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Could I be allergic to lipstick and lipgloss?
Why do i have so much food and i dont eat gassy foods?
Yellow stuff is coming out of my nose?
what makes gluten bad for the body?
Need help with back pain?
Why,Does my back,hurt so badly?
my ankle is sore when i bend it backwards.?
What could pain in the lower back especially when waking up in the morning?
What are some pills to take get rid of pain when running?
How to help someone suffering withdrawls?
Why do I get knots on the back of my brain/neck part? And aching in my earlobs?
shoulder and arm pain?
Swollen lymphnoids?
How do I get rid of a headache that has lasted over 24 hours?
can a sinus infection cause chin and neck pain?
how is the best way to cure a canker sore?
What are, Dilaudid 4mg, and fentanyl transdermal system 25mcgh for?
What can I use to treat extreme pain in hands?
Whiplash pain?
I have been having pains in my body?
feet problems?
i slept on my neck wrong and now my neck is stiff and hurts- how can i get relief?
diabeties. help?!?
how long can a person live with a pancreas that isnt working?
Can you have PCOS and not be insulin resistant?
Is there a converson chart to measure the carbohydrates in sugar?
can anyone tell me the nutrition factors of sugar free hot chocolate?
can carbs make you gain weight overnight?
is this a good balanced meal for a diabetic? lunch?
diabetic men?
How to prevent fungus on diabetes toes and if toes affected by fungus how to cure it?
What is the basic principle in low potassium diet?
What are the Nutritional Values Of Brown Rice?
Regarding Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy?
What is involved in a free diabetes screening?
Treatments for Terrien's marginal degeneration?
Has anyone ever suffered from a sore thumb, and how long does it take for it to heal?
Keeping a Schedule Around Pain?
Does anyone here have KNEE ARTHRITS? Please describe to me how it started, the symptoms and how you cope!?
l feel no Hungry and have vomit .No other Symptom. Some years back , I was having T.B.Now What disease?
I would like to know about treatment of Thalassemia major?
aplasia cutis?
wht do u call a test for finding out the cause of pains in the stomach?is it endothescope?
endemitriosis-who can tell me anything about that?
RE;RA - does anyone else suffer from horrific ra pain so much that it disables your body and internal organs?
does anyone have spinal lumbar disease?
help! I have had several people die lately around me but not quite?
Make a drug and a 'new' condition needs it. Is this out of control ?
anyone know about Meth and the signs?
i need some help my son is disabled and cant get out of diapers what can i do and he has bad breath?
hi mes just sent about my disabled son he is 13 years old and he has spad quad cerabrel plasy?
What is "Thoracolumbar scoliosis"?
i have to be examined by a radiologist...what all does that check for?
is it safe to travel with dry ice in a cooler if i have asthma?
What is better than Actifed?
i have mucas in back of throat in morning?
Do i have sport caused asthma?
Serious Problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,?
TB scars on the x-ray My wife had an routine x-ray and a physician?
Choking question!?
how can i tell if i have asthma?
what is the average life expectancy of a person with emphysema?
how to treat medically for snore problem?
can any one give me list of lung diseases?
Do asthmatics have trouble breathing out or in?
How can I get my dad to quit smoking?
Asthma Inhalor Issues (inhalor users only please)?
How can you tell if your really depressed ?
I have severe Obsessive compulsive personality disorder and depression. How should i treat the personality?
how do can you deal with anxiety without medication?
Is my mother lying to me or am I just "hearing things"?
Pro-Self Injury Sites?
How to concentrate while studying and not get distracted?
Starnge dreams!!!?
Using Drugs and its effect?
therapist in waco,tx?
has anyone used zanax for anxiety and how did it worked?
Do you ever feel like you can't do anything right?
How to get over my fear?
whats in Endothil-CR?
The middle part of my stomach hurts very bad when I sit up and lay down?
About Cystic Fibrosis?
What are the best Stretches to do to grew taller?
Looking for a reverse phone lookup usa service?
I'm 5'3 and i weigh 51.2 KG is that fat? I'm a dancer and I have lots of muscle in my legs and tummy.?
how do i give up marijuana?
