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What are the RSG levels that i was recently tested for? They came back low, what does this mean?
which glucose measuring device is the most accurate?
Is their a supplement a person can take to control diabetes?
serum glucose 15.0 mmol/l, but the urine glucose strip show negative . posible? why?
Anger problems and depression.?
Drug use, when should i tell someone? help please! 10 points?
Taste nickel in my mouth after running?
i have a medical question?
Why does this happen to me hands?
"Fatty" looking Platelets in a donation bag?
Would you donate your organs when you die?
does anybody have any embarrassing pee stories?
Which of these are fat soluble and which are water soluble?
Will meclizine/antivert help my dizziness?
What is the scientific explanation for hiccups?
How much adderall till OD?
Natural remedies for ovarian and uterine cysts?
peired is that like a way of life to women and how long dose it last for like what age would that come up to??
pardon me do you mind if i fondle you uvula?
i'd appreciate proffessionals (on heart diseases) please?
Can Plavix cause you to lose your sense of taste? I have been taking Plavix for over a month .?
I'm afraid I may have given Dpantz a heart attack?
A query about heart attacks and car accidents?
If you put a wound dressing on, Do you have to put a bandage on top? or do you just tape it up?
How long do flea bites last?
my son got a laceration on his forehead a few days ago and he just bumped it by falling down and its bleeding?
can i use prewrap to cover a burn/blister?
Hey Any Stink Bug Experts Out There ?
recovering from broken leg?
I have a burning throat but its not sore, does anyone know what this is?
Swollen painful hangnail on thumb?
Why does my ankle hurt for no reason?
Is it possible I have a concussion?
How hard do you have to hit your head to get a concussion or something wrong?
If I had gotten cut a few months ago, can it open up again?
My eye after an injury?
eczema answers?
the small sliver of (i think is the retina) is now round and covers most of her eyes. why the change.?
dark circles.?!?
Whats a good lightening cream for "beauty marks"?
Loreal Tanning Towels...?
I have a question about skin. ha.?
Difference between MICRODEMABRASION and CheMICAL PEEL?
Omg, dirt speck on my car!!!!?
has anyone ever heard of the disease nuspa?
what are the best all natural solutions to eczyma?
is it safe to shave hair over a scar due to operation?
Products for Acne....?
did anyone ever hear of someone getting a rash all over your body and it really hurts?
Glass in foot?
Why is my hair going grey in spots?
sweaty palms!?
Zit Problem, what do I do?
Can someone who has arthritic psoriasis use any type of lotions?
After playing sports (sweating) my face becomes dry...?
I took unigold test a year after of thought exposure to Hiv, it came back negative, is this an accurate test?
Can HPV be passed down through Genetics?
Whats the difference between herpies and cold sores? and how do you tell which one is which?
hiv test effective?
Help me please? What should I do?
STDs through handshakes?
Last night i made out with 2 random girls... should i be worried about stds?
how soon after getting an STD can it be transmitted?
Does the cataract eye drop can-c work?
Amazon green Contacts? Have u ordered?
What is wrong with me eye?
what does it mean when tears fall down your left eye out of no where?
Is my eyesight too weak?
Do eyedrops work when u have contacts on?
Is there really a relationship between eye rubbing and keratoconus?
question about semi-rimless eyeglasses' lifespan?
How to scientifically measure vitamin C in vegetables?
Does anyone know how to gleek? i've tried and can almost get it to work but no spit comes out. HELP!!!?
What is a good estimate of young adult smokers and non young adult smokers in the U.S?
affordable ct scan in the philippines?
Strange sickness that has lasted 3 years (so far).... HELP?!?
______________ is the presence or formation of gallstones in the gallbladder or common bile duct.?
If bacteria were incubated at a temperature other than the recommeded optimum would there be any difference in?
Why are my friends Nails a Blackish Gray color?
What was this ? I thought it was my period at first ?
Why do I see blood vessels when I blink?
How wear a size 13 and have ticklish feet?
I have acid or silent reflux and I want to know if it can bring up other symptoms...?
Recently diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism?
so i need to fight off a cold?
i have a cold sore in my mouth?
i think i have reyes syndrome?
Where can I find the HCPCS codes?
Why Is There A Lump On The Left side Of My Head?
What causes tremors....?
Medical help please? ?
I hear echo voice particularly with loud voice. What is the reason and solution?
is the chemist giving the right medicine?
Is strep throat going around in July/August?
where does head lice come from?
I can't eat solid food w/o getting sick-it's been 10 mon. &97lbs ago what could be wrong?
im allergic to penicillin can i be affected by other antibiotics that are simliar our derivitives of penicill
I wanna get in better shape in 11 days?
I need to find a list of psychotropic medications. Can you tell me where I might be able to locate this info?
Does anyone besides me have a fascination with cowboys?
help me...what shud i wear??
I am under so much stress?
Have you ever had a stretch/yawn that felt so good, that you felt revived afterwards?
who think's life is good who think's life is bad?
Does anybody try Homeopathy Medicines on Depression symptoms???
can stress and depression cause nervous breakdown?
feeling blue and really don't know why?
What is the grossest, nastiest thing that has ever happened to you?
Have you ever had Schizophrenia, What were your symptoms?
seriously!! what is with this program??
What's with all these people that claim to have OCD? Has it become the fad disease to have?
Have you ever dated a cross dresser?
An man of 70 taking Prozac one capsule everyday for over one year. Is that good or harmful?
Whats the difference between the male and female mind?
Is it okay to drink coffee before having blood test done ?
Why do you pee blood? with cornice pain, and puking?
Ingrown toenails from Pointe....?
Bayer Quick Release Crystals Packs Not Being Sold Anymore?
have bruising behind knee from varicose veins n bad pain?
I'm having a problem with frequently cracking my wrist?
I have really bad cramps and pains in my legs.?
Is the weed still in my system?
Broke college student:I don't have health insurance. How much would a clinic charge to test for HIV and Herpes?
Chest pain while swallowing?
