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What would be the calorie count of Green Giant's stir fry create a meals be without the sauces?
Which foods contain high starch? and what do they do to the body?
What does calories look like when looked at under a microscope?
what is the maximum number of pushups you have done((i.e) without taking a break)?
how can i lose 20 lbs in a month?
if you swallowed windex how long would it be before you die?
Is high Serotonin doing this to me?
Why did my hiccups keep on starting then stopping then starting again?
how old do you have to be to donate your body to science?
What happen to a person that falls in a pool in the winter time and stay outside in the cold weather ?
Does anyone know of a support group for people suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Do you think i would need a surgery?
Why do I have sore legs?
How much does it cost overall to go see a endocrinologist for growth in michigan?
Who come when I cry and wipe my tears it burns?
Help With Poison Ivy Please.?
Squishy things in Vitamin Water?
i had my ears peicred since Feb 09 and....?
How To Make Your Sunburn Not Blister?
I got bit by a weird bug and my hand swelled up. What do I do?
What do wasp stings look like? Is there a wasp nest in my sisters house?
Ear piercing infection - help!?
How would you treat a scorpion sting ?
Throat closes up!?!? Please read moree for details!?
is it okay to mix zertec and adderall?
Swollen Glands/Nodes?
ICHY HEAD??? and hayfever ?? connected?
When I wake up in the morning my upper throat is raw and swollen. What could this be?
What is this in my throat?
Does a having class 2 allergic reaction to dogs mean that can never have a dog?
right side of my hip hurts?
how long does it take for a hairline fractured fibula to heal?
is it normal to have muscle pain around a break 4 weeks after it happened?
What are some common injuries?
About a month ago, I fell and landed with all my body weight on my shin.?
ACL reconstruction, what to expect, and recovery.?
Whats wrong with my wrist ?
How can I heal and "fill" a recessed scar?
What do i have in my hand?
Can you give yourself Asthma?
diat and mucus production?
I have now found out that its NOT bronchitis, rather muscle pain, what could be causing it?
How do you comfort someone?
I cured myself of asthma. Can other people do this?
Is good ventolin, for asthma infantil?
My mother suffer from bad nerve damage in her right leg.?
What would cause a tiny hemorrhage to be seen in an ultrasound?
does anyone know anything about happy shaman herbs?
What happend to me the other day after i smoked marijuana?
does biotin vitamin give energy?
what is reye's syndrome?
What is the difference between a "pacemaker" and an "internal defibrillator"?
How do you feel when you've taken...?
Really sick .. please help ? tonsillitis ?
heart beats slow and hurts during nightmare?
Every time I think about my heart it starts to ache. Literally!?
Where can I get prebiotics? ?
Question about diluting tea tree oil?
ear popping-how to heal tinnitus naturally?
Does equate sleeping pills 50mg get you high ?
Whats the good suppliments to building muscles?
Are all sleeping pills the same?
Ritsuka's therapy type?
Do i have head lice again or not?
How to fall asleep a.s.a.p?!?
I don't know how to word this question?
what is it like in a rehab center?
I take 2 tablespoons of a generic NyQuil each night to help me sleep and to con trol a tickle in my throat.?
What Is That Noise In My Ear?
Why can i quit things with out withdrawl?
Help. My back just kills! I don't know what happened!?
I have a golf ball sized bump on my right side?
Must I switched my meds......once again. ?
i landed with my knee locked out playing basketball now it is stiff but there is little swelling.?
Does this sound normal to you?
Sharp knee pain? Help!?
Laxative? (horrible pain questions)????!!!?
Chest and shoulder pain? ?
can growing pains come on suddenly when i lift my leg up I can feel the pain is that growing pains?
whats wrong with my toe?
Skin irritation from Scrab by lemon and sugar?
Diabetes jokes !! hahahaha?
how do phagocytes avoid self digestion?
Numbness,wetness,cold feeling in both calves?
what is the role of glucose in muscle contraction?
I think I might have type 1 diabetes...?
Type 1 diabetic question. ?
is 190 a high blood sugar level?
Is one considered a diabetic if one obtains a positive result for sugar in a fasting urine sample?
when should i take my metformin 500 mg twice a day?
I have noticed white blotchy marks on my upper arms.. Does anyone know what this could be/mean?
how do i avoid veiny arms?..?
Need some product recommendations please!?
White bumps/sores on top of hands?
What are the function of the skin?
Severe Acne Vulgaris Help?
how do i stop a breakout from happening because i see it under the skin and i dont want it to come up?
I Got A Nose Piercing Bump. Any Help Please On How To Treat It?
really really dry skin on both feet? what should i put on it? E45 cream? also very hard skin i have been?
rash thing on my legs?
I have been having skin problems for a while now. But the difference is I used to pop, squeeze and pinch.?
Is there any way to calm down sweaty hands?
Sunburn permanent skin Color???
itchy abdomin?
How can I overcome negative thoughts about myself?
just a feedback on dr bhartendu swain at apollo hospital hyderabad, india?
do you ever face sleepless nights due to mosquito bites? in your country?
Accutane Help?
My friend is the hardest sleeper I know.. Medical problem?
My stomach has a gnawing hunger feeling,could this be stress?Have had peptic ulcer before. Very stressed?
Is there a cold/virus that.........?
Should I have a biopsy?
how long it take to resettle the affected cells of liver by alcohol?
I hear this strange high-pitched noise in my ears when there is complete silence.?
Can eating disorders cause black heads/ acne?
Can you spread pin worms by having a bath with an infected person?
I feel this burning and painful sensation whenever I feel the urge to urinate or when I am urinating..?
I get the flu about 6 times each year and during that time my heart rate goes from 60 to 85 for several days.?
what is staph and ya how does it work?
wyells bacteria?
Im sure I have an ulcer and until I get a consulation how often should I take amoxicillin?
Canker Sores & Swollen Lips?
