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Is 124 a good blood sugar?
does anyone know about a painless sugar meter for diabetics?
before i got diabetes type 1, i was drinking a lot of water, why is this?
Anyone been diagnosed with postprandial hyperglycemia?
what is glargine insulin?
i was diagnosed with diabetic neupothay and i just found out their are two kinds?
What is the normal blood sugar for a child the age of 7?
Thanks for the answer! What if the aother practice wants to use the same number you use for your own practice?
No,it doesn't hurt to pee...I'm 30 years young and just started to have a fishy oder down there,evenafterbathn?
Whats this sore on my gums/lip?!?
Why am I feeling this way?
if you get cold sores do you have herpes?
Testing positive for herpes?
Is it dangerous ?
How long does it take to get an STD test results back from planned parenthood.?
std's aids?
Dropped Brick on toe - How do i know if it's broken?
My curve for scoliosis is 46 on top and 38 on the bottom. Will a back brace still be effective?
What are the helpful commands to wear Varifocal glasses?
Eye twitches. Teen? 20 char.?
Contacts?........(Just Got them)?
Something is Wrong With My Eye????
are there eyeglasses with leather temples ? are they cheaper ? are they any good ?
Im having trouble seeing?
Is -1 in right eye and 0.75 in left eye a high enough number to make me feel dizzy,swollen eyes? please help?
Will niacin get rid of my blood blister faster?
Vertigo ???????????????????
outpatient drug treatment?
Help, please. Is the CDC (center for disease control and prevention) an international health agency?
Can someone who was once a brown-eyed brunette turn into a blue-eyed blonde?
Hi ,i had 2 operations on my nose(turbunectomie)now i have a deviated septum .and it's ennoying.NEED AVICES
how can I keep my medicine at low temp. while I am traveling?
is it the pneumonia can be transmitted to other people?how?
Help me out?
does the state board of health of illinois requirer caregivers to have TB test?
What is this disease?
Pls Someone Tell Me Is This Insomnia?
scoliosis Q??please,please,please,please,please?
what are the top three diseases today that need research?
Has anyone ever had their colon removed due to ulcerative colitis?
bronchitis and fatigue?
what are the side effects of chantix? The stop smoking pill.?
what is wrong with me?
what `re the ill effects ?
does having more iron in your blood make you run faster?
i started to cough when i feel itchiness in my throat...any mediction.pls help..?
how you quited smoking?
i am looking for a web site with pictures of prescription medication.?
How do you make your ears unplugged when the wont come out?
Why am I tired all the time?
gross question, but please help if you can...?
does white vinegar help remove salt from the body?
do mice and rats carry rabies or other harmful diseases?
whydo i have shortness of breath everytime ive got a pollen allergy?
why did I have cramps during massage?
I take migraine pills every night, can i drink alcohol?
is surgery required every time you break something?
When I move my shoulder I get these very sharp pains?
if i overdose with 10 panadols how much damage will this give me?
If i'm suffering from friction in my leg bone and in waiting to be operated,is it harmful ?
i got shot in the back of my head?
Severe back pain, middle back, left side?
My toe is numb and a little bit funky?
I get tingling in my wrist, hand, and fingers in the weee hrs of the morning. Carpal tunnel?
When i turn my torso, i get severe chest pains?
Chest Pains Help Please?
I feel horrible pain in my legs all the time?
my child's medication said " take 1 teaspoonful by mouth" does it mean he can drink it?
Who do you think provides more quaility mental health care?
How many country went to Vietnam War after French surrender???
what is mersah? and is it dangerous?
Why will the myocardium be replaced by connective tissue rather than muscle tissue if an injury occurs?
results of eps_klt examination?
Why do I need to keep my arm in a sling for 3 months?
How do you know if you've broken your nose?
Does anyone have cold sweats and feeling faint while doing light exercise? Any advise to avoid this?
Can I die if I eat a dog?
i know only spammers will bother to answer this but.... what could this disease be.?
Depression medication?
My lower Labial Frenum got cut a little, how do I treat it?
What do you do when your ear is infected?
Will my cousins ear bleed?
What is ear stretching?
How would/does aluminum foil help heal a burn or alleviate the pain of one?
my fresh guage is bleeding what do i do? please help!!!!!?
How long do your mosquito or ant bites last? Do you know why the last so long?
Cartilage ear piercing?
have the current CPR guidelines been phased in?
to all who saw my last question?
Is the HIV virus still 100% fatal on humans?
If you touch a place that could have aids, with an open wound. Is it possible for you to get aids?
What are the signs of HIV/AIDS???? PLEASE HELP!!!!?
do i have hiv? or something else?
I have Chlamydia but theres no way i could of got it?
amoxicillin allergy ???? please helppppppppppppp?
What does allergic reaction to latex looks like?
Why does it tickle a little when i touch like the top of my nose near my eyes.?
can i get herpes and not my partner even if he cheated.?
Would a doctor call you if you are HIV Positive or a std if you went to get a blood work done?
Can you get herpes from making out with someone?
How to treat swollen glands?
can you get an std from kissing?
When I eat an orange?
Really bad allergies, my whole face hurts! Help!?
If I'm allergic to sage pollen, is it safe to smoke salvia?
How do i get rid of a bump in mouth && What is it called??
How long can I expect to feel tired and lethargic after the shingles rash has disappeared?
What's some good medicine for zits?
I can feel humps under my chin...?
If moisturizing is so important than why do I break out when I do? Even with the light acne moisturizers.?
Can I do something 4 this rash?HELP!!!!!!!!?
Some nights I wake up while im rubbing my eyes which is probably why I have dark circles what should I do?
how do you get rid of rasor bumps ?
acne scars?
do i blush cause i'm stressed?
Ahh so itchy!!!?
what should i do?
Does any one know any good product to get rid of pigmentation?
i have chapped lipss =[?
Nair and Accutane?
my fingernail is half of and it's just hanging. what should i do??
is lubriderm lotion a good way to get rid of heat rash?
