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is there someplace i can order insulin online for a lower price than regular drug stores?
How does diabetes affect pregnancy or how does pregnancy affect diabetes?
How long does a penicillin allergy rash take to clear up?
Why would someone not be allowed to drink spring or tap water?
Can cat allergies cause this? Please read. I'm getting exhausted.?
can you get sick from dust?
can babies have liquid benadryl?
Does the Epipen normally expel every drop of its contents when used?
Just found out my 21 month old son is allergic?
My sinuses wont stop!?
Are these allergies please help?
i ate a colon cleansing pill and i chewed it?
I know my grandson's have been put on medication that they do not need. How do I do nothing? This is NC.?
how do you make a first aid kit?
Is there a mutivitamin without ascorbic acid but containg vitamin C?
what a smile can do to yourself & to others?
how do you use magnetic stones for health reasons?
Where can I get help to get my husbands meds who has copd and no insurance?
what is the inner child?
Is this the flu or food poisoning?
Has anyone heard of a lazor treatment to help one to stop smoking ?
I never have any physical energy, and it's not my thyroid what else could it be?
have attempted to e-mail pharma-drugstore.com with no response. Is there a telephone contact?
Should Merck be held responsible for vioxx?
Contact lenses?????????????
how much are colored extended wear contacts?
Contacts fitting tomorrow...?
Astigmatism; Will my eyes worsen with occasional use of glasses?
do different eye prescriptions do anything?
What is stretchy eye matter and why do I have it?
How do you fill in your eye glasses prescription on this site?
where can i get perscripttion contacts cheap?
I go to the Walmart Eye Care Center for my eye appts....and?
My right is a lazy eye. What can I do?
6/5 vision in both eyes aged 16 bad or terrible?
I just saw schindlers list for the 2nd time and each time I only cry from the left eye only?
I have been having a weird feeling on the right side of my body bellow my rib cage any suggestions?
is it safe to do ecstasy the night before getting my wisdom teeth out?
I have red knees?...?
I wake up every morning with shoulder pain...?
I shut a door on my left ring finger?
Do you have any tips to sleep faster?
Why does my knee randomly fail?
Where could you get shot in the body and be able to walk out the hospital the next day?
Need medical help, cramps, nausea, and fever?
how to prevent scabies?
Could bacteria (e.g. M. tuberculosis, E. coli) mutate into a form that overwhelms our Immune System?
Can a pharmacist in QFC check an ear infection problem?
Do i have strep throat?
Does this sound related to small intesinal bacterial overgrowth?
Am I catching what my father has? What does my father have?
Can eating yeast give you a yeast infection?
Do I have herpes? I can't figure this out... =(?
how many times does an person pee?
I had a blood test done 5 yrs ago and was told I had Hep c.Now I been told I have herpes. If I go back to the?
If you were born with AIDS/HIV are doctors required to tell you?
first time question?
how do you get rid of crabs?
I think I broke my nose?
I pinched a nerve in my wrist?
how do you keep ssdi benifits after winning a personal injury lawsuit?
Should I be concerned about my son's bump to his head?
lower back tail bone pain?
What could of happened?
pain in foot.. pulled muscle?
i have a strained lower back muscle. how Long does it take to heal?
Should I See My Doctor?
Where can I buy disposable 25 to 35cc syringes with needles?
What parts do a dialysis machine have and what are their functions?
i had a small cup of tea with sugar and after 4 hrs my RBS WAS 101 mg/dl is i/m a diebatic?
infant diabetes?
Does anyone else take chromium picolinate for insulin resistance?
Health insurance industry databases.?
same question loosing weight with diabetes?
why a diabetic person urinates so often?
Whats the limit on carbs?
what is "insulin resistance"?
What's the difference if I take metformin 500mg w/insulin (lantus) or take metformin 850 mg w/out insulin?
my brother got dengue fever now he is in m-i-c-unit,now his platelet count is 62000,?
migraines without headaches?
what do you do if your on the toilet bowl taking a dumpsky and then realize there is no toilet paper???
Is Coriander leaves juice (Hara Dhania) good to stop hair fall?????
How long is pink eye contageous?
Have been using Afrin/Nose Spray for about 6 years everyday. HELP?
I have a growing fear of throwing up. Please help!?
disadvantages of biotechnology?
how do you cure an eye twitch?
my weight is 53 & age is 19 is ok ? tell me to gain more weight?
Is aspiriin a diuretic?
need info on privacy acts from Pharmacies. Someone from a pharmacy gave info on other meds I am taking. legal?
How can I get CPR training on my computer?
What's the best online pharmacy that sells prescription drugs?
please help?
Cortisone shot site still hurts?
baby whips can be used by grownups to?
When wax evaporates into the air from burning candles, does any of it enter our bodies(e.g. lungs)?
Anybody out there have any health problems...?
Any site which can help with reading medical lab reports?
the normal weight of a 11-year-old- girl?
Is Corneal Astigmatism same as Irregular astigmatism?
I hit a guy in the eye using a ring. Could he go blind?
can someone explain my eye perscription?
Where can you buy contacts like what Dahvie Vanity has?
Do these colored contacts come without prescription?
My bulldogs eyes are reddish pink all around the outside of the eyes?
Should I be worried about new floaters?
Do eye doctors still use the thing that they want to push right up close to your eye, and you can't blink?
When I am trying to read, I see a glow around the words?
Contacts Lens question please help?
I am a 25 year old female that has recently been having heartburn very frequently.?
SEVERE HEADACHE- please help!?
I have a pain in my left side right under my ribs.?
Menstrual Migranes?
Moving to LA Calif. Best RN jobs?
what is a postural alignment deviation and how is it related to physical stress?
Women what do you think?
what kinds of healthy meals can one prepare quickly and economically?
I am looking for websites to order diet pills that do not require a credit card,can you please help me?
Weight Training?
When is the best time for a woman to start exercise after caesarian delivery?
What is the website for the Keto company. Low Carb products?
hepatitis c worst prognosis of late stage?