How to get calcium if I'm lactose intolerant?
Should I get my tonsils removed?
what kind of diseases today create the same level of danger as the black plague?will give 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!
What birth defect does she have?
what is effaced?
I have this Frequent urination problem and have to urinate 4 times in the morning?
Sometimes i have this bad odor down there why is it could it be that i have a infection?
What can you do to get rid of strep throat?
Help about roundworms and tapeworms?
Huntington's Disease?
What are the chances that a child will be disabled or demented when born?
Whats it like to have thrush?
shivering !!!!?
Is my digestive system the problem?
How can I avoid getting the stomach flu thing that is going around. We have a teen ager?
Can i purchase tablets for chylamydia on the internet to save me from going the gu clinic?
Whatis the definition of an infectious disease? Discuss various types of them and how they affect the body.?
my impetigo havent completely cleared up yet after a week of amoxycillin antibiotics?!?
Best book/guide on how to grow taller?
burning sensation and pain in legs and toes?
Is it possible to store clean urine in a water bottle for a few months to use in future drug tests to pass?
why do u smoke is it stress?
How can people have saggy bums? Isn't is horrible?
Spider bite problem 1?
Do snake bite piercings hurt? If so how long do they hurt?
after having a shunt put in why am i still having to much spinal fluid?
What is this black stuff?
can endocrinologist help me get taller? Please read the details?
Whats up with my thumb?!?
weird shock-like ( needle feeling) in toes..?
What to know when picking a Personal Injury Lawyer ?
Wrist, forearm, and elbow pain. What is wrong?
I got "Tailor's Bunionette" on my left foot. Should I be worried?
I think i fractured my toe?
How long do I have to wear a clavicle brace for?
I crush my finger nail 2 days ago, wht I do?
Is it alright to work out when having growing pains?
Why are the toes on my feet starting to bend?
I can't hear from my left ear after swimming?
did demi lovato cut her wrists?
Is it normal for a rib to stick out?
which way to push/pull a jammed finger?
Eye twitching - 1 week now? (SHORT)?
Tinting glasses with anti reflective coating?
What's the maximum power a lens a have?
how to store contacts lens after a deep cleaning?
What's wrong with my eyes?
Can colored contacts help you see better & do glasses make your eye site worse?
Are There Any Eye Contacts...?
Does anyone know if they have very dark brown colored contacts?
I had hpv and had a leep done. What would they do if?
does heartburn have to do with hiv?
is it true that keily williams has hiv?
can she get an outbreak from my outbreak?
When it turned out to not be an STD?
When was Osgood-schlatter disease discovered?
Can someone help me out with what this is called?
narrow bump on side of head?
What kind of illnesses have the amazon plants cured?
My boyfriend woke up last night coughing really and then started throwing up. Now his stomach hurts really bad?
How can i lose 50 pounds in 2 months?
What does anyone think about the lap band syrgery?
How do i increase my weight/?
Does spinning or cycling classes really work, or is it better to go at my own pace?
Is my fitness plan a good plan or should I change it?
Does knee bending affect the stomach size?
How can i start my diet when i have depression? how can i urge myself to start?
Weight Loss?
What is the BEST music to work out to?
I've recently started to drink this almond juice drink.?
Weight Watchers?
what's the best way to loose your weight? i know exercise,diet etc but..?
i was wondering do adults lose weight eaiser or teens??
Can u lose weight by starting to smoke ciggarets?
please suggest a diet which would not put on weight as well as nutrious.?
What is the GM 7 days diet?
Im trying to get a six-pack... What exercises could i do that will help me achieve that??
exerises the getting the perfect abs...........& have a toned & hourglass figure?
Building up your muscles?
What's the best way to get in shape for the military?
How does the digestive system work?
When should I take my vitamins?
how do u clean out your digestive system?
Any one know about Hoodia as a diet aid?
I am worried that I have an infection after injecting my b12 shot. How do I know if there is an infection?
what is the cause ofRA factor positive?what is the treatment?
How long is school for becoming an opthalmologist?
What's the Ebola virus?
can u catch bird flu from eating chicken sandwich paste?
What else can I do for Mono?
What could it be on my tongue?
What is the root cost and remedy into human suffering?
Teach me: Malaria.?
When do clinical signs of infection appear?
what is pus cells in urine & what is the reason to increase it.?
What is the name of the most common food-borne illness?
VERY WORRIED?? could this be MS or something?? DOCTORS PLease?
how does ebola spread?
Do you think I have the flu?
Fifth's Disease. It's going around here. How long will the rash last on my 3 year old?
i was told you have to have aids test,flu test,and sars test if you are from africa, before coming to usa?
Is this pinkeye?
strep throat?
what could this be?
In the past week I've had two fits and ended up in hospital. I am a 15 year old boy, what do these fits mean?
Twitching in lower abdomen...as well as muscle aches...any ideas?
Getting light headed and I don't know why?
So tired? loads of sleep? Whyy?
do antidepressants or antipsychotics age your face?
how many people check into a hospital yearly in Canada?
What's a 13 year olds blood glucose level supposed to be?
How to get rid of black skin discloration from insulin resistance?
Is blood type R rare?
I have a high blood pressure..?
What tablet is equivalent to covance d and is available in Shanghai?
pain in left side of chest?
cysts in fetus brain and water around fetus heart?
Was diagnosed with Ventricular Tachycardia on Thursday and I am terrified!?
Heartbeat help please?
One of my ears is plugged up and I can barely hear?
im having groin pain and i dont know what to do?
normal for an upset stomach after jogging?
Why does ambien cause this feeling?
How does the body react to increase and decrease of temperatures and then how does it return to normal temp ?
Medical advice - forgetting ?
If a person has illegal drugs in their system such as?
what can i do to get thc out of my urine in one month i only smoked one blunt?
how much water should i be drinking to keep my throat hydrated and vocal chords im a singer/screamer?