Has this ever happened to you before?
HELP!!! CRAMPS!!! whats going on?
std please helpppppppppppppppp?
herpes?!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????? please help?
what is this weird bodily fluid?
Is the American health insurance is like Car insurance?
What's wrong with my foot? Arch pain and cramping?
Keep getting pins and needles help?
Sprained, fractured, broken wrist?
Is This Herpes? If It Is...I'm Scared.?
Symptoms I've had all day. Can you help?
Is there an age requirement for std medication?
how do i get an std ?????????
What is the good the number for low and high sugar reading?
metformin - side effects - comments?
I just stopped taking my dosage of Predisone after 5 days. How long before I can have wine.?
child of 2 with lead level6?
diabetes help?
my bf is a diabetic, and recently found a saw under his foot.We went to the hospital to make sure it wasnt?
Secret to weight loss when you have hypothyroid and type-1 diabetes?
Risk of getting Diabetes...very specific Question....?
which insulin is more expensive/ humalog(aventis) or novolog (Novo nordisk )?
how can your a1c be totally normal and you still have "high blood sugar"?
how long does it take for impraimine hcl to start working?
effect of fat burner on diabetes?
what are the pros and cons of insulin for type2 diabetes and oral meds?
what do you think of the use of sugar blocker ?
Can i play again after acl recovery and rehab?
Is it worth going to the doctor tonight?
large dark red bruise on arm?
Is it safe to use muscle rub?
Strange Bone on wrist?
Can you get Osteochondritis dissecans in your backbone?
Is there anyway that you numb your skin?
bruise for no apparent reasons?
Time heal all wounds? Broken foot pain....?
Has anyone been sick after spraying for Gypsy Moth's?
what to do when you have a flare up due to MS?
Adenoids being removed?
I what causes sneezing because because I have observed that when am is about four to three days to my mense I?
in a chest xray what is a cystic bleb?
UPPP Surgery for Sleep Apnea?
Does anyone use a CPAP or know of someone who does?
i have had a cough for about a week now and i just tried vicks vaporub?
Has anyone quit smoking with Chantex..and what were your side effects?
Any Suggestions?
If someone has lung cancer that has spread to the brain can you tell with an MRI?
Hives after swimming in lake Ontario?
I dont know if im allergic to dogs or not?
Could I have an egg allergy?
Vegetarian Allergic to Wheat?
Does MBT sneakers help reduce pain in feet?
What is this odd pain in my head?
HIP pain, some Advice please!?
Any one know about poor circulation in legs,any relief?
I get headaches just on one side of my head and was wondering?
does tylenol pm make you have weird dreams?
What is it?
I have a dulling pain in my right side, under my ribs. What is it?
Sore neck working on computer?
second opinion for neck and shoulder pain??
i accidently miscounted the amount of paracetamol i took and i took 4 instead of 2. Should i go to the doctor?
why do we differ in feeling pain?
Hip Replacement info and help!?
Has anybody used Flexadrin for osteoarthiritis? Any tips on pain for OA?
Sharp Abdominal Pains!!!?
How much do MRIs cost?
im having pain in my knee?
stiff neck/back headaches?
Vein in Leg?
Is it safe to take codeine with metamizole (baralgin)?
Did these diet pills have speed (amphetamines) in them?
klonopin (green monster) swabb tessst today?
wow i have a sore throat and need to treat it quick?
What is the best way to heal a pinched nerve?
Is it true that book GOD'S MEDICINE IS BEST(herbs...) by L. Wise is used by some people to get stoned or High?
Are you supposed to take breaks from taking adaptogens like rhodiola and ginseng, maca, etc.?
Which ecig produces the most smokevapor?
I need help with my exzema..any one any ideas?
Why does Tylenol Pm cause uncontrollable itching?
what is the best collagen?
gr. well for the bellybutton again what do you do when there is puss comin out of it? is it infected?
what is the best face wash that works and doesnt cost to much??!!?
Dark Circles under eye and puffy ness?
Does anyone use Differn (acne medicine)?
how soon can i apply bio-oil or mederma to my thyroidectomy scar?
how many years does acne last??????
has anyone heard of a skin parasite disease called upsi and if so what treatments or cure do you know of?
Can VCO treat acne?
My nails used to be perfectly smooth, but now I have all these dimples and pock marks. What's the deal?
how can i get frost bite to go away abit faster..?
Keratoacanthomas - have you ever had them? What method of treatment, if any, did you receive? I have some...?
HELP, what could this be?
is it possible for the clinically isolated syndrome MS to be cured?
Does anyone know what I have - Illness?
I've a CAT scan in a few days time (brain & sinuses) If something was wrong would a CAT scan definetly show it?
Do you know of any sliding scale counseling in Colorado?
Is it normal for me to wet myself at 13?
I Lost a lens in my glasses and am on medicaid I live in Illinois.. will they cover the cost for a new lens?
What are some tips for becoming (And staying) Diurnal again?
what should i do if im wetting the bed at 13 without my parents knowing?
why do i keep wetting the bed at 13?
Do peoples tongues extend all the way down their throats ?
Can the symptoms of blood clots in the brain worsen over months and months?
How can I turn myself into an insomniac?
I feel something on the side of my throat when i swallow?
I got my medical approved two days ago do I need to apply for SSDI or I automatic approved ?
are there any side effects if lexapro and propanolol are taken together?
Does anyone know someone who is allergic to Sierra Mist?
Trying to lose weight badly?
how can i lose weight and keep it off sucessfully?
Are there any ways for me to gain weight?
Waht is the horse asthma pill that the stars are using for diet aides?
is creatine bad for your health?
Has anyone tried the souper soup diet A.K.A. Tomato Soup Diet? Does it work? How many lbs. did you lose?
Is it now true that eating chocolate and drinking coffee in the morning could actually be healthy for you?
what is the best diet for me?
can anybody here tell me what they know concerning diet seimbang?
How do you work out the lower chest area?
is whey protein diet healthy for loosing weight?
