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about my son, please help?
is there a doctor near Irving Tx, that would be able to treat Cold Hands Syndrome?
What do you think of this?
I have stomach issues.....?
My DR said I have hypothyroidism and prescribed Synthroid 50mg. Does it help you lose weight? What are the....?
Am I lactose intolerant or is it just that I don't like milk and cheese?
does this sounds like an ulcer?
I feel sick whenever I eat?
Will endoscopy look at my liver?
Liver test / Peripheral Neuropathy?
Can you get blood poisoning from infected ear piercings?
Blood test and marijuana help please :(?
what can i pass on a follicle drug test if i use vyvanse and amphetamine salts?
i want to get the phone number for sauna belt?
What is the best way to tone and trim your thighs?
How does obesity effect women's self esteem?
show me 10 different weight training exercise at home?
wondering if anyone knows where i can find "Diet Blast, diet pill in black bottle ephedrine free?
Reducing stomach fat?
Does anyone have any information on the infomercial for the "Smart diet or Smart plan?"?
I want to start doing yoga. What are some good books for a first-timer?
want to build up my upper body. why can't I work out with weights every day?Do more wts and less reps?
How do I become more flexible? How long will it take?
i need to lose weight , but how?
how many miles is 15k?
is there a diet pill called lipitril?
Does anyone know what the proper amount of sleep is your suppose to get in a night?
are dietary supplements harmful to teens??
HELP!! SOS! I need to lose about 40 pounds by this summer!!!?
No smoking at open plan outdoors waterpark.?
is it possible to feel with our hands heart disease?
What heart condition is this?
ugh... green snot, sore chest from hard, dry coughs... sore throat for 1.5 days... whats wrong with me?
Hard time breathing randomly?
Will a person survive if that person's lung's working capability is 40% (60% destroyed)?
How can I sleep when I am sick?
Define resuscitation terms-ENPC, NRP, TNCC?
Having heart palpitations?
My husband and i are thinking of having children. however i have a VSD. Will I be able to have children?
What would it feel like if your heart stopped when you were living?
what does it mean when you have calcium in the heart?
Can energy pills cause high blood pressure?
where can i find videos of medical procedures.?
Can I take St. John's Wort and Vitamin B Multi together?
Please answer Chiropractic patience?
has anyone ever used vale perma clean to clean out your system..?
What was your experience with LSD (acid) like?
Everything in my upper body hurts...?
I got a flu shot 2 weeks ago but how come I still caught the flu?
I'm planning to have 6 or 7 alcohol beers after a day without taking accutane?
why sometimes do dreams feel so real ?
Why do people have to feel pain?
what is the new medication called that they use for migraines? i think its zomig or something but im not sure
what is a life management counselor?
What are the cost for keeping a brain damaged person alive?
How can I meditate myself?
If you could see depression as something tangible, what would you see?
How frequently is ADHD misdiagnosed?
What did he mean?
Selfware is a good thing or bad thing ?
Difficulty left arm constantly moving and feels better if I put it above my head.What could this be? TOS?
I have a painful lump in my hamstring mucle. Any ideas on what it is?
how do people with rotator cuffs torn in both shoulders take care of their bathroom needs?
can over the counter cold meds cause a false positive for meth-Aphetamine?..not crystalmeth-AM-phetamine?
What does it mean to dream of flying in a plane?
What does wheatgrass do?
anyone heard of blue-green algae called spurulla (not sure of spelling) If so what is it good for??
how does the games affect the mind of adult people?
Is my anger justified in this case?
I went to the Dr. and they gave me pills to help something about the thyroid and now 2 years later those pills
whats colon cancer?
How to calculate mean arterial pressure?
What is this weird eye color?
I have a red/brown slash in my eye?
what do binocular cues and monocular cues detect?
spectacles to contact lenses?
Are high order abberrations progressive?
Should I get contacts or stick with glasses?
Can contacts freeze? Will they be damaged?
My eyes go to a blur at times?!?!?!?
How long should I wait before wearing my contacts again?
eyelid popping sensation?
What does it mean when a red spot appear in ur eye pupil?
What kinda disease could i get from this?
my eyes are tired but im not? why:/?
Do I have mono or anything else?
Why do my eyes hurt when I stare at a computer too long?
I fear that I have contracted Norwegian Crusted Scabies. What do I do?
Why did My gums turn white?
hand checking bags at security?
Do I have OCD I clean all the time ? and if its dirty/messy it drives me carzy?
where do u go for laser hair removing treatment???
Where can I purchase Canadian Healing Oil, used for the temporary relief of pain arising from strains, sprains
bump on your knee cap?
2 large lumps appeared on face immediately after being punched, what could it be?
Should I ride a plane with a concussion?
does anyone have any info on thoraco lumbar spondylosis?
Should I be re-examined after a chest wall contusion if still in pain after 8 weeks?
If someone got shot in their side & the bullet grazed their hip bone wat damage might it do where wud it go?
Does it sound like I tore my rotary cuff?
My thumb...need help...!!!please!!!?
Bruises that have stayed along time?
What is the most effective way to get rid of a sore throat?
What happens in a treatment center?????????
can't digest food, feeling sick and have headache, anyone help?
Why am I having these nighttime problems?
Is it safe to take advil & Xanax together?
Strange feeling all over my body?
What to do when you are sick and stuck at home?
Has Anyone Ever Been Caught Giving Out Illegal Health Care Within This Context(Read)?
If you binge is green tea goof to have after a binge before bed?
Bad habit of biting the inside of my lip, how do I break it?
Whats this rash or red ring from?
how to stop and quit smoking...need valuable suggestions plz...?
what's wrong with me?
Is this going to be too much?
Why do I have a bump behind my right ear?
What does this mean(regarding DADS program)?
pharmacy technician vs sterilization technician?
Drug interaction between diamox and ciprofloxacin?
im only 16, do i need a parent to get tested for STDs ?
Are cold sores a form of herpes?
A question on HIV/AIDS?
is it possible I could have a STD?
Life with HPV ? how normal ...
Im scared I have an HIV disease?
What could be the cause and what helps to clear it up and prevent this eye problem?
Need help with night vision?