Whats a good way to remove acne from your back? and why is it there anyways?
When was your last immunization?
what is blood out blood in?
blood glucose analysis?
My little 4months old baby has sweaty hands and feet?
Does "HeadOn" cure headaches?
Do you or your family get summer colds from going back and forth between hot outside and cold A/C?
is it ok to keep babies in air conditioned house always?
Who understands what drugs do in the body and why misuse is so dangerous?
How do I find out if I have a student loan through a federal institution?
my wife has pancreatitis, what should she eat?
When you redesigned your main page why did you leave health off?
Is it feed a fever and starve a cold or starve a fever and feed a cold?
Why do my feet, and sometimes hands, become numb when I work out?
Does anyone know how long it wil take to stop the withdrawal syptoms of Xanax? I stopped Cold 5 days ago.?
Is it true that the temperature you have with a fever doesnt have anything to do with how sick you are?
Why are people like "hsjhdjklh h" allowed to be on this site?
What are the signs for food poisoning? And what do you do for it?
Gallbladder removed, get sick when I eat then go outside.?
Ventral Hernia Repair?
i've had a bad tooth in my mouth for several years now because i didnt have the money to get a porcelain crown
Think I ate a rotted potato..will I be ok?
Is marijuanna harmless?
safe to soak a healing burn in water?
How do I stop being a hypochondriac? I am desperate!?
what can people who have vacillates eat that is safe for them?
How can I start to get off of synthroid? See details?
Help Please!I need to know how to take this treament?
Is It Normal to Black-out When in a Fight?
Has anybody took capsiplex?
Weird stomach pains with fatigue?
I has hashimotos thyroditis for a year now , but recently i started having some numbness in the finger tips?
How do i cure hiccups??? I have heard a lot, but none are working.?
My meniscus is hurting really bad, please help?
how to prepare fresh aloe vera gel as a treatment for heartburn?
What is the best way to stop excessive anal gas flatulence?
So I have pectus excavatum and was planning to do the nuss procedure @ 21 years old (in 2 years).?
What is H2N3? I really need help with it!?
Can stem cells be a cure/treatment for Parkinson's disease AS OF NOW?
How can i cure the dry heaves on an empty stomach?
how can i lose 30 pounds by the end of the 2005-2006 school year? i need to weigh 101 by 11 grade.Plz help.TY?
wat can u eat on atkins diet?
Have you tried Internal Cleansing?
im 10 and a half stone, 5ft 7, is that too chubby?
how do u get huge biceps and triceps?
how doe i lose a lot of wait if i want tolook real good in front of my crush at the end of the year pool party
What in the heck is a super set??
Why - when someone wants to lose weight - do so many people on Yahoo Answers tell them not to?
is it true that drinking lime juice in empty stomach u loose weight?
What's the best way (and fastest way) to shrink your waist a couple inches?
i am 13 and i'm 5'10' and i weigh 230 lbs. how can i lose 70-80 lbs this year?
How do I lose 10 lbs before summer?
Why do my toes / upper half of my foot go numb when I workout on the elliptical trainer?
how much time will it take to lose 80 lbs. when ur 13, 5'10", and weigh 130 lbs?
I was wondering if i have pink eye?
Why do eye colors change?
Wrinkles under eye??????
Progressive Sunglasses: Are they worth it?
When I run for 15 to 20 minutes I start to see the after image of my eye. What gives?
What is wrong with my eyes?
does anyone have any good links to the process of sight?
Completely refocus eyes?
Who do you get your eye color from ?
bump on my eyeball?!?
can i get an STD from giving a hand job?
how do you know if you have an STD?
Can mosquitos transmit AIDs?
a splinter thats healed over?
can men get yeast infections?
My Feet Get Reaaalllllyyy Cold In Wellies!x?
What if my lover had a n STD?
how come when I bite the side of my tongue my ear hurts?
Under what state is somebody if they are conscious, but dont have a respond when..?
Is my ear infected? How can I tell?
I accidentally cut my finger.. Help?
Please help! Urgent! Cetearyl Alcohol?
had my FIRST pap smear.....i need answers!?
I burnt my finger , it really hurts!?
What is the South American equivalent too Pepto Bismo?
Head Hurt please helpppppp?
Can I take two Antibiotics a day instead of three. ?
Experiences with Celexa?
Urine Test for marijuana?
What is wrong with me? Like, what sickness do I have?
What happens if you have to much probiotic?
delivering my twins in less than 2 days and getting a cold!?
How to keep Hydrated?
How do you know if you have the flu? And how do you know if its so ad you need to go to the ER (doctor)?
How to get a restful sleep during the day?
Why is it so hard to sh*t?
Do you think I have pink eye?
I have pink-eye. How long until I can return to school?
I kissed my boyfriend who has a cold sore, what do I do to prevent getting herpes now!!?!?!?
Can vaccines or immunizations cause false negative HIV antibody tests?
I have Parvo questions?
What's wrong with my throat?
How does one contract the teratogen Rubella?
can i play soccer if i have mono?
antibiotics for strep throat?
Does this child have active tuberculosis?
Does the tdap shot hurt? 10 points :)?
WTF has HPV got to do with labor?
Do I have salmonella poisoning?
haw long tel i can kiss my girl friend if i have mono?
green stool and upset stomach?
Do you think having medicines as a child stops the body fighting against the bacteria's naturally?
Why is my throat closing up?
In Microbiology Lab, are the broths containing e.coli or s. aureus harmless?
How Should I tell my boyfriend?
Are these symptoms of a stomach virus?
Help fast fever remedies?
Is a wireless mouse safe to have in the house with someone who has a pacemaker?
Since most companies have taken trans fat out of foods, has there been a significant drop in heart disease?
Can it be cancer or is it nothing to worry about?
Does anyone have any good diabetic recipes?
In what year did the medical profession change the parameters of diabetes from border line to you have it?
will hyperthyroid meds make you gain weight?
can constipation cause kidney problems?
diebities patient what 2 eat and what 2 not eat?