Do people with amnesia remember their religious beliefs?
is an abnormal growth called mucocele or oral fibroma really a tumor? what can i do about it?
What do u look for from your group exercise instrcutors?
Need help to get motavated again to exercise, I use to 5 times a week. Now I have no desire Help!!?
how do people make money using before and after pictures of weight loss?
What is autoimmune defeciency?
Why do I get cold sweats while I am sleeping sometimes?
how does the bite of a dengue fever look like?
can fat teens get girlfriends?
Illnesses That the elderly normaly suffer from, and their treatment?
Has anyone out there lost weight without having to exercise and did not take any pills?
Girl's eye veiw only?
I Have Dry Skin On The Sides Of My Lips ... H-E-L-P! =' (?
How many calories does a man 35 years old that works in an office burn in a day?
how to deal with sebaceous cyst?
is it dandruff..........?
i'm really worried. bumps on my skin...?
I am looking for a Rheumatologist that was in the Birmingham area named Regina Strickland....PLEASE HELP ME?
I have bloody discharge?
Does Neutrgena's Skin I.D. work?
how do u pop/get rid of blackheads?
Do animals suffer from mental Illness, such as Bipolar bears or borderline terriers?
what is a macrolodulated mass?
Can a blood transfusion cause sickle cell trait?
I have a itchy bumpy rash on the back of my hands and wrists, what is it?
Is there any local drugstore that sells maxim or odaban(for sweating)? or do i have to order it online?
Has anyone heard of/know about Raynouds Syndrom?
what is the possible cure for Autism and what is the possible effects of taking Omega 3 and Omega 6 Foods?
What is a fast way to cure a slight case of sweaty hands?
I have very fair skin which turns red way too easily.. is there something a dermatologist can do?
what is the best face wash for acne?
Is cornstartch good for sweaty testicals?
Went to dermatologist, still have acne..?
on my hands are dry red patches on my hands . could it be psoriasis? if so how to clear it up.?
Shaving Down There! Relieve itching!?
Acne product help pleasee?
Getting rid of Black Heads???
My whole body is itching?
Have you ever had another doctor give you a second opinion -- and he/she was RIGHT unlike the first doctor?
if you get you ears pierced and you take them out 6 days later for a hour and a half, would they close up?
What happens if i fail the drug test ?
Hot flushes...................?
my bottom lip have a white soft spot that i've been trying to get rid of since the split?
When i try to eat i get sick.......?
Does smoking weed give girls facial hair?
My mother is hypothyroid and her TSh levels continue to increase.?
When they say "smoke weed REGULARLY" how often do they mean?
How do I know if my teacher is drunk?
How long do I need to keep a band aid on for?
Questions about 5 htp?
hey is it ok to take 2 klonopin before a speech or presentation ?
What is the purpose for vitamin B6?
If someone is in Acoma and you talk to them is it true that they will live longer ?
How should I react when my 91 year old mom thinks that "people" are tapping on walls or spying on her?
Has anyone had this moment?
what does "category-j" referr to?
Is it good to have ice cream or popsicles when you have a sore throat and headaches?
What is BiPolar Disorder? I hear it's a real illness.?
can going outside with wet hair get you a headache.if yes how long does it last and what are the symptoms?
I Need Some Help?
What is your greatest mental defect?
why sometimes i cant wake up even dough i know im dreaming?
hey i had a bad dream i saw my dad dead what should i do.?
What is the med. gogentin used for???? Hope I spelled it right...!?
Can you get signed off work for?
Active Release Technique help?
what is the difference between "pharmacological actions", "medicinal use","clinical studies"?
what are some symptoms of borderline personalitys?
Over 30's please...do you take time to play?
how come i keep on dreaming about my friends and family being alive when they are dead?
has anyone ever had hypnotherapy that worked?
I want to write a personal letterrr to Oprah Winfrey. It is an emergency?
Do you think that if you do have a physicological problem, you would solve it with a physicologist?
Why do I hate listening to music?
Do you ever think about bumping yourself off?
are microwaves and cell phones going to melt our brains?
does anyone wish they can live the way their dreams are?
what is it called when people eat their own skin?
where would i find information on parkinsons disease?
does someone know how to take a away fever...........?
how do i tell my customers i was fired?
if i found a lump and i don't have medical what shood i do?
do you....................?
can vitamin defintioncy cause hairloss? what kind of vitamens or herbal supplements can i take?
What are your favorite Herbal or Naturalpathic remedies??
Could you get HIV from sharing toothpicks?
how long till Im in the clear for HIV?
Herpes Question, help me, please?
Pregnant been tested mulitple times with negative results but im still having std symptoms!!?
Oral herpes (coldsore)?
i am so freaked out what do i do i hav blood on my underpants what do i do????
HIV can get via HIV CAN Get via saliva, spit into eyes, together eating one dish,drinking one glass?
is there a cure for hepatitis c?
STD QUESTIONS:)))))))))))))))?
I have a sore down there, is it an STD?
std testing and treatment in california.?
Pancreas and the gallbladder?
how does it work?
High Red Blood Cells count interfere with A1C test?
does eating watermelon raise blood sugar levels?
is high blood sugar related to prostate canser.?
My husband was diagnosed with diabetes. How can I get him to control his eating habit?
which gender does night blindness mostly affect?
what is the normal value of blood sugar (fasting and random) in a person who is not diabetic?
The use of glucosime/chondroitin can increase the level of sugar in the body? A diabetes person can use them?
what is the implication and discharge teaching of hypoglycemic agent?
what is the cheapest website for phenteramine without a presciption?
What could this mean?
My Re is taking a 24 hour urine test?
How do eye tests work? Joining the fire service?
Whats the best eye doctor in abilene texas?
Randy Jackson Frames?
Question about under eye bags?
what is wrong with my eye?
What is your favorite eye color?
my pupils (eyes) don't dilate enough..is it a problem?
Colored contacts? Sliding around in my eye?
Does dribbling without looking at the ball improve eye-hand-coordination?
My husband is having an eye problem?
Blood spot in eye after going to gym, why?
