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compression fracture t7 t8 of my spine, what does that mean ?
What's the average cost of a back injury?
Dent in left shin? What could it be?
what will happened to me?
how do a scab form on an injury?
i just took 12 mucinex dm pills along with a 3rd or nyquil bottle. will i die?
Non-prescription focus supplements?
Quick Question About Lush Facial Wash?
do you know if my bong is able to be fixed? i'm told yes?
I think I might have herpes?
can you get aids from kissing?
Do you think i might have hiv/aids?
do you think i have hiv?
Is it possible to get aids if your making out and both of your lips are bleeding?
whats the most common std?
Cold Sores - Herpes??
what can you do if someone you dated for a while had HIV for 8yrs and didnt tell you causing you to get it?
how long can aids live outside the body?
i need the web site name for santa clara medical center?
what is an excellent resting blood pressure for a 43 year old male?
Has anyone ever had surgery for tacacardia? If so how was it and how long was the recovery?
after taking a nap at noon i wake up with a fast heart beat.that never happens wheni wake up in the morning.?
Having trouble sleeping at night all of a sudden?
Do braces hurt when you get them removed? Do braces just plain hurt?! i need to know! i might get them.?
My throat hurts really bad.?
How to cure shoulder pain?
Can taking a hot shower and then leaning forward to rinse my hair only in really cold water get me sick?
how come the side of my right foot keeps twitching?
Finger circulation accicent. Help please asap?
why did my ear turn purple?
Its abit personal any idea ASAP?
can testicular torsion be caused by sleeping?
I have a typical problem...I tend to stink with deo..rather than without....instaed of using difernt ones.....
what is health care?
why are some people afraid of modern medicine?
is a sore throat caused by a virus contagious?
Has anyone undergone the lasik eye treatment? I have been thinking more seriously about getting it done.?
Can My Eyeball?
I have a dizzy feeling to my head after a mild fever. Should I go out?
How long does claritin D stay in the body? I have a allergy appt. in 4 days and I took some today?
Tummy ache =[?
Should doctors and nurses, after Katrina,with dying patients,simply close the doors so they won't be liable?
what is codeinum phosphoricum forte compren 50mg ? how much codeine is in it?
Can being exposed to new fiberglass insulation cause immediate health symptoms and illness?
Has anyone ever had to deal with TMJ? (Temporal Mandibular Joint)?
I have headaches on the right side of my head when I concentrate on a task or when reading.Is there a remedy?
What will be a better profession in the future?
Which are the benefits of sweat?
What funny awards can i give out to new graduate nurses?
is brown/ muscovado sugar better than using sugar substitutes?
in what condition someone must stop using insulin??
High blood sugar in the morning?
types of food that are given to diabetic patients?
what are blod vessels?
Why am i seeing colors when i close my eyes?
Am I near or far sighted?
What kind of stores would sell color eye contacts?
What causes insulin uptake?
Can combo birth control pills actually cause pre-diabetes to display itself?
glucose level?
Hi. I take the medicine "Seroquel" 150mg. How is this medicine connected to diabetes?
how safe is humantard insulin?
if glocose were found in the urine what condition would probobly be diagnosed and why?
in an Eye Examination?
who has had sinus surgery?
anyone here ever have pcos?
What does it mean to have Positive type O blood?
Is is possible to have low blood suger episodes?
Health question!!! Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Are you a semi-retired doctor who speaks native English?
Podiatrist in New York (Manhattan) that will accept Medicaid.?
does sitting under a ceiling fan many hours cause dry eyes and other eye problems?
i need a drug rehab program in los angeles that takes medi-cal insurance?
Hmm, manipulate PD to cinch prescription?
what is the average prive of contact lenses?
I gave blood yesterday and now im sick?
what is the life expectancy of someone with Endometriosis ?
Which gives off more EMF?
How much it takes for a human's life to end, when they ask for passive euthanasia?
Is it normal to not be able to wake up in the morning?
How much money does a pharmacy technician earn?
Why i have this addiction to the smell and taste of blood?
Throat Problem. Please Help.?
I sprained my knee and couldn't walk for a week, but started walking on it and now my calf hurts?
i had toren ligaments in bisept surgery 8 m0nths ago and still hurts?
Pulled a muscle/injured back smoke marijuana?
how long would it take you to recover from a concussion, 4 broken ribs and a broken arm/wrist?
I don't know if I pulled my calf muslce or if it is a major cramp.I felt a pop when I took off on a sprint but?
I've been weaned off an anti-psychotic with help, and was suddenly put back on it though i can't afford it.?
what will help sores on your tongue, that really hurts.?
infected belly ring ?
Help!!!! Advice on acne?
i need serious help about my acne.. HELP!!!?
What are birth marks?
How do I get ride of back acne!?
What is the best acne treatment?
Is it normal to feel a "static" when your skin touches someone else's?
Strange bumps on skin?
What is the best way to get rid of lice?
do stretch marks go away on there own?
is there a way to get rid of sunburn quickly?
Hemorrhoids or something else?
Head Lice ( nits ) problem ?
Can a child under 12yrs get shingles?
Anyone know a treatment to help clear acne on the back?
What to do for an itch you can't scratch?
i have bad chapped lips & cold sores they itch and have little red bumps on my bottom lip what does this mean?
i think theres something wrong with me!?
there are how manyinches in9 feet?
Acne prescription creams or pills?
Why am I allergic to Bar Soap?
There's any successful depression's treatment without drugs?
Could someone please explain to me in laymen's terms what Borderline Personality Disorder is?
Anybody take lamictal for bipolar II, if so how is it working for you? Thanks in advance for your info.?
Is psychoanalytic the same as psychology?
Does anyone have a link to the original report on the Chingleput, India Tuberculosis 15 year study.?
My 6 month old has asthma. Good place for reliable, accurate information?
My daugther is getting lots of pain in the chest and the doctor maid some xrays and she has a mild levoscolios
Where could i find old commercial with song about flow of blood through body? Adv some type of med.?
If smoking a vaporizer, will there be smoke?, if not will the vapor have a smell?
What can I do for infant (3 months) nasal congestion?
