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what happens if dialysis patients take in too much phosphorus?
Should I Go See A Doctor Because Of This?
i always feel like throwing up?
does northwestern memorial hospital in chicago except medicad?
over weigh dieabetic?
Can low blood sugar effect a fetus at 26 weeks?
Can blood test determine a person's race?
How do you read a diabetes chekc machine? the monitor? what do the numbers stanf for? pleaseeee help!?
Any information on type 2 diabetes due to fluke parasites?
am i diabetic???
Alcohlol and Diabetes?
trypsin and insulin are the same thing?
Do I have low blood sugar?
Novo Rapid & Slow Release Carb Foods?
how long should diabetes pills be used?
does that diabetic inhaler taste bad?
the idea that medical procedures might move offshore was unthinkable.what trends have facilitate this process?
Advice concerning buying insulin from canadian pharmacies on line.?
Scar tissue because of Hernia surgery?
By doctor told me he was concerned about my low blood pressure. I do not want to be on medication for anything
After just a week my Janumet quit working. Blood sugar is back up to 340. Why did this happen? Any answers?
Why is my glucose count higher in the morning, before eating, than it is after breakfast?
Did I Get A Charley Horse?
How did you fracture/break your________?
owwww my ankle is really killing me and i have a soccer game 2marrow HELP!?
Is it dangerous for me to be in an Eptopic Atrial Rythm?
Is it safe to drink alcohol if you had rheumatic fever and it affected your heart?
what is the treatment for someone with a history of stroke and who just had a brain aneurysm? He can not be?
anyone had lipotripsy and fast or abnomal heat rate?
When I was young, I had a "seizure", but was it really one?
Does alcohol increases bad chlosterol?
is this an ingrown toenail?
If you snap your shin in half, would it get amputated?
angina pectoris decubitus?
What are major indications to put a patient on VENTILATOR?
how do i take someones blood pressure properly?
What do you do if you think you've popped a vein?
Can u mix Epsom salt with muscle rub?
I had a large polyp removed 8 days ago but the stem is still there. I have had pain ever since.?
Can Azor cause muscle pain?
Remedies for sore feet and ankles from walking?
Could i have chipped a bone in my shin?
How much does a NAAT STD test cost?
i get white discharge +pale urination with burning and weakness +stomach upset?
HIV and Acne. Are they related?
geonorea! how can someone transmit it? or get it!?
std testing how old do you have to be?
I got a lip piercing two days ago and my lip ring goes completley through the hole? what does this mean =/?
AHHHH! help me please :)?
Could you please read my symptoms and give me your opinion?
Gonerrea experts lol (help plese!)?
i want to get tested for stds and i am very nervous...?
Does anyone know about METRONIDAZOLE?
WHat is HIV and aids???? :)?
How can I make it feel like I got enough sleep tonight after a pretty long study session?
How do I stop getting sleep paralysis at 13 years old?
non REM sleep is covered by 1-3 stages or 1-4 stages?
My friend took 3 750 mg vicodine pills around 10 40 this morning its 9 32 pm is he alright to go to sleep?
is missing one night of sleep bad.?
do people generally feel better or worse after they "survive" a cancer compared to before they were diagnosed?
I'm worried about a growth in my neck, any ideas on what it could be?
What is Swine Flu????
Swine flu = future zombie virus. Im calling it now.?
Has the swine flu came to California yet?
Can you die from always having pus in your tonsils?
Help Please! Will The Antibiotic Cipro get rid of Thrush?
Do i have the swine flu?
What anti-biotics do you need to get rid of Strep Throat?
what can i do for urinary tract infections?
can you have high white blood cell count and not uti?
How to get rid of headlice?
I'm ill, how can I get better quickly?
could i have swine flu?
I need to get a fever fast?
do you know anyone with the Swine flu? or do you have it yourself?
in the Swine Flu on level 4 still or has it gone to 5?
Do I have the swine flu?
What does my friend have? (need serious answers)?
what's going on here???
What types of people spread HIV?
Do I have a bladder infection?
who wants to come to my wedding?
My daughters fear of dogs, please help?
Im 17 and I have a hyperactive attack nearly everyday?
Quetion help????help?
What do trans and saturated fats do to your body?
what foods help stop a runny nose for about 2 hours?
What could these be symptoms of?
Had a sphincterotomy surgery done for anal fissure and the fissure came back. What happens next?
How to get rid of sickness?
i think i broke my flaboingshabang?
im so nervouse and scared wat do i do?
my lower stomach help please?
What happened and will it happen again?
I need help please, tummy problems?
why do i have a bruise now!?!?
I ran into a pole, possible fracture?
Whats wrong with my wrist?
just a quick question about carbamazepine?
My wrist hurts when I bend up up or down.... What is it?
How long until I will be back to basketball after injury?
My ear feels really weird?
have you ever stepped on a balloon by accident and popped it?
HELP! My son's lip is healing in 2 pieces?
My knee is swollen and in Pain what could it be?
Occupational Therapy vs. Physical Therapy?
baby powder?
I have just developed a rash on both my arms, just wondered if anyone else gets a rash whilst on Marzipan?
I can't get rid of this stuff?
can drinking too much gatter aid cause skin problems?
if you could get rid of anything in life what would it be...i would get rid of hate....?
why my 6 years old son has very dry skin and brittle nails?? what vitamin or mineral is he lacking???thanx?
whats the best treatment for vitilgo?
If a person has plantar warts on their foot, and they touch it change bandaids, can they get the wart on hands
Can you use LIQUID dial soap on your infected piercing?
Dermatologist appt ?????
what is the best home remedy 4 treating facial hair?
I removed a zit a few weeks ago now I have small redish spot on my chin?
white dots.?
bio oil make up and acne?
What do you do if you have a blood blister, but are scared to pop it with a needle?
what is this? like in my on my (hand) finger tips the skin is pelling off a little and its not on the nails.?
Quuestion about lasar eye.?
How can I make one of my contacts blurry?
what does my eye glass prescription mean?
