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Which is the best air purifier for cat allergies?
Allergic reaction to prescription eye drops?
Trying to concieve while taking Lactrase?
My ears are congested, what should I do?
i inhaled a piece of my nail and it is logged in my nasal passage or wind pipe i blow my nose and cant get it?
Do I have pink eye or is it just allergies?
sneezing, itchy eyes even after I've taken double strength antihistamine. Is this normal?
anyone allergic to generic drugs of any kind?
stopping a bloody nose....?
weird eye problem question?
how much does a heart surgeon make?
For those who know about Ortho-k at night lenses?
What does it mean when I automatically squint?
Does anyone see double?
Lost some vision clarity in my eye during wrestling match.?
Eye examination. About pupil of eye? Need help fast plz?
What happens if my glasses/lenses' prescription is slightly higher than my real myopia?
i want ask about eye strabismus surgery?
Does this mean im going to get sick?
What two methods may be used for preparing a CFS?
is it a bad infection?
St. Jude's Children's Hospital..?
Whats the most Tramadol i can take safely?
Is my teacher a cocaine addict?
Bump behind ear! 10ptss (extended)?
medical question about ears. please help!?
I keep getting vertigo?
Did I have a seizure?Is this serious?
i always feel this random feeling. i'd describe it as feeling high. almost like a pressure in my head.?
Beer Botulism........?
For people with scoliosis, do you feel more pain when you don't get enough sleep?
My father 68 years old had his re-do by-pass surgery an year ago. Recently while taking BP reading , noticed a?
How do you explain an unexpected death?
Has anyone heard of someone taking metformin and having a reaction to tattoos?
Diabetic Latinos in the U.S.- Do you find useful diabetes info on the Internet?
Is Avandia good to balance diabetes?
what do you think about "glucowatch",is it ok for people with diabetes ?
Is Stevia available in India?
how do you control your bodies ph levels and is there a optimum level?
I have type 1 diabetes I let my sugar go high the other day but when I brought it back I still feel real sick?
what is nopalinaza plus? what does it do?
Can you be low on iron and have a normal hemaglobin results?
can insulin be detected if you take it for diabetes?
Is honey a good alternative sweetener for diabetics? How bout muscovado?How much honey is bad?
I need sugar free recipes where do I find them?
Stem cell research?
Any relation bewteen klonoplin and sugar level increasing.?
How long does it take to strengthen the VMO muscle?
What do I have that's causing my knee to hurt?
I can't sleep because of ritalin (I have a prescription)is there anything I can do?!?
I'm on anti depressants, are you?
what time u go to bed at night get up in da mornin??? do u wish u got more/less sleep?
does any1 know what the government policies towards eating disorders?
Shoulder Problem? PLEASE HELP!!!?
whats the differenence between a fractured foot bone and a briused foot bone?
My ankle hurts. Please help!?
Cast Removal? Now? Cheap? Emergency?
hi, anybody know a good couples therapist and psychotherapist in the sanfernado valley? plz help. thanks.?
Can you tell if someone is depressed just by looking at them?
why are they sending me to the Orthopaedic clinic? Cut elbow open?
Which Joint is more commonly dislocated-the ankle or knee joint?
Why do I keep having knee pain behind my knee 18 months post op acl reconstruction?
I'm looking for a spiral for induction of self hypnosis?
Whats RLS???
Arthritis in first finger or what?
what is the white stuff that comes out of facial bumps?
What causes cramps?
Does anyone know how to stop very painful headaches?
Constant Headaches?
tennis elbow. tried pt but every time the weather changes it flares up.?
I have sharp,shooting, burning foot pain on the top right side of my foot. Anyone know what it could be?
seems like everything I eat upsets my tummy?
about leg in health can someone help 10 pts.. plzz am worried?
how to get better fast?
i dont know is it Parkinson or not?
What is the best way to relieve anxiety to ease my pains over my body?
how do u get rid of the redness around the nose after being sick ? thanxx?
Could smoking marijuana have these kind of effects?
does you face break out when using cocaine?
wax earplugs worthless?
Can someone tell me how to to sooth sunburn itch?
How do you get rid of scars on face?
My feet are falling apart?
Dry skin around the mouth. ?
How fast does zinc work for oily skin?
some sort of infection on my face?
Acne scars and acne face wash?
is their any way to know that your female partner is hiv positive or negative without testing?
Ah help. slept with someone with hpv!?
can chlamydia lie dormant in my partner of 2 years? i was tested in dec 07 and was negative but have it now?
can herpes be passed by drinking out of the same water bottle?
if you have had abnormal cells on your cervix, and you get them treated can you still have children?
have u had this what could it be
Level 1 Herpes (cold sores)and kissing?
is it safe for a person with herpes to touch a baby?
How can you prevent a yeast infection?
explain why it decreased 25% of the energy requirement needed in fats when u have a heart disease?
explain the mechanisms that regulate blood flow through arteries, capillaries, and veins?
In my medical reports, how come the sum of HDL and LDL is not equal to the number of TOTAL cholesterol?
If you have valve repair or replacement do you have to be on Warfarin afterwards forever?
how do you classify primary secondary and tertiary health care facilities?
How do you remove jaundiced or yellow tinged in the eye-whites (on the eye area)?
Do I have a sleeping problem?
Gagging a lot for no reason for the last few days?
Am i able to take levaquin & amoxycillin together? Is it safe? Side effects?
What apico lordotic view is about?
a question about eye abrasions?
Sudden Vision Problem?
white pupil with flash?
Why are my eyes watering?
How to make eyelashes grow?
after excessive reading, what causes your vision to become "hazy"...?
Is looking in this lamp harmfull for your eyes?
My industrial got infected & i barely took out the bar?
World War 2 first aid kits?
how to get a finger??????????
Pierced webbing between thumb and index finger..?
When using Fels-naptha?
Ear Wax Removal Without Liquids?
What is the Best medication for RLS?
My head's lymph nodes are swollen, any remedy for this :( ?