My grand daughter was diagnoised with diabetes, type 1 when she was 4 years old. As of last week, her sugar -t
Is there a good website that explains the readings of a diabetes testing?
How can you make scratches on the face heal faster..?
is my thumb okay after a dunking incident?
hit my head with nunchucku?
What kind of back surgery is done for compressed and fractured discs?
How to ease hand swelling after surgery to have hardware removed?
How do you make your eye degree lower?
How to heal our body, when having allergic symptoms?
What should I do if my child has a food allergy?
Why does the right side of my left eye itch and get irritated?
always couphing up phlegm.. like a boy!!?
Gluten intolerant or Celiac Disease?
Can small nasal polyps be self removed?
Corn Allergy? Intolerance? Help plz?
help asap bad cat allergy???
my dog's eyes are swollen and she's itchy? HELP.?
surgery and then allergies?
Heightened allergy symptoms after NAET treatment?
Anyone else allergic to these raw fruits?
smelling dust and smoke?
I sweat a lot especially my armpit and its embarassing , how do I make it stop?
what can you take for nasaeu from zoloft?
sudafed for a minor ear infection?
my back just started hurting out of nowhere?
Are suicidal headaches real?
Bugs Laying Eggs In ears?
Why do people make dodgy sounds when they sleep? Is there a solution without doing surgery?
Need help with plane trip long one?
just imagine if u were into some type of black magic and ur health is spoiled what would u do?
how do you plan to look and feel young when you are 60? any tips from your grandparents?
what are the measures for avoiding diabetics?
i need help with sinusitus. i want to avoid operation?
why do we have so many people in the U.S.with no health insurance?
my heart is beating fast why?
What is the correct treatment for the gout after you are taking allopurinal and you have another attack?
side effects of EPA and DHA?
how do you ensure that records and communition are legal?
Does it matter whether you take whole food vitamins or regular drugstore varieties?
why often i suffer from eyebrow?
Is it possible to develop tinnitus a week later after going to homecoming with loud music?
Gluten intolerance and pregnancy?
Does anyone here Know how to detox from Methadone from clinic safely?
Best thing to eat with gastritis?
Super Swollen Lymph Nodes?
My stomach hurts can someone help?
what is acute kidney failure.?
I have sever leg swelling and im overweight. my lymphatic system is malfunctioning.?
Nails turn colour when cold and bad headaches?
Some interesting reports, humor or sigh of relief, your opinion please?
Does anyone know of the approximat cost of a Dermatoligist visit?
I have poison ivy Again! and i get it verry bad. can you help me?
Can past mosquito bites come back and haunt you?
hidrandenitis suppurativa, is what I believe I have through out my body. What do I ask my doctor for.......?
reduce stretch mark cream?
I am recovering from adult chickenpox at age 36. Does anyone know the best treatment for scars? I can tell?
water question?
what foods to eat to improve scalp conditions?
What is the best acne product?
How do you get "skin tags"?
Red cheeks?
i have baby acne?!?
can u die from jock itch?
whats wrong with my skin after being in the cold?
How do I know if I have a Tape Worm?
Could red bump and swollen lip be staph?
proactiv users?
Can you get an std from sore throat ,just wondering!?
what looks like herpes but isn't herpes?
do i have hiv ? im only 14?
How do you get an STD checkup?
What Is The History On Hpv ?
A friend was exposed to chlamydia in July and now is says he has Chlamydia is this possible?
Std questioon? help please!!!?
Can I get an std this way?
Earring stud holder got stuck?
Teatnus Question 10 POINTS!!!!?
Giant blister on foot!?
i accidentally swallowed a little bit of hyrodgen peroxide.?
A kid at my school had a seizure?
i have bug bite looking spots on my stomach, sides, and arms? what's wrong with me!?
I need to know if i should see a doctor if this is a spider bite or what?
how long did you take clindamycin before your ear infection went away?
there was something on my face and i picked it when it stopped bleeding a scab was made was this a zit or cut?
could this be a spider bite?
Can a glycerin suppository relieve nausea?
Question about height and genetics?
Could my liver be damaged from taking 3000mg of APAP in 3 hours?
Howcome when im high my arms are all f'd up?
Does premature birth have life long affects on your digestive system?
ate bad meat...what do i do?
How can I stop a runny nose?
Jaw Pain when I start eating?
I had a restalyne lip injection last nite. How long does the swelling last?
ask this once but didn't explain much detail of the problem which will say more in this one?
i have been having a horrible headache for 3 days .. ?
Does anyone know what this might be? I have had major pain in my shoulder that will travel?
cure for neck spasms?
all my bones hurt and pop now that i take Trazodone. I feel like i have arthiritis is this possible?
Anyone been diagnosed with both sleep apneas & narcolepsy? what has been the medical treatment and outcome?
Where smoking started first ??
I need help on this science question!?
Why do Me and My baby always cough when we lay to down to sleep at night....only at night?
does smoking ciraillos/cigars come up on drug tests?
the prefrontal/frontal lobe of the brain primarily orchestrates?
What could this be?
What is the use of prednisone?
What is dry retching?
diagnostic criteria, common symptoms, health effects, treatment for asthma?
Do you know anyone who has taken remicade, did it work for them?
why do you use this thing?
What are some good books to help in the study and understanding of Respiratory Therapy?
My friend suffers from Bulimia and although she tries to stop she automatically vomits like on auto pilot.?
I have had a "click" that happens around the end of my sternum (xyphoid process?) How could this be fixed?
nose bleeds?
is the sauna belt they show on tvc sky shop advt. really effective?
which weight loss drug really works?
What is the very best diet to lose weight on the market at this time?
how much are servings of foodin each item?for example how much is1serving of fruit?
How can I increase the number of Pull ups I can do?
How do I get a swimmers body or build.?
how to get slim in one week?
How can I lose those nasty 5 pounds?
why when u quit smoking do ur lips get very dry and get cold sores ?