Is eye muscle surgery worth the risk if your condition is very mild?
I have problems with my eyes. anyone help? needs fast answer?
Why Do I Have Different Coloured Eyes?
I got a paper cut in my eye?
what is an average cost for a chiropractor?
Lower abdominal pain?
How does migraine start?
Hit my head..........?
Why do my muscles keep cramping a lot?
when i tense my right calf muscle it hurts?
hydroco overdose sighns?
how can I lower my uric acid?
After being hit in the face I have a tingling sensation in my upper lip when my cheek is pressed? what is this?
My abs really hurt....?
Day after tailors bunion surgery. Are these side effects normal?
a step brother with autism, help please?
URGANT! i have had....?
How many Kidney Biopsy should one have?
What could be wrong with me?
What feels worse a meth comedown or a opiate withdrawal?
Does anyone know of this "K30" or "Southbeach" incense stuff?
How many tramadol AN 627 pills do I have to take to get high?
where can i buy noni juice in melbourne?
Long term health risk of nicotine pills?
Why would someone want "The Gift"?
can i get herpes from kissing even though there were no break out at the time?
How can a couple with AIDS have a baby?
when i urinate it really burns?
i think i have a std how do i find out?
Do some places not give HIV results over the phone?
Already had a positive high risk HPV result no insurance.?
what is the most common effect of syphilis?
Can a girl get an STD from swallowing?
Really worried? Spit cause an std or something?
Serious realtionship with HIV+ guy...?
non toxic??
Should I work tommorrow?
What is the Normal pulse rate of a person?
Can anyone suggest a reliable prescription antihistamine and decongestant? I need to switch from QDall.?
What is Thin flim?
is having chest pains and short of breath noremal after Alcohol Poisoning?
sore throat?
Kennel cough?
hey i accidentally inhaled a little bit of cigar smoke?
Where to move when you have horrible asthma?
Why do I wheeze when I yawn?
One of my friends (17, male) suffers from chest pain if he holds his breath for some time.?
How to treat Bronchitis or coughing up pleghms?
how loung has it been since i post a [email protected]?
My boyfriend is coughing up blood?
Want to quit smoking but keep raspy voice?
Are Puritan Pride vitamins good quality?
What do you think she has?
information about coummadin levels?
A basic question about energy in our body..?
When you get a blood test, what do they do with the blood when they are finished with it, why dont they use it
How do I get my blood sugar to go down?
Why does Type 2 diabetes weaken the immune system?
Diabetes and Cinnamon??
Sugar Levels at 167 while sick, is it normal?
Type 1 diabetes?????
What do your feet look and feel like when you start to become diabetic?
Who has had experience with the insulin pump?
what foods can I eat to decrease my blood sugar quickly if it goes to high?
Hypoglycemia is where your blood sugar is too low. And diabetes is when it's too high, correct?
Where can I get me some PPA=phenylprolamine?
Are insurance companies to blame for high medical cost?
does peeing on the side of the toilet really work?
what do i do if i accidently ate a decent amount of 2 month old chips that looked moldy?
Is there any CRNA program that I don't need a BSN first?
I moisture my skin with Nivea but I heard some creams may weaken your veins and cause varicose veins, so...?
Dad won't take me to the doctor because...?
Can a sinus infection cause irregular hart beat?
what is the best diet going now.?
why is that more women are into yoga than men?
Why do I need to avoid the bar during exercises?
Has anyone here had anorexia?
what is the best way to breath to save air when you are competing in a sprinting track event?
does hard alcohol make you skinnier? (or shrink your stomach)?
Whats the most effective, exercise website? (has to be free too)?
Ready to get in shape after having a baby, have started exercising but need to know a good diet.?
What is a kilojoule? How does it compare to a calorie?
How does human growth hormone work for athletes?
what are the best foods to eat being diabetic?
how can i lose my weight with low cost budget?
I'm trying to loose my stomache fat and I was wondering what is the most efficient way to loose it?
does atkins work for everyone?
I broke my toe nail pretty far down, What can i do so i dont have to cut it?
i have hit my head while diving in pool.?
What is the difference between hemorrhagic shock and hypovolemic shock?
Advice on Scarification?
Why did I get a nosebleed while washing my face?
I was told these could be seizures?
what the best treatment for bee sting?
Why do i prefer removing my spects when reading ?
Is it normal that my eyes keep watering?
Why would this stop working?
What do i do??? (kinda long)?
Bump On the back of my head?
does nycnta work well for lower back pain?
Whole family cant shake colds / flu / coughs / chest infections?
can a fly in ur mouth kill u? or make u sick?
my child has a high fever what can i do ?
my 16 year old has a virus and has been vomiting for 4 days and hasn't been able to keep anything down?
what should i do if someone came to my house who haveflesh eating virus.?
Should i go to school if i have mono?
What are symptoms of the Swine Flu?
swine flu or allergies?
What do the Pandemic threat awareness levels mean?
are we getting a cure for the swine flu any time soon?
freaking about swine flu?
why do bugs like to bite us when we are sleeping? what can we do to prevent that?
How do I get rid of a cold?
tonsils are swollen help!!!?
Will the 2009-2010 flu vaccine protect against the swine flu H1N1 strain?
can tonsils that has been removed come back?
I have AIDS and I dont know what to do!!!%?
what are these the symptoms of?
I need to know what are the simptons for the Swine Flu?
can I get rabies from kicking a dead bat?
Why am I having this chest pain?
Will the ringing in my ear go away once my ear infection leaves?
Cancer is uncontrolled mitosis. What can go wrong so that normal cells become abnormal?
is it too risky to do lumbar disk hernation surgery if it was done with expert ?
I detoxed for a job, and was clean. took 2 hits of a piece, how long will it take?
Should I clean some white fluidy gooey stuff under my healing toenail that's partially ripped off?
Can i play football with a broken toe? without permanent effects?
How long should you be out of school with Thoracic Vertebrae Bruise?
Lower back muscle pulls when I suddenly run? Help me please....!?
Best way to heal from a pulled groin?