I think I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder...?
can Clonidine and Marijuana mix?
Adderall Prescription?
Thoughts on drugs? Stories? ?
Antidperesents + alcohol?
how long is fresh eucalyptus fragrant?
what are the 5 cardinal sings of inflamation and discibe each?
Do nettles help clear up chest congestion?
Does anyone know anything about RSV?
is an upper respritory infection curiable with anitbiotics?
how do i get rid of phlem please help?
Is there acidophilus in a healthy sinus?
symptoms from esposure to asbestos?
Breathing and Esophogus?
What's on my THUMB D:?
Just recently got diagnosed with hypoglycemia.?
After being exposed to the germ how long does it take to get a cold?
what causes bloating?
multiple sclerosis and tiredness question?
im beyond depressed. help?
What is the chance that the child will be completely free of both diseases if both parents are carriers?
Is having weird dreams a symptom of a brain tumor?
How can i cure emetophobia at my own house?
Need to know the proper term?
Fluid build up in my knee?
I can feel something poking my foot from the inside. What is it?
Is it better to have a?
Stumped My Toe:::Pic:::Hurts Bad::::Please some Advice!?
Awful bruising with a broken foot?
Will the dent in my shin bone go away?
I have a cut on the Iris of my eye?
Swollen lobes from stretching to 3/4ths?
Re injuring ulnar nerve?
My boyfriend has a concussion and i want to make him a care package. suggestions?
What is a deep chondral fissure and a chondral flap?
Can sound waves make your stomach hurt?
well my drug test be positive?
Does Dakin's Solution hurt to apply?
Too much stomach acid?
whats happening??..............?
if my uncle gets cluster headaches will it?
Strep Throat? Are These Symptoms?
What do they generally test for when they draw blood during a physical for work insurance/benefits?
i have a fear of throwing up and i feel sick!!?
Is there a way to prevent illness symptoms from getting worse?
sinus swelling/fluid from nose spray for ten years?
What causes a person to pass out?
We used protection.we were extremely careful.but I'm going to the restroom a lot.I'm eating everything I see.?
how do you know if you have HIV?
can u catch HPV orally?
Can minors buy condems?
how do you get trichamonis?
OMG..I'm freaking out.. I just found out i have HSV-2. I don't know what to do....?
Blood and Hiv?
can i get hiv from oral gratification and or can i get it from my lovers sweat getting on me or in my mouth or?
chances of getting stds from oral please i need more answers and help!!!?
i'd like to know long term affects of avandia and metformin thanks?
information on glaucoma?
Help! I am trying to get off the sugar and bad carbs.?
how i can tell the peoples about my decease and share my experience.How i recovered?
Can you buy insulin needles over the counter in Wisconsin?
I dont have diabetes but have developed neuropathy ,what is it and what are the long term effects of it?
what is the effect on membranes in diabetes and how does this affect normal cell function?
my friend was just denied insurance due to abnormal urinalysis-hemoglobin positive elevated urine red blood ce
My friend is searching for a book to train diabetic alert/service dogs. Anyone hear of such a book?
There is now a cure for Diabetes?
is there anything to help ease tendinitis? what is tendinitis?
What to do for knee problems?
I need input from people on Cymbalta. Not for depression but chronic pain.?
chewing gum prior to fasting blood tests will it affect the results?
Chest Pain and headache?
diabetes....or hypoglycemia?
my hip/leg hurts?
Legs ache (especially my right) after first few days on the job?
hi my name is steffy i have a question, on my left side on the lower part of it , it is killing me when i try?
can i download a laboratory test software which i can enter some blood test history?
What are the symptoms of diabetes in a child?
what happens when a type 1 diabetic becomes insulin resistant?
i need help counting calories?
i wanna know about mitosis?
Selective mutism. looking for a doctor for my daughter. ?
What is the best thing to take for a stuffy nose?
What does it mean when a newborn has blood around the brain and blood in the spinal fluid?
why can't I just be me?
Should I be proud of myself?
what can I do do bring up my self estime after enduring so many abuse, etc ?
if you have depression does it go away or do you keep it forever..?
Whats your Advice?
To report Miranda D click on home go to search questions..click on advanced type in her nickname Miranda D?
Is there a psychological condition behind chronic agitation?
how much will it costs for MRI scanning for brain?
my head is like a slide show,cant sleep,riddled with guilt?
what is bi-polar? is adult add like hyperactivity?
what is the lifetime rate of a person with autism to live?
Who discovered the Multiple Personality Dissorder?
even small things disturb me a lot iam very emotional for my friends and family???????
I can't see things in my mind, is this common? That is a total lack of vision?
my rist..................?
this old indian curtain on my wall is BREATHINGGGG?
how is a mental institute, or a youth facility?
Why doesn't my prozac work anymore? I am so sad. 40 mg/day worked for almost 2 years, then snap...?
I've been washing my eyes with water?
What sites are there to prove that wearing my glasses full time is not damaging?
What can be wrong with me?
Yesterday, I've noticed that my left eye had something in it;it felt like I had a foreign object in my eye?
Where can I find some Browline frames?
Can someone with dark brown eyes wear hazel contacts?
How often does VisionWorks do a buy one get one free deal on eyeglasses?
Can you Please help me in this health question?
help me please health?
is there any soln for rectification of eye sight?
Is the Stroma in your iris a connective tissue , nervous tissue, or epithelial tissue?
Recommendations for General Physicians in Belize?
why is alcholism so hard for some peole to over come?
what is normal body temperature and is it different for men and women? how do you know this?
Can pregnant women can drink with ingredient phenylainine?
Is it ok for pregnant women to drink anything that is flavored with splenda or any substitute?
My wisdom teeth are growing in causing severe pain along with fever and a sore throat.Suffer or is there help?
how can i get flem out of my throat plz help?
Work out Rash Please Help, ive joined the military just waiting to graduate to leave for basic training?
How long is mono contagious for? How long after exposure until symptoms?
what do i do 2 treat a stomach bug?
My upper lip is swollen?