How to overcome "crying" in front of people?
Do I have cancer or Labrinithitis?
all ur knwledge pls...wen do back skull tisues stop growing in breadth?
Why do people blush when they are nervous?
how possible to overdose?
Ingrown toenail infection or cyst?
How to fall asleep fast?
Is there any health risks in inhaling helium? And does it hurt or anything to inhale it?
Can you get chlamydia from a public toliet seat?
How do you get herpes?(please help!)?
how can i NOT getting aids or std or how its called?
Is it possible to have a false positive chlamydia test result?
how often do you get checked up for HIV/aids and stds?? do you do it every 6 months?
if i eat out a girl can i get an std?
what does it mean when you pee really yellow?
How much am I at risk for HIV? Read details!!!?
Can this actualy lead to HIV?
Can a person who appears to be perfectly healthy die within a year of having aids?
I hit my head really hard a few hours ago, and my nose just started bleeding in the shower...?
how do i take care of a pulled muscle?
I broke my wrist, my hand has been out of the cast since october, my wrist feels like it is badly sprung?
What could this tendor bump on inside of my arm be?
Could this be a problem?
swmmers shoulder? how long does it take to heal?
I got a stinger and since i have lost strength in my arm when will i regain my strength?
Sunburn on my face? help!?
Whats the best way to get rid of chiggers?
what can i do to get rid of my acne, FAST!?
I'm an 11 year old boy and i dont have acne but all my friends do is this normal?
Which makeup and acne treatment is better?
I am 28yrs old, for the past 2 years I have developed acne really bad on my face. i was on a cream from the ?
i have red itchy bumpy skin?
is there a cure for head lice that I can do at home?
acne on face what to do?
What is this on my scalp?
what causes ingrown toenails?
what can i use to get acne off my back? HElP?
my boyfriend has been waking up in the middle night just soaked in sweat for two nights now.. whats up!!!?
Anything to get rid of scars?
i have something on both of the same toes one each of my feet. i think it may be from my shoes.?
my feet are really cold!!!?
Just 2 Small Patches of Scalp Are Itchy and Flaky… ?
Can i rub lemons all over my body to lighten my skin?
I NEED ANSWERS FAST. my six year old sister is in extreme pain because of some rash:?
Can I receive disability if I have 20/200 uncorrectable vision in one eye?
My eyes hurt?
Manuka honey UMF20+ too harsh for facial use?
I have a friend who has a broken chi - center is there a way to fix it?
Is it bad if I want to send strangers naked photos of myself?
Permanent effects from K4?
For the nutritionists/ holistic doctors : HTP or 5-HTP supplement? Is it safe?
How many Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds do i have to consume to get a trip?
Low white blood cell count could mean...........???
is there an over the counter strees relief medication?
Last week I had a really bad sore throat, it got better like 4 days later, and then i started to lose my voice
Is it more healthy for your stomach if you chew vitamin pills before swallowing?
Can anyone tell me about Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil?
Can a sinus infection cause dark circles under eyes?
Can sinus be cured?
what can one do to relieve the feeling of tightness in my throat ?
I have ED and im only 23. how can i solve this problem without resorting to drugs.?
Is immodium ok for people with kidney problems?
describe the significance of the petechial rash?
DO lonestar ticks carry any disease if they bite a person?
are there any proteins affected by autism?
medicine for cerebral palsy?
Why do some people get epilepsy?
Does any one have MS and how do you cope? What medications are you taking?
how can you tell if your physco somatic?
Doc says that I have a staph Infection on ear and swollen lymph nodes.?
What does the word "whizz" mean?
Can I take both Aleve and Motrin at the same time?
Could I take sleep pills once per week?
my ankles want to point outwards help?
Does Airborne really work? Or is it a waste of money?
stress and stomach pains?
I think i'm addicted to icy breeze breath spray..?
Am i at risk for getting lung cancer if i smoked Marijuana twice?
Should I be worried about myself? Because I'm terrified?
Is it bad for your heart to beat too fast?
Dim-mak, the death touch?
how to heal a sore thoat?
How long does it take for an ear congestion to clear up by itself?
