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What are the proper glucose levels for a child of age 8?
What are the rules in Europe to dispose used insulin syringe needles insulin pen needles & lancets?
sugur problems what do i do?
If I didnt Eat?
is it Harder for patients who are hypoglycemic to loose weight "?
looking for someone that can help me find out information about strep infections and diabetes.?
how does diabetes effect the liver???
Is there anything you can do to reduce the risk of diabetes?
Blood sugar level rising after gastro-bypass surgery?
i wanna see a caregiver serving his patient a foodtray?
Is renal lithiasis a complication of diabetes mellitus II?
ICD-9 Volume III... are those codes for physicians or hospitals?
Question for people with Diabetes!?
Low Blood Sugar Diet?
HOW TO GET A FEVER? help please!?
i think i have swine flu do i have to go to hospital? when do u go to hospital if i feel fine?
i finger my girlfriend and 99% of the time theres blood. we've been doing it for over 3 months?
how can i tell if i have swine flu?
What is yellow fever?
I got a flu shot a couple days ago and the next day I got a wart on my calf... is this correlated?
how can a person prevent hiv aids?
Do I have regular flu or swine flu?
what are some good ways to get rid of an ear infection?
whats the difference between a pandemic and an epidemic?
Is it safe to eat at a mexican resturant with the swine flu going around?
what is this weird thing in the back of my throat?
Am I suffering swine flu?
if your parent has an ulcer is it likely for you to have one too?;?
where do swine flu now located?
what does a terminal illness mean?
What Do I Do When I have a Sore Throat?
Does she have a swine flu?
It's not the swine flu, is it??!!?
Please help. I think i have swine flu, but i HAVE to go to school! please help i feel so ill :(?
did you know..?
what r the differences?
I've just found out that my ex-boyfriend for 4 almost 5 years now, gave me chlamydia?
Can just a tiny open wound coming in contact with a patch of dried blood cause HIV or AIDS?
If someone has an STD and you sleep with them, are you guaranteed to get infected?
could he have HIV or any inherited STDs?
If my computer gets a virus can i catch it?
Were did Aids first start?
I was recently diagnosed with High Risk HPV. I am getting married in one month and think he'll freak. Help?
why do people with HIV/AIDS are mostly likely to get pneumonia or TB?
is it true chris b has herpies?
Medical question? Think I might have diabetes...?
Who's a good health insurance provider?
How do you fall asleep in a car?
My eyebrow keeps twitching. ?
body got hot, passed out, could not move or sit up. could not talk?
Where can you buy Kalms Sleep in Ontario, Canada?
Any ideas on a good place to find info on the immune system?
Has anyone had a problem with Pepcid AC causing headache/dizziness?
put in the hospital over cutting?
is it possible to have the opposite of anorexia?
Was the way I handled my terminally ill Mom wrong?
My friend's son has been diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder...?
I have Post Tramatic Stress Disorder?
Did you feel Better After Taking Prozac?
Anyone on accutane ?
How do Care-Providers and Mom-type people deal with their stressors other than on the psyche-couch?
how does IQ effect the MMPI-2 test?
What do you do to break out of patterns of behavior(bad habits) that keep you stuck or going in circles?
what drugs for add?
Has anyone ever experienced sleep paralysis?
Is it true?
Anyone with experience on Aspberger Autism.?
Prozac Wearing Off?
Does vomiting make anyone else here feel good?
How many neurotins does it take to overdose?
Does Anyone Have Vacuolar Myopathy?
Are there harmful interactions with the drugs xanax,hydrocodone, and ambien?
Nasal spray together with OTC meds?
Please help..........?
Rooms looks and feels smaller, bad anxiety?
I have an itchy throat and a slightly itchy left ear: allergy or cold?
Infected ear piercing?
Can someone please tell me if i just had a seizure?!?
What are things i can do at home to help my father with Parkinson's Disease?
Do hemorrhoids heal on their own?
What does it mean if someone's eye perscription is 20-30?
Is this pink eye!?!?!?!?!?!? HELP?
How long will it take for pink eye to go away?
what are the symptoms that your doc prescribed you the wrong prescription of contacts?
Is it true that wearing shades will help prevent the spread of sore eyes?
why do i see dots when i cross my eyes?
Optical nerve question?
Lever 2000 Original?
My inner thighs and underarms are darker than the rest of my body how do I "whiten" them? Very embarrassing!
Green Tea on skin?
i need help!?
Rash Help?
i need a cold sore to be goin?
can someone get the chickenpox from someone who has shingles without direct contact?
bump on ear?
What is the best thing for (terribly dry) elbows?
How can a skin allergen continue to do harm long after the allergen does not come into contact with the skin?
can you treat ringworm yourself or do you have to go to the doctor?
my skin is oily?
What vitamin's do you recommend for me?
allergic to fruits and vegetables?
i have an allergic reaction, have you seen this before? pic included?
should i go to the er for big mosquito bite?
hi i m suffering from block nose.?
I get dehydrated really easily?
fake earrings and the irration it causes to the earlobes and remedies.?
Do you know anything to solve my hay fever?
does goat's milk have lactose?
Poison Vs. Venom Question?
how to get over a runny nose and sneezing?
allergies after bell's palsy?
what does it mean when you pop your knee?
why does my mouth start to hurt after i eat pineapple?
Reaction to nickel bracelet?
Could someone tell me what this is on my toe?
PLEASE help me! A question about a bruise?
When Can I Workout Again After Having A Concussion?
Nerve Damage? Is This Serious?
what treatments are available for tardive dyskenisia?
If you've had surgery on your ear drum will it hurt it to fly on an airplane?
Might have torn my ACL?
What have i done to my Pinky (Little) Finger?
Have I broken or fractured my toe?
Got Hit On The Head Really Hard, What To Do?