I have 20/60 vision, should I wear my glasses all the time or only when I need them?
my eyes are tinted yellow and im not sure why?
What will happen if I put too much eye drops?
How to remedy an eye twitch?
My right eye hurts to look left, it is also painful if I put myfinger gently on the inner corner. I'm healthy?
What causes my eye to twitch?
I just got a new perscription, and I am getting headaches?
Is it accuarate to take an online eye exam?
What Is A Ring Worm????
Does anybody know anything about mole removal?
acne... should I see a Dermatologist or continue to try things on my own?
do stretch marks go away, naturally?
i need help so so much of it ahhhhhhhhh.?
i just notived this bump on the inside of my neck ??
What is Acne? Best Acne cure?
I need a quick fix to blackheads?!?
Why do my lips get burned so badly when no one else's do?
What are these scars on my back called? Pictures?
How do u get rid of your......?
how to get rid of canker sores on my tongue?
what are some tips to get rid of acne?
I have these little blisters on my finger that itch like crazy that weep a clear liquid--what do I have?
Can you get aids from getting a hickey?
Allergic reaction to eyebrow wax HELP?!?!?
my eye is swollen and it has hives on the bottom lid?
Problem having regular feces(stool) for past 20 days?
Affects of drinking milk when lactos intolerate?
Possible mold allergy?
Are these things BUG EGGS!?
Post nasal drip that won't go away: Can a cold *cause* allergies?
I was diagnosed with low blood sugar. What should my glucose test results be?
what are good sources of pure protein foods-Must have little of no carbs?
Ants in my pants? Literally.?
would a person be better off in a nursing home if that person couldnt stick to his diet and ...........?
risk factors of diabetes?
How do i talk and see someone on yahoo ?
Where can I find rent application forms?
is the excess of parathyroxin secretion the cause of osteoporosis?
what's a good diet for a diabetic?
can a 13 year old diabetic (type 1) have foods with sugar,ie:chocolate ice cream...sweets?
what are the good and bad things that come out of embryonic stem cell research ?
i have a boil on my stomach why?
sil is diabetic.need some answers..?
what are the sign for diabetic?
just had a blood sugar test it came out at 21.8 ? is this bad ?
i am looking for information on swelling and drop foot in diabetics.?
What is the yearly salary of a Nutritionist in the UK?
where can i find shoes good for diabetics?
is nestea lemon juice good for insulin dependent diabetic?
are there any like....home remedies for asthma releif?
My pupy isnt breathing right?
how do you get rid of the hiccups?
Why would a person that doesn't have a weak gag reflex suddenly get one over bad smells and sights?
Could I have diabetes?
If I had any internal NF bumps would they show up on a CT scan?
How long does it usually take for skin biopsy results?
who invented the internet?
How do i get ride of sinus pain?
have a burning felling in my left side of the Abdominal area under the ribs. what could it be?
I've been walking and working out and I'm extremely sore! What should I do? I can't even sit it hurts!
neck hurts?
Survey: What's worse, a stomachache or a headache? (Don't forget to explain yourself!)?
Is it possible to acquire Novocaine legally if you are not a Dr?
Relieving Sciatica Pain?
do you know a famouse hand healing in uk?
Can Advil work against bone growth? Can you have a reaction from stopping Advil immediately?
We work in office cubical 8hr/day. What/how to make this cubical healthier to our body?
how can i get charity to pay a surgeon to do total hip replacement. ([email protected])?
What Could Cause This To Happen Please Help!!?
what can i do i have an earache?
how long to be out after dislocating shoulder?
I need a knee brace without hinges?
What should I do if I took aspirin after possible concussion?
Accidently poked my eye really hard and now it hurts. ?
going to be having reconstructive ankle ligament surgery...help...?
how do i know if iv broke/fractured my bum!?!?
Mild Concussion and ruptured eardrum. I was told to rest. What exactly does that mean?
Injury of the shoulder?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? please help me?
what kind of nerve goes from the spinal cord to the muscle that bends the forearm?
What are some treatment options for bulged discs? Please share if you have experienced this?
Top corner of my thumb toe nail broke off?
i have had back problems since the third grade at the bottom of my spine and sometimes i cant sit for 8 hours?
Will getting glasses help fix what might be the slightest lazy eye or sorta uneven eyes?
where to put contacts if you do not have container...?
Has anyone had good experience/bad experience buying glasses online?
I scratched my cornea now the eye is lazy.?
Does it cost more if I buy different colored contacts rather than clear ones?
What color contacts should I get?
Concerns about my eyes and vision?
"static" vision in the dark?
What will 6 paracetamol do? Each one has 200mg paracetamol, 300mg Aspirin, Caffeine 45mg?
What is the best place to buy 4-MEC?
Would a multivitamin make my calcium levels too high?
Do you know any websites about Shamanic way of healing or cleansing a place etc?
problem with nasal irrigation?
Im 4 months prego and Im worried I have an STD. When I pee It doesnt burn but when im done i have this feeling?
can you give someone an std by taking a bath with them or by sharing the same towel?
How much would it cost for an std screening at planned parenthood?
I heard herpes is is just the first signs of aids?
Where is the clinic of Dr Dominic Leung in Perth?
Would u continue to be with someone if they told u they had HIV?
I was talking to someone who has herpes. But accidentaly two spits came from his mouth ans landed on my ....?
Spreading herpes around your body?
So this kid I know has herpes and put rubbing alcoholon the outbreak to make it go away. Now you and i and the
can u give me a site thats informative abt understanding the science behind beauty?
Sweaty Groins, is this herpes?
question on oral herpes.?
A matter of $120,000?
Using Lopressor for blood pressure. Recently added hydrochlorot. Started having fast pulse. Any suggestions
Nadolol and exercise?
I need the definitions of some medical terms.?
best stroke hospitals in Tampa?
i have been having memory loss lately.?
why to the bottom of my feet feel bruised?
whats the reason i feel like someone is pulling my hair?
How long will it take for my nose and tongue piercings to close? I'v had these piercings for over a month now?
What body cavity are thyroid glands and kidneys in?
Can gas cause left forearm pain/pressure?
