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wht do u do with scars on face?
is there anything for seborric dermatisis (facial) other than cortizone? teen face very sensitive.what trigger
i found a strange lump on the back of my head, what could it be?
desperate need of a dermatologists help?
How heavy are metal plates that get put in your limbs for support and what type is the metal?
Does Redoxon contain any sugar? I am looking for a sugar-free Vitamin C supplement for diabetes patients.?
Starch Blockers?
what tall is 1.80meter and 1.85 meter?
I need a meal replacement recipe suitable for a diabetic..?
i hv bought a blood glucose meter and i want to convert 374mg/dl to mmol/L, please explain how to convert.?
what does the medical abbreviation c.gl. and s.gl. stand for?
What is Metphormine?
how low is too low for a blood count?
Can diabetics use Agave Nectar as a sweetener ???
What can i do to get a higher WHITE blood count?
diabetic that has a baby?
why we check sugar laval before meal in diabetes?
Blood sugar measuring?
how to reduce the hemoglobin in our blood?
i want to find topics on obesity?
is this blood sugar normal?
My contact case solution turned yellow and formed a yellow object?
optic specialist what is happening to me?
Why do our eyes tear up when we are sad or laughing very hard?¿?
Why do my eyes get sticky from wearing glasses?
Eye Problems :/ PLZ HELP?
Can you go Blind from myopia?
The broken clavicle (collarbone) was caused !!!!clavicle?
Muscle weakness and twitches?
What is wrong with my moms ankle?
I cut my finger and now the skin around it has gone dark?
My spine in my lower back pops when i walk and hurts all day long...help?
Do the breathe right nasal strips work?
Can tight bracelets that leave rather deep skin indents, leave scars?
how to pop a rib back into place?
my nose has been bleeding a lot multiple times a day for almost a week. Any tips?
I have not been sleeping. How can I get sleepy?
I think my cartilage piercing is infected please help?
I used Debrox in my ears because I had lots of wax, but one ear now feels more clogged?!?!?
I think I'm a midget?!? Its not that I'm short (I'm 5ft8), I just FEEL like a dwarf!!!?
My scalp is burning and it hurts?
first time I check my blood for S. Uric acid and its result 8.5. This is harmful for me? And what should I do?
why is this is happening?????????
Is this a gluten intolerance or stomach flu?
pain in armpit right hand thumb numbness?
Cure for AIDS???????
whats wrong with my lips!!!?
what are the REAL facts about herpes?
how many days does it take for herpies to go away?
what kind of body fluids has to be transferred to get hiv? srry iam only 13 i really wanna know?
syphilis sores are not painful right?
Heart beating fast but i cant feel it in my chest?
Which blood pressure monitor is the easiest to use and most affordable?
Can Xanax Cause Heart Problems?
Has anyone here had a re do of a coronary arterial bipass graft and know anything about a re do?
What is the best time of day to take a new blood pressure medication?
why did this happen?
what are the two outer layers of the heart?
i need definitions for these two things....chronic heart failure and acute heart failure?
Could you ever describe your....?
Help with a heart problem!?!?
Randomzied Clinical Trials Using Saturated Fat Restriction Have Never Produced Coronary Mortality Reduction?
defininition for cardiosincrophy-a medical situation where there is a sudden lowering of blood pressure .?
Does any else live with a diabetic and have trouble dealing with their highs and lows?
any suggestions for a person who suffers from chronic pain?
Is anyone taking Lyrica for chronic pain and/or nerve damage?
Ouch! Can someone help!?!?!?
what is flexeril used for?
Pain that starts in the lower left abdomen and radiates all the way up through the neck?
What is the average healthy weight of a 20 yr old female, with a height of 5'6?
if i weigh 380lbs and i want to weigh 250lbs how many calories should i eat a day?
is it okay if I work out my chest twice in one day?
How to gain weight?
how to reduce fat without doing excercise?
Which is better for the abs, pilates or abs?
what are some simple healthy ways to lose weight?
can someone tell me whats the limited number of carbs a diabetic can have at one meal?
what is ibs ( as in weight) ? im simply blank..?
what does the dietary supplement Fat fighter P.M do?
What are the best exersies for your abs and legs?
im 5'8 tall, my wight is 92 kg, how much calories i should be burning daily, to get into shape?
I'm about to start taking creatine in my workout plan what's the best kind or brand to get? correct way to tak
i have very tense shoulder?
Just curious, why do people discriminate against bigger people?
how do you minimize the look of muscular legs. i have big calves and i want to know how to decrease the size?
How to lose fat around tummy area without losing everything else?
How can I get warmed up to ensure that I do not suffer shoulder injuries during weight workouts?
are there any working diets out there at all?? ANYWHERE???
Very small White spots bottom if ball sack!?
what is a hearing request form?
Pressure in my stomach?
Where can I get an actuary table like life insurance companies have?
Is there a way to clear out mucus?
If swine flu is 'soo bad' well howcome no one hasnt died from it yet in Australia?
We have 9 Swine Flu cases, and our school hasn't shut?
Do you think that the swine flu will stop one day?.?
so do masks really work for the swine flu?
How concerned should I be about getting on a ship with previous "food poisioning claims" ?
what's different between HIV and AID?
How to get rid of Flu/Cold as fast as possible!?
What's the difference between swine flu and the regular flu?
Does this Temperature mean I have the flu?
My son has his 5th Ear Infection.?
can you get mono from sharing drinks?
Which is worse HIV or the Killer Flu?
Are school closings possible in southeastern Michigan due to Swine Flu?
Can dogs contract head lice from people?
Question for Everyone...?
how is swine flu transferred?
Why are we all obsessed with Swine flu?
What are the symptoms of H1N1?
strep throat?
36000 deaths each year in U.S from regular seasonal flu?
I have white spot on my tongue what could it be? (is it aids or something else i hope so?
Just found out I have Pneumonia and put on Z-Pack?
RF factor in a healthy person-why?
