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Why is everyone so jealous of me and wanna start drama just because i'm an atheist?
Please answer my question about morphine?
Question about morphine!?
is anybody on yahoo answers playing without a full deck?j?
my mother is going through bad withdraws from pain pill.she has been in different hosp. nothing helps?
I have a high anxiety and stress level.... would smoking cigs help calm my nerves...if not what would?
How much of my (soon to be ex) wife's Infidelity & deciet was related to Major Depressive Disorder?
relating to bipoler disorder?
do dreams have meaning!?!?
I think I have adult ADD, any suggestions on medication or treatment?
Does Lexapro help with Social Anxiety?
im 16 and i need to get out of the house and my dad wont let me but he hasnt hurt me physically but mentally?
I have been taking Zoloft for 6 weeks.?
Can I require an angoigraphy ?
General anaesthesia and thyroid trouble ?
Have you used the blood pressure reducing device, Resperate? Your opinion?
Is this a curse?
Heart hurts?
so i just got stung for the first time?
What Do You Think Of Anthony Colpo's Book "The Great Cholesterol Con"?
Mitral valve?
Searching for my friend in rapid city Kourtany?
I am looking for anyone who suffers from diabetic neuropathy. Would like to hear from them?
How long before low-carb diet has long-term effect on blood sugar??
After you take so many insulin shots in your stomach is it natural for tingling in you stomach?
What is fasting Diabeites?
what is the mean of( i recommended)?
I checked the blood sugar twice a day before breakfast and dinner..?
Could surgery cause diabetes?
insulin level test question for lab technician to answer?
je cherche un boutique de chocalat diabetic?
Where is the highest pressure of circulating blood found?
is a ten year old with ataxia eligable for medicare in nc?
Can simply eating correctly without exercise prevent diabetes?
I am diabetic patient & open heart surgery, could I use Viagra tablets?
can statin group of drug cause vitrtious flouters?
What does it feel like to be a diabetic and have your sugar levels be too high and too low?
Do you know my HCP?
Do i have to take medication for central diabetes insipidus for the rest of my life?
Severe Photosensitivity after swimming in the Amazon river?
I tried contact eye lens about 2 years ago had a problem with dry eye now glasses bother me what to do?
What's the best place to get an eye exam for contacts right now?
"Laser Eye Treatment".?
What are the causes of dry, itchy, bloodshot eye?
Is it possible to get contacts stuck behind the eye?
my eyes have been burning for a week, its not alergies?
Itchy and burning eye due to direct contact from formaldehyde?
Do you have two different colored eyes?
Free colored contacts at Walmart? 10 points!!!!!!!!!!?
Dad has Brown eyes, I have Hazel eyes... is there a chance that my baby will have blue eyes?
waking up during the night.?
Do I have a speech impediment?
Anyone have a good or bad experience ordering prescriptions from Canada?
i need some article dealing with anatomy and phsiology?
Common cold for a long period.What should I do?
smelly puss in throat?
what happens when you stop taking your synthroid med.?
blood vessels...................?
What makes you laugh?
help me :/ im alone i feel sick?
Could it be the Flu? Pregnant?
what are the two explanayion of normal levels of pyruvate in blood nad urine?
What are these symptoms of?
Diagnose me Please!!!!!!!!!?
why did you use an inoculating loop instead of a needle to transfer culture?
yeast infection help?
strep throat, help me please!?
skin cancer??
health status in the philippines?
briefiy describe one law, one plicy and one code of practice the guides you when maintaining the individuals?
what is the subclinical amount of TSH?
is workplace performance better if cigarette consumption is allowed?
explain two methonds of using equipment and materials in your organisation that keep individuals safe from dan
explain how you handle or move pleople,items and objects in a safe way:?
why do our muscles twitch?
Quitting Smoking Naturally?
whats the major cause of fluid in the lungs?
i am having sinus problem i tried nasal spray from doctor and home treatment no cure?
what is the difference between adderall and adderal xr?
Listening music while you sleep cause deafness?
Would it be worse to go in the sun if your skin is already peeling?
is any concluded research?. this are the time human must follow (4 our usual customs) which keep healthy life?
What drug is used to treat suprventricular tachycardia? What drug is used to treat ventricular tachycardia?
Tattoo and clorine pool...?
anyone on tegretol or clobazam?
HELP got a IUD and i have cramps in my tummy ,what should i do?
Why aren't antibiotics sold over the counter in the US?
what is hpv?
Writing a paper about STDS ?
How much do suture materials usually cost?
Why does neosporin burn every time I...?
I have the worst bite?
Have you ever used a band aid and it made a mark and it didn't go away for a long time?
Snake Bites?!?( The Lip Piercing)?
Luxating Patella on dog and staple is bleeding?
OUCH! BURNT MY FINGER! Can you guys help? );?
Does this sound like lupus?
VAINY EYES? Is there a cure? (10 points)?
Should i discontinue taking the antibiotics?
chest hurts,shaky weak feeling,nasuea,bad taste smell,sinus draining,short breath, tingly?
I would like an article on improving the quality of life of a person with progressing muscular dystrophy.?
My head hurts... Do I have amnesia?
Does anyone have this condition?
is neem good for high blood?
when will bell's palsy go away?
I have vertigo and can't get rid of it. What can I do?
Do I burn more calories walking faster or a longer distance?
i heard if you wanna lose weight you drink lemon juice to burn the fat...is that true?
What is the CURVES diet?
im chubby around my waist and i want to get rid of all my fat. so how do i?
why does corn not digest when you eat it?
someone sent me a diet plan?
Is creatine illegal in certain sports or sporting levels?
I had hit my head hard on the wood shelf Should I see the doctor?
Hit my head, now there's a 'tightness'?
Can exposed blood from an open cut or wound freeze from extremely cold air or ice water?
How to heal calf muscles?
My wrist hurts and i hurt it in cheering help?
Is it safe to start working out now ?
i hurt my funny bonee?
How long to stay off of a sprained ankle?
what supplement helps to build medial meniscus?
I sweat... a lot... plz help!?