After how many days of starving your self will your body start to lose weight??
getting married next weekend, need to lose 5-10 lbs. How do I accomplish that within 4 days?
Does anyone have a specific diet plan for a 3rd shift worker? Or a web site that could help?
what is something you can do?
How will this much parocetamol affect ne?
I read you have to drink freshly squeezed juice for a juice fast, would V8 and "naked" brand of juice be ok ?
can someone tell me if the schwag bag incense is good?
I have been taking Concor 2.5 for last 2 years. Now I am in Australia. Is Bicor 2.5 ok?
Any weight loss dr in arkansas?
Is it ok to swallow Lamictal with soda?
Is it a big deal or not at all?
I hurt my ankle en pointe! Help!?
Its been a few months now and my SHOULDER is STILL killing me!! Helpp pleaseee?
Hip pops out of socket?
Is hand just bruised or broken?
My lower back ,sides, and stomach been hurting me for 2 weeks ?
how do you cure a pinch nerve in your back?
Is my shoulder just over-trained?
What's Wrong With Me?
i have a question about a swollen finger?
Mono question please help?
Thyroid Cancer: Please, Read?
How Long Can Salmonella Live?
ithcing after staph infection?
if you have c-diff are you able to go to work ?
How do you get rid of bad breath from having strep throat?
Two lumps in my throat?
Did my body induce a fever because my core temperature went too low?
Which one is REAL me? I am confused?
I keep feeling like doing myself in, just to see what's on the otherside.?
how long does it take to get over the pain of losing someone you were best friends with and loved dearly?
Why is being antisocial a disorder but being social is not?
what is the treatment of phobia from airplane?
how to beat paranoia and anxiety about one's own health.?
What is one part of your life that you wish you could erase?
Relagen for Anxiety and Depression?
I am 35 and having a midlife crisis...?
Can I walk in walmart wearing my diaper and my yellow plastic pants with a short tee shirt with elmo on it?
Are depression, anxiety and general mood disorders more prevalent now than ever before?
How to get out of FRUSTRATION? i just fear the future alot..?
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Are you mentally healthy?
Why do i Get Migraine headaches every 1 to 2 weeks?
Why are you reading these words I'm typing wih my keyboard in my chair? Don't you have anything better to do?
aspergers syndrome & being open?
Could a nymphomania be caused by bi-polar disbalance?
Loved ones of the clinically depressed, I need your advice?
what part of our brain affects what type of music we like?
Can a so called sane person ever understand how mental illness f&#@s with your head?
what is an example of a vasopressor?
By what mechanism does an atrophic spleen cause anemia ..As when it is infarcted by sickle cells?
i am a 44yrs old male i have had heart problems and also on blood thinner i want to know if theres something?
how many major heart attacks can one survive?
...I was in the hospital with chest and neck pain for nothing...what happened in my communications with them.?
Which of the heart layers are vascularized?
About 4 years ago I passed kidney stones and now I live in another state with a fairly new dr.?
i have diabetes, why do i fall asleep after to much carbs?
What is cholestrol?
Strokes vs. blood Glucose?
niaspan; should someone who has borderline diabetes take niaspan or could this drug push them over?
Kind of confused??
Any ayurvedic medicines for a diabetic patient and precaustions if any?
How young can you detect Type 1 Diabetes in an infant?
I have Addison's Disease. I was diagnosed back in July and am doing well now.?
Urine Test Question?
what does the Liver do when stimulated by Glucagon?
Is a certain blood type more succeptable to getting diabetes or certain illness?
Why does just walking around a block cause your sugar level to drop?
When you quit drinking, is it normal to crave sugar?
I was diagnosed as having diabetes and high cholesterol in November. I was placed on lovanstatin?
Are excitoxins, (M.S.G. and aspertame) bad for you or not?
Living with Diabetes?
colobutin-what it is?what kind of medicament it is? for what?
What are my chances of getting MS (Multiple Sclerosis)?
Genius linked to schizophrenia?
Having trouble swallowing, what is this?
Can Mafan syndrome be detected prenatally?
Degenerative Disc Disease Disability opportunities?
is piracetam only for epilepsy?how about in parkingson disease..what's the good effect & bad effects of this t?
stopped prilosec now having bad issues?
who can get the results on my HIV test?
How old do you have to be to have chlamydia?
Am I at risk for contracting herpes?
Ah! Cold sore! HELP !?
Is it possible to get an STD from toliet water splash?
my friend is HIV positive whats gunna happen to her?
This is real serious herpes!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
do you think that there are STD's out there that have not yet been detected?
Is there a certain time of the night bedbugs come out to bite, i've noticed bites on my legs & ankles?
If burns cream is not used for the First Aid treatment for burns, then why do they still make it?
How to care for a torn ear cartlig piercing?
how to make ear stop throbbing?
What do drug addicts look like?
Why are my ears swallon?
is iron deficiency the same as iron dificiency anemia?
Passing Drug test for new job?
I noticed that that I have a red spot on the sclera (white part) of on of my eyes, is this bad at all?
Any Ideas why my eye ia yellow and i see it?
Seeing flicker ... eye question?
Online color contacts, please help?
Should I check my eyesight?
If You Get A Yellow Ring Outside Your Eye-Ball,Is it Bad?
Why my mum woke up this morning with (almost) a half of the eye red?
my daughter has brown eyes with blue center, does anyone else?
I want to get colored contacts, help?
Chest pains ? ! ? ! .????
why does my heart hurts when i breath?
can you make a pulled hamstring worse even months after?
i had an m.r.i. done wed. ,, do i need surgery?
will my tendon heal on its own?
Problems with forearm cast?
is my ankle broken?!?!?!?!?!?
has anyone had microscopic disc surgery?
Stress Fracture swelling?
which type of acl surgery?
I hurt my foot and i need help?
nursing intervention on impaired physical mobility related to hemparesis?
dizzy.. please help?
what's thefastest way to cure a mouth sore?
i need to know about tanning?
will not exercising cause weekness in the body?