If your 16 can you make your own doctors appointment completely confidential? ?
What is the difference between hoodia diet pills and...?
What happens to your brain when you take a sedative like valium?
every time i smoke a cigarette i get sick to my stomach and every time i stand up i get lightheaded.?
Is a rash during pneumonia a common thing?
how bad is it to drink nyquil medicine when your pregnant?
My 6 yr old has had cough for months and drs don't help. What can I do?
Why do some people like munching tobacco or tea leaves?
i have a fever of 103 and had it for about a day.?
what do i have?describe my sickness.?
How can I get rid if my nervousness?
Problems with my ear please help!?
bad itch on finger that won't go away. Help?!?
Does eating to much fruit during the day cause diabetes?
Today when i held back my tears twice my face felt really warm and my was red too what does this mean?
Can I bring this too...?
what does it mean when you pee really yellow?
I need help?
Can the doctor tell if you have HIV by taking your blood ? but hes not looking for HIV ? ?????????????????
What can I eat for lunch that doesn't make me so sleepy afterwards?
How do I get rid of a bout of acid reflux?
Whats the best Way To Lose Exsess Fat Off The Behind (the rear)?
Can you be allergic to alcohol?
help with my swollen fingers please?
stretching could be beneficial and even save people from injury? Do you think it is necessary in the workplace?
my wrist is hurting me and i haven't done anything strenuous?
Is this normal or should I stop using it?
question about vsp eye insurance? around how much would glasses, contacts, exam cost?
Why is the eye color changing?
Do I need a Perscription for my eyes?
Is my eye okay? I shined a light into it after i just woke up because i thought i had something in it.?
What color contacts should i get to get the desired effect ?
What are the pink things in the corner of your eye called?
make 3 year old eyes white?
Whats wrong with my Eyes?
Why do my eyes burn when Im tired?
Is this a pretty eye color?
How to keep healthy eye and eyesight?
Can contacts change the shape of your eye?
What is it called when you have eyes that are different colours?
Seeing ghost images in only one eye...dry eyes?
How to have an Asian eye without surgery and cosmetics.?
How serious are high order aberrations and their impact on our vision?
Is there a website which can tell you if you will have health problems in the future?
How long after I finish my Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment treatment can I wear my contacts?
Ok, admit it, do you like getting leg cramps :) It hurts so bad, but i like the attention?
carpal tunnel syndrome?
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome!?
can a bunion cause heel pain?
what can you advice me? i have a rheumatoid arthritis. i'm only 23.?
I have this severe pain in 1 side of my back, due to a UTI, should i be okay til the morning? i just noticed?
I was diagnosed with drop foot?
Do muscle relaxants take awhile to work? Or are they immediately effective?
What Could Be Causing My Chest Pain?
I'm having some trouble with knee pain?
Is My Lip Piercing Infected?
Can prothesis be used for total leg with partial hip removal as well ?
i crave ice, once it goes down i feel a very cold sensation with pain in the stomach area, what is it? anyone?
Is benzonatate narcotic?
Has anyone ever heard of the collar bone being displaced with thoracic outlet syndrome?
bloody stool and upset stomach?
Looking at a screen for hours on end?
Can you put regular eye drops in eyes for pinkeye ?
eye problem?!?!?!?!?!?
when you buy D&G glasses do they take the DG off the lenses?
Need advice on leg injury!?
Will I need eye surgery to fix my vision problem?
What eye problems/phenomenas could cause this?
Forgot my eye contacts for a whole day, will it effect my eye vision alot or just a little?
What are the chances of me going blind when im older? Or legally blind?
Are contacts prescription and glasses prescription the same?
How much do contacts cost?
Cortisone shot for elbow tendonitis?
I have a question about my eye please help?
Is there any way possible i can change my eye color with no contacts?
I want to get colored contacts, I need a doctor note sort of thing, how do I get one?
What is your opinion of Lenscrafters? Please be detailed.?
Herpes in your mouth??????????????????????????
How do people know they have HIV?
What is the moral obligation to disclose an STD?
If you found the cure for AIDS how much would you sell it for?
