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pollen count in my area?
Is this some sort of allergy?
allergic reaction, hives all over?
A 68y.o. male complaining of dyspnea and arrythmia,what are the differential diagnosis and cause of death?
can cat allergies make your stomach hurt?
Sport injury from basketball or other?
something happened to my finger, not sure what to do?
What are the signs and feelings of a concussion?
antihistamine products?
injury help in hands?
How do I find out what I am allergic to?
tear in hallucis tendon in foot?
My knee hurts for some reason?
Injured left rib: muscle bruised or spleen?
Hit my eye socket pretty hard on a chair?
if your finger went back all the way would it be black and blue?
Can leg pain come back after Spinal Stenosis surgery? Will it go away?
How long does it takes to heal a injury knee meniscus grade one tear how much rest is enough to fully heal?
Just had medial plica removed?
Dried Blood on the Street?
what does it mean when your urine is white like powder but still is kinda yellow ?
What anti-malaria pill is the smallest in size?
What Is Strap Throat?
How do you clean an infected cat eye without medicated drops ?
what exactly is in LypoFX?
Adderall XR and Alcohol?
I want to know which is the best mediation app for iphone?
Why do i feel this way all the time ?
Marijuana use in Canada/Quebec?
taking supplements for auto immune disease?
How Can I Flush Acetyl L-Carnitine From My System?
Chinese Herbs Experiment HELP!!?
how do I find local support groups for rape victims in fort worth?
how can you know for sure that you're not crazy?
Anyone willing to answer some questions about autism??
Trouble sleeping. Mind constantly working. Anxious, restless and not very happy.?
Communication problems ?
why is the mind?
I need to find a self help website for depression and i site that has like, a support group?
What is the BEST way to deal with a BAD boss?
Mentally Affected by parents' arguing, what to do?
Has anyone here ever personally known someone who was later convicted of serial murder?
My wife has been on Paxil for about 6 months now and hasn't been the same since she started taking it.?
A close friend of mine was raped by a woman and hasn't been the same. Is there anything I can do for him?
what happens when you mix bleach and drain cleaner together.?
Eating disorder?
Is 131 IQ a good score for a 12 year old?
how do u know it`s not a dream?
why do ppl ask questions? not saying i dont, cuz i just did! :) that'd be funny if i sed i didnt, wouldnt it??
Are those who continue to support Bush suffering from some form of regression?
Overdosing on meds?
I am constantly hungry, but also nuaseous? WHY?
will eating a lot of surgar before you test your blood surgar raise your glucose leves?
Rectal Cancer Warning Signs?
Do I have a tic disorder?
I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 15 but havent had a seizure in 12 years I still get auras do I still have it?
what does border line diabeties means and the reading is 5.9?
Why is Rep Giffords' tracheotomy still in place if she can breathe on her own?
doctor's or nurses please? medical question!?
Do i have scoliosis? Im really scared!?
Are these good steel toe boots?
Why does my stomach do this!?
How long does marijuana stay in your blood?
Do you know anyone with muscular dystrophy?
Something wrong with throat.?
i've never had the flu before but wascuriouss if all these symptoms arein factt the flu?
What is in marijuana?
What numbers to call for getting a fast loan unsecured ?
Chronic Compartment Syndrome surgery?
Sharp pain down the back of my foot?
My eye is red and feels dry?
colored contacts question?
Is color blindness reversible if it is caused by certain medications?
How do sterling gray contacts look on dark eyes?
Whats wrong with my eye?
How to get contacts into ipad?
Do I need glasses? Please read!?
I had specs from 3years. Can anyone tell me how to decrease number of my eyes to see clear without specs?
what's a good exercise for lower abs when you have a herniated disc and cant do leg lifts?
diet tips...need exact answers from people who know what there talking about?
Is being a vegetarian hard? Only answer this if you ARE one.?
From veggie to vegan... what should I do?
whats the best way to loss weight after having two kids back to back?
if i'm 135 pounds, how many calories of food should i take to reduce my weight?
Can anyone tell me about the benefits of taking creatine as a supplement? Can it be taken with caffeine?
how do i eat less?
I have an overweight friend. Hes about 280 pounds, and 40- 50 pounds of it is fat. any workout advice?
cant sign in with yahoo messenger please help meout?
Has anybody tried ipecac to lose weight?
I'm 5'8" and 110 lbs. male. Asian. How do i gain weight?
can i get muscularity and big muscles after 40?
When lifting weights, more reps. less weight?
wat is the easiest way to reduce 5kgs within 1 week?.with out takin any pills or any kind of fluids?
Do doctors test for HIV when they take your blood for Herpes 1&2 and anemia testing?
I there an STD that causes back pain and clear and slimy discharge?
Can a girl get herpes from another girl? if so how?
Can you catch an STD from urine?
STD testing, no call back?
menstruation problem/ brown discharge?
To anyone whose ever had to go through the testing...?
I have type two herpes and i would like to have children. what method can i use to no pass it to my children? ?
why women are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDs?
can you get herpes from kissing?(not tounge just lips)?
What are some misconceptions about STD's in some communities?
My feet have been swelling up off and on for 2 months now. What could it be? I have ruled out salt and pms?
Has anyone ever killed themselves with their own ankle bone?
Ankle pain on the outside of my ankle?
How long will it take for a deep gash on the back of her hand to heal?
Bone Stimulator? Did it work for you?
My calf muscle hurts?
brace that will help my knee? 10 points :)?
how long will my foot take to heal?
I have had a concussion and I thought it went away, but do I still have it?
I banged my head been to casualty said was ok but still worried help?
Wrist pain D; please help ;3 ????????
I fell on my wrist , could i have a wrist fracture ?
Nose Surgery: how long to wait for it after broken in accident.Urgent Please!!!!!!?
Odd Leg Sensations?
health help?
Anyone out there taking this for fibromyalgia?
Post Operative Hernia Pain?