Have you ever liked someone you see all the time?
How anyone can come out from depression?
Can Zoloft Make You Sleep More?
Need a list of mental health group home companies in Pittsburgh, PA?
wat in this whoile world irritates U?
Why do some people on here ask questions about suicide?
Why some people are easily depressed and tensed....while some dont get depression at all?
Positive Mantra's?
What could cause the heart to "skip a beat" out of nowhere?
i am 42yrs old my blood presuremostly100/140what should do for good pressure?
I have depression. What should I do?
My 14 yr old daughter needs help.?
i feel so depressed and i want to cry when i am at work because i usually keep it all inside?
Names of Dowites Cardiologist in USA, Houston/New York? Thanks.?
Clinical sign and symptoms of hypokalemia?
Info needed on drug used during open heart surgery--pronounced something like trace-i-nol.?
My blood pressure is always kind of high?
How can I get my father to care about himself?
What does low blood pressure mean and what causes it?
mechanism to produce eeg arousal (medical)?
How does the human body process heart disease? Will science be able to eventually do something about this?
A person with a heart rate of 40 has no P waves but normal QRS complexes on the ECG. What is the explanation?
Question about a diuretic?
Is coffe increaing blood pressure?
What are side effects of tachycarduim?
How does Galactosaemia cause jaundice?
I have vertigo, what can i do?
What is this bump on my foot?
How to get rid of this illness in under 8 hours??? Please help!?
i need california state laws regarding partner notification for HIV, AIDS, and other STIs?
Can you get herpes from a toilet seat?
What are my chances of contrcting HIV?
someone should help me and?
What are the chances of my child getting a cold sore/being infected with HSV-1?
How many of you currently have AIDS right now?
y is it that my boyfriends c** is sometimes clear and sometimes white?
I used someones els cup who has herpes simplex?
How do I fall asleep?
What are easy/simples ways to falling asleep ?
Pea sized lump please help?
I was on seriquil 4 sleep medicaid wont pay,now it seriquil xr,cant sleep til 4,&tired all day ? crush it?
What does it mean when your insurance card says "retail copay(30 day supply) 10/20/40$"?
hymen breaking question?
Broken/fractured/sprained hand/knuckle? Help please?
what system suffers damage when an ankleis sprained?
Can you kiss someone if you have stitches in your lip?
Pulled Muscle please help?
What is the problem with my right pointer finger?
Will I need a back brace?
What is the lump on the back of my neck?
my mother had a fall oaver 2 years ago. The hospital misdiagnosed her and sent her home with a broken pelvis.?
hit my head a month ago small indent, is it okay?
Bump in middle of the head?
What can I do about my hand?
can u drink and walk?
What cereals are OK for diabetics to eat...food for diabetics?
does anyone know how to go about getting an insulin pump?
what is diabetes incipetus?
Why do my feet have a lump on the inner sides of them?
what is the normal range of blood sugar when fasting?
help needed re diabates?
i have a rash, whats it from?
what can diabetes do to your body?
Are liquid soaps unhealthy?
im haveing bad chest pain.why?
has anyone brought any prescriptions from canada or mexico. With and with a script from the doctor?
what could my son have?
i have a cold and im a diabetic. my sugar has been around 170 since ive been taking some cold medicine read on
Sleeping and napping? Is it healthy?
Is it safe to take Actos in view of the negative propoganda against a similar drug called Avandia.?
what is the precise cause of gait imbalance in diabetic nerve damage?
I heard that in koriya there is a treatment for blood suger treating the blood it self to qure the diabatic?
Is there any blood treatment to qure diabatic found in Koriya?
Does anyone know what this might be or, how to try and alleviate some of the symptoms?
For diabetic persons, which excercise is better, either cycling or walking?
Never had mornin sickness so is excessive saliva n sick 2 my stomach mornin sickness have 2 boys never had it?
How would your health insurance know when u have reached the dollar value limit of your deductible?
Why do I keep getting nosebleeds?
what do you think i should i do?
"""CLENBUTEROL""? do it burns fat? is it steroid?if then demerits...?
Eye test using dilation drops -- my eyes are still dilated, is it normal?
Feels like something in my eye but there is nothing there?
What diopter goggles would I need?
how to keep my eye vision good?
is it normal for someones eyes to be bloodshot red when they wake up in mid sleep?
I just accidentally scratched my lens of a glasses...?
what is wrong with my eye? Inside corner?
Sticky contact lenses...?
how long do you have to smoke to blacken your lungs?
Why am i all phlegmy?
What is the most prescribed medication by doctors?
Does the Pseudoephedrine (medication for sinus) give you energy?
Anybody else have this feeling?
Deep breathing exercises leave me dizzy?
Do i have asthma?
Can you explain how Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis contributes to COPD?
what does it mean if your creatinine is low?
What's up with the throat?? Had a sore right tonsil for over 1mo, its very mild, but has some white stuff?
How do I get rid of sleep apnea without using one of those machines?
How many of you x-smokers dream of smoking?
whjy are some colds weaker than others?
asthma at night?
what is that org against cigg.smoking-tobacco, truth something?
Where can you find free Respiratory CEUS online?
My poor grandmom :(?
my breathing dis-order...pls help me someone...pls urgent?
Man Girdle? Where can one go to try one on at?
What "other" Available Remedies For hay fever is there?
i took one percocet last night will it show in my urine tonight?
weird feeling in arm after going to chiropractor?
How will using Retin-A affect my skin?
ماهي أحسن عيادات الأسنان في الحشوات والتسوس ( مجرب ) بالرياض?
What diet pills are best?
Should you take probiotics before or after your meal?
Whats a home remedy for a toothache?
Is it normal for a tick bite to be swollen, kind of hard and purple?
I am having Fulkerson osteotomy and I'm wondering will it help correct genu varum (bow legs)?
how long does it take for a self inflicted burn to heal?
Ant Bites...how long does it stay red and bumpy?
I just pierced my lip and i have gotten a blood blister on my lip. What can I do to treat it?
