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Health insurance for diabetics in Ohio?
hi.my daddy has a diabetes.i feel very bad.how to control the sugar?whatever food shall we give him?pleasehel?
Blood Type?
do clear contacts change eye color slightly?
Soft Lens Care/Cleaning?
Hit in the eye and now it is red what to do?
Pupilary distance with two numbers?
i havea one eye is always red, is there a way to get rid of the red eye quickly?
How to get rid of cough and colds ASAP?
Trouble Breathing?
What are the medical tests for MS?
Im having breathing problem when expose to chemical called isocynate.Please advice a solution.?
what is the negative effect of cigaratte?
Does anyone else get sick when they stop/start smoking?
verlilen md is a asthma medication?
Asthma medications?
Getting over pneumonia?
What is more harmful smoking a cigarette label near the mouth or the other way around ?
what is low diffusing lungs?
what is h-fever?
Can emphasema cause leg swelling?
Asbestos and Fire Door?
im sick =[?
What are the effects of mildew if ...?
Does anyone know of any ways to stop snoring?
Is it safe to take a multi vitamin along with calcium, acidophilus, B12, and Fish Oil?
how many magox 400 will it take for me to die?
Recovering addict going in for blood work- any way to avoid dr from finding out I used to shoot?
What are some essential oils I should have on hand?
How can you tell if you have an intestinal worm? What is done b doctors to treat them?
Can you increase dopamine and endorphin production through exercise?
ii stat, i tab qid x 10 days?
When should my bedtime be?
How will I be drug tested?
how long does it take for a 55 gal waterheater to heat up?
can i take rhodiola rosea if i am taking an ssri(celexa)?
Food Poisoning?
Do i have a liver problem?
are we going to go into a pandemic?
ive had the flu for the last 3 days...?
Swine Flu outbreak!!?
I put a rusty nail in my hand. What medical problems can i possibly get?
Would drinking hard liquior kill bacteria infections?
Is there anything in the Harry Potter books about curing herpes?
if you would have "power" to remove or get rid of one sickness, disease or ailment, what would it be?
Am i getting sick???
How to make myself have a fever?
Inside nail is burning, caused by lemon?
Intestinal worms..hallucinating ? (Serious answers please)?
I consumed my own feces, will I be okay?
Is it true that hep c turns into hiv?
i have strep throat- how many days do i need to be out of school?
Am I Going to Get Food Poisoning?
Bronchitis and sore eyes?
well i was told i had chlamydia by a doctor 3 months after having a baby?
what can you do to a women in military giving someone hiv and herps?
Do they run tests on donated blood?
Not sure if my lip ring is infected? Someone who actually knows answer me?
how long does it take to for an std to swoll your fallupion tubes real bad?
Do I need another HIV test?
Is It Herpes If It Doesn't Hurt Or Itch? What Is This?
Rope Burn...Bandage too small...?
stung by a bee on my foot. HELP!?!?!?
how do you treat greenhead flies bites?
HELP! I think I have a tick bite...?
Do you sometimes feel a bubble feeling in your heart?
Why does burning feel good?
4. Compare and contrast Addison’s Disease with Cushing’s Syndrome/Disease?
I underwent CABG in Jan 2010. Since sep 2010 without any warning my left knee buckles and i collapse?
5 years ago my hand felt numb than i had a heart attack, the feeling is back should i be concerened?
Does having a heart mur mur disqualify you for being a Pennsylvania state trooper?
vertigo or vestibular problem?
what does "coronary risk ratio 2.69" mean?
Is there something wrong with my brain?
My hamsters mouth is really swollen what do I do!!!!!?
Severe stress/anxiety chest pain heart attack?
Pieced my daughters ears and one ear lobe got infected now she has a lil bubble in the back of her ear lobe!?
where does lithium and risperdol go, how long does lithium and riperdol stay inside body?
My friend has mono but i wanted to hang out with her.... help?
When I eat a specific food my jaw and right by my ear...?
what happens if you take penicillin and hydrocodone together?
My left temple hurts. ?
I have a sharp pain below the right side of my rib cage?
How to get rid of pain?
Why Does My Skin Hurt To Touch?
very wierd swelling help?
Numbness after laceration?
What is cyclobenzaprine 5mg tablets?
I have random surges of pain in my head?
Stomach has been hurting for three days now?
My knees always pop when I bend them, why/stop?
Pain at the top of my legg?
Really nauseous and can't sleep. Help?
Blood test questions?
how do doctors decide if you need surgery?
Having Trouble Sleeping At Night?
i am really tired and feeling icky because of that.. when I walk my legs feel like they are sinking and all?
i haven't eaten all day, now i'm nauseous?
Should I go to the ER or wait till tomorrow ?
Persistent temperature (9 days), approximately 37.7 degrees C. What could it be?
sweaty palms?
my knees are all scratched up and it looks gross....?
itchy bumps?
Spider/thread veins?
how can you get rid of blotches on your face due to pregnancy?
skin problem?
Swimming is horible!?
Honestly, none of these acne products have worked.I'm turning 26, it's starting to bug me.Not rich,need HELP
I kissed a boy with a kanker?
Can you just use the product twice?
How do you get rid of razor burn?
have any curation for white spots?
does face whitening (made by mixing some creams available at beautyparlour) cuase acne?
acne marks?
oh no! i have the FCAT today/tomorrow/wednesday and next monday but.....?
VERY dry skin and some acne. help!?
What workouts work to get rid of chicken legs?
Any one else feel good after answereing some of the questions on here?
What questions are a psychiatrist/psychologist supposed to ask to diagnose if a person has a mental illness?
is78 kg with 167 cm is consider fat.how can i make myself thin?
What's your favorite commercial weight loss pay diet? Why?
my tonsils keep getting infected , they're always sore.do i just go to the doctors demand them to be removed?
what is wrong with me? symptoms in content?
Would anemia challenge my cognitive abilities?
How long until I feel better?
Can you take Triple C's three nights in a row?