Does anyone have chronic achilles tendonitis? If so, what did you do for it?
wat causes headache?
What could be the problem?
doctor I have 30years old, on 4years back one accident with me on that time my kneeligamentis brocken .?
industrial bar swelling and redness and shine?
Something wrong with my ear...when i move it or poke at the hole i can here a weird like foam paper sound..?
After I get a cut why does the area around the cut become bumpy?
What happens to your ear when your Tragus gets infection?
Nose slowly bleeding over a week?
First Aid Cevo III training question?
how to deal with hole in head after scratching chemical burn?
Help me......my eyes looking dull and no glowness?
How do i get over this fear of being diagnosed with cancer?
Can looking at the side of a laser pointer harm your eyes?
Why would someone get a swelled lip from Vyvanse?
When and how was Retinitis Pigmentosa discovered?
can looking at the side of a red pen laser pointer damage the eyes?
What Color Contacts Should I Ghet ?
Has anyone had success with Byetta?
How to inject Lidocaine?
Back Pains sudden and stopping my breathing for a second? What is it?
an increse in capillary blood pressure increases the volume of interstitial fluid ? true or false?
What's wrong with my eye?
Are polycarbonate lenses fine for a prescription of -4.5 or will they be too thick?
What does it mean when my eye keeps stinging even though I am not wearing my contacts?
Dr. Puzzled, plz help.?
how to get rid of acne?
why is mical jaxson white? was it from bleach or skin disease?!?!?!?!?!i cant take it any more help!!!!!?
How do I get rid of dry skin on my face?
what vaccine do you need to go to samoa?
Do i have Mononucleosis (Mono)?
Is the live cultures in yogurt helpful for fighting the cold/flu?
what are the medications for E.Coil and staphylococcus Ayres?
how to deal with stomach flu?
Do I have dengue??????????????????????
Help! An infection? Answer ASAP!?
Any opinions on Island Counseling Center in Charleston, SC?
looking for professional help need to talk to someone in nyc where can i find it?
what is sleep paralysis?
are u rich and ediet or poor and mean ?
Does swallowing $2.50 worth of pocket change per week increase youthfulness and vigor?
Are there any home remedies for?
Why does my mouth taste like metal?
Questions about muscle relaxers?
where can i get steriods in nj?
Make Kava tea taste better?
Do you legally have to declare having a medical cannabis card to your insurance company?
where can i get salvia divinorum in markham ontario?
burned skin in the aerola?
Body For Life..has it worked for anyone???
What are symptoms of mold exposure?
My Fiance has gential warts, but i havent got them. Can i still get them, if he is being treated?
after getting diagnosed with clymidia ?
Blood in stoll...What could this mean?
Teen female bodybuilder (who has recently bulked up) thoughts and opinions.?
How can u tell the difference????
Can i get herpes from this?
how you know if you ticklish is it genetics something?
What is tik? Is it really a new drug?
What happens when you get a sleep study?
What is the longest a person has lived with congestive heart failure?
Is it true running causes AIDS?
What number for blood pressure isconsidered normal..? For kids,adults,and elderly people.?
hearing problem.....?
How to stop the wheezing?
What is ear wax and how does it form in our ears?
Can this be Scoliosis? I am experiencing back pain in my left blade area.?
Is a relapse of mono contagious??
What kind of doctor should you see for knee/bone structure issues?
please help! my burn keeps bleeding and it won't heal!?
rib cage muscle spasms..any suggestions?
What could be a reason of this bruise I have had for over 3 months?
I think that I broke my ankle? Can anybody give me some advice please?
self injury question? help?
How can I tell if my ankle is sprained or not. URGENT!?
how to fracture your ankle?
Muscle spasms on thumb?
Possible fracture in my ankle?
Lower back pain and Diarrhea?
How much does it hurt if your jaw gets broken in a fight or in an accident?
i need crutches please help!?
Is a massage ok on a pulled lower back?
why do my eyes blackout?
Can you become a marine officer if you wear glasses?
Feel like Something is in my eye?
Few Contact Lens Questions.?
a website to change eye color in pictures?
My Eye Hurts from a UV light...HELP!?
Barcode scanner's laser pointed at left eye. Eye hurts now :(?
What color contacts look the most natural on Asians?
whats this black ring around my iris?
if you itch your eyes a lot can the aqueous humor droop?
If I have a 8.4 base curve for my contacts would putting in an 8.6 make a difference?
Broke acrylic nail which broke my real nail (BLEEDING)?
should i take my nose cast off?
What happens if you enhale paint thinner?
short leg cast! ITCHES! PLEASE HELP!?
I was stung by a blue bottle, whats happening?
How to get rid of this lump on knee?
Ear lobe piercing bleeding after a week?
Snake oil vitamin good for?
How to get rid of a sty fast?
Why do I get a tightness in my chest?
Besides diabetes, are there any other diseases that may cause excessive thirst and excessive urination?
What are the 3 leading causes of death for men?
my sinuses are not stuffed up but I have consistent thick post natal drip; how can I thin it out or dry it up?
Why do I have swollen eyelids?
Lactose Intolerance...?
My legs and arms feel weird and tingly... is this anxiety?
If I took Tylenol Severe Cold and Head Congestion an hour ago, is it too soon to take DayQuil? ?
I have to go for an Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. I'm scared!?
swollen optic nerve normal mri?
i feel completely lost and emtpy plz help?
Do deaf people have a stronger smell and vision sense?
how many people get cholesteatoma?
my wife's hlf ampted foot is infected.they said inf.in blood.How bad is this?
Do non-nonprescription contacts wear out!?
Why does it get darker when i stare in the dark?
I Got Small Blister Looking Thing In My Eye Help 10Pts?
I really wanna know if green contacts show up in brown eyes?
does looking at the side of a laser pointer damage your eyes?
Can too much coffee make your eyes go wide and look over focused?
do you guys know a brand that sells amazing honey colored contacts?
When is it a good time to explain to your intimate girlfriend that you have STD's?