How can i tell if my boyfriend has aids?
i took 4 doses of vicks dayquilmulti purpose, can I take Tylenol?
how to take my blood pressure?
Is it rare for a young white female to have HIV?
Mucus in throat. help?
Is it normal or possible they lymph nodes swell more during very cold weather?
Should you tell a new partner about having had an STD?
Can you get an STD such as chlamydia if your partner pulls out?
my girlfriend has herpes,but i dont. i really like her though, should i stay with her?
I have a question about blood in my mucus?
medical; kidnneysyones?
can you hear the pitter patter of my heart when I see itty's face?
phone#fornewyorkpresbeterian hospital?
Am I going to be ok or do I need to go to the hospital?
What percent of teens abuse drugs/alcohol/cigarettes?
How many quarts of blood does the heart pump per hour? Thanks!?
I would like to know if anyone has had a persantine cardiolite stress test and what kind of reaction you had.?
A friend has a heart condition called Double Outlet Ventricle Syndrome. Can anyone describe the condition?
whats the cause of getting anxiety attacks ?
Can scarlet fever cause you to get a heart murmur?
What is reverse blood flow in heart chambers?
why are my tonsils so big?
has anyone on concerta had this happen 2 them?
Is there any side effect of using vitamin C injection?
Can i die from anxiety?
What are effects of methadone on body?
My siblings aren't willing to fit my parents into their schedule. What must I do?
if one has an aneurysm what are the signs and symptoms do i have one i have bad pain in my head?
were do babys come from? and what is the diffrence between boys and girls?
how is slapping massage done?
Has anyone had a full body scan? Did you pay for it yourself or did your insurance?
how long does aspirin stay in your blood stream, can you rush the process?
My 13 yr old son is 5"11 & takes a size 14 mens shoe.Is there any way i can find out how big he is going to be
What is the consequences of not completing an antibiotic course ?
how do you adjust from night shift to day shift?
i have sclerosis could that possibly get me a cannabas card?
I want to get a medical insurance. Whats the best option for me?
I have a Invacare Pronto R2 electric wheelchair. I need to know how much it's worth?
What do you know about theta healing and author and theta practitioner Brett Phillips? ?
Bell's Palsy anyone? dont need 20 characters?
What is sum natural ways to make yourself start dialating?? Need to know asap?
Chiropractic treatment: Does it cure AIDS?
Cara berhenti merokok.......?
when detoxing from vicodine why dose it feel like electricity in the body and what can i do to stop it?
How come when I take suboxone it makes me really hyper?
Should i use Oxy Clinical?
Help! I have a sore throat and I need to get better fast!?
Have you ever heard of Hirschsprungs Disease?
Do i dont I tell him i have chlamydia?
de que forma a água pode transmitir doenças para o ser humano?????????????
botulism toxin is a....?
what are the symptoms of tumors again?
If a person in a university that is 1 hour away has meningitis, how likely am I to catch it (I'm not vaccinate?
how bacterial develop resistance to drugs?
who discovered the systemic inflammatory response syndrome(sepsis)?
Irrational fear of HIV or is it?
how many pounds is 46 kilograms?
my waist was 32 now it is 36 i want to decrese it how can i???
dieting info?
Freestyles swimming stroke effectiveness...which way is better?
Does water mitigate the effects of sugar in your body?
Why do black kids have such slippery/slimy skin?
I'm 14 and I have stretch marks, is it normal?
lower back pain.?
How to get RID OF ACNE?
I can feel an incoming sty in my eye, how can i get rid of it before it gets worse?
Why does Billy Blanks say not to do his Tae-Bo workouts more than three times a week?
is it alright to be fat?
I have a 5 years boy. a little too fat he has 7 kg more then normal?
washing my face burns ? help?
did you use doxycycline for acne?
Why is my skin dry and flaky?????????????
Would you drink soda (Coke,7up, etc..) if you knew it causes cancer?
So the old batteries from the remote leaked onto my hands?
a solution for oily skin face?
Anyone know any great slimming method??
is tea good for health?
i am 5 foot and weight 101 lbs am i over weight? and what are some ways to drop like 5lbs?