How/Why do people sleep talk?
can insomnia completely go away?
A tingly sensation from touch?
Measuring tape????????
Is HPV history, a deal breaker ?
I took std tests months ago and haven't heard anything back. Is no news good news?
I think I infected my ex with AIDs?
I want my friend to get tested because she may have an std. how do i ask her, or bring it up?
Is it possible for someone to get HIV by letting someone ejaculate on there body?
A whitehead or herpes?
how many bumps do u get if u get gential herpes and how many for gonorrhea?
Justin Bieber has syphilis?
STD or just B.C. Spotting?
Is this allergies or something else? a.s.a.p?
sinuses, allergies or something worse?
Why do all asthma inhalers tell you to exhale slowly?
help, I have fever, vomiting, pain in the back of my upper back(dont know if it is my lungs or not)?
Can sinusitis be the cause of a stuffy head?
can mold &mildew cause flares if you have fibromyalgia?
Plzzz HELP ME!!!!!?
Breathing Problems (not asthma... maybe)?
Reduce fever on a todler?
has anyone felt hallucinations from Zyben?
I have an ear infection and a sore throat. Antibiotics are not helping, does anyone have any suggestions?
Do you know much about Swine Flu?
explain the saying in medicine, "No acid, no ulcer"?
what does a person with hiv die from?
Chronic throat and ear itching?
does consumption of marijuana causes nose bleeds?
Strep throat remedy ?
what is the swine flu?
what is the treatment for a bacterial infection?
Best home remedy for nasal congestion and pressure behind the eyes?
My premature daughter who is now two mths was born with r.s.v...?
What could be the reason for this chest pain?
frequent deep breath's?
tips for dealing with pink eye?
can you get rabies from an animals saliva?
Head Lice HELP PLEASE?!?
can salmonella not be removed by washing the fruit?
My ear is bleeding!!? help with gauges?
Bump/ant bite on my eye?
what heals faster your eye or your toung?
i just got a bite from mouse and blood came out of the wound i cleaned the wound with soap and also got Tetanu?
insect bite me, theres a water inside my skin!?
Spider bite, bee sting?!!!!?
Do you keep your earring in when you do a sea-salt soak?
Help-- I think i have an infected bug bite?
can you die from a british jellyfish sting?
i got a deep cut on my finger. is antibiotic band-aid ok for my wound?
bite feels like sunburn?
what is a bony bump under the pinky toe?
Will this gas ever stop?
ehlers danlos syndrome?
Cause of these digestive issues?
What happens to your body when your DR. says you have thyroid disease? What does it mean?
Slight finger nerve damage?
Worried I might have a brain tumor?
My daughter is having severe headaches throughout the day, constant mood swings, blurriness in her eye sight,?
Do we recover from hyperthyroidism? And how long does it take?
I have a hard, painful bump on my toe... what could it be?
Limbs falling asleep constantly, extremely uncomfortable?
Should I seek Medical Attention?
What should I do about my sleep ?
How are saunas and ice bath helpful to your body?
I CANT fall asleep!!!! Help!!?
Why does my face twitch?
I have a scar (right foot) caused by hot metal during my childhood.Is it possible to get rid of the scar?
kalika808, have you tried this and did it work on your acne?
Does anyone have a piliodial cyst? Do you know how to treat it w/out surgery?
Does anybody know of a good spide vein creme??
blue light treatment?
Does anyone have any home remedies for hives?
What are the nagative effects of Bleeching the skin?
I have rosecia for more than 2 years. Can anyone let me know the exact cause and the best treatment available?
what causes dark lips??
my skin's getting darker day by day due 2 frequent sun exposure.the unexposed parts r also affected.wat 2 do?
My feet where tingly yesterday and now the top of my left foot is numb from big toe to middle of foot.?
i have sopme black dots in my noce?
What is the cure you use for drinking too much?
Can some one point me the way to a skin clensers i am looking for?
Why does my stomach hurt really bad after I get a shot?
Why does my Knee hurt?
Whats the fastest way to get rid of heartburn? Please help!?
What kind of headache is this? ?
Can anemia contribute to more post workout muscle pain and longer recovery times?
Head hurts. Concussion help?
What else can i do for a sinus headache?
is it possible to drink pop without burping?
I'm having bad migraine, what remedies should I try other than aspirin to deprive the pain?
i have pain behind my left knee...ecspecially when sitting?
My ears hurt I'll give out 10 points?
I don't know what is wrong with my, is it a migraine?
I got my stents (5 of them!)on Sept 2008. So far, I have been doing okay. I wonder how others are after stent?
there is a normal understanding that if some one had already 2 heart attacks ?
Normal heart rate per minute?
i can feel my heart beat in my stomach all the time. what does that mean?
Resting Heart rate has been 90 beats per min?
My heart cramps up for a second?
Could this be anxiety/psychological?
i have heart disease, can i take celebrex?
Is my cat sick? Please help! I'm worried!?
Are we gonna use protective masks in the U.S because of swine flu.?
do i have swine flu?.?
Who are the real victims of swine flu here?
Will i die or not because i have the swine flu?
what medicine to get for the common cold?
Is hearing loss as a result of gun shot exposure permanent?
Ways to treat UTI without parents knowing?
what do you mean by tonsil?
what is this bug called?
Driving after seizures?
Can this cause internal bleeding?
Help! concussion problems with teen athlete! very confused!?
About food poisoning?
what are some ways to release dopamine in your system without doing drugs /?
I've had a cold 4 a week. Now there are bumps on my tongue?
Are there any slang terms for the AIDS disease?
hiv and aids, need and answer?
can i go swimming if i have herpes?
Random Question about Washing machine germs?
Can something like this be possible?
What test shows if you have HPV?
tell me what is hpv?
What is the use of DOTA(chelate) in contrast media?
Can you catch HIV or AIDS from accidentally getting blood near or in your mouth?
how do people and kids/teens get drugs?
why do the doctors dont want to do an std test again on me?
could the reason i feel so tire be because of the pills i take?
