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Terrible right temporal lobe headache?
Why does it the bottom of my foot hurt & my side?
How to endure physical pain in football training?
Can psycotherapy help cure anxiety if it the result of past drug abuse?
My second day I can't go to work cause depression. What to do?
What kind of a doctor does one see for ADHD? Psychologist or psychiatrist? Why?
Obsessive personality?
Where can I find statistics on Mental Health funding?
allergy medcine for an athlete?
Bronchitus question??!!?
where is the worst state to live if you have allergies and asthma?
How can I tell if I am legitimately sick and not just allergic to something?
how do you know when your runny nose is almost gone?
Do i have the swine flu? Am I ok?
can a kiss give you mono?
is there anyway to get rid of bacterial vaginosis without having to go to the doctors?
I'm 100% sure I have a UTI?
What does it mean when you have blood in your stool?
how do you get rid of scabies?
Do you think that i have swine flu?
Swine Flu been confirmed in Canada?
Should i got to school tomorow because of the swine flu???!?
Can someone help me with Swine Flu?
I have only a fever, my mouth is dry. My throat isn't soar i don't have a scratchy throat. What do i have?
Why are people buying masks?
what does it mean when your ear starts to bleed badish when stretching your ear.. and can i stil go bigger?
ON NO is my ear Infected or am i just allergic to Gold earrings.?
what do you do for a bee sting?
hundreds of bug bite on ankles and arms?
I think I might have a spider bite? 10 points!!!?
A car that was parked in front me blasted me with a bunch of smoke coming from under the hood?
i have a bite/sting of some sort on my back, what is it and how should I help it?
How do you treat a bumble bee sting on the sole of the foot?
Whats wrong with my arm? Is it a mosquito bite?
what medicine stop herpes virus from multiplying?
Info about HIV Shot? Please?
how long do you have to wait till you can cheak if your pergnent with the urine test?
Does this sound like herpes or something else?
Getting treated for an STD?
Does Hpv leaves the body totally after a while.?
Do migranes cause you to feel faint?
How to break this head scratching habit?
My husband vomits if he gets up early..?
why do people get goosebumps?
How can I stop stuttering?
Will my doc prescibe me a benzo for anxiety if i tell them i used a recreatiinal drug in past?
Someone walk me through heart surgery?
what age do boys stop growing?
How come when I spit a lugi out it was chunky?
Vibrations and heart palpatations?
Would any of these things cause hyperkalemia (high potassium)?
why does my heart beat weird?
Can anyone help my get rid of an unusual sore throat?
why do i feel bubbles in my stomach?
Need sum help smoke weed yesterdai and felt like really really weird?
What does it mean if you don't have blockage but have poor heart rhythm?
what time do pharmacies close?
HDL and LDL cholesterol?
If im not nauseated i feel like there something stuck in my throat is this part of heart burn?
When does the Brain stop functioning after the Heart stops?
What is a normal heart beat or rhythm?
What's going on with my eyes? Help?
why is it when i yawn tears come out of my eyes?
My glasses are uncomfortable. They are not crooked, but one lense sticks out more than the other.?
what's wrong with my eyes?
For 9 months my left eye will close at the end of the day and it is difficult for me to open.?
just want to know a true and honest answer on my sisters eye?
Is my eye hazel coloured or light brown?
Why dose anastasia make people sick?
What does Biotin contain?
What are the lethal dosage's of these drugs? Is it possible to O.D.?
If you have high blood pressure can you take fruta planta?
What syndrome is this?
Plaquenel weight loss & IBS?
passing a kidney stone can i take one vicodin and one Percocet at same time?
Should i go to the ER ?
can steroid poisioning be treated?
Is it true that hemroid cream helps reduce swelling around the eyes?
swelling under the eyes on upper side of cheek bones after sleep?
Every now & then my hands start to ache then go white, veins disappear & then cold as ice, feet then r cold 2?
Are antibodies secreted in much greater amounts during a secondary immune response than a primary immune respo?
will my stomach look rounder if i have an enlarged spleen?
Why do I feel tired after I eat?
What would be a good name for a relay for life team?
Need help with using a Neti Pot?
My Skin Complexion?
i have realy realy dry skin?
What is a home made cure for scars?
how can i deal with the speckle on my face?
Is there a connection between menopause and ingrown hair on the body?
what are warts and how do you get them?
knee problems?
There's weird spots on my upper arm, can you help me?
if MRCA is not treated properly can it stay in your body for a long period of time with only mild side effects
Getting rid of Acne?
skin problem?
Will laser treatment irritate my skin?
medication to remove toe fungus?
Is it less effective to apply skin repair ointment all day?
Something else wrong with me?
I have an overweight (250lb) female friend whose 5'6 - can you help me plan a diet for her?
Is flavored water as good for you as regular water?
If we only eat cold food, will we gain less weight?
What should I do to lose weight?
How much physical exercise should you do after age 60?
Diabetic Diet?
I LOATHE diest and exercise. Any AFFORDABLE alternatives?
What are some physical symptoms of under eating with too much exercise besides being fatigue?
how can i lose weight while working all the time with no time to work out?
how do i reduce my tummy size with indoor exercise?
Is there an exercise that would create hips! am figure 11 and wouldnt mind adding some little fat/meat?
please could u tell me about noni juice ?
how do I motivate myself to loose weight and excerise?
can you please tell me how can i lose some weight but it should be an easy diet because I'm only 13 .?
What are the best and most effective Abdominal exercises?
what is the fastest and easiest way to loose weight apart form not eatting?
how do i lose weight on my stomack and legs and arms have trised lots of exersizes but nothing works?
is low t covered by health insurance?
Never been this sick before,should I be worried?
what is the best electronic cigarette?
Ok i can get rid of my flem or get it out? Its in my head,nose,throat and eyes?
Do I have stds? Please help me?
is there a cure for std aids?
what do i doo??? my boy friend mitee of gaven meee hpv:( scared?