Is St. John's Wort an illegal herb?
Has anyone with celiac tried eating at taco bell?
What can i use for my allergies meanwhile?
i got bitten er administered med i was allergic too.?
I have a big nose...?
Why do I keep breaking out in hives?
Why are my eyes so sensitive?
For those of you that have USED it or know someone that has, does "Peak Height - Height Maximizer" work?
Hit my Temple on the corner of my dresser?
Where are there 7 pools?
Is it okay to drink Green Tea when have GERD or LPR?
What are natural or home made remedies for sore throat or mononucleosis?
Do you need drugs? I Dont Need Drugs. Except For Albuterol, Predinisone And Ritalin?
first time with Strattera?
Can I buy vapor cigarettes?
How does Testosterone appear in "Supplement Facts"?
Acne question?
Had black heads, now turned to spot?
Helping acne?
prescribed acne medication???
earring hole bleed?
Itching calves, what does it mean?
rash on face wont go way but doesnt itch?
Sking tag Q?
Do you need a prescription for Cortizone 10?
How to have a good skin with the help of home remedies ?
Whats a canker sore?
Health Question?
which is better?
How should i take care of my skin...name me some products?
ok..my nephew always has this kind of infection in his cheaks, what can i do to take it off..what is it??
I have pain where i had a kidney removed 18 years ago. It feels like a kidney infection.?
is it normal to feel like your breahing is difficult and harder after duing sleep paralysis? please answer...?
What is wrong with me, please help?
VP shunt tube protruding from abdomen?
how can i pass my drug test for my doctor?
Normal disease, syndrome, illness that is unharmful for character! I figured those of u in medicine would know?
Is there anywhere where I can get detailed information on Lamin A protein, how it works, and what it does?
What can i do??i dont get hungry at all?
My ears ring - I hear a whistling sound even when it's noisy all around. Using ear plugs haven't helped either?
i feel a lump in my stomach! help!?
why has my cold lasted so long or is it more than a cold?
I need help getting through horrible anxiety and depression. Please help!?
Heart Problem????
Why am I so thirsty, drinking A LOT of water?
Is shaking my hair bad?
When will Generic Toprol be available in the USA?
I constantly fidget, am I losing too much weight?
is this a normal stomach flu?
Will CV Therapeutics MERLIN trial (Ranexa) hit its endpoint, showing it's safe? Will it be effective for ACS?
heart[what is a sternal cleft in the distal aspect of the gladiolusnoted during bypass surgey?
What effect does the change in resting membrane potential on the propagation of the cardiac impluse?Why?
What Should I Do About a Scab?
Help with a blood blister....pretty please!?
Smallest splinter stuck in thumb?
how much does a spider bite cost meaning 2 on one side of my lip?
My friend shatter a fluorescent compact light bulb all over me with a baseball bat by accident.?
HELP! When i typeee...?
I got Icy hot on my lip!?
how to treat a second degree burn on the knuckle of the pinky?
Ear stretching help? "gauging"?
right shoulder and back pains after wrestling practice?
What's Juvie Like And What Happens There?
My 18mo. old daughter has MRSA?
Mumps(Virus): Questions?
Is it dangerous/uncalled for/ not recomended to share a belly ring with my sister?
I hit my head an now have a huge headache. What do I do?
Fast way to treat heartburn? please help?
Who has withdrawled from pain-killers?
my hands are always cold?????
treatment for Hepatitis B?
Can a pet get sick form a human?
Twitching eyelid, why? How do I stop it?
does the mirena cause severe cramps?
Can oxycodone kill you?
i think i might have mono?
I got a second shot of yellow fever vaccine within 2 years. Will I get the infection?
Sick and just won't get better?
can bowels go into your bladder?
What disease/sickness could I have from these symptoms?
If you do alot of hard, phisical labor will it worsen your back pain?
how is smoking weed worse than drinking?
Help with leg cramps?
i have a swollen uvula?
if you lose alot of blood what diseases can you get ?
Not the cutest veins...any way to rid them away?
Soft vs. hard mattress for a teenager.?
Will my CSF leak ever come back?
Why is my knee tight and hurt on the upper edge of the patella? It comes and goes.?
There is a pain at my left lower ribs?
i recently got a piercing is it infected?
Home remedies for the cure of disease Gingivitis?
how do i get fever overnight?
I have wart-like objects on the back of my tongue. My throat hurts really bad when i swallow and my ears kill.?
Why does the right side of my chest hurt when I swallow?
Is it rare to contract hiv along with gonorrhea?
Should I be worried about blisters in my lip?
Is this an STD's ?Professional/experienced?
What can you do at home to get rid of itching froma yeast infection?
can you get crabs from...?
Chlamydia and warts 2 different things :/?
a few days ago i got a cold sore and i wanted to know if it is herpes or if it can also be from just a cold?
what is........................................................?
If me and my bf are both virgins is there still a possibility that i could get a disease from oral???
How long will the effects of cortisone continue to raise my blood sugar?
Hi all my dad is type 2 diabeties right and at the moment he takes 7 tablets in the morning for blood pressure
my diabetic nephew's numbers rise after drinking water, why??
What is wrong with me?
how to help type 2 diabetes?
Metabolic changes of fat/glucose in diabetes?
My dr. told me that I'm diabetic. I've had a hard time with the diet.?
diabetes in children?
aloe vera for diabetes?
peripheral neuropathy?
did you know Avandia for diabetes is causing 50% of those on it to have strokes and heart attacks?
Has any one ever used Pump tech and what were your results?
What is peripheral neuropathy?
Type 1 Diabetics -- feeling low when you're not?
Does drinking Green tea reduce our weight?
does a general power of attorney have to be notorized?
Is it true that army and military persons are known for carrying std's more than civilians? Has it bin proven?
How are blood pressure and swelling of ankles related?
kidney stone dissolver?
Any advice to a firstimer for contact lenses?
Do you think tucking in your shirt causes you to be hotter than if your shirt is out?