How many people in Africa have AIDS?
Oil pulling - anyone tried it?
how had chillingworth gained some of his knowledge of herbs?
How much does an epidemiologist make with a MPH or PhD?
what is Suboxone for?
Why does your eyes get burn?
Is this normal, or is a vision problem and potentially dangerous?
Glasses that make your eye look big?
How can I get rid of under eye bags?
why is everything blurry?
whats that strap called that you put on kids glasses to hold the glasses on firm?
how long does it take for your eyes to become damaged from wrong glasses? i DONT want to damage my eyes?
Contact lenses question?
Where can i get prescription purple contacts cheap?
Visual acuity question?
what are the web site to search for the insurance for the diabetic people?
looking for the new product for sugar controll called Cinergin?
Is there a kidney condition where a diabetic should drink less water?
what is the ideal indian diet for a diabetic?
i have a diabetic question when i was pregnant i was diagnose with digestional diabetes and i have a 7 month?
Diabetic diet???
has anyone tried the Freestyle Lite glucose monitor?
my father has been here in the usa for 25 years and has diabetes, obviously he cannot get insurance because he
What is a normal, low, and high glucose (sugar) level?
Diabetes and Pregnancy?
Would expired strips give the same result twice?
what happens when you're low on sugar?will you faint?what happens? then the prevention is pancreas transplant?
Diabetes concern?
i am a diabetic that gets bloated for hours after i eat any meal, what is this called?
500-700 calories per day?
has anyone heard of www.diet study .com on the radio where you lose weight and can earn 1,000.?
How to keep the pounds off.?
Why is so hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym or eat healtier foods or try to quit smoking?
What excersises work best to get rid of a double chin?
Im a picky eater, how do I learn to eat healthy foods?
how to get rid of a double chin?
My daughter doesnt want to eat anything What do i do?
Are you on the South Beach Diet?
Diet question-six meals a day?
What do you do when you go to the gym?
Is caffeine good or bad for you? I hear conflicting information...?
so i layed down to work on my abs but i was to comfy to move how can i prevent this it happens ALOT?
I ran a 5 miles race this weekend and about 4-5 hours after the race my foot started to hurt.?
im overweight with a large stomach, yet the upper two thirds is rock solid why is it not soft?
Will "the liquid stuff", a detoxifier, cover up prescription drugs as well as illegal drugs?
how can i get my arms bigger in a short time?
which gym is better- ballys or lifetime fitness and why?
How should I get my Pectoral Muscles up?
ok which workout is better yoga or pilates?
When is the Children's Interstitial Lung Disease Conference 2007?
Sounds like use "Omalazavant"?? for severe asthma.?
Why does thorazine make me sleep so much?
is there sum 1 out there?
Would anyone be able to tell me if...?
how to improve your memory? in a natural way..?
how can i increase my mental power?
Does anyone know where you can buy individual medical insurance? Epileptic reasons!?
what does generic paxil cr 37.5 mg. look like?
I am looking for an specific group home for mentally ill in north carolina called corobell group home?
Schizophrenia is nobody's fault?
What should I do about my social anxiety?
how to i find a sign in sheet to print for meeting?
How long does it take to break a habit for good?
Do you have an alter ego? If so, what is he/she/it's name?
has anybody ever experienced an LSD flasback if so how many month, years later?
are cars dangerous or are trucks 2 big and why are MOTORCYCLES so SAFE?
I want to stop this but don't know how?
soft gel fish oil pill not dissolving after 12 hours?
is it safe to wait a few extra days when you have a bladder infection?
numb toes/feet!? anyone have this problem?
Please help .. i fainted after an argument?
I am having "growing pains" at least 3 times a week for the past two weeks does this happen often.?
19 month old with swollen and bleeding tongue ?? Fever went away...?
Anyone Know of Ear Plugs That Can Block Out A Noisy Family?
Is this true about ingrown toenail?
Red insect bite with a red ring around it.?
How much do EMT's in Los Angeles get paid?
doctor said there was a 5mm spot on my right thyroid gland? Going for my 2nd ultra sound should i be worried?
systems of Sensory Integration Disorder?
I got swimmers ear and the Doc gave me some ear drops. And when i put them it in i cant hear out of the ear.?
This question is for neulorolist doctors?
would the arizona brace be useful in end stage pttd and charcot foot, and especially if there was heel valgus,?
Would it be possible that this is mono?
Any ADVICE on dating someone with Crohn's?
A list of the most common anti-convulsant drugs?
Why is my head getting bigger ?
What exactly is a lisp?
Pressure in my upper stomach?????? what is it?
People on steroids for disease?
i have 2 bald spots in my head i alopecia areata.whats the.best vitamins?
How often should i experience head rushes?
What are the changes of this baby surviving with Cystic Fibrosis ?
if you have hpv and it goes away is it still transferable?
There are a number of common but preventable STD’s. Their symptoms are varied and only some are curable?
How do guys get STDs?
Is there a chance my bf has herpes?
burning in my... you know where?
STD question, please answer if you might know?
i took azithromycin for chlamydia and it made me vomit. Will it work?
Should i go to school if i have food poisining?
can a DUI prevent you from being a nurse?
White blood cells HELP ?
For the past couple nights I have been running a relatively high fever. About 101 What could be causing this?
can you get HIV/AIIDS by kissing someone or sharing drinks!?
Ear Infection... Question!?
How can I get rid of my sore throat and loss of voice?
I fear my mom has a REALLY bad bladder infection!?! HELP!!?
Can gout kill you if left untreated?
i think i have tapeworm plz help!!?
How long can some one live if he has a gunshot wound and he has anemia?
how does sweat and tears prevent microbes from entering your body?
Can I give my girlfriend mono?
Do you think I have the flu?
Does anyone really think that swine flu will be taken care of?
mononucleosis (kissing disease)?
When taking a child's temperature for a fever what is the most accurate way?