Feeling sick every time after going out to eat?
Bagaimana mekanisme pelepasan hormon hormonal, neuronal dan humoral?
Please give me an example of cutting edge "mind control" for paralysis victims. I mean like the subject?
Why could i have stomach ache? ?
What can one do to ease a sore head after being punched repeatedly in it?
What is it called when you enjoy self-inflicted pain?
Oxycodone Overdose Symptoms?
i have slightly knock kneed?
How to get rid of sore muscles?
Feels like my whole throat needs to cough?
How to stop cracking joints?
Whats wrong with my left leg?
Headache in my forehead?
how could you extract ephedrine from medicated saltlick molassess for catle?
What are some natural medicines that treat depression?
Uncomfortable about my girlfriend smoking Kush etc?
What would it be like to die from DXM?
Is Terramicina a prescription medication in the USA? What other names are used for it here?
What are some good herbal remedies?
How old do you have to be to take Lortabs?
How old you you have to be to take loradatine?
My ear hurts after I blew my nose?
What's the best way to grow my Medical Cannabis outside?
Nose clogged only when lying down on one side?
Hair removal cream has cause allergic reaction! HELP! IM 13!!!?
For those who have an air purifier...?
Has anyone had "brain fog" while taking generic Claritin?
Why have my eyes been red this past month?
Can air filters cause shortness of breath?
Can you sneeze in your sleep?
how to stop nose running temporary? (No pills)?
Can adults develop some form of separation anxiety?
I have amnesia from 5 massive seizures/coma/life support event...Has anybody else ever dealt with this? how?
Sould I get an abortion?
can a chipped bone grow back?
What should I do about my elbow?
How did she make her ankle swell while sleeping?
Intense pain in my neck?
I hurt my leg on the fence and i broke it a while back there a weird sensation.?
i received a cortisone injection in my right knee, its been two weeks and i have alot of pain..?
Broken ankle- cam boot or crutches?
Got a hangover and have work in 4 hours?
should i go to the doctor if i've had tendinitis for a month?
I think I broke my toe, should I wear crutches or a boot?
I jammed my finger into a basketball? How to treat it?
should i see a doctor if my mosquito bites are really swollen and red?
bug bites? spider bites? what?
I have a burn blisters on my feet how do i wear shoes?
When i stretch, i black out.?
does merthiolate antiseptic burn like alcohol?
Scurvy... :D?
how do i get rid of this problem?
stretch marks..any way to get rid of them?
problem with acne?
what's the best anti-aging cream?
i have naturally tan skin, but bad under eye circles. yellowish concealors made them more visible.whatcanido?
have you ever...?
Has anyone ever tried Epoch Sole Solutions Foot Cream made by Nuskin?
can imiquimod cream be purchased without prescription ?
I have alopecia areata. Can i take perfectil whilst taking nourkrin?
Why do your hands feel like they are burning after placing them under warm water after being in the cold?
Can you explain what is wrong with my body?? Help!?
Do acne scars go away with accutane?
Should I take my daughter to the ped for a wart?
HOw do you get ringworm?
suggest me a good snuscreen lotion... am in chennai?
Mr Micle jacksion (singar) changed his skin from black to white but what is his skin? i want to know about ?
can you be in the military if u have herpes?
Will STD be ransfered if u hav blo^ j0b???
help me out please!?!?
HIV/AIDS Free Materials?
What are some STD's, are any preventable?
All of the following specific treatments are used for syphilis, except? a. Metronidazole b. adequate hydrati.
can eny one tell me who had a misscarige and dident go to the doctor and got pregnent?
small red lumps on my heels and sides of my big toes. what are they?
What are the side effects of working in a factory that makes cigarettes or processes tobacco?
does the laser (for body hair removal) cause cancer?
is there any people with success stories that have had thyroid problems?
My arm hurts? Really bad, I feel like crying. Please answer?
Does anyone know trick of alternating pressure on roof of mouth and between eyebrows to ease nasal congestion?
A friend has been diagnosed with pulmonary oedema and given 6 months to live, is this true?
i have a cpap connected to oxygen can i disconnect the oxygen?
What is the rate of quiet breathing in regardst to breaths/min?
Nasal Irrigation Problem?
Respiratory therapy interview help!!?
What will be best food whuch we can take after releiving from fast?
What is wrong with me?
How come people don't get sick after handling raw meat and then touching taps/bottles/glasses etc?
on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad is blood pressure of 150 over 90 only when its at the E R Or Doctors office?
I smoked one jay yesterday and have a drug test next month i am 5 foot 10 and 200 pounds?
Should an acrophobic do an abseil?
where can you buy hallucinogenic drugs?
My sister and her friends are going to try weed, I was wondering is this bad?
i have an 11 yr old choc english lab w/severe ear infection?
i'm unwell but seriously bored?
What are the applications for metal detectable earplugs?
should i stop taking my olanzapine?
Why do i always throw up when i take triple c?
What is wrong with my wrist? Sprain or fracture?
I Think I Sprained My Wrist?
A black vein in my arm?
How should i treat a mild ankle sprain?
the tendon of my big toe gets stuck?
did i dislocate my knee?
My Arm / Back hurts, Is it just a sprain?
My back is cracking a lot if l sit still and then move and l feel very stiff , what could this be?
Help With My Ankle Please?
The car door slammed on my knuckles last week..?
Is this just a pulled muscle, if so what should i do to help it?
How is smallpox spread?
What is the guardasil shot?
I might have mono. How long does it take to get well?
Why is it that you feel cold when you have a fever?
Strep Throat?
tell me how is smallpox transffered?
what is hyperlipedimia?
My 16mo old granddaughter, now has her second diagnosis of MRSA. Carrier? where is she getting it from?
Has any one had lymes disease before??? Please tell me how you are doing.?
what is common good?
Viral and Bacterial infections?
what happen after your treated?what about the tissue?