Sinus Pain Facial bad very bad, Dr and ENT no help what can a person do sinus dry and wet times?
what are symptoms of bronchitis? Is a tight feeling in chest one of them?
what is complex?
I Just received my blood work and t says EBV Ab VCA, IgG was 2043 and the normal is supposed to be under 100..
dog pee and bad lungs?
effects of air pollution?
What is the sure cure for Bronchitis?
In childhood TB destroyed whole of left lung.Though TB was cured I suffer from sputum. I appear very lean. How
I feel I have intestinal infection. Which I feel is incurable.?
Selective Layrngitis?
whats worse shisha or tabacco?
my mom is smokeing?
What can I use to help relieve severe congestion?
What do hiccup means? I have it often.?
How dangerous is having fiberglas insulation blown in your house?
In order for a pathogen to cause disease, what three things must happen?
I think I have a spider bite on my arm?
My brother burnt his face a little today morning,whats the best scar removing cream or remedy that worked 4 u?
how do you know if a spider bit you?
baby powder in your ear canal?
rug burn on my son's face :(?
Eraser burn on my arm, what do I need to do?
Arizona Bark Scorpion Sting?
What is the liquid that's inside of blisters?
I've been getting sudden nausea and dizziness! What does it mean?
What to do when your big toe finger has pus coming out and it is vesicating my toe for 6 weeks! What to do?
how much compensation for back injury?
My shin hurts, please help.?
mystical they wont let me send no more emails today why?
what is the physiological change that cause tachycardia in hypoglycemic person?
Is the Diet eat right for your blood type any good?
How diabetics get affordable insurance w/ maternity coverage if your co. does not offer grp coverage?
Is there any thing that helps with opiate withdrawls?
Should I stop taking Baby aspirin if I'm going to try Hypavera, peptace and celery seed:?
If You Have Liver Problems Can You Take Levodyn?
anyone use kidalin before? or anything else for concentration.?
how much do i pay for a really cheap acrylic bong in canada?
it is okay to sleep naked?
How to improve my eyesight without using glasses?
Why is this happening to me in my sleep?
Will my sleep habits cause problems?
When i smoked weed i threw up?
have trouble sleeping at night?
I'm so tired and feel like I just want to sleep and I've been sleeping all day...why?
is it bad to crack your back everyday?
I rarely smoke weed I smoked a joint & half a bowl on xmas will it be out my system today?
Why does water taste weird when you are sick?
If you fall asleep to another person talking does it affect your abilty to hear your alarm?
Building pressure/numbness in right pinky when it gets cold?
Can I have health insurance for the whole year I am 26?
I can't sleep. What can I do to fall asleep if I'm not tired (but not energetic either)?
Stuffy Nose Pleasssseeee Help!!!?
Why am I always cold ?
what do we think of proactive?
Brittle Fingernails?
i need to know if someone knows the name of the skin condition that would cause you to feel as though you have
tingly feeling?
what will happened i i try to remove a skin mole?
for people with acne experience!?
i just ate so much cause i was nervous. how do i get rid of it ?
How do I get antibiotic ointment onto my scalp?
Could someone explain why these things appear around my mothers eye?
Treatment for Vitiligo??
What could this be?
Pls Help I've tried eveything!?
already treated scabies still itching though?
Im going out tonight and I have a cold sore should I be worried about catching a disease on a glass or fork??
i have some sort of a bumby rash?
I have acne scars. They are not too bad, just read blotch marks on my face. I have went to a dermatologist..
i have a lil red bump on the upper lip and it looks nasty, but im not sure whats it from?
Will i pass my hair test?
I have a bump on my pinis?
Best Medication for Herpes?
if i put my baby in the tub with me can she get an std?
Does it seem like i have a UTI?
My back is soo sore and stiff!! HELP!?
If someone claims to be in a lot of pain can they test it?
how to get relief from a migrane?
How can I stop cracking my knuckles?
Why do my eyes hurt after being in bed for 3 days cause of fever?
why does it hurt when i swallow?
Will piercing my own ear hurt?
Question about thyroid medication and side effects?
What are all of the states in which nurse practitioners can practice independently, without a physician?
Mouse hole in bag of chips. What will happen?
sensitive to dust mites blocking up my noise?
Help for chronic allergies in children?
Why does my throat tickle after eating this...?
is this an egg allergy or something else?
Hives all over my legs, what can I do?
I have a rash that won't go away, and I comes back! Is it like the oil spill?
Am I allergic to my girlfriend's dogs?
Dont you mind telling me the best payday loan sites ?
Medical marijuana and cannabis card?
How long after taking 600 mg of ibuprofen can you take aspirin?
Does Minocycline cause yellow teeth?
Help me, I have got a problem.?
why are my tonsils still swollen?
Ball sack has been tight a lot lately, is this normal?
Sore throat and white spots on tonsils? What is it?
which of the following statements about classifying a promising drug is false?
What kinds of education programs do you think would be most effective in preventing drug abuse?
how do you know if you sprained yu anckle? what does it look like?
Sometimes when I stand after sitting for a while my back and hips pop when I walk. Why is this?
i know someone born with a missing pectoral muscle...?
how to stop my crutches from rubbing my armpits?
i sprained my ankle last week and need some advice?
what do you think i did to my knee? please answer asap!!!!?
i banged my funny bone really bad and my i couldn't move or feel 3 of my fingers .?
Protect a broken ear drum from water?
What are some very good ear plugs that leave you nearly deaf?
I got ant bites when would they go away?
thin layer of skin peeled off my finger?
What is the antidote for Pseudoephedrine overdose?
Mosquito Bite Stuck In Arm?
Is there something wrong with me?
how do i get rid of a cold?
Pink eye ....is it safe? ?
Weired Pool Bugs That Bite What To Do????
should i be scared of swine flu now that its a pandemic?
How can I get rid of a sore throat?
Will i die from lyme disease?
Is it true that half of the U.S population will get swine flu & die from it?
i just sneezed, do i have swine flu?