Anyone know what to do if you overstretch a muscle?
where can I find a weight loss product by lpt distributions?
weight loss?
how many calories should a woman that is 5'1'' and 115 lbs eat a day? I work out about twice a week and I wan
where can i find the exchange diet information for a 2000 calorie diet?
How can I lose this stubborn belly fat?
Does Weight Watchers really work?
iam fate and i went to come done <slim>?
I need to loose weight now?
elimination of fats by carbon injection is possible ?
Im 13 and I am 150 pounds. I need to know the best way to lose fat?
What Is the safest and has the best results for a diet pill?
are you a gym goer? how often do u work out?
what will shingles lead to?
what is the effect of gentamycin to vibrio harveyi?
being sick???????????????????
do mice or rats have germs?
If you have appendicitis how long do you usually have before it ruptures?
Malaria and Metabolism?
what is open office ? it was recoment to me becuze of my last question and i was asking how download legaly?
alt is 20 ast is 30 is that a bad liver ration for me?
Would you worry that you may develop Hepatitis C in the future after receiving a blood transfusion recently?
does the tdap shot hurt?
One of my friends has hepatitis b?
Can taking antibiotics without knowing exactly whats wrong make you worse?
I was diagnosed with Hep C a couple months ago, and the doctor told me that I was stage 1?
What are the chances of Hepatitis C treatments being "successful"?
can a woman who is hiv positive transmit hiv too a man who is negative even if her test is undetectable?
i have had watery diarrhea for over a month now!?
what is yellow fever?
Can you catch AIDs from boxing?
I have enrolled to be a human guinea pig?
URGENT How to cure a cold quickly URGENT?
IS there any ways to test HIV by self?
how do you know if you have a STD?
Questions about herpes...?
What is a homeopathic solution to herpes outbreaks?
who are more prone to STDs? men or women?
I hit my knee HELP!!!!?
how do you know if you have sprained your ankle???
What should I do for my sore Achilles?
how to make your finger look swollen?
i messed up my big toes, how to treat them?
What did I do to my knee and hip?
Is this a grade 1 ankle sprain?
My pinky is still swollen and hurts after one month now?
Above my lip and below my nose hurts really bad?
P a i n i n m y d e l t o i d?
kindeys cause blood pressure to be out of control is this possible why?
would it hurt my toe if I try to work? I'm on my feet?
Torn Meniscus Symptoms?
so i was playing guitar when all of a sudden my left arm had a burning sensation and it felt like it was?
Which over the counter muscle relaxant is best for my problem?
Is my blood pressure too high? For 19?
advice on getting rid of lice?
4 yr old with fever and cough?
help, please. burns question.?
Is it normal for my nose to bleed while eating 3rd Degree Burn Doritos?
I had tea tree oil on my hand and accidentally touched my ear and now the inner area is burning?
I need help with a rash or animal bite?
my younger 2yrs old had fits around 3 times after his birth when he was 6,12,18 and 24 month old?
Eye Color and Genetics?
Can massage oils damage eyes?
My eyes can't focus on one spot?
Eye pain, headache recently had ocular migraine?
Blurred vision in eye? Now feeling like a sty?
blood sugar?
Diabeties medications...?
What were your nutrition and lifestyle habits before being diagnosed with diabetes?
I have an IR 1250 animas pump and a question for users of this device.?
i am seeking information on how enzyme supplementation can aid in managing diabetic nephropathy.?
what's a liniary feet?
I'm type II. What's a good sports drink without all the sugar but still replaces fluids I need?
how do i clear memory on my onetouch ultra 2 meter?
why do doctors think they can't treat you without family history?
How many carbs are in 1 cup of mixed fruit?
Have you taken Lyrica for nerve problems in the legs?
A blood alcohol level will take how long to be processed by a lab?
Sympton for diabetic?
do you take a medication for your diabetes that causes really bad breath? What is it and how much do you take?
How can I get rid of my cyatic nerve pain in my lower back?
earache??? when i open my mouth my ear like makes weird kinda fuzzy sound and hurts like its clogged maybe??
info on drx9000+disc pain?
Which are better. Gel or Memory foam insoles ?
respiratory therapists/anyone with info about respiratory therapy...?
Pain in my hip ? Please help.?
My left leg is "popping" from behind my knee and is causing me a lot of pain. Any ideas what the popping is?
Is there any reason that a doctor might tell you to wear ear plugs throughout an entire day?
I have this pain in my left side, its kind of throbing, anyone think they know whats wrong?
Tips on how to light a bowl....?
How would you handle this situation?
I'm very worried please help?
Lump on thigh after inter-muscular injection?
Why is it that being short is cute?
GIRLS: How would you rate my looks?
At night my stomach gets really weak and sometimes after I eat I feel weird. Help?
my sister and my friend both have heart murmers. what is a hear murmer. is it any thing serious?
Has anyone ever been treated at Shrinners Hospital for children in Chicago?
I wish to hear your experiences with severe CHF ^& edema, if you have it.?
B.P. -155/106 , pulse rate- 76 /minute ,mitral valve EPSS-6.3mm, aortic valve-CS-20.6mm,IDD-46.9mm,IDS-26.9mm?
Unusual symptoms, dizzy spells, heart related?
Fontan Procedure?
i keep feeling something in my nasal cavity & i'll blow my nose, but nothing comes out. what is this possibly?
How can I be allergic to one dog but not another?
Diphenhydramine hydrochloride and Chlorpheniramine maleate?
Seeing stars when I blow my nose...?
are there any side effects from acticoat silver dressing?
Is it allergies or the bugs?
Would a morphine patch cause a positive reading on a test for oxycontin?
free tai chi chuan books?
how old am I going to be when i die?
were do i find a union for a pharmacy technician in dallas texas?
where can i find Spiritual therapy in London?
i had my tonsils out yesterday and my Uvula is very shollen. any one know when the swelling will go down?
where can we purchase gray clay soap?
