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Which doctor would you go see if these were your symptoms?
Why is my girlfriend is having heart pains?
How bad does the gardasil shot hurt . . . . .?
Does being overweight automatically declare you are going to get diabetes?
how to get rid of headlice?
Has the swine flu ended yet?and if not when will it end?
because of the swine flu, is it bad to drink soda from mexico?
Would YOU Consider The Swine Flu Serious Or Just Bull?
What should I know about my first time smoking weed?
I smoke cigarettes, but nothing else. Every once in a while I get a whiff of weed. Is it possible for a bit of
How to get high legally??
what are some of the effects of shrooms?
can i drink alcohol while on antibiotics?
What fruit is best for helping with heart problems?
What is acidophilus typically taken for?
what is adderall used for????
Really bad sore throat?
does anyone know if them detox drinks to clean your system of bud really work?
I found a round pill, half red and half yellow. the imprint on it says L 187. does any one know what it is?
vitamins?? too much?
Alternative treatments for anxiety, vertigo and depression?
can i drink hot tea..to sooth the throat?
universal cure?
serious question please?????????
What can make a person hallucinate besides the usual?
What is the best natural means of lowering your blood pressure ?
has any one tried the new detox foot pads as see on TV please let me know how they work?
How do we disinfect our restroom after some thin woman puked blood in it?
Swine flu... government conspiracy?
is a 37.0 celcius a fever?
how would the world deal with the swine flu? is there a vaccine on the way?
Can someone explain what meningitis is? see details?
how do I keep my eyes from tearing up?
What is a nose!!!!!??????????????????
Why do I turn red when I drink Alcohol? Could I be allergic?
Should I be worried!? Is my life in danger?!?
please help.. please?
Is SUICIDE my best option?
my urine sugar is 131,do i have diabetes?
Is a BS reading of 106 high?
Are there any natural yeast infection remedies?
why do many american have digestive relating problems?
What herbs would be good to smoke together?
What's the best herbal remedy to improve brain function?
What are some energizing alternatives to beat fatigue(besides caffeine)?
Do homeopathic supplements work?
Will taking acidophilus help with any sinus infection or bronchitis?
Are there any homemade remidies that you can take to clean out your system before a urine test?
Are electronic cigarettes safe?
does anybody know any homeopathic remedies that will make my hair grow faster?
what does the 7.5 and 500 mean on lortab?
Are there any cures for migranes that actually work?
i always get a cold wen the seasons change like now,how do i get rid of it?blocked nose etc?
Do you think the Swine Flu will cause a Global Epidemic?
Why is Swine Flu so scary?
can hand sanitizer help to prevent swine flu?
I am 14 and healthy and not got chicken pox yet?
What the best remedy for the flu?
Could this be swine flu/H1N1?
Don't u hate people blaming mexico?
Does drinking gatorade help colds?
becoming a doctor?
honey to treat a deep second degree burn?
I need to find out what steps to take to get my landlord to fix the mold in our house and the raw sewege.?
Is there anyone out there who may know of certain vitamins or herb pills that can be taken to help your liver?
How to whiten some discolored skin area? some homemade remedy?
what does "No approved therapeutic claim" in the medicine boxes means?
how much does a quarter of weed cost?
talk to doctor about blood sugar?
Can't find sugar-free milk?
what can someone take if you are not a diabetic and you want to act like you are when you take the blood test?
DIABETES!!! do i have it??? ASAP HELP!!?
confused and scared to death!?
What's the worst withdrawal you've ever gone through and why?
best vitamins?
what's best for herpes's?
Is it true that taking a vitamin b complex supplement, vitamin c, and calcium can help with anxiety?
what is home remedy for acidity and gas.?
Is coffee bad for you?
Whats the best thing to do or take when your experiencing chronic stress and anxiety?
Why is there controversy about using embryonic stem cells?
HELP i took 2 Centrum multi-vitamin pills by accident ?
how many mgs of sleeping pills do you have to take for it to become fatal?
how long i can survive after rattlesnake bite?
how to cure sinus problem?
I'm overwhelmed and don't know which multivitamin to take.....?
what is the best cold medicine to give a two year old for a cold?
I spit phlegm with blood?
When you have allergies does the...?
What effects does breakfast have on students?
Please Help Me! Please! I Beg You!?
how much marijuana does it take to get addicted?
I was just diagnosed with Diabetics 2 and I need to know what tv dinners brand would be ok to eat?
Does weight loss always have to be a symptom of type 1 diabetes?
Could I be having diabetes?
Mad Cow disease?
a Swine Flu Question?
My 5 mouth old has a sore throat shes in pain. is there something i can give her?
How can i tell if im getting the flu?
Are you scared to get the flu shot?
Should I be wearing a mask with the Swin Flu outbreak?
Paranoid about "Swine Flu"!?
If you hit your nail, will it fall off..?
What is the most serious injury you've ever had or serious illness?
How can i over come fear?
How To Make A Pipe?
How do I get energy?
cutting....is it a problem?
Natural remedies for anxiety and depression?
Whats a Natural laxative other than prune juice?
What are some herbs to help fight off a cold?
chronic pain problem what can i do?
is there an over the counter pill for depreesiton?
Will smoking WEED change me?
How bad do you think swine flu will get?
What is a polite way to check whether your partner has HIV/AIDS?
Can I use homeopathic medicine & traditional meds together for a cold?
Has anybody used breastgain plus to enlarge breasts? Any side effects? How safe and effective is it?
What are some natural supplements that are good for sleep...?
Dizzy, migranes, always cold?
Vitamin C?
Which is the best herb for alertness and concentration?
is my toe broken or not?
What type of doctor should I see for a big bruise on the thigh from falling?
I got a cat scratch...?
ate some white corn chips with salsa and now i am bloated, does this mean i am allergic?
What is a doctor that specializes in Allergy and Asthma called?