Is the media blowing swine flu out of proportion?
wat can i do to get rid of a strep- throat?
fever, cold, some kind of virus?
i think i have the swine flu do i?
why cant people chill about the swine flu? it really is starting to become annoying.?
this swine flu thing, how serious is it?
7 year old son is in his third day of high fever with head and neck pain. No ear or throat infection. Help.?
Is the swine flu really that bad?
what happened to the swine flu? is it still around, it kinda disappeared?
How long does a bladder infection last?
what cities in mexico have had swine flu outbreaks?
Ho do you know if you have swine flu?
What are the chances of getting mono at my age (13)?
Swine Flu spreading like crazy?
if I have a bump on my mouth [ on my bottom lip in the corner ] should I be nervous about herpes or anything?
i wanna know what is chlamydia?
can signs of hiv be found in a normal blood test i know it wont tell me that I have it?
can children pass hiv with body fluids?
Is std testing a rquirement for the military?
If i drink after someone who had herpes type 1, will i get it too?
is my boyfriend in fact who i contracted herpes from?
which is worsre to have gonorreha or chlymedia?
what if the health dept. send you a letter refering to your std results saying to you to call immediately?
ive jus been told i have chlamydia?
Are these bumps herpes?
Gallbladder test normal, says its acid indigestion?
Indigent Healthcare Texas?
I used to have hair on my arms and fingers, now none!?
Where do you get a blood test taken?
Sleep deprivation causing illness? Is it insomnia?
I never get any sleep because I wake up at 2am craving a pb&j.. what should I do??!?
How safe is pink fiberglass insulation?
What is the best solution for the health care shortage?
can parrafin harm you?
i think i have a sleep problem?
Does anyone know what subchrionic heamatoma is? i think thats how you spell it?
Why have i got bad lips?!?
I cant sleep at night, and I'm not getting much sleep during the day either.?
Help switching to graveyard shift (Security)?
I think I got a crack?
how can I get something out of my eye? (like a little piece of trash) I can't see it but it really hurts!?
Should I go to the doctor?
what drugs are used fortachycardia, fast heartbeat?
Experience very fast and sharp chest pain..ideas?
Heart Palpitations ? I have been having them for the past few wekks.?
I did a routine monthly check up, ALT/GPT is high 43.6 where as my average should be 0-40, am i in risk ?
sleep paralysis?
you tell me?
I am hypertensive, I have been experiencing pain in my left shoulder. Any explanation for the situation?
Do you think Im fat? Im 5 2 and Im 19 years old and I weight 131?
Thanks all for your input. I work most of the time and don't have alot of time to work out besides the weekend
Can you play sports AND smoke??
What is the best franchise/chain health & fitness club and why?
Should I worry about my heart rate going up to 195-200 when working out?
Why do i yawn willing working out?
what is the fastest way to lose weight without killing my body?
I'm about to begin taking phentermine for weight loss, does it really work?
What can I eat to gain weight?
im 13 and im about 4.6 1/2 i weigh about 82lbs am i fat or just confused?
Anyone else prescribed flexeril?
how llong should I be unable to work/ drive after a L5/S1 micro discectomy?
What are some good exercises to prevent lower back pain?
having eye problems when im in a bright room?
grape seed extract for dark eye circle?
is it normal to be the only blue eye'd girl in the family?
I'm seeing different hues in each eye?
anyone know how to figure out eye color?
Can you get cross eye from playing to much FPS?
How do i get used to wearing eye glasses?
whats up with avandia?
What vitamin(s) , minerals, herbal preparation is good for healing?
best homeopathic medicine for urine infection in diabetic patentients,when the cause of infection is diabeties
Eating small meals=Insulin Resistance?
diabetes is continued to 2 generations in my family,am 14 yers old,what are my chances of getting it in future
what to eat with bad parcrease?
How many carbs should a female on a 1500 calorie a day diabetic diet have?
45grams of protein low sodium,low potassium diabetic diet plan?
Has anyone heard about Actos being harmful to the heart?
Byetta Question?
Do you think Diabetes is a greater epidemic than heart disease?
what is blau blume in regards to a state of mind?
What can i do if i cant stop crying?
I have type2 diabetes - taking insulin & tablets?
how much sugar does an apple have?
If Diabetics Can't Have Sweets?
i would like to know what the symtoms of diabetes.are?
is it safe to take protonix and tums togeather?
Heat reub cream substitute?
Why dont stressed people get Cushings Disorder?
Can i use naka silica gel while pregnant?
Is there a really effective height enhancer for 20 y/o and up?
the truth about cheratussin syp ac?
how do you make with adderall caplets?
Is it safe to use a GNC Mega Men Max Nutrition Formula shake if I am a 29 year old female?
Can anyone give me a specific example of an FDA authority who went on to become a high-paid drug company emplo?
I'm 17 and getting weird dizzy spells help?
Bloody nasal discharge, lots of blood in mucus from nose?
Get rid of eye circles .... Help!!!!?
Can you drink hot fluids if you have a stomach ulcer?
Everytime i eat, my stomach hurts really bad?
right sided abdominal pain and slightly elevated total bilirubin?
How to get rid of a terrible cold?
Does anyplace make benzedrine inhalers still?
where is a good place to donate my hair?
How do you cure lung congestion?
is it true that if you have STD or HIV you can't go to abroad to go work?
is planned parenthood free?
can someone tell me a site wher i can look and find pictures of gential warts and ingrown hairs.the differenc
Someone help whats going on with my mouth?
Im worried about my family and miself because my step brother is moving to our house and he has herpes! what?
What is Herpes? and How can you get it?
where is it cheaper to get tested for std's?
any good cure for hpv?
? about getting STD?
Im a male with hpv warts I hear about your body fighting it off in two years That mean im no longer contages?
I fell flat on my face...should I be worried?
I was shot in the abdomen 3 years ago and i want to know what the survival rate for this kind of injury is.?
What Toe Injury do I Have?
SCARS how can i help it heal better?
has anyone tried yoga toes yet?
Do i have a concussion what should i do?
my wife stepped in a whole in the street and hurt her ankle badly do you think that is a personel injury case?