If something is stuck in your esophagus(sp?)/throat.. does it cause mucus to come up?
I have mild rosachea, will tea tree oil help?
differential diagnosis of laryngeal solid mass?
what is the cause of influenza?
IS there any remedy for sinusitis in ayurveda?
my puppy has been harhly gagging up flew why?
what happens if you don't ventilate end stage AIDS patient?
I am looking for a company to license my new invention for patients using oyxgen.?
The Hormone that triggers ovulation of an egg from the female ovary is?
colerration between pulmonary functions and HRCT chest in stagging of interstitial lung diseases?
They say that the lungs are like sponges. If this is true, then why is it possible for a lung to "collapse"
why do people have to fight ?
Has anyone smoked for over 50 years?
I cracked my wrist a while ago and now it's sore?
I have be having a sharp pain in my arm i'm 14 and don't have any medical problems.?
What do you think happened? I sniffed up hard, cuz my nose was stuffy, and my brain felt a surge of ache/pain?
I jammed my thumb one week ago, and it still hurts. Should I have a doctor look at it?
How do i break or sprain my ankle? Street curb?
Did I break/sprain/fracture my foot?
Sprained ankle Injury?!!?
Vision is hazym red, sensitive to light exposure and hurts?
laceration, fingertip amp (open tx)?
I'm getting a weird neck pain...?
Top of my foot bruised after dropping a lamp on it?
My eyes are burning and watering, Badly!?
Why do I have a sneeze/ runny nose attack when I take a shower?
Is it an allergic reaction?
I ate pineapple and made some of my taste duller is it permanent?
Is there a common ingredient in over the counter pain medication that might cause an allergic reaction?
Sinus problems after swimming in lake?
Im allergic to my cat, is there a way to become un-allergic?
allergic reaction to make up?
Zyrtec only works sometimes for me?
I have a friend who has Lupus, Is their any cure for such disease and what cause it?
ten years ago i was diagnosed with MS., I am currently taking betaseron which I inject myself every other day
doctors answer only please?
Is the tempurpedic cloud or cloud supreme firmer?
Tricare: how can I find a good dermatologist?
What are these bumps on the back of my tongue?
Hot flashes, red face?
is prescription cough medicine better than otc?
is Coke good for you when you have a cold + BQ?
What should i expect during my first visit to the chiropractor?
I feel like I'm gonna faint when I'm in a situation where I'm around too many people in stressful situations?
A question about blood sugar levels?
Is sore feet a sign of diabetes?
Does anyone know if the Animas 2020 insulin pump is available in Australia?
Is anyone out there using the new drug Byetta for diabeteics?
how many grams of sugar does the average american consume in a day??
Can recombinant tomato be used in the treatment of diabetes,if not why?
how can I in Wisconsin find out details about why an LPN got her license pulled???
my girlfriend has tiny hole-like hard skin on her heels and on the pad of her feet, what is it?
What if I took Viagra...?
How would a blood test to check for varicella immunization be done?
Morning sickness (causes) besides pregnancy?
why do some people attract mosquitos more than others? and why do some people react worse to mosquito bites?
How long is the average flu virus contagious from person to person?
Why does my daughter get nose bleeds when it's hot?
I have to drink a gallon of Golytely today and was wondering what I should expect?
dose anyone know?
how long does poison ivy rashes last?
tounge piercings?
why did people in biblical times live so long?
How are you staying cool this summer?
why is my belly moving?
homemade detoxic recepies please?
Did you ever pull out your own staples after an operation?
I have been having headaches the past couple days and....?
10 leading causes of death in the U.S. in 2005?
is it normal to feel something in my vain?
is it true that egg yoke is good for your hair?
on friday night I have chest pains and shortness of breath, pain between my shoulder blades. On saterday my?
how can I get a medical job in the US if I am a foreigner? I live in Mexico.?
AHH I WANNA KNOW ..Does this kill STDS?
Is chlamydia something that a person can carry and not know it?
i gave my sis std's. what should i tell her?
stds from smoking with someone??
Do baths help yeast infections?
how to likely is it for HIV to be transmitted from parent to offspring?
Can anyone tell me what the symptons of HIV or AIDS are?
Question about eye surgery?
Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment?
I changed my contact solution....?
Is there organizations that can help me get my surgery?
Do you notice if somebodies hand went into your eye, even if it's really fast?
My eyes hurt all the time?
Possible to change eye shape?
Medical suggestions about my eyes?
What are some ways to treat a spasm in my big toe?
post concussion syndrome and running?
i think i ruined my wrists?
I'm feeling a sharp pain on the right side of my brain?
How long will it take to heal a twisted ankle?
someone answer please!! what is wrong with my toe?
Can i get a medical discharge for siatic nerve damage?
Chest Cracks what is it?
Therapy for a healed broken foot?
Why do my little toes keep swelling up?
I have a small hard bump and pain on the left side of my left foot. what could it be?
how to tell if a burn is infected?
How to massage a sprinted anckle?
how long does it take after amputation of toes for the foot to heel?
could this be indigestion or heartburn or what??????
joint pains?
Back problems. I have a terrible pain in my left hip the is constant. It is at the base of my spine and ?
Neck Pain relief?
Severe TMJ/TMD Pain-Have tried many treatments. Can anyone suggest alternatives?
what are level one narcotics?
Can I take Tylenol (Acetaminaphine) and Advil (Motrin) together?
Can someone help me find a neurologist who takes third party claims in phoenix?
Havivg rotator cuff surgery in June. Is there a way to find out about the rating of my Doctor?
Weird pain above my right eye?
Electrical Shock from a hairdryer?
Is it safe to take Advil every night before bed?
Migraines What Prescriptions are good?
what's a better drug than xanax?
Stomach pain help please asap?
Spinal or brain problems?
i hurt my wrist i need help?
Headache with no relief help?
How long does a Caudal Epidural Steroid Injection provide pain relief for compressed disks at L4/L5?
What causes skin rashes?
acne how to treat?
why does eating jalopenos make my scalp sweat?