What are first symptoms of HIV. I had given oral to my girl friend who is suspected to have HIV. Please advise?
a question about herpes , need your help guys.?
Can you help me, i wanna know if i have herpes!?
if both partners are clean is it possible to get std?
Are they new drug out for people as aids?
What is the difference with herpes and a cold sore?
can you get aids from sharing a razor?
I threw up 2 hrs after taking a chlamydia liquid treatment..?
Insomnia tonight?..................?
how does high school athletic random drug testing work? do i get a notice?
This keeps happening, please help?
Throbbing ear and throat pain?
What should I do to relieve shoulder Soreness?
Stroke? Aneurysm? Or just drunk?
I've been "spacing out" does this mean im ADD?
Does slightly elevated levels of Bilirubin have anything to do with alpha 1 antitrypsin ?
what have I done to my toe and how did i heal before i can walk again?
Strained Quads or Hip problems?
sever case of mucus, what is good to take?
Doxycycl hyc& keflex?
how much is it to remove your tonsils?
How can i get rid of dandruff!?
I have a cold and my nose is now sore and red and peeling.?
Accutane side effects????
difference between rash and eczema?
What are other cases with these symptoms?
I take Suboxone, but doctor may drop me!Help please?
How many prescriptions for narcotics can you get filled before the DEA sends your dr a certified letter?
bite on bottom of foot, that is itchy and looks like a blister?
serious eye problem?
is the drug feetia safe for cholosterol?
What are you opinions on Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield?
My Feet are Swelling?
does it hurt if u get when u het a side of ur toenail removed!?
is it possible to get panic attacks from using vicodin?
what do you wat if you might have low blood sugar?
what are some exercises that i can do to lose my stomach before my wedding in oct?
eating habits for 9 year old ?
How many pounds?
Lump / rash between right eye and ear?
grandson (4) came over with insect bites to his toe, shin, on and between his fingers, just above his wrist.?
how to heal a deep scratch on my hand?
Purplish blue hand and foot pad..?!?
I pirced my cartlide with a gun, had to let it close can I get the same ear done again w/ a needle?
I was sitting by a kerosene heater to get warm, since it was very cold in the room. I guess I was sitting too?
Water in the ear, when will it come out?
work permit and registration form in europe?
how do I pass a home drug test? Will this work?
Question for the medical marijuana users?
I have a few questions about Adderall XR.?
are there any homemade vaporizers not light bulb?
...syrup of ipecac question?
Whats better a massage or RMT massage?
If I take levothyroxine, will it increase my thyroid and cause weight loss?
Is it bad when your heart skips every once and a while?
I used the vicks vapor puffs and i breathed it in now its been two days and my lungs are still on fire makeing?
What does lucid mean?
tension headaches?
Night terrors.. plz help..?
Do you still play Golf or have you already discovered Rugby?
wju are some people so insecure they ruin their life by letting people walk all over them?
All my life i have been hard at understanding what other people are meaning .This has hindered me a lot in . .
What does it mean when eye spasms a lot?
a firespark flew into my eye is that bad?
What can cause double vision?
Class 1 JAR Help????
how do i fix a slight wonky eye without surgery?
Should I get my eyes checked?
why dose my left eye sometimes change colours?
· Counseling the patient; what are health considerations in maintaining the health of your chosen body?
can 'cord' be used as a synonym for heart?
what medical problems can occurred after implantation of pacemakers?
what is borderline right atrial abnormality?
What do you think this is???
Holistic remedies for allergies in dog?
Why do I get hives when I enter water?
what is photosensitivity?
does mango waterice have red dye in it?
ok i have a siamese cat that is short hair and a long haired black cat when my siamese gets up in my face itch?
What needs to be done to a house to get all dander/cat hair out so I can move in?
Am I allergic to oranges? I itch a little.?
Does this mean I have an allergy to aspirin?
weird facial rash, anything i can do?
Do u think im allergic to milk?
multiple food allergies.. any suggestions on how to STOP losing weight?
what should I do considering the situation?
what do u think we will have first?
Can you transmitt some kinda disease by kissing somebody?
I need to know if My boyfriend can get HIV?
Can you catch anything from a stripper this way?
I'm a 15 yr old female; and i want to get an STD test WITHOUT my parents finding out...is that possible?
tell me more about chlamydia?
Is this an STD?
can i treat myself for STD?
where can i find this?
i took more tablets of lamictal 200mg shall i go to the hospital coz i feel pain?
What should I do about my throat?
vicodin online?
just in cancun mexico and couldnt get any perscription drugs?
CSF or just a really annoying headache????? HELP?
What is the removal of vertebrae called?
If a boa constrictor tries to strangle you, how do you release yourself from its grasp?
deep cut still painful after healing?
Where did these come from?
I had a bliser on my heel but now it popped?
My wrist REALLY hurts wat should I do?
What can be done for pain from eye surgery?
PLEASE help! about my boyfriend and his drug problems :(?
How long to heal broken metacarpal bones?
Stress fracture treatment?
How can i regain strength in my muscles when its related to nerve damage?
how can you prevent a "charlie horse"?
yesterday i woke up and my back thigh muscles hurt?
I fell on my broken arm?
There's a part of your mouth where if you push on it, you can spit?
What is this rapidly pulsating sensation in my body?
What are these cards called?
I am getting rhinoplasty and it is my first time having surgery. I am terrified. What is it like?
First Neurologist Appointment. What should I expect? (:?
Ways to relieve stress?
What are some ideas of ways that I could relieve stress.?
Does anybody else have eyes like this?
how to make authorization letter to pay my Phil health contribution that i authorize my friend to pay?
How do I know if a pair of eyeglasses is too strong on me when wearing them?
How do i treat / deal with my eye floater?
what causes one to perceive red instead of black in just one eye?
Can any one tell me about Premier glasses ?
Bifoveal fixation and vergence-phoria?
Can contact lenses make your eyes red in cold weather?