I woke up this morning and when I looked at my right arm?
How to get rid of a mosquito bite? Fast?
What is a healthy way for my sister to lose weight?
What does the term glycosylation mean?
I read about a diet i think was called MWLF system. Can anyone help me find it?
just wondering??
How can i look pounds slimmer in a couple of days?
Why am i so addicted to cookies? and how can i stop?
Ladies: What is your favorite exercise for weight loss?
I think I'm getting fat, what should I do to stay slim?
How can I control my emotional eating?
3wks from now is my wedding day..it's hard enough for me to slim down a bit..can u suggest w/o doin' exercise?
Should you eat lunch first or take a walk first?
I want to go on a Water Diet how would that work, how many days would i have to do it, and does it work?
how do I get that chizzled look on my face?
Is it ok to work out if you're still sore from a previous work out?
Am 163 cm ...and 68 kilo.....how much weight i should lose?
I weigh 140 lbs, and im 15 years old. Over the summer i want to get up to at least 155-160. Any suggestions?!
is it possible to gain 20 pounds of muscle in one summer?
Has anyone ever gone on a liquid diet? Like just drinking protein shakes or ensure.?
What are the best kind of exercise that you can do to tone your middle section up???
Is there a diet pill that will help me lose weight fast?
Is eating sushi bad for you?
How far can you run without stopping?
y is my eye?
Embarrassed to Go to Doctor?
The Naked Brothers Band makes about 1,000$-500$ A show right?
Where And Could I Buy Betamethasone?
sweat problem?
small bumps that feel like splinters....?
poison ivy?
i think i have strep throat but idk what should i do wait or go to the hospital?
My roommate has a staph infection... should I be worried?
How can you tell if you have a bladder infection when you're too embarrassed to see a doctor?
Is 99.1 as a temperature a fever?
im pretty sure i have a uti?
Is the swine flu really as bad as we're made to believe?
People have gotten the Swine flu and lived......right?
diarrhea all the time what can i do?
throwing up my uti medication?!?
I sneezed today. When will I expect to kick the bucket?
Could be Swine Influenza transferred from internet shopping?
Should I cancel my trip to San Diego this week? (Swine Flu)?
How to stay safe from the Swine flu? im 15 and go to a large high school...?
Remedies for the Flu?
Do flu shots really help preventing one from getting the flu?
Is my friend having swine flu?
signs for ring worms?
my child has earinfection only 7 months old i have gave her everything what should i do fever is 103.?
how can I get rid of worms in my dog?
Is swine flue a myth ?
Why is it that mosquitoes do not transfer aids?
what happends to pid after you treat chlamyida?
The truth about HPV...?
I found out I may have HPV?
How can HIV lead to AIDS?
How many normal paps can you have after HPV to not spread?
Three questions about herpes...?
Should I go and get STD tested?!?
STD symptoms - online resources - HSV & HPV?
Please help me with this problem!?
If you are diagnosed with PTSD and Tbi and undergo treatment but are still returned to duty with this diagnosi?
I have mono but I feel better after a couple weeks?
What's wrong with me?
why does water make feel cold and jittery?
why is my nut clear ?
Can I take benadryl and cough syrup at the same time?
Is this an Allergic reaction?
Only the left side of my nose is clogged..?
i have an allergic reaction to hair dye?
how can you tell if you have a lactose intolerance?
how do you know if mold is making you sick what would be the symptoms and how long does it usually take to mak?
How can I tell If I'm allergic to grass?
Could my son have a eosinophilic disorder?
seveer allergic reaction?
My whole family is breaking out in hives?
where can i find history relating to the old knowle hospital in fareham?
I don't know if it's just me but some times when i dream i become emotional in real life too?
any information on inner child therapy, books,internet,groups etc.?
Heart attack in young women??? What causes?
Controlled high blood pressure and birth control?
if you have any medical experience/knowledge or if you think you know what this is.please answer??!!?
How not to fall asleep at school?
Im getting over a cold & now my tongue feels like its burnt or something but I have no pain, just a bad taste.?
how can i sleep with a black medical boot! please!?
I can move my weird muscle in hand?
I got fingered tonight and now it burns when i pee?
How too get too sleep and stay asleep at night. Without medication! Need the help bad!!?
Do you think this is a pinched nerve?
Can your stomach muscles get caught on the outside of your rib cage?
The basket-ball hit the top of my fingers and i can't move them. help!?
without stating the obvious, how can you tell if you need crutches?
Has anyone ever heard of an eye injury in embroidery?
Does spine damage can be healed?
How to get my sleeping back on track?
Ankle pain with no name?
i fell and hit my shoulder a week ago?
can tingling feet come from a pinched nerve? please help me?
Why do womens' legs tend to bend backwards at the knee when standing? Is it double-jointedness or what?
Question about the NHS? 10 points.?
How can I great broad shoulder blades?
why cant i sleep i always get warm and my nose gets stuffy anybody knows whats wron? i have chronic bronchitis?
Why do you get sick sometimes when you sleep?
HOW???? How do i grow taller?
could i use electrical tape for stretching my ears?
Inner corner of eye swelling & painful?
What should i do about swine flu??should i be worried?
Tick on male private area?
how do i know if i have swine flu?
Is my tongue piercing infected!?
if u have laproscope surgery dou have to stay in hospital for a couple days or will u come home the same day?
risk of getting hiv/aids by sharing a toilet with someone who has it?
can i get aids from this?
is there a cure for hiv?
Chills, headache, sore throat, sore neck?
chicken pox?
i have black diarrhea what does that mean?
my daughter is 3 and she has a fever of 101.0. should i let her sweat it out. should i take her to the doctor?
Is the swine flu really bad and is it going to be like the plegue?
swine flu.......................?
How many Qs about swine flu will there be by the end of the week...?
My child has been running fever off and on for 2 weeks, but not feeling ill, what could it be?
Have Strep Throat symptomes...?
am i pregnet? or do i have the stomic flu?
Who are the soundest people in the Hospital?
Got stung by something outside!!?