Acne Scars on forehead? Help?
I have bad sunburn on my face and i need it to go in like 2 hours?
I'm completely lost, what do I do now?
my husband hit a raised mole on his leg and now it bleeds and it is bright red, should we see a dermatologist?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
blackheads please help ?
is there a cure for addiction or medicine plz tell me?
What structures does blood take through the lungs to become oxygenated?
is losartan (cozzaar) taken with meals?
how to get rid of herpes without picking off the scabs?
how to tell if he has herpes ?
Any ideas on how to how negotiate stairs with no rails with full leg cast (can't bend knee/put weight on leg)?
i have terrible lower right rib pain it is extremley sharp and hurts more when i breathe deeply and cough?
What is that profession called?
Having bowel movement issues?
I've been sick these past few days with fever...?
Is medical marijuana available in mississippi?
Fever/sickness help!?
Anemia with normal Hemoglobins?
Could I be going deaf in one ear?
how to become a home health aide in cleveland oh?
Is it safe to take prenatal vitamins with biotin and fish oil vitamins?
Addictive Drugs or Medications?
Can clonazepam Be Taken For Social Phobia?
I have bad memory any tips on what it could be?
Is abilify a stimulant?
what is Yoga and from where it has started?
how do I teach others to be sensitive to people with disabilaties?
How do I get rid of pink eye?
I am planning to leave my currentr job...but I need health care...they don't have COBRA what do I do?
Guys Please Answer!!!!!!!?
biller in Az. for Dr. Sugar in Sc. as of 06/2006 hav'g trouble gett'g pd or even process'g any labs. mod QW ?
I have a cold how do you get that nasty smell out of your nose and your taste buds working again?
Any advice on how to safely and effectively stop using low doses of ativan?
How many Decibels is a typical school bell?
What is the best way to get rid of "sand flea" bites? Or at least the itchiness of them?
What is chain smoking?
what level of hydrocodene could cause hearing loss in an addict and over what period of time...I think my?
My tooth is killing me right now, what can I do???
Does anyone know if Dr. Shakib Sakla is a board certified physician?
What can I expect at my physical examination?
I want to become a dermatologist?
my son went to the dr and they said he has two vertebrae in his neck fused together ... whats this mean?
What is the difference between an empirical claim and a normative claim?
Does anyone know if the doctor is facing any legal problems?
is it a good thing that my tongue is blue?
how to heal my burn!?
Cut finger & stitches, now skin is dry and little feeling?
How can I treat and infected ear piercing?
First Aid: How to treat a friction blister?
I cut the artery on my neck, what should I do?
How do I make my cut stop bleeding please answer quickly!?
Is it safe to use Neosporin or other antibiotic ointments after you've lost the cap?
can anyone tell me the name of the brands of cough syrup that have codeine in mexico? i just moved out here?
I am 12 yo and exactly after 7 pm i feel like i am high or drunk ... help?
Oi! I got me finger stuck in me bum...!?
Can a person have a vital capacity (singe stage) within normal range but a value for FEV below normal?
CT Scan revealed "soft tissue fullness in upper anterior mediastinum"?
medicines prepared under laminar airflow hood?
will get use peggys car today any time soon?
diabetes confusion?
What does this mean?
i have type 2 diabetes and am looking for some tasty recipes. anybody have any they would share?
Correct cleansing & debridement of a diabetic foot ulcer?
Why am I able to control my own blood flow.?
how to get cure piles /fissures . diet to be followed?
Getting diabetes early , does it make you infertile ?
why can't diabetic people put lotion in between their toes?!?!?
what effect does salt have on type 1 diabetes?
Am I going to be diabetic?
Just ate 10oz of pasta salad and broke out in a hot flash and severe jitters.Does anyone know why?
what kind of excessive can do a diabetic person?
How much suger is in an aero,dr pepper and walker pickeled onion crisps?
Byetta 10 Problems?
if caught early, can Lupus be controlled so a normal life can still occur?
what is gastric mucosal abnormality characterized by erythema?
Can you acquire a disease by thinking about it?
I have these strange symptons for the last four years and no doctor find the cause?
Lice question? does anyone have a home remedy that has worked to loosen the nits i have a great comb ?
Is it possible to develop some sort of swelling or clotting or air bubble etc inside the cranium?
why am i getting dizzy if im just sitting down and im not doing nothing?
Swollen armpit lymp-node?
Are menthol cigarettes good for you?
Swollen, sore tonsil one side only; pain radiates to ear?
What kind of rash is this and how do i get rid of it?
anyone else have a broken femur?
Broken Collarbone/Fractured Clavicle?
think i sprained my ankle?
I have a dent on my right wrist???
How long would these sever car crash wounds take to heal?
I rolled my ankle and hurts only when moved but not pressure?
have you ever stepped on a balloon bare foot? 10 points.?
i cut the roof of my mouth? How long to heal?
Is there any way to get rid of stitch marks?
I want u to feed me with infomation on avian flu virus AND possibly send a comprehesive report.thanks kenny.?
What's wrong with my heart?
Where can I get the total number of cardiac care hospitals in Kolkata, West Bengal?
What could be the cause of bruits?
heart transplant?
Heart Disease?
my doctor does not seem to know or be interested in the cardiovascular damage I have sustained?wake him up?
DOCTORS HELP Opiates, Overdose, Withdrawals?
I want to quit smoking?
How did you feel two days after acl surgery?
Possibly getting a back brace in March?
Habit of Cracking my foot?
why do i always get bruse easly?
GREEN VEINS??????????????????? I CAN SEE MY GREEN VEINS QUITE CLEARLY. HELPPPPP???????????????????????????
some serious HIV question?
How do you tell if your partner has an STD?
Can you get stds from a lap dance?
I think I have mouth (oral) herpes?
i think i might have blue waffle disease?
is there any way to lose 10 lbs fast???
how can i lose 10 pounds a month?
what reduces the fat in the stomach( to reduce my belly)?
How many calories should an average adult consume each day?
What are some good exercises for obese people?
what are some good exercises for the lower abs?
whos on a certain diet.?