How to detect harmful pollutants around you?
what prescribed meds are there to help quit smoking? besides zyban & chantix im only interested in the oral?
how can i cure the cough?
has anybody ever smoked pcp/wet?
what happens 2 some1 that has smoked 4 more than 5 years?
how can iquit smoking ?
Sensation Behind Sternum?
My english bulldog can no longer walk after pneumonia?
if i pass out from an asthma attack....?
What happens if someone continues to hyperventilate?
I have just had bacterial vaginosis which i was told is quite common in women, will i have trouble conceiving?
what is thrush?
hiv test ????????????????????????
whoever knows about herpes, please answer...?
Help! Bloodshot eyes?!?
i drank 1 beer yesterday friday and i have a urine test on monday what will happen is it going to be possitive?
What are the best contacts for me?
i want to ask for STD tests, but don't know how...?
Where can I buy good colored contacts? Online or at Stores?
Can i get aids from someone touching me?
My right eye tears are falling what does it mean?
if u keep bothering ur eyelash,would u go crosseye/?
how long after lasik until perfect vision?
Can I still get Infected with HIV ?
Do eye exercises help vision correction?
is 1-Save-On-Lens.com a legit site?
A couple questions about contact lenses...?
8 month earache....Is it serious?
Does anyone in NYC know a great doctor that specializes in Restless Leg Syndrome. I'm desperate?
i have severe knee pain in the back of my knee, what is hurt?
Hip pain after playing basketball?
Range of Motion after Knee Replacement?
Subcentimeter thyroid nodule on left side?
Hi. What is the most heathy type of green tea?
I've been diagnosed with Breast Cancer again, feeling totally alone?
how come when i scratch my head brown stuff fall off my head?
Terminal heart disease?
How can I become more tolerant to pain?
my hip hurts :[?
Relay for life team name?
When ever I work out I have extreme pain in either my right lower side or my left shoulder.?
has anyone used the comfor-tens unit for musle pain? or a Tens unit?
how can you clean back folds?
what is hip avultion?
What is happening with my Heart?
Is smoking in a car with Children bad?
anyone know about nerve problems?
Can you eat to little if you have type 2 diabetes?
How to get rid of shin splits?
Anyone have a discogram done? What is the procedure like?
My dad has just got tested and found out he is diabetic what is the correct foods he can eat?
what is acetate (Synarel)?
Any good website for tracking and analyzing glucometer reading?
Feline all-natural Diabetes cure??????
i have a friend with diabetes and no insurance.?
Honey Could Save Diabetics from Amputation?
recently i have pain in my both shoulders.?
How many calories a day do i need i am a diabetic?
what are the common warning signs of type 2 diabetes?
who was the first person to discover diabetes?
Why aren't "fasting" students' blood sugars lower than "non-fasting" students before drinking soda?
Where Can I Find Lifestream Total Cholesterol Test Packets ???
what endocrine disease causes ketones and glucose in the urine?
is the risk of a diabetic with shingles greater then someone whose not diabetic?
i want to add a little weight without increasing my cholestrol level what can i eat to achieve this?
Anybody USING Doc Bernstein's?
signs and symptoms of a low creatinine?
What foods or drinks cause a high reading on a blood sugar test for diabetes?
sore throat and hot............?
I'm 29 weeks pregnant and cut my finger deep while cutting a chicken can i get salmonella?
Canestan 3 is wrong for me?
Need to ask a question about flu shot?
Hepatitis C experts only please?
can the nhs refuse treatment if it is life threatening?
Does EMLA cream prevent a lidocaine injection hurting?
How many days does my..?
Do I have the flu or a cold?
How does binge drinking effect the heart?
I was sent index cards for easch month and missing some?
what dose gurpreet mean?
Where can i for a gastric bypass operation?
My Grandpa has a heart murmur, and he won't go to a cardiologist. Is his condition serious?
im looking for the equipmetns used in heart transplant?
Heart beating problems .....?
Have a question about heart exercises?
Do anybody know someone who have or a docter that have know of takayasu arthritis (pulseless disease)?
what are the common errors in blood pressure taking?
What is a Cardiac Cath?
lipodissolve 10 punti?
How to sooth my sore throat?
How should I test hypnosis on people?
In Hindi what does the word 'Fitcory' stands for?
Has you done Salvia before?
I want to blow smoke without drugs?
how much is iberet folic acid in drug store?
If I fail a test due to prescribed medication, but the medication was outdated, can they refuse to hire me?
Strange lump on feet?
What is the basis for the historic tension between the powers of the federal government and powers of states?
what is the fastest way to lose twenty pounds?
Any vegetarians?
ayone done lipo?
Whats the best way to keep in shape if your working constinly?
how do you get rid of c-section belly fat without surgery?Please help me?
is it normal that even though I am hot from a fever that........?
Where do people buy MDMA?
So sick of these symptoms.....?
Is Sweating the Key to Weightloss?
What is the best exercise/diet plan for someone trying to loose inches on the lower body parts(thighs/butt)?
How do I stop ads from coming through? I clicked on a diet ad now Iam bombarded with emails from them?
I can barely hear out of my left ear.?
What is body sculpting?
What are some remedies for getting rid of a stuffy nose and sore throat fast?
how to get a flat tummy in one week time??
What is the average amount of calories a 12 year old should consume a day?
Can 2 drug charges keep me from getting a job I've gone to school for?
What type of exercises can make u fat and look healthy?
how much vitamin A and E are absorbed thru the skin ?
what is the minimum age airliners allow to solo flight?
What are some foods that have insoluble fiber?
what will happen??????????
I want to observe what physical therapy do in any facility (Hospital, Nursing home, etc).?
where to get naturesway herbel products.?
Has anyone had meniscus surgery? Meniscectomy?
asthma help!!!!?
I know for babies they say don't let em sleep on their stomach ... but how about adults? Are sides better?
How can I make me and my family happy?
what can you say about ad campaigns promoting modern family planning methods? reaction plz.. thanks!?
Ecosprin What is it?
What do I do about this problem? what causes it?
why cant i go to sleep?
I was born on Fri.May13,1955.I turned 50 on Fri. May 13,2005.My life is scary.any info?
what too do about blurred vision?
What can I do to ease the pain of severe sunburn?
why do people get hemorrhoids and is there a permanent way to ge rid of it without opting to surgery?
