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I just had surgery for my fractured ankle. i'm home now but my ankle still hurts when I try to walk more?
I got a cubestick cotton stuck inside my ears what should i do?
PLEASE HELP!! Why is the top of my right ear warming up?
What is another name of cyprofloxacin what kind of pill is this?
PLEASE HELP ME!!! IM IN PAIN my left eye is so irritated i cant open it....?
What does this mean??????? Help this could change a life!!!!!?
Non prescription color contacts. Where can i buy them?
My new glasses give me a headache.?
i REALLLLLY need answers!! Helpp mee pleaseee!!!?
What is the easiest and safest way to scratch your leg in a cast?
How to deal with asthma?
I'm taking 3 capsules of omega 3 for my depression. I feel better but I now have idigestion all day.?
I feel fat...I don't want to eat. Help?
How can I keep from being hungry all day long?
Could I have diabetes? I have all symptoms that I can find and its in my genes but Im only 19 and in goodshape?
Diabetics should always be given candy?
I can't afford therapy! What do I do?
How many more people have to die from cocaine.I just lost another friend to this evil?
What's dyslexia?
Pus come out of my ingrown nail yesterday?
Could i be addicted to caffine?
Me and my friend would like to trade eyes. Is there any kind of surgery I can perform at home to do this!?
Diabetic, and why was i put on insulin?
I want to take St. John's wort because it really helps me with mood improvement, but I get gas and bloating,
Bad allergy attack, what can i take, im breastfeeding.?
Is anyone sure that nothing rymes whith orange?
I get sick when i try to eat in the morning?
Will i get sick if i drink toilet water?
If i smoke i hit of weed how long will it take for it not to show up on a drug test?
How to cover wounds while swimming?
I am a 17 year old and i bite my nails alot.?
A dog bit my hand. I think it might be getting infected. At what point do i go to the hospital?
Is it ok to play football after open heart surgery?
High blood pressure and high cholestorol?
What are some effective natural methods of going to sleep?
I ate some borax????
can someone just help me anyone? I think my lifes really over! HELP!?
Why are Mds hostile to alternative health care?
I got hit in the head. I've had a migrane 4 days and been nauseous. Should I go to the doctors?
I think I broke my middle finger..?
Will the hospital laugh at me?
I can't feel my arm. What did I do?
Sprained Ankle?
I need some serious help, i'm confused and need some answers please?
what are the warning signs for herpes?
Can female ejaculate transmit an STD?
Is AIDS worst way to die? Is it painful?
What's a painless way to commit suicide?
♥What if you were dignosed with HIV?
is it possible to die from swallowing dog hair?
What's the best age?
Deodorant substitutes?
I have type 2 diabetes dianosed 3 wks ago, I some times get blurred vision I had my eyes checked out,?
Are cold sores a form of herpes?
How common are herpes??
I suffer from frequent nosebleeds. 1.) How do I stop them? 2.) What could be the possible cause?
My *** hurts after taking a dump that was slight diahrrea, and wiping. what should I do to ease pain?
If you smoke marijuana.....?
Why can't some diabetics donate blood?
Can type 1 diabetics work in the military?
i live in a green area and my allergies are killing me! what can i do about it?
Can I lower my tolerance to marijuana by smoking k2?
Home remedies for a cold(easy 10 points)?
I know for a fact that I've hit rock bottom, what now?
i hypnotised my lil brother and i don't know how to wake him up. and how can you tell if they are awake?
what is the nutrisional to combat ADHD?
i need helps...please...?urgent...?
Does getting stiches removed hurt?
I have chlamydia my partner says he hasn't cheated on me can he have gotten it from his past relationships
what are the chances of getting hiv if you only had inercourse one time with an infected person?
How come when I was being tested for HIV I got a blood test intead of a HIV test?
The cure for herpes ?
What do you think of Richard Dawkins' views on alternative medicine? read details?
Alcohol vs. Marijuana....preferences???...and why?
what time you wake up?
HOW do u get diabeties like if no one in your family has do u still have a chance of getting diebeitis?
How do I detox my body naturally?
Tail bone pain...?
I've not done anything today, but I feel tired and extremely exhausted. Why?
How Do You Cure A Common Cold and Fast?
Is this considered skinny?
whats an easy way to lose weight without dieting?
Lack Of Sleep??
Ive been having urges to eat sand?
Is it at all bad to sleep "au naturale"? (naked)?
Help with seasonal Allergies?
STD'S I need to know something bout one?
what do i need to do if my step dad rapes me?
I'm 16 and my blood sugar was 42 an hour after eating. How bad is this?
Why do people not understand that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are very different diseases?
Which has more germs?
Can you die from eating too many joint roaches?
Why cant I sleep after I roll?
Do smaller eyes see less?
can i get contact lenses if i have really bad eye sight?
How do you get rid of a scab ??
why am i throwing up blood?
i put hydrogen peroxide on my face by accident. What should i do???
I got crazy glue on my fingers what should I do?
I just got a navel peircing, of course I'm curious about infection, could it be?
How to stop the pain of sunburn?
Freaked Out!?
I feel a bit like I may as well DIE!? Is this normal?
Why is cutting yourself so bad?
can I have a baby with a faulty heart valve?
So I am trying to stop smoking marijuana....?
how to make up your mind to wake up and GET OUT OF THE BED in the morning?
Bruising...Does anybody know how to heal bruises quickly?
My dog has a bladder infection can i give him cranberry juice or azo pills?
So...um...kind of embarrassing, but...?
Should STD positive people be branded to show they have it?
Women, do you wipe back to front?
If I found a cure for AIDS, how rich would I be?
My 17 month old son is allergic to dust mites anyone know where i can find some acarson powder? i'm desperate!
Throat gets scratchy after eating melon what's wrong?
how can i sleep without being scared?
I want to try weed, but i'm still not entirely sure...?
do you bruise when you give blood?