How do you get clear skin, and manage to keep it clear?
What is dandruff? And why dies it make your head itch?
How do you get rid of zits fast?
Ingrown toenail?
What can I buy that's effective against acne?
I have dry skin on my face real bad sometimes it can be sores how can i get it of my face.?
Help with wart removal, I've tried everything!!!?
Bed bugs? Is it possible for bed bugs to affect one person and not another who are both in the same bed?
I cut my legs falling last night. How do I speed up the healing process so I can wear shorts?
plastic surgeon says no ointments or creams on healing opening of the skin?
Acne treatment and advice?
ways to clear facial scars?
help with acne?
Good foods for my skin? ?
What's wrong with my face?
have you gone to a1-hoodia.com ??
has anyone ever hear anything bad about the weight loss pills trimspa?
what pills should i take if i have seriously bad gas?
what are calories (in food)?
Is too much heavy cardio bad?
is chitosan really work?
"Drop a size in two weeks flat!" book, Does it really work?
What the waist measurement for potential heart attack.?
is it okay to be on a LOW carb (not No carb), if you have high triglycerides level? thanks?
where i can buy the hollywood diet drink in the United Arab Emirates????
what if i only drink water for a month no food?
Has anyone tried the static contraction method of body building? If so what were your results?
How long does it take for hemosiderin to show up in your blood?
RVH found in ECG Report.i also take ECO 2D what is causes and how to remove it?
Whats a good exercise to lift a drooping bum?
what should i do to put on weight quickly?
i'm really sore and i have a PT test in 7 days what can i do?
What is an extrememly fast way to lose weight?
OK..im 5- 1/2 and i weigh around 180--is that normal, or am i diet bound?
Mitral valve replacement surgery - want to know more about it - risks, when it should be done, etc?
About Al-kausar unani kidney Foundation in treating kidney patient?
Can you fail a UA by getting contact high?
Woman and pancreas pains?
Should people with diabetes eat offals?
In diabetes: (best answer will be chosen)?
any issues with using relacore and blood sugar levels rising?
have, a1c count of 15,will this account for exerbated bi-polar condition?
What is the strangest daydream you have ever had?
Why can't the common cold be cured?
am i getting ill or am i having..?
need info on termite attacks..............?
Does this sound like strep throat to you?
Question about Scabies!?
I bit my tongue now there's a sore in it what should I do.?
How can I get up when my alarm goes off?
How can I ease muscle pain?
Is there a physical test for migraines?
Can someone help with my MRI?
Most of joints click and im only 19? help :/?
Is licking your lips a habit?
Any doctors out there?!?
What is that commercial with a guy who takes a certain product that helps with his chest pain or heartburn?
Can genetic counseling prevent high birth weights or cyanosis at birth? please provide source link?
does anyone know of a way to help back spazms ?
what is the scientific name for this?
I've been feeling like this lately?
how long does a celexa withdrawl last?
White grapes growing in KIDNEYS? what?
Why is my body temp fluctuating so much?
is it bad too look at lcd tvs for an extended amount of time?
Are black sclera contacts bad for your eyes?
eye lash in eye help!!!?
Hey my glasses prescription is -5.25 with 0.25 antisma in my right eye and -5 in the left eye?
What would you do if a camera lens sliced your eye?
Can I use my old glass frames when I get a new eye examination?
Is it safe to see the eclipse wearing a pair of sunglasses and/through an X-ray sheet?
How can I present an involving demonstration, activity, or simulation about LASIK eye sugery to my highschool ?
Are there any natural looking blue prescription contacts ?
how long before the vision in my eye comes back after fight?
What are some good sleep aids?
Is there something you can do to help w/ shin splints? Avoid them and help w/ the pain once you have them.?
Does HPV go away for ever?
Where can I get an STD test for free?
What are the chances of having HIV?
how close are we to finding a cure for aids/hiv?
any std starting with t?
My right knee hurts when I bend it :/?
I need to know whats wrong with my arm?
Playing with a sprained/fractured finger?
I sprained my knee and my mom keeps telling me to try and walk, should I?
Problem with shoulder?
If you have Scoliosis, and an Untreated Concussion, what can happen?
Did I injure my lumbar spine?
ankle sprain rehab??????
Can you take ciails and ginseng together?
What is Clary Sage oil Omega 3 ?
5htp and stronger supplements?
Will all of this be safe to take?
Supplements or herbs help lower high blood pressure?
I took 20mg of hydrocodone and I'm not really feeling it?
What would you do if you found out that your significant other had HIV/AIDS?
What must be labeled on a re-useable multi-dose vial?
will Qcarbo easy cleanser formula clean the system of drugs?
Have any of you had the chickenpox as adults?
Best mattress for bad back?
Did you know the AARP listed the nation with the longest life expectancy...Cuba?
is it normal for my entire arm to be in pain from a mosquito bite?
what are the causes of falling hair?
I found a dead mouse under the fridge!?
How do I get over the fear of my kids getting a fever after my son had a Febrile Siezure?
How much does epinephrine cost for hemostasis during surgery? How much does thrombin cost?
green tea ?
How do I tactfully confront a co-worker who might be an alcoholic?
I have a Viral Infection which means I am covered in itchy spots, I cannot remember its name. Help!?
What medications to they give you in Detox for alcoholism?
Fish oil supplements.?
Will you name a letter of the alphabet that your bowel movements resembled most recently?
How to deal with mussle pain?
a ppl die,i need say wat to his relative?
in australia can any1 recomend a pillow so i stop waking with a sore neck?
swollen heels????
What do you recommend for arthritis and joint pain?
wierd dust smell in nose?
Is it okay to use Baygon insect spray (against mosquitoes) daily in an airconditioned grade 1 classroom?
allergens free detergent?
Can there be an allergic reaction to peaches?
I'm Allergic...to too much!?
Does This Sound Like Allergies?
how do u get rid of a runny nose realy fast?
could this be lactose intolerance?
Help. I feel like I'm dying.?
Am I allergic to Monistat?
are there anyone out there that has Tourette syndrome?