Who has sucessfully quit smoking and how without getting fat? Zyban?
I was given a capsule called quertin for heavy rash. I would like to know what it is and if it should work.?
Why don't we feel tired while engaged in a work , but feel it when we take rest ?
Is there a type of color blindness where a person has trouble distinguishing blue from purple?
laser pointer in my eye?
Pain and swelling in my eye!! please help?
Why is the pupil so sensitive?
is there surgery to correct upward slanted eye?
can someone answer a question about my eyes?
what is prostirtus?
What is C282Y mutation and how does it affect the body?
Can a tumor develop after Diagnosis of Psuedo-tumor?
Has anyone with osteoarthritis had experience with HA knee injections? What is your outcome?
HOW did the epidemic(black death) got its name and what measures did people took to safeguard against it?
what was societys attitude and behavior toward insulin when it was discovered-references please?
What herbal medication can I take besides glucophage?
what are types of favism ?
Schizophrenia pills, which don’t cause diabetes or cause, weight gain.?
abnormal 24hour urine test?
Does anyone experience weight gain while on Insulin?
Metformin - I have recently been prescribed metformin SR and am experiencing severe muscle pains,?
What are some good sites for finding diabetic recipes and information?
Why do diabetics feel like they're starving all the time?
poor circulation...diabetes??
Trying to gain weight on type 2 diabetes?
Im a type 2 diabetic, have a hard time exercising due to problems with my feet. How can I get my weight down?
i was talking to some friends and all of the sudden i got really dizzy vision got blurry---?
does having diabetes effect a biopsy?
If you take insulin when it is expired what will it do?
Can you contract Hepatitis C from just saliva?
how can i get rid of this yeast infection?
when should one be tested for STD?
How do you know if you got aids or HIV ?
Lack of energy from herpes. How?
HPV don't really know much about this i need some help?
Can someone tell me what this is?
If you do someone with aids with out protection is it 100%?
Do you have to get herpes in order to have herpes outbreak?
How Can I Lighten My Skin?
Why are my hands purple?
please help me im crying as im scared as to what this is on my forehead?
Do E-cigarettes work?
can you have high sugar levels and be normal?
I have just got my test results today my alt 95u/l and my ggt is 129u/l. can you give me some advice please.?
i had surgery to remove an enlarged thyroid gland?
Is it possible that I have diabetes (type II)?
i burnt my finger how long will it take to heal back up?
How many times can a person smoke..?
How come you can dream of things you never seen b4 but in yo dreams you seem 2 know these places/things?
Does anyone out there know what it's like to be a failure & a loser?
Has anybody else seen "The three faces of Eve"? What did you think?
Why am i always having this?
Is it possible for Levaquin (antibiotic used to treat my UTI) metabolites to "attach" themselves to fat cells?
Where can I find ray-ban (eyeglasses not sun) wayfarers with logo on FRONT LENS CORNER? (black)?
Question about the virus in the movie "Outbreak"?
Can a heavy cold or flu cause bloodshot eyes or is it something else?
What causes flashing lights in the corner of my eye.?
doers noses girls get their fat? I don't know...?
Testimonials of tuberculous meningitis?
My -3.75 Glasses (Plastic lenses) are very distorted and look like fish eye lenses. Should I upgrade?
The white part of my eye (think its called the sclera) went red...... WHY?
Help A.S.A.P white bump in back of throat!?
Waking up to my eyes lloking at the ceiling?
Which colored contacts would I need?
What solution can i use for FreshLook Colourblends contacts?
Drugs; weed effects? ?
Is the smothering feeling in your chest , shortness of breath and irritability symptoms of anxiety?
The chubbiness will overcome you allllllllllllllllllll.................?
How painful is it to have nasal cauterization?
Help I'm scared, could I die?
I am looking for a self help/self improvement book about chemical dependency/drug addiction.?
Central nervous system problem?
Best (pollen) allergy medicine that does not cause drowsiness?
is wilfred brimley alive?
Why is your sugar count higher in the morning?
Is low blood sugar common during pregnancy?
i have nerve damage in both feet from diabites am i eligible for disability?
why must insulin be refrigerated?
trying to find one touch monitors for testing blood sugar?
what are some symptoms of diabetes?
Deaths by diabetes?
my partner recently went to the doctor and was tested for diabetes with the glucomoetre (the machine that?
my infants lab results?
What kind of effect does vodka have on your blood sugar?
Are there any natural/safe remedies for Type-2 Diabetes?
Diabetics >>>?
what is the difference between hmalog and novolog insulin?
am i at a risk of diabetes?
How were headache tablets born/invented and when were they introduced?
what would you do if you had drunk bad water from your apartments?
How do I stop getting tired sore feet when I stand all day?
Can a person give themselves a heart attack being scared and a consistently high pulse?
Has anyone heard of Meilus Muscular Therapy?
Is it possible that scoliosis returns after surgery?
what is nueropathy?
What are common problems with the jaw and ear?
Is it possible to feel aches and pains all the time for no reason...mainly aches not so much pain?
Does anyone know anything about pleurisy? Have had it off and on for 5 months any doctor's out there to help?
Does anyone else have Sarcoidosis?
What do small triangular shadows/regions of opacity on the bottom part of both lungs seen in an x-ray signify?
i have a sinofaringitis with a brownish secretion and tonsils plaques. Any idea of what bacteria causes it?
Does Drinking beer contribute to having high cholesterol levels in your blood?
Concerned about cholesterol: does fish fat transform to Trans fat at high temp like meat?
Blood clogging?
What are the long-term side effects of taking ecospirin?
What is fibro fatty plaques?
What are the different kinds of positioning of patients during surgery?
European heart journals website?
ativan 2mg and darvocet?
Have you or someone you know ever tryed Wellbutrin Sr 100mg?
Why does my head feels heavy when im tired?
is there really something out there that gives a high that lasts 2 days, maybe an herb?
I'm always tired but can never sleep. Any cures for insomnia?
After trying everything the Dr. says, my 22 month old still has a hard time going potty, what do we try now?
How many of you agree that our elderly get mistreated in nursing homes?
Walking is a good exercise. Can anyone give clarification to the following.?