What are the side affects of the Meningoccal booster shot?
why is there so many diseases spreading such as aids,studs excl..?
i had the flu and now i have diarrhea?
What types of pathogens have been most successful at keeping contained?
is gastroenteritis connected with ulcer?
what system is affected during chicken pox?
does my friend have the flu?
about sickle cell?
Please Help! Has anyone ever had a stapedectomy/stapedotomy?
Is www.diflucan.biz a trustworthy website?
Is it good to donate blood?? I mean is it good for health?
I was just wondering......i live in Bakersfield CA,and wanted to know if anyone...?
Can running on a tredmill with earbuds in give you an ear infection?
Connection in being sick a lot as a kid, but not as an adult?
Questions regarding becoming a paramedic?
my boyfriend has the flu, will i get it too?
help my diabetic boyfriend wont stop eating things with sugar and its getting out of control and im worried?
Is Sugar bad for you? Help Me!?
how to quickly reduce glucose level in blood?
how do paramedics/doctors treat neuroglycopenia?
pls,i have this small substance at the coner of my eye that looks like catarrh,it chooks makes my eyes red?
why do we have brown eyes ?
Adrenocortical steroid, eye drops, weight gain?
Oily eyelid causes my iris to have a white dot?
Does Magnesium cause any serious, permanent eye damage?
I have a little zit looking thing on my eyeball!?
My left eye won't stop watering?
Problem with eye when I was a baby?
Hey, is there anyone who knows recent medical breakthroughs?how close are they to a herpes cure?
whats this strange feeling down bellow?
whats the best antibiotics to use when u have chlaymedia. "std"?
I have been detected for HPV-18 no dysplasia now what?
How do STD's manifest themselves?
Rectal discharge in men?
Burn blister... fluid is all out but covering still there?
how to get rid of a swollen lip FAST, its from sunburn!?
pregnancy and poison ivy?
Cut scrotum and don't have alcohol or peroxide?
how long is my eye going to be swollen shut from wasp sting?
how do i treat this really bad burn?
Weird looking bug bite on left leg..?
How do you get rid of a chemical burn?
I Have A Bite..........................?
do any recreational drugs damage your urethera?
How many to overdose?
Is there a problem with working on MDMA?
What is the difference between nature cure (naturopathy)and ayurveda?
Can someone who overdoses on sleeping pills and alcohol end up in a vegetative state?
Minor Chest pain, Mostly at night...?
Meps physical test...help?
Low Cholesterol Levels?
Why does my heart start Racing and pounding when im in a weird position?
Sudden heart beating up my throat?
Do people who play World of Warcraft have a higher chance of suffering a stroke or a heart attack?
how many steps does it take to burn 3500 calories?
what do i do when i injured my thigh muscle?
I am starting the Sacred Heart Diet. Can I use Sweet N Low on this diet when I drink tea?
is there such a thing called " Water Fat"? if yes how to get rid of it?
if you run 3 miles a day are u able to eat nething u want without gaining weight?
i would like to gain weight. what do i do?
South Beach Diet?
How much weight can I lose from fasting?
How long does it take to lose weight by doing muscle work for an hour and a half everyday?
I want to get diet pills but I don't know: What's the best one with the least side effects and do I need ID?
Am I Fat, Normal Or Skinny??
weight watchers...?
what is the average weight for a 10 year old girl?
What are some foods that are high in protein?
How to calculate my perfect weight?
Why do people believe muscle weighs more than fat?
Is there any other way to intake Collagen other than eating tenor of animals?
im 135 pounds and 5`4, work out almost daily and wrestle alot, am i fat???
Are diet teas good to loose weight?
what can i do to expand my lungs so i can breathe better while running a long distance for PE at school??
How do you lose weight??
my calfs are border line in size. but what can i do to tone my legs without making them bigger?
What is restless leg syndrom?
My right side hurts when I drink...could it be my liver or what is it?
something happened to my foot help!?
How can I make my allergies less "noticeable?"?
I need to find someone who can do an allergy test, where should i go?
i have really bad seasonal allergies should i seek a doctor?
Why can't you use a tube for nasal congestion?
Is this something i ate?
There are times when I must use bleach or ammonia to clean...?
Is this allergies. Never had them before now?
how does pollen make your eyes itchy if your allergic to it?
Are most people lactose intolerant to an extent?
i donno what to do...pls help...?
ingrown hair?
My Foot????
What's so bad about using skin products high in mercury?
why do i always get an acne? the strange thing is that it always grows above my lips! what is this?
i have red bumps and white heads on my nose how do i take them off?
Hay i just got my mp4player and i don't know how to work it it's on charge and it had a red and green light on
Can i get rid of the heat?
Im getting red spots ALL OVER MY BODY HELP!?
how to fade scars?
I Ate Some Imitation Crab From Sam's Club And I Got Sick.?
This past Sunday, I had severe diarrhea that occurred because everytime I ate something,?
my 18 yr old nephews appendix ruptured on him on sunday,he was operated on that night?
when i wash my hands under cold water?
Body eats through gold wedding bands until they are so thin they break?
I think I have OCD? are these the symptoms and should I go to a doctor?
I have puke ing sensation when doing ...Intense cardio ?
Anyone have a bad effect from LEVAQUIN AND CRESTOR?
Can wood smell be bad for you?
When I an nervous I shake- sometimes my bady start shakeing in public- What can I do?
How common is it for teenaged boys to want to wear diapers instead of wearing boxers? And then wetting them?
how bad of a back do you have to have to go on disability?
should i be worried at all..?
Is there a different kind of hyperacusis that is for seeing things instead of hearing things?
Wwhat's rong with meee?!?!?
What happens if I a person is directly shot (with an arrow) in the ribcage?
Have I done any damage to my ankle?
I have a bruise on my leg that wont go away?
I am 13 and i condition my wrists and now they have started clicking how can i stop this?