What Would Cause A Person To Die When They are 30?
what are some new medical procedures within the last year?
why does radiation make you sick?
I need to find out what is wrong with my leg HEEELPPP!!!!!!!?
how do i get rid of a stuffy nose?
weird anxious feeling?
How to pass home urine marijuana drug test?
Is sneezing through your mouth bad?
how much an hour do people in loss prevention make?
Do u think we would get extreme make over home edition to come to our house ?wers?
why do i feel worse after sleeping when i am sick?
Parkinson's Disease Question?
Why do fever blissters pop up?
I think I might have ulcers?
Why is my left eye bloodshot after having my apendix removed?
how to increase Hemoglobin level in my blood medically so that I feel minimum fatigue,even after running 40KM
What is Coral Calcium?
How can I determine if I'm immune to chickenpox?
flu jabs side effects?
I tested my vocal range today. Can you help me please?
Is it normal too Have a fever of 99-100+ while on Antibiotics?
Is anything available thats over-the-counter that would help such things as anxiety, bad stress,?? r?
What causes a lump in the front of your neck near you throat?
Why does Neosporin smell like maple syrup?
Headaches From The Weather?
Drugs in the opperating room?
how does cool aid help with stinky feet?
ear airplane?
What are possible side effects of lovastatin?
I am looking into opening a colonics clinic ...any idea what licenses Iwould need and cash?
tell me about flex seed fact?
I caught my son eating old fruit??
how is the treatment of viral infection different from treatment that kills microoorganisms such as fungi?
Can smoking give you shaky hands?
I need ideas on recruiting caregivers?
my husband is on parole and has hep c. he wants life insurace. is it possible? anyone have any names to call?
why do my lips go numb some times?
Sinus problems?
What would you put on a bee Sting ?
10 points 5 stars.... Ear stretching tapers?
will they send me the xrays? (finger)?
My ear won't pop and it hurts!!!?
Joint pain in hands plus swelling and sweating? help?
Donating blood when you have small veins?
When Moses has a burning headache, for painkillers, does he use gels or tablets?
How to relieve back pain.?
Please someone help? Sore muscle in my back?
What does it mean when I am getting shooting pains in my hip?
Can you get nose bleeds if it is too hot?
Scared of needles...advice?
Hey what are good thing to take if your tired?
Why does the area behind my knee feel strained?
Can someone help with these symptoms?
Is this insomnia/sleep deprivation?
people think i'll get diabetes?
Diet for the patient who have both B.P and Diabetes.?
Can you help me understand my diabetes test results?
wat are the different types of blood groups?
does hay fever make blood sugars rise?
what kind of vitamins are good for type 1 diabetics?
I'm not a diabetic. I had a friend test my blood and it was 125. I had just finished eating. Is this normal
is there any treatment for (insulin antybodies human) for a girl of 4 years old?
diabetic diet - help...?
Is 1gr. the same as 30 mg.?
is a 10 ys old with type 1 diabetes eligible for social security?
1.) Type 2 Diabetes - are other conditions a result of Diabetes? 2.) Restless Legs; 3.)Medication side effects
What percentage of Australian's are now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
my b12 level is only 365 and i am veggie person what if b 12 is too low?
can islet tranplantation be performed in the philippines and for how much it will cost?
Can anybody tell me where I can get quality discount medicine. I take Byetta .5 and I need some quick?
dilantin blood level. very high 66/ what are the symptoms?
gall bladder testing?
if i want to convert fat into lean muscle is it true to eat more carbohydrates that a person usually would?
i am 15 and need a diet to follow on a regular bases doyou have any?
I am going no carb diet and need some suggestions on how and what to eat. like food examples.?
Why do u hurt so much after you excercise after not having done so in a long time?
I have a walk diet dvd, u can walk two miles in your home. Does it work?
does herbalife really work? or will you gain the weight back if you actually do lose the weight?
What are some ways?
What is the medical complication of obesity on the Kidneys?
what are the side effects of Remeron?
Do you think psychiatric medications do more harm than good and wind up destroying your brain in the longrun?
Is this mentally normal?
I Like Shopping way too much. Do I need a shrink?
what causes people to talk outloud to themselves?
How to avoid the stress factor during exams?
how can any one have photographic(eidetic) memory? & how to improve it?
ive read through alot of answers and ive noticed alot of people are really rude, what is wrong with them?
Have any of you been mistreated in a mental hospital?
Can you find authentic free hypnosis downloads?
why do i have a horrible headache everytime as i cry?
Do you think that there is an actual increase in conditions like Autism and ADHD, or is it overdiagnosis?
What does analysanol mean in psychology?
What is the technical psychological term for having a persecution complex?
What kind of animals are you afraid of?
I wear glasses, cannot see clearly without. however, when i look througj a door spyhole/peephole, i can see my?
What does my eye prescription mean?
How to sue for mechanical complications during Lasik eye surgery?
Will a 14.2 contant lense diameter be okay on 14.5 eyes?
is bleeding normal 3 weeks after you have a c section?
Is the plaque that builds up in arteries the same that builds up in your mouth?
Thyroid where does it come from?
i think i might have insomnia!?
can pvc's occur during re-entry SVT?
Does this sound like OCD?
Why are my legs trembling and feel weak?
What does a fracture on an xray look like?
Delayed ACL surgery, what kind of activities will I be able to do?
I pulled a muscle in my upper back?
What is wrong with my elbow?
what happens if you heat water in plastic bottles in the microwave and stand in front of microwave.?
What is wrong with my wrist?
does anyone have a home remedy for getting off morphine and vicodin?
What causes ear/head aches when talking on the phone?
Do you have Tattoo Aids?
Had an tooth extraction, why does my mouth hurt?
Is herpes a fatal illness?
I seem to be getting bunions on my big toes. Is there anything I can do (naturally) to stop them from growing
who is your favorite chiropractor in Austin?
My Neck is Killing Me. What to do?
what is rsi?
looking for a doctor d.o. for pain mangement?
Percocets Pills Have Different Colors I'm NOT Askin Bout Generic Just Wanted 2Kno If The Yellow's R Better?
what do i do if i have gonneria?