Why do people say that it's not good to drink cold water when you have a cough?
treatment for osgood schlatte4rs syndrome?
Which is the country having largest population of mosquitoes?
what is the job medical transcriptionist about?
Effexor XR-anyone taking it? Whats the suicidal thought plan risk?-R the side efffects worth the benefits?
Help with insomnia?
Do i Have herpes or something else?
Is it possible to get HIV from using the same mascara brush as someone who has HIV?
If your HIV+ how long does it take for u to start loosing weight or does HIV make u lose weight?
on a E.P.T test, positive is a cross and negative is one line?
how much time hiv virus stay on razor?
Would you get a STD test after you makeout with a girl?
Can AIDS be passed to a person, if you share and earring?
Found out im pregnant ... But have a still healing wound?
what are the symptoms of gall bladder disease orwhatever its calleed?
My knee popped during a wrestling tournament?
How can I tell if I've recovered from my injury?
Bump on my right shin?
This may be ridiculous but what is a camel toe?
Can anyone tell me anything about Thalassemia?
Will my bruise get worse?
What's wrong with my eye?
Pain in both of my ribs?
Why does my back hurt so bad?
is it normal to run a fever 3 days after gall bladder surgery?
Wavy like peripheral vision + mild headache?
will my new glasses straighten my cross eye?
Weird thing near my eye?
A random bump on my right eye . . . what could it be?
D&G DD1121 Eyeglasses or D&G DD1116 Eyeglasses?
If I have corneal neovascularization, can I still have cataract surgery?
Help with my Contacts?
What cause your eye to twitch?
Any good excercises for a lazy eye? For an adult age 26.......doesn't stay lazy just will wonder sometimes?
what causes stoma retraction in a loop ileostomy? and how can it be treated or prevented?
I live in Quakertown, Pa. and would like to donate a wheelchair and a stand. Who can I contact.?
medication named stoclex is the spelling correct?
Why does my right eye twitch allot?
I'm looking for a harness that's made to help strengthen the back and shoulders. Have you seen one?
work out with out loosing weight?
is expired protein powder harmful?
how to loose a few pounds?
Is it possible to walk 3 miles in 30 minutes?
Do you fall into the same ole routine at the gym or are you an expert at changing things up?
Is it healthy not consuming carbohydrates at al?? Won't it hurt??Won't I get thick? What foods have NO carbs??
Quick Way to Lose the LBS?
Doc found sugar in my urine. Said I might be hyperglyc or diabetic yet A1c was normal (5.2). What's up?
I am going tomorrow for basal cell cancer removal on chest. Has anyone else had this? is it painful?
what is cause of autsim ?
I have a absolute lympocytes count of 22000. my CBC i2 27000. Is this leukemia?
Shingles -- ear pain?
Is there a way to get a cheap meter ?
Neurologic impairments and breathing?
Am i too young for cancer?
do i need an adult to accompany my team during the relay for life and do i need proof of medial insurance?
Do i have Tonsillitis?Please help?
Knees gone red and hot?
Pee test in couple days, what are the chances I'll pass?
I've been getting sensations in my legs especially when I'm worrying like mad is this anxiety?
what is a star in your eye?
Can prozac alter blood sugar levels?
what causes cramps in the toes, and what can you do for them?
has anyone else had suicidal thoughts while on zoloft,and KNOW it was a reaction from the drug?
Cutting self?!?
Why do u think doctors over diagnose depression? like if your just stressed a little, they'll give u pills..
How do you deal with uncertainty in your life?
Is upper eyelid twitching hereditary?
what is superior mental activity?
Why are my eyes like this?
how to strengthen eyesight ?
How does the active ingredient in Prozac (and maybe other antidepressants) bypass the blood brain barrier?
How does zoloft effect your energy level?
whats wrong with my eyes?
Will Eye surgery have any effect on my Eye Strain?
How many lens does a house fly have in each eye?
Cateract surgery: Should both eyes be fitted with lens for distance, or should one be for up-close work?
HELP!!!!! How to get rid of dandruff by tomrorwW!!!?
what is the best lotion for dry skin?
how to get rid of rosacea? prosacea isn't working much.?
does anybody know how to give a hickey?
I have really really bad acne! Help?
Whats the best products to get rid of acne?
how do i get rid of my zit?
what liquid do i use so blood wont dry up?
how can i get gid rid of dark circles?
what can i do about a rash on belly after having my belly pierced?
My palms and top of my hands, arms, thighs and legs are ITCHING like CRAZY!!!?
How can I stop picking my lips?
unusual acne problem, i cant fix it can you help?
I don't know what to do anymore!!!?
Bumps on upper arm? (20 characters)?
I've had severe acne for about 2 years..?
Why am I breaking out with acne at 20 when i've had clear skin all my life?
whats the best way to get rid of CHAPED LIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the best working affordable acne treatment for teenage girls?
How can you tell if your wrist is broken?(there's no visible signs it's broken but she can't move her fingers)?
what does it mean when your chest muscle jump?
Some cartilage on my outter ears is damaged from headphones?
Knee pain? What could this be?
Why is my foot still hurting after all this time?
how do you know if your toe is broken?
Sprained knee left unattended?
which does not belong skull rib cage vertebral column or pelvis?
how long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
What is best for ACL repair physical therapy, elliptical machine or stationary bike?
how to really get rid of scabies?
application of Elisa for immunological disease?
Can someone explain to me what H. Pylori IgG, Abs means?
I got a fever? and i feel dizzy?
Is it ok to work out when you have a mild cold?
What is the difference between a cold and the flu?
How many people die from malaria every year?
what are symptoms of aids/hiv?
my boyfriends has herpes if we want to have a baby will i get the herpes to? im a female?
How long should I wait for my HIV blood test results,if done in a clinic?
Can cow milk cure AIDS?
Ok a family member just found out she had HERPES (std).?
I have recently been diagnosed with herpes and I wanted to know can I still teach in England with an STI?
Do i have an STD ? I have pain lots of pain.?
I think i have an std what do i do??
I might have oral Herpes, but how the heck can I have it!!?
What should i do with the cup my brother drunk out of?
Can you contract an STD/STI if you've only slept with 1 person?
Has any woman or women ever used the birthcontrol "NORPLANTS' and gotten pregnat??????
dry air/ sinus headaches?
medical review for dr. mark gundersen?