It's positive!!!!!?
So my girlfriend has a cold sore?
I do not have health insurance. I have thyroid problem.?
what is bird flu?
i feel like my tooth hurts, my ear and all down my neck. Its like a sharp pain causing me a headache. what is?
I have a phobia of hallucinating is this normal? ?
I am considering suicide. I have'nt wrote a will yet, do I need to get lwyer or get my will noterized?
Can hydrogen peroxide lighten dark spots on your skin?
How would you help a teenager break marijuana addiction?
my doctor said i should take fish oil pills?
using someone elses urine for a drug screen?
Anybody remember the name of that over-the-counter pill/drug for a hangover?
what is melatonin? and what all is it used for?
Does smoking marijuana have the same or worse effects as cigarettes?
hey you all know that book, cures they don't want you to know about, anyone read it?
is bare foot walking on the treadmill good?
does omega 3 really work to improve overall health?
Does anyone know of a natural way or some way to fall asleep & stay asleep?
how to cure a cough and a flu naturally?
What does LSD taste like?
Meditation tips.?
what home syuff can i do to fix a headache?
What is the lowest your blood sugar has gone?
I'm a diabetic and this is frustrating?
fasting glucose blood test outcomes?
Can someone refer me to a good diabetic website that tells me everything I need to know about diabetes?
Random.. umm.. muscle spasms?
My child was ice skating and the ice cracked...?
toe nail turning yellow and black?
What happens to you if you take a sleeping pill and vodka?
my six month old has nasal congestion and coughing for two weeks what should i do? have tryed vicks,hunifiber?
What is the best way to talk calm somebody who is about to yell at you?
Why does someone cut themselves?
Is Depression a true illness or can it be attributed only to spirituality difficulties?
is my life worth living?or should i kill my self?
I have a interview in a hour also I have social anxiety?
I'm 15 and take 1000 mg of Tylenol...is this bad?
I need some help with a scarey situation?
Does Exercise has anything to do with the treatment of Diabetes?
Blood glucose of 300-400?
my blood glucose reading is 566 what should i do?
What is the best way to get rid of lice?
Does this look like weed?
what is a good alternitive for joint papers?
Anyone have some alternative ways to deal with acid reflex and to stop belching?
Whats a natural sleep aid?
does anyone have experience with taking Valerian root for its "calming effect" does it actually work.
Is there real cure for cancer?
Risks and benefits of weed?
are doctors and nurses on big pharmas payroll?
my niece is 6yrs old and her left leg was fractured while playing...do you think she can walk again,?
is this an eating disorder?
my first COLD Sore!! help , what do i do?
Do I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
What is the good remedies for the treatment for the blackness and the burning of the urine for alomst for 3yrs
what kind of vitamins should i be taking to have great looking skin?
Was it wrong to buy salvia for a minor?
I can't swallow pills.?
what does oxycotin look like ?
can i take benedryl to reduce the swelling of my ingrown toenail?
is my teacher right? weed vs. heroin?
What's the best way to lose weight?
How do i pass a drug test?
Yawning...watery eyes????
im 13 years old and i have a severe milk allergy. My parents r WAY too over protective!I have tried evrything!
can you be affected with HIV if ?
i have mono.?
what happens if i take 4 tylenol pills?
What's good to put on a brown recluse bite?
Are there any herbs that can with out a doubt that help with ED.?
Are there any side effects of Vitamin C megadoses?
I need to know if i can pass a drug test?
Can I Die From Taking Sleeping Pills?
What is legal weed?
I'm not sure what to do!My hamster might have broken it's leg!Please what am I to do?
I stepped on a rock!!!!!!!!!!!!?
so i was at boxing today and got a black eye for not protecting my face! how do i make them go away!?
do drinking lots of water affects our kidney? i drink lots of water a day and even at night. i am a diabetic?
What is the medical treatment for someone that has diabetes?
How do I overcome depression (people who have experienced depression only please)?
If you got an STD from a long time female friend who was just a friend with benefits. How would you re-act?
which STD's should I be most worried about?
What is the best medicine to help fall asleep.?
is cannabis dangerous?
What can make a mosquito bite less itchy?
What's wrong with me???
Worried about my mom?
is marijuana really an addictive drug?
I'm having trouble falling asleep?
I drink every night and am a happier and more pleasant person when I do.?
can a tooth infection make your body FEEL FREEZING?
Do I have Mono?
Does Chamomile Tea really relax you? I have a lot of Anxiety and Insomnia.?
I spilled bleach on me and it got in my left eye. I ran water on my eye. it still hurts. what do i do?
Do I have diabetes? (Type 1) It runs in my dad's side of the family?
how can a diabetic get medical help with no medical insurance?
Is this the normal weight for me?
I feel like I'm high, but I'm not?
i'm throwing up, body aches and chills, and i want to soak in a hot bath. is that advisible?
what does fatal mean?
There's a confirmed case of swine flu in my city. What should I do?
what is this growth in the inside of my throat?
I have hives from an allergy to cashews.Steroids and antihistimins now for 6 days. What's the antidote? Help
real medical issue..please advise?
i am 35 blk male never had high blood pressure but i checked today it was 173/101. What should i do i feel ok.?
how do you make a heart on myspace and i dont mean this heart:<3?
Hi, I'm Kathy a 62 yr old woman who 5 weeks had mitral valve repair and aortic valve tissue replacement?
My friend's sister eats fast food everyday, doesn't exerise, 24yrs old, 5'1ft, and weights 218, how much...
What is it like to have your whole toenail fall off?
I got a head injury 3 days ago, why am I still dizzy every few minutes..?
how to get a medical marijuana card?
Why should I stay alive?
Serious Question, Serious answers needed.?
Are you a positive person or negative person?
If you are sick and you french kiss your boyfriend. Does he get aids?