Why do I have a partially different colored eye?
Contacts for your eyes?
what are the symptoms of Staph Infection?
do i have meningitis????
HIV risk or no risk at all?
Does Photoplankton cause food poisoning?
symptoms of HIV please? i need info?
Staph infection or razor burn?
What am i sick with?!?!?
Is it possible for Ambien to cause prostatitis?
Dewormer for a Human...What has worked for you?
High Population and Diseases relationship?
how can I locate my shot records if my mom and high school dont have them?
pressure care?
How close are we to creating an artificial liver.?
What would the effects of vinegar be on a stomach ulcer?
what is implied consent?
is nutrasweet same as spenda ???
I have an extremely sharp chest pain on the right side of my chest and it feels as though my chest?
Is it all right to take Tylenol and Advil together?
What do Genaral Practice Doctors Earn in the US?
I have qualified Medical Technician Course from Punjab Med Faculty Pakistan. Can I find a job in canada ?
How long does it take for a face to face Interview with Eli Lilly after your initial phone screening?
for a while now ive keept having accidents with my left ankle where i twist it and injure it badly?
After about 50 or 60 years?
What is better for a migraine - fioricet or midrin?
what is the name of the liquid stuff that makes up the white part of your eye?
whats the difference in doctor's fees when we have insurance and when we dont?
Why does pain intensify on humid or rainy days?
headache help..?
I have suffered nausea, headache, and shortness of breath. Have severe shoulder pain. Tired and no energy?
Itchy skin!!???
What acne product is the best to use?
unexplained bruises on my legs and arms.?
Foods good for skin?
Tell me the name of any mild soap?
i have itching on the private part.what is it and tell the remedy?
Is there any way i can clear or fade these stretch marks?
how do you get rid of stretch marks?
I have a second degree oil burn, it covers about 25% of my left hand. ?
what do you do to get rid of trigger bites?
Why is my eyelid puffy? and why do my eyes have pink circles around them?
Am I getting ringworm?
what should i eat , for my face to get clean and not have rashe?
are the shingles contageous?
how do i get rid of black heads on my face?
How to red rid of a wart.?
I'm 15 if I have a medical condition that requires nonmedical attention it's just abnormal cannmy doctor tell?
Should i go to the hospital?
Help me idk what is wrong with me?
when your in the county jail do they test and cure disease?
when is cocaine uselegally in medison?
please help i cant breath?
If my dad had cancer and my husbands dad and mom had cancer how likely is the chance our child will get cancer?
Why does my body stop producing heat at while I sleep?
Is there any point in the process of having a seizure where one is conscious?
Does this sound like Lupus to you?
What are the Symtoms of low blood pressure?
I was recently diagnosed with femoro acetabular impingement. why am i in physical therapy?
can it harm the baby if your bowels are twisted?
Passed out three times within the last few months?
My baby just turned 4mnths & her left arm always raises involuntarily. What is this?
eggs with high colesterol?
What can you tell me about celiac disease?
My blood pressure is 117/57 and my resting pulse rate is 46 is that okay?
How does a 65 year old woman get rid of the fatty accumulation between shoulder blades at the base of the neck
What is the recommended amount of daily cholesterol intake?
addiction forums?
How often should I weigh myself?
Is there a cure for AIDS but its just too expensive to release to the public?
I had a cold sore and my bf kissed me will he get ?
wats better aids or hiv?
HSV II Question... Can someone give me some advice?
I am leving with HIV How can i get wife from USA?
My friend has a big blister like thing on her upper thigh..?
what is causing itching of female private part and passing blood after urinating.?
how can we stop stigma and discrimination HIV and AIDS?
Any cure for HIV/AIDS found yet?
If your diagnosed with an std today and youve seen only one person since febuary....?
How do I remove a wall I put up around my mind?
Can a lab, specifically, "Lab Corp" using a Urinalysis test tell the difference between Ativan & Klonopin.?
cheap drug medications?
is there medicine to cure neediness?
Has anyone ever tried Vyvanse and Did you like it more then Adderall?
Mylabs Pharmaceuticals, steroids?
medroxypr ac 10mg tab 10 day supply?
Should I go to the Hospital?
Questions about Tonsils... Need Some Advice Please?
probation, and prescribed meds?
can i get in trouble for taking prescribed medication?
where can i buy electronic cigarettes in new york?
stretching your ears?
I got my tonsils out on Thursday please help?
Dizzyness/ other symptoms when taking a hot bath?
How to get rid of my sickness?
Time For A NEW Paradigm A TRUE One Cholesterol Paradigm Is A Complete Dismal Failure?
Does working out really lower your blood pressure and if so, how does it lower it?
Did Morgan Freeman And Bruce Lee Really Refuse To Give Up Their Seats To Rosa Parks After Sparring?
chest pains?
why blood cells count is up after heart surgery how can it be controlled?
At 8yrs old, my pulmonary valve was removed, not replaced, from stenosis. How common is this?
What is considered normal as far as your heart skipping beats and beating irregularly?
severe pulmonary sarcoidosis ...can anyone explain it?
What are ways to aid postural hypotension?
heart failure and death?
Can a Rhogam shot cause leukemia cancer in the future?
Are there any humanitarian doctors left in the U.S.A. Lost my job now sick. Any thoughts?
should i smoke because my mum does?
Attention Deficit Disorder - Could I have it?
i've been sick for a while and i can't taste ANYTHING! and both my ears feel like they are stuffed with cotton?
Blood on the brain following a bad fall. How bad is this? What will the person be like?
Stomach hurts in the shower?
I have restless leg syndrom, what do i do?
Is regular anemia genetic?
Is canned pineapple bad for reflux- have you had reactions to it?
Do you think I have C-diff or IBS?
What could these symptoms mean?
How is medicine used today?
How does a superbug build up resistance against antibiotics?
does medicare cover the shingles vacination?
What's going on with my tonsils?
Gardasil reduces infection?
How do you know when strep throat is healing?