HPV virus in men cause throat cancer?
Question about going to your local county health dept rather than a dr's office?
a cold-like white discharge i've been getting regularly?
Nauseous and get full off five bites?
Why do I have to pop my back?
My boyfriend and I were recently diagnosed and treated for chlamydia. ?
do you get workers comp in new york state if your part time?
if you have a cold sore scab and touch your scab then two hours later finger someone. will they obtain hsv 1?
if both partners have herpes can they re-infect each other? why do the outbreaks hurt so much after pregnancy?
I have 2 blisters on my tongue can it be a std?
pictures of different kinds of stds?
If a person has hiv, it it possible to take the hiv test and the virus...not show up?or does it alway show up?
what are the symptoms of pink eye?
Please help!! I feel like I have food stuck in my throat!! since friday..I'm so scared..?
How bad is the swine flu going to be this winter?
Question about the common cold?
I have a question about salmonella?
how do i cure my friend from Bieber fever?
why does the state victoria in australia have such a high swine flu rate?
how to get rid of cold?
i've caught a cold. how long will it last?
People who've had KIDNEY INFECTION - not uti.?
Roommate Drinking Problem?
Why do I keep getting yeast infections.?
Swine Flu Information?
What is the swine flue?
How do I get rid of emos?
can I still get a health card if I my skin test was positive for TB?
Need Answers For Why I Am Feeling This Way?
What causes us to have a fever?
Who would make more money the person who cures aids or cancer?
can a 4 year old have a 105.0 fever with fifth disease?
What are some diseases that are similar to the flu?
Does marijuana increase your heart speed?
How can I get more energy to do things?
Healthcare and pharma company slogans and a good punch line?
I am addicted to drugs, who or where do I go to for help?
shoulder dislocation still after ER. Is this Bad?
Is this a nasal drainage problem or what need to know help?
What do you take for your IBS; have you tried the antibiotic Rifaximin?
can you have a disc bulge with pain only in your foot?
i always have a pain in my shoulder?
Please Help! Excruciating Leg Cramps?
What is wrong with my head?
Pleas help muscle pains!?
Why will our legs pain if you stand for a long time?
Extreme chest pain? Help!?
will an echocardiogram tell me if my hearts 100 percent heathy enough for endurance sports like mma?
I'm having heart burn. ?
can loose joints affect the heart?
Can i get some help from people who know anyone who had a stroke please?
Describe the parts played by the sinoatrial node (SAN)and the atrioventricular node (AVN)in initiaing and cont?
Atrial fibrilation during labor?
Anxiety or heart problem?
is there any place that offers anger management classes for teens in northwest ohio?
Is avoiding people to this degree normal or abnormal?
What, if anything, makes you really angry, & what do you do about it?
I'm on ativan 2mg 5 times a day and zoloft 200mg a day and dextroamphetimine 90mg a day and provigil 100mg a++
Do you ever wonder if anyone would show up to your funeral if you died?
how long does it take for celexa to start working?
Why do i always lose interest when i get closer to my goal?
What is the point to life?
Can you really beat suicidal thoughts?
i think my friend's considering suicide, what do u think/what should i do? HELP PLEASE!?
Why I always feel that I have to be productive?
What did you dream about last night?
How do i get rid of my ear infection?
Pallister Killian Syndrome?
If a bladder tumor is a?
I was in one of my classe and started shivering uncontrolably, Now frequent urination?
I think I have depresion. Should I go to the doctor?
Gluten Free Friend ? ? ? Help ! ! !?
One of my eyelids is swollen, it hurts to blink. Help....what do you think it is? How can I make it go away?
What do I have, symptoms are:?
Can poison ivy get in my ear?
I need help finding Survival Masks?
is it bad to leave rubbing alcohol in your hair over night?
Ear Piercing infection help?
tips for tongue swelling?
I have harden nose dirt, blocking my breathing..is it something to worry about?
how can a support worker facilitate a person from suffering emphysema, astham & Chronic Bronchitis?
Why can't I ask Dr Wong?
what are some good fods that will keep your body and skin looking good?
help help if you hyperhidrosis plz answer?
does anybody know how to clean off dead skin cells without washing the area with water?
What works really well on scars on the arm...i have a scar that looks pink and shiny on my arm.?
how do you get rid of blackheads?
my cousin had scabbiesand lice and im going there for spring break how to prevent?
Cold sore help please?
chemm question?
skin condition? allergy? i don't know what it is, can someone help?!?
i have bumps on the back of my knees, thighs and lower back that itch really bad is this eczema?
has anyone used any products that toke away indentions from acne?? basically, acne scars?
Where does scabie's come from ?
my husband has a red mark on his arm that has got darker?
can skin fat make you itchy?
what are the different type of diabetes?
combined therapy dexamethasone & cyproheptadine used as orexigenic drug. what are the side effects?
how is a salvia trip?
Question about accupuncture licensing?
How long are you focused for on adderall?
How many Omega fish oil pills should i take a day, i heard they make your face clear? Is this true?
will bactrim show up in a ua?
can anyone explain to me about type iv hypersensitivity,I'm a bit confuse it with type iii hypersensitivity?
What do you call it -- buggers or snot?
how do i get steroid results?
I have been giving my cat antihistamines and have tried numerous types but she is still biting off her fur.?
does the antihistamine in zyrtec make you droswy?
Is this okay? An allergy cream?
i need help about my nose....badly?
Which of the following is the preffered drug treament for allergic rhinitis?
Effectiveness of Intal (cromolyn sodium) used in a nebulizer?
can you die from using to much of your asthma inhaler?
How long am i contagious for?
Medicine; is it bad to eat a lot of halls for no reason?
How do I get rid of tension headaches?
apa penyebab berak bayi 2bln berwarna putih, sempat opname sembuh skrg kambuh lagi?
does Finasteride thin your blood?
what is transfer factor? does it really work?