Aching pain in legs need help?
What happens when you have herniated disc surgery?
Liquid Hydrocodone and Cigarettes?
For the past whole 7 days, I've had this major headache...?
Why does my thigh hurt?
Constant headache, tiredness, and light headed?
Is my second hole infected?!?
Inhaling a piece of food?
Help me! My eyes hurt!?
What will Ultram (tramadol) make you feel like when you take it?
Why I'm I getting Calf pain when i didnt exercise?
Cold painful leg????
I rolled my motorbike and popped my knee?
Do you know how to interpret MRI reports? If so could you explain mine to me, please? Will I need surgery?
can anyone tell me what is wrong with my hand please???
i can barely hear from my right ear and my left ear hurts?
I occasionally get a sharp shooting pain in the back of my leg?
Abdomen Pain?
Good work sneakers?
sore,achy knees?
why is my uvula not working?
Help needed! Do I have degenerative Disc Disease?
Stomach ache??
My friend developed a ball on the side of his foot. What could it be?
does anyone have a fetish?
My boyfriend was told he has early arthritis in his knee. He is active and 26 yrs. Should he be concerned?
Lower Back Pain...?
my finger was cut and bleeding with that finger i touched salvia can it transfer hiv?
is aids funny, and is it fun to have?
is it possible to get an std from kissing?
Teenage STD Treatment?
what does it mean when you go pee and you see a little blood?
HIV Information Required....?
Could you forgive your significant other, if they gave you an STD?
i need too know if i could have herpes?
Is imipram a narcotic?
Would this be considered insomnia?
how long can you have resperdal before it expires?
Will Centrum Silver be okay for a 45-46 yr old?
feeling very weird after taking lorazepam?
Herbal Nytol sleeping pills?
does smoking damiana or drinking it in a tea really help with fertility?
Is there any over the counter medicine that makes you hungry?
How can i make Tussin taste better?
What can you use to make you go to sleep?Nothing medical like a sleeping tablet?
What is this feeling in my body?
Why would a cheek implant start tingling 3 years after it was put in? PLEASE help!!!!?
What is the purpose of Alcohol in a Hot Tottie?
sudden double vision?
can some one help me?
Eww..how do i deal with this?
why are there constantly red veins in my sclera?
Can I get the swine flu, even if I got the shot?
I messed up my antibiotics what should i do?
How do you die from aids?
can humans take dog prescriptions?
Could I have strep throat? (picture)?
Swine flu or terrible cold?
ok, ive got bird flu, but no one cares because of ****in swine flu :(?
how deadly is the swine flu?
should i worry about the aids?
what was drug used in the 50,s that caused birth defects?
I got my flu shot so do i have to worry?
My brother got chicken pox almost 2 weeks ago. Will i get it?
how to get a real bad fever?
Why do i want to be sad?
am i going to get herpes?
11. Manny has contracted a virus that is destroying his body's immune system. Manny most likely has:?
Kissing somebody with a sore throat?
I've been throwing up bile for a week?
i have two kids and one of them has had a fever for more then four days what should i do i gave them tylenol?
i might have swine flu!?
Are you worried about Swine Flu?
Any doctors ,mothers ,nurses out there?
anyone have a good list of gluten free foods?
Anyone ever heard about VitaZest?
When is it best to drink grapefruit juice?
How can I follow the At kin's diet being that I am a vegetarian?
how can i get a free copy of the weight watchers point system?
Where can i get a motor treadmill for less than $200?
what is the correct way to exercise.?
What would be the best way to get out of a "Curves" contract?
does garlic kill the good bacteria in the intestines?
I am skinny, yet I have a bit of fat/flab around my tummy and thighs, how do I get rid of the flabbyness?
how do I get started on the Southbeach diet?
how do u loose facial fat?
how to make a sandwidch full of vegetables?
whatis Carcina Cambogia?
Which is the best belt to work abdominals and where can I order ??
What are some exercises I can do to strengthen my upper body and arms?
Phentermine is not chemically an amphetimine, yet it is similar enough to make a drug test positive.?
is the food suplement usedby by bodybuilder for muscle gaining is harmfull?
How often does the time-released insulin Humulin N release into your body? I take it A.M. and at bedtime.?
My husband is a diabetic and a very picky eater. Im trying to find some easy and simple recipes.?
normal anemia level?
Sugar Levels...Vegen remedies...?
Anybody use Gymnema Sylvestre to help control diabetes or weight loss?
a medicine called Prexige?
what does a microalbumin level of 0.15g mean?
I am taking my type 1 diabetic nephew to the Cardinal game. What foods can he eat and how do I measure carbs?
please tell me?
does drinking lots of water and taking a walk help with high blood sugar?
Izz it normal to be 2 and weigh 89 lbs? if so tell me why?
Can diabetes or related complications (including excessive sugar intake) cause liver damage or gallstones?
where do you find a support group for people with diabetis?
Erratic surges of blood?
how can we care when you have a patient with gestational diabetes?
is it normal to feel ur heartbeat in your ears?
How do i get rid of this stuff under my eye in less than 2 weeks?
I need some advise on how to handle an alcoholic friend....?
My jaw pops every time i eat. What is happening and is it dangerous?
i have a pea sized lump behing my left ear almost touching it and it hurts when i touch it?
Bruising in Legs on vein site for NO Reason!?
What Do You Do If Your Guaged Cartilage In Your Ear Hasn't Stoped Hurting In 2 Days?
Recovery time for carpal tunnel and dequervain's tendonitis Surgery?
I fell and twisted my knee and ankle. I don't think it is broken but it hurts alot. What should I do?
How to know whether my nose is broken?
Why has my toe gone numb?
Scratched my esophagus...?
Whats wrong with my ankle?
If your heel hurt like really bad consistently for about 4 months and now your ankle hurts pretty bad too...?