What is the best treatment for sciatic nerve pain?
Has anyone heard of this eye wash? Does it work?
Best treatment for intermittent crossed eyes?
Can I wear Acuvue Oasys contacts if I have a corneal scar on one of my eyes?
What color contacts should I get?
How do i stop my eyes from deteriorating?
Help guys :D! please? Urgent!?
Please help, my eye hurts so bad I can't sleep?
Is lasik eye surgery more of a risk for someone that has very small asian eyes or does it make a difference?
How Can I Tell What is Optimal Stress for Me?
My dad has diabetes and my mom has hypoglycemia?
Can ADD drugs cause Type II Diabetes?....?
intermittent fogging of vision during the day?
diabetic neuropathy?
What is responsible for the swelling of the legs, face, and other areas of the body. I am diabetics on insulin
Can someone with pre-diagnosed diabetes feel the hypos?
Are Medtronic Infusion sets & reservoirs considered durable medical equipment goods?
insurance wont cover anymore lab work.?
can you kickbox if your cholesterol level is 236??
Which is better insulin,lantus or mixtard?
Is it true that insulin dependent can't bear a child?
burns and burn scars?
What does it mean when your temperature is 37.9?
Treating severe dehydration in infants?
How can I reduce knee swelling naturally?
Mitral valve prolapse and chest pains?
What the heack is std
Can I still give my partner a head,without infecting him of gonorrhea?
Are AIDs a communicable disease?
can u get crabs from red lobster?
What are the street names for herpes?
i have this toilet problem?
what is wrong with you when you have a foul oder.that doesnt go away but you dont have a std?
should i clean my sheets if a girl was on my bed and she has crabs?
I am so scared i have an STD..?
Did I break my arm ? Plz help?
injury help please, need some advice!?
why does my big toe seep clear fluid after injuries?
Slipped and fell on head and having neck pain?
can i play soccer after spraining my ankle?
My chest really hurts?
I feel pain on my tigh when I walk, but it's not the muscle or bone, where is it coming from?
Slammed a door on the tip of my finger, HELP!?
Internal stitches sticking out of wound? wtf?
Did I sprain my wrist?
Need help Quick!! Pain In Hip When Kicking Ball :(?
what do i do about my back pain?
Has anyone ever had a stress fracture in their femur? HELP!?
Sprained ankle and it has not recovered!?
What is wrong with me?!?! HELP!?
Whats a white tongue cure?
How do you get started looking for an available psychiatrist for a university campus?
Is there a support group for cutters?
buspar and klonopin?
do u ever feel like?
Can a recovered problem-drinker ever learn to socially or ocassionally drink, with no alcohol-relapse problem?
When we can call a person as a mental?
why am i like this?
Does ginkgo really improve memory if it doesn't do you know something that to do so?
Is sugar or corn syrup bad for you taken in moderation?
Is Metformin available without a prescription?
diabetic reactions?
I have diabetes?
Is there a weight watchers for people who want to gain weight?
are there any unprescribed diet pills that work? thanks.?
how is it possible to have 0 calorie intake, but still not lose any weight?
What are some excerszes that a handicapped person can do to get a flatter stomach?
Does anyone know much about Creatine?
what are some quick ways to get natural energy right away?
how can i loose weigh?
I have no figure. Wide waist and stomach, and flat chested. How can I change this?
Is there a homeopathic way to lower triglycerides?
Gym machines-- how many reps for each gadget?
Do you know any excersises to get skinnier thighs?
How do you loose 5 pounds in a week, without starving yourself? Is it possible?
How long would It take for a 22 year old male weighing 335 pounds to lose 35-45 pounds?
how much cardio exercise does it take a week to lose weight?
my mom has brown eyes and my dad has blue eyes why are my eyes green?
Can you buy coloured eye contacts at paddy's market?
healthy sweets?
this is a bench pressing question i can lift 150 benchpress?
Looking for a natural appetite suppressant that works?
Back of caruncle is white?
Seeing Problems. Please Help!!!?
Can you see a broken blood vessel in your eye straight away?
I am 19, has squient eye from 9 years old. Can I over come from the problem without surgery?
do i need glasses/contacts? i don't know how to talk to my mom about it?
question about perscription lenscrafters glasses?
What happens to the brain when one has narcolepsy?
history of community health in mauritius?
Why did someone have to watch her take a test?
Johnsons baby shampoo for adults?? people with experience...?
I am 19, can I gain height through exersizes?
How to tell if your drugs are laced?
Why do I feel like I'm suffocating when I am exhausted?
Breathing problems solution?
What do yu think of this suicidal?
Do I have to boil my Wonder Warmer RIGHT after I use it?
If people chamber smoke weed in my elevator right before I get in, can I get high off of it?
Why have i got dulled hearing in my right ear?
why do one get muscle cramps even though one is not doing heavy work?
can inhaling paint vapors give symptoms of a kidney infection?
First Aid quiz..............?
ear thingy issues... help!?
i sprayed lynx deodrant in my ear... is that bad?
Can peroxide in your ear cause your face to go numb? ?
Please help! Itching, burning, swollen finger?
15 month old, popped blister on finger?
Can i pirc my lip with a ear gun?
Eyebrow wax burn Please help! :(?
how can i make my lips red naturally? what diet is good?
Pouring urine down the kitchen sink?
Are there possibilities of hair loss from thyroid effects?
Is there any posibility I can finish my 3 year school in Slovenia and then go to work in London?
which hospitals in the united states are funded by county or state tax?
which is the best medicine for migraine ?
What is wrong with me???? answer please. im in pain!!!?
Does ne 1 no wut kind of spider bite this is?
Sharp pains, nausea, metallic taste.. (read more)?
Will a dislocation heal itself?
How do I treat a popped blister?
what is a referral, who requires it, and how does it work?
Bad feelings at hospital?
How much does LASIK cost?
are doctors having a problem geting paid from insurance comp. because they are doing things that arent covered
whats the fastest way to make cuts heal in two days?
help! burn causing skin to peel. stinging!?