Can you change your eye Color naturally with lemons and oranges?!?!?
Why Are So Americans So Fat, Obese & Disgusting?
do you have to pay to go to the ymca and work out? or use the facilities in general?
I'm 5' 6": pretend you knew me; what would you say when hearing i weigh 145 lbs?
Calorie ?'s?
My wife is a diabetic.She wants to go on a diet.Are there any diet pills that are safe for her to take?
Is it ok to use antibiotic ointment 4 months after expiration date?
What's the one thing that will cheer you up no matter what?
if some1 smokes weed or used to and now they have bad memory loss or bad effects what to do about it?
do vaccines cause autism?
What is the quickest way to get rid of a cold?
another CPR question?
How do you create a diabetic diet plan?
Do I have Type 1 diabetes ?
what is the common STD? how do u get it? what are the symptom? is this STD cure able?
AIDS do i have it?
What amount of calories per day should I eat?
can you gain weight from drinking alcohol?
help serious medical question. answer fast.?
How do you get a bug out of someone's ear?
Help for flat feet?
Who has been through EMT Basic?
What kind of insect bite would cause a large area of swelling and then a blister?
Can we wear contact lenses all day, and not wearing glasses at all.?
Do you think having 5 cups of coffee a day is going to cause me to have health problems?
how could i lose 100 pounds by june?
side effects from amoxocillian?
Is there any sun block that covers 100%? For extremely sensitive skin?
HELP. im 16 and still an A cup. i feel helpless.?
What things can cause body swelling, is it serious?
Can I take this Medicine without..dying? Ha(:?
Son smokes marijuana and can't pass a drug test. What can he take to do pass?
I have a cold again #[email protected]! What are some natural remedies I can try to boost my immune system?
whenever I'm high my knees ?
is there a difference between Post tramatic stress disorder and general anxiety disorder?
How to heal the skin on my ring finger that is sore and irritated under my wedding bands?
do you think quit smoking works?
how can i stop mxxxxxxxxxg?
Does the laser eye surgery work?
help me!!!!!!!!!!plzzzzzz!!!!!!!?
How can I give myself a love bite or hickey on my neck?
Under pressure at work to get FLU shot?
What is the worst tasting medicine in the world?
What can bleeding in the brain lead to ?
What makes a milk allergy different than milk intolerance?
very worried....please help?
I just watched a very disturbing video - I feel sick?
Does anyone know any good anxiety/depression meds that really work? I'm on prozac and it don't work very well.
I saw a scary movie and am now terrified. What do I do?
Blood sugar 120, not diabetic?
has any one heard of diabetics .drink stagg beer because theres no sugar?
Is marijuana addicting??
What herbs and vitamins can i take for energy?
Please help me I am fat and I'm serious about loosing the weight before I turn 25yrs. old! What more can I do?
Is it normal to be sore 2 days after heavy weight lifting?
Cabbage soup diet?
How do I tell my boyfriend I need glasses?
how do you feel when you smoke weed?
Did I fracture my toe???
Do doctors let you choose the color of your cast?
What can I do to bring down the blood sugar count with diabetes.?
how is the best way to stop smoking marijuana?
Thick ring won't come off finger! help!?
How do I cope with intense depression?
I am really super sick...?
Can young teens grow white/gray hair?
Would you rather be a tall person or a short person?
worse for u weed or alcohol?
HELP Blood dried inside ear tube how can I get rid of it?
I hit my pinkie toe on the door frame I think it's broken but my entire foot is purple. should i go to the dr?
Will i throw up when i get blood taken?
i need a surgery now but?
can i sue my school cuz i was coming up the stairs got pushed in 2 the metal bit of stairs & have 2big bruises
why does a diabetic person sometimes need to inject insulin?
haloween can i get diabetes?
Is Marijuana legal???????????????
i have 10 cigarettes left i want them to last till friday or later how many should i smoke a day?
Is "Bleeding Out" a painful way to die?
I'm been having a weird pain in the left side of my chest. Any idea's?
i need help.ring stuck on my finger!?
how to quit weed? please help?
First time smoking marijuana, I just have a few questions please :)?
I just took 14 tylenol and 11 extra strength acetaminophen and 10 aspirin...i feel fine but what will happen t?
Type 1 in high school...anyone have this problem?
Does drinking alcohol affect Diabetes in any way?
How long does an ankle sprain take to heal? How long will it stay painful?
my middle toe is crooked and i dont know how to get it straight?
I was in a car accident and im feeling a little dizzy,but i didnt hit my head what does this mean?
What is the best natural remedy for an upset stomach?
Snorting random pills, Help ?!?!?!?!?
I ran 9miles today and i'm to sore to move. How can i help my muscles heal? i haven't run a mile in 9months.
What's the difference between being allergic to milk and being lactose intollerant?
Am I allergic to my own cat?
My little sister has..?
I need the fastest way to cure a cough! PLEASE!?
What is Wrong with me? I'm Freaking Out?
Hurt my wrist... HELP?
groin injury, what type of specialist should I go to?
What is a good OTC pain med for cramps/back/neck pain?
I got injured at work don't know what to do sue or stick to workers comp. I need a MRI but WC don't cover it.?
Home cures for a UTI?
Are chiropractors a scam?
tell my mom i smoke weed?
peer pressure of smoking and drinking?
what do u wear when u r sleeping ? ?
What are you addicted to?
which is more painful? freezing to death or thirsty to death?
What's the best way to heal or ease the pain of sunburn?
my throats really sore I've tried medicine and honey, an when i cough my chest really hurts?
My tongue is bleeding?
How can a couple achieve a sober life together?
I have had a piece of plastic stuck in my ear for quite a few years...it gets inflamed once a year...Any help?
My son has what looks like a spider bite and I am worried what should I do?
Can I take out the stitches from the bottom of my foot on my own?
How many are quitting smoking because taxes?
friend says she was referred to an endocronologist because she was told she has calcim in her blood?
