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could the swine flu potentially kill everyone?
Hepatitis and how it can be passed?
why is it that when i drink my wierd dreams arent wierd they are usally good?
a specific peron who has had dissociative fugue state?
an uncle of mine is too stubborn to get gambling addiction help and he needs it!what can we do?force him? how?
Should i let my dog smoke weed with me and some friends?
If your body does not have enough oxygen available during exercise then what process takes place in your body?
I have really bad stomach aches how do i get rid of them?
Stomachache everytime I eat................?
What do these symptoms mean (Please Answer!!!!!)?
I have 25 yr old gelding, Nose bleeds for the last 3 summers, Vet checked, inflamed nasal passage on one side,
What brand of cigarettes has the most tar and nicotine?
I just bought biotin 5000 mcg, how many pills should I take a day?
How to diagnose explosive diarrhea?
Ativan and low blood pressure medications...?
Does Any Smoke In Here And Thier chest hurts after ?
Chronic Cough?
Anyone on after effects of pleurisy?
Im always getting sick?
Worried:*( :*( :*(?
If you don't smoke, eat right, and exercise regularly...?
Toxic Fumes?
what is in cigs?
What percent of smokers live to be fifty years old?
I get this painful gas near my chest. Why?
How can i prevent coughing fits at night due to bronchitis?
can nebulizing with salbutamol cures the coughing of an asthmatic child?even without giving cough medicines?
If TB has been injected tinto the system, or you've been exposed to it, how long before you show symptoms?
Does any body here has Tuberculosis(TB)?
what's the prognosis for a person diagnose with a pulmonary embolism of the lungs.?
my mouth has been very dry, can any one tell me why?
Aspiration pneumonia or lousy doctor???!?
My mental health doctor said I could be allergic to wheat and dairy?
Why do I get gas and the runs when I drink milk?
can living out of your home state for 3 years and coming back home make your allergies a lot worse than you?
i am taking ciproflaxin will it hurt me to have a few beers with this?
2 years after sinus surgery my nose still has a bruised appearance..why ?
bed bug bites. how do I flush my system of the bed bug allergen?
toddler son has hives after urinating?
Banana Boat Tanning Oil SPF4-- ALLERGIC REACTION!?
Why would Food be tasting rancid even though it is not?
If a high allergen tree is next to your A/C unit, will the allergen get in the house?
how do i get rid of my stuffy nose?
Should I be worried about a spider bite that is very swollen (only red) and it is about 1-1.5 inches long?
I have a spider bite...?
Cracked fingernail from trauma...what now?
what did i do to my finger?
Is it true that if you put deodorant on a bug bite it will go away?
Will my grease burn leave a scar?
What do I have? A spider bite or a zit?
Will my sunburn water blister's leave a scar?
Can i use Neosporin cream for a dog bite on my arm?
Bite on my neck o_O? It's itchy >_<?
Could these be symtoms of a brown recluse spider bite?
i just found out im obest how can i lose weight to be at a normal weight for my height?
could contact lenses correct really bad eyes?
Has anyone bought non corrective color contact lenses, and what is the best cite to get them at?
why does it seem like to my eyes the screen is moving?
bifocal contact lenses?
How long does it take for Patanol to start working?
With severe astigmatism and dry eye, is an ophthalmologist better than an optometrist?
Do I have shin splints?
Did I break my toe or just hurt it slightly? Tennis championships soon!?
I really need a back brace?
After rubbing my eye, i noticed a little bump is on the white part of my eye? should i worry about this?
how long does it take to be fully recovered if you have parial meniscus surgery?
Shoulder pain in right shoulder?
I hit the inner side of my elbow on the corner of a table and now my entire arm hurts! help?
What does it mean when someone touches your knee and it tickles?
Did i break my foot please help?
I am having a bad pain in my shin?!?!?
what is the difference between a stress fracture and a real fracture? and what is the course of management?
I got kicked in the side of my head last week on thursday?
Does this sound like a meniscus tear or something else?
The cells of the body that are attacked by HIV are the _______________.?
aids and saliva?
how much would clinics charge to get tested?
HIV test results?
does anyone know a doctors # i can talk to about hpv?
What is this lip bump I have?
if it burns when you urinate is it a std?
Pregnant and diabetic in america?
how do you pronounce "insulina"(spanish) in english?
How much Glucerna is too much?
What is a over-the-counter product that containts lactic acid?
Cysts on face?
Rash help!!!!!?
can a dermotogy remove moles?
how do you take care of an infected lip piercing?
i have this mole on my face and it has a red bump on it and it's a little sore?
irritated skin after a sally hanson product?
i have these....?
Can swollen glands be caused by irritation and rubbing?
blood carbon dioxide 23.6 low range 24.3-31.9 and?
I have just gotten back my blood tests for hyperthyroidism. Free T4 16 Free T3 5.8 TSH 0.14?? What is normal?
sometimes at night when i'm sleeping this burning sensation and this really watery stuff (almost like tears)..?
is there a way to get clean before a blood test in 3 weeks?
How is a benign tumor different from a malignant tumor ?
I am fighting a cold or flu. Which one is it?
high risk factors for surgery in people with C.O.P.D?
im 21 and might have Pulmonary arterial hypertension...?
what is it like staying awake for a heart cath ?
can u get medical discharge for depression seperation anxiety, stress, cant sleep?
How Much Does A Sonographer Make?
my mom had a stroke on two sides of her brain?
My knee felt like it popped out and popped back into place...what happened?
Could i have congestive heart failure?
thyroid problem ?................................?
How long does a knee drain take?
Why is IV albumin contraindicated to be used in a person with heart failure?
how can i get rid of my veins?
Love doesnt die it kills but most of all love hurts: my (vein) heart is cripple by the things i keep closing!?
which is cheaper for vitamins etc Holland and Barrets or Boots? taking in to consideration the boots 3 for 2?
How to you do the out of body thing?
Does anyone know of any brands of sleeping pills?
Do you actually believe that Salvia is safe?