How to get back into a normal sleeping routine?
When did you start smoking weed?
What is closed intermittent irrigation and open intermittent irrigation?
What is the difference between FDA clearance and FDA approval?
What would be a reason for a review on my medical records?
What is one of the major changes electronic medical records has brought to the health care setting?
Do I have artheritis?
I'm bloated constantly. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?
how do i get rid of a sore throat quickly i need a lot of answers to this question please?
If i had HPV and no symptons, why would make it show up on my pap smear now?
Is there a way to find out the list of people who have herpes or other stds?
Can I kiss my boyfriend while I have a cold sore?
can you get stds from kissing?
HIV test certainty after taking the test?
im 16 can i get an std test?
does this sound like a cold sore?
if you have herpes is there a certain smell in the private area?
should i get tested for stds?
What is this eye problem called?
What's this thing on my eye?
One eye is more red than the other?
What's wrong with my eye?!?
Why can I see when I...?
i'm only 17 and already have under-eye bags?
Why do my eyes get blurry easily reading on paper, but are fine for hours on an LCD?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
i need to make sure i don't have the swine flu help?
Help with chicken pox?
I might have swine flu i have almost all symptoms off by one, what should i do?
Third day of flu, how long will it last?
Will going to bed with a fan on your face give you a fever?
how to improve immune system to reduce colds/flu's?
why my wbc(white blood cell) is too high?
What causes bleeding in the bowels ?
am i getting sick or..?
what is swine flu and how it is spread?
Does my brother have a bug or the flu or what?
I have a sore throat.?
What is the fastest way to get rid of a extreme cold?
do i have a bladder infection?
why are people freaking out about the swine flu?
I dont want swine..what do I do?
How long does HIV last?
my blood pressure is 157/87 what does the 157 mean and how do i get it lower?
What is an effective workout plan to lose weight and tone muscle?
Does the trivial amount of fruit in a "fruit on the bottom yogurt" count as a serving of fruit?
Do I have swine flu??
Guys, b honest!?
stretch marks?
which do you prefer, scary thin or super fat???
is it cellulite incurable?
Stung by 22 Bees....?
tums/roloids/antacids question....?
What to do if someone is aspirating?
Very cold feet and vibrating is it just my anxiety also clicking bones?
what would happen if a completely sober person took SUBOXONE?
i just swallowed a lot of water based poulporie will it hurt me?
Why does my blood vessals hurt?
This morning, I stretched to turn off my alarm and something towards the top of my ribs on my left side popped?
Epidural Lipomatosis (SEL) help with my MRI?
Stretching Ears First Time HELP Easy 10 Points?
How is chamomile tea good for pain in the joints?
Pain under tummy along right side waistline..appendix?
Is this a gout attack?
Is there a prescription needed for?
i feel like throwing up but i can't?
Low tsh but low normal T3 and T4. Doc wants to lower my Synthroid. What causes this and should I lower dose?
I have little white bumps on my fingers and now i have one on my toe, does anyone know what this could be?
I sometimes twitch at random times and I sometimes get a tingle in my neck......what could this be?
does anyone agree with the dumb blonde theory? if so, are they all dumb??
What is the best natural sleep aid?
exercises before meditation?
Why does your heart sometime beat so fast out of the blue?
Is an ecg and ekg the same thing?
I'm getting a holster hookup to wear for 24 hours.i had all the heart tests and an ekg?
suffering from high iron levels?
why do I get cramps near my heart?
is 4feet11inches 3/4inches is it short for 16yrs old like me?
Something is wrong with my breathing, I'm snowed in. What do I do?
What should I do when I'm sick?
What does it mean when you have a dream and say someone hugs you or touches your shoulder and when you wake up?
why am i always cold even by the slightest breeze?
HELP what should i do!!!?
Can a person get rid of minor thalassemia symptoms such as pale skin and dark circles?
Cause of Ongoing Chest Pains?
Would it be better for me to go to bed earlier or later?
How long does 3 hits of weed take to get out of your system?
I'm looking for a certain medical book. Can you help me?
Ridding Blackheads and Whiteheads.?
What acne cream will help me?
I have pink light red spots in my body?
how the heck do you get rid of black heads?
what do you do when you get ichy from grass?
is this a cyst or ingrown hair?
why doesnt any acne product keep ur face clean for good??
I got laser hair removal, they accidentally lasered over ink stamp on my arm. now its burned into my skin.HELP
I have very sensitive skin on my face?
What are these little bumps?
Natural Remedies!?
The most complex endocrine responses are directed by the?
strept throat how do i cure it?
does all dogs have rabies?
does peroxide clean ear infections?
Does This Mean the Gov Created the Swine Flu in 05'?
Has any one ever heard of morgellons ? If so what do you do to make it go away?
Ritalin, How long does it take till it works as it should?
with what can i dilute tea tree oil to make it have less of an odor?
What's the difference between taking Vit b complex or Yeast extract?
Long-term use of Vitex? Is it effective?
what is worse- getting drunk or taking drugs?? Is it bad to occassionally take drugs?
Has anyone taken or know anything about Lomotil? I need your help please!?
Where can i get free STD check In VA?
ok was just wondering, i get coldsores right, but i didnt get them from someone else.?
HIV and Leucozytes in the Blood picture?
Name the stds that can be cured ?
Std testing how long i have to wait to retest?
can shingles cause problems with asthema or copd?
why do i wake up coughing up phelm?
this is my 2nd cold this month, and i need relief. do nyquil and dayquil really work?
Lung abcess?
after adenoidectomy a4 year boy had sudden cvs collapse& cardiac arrest after 30 mins.?
Sinusitus and post nasal drip....treatment?
Smog is huring my health?
cheat heart rate monitor? *read details*?
What can happen if you make yourself pass out or faint?
why do some people not take showers everyday?
is this normal for a 7 year old?