What do you think Throwing up blood Means?
what's worse, the flu or mono?
How to relieve IBS pain from taking medications?
I chew my fingernails and i swallow them alot, what will happen?
I currently have a migraine and am at work. What can I do?
jolt like chest pain, heart problem?
i think i got a infection in my 2 big toes the skin at the top right and left corner hurts pls read?
PainFul Lump In My Armpit ='(?
Strengthening my right arm?
What does indigestion feel like?
Why do I wake up with a cold everyday?
is this a gas pain or something else?
Where is the "best" spot to palpate for one's own palse, in order to determine one's heart-rate?
What are the chances of getting genetic pulmonary hypertension?
Will I have high cholesterol?
Gastric Bypass Surgery?
is hyperkalemia curable ?
i get a "poking" sensation in my heart....even right now as we speak....and all day yesterday from mild to bad?
Left Multiple infract CVA?
What are these symptoms of?
what vitamin helps healing?
What are kegel excercises?
I don't know what's wrong with me. Help, please?
Been feeling off-balance and nauseated?
Can too much thyroid hormone cause high blood glucose?
my hearing got distorted after using hair trimmers...is this normal?
I haven't 'been' for 4 days, I'm SO constipated!?
I read 12-14 hours is a correct fast for blood glucose but others say 8 hrs?
what is blood?
are there pre-made snacks and foods for diabetes that i can find at the store?
i'm a diabetic and find it hard to lose weight?
lap band doctor dr.higenboone?
could the findings be applicable to human beings?
new software in ngee ann polytechnics for yes?
What is wrong with me? HELP!?
Why are you High Risk for gestational diabetes melitus if your Maternal age is greater than 25 years old?
is it common for a diabetic to have numbness before they sleep?
I have kronhs disease and I am planning to start taking protein supplements.?
Does it hurt??????????????????????????????????????????????????????/?
Help with my shoulders?
How does the air heat (40-50 celsius degrees) influence the blood glucose at a person diagnozed with diabetes?
How to feel more energetic?
I don't know what's wrong! Help me!?
Using a One touch ultra easy - how can i wipe the memory?
what is the medication ticlopidine for?
First time mom has question about glucose testing....?
Is the medication Ceftin a mild or major drug for sinus infections?
Is it possible to be allergic to silicon earrings?
Allergic reaction to a TATTOO?
Is it okay to smell your own breath?
Strange symptoms I used to have that someone else now has...?
Bad reaction when going off of allergy medicine?
will the hostels(canteen) wantonly contaminate food by mixing any chemicals? so, as students dont eat more fud?
Are my over sized tonsils the reason why my singing voice sounds like i have a cold?
Recent fistula put in, I think it is infected.... HELP PLEASE....?
Xanax, the best thing to take for anxiety. ?
Can gallbladder disease cause foul smelling or frequent urine?
my bug bite is swelling up?
A mosquito bit me on my eyelid?
can the same mosquito bite you twice?
can i use a facial steamer to help heal my stye?
Can you still buy Ipecac syrup?
swollen bee sting, could it be infected in a day?
dose cvs pharmacy give physicals? if yes than how much are they?
Do you think it is possible that doctors, the government and the FDA do NOT want a cure for cancer?
Over the counter drugs pros and cons?
Are soy protein shakes good for helping with weightloss or does it cause weight gain?
Dieting can be at it's worst when you go it alone...any advice?
I am taking the diet pill "NV". It makes me go "Pee" a lot. Is that safe?
what is the fastest way to build and gain weight in muscle?
What is the best weight loss program ?
What to do for a pulled muscle (read more)?
what heart rate sould I aim for when exercising I am 60?
what is the best and fastest way to drop a few pounds?
let me hear what you have to say?
im5'4 how much should i weigh?
Help plz! --------How to increase my height?
I have a big flat mole on face you think laser surgery is possible to remove any scars?? its in my skin?
What is the simpliest way to tone up and lose weight?
is it so hard to loose weight....all i think about is eating?
i'm getting a six pack but my abs are coming out uneven?
if you work out six days a week and stay on a liquid diet,is it possible to lose 20lbs in two weeks?
Green Tea??
Why do I get nauseous after lifting weights for less than 5 minutes?
even though I am not that fat,55k.,I am quite bellied.How can I shrink my gastric to get rid of this belly???
Huge lump in breast after breast feeding?
What are some of the guidelines for administering medications in a kindergarten?
I have a lazy eye and can't see depth all to well...?
How do I know for SURE if a contacts is stuck in my eye?
How come I was born with brown eyes?
How do optical surgeons remove small objects from behind or deep below your eye?
What color eye shadow goes best with medium blue eyes?
Bags under eys, caused by genetics?
what kind of contacts does walmart vision center carry?
Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis and Contacts Question...?
Which Contact Lens Should I Get Soflens Toric Or Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism?
What causes phlegm build up in your chest when you have a cold?
How do you cope with anxiety?
How can I get motivated to do something on my days off?
ok i'm really bored...like REALLY BORED?
Is there anybody out there that has anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. If so what medicine has helped.?
does anyone here know the side effects of gabapentin?
bipolar disorder?
little brother?
has anyone ever heard of trichotillomania?
what do you OCD about?
Why am i able to handwrite in reverse from right to left?
How can I get over my depression and obsession?
my brother and suicide?
need information of chart of pulmonary vascular segmantal anatomy?
i have a chicken pox spot on my cheek.. will it fade with castor oil?
How do i get rid of the dark skin in between my legs near my ..........?
When you have acne does that mean your pores are blocked?
Discaharge?? im scarred plz help?
my Virgina is burning!!!!!!!?
Can you get herpes from kissing someone who kissed someone with herpes?
Can you get a cold sore from having a cold sore already?? Please Read!!?
Could this be herpes?
Did I get high? Was it just that I was cold?
why does my vag burn after i pee?
Is this even possible?
Is it possible to return to football after a patellar tendon rupture?
My body is stiff and sore all over...?