Did I break my wrist?
how do you know you have a broken tailbone?
If I'm fifteen, and running on an average of 6 hours a night . . .?
whether medical e-prescription is good or bad?
Can adenoids come out on their own?
how long does a twitch last?
I took a nap after school and i can't go back to sleep ?
nose hurts from blowing so hard...?
Vice President Biden,?
Help .. How long does it take to recover from laxative abuse?
Need Help Finding Pectus Carinatum Braces.?
Chest pain and bad smell in nose?
Crawling sensation on my back?
Do you think i would get bloodshot eyes if i slept 2-3 hours a day?
Stuffy ears, ear pain, mild headaches, and vision problems?
What would you say these signs and symptoms are of? Help, please?
Why is there a heart beat in my arm?
Can you use midol at age 11?
Why is the Swine Flu such a big deal?
Swine Flu Second Wave?
Do I have the Flu?
Is it more then a bladder infection?
Anyone else hoping for the end with this swine flu?
What states in the U.S. is confirmed with Swine Flu?
what are the risks of my 15 yr old daughter being exposed to chicken pox?
I have the flu, and I'm starving, but every time I try to eat or walk to the kitchen, I lose my appetite?
is it a possibility to get AIDS if...?
Am I the only one who is not that bothered about swine flu?
why are stool softners being recalled?
what is the "Swine Flu" ?
Are you scared of the swine flu?
Can I get medical marijuana for swine flu?
If somebody paid you a million dollars to willingly contract a bad case of norovirus infection, would you?
what does a huntington disease look like?
going to florida is it safe to go with this swine flu going on?
Do I have swine flu (H1N1)? I'm not sure. Please answer back.?
What do you use for a sore throat?
if i shot mi boyfriend and said it was an accident...?
what is causing my legs to itch so bad!?
what could have been done differently?
27 and losing skin elasticity especially in face.What can i do?
My forearms bruise very easily. I am only 52 and not on blood thinners. Is there anything I can take ?
whats the best ACNE CREAM?!?
Did anyone see the clip on E! news about epson salt, something about draining out toxins from your body?
Why does my fingernails only grow on half of nail?
Is using lotion with insect repellent harmful?
Any remedy for Goosebumps in skin?? I need the most fastest effective please..?
does lemen helps bleaching asian skins ?
I have a cold, and i have red dots all over my body, they dont itch or anything, just red dots. What are they?
My skin is super sensitive, what can I do to make it be less sensitive?
What is this on my fingers?
weird bumps?
I think that my son got ringworm from working with cattle.?
How to pop my ear!!!?
What kind of bite is this? please help?
cut will not stop bleeding?
Can I become an EMT in Louisiana with a misdemeanor possession of marijuana charge.?
Can i wash my arm brace?
what is this pill i found in my daughters room?
I have a blackened beat up toenail half off from running what should I do?
Im Allergic To Seafood....Is There Anything I Can Substitute To Still Have My Nutrients?
I have a blister under a callouse on the pad of my hand under my pinkey.?
Can you get a blowout from stretching your ear's for the first time?
How can I unclog my nose?
Does allergy to gluten cause severe stomach pain?
How do I treat my hay fever eyes?
I am constantly burping up a rotten egg taste?
Possible allergy to neoprene?
I am sick and i have to be put on oxygen mask.?
allergic reaction to gluten free products?
Good Congestion Clearing. EXPERTS!!?
I think I'm allergic to my pet mice?
is smoking 2 cigs in a row worse than smoking 5 at different times?
symptoms of Interstitial lung disease?
how can i make my brothers see our mothers pukmonary problems?
What is the difference between a humidifer and a vaporizer?
what is the definition for "sinus pause"?
Can you inform an excelent surgeon in nasal reconstruction?
Pulmary Edema? My father is swelling alot on his hands and feet.He is hurting alot.Will this go away?
shortness of breath am i dying ?
My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis if you have a lung transplanted does the cf disease infect the new lung?
A lady spits blood while coughing during rainy or winter seasons.What can be the possible causes?
Has anyone tried Chantix and does it work, it contains no nicotine?
How many people @ answers have used the Stop Smoking pill Chantix and does it work?
Does anyone know anything productive to do this summer?
Any smokers who used Chantix? At what week did you stop smoking?
Is anyone familiar with Vocal Cord Dysfunction Syndrome or VCDS?
OK so IS vivarin safe on your heart??Circulatory system???
Pacemaker and marijuana effect?
Have you had a total drum replacement tympanoplasty? If so, what were your pre and post hearing results?
Anyone with Arrhythmia can help me?
Heart question?
Is there a higher risk with getting an epidural when you have mitral valve prolapse and heart rhythm problems?
Why a healthy person collapses into unconsciousness and then regains consciousness?
would i be near heart attack, death??
Blood Pressure Question?
costochontritis medical condition?
during the day i may get one or two short, sharp chest pains (heart area). what are these & what do they mean?
Hypoplastic RIGHT Ventricle and Adults?
Kidney pain questions?
What food is safe if you're suffering from Acid Reflux or severe Acid Indigestion?
Does my daughter have autism?
I have OCD at home but it does not effect me anywhere else?
How to get over insomnia?
Could my bowel problem cause a chain reaction with my health?
what does arthritis feel like?
What does it mean when theres a bump on the side of your arm and it hurts?
Could something be wrong or is it in my head ?
what possible nursing intervention is recommended in a postpartal woman suffering cramping or afterpains?
i am going to the doctor today for headache's and my tonsils are acting up what do you think is happening??
Upcoming Pain Relief Procedure?
Im worried about my mothers medical needs?
I have a sharp pain in my right shoulder and in my right shoulder blade, is this a heart attack?
HOW COULD i do a proper Push up routine right?
upper back pain?
If I have torn a pectoral muscle should I see a doctor and how should I treat it?
did my tibia crack after spraining my ankle?
Bump on my head that hurts when I laugh?
Two bumps on head??? PLEASE HELP.?
I ripped my toenail off?
what happens if I open a puss filled wound?