I have really bad posture, How do I straighten my already rolled shoulders??
How does that stuff work to help a headache that you rub on your forehead?
what can cause you to have a pinched nerve?
What should i do?
3 weeks i have been feeling a small rock in my left eye when i close my eye but now i have a hurting eye?
why do i have sore gums and throat?
Hey everyone! I have a 3 year old who has asthma and allergies...?
What is the ICD-9-CM coding of tension pneumothorax due to gunshot wound pentrating chest cavity?
Does anyone know where to purchase any tracheostomy straps that are not white?
ok i finshed working out yesterday and was taking a hot shower and i tasted a little bit of blood and spit o?
I have recently got out of the hospital with not so good news...help?!?
Tightness in chest when eating or drinking?
by which method can we give surfactant for patient with heyaline membrane disease?
Can anyone tell me the meaning of "a raised right diaphragm" shown on an abnormal x-ray? History of cancer.
Bad Cough from alcohol?
Has anybody every used the SUAD - an oral device - to help correct Sleep Apnea?
Sore Throat?
what is hypoxia?
Mucous: Don't Know What to Do.?
what is the use of points ? where and how can i utilise? why there is no reserch and development of homeopath
greasing ones feet to feel warmer?
How long can back plasters be stored in a closet before losing potency?
Do cripples get recycled at the hospital?
Searching for Waterless Pedicure Supplies?
Medicines that cause Black Tongue?
Need help with gluten intolerance Please!?
Why are so many people allergic to penicillin?
My golden lab ears are swollen at the tips and has an eye infection in both eyes? What could it be?
why am i getting bloody noses?
i need to know what kind of allergy medicine to take while iam taking warfarin?
am i lactose intolerant?
Why is my cheek swollen?
how can i stop making my lip turn bright red?
Allergic To Mangos? But Can she Still eat them?
I am thinking about medical school. Any Tips?
am planning to do theses about the health risks condition of the IT professinals. ideas needed...?
left corner of my left eye hurts what can it be?
How do I find out the size of my eye for contacts?
Big circles in my vision when I get headaches??? What is this?
Why do i have brown outlines on my eyes?
do i have a retina detachment?
Why is my eye twitching?
Contact Wearers: Focus Night and Day Discontinued Looking for Equivalent?
Why is it the second I take my contacts off to take a nap, I am no longer sleepy!?
Why does GLUCOSE and PROTEIN not normally appear in the Urine? (The reasons are different)?
when a diebetic person gets a tattoo?
Where is Dr. David Jackson?
What are some books about Charcot Marie Tooth?
Help my legs are bowed?
glucose and protein in pregnancy?
how many people in the world have acute lymphocytic leukemia?
Is this a sinus infection or something else?
how can i get rid of Stammering?
Heart valve replacement - will I need anti-rejection meds? see details....?
How would a person recognize the difference in heartburn and GERD?
I have really bad lower back pain someone plz help!?
amoxil kick in?
what is a magnetic resonance venogram exam?
remedy for pertusis (wooping cough)?
Has anybody had an experience taking Valium on an airplane to calm nerves? Does it work?
what happens when you tear your acl?
how much should a male 16 years old weigh?
How can plasma donation sites pay donors?
when was toilette paper invented?
what determines your blood preasure?
why do you have to take the recomended dosage of medicine?
When blood is being tested..is it possible to know wat all are present in the blood ?
what is the benefits of fish oil?
Nail bit completely down, won't grow in right?
I have a question about height.?
Gallbladder problems? Please read?
I'm 13 and on the brain height my head is 24" of circumference.I am 5'7" high.Will my head stay any bigger?
Why do we stretch when we wake up?
What's the difference between IBS symptoms and gallstone problems?
Does it sound like something is wrong with my gaul bladder?
What is this tiny bump on my bottom eyelid?
Hit my head now i have a bump and its been there for a year.?
when will the endorphin in the body wear off?
What did i do to my ankle?
My ankle hurts for no reason?
Pain in my right side?
Why am I still having foot spasms?
Painkillers for nerve pain?
I have a nervous habit of constantly picking/biting my lip and cracking my knuckles. How do I break this habit?
are there any doctors in so. indiana that are liberal in prescribing pain meds?
Need a refill.on.pain meds ?
How to be comfortable with a compression fracture?
get me my voice!!!!!! 10 pts!!!!?
Hallucinations from sleep deprivation?
i was at camp and sleeping in a cot....?
Small red bump on lips?
Do I have HIV? Please help me.?
Could I Possibly Have Herpes?
Do I have oral herpes?
if i got cut and someones salvia was there could i get aids?
Leg cramps from H1N1 swine flu?
How long after a sty removal surgery can i wear makeup?
Really dry painful eyes?
How to get rid of burnt taste buds?
i have brown eyes and i want hazel/green but i have 20/20 vision so can i get contacts even if i dnt need them?
my eyes change color and even mix color why?
will cataract surgery get rid of floaters?
Why did my dogs eyes turn out two different colors in this photo?
How is type 2 diabetes different from type 1?
What is "silent type 2 diabetes"?
Can accutane cause gallstones?
i got a good one for the underworlers of memphis,arkansas,mississippi.saddamof mississippi quote of the centur
What's the best way to handle fibromyalgia pain?
why would a doctorlie to a patient about test results for a stool samble concerning a skin illness.?
What could be wriong with my child who cries when passing stool ?
Are muscles bad for gout?
Could you tell me how to deal with Dermamyositis?
Osteomylitis on the skull?
Pulmonary Function Test Q. What are possible causes for one's *expiration* to be abnormal...?
resmed 30011 manual?
Why do all deodorants make my armpits red?
Help! I think I might have herpes or a cold sore...?
Help! i have really bad discharge on my scalp, like yellow coloured flaky skin?
eczema scar treatment(white scars)?
please help as soon as possible?
black heads..ughh!?!?!?!?
Have you heard of this website for cold sores?
what kind of shampoo is good for itchy scalp?
accidently spill super glue?
Does birth control yaz,work to treaat hormonal acne?
why does my chest and back itch at night time around the time i go to sleep?
Do i have a spider bite, boil, or neither?