Anyone ever ordered from frugalmed.com online pharmacy?
i need a suboxone doctor in lafayette, IN. Who is certified?
Which lacking vitamin causes horizontal lines under finger nails?
If you can get the plague from flea bites, then who's to say you can't get other such diseases... like aides?
What is the grossest object to ever be removed from the human body?
i want to ask if there is a bad effect of computers to adult and childs health?
Can Xanax be taken with Lortab? Also, what effect does Xanax have that cause people to get "high?"?
What kind of benefits does juicing have?
How many of you use a bidet? What brand do you use? Permanent or portable?
i hope someone can answer this, is a explanation of health care benifits a medical bill or what?
sunburn? x_x help. - home remeadys?
need to find on line dictionary for drugs'?
if your an extremely shy person what are things you can do to help be more out going.?
I need specific cases of dissociative fugue state for a paper?
Whats the use Of taking SSRI?
ok i need some help PLEASE, i have a frin who gets so upset by her mom she has started to cut herself .....?
dream when your sleeping?
I am being mentally abused by my father and mother what should I do?
please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does anyone know of a good job someone with bipolar disorder would do well at.?
I've become addicted to tobacco way too quick?
Medicine for throwing up?
what's the best aluminum herbal vaporizer?
thinking of doing mdma ...positives and negatives?
What are the similarities between actuary and a physician?
How do you cure Moquillo?
Medically challenged! Anyone know the root cause?
i have had extremely blurry urine for about 4 months but nothing hurts or its not itchy? help?
What will happen if I done head bath even I"m suffering with cold?
burnt my fingers with boiling caramel on the stove?
am under dialysis, how can I maintain drinking water?
I think I pulled a muscle in my chest, but I'm not sure (help). . .?
I can't hear out of my right ear ever since I got sick?
What four major joints make up the shoulder complex?
What If Shots Cause Autism But Not Because of Chemicals But the Pain?
I am extremely dizzy and feel separated ....?
Small red bump on my lover gum?
Where can i find Andrew Wakefield's MMR-Autism paper and research?
Ingrown Toe-Nail Removal?
Help: I just had reconstructive foot surgury and im afriad...?
2nd Metatarsal Fracture Healing Time?
Why do I get dizzy when I'm done stretching?
Why do ribs and collarbones fix themselves and go back into place...?
What kind of insect bit/stung me?
help me with a burn on my thumb?
i think i may have swallowed duac cream(benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin phosphate) will i die?
why does hydrogen peroxide bubble with no cut/wound?
Is graphite dangerous if it gets stuck underneath your skin (and you can't get it out?)?
White spots on arms and legs?
Need help with a deep cut in my leg?
what is this thing on my leg?
If two partners do not have HIV, can HIV still somehow "be created"?
i drank from somebody that had herpes and now i'am scare i might have It wat do i do?
HIV AWARENESS!!!!!! teens...everyone..please listen?
My brother in law lives with me and my family, and he just recently was diagnosed with "Herpies 2" and I was?
Do you bleed if its your first time being fingered?
What is a good sad song to go along with a HIV/AIDS slid show for a college class.?
well my girlfriend has hpv and it is cancerous,ive been with her from may 21 to now oct 31?
if i kiss my children on their mouths,or let them take baths with me can they catch herpes from me?
I know you have to be careful with aids and other stds but how much of a problem is aids now in the western?
what are some symptoms of be infected with aids?
orthopedist vs. physiatrist?
Why does my right jaw lock up when I eat?
My ear is..... Popping?
Sudden jaw pain and vomiting?
I'm having Lower back and Hip pain. Idk why?
Help? People think im faking my ACL tear.. What can i do? ?
will piercing my bellybutton hurt a lot or a little?
Pain in the back of my knee? please help?
pain under my right rib :L?
had my wisdoms takn out?
My stomach pains are back?
I hurt my ankle on Wensday and I really hurts?
how long will it take for my wrist to be normal?
I smoked pot for my first time, and some really weird things happened...?
Knee popping questiiiion!?
Which product works best?
Acciddently bitting the inside of my lips...?
is ther anything that u can do to help it heal faster like put heat or coldness on it?
How can I fix some small blemishes overnight?
Why are the corners of my mouth darker and have micro bumps(pics)? Any idea anyone?
Has anyone ever tried ACUZINE for acne? Is so let me know ur feedback,.?
I have itchy rashes on my body here and there since more than a week. What to do?
What causes boils?
HI, I have a red patch around eye and on eyelid. gets red then flaky with skin. I also have this same?
which brand is most effective for the treatment of spiderveins on the legs?
sore skin.?
what is the best acne product besides proactiv?
Why does cold air dry out your skin?
Skin lesions. Please help?
sunburnnnt faceee?
can anybody tell me the best medication to avoid being bold my husband is getting so bold and am so young.?
White spot question!!!?
Will piercing my upper ear cause another infection??
Any ideas to help with really dry skin for the face and this is for a man.?
Could I have mononucleosis?
How can pink eye be prevented and/or treated?
what is viral load please explain?
What can one do to prevent Dengue fever after the mosquito bite?
How do you get MRSA? Is It Contagious?
I think I may be coming down with a stomach virus. what can I do to prevent it or lessen vomiting/diarrhea?
Question about enlarged spleen and high platelets?
Heterozygotes for sickle-cell anemia are protected against _________?
Has anyone developed deep tissue abscesses?
I have a fever of 99.8 and my gum's hurt?
how do u get herpes through a kiss?
how do you get diarrhea?
I don't have health insurance. Can UTI's naturally go away?
Are Alternative tests available for suspected HIV positive people who test negative with usual test?
How can I avoid going to the doctor?
If you have HIV would you be able to fight off the flu?
What do RBC resemble?
Will WBC Increase or Decrease?
What evidence is there linking vaccines to SIDS?
Papworth Breathing Technique?
How can I find out if asbestos was present in a rural school that I did work on ten years ago?
How come smoking cigarettes makes me have to drop a deuce?