Is herpes a serious STD or is it more everyday? AIDS to me is serious because it can kill...?
whats better to smoke cocaine or inject it?
What's a good natural anti-septic?
Questions about opium?
Lots of symptoms of hypothyroid issues, but blood work came back that thyroid is fine. Any ideas?
Is there a natural (homeopathic) version of an anti-depressant?
whats the best remedy for seasonal allergies?
Stomach FLU!!!!!! please help?
IS drinking Water after Water after Water t he quickess way to pass a drug test?
Ambien side effects..?
Beta blockers a. increase a dangerously low heart rate?
Is there any way of finding out if a person has smoked cigarette?
Why does using Spray Paint make my heart feel weird?
barn cat bit my hand, now its all swollen?
Should falling o0ff toe nails be pulled off?
My back hurts since lifting boxes. Chiropractor or Doctor?
Ouch. my ankle really hurts?
I fell from a truck that was about 6 feet off the ground, on my FACE. my lip & teeth were bleeding a lot(cont)
Whats every ones problem with weed any way?
what is a salvia trip like?
I'm 16, sleep at 12 AM and wake up at 7:30ish, is this enough sleep?
How do painkillers make you feel that people get addicted to them?
I am worried that I might get the Swine Flu?
Do I have swine flu? If not, does anyone know what?
what can help bring a Fever down i have a Fever of 103 to 104 what should i do what will help it?
I never had the Chicken pox?
Is it dangerous to take ecstasy when i am taking Bactrim antibiotics for a staff infection?
If you knew you were sick and could die???
What do you do to make yourself happy when you're really stressed out?
Mosquito Bites!!!! Help!!!!?
Why do i get more of a buzz from tobacco than weed?
How to cure a cold fast?
what's a good home remedy for a child's earache? (they are already on antibiotics)?
How can I force myself to exercise?
Is my weight okay for my height and age?
home remedies for vomiting?
which oil is better to cook in vegetable oil or canola oil?
tea tree oil?
Where is LSD easy to get?
What should be the perfect remedy for an Insomia? I dont have enough sleep because of this.?
Any woman suffered a heart attack but was misdiagnosed?
how deadly is marfan's?
Do you know anyone with Autism?
Should I let people sign my leg cast, or will it make me look immature?
whats good for injury scars at the forehead area its like an inch 1/2 long?
Is it bad that my wrists crack so much?
Would an ear lobe heal if it was ripped in half?
what's good for laxative?
How to solve constipation without pills?
a report on smoking weed with shrooms?
Is the swine flu an inside job of the government to get rid of some of the world population?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
If i cought swine flu?
Is there a good dvd on transcendental meditation that someone could recommend for a beginner?
Dr says I cannot have a copy of my medical records?
Is it ok to breathe in H2O?
Does any one know a home remedy for constipation?
What is a natural herbal remedy to lower cholesterol?
What is your first opinion about homeopathy?
I'm in a weelchair and the kids laugh!?
I'm thinking of suicide, i don't have any friends or relatives. I feel outcasted and abandon.?
How can you MAKE YOUR BREASTS bigger?
My blood pressure is 153/91, what should i do other than rest?
Average blood pressure reading for someone in their 60's?
does the size of a kidney stone determine how much pain you will have from it?
My 11 month old sons old babysitter just found out she has aids.?
Why do I hate sounds? Do I have a brain tumor?
I am cold, but i don't want to take medicine! Any other method?
Shouldn't marijuana be given to people who suffer from Anorexia?
what do different colors of ecstasy tabs mean?
Ok.. I was raped 3 weeks ago.. i need to know if i will ever recover?? I feel as if i'm slowly dying inside...?
why is my bruise brown?? PLZ?
Just had surgery-What is best to rub on stitches/wound to reduce scaring?
I'm claustrophobic....are there alternatives for a broken wrist?
If you have a slip and fall and it comes out it's sprained can you still sue.?
Should alternative medicine change its name?
How long can u go to jail for having 2 ecstasy tablets on you?
how can I reduce the swelling in my legs and feet? I am a 55 year old woman?
my head feels heavy, cloudy and i have pain in my face...?
Is it Normal for you to feel nauseous when you have a headache?
Why cant i think straight anymore?
One ______ short of a _______.?
I in in love with a bi-polar man.?
I smoked something at a party and i have no idea what it was. help?
i can't get to sleep!?
First time with chiropractic treatments, but I'm in more pain after 6 treatments. Should I keep going?
If I smoke pot, can I clear out my system in a week?
I heard of a Surgery where you get your leg bones broken to get taller, how many inches can they add?
Lately I've been having a extremely fast heartbeat and its kinda scaring me.?
How can I help my husband stop freaking out?
Can you get tested to see if you have drank alcohol?
How Do I Cure A Stomach Ache?
I urinate too much at night?
do i have a cold?
how do you get rid of acid pain in stomach?
Infected nose ring!?
Can anyone explain my knee injury?
Proud of my scars?
I got a sore throat out of nowhere?
Should someone who is allergic to penicillin be prescribed azithromycin?
What are the effects of pseudoephedrine & alcohol?
i have an allergy, what doctor should i go to?
what are 4 street names for Marijuana?
Back, stress problems?
Valiume pills for minor surgery?
Is it wrong to smoke weed if you feel that it helps you?
I am tired all the time what's up?
please help! iam scared!?
Why do fat people keep eating and not exercising?
Does anybody have any natural remedies for getting rid of a fungal toe nail problem?
I'm taking a vitamin B-complex to repel mostquitoes, but will it still work if my urine is neon yellow?
Question about Eating Weed?
what can i do, to cure head ache's?
I think I might have Swine Flu but i'm not sure?
do i have the swine flu? 10 easy points?
Can I overdose on vitamin C?
What are some calm, relaxing songs to listen to?
does weed tea get you high?
