is happening to me?
Posted question earlier but No answer. Could really Use some helps if that's ok?
help to control panic attacks?
Is there anything that can help?
Pleasuring Problem?
if i were to touch a spot where an STD was, and touched myy skin, could i get the STD?
question about L-Lysine?
can a normal blood test tell whether you have hiv or aids, what about a pap test?
what is the chances of an sti when you just met your beau?
Documentary film about AIDS?
Can I get HIV from touching something with an open wound?
will i infect my ear if i peirce it then wait untill the next day to put an earing in?
is there a place you can go to get help with a sliding fee scale for hapitist b and c?
Am I still contagious...should I go to school tomorrow?
Strep test?
Is there a bug going around in your town?
what otc drugs will show a false positive for meth on a urinalysis?
Tropical Medicine Issues: I am returning to the States after living in Africa for the last two years.?
whats wrong with me?
What does this mean?
If you have a small cold sore, does it automatically mean you have herpes?
If you have a cold or a flu could that delay you getting chemo treatments if you are fighting cancer?
What are the differences?
grren tea ok for open wounds shingles and chicken pox?
Have anyone who has Sickle Cell Anemia Disease ever gotten a leg or ankle ulcer .?
what is the percentage of catching hiv off an infected person?
What are some infectious diseases that infect humans?
Staph infection question (please answer)?
how do i get strep throat ?
how long before i get a cold sore if i kissed someone with it???
What is wrong with my throat...?
My dad came back from visitng my g-ma at a rehab clinic (FILTHY DIRTY!) and he then fed me a cashew w/o wash?
Strep Virus?
Is it anti religious to use our bio electric field in natural healing methods?
Reflexology? Any one tried this ?
MAC's Iridescent powder/loose' alternative?
Can hypnosis be used to aid getting to Theta?
taking acid on Halloween? how much?
are zi xiu tang bee pollen capsules safe?
What the best sleeping aid?
Difference between meditation and guided imagery?
Can i use ordinary pete moss to grow cannibis ?
how can i get a medical marijuana card?
if you bought weed and found a seed in it, is that bad?
What Custom would you "Bring Back"?
A question on sick leave..?
Do I need to get a sick note after two days?
Why does my boyfriend have a terrible cough in the morning?
Are skinnier taller people more susceptible to getting arthritis or osteoporosis?
What happens if i dont where my glases as i get headaches and meant to wear my glases upclose when im concertr?
so if i bought an ABdoer for $4.99, is that a good deal?
medicaid question in michigan?
**if you have PMDD how do they treat it??**?
tierd constantly, can never get a good nights sleep.?
Lip swelling!!!! urgent?
Alcohol Allergy HELPP!?
Do I really need to pick my nose?
Is this an allergy or some kind of flu?
I'm gassy but i don't really eat greasy food, i'm confused,?
Why do I get swollen eye lids?
How can i get rid of red eyes?
Can Diet Soda lead to Diabetes even though it doesn't contain sugar?
How can i lower my blood sugar?
Is it healthier to exercise 6 days a week or 7 days a week?
How can i get diagnosed with diabetes?
My blood sugar was 330?
Is high fructose corn syrup worse than regular sugar?
Diabetics, doctors, or people who are knowledgeable about things like this - please read and help!?
I am diabetic and my sugar is 286?
why do i have a craving for blood?
My friend has type 1 diabetes, but he eats rubbish, smokes and drinks all day. is this dangerous?
i have hypoglycemia, should i have 2 wear 1 of those necklaces or bracelet saying so?
my boyfriends blood suger level is 998 wil he be okay?
i drank 7 cans of coke today. will this habit increase my likelihood of getting diabetes?
How likely is it to have diabetes as a teen?
"Is it appropriate to ask your secretary to keep up with medication refills , daily diet menus, & MD appts.?"?
problems eating? any idea's what it is?
I think I might be diabetic?
How do i treat my diabetic boyfriend..?
is there any way to raise blood sugar without food?
how do i tell my parents that i think im at risk for diabetes?
Diabetes -- ER2 on screen?
How tired are you on a weekly basis ?
Hypoglycemia; Blood sugar test result question?
hi i am 14yrs old and diabetic ,high bg's after breakfeast?!? Any reason why?