I have a huge red bump on my leg?
Are sugary foods addictive the same way that drugs and alcohol can be?
What is the worst problem with drinking Milk?
question about skin tags?
what do guys think about ance on a girl?
Can acne damage facial hair?
is it POSSIBLE..........??
Can you use sugar as an exfoliator?
will the scars on my wrists and arms heal? its like a slight darker colour than the rest?
whats the best amount of stairs to do , to get great legs ?
how do i get rid of these marks(few scars,cuts)?
my head itches does it mean i have lice?
If I start drinking lots of water???
how can u test if the person is more compatible with animal than human insulin?
What happens when your nerve system stops working or is destroyed?
Do you know Goji Juice?
insulin medication?
My husband has been newly diagnosed with diabetes, what do you do when their sugar is over 300?
while bob woodruff was in his coma was he on life support?
can macular degeneration be caused by diabetes?
Is having trouble thinking a sympton of a sinus infection?
How can i tell when a friend is about to have a diabetic reaction?
What can we do to prevent obesity around the world(especially childhood obesity and diabetes)?
what is the source of alloxan?
I have epilepsy and I was wondering if there are there any foods that I should be avoiding?
diabetes patience?
Am I allergic to citric acid? Or is it something else?
My 14 year old brother has dry, red spots all over upper body, what is that?
How can I get rid of a runny nose overnight without medication?
Can not breathe out of both sides of my nose?
Red itchy spots - am I allergic to adhesive?
i suffer from skin allergy?
could quitting smoking have led to my sudden alcohol intolerance?
is yeast infection an STD?
How can I be sure I was tested for all STD/STI at my last doctor visit?
I have a question about AIDS?
when u "pop her cherry", will you get aids from the blood of her broken hymein?
Can you get HIV or STD if someone coughs in your face?
could i get aids?
i never cheated on my boyfriend but i tested postive for cylmida and my boyfriends came back negative?
why have i been getting stomach aches ?
I want to figure out what drug I was on?
Hand Injury After Getting Shot?
my friends drink nyquill to get high..?
Am I going to pass an at home marijuana test?
Is bone marrow located in every bone in the body?
Does selling your organs decrease your health or have any side effects?
What kind of test do you take for stomach ulcers?
smoking help me what to do?
I have a friend, who is (in description) And I'm 5'3" 1/2, who's taller?
why do i wet myself a bit after a hard rowing session?
Gastric rupture symptoms?
Which drugs make someone subdued?
How do you smoke a cigarrette???.....................?
When you are sick with the flu bug what is good to take?
why is my body numb from my chest down?
The more sleep I get the more tired I am?
The front of my neck is swollen?
Why does it hurt when I inhale cigarette smoke?
What is happening HEALTH?????
My brain feels swollen? please help...?
is sweating in your sleep normal?
I just took 8 panadole....?
home remidies for stuborn headach?
Why do my period cramps hurt so bad?
Lower back pain in teen?
I am really sore from working out yesterday how can I be normal by tomorrow?
Reasons for pain all over?
I held my pee for too long and now my bladder hurts?
how we can reduce tg level of blood?
Is it possible to have metastatic Melanoma inside abdomen without still showing any sign or syndrome outside?
I have patulous eustachian tube do I need a hearing aid?
New breast implant and cancer link...opinions?
what are they looking for in doing a electrophoresis test?
Is there some health coverage for someone with a pre existing condition?
My grandpa had a stroke ! please help !?
doctor says he does not want me to drive?
if i press my chest ribs thereis pain ?
Will the national Gaurd let me in if I have Asthma?
Has anyone ever lost part of or an entire lung due to a rare fungal yeast infection?
Tuberculosis TB JAB? HELP?
I heard there was Tar in Cigarettes. Is there Tar In Cicars?
I have this dry cough that's bothering me, should i be worried ?
why peep is used in ventilators?
my mom had a blood clot in her lungs and shes in the hospital and slept there 1 night and she got some tests?
How can someone contract tuberculosis and what does it do to that person?
I just tried a cigar what do I do?
I'm 28 and i'm quiting smoking. I don't a ton, but enough. my lungs should make a full recovery????