I have muscle pain in my right arm from my neck down to my hand.?
help with surgeon for hip replacement i need this done now?
Someone please help me....?
If you take about 2 oxycodone what would that do?
If you had a friend that have HIV in he is still sleeping around would u tell.?
can an iversion table help ease back pain due to herniated disks?
Sore throat feeling tired?
Blue Lotus - has anyone tried this in tea form?
my appendix hurts?
i been having thish headach and it dosent go away whats wrong with me?
Depakote and Percocet?
has anyone used the "light relief" pain relief device if so what were the results?
Could i get acne down there if my boyfriend ate me out and he has acne on his face?
I have painless sores on my arms, legs, chest, and back. They look simialr to chancres?
what is a good product for cold sore/herpes virus?
why my face(jaw skin) feels itchy when i wash face?
questions about Accutane?
meh skin is so sensitive. does anyone know a facial for sensitive skin or anything to wash my face with .?
Redness on my Arms? What is this?
meds good for posion ivy?
What's happening to my Mom's lips?
EMBARRASSING sweat problem.?
older people who had acne...?
I need help with my dry hands. Anyone?
Huge birth mark??
If i wanted to bath in Sea Salt to get rid of body acne.....?
Can any one tell me if this is RINGWORM!?!?!?!?
Can backne ever be completely cleared up?
Cuticle Cure?!?
i have some stretch marks on the upper part of my back and i would like to know what can i use to cover it.?
Can swimming help body acne?
I'm going for a dermatologist appointment tomorrow, what should I expect?
painful wart on my toe?
best medicare prescription drug plan?
How long does it take PMS-Clonazepam to work?
is there a natural way to get rid of allergies?
Asprin mask reaction?
Do guinea pigs cause allergies?
How do doctors confirm you have an allergy?
My husband and I don't know what to do about are sons hives,has anyone experienced hives this bad ?
Is it possible to be allergic to dogs but not cats?
Is this normal after using Diphenhydramine?
health question: does allergy spread?
Modified Milk Ingredients? Please help!?
Is it a sinus problem or a cold?
Random bumps around me (grass allergies?)?
Question About AntiHistamine Side Effects of Diarrhea/Abdominal Pain (Claritin & Zyrtec)?
What am I allergic too?
Can I get medicaid at 18 years old?
How can libido be decreased for women?
why do i keep throwing up? :O what causes it?
Does Medicaid pay to get checked and have medicated perscribed to you for ADD?
Medical question: Pain from back to stomach, vomiting, urination?
Can you die from smoking too much marijuana?
I think i have rabis, what should i do? ?
Are cold showers bad for you?
Can my company charge me for Insurance while Im laid off?
why is bone weak when dipped in acidic liquid?
Do YOU like Neutrogena SkinID?
what concerta did to me what should i do?
Pick a disease or problem that affects this body system?? please help!?
I am so sick. Please help?
pleurisy pneumonia...how do you get it, and how long does it take to get rid of it? this is horrible...?
naproxen canyou get high off this.?
my hemoglobin level is dangerously high due to a lung infection a nurse told me at the hospital what can i do?
i ve been throwing up sens last wednesday.just can't keep food down.But i dont have any fever or anything else
How many lung transplants are done in the USA each year?
Silent reflux? HORRIBLE trouble breathing, what can I do to help with breathing... taken tums and inhaler..?
every time my friend has a big headache he pukes up blood is there somthing wrong with him.?
How can I stop snoring? I hear its pretty bad, and i need to stop!?
What causes shortness of breath at rest?
Its about mold in my home, i have a 6 month old baby, what do i do?
Explain how severe having water in the lung is?
Has anyone tried "Nicocure" to quit smoking?
Why do i get bronchitis every time i smoke weed?
Does any one know if Allegra d causes any mood swings?how bad?
NICU nurse pros & cons?
will it show up.?
Common cold help!?
my dog starts to shake and then faints.whats wrong and are glucose tablets safe 4 him?
New to Insulin injections....and need help.?
peripherel nerve is it a kind of a cancer?
Do you use Byetta?
what for IMI (INSULIN) is done as a test ?
Why, when you are a diebetic you can't have anything sweet?
any good answers or help with perifial neurapathy?
What is the clinical half-life and duration of action of injected Solu-Cortef (hydrocortisone)?
l had a heart attack, could high potassium be to blame?
what are the effects of Parkinson disease on 70+ man?
How do we know type 1, type 2or type 3 of diabetes?
can heavy doses of anitbotics effect your meds treating you for your diabeties?
Do any of you have type 1 diabettes? How do you control it?
does elavil make you dizzy?
what are the best ways to survive a-levels?
Question about EMpower Plus from Truehope?
How much does apple cider vinegar cost at whole foods?
Cipro and bactrim antibiotics?
Airborne eardrum exam help!!?
Are there any pills, vitamins,or like bracelet things to help your performance in cheerleading?
magic (psilocybin) mushrooms?
What herb or pill can you take at THAT MOMENT to stop SVT?
Frutas que hacen el mismo efecto que la aspirina?
what would happen if you stop using street drugs cold turkey?
Coricidin Chest Congestion & Cough Softgels high?
can your resting heart rate change during the day?
Irregular Heart Beat?
Uneven Heartbeat...?
what are the known causes of cardiac arrest?
I'm getting an EP (electrophysiologist) study done on Wednesday. How long should I expect recovery to take?
Can a stroke that caused blindness be reversed?
Long term effects on eyes if living in darkness?
how long should contacts be worn?
After an operation to remove a chalazion from the eye, are you left with saggy skin from where the lump was?
What does an optician do to examine your eyes and determine if you can get contacts?
Why did my eye colour change?
Swollen eye and dilated pupil?
where to buy glasses under VSP?
Tonsil Stones *had to put 20 characters*?
What causes a cold ???
do i have rabies??????????
have i contracted the flu virus?
What combination of antivirals is best for the flu?
I sprained my ankle. How severe is it? How can i make it go away quickly?
can someone please answer?
Pain when walking collerbone/neck?
have u ever got a b o n e r while grinding?
How do I know if my growth plate is ok?
Which would more likely result from injury exclusively to the dorsal side of the spinal cord?