What to do if bitten by a snake far from help?
is 222 a high blood pressure number?
Can you drink or smoke with a Heart Defect?
Has anyone ever successfully dealt with their mental illness without a psychiatrist or medications?
Any home remedies for a really bad sore throat?
How to cure hangover?
can i use any eye drops for my pink eye?
i have a q? about poisoning...?
do i have swine flu?!!?
What are the Chances Of Me Getting The Swine Flu?
I worked my arms 2 days ago with a trainer and now i cn't even raise my arms it hurts so bad. Why?
My hands go numb randomly and are shaky all the time...?
i got electrocuted today?
How can i injure my shoulder quick and easy?
I'm scared to have an operation?
what is the best way to suicide without pain..and is there any way to make it dont looks like a suicide?
Constipation! i'm 13 and i don't want medicines!?
What is a natural or non prescription way of lowering your colesteral that really works other than change in d?
what are the most cost effective ways to advertise Chiropractic?
Hey whats the best method to avoiding weed?
Any home remedies for sore throat and stuffy nose?
What are some good home remedies,?
Is there a vitamin or anything else that can actually help your vision?
What is Less Harmful? Cigarettes or Chewing Tobacco?
how to cure depression?
can chlymdia be passed through bath water?
Question for people with STDs?
can you get anything from sharing earrings w/ someone like hiv?
I want to get herpes how can i?
how to make sure my wrist is fractured?
What arm must a crutch be in for a left sided pelvis fracture?
how long until it starts to hurt u?
How much blood can you lose before it's dangerous?
Can smoking pot make u sick the day after?
Is there any stores that don't ask for id to purchase cigarettes or alcohol?
How many codeine pills should I take to feel high?
Can weed make you high for about 24 hours?
why do people choose to live gluten free?
AM I FAT????????????????????
Extreme fear of spending money?
I need to talk to someone?
Re: Suicide note?
30 year old's crisis? What should I do?
i cant stop cutting myself.?
I think I may have broken a rib...?
slammed my finger in a door?
hurt hand and arm, thanks ? ?
I got punched in the eye?
Help about smoking!!!?
9.5 shoe is it above average?
My online friend committed suicide...?
Why do you need a nose for you can breath with your mouth open already?
I think I have part of a popcorn seed stuck in my throat but can't seem to cough it up. What can I do?
Can you damage your shoulders by sleeping on your sides?
What happens if you get hit too many times?
Went home with a concussion. What would they do at the hospital thatI couldn't do on my own?
Do you think my nose is broken?
How do i cure my sprained ankle for tomorrow?
Vomiting, weakness, loss of color in face, diarrhea. Diagnosis? Treatment?
What causes alot of White Blood Cells?
Chicken Pox shot???..Do I need to get it again?
The Swine flu in Mexico was created by U.S government?
Can my boyfriend get mono?
How can we make sure we are as protected as possible?
Anger problems?
Am I responsible for his death?
Whenever i run my tibia's hurt (shins) is it because im overweight or what can it be?
knee pain ??
Tell me your story about breaking a bone or stitches?
my toenail is falling off! Will it ever grow back?
Can you get tested for herpes virus through if you have never had any signs?
Can an adult get shingles from being exposed to a child with chicken pox?
Need info about Lyme Disease?
flu like symptoms...any advice?
I'm looking for some help with this horrible stale breath that I have?
kidney stones hurt soo bad!! help ME!!!?
My boy is six he has very cold hands (fingers/palm), feeet & toes.Is that normal?If not, what do i do?
i would like 2 know how long do it take a person 2 heal after there gallbladder is removed? tell me what 2 do?
How can I ease the pain in my knee?
Something was said in a discussion I just read that kind of hit a nerve for me.?
Is it okay to do cocaine with a heart murmur?
how to loose 10 lbs in 53days?
I'm scared to eat carrots.?
How do I lose weight?
Will I lose weight if i run a mile every day, and do push-ups and crunches as well.?
Is it better to eat before or after a workout?
Which thing do you hate most to do?
Girls/Guys:would you forgive your bf/gf if he gave you an STD?
im 100 pounds, i smoked weed exactly 3 weeks ago, i have to take a drug test for my new job.. will i be clean?
The H1N1 vaccine: what form does it come in in the USA?
How long does it take for rabies to happen?
What is the best way to get reed of Mosquito's???
Will freezing temperatures affect head lice?
question on crutches?
Did I Die and come back?
Dad fell off a ladder. I got hit by it in the ribs. What should I do? READ INFO.?
I sprained my ankle about a month ago. When the heck's it gonna heal?
I banged up my knee and now it is swollen and hurts, whats wrong?
Do I let my kids write on my new cast? I work in a professional office and need to look good.?
Cant stop the urge To Pee?
is 138 over 81 a normal blood pressure?
is it normal to sneeze more than 4 times every time i sneeze?
my 2 year old daughter is allergic to wheat, milk and egg whites any suggestions to food she can eat?
What is this yellow stuff coming out of my nose? (I know, it's gross)?
Why could the tip of my nose be sensitive?
Girlfriend said she has hpv??
I have a question about being bipolar!?
I have High Cholesterol & high blood presure. What foods can I eat to help me out here./?
i want a disease or some thing like that?
How can I break my leg and make it look like an accident?
I Popped my knee out of place but i popped back into place after and now it's just a little sore what do i do
How do you know if your ankle is broken?
I fell and got hurt and I need advice/help!?!?
If a zombie infection started.....?
I drank 3 cups of margaritas last night and my resting heart rate was 120. i am 140 lbs. Is this OK?
I can't get clean?
I have no energy or interest?
I banged my elbow this morning?
Please help. What's the best way to remove a bullet from my leg (without going to hospital)?
I fell and hit the side of my head, now my temple area is swollen and hurts to close left side of my mouth?
Can a person survive jumping off a bridge?