If you were going to commit suicide would you leave a nice long suicide note explaining why you did it?
Since i'm a hot guy is it ok for me to....?
I think I killed my toes, i can't feel them at all!!!!!!!!!!?
How long would it take for someone to bleed out...?
Im finding random bruises. Help?
how to fix broken arm at home?
Don't you hate it when rainbows crawl up your pant-leg and bite the inside of your thighs?
BRUISE that WON'T go away!!?!?!?
How do you reduce swelling without ice?
Please help with a lice problem?
I think i might have been stung by a wasp, are they worse then bees?
Im Sunburnt !?
what will heppen if you put hor sauce on a open wound?
How do I get my finger to stop bleeding?
What are the effects of inhaling kerosene to a human body over a long period of time?
Do I have pink eye?
Is my pierced ear infected?
Have you ever smoked salvia?
how do you cure a urine infection?
What is a good medicine for anxiety besides xnanx????
HELP??? i suffer from migraines!!!?
Since my Mom is type 2 diabetic, and I have my dad's blood type, what are my chances?
How to get rid of my stomache?
Smoking weed for the first time?
What is the best remedy for 'Fiber Myalgia'?
Can you damage your Appendicitis?
Can blood loss cause dizziness?
Is a b-o-n-e-r a muscle or a bone?
surgery stitches came loose???
Is my blood pressure/pulse normal?
How can i naturally improve my eyesight?
Are there any longterm effects of marijuana?
What is the difference between Homeopathic and holistic medicine?
What should I take to camp?
Is the world in a panic because of the swine flu outbreak?
Really bad Ingrown toenail!!?! Help me!!?
how often should you get an std check?
Was AIDS caused by Monkeys?
what is the difference in HPV and the virus that causes Shingles?
What is Worst injury you've ever had?
To cover a scar.. Any ideaass?
I think i hurt my wrist a few days ago?
should i go to the e.r.?
My engagment is driving me to the brink of insanity it really is, suggestions?
Im a 15 year old teen who will suicide?
What could this be?
Does any one know of any remedies for a sore throat?
Zyrtec and 13 month old?
my doctor says I am borderline diabetic?
Is it possible to be diagnosed Type II Diabetic only to start becoming CONSISTENTLY hypoglycemic though not ..?
Does a Type 1 Diabetic needs to have Carbs?
What is worse refined sugar of high frutose corn syrup?
Help I don't want to get an infection. How to get water out of ears?
how to improve immune system?
Worst injury you have ever had?
Foot Injury?
Please help! Electrocution, should I call 911?!?
Have you ever passed out?
If you get shot on the chest and the bullet comes out of your back, will it hurt or you would just die?
Why are we sooooo afraid of spiders???
What would I be missing out on if I committed suicide?
Is it weird that I never feel stressed, like i dont even know what stress is, could this be unhealthy?
Bad mother?
i have a dry cough that keeps me up all night. can blood pressure pills cause this?
Question about Xanax.....?
Is it possible that they may have a cur for diabetes?
How does one test for diabetes?
Help! My husband won't stop snoring!?
Please, help!!! Emergency!!!?
i got a second degree burn three days ago...?
Do you bruise after you do heroine? ?
Torn muscle! What now?
Broken Pinky toe help?
Pain in left arm....?
If I tore the miniscus in my knee, will it be an out patient or an inpatient procedure?
How long would it take to recover from three bullet shots at five feet? In the leg, shoulder, and torso.?
I have so much anxiety at social gatherings. Insecurity. But tonite is a good friend's b-day party. Help!
why do i always worry about what people might think of me?
Have you ever felt like killing yourself?
What supplements can I take for depression so that I don't have to take meds?
whats wrong with me?
I cant stop myself from picking up that knife.?
Can a fruit allergy cause a full body rash?
is it possible to be allergic to plastic?
Can a penicillin shot cause severe leg pain in a child of 6 yrs old?
How to treat first-degree burns?
Is this normal?
Bleeding out the ear?????
what do you do when you wake up and your body was somewhat covered in blood?!?
Can you overdose on flintstone sour gummies? I just had like the whole bottle.?
I had a kidney transplat 2 years ago. I had a cramp near it. Now tenderness is around it. sign of rejection?
how can I get my grandmother to eat?
What is the latest kind of medicines and the best cure for a diabetes type 1.?
hiccups, how do you get rid of them?
Is this do-able for an 11 year old that LOOKS like a 14 year old?
reducing the scaring on my 3 year old after stiches??
Can you hurt yourself if you put your hand in a blender while it's on?
What's wrong with my knee?
Should i get crutches?
does suicide by cocaine hurt ?
How much should one suffer before considering suicide????
HELP!! any quick remedies to get rid of a stomach ache?
Do you smoke?!?
Did I get raped???
Doc says I have High Cholesterol. I don't know what foods are high in it. Could you send me info. on it.?
how do you clean your inner ear???
I am on medical leave for a month just found out that everybody thinks its a joke?
Will I be okay?
What are shin splints? I told someone my shins are really sensative & sore lately & someone told me it's from
How do you know if you have diabetes ?
This is embarressing... But what's the best way to get rid of bad BO on your armpits?
Sleep meds or marijuana?
my mom doesn't accept my appearance.?
I need medical help!!!!!!!?
Which drug has a better trip?
Is marijuana good for you?
I have a cold.. runny nose, little cough.. headache.. you know, the works... I can't really taste anything....
WHAT are some of the best home remedies that you know?
Is she allergic to marijuana or something?
taking insulin without being told by a Dr.?
What is the powder called that is used to help lower cholestrol?
Can you overdose on xanax?
can a person over dose on Tylenol or get high off of it?
I got burn cooking, I have a burn in my hand, How can YOU help me?
Are any colon cleansings really good for you?
Is LSD better to take in the morning, afternoon or at night?
Is it bad to smoke marijuana?
How much weight do I need to lose *pic*?