How long does it take to heal torn calf muscle?
If I fall down the stairs onto my knee?
can someone cast me a voodoo spell that all my health problems would go away.?
What rib injury do I have?
bruise color question?
can you get knee adhesions even if you have not had any surgery?
Knee-back pain cures?
Can Drinking too Much coffee have serious side effects?
i need to find a drugstore in London England.?
What are side effects of injections of radioactive isotopes for MRIs?
What do you do for sore heels?
What is this bone protrusion?
how can EVERY insurance company check my health history?
urination problems?
what is the difference between aesthetic and cosmetic peocedures in surgery and dermatology?
Do Fiddleback or brown recluse spiders die after they bite or can they bite as many times as they want?
I have some redness and mild irritation in my eye ten days after phaco cataract surgery. Is this normal?
Lump on Throat?
Why does wart freezing hurt so freakin much?
The metatarsal bone of my feet(left side) Is moving and swelling but it doesn't have pain!?
Would dry skin cause problems in the future?
Does any one know what other thing might cause brain lesions instead of M.S.?
could numbness on top of thumb be arthrisis of some kind or what?
What are some things that I should watch out for in my teens room that she may be using to get high?
i have frequent throat infectuction folled by fewer. wat shud i do?
When will we have an ultimate HIV cure?
Can herpes be INSIDE the mouth?
Can chlamydia be deadly?
how do you know if u got aids?
if taking the one dose of medicine you doctor gave you 4 chlamydia shouldn't u be cured?
I kissed a girl and I hated it?
I have a cold sore that is healing will drinking a beer hurt it?
looking for a good thesis statement for my essay on hiv/aids?
Could I still have Herpes?
Isn't there an STD that is a cure for an worse one?
Does Medicare help pay for the cost of purchase or rental of hospital type adjustable single beds ? Thanks !?
Knee pain. MRI indicated a bone bruise and hairline.It's been popping a lot.Now I have bad pain behind knee?
can i get some info on just what 1 seizure can do 2 u?
i am diebetic patient, is it ok to take abs medicine, rhodiola tabs, and others like ampalaya extract.?
List and discuss the three factors responsible in regulating hormones.?
Does anyone know what the normal blood sugar range is for a three year old?
Wanting to become a vegetarian. I am a 42 yr old male with diabetes and colitis. Suggestions on starting?
Every time I drink wine and eat even a piece of chocoloate I am asleep within a half hour. Why?
What is glucose and should I be concerned if it is at 96 from a blood test?
what is a good brand for blood pressure kits?
what is the indication if the mean corpuscolar volume and MCHC high?
What causes crystals in blood?
can byetta replace insulin?
I am looking for a camp for my 15 year old son that has ADD, Depression, and Type 2 diabetes in Oregon or WA?
How do I start an insulin CRI on a DKA. Add 2.2 units of insulin per kg to a bag of 240ml of NaCl at 10/ml/hr?
Rank these items in the order in which they occur during the insulin response.?
Does aspirin make hypoglycemia worse or bring it on?
what isthe frenzel ?
What is the majority of deaths in Africa?
flea born dieases?
My sister has a rheumatic arthritis disease. Is there ever a way to cure her?
Do I really have PCOS?
Conjunctivitis or something else?
How many days taking Nexium will your stomach start to heal?
chemical exposure and testing and patients rights to know the results. Where can I find resources?
I haave a disabling chronic pain with some swelling at the tip of my right thumb.?
i am suffering from goiter and i am also overweight, how do i lose weight with this condition?
Are amber eyes rarer than green?
Is Iritis caused by ocular allergies...?
My eyes are -2.75 and -1.75. How do I work out where they would fall on the 20/20 scale?
How long do your eyes stay glossy after smoking weed?
BLue Ring around my eye -_-?
Why does my right eye water when I'm in the cold, nervous, the wind, and sometimes warm weather? ?
Why is one of my eyes completely clear and the other one blurry?
If you wear contacts...?
does the teabag remedy for Eye Sty work for sty inside the eyelid?
History of migraines. My brain is burning? Anyone have this too?
i have a cut inside my nose, how can i help it heal faster?
what is the effect of taking too much calcium?
I keep getting stomach pains when i'm using my laptop?
I can't sleep need some tips please?
Acute Head and Neck pains?
Can being poked in the neck be dangerous?
back pain and uncomfortable stomach an i think abnormal period?
How do you get arthritis ?
Will pain medicne help my backache? ASAP!!!?
i am having bad back pain can anyone help?
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? I'm 13..?
does it hurt to get tested for tuberculous/?
Do i need to be on anti anxiety pills?
Should I have my gallbladder removed?
what will my pee look like if i smoke weed? lmao*?
why do i have a stomach rash!?
Is it normal to bleed after picking your nose?
should i get my tonsils removed if i get bronchitis twice?
i hate being short...how can i be taller?
how many of you?
Does eating after eating a medical canubus Crispy make you higher?
Bad Sore throat. Is it a cold or something more?
I want to get a foot massage to feel more relaxed, are they painful?
How do i convince asomeone not to commit suicide??
What could be wrong with me?
how to get high naturally?
What would drowning feel like?
My mother in law doesn't recognize anyone. She only eat, go to the bathroom and sleep. Does she have Alzheimer
65 year old suicidal woman looking for a psychiatrist in Okanogan, Chelan or Douglas Counties in WA ST.?
Help :( Why am I like this?
Will I be ok at the doctor.?
What do you think of this?
can anyone suggest websites for psychology?
i don't like baby's or toddlers ..well i don't like people younger than me. is that a bad thing?
my mother is 78 years old and she has hardening of the arteries.I also believe she is developing dementia?
I have arachnidphobia,I'm afraid of taratulas mostly.What should I do to overcome my fear?
why cant i stop biting my nails? I know its gross,but why cant I stop?
what can be done for children With ADHD Is it ok to put them on drugs?
How effective is st. johns wort at managing depression/anxiety?
HELP PLZ.............hey!!!!!!?
Does anything happen if depression goes untreated?
My 8 year old son cries about everything!! Why? What can I do?
How to fit a low cost healthy diet into your family life?