What is the best OTC cat allergy medicine?
What is the best OTC allergy medicine for cats?
what are the signs of dehydration especially in a 3 yr old ; serious answers only please?
What is the average cost...?
Why do I have the the feeling to vomit for no reason? and I know that I am not pregnant.?
Best thing to do after wart removal by freezing?
I have frequent "muscular" pain on my left abdomen, and nausea for three weeks now.?
in case of conjoined twins,what if one dies accidently?how will the other survive?
are sweat bees allergic reactions as serious as bees?
Feeling really down/bad?
MRSA Anyone able to help with information.?
What exactly is a skin mole?
why won't my swollen eye get better??
how to treat an allergic reaction?
am I allergic to hair die?
how do you locate the underlying bones of the body?
How can I treat my infected ear piercing?
Is this a scar or will it continue to heal to normal?
Exterior Rectal bleeding?
Infected spider bite?
People call me anorexit and it's not true, what do I do??
is an electronic body toner dangerous?
Is power-walking for an hour every day enough to lose weight?
has anyone had twin lab ultra fuel? is it good to drink before lifting weights?
ii have leg pain from what i do not know. bacxk of thigh down to ancle.?
How can I lose weight quick?
what kinds of weight loss surgery are there? Which is the least risky?
Which is faster weight loss Leptopril or Lipozene?
Joints click/crack get louder with more exercise and gets more painful. What could it be?
my foot feels like the bottom of it has been ripped?
Bumping big toe against a tree stumble?
I just got my keloid scar injected with cortisone. How long will it be until The swelling goes down ?
I hurt my hand at basketball?
how to break my foot?
Did I sprain my arm? Please answer!?
I had an injury 2 weeks ago. I've scar and brown patch on my face. Which drug or ointment can I use to remove ?
This is one of those common questions about a nose injury?
Can a centipede kill a teen?
Could i have a concussion?
I stabbed my finger with a tack what should i do!?
Is there an age limit on systems of a stroke?
Has anyone had Chelation Therapy for Cortid Artery treatment? If so, what was the cost and how are you doing?
nyc health deparmentment foodhandlers test?
problems with my heart?
Abdominal aortic rupture symptoms-anyone able to list multiple symptoms, checked web, does it include either:?
What is considered the normal range for cholesterol( LDL and HDL) and triglecerides?
why can't I sleep at night?
Every day around 6am my house gets bright so bright I have to squint - what's going on?
Can I take all these medications together?
Is it a bad idea to wear diapers when you have Jock Itch?
Getting in shape with asthma?
what could be the reason my cough wont go away?
Antibiotics for a sore throat?!?
plz help!!!!!!!!!?
What happens if the AIDS virus came in contact with the HIV virus?
Anyone know how to set a Bi-PAP Puritan Bennett Knight STAR 330?
Are health conditions contingent on where you live?
3mg klonopin=?mg xanax?
if you have had cellulitis that was treated will you have it in your system forever?
i had my period 2 weeks ago,but since then i have had watery clear mixed w/brownish discharge the past week?
lung scars?
what are the signs of mersa?how does a person know if they have been infected?
How do you peel off Band-Aids without hurting?
Help: Hypoglycemia, Dehydration, or Arrhythmia?
I don't know if I am on my period or if it is just brown discharge?
how do i deal with my mom having Parkinson's disease?
What could be causing my grandma to have abnormal liver labs, and a 22,000 white blood cell count?
what organs are affected by lactose intolerance?
can herpes be genetic?
how can you get herpes ?
What can i get that is stronger than Clanazepam 1mg?
What to do???????????????????????????????
Thyroid test: my Free T3 is 4.32, what does this mean?
How much medicine can I take?
psychosis questionnnn?
what are sum type of medicines that help..?
Is concerta addictive like adderall is?
Has anyone fully recovered from Transverse Myelitis?
How old do you have to be in order to buy OTC drugs?
What is this thing inside my eye?
i think i have a stye in my eye please help!?
When will Varifocal glasses be helpful for eyes?
Could I need glasses? Please help, things blur out sometimes and my eyes feel strained?
contacts when will they expire?
Geo Nudy Blue or g&g gbt blue?(which one is better)?
Optic Neuritis recurrance within 1 year?
What remedies or medications are used for someone who has poor circulation due to diabetes type 2?
What is the life expectancy for some one with pancreatic cancer and who had the whipple procedure?
What is the easiest, quickest and most reliable way to get rid of a sinus infection?
How do I arrange a sleep apnea Doc's appointment?
A&P: What might be the cause of the rapid breathing and profuse perspiration?
My tonsils are bleeding.?
Could I have ruptured my spleen?
Think I may have C-Diff....Uggh..?
Is it possible to develop just a cold after being around the Strep virus?
when is deadliest catch going to air?
does it seem like everyone around you has a cold?
will amox/pot clav cure my bacterial infection?
is there an over the counter med for trich?
Vomiting feelings after eating?
I've had worms for 5 or so months now, is that bad?
Whys my nail healed so quickly? is it healed properly? has it healed at all?
Please Help With Blister!!!?
I can't find Ipecac anywhere. Any idea where I could? (Not bulimic, just nauseous)?
i got a little ball on the inside of my jaw what is it?
windshield wiper fluid?
i stood on a pin...........................?
Just got a bug bite but not sure what it is?
I am diabetic and I hear we can carry to much acid in our body, how can we reduce this?
assuming ginger and cinnamon help lower the blood sugar level in diabetics?
Twisted Ankle, Now calf hurts?
I have 2 stints, diabetes, very high cols.can't remember things, can i get on disability?
Is ABPI in a diabetic is always accurate?
what does the term mody mean it is a genetic defect that acts like diabetes?
Mr Jones suffers from urinary?
Achilles tendon hurting?
is it common that people with concussions crave sweets?
what is wrong with my wrist?
The back of my neck hurts?
Has anyone had their pancrease taken out?
Is white popcorn a free food?
I have a bump on my ulna bone! help!?
Do athletes with Sciatica still play?