Is it ok if I get my ear pierced with a low WBC count?
High blood pressure medicine and cough?
Any home remedies for treating an adult who has been chaffing through this heat. Serious inquires only.?
How do you translate "parafarmacia" into English? Its where they are only allowed to give out non-prescr. drug
Is it still safe to pierce my ears even though I have a cist in each ear from previous piercings?
Can things be OK if you got this?
How long do misquito bites usually last?
Over the counter ?!?
If you drop the soap bar, is it dirty?
Anybody know why we get BRAIN_FREEZE>?
Does Campbell's Soup at Hand help when you have a stomach-ache?
What foods speed the healing process of a new tattoo?
What is the best weight to be for my athletic buddy?
Colon Cleansing?
Kaiser Permanente sent my my mother 4 bottles of Ephedrine <200 pills per bottle>?
what are human growth hormone?
Has anyone taken 600mg of Wellbutrin before?
I know someone who accidentally took suppository gravol orally. Are there any bad effects of this?
Saccharin Safety?
What do you do when you just want to die and there is not one who cares id u go or not?
Can you improve your vision naturally?
Does anyone else have anxiety attacks and a fear of driving after haven driven for ages with no problems??
How has Bi-Polar disease effected your relationship with friends and family?
i have this weird dream......what does it mean???
Can someone who has never had hallucinations start having them?
Can risperdal make you sleep the whole day?
People here help me with my headache problem plz.?
Knee injury? ACL tear? Not sure what it is? Help please(:?
Full range of motion after boxer's fracture?
Ingrown ToeNail Post Op Qestion?
What's wrong with my knee? o-o?
What is the effect/possibility of getting a second concussion?
What did I do to my knee?
should i be in the emergency room?
Getting stabbed in the throat?
How do you cure heartburn?
any one know if Acupuncture is good for back pain?
I fractured pelvic, very overweight, bones are healed muscles real tight, effects walking, exercise advice...
Pain in the left upper arm with stiffness & difficulty in lifting the arm upwards. Pain increases during night
I keep getting earaches when i sleep on my side. My whole ear aches, the inside as well as the outer ear.?
help with sunburn treatments?
acne question?
What is causing me to break out?
Any problem taking Litozin & Flexanew for my knee cartilage?
Does anyone have one side of there face that just gets red?
My girlfriend is getting bumps on her skin?
Can backne ever be completely cleared up?
I have a lazy eye problem ?
Is it possible to correct eyesight naturally?
I got some sample "FreshLook Colorblends" trial pair contacts from my eye doctor the other day...?
What is Miley Cyrus's REAL eye color?
Is it bad if my eye color turns red when I wear makeup?
Growing up on the beach half blind?
Should I take the eye floater surgery?
woke up with what looks like red dots near the top of my eye iris and the veins are really red?
UTI and please help...?
is it possible for someone to have hiv for up to 20 years without taking medication and still be alive?
Is there a difference between cold sores and herpes?
This Is Something That Just Popped In Myy Head The Other Day; Can Your Eye Get AIDS?
longest time anyones lived with aids/hiv?
What are her chances of catching something?
should i confront the guy that i think gave me an STD?
How do you get get herpes? (male)?
Tested positive for Chlamydia. Can boyfriend have it for 21/2 year or is he cheating?
why are my eyes always red?
How do you know if you're allergic to smoke?
How Good Is KY Lubricant? Is It Safe To Put It Dwn There? As Far As Irritation...?
How common are nose bleeds?
Am I allergic to deodorant?
what causes this? when i take a shower my skin gets really itchy and i get a rash from the water........?
Doctors please help mucus build up and not going away!?
I think I have an Egg Allergy,where do i go and what do i do to help myself in this situation?
should i take benadryl (diphenhydramine hcl) for my poison ivy even though i have anxiety?
Swelling and itching around corners of mouth?
why does my nose itch so bad?
Spider bite? Zit? HELP!?
why am i bleeding so much from ear?
why is my ear still not healed?
How do you know if you have frost bite?
i have a ingrown fingernail what will help it?
How can i cut my arm off at home without feeling pain?
How do you treat a reapted sparined anlke?
I have GHD and taking injectable GH, but I want to grow even taller?
Strange feelings??? STRESS CAUSE?
What are the rules you have to follow when checked into Miller Dwan?
Do I have big feet :(?
Does my mom have sleep apnea?
How come for some people their tummies growl when they are hungry but some don't get that growling sound?
What are the side effects of marijuana?
I'm sick, and each time I burp, I get the taste of..?
What's going on with my heart?
To diabetics does the mediterranean diet work for you?
After releasing the hormone PTH blood calcium level begins to rise.shortly after,PTH release slows?
Why am i nervous/worried about my heart..?
whats a serotonin disorder?
Is there a healthy way to detox?
how do you get rid of the ear you get during a cold?
whats the purpose of removing socks in yoga exercise?
blood sugar effects of pure maple syrup?
How can I get my arms stronger?
What is valproate syndrome?
Drug / alcohol counselor is an addict himself?
what one should do in gym?
i need advice on the gastric bypass thinking about doing it but a little scared . tried of been overweight?
What do you think is the ideal body weight for a 20 year old?
Chiari Malformation specialist in New Zealand?
how a fat people can slim their body except diet?
When is the good time to do a workout in the morning?
i want to have a flat stomach?
what are the best vegetables for nutritional juicing?
Does Slimfast really work? I've been trying it for months and I've only lost about 5 pounds.?
I relly want to gain weight in the shortestt space of time. What do i do?
should I be worried about a brain tumor?
Can you mail me something that will let me loose weight for free?Adress:622 W. Alpine Ave Santa Ana CA 92707!?
What foods are good for aiding digestion?
Exist some dietary suplement that can efectively decreased and control my appetite??
How do I lose weight when I love eating and my friends tell me that my face gets thinner?
If I go on Atkins and exercise could I lose 50 pounds in 4 months?