Dehydration: When is it necessary to have IV fluids and what can cause someone to get to that point?
maybe a digestive disease? :(?
Why did I wake up shaking, and my eyes wouldn't open?
I accidentally drank expired milk?
Skin feels distant and it's freaking me out!?!?! 10 pts!?
won't open eyes after car wreck and has allready been responding for two weeks.?
I need help something with my hands?
What is the best way to loose weight?
Who is fatter in America, men or women?
Can tightly wrapping your abdomen in a sheet or bandage help you lose inches?
How many days of rest should you have between muscles?
how to lose 8 pounds in nineteen days?
Will eating a couple hours before or right after you workout affect the results from the workout that you do?
I know milk is good for you, but can too much be harmful to your body? What is the limit?
how can I motivate myself to get in shape and lose weight. I need to lose it quickly?
good Diet Please?
Sleep cycle problem? :(?
How do you build up your arm muscles?
Help I'm 14 and 182 pounds :(?
what is a good example of possible nursing diagnosis? please help!?
would it be easier to get a little amount of sleep before school or NONE?
What can you tell me about my stenosis diagnosis?
Dehydration making capillaries looks worse?
can carpel tunnel be cured? will guitar cause it?
what are some specific things that caused or things u do that gives u?
What happened to me? I couldn't move?
Pain under both arms and across both breasts and across chest?
if i puke 20 minutes after having two panadols taken will the midecine remain in my system?
right index finger twitch and anxiety?
Cortisone shot scaring the sht outta me?
URGENT HELP REQUIRED. Tea tree oil in eye!!!?
Do you think i broke my foot?
What is good for a head ache ?
need contrast material for a sinus ct scan?
im 13 . can i drink the p90x recovery drink?
How much does it cost to live in an Adult Foster Home?
Options for ear cleaning?
Does Botox for underarm sweating hurt?
Do kids who have ADD qualify for disability?
Can you cure obsessive compulsive disorder?
I have the two most gossiping co-workers at my job it get to the point i want to yell shut-up should I do it?
Should i have done this?
how to stop snoring, cause it really hurts?
How can you learn to psychologically dissociate?
Should I continue to stay with my schizoid girlfriend?
does any body know a doctor in huntington park, ca that deals with kids that have adhd and provides mds?
how do christians cope with clinical depression?
Is your brain more active when watching TV than sleeping?
Feeling at the end of your rope? Ready to just give up?
why do meth addicts get scabs on their face?
help with RX's?
Is it just me or am I and my wit peer group in need of a break?
How do I stop being so hurtful.?
What rational do you use to judge someonelse's sanity?
my bro owns the robosapiens ect and likes to use them as a suicide army wot du i du about his antics?
Have you ever taken anti-psychotic medications?
I want to know if people smoke weed to calm their nerves is it a sin?
Where can I find a 14inch shoelace?
Do you ever feel like you are merely existing?
what is the duration of treatment of catatonic schizophrenia with flupenthixol injection?
I had a heart attack and heart failure earlier this month and I'm now experiencing sharp pains...?
Heart beat is strong then weak?
DOCTORS are PFO and PPH related?
What is a heart murmur? What effect can it have on the body? And what can cause it?
an ASD defect to get repaired! help!!?
Should i call 911? health issue.?
I need help from RN or DR please urgent?
Is having purple tints on your tongue a birth defect?
When I drink water my heart has anxiety and I get light headed?
Blurred vision in right eye?
Eye doctor & professionals only pls?
Is it beneficial to stare into flame of candle 3 minutes each day?
is there something wrong with my eyes?
Concrete in eye, now red swollen and hot?
how close our eyes can see?
How can you remove super glue off of eye glasses?
Why are my eyes so red?
How do you keep GHSV-1 at bay?
If you go to...?
i havent had a cold sore in years...?
Pelvic Inflammatory disease?
std queston?
Have had herpies for 11 yrs just found out. I havent given it to anyone. How is that.?
White blood count?
benzoyl peroxide (allergic)?
Body hair removal with FIRE?
i have to get a mole removed tomorrow!!?
What are common infections that a teenage leukemia patient may encounter?
Swollen taste bud how to get rid of?
Im I dehydrated or not?
i have a spider bite or a mosquito bite?
Do snake bite piercings hurt? If so how long do they hurt?
i got bit by a spider a week back, how do i prevent scarring?
Extreme swelling from sunburn, compounded with eating disorder. Time sensitive!?
will this burn leave a scar?
how do u get stung but jelly fish of u cant see them?
how do i treat rash under arm?
if i was exposed to the stomach virus yesterday?
how can a vaccine be administered..like injection, nasal spray...wat else?
How to get rid of a cold? URGENT!?
i feel dumb going back to the doctor..?
I was once bitten by a rat. i dont get vaccine after that. that was 3 years ago and now i feel it numb.?
does kissing is any how related to HIV?
what kind of sickness do i have if ive had a cold for about 6 months?
im 12 and have a temp of 103.2?
Where are the swine flu cases in America?
can this be an urinary track infection?
do i have a cold or the flu or something else?
My son has a fever with aches and mild cough,approximate fever of 103,could this be the flu or something else?
Swine flu! Please answer! 10 points for best answer!?
How do I know if I have H1N1?
What on earth is Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis?
Treatment for sore throats?
fever blister problem?
what to dose the swine flu like in children?
Possible Swine Flu???????????????????
question about swine flu?
can you be infected with swine flu if you have normal flu already?
I have a ear problem!!!?
Can notebook be used to watch free live tv ?
How long will Marijuana stay in your blood stream.?
Why did I black out from my medication?
Omega-3 fish oil? Origin brand...?
Where the site must I go to get the 8 gig ipod touch ?
MY dad hit me now my lip is LEANED?
drug induced schizophrenic brother?
How do you know if your spine is curved?
Texas Medicaid - do I really HAVE to join the "STAR+Plus" program?