I can't stop crying and I don't know why but it hurts really bad?
Swollen ankle after leg surgery?
quick burn remedies ?
What are the signs of swine flu?
what does blood in your stool mean?
Does the h1n1 flu vaccine hurt?
Is it safe to visit a friend in hospial whilst I'm pregnant?
my blood pressure is 127/92 is it high?
nephew is 45 years old been told his heart is functioning only 20%, What does this mean?
Why Do I Get Startled So Easily? Please Help!?
i know that the heart is a muscle, then what is the brain ?
I've had a this (wart)? on my toe since I was a baby, and now it has turned brown for a few years now.....
Broken toe is healed but wont bend?
home remedies for cold sores?
Severe Problem With My Feet?
I burnt myself on the pan wen I was takin it out the oven!!?
What do you do when you have an std?
Is high cholesterol, and/or high blood pressure, the only things to cause heart disease?
The other day at the dr my blood pressure came in at 122/74 is that good or bad and what do the numbers mean?
Wat Does "Organ Failure" Mean?
How many times can a person get heart attack? Easy question..?
back pain in lower area what i do to stop the pain it hurts when just standing still?
i have this emotional trauma. im terrified of dying. how can i not be afraid???
What are you in the mood for?
How Do you handle Stress as a mom?
I SEEN MY BROTHER COMMIT SUICIDE...(is there anything wrong with me)?
Do I have a blood clot?
how do i break my arm?
Skinny legs after cast?!?
Wondering about my foot?????
I had someone pop my back for my, and now it hurts BAD?
Twisted ankle?
Flu like symptoms, but increase in hunger?
swine flu question.....?
Why won't my mom take me to the doctor's.?
How can I make myself throw-up? ?
I weigh 115 lbs how much do you weigh?
Can you wear bra with heart holter monitor?
how do I deal with depression and anxiety with out medication?
does anyone think drug addicts, who sincerely are trying to stay clean, deserve a second chance?
My mom is hurt can someone help me.?
My sister is really sick, please help?
This is gross.. but I need advice!?
How do I get put on disability from my doctor?
If a guy has a shoulder injury, should he ice it or used a heat pad on it?
I hurt my knee really bad last week and the pain's still there. What are my options? Doctor, Chiropractor?
Help! my grandfather is sick and i dont know what to do! im egging you to help me!?
How long does it take for strep throat medicine to work?
do you get germs if you kiss someone?
I have conjunctivitis, should I goto work?
How low would a person's heart rate have to be to need to be hospitalized?
What are symptoms of heart attack?
i think i had a heart attack?
Horrible back pain from sports...Mother won't take me to a chiropractor. Please read for more details...?
How do you tell a person that a very close friend has died?
My head feels like I'm wearing a helmet that's too tight?
My 20th HS reunion is in two weeks but my leg is in a cast and I'm on crutches. Should I go. or will i look?
My 13 year old son broke the 5th metacarpal bone in his hand (the side of his hand).How long before healed?
i think my son may have add or adhd...are there alternitives to medicating him?
I have depression problems , with stress and all and school, and I cut myself what should I do?
Why is the H1N1 flu virus deadly to humans?
SWINE FLU - Why, oh why?!?
what can fleas give you?
How do you stop craving for cigarettes?
why is it that sometimes when i wipe my weiner its bloody? it seems like it happens once a month and its scary?
What does it mean when you have a low-grade temperature, such as 97' F?
Do I have swine flu??
Your Thoughts on Swine Flu Vaccine?
I THINK I HAVE SWINE FLU. please help. do i?
Swine Flu Vaccination? Experiencing Side Effects?!?
How can I hide cuts on my forearm?
Did I Break a Bone in my Thigh?
I was going to kfc for lunch?
To pop or not? My blister, that is?
Funny excuse for a black eye?
How long will one hit of marijuana stay in your system?
what does smoking marijuana feel like?
how can i help my mom? her legs (near her feet) are kind of swollen and she feels pain in her ankles too.?
what should i eat when i have food posion?
bad constipation.what product is good for constipation?
in side of my belly is really pink, why? ans it also smells like stool, how can i cure this?
should i take strong antidepressants even though im not really depressed?
Could I be allergic to Cigarettes?
the Swine flu? please answer!!!!!?
Is anyone else really sick of hearing about the swine flu?
If Lysol can kill 99.9% of germs the first round, will it kill 100% of germs the 2nd round?
Is my toe infect? I had a blister! help me please!?
will taking ibuprofen for a long time ruin your stomach lining?
my foot hurts soo bad!!!! omg!! omg!!!!?
What can I do for my sprained ring finger? HELP?
help me my sister got hit by a tennis bat in her eyes??!!!!!!!!!?
I got a ring that is too small stuck on my finger!?!? can someone help?
whats worse sprain or broken?
My 4yr old cousin is throwing up but she doesn't have a fever what should I do?
is the amoxicillin working?
what are some really rare and deadly diseases?
Taking A Risk....?
I have an imaginary friend is that normal?
What is the worst place you can hurt on your body?
h0W CAN i??.....??.....?
Can I walk with a sprained ankle?
If you were able to get away with not wearing shoes at all,would you?and go completely barefoot?
Am I allergic to shrimp?
If you are put in constant exposure to an allergen will it eventually no longer bother you?
Would a doctor these days ever use maggots to clean wounds?
What side of the body feels the sign of a heart attack?
I am worried I might have a brain tumor.?
Please don't tell me I have meningitis??!!?
Should the swine flu get its own reality show since it's becoming so popular?
I need help, I have asked for help. It seems nobody cares.?
Why should I plan out my life?
i already asked but i need more answers. i got hit in the nose bad what do i do?
What's wrong with my knee?
what's the best way to break your arm? ?
A few questions about cutting wrists?
what if you cut your wrist?