Happy Shaman Herbs/Humboldt Gold or Twisted Herbs/Item #9?
Is it safe to take Plan B One Step if you're on 60mg of Vyvanse per day?
8 week old is refussing to eat after shoots today.What do I do?
What are the negative affects of botox?
Cervical Cancer Vaccine!Help!?
This Is weird, But what could it have been?
I Feel like fainting i hate this feeling !!?
When you press under your jawbone is it supossed to hurt/ache?
i stepped on a rusty nail 3 weeks ago?
in need of fat chick?
How to *quickly* get rid of chicken pox?
Did i contract Hiv this way?
is the flue bad this year why did my doctor make me put a mask over my face?
what illness do i have, please help?
How Long Does The Swine Flue Last .... ?
hiv from kissing???????
Could lack of rest lead to having the flu?
venereal infection. Is it contagious?
I'm another one of those annoying people with a swine flu question? PLEASE HELP!?
Flu Shot!!?? Why did I get it?
swine flu question!! -urgent-!!?
diseases from mosquitos?
Do i have conjunctivitis?
can I smoke while having flu?
Eyebrow hair loss?
Will I get Rabies from this Raccoon?
Best treatment for a sore throat?
what causes diarrhea?
Can kissing someone cause a disease if they don't have one?
Can this person I know have HIV?
How to prevent myself from fainting AGAIN?
I'm sick and I need to get better...?
My Mum has Swine Flu.. Can you over come it?
what is the best way to get rid of a yeast infection effectively at home ?
fever is not coming down after 18 days?
Did any of you users survive leukemia or other cancers as a child?
i got post nasal drip and cold today?
Why does my arm still hurt?
My Hand Got Swollen andd...?
How long should this numb feeling last in my knee?
How can I make the swelling on my lips go down/ less visible?
My boyfriend's finger had a splinter under his nail a couple of days ago, and now it's sore and swollen...?
i broke my pinky toe 4 years ago and i never went 2 the doctor for it to heal properly?
Weird bump on my ribs?
my knee is white please help?
what is wrong with my foot? arch problems?
Numb leg after football game??!?!?
How do I stop thinking about my history teacher?
how can I help someone who fears she is being followed, but she is really not?
How do you develop a good photographic memory?
what is a social life and what if you dont have one?
If you put a hot pin on your skin it jumps?
can you use nystation and triamcinolone aceonide cream on a spider bite?
How to treat a burn victim?
Does this sound like a snakebite or bat bite?
Could this be a spider bite? if so what kind?
Cotton fibers/swap stuck in my ear? Help please..?
how old do you have to be to start emt classes in Massachusetts?
Constant roaring sound in my ear? Am I the only one?
pain between ear and eye on the face and pressure on forehead and left eye?
Mild throat muscle pain...?
How do I know if my hand is broken?
Can I get rid of the knot in my leg?
i have a headache from working out?
Can you take a Brunt Tylenol 3.?
How serious is blacking out?
Inner side of right knee feels bruised but isn't?
bad stomach ache cure?
there is a bone slightly sticking out of my wrist?read description?HELP PLEASE!?
Is swallowing Fix-a-Flat a good way to cure my ulcers?
I feel a pulling on my right side of back when lifting my arms. There is no pain just a pulling on a nerve.?
how relieve back pain?
Pain in the back of the knee?
Ughhhh I have a terrible headache!!! ?
i have a cold and dont wanna be sick for christmas please help me?
Is this a subdural hematoma?
How can I stop myself from poping my joints?
Do I have an inner ear disorder?
Is it normal to feel a lump in your throat when you have gas on your stomach?
does it sound like I have crohn's disease?
Why doesn't cold weather bother me and warm does?
Im always warm, is there something wrong with me?
Want to go into healthcare field?
What Do I Have ? Is It That I'm Going Through Depression ?
are there any foods to help sleep?
What do i do if i have been having an upset stomach for 2-3 days?
Why do wet tea leaves help minor burns heal faster?
What can I do to quit smoking?
What is Syriac Ulcer ? Why the name is so?
How Does the Calcaneus structure fit it's Function?
Whats Wrong With Me and Sleep?
Did i hit a Vein? or something?
my dog is whning when touched why?
Stomach woes, can someone help me?
Augmentin was left out of fridge for 3 hours?
What does it mean if you get chills or tingles all over your body?
What is wrong with me?
When I get a fever in college I can't cool down!?
Is it possible to overcome body dysmorphic disorder on your own?
Indian Health Organistaion - Is this a real Company?
good cream for summer?
My 7 yr old son develops some kind of rash on his hands andlegs.It occurs only once in a while.?
what is an itch?
does that new clean and clear works?
aside from erythromycin and clindamycin, what other antibiotics could i use to cure my b.o.?
what are the symptoms of skin infection?
is there a natural remidy to tighten skin?
Has anyone experienced itching while on Amoxicilin?
To get a ringworm do you have to actually touch the ringworm or anything the person has touched?
Dry Skin! Help!!!!?
I have a yellow bump on the inside of my bottom eyelid, anyone know what it is?
Is it true that the less you bathe the stronger your immune system becomes?
How many confirmed cases of swine flu are there in the US?
What are the dangers of Swine flu (H1N1)?
Is it possible that I have Influenza?
Stomach Flu/Eating....................?
do i have the swine flu or something close to it?
heyy what do you think of the swine flu shot?
My hand is swollen and numb..?
My back/neck hurts when i try to look up?
Bruise on my up left arm?
ok so i broke my arm about 9 months ago?
should i lift weights with a broken nose?
How to heal pulled muscle from splits?
Is it normal to not have surgery on a hernia right away?
How much do bone fracture hurt?
my ankle keeps hurting me on and off and i don't know why and it hurts really bad. what do i do?
how do you fix a one inch blowout?
How To Break An Ankle At A Soccer Game?
My Aunt just died..?