My 5 year old had fever all day, gave him medicine, and now he's breaking out everywhere! Is this normal?
Damaged skin?
can anybody help me with my sunspots ?
Should orthotics b worn w/ motion control shoes 4 severe overpronators or would th 2 give 2 much support?
How can I find Two doctors in the miami area who deals with carpal tunner syndrome .?
Can an engagement ring cause hand/nerve pain?
Can someone help me with pains after eating certain foods?
sharp pains in head often?
what is the optimum way to loose wieght through a liquid diet?
What are the best ways to lose a double chin?
I am 49 years old. I am suffering from chronic psoriasis, high cholesterol, minor liver disorder. Comments pls
how many push-ups do i got to do to NOT be able to move tomorow?
how can i get rid of the fat on my legs... i have tried everything. i bike for about45mins and esclispes for a
Problem with shoulder?
If you have Scoliosis, and an Untreated Concussion, what can happen?
If you cut up the insides of two of your fingers and bandages them together would they heal together?
Pleasee, pleasee, help me! D:?
why does my ankle get sore really easy?
Can't lift my right foot... cannot flex my foot?
What are ways or how do people injure their wrists?
Did I injure my lumbar spine?
Shoulder injury recovery time?
I hurt my ankle a month ago and it still bothers me?
Strange pain in ankle?
Muscle recovery question?
Where is the femoral nerve located?
Question about my broken ankle?????? Please answer no one is.?
what do you perfer?
add co mobid with cyclothymia?
what is zoloft?
How to recover tentions of our daily life?
Know of web site for son of Rolling Thunder, medicine man and/or other Rolling Thunder information?
windkessel effect?
who was the first person to undergo a heart surgery?
why does pitting occur in some of the edemas & in some not?
what does S V T stand for in a health ?
Im sick but i dont know what i have? ?
what is calamine lotion?
Is smoking marijuana bad for people with HCV?
How much does life alert cost?
is it normal plzz answer me plzzz help plzz am worried !!! 10 ptss?
Whoa, did I almost blackout?
does testosterone shots help with impotence?
how do i reduce intestinal toxicity?
Ways to grow taller!?
I've been sick for a week, and i have been taking medicine fine, today when i woke i felt fine, but now ...?
What is good for cleansing the systen of unwanted polutants, quick, fast and a hurry to past test perm?
what does long term use of over the counter pain killers and prescription drugs do to your liver?
what is pt-141? what does pt-141 do our body?
if mother is Rh positive n baby is Rh negative so then can baby survive?wat are the chances of complications?
to all the smokers out there, do you want to quit? if not why?if so why?
are you cheating on your boy or girl? how many times had u cheated on someone?
In US, Can I buy medicine at the grocery or in a supermarket 24/7?
Online hearing test are not accurate?
I'm thinking about becoming a physical therapist or going into sports medicine.?
i eat, then an hour later im hungry again.....?
my ankles swell, and l have C.H.F., can l do any thing to stop the swelling? l dont take salt.?
question about xanax?
Lamictal and Alcohol?
If I get a doctors recommendation for medical marijuana. Will it show when I try to get a life policy?
Will taking antibiotics for a UTI (Macrobid 100mg) effect birth control pills..? (Alesse 28)?
Pills or oil tablets that are known to...?
Marijuana Joints expiring?
How do you swallow a hit?
5htp gave me a headache?
Is yerba mate safe for people with high bp and on meds?
Is lasik eye surgery detectable?
when i blink only one eye closes completely?
Should i get purple contacts?
What is my eye problem called?
Am I gonna need glasses soon?
HELP!! i cant do my eye contacts!!!?
Feel ill when watching TV/on the computer/playing video games...?
i'm having problems seeing with incandescent light?
Tiny yellow spots on eye waterline?
is a retine operation is succesful or not? if so where is the best country could is go to make this operation?
Does wearing computer glasses help eyes?
Question about eye damage caused by a severe black eye,hemoraging,and having the other eye smashed? 10 pts?
We have a real flea problem at our house, what do we do? We've tried many treatments.?
Why are hospitals painted green??
Anyone ever use the over the counter wart freezer stuff?
Does anyone have an effective treatment to help with familial (essential) tremor?
Whats the best way to get rid of fleas in a cabin?
Can Gas in you stomach put you to your knees?
Can anyone tell me what bodily substance controls the rate at which we grow?
does anyone know if it is safe to proceed with an esophageal endoscopy test if you are have a sore throat?
Anyone else here that is a care giver to an elderly person or elderly parent?
y do i sweat so much?
What is the difference in the degree required to earn a BSN Bachelor of Science versus an RN registered Nurse?
I have moderate chest pain by the left side of my chest, like towards where i can feel my heart. details.?
I need the manufactor of MARSHALL sphygmomanometer (blood pressure meter)?
How do ingrown hairs occur?
I'm pretty positive I have social phobia. What do I do about it?
I am taking thyroid medication .112 My FT4 test in within normal limits, but my TSH is 8.51, why is that?
What causes warts? I mean lots of them all over face, arms, back..?
Of the following symptoms, sweating, dizzy spell and blood in the vomit, what is the possible cause?
i am affraid to tell my boyfriend about i have herpes?
Is it True?????????????????
just cause you have hiv does that mean?
Assume HIV does NOT = AIDS?
Will i get herpes??????????
Can you get gonorrhea from using the same soup as an infected person???
help!!! is this an STD??? if so which one?
My boyfriend has broncitis . How can i take care of him , make him feel better ?
what products can I use to grow back eye lashes after cancer treatments?
a question about factors that can cause brain damage? for 10 points?
i need some help! i dont no whats wrong with me.?
how to open 50% lad artery block?
What amount of cough syrup would be safe for me...?
My eye got puffy over night from my cats, what shall I do about about my eye?
cigarette smoke allergies?
Allergy skin testing?? kind of confused!?
What is this under my nose?
IBS or other food intolerance?
Is it possible to be allergic to your own tears?
can you use saline nose spray as eye drops?
Why is it when I blow my nose nothing comes out?
allergic reaction how long will this last?
Brown Eyes with light green/grey around it?
Cause of temporary blurry peripheral vision?
How do our eyes focus on certain things?
Kaiser's contacts questions?