My ankle hurts after rolling it, and its pretty swollen, but it only hurts when i put it in certain positions?
Snake bite piercing healing time?
Is contact lens remover better than using your finger?
How long does it take to recover from knee surgery?
Can Schizophrenia be passed on to your children? If so what age should your child get tested?
I like to buy books and I don't read them. I watch more T.V than I should read, what's wrong with me?
did anyone took Zyprexa for long enough?What side effects of it?If can tell more about it, even better.?
My industrial is bleeding?
Help me i'm going crazy swollen right side?
how do i remove my ear piercing ?
Can you have a change of mood in a snap when you suffer of depression?
What is the best way to part ways with an old friend of 13y who has chosen the wrong path in life?
What are the differences between schizophrenia, psychosis, and bipolar disorder?
is it possible to burn your eye the steam of a straightener?
How can I find more concentration when I praying?
Does Emotional Freedom Technique work?
is it normal to have puffy fingers out in the snow?
Why did my nose bleed?
My friend has muscle turrets and I was wondering if she can take adderalls without her turrets going crazy ?
Bad weed experience what should i do?
dangerous strip club encounter? could i have aids?
Herpes Type 1 - Not STD kind?
what are the chances of me getting STD?
what jobs can you get if you have an std?
i drank alcohol 25 days ago and i had a urine test today will it be positive?
how can you get chlymidia?
How easy is it to catch herpies?
about tuberculosis?
Slightly crooked nose ?
what is the name of the painful nasal sinus probe vacuum machine that ENTs (Ear,Nose,and Throat) Dr.s use?
Does anyone suffer from frequent sinusitis or upper respiratory infections?
shortness of breath? and black-out?
I just lived through an accidental asprin overdose. Its been a week-how long before I feel like myself?
Any ideas on how to get a relative to stop smoking?
how to smoke swishers sweet?
what can i do to make my lungs stronger?
magnetic name tag and chest pain?
Do cigars make our lungs black to?
is there a way to eliminate halitosis?
Army Basic Training - Asthma or out of shape?
Need advice on starting RT clinicals?
Lower left abdominal pain after jumping rope?
How many tablets or prescriptions of Vicodin ES does it take to form addiction traits?
why do my feet hurt only at night?
pain and numbness in finger tips and right arm?
are there any side effects when using 100mg tramadol,50mg diclofenac and 15mg reductil?
My podiatrist has diagnosed me of having capsulitis-metatarsialgia.. Its been 5 weeks and still pain..?
I have recently been hurt on the job I now have to take a functional capacity evaluation What should I expect?
Charlie Horses?
how can i relieve panic attacks??
I recently was put on Topomax and Cyclobenzaprine. Is there a danger in this combination?
walking and ankle pain?
Do I have a sprained ankle?
which helth insurance is best and y ?
I randomly yet somewhat often get a sharp pain in my side what could it be?
Are there any good docs in Houston who treat CRPS?
I took a fleet enema 1-3 tablets, and nothing?
Sprained ankle?
What is the difference between DC and ADC when it comes to choosing a chiropractor?
is vapospray bad for you?
I would like to work around doctors what could i do besides becoming a nurse?
I smoked weed for two months non stop, will my lungs be affected too much?
Question: what is this?
What would a persons medical problem be?
Just got over a cold but now my throat...?
how much is a deductible for ppo ins?
what is wrong with me?
is there any lotion anti mosquitos for kids?
Scars for life?
How to heal a small (0.5cm) scar from a burn?
what is infant atopic dermatitis?
bumps on my thighs?
Has anyone ever gotten dermabrasion for chickenpox scars? How did it turn out? Thank you!?
head itchin????
I am African American and I have been experiencing dry. flaky, itchy , dull skin on my face only, what is it?
Dark Skin in a lot of places!!!!!?
what can be used to stop hair from falling out, due to discoid lupus. thank you.?
Accutane dosage?
Getting rid of zits?
Skin thing?
Plastic Surgery??Acne???
I had surgery on January 22 and they put stiches in it. It is itching. Does anyone know why it is doing that?
what is the best home remedy for skin blemishes??
Could these be allergy symptoms?
Am I sick because I ate too much acidic fruit and mangos?
Heres my symptoms ..Diagnose me ?
Why Does Benadryl Not Affect Me At Night?
Is this an allergic reaction?
I'm really really concerned. :(?
Chicken pox.... can you only get them on your legs?
Can ADHD/or ADD be spread by kissing?
what does it mean to have fresh blood in your stool for 2 days?
Can a flu shot really protect you from flu?
My boyfriend's coming into town this weekend but I have mono!?
A little worried about swine flu?
my 4 year old little girl haves blood in feces what could it be?
Help! I'm dying of the Swine Flu!?
Lets say you have been infected by rabies and you have noticed it late what happens ,whats the life expectancy?
How old do you have to be to catch mono?
chicken pox question ? (:?
What if any,vaccines are there for AIDS?
Can cold or flu germs be transfered to money?
does the cold cause colds?
Swine Flu... Should I get a vaccine?
Does it sound like I have the flu?
My throat is sore, my chest feels tight and I fear I might have Swine Flu?
can we catch the swine flu by eating ham?
Will schools be closed tomorrow because of the Swine Virus?
I am scared please answer!!!?
Sore throat and bleeding gums...please help me..I'm so scared..?
swine flu vaccine should i give it to my 10 months son?
Do i need toric lens?
Is there any medical care needed for a missing eye?
Why am I so jumpy?!?! Mens health?
Before Glasses..Bad eyesight = Blind?!?
Can you turn colorblind if you are not colorblind to start with?
How to go about switching birthcontrol methods?
Which is best for herbal incense?
From these drugs which give the best effect feeling in your opinion?
please yoga,astrological and other ways to increase will power,not just simple tips.?