I put aqua ear in my ear when it's dry now i can hardly hear through my ear?
what dosage does xanax come in?
How can I find my glasses if I dont have my glasses on?
What are these weird bite marks?
do you have a scheduled trainigng for standard first aid and life support training, this coming week?
why my body get sore, and pain very badly in my arms and legs.?
High Neutrophils, low lymphocyes, high Platlets?
My dad got bit by wut we think is a spider.?
Bruise with a bump...?
How do i know if my shoulder is badly sprained or not?
Saw upper back kinda... Don't know what it is (well I do but I don't lol).. !?
What is the process for cubital tunnel syndrome?
Why does my MCL tear won't heal after a month?
I damaged my throat the other day in practice what will heal it fastest so i can scream again?
when i lift and do shoulder shrugs one side always feels tighter?
Sore right calf muscle?
I hurt my foot, but I can't figure out what's wrong?
My ankle hurts!!! ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!!!!!???????????)??(??????????? !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!?
Ankle complications ?
I have this on my thigh and I'm not sure if it is herpes?
Is it possible to catch HIV when the tip of your ''package''comes in contact with a potentially infected area?
how do men get rid of hpv?
is 8 months enough time to determine hiv in your blood?
Yeast infection,how can I get rid of it over the counter meds arnt working?
i think i have crabs cause it wont stop itching and i see things crawling around what should i do?
Can I get HPV from someone else?
I took an HIV test today and I was wondering, what might be the early symptoms if someone is HIV positive ?
Cold soar im confused!!!!?
someone told me they can see me in the shower through my tv is this possible?
Physical Pain While Dreaming?
Yellow Jacket stings created major swelling. Help please!?
Symptoms of exercise induced asthma?
Is this some sort of allergic reaction?
How can I et rid of these hives quickly?
how do you know if your allergic to milk?
How to prevent an allergic reaction?
Allergy Problems and Relief (Summer Allergies)?
Swollen face and red eyes?
Could these problems just be allergies or is it something more?
Can I sue a doctor for writing me a prescription in which I am allergic to?
i have darks circles?
Do warts go away after a while?
My husband and his bruise (pictures)... help!?
Does acne during pregnancy last the entire pregnancy? What are ways to help reduce it safely?
how do you reduce the itchiness of a sunburn?
Can i have Tapioca if i have high Triglyceride lvl?
Does anyone have a child with TGA (transposition of the greater arteries)?
want to buy salt free foods in boca raton. Where?
PSV ratio of internal and common carotid for % blockage?
I need information about eminems drug problem?
Difference between Ornithine and L-Ornithine? Sleep?
Can I have midwife care if I know for certain that I have to have a c-section?
Who can I call and...?!?
What are the pros and cons of sleeping pills?
facts about collagen drinks.?
Vitamins/Minerals and the 6th sense?
Which is a alternative for Viagra in the below 2 pills ? Edegra or Caverta ?
do i have pink eye or just irritation?
How much would contacts cost?
Are Ereaders like kindle hard on the eyes?
Circle Lens and Astigmatism?
What is the risk of getting color blind after lasik eye surgery?
Can electronics hurt your eyes?
What will my brother look like after eye surgery?
Do I need to get glasses or contacts? How to I bring it up with my mom?
What could cause a sore throat?
Whats the lastest in RSD/CRPS treatments?
Could this be some type of brain tumor?
I need an idea for a project related to insulin resistance. Can someone help me?
could caffeine cause muscle pains?
Spot is still slightly red a week after TB test?
WHY Hematologist/Oncologist?
If you have RSD/CRPS answer this! ?
Two kind of big chugs of nyquil (daytime)?
Is it hard to sleep next to a person who is using a CPAP machine?
Man! I got a bite frm my 2mnth old puppy. . Itz teeth went inside my fckin skin n i bled.. It waz lyk a needl ?
i gave myself a salt and ice burn and its brown and has lumps and stings when i touch it, is that normal?
First aid for radon poisoning?
Snake bite questions?
I got bite by a spider on my face what do I do!!!!!!!!10 PTS?
Can I play basketball when I get a wart removed?
mouth acid burns how to treat?
How do I take care of this burn?
maybe minor frost bite?
My ear is swollen and is in severe pain, how can i get rid of it?
a small hot flash with nausea off and on?
Whats wrong with me??
What is a good brand of adult pull-ups?
Can someone tell me the unbiased risks of taking cocaine?
What makes you feel better?
three ways genetic alterations can effect cellular proliferation and lead to neoplasm development?
When does your chin grow and pronounce?
PLZ HELP!! have u ever been to UAB hospital?
Why do I break out when i exercise if I take a shower right away?
why does this spot hurt?
My stomach hurts and I keep burping what can I do to make it stop?
Do i have a yeast infection?
Can my bf get herpes even if I'm not having an outbreak?
i gone to barber he used the towel dried in the sun can i get infect with aids?
If you take Valtrex every day will it stop all future outbreaks?
CAN a GUY with TREATED HIV SMOKING POT for med get a woman PREGNANT?
Should a person tell their employees that they have HIV?
I touched someones coldsore!?
Booking an appointment at my doctors.. What do i say to stop myself getting embrassed! I have STD Symtoms!?
what are the top 5 un communicable diseases?
Why does my son have yellow gums?
where do you but the spray for the rugs and funiture for scabies? also can you get them from sharing the same?
what is a high MCV in blood work?
How to avoid diverticulitis?
what is the best diet to do to lose weight?
how do i lose weight on my midsection?
tips to reduce weight?
Overdoe? dilation? buckleys.?
Why do soft contact lenses keep falling off from my eyes?
whats wrong with my eye?
Two different prescriptions?
cheap colored non prescription contacts store?
what was it like going through anorexia?
what is the highest dosage of xanax?
I was prescribed xanax 0.25mg but its not he;ping me sleep like its supposed to can i take 2?
I was told to take vitamin C without ascorbic acid. I thought Vitamin C was ascorbic acid.Can anyone clarify?