Confused with my body?
Low blood sugar level at night ? Please if you please help me ..?
Weird Cigarette Withdrawals?
Is a yellow puss-like secretion normal when I urinate?
whats the diffence beween a friendship and a relationship? please help?
So confused is this herpes?
oral herpes??
What could it be?
Need Help Please?
watz dat 1 diease u get tiny bumps n da start turn n black?
large taste buds....anyone that knows please help!!?
i have severe lower back pain please help!?
Sharp pain down arm ...?
Why when I take my meds. I always get light headed and I feel weak?
Why does my right knee hurt.Is excersise ok?
HOW long until my ear starts hurting with something stuck inside?
Is it okay to take 3 Midol PM?
Whats wrong with me? Please doctors help!?
does bananas really help with cramps?
what medicine to take to help cramps but...?
Is there a medication/shot for sudden seizures?
please someone give me some advice about radiation cystitis?
What is a way i can get some Vitamin D?
do you guys will help me I had sinus surgery?
i have sever GAD AND PANIC DISORDER whats a good vitaman to take?
what other illegal drugs are used in sports apart from steroids?
What does sentery mean as in "dysentery"?
What is this and what are cures?? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Do doctors place ear tubes in teenagers' ears?
Could I have low iron levels...?
does caffeine, alcohol or nicotine worsen rp?
Blood Pressure/Heart Rate Issue.. just the start.?
stress&anxiety or angina?
Average 14 year old blood pressure range?
Is it safe to hold my son?
Is something wrong with my heart?
What is stopping you from going after your dream?
I have a small infection on the side of my toe, how do I care for it?
what is pschyco indro syndrome?
What do I do about this wasp sting?
Does anyone know about snake bites?
How to make a sunburn stop burning?
what were Cubbys the child who died of aids 64 reasons not to have aids?
How can living with HIV be possible?
Ok i have a problem??
can someone get chlymidia from an infected person right away???
I think i may be pregnant and have already taken a test,if i have a UTI will the test give me a correct result
Herpes zoster and scarring?
what are the health risks/dangers of gonorrhea?
Swine flu shot. Is it a good or bad idea?
I think I might be really ill?
Is it true that H1N1 vaccines were patented before the whole swine flu outbreak even started?
what are some diseases that are NOT passed genetically?
Shingles- are they contagious?
My mom watches my 4 month old son and has hepatitis C and has possibly exposed him to it...?
i almost shot my dog she has a life threatning disese HELP ME!!!?
Should prisoners given death row be used to find cures for diseases?
5-6 year child is attacked with fits what are the remedies to be taken to prevent?
Is the H1-N1 virus, more commonly known as Swine Flu, anything to worry about anymore?
do i have strep throat?
is it possible Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time.?
Is metronidazole a.k.a. Flagyl safe and have any of you taken it?
what is wrong with someone,when their hands stay cold all the time?
when do i get to stay off school because of swine flu in england?
Im really worried about my sore throat?
can an infant be a carrier of infection?
swine flu shot?!????????????????????
is this okay for me to eat?!?! PLEASE HELP?
Antibiotics question.?
Heavy blinking?? PLEASE HELP ME?
i have glasses .. but diliating pupials?
Why does my eye feel like it's burning?
Eye Is Constantly Tearing, and Bright Red?
What does a contact lens 6 month checkup consist of?
eye sight question? :)?
is it safe to use supra-clens protein remover safe?
What percent of people who get laser eye surgery are color blind?
How long will my eyes stay red from pot?
Should I get my lateral torn meniscus /debris/bakers/cyst etc etc cleaned up (surgery)It only hurts when I str?
If a young patient’s forearm and elbow are immobilized by a cast for several weeks,?
What happens when you dislocate your shoulder?
Repetitive motion shoulder injury?
ACL Surgery 1.5 months out of surgery?
What kind of doctor do I see for Nerve injury problems?
Cut from stainless steel?
my knee cap pops or clicks when i bend my knee?
does the wave work if u have acne?
Do I have a dimple?
whats wrong?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Really bad ovarian cyct pain........?
Why do I have to remove my stainless steel earrings for foot surgery?
Where can I find more info about this?
How can I keep from getting sick before school?
With a hiatal hernia, does the top of your stomach sometimes "thump"...?
Did banging pills give me a serious blood infection?
Conscientious exemption from taking Tdap as a healthcare provider?
Guys, do you like it when women have a gap in between their thighs?
Aerobics vs. weight training. Which should I do first?
Ab Lounge???
how can i lose weight fast without andy pills and drinks?
I want to lose weight, what are some foods I should stay away from. Whats a simple way to lose weight when....
diet & fitness?
any recommendations for a challenging workout DVD?
apple intolerant?
i wanna lose weight.i m pretty heavy on thighs. please help?
I have low metabolism, and i wanted to know how can i get high metabolism..What can I do?
What's a good introductory excercise routine for someone who is not into physical fitness?
Is it a myth that if you work out at an early age you will be shorter?
Can anyone give me a excercise plan to help me lose 15-20 pounds in 2 monthes and gain loads of muscle??
Is it o.k. to exercise while taking cold medicine?
best excersize ,diet and clothes for pear shape body?
What is the best time of day to exercise?
How can you stop post nasal drip? My throat is irritated all the time from it?
what is in cough-dex?
The epithelial tissues have agreat capacity to repair themselves.?
My right shoulder feels like it's grinding ?
Sharp pain in right knee?
I recently had 4 back surgeries and am in serious need of pain meds yet cannot get any by doctors? more w/i?
diarrhea once every so often.....causes?
Natural way to relieve muscle cramps due to MS?
Pain in chest? Plz answer?
i feel as if something is tearing underneath my foot was it it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ?
My heel giving moderate pain when walking?
Im seriously scared i have Glaucoma?? please help me..?
I have the worst cold , My nose is stuffy & my ears are hurting , what is the best medicine pills anything !?
water coming out of you right after it goes in?