Do you need an herb grinder to smoke herbal incense?
Dramamine experiences?
When were lectins in foods first discovered?
How can people make Cocaine in a safer way?
Have anyone out there have tried live and revive supplements.Nuriche is the company.?
Are there lasting effects of concussion? Does one 'get over it' in time?
who here had a bad brake in one of there bones or strained something bad?
Why do we bleed when cut?
Why does my right knee give out on me?
How do i get lip swelling to go down! HELP?
is it okay to do P90X even though I have a contusion?
when it gets cold, or i hold something cold my fingers get swollen and really sore?
Can a torn lateral meniscus heal, then tear easily again a few weeks after?
I don't know what is wrong with my toes?
Finger really hurts....what's up?
Need to interview PARAMEDIC?
Infected ear piercing many weeks later?
Help!!!!My hands are so sticky!!!?
Did I make the right thing?
What Kinda Bite Is This?!?
spider bite helpp?!!!?
Ear damage or not that is the question?
flapping sound in my ear ?
will i need surgery to remove glass from foot?
Is it okay to wrap a Hydro Colloid Bandage?
When you've got a thick, white coat on your tongue, are you dehydrated?
Broken CFL Light Bulb Exposure?
Do you have a wed address link for the "One day diet" new study, you can send to me?
I just started working out and I a looking for a supplement to help me recover faster and gain strength.?
Is it normal to have vertical ridges running down your nails?
ia sitting W style bad for your health?
How could you die from drinking too much water?
Sudden Diarrhea attack?
That one medication....?
Tell me about Zetacaps?
High amylase and lipase?
Why is Aids prevelant in Africa?
can you remove gallstones and a liver biopsy in one surgery?
this may sound gross but
can warm water kill hiv virus?
i keep getting random hiccups?!!?
How do I lose 60 pounds by exercising and eating right?
MOMS..Is it hard to lose that pudge in your belly and the thickness in your arms and legs after having a baby?
Can you contract AIDS this way?
What is the best exercise to do for a six pack that works fast?
If its not a yeast infection what is it?
can you get a std from a toilet seat?
Starvation as a method of suicide?
My mother says if i go outside without a sweater on, I'll get herpes. is that true?
can this give you aids?
Will my drug test come out positive?
does anyone know how to cure someone in a vegetative state?
HELP. Is my ear infected?
How do I get rid of celiac disease?
I had a mri done May 2009 and doc said i have spots on my brain and dont worry its probly allergies is this t?
omg please help me fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Do i have hypothyroid?
need some medical advise?? now!!!?
why have i been feeling so ill and why has it lasted so long?
Large lump under my chin?
Who lives longer, a blue collar or white collar worker ?
Flu? Culd I have contracted it from the ER?
My head is really close to a tv for a lot of time.?
Does crcking ur knuckles...?
White finger nails? Can you explain?
tingling in arms and hands when i get nervous?
Pulled something in my face?
Why is it important to care for a 3-5 year old skin?
are my good skin days over??
What is the cause of zit squeezing addiction?
Is there anything i can eat or drink to get ride of my acne?
Severely wrinkled hands in water?
for a few weeks my skin gets this weir rash it comes and goes for a few min. i get like little bumps?
Getting acne help!?
help ??? with warts????
Anyone know a good product for acne?
dry scalp??
What Causes Chicken Pox?????
help with fungus infection?
Erg, this is really frustrating. open please!?
canerous mole?
What quanitity changes when you squeeze a dry sponge? What doesn't?
is there a rn or pharmacist out there?
What is the difference between all the benzodiazapine...........?
If youre taking Effexor do you still have dreams?
Why is it that i get tired really quickly before I start to read a book?No matter what time it is?
What makes a person not want to socialize and how could they change that behavior and enjoy socializing?
What happens after an attempted suicide?
Does meditation really have a BIG affect on your life?
How does bi-polar affect you?
how do you get a person to go back on their medication, or at least to go back to doctor?
Giving money to parents who have types of comprehension problems, is this right?
Does anyone else ever feel like they are swimmin round a fish bowl? looking out at the rest of the world?
What if somebody has a song in their head everyday they go to school? And it is so persistent.?
I am suffering from financial stress, what can I do?
I hurt my finger and it is swollen bruised and numb?
I accidently cut myself badly on some broken glass?
NECK PAIN HELP! (20 characters)?
How long should I wait to continue my workout after having seizures?
My friend scratched my eye and now there's a little tiny bit of blood on my sclera. Will the blood go away?
torn right knee lateral meniscus, had 2 prievious operations?
i woke up a couple of days ago with sores on the roof of my mouth and now i have a sore throat ?
i know there are a lot of questions about swine flu.but this is serious!!?
POLL: Is anyone else scared of a Swine flu pandemic?
what illness are my suffering from if i start vomiting chunks of blood?
I had blood in my poo?
If flu kills more people than smoking...?
I have mono and i made out with my girlfriend?
help i think i have aids?
when i drink cold water i get scratchy and sore throat?
diarrhea question? please help?
does anyone know any soar throat remedies that i can do at my house?
i am SO cold! what is wrong?
my kitten that i had was infected with ring worms now i am getting them.?
stepped on a rusty nail and barely pierced the skin?
How many days do you have to have a cold?
good tips to keep away from the swine flu?
would the swine flu end soon?
Why Bacterial Germ products only kill 99.99% Germs?
Should I see my doctor?
so, if this "h1n1" turns into a pandemic...?
I have a question about the swine flu .?
Feeling Very Weak............??? PLease Help???
Do you know any home remedies or tricks for asthma?
Why do we normally breathe at a particular combination of frequency and tidal volume?
Help me figure this out once and for all?
What can cause your body to start shivering without any other symptoms?