I'm looking for info on the Weider master power stack 200lbs bench press older one i bought need manual ty
How good is the South Beach Diet?
How do you lose belly fat quickly?
If a person wants to lose weight but can not afford to do this on thier own should the government help them ?
vitamins vs calories?
What are the best ways in losing weight?
any effective dieting tips?
I am overweight but not morbidly obese. Can I get my stomach stapled here in the U.S or in some other country?
How can u loose 40 pounds by may 17?
i am i fat if i am 147 pounds 5'5 & my bo*bs r a d cup?
(only people with 6-pack abs answer this question)?
do laxatives help lose weight?
Is it OK to completely cut "sugar, salt, oil and white flour" off our diet?
Which foods are rich in INSOLUBLE fibre?
URGENT..aloe vera, is it safe to cut off a piece of it, and rub it directly on my face?
How do I rid this hideous skin that is starting to hang under my jaw?
is it weird to get a zit here?
I have really bad Excema & im not being allowed to see a dermatologist, what should i do?
acne i need help please...
How do I make my skin not sensitive?
whats the best way to get rid of achne?
My Fiance has little red bumps on his body?
Please help with warts...??
Why are my legs like this =(?
I have bad acne, will my doctors give me prescribed makeup to cover it up?
What to do about dry, itchy lips?
Is there something out there?
What's after accutane?
best product?
do breakouts effect the way you see people?
Does drinking a lot of water really help clear up acne?
Help! Acne problem please read!?!?
should i be worried?
How many mg/dl of blood suger can be corected by one unit Humalog insulin according to your experiece?
How do you know if a child is sensitive to sugar?
My blood sugar level was at 360 last week.?
I need an insulin injection site map that I can print off for a group home?
What is pre med?
Artificial sweetener want to know about health risk if any?
Does Anyone Take Byetta?
Type of graph?
Will all men with diabetes develop ED?
Is there any diabetics in circleville ohio that have recipes?
Can diabetics use things like white wine vinegar?
what would higher than normal pancreas levels mean?
Is it true that much sugar in the food we eat or in our drinks one of the reason that causes kidney trouble?
Does anyone take Byetta, and if so why do we have to throw it away after 30 days?
can thyroid cause a foot ailment?
I have a small airway?
Does CHEESE cause cancer?
What could cause this issue with gas and how can she prevent it?
help with my diabetic father's new plan?
I took a blood test and my liver results was 14U/L is that bad?
Swollen, painful, bump under armpit?
I'm deadly afraid of needles?
dizzyness, fatique, pale skin, trouble consentrating, whats wrong with mee?
I've had chronic coughing for 4 years now?
my pinky finger really hurts to move, and bend, i haven't done anything to it.?
If I punch my girlfriend in the back of the neck right before I come, will her schpincter muscles tighten up?
I have a painful bump on my knee!?
Shooting pain in calf without injury?
I fell on my knee and now the outside of my knee cap burns to touch - what have I done to it?
would ice/heat therapy help a strained sternum?
Does putting potatoes on your wrist break it?
questions about hernias?
My belly piercing won't heal, is it a blood clot?
Smashed my finger! Black bump?!?! (Pic Inside!)?
ear hurting?
is it an ear infection?
why do my feet hurt when and after I run?
Phytosterol rich foods?
I have low blood pressure caused by an arythmia why is this happening?
Who out there want's attention when you get a charlie horse?
Shoulder - Tendinitis, Arthritis, or other?
Has anyone taken Topamax for migraine and then gone off?
i get these pains in my leg but i don't know is it a joint pain or muscle or my veins?
The myth that Alka Seltzer Gold relieves Migraines?
Can I wash My Shin Guards?
I have very high calcium and protein levels in my blood. Much pain and stiffness in the neck and back. Ideas?
How do I know have herpes?
MS Contin Extended Release/MS Contin Instant release?
Question about foot pain?`?
how can I find a list of good hernia surgeons in the NYC area?
insense pains in my neck, please help?
what medication would you suggest for searing pain in the eyes or cut inside the eyes?
Aids from getting sneezed on?
Help...Im in so much pain!?
is there a hpv test for men?
My dad had both his knees replaced due to Osteoarthritis, now his ankles are in pain, can they be replaced?
any advice for back pain?
I wrenched my back and my Doc said for me to take tylenol but its not heling.. What should I do??
Pain in my eye lid please help??
Is it Yeast Infection or herpes?
how do people get std's?
Abnormal bleeding...advice?
i think i have HIV but i cant say anything to my mother what should i do?
could it be an STD? HELP!?
I need good answer if you have std dose that mean HIV?
Why does my right eye keep pulsing?
There was a very small scratch on my cornia and I got some antiboitic drops last night...?
My eye color is brown but..?
What is it like to wear contacts?
allot of colors i cant see with my left eye please help!!!?
Question about son's strabismus?
sometimes when I read things move in depth?
are brazilians the perfect mix?
I get shooting pains up the back of my thigh daily. What causes this?
What kind of sick am I? What can I do about it?
Does it do any harm to your eyes to put contact solution in them rather than eyedrops?
Are people born with motion sickness?
Is a laying in a tanning bed bad for you?
who can tell me what are safe levels for cholesterol, without going into diets and excersize etc?
Are soft foam ear plugs harmful at all? I think I need to wear them when I sleep; I live near a busy street.?
What is the natural cure for hemorrhoid?
How would the blind (in the US) know if they are receiving the correct change in bills?
Coming down with the flu? Or no? Input + opinions please Thanks!?
Question about Hepatitis C?
I went to the gyno. They said i most likely have BV. So i started taking the antibiotics they prescribed.?
do i have mono or something else?
Medi-Cal is making cuts. What level of care does Medi-Cal legally owe to it's clients?
how do i prevent a staff boil from getting worse?
what is clostridial septemia?
Help! What is the origin of the word "Tuberculosis"?
Question about Fever?
what was the juice detox they talked about on Enews?
Do sleep studies do any good?
what's a medicine/activity that'll help you sleep?
what is the time to take NAPA?
Is 5'7" a normal height for my age?
Can you get high on Adderall?
rhinoplasty question:?
What is wrong with my ear? ?