Has anyone had botox injection to their vocal cords ?
What was the mortality rate of pneumonia before antibiotics were introduced?
Chest soreness due to Upper respiratory infection, asthma, or both? How can I stop the pain?
Leaking Brain Fluid?
Whe does the knee cap form bone?
What is cataflan?
Why do I have to sign a release form to get a hold of my own medical records?
When does the patella develop bone to form the knee cap?
Throbbing/Pulsing on bottom of feet and palm of hands?
why we need to do sport - workout?
My jaw clicks. Any part of you clicks?
jock area stretch marks normal?
I picked up smoking lately... do you sleep a lot when you smoke?
Can acid reflux be attributed to stress and being overwieght?
what are some interesting things going on in the health field/news currently?
Why do men not wash their hands as much or often as women?
i was stung by a scorpion, already went to doctor, anyone have any other info for me?
What are some good uses for baking soda on the body besides brushing teeth?
my daughter is having a little trouble going to potty?
What about when you become a CNA?
Linda B's Question.?
Enlarged right and left atrium, who knows anything about this rare condition?
Health? Health? Health?
heart failure?
is my heart ok?
what is a arm stress test?
What are the nonprofit organizations for heart diease?
Ventricular Tachycardia + Structural Heart Disease?
Is it common to have neck and shoulder pain one day after a massage?
does this sound like tmj?
Is there any Doctor, nurses or someone that knows what I should do please answer my question?
What is acid reflux disease? I have pain in the abdomen.?
where do someone fine a site for pain pills?
Help I have had chest pain for 3 weeks now? I have been on naproxin?
back problems is percoset safe for long term use?
What could this pain in my shoulder be?
Left upper sole of foot in pain and swollen?
Heeelp! period pain!!!?
Buying precription drugs?
difference between med.DR. and an osteopath?
If you don't have cancer or aids is it possible to get your doctor to prescribe you marinol?
How can you get aids from holding hands?
About St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital?
can a staph infection turn into a cold or the flu?
I am doing research on Tuberculosis, what is the long-term effect of this pathogenic disease?
Eye Stye, is it self contagious?
Is it possible to have headaches from strong ammonia smells?
without treatment how long can you live?
Does the immune system fight off viruses like HPV, or are they always present?
Are there any good forums for Chiropractors?
Does this sound like an effective smoking blend?
Can I consume alcohol whilst taking Primolut N? If yes, what might happen?
Why is pepto bismol pink?
When I blow my nose, my left eye starts watering profusely?
Is there any way to stimulate eye-tear production in order to prevent dry eyes?
Got acid from soap in my eye and its like im sensitive to light now. what should I do?
My eyes feel weird with my new glasses?
How can a blind kid...?
I can't read neon blue signs (they are really blurry to me)?
Does wearing Glasses all the time bad?
I got Lasil surgery, can I still wear color contacts?
Brand of Eyeglasses, Asking one more time?
One eye bigger than the Other..?
I have broken glasses and need help.?
Are RGP contact lenses worth it?
Eye color , blue or blue-green-brown?
Eye problem help asap please!?
Problem with gym class, because of Esotropia, Please help me?
Should I still Be concerend about HIV?
Can someone be infected with HIV when has contact with uninfecteed one?
do i have a yeast infection?
how can you get HIV AIDS STD?
Will you be that much scared, if you find out that you are HIV Positive?
what can i do for world aids day at school?
my friend have herpes and she want to know if you can have a baby?
are all cold sores herpes?
How can I stop coughing?
How long can you go without Vitamin D?
Strange side effects to hydromorphone 2 mg ? (dilaudid)?
Soar throught help????????
38 mins in steam room?
What kind of foods should i be eating?
Why does my gland swell when i eat...?
HELP! I took 30mg vicodin and 100 mg of benadryl within an hour. Am I going to be ok?
if it is poor circulation what do you do?
Do memories have a physical form?
Can listening to music with headphoneseffect youin away?