Tell me about my fruits and vegetables?
im trying to lose a flab on my belly help???
What is the nutrition program that is offered to start eating lifestyle change?
How long can you stand on your tippie-toes? (Try it now!)?
what is the best lose weight product or program to use?
Does Relacore work?
do you think that i should be dieting at 14, weigh 136, and am 5ft 6.5in tall?
Biopsy Results...how long does it normally take?
recipe for homemade strong denture adhesive?
A prominent ear with no antihelix fold?
what are the most COMMON side effects of amitiza?
what is the fastest i-doser drug to work?
Can Oversleeping make you sick?
Why do people think that pills solve everything?
Is there any site to watch satellite tv online for free?
What should I eat when I have a whole week of test and I need a lot of healthy good for the brain food?
How does a low sodium diet effect ones hearing?
Is it possible to get HIV (Aids) from a hand job?
ouch i got to shots today anything to take away the soreness?
Eye twitching?
has anybody ever had a facet block? and did it work?
How do you make a person understand, that it's necessary to take shower everyday?
what does poison ivy look like and how long after you touch it does it appear?
how do you prevent swimmer's ear?
do you know about the gastric bypass surgery?
Can you scuba dive after a pancreatomy?
pepto bismol flavor?
does anyone know of a low or no cost rehab center in tampa fla?
Do you now a bracelet you can measure bloodsugar with? i can import and sell it in Norway. who produce it?
How much Coumadin can I take per day?
Has anyone got a natural remedy for acid reflux (Heartburn)?
I am very scary of used sticker. Any onereally afraid of somethings that it seems "normal" to other people?!
I need a copy of my CNA license. Where would I get it?
Any drugs that can induce temporary blindness in one eye?
Contact help kind of urgent?! Please help?!?
I left my contacts in over night by mistake ?
What does my eye color mean?
Just had surgery to correct my lazy eye?
How long does it take sears optical ti give you your eyeglasses?
I have spider veins on the back of my thighs? Is there anyway i can make them fade?
Contracting scabies from kittens?
I have a kitten . Every time i pick it up , i itch and these odd shaped, different sized, lighter than skin?
What can I take so I won't bruise so easily ?
Mouth pains...from kissing!!!???
I am 14 years old, and my right foot is slightly numb in certain areas, and it has been like this for 2 days.?
what's a fast acting product for getting rid of scars? not raised ones just normal scars left from sores/cuts.
stye in the eye questions....can one leave on its own?
what is the best home remedy for a itchy rash?
Mole removel?
Whats the cause of my dry skin, feet, etc...???
what to use on my face to lessen the reding from acne??
How should I get rid of acne?
Working out question?
What is this rash on my face? Been there like 3 weeks!!!?
How does zits occur? I believe it's caused by dirt and oil,my friend believes it's caused by chocolate.
Burnt finger? what do i do now?
when was the first free clinic opened?
hives, and being sick?
what is the best way to prevent bloody nose in winter dry air in the months December january February?
Bedtime schedule... (insomnia!)?
My earring won't come off ? I think it got stuck like...in my earlobe?
my moles bleed and wound,am i suffering any disease?
I came from Dengue Fever just last Thursday... and now my SGOT level is 250, my SGPT level is 115?
How to tell if I broke my nose?
Can I tell if my kneecap is broken?
When will my leg recover ?
feels like walking on pebble on sole of my foot?
How serious could this head bump be?
Knee pain with a bump on kneecap?
Head Trauma Scar Help?
I think I have a mild ankle sprain?
What is the best antidepressant for women that may also be used in weight loss?
what is the effect of smoking and taking tobacco?
Which is the best antidepressant pill and why?
Have you been helped by Zoloft?
How do u know ur addicted to zombies? Is there an adicts group that meets in Idaho 4 us addicted to zombies?
what is james frey the author of a million little pieces email address?
Do you feel like a fraud in life?
why is it that some people seem to be more mentally resiliant to stress then others?-?
find section 1931(c)(1) of the Public Health Services Act?
Medication withdrawal symptoms?
doues a suicide hotline have the right to call an amblance on a person ?
How can I handle my laziness and not worried about my future?
Whats the best drug and dosage 2 kill urself?
psychiatry abuse?
How can you beat depression and stop it returning?
Why Some men dress in women clothing?
Is it really possible to pass your mental health on to someone you hang with everyday???
give me three reasons should marijuana continue to be an illegal?
Does equine author Chris Irwin offer counseling and personal development at his own ranch?
can i take advil for a headache at 37 weeks?
Pulled muscles?
How long will I have to stay in the hospital after a hip replacement?
Weird leg problem. Please help.?
is it likely that i can get disability benifits if i have rheumatoid arthritus?i have to go to the dr every?
Is There Meaning in Pain and Suffering?
does anyone else have this problem of aching bones?
What would cause bad, sharp pains in the left side of the chest and a bad headache?
My thumb joint tingles almost constantly - any ideas?
Fibromyalgia and allegy shots?
I have a headache and neck ache?
I keep getting a pain in my stomach.?
What is the rehab like for a mini open incision torn rotator cuff surgery?
what is wrong with you if your neck, back and head hurt all at the same time.?
need input plz?
bumps on pubbs?
I went to three hospitals and they says that i Will get reliable results for HIV after a month of Exposure.?
Where can I find the number of white woman infected with HIV?
Allergic reaction to henna tattoo?
Can you build a tolerance to dog allergies?
I may be dating someone who thinks they may have HIV!?
Am I allergic to weed?
what are Symptoms of STDs?
does herpes HAVE to form a painful sore and crust over?
Is there such a thing as dairy sensitivity or intolerance without intestinal problems?
How long before chlamidya shows symptoms?
i took bactrim for my std?
I believe I have a mold problem in my house and my family is getting sick. What should I do? Where to start?
Please help me to remove symptoms of sinus allergy? We could try some medicines and nasalsprays but not any o?
I had have allergy with milk and milk products. Doctor says me to avoid all diary products?