Difficulty breathing, dizziness, and spikes in blood pressure. What's going on?
Anyone out there ever diagnosed with IgA Deficiency?
Will smoking a hookah for the first time leave any temporary and long term effects, and if so, what?
How can I keep from coughing during work? (I cought the flu from my husband & can't get rid of nagging cough)
COPD question?
medical question, need spelling for bibase laralls. has to do with pulmonary complaints possibly.?
ask about smoking?
I've just got back from the Dr's a few hrs ago after a very long and difficult night...?
need to know?
which one has more calories, sugar or honey?
Im a really busy mom and low on cash. what's the easiest, least demanding way to lose "love handles?
How many miles is 3.294km?
how would i gain my weight?
What is wrong with my stomach?
Please help, my doctor put the wrong year my sports physical was done?
Why is my stomach twitching?
What am i coming down with? How can i treat it?
Why do people tap there feet when sitting down?
What disease do I have? Medical help asap, please!?
Why do standard drug tests not include hallucinogens?
How are neurological disorders catagorized and what are they?
Byetta storage away from home?
Blood sugar problems?
I think I pulled a muscle in my leg?
why does it have a fishy smell help ?
is there a limit to the number of stds you can get?
before you react, im not doing this to myself. HOW TO TEAR LIGAMENTS IN YOUR KNEE?
plz help so sore!!! p.s. its my ankle i am talking about?
My girlfriend has hsv1(oral herpes). Can she spread the virus through saliva even though she isn't having an?
How long does a sprained elbow and sprained wrist take to heal?
what is the difference between a virus and bacteria?
My middle finger is a bit numb at the top?
i hit my wrist on a wall, is it broken/sprained or have i done somethin else PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Broken pinky with surgery??!?
can you pass HPV thru saliva?
Have trouble putting in monistat cream.How can I put it in?
my crush just contracted herpes from wrestling. on his face. through an open cut.?
if you have chlamydia while pregnant, does it get transmitted to the newborn or..?
Please help! how can I get rid of this cold sore !?!?
mild yeast infections worth treating?
right upper back/ shoulder blade pain?
Which muscle did I pull or could this be a tendon or ligiment?
What color should area around a cut turn?
2 days ago I was picking something up and leaned on and twisted my wrist, it kinda hurts and aches is it ok?
Big hands and feet??????
can a woman get pregnant after the treatment of chlamydia?
Fear of HIV after first kiss?
Why are hemorrhoids called "hemorrhoids" instead of "asteroids"?
i need to lose weight! fast would be best....safe?
How many people died of heat exposure in California last week?
location of John Hopkins medical center?
Bad Habit (concerned about height)?
What foods can you eat that are easy on sore throats?
list of hospitals in the philippines by region?
Do you feel like using the computer hurts your vision? I do.?
why we are smooking ?
what is the best way to eliminate gray toe nail?
I am being bitten by an insect, and i dont know what it is?
how much does an embalmer earn?
Doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians! Tell me your best story about how you saved a life -briefly
Which specialist deals with the spleen?
Re: Milk of Magnesia. What is magnesia and how does it get milked?
What is the best method to get rid of facial scars caused by severe acne?
What disease is this?
Why is donating a kidney pose little risk to the donor?
Does Anyone Know of a Computer That Parkinson's Patients Can Use?
why do i always get sick after a week of working out?
What chemicals are removed by artificial kidney?
Why are my feet always cold ?
Is blood disorder dialysis the same as kidney dialysis?
frequent urination problem?
i have strep and i smoked a cigar last night now really swollen how do i get the swelling down?
can I mix tramadol hcl 50 mg with sumatriptan 100 mg?
My 13 month old went to the ER Christmas night for RSV and double ear infection?
What is lipnoid cancer? and where is it?
ECG Results??
A recovery heart rate for a person who is 25 years of age after 5 minutes of working out is about:?
the meaning of: (Beitanzund Sherzbleidt Froh das Herz)?
what does that mean when your blood pressure ...?
My SGPT Level so high (188), So, I'm redues my this leve?
Scorpion sting??????
I burned my hand with hot grease, 4 days later i have bubble on my finger. What do i do now?
bleeding from inside ear?
bottom lip is swelling , help ?!?
Where can you buy the tool used to remove medical staples?
do you think this could be pink eye?
Are you scared of the swine flu?
Could I have the swine flu?
swine flu question: should i be around my girlfriend if she has the swine flu?
Tips about the Swine Flu?
question about swine flu?
Doctors help! Is it possible that i have swine flu?
PLEASE HELP! I am crying and don't know what to do! 10 points to best answer, thanx for all of your help!!!!!
Do i have the flu?
I am always getting strep throught, any ideas to help me to stop getting it?
what do u think of the swine flu?
Do you think you'll make it through the flu season without getting sick with the swine flu?
who is worried about the swine flu?
my 8 year old has diarrhea ....is this swine flu ?
Swine Flu Question Please Answer?
Throwing up,diareah,and no fever.?
what happen to swine flu? I dnt hear about it anymore?
is the swine flu going to be pandemic or epidemic?
My friend has swine flu. What do I do?
does swine flu worry you?
What's The Swine Flu?
my eye hurts! whats wrong?
Should you see your doctor for an allergic reaction?
what if my dog ate roach killer?
Is this some kind of eye allergy?
How can I get rid of this wet cough?
red eyelid/feels kinda swollen?
Given medicine that your allergic to?
blood disorder and allergy?
The last few days i have been getting little red dots on my arms and legs and they itch. what could this be?
I have psoraisis on my elbows, knees, scalp, etc. is it bad to scratch off that white flaky skin?
Why do i have little black dots on my eyes??
what could this be?
baking soda treatment!?!?
Help! I have a horse show next weekend but I have a painful boil!?
Dry Skin and Eyebrows in the winter?
I am a 28 year old male, and noticed about 5 years ago I get two red areas the size of about quarter....?
i have red arms....not bumps or anything but i think its circulation..CAN YOU HELP?!?