Is there any other way to treat sleep apnea than using the mask?
Quit smoking, how long will it take to....?
**What is the best brand of cough medicine.......**?
ok ugggh another tonsil question?
Does the equivalent of 14 mg of Nicoderm CQ average to how many cigarettes smoked?
my 7 year old daughter has a mucusy chest all summer is this from the airconditioner running?
does any1 have a specific specilisr who specilized in chromicfatique and fybermalga so i can help my dad?
Dog breathing heavy, loss of appetite, vimiting, and moving slowly, What would cause this?
what percentage strength is a linctus containing codeine, 15mg per 5ml?
Smoking in the house or not?
howcan i get help to a copay on a powerchair?
Is Chlamydia treatment specific, or if I had it, would my course of antibiotics have cleared it up?
Can you get a STD from eating a chick out?
Me and partner both have been treated for Chlamydia, but have not went back to the clinic to be retested...?
i have green discharge in the morning but in the afternoon its white throughout the day...do i have an std?
How do STDs get started?
Should I give up on getting tested and just kill myself ?
found out i have hpv?
how do you tell some one that THEY have herpes?
STD test question please help!?
i just found ou today ihave hpv...need help?
Could i be lactose intolerant?
Im not sure how to pick my nose?
Mucus in my throat and weird voice?
who on here knows if mrs dash is gluten free?
Does cold medicine help allergies?
Any natural remedies for nasal allergies?
Am i allergic to chlorine?
peanut allergy.............?
Strawberry Allergy? Could it be mistaken/or outgrown?
What to do about my S-I-L who is allergic to my pets?
Where can i buy hawthorn berries?
How long will I hilousinate for?
Any x-ray techs/Radiologists I need some advice?
Why do i have to pee so much every other Hour?
does anybody know what it is?
What is the difference between a patient care technician and a CNA?
I'm 14 why is my hearing so bad?
Free Glucose Tolerance Test?
What can I eat to increase my blood circulation?
with diabetes-what causes the itching and how can it be stopped?
what is the difference between a certified nutritionist (CN) and a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN)?
I have type one diabetes and I am going to camp. Any suggestions?
How can my mom prevent type 1 diabetic reactions?
Does anybody know if there is a class action lawsuit for 'enalapril?'?
neuropathy cure?
Diabeties and Getting your tonsils removed?
Are you on the combined Glucophage and Metformin (one Pill)?
Anyone out there experience weight gain from taking Actos for Diabetes?
wilford brimley help?
Need Type 2 Diabetic weekly diets.?
desserts for diabetics?
If a person has cancer and has a port in their chest for a chemo pump, what kind of work can they find?
Mass on Right lung 6cm?
Is this a stye, please help?
do astigmatisms affect your ability to undergo laser eye surgery?
How many times should we blink?!?
Medical help with eyes?
Something weird with my vision?
if your liver is shutting down can you still open yur eyes and when you close them will you still make it?
How much are colored prescription yearly contacts?
Is it worse for your eyes if you wear glasses all the time or barley wear them?
i don't know what to do? might need glasses?
What does my eyeglasses prescription mean?
Please help me with this eye problem?!?
can somebody explain my eye prescription?
Spider Bite? and TERRIFIED!?
Do school nurses have the thing to look in your ear?
I drank about 6 hours ago (a little drunk) and i just took gentle laxatives (normacol) is that fine?
How come your ring finger is weaker than the rest?
Dizziness and nausea when standing up?
What should I do the blister is Open as in just raw skin?
what are some side effects from levothyroxine in children/teens?
I just took expired Mucinex, is that okay?
Should I put my 7 year old on ADD medicine?
Cardiovascular stress test alternatives?
can i take dilaudid 2mg and percocet 10/325mg together?
Question regarding herbal additions to tea...?
in Illinois, can a nurse practioner practice WITHOUT a collaborating physician?
Some medical treatments that have been made possible through animal testing?
My bf has this thing attached to his spine?
I've been researching about the benefits of chia seeds. Is one tablespoon soaked in water enough a day and?
I need some medical advice can someone please help thank you!!!?
Feeling ill, tired, dizzy, faintish?
Should I work out with this happening or just take it easy?
Why does my nose get so stuffy at night?
I have a kidney stone stuck at the base of my right kidney and it will not come out?
Help. i'm not sure what to do?
This are the symptoms?
I think I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). help?
how do you cure a lateral lisp?
Not sure what's wrong with me? Epilepsy?!?
Decongestants to unblock ears...?
How often should blood work be done for Graves Disease patient?
How often can I take lorazepam?
help!? Did break my foot playing soccer?
Dislocated patella/possible fracture? Help!?
Help Please Back Injurie :(! <33?
What are some treatment options for broken bones in sinus cavity?
Help I need some advice about a back injurie?
will my hearing come back?
What bone(s) is displaced posterior in a Smith's fracture?
did i jam my finger ?
Is this bad for a bruise to be like this?
building muscle question?
I am tring to locate a piece of exercise equipment and it is called The Trimmer.?
Whats The best way to lose weight over the summer for a 12 year old !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what is the best exersise to tone up your bum and thighs??
What do you think of the "blood type diet"?
what are healthy foods?
What are some things you can to do help you loose weight?
diet works on a chmicalybreakdown and is proven?
which is better exercise, walking or riding bike?
am intrested in running, how long should i run for everyday to be able to get ripped?
Sick :( ideas!!!!!!!!!?
VD, What's so bad about it?
my girl has herpies, what shall i do?
Can you get serious diseases kissing girls?
someone I know just found out he is HIV positive?
Do I have food poisoning or the flu?
if i have mono can i die if my ?
If someone takes motrin(or any medicine) and then throws up, can the medicin still work?
What infection could I have in my throat?
Do I Have Swine Flu?!?!?