I was prescribed percocet ?
sometimes when i take a deep breathe my chest gets tight and painful?
Want to play football but worried about cyst and lipoma?
Whats wrong with my hips?
How do I get rid of a really bad stomach ache read details?
I had a hip replacement and when I walk I am stiffed legged. What is wrong?
Are Watson 749 strong pain medication?
question about bulging disc surgery?
Is it dangerous for a heart failure patient to abruptly discontinue Atenolol?
Did I almost have a heart attack?
ekg test results show sinus rythm and nonspecific t wave changes?
i take blood thinners..went to gpdoc,to get copys of labs..?
How to lower blood pressure and heart rate before doctors check-up?
Heart pause?????????????
V1 on the ecg tracing?
Hypertensive, tachycardic..?
Does water on the lungs mean you have congestive heart failure?
Does smokeless tobacco (dip) have an effect on blood pressure?
Is it true, you shoudnt excercise, if one of your parents, faint once in their life, due to the heart?
Are plutonium pacemakers still being used?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
Can you black out from something you eat at a restaraunt?
Can you grow taller if you are 24, but your wisdom teeth (which are kind of bones) are still growing?
Help do I have a brain tumor??
I had been feeling really nauseas for a while? Please help!?
Really bad headaches if I dont eat sweets/chocolate?!....WHY?
Why do I sneeze when I wake up in the morning?
I've taken three 500mg tylenol pm every night for almost a year?
Will sleeping later (but still for 7-8 hours) lessen the amount of HGH that's released in my body?
Is it bad to eat chocolate when you have diarrea?
why is there a bruise on my right ankle?
My nails have like...dents?
need help with smoking could you please help?
what is this causedd by?
PLEASE I NEED AN ANSWER IN MAXIMUM HALF AN HOUR! I have school tomorrow it's late and i can't freaking sleep!?
How much sleep should I get every night?
so ii went to use the bathroom and i wiped my self the tissue was pink what could that be?
Why did I feel like fainting but ended up throwing up instead?
Can I teach with Multiple Sclerosis?
ocd problem again...please help?!?
Temple feels numb after tooth extraction.?
Help meeeee!!!!!!! I need all opinions!!!?
Does this sound like tonsillitis?
We are looking for a support groups for Osteogenesis Imperfecta in Canada?
My ear lobes seem a bit swollen, possibly from gauging?
How to get rid of a Mosquito bite on your lip?
How to care for a Dry-Ice Burn Blister?
Does this scab look like this scab is older then 4 days old?
What happens if you get a cat scratch or bite on, across or right beside/against a mole or freckle?
Does this scab look like this scab is older then 3 or 4 days old?
Swollen ear lobe piercing (stretched)?
Nasty mosquito bites?
I have an Outer ear infection, can I get something to ease the pain?
diabetes and hair?
What is the swine flu?
what does it mean by metastatic liver.?
Do I have hemorrhoids or some other kind of illness?
can you get pink eye from your dog?
If you have strep throat and you are given antibiotics by your doctor, why do you know that every bacteria?
Does it sound like i may have swine flu?
Are you getting the swine flu vaccine?
Once you get the h1n1 vaccine do you need to get it again or are you immune?
What Would You Do??
could i have mono or just the common cold?
Chances of me having swine flu?
What do these symptoms mean?
can you still get toncillitis if you have no toncils?
Mononucleosis exposure...any suggestions?
Blood in pee, elderly woman... help!?
I think i have PINK EYE!?
what is the probability for hiv aids to be transfered by kissing?
Why dont people get tested for STI's?
What is mononucleosis (mono)?
Hurting tonsils (sore throat)?
how do we prevent virus?
cartilagie percing help!?!?
I am 11 years old and i have a cold sore on my lip i did not do any thing to get it tho HOW DID I GET IT?
If You have had Chlamidia does that autmatically mean you hve Pelvic inflammtory disease?
what is this sharp pain?
can someone still have kids even though they have chlamydia?
Am I allergic to Strawberries?
Aids Question(about length of test time)?
is goat's milk a probiotic?
*** is a weird color..kinda scared to be honest?
Question about the THC?
Best way to remove body hair? Laser? Electrolysis? no!no?
im scared! how do i make a caffine buzz go away fast!?
A friend is obsessed with the end of the world, seeing signs and dreaming about it. Could it be schizophrenia?
Do you have great stress in your life?
i have a bump behind my cartilage and im not sure on what to do?
How to make skin paler?
What is this thing on my chin?
what is the effect of decaying sweat on the body and is there any solution to the consequences?
every time i scratch the area gets swollen why?
heat causes painfull itching on back, with no rashes or visible irration?
I need to know if I have ant bites or something else.?
Anyone else have this type of 'sensitive' skin?
Did they get it from me?
Can a person get poison ivy in March in Michigan?
Which metal is good for skin(health)...?
Rosacea- Which soaps and moisturizers are best? PLEASE Reply!?
Ortho-Cyclen Acne?
how can i get rid of these zits fast!?
what are they?
Re-occuring small lumps where ears were pierced. Why?
Differin was prescribed to me and I applied it but my skin seems fine no aggrivation its been about 30 minutes
Do alot of those diet pills out there actually do anything?
how can i loose weight?
is it safe to take hydoxycut fat burner pills? they are caffeine and ephreda free?
Can someone give me a website that tells what your weight is supposed to be?
are carbs bad?
If we eat the right foods, our excrement is wrapped in a protective mucous...?
how to convince your boyfriend who is fat to make a diet?
gain 3kg per week?
I really need to lose weight?
do u think i can lost 15 pounds by may 3?
felt chest pain, cold sweat, dizzy and nauseated while on a tread mill.?
Has anyone been to Quest Lady Fitness in Hattiesburg,MS?
Is it possible to over work your abs? To what extent of course...?
how can i lose 14 pounds?
What's the best exercise to get rid of love handles?
Whats a good way to work your chest without any weights or just free weights and no bench?