What is the difference between food allergies and food sensitivities?
I got a blister in the left labia does anyone know what it might be?
Lip Problems?
Shrooms,Accutane,liver function?
Can cutting out *all sugars cause hypoglycemia?
Feeling sick from smoking?
question about dipping?
will 25 mg of benedryl taken 24 hours ago show up as a stimulant in a urine or blood test?
What is stronger a codeine# 4 or a hydrocodone 7.5?
How do I hide my being high?
why do ssri take four weeks before you will feel their affect?
I have a year old dachsund that has a muscle disorder or seizures?
How does someone get short term memory loss?
Told I have a brain tumor?
I found one dead silver fish bug in my bathroom. I don't know where it came from, but should I be worried?
where to buy melatonin pills. PLEASE HELP SEVERE INSOMNIA?
how do i get rid of my cold sore?
Can someone explain epilepsy?
Why does my body react this way with sleep?
Do I have hypothyroidism ?
unani medicines for liquid in lungs?
Where in Houston Texas can I find a Long Term Pediatric Nursing Home for Sub Acute patients?
i feel so sick?
Is it safe to take mucinix and sudafed at the same time?
Question about ECG?
snfcrickert you are the best i had to know now my md appt is in 20mins?
Is it ok to go 3 days without taking my Toprall-XL ? I'm out and can't get it yet.?
St. Jude Mechanical Mitral Valve?
Heart attack in a teenager??????
Should i be worried?
What is the average salary for a cardiac rehab specialist?
Is LapBand surgery safe for someone who has had a massive heart attack and i'm also 120lbs. overweight.?
how accurate is msct of heart?
When i take a deep breath there is a small chest pain, can any one tell me what 's wrong?
Blood donation and Alcohol...?
Are Godiva skin care products reliable? do they contain any harmful chemicals? can i find them in the UAE?
can i still be having a yeast infection without having with someone?
why does that cracky sound come when we stretch our joint bones?
sulphide sodium is it dangerous to our health?
Everyone know very well SMOKING IS DANGEROUS FOR HEALTH then why people are smoking?
Was glow in the dark wallpaper/paint ever hazardous to your health?
Which is a better depression medication to take?
Do you think we could get law suit because we answering question?
what can cure a hearth burn if you have no medicine with you?
how long does it take for heat stroke and sun poisoning to stop making u sick?
my neck is stife and it hurt i dont want to get surgery because im 12.I dont know what to do besids hospital?
What are "dina maps" in regard to pulse oximeters?
Picking a doctor and dentist when just getting Medical coverage from work?
whats wrong?
is lasik surgery price per eye?
pituitary stimulating cd?
Anyone know a good way to ease back pain?
Becoming a Pediatric Trauma Physician(Or Surgeon)?
help cauliflower ear?
betamethasone dipropionate ointment use for?
Left oblique pain only when I walk?
boxer fracture, help!?
What do I do with my finger? Desperate Help!!?
Muscle / Nerve pain ?
blacking out after getting hurt?
I am looking for a high compression of anklets--not knee highs?
How do i fix a toe infection?? please help!?
Quick concussion help pls? :)?
Is my pinky finger broken?
My boyfriend lost a finger in a hockey game, does anyone know how long it takes to put it back on?
How long does it take for a cut on an infants face to heal? Will a cut that has healed to a bump fade away?
How can you make scratches on the face heal faster..?
got bit by something?
how to stop a zit from bleeding?
If a black widow spider bites you, how much time do you have to live?
Unexpected Nausea problem?
Gauged ear,infection? help?
How long does a blood blister take to heal?
Is this a good idea - allery identification tattoo?
whats the best brand for band-aids for finger tips?
how do i lower my haemoglobin levels quickly?
I'm having 'sulphur burps'?
Do most med schools require that a person take classes (in the same series) one after another without any gap?
How can I lose at least 10 pounds in less than a month and not starve myself?
How often to use coconut oil on hair to prevent hair loss?
Is this just another side effect of herpes? Or something else?
Why do i keep coughing??? :/?
why does eating meat make me sick?
does smoking sheesha (which contains 0.5% nicotine) affect your body muscles cuz i body build ?
What foods are a good source of protein for muscle growth?
What is a fun game to pass the time while you're sitting on the toilet?
where can i get an instruction manual for a lifegear walker?
How many calorie(s) do you burn by doing one sit-up?
Im an overweight teen looking for some fast and easy ways to lose weight can some one help?
can a diabetic get big muscles like a bodybuilder? and whats safe to take?
Weight Reduction Clubs?
recent ways for weight reduction?
Does head banging burn calories?
what is the healthiest way to loose weight?
What exercises cn I do if I have knee problems?
does fasting help you lose weight?
how to become fat ,i am only 45kgs and i want increase my weight,can any one can help me?
what is the correct weight for someone who is 5-10 1/2?
How much this treatment costs?
Psoriasis, Can it be controlled?
Im soooo SICK of my ACNE!?
is it bad turning red really fast?
Need some Help!?
Ingrown Hair?
I have a skin problem with my lips?
how to get rid of dark circles around eyes?
acne problem?
Need Help Now!!! Weird Marks!!?
spot treatments - what ingredients should they have?
Proactive Repairing Lotion?
how i cant have black dots??
I have pearly like acne, they are deep, usually burns until out, then it takes to long to heal.?
eczema apartment?
how to cure shaky and watery hands?
How can i help my bf to be ok with him having diabeties.? Its very hard because is father is very sick with?
im 19 years of age, i have very weak eyesight with nos. 9.25 and 7.5.i daily eat amla.can i reduce my no. ?
Do Doritos cause anal leakage?
what is the normal TSH range (thyroid) for an 11 yr old?
how can i tell if i have a concusion?
Ahhh what's wrong with me!!! Thirsty, tired, dizzy, numb, pee-ey?
I am sick and no doctor is available, plus I have an exam coming up?
Will my bump from osgood schlatter disease ever go away?
Has anyone had something like this happen in their family?
Do 50% and 80% depths, in corneal ring implants for keratoconus, matter?