I want to know what spider bit me?
is it bad if white creamy liquid comes out of my lip ring hole?
what are two ways that aids changed our way of life forever?
If one person has stds and the other doesn't, what happens when you want kids?
If one does something that transmits H.I.V. with an H.I.V.-positive person, will they always get H.I.V.?
If someone with AIDS put some of their blood in a glass of soda and you didnt know and drank it will you get A?
can you give type 1 herpes from zits?
i have a small problem with my urethra?
What are the procedures that family members need to take when living with someone who has herpes.?
std check-up? long island?
What is an inverted hawk eye?
I had PRK, is my eye ok?
What color contacts should I try?
Help with glasses for 5yr old ?
Can I take Decilone forte for my sore eyes?
Is having 100 w black light without protector?
I have a lazy eye and need answers?
What would be the safest way to go about purchasing circle lenses?
Can i get glasses in the same day of my eye dr appointment?
Glasses focus vision but make it blurry?
Where can i find the best tasting protein mix ?
will topping up your good bacteria cause a superbug?
How do I overcome my attachment to food?
r u over weight if ur5'1 14yrsand weigh 140?
what is metabollism?
what is an Isreali army diet plan ?
Will the Atkins Diet raise your Cholestorol?
How do I lose weight very fast?
Has anyone ever heard of Glucofast and does it work?
does green tea make you lose weight?
i'm trying to get ripped for the summer should i start smoking crack,and how many hits should i take?
Weight loss in 8 Days?
What's the easiest and/or quickest way to lose weight?
how to train to not have a belly?
How do I get started on the Weight Watchers diet?
What is the better way to loose weight? Martial arts (example: Aikido), or going to the gym?
how to slim yourneck?
I have PCOS & would like to know more about a low GI diet??
How to become fit and muscular faster without any workout materials, simply at home?
What are glyconutrients and how do they help the immune system?
I saw sauna belt on tv. pretty interesting. is it that effective?
I really need to lose 60 pounds in the next two months,can someone help?
how many caloris needed to loose 8 kilos?
chances of surviving a stroke?
My pillows strain my head and gimme a headache... i dont know how to describe my pillow?
is my digestive system ok?
Could my arm lifting be a reflex..?
How do I get rid of Hiccups?
Im A Drug User.And Ive Got Some Questions For Quitting.?
Getting A Parent on Disability?
diabetic training as an outpaient in baylor hospital dallas,tx?
my 10 year old son has diabetes type 2?
Do low calorie sweeteners have any adverse side effect?
I think I have Peripheral vascular disease.?
Blood sugar 149 hour and a half after i ate...?
can sleep, getting enough rest heal hollows(sunk in look) under neath the eyes at it's early stage?
Difficult sleep position?
Sudden drop in my temperature?
What is going on with me?
if you have healthcare do you want others to have it also?
Swollen Fingers for Days!! Help!!?
ive had a fever a headache and been really dizzy and when i turn my eyes it hurts...for 4 days.how much longer?
I can't get my ear won't to pop?
Ok how can I get people back on my side?
Do I have a gallbladder problem?
i have had pins and needle's for about 10 minuets now . what should i do?
something stuck in my throat?
Does cracking your joints as a youngster have a side effect?
inconstant lower back bone pain?
Exactly how much nutmeg will kill you(ground & Fresh)?
what are cuprofen pills?
Hola miren tube una entrevista de trabajo,pero los nervios me traicionan por mas q intento controlarme...?
Does anyone know of another med that I can take?
Taking these tablets same time is it okay ?
My gauge is infected. ?
Is Is it Possible to get an std from drinking someone elses drink if they are infected?
how do i know/ask for my fiancees' blood group,genotype, & HIV Status without it causing any....?
is it safe after it dries if it comes in contact with food?
Hi my HCG level is 174 it has only gone up by 90 in 48 hours is this normal? I am poss 4weeks ?
how ling do the hiv virus live outside the body?
HIV 1/HIV 2 Antiboy result is Non Reactive, means what?
do i have a UTI problem?
Could I have a false positive herpes test?
Help with Croup?
my doctors office is closed on saturay's. If I go to the emergency room (i have a virus/cold/somethin) and i
Have anger, aggression, psychosis, etc w/ ADVAIR and/or ALBUTEROL?
Nasal congestion whenever I lie down?
i sleep with a cpap. can this cause ringing in the ears?
how do you get rid of a common cold, or get to sleep with the cold?
how do you fix an asthma attack?
why is semi fowler's position being done with patients who have airway obstruction?
Why has Christina Aguilera contracted a viral upper respiratory tract infection?
What is the name of the respiratory infection caused by air conditioning units?
how long is the process???
I have a burning type sensation in lower throat/lungs?
is respiratory therapist easier than registered nurse? (working wise)?
what does it mean when you dream you are a virgin?
Brother with swine flu! Help!?
personal opinion on swine flu ?
How did the doctors misdiagnose that guy who was supposedly "In a vegetative state"?
Can I get HIV this way?
Can a bladder infection kill you?
Swine Flu help?????????????????
Omg does my best friend have the swine flu? (here are his symptoms)?
Is it safe to mix dayquil sinus and dayquil cold and flu?
What kinds of medicines can you take if you have the flu?
I thiink Im catching a cold, how to prevent?
11 year old with 102.8 temp?
i have every single symptom of swine flu except nausea and vomiting do you think i have it?
HELP? Should i do this and what are the dangerous??
Where is the best place to throw away unwanted antibiotics?
Hi,I was wondering... I have never had chicken pox and im 23, today my friend discovered her two year old has?
Why is it Named A(H1N1) or Swine Flu and Why does A(H1N1) spread rapidly?
What is achocol poisoning?
Do you think i have swine flu?
swine flu outbreak in school URGENT!!!?
COntracting HIV????HELP ME :(?
i have a fungal infection in my fingure what i should eat or use chemical?
I cut a tablet in half for my nephew will it have the same affect as if he swallowed it hole?
my doctor prescribed DIFFERIN 1% cream for me????