Have you ever broken a bone?
what do you do for a pinched nerve?
She took 6 Advils at once?
Today my wrist/hand just started hurting, what can I do to ease the pain?
Is this an Influenza pandemic? What will happen?
Did Obama Create Swine Flu?
Are you afraid of the Swine Flu?
how do you know if you have hepatitis? when is the earliest you can be tested?
My 2 year old won't take her anti-biotics.?
Do you think the Swine Flu is being overhyped by the media?
what's wrong with my back?
What heals bruises quickly...?
ever got stitches for an injury?
URGENT PLZ READ 10PTS hospital or not?
Why do people run when it rains?
How do you get rid of stress?
Feeling numb?
It's realy starting to freak me out....HELP!?
Whats the best and least painful way of cutting?
how long does it take for marijuana to get out of your system so that you can have a clean urine test?
What is the best way to rehydrate yourself after diarrhea?
Can you get HIV by having a fist fight?
What do yellow eyes indicate?
why are so many people againsts suicide.?
Why does life seem empty and pointless???
Am I fat/overweight ?
How do i lose weight?
I had such a disagreement with a friend yesterday over the flu vaccine. She says,?
Do you think that the H5N1 Virus (also known as Bird Flu) will ever become a serious problem or go pandemic?
does my daughter have swine flu?
Several Questions about the Swine Flu?
I Have a Fever and i feel like im gonna vomit and i kinda feel weak but im not snotty and i had my flu shot..?
I woke up this morning and my ears are so clogged I can't even hear the TV. What can I do to fix this?
why does my back hurt?
How do I get my sunburn to stop throbbing?
Horrible pain behind my right eye.?
I'm Scared To Be An Adult?
i need help, i cut myself?
Reasons why having a flu shot is a bad idea?
how do you know if the person is diabetic?
How can a person get rid of diabetes ?
deibeties just dignosed , what should i do .....i am 40 male married 3 kids?
I want to learn how to be bulimic. I'm 28, 265lbs. Hypoglycemic on glucophage.?
I have type two diabetes, agoraphobia, and maybe depression?
my friends say that i need to do weed?
My leg is in a cast, and I am getting calf cramps?
Is anyone scared of the swine flu virus?
swine flu reminds me of resident evil?
I've been given amoxicillin for a bacterial infection?
Is this a healthy blood pressure?
What are the causes of constant blinking?
What is Hemophobia(spelling may be wrong!)?
Does anybody out there know the natural ingrediets (if any) to cure Attention Depicit Disorder?
How do you get a disease named after you?
statistically what race of people have diabeties?
Does taking metformin mean I am type 2 or type 1 diabetic?
Please help me, Cutting is taking over my life?
HELP!!! How can i get sick by tomorrow... Please read, its not what you think!?
what is 'cankles'. is that swollen ankles?
My sister has the flu, but i dont. How can I protect myself from getting it? We live in the same house!?
My blood sugar went up almost seventy points while I slept last night. Obviously I didn't eat or drink anythin
Could I possibly have diabetes?
do you think teenagers smoke cigarettes too be cool or because they want to?
Can a Child drown after accidentally swallowing a large amount of water in the bathtub?
i heard taking tylonol daily will enhance muscle gains...is it true? or were they lying to me??
I hate it when people ask questions like this but...?
what is this??? anxiety?
what is zoloft prescribed for?
I think I'm mentally ill; rage, jealous, anxiety?
I sleep-walk. Is there a safe way to wake me when I'm about to DRIVE or WALK UP THE STREET?!?!?
How do you help nervousness?
Why do I keep getting pink eye?
Does drinking Cranberry help with a UTI ?
what are the symptoms of swine flu?
should i get check for swine flu?
Can you get aids from spit?
I'm supposed to be going to MexiCali next Friday - what about the swine flu?
My father had a heart attack at 46, and his brother also had one at age 55.?
I have an object...?
Have you ever been on 2 antibiotics @ once?
Is there anything can be done about repeated sinus infections?
do sponges carry bacteria?
What are hospital staff doing to protect them self from swine flu?
my friend is cutting herself!I dont know what to do.Any help?
My wife refuses to attend family events with me because she hates my sister and brother-in-law?
hi, I am a 23 and i have sleepless nights. i m scared of darkness. is it normal?
What is a good way to die by 40?
What are practical reasons to think about self-harm or suicide?
Is it OK to be 11yrs old and 109.5 ibs?
Am I terribly fat? Picture included?
Do you think I'm over or under weight?
Are my glucose levels throughout the day normal?
With these symptoms, do I have swine flu?? Please help!!?
Is the swine flue vaccine stil deadly?
Where has swine flu been spotted in California?
Do I have a sore throat?
I own an overweight kid!!!?
My cup size has trippled in a week...Is that healthy?
Is someone who is 5'5-5'6 weighing 113 considered fat?
am i fat actually?
I am going to die...?
can you miss your period because of stress or anxiety?
I have lost my joy in life. What do I do?
best friend was raped?
How do i tell my mom i have severe depression and bi-polar disorder?
My friend just lost her 18 yr old son today, he jumped into a lake and could not swim. How can I comfort her?
Am i clinically depressed?
is it true you can only replace an addiction ?
Urgent i think im having a heart attack!?
how do you know if you are having a stroke?
How can I give myself a heart attack?
can heart pulpatations come from stress? ?
how do you start a fasting diet?
How do i know if i have ADHD or ADD?
so LONELY i want to KILL MYSELF!!!!!?
K this is 4 every1. K I'm Black & suicidal but something just won't let me kill myself. What is it?
What can I do instead of cutting myself?
Does anybody else agree that the people on the mental health forum.....?
this is bad?
Possible to cure bipolar?
swine flu...anyone worried?
Blood in my stool-what could this mean?
how can i get rid of a sore throat?
Are you getting your children the H1N1 shot?