Angels Cry?
what do i do if i inhaled dust and my chest hurts?
can any one help me i was diagnosed with emphysema, now i found out it is paraseptal emphysema.?
is it possible!!??
is it easy 2 give up smoking or not?
can a doc tell the difference by xray if fluid on a lung is just fluid or pneumonia?
Where to get tested for effects of asbestos exposure in Houston, Texas?
En que consiste la congestion muscular?
Nose Question?
Quitting Smoking??
Social Security Disability?
Why is it that animals have better medical treatment with better infection control than humans?
Jogging/Running with asthma?
Whats wrong with my throat? why can't i breathe?
What is a parendhymalecho?
Medical related.?
What's the difference between visual snow and floaters?
If i had a retinal tear would it be obvious or would it only be obvious when detached?
What does it mean when your eyes are strained?
do u wear freshlook colorblend? and what are the best astimatism contact lenses that are found at....?
Small clear blister on eye ball!?
Something in my eye and it disappeared?
whats going on with my eyes? ring around them . . .(Pic inside)?
ive lost one of my contacts while puttin them in, and i thnk its on the floor.?
contacts in the wrong way, i cant get it out?
names of non-prescription potassium supplements?
Do SAMe supplements work?
Amoxicillin and Alcohol?
What is a safe and legal alternative to steroids?
Who makes the best therapeutic massage chair?
NCBTMB - Are there any time limitations to when I take it?
if you arent priscribes kolopin and u snort it what could happen ? could you get high?
i've got a walt on my knee and i dont know how to get rid of it do you know how?
Mosquito bite, stitches...?
Maybe emergency 1 year old?
Remedies for treating a day old burn?
What do you do if you have a spider bite?
Can the the anti-bacterial properties in liquid hand soap expire?
Seizure during blood draw?
Why are we learning how to bandage a blister in first aid?
Where can you find EMS system data?
How can I get ride of a red line on my stomach?
Antibiotic for strep throat question?
Ultra sound when I on spot that I didnt even need it!!!?
Why do I sneeze, then swallow my saliva then sneeze AGAIN ?
I need help,fast before Friday?
if i do a course called- indroduction in health and social care -its a good start for becoming a nurse?
can people with VSD (ventrical septal defect) consume alcohol?
can somebody tell me the best Manual Blood pressure kit Brand?
Has anyone on high blood pressure medication been on it for 30 years or even more?
Why aren't cholesterol drugs allowed over the counter?
How much trans fat contributes to plaque buildup in arteries?
Abnormal Heart rate when working out?
Blood pressure is 134/80 ?!?
what are the signs of a stroke?
Heart Rate skips and such?
Can a person with diabetes type 2 eat honey ?
any ideas for diabetic puds....work in a nursing home?
i have type 2 diabetes, what is acl ?
Has any1 ever been to dcamp?
past and present health history?
what causes hyperacusis apart from efferent nerve damage;perception,diabetes?eustachian tube unblockage?
What is an example of a diet for a type 2 diabetic?
how long does it take for a Glucagon emergency kit to take affect once given?
diabetes classification?
has anyone done the DR. Dellon surgery for diabetic neuropathy?
How to get off the "memory mode" from "ReliOn" blood glucose Monitor?
can gotu kola can help treat diabetes?
I'm Type 2 diabetese patient but I intend to do body building.may I get permission.Can I use capsule.?
what causes more frequent hunger pangs?
Diabetes–Away from needle?
Is there anyone out there who suffers from gastroparesis and has a "stomach pacemaker" implanted to treat it?
How important is it that a diabetic eat on time?
ok what deiseas is als what is it?
Care workers/ managers- who would you employ? What makes a great care worker? Any care job tips/ advice?
Glycogen Disease/Disorder?
How can i help mi sister now?
Im dizzy... what could this be?
My bf has stomach pains, under his rib cage on both sides? What can cause that? It feels like a cramp, he says?
How long does pink eye last?
e cigarette question about filter cartridges?
what does the term "diplomat" refer to?
Where can I find a good covering for my daughter's pinkie fingers?
i smashed my fingernail in the door is it going to fall off?
I feel very ill please help?
Why people take acid?
macrophages and antibodies work together during antigen-antibody reactions?
Who discovered/found out that fish oil can help with the discomfort of Crohn's Disease?
Anxiety& depression- Has anyone tried these..and do they work? http://seredyn.com/help_helpme.html?
Does Klonopin cause hair loss?
What does it mean if I bang my head and it creates an inward dent?
I have had menstrual like cramps that shoots pain right down my legs?
Can you die from a headache?
Ive had this stomachache for 4 days in a row now..?
It's 2:30 AM and my tooth is killing me(so much pain),plzzz help me!!!?
i been feeling stomach pain for about 4 weeks help.?
question about naproxen 500mg and ovarian cyst pain? plz help?
Which one is better for a kink in my neck?
Terrible pains under the rib cage..no doctors giving me a straight answer to what the problem is..HELP please?
Feeling nauseated, dizzy two days after extraction?
Appendicitis, and then Gall Bladder pain?
I am having a sensation in the area around my right kidney. Not pain, just an awareness of the area.?
Does anyone know what happened to my leg?
Swollen wrist after being in cold?
My achilles hurts really bad!?
pain in hand?? (already broken wrist)?
How to tell if child has dog allergies?
whats in the cough syrup carbofed ( rondec generic name) it made me sleepy.?
HELP! Do I have a mojor problem or just allergies?
Sneezing after eating?
Outgrowing latex allergy?
Do i have an allergy?
chlamydia for 9 months.?
instead of wasting money on medicare ,cant the government use the money to invite all aids people to......?
Can you get herpes from drinking out of the same water bottle as someone who has it?
wtf why won't my yeast infection go away?
Girlfriend had HPV several years ago, is she still contagious?
Can Doctors detect HIV or AIDS from a blood test in a physical even when not telling them about your history?
When sharing a drug needle, if the person has HIV how long will it take for the virus to die?
bacterial vaginosis- gyno or patient first?