I think my girlfriend may have been drugged the other night?
doctors help!! hyperextended elbow?!?
how do i get a nice WIDE toe touch and pretty heal stretch please helpppp:( tryouts are in april i need help;(?
why does methadone withdrawal cause intense bone and muscle pain?
I want web-sites where I can practise listening to speech?
What do you know about constructive apraxia?
How long until I can walk on my broken ankle...?
i got struck in my cheekbone, but have a black eye?
is there re treatment after broken bone growth in wrong position?
Is this an alcoholic??
insecticides, polution and aplastic anaemia?
why does my child close only one eyelid when he is tired?
yellow curatins?
how can i relieve tension in my legs with meditation and yoga?
Do you consider yourself a resilient person? Can bounce back from life's hard knocks?
What are books on repressed memories?
Poll: How did Nicole Richie lose so much weight?
is jumping rope a good way to loose weight?
Where can I get menu planning for weight gain?
Any good weight loss tips???
How to improve appetite and GAIN weight?
Is it true that 64% of Americans are obese?
What is the average weight for 12 years old?
I'm fat. what can i do to not be?
Can any please help me or give me info on how to loose weight?
where can i find examples of junk science?
I would like to keep loosing weight now that I am off a stubborn weight phase..?
Dream or reality?
Whats the difference between high metabolism and low metabolism?
looking into weightloss surgery and hospitals that have special care centers for such?
I want to go vegetarian (health reasons), but I'm worried about eating too many carbs/weight issues. Advice?
what is the best supplement to take for weight loss?
Which type of exercise burns the most calories?
does anyone have any good snack ideas for the weight watchers diet?
how many protein shakes should i drink a day?
how could my friend loose weigh?
What are some good foods that have high carbohydrates & proteins?
can i use 2kg weights for weight training or 1kg ?which is advisable sothat muscles in arma does not develop?
Do you know a diet which helps gain weight?
what does it mean if my rabbit is sneezing?
Is Claritan RediTabs Non-Drowsy Relief tablets safe if your allergic to penicillin?
Is there asprin in benadryl?
is this an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite?? pls help!!!!!!!!! *pics*?
Can vitamins containing beeswax cause an allergic reaction to someone with an allergy to beestings?
Is this a sinus infection?
Vasomotor rhinitis - any drugs can help?
how do i stop getting nosebleeds?
Tell a way to improve my eye sight ?
contact lens-wearing time?
What are causing these extremely dark red spots on the left field of my vision?
can kids wear fx contacts?
Honey to brighten eyes?
im seeing like flying spots in my vision like a small feather floating or something?
Colored Contact Lenses? Prices, how long do they last?
my glasses feel too heavy?
Do I have pink eye?? (pic included)?
I think theres something wrong with my eyes?
Should I got to school with pink eye?
Can the eye see a frequency of 60Hz?
Are there non-prescription glasses to help with distance like there are "readers" for seeing up close?
Why do my eye sockets get swollen whenever i lie down?
is the use of argon laser hazardous for a pregnant ophthalmologist?
Upper body workout for injured?
pain under right ribcage area?
i have a question about skin care....do ya'll answer them?
What factors can cause false positive drug test results for Meth and Barbiturates?
Shooting pain in my jaw?
Im a man 25 2'6 130lbs I would like to gain to tone up some more?
when should a 14 yr old girl go to a gyn? she's already started her period.?
Topamax... anyone have experience with it...my doc put me on it for weight control?
best way to combat the symptoms of hay fever and allergies?
how long do anxiety attacks last?
Anxiety help please...?
What does it mean when your right rib hurts?
If an arrow went through your foot would your foot heal around it and push it out?
In pain and don't know what to do. Help?
i went to a concert a week ago and my ears still hurt?
is there a cure for herpes?
Achilles Tendon Injury?
Should my friend go to the doctor? His nose completely shifted to the left?
Should i contact a doctor?
I had a hearing with the disability jujge the other day and she asked me if i could take care of my personal?
Is This An STD? Please Help?
How many of you know someone with HIV and how many of you really care about there well being?
There's a bump in my foot that makes it painful to walk...?
Is it true that DNA tests are accurate only between parents and children?
Large areolas on large breasts: attractive or unattractive?
how can i get good rest when i'm sick?