About 7 months ago, I had ACL reconstructive surgery, and i'm wondering why my knee is recently giving out?
Is it either a hernia or a pulled muscle?
Can having a yeast infection show sugar in your urine exam?
Diabetic with Colon Cancer?
Does anyone know of good sites to go to, on foods to eat and not eat for diabetics?
My Knee popped out, what to do now it hurts like crazy!?
what is type 2 diabetes?
Are diabetics more at risk of developing cancer?
Low glucose levels?
Food with little or no iron?
Reaction to Glucophage??
can diabetics take pollen?
Is Cayenne pepper an anti inflammitory?
Can i take pepto bismol with propranolol?
Are there any dietary suggestions forheadaches in children?
I'm lookibg for an iRenew review, please?
Can you get herpes out of nowhere?
Can this happen with chlamydia?
Can marijuana make you infertile?
Is there any way to temporairily cure a cold?
Will snorting 1 xanax bar kill me?
please dont answer if you dont alot about yeast infections?
Will the medication Campral help curb cigarette cravings?
How much omeprazole a day?
What is the best protein supplement?
What are these Tablets I found? Their called Catapress 100?
Remedies to a cold sore?
yeast infection????????????????????????????
i have tested my blood for syphillys,it was positive, but i couldn't freeze because i am afraid, how i solve?
Please I am freaking out here?
How much sleep is healthy/ unhealthy?
Correctol or Ex-Lax??
help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My son is 6 years old. 1 week from today I noticed him going to the bathroom ALOT.?
What is the best way to get fit in 8 months?
How does your eyesight get bad?
eating disorder...?
do people like to be fitt?
Whats the definition of iron deferral?
What can you do for a nail that is growing in with a weak spot?
Atkins DIET ! Im going to start the atkins diet Tonight!! I dont know WHAT TO BUY?? I heard all meats?? Help?
what is the safest way to land when falling off a roof?
What is the best weight loss pill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Gaining a bit more weight and looking it.?
will i lost my weight n should i fine my real love?
what is going on with me?!?
Is this exhaustion or something worse?
BLOOD FLOW STOPS IN HAND when I sleep on it! HELP!?
Can anyone offer advice about weight loss supplements?
Obliques, Lats Exercises?
okay now I've got the exercise down...?
i am 16 and 5'3, is there any way to make myself taller w/o wearing high shoes?
Has anyone of you tried the lipotrim diet?
Do you know that people are giving advice to young bulmic on how to throw up with her parents around?
What constitutes as incontinence?
are there any foods that I can eat that will curb my appetite ?
What does this mean? "The daily 1 time each time 2 grain, the breakfast previous half hour takes"?
Is it true that drinking coffee will make you fat?
What is a good work out to buff up and increase indurance?
chicken pox question?
I am not feeling well, should i goto the doctors?
If someone has lice, is it contagious?
Why is the swine flu called the swine flu? Why isn't it called the beef flu?
Is the swine flu still happening?
What does it mean hiv positive ?
My sister getting her tonsils taken out, how long....?
volcanos can u hep me?
My best friend just got the flu. What can I give or do for him?
im sick..any good get-rid-of-flu ideas?
how do you know if you have bladder infection?
pink eye help!?
Swine Flu Virus, your thoughts?
Will the swine flu become so dangerous that public places in Canada will be closed?
Do i have Swine Flu??
I know that swine flu is spreading, but what's the big deal?
Do i have the swine flu? i had most of the symptoms?
Are you taking the H1N1 flu shot, and why or why not?
Vomiting up all food and liquids , EVEN WATER!!?
omg!!!i think i have the strep throat!!?
94 year old grandma 103.7 fever.help?
Do I need eye surgery?
How many hours of watching TV or PC is enough?
Why are my eyes so red?
Difficulty in total eye transplants, optometrists please help!?
Help! Sleeping with your contacts in?
My eye sight is -3.5?
What happens if a guy c.u.m.s in your eye?
Prevalence of Cataract in the philippines?
I need help. I think my daughter is bulimic!!!?
How do i get grass out that's embedded in my eye is there Strong eye wash that can flush it out?
Color contacts???????
Polierized glasses point?
Contacts getting blurry?
what causes depression and are there any "types" of it?
I was just put on Lexapro. Is there anything I should be worried about?
what are some ways you de-stress?
who are some famouse people who have children with ASD?
Anyone on adderall??
what is so interesting about life?
how would u feel if u needed it twice a night?
Why do I keep having dreams about not fitting into a bathroom stall?
OK I know how to apply for SSI!!!? ADULT ADHD?
personality disorter medications?
How long after expiration date can you really use zoloft?
Why am I scared of spiders and a certain type of fly that lives in my house?
i NEED ANWERS NOW........?
Whats wrong with me??
if i accidentally cut my finger while at work in the kitchen, should i take 10 Min's out to let it settle?
I cut my finger with my pocket knife. Please help?
would mold on the roof felt make my boys cough at nt?
i fell out of love got bit by the bug?
How long does a Scald Burn take to heal?
Is cream of wheat good for someone with hypoglycemia?
Ear Piercing....is it an Infection?
how can i stop oily skin(on my face)?
I burnt myself with a iron can i use equate after sun aloe vera soothing gel?
Will water have these benfits on my skin?
Jellyfish Sting treatment?
My finger got slammed into a closet door some?
How long do bee stings hurt for?
Small area on finger - hardened after being in cold, but no pain?
My two months kid suffering from Branchial sinus disorder?
I felt a little bit nausea so I took so Pepto Bismol before it got worse, and now my stomach hurts really bad?
What can happen when you put antibiotic cream meant for minor cuts on a deep cut?
Seeking a fine shop online to order bandage wrap?
swelling on the forehead from the edge of a bucket?
I think my finger nail is going to come off :(?
i smashed my big toe into the ground in a bike crash awhile ago and now its healed and itches. why?
how long does it take to feel better?
Has anyone ever had surgery on their iliotibial band? I REALLY NEED HELP/ADVICE PLEASE!!!?