Getting rid of stretch marks??
i'm I gonna get bad breakouts tommorow?
what is verruca? and what is the best medicinal treatment for it?
What is Soariases Skin decease?
Seriously! lots of stretch mark on my belly?
Does AcneFree really Work?
how can you tell if you have bed bug's, and how do you get rid of them?
blister type itch under feet & some time on hands?
dry but oily, weird??
I just got a pit bull puppy.he has cuts (look like blisters) on his paw pads.Do I have to go to the vet?
question for NEMINLY!?
Skin question maybe rash and pictures!!!?
hair grows back very thick after waxing?
what are some ways to remove cold sores?
If you get a cut on a freckle, like a bad one, will the freckle grow back?
When i sing my nose gets stopped up and i cant breathe out of it?
Do i have allergies?! What's with my nose?!?
Can allergy injections make you sick?
Help with allergic reaction!?!?
Whats the best Allergy Medicine for me?
Allergy? Around smokers at casino/show...now throat itches and is red?
How Can I Get Rid of my Nasal Congestion?
Dust mite allergy?!!! Persistent cough..?
Why are my eyes red after going to the beach?
My dog keeps licking everything around her (the floor, herself, etc.) Is she having an allergic reaction?
what would happen if mold is eaten?
Are my doctors needles safe?
I crave salt. Is that a medical problem?
Should I consider Surgery?
I have severe acid reflux and i need to be cleanse.?
What is the worst medical condition to have, Asthma, Visual Migraine, Arthritis or Eczema?
how long does it take for lice to be killed?
DO I have a kidney stone based on these symptoms?
Why did I lose my voice when I feel better?
How long does it take for a finger nail scratch to go away?
I couldn't fall asleep?
Almost a week later and still can't sleep on my side?
Who recuperates first, the person who does physical labor or the person who does mental work?
Is there anything wrong ?
Did I pass out from lack of sleep?
Is it bad to sleep in a thong?
When will I start my stem cell transplant?
what are the things which can be done if i wana grow my height ( i want natural methods )?
i want to find informations about Buffalo treadmills.i bought one but the manual was in dutch.can you help me?
I want to drop 4 pants sizes. any fast ideas?
i need to know 2 examples of omega-3 fatty acids and also why theey are called omega-3 fatty acids?
lower abdominal work?
its it possible to get fat overnight?
What way is better to reduce OBESITY? Diet, Exercise or some Medication?
what is the most effective bodybuilding supplement?
What foods do you eat only because they're low in calories?
can potasium and magnesium reduce hypertension?
did china sell to usa any ivig this yr that was tainted?
does anyone have diabetic foot neuropathy? my husband has it and tried Lyrica for a while but pain is back?
Is There A Class Action Suit In Effect For Avandia?
Is there any effect of bitter kola on pregnancy. Is it safe for a pregnant woman to take bitter kola nut ?
child diabetes/pump?
i am type2 diabetic..can i have tropicana or any other juice with no added sugar?
How can I get free diabetic test strips?
Which is good sugar and which is bad sugar?
What kinds of food should you and shouldn't you eat if you have glucose intolerance?
what is boldenona 200 ?
how much has to come your blood test to check wheather you are diabets or not?
I didnt want to go to the doctor..?
How did you lose weight and stay away from bad foods? Tips???
I started to take glucophage 850mg and glucerma sr plus gliclazide will this show up in urine or blood test?
STD Test Results. Help me figure this out pls?
Can you get HIV from a peck on the lips?
Is it possible for your body to fight off STDs before they start?
i was tested hiv after 10 weeks possible exposure and tested negative by combi aids test am i think safe?
If I think i have chlamydia but my doctor appointment isnt for another week will it be ok/?
Just got done antibiotics for uti still having urge to pee is this normal?
Im about to get my physical for sports,im 15 and have an std. I dont want my parents to know!?
Is this an STD or something? Please help:)?
Is local anesthesia safe for a patient with past post radiation paralysis?
Can I take my meds again?
can a hospital give suboxones?
Literally can't sleep, alternatives to sleeping pills?
looking for information of 5htp, anyone taken it and how much do you take?
What is this Sickness that i have?
Can you cure strip throat without going to the doctor?
what do you think, my kids got vaccinated , but now there sick?
Was it possible for me to get HIV?
is nintedo D.S. dangerous to children's eye?
how do you make mono worse?
How sick can you get with HIV?
Why should a person worry about the swine flu?
Is it still possible to contract the swine flu even if you got the flu shot?
what are the symptoms of the flu or swine flu?
What about swine flu?
Am i over exagerating?
I been having fevers on and off for half a year.I will be fine one minute, and the next one im very sick?
Can a fever make your body hurt?
What is the best thing for a sore throat?
why is swine flue a big deal?
I know for a fact I have swine flu...?
What does it mean when a person gets swine flu and doesn't die?
Lortab, Tramadol, Zoloft together.....?
What's the price of colored eye contacts?
Why is there a little bump on my eyeball?
Why does Pudsey Bear wear an eye patch?
I have trouble putting in contacts!?
Eyestrain, a few questions. Please help.?
Theres a drop of blood in my right eye, what is that?
why are my eyes red and veiny?
Dark under eye circles- dervera reviews?
has anyone used the eye relax device or the oo eye exerciser device? if you have did it improve vision?
So in both my eyes there are small white spots in the bottom. Does this mean anything?
Uncontrolable eye movement?
I got poked in the eye!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!!?
Y do my lungs feel pressured?
Is it safe to wear 2 contacts at once?
are stomach acid and extreme fatigue related?
Middle-of-the-Night insomnia? Please help! 10 points best answer.?
if your a smoker and you wanna have the windows up its your perogative so whats the big issue.?
I am pretty sure this is insomnia?
does the migraine continue with foreign accent syndrome?
Is it bad if I start showing symptoms of hypoglycemia at around 85-90 mg/dL?
What could be wrong with me?! PLEASE HELP?
Why does diarrhea cause stomach bloatage?
I see dead people, please help!?