Are Mystyleoptics Contacts a good brand?
Occasional Vision Issues - Fireflies? Oh my. Help?
What are those stickers you can put on sunglasses so you can still see well if you have bad eyes?
Is there any ADD medicine that does NOT supress you apetite out there?
about type 2 diabetes and blood sugar level?
My doctor requested a Fasting Blood Sugar test and I fasted for 14 hours. Is that still ok?
Why would a person w/ diabetes need to where special stockings that are tight?
Are there any non-prescription drugs or anything else, that can replace gabapentin for neuropathic pain?
What is the best website to find foods and their carbs.?
ANY one out htere familiar with ssdi?
Diabetic. Feel tired. What can I take to give me energy in the day?
hows the glocuse value converted to mmol? to be more specific, whats the mmol value of 120? hows it computed?
intermittent claudication?
help with finding doctor for diabetic...please.?
any useful life style alteration for a indian diabetic with indian recipies and alternatives?
what are the steps whereby the carbs of the diet are converted to glucose in the body?
Where can you get free blood testing kits and sample meds?
My ankle hurts again, what should i do.?
I had a foreign body granuloma in my thumb from crushing it will it always look like "sausage finger"?It's big?
I hit my head on the floor and now i have a bump. When will it stop hurting?
after you break a toe...?
annoying pain in neck?
Out on injury but want to go back....?
Internal stitches poking out?
Hypothetically speaking, how hard is it to sprain your ankle?
What is the pre-op procedure for an arthroscopy / meniscus repair?
spine pain near bottom neck/ top back middle?
What would be the minimum appropriate age to get rhinoplasty for a broken nose?
How can i tell if i have a groin pull or hip flexor injury? it hurts if i run fast.?
can u have a backset of encephalitis ?
What's a foley catheter and cystocopy feel like?
I just had the flu, am I still contagious?
who knows a LOT and the TRUTH about hemmoroids? please read?
Yea...... I have a sickness!!!?
Why did the yellow/white spots turn brown on my Tonsils?
Vomiting Sensation for past four days?
will a Z-pak cover a strep infection?
Is it just the flu or should I be concerned?
I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.?
have a diagnosis with non-epeliptic seizers of right shoulder and amr, what type of treament is available?
How long does it take to get a kidney once on you are on the transplant list?
I have an ANA test if 1:640. I hurt ALL the time, pain in ribs, muscles, joints. Drs take lightly and I?
What should i do if i twisted my ankle?
What is sclorosis and spondylosis?
my friend s bulmic. what should i do?
What is the medical condition for air in the gallbladder?
Is there a website where I can find information about multiple sclerosis?
blood in my stool?
Can vigorous exercise after a meal causes kidney stones?
kidney donation real questions to ask before being a living donor?
case histories of heat related illness?
what is wrong with me, am i seriously ill?
What's the fastest way get marijuana out of your system?
i have been having very bad stomach acid problems and i think its because of the lexapro?
is being ticklish is genetic?
When I see my crush i get really cheesy (blush)..... My skin turns red and really hot WHY?
Headaches, Nosebleeds, and cold - symptoms?
What our short and long term effects of OTC's (Over The Counter Drugs)?
Stomach problems....... Symptoms below. Help?
Yaz & Zoloft interaction?
How do I get rid of my wart?
Is ssi determined by the severity of the disability or is there a set amount for any disability?
I would like to ask for some advice on symptoms of long term stress?
Is it safe to breastfeed while taking the antibiotic Zithromax?
Chest Pain and Trouble Breathing?
how do you stop snoring??
Why did i wake up this morning not being able to breathe?
Is continuous asthma lead to autoimmune disorder?
Need a job in UK as a pharmacsit. Have an exprience as a Retail Pharmacist since 2003.?
Is it possible to have had Asthma my entire life and just get diagnosed at age 36?
Why do I experience twitching in the middle of my sleep at times?
how can the incidence of sudden infant death be reduced?
What is the world record for constipation?
Does anyone know a good physical therapist on the North Shore of Massachusetts (Salem/Marblehead area.?
does any one want a nurse to lookafter their elders in uk?
i dont know if anyone has ever experiances this.?
what could it be?
can u get lactose intolerant all of a sudden.?
Why do "charlie horses" occur? How can you prevent them?
This question is basically for someone on oxygen. I am on 2 liters and I can still carry it around without ..?
If you were in a coma for the last ten years, would you wake up feeling well rested?
What's wrong with me I have nightmares constantly throughout the night and sometimes like every 2 hours?
what would be the effect on your lungs if you inhaled black n milds or small filtered cigars?
How can I make my boyfriend feel better?
Hypnosis... Does it really work? If so what is better self Hyp. or with a therapist?
I cant breathe propley and im in deep pain with my back help ??
what virus can cause endocarditis?
What kind of feet do you have?
Does anyone know how to heal your lungs and throat after quitting smoking?
Is it possible to revitalize your lung capacity after smoking?
Asthma treatment making me HUNGRY??!!!!?
my 3 year old daughter is having chest pains?
What causes scar tissue on your lungs?
This is a curios AIDS question please someone answer.?
how do you use a comdom?
Is this true about herpes?
Herpes question?
Do you think I have a case over a false positive hiv test?
Isit possible I could have HIV?
should i be worried about swallowing?
what was the latest time you slept?
how to cure a burned leg?
borba skin products for teen age acne?
What are these wide dimple like holes in my cheeks?
I have a long white hair on my cheek, how can I get rid of 'em? What's the best solution for this?
brown spots on skin?
I have black hair on my lower back and around my stomach (navel). is there anyway to remove it? without laser!
i have.....acne..weel a litlle bit in my nose....what can I do??
Get rid of blister/scar on lip?
What is good for a cold sore?
scab came off facial abrasion on a 5yr old. Area is discolored how should i treat it?
Hyperhidrosis and its treatment...?
What are some natural ways to get rid of acne?
i have a heat should i go to soccer practice?
Acne Scarring?
how does somebody get ringworm?
Roundish circle on my arm? Help?
How to cure peeling skin on face?
I have acne, would showering twice a day be good?
I want to get big, strong and cut up. What tips can you give me?
Where can I go to lose weight (i.e. adult w.l. clinic, etc.)?