What is wrong with my knee?
Does a person sleep more after an injury?
Where can I get a list of all medical emergency rooms in Orange County, California...?
i got punched in the middle of the chest today and its really sore. it hurts when ever i strech?
I hit my head hard on something, Now theres a lump what should I do?
Can you get aids if someone's tooth cuts you?
if a person gets the warts orally do the warts show up outside the mouth or inside and can other people see it?
Can you Receive an STD through A Luffa?
Does HIV/AIDS have any positive/negative impacts on place/environment?
If they say that you get HIV when it comes into your bloodstream, then how can you get hiv from unprotected se?
i need advice on herpes?
How long after exposure to HPV can you go before exhibiting warts?
Would a blood and urine test show chlamydia?
how many years does it take for hiv to show up on a test?
Genitle worts... Boys answer or girl doctors?
can you get aids from swallowing blood that has aids in it?
what is the disease/syndrome called which makes you think you love people when you meet them?
Why are my feet so cold all the time???????????????????????????????????????????????????¿???????????????????
Does this sound like CJD or some variant?
i feel sick after not sleeping for 20 hours?
Familial Down Syndrome?
I think I have Celiac disease. What are the first steps I need to take. What are safe foods to eat?
Can malnutrition make you shrink in height?
which cigarette brand is best and( not injuries to health).?
My right hand was numb for over 2 days. Now my hand is twitching?
What physician would I contact to repair a hernia and separated abdominal muscles?
Hernia Repair - Quick Solution?
Correctol or Ex-Lax?????
Does bp gasstations sell cigarette paper?
How does a yearly physical work?
Is it normal for my hips to pop?
What's the purpose of Reglan in colonoscopy preperation?
will dysuria go away on its own?
The Best Soultion To Health Care Work Force Shortage?
I'm always coughing up cold?
Does this mean I am allergic to spinach?
What ingredient in Jergens Natural Glow could be causing an allergy that gives me little itchy bumps all over?
Hi. I am a 16 year old boy and I'm pretty sure I just got a milk allergy. Will I ever outgrow it? Because I am?
I have allergies to mosquito bites!!!?
I have a runny nose and an exam tomorrow. How can I stop it?
Can airborne allergens cause slight chest pain after a long time?
Could I be allergic to mucinex?
Allergies , need help?
Hepa air purifier placement?
I am diabetic, I feel heavy in the legs and I am unable to walk as I use to?
Excercise causes my sugar readings to shoot up 30-40 points. Why?:?
Is having Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin dependant) a valid excuse to get out of jury duty in the state of Californi
Diabetic Questions (2) My blood sugar levels average between 160 to 230, I am currently taking Glipzide...?
what r some symtoms for diabities, blood preasure, and blood sugar?
What's a diabetes-friendly Father's Day (food) gift?
what kind of medication is stiripentol biocodex?
i'm 29 weeks pregnant and i took a 50 ml glucose challenge test?
Does anyone know where you can buy diabetic chocolate in the UK?
Do I need to take medication for heart palpitations?
Should there be a time gap between heart attack (1st one) and when you get angiography done?
Need answer for Coronary Vasospasm?
Is it normal for your heart rate to go fast then slow. Like beats a few beats fast then slows right down?
What Medical Facility has done the most operations removing the pericardium due to chest radiation ?
Transposition of the great Arteries?
if i have a healthy heart can i still get cardiac arrest?
What is the difference of Arteries Veins and Capillaries?
can an aneurysm be caused by an injury??
following a angiogram, what would cause severe pain above knee? Dr said they have to go back in. Why?
Why do My legs curve for? weird :S?
Is it arthritis or just my old injuries asking up?
Car accident neck pain?
Is the flu vaccine pointless?
Tailbone workout pain?? help please ?
Swine Flu ! - Yeah, another question about it. :P?
if swine flu is airborne then...?
Numbness in right heel randomly? what could cause this?
Whenever I stand up and move/walk I get a migraine/headache thing?
my husband has just been diagnosed wih mono. can i get it?
Is it safe for someone that has h1n1 to go to school?
what are treatments for uti?
Do i have the swine flu?
I have a 102.5 or 103 fever, a headache, and body aches/pains, and some lightheadedness, what should I do?
Is anyone canceling trips because of swine flu?
How is Swine Flu passed from one person to another?
It feels like theres a ball or something under my right side jaw and it hurts and it can move if id touched!?
what are u sick and tired of?
I need help with info on Sickle cell disease?
street cost of 5mg oxycodone?
OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Oooouuuuuccccchhhh!!!?
Can AIDS be contracted from french kissing?
Is it possible to get mono twice?
This girl im dating has the flu am i gonna catch it sinced we kissed sunday? how many days does it take?
my daughter swalled soap?
What will give me diarrhea?
whats your opinion on the new swine flu?
Swine Flu!!! My 6 month old daughter goes to a at home daycare and one of the people who watch?
is tuberculusis diseases can be heridetary?
Is the swine flu in florida?
Is My Wrist Broken?
How long after dextox from Methadone can one have back surgery safely?
my ovarain cyst hurts?what does that mean....?
when i take my navel ring out it seems like there is a hard bump on the inside does anyone know what that is?
very bad acne..?
What is the best way to get rid of acne on my nose chin and forehead?
what pill is small,round,pale green and has an E on it?
Scratched angel kiss?
A question for dermatologists, or people who have had this problem?
is hormonal inbalance have solution?
"wintergreen ointment"what is this used for?
Thanks for your movement ance again thanks for that.?
what's wrong with my skin?
I have an ingrown nail growing under my thumb nail. It is small and it hurts what can I do about this?
I have tonsilitis as posted earlier,im getting hot sweats & i become soaked during night,then get freezing?
does anyone else have the hives?
Skin turned bright red after falling on salt that is on the street?
what is good for hemorrhoial can they bleed?
I want clear skin whats good for acne and the scars left from acne?
what to do about huge nasty purple bruises?