Why is it that approved medicines have side effects over 95% of the time?
How can I cure a hangover?
What is the insulin injection regimen for type 1 diabetes?
How concerning is an average of 200 for blood sugar in a diagnosed diabetic who is on insulin?
What are some old-school remedies for sinus pressure?
Help! I have a terrible sore throat. What are some home remedies that work?
i'm scared of dieing?
Do you have any home remedies to make mosquito bites go away!?
My gauze is stuck to my soar!?!?
i wont stop bleeding. should i call 911?
Blood blister gone blue? is that normal?...?
I'm 555 pounds...will Alli work for me?
what will happen if drink milk with pineapple juice?
Allergic reactions to GLUE on stamps & envelopes?
what are you alergic to?
How do you know if you have "water in the knee"?
how to committ suicide without dying?
how to lower blood sugar quick?
i think i have diabetes..?
Sore Throat Remedies!?
Any Home Remedies for a stuffy nose? No medication!?!?!?
Do you floss everyday??
What's the BEST way to relieve stress?
do you think that i can get taller?
hi my son has his heart on the right side and he will die if we didn't make surgery can any one advice or help?
Anyone have pvc's with no other heart probs?
What are the risks of riding rollercoasters for people with pacemakers?
If a woman saw a cardiologist for a broken heart, what would the doctor say?
how to get rid of strechmarks???
What is something that has to do with health & starts with the letter "Q"?
How many of you men don't mind a women being a little over weight?
How do i heal a cut inside of my mouth?
I would like to know what people think about Kevin Trudeau's book Natural Cures.?
What can I do to be shorter/stunt growth?
How can I make my thighs thinner?
Do you think I'm fat?
So... how can you kill 99.9% of germs?
Recommendations for some natural anxiety med. - don't want to take Buspar if I can avoid it.?
What can I tell myself to motivate me to be in a good mood?
Why does my heart feel like its flippn out and I cant breathe and chest hurts?
Does homeopathy work?
What foods/beverages/supplements/etc. are known (or recommended) to stave off migraines?
I smoke weed 10 times a day?
How to stop a runny nose?
Best Mattress?
if i have an allergy appointment to see what i'm allergic to, would there for any reason?
My toddler's eye................?
Will 1000mg of Naproxyn daily protect my heart like aspirin?
gardasil shot.?
whats the best way to give some one a bj?
what does std mean?
If you make out with a person who has Herpes, can you get the virus?
Toenail fungus, must be systemic?
How do diet pills actually work?
If i were to replace my normal meals with fruits only, is that a healthy diet ?
how can i FEEL skinnier?
Do I look fat/overweight?
Why do some people call me fat if im skinny?
Help! I think I broke a veine in my brain! (really) Don`t know what to do!?
i have a "wart" on the bottom of my foot. its killing me. how do i get rid of it?
Why am I dizzy?
How much water should one drink per day?
I'm literally addicted to Harry Potter. How do I stop this obsession without forgetting the series completely?
I believe I am having troubles w/my arms from blood tests. Do you have any info on this?
is autism a heredity disorder?
sleeping pills help?
What do you think is the best way to wake up in the morning?
My neck has a kink in it or something!?
any alternative medicine which cools body in summer?
help!! i am sick with a runny and stuffy nose, how do i get rid of it with out useing meds??
I have a test Friday am I ok?
Would it be painful to have all of your blood drawn out?
In our bodies, Is are blood red , some say no it's purple?
Does smoking pot before a test help you remember better?
Does HOMEOPATHY really work?
Home made treatment for constupation (Specially south asian)?
can you die from snorting pills?
does it hurt to get stitches?
What causes one nostril to be stopped up?
Why don't people understand how debilitating hay fever can be?
is my tongue swollen?
Sick as a dog, do I leave work?
How do i stop cracking my fingers, ankles, and other stuff?
my kidneys hurt and I have no health insurance. Any Home cures other than cranberry juice and burnt toast?
have you had a doctor or GYN ever laugh at you?
How much massage time do you ACTUALLY get for an hour massage???
my grandfather is 83 and his heart is only working at 35% can he live long like this?
how can stress affect my heart?
Heart suddenly beating very fast?
My heart won't stop beating so fast! HELP :(?
my husband takes insulin and is on several heart med's, is it save for me to have a baby?
I Know I'm Skinny But.......(Pics)?
Painful Needles - Need Help?
my knee hurts really badly?
Whats the longest you see ok not to take a shower?
Should I wear a bra? Im a man..?
Herbal/Vitamin supp. for cancer treatments?
am i really a weirdo?
does showering a drunk person make them less drunk?
Can my ear drum burst?
What is a good way (or alternate) to remember taking medicine everyday?
Could we really apply super glue to our wound to stop the bleeding?
fastest way to heal a sunburn?
what herbs help with female libido?????
ADHD treated with Zinc and Fish Oil?
I'm getting sweepy. Will you sing me to sweep?
How come people from third world countries have healthy skin, and teeth if they don't have soap or toothpaste?
does it hurt to do this?
My husband is suffering from a severe migraine for the past week. Is there any over the counter med's.....
My back is killing me!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
How to cure a kink in the neck?
Question on ginger for soothing an upset stomach?
how are herbs useful to us?
I have trouble getting to sleep?
i have had problems sleeping most of my life.can you suggest some natural remedies/natural supplements to help?
How do usally a doctor check on you if you have ashma etc.?
What are your allergy(s)?
Could I Be Slightly Allergic to Oranges?
Am i allergic to cats? Please help!?
gestational diabetes?
How do you know if you have diabetes?
why drink appel cider vinager?
I need a natural remedy for skin problems - Dry Hands!?
If you smoke weed a lot do you get high quicker than people who don't smoke a lot?
I can't sleep at night what should I do?
can someone rise up and live a normal life after making a mighty mistake?
My husband often tells "half truths", is often gone until 2 am in the morning working and rarely helps with
What is Your Addiction? Does it hurt or help Your Life?