My pelvis has rotated backwards,any advice on treatments and excercises?
How much cinnamon? (diabetes)?
3 weeks after meniscus tear surgery.. Still swollen can I play soccer?
What are the 2hr post meal goals of diabetics? I was doing <120 after 1hr during my pregnancy.?
Nose injury, is it fractured or broken?
Minor concussion - what do I dO?
if sciatica hurts less, does that mean it's getting better?
What have I done to my leg?
what can i use tea tree oil for?
Are Flintstones vitamins any good or is it just good marketing?
What does it mean if you caugh up a lot of clear mucusy-fluid?
What are some tips to avoid being sore after a real workout?
how long does it take to become an registered nurse. having no previous college education..?
What is the cause of numbness involving just the right hand and forearm, similar to it falling asleep?
Looking for a plastic cover for my handicapped placard for my car.?
has anyone had a pain on their left side just below the ribs? did you know what it was?
what is cerebral spondylitis ?
wht causes eyes to swell up?
do you know where i can find massage therapist...?
Is there accident health insurance only?
Whats the best way to destroy a cold sore?
Taking a triple dosage of Iron...?
What does shimmer lotion do?
Is it legal for an employer to make yoou work in a warehouse wiyh no fans or air when its cooler outside at 90
do you think that cleaners in a hospital should have home inspections before thay get the job??
Is it true that if you stay in front of a microwave, your brain would melt and you become a hamster-mind ?
How can I stop smoking I am not a Heavy smoker I smoke about 6 cigaretts in 2 days but I can't really stop ?
can the doctor tell wheather i have a yeast infection from a urine sample?
can you get herpes from?
Help. I need at least a little support.?
does it look like this girl has a disease?? look around the lips.?
hiv test negative at 69 days after possible exposure conclusive?
HIV?... please answer..?
I want to be infertile , Pls tell how is it possible?
HOw do yhu know chlamydia is gonee?
How can i slow down to the speed of life?
can you get a headache from the sun?
how long does a migrane last?
what does my dream mean?
Why is our city full of Empty Ambulance???
Is there a web site for service dogs for the mentally ill ?
my boyfriend sometimes withdraws into himself?
Does any body have aspirin?
I'm on Effexor, are you shocked?
How do you find a good counselor?
Is there a way to program your brain not the dream about certain things?
how long does mania last?
what should i do if i'm getting the nightmares of my x-partner?
is it heredrity???
me and my ex just started talkin after 8 months, and now he is asking me to date him again...?
What's the earliest age someone can be diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrom?
How can I remain tension and stress free?
How will our children grow up to be good citizens without the real drugs we had growing up?
Does anyone know the pressure point of the human body to relieve neck & bacse of the skull pain?
I 'm visiting NY & on Kadian can a PrimeCare doc. in NY or PA precribe Kadian? Or do I have to see pain doc.?
SUDDEN onset of SEVERE leg muscle/bone pain - worried!?
Compare/contrast heat stroke, exhaustion and crams?
pulled back muscle?
My neck hurts when I wear a jacket (like it's too heavy on my neck)...?
What could be the cause of really bad lower left side abdomen pain?
What is the best thing for back, neck, and shoulder pain?
Pain on roof of mouth? Help ...?
A question about medication.?
i have been gasy lately and peeing about 4 times today?
Wisdom teeth post-op?
Abdominal/Stomach Pain?
I need help with Genetic Diseases and Disorders?
What disease is this?
my sciatic never is killing me and my hip area what is this telling me?
How come you lose body parts like toes and fingers when you smoke?
What is methamphetamine?
can anyone provide a list of private therapists for autism in fremont,california?
How do I get over this depression phase? It's starting to effect my boyfriend tooo..?
Are fungus feet ok if the girl is pretty?
Do I have a medical problem?
My teen age son is anemic again. Why?
Pulsating feeling in top of stomach, what could cause this?
Do you have to relight a joint after every hit?
Why wasnt I able to stand?
self harm. -confusion?
Eeek!! My stomach is really loud and embarrassing!!!?
I left out one of my contact lenses for a whole day. Is it okay?
I woke ujp this morning and when I loook through my eyes It look like I'm looking through smoke?
Why do drugs cause big and small pupils?
eyes pain and headaches help?
how much do eye exams cost?
how can you INSTANTLY pop a blood vessel in your eye....subconjuctival hemorrhage?
Does your own car cause your allergies?
Is there a cure of alergic rhinatis?
First came the hives, a month later the fever.?
What am I allergic to?
My baby keeps getting this odd rash at the sitters. She uses Vinyl glove to change her could she be allergic?
How would I find out which antibiotics I am allergic to?
If I take antibiotics that I am allergic to, will the antibiotics still be working?
Is Etodolac / Lodine an Anti Histamine?
Does the food I eat relate to the beauty and fitness of my abdominals?
who is the strongets kid in america?
regular diets?
Where can I find a personal trainer or tips before I become a model?
Is a Myocardial wall motion study the same as a nuclear stress test?
What would be a good way to increase my sodium intake?
what are the drugs used in a femoro -femoral bypass procedure?
Thank you for the Answers on Tricor. I also have HBP and high chol..and high lipids?
why heart rate increases in love ?
Can you sell heart pacemakers/batteries for it's platinum?
How does Dilated Cardiomyopathy affect you?
Is there something besides open heart surgery to reduce chest pains caused by clogged arteries? like drugs?
Do heart surgeons make more money than anesthesiologists?
What is wrong with my foot? Experiencing sharp pain when I walk.?
Ok Ive been sick of and on every day and Im loosing handfulls of hair?
Should I be concerened about a swollen lymph node?
Do you think my cut is infected?
stretched ear to 10 gauge?
When will my sunburn go away?
How to make a cut stop bleeding?
if you lick ur thumb and pointer and close them on a lit match, will get burned?
how do i finger myself?
How do I stretch my ear?
I got cut with a knife on my thumb...?
just started streching but one ear got infected!?