How bad do you think the swine viruse will get?
plz answer 10 points thank you?
How to fake faint??.?
Is there enough people to start a Yahoo group on bipolar & diabetes?
Can nerve damage caused by diabetes be repaired?
Why am I all of the sudden getting a bunch of infections lately?
HELP im very sick and need you to answer this question?
How can I get rid of my sore throat?
I just cut myself?
What do you think of putting some of the homeless into forced psychiatric and drug treatment or institutions?
im afraid of men, help me =[?
What's wrong with me?
my m.r.i. said multiple sclerosis should be considered high on differential diagnosis.does that mean I have ms
I'm eating weird lately, help?
whats good about being stress free?
How to cure OCD by yourself?
How do I stop having nightmares every night?
I cant sleep! help, ideas?
Alone at new years eve?
really weird, please help?
is it possible???
Whats wrong with my arm?
When's the best time of day for a jog?
I'm going on a hunger strike for the next 40 days to protest a valuable cause. Will I be okay?
My mom decided she is not gonna let me eat for a month will I be alright?
Can i lose 30 pounds in 1 year?
Am i getting the flu?
what's point in living if your just gonna die anyway??
Is it right that my sons' science teacher tells him that he will die by the age of 21 ? ?
Heroin addiction question?
How come nobody cares when a guy is abused?
Im loosing It Im Breaking down No One Will Help?
Would you date or be interested in someone with an anxiety disorder or depression?
What is wrong with me?
what are the effect of 1 cigarette?
is it true that if you dont eat enough you will eventually lose muslce?
I am 14 years old am I fat?
does fast food cause obesity?
Is it safe to lose 3 pounds a week?
Have you had a flu shot this year?
I have a uti. How much water do I need to drink to flush it out?
do i have the swine flu?
I have pretty much given up on trying to get to sleep anymore. My husband is so upset with me.?
Do mental wards play "crazy" by Patsy Cline all day?
How can you treat depression without medications or doctors?
How can I get the smell of smoke out of my clothes? It's driving me insane.?
What are the cheapest prescriptions to get for depression? Paxil is way too much!?
Do you ever feel like you are surrounded by idiots???
My blood pressure sometimes reaches 150's over 120's...?
is being 5'8 and weighing 176 considered obese for a 15 year old girl?
Have you ever been constipated before? What did you do to make yourself "go" again?
how many hours of sleep should a 14-17 yr old get?
I have the cold what should i do?
Should she tell her he is HIV positive & break patient confidentiality/ hope he did the right the right thing?
if a person would be infected or experience swine flu, is there any possiblities that we could overcome it?
How do you stop cutting?
Why aren't I able to sleep?
I Feel Like My Life Is Worthless?
Antidepressents. Take them or not?
What happens when you call the Suicide hotline?
wht u did when u were in most depressed condition in ur life???
What are the best shoes to where for standing 12 hours on cement flour?
best friend with a weed addiction...?
is my blood pressure healthy?
15 year old male am i dying? Heart attack?Palpitations?
Do I have low blood pressure?
How to lower blood pressure?
whats the normal weight for a female, that's about 4'10?
Does shushi make fat?
Do I get swine flu in this way?
How to treat this sore throat?
DIARIA need to get diaria fast? help?
what does bi polar mean?
I'm 18 And Have High Blood Pressure?
can your heart stop in your sleep?
Atenolol safe when pregnant?
What does your heart actually do when you have cardiac arrest, say...due to a car crash?
4 yr old heart transplant recipient was refused by ER Dr.?
How can I cure this ringing in my ears?
Our well water is unsafe to drink, what can we do?
why do drunks always put things off? eg. i must go to the toilet?
can u suggest ways to help people with this problem-?
HELP! I have allergies and School pics are TOMORROW!?
I have an allergy could this be from it too ?
Am i bipolar and what should i do?
Should we let people kill themselves?
**URGENT** Is this enough pills to kill me?? **URGENT**
Am I Bipolar?
How does one know if they are clinically depressed when they live is such a depressing world?
what is a anterior infarction?
What is VD ?
Is Helicobacter pylori dangerous?
Am I gonna be sick from the first Gardasil shot?
I do not belive my luck!!! :(?
Is this anorexic or not?
Can I treat depression without medication or doctors??
What do you do when you KNOW you are DEPRESSED but your parents?
I need help to stop cutting?
When is the right time to get a flu shot?
Slight pain in the middle of the back I jumped playing basketball and landed wrong what could it be?
what can i do for my headache?
I guess I am just silly?
Anyone think I am mad or insane for asking questions about suicide?
i want to increase my height plz tell me something i m 17 plz hep me?
Im scared of Swine Flu..... Heres my question?
Glucose test strips in refrigerator?
I sneezed twice in class today - what does it mean?
please help! i almost killed myself?
Is the bipolar disorder from birth or can you get it in the course of your life?
Today is my birthday...but other than my parents, no one else wished me "happy birthday". I feel a bit lonely?
PLEASE HELP!!! now please!!!!?
is it ok to sleep naked?
what is normal pulse rate?
any cases or alerts of the swine flu in Texas so far?
if i go and ge myself bitten by a deadly spider, will i get super powers?
Might I have Lyme disease and what to do about horrible tick Infestation?
GUYS/GIRLS:what do you think is better? a C cup or an A cup?
Working out but gaining weight?
whats wrong with me??
Am I crazy?
Is this beginning signs of alcoholism?
how do you know if youre bipolar?
How could this be possible?
how's life?
my sister likes pie. what should i do?
Have you ever witness or had a heart attack?
do you think i'm underweight?
how can a 13 year old boy lose weight?
Why am I always hungry at night?
rabies question!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What is the point in life?
My emotions are killing me.?
What would go through your mind if someone you knew told you...?
I am out of control! afraid to lose my husband. PLEASE HELP!!!?