Whats wrong with me?
What are the effects of bad parenting?
help with Homeopathic medicine?
Can acupuncture work on several issues at one time?
Is snapping inherited?
When you spit in the toilet. Do any of the water/germs go back in your mouth?
what is Hepititis B & C?
I think im slightly constipated, any home remedies?
Antibacterial herbs?
do u know any at home treatments for acne please dont say proactive?
how to i fix my broken bong?
How does aspirin find the pain?
When you go to get a physical at the doctors do they check for blood glucose problems?
My mother pressure is 137 over 76 and pluse 74 is that consider high pressure cuz she feel dizzy?
help Im trying to decide to have my left index finger amputated or fused?
My knees are cracking!! ?? whatchya think?
Both my arms hurt last night what did that mean?
Is it true that if you put vinegar on a bug bite it will go away overnight?
Is Reiki is carrer oriented Healing Technique like Homeopathy or Ayurveda ?
How can i pass a drug test.?
what are some good marijuana facts?
What are some perscription medicine they can give you for dizziness for teens?
do i have some kind of mental disorder?
is this name mean bully?
Is it normal for people to be taller when they lie down?
Should i tell my mom i smoked marijuana(Help Please)?
what would make a toddlers nose bleed over and over?
What is meant by tunnel vision?
How to loose weight fas without going anrexic or buying diet meals!?
can low blood sugar make you tired?
any1 know if u can do anything to prevent having diabetes? can it be what you eat??
Can i permanently cure high blood pressure?
nicknames for marijuana smokers?
how to cure acid reflux?
What are some home-methods to help cure a cold?
Whats wrong with my heart?
Do you feel like you have enough time?
What do you think so many of today's kids have Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?
If i touch someone while they're sleeping, would they feel it?
What's wrong with my throat???
Can a spider bite turn into wingworm ?
Bladder Burst Possibility?
When does an Infant need CPR? First Aid and CPR?
What can be my sons sickness?
What vice would you rather give up, alcohol or cigarette? Why?
what do u put on when you get stung by a bee?
how to stop migraine pain and nausia?
Food allergy question?
How can I get mucous out of my throat?
What's a good herb for anger and anxiety???
my son cut his hand ?
I'm wearing a holter heart monitor right now, what can it diagnose?
Fast heart beat, shakiness, and dizziness?
Heart Murmur questions?
What is worst Alcholics or someone addicted to Smoking?
Medicine Help?
Why do some alties call skeptics incestual?
premature puberty and causes?
I need advice on a back injury? Can anyone help me?
How do we figure out if we're really 'big-boned', and how much of our mass is fat, bones, muscle?
i have water in my ear and it wont come out!!!!?
How many people do you know with HIV/AIDS?
How HIV starts?
what is the best home remedy for uti or bladder infection ?? Cranberry Juice of Pineapple Juice?
Massage Therapy?
home remedy for itch of mud wasps stings?
should i smoke weed again?
Which Is Right?
Does anyone know why quinine was taken off the market? I need it for my leg cramps?
are yawns really contaigous?
what is ****?
plz help! i realy want to know this!!!?
Does people know the syomtoms of being diabetic?
Can an untreated depression lead to madness?
i cut my wrists!!!!!!!!?
Where and what is a naval? on your body?
What is someone with a Gluten allergy called?
Can you get a disease through sniffing panties?
can rabies be transmitted passively?...say someone touches a rabid dog and then touches you?
How do we know that all medicines are good for you?
What is the best multi vitamin to take?
Any home remedy or homeopathic remedy for 48 Years male for decreased libido?
can u take antidepressants (prozac) and try to get pregnant? is it safe for the baby?
Pain In Lower Back!?
I am diabetic with high and low readings and don't have medicne?
How can I unclog my ear?
A good way to smoke weed that works?
what are some home remedies to lower blood pressure?
It seems that everyone is so stressed-what is the best way to relax without medications?
How to get woman to notice me while driving?
I'm only ten and sometimes i just break out crying over nothing wats the matter?
My sister told me that 1 out of every 2 black women have an STD, have you heard that stat? Do you believe that?
HIV Test, is it needed?
can i person get fleas?
I have 39 mosquito bites. What are the chances that I could get HIV?
How do u get pinkeye?
i just ate a box of rat poisioning and now want out of it what should i do i dont think i have much time.?
what do daily doses fish oil tablets do for a person 1200mg?
what herbal tea is known for cleansing cidneys the best?
I have major hot flashes, Can anyone give some advice on natural herbal remidies?
do any one no what is good to take when your hands and arm feel like they r falling asleep alot?
help I cant stop sleeping. I have tried coffee, energy drinks, and pills. how can i stay awake?
Alternative Therapy for IBS?
My husband's a newly diagnosed diabetic and I was wondering what could be used as a chocolate substitute?
Is putting Purell hand sanitizer (accidentally) on cuts harmful in any way?
how can u break your leg?
how do you help a loved one who is an alcoholic?
what is best home remedy to lower blood pressure ?
What vitamins or supplements would help for terrible nausea during pregnancy (1st trimester)?
How long do the effects of mushrooms last?
Is there a difference between "sugar in the raw" and "brown sugar"?
As a light worker, how can I heal some one else of there negativity?
Any home remedies for nausea
any hangover cures that work?
How do I know if my THC level is lowered if i take urine test?
My mom's blood pressure worries me?
Sore throat, cough, and fever......?
Getting Desperate..Please Read This!?
can u get addicted to heroin after just the first time?
Do you ever feel suicidal?
I think I have multiplepersonalty disoder?
WHat do u do when hope becomes a thing of the past and every morning you dread getting out of bed?
My boyfriend is really sick, but cannot afford going to the hospital. He is diabetic and has an infection.?
i have a question, i am 5'3'' and i weight 170 or 173lbs. i need to know how to lose weight fast.?