I have a bump on my throat is not painful but feel it?
Why are viruses and bacteria so successful?
What do you think I have?
what causes blood in the urine when you have a bladder infection?
HSV-1 Lesion that took forever to go away does that mean I have HIV?
Where does snott come from?
When I'm Sick...?
how old how and why did u start smoking?
How do temporal lobe seizures affect sleep apnea?
Where can I find out how to fill out an advance directive?
I have a bad cold/sinus infection and really disturbed sleep?
I am 45 years old and I wet my bed. Always dream that I am peeing and even tell my brain this is just a dream?
I feel dizzy, lightheaded, naseaus, legs weak sometimes after i eat?
How long do valiums stay in your system?
Migraine's at my age??????
How to fix bad sleeping habits?
How can i fix my sleep schedule?
Have you ever fainted?
Where could I find Elbow Crutches?
In the past i've insulted my doctor by looking things up online...yet...?
Does black drawing salve (Ichthammol Ointment) work for deep splinters?
How Should I Treat My Unusual Mosquito Bites ?
how bad do your glands have be swollen, for you to go to hospital?
My Daughters health problems started 6 years ago when they found a blockage in Her lower intestines and in?
Diahrea D: ..........?
What causes chronic contracted pupils...?
Question about Idiopathic Scoliosis?
Can anyone age 19 or so tell me what their experience with Still's Disease is like?
I had a colonoscopy and proctitis was found, what should I do?
Raynauds Syndrome there is no cure?
Could I have Cushings syndrome?
Low Level Kidney Disease and High Protein Diets?
Why does my left back shoulder tricep area keep twitching?
Sharp, shooting pains?
No gall bladder, no appendices both removed. I’ve been having for the past month a sharp burning pain on right?
Why do my hips randomly hurt?
Do you know how to use opiod conversion charts?
Horrible headache? heelppp?
Achilles tendon after recovery?
weird cramp/pain in chest?
Lower right abdominal pain?
i have pain in my ankle's?
Left side of my head is sore, near my temple?
can i use doxycycline hydrochloride as animal feed medications?
What could be causing these symptoms?
Are there any over the counter HIV Tests? If so which store chain sales it?
fevers of 105 degrees?
Do cough drops contain sugar?
how do you avoid blood diseases?
if you have rheumatic fever?
Is AIDS a suffering disease?
What are cervids or cervid?
the disease brusillus?
is kissing healthy?
White stuff on my tonsils?
what is this disease acinetobacter?
If I got scabies from one puppy in another location, can I transfer it to my puppy at home?
I have a bad cold, will my nose peircing get infected?
Want your kid(s) live and die dirt rich?
Imopetigo...or worse?
If I have cold sore on mouth, and I tuch it, then rub my eye about 15 minutes later, will I get sores on eyes?
What is the mortality/infection rate of people with scarlet fever (streptococcus pyogenes)?
what are the symtoms of mono and how do doctors treat it?
urinary tract infection...?
How do I stop self-harming?
What are you supposed to do with depression after psychotherapy, antidepressants, psych hospitals and shock?
What's the difference between depression and clinical depression?
What can I do nutritionally to help my depression? Any good sleep ideas? I work 2nd shift.... (long)?
every time someone yells I feel panic. Is this normal?
How do you become more positive in doing school work when your not exactly happy?
Do most people actually believe that the USA has a 13 trillion dollar debt just becuz of people that get ssi ?
Do you think its scary to be a Therapist?
do children that were molested recover when this if they get help early ?
Plz help I have the feeling of nothing?
What to do when someone loses the capacity to sleep except for catnaps due to psychiatric meds?
How do doctors differentiate between mental distress and mental disorder!?
i feel extremly stress out, what do i do....?
Why does my stomach hurt so bad?
Play Xmas Edition PC Online Game for PC?
How Do I Stay Awake After An All Nighter?
Differences between diabetes and anemia?
Hypothyroidism, I think I may have it? What do you think?
what are the top ten countries that prouduce marijuana?
Where can I get a 25-hydroxy vitamin D test in the UK?
Herbal snuff without tobacco nor nicotine?