Anxiety problems, please help they are getting to me?
Am I Addicted To This?
Can you have tonsilitis with out tonsils? My 4 year old has his tonsils out but has tonsilitis!?
I live in Illinois... Swine Flue harmful to me?
how to stop cutting?
What's wrong with me?!?
How can I stop the hiccups?
Do you think people should be allowed to kill themselves if they really want to?
Paranoia? Anxiety disorder? or normal?
If a teenager has a depressed parent how does that affect the teenager?
snorting caffeine pills?
What are headaches caused by and why are they so painful?
Should I be worried??? Experts please?
Do you ever feel like you are being watched?
What is your advice to stay away from Swine Flu (from Pigs)?
Swine flu break out in Ohio?
Why do we yawn?
What mental illness(es) do i have? I'm going to tell you all my deep dark secrets!?
What is to do when you feel misunderstood by others?
Why do I not feel the effects of ecstasy?
Wouldn't you think all murderers are insane?
I'm 13, very depressed, HELP!?
How can you best handle the death of a close friend?
Travel to China whilst having a low white blood cell count ?
Why Isnt There A Vaccine For HIV?
When I stand on my neck with my foot, my back aches. Is this normal?
My stomach is killing me. Please help. I'll give 10 points tonight.?
What vitamins would be good for a recovering drug addict to help regain as much brain function as possible?
Whats the best way to take gross liquid medicine?
Do you think things like Airborne or Emergen-C Work?
what are the medicanal uses for pineapple?
Is there an alternative health method to lowering cholesteral?
should i snort my antibiotics?
im 15 and have a problem with cutting myself?
What do you do when you feel life isn't worth it anymore?
I just started 40 mg of Prozac about a week ago. I am still having alot of Anxiety. can anyone recommend?
How do you deal with stress?
the walls are squeaking?
What's the best way to tell a therapist you're moving on if they're not helping you?
swine flu?????????????????????????
How can I run faster?
What's the best way for me to lose weight quickly? I want to look good for summer?
i have taken 8 ibuprofen in like 10 miunts what happen?
What is in Naproxen? I'm taking it for back pain and I just want to know what is in it? For my sake, you know?
Help serious pains!?!?
I have committed a vile, disgusting act.?
Can kissing an hiv+ glrl cause infection?
How can I get myself to sleep better?
im depressed and i dont kno how to pull myself out of it..any suggestions?
What's the best homeopathic remedy for depression/anxiety?
So sad and blue at 23...?
Does anyone ever think everything is HOPELESS?
DO you think I am too thin ?
Strep Throat...no insurance ?
Tattoos: Can they lead to Hepatitis, Skin Cancer, and/or HIV?
swine flu?! school??
Are there ways of curing or controlling anxiety withouth medications?
How do you keep on living?
Is anyone or know anyone who is bi polar?
whats going on in YOUR life?
Is it normal that i cry?
How could I lower down my anger.I am very short tempered so how should I become cool tempered,?
Addicted to pain pills?
I'm the tallest girl in the class?
Can you really contract HIV from someones tears?
Have I got swine flu, Please help!?
What is your worst fear?
Cold Turkey Quitting Antidepressants?
What are some good, simple things to relieve stress?
If you are bi polar are you born with the illness or can it slowlly start to develop?
Should I tell my boyfriend about my OCD?
What are the side effects of shingles?
Ways to get rid of the flu?
help with high blood pressure?
If someones heart stops beating how long would doctors try to make it start again?
Is it true that the sadder you are, the more tears come out of your eyes?
I eat a lot but I'm still super skinny.?
5'4...114 pounds?
I'm 15 yrs. old and i am overweight. I need help in advance. Tell me what i should do to lose this weight.
what could cause lump in neck and head pain?
I have a problem...I'm so afraid of myself?
Are there any ways to overcome social anxiety without medication??
my friends were talking about how fat they were...?
plz sum one help me im a 19 year old female i feel depressed dont no y?????
I'm so lonely.?
When you get depressed..do you pig out and eat or don't eat at alll?
Whats the best thing for worring??
how many times should you eat a day?
101 Fever with leg pains, Is the doctor necessary?
can a baby that is born with HIV be cured?
I sleep with the TV on.. Do you??
What pains you about your past?
When you're feeling blue and you see red, what color do you get?
too lazy to live?
quest. on suicide?
Police "can't" help. What do we do now?
Too nervous!?
I like to lick the shoes of lady and be walked on by her, is this dangerous?
how do you smoke weed without getting to high?
is chronic weed bad for you?
diarrhea! Help Needed.?
Could this of given me HIV?
Why didn't my doctor know which strain of the flu I have?
Help! Severe lower back pain?
where can I go for help with lower back pain the medical doctors havent helped so far?
Would you kill your spouse?
how helpful yahoo answers has been to you? are you satisfied with what you get?
How can you overcome lifelong depression through natural methods?
should being gay be considered as a mental disease?
are smoothies really healthy?
Do you burn calories if you are just sitting?
Why did so many people who were vaccinated against mumps get mumps?
diarrhea for 5 days now?
my blood pressure reading was 122/49 and pulse was 91 is this normal?
I feel like I'm wasting my childhood away?
Why do I cry when I'm angry?
Why can't I stop crying?
What are some good diet tips ?
I need to get sick fast and i'm 11.?
I need some help!!!!?
What is your FAVOURITE DEPRESSING song?????????
open heart surgery questions..need info?
is it OK to check out meat at the urinal? I like to stare and be seen. Am I gay or just curious?
I'm starting to scare myself, on my way to bulemia?
What can you do when you are anxious and deep breathing won't help?
I just found out my 10yr old was on here answering questions...?
so what's so wrong about cutting your wrists, as long as you don't go too deep?
loosing hope and possibly my mind?
What's your oddest fear?
Can you get Swine Flu from your Keyboard?