Why aren't I sleeping through the night?
New Year ? Have Not Grow Taller ?
What's wrong with me?
Whats the most fastest and non painful way to kill myself?
How long does thc stay in your system?
Please help me reelaax... :D?
Effects of increasing life expectancy?
Numbness in my front, lower leg?
Allergic Reaction help.?
My ankles are f***ed, help?
How to make swelling from hornet sting go down?
Injured my forearm at the gym. What have I done?
ugh im dizzy..............?
can you break a knee ?
My ankle is REALLY hurting me, D:?
Sprained wrist, boxing handwrap?
broken nose surgery?
how can i tell if my knuckle is broken?
My friend was injured recently, I want to know what hapened?
I got my cartilage pierced 4 months ago and now there is a lump behind it is this normal?
Is it okay to pop your chest?
I slammed my finger in the car door?
Which is better for a sick person suffering from a sore throat?
What are tussins?
My boyfriend has been bleeding?
my disease is interstitial pulmonary fibrosis and I cannot take the two drugs that help delay the disease?
Does sugar feed bacteria?
Why is knee numb? will it go away?
What is the muscle that is like the front part of your armpit?
im being put to sleep with gas soon.whats it like?what will happen?how long does it take?
please help cold for 3+months now.please read and give advice.?
hospital service bills?
Omega-3 fats....question?
pulling an all nighter?
What are government funded hospitals in Chicago besides Cook County? I heard it's horrible. How do payments?
Benny - Like Yoga and healthy food related to good eye sight?
eye pain and discomfort?
What's wring with my eye/contact?
i have a question about eyes color changing?
I sit 7 ft from t.v. is it ok to buy 40" t.v.? or it has to be smaller?
Pressure when I rub my eye?
black stringy blurs in my eye?
How to get rid of a black eye?
can i do lsd and exctacy with a heart murmur?
What should a four year olds sitting pulse rate be?
Does acting in a drama movie heart your blood pressure?
Could i take VPX Meltdown and have heart problems?
Why do physicians advise their high blood pressure patients to avoid smoking?
My anxiety attacks are coming back help?
My heart keeps skipping beats why?
Is 202 over 100 high for blood pressure?
Best heart operations hospital?
can sum1 tell me what this means?
Please present evidence that HIV/AIDS exists?
(HPV) Virus goes away from human body?
white stuff coming out pee hole?
i think i have more stds please help!?
I use silver nitrate for my warts, they have turned black. What happens next?
Chlamydia treatment through Kaiser Permanente?
Do You Think I Could I Have Herpes?
How can I prevent tonsil stones?
what is being done to treat smallpox? can you give me a short and concise few sentences?
If i have the swine flu.. Would..?
The swine flu will most likely evolve and become another pandemic killing billions?(again)?
Should I not be in physical contact with swine?
What Viruses Can Cause Diseases?
Is swin flu killing people?
Is fever always present with H1N1 virus?
do you think people are over reacting about this swine flu?
Could you get swine flue from eating out? Is it likely?
I think i have worms in my eye?
Afraid i might have the Swine Flu, please help me?
Headache, tiredness, sore throat, no fever... what is wrong with me?
how can you make your flu worse?
Why is America not closing down schools?
How do I know if have the 'swine flu'?
is the SWINE FLU as bad as people are making it out to be?
swine flu! please read and answer.?
Strep throat or sore throat?
Another Swine Flu question?
What is Swine Flu????People have been talking about it and i don't know what it is please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can i get hiv from my girlfriend if her viral load is low?
i have a soar throat..help?
I have osteochondroma on my left hip , Is it dangerous ?
Horrible knee pains and I don't know whats causing it?
i type alot for my job. just had rotator cuff surgery. how long before i can resume my duties?
Question about prescription pain killer abuse?
Pain in left arm and wrist?
My knees ache and I'm only 16, why?
my neck feel stiff, i have a small lump on the side of my neck?
I have pain in the shoulder & chest when i belch?
Is Tylenol made from cyanide?
I have a bump near my right ribcage..?
can I skate while I have an infected ingrown toenail? I am 13?
i left a plastic utensil in my dinner, microwaved it and ate some. Advice?
some type of spider bites?
i was sleeping and had a dream that a fly went into my ear?
I woke up with bed bug bites. Please help me :( Home Remedy?
poison ivy help????????
my grandma has diabetes and will have heart surgery?
how to lower cholestrol naturally without medication?
lip cut help!! quick heal?
How can I lose weight if I cant eat a lot of vegetables?
Wysolone: My father is having probelems with his left eye and the doctor put him on Wysolone?
Unknown bug bite? Help!?
why do some diabetics have to wear special shoes ?
How do i know if my diabetic drug is effective?
what should a 3 year olds normal blood sugar level be? I checked it in the morning before he ate and its 10.3
Why do you have to fast for 12 hours before a blood test?
lantus question?
Has anyone out there fought with bulimia?
Can't sleep?
do i only rebuild my self esteem from within?
How long is the attention span for teenagers?
what are the little yellow things around the top of the inkle?
Does anyone here have or know someone with Histrionic Personality Disorder?
How can crossdressing can be controlled?
How do I find discussion boards for parents of depressed adolescents?
what is the best way to treat depession?
does anyone here suffer from depression in the winter?
Is the person who achieved a big goal in his life really liable to be depressed?
is it a disease for woman that think their pregnant but its in their mind?
My Mom Is Puking Dark Brown Is She Gunna Be Okay What Do I Do Do You Know What Is Wrong With Her? HELP!!!!?
Difference between Ecstasy and Acid?
Why do I feel like I have a black eye?
Anorexia Question!!!?
Is there anyway I can make bath bombs without using citric acid?
My right nostril started leaking clear fluid a day or two ago, very randomly.?
If my fasting blood sugar is 80 after not eating for 6 hours then what would it be if...?
Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Withdrawal from Lorazepam?
What do you guys think of Limb Lengthening surgery?
what other options do I have for a bump on the back on my neck?!?