Bed bugs or heat rash?
why do we get back acne?
small itchy bumps on fingers?
Dark circles!?
what is the remedy for eyelid swelling????
E45 cream on my eczema, can i use it every 2-3 hours? because...?
What are some 3-week retreats around the world I can go to instead of rehab?
i wanted to know what would happen you did this?
what is the best way to treat meddlesome people?
Will taking 1 e-pill kill me?
strech marks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
is american school of hypnosis a fake?
what happens if cylindrical is + when it is supposed to be - ?
what happens if Pupillary Distance is not correct?
anybody, DO I HAVE LAZY EYE?!?!?
Refractive error..........?
bloodshot eye? advice please?
Where do these color eyes come from?
Small child with eye problems?? Does anyone know what this is?
weak eye muscle symptom?
I woke up this morning and it hurt so horribly to open my left eye?
My mom a is pharmacy tech, should i stop telling people she sells drugs?
How to stop being sleepy during the day?
How much urine is needed to do an extensive lab test break down of opiates?
Spinning lady test result?
What does it mean when.........?
Need help with chronic gastritis?
HELP ! My Belly Keeps Getting Big !?
What are the effects from these drugs ?
How much hydrogen peroxide would you have to swallow in order to die?
When you first get gauges (16,14,12,etc.) do you clean them everyday?
My shoulder got hurt while bench pressing why?
How to strap my wrist/thumb?
improve wound...(possibly heal?)?
Did i pull a (my) muscle?!?! Continued...?
How to get rid of tendonitis in heel?
Large gash on the "outside" of my wrist, but its barely bleeding?
How long do I put ice on my brother's swollen cheek?
Can a quadriplegic move his/her head?
I cut my index finger 6 weeks ago and it is still very painful. Could there be nerve damage that won't heal?
Possible stress fracture?
very swollen and painful eye after stye popped on its own?
how should i start a paper about cutting and self-injury?
Broken hand need advice?
What is wrong with me? Possible Head Cold?
How come a wheeze when I inhale?
Can you tell me what "thrush" is?
Chlamydia Questions?
Are cold sores really oral herpes?
Can I get an std from urine?
cant stop having diarrhea and all tests have come back negative what can i do?
How do the digestive, circulatory and respiratory system work together?
Where to get a peak flow meter for my asthma?
Snoring problem?
how do you become a carrier of muscular dystrophy?
what is a pulmonary test in a box?
Will i get herpes i accidently drank from my friends water. (She has herpes)?
Is there any doctor here? Could you please explain to me what a "monoamine oxidase inhibitor" (MAOI) is?
Is This herpes or just a rash?
how can u live with herpes 2?
my throat feels cold=/?
Do I have acid reflux, or is this something else?
My stomach hurts. ??
Sleeping disorder? Sleep apnea?
Liver Disease from DMARDS?
Left Neck Gland Swollen, Hot and Cold Chills, and Dizzy when I move?
Tricep swollen and red after a shot?
How long should I wait before going to the doctor?
my side is hurting between ribs an waist hurts really bad when i cough,help?!?
how much coffee in the day is bad for you.?
How much jogging should I do to burn off how many calories?
I have type one diabetes, what is the difference between type 1 and type 2?
Could this be...?
Do I Have Diabetes?
Pain and Weakness in back bone and legs,,is it due to Diabetse?
Why do you think drinking plenty of fluid would reduce blood potassium level?
if even with metformin 1000 bid fasting blood level remains 140 what 2nd best drug to add and decrease metfo?
Can someone explain the reason why convulsion happens when the blood glucose level is so low?
how can a person allergic to gluten& diabetic gain there wieght/muscal back?
Does Aldoctone cause weight gain?
are these symptoms diabetes?
can anorexia cause diabetes ?
I am diabetic, two months ago I was diagnosed I started with advandamet for type 2 diabetes I went to my doc?
The VA has only recognized type 2 diabetes with agent Orange contact in Vietnam - what about type 1 diabetes?
The pump pros/cons?
Has any one used diamaxol for lowering blood sugar and does it work?
How does type 2 diabetes effect trying getting pregnant?
does miderma work ? ( i have a scar from around july/august 2010.)?
ER visit worth it if i have endo?
Spider bites or something else....?
i have been getting somekind of bug bites in the last 2 months. Nickel size bites with one puncture mark, Has?
Why is this bite so swollen ?
Something sting/bit me at the beach?
Have you ever known anyone who hallucinated in the hospital from a bad combo of meds/drugs?what happened?
Is my yellow jacket sting. .?
i just got stitches please help?
My baby sis has a huge mosquito bite?
What does my dad have?
could the swine flu be the next plague?
what are the swine flu simptoms?
is it possible to have a flu and get a stomach virus?
what is fatigue?
help please, it doesnt seem like the stomach flu? 10 points?
Can lice be passed from an adult to a child?
my husband gave my 10 year old aspirin for a fever should I be worried?
what can you feed a sick child?
how to get rid of a fever and really fast?!?
Should I worry about swine flu?
Zombie question, humans help?
Is Swine Flu from Mexico only?
is swine flu contagious between humans ?
Can i get sick or killed?
What exactly is a flu? How do you know if you have the flu?
your opinion on the swine flu?
Do you think this Swine Flu is going to infect all the population in the US?
I have a confirmed case of H1N1, how should i treat it?
being gay a mental dieseases?
do i have swine flu??//?
Can anyone identify the disease or condition for me, please?
My friend is often quite depressed. I am on disability for similar issues. How can I best help him and myself?
some one please help?
Worried about my head injury?
What to do if someone has fallen from height and is unconscious?
OK to miss school because of concussion?
Why did this happen last night? Haven't peed myself since I was 5!?
What to do with really bad cough?
I always wake up in the night feeling sick and sometimes in the day also.?
Xanax and alcohol? help!?
I have lone atrial fibrillation ( no known cause). I am age 34 now and have had it since I was 28.?
What causes low blood pressure ?