Did Clean&Clear for acne really work for you?
is there some kind of rash or something that starts with bumbs on your lips?
whey protein?
an easy way to lose weight without doing alot?
Best excercises to do at home?
If I enjoy eating raw foods, and do so regularly, am I at risk for acidosis or other maladies?
how long can a person live on ecmo machine with no improvement?
zithromax madicine?
How long has the disease RSV been around?
How can you get rid of dizziness and giddiness without medication?
Will it really make a difference?
my kids and i rode in my car for a week with a gas leak, can the fumes be harmful to my kids?
What is the best health tool to help sleep apnea?
Does anyone know why I get so dry and congested at night?
Does pain from pleurisy move around?
anyone out there have primary ciliary dyskinesia?
Smoking Weed?
What do you think is serious to?
Does the drug Chantix Really Work for Smoking Cessation?
what does it mean when you have lynphnodes in your lungs?
HELP ME (snoring keeping me awake)?
What are the dangers of breathing paint fumes?
Sick for a couple weeks now....?
anybody heard about a tablet called dubil forte? one of the ayurveda doctors prescribed it.?
do you believe in BOEGOE (herb..in SA)?
Is it bad to swallow only the powder in a cefdinir capsule?
taking my Road test and drug tests?
cold foods to eat with sore throat?
Has any one used hcg drops?
Whats the timetable for ecstasy detectable in urine?
when growing salvia...?
Spider bites need help?
if you had an ant bite, what to put on it?
How should I treat a bad reaction to ear stretching?
How long does sunburn last on a head?
What kind of bug bite is this?
Can human bites damage muscles?
insect bites in Australia?
std question???
Is this herpes or is it normal?
Can a ob/gyn give a HIV/STD exam?
what are the symptoms of herpes?
Just because you have a cold sore, does it mean your stuck with herpes forever?
Theres This Fishy Smell?
Do I have HERPES!!!! Pic included.?
herpes results. do not understand?
what is hpv?
Crutches needed but where can i get some?
The doctor said I have a broken foot, can you answer my question?
Broken nose, advice please?
My hip hurts help me?
I jammed my middle finger 3 months ago. Now it's starting to leak puss?
What can I do to play through rib injury?
Pain between middle and ring finger knuckles?
Work related injury/ I got injured at work in oct. Of 2004 and filed a C/T case in march of 2007 I got rated ?
Will my head be okay?
I am having muscle constrictions?,What is it?
I have a hard splint on my arm. i broke my arm on 10/19/10 and i get a cast on it on monday?
Please help! whats wrong with my ankle?
Help! Do I have crohn's disease?
What cold remedy medications are safe for a kidney transplant patient to take?
I always have to urinate and I am always thirsty what could be wrong?
What happens if you ingest raid bug spray?
ok this is serious and i don't know what to do about it?
what causes bloating?
I feel sort of dizzy and weird when I stop reading, should I ask my doctor?
Question on verapamil drug?
How to make this pain in my chest stop?
I sweat a lot , please help?
severe pain in the ball of my foot and caused by no obvious injury...?
I can't stop biting my nails!!?
How can i always look and feel clean?
sometimes i can't sleep because i am stressed with things. what will help me to sleep better?
Does the noise in my head bother you?
With your mental/physical health being an issue, how do you know it's time for your children too take over?
I have not sleep in the past 48 hours and Nothing is helping me to sleep. HELP!!?
Do you think most people are happy most of the time?
I feel as if time is slipping away from me and that life / love is passing me by.?
Shoulders cracking noise?
Why do I feel so lethargic?
Long-term solution to weak prominent blood vessel in nose?
Do you have a OneTouch blood meter?
my right eye is having muscles spasms and it aches, what could cause this? it has been hurting for days now.?
2 go 2 middle school do they care if u dont get 1 or 2 shots or are they all REQUIRED????????????
how do the eye sockets protect the eyes?
i need some health tips?
Dilated eye after having a black eye?
Sugar Busters - Breakfast?
I've got a stye on my eye and it hurts.?
What specifically are the ingredients in "alli?" I cannot take it if it has even a trace of sugar, etc in it
what should i do before my diabetes test?
GP Contact lenses, right eye uncomfortable, left eye fine?
my eye feel strained and my head really hurt especially my forehead?
What can you tell me about diabetes?
Eye chart test 20/40?
The dentist usually waits for six months before treating a patient who has?
Is any sugar safe while you have gestational Diabetes?
Why is my eye pinkish redish?
do tinted contacts show up on dark brown eyes?
do zocor affect CVA(cerebrovascular accident)?
my VLDL is 8?
Does any one know what is Periostin?
chest pain?
Q. my dog got his lungs full of flem a decade ago and the vet warned he was soon to die.how does that work?
Has anyone had open heart surgery and experienced this?
how does fibromyalgia affect heart?
i'm throwing up non-stop. what's wrong with me?
are you exposed for some kind of disease when getting a tatto like HIV and all ?
in the bed with the flu, so bored!?
pain in my arm!?!?!?? help ):?
chronic headaches after viral meningitis?
symptoms of swine flu?
What should i do about a sore shoulder/upper-back?
How do I stop or soothe the cramping and stiffness in my broken leg?
exercise to build foot arch muscles?
should i got to work if my wife and daughter have the swine flu?
Whats the best way to recover from a torn tendon in the foot?
Labrum surgery recovery?
I have a question about swine flu?
im reallllly scared of swine flu..?
Any ideas to help soothe muscle cramps?
Spinal Cord Injury Cervical?
does it mean i dont have AIDS .?
Lyrica 50mg Capsule P-D side effects?
Why do my breast and my back hurt?
Why do tobbaco leaves ease bee sting pains?
slipped disc?
i wear a retainer and its hurting my tounge??? I BEG YOU PLEASE HELP ME!?!?!?
How u can prevent getting HIV?
My knee is giving out on me after having a L knee scope with lateral release 4 1/2 months ago...what do I do?
My arms hurt?
what do these symptoms mean?
Have you tried "Headache Stay Gone"?