Is substance-use disorder an actual disease?
what is the best over the counter non drowsy remedy for cold/sore throat symptoms?
Xanex and Lunesta and the same time?
Antidepressants - What are the options?
is this from not taking zoloft anymore?
What flu drugs contain pseudoephedrine and are similar to Nyquil D?
Where can I get some sick azz dro?
how did they get 19,000 oxycontin pills?
is yohimbe safe to use?
where can i get tramadol online knowing its safe and low cost?
can i sue the school for my injury in gym?
Hearing and vision loss from sprained ankle?
how did you break your..........?
what can be used for my back strine and pain?
Will I need crutches after ingrown toenail/spur surgery?
After cast removal for thumb?
how to heal my thorn quadricep fast ?
i pulled a muscle! what do i do?
During wrestling practice today i some how hurt my finger.(it is sticking out in two places)?
Do SLAP tears cause you get a hard bump at the front of your shoulder?
Weird movement on side of right knee? No pain or swelling?
how can i make my ganllion cyst in my wrist come back?
I think i have a blowout? or torn skin? (ear stretching)?
I am not sure if I sprained my foot/ankle I landed on the sole of my foot with all my weight it happen 2 times?
What is wrong with my tailbone?
is it normal for a 16 year old to have eye floaters?
Name for MSM(metilsulfonylmethane) drops?
falling little specs in vision?
can weak eye muscles present at teen (16-25)?
Four quick questions about the eyes?
Pain when I move my eyes?
Getting non-astigmatism contacts?
Health Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Question to all nurses...?
Who won???
What is the best treatment for hypoglycemia?
Who has successfully quit smoking? Put in your own stats in the way I have for comparison.?
if a doctor writes out a prescription for you,will they let you fill it in another state??
is there any tonic or capsule to improve our intelligence?
What can I do to relieve myself from gas? I have tried the gas medicine and the such, but my stomach is filled
what happens if the serum triglyceride is 130 per mg more in your body from the maximum 150 mg level?
How do you know when you need glasses?
Does anyone know which overseas pharmacies are the most reliable for getting Xanax, Valium, Ativan,etc.????
what is a reliable and accurate brand of automatic blood pressure monitor?
Can you tell me how to avoid hypokalemia?
What does it mean when you have a very high potassium in your blood???
how long is the wait to be accepted into parkland emergency?
MRSA freak out?
i need a cream called despigment what is it and is it a prescription drug?
mositure absordent product?
how do tapeworms affect the human body?
Two Glass of Red Wine on weekend?
If you could learn how to take the toxic chemicals out of your home would you?
Has anyone ever had nerve block in their spine? If so did it help?
what should i do to cure the black head on my nose?
Do you think the Government is hindering a cure for Aids/HIV?
I got a cold sore (i know i touched it) and i then put in a tampon?
How to get rid 0f body oddor, thank you.?
diagnosed with a urinary tract infection?
Can you get treatment for an STD without the doctor telling your parents?
whats the difference between HIV and AIDS?
Can you get herpes from kissing a girl?
Confidence question?
What is the difference between a narcissist and a psychopath and can they have characteristics of both ?
How do i stop this addiction?
I'm like a little kid in a candy store, I want a puggle, brown with black mask and I can't afford the dogs 450
Why do people seem to always try to find a point in life? Can we not simply accept that we exist?
proven herbs to help stress?
How can I improve my decisiveness? and- I am not talking about any decision trees or prob-weighted models.?
what is the best kind of medication to bad mood & stess?
what is the meaning of life?
I'm 37 yrs old and a barber of 7 years, I hate it but the moneys good, How can I escape this job !?
Can you give me good ideas on what I should do for my thesis in Psychology?
what is apoplexy?
What radio frequency is used by the people that make others hear voices. How can I listen to these broadcasts
how do you really know if these med. together work/equetro 200mg/seroquel300mg/seroquel100mg?
is there really an in born multiple personality disorder or it just occur cause by improper treatment?
I don't plan to travel ever overseas, but are my reasons reasonable???
What is when someone won't let me make any discisions or even let me voioce my opinion.?
I have pain that just recently hit me, anyone have any ideas on what it could be??
How can you tell when you need to have your tonsils tooken out? Also you appendix?
sir before getting pregnant my rubella test shows IGG +ve and IGM -ve for that Dr Gave me vaccine injection bu?
Could this contract HIV?
I wish to get the yellow fever vaccination in trichy, could I please know the available centers?
What are some cool sounding diseases?
Pilonidal Cyst "issues" and what should I do?
I have cat-scratch disease/ fever, here's more about it?
low temperature?? and other weird symtoms?
Can someone explain MRSA in common people terms?
HELP!! postmodernism and Brazil rights for HIV patients?
Cold? Flu? Allergies? What do these symptoms mean?
how do you get rid of acne?
what causes eczema?? I need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
why do i jump up from my sleep?
Went to the doctor today but i don't understand help please?
Would this be considered third person?
why am i having so many different symptoms, please help me?
Thyroid side affects help; what can I do?
it fell off whut to do now?
individual dental and vision insurance?
Constant coughing mucus?
what do you mean by septal ablition?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
Is there a standard for "maximum amount of fluoro time" in a cardiovascular procedure?
what should food habits of a Beta Thalasamia trait patients?
Wha is the difference between peripheral arterial disease and peripheral venous disease?
can i get in trouble for leaving a MR patients medical chart at the hospital with the patient overnight?
I got hurt in basketball yesterday...?
Knee brace, should I wear on both knees if only one is injured?
Just got my cast off. When can I shoot a basketball again?
why has my ankle been bothering me for months?
why does my ankle hurt?
I have pain in back connected to left leg?
what is good to take if your bones keep popping everyday you move?
am wondering about a foot injury?
at home callus removal?
Are u supposed to be able to move or flex a sprained ankle?
Ive had a PAINKILLIER and now have ice on my foot, Then im ganna hit it with a hammer, i HOPE it breaks!!?