What is the likelihood that an alcohol offender will be drug tested at ASAP?
Job For some one who is on periodic disability?
Why can't I clear my throat?
What occurs when persons other than authorized users gain access, or potential access, to such information for?
My Life is just too Miserable. I need serious help?
what can i use to treat insomnia that has persisted for about 3 months without using drugs?
Can you get ulsers from making out?
Cold sores (herpes) in the office?
Has anyone had success with treating frozen shoulder with acupuncture?
if your caught using dxm, would you get in trouble?
Will smoking bay leaves make you fail a drug test?
Can doctors detect if you have HPV without symptoms?
if a person is infected with herpes, is he/she contagious when kissing?
can syphilis be transmitted by sharing a shaving razor only?
Is it ok to go out when u feel like everything is fake cause u have panic disorder?!?? ?
What percentage of the general population suffers from Raynaud's phenomenon?
por que siempre tengo que mantener mi cuerpo en movimiento, alguna razón que no sea parkinson ¿o es la única?
Chemical released in the brain that makes you feel high?
What is the difference between eating disorder N.O.S. and Anorexia?
Dizzyness, orangeish red urine? whats going on?
I feel a lot of head aches and internal heat. wat syptoms are these?
Medical tests I should take?
what is wrong with me? i keep coughing,sneezing,going dizzy when i stand up, and when i breath in it hurts?
Severe Sudden Fatigue?
my ears ring but i think theres more to it?
what happens if you snort cetirizine?
How does one wakes up from induced coma?
Do you know someone without a thyroid?
Is this a spider bite? {Read Description}?
What is this? Help please?
Should I be concerned if my sweat is not salty?
what kind of bee sting will leave you with a headache?
foot swollen from bee sting on wednesday?
My son has a red bump on his cheek. Is it a zit or a bug bite?
my son has a red bump on his cheek and i dont know if it is a zit or a bug bite?
I touch my burn and feel nothing!! Help!!!?
my fingers feel funny sometimes..Whatever i hold in my hand, i got to drop it !?
Jellyfish Sting A Week Later!?
Creating your own reality?
re re brain fog?
How can I lose weight when on psych meds?
what are fluoxetine side effects?
How does one overcome a gambling problem?
what are signs that children have mental health problems that teachers can look for?
May is Mental Health Month?
is there a mild form of Turrets syndrome?
Is it normal to feel one random strong heart beat every once in a while?
I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) should I get a Pandora charm for it?
Heart Palpitations... im 24 and 5'1 205lbs... 2 yrs ago i started getting Palpitations..?
How long after cardiomyopathy is normal is your life span?
Lack of oxygen to the heart?
What causes fainting is there a way to prevent it?
Is it OK to take Avesil with High blood pressure medicine?
When your rib is broken how is it possible to bring it back to its form?
how could knee surgery by prevented?
broke my humorous (shoulder bone) 4 years ago and it still aches n hurts like mad sumtimes!!?
Is it possible to be allergic to weed?
Allergy or Anti-Itch medication for cats?
Does this sound like an allergic reaction to a wasp sting?
My sister is allergic to cats and dogs - so is she allergic to rabbits?
When does Prednisolone start to help? (Allergic rhinitis)?
please tell me what is highest level of hemoglobin of indian women?
Website for HCG injections?
can i get a false positive ketone urine test when i have a uti?
Does sugar have fiber in it?
I currently use humalog sliding scale starting at 16u is it possible to replace it with relion ru-100?
What are clinical trials like for diabetics?
how many muslims in the world are affected with HIV AIDS?
get checkd for std's i have medicaid?
I am in need of a doctor in Ohio for chemical injury, MCS, TILT, EI ect....?
URGENT HELP REQUIRED. Tea tree oil in eye!!!?
Difference between chest pain from anxiety attack or pneumonia?
if you have a mouth ulcer can anyone catch it if you kiss them?
can i take enbrel if i have herpes?
I also need info about?
Every morning recently a have a really bitter taste in my mouth and I spit out brown saliva. what can it be?
lump on the back of my head?
STD and STI?
Having trouble sleeping help?
Vaginnal swab.?
Is it possible for blood type to change from positive to negative?
what to do about bad sunburn on feet?
How do I make myself really sick?
Questions about medical marijuana?
(For Nurses only) Why are you a nurse?
Please help me, I can't take this pain anymore!?
Do I Have Meningitis?
Is it cold?
Who do you call if you have e-coli?
Food poisoning?
strep throat?
I have the flu, What medicine would be most effective in realiving my symptoms and allowing me to sleep?
how are antibiotics making TB and other diseases to be more resilient and spread?
do they make medicine for babies colds other than tylenol?
I am seeing symptoms within the first few weeks of contraction.?
would you ever get tested for huntington disease?
Kissing and tonsilitis??
When I talk, my throat feels fine, but when I sing...?
Elevated Amylase Level?
I think my ear piercing is infected?
Am I aloud to do push ups if i have mono?
My Grandfather is dying please help me....?
can you sleepwalk while under condition of chlorphorm?
I keep getting "pressures" in my head and nosebleeds a lot less than the pressures but still.....?
Musical Ear Syndrome?
Why I don`t feel hungry anymore?
Need some medicine advice, have had something lingering for 2 weeks now and dont know what to take?
What do u think is wrong with my jawline?
I have been having neck pain/spasms for 3 months... help?
Why do i get this foot pain?
Why does my ear piercing hurt after a month, and so i took my earring out and it is red?
What's wrong with my back?
Having hip pain when I move it.?
is it normal that i can hear better out of my left than my right?
Why do I have pains in my neck, back of head and chest concurrently?
please! help its an emergancy!..... im only 21 and have like tiny dots on my head were hair isnt growing?
exzema scars?
does anyone want my uncles green chuncky foot fungus?