What kind of injuries occur in a car accident;project?
What causes this type of headache?
if craniosynostosis is hereditary, then how did my son get it when no one in our families have it?
What home remedies can I use for a good colon cleanse?
what is the best way to gain energy?
Do you take an aspirin a day?
will i pass a drug test?
How to lower the pain of a Needle?? a Piercing?
How do I overcome the nasty taste of water?
How can I pass a drug test effectively?
Do you like having radio, tv, fan, or a night light or something else when you go to sleep?
i have a sinus infection, other than my meds, what can i do?
how does it feel to be a penny dropped in the toilet?
What techniques are good for helping a person suffering from depression?
My mother got heart surgery a month ago. As she recovers, what are some things she can do to prevent boredom?
How to get more energy natural?
what is vitamin D good for?
Do you belive reiki can heal deseas?
is it safe to use pepto-bismol while breastfeeding?
can any one tell me a way to stop migrains with out pills?
Anyone know of an effective insect repellant that does not contain Deet and safe on children?
if a man got hiv positive will he be really effect with aids and how long a personn can live with hiv positive?
Do type one diabetics crave sugary foods.....?
my cholesrerole is 283 and triglyceride 313 ,55years old and female is it dangerouse.?
How do I wash grapes that touched raw chicken?
Poison Ivy Help?
what is the strongest prescription pain medicine?
Milk what should I do?
Hey people, what should I do to get rid of weed cravings??
please identify this pill?
have any of you ever drank apple cider VINEGAR?
is there any cure to cold?
What happened to the swine flu?
Why are so many people so scared of the swine flu vaccine?
Can poisioness bug bites cause fever?
Mom has Systemic MRSA- daughter looking for a straight answer, pls.?
I have a really soar throat, what are ways to help?
rolled on my ankle...swollen hurts to walk on...any ideas for maybe an overnight or 1-2 day fix?
how to pass urine screen?
¿Can you see your own aura?
Can you become both a naturopathic doctor and medical doctor?
Alternative treatments for leukemia?
Do GREEN TEA extract pills have the same effect - regarding weight loss - As drinking green tea?
Whats better about using a bong, and what is bad about smoking weed? what are the consequences?
is chamomile tea good for leg cramps
WHAT did I DO to deserve THIS?
Should I go to the hospital?
I need some Vitamin K!?
can softdrinks and vinegar be an alternative as a contraceptive?
Is there an alternative medicine for height increase for age 24?
Does a enema really help with constipation?
is it bad to take 4 ibuprofen at one time?
<<<<How do you trick yourself into.......>>>>>?
Can't stop crying... what should I do?
i am bored to death?
Mental issue. But parents refuse to take me to shrink.?
What if Dog is really spelled C-A-T?
do those kinoki foot patches really work?
really bad cut?
i got braces 2 days ago and they hurt a lot! how do i help the pain?
period pain - arrrrr! what works for you?
How Long Does it Take to Get over the hurt and pain?
What's the best OTC meds to take for menstrual cramps?
Will Ten Millagrams Of Vicoden Make A Person Feel High?
how can you cure your sore throat and stuffed nose?
what's the best way to quit smoking?
Gluten free questions? Please help?
does anybody know any homeopathic medicine for any disease which gives 100 percent relief?
What if you have most of the symptoms of Diabeties, but tests say you don't have it?
is it dangerous to go to the USA beacue of the swine flu?
Swine flu? Why don't we hear about the number of death's from causes like...?
Anyone else tired of the media trying to scare you about the flu?
should i go to the doctor to see if i have a fever or the swine flu?
How does the human body resist infections? By white blood cells or heart?
Is the swine flu vaccine safe?
i need help with panic attacks and depression!!!! IM SCARED!!!!!!!?
should i go to sleep or not?
i need some good suicide/ sad depressing songs to listen too.?
Are there any medicinal herbs helpfull for someone who is quitting cigarette smoking?
Am I fat ?
how can i lose weight and What is average weight for a 13 yr old(14 in jan) and bout 5'4 in height?
please help quickly!!!?
How helpful is taking about 20 different herbs daily?
What is the best cure for hiccups?
is it safe for teens to take those over-the-counter diet pills?
how do i get rid of a bad headache?
are there any suppliment or natural herbs i cant take to make my ejaculate taste good?
What is the herbal cure for earache?
Should I use the patch or go cold turkey?
Is it possible to get diabetes even if you're skinny and no one in your family has it?
a blood sugar reading of 260?
Does anybody know any information about a cure for diabetes?
Why do substance abuse users , lie about their habit , Why , not just tell the truth?
I cant get out of going to my psychiatrist or he'll tell my mom!!!!?
Any home hangover cures that work?
Tired of taking pills...Any natural treatment for hypothyroid disease?
Is its true that if you dont shower, your immune system gets stronger?
need quick home remedy for marijuana drug test next week, need this job?
do you belive that chemo does any good,?
home remedies or any medications that could help me with my cold?! please help!?
which number is more important when reading blood pressure? Top or bottom.?
is 107 a normal heart rate for an adult 23? at rest? it was higher but went down?
could you still get diabetes if you don't eat that much sugar?
what are some signs of diabetes ?
Which is worse? Alcohol or soda?
What's the best remedy for a sore throat? Help me!?
Is there a supplement to take to make me thirsty?
Do ear clips for weight loss really work?
I have some pills and I want to know what they are. They are bright pink with 890 on one side and E6 on other?
what is the best medicine for cough age 7 years old?
Home remedy for nausea???
Have any of you had your head smashed in a wall so hard that you went unconsious?
What herbs/ Vitamins are the best to boost up your immune system.?
why does everyone think suicide is always bad?
please help with bereivment?
Do you think someone who has been on anti-depressants should quite takeing them without a doctors permission?
Why is my right ear hurting inside for the past few days?
My 4 year old son has the CONSTANT urge to urinate. But tested negative for UTI.?
how to relieve my back pain?