Is it still normal to bloat after eating a meal? I suffer from celiac disease-gluten/dairy.?
tall short or average?
2 questions, Free Points for one of them?
Can sinus infection cause arm pain while flying?
Are Speed and Aderroll the same thing? ?
why do i wet myself every time I fall asleep?
How much time (how many hours) does it take to perform a laparoscopic appendectomy?
I have severe pain on the outer part of my shin?
Bruised knee...badly.?
Am I properly taking care of my post-embedded ear piercing?
knee not healed after 3 weeks?
How long does the pinkness/ redness from a second degree burn last?
How do osteoclasts know when to stop eating away at the bone when.....?
Should I play baseball if I hurt my hamstring yesterday and it still hurts?
Where would you stab someone in the head for it to be instantly fatal?
Pain in right side of my knee?
Does anyone know what is the best non-surgical treatment for undereye bags?
red, dark bump on the pad of?
why my acne gets so much better when i take a break of watching my face and sleep all day?
Ladies Only Please?
what moisturizer for acne prone skin??
After infection has been treated for cellulitus in lower legs , can skin area be surgically replaced.?
Could this be serious, or is it just something that will go away?
where can i find sources on rosacea?
What is the best Roseaca treatment?
do juice helps heal acne scars?
are these acne going to stay?
i have less hair beard, how can i increase them? any treatment?
how long does it take for the MEPS to consider you for a medical wiaver?
i just threw up and...?
Help with stool problems!?
Ganglion has returned?
Headaches..ear aches..am I getting sick?
Can i take OEP even though i have anxiety?
help lots of pain in lower knee?
How do I make my bug bites go away?
Why does my brother always bite his toenails?
bug bite? or something more serious? Should i be been by a doctor?
Earlobe extreamly swollen after stretching?
what type of itch itches the most? poison ivy? posion oak? mosquito bite?bee sting?
i just ate undercooked bacon what should i do?!?!!?
Pocked by weed... Now my finger is swollen... HELP!?
there is something reallyy tiny and black stuck in my finger?
Can you Get H.I.V. from a toilet seat? How long Does H.I.V. live out side the blood streem?
Can you get rid of chlamydia?
Why didnt my "positive" show up right away? Please help!?
is this an std or i am i crazy?
Could this be an std?
Herpes and depression?
would my chlamydia go away if i digested??plz help?
Is Hpv an Std, and is it passed throw direct skin too skin contact?
Does the HPV shot hurt a lot?
Does the government offer any kind of financial help to people with HIV/AIDS?
What should i say to the gp to stop my self getting embrassed? and how do i go ahead in booking an appointment?
Am I allergic to cats?
What is the absolutely fastest way to get rid of a stuffy nose?
why does my throat itch after eating a Banana?
Is it ok to take Clarityn for my allergies all year round?
Could i have developed a allergic reaction to my hairdye?
feels like something stuck in my throat... Please Help?
Is This an Allergic Reaction?
is there a way to get rid of eyes that are sensitive to light?
Is there a drug like Ativan but more powerful?
How can you get rid of muscle pains in one day?
what is it like for a dislexic person?
Any ladies take or took " Zyprexa" - nerve medication? How does/ did IT affect YOU?
Bi polar meds causes weight gain?
is it true that humans use only 10%of their brains?
Eating Options for Diabetics?? Please read details and give advice?
Severe leg pains. Caused by shaving cut? Please help.?
green and blue capsule made by lilly sayys 3227 on it and is 60mg?
do you know any body who does drugs and if so what should you do to get them to stop?
Is This A Normal Stomach Ache?!?!?
how to distinguish nerve damage caused by alcoholism from that caused by diabetes?
Why has my humalog insulin stopped working?
Has anyone heard about Symlin For Insulin-Using Patients with Type 1 or type 2 Diabetes? Is anyone on it?
Is there a specific type of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) which involves a fear of drugs?
i am a diabetic & needed a cortisone shot 4 a trigger finger. How long until the hi blood sugars go away?
I would like to get a credit card but my credit score is about 519 is there a good credit card I could get. Th
Y do I keep washing my hands???
How long can someone live while being given rescue breaths?
Are glucose levels reported in different measurement terms in Europe and U.S.?
I think I got a crack?
Question about severe heartburn?
Seeing sparks of white light?
Lactose Intolerance, Or Lactic Acidosis? (TMI?)?
How can I improve my remembrance, and avoid decreasing of remembrance?
please help me...? my brother has mental prob.?
Why do I always have a sore shoulder all the time?
my 11 year old son has adhd?
Im a female, 45 and I have started to loose my hair since I was 40. I have no females in my family with this.?
I have a precision QID meter and a Precision Xtra. Can anyone tell me why they vary in readings so much?
Has anyone had a problem on the Accord study for diabetes?
Charcot Marie Tooth?
If you're positive you have sleep apnea do you HAVE to get a sleep study done or can you just buy the machine?
My 3 1'2 month old was diagnosed with Bronchitis, he is on Amoxicillin. I want to know if any of ya'll...?
what are these sharp pains in my lungs?
What to expect at an asthma checkup?
sm purplpill "ABG" 1 side "30" on other side ?
i need to know if a collapse trachea on the soft side can be fix.?
Asthma Test Necessary Or Not???
I can't breathe?
how long will I be coughing up blood after having pneumonia?
Is there other kinds of methods to stop asthma attacks?
how to get rid of incubus sinister ?
How do nebulizers work?
i cant hear vary well in my right ear?
Is it true that in ICU, adults get ventilated with pipe via mouth, while children get a trach (not via mou?
Sore throat?
Bronchitis symptoms?
Side Effect Of Medince???
So far what states are affected by the swine flu? How many lives do u think it will claim b 4 it stops?
is the swine flu mist effective?
swine flue and the movie i am legend.....?
what is the risk in kissing someone who has HIV?
out of the following which one has the most germs?
If a mother with AIDS passes it on the the unborn child....?
could I have contracted bed bugs from a hug?