What should i do when i have a fractured nose and a headache?
how do you know if your finger is broken?
i twisted my ankle in soccer, how do i make the pain go overnight?
Whats the difference between these knee braces?
My dog bit my thumb really hard?
Whats wrong with my ankle?
for those who broke your nose ?
wat should i do if i got show with a bb gun in my big toe?
I think I broke my toe?
can I get HIV virus when kiss the effeted person?
what can i prove about Chalmydia?
ways to beat a urine test?
could i get aids?
can you be a police officer with aids or another disease?
does a person get to know by doing blood test that he has aids or not?
read the details?
Help me spread the word!!! PLEASE!!!?
Does anyone know anything about MRSA ? In 2005 it killed more people than aids.?
Can I sue the barber for not changing the razor's blade? & Do I have a possibility of contracted any disease?
two questions on parasites:?
What is this sickness/disease?
Strep throat?
A slide question?
Biology question..?
I have the Flu, should I see the doctor?
Are seonces dangerous?
question about mono...?
Does a coldsore prevent you from fullfilling your life?
which mosquito spread chiken gunia disease?
what's it like to get tested for ADD?
Is this just a common cold?????
how long is Phlebotomy training.?
Is having sickle cell bad when it's an infant who has it.?
is help for kid lead poisoning in a class?
name 8 organs in the immune system?
SARS virus?
ive had a ear infection and been taking antibiotics?
How do you get pseudomonas in the bladder.?
Pinworms infection?
How many grams of carbs should a 2 1/2 year old consume per day?
cost of testing at Mayo clinic?
methycobal actual dose in neuropathy?
I have diabetes type2 and it's be out of control.. i am trying to get it back in control but my body is so use?
Does modified food starch have any affect on blood sugar levels?
Examp of each nominative,accu,poss,in 2person?
I have an underactive thyroid ... Will I have it forever?
what is this on my toe?
i stepped on a bee yesterday and i woke up and it hurt and was swollen?
How to get rid of the itch in a bee sting?help asap!!!?
i have puss coming from my new ear piercing is that bad?
Bites at night! HELP PLEASE!?
Salt Hurting Blister?
is it bad to get a spray tan after you got a bad sunburn?
I think I have a spider bite, maybe not? (pics included)?
Ear Piercing Infection?
I sleep early but i wake up late?
Hospitals and oxygen masks?
There's spot on my left arm that makes me twitch?
What time do you go to sleep?
is it normal for one hand/fingers to be less flexible than the other?
I know I've posted this question up once already but...?
Do 'free clinics' offer quality healthcare?
How can i get my lungs stronger with asthma?
coughed so hard throat hurt and saw blood.why?
My neck really hurts i cant move it left to right , it feels like a bad bruise and i feel a little bump, help?
My left ear pops when I swallow?
headache? and i feel dizzy?
Can anyone explain what the little tiny electrical shocks I feel in my lower back and shoulder blades are?
Ear issues. please help?
Sore knee, a problem?
Are watson brand Duragesic (fentanyl) patches still the gel pouch type? If not which are, if any?
electric jolt in fingers??????????????
What`s the apendicitis regim?
just recently my stomach has been very bloated and rock hard.?
I have a little lump on my lower left side of my back that moves around like a ball. What is it?
Freaking out about bumbs on the back of my tongue?
what stds would make a person have headaches and trembles?
has your tongue ring ever been infected?
What types of HPV show NO Symptoms???
Has anyone ever use freezaway for warts?
why does my throat always feel like its swollen?
Tell me if this a real stuttering problems, I never stutter when i talk to myself.?
I have a low thyroid?
I have yellow in my vision in un concentrated areas followed by a headache?
People who have suffered from eating disorders...?
What is this disease about?
inaccurate diagnosis of narcolepsy?
I don't know what's wrong with me?
Does anyone has swelling of their face with TMJ?
What happens if the corpora quadrigemina is surgically bisected?
What is my diagnosis?
Difficulties falling asleep that last couple of months?
oversleeping too much?
if you have low blood sugar and also think your on borderline for anemic?
What Is a Exemptions forms for?
PLEEEASE HELP!! How to make myself taller pleeease help...?
Does a person always have to get their limbs amputated if they have neuropathy?
why is my throat hurting?
Help meeee how did she find out?
what can you get high off of?
Where can I buy those BioBands that help nausea?
Does it sound like i broke my pinky?
MRI: Myxiod degeneration of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus?
Can ulnar nerve transposition fail after many years?
Should I be worried if the red cross calls me?
Could I have a broken foot?
Advice on wrist injury / pain?
How long would it take for these people to recover?
Why is my blood turning black?
my toe is growing wrong way help?
Any Doctors? Cus Im Really Scared!?
Why won't my nose stop bleeding?
Question About My Shoulder Surgery.?
is Aldi's friendly farms probiotic yogurt just as good as Activia's?
OTC sleep aid dosage concern?
Please help. What should I do?
the side effects of medicine meridia?
Vyvanse effects on person without ADHD?
How is heart transplate done today ?
Heart Valve Leak? HELP!?
Mitral Valve Prolapse and Nose Surgery?
What are the chances of having surgery for severe mitral valve regurgitation?
What are the effects of stress on the cardiovascular system?
Could i hav low blood pressure and anemia?
I think this is an arrhythmia, but is it serious?
If you wanted to research women with heart disease, how could you gain accurate and easily obtainable data?
how is it that people get to be over 500 pounds when they are like 25?
How can I make my booty big?
how can i quickly reduce my triglyceride level? what foods do i need a lot of?
how to lose inches in my waist?
In your opinion, what's the best weight for a woman (who's 5'6") and the best for a man (who's 5'10")?
How many calories should I eat a day if I want to quickly but healthly lose weight?
Anyone know if an excess of red wine can cause achey joints the next day?
what exercise should i do to enlarge my rump?
Are my meals healthy enough?
Is drinking beer bad if I'm trying to get a six-pack?