Skin rash that won't go away?
rash after getting tattooed rash hurts to the touch now foot swelling got tattooed on calf ?
which cream does the circketer's apply to their face while playing?
Help pls!...?
I have had 3-4 fever blisters this winter could this be serious?
does anyone know what this is?
Does this work?
white heads and black heads?
How to get rid of Acne!!?
how do u get rid of back acne?
Any natural cures for a skin irritation that's similar to shingles?
dumb question about earlobes but....?
help please!!?
can getting pink eye many times be bad?
My eye keeps twitching?
Is there any way to make the whites of my eye whiter?
Do I have to wear my glasses while driving?
for medicaid in Virginia for children under 21; how many eyeglasses can you get per year?
I've had something in my eye for a week?
Why do eyes cloud black after death?
Anyone with some knowledge in Optics(eye glasses & Lenses)?
Will I go blind by taking small glimpses of the sun?
Help with prescription eye glasses?
How to get my sleeping back on track?
Why is this bone or hard muscle sticking out of my leg?
i got spider poison in my eyes?
i tend to bite my bottom lip untill it bleeds?
Is this stuff gonna kill me?!?
Is it okay to use a band aid on an ingrown toenail that just got removed?
spr question?????????????????????????
Red bump on ear swallon.?
so i got stung by a wasp, i think?
What months are Poison Ivy active?
hurt my wrist help please?
If I think I have a bug bite on my forehead, do I go to a doctor or a dermatologist?
my insides burn....why?
what do I do with the swim-ear drops?
Why am I suddenly getting tired in the middle of the day?
can i take a seroquel 100mg n be safe?
is it legal to smoke herbal incense?
ear popping - how to heal tinnitus naturally?
Is it ok to mix Penicillin and Dayquil or Nyquil?
Getting a mole removed? HELP?
How long does it take for the dosage to kick in for 100mcg to 125mcg pls?
What are some phsycoactive drugs?
L carnitine w/ carnipure makes me drowsy I have to take it at night .?
Is this normal......................?
How long does Xanax stay in your system?
why am i so tired lately?
Can you fully recover from an ischemic stroke?
How do I contact East European women called bandati, who care for Alzheimer's patients?
Can somebody please help me..?
diagnosis not clear and present?
I've been having bloody noses (At least 3 or 4 a day), is this bad?
Is a BLS and a BCLS certificet the same?
does CAFFEINE effect ANTIBIOTICS ?!?!?!!?
is mylan an anti anxiety medication?
What heart disease are these symptoms affiliated with?
is my sputum test normal?How should i treat this results?
why do I have high blood pressure?
what are the abnormal vital signs for an adult?
Can soda affect your life expectancy?
Do I have type 1 diabetes?
My friend has metabolic syndrome. Is it okay that she eats cheetos and drinks soda?
blood glucose readings.?
symptoms of a non-working enzyme?
What's the difference between type 1, type 2, and type 3 Diabetes?
Can you take a sugar glider on holiday?
is the protein drink ensure safe to take with a type 2 diabetes. Have just been diagnosed .?
How likely is it to be overweight and not have high blood pressure?
I had a baby 4 weeks ago and now have fat rolls on my back, arobics isnt helping, any suggestions?
to build muscle what kind of diet is most benifical?
how do the different types of thyroids govern weight loss / gain?
Can I lose weight on a 1500 calorie diet?
carbs-related question?
Are there any web stes that have recipes that include green tea to help loose weight or not?
Does hydrogenated coconut or hydrogenated soybean promote bad cholestrol?
Question about calories?
I have a flexbar and had it for some time, but can't find the worhout sheet. Can you help me Thanks?
Which fast is better,a vegetable fast,or water fast?
im thinking about being anorexic becasue i hate my body..what should i do?
I have been reading that in order to lose weight faster you must burn more calories than you eat...?
How long does it normally take to lose 40 pounds (Female, 21, 5'6")?
How do you get rid of stubborn love handles?
How can I learn how to use machines or do new exercises at the gym without looking like a tool?
Does anyone know where I can order Hoodia with my checking account, bank account?
why did i eat 4 cheese danishes?..i am bored and no date tonight..or anynight....why do i weigh so much?
what is the difference between sit-ups and crunches?and how many of these should i do daily to shed my tummy?
current research trends for klinefelter's syndrome?
i have a recurring dream where a hungry cat is eating my hand.what does it mean?
How did I end up in this position?
Sometimes i get depressed...?
Does Medicaid (NY State) provide coverage for office based opioid therapy using Buprenex or Suboxone/Subutex?
Why did my sleeping pattern change?
Please help me sleep, I have school in the morning and I'm still not asleep :(?
Umm, what should i do? ?
Have a mild concussion how do i have to wait to go to sleep ?
ive had a cartiage piercing and after 24 hours its still hot to touch is this infection..?
I might have been exposed to the flu. What can I expect?
I have a rash sore throat is there any idea what it is its not strep or scarlet fever i was tested it was neg
Have you ever had mono?
The Flu!!- a bit of clarification?
how can i get rid of a sore throat fast?
Non-medicinal cures/support for common illnesses?
what's statistics of chicken pox?
give me a list of how to give yourself a fever?
what diet should be taken when one is affected by typhoid fever ?
does anyone know if doxycycline hyclate mutual 20mg tabs is the same kind of meds for both animals and humans?
hepatitis-A:how to prepare treatment regime for a person?
If I got a cold sore from someone with a severe case does that mean i will get them just as often?
sore throat?
how long does the flu/influenza last in the house if 2 children had the flu?
are there any therapies or surguries for tuberculosis? cost?
What can you do for an over active immune system?
My mom having strep throat for a week now. Is it possible that her diarrhea cause by strep throat. Thanks!?
f 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
had to quit my job due to severe sanitary conditions and was penalized for it. do i have a lawsuit??
How common are bone related disease and what is the chance that they will be treated?
help with my ct results of chest?