I've been getting a headache every night for about 2 weeks.?
A girl that is 5'7 and 125 pounds is....?
Is it ok to run everyday...?
Is it possible to catch a cold from getting the flue shot?I got the flue shot on wed of this week.?
Where can I buy some jam or jelly that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup in it?
have you ever heard of a coffee enema?
where do babies come from?
do u relay think pot is bad?
Are you alive?
If you could, what's the one thing you would change about yourself?
Does a cool shower make a fever go down?
Will I get taller?!?
I wanna know what's d best colon cleanser/internal cleanser that is over d counter. Thanks.?
What is the best way to detox body and mind fast?
what is valium taken for.?
where do I go to get some weed?
How can you cure a sore throat?
I suffer from chronic sinus problems. Has anyone found a cure?
what would be the best way to repair a broken foot?
Vicodin O.D. Help for friend really quickly?!?!?!?
I have a throat infection. Doctor gave me Penicilin and Iboprufen to take, can I take both at the same time?
What are the benefits of crystal meth?
Whats a good medicine for fever and sore throat? Please help... Thanks!!!?
i try everything to help me fall sleep including bath,herbal tea journal ,even bedtime routine nothing help an?
If a case of swine flu comes to my school, would school be cancelled?
Where can I find an information web site on the swine flu?
How do you get antidepressants?
I dont want to live anymore......?
how do you cope with depression?
Why is depression so rampant during the Holidays?
how will i survive after my daughter died?my life is miserable ever since.?
What is the best Laxative?
Any homeopathic remedies for thrush??
alternative to riddlin that is non narcotic?
What do you think about Dr Deepak Chopra?
Does anyone out there with ADD or ADHD believe marijuana helps with this disorder?
I'm a Type 2 diabetic. My vision has suddenly become blurry. Should I be panicking?
why can marijuana cure headaches?
What are multivitamins?
Natural remedy for water retention?
hair growth, 1tablespn applecider vinegar, 1tablespn honey in one cup hot water, does this work?
One other thing, I cannot concentrate on my school work, what do I do?
Why wont anyone answer my questions?
I'm thinking of having my legs replaced with bionic ones?
suicidal thoughts...........!?
How to help not to laugh in the classroom?
my wife has suicidal tendency's, what ate the possible treatments?
is it ok to listen to enya?
what is the best method for quitting smoking?
How do I prevent/treat colds and viruses better?
I want to know the cure of Constipation ?
how long does marijuana stay in my system,?
I experienced a sharp gripping pain in my chest that lasted 2-3 hours. Could it have been a heart attack?
HIV from slurpee machine?
How can i treat this?
Reasons for blood and mucus's in diarrhea?
Can i french kiss when I'm having tounge ulcer?
if you smoke weed how long dose it stay in your system?
Please please answer...Treatments for lung tumour besides chemo (my mother is too weak for that)?
Are there any non-prescription anxiety medicines?
I have a really bad cough. What do you Recommend?
Is there bad effects to eating black pepper?
Is there a legit way to pass a drug test?
I'm having a hard tonight dealing with pain?
I'm an athletic 19 year old male, paranoid about having diabetes. Am I over-reacting?
i just got a sore throat last night. im thinking its the beginng to a cold. what is the best way to fight this
Are there any side effects from taking st johns wort?
What is the best way to relieve a sore throat?
What exactly is smoked in a Hookah ?
When I make green tea, how can I prevent it from being bitter?
Does anyone have a herbal remedy for bronchitis? I have heard of one but can't recall the name!?
I think I need some medicine for anxiety obsessions, should I see a medical dr. or a psychiatrist/psychologist
Is this true about marijuana?
has anyone heard of this machine?
will my surgeon prescribe medical marijuana?
Should certain alt meds be restricted to treating self limiting conditions only?
Where can you get tested for STDs without parents knowing?
im postive..?
What could be wrong with me?
Anyone have problems with urine smelling and cloudy looking?
how can i get rid of my hemorrhoid?
Is there any way to reduce heart beat?
help with hemorrhoids?
Is Benadryl an aphrodisiac?
why is weed sometimes called pot?
Are "aura cleansing" and "chakra balancing" fraud?
Cold Sore remedy?
Girl, 14 years old, 125 pounds, 5'5?
i want to lose weight?
im STUCK I CANT seem to lose any more weight? ANY advice?
Will a glass bong break if put in the freezer to chill?
If salvia is legal in most U.S. states, how come I haven't noticed people using it?
would it be a safe idea to do lsd alone for the first time?
question to all the marijuana users?
Homeopathic remedy for earache...does this actually work?
Have any of you even had a cat scan?
is it normall to cry all the time and not know why?
at what point in a relationship do you tell someone that you are bipolar?
Is my childhood the reason of this?
why can't I find Jolly ranchers in the cinnamon fire flavor?
Do you always die of aids and hiv?
SWINE FLU.......................?
How much pork do i need to eat to get an IMMUNITY to swine flu?
Bad Marijuana Trip ? Pls Help?
How risky is a heart transplant?
How can I treat my menstral pains (Without Pills/Medicine)?
What is the best home remedy for a sore throat?
sore and stiff bones/muscles?
how do people get high on cough syrup?
Does URINE cure wounds ?. I heard it has pwerfull healing agents.?
How do I know if I have carpal tunnel syndrome?
Ate 2 pot cookies 2 weeks ago. Army drug test. Don't know anything about marijuana.?
What can i do to stop a sore throat?
What's your favorite food?
PLEASE HELP!! I keep peeing BLOOD?
What happens if you don't control type II diabetes?
can someone(drug dealers) tell me what this is all about?
Does Marijuana Open your Mind?
how much dose lsd coast?
would someone help me with thsi acne question?pleas!?
What should i do if i am overweight?
Do you like TYLENOL P.M.?
What is the best home remedy for a sore throat that actually works?
How can you naturally reduce your blood sugars..besides a low sugar diet?