HIV and AIDS questions?
can i get chlamydia from my nuva ring?
Do I have a paracite?
is swine flue really THAT big of a deal?
I had a baby 5 months ago and they gave me an injection at the top of my thigh to help deliver the placenter.?
i think its a little more then a sore throat??
Are these chicken pox?
Can you get the swine flu if you sit in the seem waiting room with someone who already has the swine flu?
Can somebody interpret this HIV test fro me?
If I have a cold, can my boyfriend catch what I have by making out with me?
Ive had pink eye off and on for a month. I used three different drops. Has anyone else had pink eye this long?
Please help, I'm really sick, and really worried...?
feels like somethings caught in my throat!?
Could I have swine flu?
how did the swine flu started?
ive had diarreah for a week whats wrong with me?
regular flu? swine flu? HELP!?
i just drank out of my moms soda who has the stomach flu how can i avoid getting it?
Have you ever heard of Dengue Fever Virus?
Info on the swine flu please!!!??!?!!?
Swine Flu - have you ever considered that...?
diarrhea every morning?
what was your first reaction to the swine flu?
How long does the HIV virus stay alive outside a body?
Who is scared about Swine Flu??
How do i get rid of a cold fast?
Broken wrist, cast increases recovery?
Are there any streches for your hamstrings or thighs that really work and you can do in less than 10 minuites?
Spider/Bug Bite Please Help?
is it normal to be in a bad mood after a head operation?
:( painful lump on arm ?!?
Do doctors put a cast on a UCL thumb tear?
I can't move my big toe, and as the days go on its getting worse. what wrong with it?
how to get rid of tinea capitis fungus?
what does a sis look like?
Suggestions for sugar-free, caffeine-free, non alcoholic drink one can order out at a bar?
Blow nose and ear pops and dizziness?
What is desert lung. What are the symptoms. How to cure?
Asthma Question?
Adults On Singulair Pill For Asthma?
Asthma ADVAIR Question?
Help with childs asthma?
I've smoked for two years and don't think I'm addicted.?
inhaling bleach fumes?
If stopping dairy products completely still doesn't work, what else can i do to get rid of phlegm?
What are the effects on health for children to be in a car that stinks like cigarettes. No smoking, just smell
Cold Remedies?
Anybody knows what is epatic pneumonia?
Is there a way to cure asthma using alternate medicine?????
Singulair Pill For Asthma-Adults Who Are On It?
Is bacterial pneumonia contageous?
My nose runs but only when I'm in a cold room?
Why do you have have trouble breathing?
mycoplasma respiratory infection information...?
if you didnt have asthma when you were a kid can you have it now at 23?
i keep getting nosebleeds and headaches?
can you chew valium to get high?
Wellbutrin and Ecstasy?
does the va pay for insomina?
my stomach hurts when i laugh?
Why did i faint ?? again ...?
What should I do any advice ?
What can i do to stop/help my scoliosis?
Why do i feel like im in a dream all the time?
Brain tumor worries.?
What is good for flea bites?
Why do i have a knot where a wasp stung me(ear)?
I got some philodendron sap in my eye and it stings like you would not believe. Any first aid ideas?
Bugging me:Touch-Free Antibacterial Dispenser..Is it just me..?
Hair Conditioner in my eyes?
i just got bit by an asian tiger mosquitoe. is it harmful?
Which Schooling has Higher Entrance Requirements: Osteopathy or Poultry Farming?
Brown horizontal half line on toenail?
How do you cure a strain in one eye?
Is it ok to take vicodin with motrin?
epithelium thick layer?
The standard test for HIV checks....?
can you get HIV if you hit accidentally with head the same spot in the wan, after someone did too ?
If a person who has never been infected with the varicella-zoster virus comes in contact with a person who?
Is it herpes or a canker sore?
What's your impression with this CBC result?
How Can I Live With Being Infertile?
Can you contract herpes from using someone else's lip gloss?
What are STD's that make ulcers on the inside of your mouth?
could you pop a cold sore?
Blood on the toilet seat....Aids?
How to fracture your wrist in basketball?
Can you get a hernia...?
Recent shoulder surgery?
how to loosen your hip when it's tight?
Help Injury to my knee!?
Health question need help?
Water bags still appearing in my boiling water burn, is it normal thing?
What are the chances of my scoliosis surpassing 30 degrees?
burning thigh and groin pain...?
i think i've sprained my knee? do i need a doctor?
Is it possible to get permanent scars from repeated bruising?
How many times a day are you suppose to apply Deep Heat spray?
So I tripped over my pillows and landed awkwardly and now ...?
why would prednisone be prescribed for a broken bone?
help! can someone tell me what's wrong with my finger?
how long does it take to heal a broken collar bone?
how do you get out of bed in the morning?
How can I get health insurance ASAP?
My hands are really shaky? What does that mean?
Every time I yell and hurt my throat, I get a cold.?
I feel a throat cold coming on, what to do?
Is this unnatural bloating/water retention? (pic)?
i swallowed a pill and now my chest hurts?
Weird Round Bruising For No Reason?
medical to layman's terms?
Why does 1 eye feel like it's burning ?
What is the usual treatment for Osgood Schlatter Disease in an adult?
Why do I vomit sleeping?
Im 13 and bleeding HORRIBLY?
How would I know if I fainted ?
can trazadone go bad?
Heart fluttered 5 straigh beats after standing up....?
What are reasons to have heart surgery in your teens?
Should you get your heart rate up before arobics?
my CPK levels are 18 I am a 61 year old female is this bad?
is kidney failure a symptom of congestive heart failure?
Can gas make your heart flutter?
I have recently developed heart palpitations and I am concerned?
What could have caused low blood pressure and arm pain?
Sorry! I have diarrhea after eating, whats going on?
Am I contagious??? Help!?
What blood type are you?
Could diarrhea and stomach pain be a sign of tapeworms?
What can I do for a really bad soar throat? ?
What else can I do for my son and his chronic ear infections?
my aunt is on humera and she wants to know if its safe to get a flu shot?