Every few months my lips become dark, super chapped, dry, itchy? HELP?
How do I get back on the right sleep schedule FAST?
tosilectomy pre-op...?
i'm looking for a nice audio track of sorts to fall asleep to?
I have a really bad cold, contained in the throat. Is it beneficial to sleep in a heated bed overnight?
If you're a pharmacist, can you answer a few short questions?
REALLY chapped lips!!!!!! HELP !!?
Best ingredients for a sinus wash?
Have you used bio oil?
I'm only 21, but my joints are cracking all the time?
Am I alergic to Nair?
i have moles?
help excema?
Doc's prescription of Bactroban Ointment/Mupirocin- directions were to "apply to STE twice a day" what is STE?
Chicken Pox??/?
acne help?
What Should I Do About It!??!?
What is good to get rid of scars?
Just a quick simple question about RUBBING ALCOHOL ==================?
Can anyone tell me what is going on with my skin!!?
what is going on with me?!?
Side effects from Clarithromycin?
Is there a portable HIV detector?
Does the antibiotic Flagyl usually get rid of bv?
I'm a female w/ gonorrhea and I don't want to give it to my gf, can i still give her head w/o infecting her?
yeast infection or herpes? or neither...?
Same antibodies test that checks for lupus can also detect HIV, right?
After visiting many doctors I have searched the web with the conclusion I have Candida. How possible is this?
i got cut from something and got a std from it, how do i get rid of it without seeing a doctor?
if i eat a girl out and she has hpv..cervical cancer can i contract it in my mouth like oral warts?
can you get any stds if?
Sweet Tooth?
Can you lose weight in yr fingers if you type alot?
What is a good way to maintain a low eating habbit? I have been eating alot suddenly and im not pregnant lol?
At what weight, do you consider fat?
If you base your diet on foods that have a low glycemic index, will you lose excess weight?
hey does anyone know any good diet plans?
How much chromium picolinate can you consume in a day? Is 200mg the limit?
If I don't eat extremely healthily but work-out 2+ hours each day, will I lose weight?
Fitness Help!!!?
How much do models probably eat a day?
how many calories, sugars and carbs are in a normal size orange?
I just came back from the gym. Why do my muscles keep twitching? Is it a bad or good thing?
Does doing situps make your decrease the size of your breast?
How can one put on weight and what dite sholud be take?
Is Ephedra fatal?
why do warming exercise before starting heavy exercises?
what are the advance technology use for cancer patients?
Where can I get cheap blood work ,heart patient in SE Michigan?
Does anyones heart race after they laugh really hard ?
Interpreting MY ECHO results?
red blood cells collapsing mean?
Smiling is good for your heart?
Why did my old dr say he would increase my propranalol dosage?
Nat wolff and rosealina?
What can I do to stop my heart palpitations?
In 2007 i had a blood test as i was leaving from there i had a black out ?
What do my symptoms mean.. ?
What does this sickness sound like?
What is wrong with me i'm sick but don't know what virus it is?
UTI...can't stop peeing?
I have sore muscles, a scratchy throat, dizzy, 102 fever, shortness of breath and a cough. What could this be?
Do I Have Swine Flu or Sinus Infection?
Should I miss class to avoid the swine flu?
Can you catch swine flu more than once?
is pink eye contagious?
Why does venom from a bite burn?
I need help with my first degree burn?
Bump on snake bites ( lip piercing )?
how bad is this burn?
Should I keep this area moist or dry?
Is my Skin Healing properly after burn?
I spilled almost boiling water on my hand..but i didnt burn.?
I got stung in the chest by a scorpion! Could it show up on a chest xray 2 months later?
My stomach stings right now Please help?
heeeeelllllp broken toe? or toe bone moved?
What is the easiest way to get my toddler to accept his inhaler and nebulizer treatments?
Please leave as much info as possible on respiratory burst, eosinophils, and phagocytosis...thnx?
How long does take to be able breath right after a case of bronchitis?
where to buy laryngeal masks?
when i did check my blood sugar at fasting, that was 126 md/dl and 2 hours after food was 188 mg/dl, can you?
I am looking for info. on Bruning & Bongardt pump organs. Bruning has two dots above the u.?
Can someone please tell me more about the insulin pump?
Have hypoglycimia..and dont know what it is!?
Veterans policy question. What is the Retro time for Type II Diabetes from the affects of Agent Orange?
drinking with diabetes...?
high glucose detector?
Using Splenda in cooking?
diabetis and thiamin?
how i can install internet explorer 7 and windows media 11 in fake windows xp??
Are there any cures for Peripheral Neuropathy?
My wrist is in pain, should I panic?
Severe gas pains lasting more than one hour..help?
left side of my ankle on my right leg not hurt but still swollen?
Tongue peircinggg?????
Seems like i have air trapped in my right rib what can i do to get rid of it?
I've been having lower back pain at night for almost a week.?
Would Hyland's Migraine Headache homeopathic remedy pills be good to use for normal headaches as well?
right side chest tightness?
Crushed up oxycodone?
When dose Aldara Cream take Effect?
does amitriptylin make you feel good? Any Side effects?
I just had my ear pierced and I took out my earing because I think it was infected so I took it out.?
Can exercise improve immune system and minimize cold symptoms?
how to get rid of the urge to urinate constantly without visiting a doctor.?
What does this sound like to medical people?
Does anyone know what this could be?
Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can i ?????????????????????????????
Whats better ativian klonopin or valium for rage and anxiety?
How to get rid of big hips?
Question about blood circulation? Please help!!?
will taking spironolactone increase my estrogen levels?
Personal question please help?
I can't sleep for more than 4-5 hours straight!?
Green and off white seed looking things in stool?
doxylin and tanning beds?
I can't sleep during Flu?
How do I get on a regular 8 hour sleep schedule again before my exam 3 days from now?
Is it normal to be extremely thirsty during a Migraine?