Possibly allergic to alcohol?
Am I allergic to fire ants?
I am allergic to soap and have been using Dove and Caress for years. What other products should I give a try?
Allergic I think to clean and clear morning burst cleanser?
How to deal with a TERRIBLE roach allergy/fear?
what is the strongest allergy medicine?
swelling between the eyes?
can i take diphenhydramine and methylprednisolone together?
is nasonex 50mcg the same as 500 mcg?
Am I allergic to bee stings?
Black dot on hand with swelling?
how to get xanax prescribed to u?
I have a cold and now I can't hear properly. Whys that?
When will this cold end?
A women has an eye disorder,?
I got my second hole done Friday they are swollen they infected?
Pulsating sound in my middle ear?
scoliosis? how do u know if u have it?
how do i get rid of this dam thing?
What STD's show no symptoms?
I am really scared and dont know if these are symptoms I should be worried about?
why should people get tested for HIV or aids?
Why don't I have herpes?
STD testing? home test? or clinic?
Can you get kicked out of the Navy for having herpes?
hpv? please please help?
STD, Commiting murder?
Can STDs be detected before they show symptoms?
im doing a school project on hiv and aids??? can someone he?
what are cold sores,how do they look and feel?
Do I Have Oral herpes?
Eyelash growing inside eyelid?
Please help with Glasses problem?
Eye Strain, headaches? From video games?
What does -150 and -1 mean on a vision test?
My eye still itches after two days of taking the prescribed eye drops?
My contacts lenses hurt?
Why do I have a flashing light in my eye?
What is wrong with my heart? Can anyone help me?
Will reducing estrogen reduce breast tissue in men? Gynecomastia?
Asthma Attacks--->Weed?
I have a boil on my face right in the corner of my my forehead on the right side it has caused my eye to swell?
Pllleeaassseee heellppp!!!?
What is the quickest way to heal an abrasion?
How effective is Neosporin in making a cut heal?
I grazed off a layer of skin?
Stung by unknown on my thigh?
My Left Ear Feels Plugged!?! Help!?
Have you ever cleaned the wax out of your ear using peroxide?
A cut may be infected on my daughter..what should i do?
bandage contact lenses?
Did I blow out my ear from gauging?
For those that take yoga, can you tell me more about it? Thank?
Has anyone used prrovactin?
Is Fenofibrate a statin?
in type 2 can one med work better than another?
Do those acupuncture soles (japanese) called "yoko" height increaser work?
Is seven mg of Focalin XR enough to get high  ?
What will happen if I take it once?
I have been having kidney pains on my right side and want to know would drinking play a major role in the pain
My thyriod quit working , I need some answers Please?
How long are old percocet pills good for?
I want to try the Lemon detox,i do not have a thyroid, do you think i can still do the cleaning .?
Is it a good idea to give a spoonful of castor oil to a sick child?
Did anyone else hate Renu Moisture Loc?
What kind of allergic rash, Raised skin do you get from allergic reaction to Imodium?
Does anyone have any physician recommended advice for increasing your appetite?
I have been having troubles breathing lately, kind of like my chest is tight and my heart beats funny?
Does anyone know how to get rid of painful external hemorrhoids?
howmuch is a good night sleep worth?
Son,s Diapers?
muecus drainage and coughing possible broncitis?
what is the lump that has appeared on my scalp?
Why does it seem that the doctor only wants to deal with ONE problem? For instance if you go in with a sinus
microscopic blood in my retina?
what does it mean when your stomach is upset and you have really bad pains?
Is Salvia and/or DMT bad for you?
i finally got out of my house after losing 200 pounds and i want to be the first to mountainclimb while (cont)?
Is this a stomach bug?
How much do crutches usually cost with a prescription?
I might have injured my back, is this serious?
I have scoliosis! Now what?
how does a wound or cut heal?
If there is a sprain to the mcl (kneecap), how long does it take the fibers to tear to likeness of thread?
Should a second degree scald bleed?
Land hard on heel , head hurts?
how do you know your nailbed is damaged?
foot injury, what should i do?
what symptoms are these?
more autoimmune diseases?
how long does parvo take to show?
What is the CDC's stance on the BCG vaccine?
How come your throat hurts when you have a cold? How come your hot when you have a fever?
Why is he so sick and not getting better?
My doctor won't make a clinical diagnosis for Lupus & I don't test out. What can I do?
Do rocks have immune systems?
From a Christian perspective, do you think some people must struggle with depression?
Anyone can explain this?
What do you do at Character Ed. classes??
What effects does obsessive compulsive disorder have on daily life?
What would happen if i showed up at university drunk?
What do we do next? Need help/advice: Confusion/misunderstandings between myself and male best friend.?
online help for depression and suicide?
Are these characteristics of some sort of mental disability?
After shower brain looses sharpness by 60%?
for those taking lithium, how do you feel? any side effects?
Is it dangerous to stop taking Zoloft all at once?
a bone on my wrist?
what if a knee all of a sudden just swells up..what is that a symptom of?
Ive been having alot of pain!?
Im sore because of Cheerleading?
I have had a bad pain on my lower left side, it has been going for almost 24 hrs? What could it be?
my mom does not feel good her arm hurts from a past injury and she is weak. She is also really pale.?
how can you help back pains?
When will my tailbone pain go away?
Is it poison ivy?
Good for face?
Does dry skin cause acne?
Does bleaching cream initially make your skin darker?
do u have this problem too?
is there a free way to get rid of underarm sweat ?
I cant tell if this is a big zit or cold sore.?
What Kind Of Rash Do I Have?
What Acne Treatment Worked The Best For You?
Is this a normal mole or a symptom of skin cancer?
where to get best yoga picture for spondylosis?
Sciatic/Back problems?
Will my diet reduce or even banish my acne?
shoulder pain?
what are symptoms and remedies of vertigo?
My skin is always really greasy and has a lot of zits. How do I get rid of both?
my son has 50-60 bites on hes body i thought it was animal fleas but has been bit sleeping in her bed?