Antibiotics Not Working!! Please help.?
Where can I find home rememdy for parvo?
swine flu question.???
Sore throat and fever for 4 days now? PLEASE HELP!?
how can be rectal bleeding treated?
My mom said she swallowed a raisin and it came out as a grape in her stool has anyone else heard of this?
Does cold water kill aids?
what exsactly is the swine flu and is it coming to NJ?
Help!!! I've been bitten by a tick!!!!!!?
How u know if u're infected HIV?
Global Pandemic? Swine Flu?
Should I be worried about being exposed to MRSA while Pregnant?
my brother got Zombitosis. Contagious??/?
How much do Prescription Colored Contacts cost?
Does laser eye surgery hurt?
What colour are my eyes, i cant get a straight answer?
I lost a few eye lashes after 4 days of eye twitching (the exact area) will they grow back?
What's a clear thing that comes out of your eye?
Has anyone used ProClear contact lenses because of dry eyes? Good? Bad?
how much ( FreshLook ColorBlends) free trial?
How many megapixels is there in a human eye lense?
How do I get rid of abb soreness quick?
I have knee pain in both of my Knees?
What should I do when my ear rips from stretching?
Does eating to much bread cause your knees to hurt?
Pain in my middle toe- that is not gout?
What are the most dangerous OTC pain relievers out there?
What does it feel like to get an IO in the sternum with a fast 1?
What is wrong with the top of my leg?
Fever, cough, extremely bad muscle pain without any throwing up or diareah?
What should I eat before taking a vicodin?
I got this pain in both of my legs since Monday, what do I do?
Has anyone out there gone from an insulin pump back to injections?
I don't feel good after eating sugar - could I be becoming a diabetic?
Is an 18 year old child with Type I diabetes (a chronic illness) eligible for Medicaid?
im diabetictype1and have yeast infection.how do i get healed of it?
I am a diabetic and the doctor says I have too much potassiam. How can I lower it?
all of my aunts have died of breat cancer am on premarin and am 44 is it safe to takeit .?
what are the levels for?????????????????
Please help with diabetic boyfriend?
i have diabetes. i feel tired and my eyes are red, blurrry, and burning. what can do to fix this problem?
im vomiting everyday and instead of losing weight im gaining weight ,more around waist?
What type of diabetes do i have?
anyone allergic to purex?!?
blowing my nose too much,?
Internal allergy to hip replacement?
Am I allergic to simple carbohydrates? Is it possible to be allergic to simple carbohydrates?
can you take claritin and nasonex together?
Are u happy at work?
I regularly have fits of sneezing and internal irritations. Could I have an allergy? What should I do?
how to get confedence in yourself?
Swollen Tongue and Sore Throat ...?
am i allergic to xanax? PLEASE HELP?
Milk Allergy..frozen yogurt?
why do they say that death is a great leveller?
Have you had a boss or worked with a person who has Bipolar in the workplace? How did you handle it?
Does anybody else do this?
Symptoms of?
Any opinions on social workers in Stamford, CT?
Where can I order prescription drugs from india without a script?
nose bleeds please HELP NEED HELP?
My dad claims his CPAP machine hurts his face, I have heard others have this problem before........?
i lost 35 pounds in 3 weeks from quitting marijuana?
Do you believe I will grow, slightly depressed.?
Hallucination, paranoia and itching?
Whats a quick easy painless way to kill yourself?
What does this mean while I sleep/?
Should my daughter see a doctor?
Why is one of my eye is red in the corner?
i might have a concussion?
i have been bed ridden with muscle spasms in my lower back for 2 days. they have finally stopped but i continu?
what is red dried up skin on the face all over almost like a rash?
do i have ring worm?
What medicine/treatment is there for a scar left by a scratch?
hand surgery?
cold sores!!?
I have these small brown spots on my inner thighs...?
if i use metathione what will be have side effects?
Doxcycline resistance?
is it bad to put lotion in/on/around/between/through/against your hair and scalp?
Cure for blisters (Due to adhesive tapes)?
i got lotion in mouth?
Tell me some good shampoos and why?
how long does acne last?
Which foods give you energy?
How can I 'sell' an strong herbal antibiotic ?
What is a HIV test like for a 16 year old female?
I have a constant urge to pee but have no other symptoms?
when i pee, blood aslo comes out with it. what can this be?
Where Can I get Free HIV Test IN Chicago?
how long can HIV survive in saliva?
Blood test results how long?
can herpes be transmitted if not inflamed?
Should HIV test be compulsory to every one before getting married?
can blood test can tell we have got hiv positive in 15 days?
How many mgs of Amoxicillion for a UTI?
Huge rash after scratching a bite.?
what type of pains do you get when you clutch your teeth?
Is my inner labia normal?
PLEASE HELPP! I have had my period for too long!?
Hpv and a sports physical?
I got stung by a scorpion and...?
How long will it take for a big cut to my food take to heal?
My brother was stung by a reddish in color jellyfish around the bottom?
CPR classes for kids?
I live in New York, can i work in New Jersey as an EMT?
Does p90X really work?
Blood pressure issue ? someone help?
How do I fall asleep?? ?
Gross but serious: Vomiting?
Help sometimes i cant sleep?
I enjoy staying at home alone, sometimes for long periods of time. Could this be a symptom of something?
Is there anywhere in South Carolina that takes Kaiser Permanente health insurance?
Are there any adverse effects frm. being hvly. sedated w/Ativan & Morphine for 2mo?
Clofazimine - Has anyone any knowledge or experience with this drug?
What does it mean when you feel cold on the left side of your chest and in the back?
Getting 7th grade shots inless than 2 hours!!SOS!HELP!?
Can exercise if I just got a TB shot yesterday?
difficulty breathing after running ...?
my chest goes in about 1.5 cm?
A patient suffering from pulomanry fibrosis, please help !?
How do i get rid of congestion in the throat?
How can I stop this cough???
Bronchitis or pneumonia?????