Is it safe to take spironolactone and fertilaid together?
does it even make a difference?
What are some good concentration pills?
Morphine damage or overdose?
looking for an anti-aging (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) physician?
Faucet filter for pipe screen?
best scar product ??????????????????
are there any ways of me gettin all of my scars to go away faster from a 4 wheeling mishap?
I am done with Proactiv, now what should I do?
Can you get a rash in your mouth?
Could somebody explain this rash (pictures)?
Why Do i sweat Profusely under my arm pits? lol?
Is it possible that any wounds or scratch marks on your body would just stop healing because of some disease?
What works to heal & moisturize badly chapped lips?
Prescriptions filled?
I have dandruff and I need help to get rid of it?
i'm 15 and m starting to get body acne..what to do?
how do you get rid of hickeys?
whats the best thing for dandruff? like cheapest way to solve it?
why does my skin tend to become kinda itchy after drinking a coca-cola?
What is the best product for bad dandruff?
I have some questions about warts!?
iv gotten sunburned two times pretty bad to where i peeled about twice.. will i get skin cancer when im older?
how can i get rid of my stretchmarks or make them less noticeable?
Are antibiotics the only way to treat boils?
What are some side effects of thyroid problems?
i have als. where can i get the 4700.00 to pay for the cold laser-decompression treatment for this dis-ease?
What are some general tips for safe medication use?
if i have fungal infection during pregnancy, what should i do? any home remedy?
can you still have pylori after treatment?
If you have a blood count of 2.5 and you get a flu shot, will it help at all?
HIV Rash? Your Opinion?
What is worse influenza a or b?
Why have I had a sore throat for 4 days?
Who can help me with drugs?
I always feel sick towards the end of school?
Will i damage my ears with headphones?
I have starter take PHD synergy and wondering if my body will be better ?
is it true that gays have a اhigh proportion of female hormones??!?
Medical question hope someone can please help so i can have a little relief?
I want to shoot up some H but I’m afraid of needles. What should I do?
Do you ever get that weird uncomfortable feeling when you're thirsty?
I think its post nasal drip..Is it?
How old should a child be before he can take advil?
Baby swallows ambiotic fluid during C-Section. What problems can happen to the baby?
What is wrong with my inner ear,chronic pain and fluid?
My dad has been getting headaches?
Does my friend have a tumor or something?
Which medical procedure is most often used to locate a tumor in the colon?
How serious can Renaud's Syndrome get?
house md has what job?
Due to a spinal cord tumor and syringomyelia, I will more than likely be on pain meds for the rest of my life?
I had sinus ct scan last week ,I have recieved the written report . Can any one help with questions?
I can't get rid of my phlegm!?
I have Pulmonary Hyperension. I'm 46, very short of breath all the time, Need Answers! My Dr. didn't tell me
pharmacist work of drug therapy for asthma?
is it normal to have chest pains after...?
What home remedies are good for a sinus infection?
Compare and contrast the neural systems that control slow-wave and REM sleep with regard to anatomy and th?
trouble breathing what is wrong?
question about a antibotic im on?
When you are dating someone with mild depression, is it okay to be the one who calls and invites them out?
sudden sharp,sting in neck-VERY painful!?
everytime i am thinking about loneliness. can anybody give some remedy?
Question about a hurt pinky finger?
what are you mostly scared of?
Toe Cut Looks Worse and Worse Each Day?
I need to visit a past therapist in Houston Texas, do you know any?
Does anyone know any good relaxation tips?
what is the term called when someone keeps picking other peoples things?
when was the drug cymbalta made, and how long has it been used in the field.?
bipolars - when is the hardest time for you to take your medicines?
is there a toastmaster club for teens?
how can I help my friend lose the desire to use drugs?
Why is suicide 'selfish' but for everything else 'you're on your own'?
depekote versus trilepital?
has anyone else weaned themselves off effexor xr?
I need help with my disorder?
What is serotonin syndrome?
Best thing to do for a chemical burn?
How do you deal with a sibling who has a personality disorder?
Are there any presciption meds that act like marijauna?
why can,t I sleep good after riding bike everyday?
What is a panic attack?
How much does medicine for depression cost?
Am I psychotic if I stalk people who give snide answers to my questions?
How to tell if you have a broken finger?!?
What could this bump on my thumb be?
Is it true that the odds of needing to get cataract surgery is 1/20?
What procedure code do I use to file YAG?
Why do people that make contacts color only make only up to a 4?
What color should I get for contacts?
Does wearing 3-D glasses affect the person who has vision defect?
How many days do I need to do eye exercises before I see any signs of improvement?
can your eye muscle weaken in adult teen age?
i can't get my earrings out of my ear since it is swollen?
In Mexico for Christmas break- My 2 little girls have just gotten swimmers Ear.?
Am I frostbitten? Please help!?
Darah kotor itu apa ya? Gimana cara membersihkan darah kotor dr tubuh?
Ear caralige pearsing?
Hyperpigmentation or frost bite?
Bite or rash, need advice. ?
Rash- bumpy rash and scratch marks on 80% of body- What is this?
multiple food allergies.. any suggestions on how to STOP losing weight?
A bquestion about "phantom pain"?
hip replacement causing severe pain in hip leg and foot. the pin used is black on x-ray. is that normal?
Does getting the cartilage in you ear hurt??
malformation of carpal?
Sore throat-Headache???????!!!!!!!!!!?
i need a fish oil that doesn't cause heartburn?
Has anyone had an osteotomy on their knee and does it really help?
Hurt at work...nerve damage?
why does my esophagus hurt when I swallow?
what is a way to releave asthma TELL ME ! (-_-)?
Tylenol 3 vs 800mg Ibuprofen?
What causes spine abifida?
I've had a headache with neck pain for the past 11 days.?
i need to ask about nails?
Caffeine Pills?
My meds in the USA - $425/month, EXACT same meds from Canada $167/month. Anyone else see a problem here?
is it possible to play football with a heart mummer?
I have a 2 year old and one of his pupils is bigger than the other. Does this mean he has vision problems?