I have a aching in my hip and it streches down the back of my thigh and down to the ankle what is it ?
I turned my head very quickly...sudden pains?
Has anyone had a neurostimlationer for chronic pain? If so, have you found relief?
When under stress or have caffeine, get irregular heartbeats and it is like a fish flopping around in my chest
Give 10 doctors with different speciallity?
my bones randomly start hurting is this serious?
injection MRIs painful??
I already know I have artiritis bad,but today across top of my foot in joints before the toes hurt?
My friend has a low blood pressure and low pulse rate. She just had hypertension. What could be wrong?
Back Stretches ?
Carpul Tunel (sp?) relief: Typing less, using hand-wrist braces what other daily treatments help: ice?
what causes muscle cramps?
My eye hurts and I dunno why?
My back is not letting me bend and it kinda hurts when i sit and the way i move my legs at times it hurts more
whats the quickest way to tone up mind area, am talking in less than a week. I heading on vaccation .?
Does anyone know about the risks of having a intrathecal pain pump?
What's causing my foot pain?
shin splint?
Epidural didn't work the first time around... will it be like this the second time around?
Im having a dull ache below my sternum. It hurts when I put pressure on it and when I eat. What's causing it?
How can I stop getting side pains when I run?
can you get an std from a chicks menstruating discharge?
Can an OB GYN tell your parents if you have an STD or herpes?
I know a person can get STD in the eye.. ?
First Cold Sore =C Do I have to see a doctor?
gengavitus. can it be transmitted to another person if u french kiss them?
what STD do you have?
what STD can show these results?
how do i stop someone from spreadind from spreadind stds to innocent people?
can you get chlamydia if wearing someones clothing from either a flea market or salvation army such as.......?
Should I have to tell my parents about me fainting!?
What does this sound like? (pain)?
Myasthenia Gravis and Vitamin D connection?
I can't sleep? Is there and insomnia cure?
How to get rid of caffeine head aches?
Are pills bad for your liver?
I keep fainting, what can I do, I've tried relaxation techniques?
im taking a survey on eating disorders...?
water weight? has anyone dealt with this?
can only one kidney fail?
I occasionally wake up smelling biscuits cooking, bot no one is cooking? live in country no neighbors.?
What is Doxycycline used for?
Will drinking lemon juice and milk make you sick?
Where can I buy Skunk Mrk III?
how many milligrams are in 5000iu of vitamin d?
Anyone else allergic to these raw fruits?
Question about FDA and medicines?
how much weight does adderall make you loose in a month?
Jwh-200, and Jwh-250?
Upper Left Back/ Shoulder Shocks?
What are the potential consequences of underage drinking on one's adult life?
Ears clogged after flight?
I need help with this feelingin my ear?
Suddenly felt sick then started vomiting for no reason.?
Has DARVOCET been removed from the market for women and if so, what about men?
Fingers seem stiff now?
Knee Pain and Numbness on Leg ?
Why do i bite my tongue while i am sleep?
Why are my fingertips still numb from yesterday?
Do I need crutches? And for how long?
I feel snapping on the left side of my hip/leg when i walk/run will you help?
My skin is purple.?
My Eye lids have three little bumps on them?
how to erase kissmarks?
What do darks spots under the feet medically mean? They seem to be spreading.?
Creased eyes?
Help! My feet turned orange from eating carrots!?
Has anyone ever had a cyst removed from their head or any other place on their body?
Wrinkled hands in shower after 1 min..?
My arms and back are red and heated. If I press my finger, I can see the blood vessel turn white then red.?
Mole removal?
Any advise for spots?
What is the best medicine for dry ring worm ?
want know about parasitology?
Itching whole body with red spots?
I have a brown birthmark on my forearm about the size of a quarter?
Are there eye drops to brighten the whites of my eyes?
Contacts that you sleep with, take off in the morning and they work for the day.?
Why are my eyes so bloodshot?
What are treatments for trichiasis?
Whats Going On With My Eye? HELP?!! x?
I've been sick all week. Can you help?
i thiunk i may have swine flu?
do you think that everybody in the world will have swine flu?
Is the Swine Flu going to spread and kill millions?
what should i do about my throat?
hiv and aids?
Are you afraid of The Swine Flue A(H1N1)?
has anyone gotten pranked today???
Help I think my daughter might have Swine flu?!?
Explain to me how a fever can function as a defense reaction to an infection?
Can someone die from tonsillitis?
how many times have u passed out?
is the swine flu getting worst?
What in the world is a "mono"?
Do I have Swine Flu!?
Kissing fact, is this true?
so far i have a bit of a tingly throat and stuffy nose could this be swine flu?
what can i take for sore throat?
how close are they to finding a cure to the swine flu?
I got the h1n1 flu shot...will I like...become sick?
I think I am mutating?
Common Flu or Swine Flu?
Antibiotics stop taking them!!! What do you think?
Why am I still sick????/?
What is the biggest size of feet for a 14 year old?
What ACTUALLY Caused This Problem?
sister was elecrtrocuted, weird sideeffects..?
How come whenever I cry my nose plugs up?
can a urine test find both marijuana and nicotine?
does anybody know what causes,irritability, lack of energy/weakness, your body is freezing but you're hot?
How do we sneeze? What will happen to our body while sneezing? Why do we sneeze?
Why do I feel shaky all of a sudden?
What are the health effects when you inhale smoke that passes through activated carbon?
How do i treat a burn on my head?
How to heal an infected thumb caused my nail biting?
Excess Perspiration Help?
How Can I Heal A Cut On My Tongue?
What to do with a horsefly bite?
How many cc's are there in 500 units?
Any recomendations on a good fitness and nutrition program?
I have couple questions please help?
How can honey help you to lose weight?
Is honey an acceptable thing to eat when you are dieting?
maintaining weight?
is there ant side effect that i need to worry about relacore?
how to loose weight?
Why does one's chest feel heavy after eating carb-heavy foods quickly?
does the 3 apple a day diet really work? is it safe?