Is my viral pink eye still contagious?
I forgot to take off contacts ? ?
How do I go about getting a prescription for Gunnar glasses?
What cud cause my eye to keep twitching?
Are these signs of needing glasses?
How come sometimes after i wake up i see a black web from one of my eyes?
How to get rid of cold FAST?
My wife had a temp of 103.6 and would hardly wake up.?
I have night shivers, why is this?
Registered nurse question?
what kind of food should you eat after a fever?
I have mono and my friend drank out of the same drink as me...does that mean he might get it too?
Question about Mersa?
I am ill How can i get better in time?
Should I have taken last year's Flu shot, last year to increase this year's vaccine?
What helps a sore throat!!!?
What are the three internal parts of the immune system?
Why does your heart heart during emotional turmoil?
arrhythmia or some other palpitation?
TCM for excessive nervousness?
safe to take this much biotin?
can you name steroid brands?
Drug/medication that instigates anxiety as its side effects?
Have you ever used salt lamps or Q-link necklaces, do they really improve health some way?
Help with a pulled groin?
Underneath Hip Popping and Pain? Already Told...?
Question regarding physical therapy on a my arm, pectoral, shoulder and left hand from four years ago?
2 huge bumps on wrist, pics inside?!?
what do you do about a strain or pulled muscle in your arm?
Is Endoscopic Discectomy Really good suggestion for people with herniated disk ?
are there others with rheumatoid arthritis?
My lungs hurt?
has anyone ever had broncho alveolar lavage done?
singulair & claritin?
need to know wat is a standard lung function test and how it differs to normal lung function test?
Docs or nurses help? Pulmonary shunt.?
Side effect of moxibustion?
what are the credentials of Barry Kessler, MD of Cardiology Consultants of the Palm Beaches, Delray Beach, FL?
Any methods to reverse congestive heart failure ?, and bring down blood pressure through natural means ?
Is it bad if a splinter has been in your hand for 4 monthes?
Balloon next to my ear?
Daughter has a goose egg on forehead..?
How to best manage an infected finger?
major sunburn please help?
what is paroxetin used for ?
I was wondering what the difference is between advair diskus and advair HFA?
9 year old daughter has one reg. kidney and one small, could this be a problem?
how much 435mcg equal 2 mg?
I have lower back and middle back pain. I have had two epidurals.?
what are the reasons for low blood pressure and how to make it normal without medicine?
nostrils hair whitening problem?
What's a good way to lower your blood pressure?
Does anybody know the specific dangers of combining certain OTC painkillers with alcohol?
how could your thyroid get lower when already taking meds for low thyroid?
Why do ant/misquito bites always itch?
Do you find it easier to take care of someone with illness..?
I heard that vinegar is the best for eliminating nail fungus. Is this true?
In what year did Gatorade make it's debut?
How do you feel about the FDA approving the morning after pill for nonprescription use?
What is a dangerously low blood pressure?
Getting rid of cankers?
I have anemia and take iron supplements. Why would I still be weak ?
Are there cigarette smokers who aren't addicted?
Does anyone know of a cure for vertigo (getting dizzy / sense of spinning or feeling of disequilibrium)?
what sickness do i have?
Do I Have a Bad Memory, or a Weird One?
Is throwing up once bad?
Can people with tourettes control their ticks?
If I smoked a week ago and took a mouth swab drug test today, will I pass?
Permanently affect by drugs?
I got aids from a cigarette how did it happen?
I have a friend who has HIV and want to know more about it. ?
is it normal to get wet just by kissing?
Herpies i need help! will i kiss him again?
Can a hospital refuse to treat someone who has Gonorreah,but no money to pay for it or insurance?
Could this cause AIDS?
if you have crabs and you get laser hair removel on your pudes do they stay there?
i have an bacterial vaginosis . i went to the doctor and was giving metronidazole .when i pee its brown ?
if u come in blood to blood contact with someone you cant get hiv if neither of u have it no matter what?
Does vertigo make you tired?
Why am I always tired?
ive had four anxitey attacks four times this week i had one wesday thusday and friday?
Does my daughter have calcium deficiency?
Sore stomach and chest pains help?
So this whole insomnia thing..?
Can An Enlarged Lymph Node Be Hereditary?
HELP!!!!how can you hurt your wrist so badly that you have to wear a splint ?
Pleas help urgently!!! Excruciatingly sore knee?
There are 14 cuts from my wrist to my elbow....what can I use to get rid of the scars?
Is it true that if you don't do drugs...?
Whats wrong with my finger?
how does heavy drinking contribute to diabetes?
How do you get on the list for a pancreatic transplant?
diabetic truckers?
What is the cost and dependability of laser treatment for eye ailments for diabitics, in India?
Diabetic related.....Whats the purpose of tabassco sauce on the food?
Can long term affects of adrenaline cause diabetes?
What is this?
Which Vitamins and Minerals are the best for facial complexion?
Bump on my scalp?
what if little red bumps pop up on just your arms and no were else and it isnt flees or bugbites?
Staph Infection? Help Please?
Antiperspirant that won't harm my skin?
I have a dry skin..?
what does it mean?
Can you describe how webbing looks?
is it bad to have rocks in the skin?
I have a very bad skin rash around my mouth, i need some advice please.?
My feet ,legs,hands and lower arms itch and swell so bad.I worked with imported dirty cardboard in a store?
how can i quickl remove blackheads?
what makes a bichon friese chew on there skin.?
is my 10 yr old brother allergic to grass?
infections and salty taste?
I am having another allergy attack?
tips for detassling with corn pollen allergies?
I sometimes have an allergic reaction to the sun.?
Should I Consider Moving to Decrease My Allergy Symptoms?
Any websites provided the details of food allergy?
Please help me to provide any home treatment for allergies that I can do it from my home?
Am I allergic? Or do I just have sensitive skin?
I had a sharp pain in my neck yesterday morning, and I still have it, what is it?
Do you have to be put to sleep or freeze numbing when they drain the fluid out of my rotter cuff?????