If you had a sore throat, then the sniffles, and it went to your to your chest would your see a doctor
Can you tell me what sickness i have?
swine flu,bird flu and the regular flu?
Was H1N1 a pandemic?
Diarrhea question? Thanks?
How much blood for an HIV test?
Can amoxicillan be used to treat a staph infection?
what could be causing bloody stool?
I want to avoid paying for a doctor visit if possible. I have a sore throat with a bad cough.?
AIDS, i need answers.?
could it kill you to drink while on an antibiotic?
one question about swine flu?
Is my lower back pain a serious injury?
I have a bump on the back of my head?
How can i prevent the scar tissue on my toe from hurting?
Heard a pop in my knee?
Anyone ever tore their meniscus?
What do I do about my bandaged finger?
Sudden aching near shoulder?
I twisted my ankle earlier and it still hurts. Why?
17 Concussion. Brain injury?
turf rubber under my eyelid?
Can I walk on my sprained ankle?
Complete tear of knee MCL (Grade 3) and continuing soccer at a high level.?
i felt really weird yesterday after having diner?
Should I stop my delivery job for a while?
Fiance experiencing racing heart since began working 3rd shift...?
Is it normal to fall asleep without noticing/remembering?
do i have the flu or something?
when was polio vaccine implemented in the philippines?
If you want to put on insect repellent and sunscreen at the same time which one do you put on first and why?
Scary, almost asleep paralyzation?
my friend has these symptoms and im worried please can you tell us what it could be?
I feel dizzy and overly tired.?
could i get a small operation in a nhs hospital but pay for it?
could the docs be right ? scared and confussed?
should i worry about the thing that i accidentally swallowed?
Doctors....??? NOSE RIGHT.....!!?
Is it bad if it hurts to ejaculate?
can someone go to jail for giving several people an std?
HIV Question help? what are my chances my husband tested in november negative could i still be positive?
can u get sick?
Is there any chance I can have kids if I've had chlamydia?
If the HIV virus is exposed to air, than a couple of minutes later it is exposed to blood will it be "revived"?
am i alone with trich?
Where can i go to get an std test?
How do i get rid of all my emotions?
My back and stomach hurt alot!?
do orgasms really stops your period?
I don't get that full feeling from regular food help!?!?
Can I take Ativan before I go for a physical?
how does water get from your mouth- to your bladder?
Black ant bite ...............................................?
Spider Bite infected mosquito bite?
How to heal an ear infection?
How do I get ride of mites if they are on me?!??!?!?
Weird Question.?
i have rashes on my right cheeks. what do i do?
where his the temple spot on the body?
2 days ago I noticed what seemed like 2 bites on my forehead, this has now puffed up and gone red! What is it?
has anyone tried nuphadrine?
What can I do?
After bathing some redish regions are appearing on my skin and some what itching, is it any infection?
Calm nerve endings?
can you mix these acne medicens?
Dianette for acne?
I have excema. And it leaves behind white spots and they wont go away.?
what are the causes of having eyebags? && how can we remove them?...?
Does stool softener work as a laxative?
if you eat resin will it get you high?
Has anyone taken xodol before?
Green teabags vs loose tea leaves?
How much codeine to get high?
What's the difference between Midol liquid gels and just the solid pills?
Has their been any causes of death, from L-Theanine Supplement Use?
What is your opinions on Holistic Therapy?
could i be diabetic? i know i'm not pregnant but....?
How to deal with the pains because of the carpal tunnel?
numbness after piercing nose?
I hit my finger on a table now it hurt. Should I seek help?
Tore posterior cruciate ligament and later subluxed kneecap - Do I get surgery?
help having searing pain in calf?
Professional waxing & bruising?
Having a bone spur shaved out of my ankle and want to know if i can fly 2 days later?
bump on my foot from injury?
questions on syphilis?? ASAP?
I HAVE A BUMP!! it is red and small it lies on my top lip. i kissed my boyfriend lastnight. can this be a std?
what is patient educator, is that person letting a patient know that he/she is hiv positive?
i think i have vdrl what are the symptoms?
what is stds and how can you get them?
If a small child contracted herpes, what are the symptoms?
question about chlamydia and stds?
HIV tests--3 months vs. 6 months?
Me and my fiance had unprote?
Can herpes be contracted through sharing toilets with people who have it?
I have burning sensation in the point of my tongue and on my lips.?
Anyone know anything about Isolated Hemi-hypertrophy?
Chest pains/palpitations....anxiety?
Please answer this???????????????
Olympic athletes have lowered resting heart rates because...?
is ginseng good for high blood pressure?
Can you be Thin while on Prednisone?
Could Scleritis be easily misdiagnosed?
What part of the brain does chocolate affect?
can you sleep and still be conscious?
how long does nicotine stay in ur blood systeme?
Why did i get cotton mouth and tingly numb finger tips and legs while driving last night ?
Where can the unemployed go to receive medical treatment in Chicago?
Am i going to puke or is it my panic attacks?
why do i keep on throwing up blood?? what does it mean?
Should I go to the er for this?
Is this symptom of swine flu?
3 days sick with the flu, should I go to school?
Whats the best way to trick my wife into not getting her tumour removed?
i feel very cold what can i do?
Peeing out blood. Where can I but the antibiotic?
Can I get any diseases from kissing something multiple people have kissed?
swine flu deaths is it related to repetitive doses of mexican water?
ok so, swine flu. in australia.?
Currently laying on my back, naked, on the carpet, drunk out of my face...?
what should the humidity be?
Diagnosed with HIV yesterday?
this whole pig flu is getting out of hand but what if somome just has a cold are people going to freak?
Which vitamin is it that helps prevent colds?
swine flu experts only sry plz and thank u?
If I kissed a girl with mono what are the chances of me catching it?
what will happen if someone take too much of flu medicine? ?
cold sore....how...ugh?
Can you help me? is this swine flu?
amoxicillin reactions?
If I had symptoms that could be HIV and I took antibiotics and they were cured does that mean I don't have HIV?
Why is everyone so worried about Swine Flu?