So have you ever picked up an elderly lady and well you know?
How do i get a medical of a person that has died, and he is the father of your children and we were'nt married
Does anyone know the best way to remove the in-grown part of an in-grown toenail?
There was a tick attached to my head 2 days ago. It was fully removed but there is still a knot there.?
Healthcare field, students or grads plz help me?
i have this boil?
Is blood pressure around 95/55 bad or dangerous? Or okay?
Will a long-time using of a bluetooth stereo headphone be dangeroous to our brain?
How do diuretics afftect the body?
I wan to be a phlebotomist and it only takes 9 credit hours to be certified.?
Mouth ulcers: what's the cause and effective treatment? especially for the ulcer on the tongue?
Is it possible for your feet to shrink as you get older?
Are You Aware That Cholesterol HAS NEVER BEEN SHOWN To CAUSE CHD. NEVER.?
I like to see the scars of guys who've had pyloric stenosis. Any way of getting pictures ?
what are symptoms of low blood pressure?
how high is normal for your blood pressure to rise after activity?
what is blood pressure?
Why does my partner retain so much fluid?
Symptoms of?
What is provocable ischemia?
whats the best way to cure acne?
What do I do about this sunburn?!?
my hands are peeling?!?
Should i take accutane?
What is the best antibiotic flavour?
Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra in combination with Vyvanse?
Positive Effects of cocaine?
Alza 36/ concerta question?
Sinus help??????????????????????
Does the pill sustenex work for a teenage guy?
I have a question on medicine?
How can I concentrate better without using Adderall?
what are 3 encapsulated sensory receptors?
What age do guys stop growing?
How can I treat foot edema?
what can i smoke except tobbaco + weed?
Im sick...what's wrong with me?
Drug screen and qcarbo32?
Is there a data base or something for meds you have taken?
Please help its not better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can I get my tonsils removed when im pregnant?
Do i need scoliosis surgery?
Noise sensitivity every morning?
What exactly is insomnia?
My eye hurts, and is slightly swollen?
Could this be gallbladder issues?
don't like sweets anymore?
What do you take for your GERD and does it work?
I dont know if this is a cold sore or not! please helpp?
for 2 days my ear has been feeling like it is closed? I think there is water in it? Can you go deaf from this?
does anyone have stage 4 sjogrens disease? and did treatment take away the pain and fatigue?
PKU where does the protein go?
Surgery? Is getting the Nuss Procedure worth it? Yes or no?
Can you have hyperglycemia without having diabetes?
what is the name of the type 2 diabetes med in the recent news that may be a risk for heart problems?
Is hypoglaucemia pre diabeties?
diabetes, what are the do's and dont's of eating, what types of food can i eat and which stay away? thanks
how do you treat a diabetic ulcer?
What is the difference between lantus and levemire insulin?
What is the right food for diabetic?
What are some good diabetic shoes for jogging?
Actos and lasix?
can we keep the insulin (pen type) in a fridge or outside.?
What are some examples of things to eat on the ADA,AHA diet?
diets for diabettes?
Any parents have Diabetes & a full time job?
Please help my DIABETIC HAIR!!!???
what are some early signs of diabetes?
I have been Type II diabetic for 8 years. Can I control my blood sugar levels with diet and exercise, alone?
weird feeling in biceps muscle after seeing chiropractor?
can any doctors out there explain about Ashwagandha?
How long after a head injury should I stop worrying?
what are the nagitive side effects of coffee?
Soccer Injury. I think I shattered/sprained my toe? Please help D:?
Slightly swollen & bruised ankle with no pain?
Ear stretching, but got a blowout ?
Did I tear my acl, mcl or menuscus?
how can i ease the pain from my toe seeing how i got an ingrown toenail removed?
I sprained my wrist?!?!?!?
Whats up with my knee?
How does your eye look after the sty surgery?
Why does Ginko Biobla increase eye sight clarity?
My eyes randomly get teary?
Can you go far with an optical dispensing tech career?
Once a person gets a veil over part of their vision is it off and on or permanent until you get it fixed?
Cow Eye Dissection Reflection HELP?
Just got new glasses and...?
Can the Walmart eye vision place read my prescription?
West Nile Virus and Systems?!?! Please help :)?
Is testing for HIV and venereal disease mandatory in the Navy?
What are some ways to minimize eye strain?
Who is at risk of Dysentery?
I need some advice on what to do about this...?
Is laser eye surgery dangerous?
Can Somone Find Me A Video Online Of Someone Looking for and Then Finding Headlice?
tonsilitis please help?
What could I have other than a bladder infection?
What is the formula of vaccine of H1N1?
how accurate is hiv test?
Can 3 or more clean partners sleeping together continuously start an std infection? How?
Can you get Chlamydia treatment at the Chemist with prescription?
If someone has gential warts and a girl gives them head will they have the disease in their mouth?
HIV/STD Testing... "know how"?
my nephew has little bumps on the tip of his tongue, what is this?
help please.... tested positive?
if I have a normal pap smear should I still get blood drawn to check for any STDS?
can a complete body detox help fight HIV?
breathing problems after exercise (for 4 continuous days)?
I'm interested in becoming a rad. therp,but, why do respiratory therp make less than radiation therp?
My husband had a blood transfusion hours later he died of multible clotts in the lungs. Does anyone have an id
can you form blisters from typing a lot?
Can smoking cause asthma?
I am going to go to the doctor for this but..?
"Home Based" Case Worker?
my sister colonoscopy result is Ascending colon mass lesion, T/C adeno CA, R/O TB. what does it mean?
I need a remedy for cold symptoms for a person who has a reaction to citrus?
what does owner surrendered mean?? when dogs are in shelters??
What could be causing fever for 5 days now with no other symptoms?
about how long do you have left after the dr. puts a trake?
Can you recommend a good article on when to wear a protective mask ie; pesticides, dust, paint, bacteria etc?
am 54 and would like to hear best ways to quit smoking and using tobacco.?
what is a cavitary pneumonia?
dr. david webb, md?