Has anyone on here tried e cigarettes?
yogi detox tea, can i smoke it?
can person has a tattoo donate a blood?
ate a bagel and blood sugar was over 100 for 5 hours?
is my sugar high help?
If you have type 1 diabetes:?
how many times we can use glucose testing strip and what is its cost.?
is this symptoms of diabetes?
will approximately 200 mg get me high if i take enough of them?
for diabetic diets, will "no sugar added" ice cream cause a spike in glucose?
what do you do when you find out that you have diabetes? everything feel so different?
no job-laid off,cant afford my insulin is their anyway to get it free?I'm serious need the help.?
Is 504 too high blood sugar?
Has diabetes been cured?
tested my blood sugar - is 127 too high?
can people with diabetes get navel piercings?
what is a good xmas gift for someone who is diabetic?
Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar (even if you're slim)?
The consumption of sugar is a major cause of what?
what are the signs of low blood?
how should i take better care of my diabetes at school?
using sweet n low is it safe for type 1 diabetics to use it especially if used in coffee 3 packs?
Diabetic Nerves? Help!!!?
I want to know the basic's.?
hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and high school student saved by coach"?
i am pre-metopausal and have been diagnosed with a hiatal hernial will this have anything to do with my menstr?
what is massachusett's death rate?
could this be a blood clot???? Not sure here!?
my heart felt like it was being squeezed and caused me a lot of pain?
heart palpitation's and high red cell counts? any link?
Fast/slow heart beats?
how does heart failure affect your everyday life. i am asking this of people who have cardiomyopathy please.?
Lorazapam withdraws?
Is it normal for a person's blood pressure to be higher the first 3 hours in the morning.?
One eye is smaller then the other - what causes this?
My eye is really red after wearing my contacts. Is this normal?
Question about my contact lenses?
why do my contacts make my eyes red?
Can I wear makeup if I had pink eye earlier this week?
Who here has had the Lasik eye surgery done?
Whats wrong with my eye? :'(?
Which Freshlook colored contacts (Color Blend, Dimensions, Radiance) show up more on dark eyes, almost black?
Trouble taking deep breaths...?
Is it bad to crack your bones?
1 night of missed sleep = 2 days of migraine.. Is that normal?
ive been at the hospital for about a week, how much will it be?
Can't swallow when I sleep at night and it wakes me up?
What is a likely cause of a random rash only on the arm?
can you have an allergy test in tesco?
what allergy medicine should i take?
how to treat an ill rabbit?
is this from lactose intolerance?
Allergy problem maybe?
Has anyone heard of a Therapy to help with allergies?
How to quickly get rid of sulfur burps?
What is causing my lymph nodes to be constantly swollen?
In Lorenzo's Oil does the.....?
Heavy , Heavy Sleeping .. ! Please Help !?
Is mitochondrial disease life threatening?
What is the average life expectancy of a hemophiliac individual?
I want to eat, but every time I eat I feel nauseous. What can it be?
My cat is 19 years old and is drinking water all the time and eating very good but not cat food.?
I messed up my body? Can I ever get it back?
Where Can I Buy Iodine?
The truth behind crying?
What does pepto-bismol do and when should I take it?
Im 16 and I still get home sick?
Does black mamba incense or k2 show up in a drug test?
[URGENT]I heard that using salt water for infected piercings is a good way to get rid of it, is it true?
Can I take Pepto Bismo in an aorplane with me?
if HIV blood in food then its possiblity to get HIV to other people?
The best prevention of rheumatic arthritis?
diarreah / bleeding stool please help!!!!!?
help! I have the flu about 2 months ago but kept running hard, now i have the cold?? result of flu virus stil?
hypertermmia related to UTI pls help me w/ my NCP?
what are some infectious diseases?
how many injections is the varicella vaccine?
can you get?
Can you tell I have a cold?
Do you have to take any medicines if you have post-polio dieases?
i have bad white blisters and i got tested for strep and mono, i have neither. what could this be?
so what can i do for my diet if i am healthy right now, but i have hep c?
i need the names of one or two diseases that are neither viral or bacterial?
what shall I take for inside pile especially with hard stool ???
I stepped on a staple.?
Is feline leukemia considered a retrovirus??
stomach flue question.?
Anybody else have the flu?
how common is mad cow disease in the usa?