Did you know you can rate your doctor online?
can you drink from a cup a wasp touched? And other surfaces it touched?
What cases nose bleeds and headaches?
is dysgraphia hereditary?
if some one says u have ocd and you dont but your mind begins?
what does a sample of urine boiled with Benedict's turning red tell us about the person the urine came from?
My vision turns green. Why?
Celiac Disease? Help?
What is neutropenia and leukopenia and why do you get it? What is the cause of it? Can it be prevented?
My mom had a colostomy a couple of years ago and has had problems with it since?
Do you think you have intermittent explosive disorder?
iam suffering from poly cystic disease of kidney, i want to conceive, will it effect my health?
does any one know anything about basilar migraines?
What does it mean when I get spontaneous bruising around a finger joint?
how and why do children get rheumatiod arthritis?
MS Therapy - Do or Don't Do?
I have a hard painful lump just below my ear. Any ideas what this is?
Has anyone everr been exposed to someone with Tb and tested positive?
how old do you have to be to be a candy striper in a hospital..does it depend on where you live?
Does LASIK correct lazy eye??
what is the pathophysiology of enterocutaneous fistula?
is there any cream to stop itchyness of mosquito bites?
what is the best herbal treatment for throat infection? i want some home made medicine, thanx?
does the family doctor prescribe sleeping pills?
Loss of Balance?
What is the firmness like for memory foam mattresses?
free online doctors sessions?
i am not having good sleep lately.tried taking medication..too but i guess cant be on them all the time.?
career change from chef to surgical technologist is this a good road to go graduated in 1980 took med classes?
Who are the board passers in medical this year 2006?
how to quirt smoking successfully?
How do you get swelling to go down after major stomach surgery?
can urinary tract infections cause a rash?
What is the best way to build up your immune system?
HELP!! What is your best hangover helper?
My father is suffering from Sugar. I want to know what Diet is helpful for reducing his sugar level?
Can diabetes cause constipation and perimenopause?
change of insulin diabetes?
Someone I know has type 1 diabetes and is going to get a cdl without telling them...is that possible?
Any women take glucophage? What are its effects?
Does insulin effect muscle building?
anyone with pituitary adenoma? surgery?
Possible diabetes?? D:?
Diabetes and blood sugar levels: fasting levels in pre range and random in normal range.?
what are the symptoms of going intyo a type 2 diabetic coma?
what is serum protein?
What is the physical state of dialysate at room temperature?
how can I quickly drop blood sugar? Quick response plz!!?
What does it mean to have a high kindey count. If it does mean anything?
can u get diabetes from drinking alot of beer over many years?
What could be wrong with my knee?
Loud clicking/popping nosie when i turn my arm?
i got a concussion they other day.....?
how do you know when you have sprained your wrist?
If i take ibuprofen and it takes away 99% of the pain can i still run hard on what feels like a sprained knee?
I have a lump before my toenail and my little toe!? I've had it forever and I can never paint my little toe. ?
From Progressive Eyeglasses to Acuvue Oasys Presbyopia?
Does wearing blue contacts make your eyes bluish?
Why are my eyes changing colors so much?
Can my old contacts give me an infection?
Need help on color, for glasses?
Best solution for cleaning circle lenses?
problem with my eye???
Which firm in the uk do people recommend for laser eye surgery? Price is not an issue just want a best result?
my four year old needs -2.00 glasses. i'm -1.00 what caused her to have such a high prescription?
Flashing lights and something's in my eye?
Exophoria question help?
Curing Blurry Vision Naturally?
Can you name your top favourite movie?
what does it mean when i suddenly cant breathe. ill have air in my lungs but its like its not oxygen.?
what is the effective treatment of lost smell and tast senses ?
what are the cures available for chronic bronchitis?
Does a woman's breast moves when an electrical current passed through it using defibrillator pads?
why is medical error case difficult to fight and what does a layman do?
use of fluocinolone acetonide?
I didnt frank so there for someone inside on the chair no way dude not anyway you!?
i have adult attention deficit disorder ,anyone taking drugs to help and what drugs?
what are the ingredients in marijuanah cleansing shampoo & blood & urine products?
i am unable to find info on pollution due to shortage in time.please help me?
If someone had a tracheotomy can it be removed?
i have sleep apnea what is the best solution to this problem I'm tired of this machine?
I constantly keep hacking up flem. I what can I do to get rid of my sinuses?
what ways i can prevent asthma?
the first couple of weeks you get your tongue pierced is it okay to drink frappes"(frozen blended mochas)
Does anyone have experience living with epilepsy? Am 48 and wounder what the future holds.?
Help! One of my Ratties is coughing!?
Does anyone know of anyone in the Kentucky area whom does rhinoplasty?
co-trimoxazole septrin?
Has anyone ever seen a smoky substance leave someone's mouth before,in warm weather, without their smoking?
A friend of mine starts having a bretahing problem even if he cries a little bit.?
Dose wheezing sound like fizzing soda ?
i had x-ray for 4 times.if i do it for 2 times more,can i have problem?
uniphyl stopping???
does bacterial vaginosis go away?
can you get STD from bj?
If you've had a few STDs and they've all been treated is it still possible to get pregnant?
howdo you know you have herpes? detail?
what exactly is a herpes outbreak and what causes it
hypothyroidism and post partum period?
What is left ventricular dysfunction with basal hypokinesia?
Can swollen lymph nodes run all the way down your neck and can it be caused by chronic sinus infections?
My eyes hurt cause of smoke?
HELP - Coughing when laying down!?
Ear pinning surgery questions?
does breathing in gasoline fumes get you sick?
How bad is it just to smoke a pack of cigarettes once?
i m very scared of supernatural creatures(ghosts),can any one help me?
Has anyone had heart palpitations while taking Effexor XR?
twisted or not?
I had a strange dream last night...?
Why was histrionic chosen over hysterical as the name of the disorder?
I had to have my apendix taken out what does the operation look like?
What is the name for a phobia of life? Not of biological life, but all manners of human living?
bi polar: does anyone practice a more natural treatment? other than psych meds.?
Any pain killers for the emotional pain?
Can narcissism be cured?
are you competitive?