In your opinion am I fat?
tablets for depression?
Help, I need to get to sleep. Why can't i sleep?
I'm addicted to eating ice???? Help!!!?
what's a good sleep aid med? Over the counter?
I am 67 years and suffer from pain in calf muscles and legs and low low back.Any advice for pain relief?
If you put cocaine in coffee will it have the same, if any effect? don't answer if you don't know..?
remedy for scars?
Has anyone ever heard of hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
Are the sensations one has while receiving reiki the same as feeling/experiencing love?
does drinking beer or wine or ne alcoholic beverage effect insulin?
can caffiene cause diabetes?
Does fast food cause diabetes?
What's your best method of getting rid of cramps?
Would you die of 46 percocets, 8 codeines, and 8 vicodins?
Chiropractic alternative?
will marijuana leave my system faster if i drink alot of water?
Ongoing problem with gas. Does Apple Cider Vinegar really work? I use Beano & Acidophilus. Other suggestions?
since kevin trudeau's book has the cures for cancer, diabetes, etc. can anyone who bought that book tell me ..
what prescription pills can you get high off of?
Sore Throat--Help please!?
how can i gain weight?
OMG!!! im tired of being overweight and i wanna lose weight NOW!HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I weigh 99lbs, 14 yrs old, 5ft 1. I want to weigh 90lbs. I eat about 500 cals a day how do i lose the weight?
5'5 feet is tall?
My Boyfriend eats like a 3yr old?
is there more caffeine in tea compared to coffee?
Does this sound okay?
Psoriasis, a natural cure?
Is mixing Unisom and vodka bad?
Is cannabis just a type of weed ?
What is Fenugreek good for?
Should I try weed just once?
how to read blood pressure ?
is a general practitioner or cardiologist better for treating congestive heart failure?
Natrual cure to Uti?????
Is Xanax that bad for you?
Any good home remedies for a bad cold?
I just drank about a cup of pure white vinegar. Should I have any concerns?
what are some good homemade and effective sore throat remedies?
Home remedies for a urniary tract infection?
What are alternative medicine for Tension Headache?
How do you dispose of old medicine? My father in law passed away and had lots left over.?
What are some home remedies for a cold?
what would be a good herbal remedy for stress relief or aleviating mild anxiety?
bi-polor any natural remedys?
So what is the best hangover cure?
a good baby's hospital?
what is the best alternative for cigarettes?
Orange Juice causing diarrhea?
Adderall Help!!!!!!!!?
Does Pepto Bismol Work For Motion Sickness or nausea?
What are some good home remedies for hiccups?
I'm fasting tomorow?
i feel like im hopeless?
Advice on the Swine Flu?
Whats the best way to lose weight?
how to grow taller plz help me?
Give me a good reason to lose the weight ?
Would i be considered petite/small?
how does she stay skinny?
Are these 'power bracelets' proven to work?
i want to take an ecstasy pill .?
what is a natural cure for toenail fungus?
What is wrong with me?
how do you get rid of a sore throat? help it hurts?
I am tired of going to dr for pain meds that r nt gd 4 ya, is ther a homemade pain med I can use?
Whats the worst thing you've done in a depressive state?
I'm feeling sad and lonely right now, can you please say something that might cheer me up?
is a resting heart rate of 36 good for a runner?
Are cod liver oil tablets worth taking?
is tobacco and nicotein the same thing?
Can LSD or shrooms cause a permanent trip?
can someone catch poison ivy from someone who has it?
Question about my drug use?
is it dandruff or lice?
Do you know about the Swine disease?
If you think you have mono and is being tested for it and you have no symptoms would results say you have it?
I think i got swine flu someone give me possible ideas if i do or not! Please!?
what is the best remedy for stomach pains?
what is a natural product that causes "euphoria"?
I'm very tense, its hurts to be massaged what can I do to release the tension?
what are some holistic headache remedies?
what is weed?
Cure for R.A.?
How do you get rid of migraines?
can you name anything wronge with anybody that there isn't a pill to cure or controle it?
Any home remedies for diarrhea?
How do you get rid of a real bad sore throat?
What are the negative effects of weed [Marijuana] ?
what is Aroma Therapy?
my friend just took 2 unisom, 4 benadryl and 2 NyQuil pills. will she be ok?
Hi. HELP please!?
what's the alternative to alternative medicine.?
Overdosing can kill you right? I think its lies..?
What brings on anxiety attacks...........?
I got stabbed in the arm and the graphite isout but the mark is still there what do I do now?
How long do burns take to heal?
Guess what!!!!!!!!!!?
is a blood pressure of 126 over 68 good for a 19 year old female?
Diabetes in a 14 year old?
could it be diabetes? please help?
Diabetes Sign?
Swine Flu Nasal Spray or Shot?
why is the smallpox vaccine given on the left upper arm?
pesonaly i think the swine flue 1h1n is an all out lie?
boils why do people get them? and what is a staff infection?
The swine flu was a big deal a while back. What happped to the epedimic?
Is there a way to avoid getting a virus?
How do you know you're drinking enough water??
Do you know of any natural way to get rid of gallstones?
can you live off of drinking blood all day?? what about just in your daily diet??
what is the most effective to get a good night sleep without taking any pills?
I suffer from chronic constipation and want to do a colon cleanse?
How can I get rid of a headache w/o taking oral medication?
ways to stop smoking?
What is the best fiber supplement you'd recommend to take on a daily basis?
STD's in Water...?
Pain medication for an addict?
what is the best way to get rid of a strong head ache/migrane?
Is there a home remedy to clean out ears?
What are some good food remedies for diariah?
What can i add to marijuana (weed) to make the high stronger?
What medicine helps runny noses the best for a 12 year old?
Is their any kind of medicine that will cover up acne.?
Does anyone know about Reiki healing?
Is 9 degrees dangerously cold? If you stay out to long what will happen...Will your face freeze?