Has anyone tried Beta-slim?
do you burn more calories when you are cold?
is it pyscho to carry a picture of you when you were fat?
does anyone out there know anything about the safety of Sulfur Dioxide as a food additive?
i wanna lose weight fast, do you have any plan that can work instantly and is good for teens?
can i get some diet tipe please?
what are big merskito?
im 18 years old, im tall, not skinny but not fat, and i have stretch marks that ruin my confidence?
Acne Medicine?
I had a small style and i took a shower and now my whole lid is swollen?
Eye shadows?
What is wrong with my legs???
I need a none freeze off wart remover.?
What is the best way to get rid of acne scarring? Preferably something cheap!?
hi guys, what treatment would u suggest for tennis elbow/ trapped nurve?? help plz?
how long does it take too...?
weird itchy spots on legs?
what are the causes of small lumps or fatty tissues that spread around my body very itchy before it occurs?
What can i do to my 5 months old baby's dry itchy and scaly face and scalf?
Wondering what this small red bump on my chest is..?
MERSA??? Symtoms???
Eye sight requirements to become a pilot?
do i have an eye infection?
Can drops for Red Eye treat Blepharitis?
how can you make your eyes red?
Can the reflection of light of the back of a cd harm your eyes?
What is the story about 100 some people dying of some kind of pneumonia in a hospital in Israel?
How can I stop worrying about something?
how do i kick start my brain?
i have a problem and needing some advice?
will this help my sleeping habits change?
Paxil and its side effects. Help quick please.?
I was wondering how long it takes to adjust to medication for depression and anxiety. I started taking Celexa?
Paranoia getting worse, what do I do?
a question about clonazepam?
heavy headed all day because of anxiety?? its like pressure on my head!!!!?
HELP! What's wrong with my brain? Also study tips?
Do you eat when you are sad?
How do I sound? Do I sound..mentally ill?
Fear of seizures?????? My anxiety fear?
is this how im going to be for now on?
Please Help Zoloft withdrawl question?
what should i do when I get to different answers and treatment plans by 2 different psychiatrist?
Why dont i have any friends ?
Can you hav Generalized anxiety disorder and Social anxiety disorder at the same time?
should i take my medication, I cannot remember if I took it or not?
I just found out I'm allergic to potassium dichromate...?
Why do my lips swell and get full of puss when I eat pizza?
Allergic Reaction to DEPO PROVERA?
Is the Traditional Medicinals teas gluten free?
I think Im allergic to something in my room, What can I do?
what are you allergic too..? symptoms?
Is this allergies or am I really sick?
Cough and Sleepover Problems?
problems breathing!???!!?
when me and my gf tounge her lips always get all slobbery how can i prevent that i think its partially her?
does a man have symptons of yeast infections?
discharge and soreness???
friend get worried like when i bring up the subject of hiv?
help with the following questions on diabetes management?
Ssri questions please help?
I can't eat or drink without using the toilet ?
how is hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic coma treated? In terms of hours how many?
a child 3 yrs has given meftal p suspension 6 hrly for 3 days and valium 2mg?
how do you breathe during surgery?
Cut on the back of ankle from running?
Help with my blisters!?
Grinding sensation in knees, no pain?
Should I pop my flash burn blisters?
i got stung by a bee for the first time.?
insect bite on my wrist swelling?
Help, I've got a bad case of the itchies...?
is it normal to get lip ring stud stuck behind teeth for the first week?
i have been diagnosed with periphial artery disese and can hardley walk what are my chances of getting ssi?
Shivers for about 10 minutes for no aparent reason, WHY?
I was wondering if there was a test for mononucleosis that is not a blood test. (Severe needle phobia)?
what is bird flu,how do humans react to contaminated food like this and is it in our food chain?
Any doctors around???
do they do medical tests for persons working in a restaurant?
Tips for getting over a stomach flu quickly?
OMG.My face is ruined.I got chicken pox.Help me!!?
HIV questions??
what is the standard of number of bacterial count in a surgical room?
Very likely that i have mono?
how do u know if you have a staff (staph) infection?
Yeast is killing me! For the pats 8 months it has been ongoing .?
Doctor who treats NON HIV eosinophilic folliculitis PLEASE!?
What can i do if i have been exposed to hepititist B?
Cold or flu?
IGF-1 Normal Ranges?
How dangerous is a fungal maxillary sinus infection in a child?
strep throat and flu,have i took to much med?
how do i know if i broke my toe?
3 months ago i ruptured my eardrum and it still has not healed after having a paper patch on for 2 months?
Knee injury after skating accedent?
what does my left arm muscle moves by itself?
What should I do??? What happened??? help plz?
How to get rid of bruises/ help them heal quicker?
I can't walk after I got off crutches?
Ways to make a blister better?
i got hurt in my hand very badly from a knife and it started to bleed. why my body feels to throw up?
broken nose....help me!!?
Sharp Pain/Ache in chest and jaw: what is it?
mortons neuroma surgery 2 months ago, why do I still have pain?
How long should i wait before stretching again?
I smashed my knee, whats wrong?
Anyone an expert on finger injuries?
how long will it take for my ears to heal back to normal size?
I had a bad 24 hour stomach bug 2 days ago. ALthough i still feel slightly nauseous i do feel much better. How?
Do 'Shrooms show up on a drug test?
HELP!!! Should I use neosporin ointment or cream?
Do they do drug test at lowes and menards?
What's wrong with my stomach?
Does Cushing's Syndrome have any affect on Kidneys?
hormones is need at my age 53?
Ear Keep Ringing after a Loud Pop..anyone know how to stop it?
Why am I getting this weird kind of headache?
im confussed... help?
I sneeze a few times everyday does that mean I have allergies?
How can Anemia be prevented?
back injury, do what?
Do I need glasses I keep getting a head ache?
Pain under right rib cage, what could it be?