Where can I find Zostavax shingles vaccine near Houston Texas?
How can I tell if I have a cold or allergies?
Is this back pain normal?
What medical diagnosis will require a prescription for Valium?
nausea and diarrhea?
Birth control? What is the best method of birth control with the least harmful side effects?
Bipolar question?
Coughing for over 2 weeks, green phlem coming up?
Do people develope a phobia when they are born or develope one later on in life?
Is there any medicine besides Campral that helps to beat the cravings for alcohol?
Can a hemiplegic migraine last for longer than a week?
Help me please!!!!?
what's the best medicine for bi polar...?
Does Hard Work & Dedication Pay Off?
How can I improve my memory?????
What is this thing that we feel when thinking about things such as death, time, the universe and nihilism?
What is the best way to withdraw from Zoloft?
Do you feel like Monk?(Obsessive compulsive)?
If my friend has viral syndrom can I get sick from it?
What health problems could working with Epoxy in a closed unventilated room can give you?
Can Lexapro give you nightmares?
right medcine for mind!?
Zoloft or Paxil?
I often find myself looking at other guys in a different way, i dont think im gay, i mean i like showtunes?
how do I reach InnerPeace?
Can anyone share their battle with addiction?
Mental disorder? history of substance abuse?
Sore Throat--2 weeks--Help!?
Why am I twitching?
i am on disability and i received a form for review to see if i'm still disabled!?
to just me maybe you do know me Do you know anyone with the nickname leaf r jubjub or bazyl?
dr says my oxy satuation is low-on oxygen concentrator - dr says not sleep apnea- doesn't know why-any idea?
what should dr be doing next to follow up on diagnosis for low oxy. only tested me for night time/apnea.?
Can anyone explain any treatments for Peyrones Disease.?
Coughing then choking?
how can I reduce anxiety. is anxiety neurosis curable?. how can I avoid panic attacks?
Why am I such a wimp at speaking up?
signs of athsma???
What would the asthma inhalor albuterol be called in Spanish? Tried to get a refill and got Serevant instead!?
What would you do if.......................?
Where do ER nurses and OR nurses get their arrogance and exaggerated sense of entitlement ?
I have a case of pectus excavatum(caved in chest). Should i have surgery done or just try to ignore my cause??
Do I have asthma?
can i please get some mycokerewards codes i only have 18 i started almost 3 weeks ago.?
Is it bad if you taste blood at the back of your throat?
what could i have? any opinions welcome?
Help. Swollen Glands >.<?
I can feel a 'bump' in the middle of where my bum crack beggins is it normal?
how bad are meth withdwals?
how coeliac disease effected elderly?
medical conditions for medical marijuana?
Can hepatitis be passed from father to child?
Bactrim Causing Insomnia & Anxiety?
If you are getting a sinus and brain CAT scan do you need a contrast agent?
does anyone have advice for my knee?
the arch of my foot hurts really bad...whats wrong?
What are the chances of me having a ACL Tear?
Am I suppose to have a knot near my incision a month later?
Landed on heel flat footed?
Is my toe broken ? ? ? ?
Whats Wrong With my Knee?
random passing out, mid sentence, falling on floor?
treatment for boxer knuckle?
Can I tear my ACL just by lifting something heavy and walking with it?
What else can get you high beside weed?
Does anybody know about human guinea pig jobs in Brisbane - Australia?
will my skin on my ear turn back to normal ?(im dark skinned) and how long will it take ? (im using Neosporin)?
Will my fingernail fall off?
Pea sized lump on the back, left side of my neck?
What's the proper first-aid treatment for a lawnmower blade wound to the inner-thigh?
How to treat a bruised nail?
Switching fro Valium to Xanax (Social Anxiety)?
would it be good to soak a fresh knuckle cut that is swollen in epson salt?
I have an infected fingernail?
My nose doesn't want to heal?
i have some salt and it say "this salt does not supply iodide" does this mean the same as non-iodized salt ?
passing a urine drug test?
How to clean out my system?
Ear healed around back of earring?
The body rids itself of alcohol in two ways, elimination and ?
I think I have internal bleeding?
Can I trust in those home urine tests for urinary tract infections?
emergency medical srvices use what to stabilize broken bones?
What do you do about a knife cut on the knuckle part of finger?
nail and finger?
rashes keep coming back?
does laser tatoo'in exist? help pls?
Will my oily skin return back to normal?
how do i clear up acne scars with home products.... im desparate?
Itchy rashes?
Strange rash?
Why do I have dark lines in my nails?
mederma? if not what else works for old scars?
Difference b/w the sweat coming from being hot and sweat that is burned off?
How can I get rid of postacne marks?
Does any women know what to do for Extra dry skin on my legs..?
my hand has been really dry lately.. and im gettin lil cuts from it.. what should i do????
what is skin soar?
Is the Proactiv Acne cleanser covered under healthcare flexible spending accounts?
really odd mole on arm!?
red and white bumps. itchy,?
my eyes are being weird?
can aquos Quattron 3D glasses be viewed by one eye in 3D?
Does the Obagi ElastiLash product change your eye color?
what do i have under my eye?
Can something be done about my eye!?
Diopter to degrees to measure myopia?
What are UV contacts?
what is the best penlight for emt?
is the last thing you ever see really burned into the back of youe eye?
If one stares at the sun, does it cause immediate damage? or does it take time for the damage to come?
Where can I find colored contacts for really bad vision and high astigmatism?
Feet always moving?
Im Making a virus and need to know wat the parts are called that stick out of the base ?
The bumps on the sides of my throat are swollen?
can a going away cold sore, give my girlfriend herpes if i ate her out?
cold sensation in chest?
Does a person have to be tested in order to get a hearing aid?
Is this something to be worried about?
Where can i go to check to see if i have an std without my parents knowing ?
how is hiv transmitted?
Can people get aids by touching blood..?
how do prevent std's and getting pregnant?
i have sore around my vigina and burn after urinating what could it be please help.?
what is normal b12 range?
lorazepam 0.5mg on and off?