Has anyone used renew lotion for eczema? If so, where can I get it?
how to get relief from cough and cold!!!?
Flaxseed oil or fish oil? Can you take both?
why do people 50% of time blink their eyes?
Elbow Troubles?
how to cure Artheritis ?
Does anyone know a Primary care Physician in the Shreveport area that can help me with my pain.?
galbladder surgery?
what happens if you lose your entire fingernail?
How long does it take to get frost bite?
Bubble under my tounge?
knee dislocation..? please help!?
How can you tell if theres something in your ear?
Ingrown toenail getting bad?
Did I get bit by a spider?
What do I do to heal my lip?
Greenish skin around cut?
Is there a very kind Doctor who I can consult online by chatting without any charges?
Jeolousy is either "Useful or Destructive", how do you see it?
I need an articule on how massage therapy benefits clinical depression?
How often should Yoga be done?
why is this medium of Q and A so addictive? Am I alone in this?
how can u get rid of any obsessive or recurring thought ?
Why do I have (constant) dreams of men chasing me to kill me or rape me and also dream of snakes?
Has anyone experienced vertigo before?
Can Wellbutrin cause severe leg muscle pain, will it go away with time?
Have you ever been admitted to a psych ward? If so, why?
I would like to open a group home for level nine mentally ill people , who do i contact?
any1 tryed to hypnotise people?
Why am I nervous and feel guilty when I didn't do anything wrong?
Is there an actual cure for PTSD? Or will it only become controlable?
Would you swim with a live crocodile?
Was my blood pressure high after vaccine?
When I cough, I get this bad pain in my stomach.?
what is nicotine polacrilex USP?
Does taking your iron and vitamin supplements at night render the whole thing kind of pointless?
when I'm sitting down sometimes it feels like my heads going around & around?
How much damage do painkillers do?
Soft bulge in stomach, only really noticeable when i bend back?
Why are my feet getting smaller?
Pituitary tumor disappeared ?
Why are my feet so heat sensitive?
What are my chances of having a "normal" baby?
What kind of illness?
Would they test my urine..?
4 painful bumps under my chin?
what is the definition of bulimia? does this count?
What will be the cons if I start to smoke weed when I'm 15 years old?
I have a shunt in the right side of my head , but recently i have been having migranes i dont know if its?
What exactly is Parvovirus?
Can you make sense of my recent blood test?
how many people go to a derm?
If a adams apple Gets pushed to the side, Is it injured ?
Finger Injury: Whats wrong with my ring finger?
Eyes are itching & burning after having Pink Eye in both eyes....?
What is the best way to treat a scald?
Do you think my foot is broken?
Headache Still There, When Does It Go Away?
Okay, so I have a huge bump in my nose will the nose huggie help?
I got some Head Trauma?
Severe elbow pain, possibilities?
The vein in my right forearm is swollen. It's red and kind of tender. Should I be worried?
Can any one recommend a good Bench glasses for my eyes?
What is the difference between eye fatigue and failing eyesight?
Anyone familiar with work comp?
what is the muscle in the back of the femur?
is this strep throat? ):?
Elbow Shifts/Pain when doing workouts?
Knee pain, can't bear weight, bruising, no acute injury? More details inside)?
Optometrist I need ur help!!!! What is the cause of "floaters" and are they harmful?
what would take super glue off of the lenses of my glasses?
Please help me with question?
I get headaches bizzarely?
There's something wrong with my eye?
what would happen if i took around 10 neurone with a soft drink mixed with vodka?
how to get a pain killer prescription without health insurance?
What are some home remedies for a stuffy nose?
possible overdose on sleeping pills?
Prescribing Ativan....?
Is it bad to have a conversation with someone who is sleep talking?
vitamin & mineral capsules safe to take once a day?
what was hemp used for in the Rev. War.?
Palpitations literally almost every moment of the day and night for over a week?
Did You Know Bruce Lee IGNORED The Cholesterol Theory?
How do I make eyelid puffiness from an allergic reaction go away?
how can i be part of the team that want to discover a real cure for aids.?
What kinda protection is there for a handjob?
How much does it cost to find out what you're allergic to?
my 1 yr old lab has red rash on his itching area.?
Are your heartrate and pulse the same thing??
Hey Harmony Did You Know YOU Provide AHA Propaganda With NO REFERNCES?
Since the normal pulse rate for an adut is 60-100 per minute, is 85 per minute safe?
can you get tested for std at plan parenthood for free?
who is credited with inventing the first artificial heart?
Will I absolutely get herpes 2 from a core sore?
Cantact hiv from contaminated ky lubricant?
For those who have had chlamydia before...?
can you get herpes from a toilet seat?
After so long i've found my other and true half, but she has asymptomatic herpes?
Where can I get STD checked without parental consent?
rash on privates with itchiness?
Is it ok to take Metamusil at same time you inject insulin?
Is there a list of the glycemic index of common foods I can print out?
Am I crazy for eating sugar-free, yet I'm not diabetic?
dr tawdon indo endocrinology?
where can i finde out the new producte "insulin spry" ?
can zoloft lower blood sugar?
Glucose monitors?
what is the average annual cost for diabetic medication?
chocolate devoloped by doctors?
Could Umbilical cord blood that is saved cure all diseases, that would arise in immediate family members?
Which of the following is a disaccharide?
My doctor told me that i have high blood sugar and high sodium?
which figure is usually the largest?
which glucose mornitong system do you recommand?
What is the hormone that controls hunger?
Can a person with Diabetes give their partner a yeast infection?
For type 1 diabetic women who have been pregnant?
I have heard about a bacteria in the ocean water, is this true?
About Migraines?
Why does my 4 month old baby start choking even when not eating?
Can anyone tell me what they think I might have?
Why do the tops of my feet hurt in the morning?
Was does my face?
Does anyone know how to find the ingredients of a Burger King frozen coke?
what helps a sore throat, and how are u supposed to know if it requires antibiotics or not?
How to get rid of a wort?