Are using those eliptical machines just as good as running?
Do Carb Neutralizers work?
What is a good diet plan to go on?
tongue and temple twitching?
pancreatitis inflammation?
is something if my papillon develop black spot on her skin?
There was a fight and I shook uncontrollably.?
Blood test showed a positive ANA result?
i have a lump under my jaw line . im scared i have no idea what it is i am thirteen?
What should I do if my stomach hurts during class at school?
What would my diagnosis be?
my right leg bone has a knot on the front under my knee what could it be?
Could this be hypothermia?
What could this be....?
Is it possible to get rid of chipmunk cheeks from bulimia?
How do you relieve constant pressure in your head from stress and anxiety?
can a human live without the pericardial sac aroung the heart?
What are some side effects people get from second hand smoking?
Tuberculosis test?
Is there a scientific explanation why does it hurt(in the chest area) when you get heartbroken?
what can a nursing mom take for nasal congestion?
how is bilateral ureteroneocyctostomy done to patients with vesicoureteral reflux?
Registered Nurse Prescribing Medications to Employeees?
What addiction did the surgeon general officially define as a “chronic disease” on June 27, 2000?
what is the life expectancy of copd with emphazima ...?
Albuterol Alternative?
For some days now i have not been breathing well what may be the cause?
For those who uses Nasal Strips by Breath Right, what is the difference?
What does it mean if you coughed up blood?
Where can I buy a tank of carbon monoxide?
aterial u/s+dopplers?
I bumped my head Hard :(?
How do I tell if my knee will soon have an injury?
What is this tingling feeling in my face?
how do i know if i broke my wrist?
Painful!!!! I don't know what it is?
Was this a nose bleed?
Ive a nonunion on my ankle the end of the fibula bone for nine months?
My ankles hurt after interval cardio training....?
Can you get HIV/AIDS from another persons sweat?
What is a herpes test like?
i took my last pill 4 days ago and my period hasnt started, i did a pregnanct test which showed me negative, i?
Laboratory people will they come to know about HIV when they are taking blood for other checks.?
Herpes and relationship.?
Do i still have an UTI?
A serious question about aids that has bothered me for a while.?
Do I have BV or Yeast?
how do u tell if you have type 2 herpes?
How to prevent eyebags from crying lastnight when you wake up in the morning?
do u think ur??????????????????//?
Anyone know a free place to get help for dual diagnosis treatment in the salt lake area besides VMH?
deep muscle relaxation techniques?
kindly give some scientific problems?
does the anti anxiety pill sereden work?
Why Am I So Upset That It's Monday?
Its Monday morning.....what did you do to get yourself going?
ADD drugs and pregnancy?
has some one had ECT. treatment?
Is addiction to sloth a legitimate reason for seeking counseling?
Has anyone ever...?
Any advice for a 40+ grandmother who has had anorexia off and on for over 30 years?
Does anyone have info about the medicine Concerta?
when argue or defending myself against somebody giving me hard time I allways cry and can't stop what can Ido
can someone help please?
How can I get closer to real god?
I've been taking Adderall for over 2 years. 30MG in the morning and 30 MG at noon. I've never had a problem.
Alternative way to cure the prostate?
i am allergic to cats and dogs.then am i allergic to hamsters too?
im taking echinacea and goldenseal?
Is this (hypnosis) safe?
does magnesium citrate help with sleep?
can too much vitamin d cause lactose intolerance?
I cant swallow pills?
Runny Nose...then uncomfortably dry?
Swollen glands, runny and itchy nose, what is this?
Is it ok to eat foods containing gluten on occasion if I have coeliacs disease?
HELP. would i get a rash if I used.....?
Allergic from the bath jel?
Prilosec OTC long term?
what if i use norcolut for about 12 days?any side effects?
train to become better in sneaking?
What kinds of things will help your Liver & kidneys to last a long time?
I was walking home from school and I found a human bone?
How do "butt chins" get their shape?
If you worked in a drugstore would you think anything of this?
Hearing Aid People: What is best to buy? Went to Kaiser and they want to sell me a digital one for 2,000.00?
Where can i find a cool cane?
I have a problem my hands.?
hard painless neck lymph nodes. HELP?
So, is swine flu even tht serious?
URGENT!! - Whats wrong with my grandpa?
could the swine flu wipe out the population?
how do i avoid getting sick if i already feel it coming on?
Answer this Question please?
I have a cold, what can i eat to feel better?
can you get sick or get a disease from walking barefoot?
What does it mean when you have thrush?
Is it safe to travel to the USA right now with this whole swine flu thing going on?
how do you get swine flu?
Do I have the Swine Flu?
has any1 heard this bout the swine flu?
My Girlfriend Has HIV and We Were Deep Kissing I Had Chapped Lips She Had 0 Sores What Are My Chances?
What are the symptoms of swine flu?
How do you get rid of a sore throat quickly?
swine flu, hit my state, should i stay home from school?
HELP! do i have the swine flu?
Terrified to poo incase I have worms!?
What factors would increase someone's chance of getting the flu/H1N1?
I had some pork today, now I keep coughing. Do I have swine flu?
how do i clear up a rash on my sides?
7 year itch?
Has anyone tried or ordered that book online calle Acne Free in 3 Days??
I have a question about my legs?
Would my doctor be able to help with my excess hair?
how do i make these bumps go away?
chicken pox help me plz!?
what if gauze / sponge and roots were left in for years?
Hives after warm/hot showers and exercise??
What is this thing by my iris? Is it dangerous?
i have white spots on one side of my cheek & on my neck could it be something serious?
What do I do if my skin is all of the sudden getting all dry and itchy?
what is the cure for sweaty hands???
a skin question...please answer???
what is mitoriasis rosea?
anyone knows what kind of skin disease is this?
anybody got any help on shingles PHN HELP!?
How do I stop my arm from bleeding?
My ear was bleeding, and its very painful?
why i am i getting bumps on my forehead suddenly at 57 yrs old?