Can't do side leg lifts?
My tragus is swollen, sore to the touch and feels as if there is a lump inside it..?
Random shooting pains in my head?
My daughters ears are alwaysfilled with ceremun, i clean it out and half a day later they are waxy again. ?
Family member suffering with Multiple system atrophy (MSA). How long has she got to live?
how many years a dialysis patient can live?(if you know any .......)?
Blood poisoning? Please help me? I'm paranoid?
Why are my stools black?
Constant dizziness and weakness?
angry birds question?
How much blood would I be noticing in a stomach ulcer? 10 pts to best answer asap.?
I took a advil tablet and cold medice. Now my stomach hurts is that bad?
does a positive HPV infect a man? If so what does the man have to have done?
a freind of mine has a round blister looking thing on his finger?
how many times i have to be tested to be sure i don't have stds ???
Why is my HPV back after leep?
Women Only??? Please ANSWER?
is it possible to be tested for hiv,hepatitis or any sti's at your local gp's surgery?
what is the the package disease?
what are heart diseases that children can get?
If someone is in fair condition 13 days after a heart attack, will he be able to go home for christmas?
Grampa is having troubles? Please help!?
How do I make my blood clot?
Why would my blood pressure go from normal to high overnight?
Heart Hurts from gas?
I've been having weird heart rhythms.?
How much joints do you have to smoke to get high (weed)?
How to get a Medical Marijuana card in Nevada?
Snorting Percocets- HELP!!!!!!?
Which is better...Moringa or noni?
what would happen if a promethazine suppository were swallowed?
How to Heal Mosquito Bites Quickly?
Did I just black out?
Hydrogen peroxide in finger nails HURTS, why?
Does this sound like a stress fracture?
I think i pulled a muscle in my bottom (back of right leg)?
My knee doesn't hurt?
its been a month since i had a spinal tap done on me and im having pains still! whats wrong with my spin now?!?
ive got a bump on my nose over night and it realy herts !!?
Is my ankle sprained?
Has anyone tried those knee rollers for lower leg injuries?
Knee Dislocation AGAIN!?
What could be wrong??? ?
Nose job question!?!?!?!!!????
Any nurse/doctor on here? I need help please...?
is high fructose corn syrup bad for you and why?
Teen sucicide rates in 2010-2011?
what does a nurse do?
Burping problem please help me!!?
how many more lives will be affected?
Blinking problems, help?
Ruptured Kidney? Help me understand.?
can you get prescription glasses if you buy them online?
is b 12 good for diabetes people?
does the eletric cigarette effect the blood flow also for people with diabeties?
What are some reasons that a person might use a hyperbaric chamber?
Do animals that live in the wild get diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, just like human beings?
vitamin for the good level of seretonin?
How can I fix my sleeping pattern?
When can I start talking again after a tonsillectomy?
hard lump in my ear in the area where people pierce their ears?? hurts?
How quickly does it take for chocolate to go threw your system and make you happy?
How can I get to sleep?
how much dope will kill you?
how long does it take for tobacco/nicotine to go away after you quit?
Is meth more addicting then heroin?
Are ciggarettes as addictive as heroin?
Are the people who don't get addicted to Heroin even after 20 times? Is it possible !?
Can you be a psychologist if you have schizophrenia?
Schizophrenic teenager,and school?
I got turned down from the Fire Department for my record. where do i go from here?
Why does the world think putting people on medication for being different is okay?
How did you get out of your marijuana abuse/addiction?
How to stay awake??????????
Would the weight gain stop at a point while on Efexor (Effexor)?
How do you deal with a douchebag younger yet taller brother who acts like he thinks he's better than you?
I want to tell my school counselor but, I don't know what will happen...HELP?
Dear, y!a, diagnose me. Yes. I'm serious.?
How to deal with depression and my boyfriend ?
im really stressed out, havent been sleeping good, and im gonna lose it one of these days?
HELP: depressed? drugs?
Worried? Nervous? crazy.?
Feeling extremely depressed; wondering if it has to do with melatonin?
Can Diphtheria kill the patient?
Does Rabbies show in your blood? as in can u tell by having a blood test?
Explain the meaning of gram-positive and how this classification is helpful?
How long does Strepp live on surfaces outside the body?
I heard that sleeping tablets are the most likely to kill you - if you take enough - is this right?
what could cause an over active bladder?
I'm not getting any better after 10 days of antibiotics, what could be wrong?
Does yellow phlegm mean virus or bacteria?
am i sick? do i have a UTI?
I have gotten the flu 3 times since dec, is there something else wrong with me.?
i have a chronic hepa b, will i be infectious forever??
I have a small dark red raised bump on my hand where there was a cut. Is this MRSA?
I have a science project on Chicken Pox, and I need as much info. on it as possible.?
Concerned clyndamycin dose too much for 11 year old.?
Why are animals immune to Diphtheria?
cold sores?
can someone help me w/ the immune system and immunity in health and diease?
hepatitis c side effects?
mrsa virus is a deadly thing but how do you know that you have it?
can HIV positive patient take up a sanitary worker job in hospital?
shingles have infected my eye,although I have 20/20 site still have double vision,how long does this last?
Had a bump cut off of my face... anesthesia was used. Should I feel pain in the morning?
Weird lump in my wrist?
What can i do to minimize damage to the liver from acetaminophen?
Swelled up finger?? help?
My Head Hurts,Not like a headache?
My eyes don't react well to the lack of humidity?
Where Can I Find The Best Purple Contacts Online?
How can I prevent and reverse ptosis?
I don't understand my eyes -_- help me.?
what is wrong with my eyes!?
Does a cross-eyed person see in double or single?
What could be going on with my eye?
Question about retinal detachment?
Why this side effect is still with me from cephalexin 500 mg?
How do you cure insomnia and what are the causes?
What are the symptoms of Barrett's Esophagus?