It's better to do the nvq in health and social care,or to go college?what's better?
if one is on blood pressure medication does it do more harm then good to help you out?
I have not been able to sleep normally, naturally for months.?
My boyfriend could have gotten mono am i at risk to cathch it now?
Does my friend have crabs?
what happens when someone is dying of AIDS?
can you have herpes and be pregnant without knowing?
How long does it take for a STD to turn into a PID?
Omg, please help me it itches and im not sure if its normal?
if u dont hav any std does dat mean u hav aids can u get it all checked wit one test?
If you took a HIV test and it came back positive, is it your doctor's obligation to reach out to you?
how long before you CAN NOTICE YOU HAVE CHLYMeDiA?
Why does my friend have 1 blue and 1 green eye?
Ripped contact question?
When my eyes close, they feel like there never gonna open?
blurred vison, sleep in your eye and bone under left eye sore ?
People with colored contacts, can you help me?
My eye...what's the problem?
What is the eye doctor opening next to luxottica in Sears?
have you ever used contacts without consulting a doctor?
Do you feel air optix contacts moving?
i have a cough and a low fever and i am not tried and i dont ace do i have swine flu?
Are you allowed in school if you have MRSA?
got scratched by a racoon, is this serious?
I have to fly to Louisiana on Monday with a layover in Dallas. Should I wear a mask do you think?
Swine flu, Sinusitis, or just the regular cold?
Doctor said I have mono so...?
How you get staph infections?
Can Tuberculosis be spread by shaking a persons hand if they have the disease?
I hate this feeling, what is it?
parasite that improves the human body?
What do i do if i have a temp of 105?
question about leukemia?
Does Albuterol sulfate have any relation to sulfur?
Sudden high blood pressure, high pulse and muscle cramps.?
Heart problems??????
can u ever recover from diffuse axonal?
what is cholesterol pool?
Severe mitral valve regurgitation in 17 year old?
Down syndrome question?
I get too many yeast infections. whats going on?
is GLOXi growing medicine effective?
People who have done drugs.. Should i try cocaine?
Who on here takes minocycline for acne?
Sudden tremors and High feeling?
Natural Remedy for snoring?
What is a painless and 100% fatal [or close to 100%] way to commit suicide?
Is POTS(postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) an illness recognised by mainstream doctors?
Can I freeze aloe vera juice?
First Aid for Cheek Bite?
pills? healthy or not?
will a&d diaper rash cream hurt my tatoo?
Reoccurring itchy bumps in the same exact places?
can i put anti-septic ointment into a wound?
Ear Problem? Please Help!?
How to know if I got bit by a brown recluse?
my friend cnoll is a little small, how can he get bigger?
nail habit!?
can i go to the dermatelogist by myself ?
Do vitamin E capsules help reduce scarring and redness?
Where can i Get Sulfur for my acne?
i can't get rid of my spots whatever i try can someone please help???
I need some help...?
I can't really type this in a question form... so please read!?
My jaw and cheeckbones feel weird in a bad way after drinking any kind of tea. why could that be?
what help an upset stomach?
Gut problems after taking HCI supplement?
I think my friend may have had a seizure, but I'm not sure?
Why do I feel like I have to pee but I don't?
How do I get a diagnosis for reactive attachment disorder? I believe I may have it.?
What condition, not being (Diabetes) alters your mood personality & temperament after eating a certain food?
How to change my sleep pattern easily?
What's the name of the fear of being caught?
please help... i feel terrible... any doctors?
my dog shakes her head a lot?
what is this white scum like thing coming out?
Why do i always get stomach aches?
If you drink on a friday night and have a urine test on monday will you pass if you drink alot of water?
i have a lisp and need actual help?
I was diagnosed with an essential tremor at 17, will I develop parkinsons?
Is there something better out there than alcoholics anonymous?
I think my ear is infected?? But i dont know for sure?? Somebodyy please HELP!!?
Can Syphilis be picked up from using a bathroom?
does soaking in a hot bath help the pain from an std?
Is there any other disease that include puss pockets in the back of your throat other than strep?
What is this??? Weird smell and discharge???
If I get blood test done to find out if i have herpes WHILE I am showing similar symptons...?
Byetta users?
refer to following question.?
Can a type 1 diabetic be non-insulin dependent with a super strict diet and exercise regime?
High Sugar After Breakfast?
Blood testing for NT-proBNP, at number of 40 (roughly).?
Has anybody ever used remedy called Diamaxol?
is this a normal blood sugar/glucose levels? mine goes from 2.0-7.0 mmol/L...?
anyhone heard of the XS Sports drink? Great for Diabetics, we drink this as it is sugar,carb and dye free?
question about diabetes?
what is thoracic extension?
food that dilute hunger?
need info on a tv show and website about unexplained weight loss.?
Help me make a shopping list of healthy snacks to take to work !! Thanks, I want to lose weight so badly !!?
is asperthane causing diabetes?
Why is jasmine green tea better than ordinary green tea?
Why do so many people ask about losing a large amount of weight in so little time?
A young person I know is in desperate need of a B+ kidney now Can any one help me? this is not a joke.?
why do you have to wait two hours after a meal to check blood sugar?
My platelets are low, and i have a very low white blood count?
What kind of doctor for chronic back pain?
Can you die from consuming too much garlic?
Tonsillectomy questions?
is 60 120 for a toddlers eyesight bad?
any medical people out there that could maybe help me..?
how to not fall asleep after school?
Does my tooth pain mean I have a sinus infection?
Will vitamin b-2 (NOT b-12) keep me awake at night if I take it in the evening?
TIP ON QUITTING SMOKING!!!! ??? Ten points...?
Are 5mg/325mg, oxycodone a decent pain medication?
Will Tylenol Arthritis Pain react with Levothyroxine?
How to get rid of a headache?
Is this breathing pain minor or serious?
I sat W-style and now my knee hurt in the front, like kinda on the bottom?
Abdominal/side pain, nausia,vomiting?
Pain is pain right?&&&&&&&&&&?