Help...does anybody know anything about medi-cal requirements?
what will stop movers leg?
Can riding a chairlift to 9000 feet give you a case of altitude sickness?
How can I avoid excessive sweating on my under arm?
How long have you survived without a bath?
Tell me more about MDF board?
whats the difference between hypertonic, hypotonic, isotonic. any links? and the related disease? what iv?
what is sore eyes, causes, signs and prevention?
Is distilled water bad for your health and if it is, why?
visualising imiges even with eyes open. i can see this weird thing even if eyes are open.?
How do I get rid of scabies?
Keratitis and the eye drop help?
when is Mersa not contagious?
is staphylococcus aureus a chemoheterotroph?
what are the risks of flu shot and pneaumonia shot for 94y old? plz help!!?
Who should I consult?
Is it possible to get Glandular Fever again?
is it possible to get hiv from a deliberate cough?
I got tonsillitis and the doctor gave me antibiotics?
is it possible to get shingles twice in 5 months?
do i have the symptoms of a cold?
target exercise to lose weight in specific areas?
which is good. cold water or warm-hot water?
I am watching what i eat i havent lost weight or gained, but i want to lose 20 pounds how do i do that?
What should you eat the first week of your ear stapling?
Should I exercise more? I am working out 4 times a week for 1/2hr -45 minutes.?
Am I at a healthy weight I am 14 yrs old and I do ballet and my weight is 130 but I workout all the time?
how can i lose weight?
I want to detox my body so I can speed up my metabolism, how long should it take before I notice a difference?
can i have seroxat & reductil at the same time?
How Do You Pop Your Thumb Knuckle?
How can I stop it from burning?
When I get slight shooting pains in my tendons...?
Lip piercing ? I got my snake bites repierced ?
How to get a cut to heal faster!?
How to unplugg my plugged right ear?PLEASE HELP.?
anti nausea pills and being drunk?
Pleaseeee help.. why is this taking sooo long...?
Ear Stretching with tape?
How do i feel better when i have a virus?
Why wont this heal....?
Please help.. why isnt this healing....?
feeling a bit sick and dont know what to do?
how old do you have to be to use med gases?
Is this a high blood pressure? PLEASE!?
i have to start methotrexate tomorrow help lol?
If you are pregnant is inhaling fumes from natural gas dangerous or harmful ?
what is the common name, and scientific name for Mycoplasma ?(bacteria)?
how to protect toxic pollution?
Explain how allergies, the common cold or influenza change the structures of the respiratory system and cause?
Help! Blocked Eustachian tube?
Very Minor Head Injury, help?
does this sound like a concussion?
does patella tendonitis heal ?
I just fell on my head really bad should i schedule and appointment to get an MRI?
Blew nose, and now I feel nauseous and dizzy .. What did I just do?
Physical Therapy: Feel sore after...should I find a new place?
tailbone injury what could this be?
Is wearing shoe lifts bad for you.?
why is leg swelling on leg that is not broke?
Should i get a second opinion for broken acetabulum (pelvis)?
Will it be a black eye?
why do adults have a greater variety of antibodies than children?
Do glucosamine supplements work and can they help rebuild damaged tissues?
I feel sick all of a sudden, the 2nd day in a row.?
33-yr-old carpenter presenting with narcissism, delusions of grandeur and hallucinations. Underline cause?
how do you know you have liver problems?
What will hapeen if I take this combo of medicine...?
My hands have been shaking a lot over the past two weeks?
can a women give a man the hpv virus?
Help with the HPVirus?
Is there a known cure for herpes?
wht are the symptons of hiv and stds ???
Is this true about Cervical cancer and HPV?
I broke up wit my girl because she has chlamydia?
Do Genitile warts turn to cancer?
Can gay couples get HIV or any STD if both partners don't have HIV or any STD?
Can I sub oil of organo for Cipofloxacin hcl pill to eliminate the discharge im having?
How long can blood/HIV survive outside the body on food?
For the past 2 years, I've always been cracking my knuckes, so how would I stop?
What can I do to treat pain in my ear?
Why does my head hurt so bad after I cry?
It hurts like crazy?
health question?
Does anyone have Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia? What are you doing day to day?
Will xanax make Percocet work better?
can you discribe growing pains?
What is the best way to get rid of acne scars?
How can i hear from my ear faster?
side effects of general anesthesia or pain medicine?
Help me someone.. random symptoms.. abdominal, back, and joint pain..?
leg cramp, or growing pain?
i have really oily skin...arer there any remedies?? also my boyfriend has acne on his face he uses everything?
There's somrthin goin on with ma neck?
xanax, is it bad or good? Better or worse then valium?
My doctor prescribed 600mg ibuprophen for my back pain, I am having cold sweats, is this normal?
I know you guys probably dont know the reason for this but I am going to ask anyways???
I am having a sharp aching pain for the last 6-7 hours on my right side...just above my hip-in a few inches.?
Is there a cure for dandruff?
A follow up to my last ringworm question.?
Numbness in finger for a week?
When my skin touches water, it feels weird afterwards?
Wart Help?!?
Keeping my teenage skin acne free?
hLp pls...?
what happened?
almost everyday that is hot and i sweat or walk alot after a while i cant walk?
my arm is turning black?
What is the best over the counter acne treatment!?!?
iv got bad skin pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseee help?
Whats good for itchy dry skin..... ?
Underarm Oder, What is the cause?
I'm a guy and i think i'm way too hairy?
people who have problem with acne let me tell you what you can do for it.?
HELp SUNBURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Would it be safe to take an 8mg suboxone 12 hours after taken an adderall 30mg?
is POM wonderful juice really the best pomegranate juice out there ?
does anyone have some advice on how i can improve my fine motor skills and stop or reduce my tremors?
Hey, 1200 mg Aspirin Dosage with water,?
Is Morphine Illegal in the US?
Mixing prescriptions?
Extremely bad sunburn?
What are some ways I can treat myself without going to the hospital?
does anyone know how to come off effexor>?