Does the drug "Benicar " eliminate facial and body hair?
Help me find a wrist WATCH with multiple daily alarm reminders - to keep my blood sugar in check?
What is a Picc Line?
Is it possible to have O - blood type and both parents have O +?
when i'm at uni i feel i have to stay up late (say 3 or 4). what damge is this doing to my health?
I live in Texas and it b so hot here any ideas how i can cool down??
is it good for your health to drink (clean) seawater ?
is it neccessary to take a colon cleanser ?
answers for ulcers......?
I took my 5 year old son to the doctor today and he told me to give him tagamet hd for warts that he has.?
Tonsil Question Infection?
how long can the human body go without food before something bad happens?
eye shadow?
What therapies/school/prescription drugs are out there for an autistic teenage boy?
I am very fit but I want to eat well...what are foods that I should avoid to keep healthy?
Our brain...?
I got a belly piercing that tore right through the skin with time and scarred.. Should I attempt it again?
How to erase unnecessary thoughts from unconcscious mind.?
Is it ok to get violent thoughts about people around you even if you don't really want to hurt them?
whats munic? (I'm not sure how to spell it)?
Suddenly My Heart beats faster, nose gets blocked, feel headic, pain in shoulders, hands&legs shevers, sweats?
what are the signs of bipolar disorder?
I am from Tx and need my prescriptions filled down here was on program in tx called value option?
When you're confronted with solid information that contradicts your beliefs, do you get a headache?
Does stress can cause sympthoms like loss of weight or low lympocits in the biometry?
Do physicians have to repond to their patient asking for a diagnosis, prognosis and the medical necessity?
are my friends really my friends?
Any one out there with handy cap children? My daughter is 14 and does nothing but cry and scream? any advise?
is there a place for shy people?
well iam only 15 and have a memory problem well i fell off the cliff and need help?
What is the best way to overcome anxiety without medication?
how can I find a support group for bipolar disorder in my city ?
has anyone ever taken a drug called amytriptylin?
Do you want to die?
In Calif can a nurse practioner work as a mental health therapist?
is schizophrenia a permanent illness?
did norco worldwide get shutdown?
TMJ Pain...?
My bunion slightly hurts...?
I have chronic back pain, have had since 11/12/97, with 3 back surguries , walking makes worse, any ideas?
Haw I establish a pain management clinic?
what causes sharp pain in ear lobe?
Why does my leg hurt?
Knee crack???
How can i make myself taste food when I have a cold?
Plain Robitussin causing stuffy nose feeling?
why the volume percent of nitrogen in the in expiration is more than the breath .attention:lungs do not absorb
I'm curious to see the reactions to this.?
help i feel dizzy everytime i get up?
does freezing verucas off hurt?
PAIN!! Helpful answers please! Ive already asked this question but I had no helpful answers!?
Why are my lips so chapped all the time?
I have this pressure in my head...?
My mom has a skin rash almost everywhere in her body. what can she do to sop it? help!!?
Does anybody have any shoulder sunburn advice?
How to cure really dry skin?
How long will it take for my acne scars to fade with mederma?
How to get rid of spots?
My head itches, but no dandruff?
my lips have swelled, then crusted, then peeled... its horrible!?
I need to find a dermatologist!!?
help with Back Acne please?
Please answer, its about sunburn!?
Solution for problematic skin?
question about warts?
DOXYCYCLINE for acne help?
How do I get rid of my eczema?
How do I get pale skin?
pregnant and i have ringworm?
I am a 19 year old girl...I have blackheads on my nose...what is the remedy to remove them permanently.?
how long does it take for stitches in the bottom of the foot to heal?
How long will my deep bone bruise take to heal?
Is my toe broken ??..........?
i need help about my foot please?
2 years ago, i had fallen on black ice and i broke my ankle in two places and i know my doctor told me that i?
A serious ankle injury question.?
Would this kill some one? And how fast? (head trauma)?
i fell & have a horrible bruise on the bakc of my right thigh, but ther is 1 area that is hot to the touch?
Is primary hepatoma is benign or malignant?
how do i prevent what i already feel coming?
How do you fix a dry cough?
Reynaud's Disease Management?
Healthy dinner for diabetics?
What is this condition called?
can hormone pills effect your..?
Does your jaw become thicker as you age?
my heart still feels a bit weird?
Why do i have this sleeping problem?
what are some fun things to do when you have a kidney stone?
Is this okay...? *picture*?
Will my weak chin/jaw get better over time?
can bamboo cause an allergic?
allergic reaction help!?
Colored contact lenses for my base curve and diameter?
Will this blurry vision ever go away (cornea irritated)?
I had pink eye last week. The only problem I have now is my vision is still blurry. Is that normal?
Does Lotemax (steroid eye drops) improve blurry vision?
Color contacts wear and life?
Opthamologist said chronic dry eye could be a big part of my vision problem?
How long have you been wearing contacts?
Can a 14 yr old athletic boy have a heart attack?
What is ASCAD with mutiple stents mean ?
ED RNs, EMT, Cardiac Docs, Paramedics - Amiodarone vs Lidocaine in V-Fib?
I am doing a research paper on hypertension which is High blood pressure , I need help with the definition.?
why is it when i take rolled oats to try n lower my cholesterol it didnt help but raised my cholesterol instd?
What Normal And Whats Not And Is It Ever Going To Get Better?
heart arrhythmia?
Who is a candidate for inguinal hernia repair operation?
Where can i find a Cardio-Vascular Surgeon for my son that does the Ross Procedure?
how bad is a leaky heart valve? what is the procedure to fix it?
What is antara used for?
What is the difference between a smokers heart and a person who doesn`t smoke heart?
Can you take vicodin with abilofy?
Is it possible to eat dark chocolate without getting a headache?
is trazodone safe to take and is it a sleeping pill?
What does the symbol † mean when reading ingredients to a supplement?
Hair color of mixed race babies?!?
i can smoke marijuana the 21st of June 2011?
Medicine help please?
Vitamin E Capsule help?
what are natural treatments for osteoarthritis?
would smoking one month old weed make me sick?