How can u reduce the sound pollution?
Lung problem that can't be figured out by my docs...?
what medicine can i buy at the store that will get rid of an urinary tract infection?
can lice effect your whole family?
what would cause urine urgency and blood in your urine?
Having a worm problum!!!?
how can be rectal bleeding treated?
I live in TX, I think I have swin flu! HELP?
swine flu....please quick help?
could my puppy have parvo?
Is it the Flu or the Cold?!?
Did I have a miscarriage? :( Please help if you are in med profession.?
do you practice meditation?
How long until you can change out tongue rings?
I have united health care and need a compression hose for my legs?
Who benifits from clinical trials in developing countries?
What happens if i mix bleach and d con in a sock can the fumes hurt me?
can i drink coffee after i take minocin?
Who was Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas Hypnotherapist?
best memory booster and mental alertness?
Do I have delayed sleep phase syndrome?
Why doesn't adderall work during my period?
What causes me to see dots moving?
i am 15 years of age, and have rare conditions, sometimes i wonder what to do.?
My body has trouble warming itself up and cooling itself down?
if i paid a medicine for my son but 3 days later i find out my sons medical is active can i get my money back?
My 3 1/2 yr old has hand, foot, mouth disease! I have a 2wk old what are the risks to him?
Is it true that when you hiccup your heart stops or skips a beat?
What illness do you have to pay for treatment?
UTI-- Severe Kidney Pain?
why does this happen? do i have a heart problem?
What pills can I take that'll help get rid of my cold fast?
Heart hurts when i lay down?
i have osteoarthritis. can pain in shoulder blade be that or heart disease?
Does having doabetes increase the chances of getting a heart attack from too much anger?
Today my heart was broken...?
how common are heart abnormalities and conditions in young people?
Hi, I am 29 years old male with 100kgs of weight and I'm effected from TRIGLYCERIDES 254mg.?
Suffer From Hypertension And Had Been Taking Lisinopril(40 mg x2 a day) Since November of 2010?
Throat hurts really bad!!!!?
My throat is swollen from my back to my chest hurts my here and there from my waste down gets numb?
I think it was too much Tylenol PM?
How do i strong my nerves ?
I've been experiencing an acute pain in the left side of my head, the pain is unbearable n arises suddenly....?
Am I the only one who didn't feel pain when breaking my leg?
pain med price? A hundred versus a thousand?
What if my left ear is purple after piercing?
HI, i have been getting a dull pain above my left pelvic region. I dont have any other symptoms?
Considerable pain in the base of my right thumb on the right hand...?
am almost 15 and i hav realized that when i stand up i cant keep my balance and i am always light headed any?
How much fiber should teenagers get to keep them regular? Are the fiber powders okay for teens?
What's the difference between prebiotic and probiotic?
Losing Weight Fast?
who can give me a good diet to lose weight,a diet that you tried and works,no't something that you just heard!
fixin the way you look.?
Does grape seed oil have the nutrients of grape seed extract? How healthy is grape seed oil?
what exercises helps your body to work out?
What is the best exercise that I can do to work my lower abdominals. You know the "V" muscle.?
if you are on diet , Please help me to answer the survey?
is there free excercise charts to download for home gyms?
why do vitamins make you hungry??????
If you are on diet, please answer those survey questions please.?
where can i learn yoga?
how do u lose at least 20 pounds. In the next month.?
I fell down the stairs about 10 months And my right shoulder keeps on popping out. .?
help me!!! please!!! doctors, and nurses!!! (ppl who kno alot)?
Wake Up Cant Move Arms?
I hurt my leg around the bottom of my calf and above my achillies tendon. Did I hurt a muscle or tendon?
How long does a finger sprain usually take to heal?
is the bump on my nose permanent?
My pinky is swollen and I can barely move it..?
shoulder pain/bump after getting hit in soccer game?
Just heard a gunshot?
Why is only tears coming out from one eye?
Anyone use Exubera. Do you like it?
How helpful or harmful is honey for a person with Diabetes Type II?
i shake when i eat too much sweets?
what do i I do f I am dizzy?
what are the difference in symptoms for Diabetes and hypoglycemia?
Weight and Diabetes???
need to recalculate my free style glucose machine?
Whats the best way to deal with type II Diabetes?
weird question.. but do you blink when you do cocaine?
Is 7 Stone Fat, for my age?
Is it safe to take Zoloft with Apo-Napro NA?
do you use depends for incontinence?
Symptoms of a broken shoulder and/or collar bone?
How come when u hold ur crotch or do a dance u don't have to pee as bad?
Wanna eat so badly but when I do... I feel sick. What is it?
How do I combat my weak stomach when I see or smell body waste?
please help me with my quetion about hiv?
What started AIDS?? Was it you....?
can i get herpes from used lipstick?
Are these signs of aids?
Can men get rid of HPV without having a trace?
Is it true un-cut males are more likely to carry HPV?
im 13 and i have Pearly papules on labia im femal !!?
i have red itchy bumps on my tongue...?
what is a good Allergy medicine to use when breast feeding?
I have really bad allergies, what should I take?
Which has more lactose: Milk or Half and Half?
swollen knot in my throat by addams apple and horrible headaches that cause nose bleeds?
How to get rid of a runny nose QUICK?
Should you take Zithromax or Zyrtec for a head cold?
my finace' is allergic to just about every animal and plant, he wants the kids to have a dog,?
help with random hives all over?
what does it mean when your nose itches?
How Can You Get Weed Out Your System?
How come my ears do NOT produce wax?
I got my nose pierced about 2 months ago. And now there is a bump on the outside.?
Acne pills from Dermatologists?
Is it OK to drink a meal replacement drink daily with 25-50% DV of Vitamin A while on Accutane?
Dandruff problem using shampoo name Nizarol but no result?
Anyone familiar with Hydradenitis Suppretiva?
scabies question?
been off accutane for almost a wk, no acne but a few red marks..........?
Hair loss?
bruises question?