How do wrestlers/boxers get muscled bodies like that? What type of workout do they do?
I have a question about AIDS?
Overdose on meds...or?
I'm taking medicine and I accidentally drank alcohol!?
What would happen...?
sun allergy :(((((((((((?
How can I unclog nose?
what happens when you get allergy tested?
is tide free detergent good?
what should we give to eat in food if achild is having cough and cold?
Am I having an allergic reaction to medication?
What is time limit for taking food after taking insulin for diabetic.?
How to tell accurate BP using analog sfigmomanometer and stethoscope?
How long does it usually take antibiotics to kick in to cure UTI?
Do you think....?
how much water should I drink to "flush out" my body?
What is the average cost of a MRI?
should i take human growth hormone(HGH)?
what site can I go to get a medical question awnsered for free?
What is the most potent Anti-Inflammatory in the market...?
how much chocolate does a devil dog have?
who lasts longer circumcised or uncircumcised?
My sister is a diabetic?
Will the human body get warmer first, or colder first depending on the weather?
Is "KIMI," the product used for height increase, harmful to the body? Does it actually work?
Does anyone know if it common for a doctor to prescribe 60 mgs of Remeron?
I just got a tattoo and i was wonder if i need to put bacitacin on before or after i go into the shower?
has any one had surgery for planter fasciitis and how was the out come and any other info helpful?
Left hand, shaking?
What causes the skin to get goose bumps when cold?
all of a sudden for no reason a certain muscle in the face starts twitching....why?
About The Adult Flu Shot?
I have MRSA, is it okay to be in public?
I want to ask you a question about hepatitis a?
What happens when your given the MMR vaccine?
Is it sanitary to share hand sanitizer once you have put it on your hands?
How can I get a sore throat and loose my voice ??????
How to get rid of a cold QUICKLY!?
transmission of malaria?
Was sick, everything's gone except for my sore throat what is wrong?
How are hhv2 an hhv4 related an can I contract hhv2 from someone who has hhv4?
Can ozone cure Blepharitis?
I was using a weight machine and now my knee hurts, what is wrong? (more in details)?
What's wrong with my knee?
How do i tel the diffrence between an elbow injury and a wrist injury if both the writ and elbow hurts?
can you get a concussion from a pothole?
does this look like wrist cutting or bracelet marks?
I had an appendectomy a week ago today.?
Can a foam roller cause an injury to tight, sore muscles?
How can I tape my foot for a stress fracture?
Whats the height of a legal midget?
Eyelid Twitch Spasm for 6 WEEKS?
How does a young person deal with rheumatoid arthritis?
My Brother Has Crohn's disease And Is Not Taking His Shoots?
i feel like liquid is coming out of my ears?
Red peeling in my stool?
Has anyone ever had a brain tumor, I need help! :'(?
Have you heard of a similar condition?
can i donate plasma if theres THC in my system?
I have a bunion on both of my feet.?
lump on the side of my ear?
help please :(?
Has anyone ever taken the drug: Buspar?
How can I become more patient person?
I take lemictal, wellbutrin, 2 times a day and seriquil and adavant as needed. What do u think i have?
Anyone Need To Vent?
For anyone taking Zoloft?
Help Y!A has violated me! 2 in one day!!!!?
What do you think?
Will being treated for generalized anxiety affect the chances of conception?
How do you deal with a person who has manic depression?
I need help! I am in love with a women who is bipolar. I know she cares for me deeply. should I stay or go?
How thin is the borderline between unique and weird?
Recurring Dreams...?
seriously...can you really be in love with someone who has dissociative disorder or multiple personalities?
Do you think Fear is created by you, to protect yourself from an unstable ego?
I have constant nightmares. What early childhood events influence these nightmares?
Do they test for drugs at a yearly phsical?
sore armpit and red spot on breast, is something wrong?
Why Is Puss Coming Out of My Earring Hole?
Why did I develop tics so late?
How do you know when you're going to throw up?
Why am I always so freezing?
how much do pharmacy techs make at kaiser permanente?
What Is A Yeast Infection?
my boyfriend has white sores on back of his throat?
A question about hpv?(type of std)?
What symptoms do people commonly experience when they are infected with HIV?
I had test done and came back positive for clymitia my last partner got tested and came back Not . Why i'm con?
what can happen if you have a std and u might have had it for A LONG TIME AND DIDNT KNOW WILL I DIE?
How do you go about getting tested for STD's?
i have a tingling feeling when i urinate but only when nearly finished & not throughout. possible infection?
did i do my urine test wrong?
What is the best way to take a child's heart rate?
General Health Tips?
I have a very severe case of sunburn.Can it cause a upset stomach also?
okay lets say I have sun poisoning.I have been taking it easy and drinking fluids.?
If the Dr. says you have a small crack along the L3 ( third lumbar vertebrae )?
Having some head pain in the lower back of my head and neck starting to hurt a little too what might it be?
uncomfortable without nicotine?
Using dry ice for warts?
Is this a mild allergic reaction to a bee sting?
Is it bad right after a run to go and take a cold shower?
I burnt myself and its bad! help!?
What should I do with these cuts on my arm?
deep cut on knuckle healing.?
Right hand pain affecting pinky and ring finger, what is it and how do I stop the pain?
What causes you to throw up blood?
Whats a pain killer that starts with T?
I smoked weed once out of an aliminuim can please help me i won't do it again.?
Please help me!! Why am I so miserable?
I'm paranoid about respiratory disease, can someone please help me..?
Why is my scapula&clavicle hurting?
i have hip pain when i bend down?
HELP! What's an outpouching in the lower left brain!?
Stretched after getting up from the couch and heard a pop and my knee started hurting?
Is it unhealthy to hold in emotional pain?
Severe migraines, what's the cause?
does hydrocodone suppress coughs?
acne problem?
Dry skin Problems Mainly my Face?
Acne medication......?
i have these white spots on my legs....?