What do you think about kids seeing unfitting words on questions and answers?
i have stomach problem. doctor told that my instine has thick suggest me for cure?
Is there anyone who takes cymbalta and lamictal for depression?
What should you do if your parents do drugs???
Did you ever dream you have to go to bathroom .. and?
How long do most MRI's take?
What helps a sun burn beside aloe vera ?
is that true that ice cream helps to cure cold? or sore throat? or something else?
My hand is tingling like it is asleep and gets locked up. What can it be.?
I have had a hight white blood cell count and excessive tiredness for 18 months. Can anyone help?
what are the 12 steps in processing a insurance claim?
Army Tricare benefits need some help?
Experiencing hummming sound in the ear. Hearing slightly impaired. Talking as though through nassal passage.?
Can constantly cracking your back hurt you?
does Equitab pills work to treat vertigo?
I am a doctor from Romania, now I do a specialization in anaesthetics. My girlfriend is a social worker and sh
Has anyone else had muscle fatigue on albuterol?
How to cope with bronchitis?Please help?
how to help someone with depression?
Serious Stomach Issues?
My tongue is white, with small red dots?(Been sick?)?
Is it weierd that i can hold my breath for 2 mins?
Does humidity make joints hurt?
Help? Please? Very Concerned..?
Why do I keep sweating when I'm cold and stop sweating when I'm warm?
I believe I have chronic sinusitis and would like to find out what has worked for others.?
what happens to the lungs with pulmonary tuberculosis?
what can I do to stop wheezing? other than go to the Dr's. what causes wheezing?
is it normal for me to get tired and out of breath real fast without having any trouble breathing with asthma?
Has anyone ever heard of children on corticosteroids getting sleepy during treatments?
I have very thick blood the d-dimer bllod test shows 14.9, what can cause this problem?
is the circulatory system located in the right lung?
What and how do drugs help to fight asthma and how long does the treatment last?
need information on the disease loe gering named after the baseball player who had it?
why does my 11 year old son keep on getting chest infections he has asthma?
Where can i get Chinese Gentian and Bupleurum?
Would your neighbours care if you smoke weed on your balcony(HOUSE)?
What should I do?!?!?
can i take a supplement sublinguilly even if it's not meant to be sublingual?
Pills don't really work on my body, what is wrong with me?
can you take Klonopin and Gabapentin at the same time?
What is it about Cayenne Pepper that soothes a sore throat?
Is anyone familiar with a supplement called Gastrex?
what might a bruise with a red circle in the middle of the bruise be? a spider bite?
Why Is my bee sting so itchy?
I think I have a q tip stuck in my ear.. I'm not sure if I do or not.?
how can i tell a break in a thumb from a stub?
Swollen ear lobe from stretching?
HELP! I lost my hearing aid without a backup. I am a call into audiologist for backup.?
How long does an industrial bar take to heal?
i had an ingrown hangnail on my finger, which got infection with pus and was red and sore to touch?
how long does it take for my eye vision to be perfect?
If you tried sneezing with your eyes open, would your eyes pop out?
What Raybans Will Look Good On My Face? Thanks?
What are the series of events that occur once an infectious agent is introduced ..?
Is it ok to take Vicks Day Quil Cold and Flu medicine with Advil at the same time?
What are some interesting respiratory diseases caused by specific pathogens?
If you have convergence insufficiency, can you still get lasik eye surgery?
How can I stop from squinting and get my eyes to stop watering?
Tips for getting over mono?
Why did Marcus Corvinus have wings?
Is there any good way to get rid of a sore throat?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
If you go to an optometrist and happen to have a retinal tear or worse could they find it?
How do i know if my eye had been perforated?
Are Hepatitis B needles mandatory to get in Canada?
I have cervisitis with long duration and I eat ofloxacin,what can I do to faster healing of my ulcer?
Does anybody know how much HIV testing is?
I have had with the HPV for 7 years and it just went away?? That possible?
Is it possible for me to go see the doctor without my parents needing to know?
what can happen if gonorrhea is not treated?
What is HPV ??????????????
What does it mean if you have what appears to be blisters in the urethra?
can you go to the ER if you have...?
what happens if you don't get a yeast inffection treated.?
Is gonorrhea 100% treatable?
my urine test showed up dirty today it was my first dirty test . they said they had to send it to the judge?
How do i know if i pulled a muscle or not in my thigh?
Abdominal pain really sharp?
have you or anyone you know ever got a black eye from a punch?
need to know if these questions are true or false?
When you get the needle for anesthetic, when you wake up does it feel like you just fell asleep?
Cut Tendon in Foot 5 years ago?
How do you know if you should go to the doctor over a burn?
Sprained ankle healing time?
What do I do for a pulled Flexor muscle?
Why is my finger swollen? And how do I unswell it?
Could I have an eating disorder?
Is sleeping with the TV and Lights on bad for my health?
what are some simple stats for sickle cell anemia?
Which brand has the safest cigarettes?
how soon after shingles can I restart orencia infusions?
what is a recommened dose of B3?
How to get rid of zit?
What are some good skin foundations? (makeup)?
What is the best medicine for fungal infection in hairs?
Bumps on my skin?
How cani get rid of spots?
blackheads or just me?
Had surgery to remove mass, but they did not remove it all.?
whats the best face cream to get rid of black heads?
sweaty hands and feet?
What's a good medication for itching that I can use continuously?
swollen and itchy hands, irritation?
Guys I have a big problem..?
sporadic zits?
okay, pretend I'm like 10 years old. Now,can you explain how deductibles work?
does anyone know what it means if the left eye keeps quivering ocasssionaly for few days??
how can you get ezcema all of a sudden?
need to know the standard specifications of hospitals clothing (doctors & nurses dress - bed sheets - paitents
what is the reason why I feel numbness on my left chin?
what would happen?
Question to all nurses?
do i need an injection to visit China?
My random blood sugar is 178.Does it affect my kidney?Is there any side effects to lorvas?
what type of medical attention/ medicine would be given to a sudden cardiac arrest patient?
does polypeptide-k has any stabilising effect of blood glucose?