What's the correct way to put on eye drops?
Mosquito bug bite scars?
Yellow Jacket sting help?
what would happen if i got peroxide thrown in my eyes?
Help! I can feel the start of an ingrown toenail. What do I do!?
we treat water by RO method but can i still boil water that has been treated?
What is the reason I bite the inside of my lips?
How can you tell the diffence between flea bites and mosquito bites?
Some kind of bug bite?
where is the best location in which to place a child up to one year of age to check for any signs or symptoms?
"Pain in the Neck" (Literally!)?
how can you help people help them self?
bipolar IQ connection?
It was human brain who created the computer ,so do u think that your brain can be trained to perform at its be
What would you do if you were walking along the beach and found a genie in a bottle?
How to organise daily schedule when working in a night shift job?
I should feel so lucky to have what I have! Why don't I?
Anger Control?
What are some good foods to eat if you are feeling depressed? Some activities?
What is the average income for a business marketing manager?
What is bipolar, and how is OCD and anxiety related to it?
my 15 month old daughter has started hitting herself when she gets really mad. how abnormal is this? worried?
I need help from a person in the Career Services dept at my school to find a new job?
11 Years ago I had a plastic lens on my eye... Can i get Laser Surgery?
Eye movement pain????????????????????????
Drill Mount Rimless Frames for Strong Rx?
I was careless with my contacts. My right eye's pretty red. I put drops in...?
How to make sure this doesn't happen again?
can i catch the swine flu if i already had it once?
How do I politely avoid a potentially flu-sick date?
feline to human transferable disease
what do you think about the swine flu ( H1N1)?
my mum has swine flu, now im bound to get it, what do I need to do?
should i be worried???????????
might have mono :( :( :( :(
is the medical knowlege gained ever justified by using humans?
Do i have food poisoning?
what would happen if the immune system did not respond to the influenza virus or a cold virus?
What are my symptoms? help me?
dog is bleeding from rectum and mouth. high red blood count. what could this mean? poison? ruled out paravirus?
i got saliva on my cut from my dog can i get rabies?
can infection in the body effect your brain?
I'm really sick. I'll name the symptoms and can someone tell me what I have?
Daughter has had fever for 7 straight days very few hours with it under 100?
Will an untreated urinary tract infection always eventually turn into a kidney infection?
Could I get herpes if I kiss this guy who gets cold sores?
can deadly diseases spread through handshakes?
what are the signs of a fever?
HIV CURE..................................................!!?
How do i get rid of my depersonalization?
Thyroid Medication Stolen at Airport - What To Do?
My throat hurts but only on one side!?
Do I have a drinking problem?
Does anybody here have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?
Seeking medical opinion on swollen lymph nodes.?
Ski Diving with Sickle Cell Trait?
What's considered binge drinking?
Ranula; What do I do?! *HELP!*?
Anyone else with wierd lung issues?
Where can I send carpet,paint and mold samples to be tested for possible toxic contaminants?
What affects respiratory rate if an individual is ill?
Asthma Attack Or Allergic Reaction?
asthma which is unexplained?!?
Difference b/t Metaboloic & Respiratoray Alakosis & Acidosis?
advanced mold question?
Bleached OUT!?
Sudafed Dosage and Over-Dosage?
what triggers an asthma attack?
life expectancy for someone with scleraderma?
I am suffering from acute respiratory infection.?
Pulmonary hypertension anyone moved to lower elevation with good results?
can i permanently get rid of my asthma forever?
i am to have an urgent surgery but cann,t afford...?
stuff in my throat that makes me cough when i breath out?
what is wrong w/ a hookah?
Can an adult use a low range peak flow meter and receive accurate results?
irritated membranes above soft palate?
contracting hiv?
what is dif and plat in a cbc blood test?
can i get herpes if i have a cut on my lip and drink from a shot glass?
I have HIV Aids..I saw my blood report.?
What STDs contribute to the risk of getting infected by HIV?
Are Phlebotomists check for STDs when hired?
HELP IM SCARED???????????????
my Virgina is burning!!!!!!!?
What will a cardiologist look for?
Chest pain and Anxiety?
What exactly would this do?
Is my resting heart rate normal?
Anxiety Heart Palpitations?
Chronic water retention after aortic valve replacement. Why?
My mom (40 yrs old) prescribed Nitroglycerin and Atenolol? Concern?
can a woman with hypo plastic left heart syndrome able to have a healthy child?
How long does marijuana stay in your system if you workout twice a day?
what might be the problem when I have pain in my back around where the kidneys are located?
Can i get high off smoking resin from a bowl?
I'm sick, what do you think i have?
Is it actually bad to stand straight up?
pot and a panic attack! why?
Throat feels weird whats wrong?
Lower right arm/wrist spasms...?
My father ............. a long story plz answer?
How do I make myself more motivated?
lump on right side of my neck?
can anyone help with my chest pain?
Arch in foot hurts when i curl my toes or push off on the ball of my foot?
My doctor retired and I was receiving Norco 10-325 for my sever fibromyalgia pain. Need a new Dr. in Dallas TX?
My back left molar hurts when I press on it...?
What's a good way to get rid of a headache without taking any drugs?
How do I bring swelling down from a pierced ear?
smoking after appendix surgery?
Why do my ears pop when I swallow?
Sore/achy knees when tired or expecting rain?
why am i getting dizzy spells, headaches, back pain, rib pain, stomach pain, fatigue, weakness and cramp?
What is the best time of night to take Topamax?
Brand healing natural oils has anyone tried it and does it work ..?
medical marijuana passed in Arizona.?
Where do health food stores buy their products from?
Which one of the monistats are better for yeast infections?
Relaxing incense that I can burn whenever I need to?
Natural Ear cartilage build up?
Is it true I will die if I leave my celiac disease untreated?
How do you get a license to produce medical marijuana products?
can a piece of glass that got into my ear reach my brain?
What should I do to play in the game?
Is this a bee sting or should I be worried?
Can hypothyroid cause non-stop muscle twitching in the face?