Kidney infection question?
is there a medicine for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
i feel as though my left tonsil has been swollen for a month now....?
Why does it feel like theres a heartbeat on my right side?
What to use on dried cracked and bleeding feet?
How do you finger yourself?
How do I become a first responder in michigan?
My mom got a chunk of her skin ripped off on her foot?
I got a mosquito bite on my finger?
steps on applying the bandage on the face with second degree burn?
Can something happen too me for to many bug-bites?
Do Snake Bite Peircings Hurt?
I used stuff for my acne and now more acne??
birthmark looking bloch?
why caterpilar is itchy ?
is back and chest and arm acne common in teens the way it is on your face? and will it go away 4 most people?
what are the best skin bleaching creams that will work instantly?
i havea huge zit on my cheek! what can i put on it for it to be at least smaller for tomorrow? not toothpaste
I have a bad sunburn on my face, I am using Aloe Vera Natural Skin lotion. Is this a Good Choice?
i have a rash on my eye lid?
red spots on chest and neck when nervous or sad?
A question on bruises???
Itching Problem?
I have these red bumps on my arms but they are smooth so they are like dots, what are they?
my male rabbit has a skin fold i think on his chest is that normal?
how do I treat agave poisoning caused by contacting its leaves and juice?
How do you get rid of black heads?
Itchy hands all of a sudden!?
Weird skin disease from detergent use - how to cure?
Psoriasis Breaking Point?
How do I get rid of or help heal a mole?
Tonsils are still swollen...Help?
Is it possible for someones body to sweat less because the person is allergic to there sweat.?
What do i do????????????????????????
Could I have live again?
Help..my parents need health care but don't qualify for Medicaid...what other options do they have?
What is the name of this medication?
anyone use a cheap water ionizer that works?
can mdma be flushed out of your system in 24 hours?
Is Oregano a good substitute for weed?
How to use alka-seltzer plus cold & cough liquid gel?
with the copper u gain wight?
How long is the average stay in the hospital for someone burned in a fire?
personal injury attornys/workman's comp?
tell me Indian medicines...?
My Ankle Hurts! Would i have to get crutches?
can u play a sport with a a toe that's loose and purple underneath ?
Does being flat footed cause this and can it end my soccer career?
Why do I have this sharp pain in my chest?
high blood pressure & pains?
What is the Salary of an EMT-Basic in Southern California?
How to change sleeping habits?
Any medical professionals out there?
How to sleep in a time where you are not used to?
earlier hit very hard in the head with a basketball, would it be safe to sleep?
Who does this happen when I sleep on my Stomach?
can i stay in the Hospital over night when i have my inguinal hernia operation?
Irregular pulse on left side of neck?
does hgh make your heart and all your body parts grow bigger?
keep getting low blood pressure?? what to do, please help?????? :(?
i have an enlarged aorta and might need surgery can someone tell me what i may be looking at oh i'm 42 years o?
Hospitals in Philadelphia, Pennsylviania for Thyroid ?
Grandma had a stroke at 83, had one 17 years ago as well?
Merry Christmas to everyone on Yahoo Answers?
My Roomate has Strep Throat?
what makes you tick?
Is this a cold or something else?
i'm paranoid of germs, i cant stand them what do i do to help?
Mono question?
I have the flu?
R colds easy to catch?
What year was the bird flu epidemic? useful websites would be helpfull!?
No More Flu/Colds?
i think ive got the flu?
my son has oral thrush him (and me) arent dealing with it well?
when e coli gets into your body how does your body defends it's self ?
Human parasitic epidemics in U.S. history?
I think i have a cold?
I recently discoverd some lumps or bumbs on the back of my tounge, what is it?
Inadvertent parasitic advancements resulting from human technology's progression?
What do mean by (spp.) in bacteroides spp.?
Iam a suffering from ankeylosing spondolysis what Ican do?
mutation resistance to antibiotics......?
what type of organism is smallpox?
im tooo sensitive....n evrythin hurts me vry easily...hw do i get help???cant discus wid parents or siblings!!
Eyesight issues, please help?
What Color are these eye contacts? (eye color)?
what are the food which can boost memory power and what should we avoid consuming for best memory power?
Pre-bought sunglasses + prescription lens?
Can blurry vision cause motion sickness while driving?
How come I can't stand seeing blood except for when I cut myself on purpose it doesn't bother me?
what does it mean when everything in my peripherals is red?
which will clean my glasses better? water or rubbing alchol?
I see a very small dark spot when I blink really fast is this serious?
Went to get a eye exam and my prescription had changed a little...?
Bloodshot eyes, big deal?
am i covered for contacts?
What causes that frequency tone inside the ear?
Sleeping pill&sickness?
Hair loss and bumps all over scalp?
I need help. pre FAINTING TIPS?
Im soo scared to go back to school after fainting yesterday.?
Does this sound like a kidney problem?
Hypothyroidism maybe?
What are symptoms of diabetes?! Or... !!?
marijunana and low blood surger ='s ?
What tests can be done on someone who may be diabetes and how can they be monitered?
after eating sweet dish food, my blood sugar level after 2 hrs rises to 149 , is it High from normal?
Is tender coconut JUICE good for diabetes?
Blacked out at work and almost fainted?!?
What is hypoglycemics?
What does flaxseed meal do?
I am looking to find a free recipe for no-hunger bread,or hunza. Can any one help?
Skinny is the new fat?
Why does it seem like everyone is becoming skinny, skinnier, and...did I say skinny?
is there a relationship between studying and feeling hungry?
Will yoga help in reducing weight ?
Is it dangerous to stay too long in a dry Sauna? How much is too much?
Does anybody know where I can get steroids??
if i take up jogging will it make my thighs look bigger?
what is the best way for loosing abdomen?
Is Using Fixed Bicycle helpful in losing weight and specifically abdomen? what is advantages and disadvantage?
what is the best way to lose 28kg in 6 months?