Can you donate your left arm for a robotic/prostetic arm?
Is being a massage therapist a good profession ?
I have chlamydia and i dont have health insurance?
can aids be detected in a full medical check-up?
i have gential herpes, and had an outbreak again. Had a fever and sweated at night. is this normal?
is this possible???????????
what std can you get from french kissing?
How long to wait to take an STD test?
Does my friend have a yeast infection or an STD?
What should I put on My lips for Herpes Simplex 1?
so if i dont treat a yeast infection what will happen?
Afraid got HIV. Please read?
Aspergers and incontinence?
What am I supposed to do if I get my cast wet?
Shortness of breath, followed by nausea & weakness?
What is the best way to stop your eye from swelling?
Do you got that poison on my mind?
Do I have a spider bite?
My dad's tongue is bleeding really badly! How do I get it to stop bleeding?!!!!?
Advice on spider bite piercings?
Is it okay to take a bubble bath?
Bleach and poisoning?
Is this strep or mono? or other?
Is there a virus or disease that only affects human beings?
C Diff success story?
Are Smokers of lower intelligence than Non-Smokers?
can taking Lustral make you feel sleepy and drowsy and drain your energy ?
what is sabidol?
Febrile seizures........?
what kinds of exercise preferable for backpain?
Does eating spoiled food always cause food poisoning?
If I went to see a fat doctor about a bladder infection and he moonlights as a weatherman...?
what are ways to avoid strain of eyes while reading ebooks?
best treatment for liver problems?
Can someone please provide contact information where I can order prescription medication on line?
my daughter is having only giddiness .she is 9 yrs.what is the reason?
Obstructive sleep apnea in children- 2nd opinion needed??
how do i make acetic acid(viniger mix) for a outter ear infection.?
why statin given at night?
how can i find the prescribed use for a tube of gel on the internet that a doctor prescribed for me?" in Yahoo
why would my heart start beating real fast for about an hour and then slow down again?
If I take an energy drink and creatine will it give me even more power to run?
If a patient has a cyst on the brain;presently having TIA , what danger?
Is anadin extra hood for a head injury ?
the doctor told me i had a hypoplastic first rib can i know the meaning of this?
I broke 3 metatarsals 2nd, 3rd, and 4th all 3 at the same time at a job accident anyhow its been almost?
Ouch! Could my nose be broken?
Liver damage Question?
How do I get rid of this big underground zit by saturday?
How to get sick overnight?
Mark on breast? What could it be?
How do you avoid getting pancreatic cancer?
Question about hospital billing...please HELP!?
How can i get up early in the morning?
Which drug is the deadliest?
How do I get my brother to eat more fiber?
Why Would My Body Be Feeling These Symptoms Now?
How frequent are LSD "Bad Trips"?
How can I heal myself?
What do you think about a 15 year old talking 8 pills a day?
medical marijuana card help (serious)?
My great Grandma smoked grape leaves?
Someone help me!? Please?
How long does marijuana stay in your blood system?
Best meds for sever pain?
ARTHRITS of the THUMB? Any treatments that work besides a CORTIZONE shot???
need help due to osteoarthritis pain - no money and becoming homeless due to inability to work the plains,ohio
Severe neck pain and tension headaches?
I have been diagnosed with trochanteric bursitis. I need a good hip stretch.?
Back question?
Does anyone know any good exercises for lower back pain?
How much vicadon can be safely taken long term for pain.?
I have lower back pain and a pain that shoots down my right leg. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
My dad's headach problem..? Could something be serious here..?
Would there be any adverse side effects if i took hydrocdone while on suboxone?
Can you get an STD from your partner during menstruation if the partner doesn't have it?
could i just get monistat for it??
did AIDS existed 2000 years ago?
Can you Get HIV by Shaking Someones' Hand?
i think i might have gonorrhea?
Can a person get swollen tonsils if they have hiv?
hiv transmission through kissing?
would anyone know how long do you have to have chlamydia before it turns into lower back pains, and pid?
what are the symptoms of HPV?
Been with him 9 years, just found out i have chlamydia?
what does int vision on my rx mean, does my PD change between reading glasses and far vision glasses?
Whats wrong with my eyes?
is it ok to get 1 box of colored contacts for both eyes [details]?
why do my eyes look extremely weird with contacts in?
My vision keeps changing.?
Can sinus problems damage vision?
Why do my eyes water when i think of contact lenses?
How long would you have to stare at laser pointer to cause eye damage?
Can too much time in front of the computer screen give you dark under eye circles?
What's wrong with my iris?
I have been getting one long red vein appearing on my right eye.?
will this harm my eyes?
how do i get ride of existing facial hair and prevent growth of new facial hair?
How to get rid of chin/ upper back acne.?
How can you get rid of...?
Fingertips too puffy for guitar, what should I do?
5 cold sores on my lips. HELP!!?
After taking the acne medicine "Accutane" will the affect of "depression" still be there after you're done?
how do you get rid of ring worms. is thair something i can get over the counter?
Herpes are destroying my lips!!?
i cant take it any more! i need a cure for acne!?
What is an acne wash that's good for me?
White spot on face from sun?
HUGE Sweating problem!!!?
Should cancerous moles be removed? Yes or no?
What is a good face wash for blackheads?
Has anyone had a chemical peel?
Is this a spider bite?
How do I read the Temperature on Nextemp disposable strips?
What to use for sunburn peeling?
What are the six links of the EMS?
gas homes give carbon monoxide?
How to heal a facial cut fast and avoid scarring?
Bruise on knuckle from purging?
spider bite or infected boil?
Is marijuana really bad for a person? If you know much about this drug please tell me.?
Are any of you a Registered Nurse? If Yes How much do you make and how much do you clear after taxes?
Why are my eyes always cloudy when I wake up in the morning?
I'm feeling faint, I'm seeing water ripples in my periferal vision....?
if i'm allergic to hydrogen peroxide, am i also alergic to benzoyl peroxide?
Has anyone heard of Esophageal spasms?