I poked my tests with a needle, well on accident?
How do I convince a doctor that someone doesn't have tuberculosis?
A guy in my college dorm on my floor has a minor staph infection. How can I avoid getting it?
how con you get lead poisoning?
do I have any signs or symptoms of diseases?
how did i get pinkeye?
If somebody paid you big money (like a million) to get real sick with a real bad stomach bug would you?
Is My Temperature A Fever?
Vaccine and Swine Flu?
If someone has recovery from h1n1 flu can it be possible to get back?
How did the Swine flu start?
What can I do? I have a burning sensation when I pee?
I have urine test i cant pass. Should i get someone to take it for me.?
aids and african kids.?
Could this be herpes on my tonsils?
Is HPV and STD ?????
can hpv always be passed on?
can i get aids if i have an open cut on my mouth?
can anyone list the advantages/disadvantages of using wax, tweezers, and nair on the upper lip?
Can a dermatologist help clear body acne? !?1?
Is This Safe?
Is there any hope for my damaged skin?
If you don't drink enough water, do you easily sweat alot.?
How do you get rid of keliods on ears?
i'm selling a red noes pit how wants to buy it?
How can I get rid of my gross, blochy skin?
Hard red bump on my leg?
How Can You Tell If You Have A Staff Infection?
Could lemon juice disinfect a bleeding wound?
Where can I get " Neosporin scare solution" ????
My Cheeks are always red!!?
birthmark removal?? scar??
has any one try alga for psoriasis.was gonna give it ago. but would like to know if it works first?
I have devolped black spots on my elbows, 2 on my left elbow and 2 on my right elbow.?
How does liquid filled capsules work?
how to treat decubitus ulcers at home?
What happens if lab results in a drug case cannot be produced?
how long does adderall xr 40 mg last?
Lump on pelvic bone near joint in front, painful, size of small egg?
Does correcting posture really increase height of 2 - 3 inches at any age?
Why are saunas and steam rooms good for you?
I may have a Esophageal duplication cyst. Could anyone explain what this is in plain terms?
Are there any medications/surgeries for chronic exhaustion?
Anemia/LBP Help Please?
i dont know why i always am depressed?
Does Anyone really live like they were dying ??
does one think that home is the safest place in the whole world and?
first thing comes in a guy's mind when first see a girl about her is???????????????????????
How does one avoid the symptons of Zoloft withdrawal? I have had to let my prescription lapse. $ problems!?
how much money should we make to consider ourself a happy person?
I'm feeling like and anciety attack!?
How much does weed cost?
Does lack of sleep and water make your brain slower?
i got a nosejob will something go wrong?
For people who have heartburn /Gerd do you have heart palpitations?
Cramping pain with very little spotting sometimes.?
Very low cholesterol levels?
Why can't i sleep at night?
What is causing my headaches?
Please help with this question?
What kind of bite is on my fore arm?
on a bracelet with med info, are nka and nkda redundant?
Got Bit By A Spider. Is This Bad?
What's the best thing to do about a blister on the palm of my hand?
what can i do to heal scarred lungs?
Medicine causing trouble again?
Which term describes a diffuse infection of connective tissue?
what is the latest disease of respiratory system?
Septoplasty aftermath?
why do i have this cough, and what is it ?
Chronic nosebleed sufferers...Nosebleed that won't stop...?
does anyone know what aflac pays out for hospital indemnity/sickness?
why is soft diet given to asthmatic patients?
Zyban, does it really work?
Is there a medication for edema in the eyes?
Another Question about Nasal Spray (Art Teacher)?
My three year old is having his adenoids removed for difficulty breathing. Should his tonsils go too?
My daughter was born without 3fingers on her left hand.what is this condition called?what causes it?
onset of action of oral steroid?
Small child with pneumonia?
Do you get shortness of breath with indigestion?
My brother was dx with small cell lung cancer. Has anyone with this dx lived more than a year or two?
Foot hurts, hurts when i put pressure on it?
Why am I so soar after just a minor car accident?
Sprained or broken finger? o_e?
Does Sumatriptan make you very drousy? Can i take it at work?
Is my toe broken or sprained?
What can I do to speed up getting this medical tape off?
Would this classify under a head injury?
Tendons or just a sprain (ankle)?
what's wrong with my thumb?
How do you tell if you have a concussion?
i hit a wall and now my knuckle swollen ana also my fingers?
how do you tell whether you've sprained your ankle?
Do you think I need stitches?
I am 34 yrs old and was on Avandia 8mg for about 4 yrs, should I join the Avandia Lawsuit? And which Law firm?
do i need madicine to take away of thinking [email protected]!!! or not?
There is some pill that diabetics can take to keep them from hungray, anyone knows what it is?
what is the treatment for high glucose levels?
could gnc's weight gainer 1850 cause type 2 diabetes?
My mom has 19% kidney function?
I am a type 2 diabetic, why does it hurt lately when I use my glucose meter to test, it never did before.?
how can stem cells help cure diabetes type 2?
I was going to donate my kidney and I found out that I had a lot of protein in my urine so I was turned down?
I have gestational diabetes. What should my blood glucose be THREE hours after a meal?
For dietician...Does anyone know how many carbs raise the blood sugar ? points in a diabetic?
I have a ferritin level of 3 and haemoglobin 11. Have good diet with lots of iron. Any ideas why it's so low?
Diabetes II in 20-year-old?
what is latest investigation of curing the diabeties. how to cure it. give me suggestion?
How Cortisone shot increase blood sugar in the Diabetic person's body? How much it increases?
Risk of infection?
Can you get an STD if your partner isn't infected?
What do you DO if you think you've been exposed to an STD?
question about hiv?
What is a man's doctor called?
what is herpes?
is this a deiseas please help?
are you scared of the swine flu?
swine flu... are you scared?