How to make the skin on my fingers grow back ? HELPPPP.?
can you pass mild/light acne off as freckles?
Is this psoriasis ?
My face has dark lines after vomiting?
Am I getting a sinus infection?
How do you deal with the mental effects of chronic pain?
How can I stop my skin from indenting from acne and such?
is this a wart? please answer if youre almost sure?
how do i get rid of really large and annoying blemishes that wont go away?
is it possible to sleep with someone with hiv and still remain negative?
i was told that i have mild HPV is that the lowest risk you can have?
If someone has HIV/AIDS......?
Does cold sore mean that?
is this skin irritaion or herpes?
What are the symptoms of HIV/AIDS?
Can I get chlamydia twice?
are my stitches infected?
I think my ear is infected?
if you swallowed windex how long would it take to kill you?
Fiance has spider bite...what should I do?
Flea bites only on one leg?
PLEASE HELP! swollen and pus-filled ear lobe!?
What are some treatments for vocal nodules (singer's nodules)?
is smoking incense bad?
my hazel eyes....why are they....?
Glasses / contacts?!?!?
Eye Patch Or Infection From Sty?
Can looking at the side of laser pointer damage your eyes?
I Got Hair Bleach In My Eye Last Night. Help?
How much do contacts cost?
My eyes dont undilate properly?
Why are my glands still so swollen?
is it routine to give PPI/antacid to pre-operative patients while they are on NPO?
Very gassy during the school time.?
Help me pliz!!!?? I having a really really bad and very bad headache!!!!!!I can't handle it!!!!?
Does anyone have a documenting reality pass?
I dont get energy from sleeping at night?
Tingly head and slurred speech ?
I have been getting a swollen eye. and swollen around my upper mouth?
Can liver problems prolong half life of chemicals?
Anxiety or brain tumor? Can anyone tell me if I should be worried?
is dermatitis drug related?
some of my last blood tests indicate low red blood count , what could be the reason ,?
what is avm?
Anyone who is afflicted with congestive heart failure & edema please reply.?
How do I raise my HDL (GOOD) cholestoral level?
answer for this?
What can a person do for exercise if they suffer from Tachycardia?
is there any rehabilitation cardiologist in Pune? If yes, can i have his contact detail?
How long does it take for a bruise to show?
does anyone have crutches?
I got hit in the nose with a basketball and it still hurts...?
Ankle sprain help...........?
can muscle spasms in the middle of the night seizures?
Stumped Toe::::PIC:::::Need Advice Please?
how long does anesthetic for stitches take to wear off?
Broke my small toe need advice?
How Can I Tell If I Have ADD Or Not?
why do i fell like this after half a beer?
Human Body Question! Injury!?
Can I switch to Adderall XR from Vyvanse 70mg and expect similar results?
ambulances/hospitals do they hook people up with machines in the ambulances?
On Keppra 500 mg - I do not have epilepsy though, alcohol?
what is a good way to start off a physical therapy career?
My back hurts, why?
Which is worse, brain sugery or heart surgery?
my wife is allergic to sulfur drugs, can she safely take sulfate?
What is the newly open modern Hospital in Kuwait?
I am always tired! How do I....?
What happens when an IV bag runs out of fluid?
I am experiencing pain in my eyes topside of my eyeball It gets worse when I close my eyelid ? Can anyone help
Has anyone developed diverticulitis after having a colonoscopy?
Why can't I take Bismuth Subsalicylate (Generic Pepto Bismol) with an ulcer?
On a prescription form what does PRN mean and when is it used?
what is an appropriate way to irragate the eye?
my eyes are yellow?
why so many fat persons in the U.S.A,is this lake of education or miss understanding of prosperity?
what is hamad hospital e,mail?
I have a sole kidney, and my doctor told me its not functioning well. So my createnine value is 6.?
why we cannot speak properly after taking much cold water?
Can your astigamatism get worse as you get older?
My finger nails have ridges. Can anyone tell me what I can do at home for this? Thanks?
What are Ketoprofen, Gabapentin, Synapryn, and Deprizine? What do they do?
Has cocaine replaced anything?
Is it ok to take two Excedrin 500 mg and one motrin 200 mg together?
please help !! withdrawls?
what is the best alternative to smoking joints?
How long does it take to get addicted to Subutex?
what natural supplement can i have for anger or stress?
How do i loose weight without wanting food so badly?
Can anyone give me some websites for yoga poses?
Is the Tony Little Gazelle Edge effective, if so why is it that I don't feel a burn or soreness of any kind?
What do you listen to when you exercise?
how do you lose weight fast?
what can i buy over the counter to help lose weight fast?
how diets affect athletic performances?
where can I get certifed as a fitness instructor in pitsburgh, pa?
How much time take to travel between saturn and India?
What is the best food and supplement for ENDURANCE and why? I need something that for sure works!!?
When working out best to work 1 body part at a time with 3 or 4 exercises or do a whole body workout?
Does lean system 7 really works?
I want to have a flat stomach!! Can you motivate me?
what is the fast way to loose weight???
how many calories in a pint of blood?
can you drown off of saliva?
Wats the easiest way to lose weight?
What are the best exercises to do to to tone my body especiallyb the abs fast??? AnyDiet Ideas??
I've heard of joining the YMCA, but Curves?
How long should a person feel/know that he has contacted hiv and the first sign of it?
Do i have herpes................?
can you get HIV this way?
how will i know if i have hiv/aids?
im feeling pain when swallowing for 2 days now, could i hav hiv/aids? (yes ill go get tested)?
does syphilis affect the brain?
i have a bump that has like a black tip down there. what is it?
Is it a cold sore or herpes? PLEASE LOOK?
Gonorrhea for 2.5 years?
Do I have mono, something serious, or what?
Crying and breathing question?
when i eat food with sugar i have a headache& i am tired?
Concerned about lymphoma or worse?