I have been having a burning pain under my skin on my upper left side of my abdomen, and my left side. What ca?
what happened PLZ HELP!!?
My sense of smell is contaminated with stink!?
Is my friend schizophrenic?
my findings to ultrasound is fluid in pelvic cavity outlines the uterus and adnexa if its normal?
Why does drugs affect our lungs?
Please help?
Streptomycin antibiotic used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. It functions by binding to 70s ribosomes.?
Are there any countries which are not that strict regarding pulmonary scar?
What causes normal breathing to stop or oxygen intake to be insufficiet to support life?
can people with Epidermolysis Bullosa have children?
What are the long term effects of using nasal spray over several years?
Any opinions on Hypnosis Chicago in Chicago, IL?my sister-inlaw fell &broke her leg she has to have surgery .?
Light bronchitis cough for over 4 weeks now. Should I be concerned?
should I do it?
what are the risk of reductil 10 mg?
If you were going to start a diet tomorrow......?
How many calories do I eat if I want to loose 20 pounds?
What is the healthiest evening snack to have approx. 2 hours before bed?
whats the body measurements of shakira and jennifer lopez and jessica alba???
is crush diet a good way to lose weight?
How do you loose weight in your arm area and waist?
What can a 17 yr old female do about losing a chubby belly and thighs, and what foods should I avoid?
Am I too thin?
How bad is frozen food??
I need to loose 20-25 pounds in 30 days does anyone know how I can?
I'm looking for a jujitsu school in Kankakee county ILLInois.?
Is it normal to eat about 300 cals per/day?
Regular Coke or DIET COKE?
the south beach diet seemed to work the first 2 weeks now I actually feel like I'm gaining weight?
How do become more slender??
If mono symptoms go away, can other people still get it if you share drinks or kiss them?
AIDS??Why don't we.....?
if i have herpes on my moth, and when it goes away will it be gone forever UNLESS i contract it again?
anybody had an acid treatment?
how long does it take to show up in a blood test, and how long does it stay in your system?
Chapped lips might be herpes!?
any body who knows about AZT program how it's woks if you are HIV?
Always wondered ..std question?
Does Phentermine give you bronchitus?
How can I naturally fight spring time allergies?
Allergic Reaction.....?
Eyelid infection.. possibly sty?
my son has a persistent cough and is congested but no fever no pain anywhere?
Am I allergic to pollen too?
Can dogs have allergies?
Is there a cure for allergies?
Allergic Reaction To Lipgloss?
My mom was just stung by a wasp, how do we treat it?
This is kind of TMI but do I have worms?
Poll: What do you think about Nurses?
a glass broke on me, a cut on arm?
Ways to pass drug test?
Mosquito bite remedies?
Why do I always feel sick after eating?
What would cause a belly peircing to rip open?
How can I correct my walking (feet point in)?
i just got stung by a big black bug , help please lol ?
Is it possible to get high on vyvance because my kid was prescribed and i dont want to give to much?
What is wrong with me?
Cold water on the body, is it just the flu?
AHHHHHH headaches!?!?!?!?
I'm planning my obit, what do you think about this verse?
what is the decease called when you are born without the ability to ever grow hair?
Has anyone had Radio Frequency Ablation done on their foot for a neuroma?
the mortality rate for myocardial infarctions is approximately what?
How would you replace a pacemaker with no health insurance?
My heart hurts when I dance?
My doctor is very concerned that my LDL cholesterol level is too low. How harmful is this? What is the cause?
I'm short of breath and dizzy..blood pressure is at 192/110?
Is mitral valve anything to worry about it?
i had surgery in feb 2008 my legs is glossly edematous is this normal and what can I do todecrease the swellin
Very worried about this flu I've got!?
How many illnesses!?
No Insurance, I have to see an infectious Disease Specialist-MRSA?
Does T.I have aids?
is it true that if an onion is kept in one's armpit , it cause fever?
Do I have a fever or strep throat?
Month long cold w. fatigue?
Will I be Okay?
does anyone have any good remadies for a realy bad sinus infection,,feel's like it's causing flu like symtems
is it safe to take a hot bath when a person has the chills and is really cold?
Lassa Fever Incidence?
my dog has an ear infection how can i get rid of it?
Can u explain the gross or the macroscopic features of a Kaposi's sarcoma photomicrograph?
Can Hep C be spread by touching something after an infected person, ie sneeze in their hand, or cough in their
Is shingles contagious?
whats is manifest and latent function?
Sickle cell anemia??!?
what is x chromsome disease?
Questions about the Vapir One 5?
need help calming down, please ?
Can someone please tell me what this weed chart on erowid dot com means?
Is marinol (thc pills) legal in the state of RI?
Does chamomile tea really work ?
Force factor body rush?
Can you take MSM and Omega 3 together?
What are the effects of smoking druid mood smoking blend?
can you get high off of any OTC drugs?
making Jwh018 into a pill form?
Jdrf team names help!!!!?
Bad circulation at 16? Please help!!?
Question About Blood Test's?
Questions referring to Diabetes signs and symptoms?
Can I help my sister quit smoking?
How do I get rid of my tonsillectomy infection?!?
Having a chronic condition, what are my options for personal health insurance?
Could I have septicemia?
Am I a human chimera?
Why is it that is you sleep to much, you are still tired as if you missed a night of sleep?
What's wrong with me?I feel so hot?
Need earring infection advice?
crusty rash...what is it?
me ex-girlfriend with mono....?
project about stds?
Can you get AIDS by drinking the left over juice of someone who has AIDS?
what is the highedt dose of oxi?
what is this feeling?
When the young people are doing arts and crafts one young person constantly distracts self and others?
Dangers of anticonvulsant drugs?
Temporal lobe epilepsy recovery?
how do i start my introduction paragraph research paper on obsessive compulsive disorder?
what are some symptoms of epilepsy besides seizures?
Lower Stomach Pains...?
My leg is all messed up, HELP!?