Describe the Analytic Epidemiology?
Why is H1N1 virus a pandemic?
my brother is sharing drug needles, Chances of HIV?
White patches in throat and...?
is it possible that I have worms?
could you help me identify what sickness i have.?
how long can i be put in juvie?
how do they make vaccine for H1N1?
can we kill all the germs?
How can i get rid of a sore throat?
will there be a zombie infection the future?
Swine flu outbreak in ohio? Where in ohio exactly?
Can not get fever lower than 100.4, what can I do?
Throwing up blood-what does this mean?
What do I do next. Child with high fever.?
What could these symptoms mean?
Does this sound like AIDS or HIV ?
Glasses are giving me headaches, help!! ?
Is Valium stronger than xanax?
left side of chest/arm achy with gurgling feeling in left side of chest?
Pain in lower left chest?
What should i do to my wrist?
Is My Finger Broken HELP??
Can someone help me find a massage?
I was crushed a while ago and my heart hurts really bad?
I'm not sure if I've had a growth spurt yet?
I can see my ribs when I breathe in. am I too skinny?
my gamucci ecig isnt producing smoke anymore?
MY head is plugged up help?
How long does your back stay red for after suction cupping and how bad can the redness get? and is it normal?
l glutathione side effects for a long use?
Young age with back problem please help?
I breathed in a lot of nail polish and nail polish remover?
Staring like an owl when looking upwards?
which is better? lower Rx or clip-on magnifiers?
my eye colour is it changing or?
can eye color be changed?i wanna change the eye color to green.?
So nothing can fix my lazy eye? Should I give up?
Question about eyes: why some people have thick limbal rings or dark outline around their iris & others dont?
What do protein deposits on contact lenses look like?
Can soft contacts cause dry eyes or is that a myth?
What color is my eye?
why is my dogs head swollen ?
Do I have a grass allergy?
I stopped using afrin nasal spray after 3 days. Can i use it now?
What allergens does RAST testing look for?
can i use calamansi instead of lemon?
What is the best way to clear sinus passages?
My cat is 16 years old and drinkins a lot of water should I worrie?
I think I'm always high?
Getting ritalin perscribed?
What does it feel like to be crossfaded?
what is the scientific name of rose of the beach?
Is Ibuprofen soluble in Rubbing Alcohol?
explain why a person suffering from copper deficiency feels tired all the time?
why does the health care system practice any kind of holistic healing techniques for patients?
Why is lorcets making me puke?
Who is the best manufactor of hydrpcodone?
Hair growth oils.........................?
Can someone give me some facts about Osteoporosis in hands?
What are causes of blindness?
What kind of disease or disorder I may have?
Is there any cure for clubbed thumb?
I know that people with osteo can develop blood clots within the first year of breaking a hip. My question is?
Help with tourettes and being open about it?
Do I have special powers of some sort?
Can the length of your snooze alarm interval affect you?
What is the chemical that makes Gain Laundry products so obnoxious?
What is the cost of living like in the southern part of Arizona? And New Mexico?
Really badly sunburnt, can't sleep.?
i got mad and things got worse? help!?
Trouble hearing out of left ear?
I had this insane feeling like something passed right through my head! HELP?
the doc prescribed me differin..?
Dark Circles.......How do I get rid of them?
Four months ago I broke out with a little spot of bumps on my neck, now it has spread all across the neck,?
sulfer & sulfate ?
Does ProActive take away the acne scars??
How do you know the difference between a rash or a yeast infection?
scar remover!!?
Can vitamin A (not in synthetic form )cure acne?
should people use accutane for their acne (in spite of the fact that it can cause birth defect) and why?
Another treatment for hemmorroids?
how do u treat a yeast infection.........?
what is wrong with my skin?
ive got blisters?
i have really bad skin.and i mean real bad?
A few questions about Acne and acne scarring...?
Do i have frost bites?
Does anyone know if the Nutrisystem diet works?
tIs is true that "after six o'clock diet" can make you lose weight faster?
killer abs?
I need help with a medicine ball?
can a gal carry a guy heavier or lighter than her ?
I need some tips on losing weight and sticking with a plan...?
I am at a standstill and need some fitness motivation. Please offer me what you've got.?
Which one do you think is better? And Why ? Weight Watchers or E-diet?
Anyone here work the night shift?
how can i slimdown my upper arms what are the best exercises?
how i can get weight upto 15 pounds?
Information on enzymes?
How can I put on weight, fast?
ankle swollen over a week?
How long will it take for my ankle to heal?
Weird leg pains after skateboarding?
I have been shot and need advice on treating the wound (bullet extracted)?
Punched a wall and pinky finger is still numb and no feeling !?
I had a minor concussion but I'm still not recovered.?
my friend just had rotory cup surgery?
why is my finger hurting?
i cant move my neck to the right?
Is my wrist broken, or just sprained?
can dermatologists treat spider bites?
how do i get rid of this little burn mark?
is alcohol hand rub dangerous only i noticed it burns like nepalm with a clear blue flame?
Should I worry about my 8yr old's blood sugars if they are a bit high consistently?
Has anyone been cured of diabetes with Swami Ramdev's Yoga Prayanama?
Were you aware of risk factors b4 diagnosis with diabetes? and did you take any risk reducing precautions?
how long can a mild case of HPV last for?
doxycycline HYC 100 MG CURE gonorrhea??
Can you Inherit an STD Through Genetics?
whats the symtoms of chlamydia?
non scientific answers on why people pee when they are scared?
A yeast infection? HELP!?
what does this sound like to you?
Hepatitis B question?
Does not sleeping enough make you look older?
My stomach is to bloated and I have no urge to use the bathroom its painful whats wrong with me?
Question about my Plasma Donation experience?
Why would a doctor tell you to take 800 mg of Ibuprofen if your allergic to it?
what is the success rate of removing a stomach tumor?