What does a low MCV, High RDW, High neutrophils,and low leukocytes mean?
lack of oxygen cause nose and ear bleeding?
I have a lump in my neck along with other symptoms...?
How much sound should be blocked from a pair of noise reducing earplugs?
question about giving plasma?
How likely is it that i have contracted swine flu?
My girlfriend had bedbug-ish bites after staying over. Could I be immune?
ringworms!!!! pls help..........?
Without getting cold what r some real symptoms to let u know u might have HIV.?
If you are infected with a chicken pox virus and then get the chicken pox vaccine, will this help you.?
This is what I think about the Swine Flu.?
Chicken pox treatment really important question!!?
What is the infectious disease that killed the most number of humans in history?
can the swine flu kill?
How to make chicken pox go away!?
Can someone tell me if I am getting sick or something?
I have strep and its unbearable. Ive heard that raw garlic works, is this true??
my child is 26 months old and has had a low fever for 4 days is it a flu or more?
How do i get rid of my sore throat?
what are some diseases that you can get from sharing drinks with another guy or girl?
what is the easiest way that i can get fever that last for atleast 5 days?
can cats spread aids?
how do you get rid of a eye infection if you cant afford a doctor?
What are some signs of a bladder infections?
Can I cross the border if I have chicken pox?
When should I start HIV medication?
If I walk a mile in 30 min. and run it in 15-20 min ?
does anyone have a treadmill for sale?
Has Slim-Fast discontinued their "Hot Meal" product line? If so, could anyone please tell me why?
Waist Size????
Whats the quickest way to lose weight?
How many calories are there in a fortune cookie?
Does the white kidney bean extract effect work all day long?
does the celebrity juice drink diet really work im on it right now?
what is osteoprosis?
DOes anyone know about the product GAIAM POWERBREATHE- can it help runner and swimmers?
how can i get abs before this summer?
What are some good exercise methods?
Will I lose more weight by burning 600 calories a day on the Elliptical.?
big belly just gets bigger?
Why is Fiber good for our body? Is it because of its sticky nature?
what is the best diet that is low carb?
I'm 5'5, 130 pouds, what is a good weight lifting workout. wha types of proteins?
Ozone-producing Air Purifiers- Questions?
Allergic to frozen strawberries?
is it possible to be allergic to soymilk.?
why is my nose always stuffed up year round all my life?
At what stage of life do allergies usually first appear?
How can I get rid of phlegm?
Is there cow dander in milk?
Will an air purifier get rid of dust?
Am i allergic to Coffee?
What causes a person to develop an allergy to something they've been around before?
paracetamol allergy... what are my options for pain relief?
do i have allergies? or something else?
What are the side effects of MSG?
im always thirsty, tired, get headaches, loss of appetite and have stomach cramps.?
Bowl problem if you know about this please help?
should i be concerned about this?
After a week can I change my twist stud in my nose?
need sleep but took adhd medication 4 hours ago. didnt know it would last this long?
I have problems with my hands?
Do epilators hurt? Do they work?
yea well for the last year maybe so,my left nut have been ashy and it itches. its like peeling wen i scrath?
Do dermatologists deal with under-eye circles?
scar tissue??
Help with shingles?
bump underneath my tounge? not sore. clear with fluid. Possibly a mucus retention cyst?
Nasty knuckles.?
want to know solvation to my health problem?
Can u get AIDS by kissing?
Difficult after unrination process?
with my neopet terey_terey_7 i want to know what causes these sickness for his health?
Hiv ane antiritroval treatment,help please?
Is this a research for Herpes cure?
can symptoms of herpes be stomach ache or head aches?
i just found out that i am pregnant, but when i pee, i get a burning sensation?
How quickly can HIV symptoms manifest?
yeast infection..help!!!?
What methods do clinics provide for HIV/AIDS testing?
Do 1 in every 100 people have HIV ?
I have depression and have panic attacks....ewww. Why is it when its at the peak do I have such vivid dreams?
Why do we Dream when we Sleep ?
Is there any known side effects of using Effexor with Prozac?
I want to help the guy who put up the note that he is sucicidal. I can help you. Just put up your email and?
Would the doctor have let me know already?
I had chest pain here?
reversible severe myocardial ischemia 9%,EF 65 % mild infero lateral wall hypokinesia (m,55yr,80kg)?
Help With Heart Palpations?
Can cardioversion correct an abnormal heart rythm due to prolonged PR interval?
If I tell the doctor I think I have an Aortic Aneurysm will he think I am crazy?
cholesterol fasteting what do you do?
Help am I going ot need surgery in my heart?
wrist pain from violin?
why can't I wake up in the morning?
backside of my earlobe hurts?
Do you think i have brain canser because my head has realy been hurting and my spin crod?
i have a really bad pain right were my appendix were located?
My son has a bump on his tongue that really hurts, what should i do?
I think i might have sprained my back?
im 17 yrs. old i always feel weakness,neck pain,headache but not severe and dizziness.what is this?
Why are my joints swollen and hurting?
Is this Insomnia?????????????????
How much of a lifespan cut would a multiple drug user have? PLEASE HELP!?
hydrogen breath test?
Need diagnosis don't feel like going in for something minor.?
Is tourette syndrome common?
Palm sweating - neuro surgery?
Havent slept for 2 days now?
how do i get 600$ to pay a surgeon for hernia surgery?
Can you feel the morning breath through someone's nose?
how do drugs affect your nervous system?
How often are happy ending massages?
What currently is the most accurate glucose meter for diabetes?
i dreamt that my boyfriend tried to sqeeze a bump on my nose?
Has anyone taking glucophage found a way to ease the stomach irritation?
pls tell what vitamin, mineral has in 100 ml sugar cane juice???
What is Blood type AB?
what things to eat and how to cook them when you have stomach flu?
My son may have diabetes. Help?
if some buddy are diabetic then take neurobion injection?
Is there a lactose sugar free ice cream?
sugar free baked goods?