What is the best excercise to work the abs?
What songs are included in your workout playlist?
how do you lose twenty pounds in a month?
Will push ups help me lose weight?
Are dairy products included in a low-fiber diet? If so, how many?
What are some good excercises to do to strengthen knees?
does chewing gum several hours a day tone your face muscles?
Anybody have some secrets to get into bikini shape or tightening up those abs?
if a person is overweight will you still date them?
If I do situps will I lose my gut or just have muscle under the flab?
Does Bubble Gum make you lose weight?
do your children like potatoes at meal time?
How can I avoid wrist injury while hitting a heavy bag?
I want to keep building muscle, while shedding some fat for more definition...?
my eyes are like microscopes?
Lasik eye surgery?????????????????
What is wrong with my sister's eyes?
what color are my eyes?(pic)?
My eye is really annoying me!?
My father has lose his vision in his left eye due to the accident which took place last year..pls help me... ?
Contacts are blurry when looking at computer screen?
Blind spots after exercise?
Could the Sun have damaged my eyesight?
Does anyone here have problems breathing only when they lay down?
What are the effects on blood sampleswhen they are left out in room temperature and the properties of blood.?
Why are you supposed to stay out of the sun after taking certain medications?
is the heat causing me to have nose bleeds? i have one just about everyday.?
What are some of the worst aspects of Medicare prescription drug coverage?
Ear infection...?
what is medical terminology?
Is it safe to take Imitrex (oral) 1 hour after taking Advil?
Are there side effects of the EEG test?
why do some medications tell you not to lay down after taking them?
Hi Im 29 weeks during 27th week i went for Glucose Challange Test. result is positive?
What kind of food and drink allowed for some one suffering from diabetes and/or stomach ulcer?
in one touch test strips to measure blood sugar level,the normal control range mentioned is for fasting or pp?
high blood sugar and high cholesteral?
body measurements and weight?
diabetic nephropathy stage 3 experts only.?
Cymbalta question......?
How much can a 50 year old diabetes patient expect to pay for health insurance?
brothers with diabetes?
TSH (thryoid) TEST?
Low Blood Sugar?
chromium picolate - is it healty for you? or side effects??
I need so suggestions!?
How much insulin would it take to induce shock resulting in death for a nondiabetic male?
I have spenco orthotics in my shoes and they are making annoying squeaky noises around the heel,what do i do?
I just had my second steroid epidural shot in my back called a spinal block has anyone else felt like there?
Pain in the neck,shoulders and arms?
What can I do to make my neck stop popping and cracking all day, especially when i move it from side to side?
would an ace bandage help with shin splints?
Whats with my RSD??
why does my sternum hurt?
My boyfriend thinks he broke his hand, again. Should he go to the hospital?
Can a doctor deny your request?
Could this have caused a concussion?
what does it mean to get popping feeling in my toes and achilles tendons that send a shock to my calf?
I was rubbing my pant leg on my blister, it popped and now I can't walk, or it will hurt. Any suggestions?
Can you still have Osgood Schlatter's Disease without swelling or a bump between your knee and shin?
How bad and how long will it take to heal my hamstring?
Is it bad if my foot starts swelling , if i messed up my knee?
Do I have bruising or something else?
Why would someone need a full body cast?
Should i take Antibiotic(Minocycline hydrochloride)b4 meal or after, package sz b4 doctor sz 30 min after meal?
how do i Know if my son is a genius?
Where to find a diet website like SparkPeople but only for diabetics?
I've taken valium frequently for two weeks. Will it still take 36-200 hours for half of what remains to leave?
What was your weirdest dream ever?
How do you get rid of memories that you don't want from the past?
How do you get rid of a cold fast without medicine?
Is it possable to laugh so hard that you lose your sence of humor forever?
7 MM benign choroid cyst on brain, doctor says not worry but how?
Question about Blood Disorders?
scenario: 67 yr old man admitted to hospital after suffering a TIA. He doesn't take any meds, just vitamins.?
which pill works best for you?
Why DON'T I get bags under my eyes after not sleeping?
why isn't everyone the same?
What is the weirdest, most crazy dream you've ever had?
What is Respirdal and why do so many people say it "messes them up?"?
Is there such a thing as adult ADD, and is it treatable?
Do You think its ik for a man to dress as a sissy maid and serve women?
my 7 yr old son has been acting up bad......?
do you think it ok for a man to be submisive to a woman in public? And Be submissive in the day to day lifesty
Any opinions on Doctors & Clinics in Tyler, TX?
T-wave alternans device?
I think i have a heart condition maybe you can help?
Is there any deseases that manifests changes in nail structure?
Help>>> I AM CURIOUS IF MY Tics are due to TAKING LEXAPRO?
what is mean by Rx on top prescaption.?
Is it possible that I'm addicted to Chloraseptic Throat Spay?
Do i have to have a priscription to buy 5 HTP?
is white rhino any good?
why should any one use a supplement for body building?
if you puke right after you take ecstasy will you still roll?
Can anybody provide the list of cough syrup in delhi.?
what does zinc,niacin, and saw palmetto make?
Breast Massage and Weight Loss?
johns' Hopkins giving wrong diagnosis?
i am freaking with this lump in my throat...?
Married to someone with Hepititus C?
I have lupus adn it causes me to gain weight, how do I get it off?
teenage with glaucoma, certain of blindness?
What courses Tonsitils and What can I do to cure them?
terappy of migren (headace)?
are they any home remedies for the removal of a sebaceous cyst of the breast?
how can i cure hemoroid?
What does it mean when your head hurts and you loose your balance?
dr have diagnosed with me with lower stage schizofrenia saying my dopamine levels are high what does it mean?
what is Carbamazepine 200 mg ? what are side effects of this drug?
steroid neuropathy?
Why do I keep purging?
what can i do to have a clean syatem by tomorrow?
Need advice about drug interactions?
Stept throat question. Please help?
what are the long term side effects of using hallucinogenic drugs?
Am I sick or crazy (any relation between loop dreaming and vomiting/nausea)?
what does it mean to have a tight stomach?
How to tell if you would make a good pot smoker?
where can I get sergical lube in stores?
What are some good over the counter medications to help with IBS?