Asking about drug interaction.?
HIDA scan came back normal?
Is anal fistula surgery painful?
Will I get Chicken Pox if....?
I want to know who get treated write?
Are we all gonna die of swine flu?
Do ticks die after they bite someone?
I think i have swine flu!?
how worried should i be...?
Do you think I have swine flu?
i have swine flu??????????????????????????
If I get bitten by a zombie will I get swine flu?
any tips on how to be more resistant to catching a cold?
if there is risk of hiv in saliva?
Do I have the swine flu?????!!!!!!!? Help?
Could my liver be dieing.?
how would you survive against a zombie outbreak?
what does it mean if i have a fever of 102.5, dizziness, sore throat, aching muscles, chills and ringing ears?
swine flu or another flu?
Swine flu help plz!!!!?
could i have mono?........?
My dog just bit me, what should I do?
Does the swine flu prove that America is gullible?
strep throat when will it get better?
im 13 and i look 15 and i want to know how to get much stronger iv been liften weights for about 5 months?
What is the resolution to self destruction when life's problems are at an all time high?
How do I deal with my OCD?
Knee Sprain, Water on Knee?
shin splints? tendinitis?
how can i tell if my nose is sprained fractuerd or broke?
c-1 fracture personal injury insurance?
OW! I rolled my ankle?
if you hurt your back will they chop off your leg?
I landed on my knee wrong and it twisted outwards a little, do I have a torn ACL or MCL?
What is going on with me?
Muscle gap in calf...?
I got the wind knocked out of me and couldn't breath, I lost consciousness for a little while, is this normal?
Is my shoulder dislocated?
What causes a chalazion?
How can i make myself stay still while i sleep?
Will health care affect doctors pay check?
Should i quit smoking weed for now?
How do you get out of a head lock?
What's it like to smoke a cigarette?
I'm having dry eyes, sensitive skin, fatigue? What could it be?
Best way to crack your back?
help please! i smoked a lot a couple days ago and got really high.. its been about 2.5 days?
Why do guys voice still crack some after their voice has already changed?
What does it mean to have fluid around your knee?
My hands shake when i sleep?
What can you take for asthma while breastfeeding?
Was pipe smoking ever regarded as beneficial to asthmatics?
does it mean anything if alot of people cough when i pass by them?
Which celebirties snore?
can i use nasal spray in the airport or in the plane?i have heard that in the airport they seal the bottle...?
I was diagnosed with exercise asthma recently. I am an avid runner and cyclist. Any options other than meds?
Does this sound like a sinus issue?
Do I Have Asthma?
can i use nasal spray in the airport or in the plane?
I spit sputum with blood and my back aches every morning, what symptom/sign of disease is that?
Can someone tell me why my father's body temp would be very low, yet he doesn't feel cold?
Just registered to be an organ donor but have had some health problems with my pancreas and right lung.?
IF I SINGER THE sMOking effect on the voice and can I cure it IF I stopped?
Is Lung Disease reversable?
What color contacts should I get and how can I persuade my parents?
Feels like pressure building up in my eyes?
I've been having trouble w/ my computer screen. I think my eyes r getting strained so I have a bright light?
How do I tell if I'm face-blind?
I am 13, do you think I have cataracts.?
Eyesight help? Please help me with my problem :)?
Eye problems please help....?
Do I have cataract, atleast20characterssorrylol?
Having suffered from nearsightedness?
If you swallowed someone elses blood by accident that has aids can you get it too?
If the warts were burned off, will i get warts again if i don't come in contact with the virus/warts again?
what does it mean when you have bumps on the back of your tongue when you have a cold?
What could this be?? Please help!?
Do i have herpes?? i dont think i do but i need help.. PLS?
Help me please? =[ herpes?
is it possible to have syhpallis and have no symptoms?
big issues!!! help!!?
How U will take care Your problem ingrow toe nails?
can you catch an std from soiled clothing?
what are some good substitutes for lube?
White scars HELP =]?
How do I get rid of dry skin underneath my eyes?!?
Tiny bumps all over chest...from tanning??
question come all?
I need a deo that will reduce under arm wetnes?
Acne Product question!?
What works for extra dry skin, even with lotion??
Was wondering what this thing on my arm is?
How do you use pore cleaning pads?
Why do i suddenly get this?
bug bite on my foot still itches after over a month?
I took 3 Oxycoden pills, on the pills they say "512," (there is no letter) is this dangerous?
Same effects as a sauna?
Weed Question????????????
Is peroxide better at killing an infection than saline?
I got stung by a WASP yesterday and was in extreme pain but now..?
How can I find a natural product to treat an e-coli UTI?
what is smoking damiana like?
What bit me, a spider or fire ant? Please help!!!?
is it safe to put glue on a splinter...?
Lost skin pigmentation from burn?
Suppose that you are a chemist for a pharmaceutical company.?
Diet Coke was found NOT to increase risk of kidney stones. Isn't this a conflict of interest?
I'm really worried about the swelling on my finger!?
Bubble on my hand from ice/salt burn?
Can I work in a Pharmacy if I have a Somatology/Cosmetology Diploma?
Is it possible to break your tail bone? If so, did I?
Temporary disability in TN?
Weird bump under the skin? Cyst?
how to persuade your parents to let you stay at home when your slightly sick?
What does a nurse aid do??..& How much does a nurse aid make in Texas?
How long does THC stay in the bloodstream?
Why is marijuana a Schedule I drug?
Right i need to be awake?
What drug do you think I smoked? Help!?
My head is KILLING me?
so, my sister had a TB test. it came back positive we find out if its active or not tomorrow?
how often should i take omega 369 ?
How do I get rid of a cold?(please read description)?
Acid Reflux Disease/Gastritis question?