I do not get bit by mosquitoes?? IS this odd?
salt and ice..?
Dermontologist help plz?
i have stretch marks...how do i get rid of them?
Has anyone ever tried Haemafine syrup to treat eczema in children.?
How do i get in better shape quick and have beautiful skin??
who has tried the murad acne complex? does it work?
Do any1 knwo any product to bleach the skin??
wht is the use of erthromycin?
head lice question?
How do I get rid of dry patches on my neck they itch so badly!!!!!!!!?
I hear about some food is not safe ,i want to know what is it.?
smoking weed while taking acid reducer antacid?
What type of weed should I get?
Where can i find help to get a medicine?
Is Ambien a steroid-type drug?
Can you give me a diagnoses?
c5-6-7 raise your arms to heaven (nerve roots of long thoracic nerve innervate serratus anterior?
Is this multi-vitamin good for me?
Victoza Side Effects?
Is minocycline safe for two months?
about lipanthyl capsules 100 mg.....pllz help pllllzzzzz... :(?
Feel ill need remedies?
How bad is breathing in dust generated by duststorms?
what is diplonoba?
My hubby snores and I am loosing sleep!!!?
ive had pnuemonia now for 3 days since monday. Ive had trouble with my astham as well having 3 attacks?
Seasonal Asthma Advice, please?
having too much salt and sugar?
diabetes and avandia?
need dessert recipes for diabetics?
Does ATP or ADP have a higher engery phosphate to give reactions?
Inter vivos kidney donation: What are the risks?
Can your baby die if you have type 2 diabetes?
is yohimbe safe to use with diabetes why or why not???
anyone taking lyrica know how I can lose the weight?
What really is Diabeties?
diabetes.. diabetes..?
Is anyone using a diabetic insulin pump with the new attachable 24-7 glucose monitor? How do you like it ?
prediabetes neuropathy?
Is Aspartame sugar substitute considered safe?
Please help. Urgent need for insulin pump infusion sets in Mesa, AZ?
I am looking for the conditions of rhabdomilitus?
What is going on with my blood sugar levels?
Why do I have a strange eye problem?
What age do you have to be to have laser eye surgery?
What does it mean when my eyes are glued shut and im barely opening them?
Is there a such thing as Blue-Green eye color?
Babys eye colour, what will it be of both parents are green/brown.?
one of my eyes always closes in pictures?
how good does lap belt surgery work?
what are the ingredients of Lipozene?
White film in contact case?
Is it bad that when i'm staring at my bright white computer screen that i'll see a bright light or two?
Which color contacts are best for astigmatism?
What kind of eye protection is there for sports?
why are my contacts foggy?
Should i try reading glasses....?
What will happen my eyes are rugbyshape and its progressive?
how to cure swollen lip due to washing mouth out with soap?
What could i be alergic to? (or is it just a cold)?
question about severe allergic reaction to poison ivy?
Help with eye allergies?
Help with strange, allergic reaction like symptoms?
Is fatty liver a serious condition?
Sunscreen is causing an allergic reaction. What sunscreens won't cause a reaction?
Is it an allergic reaction to Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Make-up allergies? Not sure if i have it or nott.?
Question to others with severe reflux- does drinking water make you sick too?
What do I do if when my blood pressure over 100 is too high for me?
what if zyfoid is swollen and tender?
Is There Something Wrong With Me?
Is this a facial tic?
In celiac, following a gluten free diet, how much time does it take for the villi to repair.?
Does anyone thinks its gross if a girl sweats a lot?
celiac disease karyotype?
there is a knot on my right side under my rib cage and i don't know what it is?
Stress?anxiety? What?
What do you think is wrong?
Where can I buy these bandaids?
do people buy celexa on the street?
Help! How do you cure this type of headache? Ibuprofen is a fail.?
Stomach/Stool Problems?
Why do i have pee so much? What is wrong?
Is she okay according to this...?
Can Influenza vaccine cause acidity and stomach pain?
should I go to school tomorrow?
Is this sleep apnea, or something else?
Could I possibly have whooping cough?
Is this a sign of Strep Throat?
Bed bug problem? Or am i overreacting?
How to know if your gauges are infected?
Procrit recall...Aranesp as an alternative?
what was the disease and how could the patient's recovery time have been decreased from 3 months to a week?
what does it mean when white blood cell count is very high?
i have two industrial piercing and one ear did not bleed as much as the other side and it is still swollen?
Can you cook an egg placing it between two mobile phones ?
Blood clot???
Funny hand condition after broken arm - any ideas?
do you think i'll be on crutches for 6 weeks?
Whats wrong with my ankle?
Sprained and chipped ankle 7 years ago now it's hurting BAD?
I recently strained my hamstring and its been recurring for about a month, everytime it feels fine i go back a?
Why did my toenail fall off with no pain or discoloration?
Could a collar bone break without any major trauma to it?
do you think my hand is broken?
i have a swollen lump on my foot after surfing, any ideas folks (got pics).?
is it possible for someone to have herpes and not know it for years?
? about std's?
I have had strep throat and a fever for the past few days and I have recently noticed small white/grey sores.?
HIV/AIDS Question about the cut.?
I would like to talk to someone else who has gential herpes...?
Do I have Gonorrhea and/or Chlamydia?
The other night i gave my boyfriend head and woke up nauseas does this mean anything like an std ? ....?
how many types of STD we can find if doctor do blood test.?
How long does it take to become a Psychiatrist?
Where can I find a case study about a husband betrayed by his wife?
why is it so difficult to stay away from the drugs and addictive substainces?
For PTSD is group or individual treatment better?
What is wrong with me?
Will tinnitus fade away in time?
What's the real name for this 'disorder'?
Energy from non-carbohyrate foods?
Question about Diet / Diabetes ?????
what is the meaning of obstacle of peripheral nerve?
what is the best medicatoin for diabetc?
does the dietary supplement DIAMAXOL work for typ 2 diabetes?
I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I also have some rotator cuff problems. My doctor would?