Koko, We're trying to figure out why my blood sugar drops when I don't have anything to eat after maybe 20 min
name of drug co in business 128 yrs,in 142 countries,bal sheet approx$4.3 Bil.?
strengthening back muscles?
what are some small healthy goals to have?
Am I getting sick? :/?
Tierd, spaced out, anxiety, confused feeling. 3 days after drinking alcohol?
Stomach problems after enema?
I have gum hyperplasia and a nodule on the palate of my mouth.. and it is hurting?
Is there a reverse lookup telephone numbers website?
Where can i find cheap texas auto insurance ?
is being sick all the time when you were little good?
Would you..............?
Can techno Harm your brain?
Don't you hate forgetting good ideas?
my mind....what the heck is going on?
i live with my sister but she left i feel lost what can i do?
how can a guy I like, quite smokin and drinking alot? it really worries me..?
about redalin(for ADHD)???
What does one do to prevent oneself from becoming emotionally drained?
how do you improve your memory?
what can we do for making interest on studies?other than meditation!?
Does anyone know about Nuerotin for use in anxiety?
why do people think goths are freaks?
how can i reduce the stress?
i feel like...........?
Is Kava Kava banned from sale in Britain?
who discovered multiple personalty disorders who first theorized it and where would I find case studies about
Another one on depression....?
How to tell if I got frostbite?
I swallowed a piece of plastic..?
dark skin bruising on my arm?
Can you stop cauliflower ear?
Couldnt walk straight?
I had a skin biopsy on my face and got 2 stitches, I never formed a scab over the stiches,what does that mean?
what will happen if i get a piercing while on mtx please help must know?
What is the role of Primary Care Paramedic Level 1 how does it differ from other levels? is it useful?
question about bites from bedbugs?
what is a worse injury, torn rotator cuff or torn labrum?
how can i heal bruised ribs faster?
Question on my swelling thumb?
I knocked out twice? Is this serious?
stitches and glue won't go away?
Abdominal Muscle Pain?
If you have a bad knee you cannot bend and a foot that is intoed what result would a Pediatric surgeon say?
In make it or break it, what caused Paycen Keeler to fall from the bars and injure her back?
lower back pain??
what do i take?
I am also addicted to painkillers how can i get this suboxygen?
Pulled muscle in Chest wall on the sternum??
Sharp Upper Right Chest Pain?
some worries about HIV?AIDS?
what does an std feel like in the pee whole?
What is it like to have aids. Does it hurt?
Does Gential Herpes Shorten Your Lifespan?
Where can I find anonymous confidential STD testing in the bay area?
Left a tampon in overnight and now I'm freaking!?
are there ways to see if a girl has aids?
if i think i might have got hiv+ 2 days ago is there meds tht will stop it?
what does formulary and non formulary drugs mean?
Shortness of Breath. Heart related?
Is it normal for my heart to beat fast when I inhale and then slow when I exhale?
info on Dr Rosenfeld?
Heart rate question?
what is the best medical operation for pytiridium? Can we have a 100% safe method, how about the % of recurren
Is it safe to consume large amounts of fish oil?
is it possible to have mini heart attacks?
Honey moon pyelitis. What is the cause and symptoms?.?
Feeling of Doom and Heart attacks?
How would I know if I had a blood Clot?
How would I know if I had a blood clot/ What does it feel like?
Hypertension ? Hypotension?
how do I mask a mouth swab for drugs?
My 17 year old daughters ESR tested 40 after car crash what should we do next?
unknown microbe! all possibilities listed?
ive had a high fever since monday?
Chances of me having Mad Cow Disease?
trazadone nightmares? eyes with no eye sockets?
Is (ativan) lorazepam 1mg and ?
Lucid dreaming after using??? Xanax (2mg)?
What can I replace marijuana with before I crawl out of my skin?
Antioxidant levels in different teas?
BuSpar 15 mg - Is this normal?
ritalin, is it safe (blahblah)?
Am i able to drink after popping antibiotics + flu medicine.?
I'm always unhappy, what's going on?
i got this sour trout dizziness headache and runny nose but no fever and no sneeze/cough, what it could be?
what is the best anti snoring pillow?
When was upper respiratory infections discovered?
any help for this??
septum ring and smelling blood?
Has anyone take Respiratory Therapy through California College of Health Services?
My voice sounds clear and audible in the mornings, but as the day goes by, it becomes unclear.?
how many avoli's does each lung have?
shortness of breath?
What chromosome has been determined to carry the gene for Marfan syndrome?
Bad cough?
What is the easiest and most effective means of infection prevention in a neonatal unit?
How to Surpress a Nasty Cough....?
What's wrong with me? Could it be the heat and air stagnation advisory?
I just rinsed my nasal cavities and now my throat hurts!?
gluten free people i need your help?
Allergies are really bad even with medicine?
How do i get rid of a runny nose!?
what would cause a dog to dry hack/heave?
Has anyone else in the UK got a child allergic to latex?
Vegetarian Allergic to Wheat?
is benadryl allergy safe to take?
Do skin tests for antibiotics hurt?
Passage of Cow Milk Protein in mother breast milk?!!!?
Is this an allergy, and if so what can I do?
which one's good... a shampoo containing ammonium laureth sulphate or one having sodium laureth sulphate?
Is there anything to help ease the pain?
what can cause tingling in your little finger?
Why would you use an enema?
a book on qbc was for sale on home remedy's said government wes going to sue him if he published his new cd
is it true that girls breath by contracting/expanding stomach and men breath by contracting/expanding chest?
looking for a web site for scrub tech class to show instruments. thought it was sklar.com but no luck?
Could I be allergic to my cat or have strep throat....?
Do you know what bed bugs are?
how is cholesterol measured? (ratio of tc to hdl)?
20 yrs old, blood in urine, No kidney stones?
what happens if a person accidentally eat poison from one of those roach motel things?
What does this hearing test mean?
How much does a check up cost.?
Both of Boyfriends Parents have blood disorders?
Is tinnitus gonna go away?