What is wrong with my hip?
is swine flu really truly bad?
any ideas why i have sharp pains in my stomach when i move?
sharp stomach pains?
intrathecal pain pump?
Instant shooting pain in head, but only lasted for a few minutes?
Which site is the best for buying methadone or lortab without a prescription?
Lortab or Tramadol?
Does anyone have experience with Cervicogenic Headache.?
what are the responsibilities for the osteopath?
Do darvocets have any opiots in them?
Im still having slight head pain from my spinal tap 1 week ago,And my heart is racing..The Klonapin?
Does anyone know anything about constant migraine headaches?
I Have had severe neck and shoulder pain in my left side for almost a year,been to docs and no help?
What is a "bible bump" in the wrist? How is the treatment?
what is the type of education, training, and professional qualifications for an Osteopath?
Can you get the flu even after you've taken the (! ! seasonal ! !) flu shot? *sniff sniff*?
Insect Bite. Somebody please provide some input.?
I got bitten by a fire ant in middle finger?
How to reduce swelling before tomorrow?
I think I have an infection in my finger, what should I do?
My 0g stretched ear little swollen and bleeding a little?
Can I make a doctors appointment without parental consent?
What do mute people sound like when they sneeze?
need help cleanin my syestem asap?
I just licked and swallowed a blob of my own blood?
What kind of the way to use cable tv pc ?
What do I have/How do I fix it?
what is the normal height of a 15 year old (boy),or what should be the normal height?
Having side effects of co cordamol, need advice.?
I have a back problem, can you help?
Strange breathing noises in my throat? Please help!?
Yesterday I had heart burn all day, today my throat hurts a lot. Are they connected?
I Am All Itchy All Over my Face And Body It Is Driving Me Crazy What Is This HELP????
I wear Dream Matte Mouse. After a short period of time my skin looks flakey, dull, dry, & scaley. HELP!?
old lady hands?
Acne Question?
A red spot?
Do homemade treatments work for acne?
give me any easy homemade tipa for breastgrow?
hre causes and cureck what ave white spots on face, head and ba?
how can i identify head lice?
i have a freckle on my face and it had a tiny scab on it, as it was rough,its now come off.should i be worried
Ordering question??? help.?
how do u get rid of...?
My inner thighs are dark from being fat what can I do this is so embarrasing!?
Is my skin just dried out?
Does sea buckthorn oil help to reduce redness in rosacea?
What helps frozen shoulder?
i take 2000 mg of b5 will this help my oily skin and when? I don't have acme just oily skin?
Could I be lactose intollerant?
My toddler has hives and a fever?
How long before dogfood changes a skin allergy?
Is it possible for a fetus to be allergic to bee stings?
Why do mosquito bites make me swell up?
What's wrong with my throat?
Cat Allergies. Can Anyone Help?
Is it possible to be more sensitive to certain types of dairy?
How to explain my cold sore to my boyfriend?
Can you get a kiss from herpes?
please help...AIDS?
I feel like i have an urinary tract infection,burning,chills,,so i went to the dr,he did a pee sample?
If gonorreha is treated how do you know it is gone for good?
About how much people have Aids in Africa?
really need answers from smart people?
Cronic Sinus Problems, Head Tension and Poor Eyesight....are these related?
I like weed. A lot. A little too much...?
Is this a staph infection?
Any advice/tips/etc? help!?
How can I fix a twitching eye?
Smoking in relation to insurance?
can u get free contact lenses from your insurance?
When I go to bed I get bad abdominal pain and I can't sleep is that bad?
what are firness performance levels for the US by age bracket?
What is the best way to lost a moderate amount of weight in a healthy way?
Why have I stopped losing weight?
Help me to get fit!?
can you compare the old food guide to the new one?
how do i tone up my upper and lower legs.and my abs?
Where can I get a Great work out plan?
what is the best exercise for your triceps and what is the best move to tighten your stomach muscles?
how did the gladiators train? not to fight, but to keep in shape physically, to build stregnth and stamina?
Excersize: How much difference will it make?
what is the nutritional content of a smoked turkey leg?
exercising for abs..whats the best no?
What is the best energy supplement to date?
Is there a safe diet pill I can take while I am taking Depakote and Zoloft for Bi-polar?
Which food contains high protein?
would like to buy some exercise music but not rap. Any suggestions?
Electrolytes are minerals that are important for body processes such as muscle movement, nerve signals, and th?
Marijuana and Melatonin causing hallucinations..?
can I take cold medicine with Detrol?
What is street value of 4mg dilaudin pills?
Closest OTC/herbal similar in effects to Concerta (methylphenidate)?
when i cough i accidentally vomit. how to cure this?
Is breathing cement bad? What can it cause?
Gerd symptoms?
Are there any restrictions for putting a inhaler for asthma in my plane carry-on?
¿Can I live a "normal" life if I've got asma?
COPD and Spiriva. Does it work for you?
Had Every Test Done Then Why?
cough and back pain?
Health Care Proffesionals! Definition of Med/Surge & C-Diff?
how do you get rif of flem?
What is the percentage of people getting smoke related illnessess after quiting smoking?
My teen daughter suffers from eczema, asthma & alergies. OTC Moisurizers & Rx lotions not effective. Ideas?
Dipping tobacco?
what is snot?
symptoms and side effects of anxiety?
my question is rgarding the completation of t.b course?
Upper left/ribcage Pain?
Can Vicodine have a reverse effect?
who developed the pain reliever Hesperden?
I fell off a stage and landed on my feet, now I have heel pain - What is it?
Achilles tendon surgery?
Is it bad for your back to have some one walk on it to pop it?
I dont know if my thumb is spained,broken,jammed, ect. i can still move it i can grab things but it hurts and ?
stitches in my arm NOT working?
I think I may have sprain my knee, HELP!?
Should i see a shrink?
Why do I have a weird smell when i sit down for a while and get up?
what is NYS law for filling prescription zolpidem can prescription be wrtten with up to 5 renewals?
health question whats wrong?
If an obese person develops anorexia will they lose most of their unhealthy weight fast?