Why does Prozac have suicidal thoughts and depersonalization as possible side effects? Doesnt it regulate...?
How can I overcome my fear of dogs and lots of other kinds of animals/insects? ex-lizards, bees, wasps?
scary dreams?
Does any one know how to keep a bi-polar person off illegal drugs and on meds?
Inexpensive way to get antidepressant medication?
can our body absorb the same amount of protein compared to calcium?
Tiny red bumps all over my upper arms? ?
how do i clear my acne, if its stress related:S?
i got my palm sweaty at the time of nervousness and warm?
WHY!!!! How can i get rid of my acne!!!!!?
what is the cause of eczema?
keratosis pilaris and girls?
is it ok to smoke marijuana on accutane?
is poison ivy/oak contagious by contact?
Wondering about Accutane?
What are some supplements for really dry skin? The ones I'm taking aren't working!!!?
what can you eat/do to get a rash on your face?
is there any way like a shampoo of some type to stop my dog from biteing itself raw skin oder?
Dry hands! HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
Itchy scalp and I know it's not lice...?
can water help with acne?
how to get rid of dry skin on ur face? ?
How can you get rid of acne scars and how can you cover them up?
Help! I have Adult Acne and I've tried EVERYTHING. Any advice?
question about seasonal allergies?
Is it likely my daughter's dog & cat allergy went away?
Horse with swollen lip and watery nose. PLEASE ANSWER ASAP!?
Common cold or just allergies?
how to get rid of tongue allergies on the tongue from citrus fruit?
why can't i stop sneezing after i wash my face?
How do i get rid of a runny nose and FAST?
best cat allergy medication?
Does this look like a normal xray?
What is the best drug rehab for young adults?
How to read a medical scale of height. (BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!)?
I think I had a seizure HELP!?
my bottom lip just started to quiver is that a sign of a medical problem?
How do i fix a blow out with the gauges still in?
Why such a price difference between pharmacies?
Would losing 2 kilograms make much of a difference to your looks?
Does tylenol 3 make you constipated?
I have a horrible pain in my thumb?
anyone know anything about the presciption drug cephalexin?
gag reflex?
i get getting this like stabbing pain on my right eyebrow?
Switching from hydro to Morphine and very scared?
My leg hurts, should I chop it off?
My Eye lid hurts please help?????
I have sle?
I have fibromyalgia and RSDS, what physical therapy can be done?
my left eye lid hurts plzz help?????
What can cause pain when walking? When I exercise by walking or running I start having a burning sensation in?
What should i do with muscle strain to thigh area?
pinched nerve in my neck?
Good Stretches?
Need help?????
Do anybody know if i had an eyey exam november 0f 2006 and the eye doc said that i have alot of astigmatism.?
What can I do after soccer practices/games in order to diminish the pain in my legs?
Im a 21 year old male. I can see my chest move eveytime my heart beats is this bad. Ive never notice it before
How long does ventricular fibrillation last without treatment?
Question about severe black eye and damage caused to eye by having it pushed back in my face?
chest discomfort for a month?
Questions about Optic Neuritis?
does anyone know anything about the heart?
any one there....give me a reccomendations in delays in seeking myocardial infarction?
What are dead cells found in the heart?
i want custom contact lenses but with a prescription?
Why do my eyes always water?
is a heart murmur something to be worried about?
So my glasses always get dirty,?
lasik eye surgery: what is better allegretto wavefront guided or Nidek(laser) treatment?
is there any way to diagnose diabetes at home?
How does your blood sugar increase?
Is the Harris benedict equation outdated ?
Diabetic Trauma?
I have a Deltec Cosmo Insulin pump Does anyone else?
How do diabetes and high blood pressure effect each other?
Where can I GET THE Blue Book on disabilities determinations for SSD?
In the white of my eyes I can see my blood vessels, I am not diabetic and I saw two eye doctor so what now^?
Would this sound like diabetes?
How do I prevent food cravings and fatigue when I'm PMSING?
what would happen if I hit a vain w/insluin?
is my metabolism, which has always been quite high, slowing at 32?
If a pt is on Toprol XL can the take the smallpox vaccine for work ?
Lithium and blood glucose levels?
what are the side effects of the combination of these meds hyzaar100/125procardia30mgclonodine01vytorin10asp81
I have a friend?
Why Glucose must be converted to Glycogen for storage purpose?
I think i have a cold? (im starting to)?
What can help me sleep if I've got the flu or heavy cold?
If I came in contact with a dog with scabies... can I give scabies to MY dog?
Would i get blood poisoning from writing on my skin with ink?
ive been throwing up with doxycycline?
what would happen if we gave out massive doses of smiles for a week?
Why do I get stomach cramps when I run?
can you find me a mass and weight gaining gym workout program that will surely work?
Does lying down or sleeping after you eat makes you fatter?
In workouts, how heavy should I lift?
what exercise are good for a teenage girl to do on a daily basis?
can caffeine help you lose weight?
Best workout when you only have 10-15 minutes?
what is a torn rotor cup?
How can I lose weight?
i get aroused when i work out my abdominal's at the gym, why is that?
is there a free weight watchers-like program I can view on the web?
looking for archived articles about pro image diet pills?
Is my friend fat?
What kind of schooling is required for personal fitness trainers in S. Louis, Mo.?
Exercising motivated?
whats the best diet for insulin resistance or pre-diabetes?
Trying to get fit & build lean muscle, I need to find the best protein suppl. for me that does not have soy?
i need to gain 5kgs coz i m under weight any easy and quick way thanks?
What are processed foods?
how to i train for a womens figure comp.? i need a sample workout?
Has anyone noticed a pattern in weight gain?
What's the best way to get rid of roles on your stomech?
what are the calories/fat content in sushi?
Have you heard of Jen Fe?
Is my wrist broken or fractured?
Will ice skates hurt my toe when recovering from toe injury?
Will I be able to play tomorrow?!?!?
Do I need crutches with my ankle brace from my gout attack?
How long to heal a pulled calf muscle and best treatment?
What Could Be Wrong With My Ankle? I Fell Down The One Stair At School And My Ankle Kinda Twisted But...HELP!?