.my grandson was diagnosed with abdominal migraines. He often misses school in the morning?
bad head cold..best things to do to help get better faster?
Can I sue someone for rubbing part of my skin off while getting a pedicure?
What are the symptoms of a stress seizure?
What is wrong with me?!?!?
My ears are swelled, What can i do?
what is the difference between mg and meq?
Gallbladder problems, heartburn normal?
It hurts really really bad when i bend my elbow?
what is the difference between the two vaporizers?
will drinking 8 glasses of water a day give me a better complexion?
If i detox is my system clean from that point on?
How long should you keep contacts out?
My eye lids feel extremely sensitive, what is wrong with them?
How does palming fix/improve your eye vision?
How does palming improve your eye vision?
Do I have a problem with my eyes?
Pain in eye after getting a scar on my cornea a year ago.?
What is the point of a corticosteroid?
how long do you have to wait intill you play videogames again if you had photosensitive seizures 2 days ago.?
Cheapest Contact Lens?
White stringy stuff coming out of my eyes?
umm help skin issue????
My period is grey and dark dark purple whats wrong with me?
Has anyone ever had a cyst removed on their face? If so did it leave a bad scar?
Which is better: Retina-A or differin?
What is causing skin irritation/cracking???
How can you tell if Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses are real?
what is this hard growth under my skin?
Can eye liner cause eye infections?
If you have keratosis pilaris...?
can i use health savings account for latisse?
could living Through the Chernobyl disaster cause her skin problems?
Will my skin be damaged?
how to clear scabies?
Lovley skin??
what is celex?
Can people with diabetes get tattoos?
i am diabetic, and cant lose weight.?
Does monitor rule out problems?
mysterious bite? Splotch?
is there a vein under your lips for snake bites studs?
I got bit by a snake but it went away afterwards... should i still go to the hospital?
Stitches exposed after knee scope procedure.?
Do I have fluid in my ear?
I have this nasty cut in the middle in my nose . Does anyone know how to reduce redness ?
when will put a show to yo mom that yo are not well?
I have a very painful spot in my middle finger, it starts at the inside of the knuckle to the middle of the?
Stiff Muscles?
vampires?! garlic????
WHY does my stomach hurt when I take vicodin on an empty stomach?
can i be a piolet if i have stds?
Cure for aids - what do you think?
I have a question about some symptoms that I'm having?
does everyone who contracts HIV eventually die?
my dream what does it mean please help?
the effects of loud music and vibrations on migraine headache sufferers?
how does it feel to be psychiatrist?can any body tell me his experiance?
ı will make a presentation about alzehimer.can you help me about it?
Is there any conclusive evidence that text messaging or instant messaging lowers your IQ?
Does lexapro affect the pill working?
BIPOLARS;Did Lamictal protected you from Mania???BIPOLARS?
Does xanax help you through the day?they seem to be pretty helpful I hear!?
What do u call it when you sometimes lose memory, and then you regain it? Is it random amnesia or selective or
what are some symptoms of depression?
my took a small hit of weed and got hurt at work 32 hours later. will he pass a drug screen?
Is it normal to feel dizzy and nauseated 20 hours after you have hit your head?
Is my foot broken or fracture? Please Help!?
Please help! (Knee related problems)?
Is my tailbone bruised or fractured somehow?
I'm Bruising really easily?
tranumatic brain injury. what are the systoms?
mt finger really hurts, is swollen, and really stiff, does that mean its broken?
Pulled muscle help please?
how and who can i talk to about a crooked nose caused from being broken a couple years ago?
Experiencing dramtic swelling of lower legs, ankles, and feet-what might cause this?
I have a burning pain in my right lung?
How can I heal a sore on my lip?
Are you the "other patient"?
what is diazepan, and what if i suspect someone is giving it to my 2 and 1/2 year old grandson?
I have recently started getting tiny little red itchy bumps all over me. Bug bites?
does tomato skin help make kidney stones?
what are the health risks of nail biting??? are there any?
Quick ways to boost immune system?
i may have to get partial nail avulsion??
i want to do work in UNICEF, what shall i do?
Why do I get chills out of no where?
Is it a good idea to donate blood even if you have hepatitis B in your bloodstream?
I need a Website for Rabies?
How do I treat the flu?
stuffy nose and throat?
Headache the Vomiting?
i just need a doctor to simply answer this please :) bladder infection Q?
what is tubercular meningitis?
Why did I have a cold night sweat last night?
Water tears are made of?
I threw up twice..............?
How long do Metronidazole side effects last?
Do ssri permanently deplete serotonin receptors?
How do i find what bit me?
Anyone have advice on dealing with constant sinus headaches?
How to get rid of (insect) bites' bumps?
Mosquito Bite 5 Years Ago?
healing 2nd degree burns?
do i need a biosoy on my finger?
Is it normal when a cartilage piercing gets swollen when you try to take it out?
How do you fix a stretched lip piercing hole?
How long are ambulences supposed to take?
Does anyone know where they offer low cost CPR Training?
how much vyvanse is too much?
Is it bad to take Adderall when the capsule is broken?
Help Please!!! Medicine expiry date?
can i just take a teaspoon of vinegar in the morning then drink the water?
What are the benefits of smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.?
is it legal to treat cluster headaches with mushrooms?
I need advice about drugs?
How many new drugs does the FDA approve each year? At least recently.?
What Is The Best Acne Care System?
my pet has RINGWORM!! please help?
rash andredness?
Help with marks on my legs!?
How do I Treat Acne Problems?
I wanna stop wearing Foundations/Powders but having troubles.?
how do you sanitize a house for lice?
Bumps Under my facial skin?
Double pericing?
Is endeometrosis treatable with antibotic or other kind of drugs ?
do you know some thing to remove a Bear from your face?
i just found out i have pityriasis rosea.i heard it takes 3 months to go away. is it true?
can ringworm attack a kittens immune system....how do you build up their immune systems.?
Does Epinephrine cause acne?
can babies be allergic to the iron found in formula milk???
What can a diabetic man do for night time leg cramps?