Has living with 7 cats caused my digestive system upsets?
if a resident is on bed rest,the best way to decrease the possibilty of a pressure is to?
Can anything bad happen beacuse of this?
Question about the prescription drug Phentermine?
is medical marijuana legal in kansas?
How can I heal faster when I'm sick?
do flea bites cause fever in children?
Extra skin I can pull at?
What foods make you grow taller?
How does one hurt oneself without injury? (MASOCHIST)?
what happens to your body when you quit smoking?
how long does one bowl of weed take to get out of your system?
How much is health insurance in australia when I am a diabetic..?
my mum had cancer, so has my uncle, and my aunt can it be passed down to son?
What can I do about my snoring?
Iis this a keloid??????
How can I get rid of my cough?
Does anybody who is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism have these problems?
What are some facts about teratology, the biological study of birth defects?
My mom has R.S.D. and will be having sergery any advice??
hi dear sir or madam how r u i want to join community of myopathy patients?
I need to know how can i do Jackson cervical Compression test?
How can a CAT Scan be done on someone who is on a respirator?
Hypothyroidism after delivery?
has a heart patient ever died from a epileptic seizure?
How do i know if i have caught parvo from my dog?,And what do i do?
What is Pars Plana?
I have a new j pouch any diet i should follow?
Doll's eye in my child?
What is the best treatment option for my lazy eye?
I keep seeing things in 3D when they are not supposed to?
True or false: when vasoconstriction occurs there is less absorption of drugs bec. of decreased permeability?
Could a patient of retinal eye detachment go to other countries by plane?
Where to buy colored contacts with perscription?
I think i might need glasses?
How do you to convert eye prescription for glasses?
best companies that cell colored contacts just good aperiance not because you need contacts to see?
What does it mean when a Lazy eye suddenly gets a lot worse?
Did anyone get a stye or chalazion removed?
is it okay to have laser surgery for floaters and later on in life to have laser eye surgery?
question on lasik surgery?
duu eye looek retarteeedd?!!111?
question on contact lenses?
What is wrong with my eye?
why am i so itchy????
does too much acne mean good things in the future?
What are some basic skin care needs?
Whats Best for Seborrhoeic Dermatitis? (Eczema)?
Any Demitologists or people specialized with the face?
Cause of excessive itching?
Does Proactive really work?
how do you get rid of blackheads?
i have a bump in my hair section and it hurts....what do you think it could be???
which is more better an oily skin or a dry skin?
My face is so dry...!?
i got a bad sunburn and i want it to not peel!?
What can I do for my acne?
is there anything i can use at home to get rid of acne?
Any Tips on Curing Dry Hands?
Skin itches like crazy!!!?
Any opinions on dr. felt in Tulsa, OK?
Chest pain for 3 weeks and Dr prescribed Pain meds without even knowing what's wrong. Should Alternative?
Do first time cocaine users have withdrawls?
what are holographic chips and how do they work?
What can I take, in order to calm my nerves down?
help me with my health? (pills)?
some of that incense?
can you snort valium?
What is the best suppliment to take to increase my energy.. and if possibel I would like this to be natural.?
Do viral germs mutate on clothes like they do in your body when you get sick?
Hepatitis c, my aunt is sharing cups?
Dealing With Mono (Mononucleosis)?
What would be the most effective daily treatment for herpes simplex virus 1 & 2?
Should I go to the doctor/hospital?
Tapeworm in Raw Salmon?
how do you heal from Vitamin A Toxicity?
When lifting weights, do you inhale while contracting and exhale on the release or vice versa?
Is Namaste Naturals a legitimate company and is Tummy Trim one of their products?
Preventing DOMS?
Why does my vision go blurry now?
Glasses and Frame Size help?
How do you tell if you need glasses?
Does EPH200 really work?
what color would you say my eyes are?
wat is a natiral diet that really works and u will get thiner????
when running or jogging, why do my legs get red and itchy?
Red Veiny eyes after a PRK surgery?
Are there any other alternative drugs to substitute for Azopt drops?
i have a date next week and i want to lose at least 15lb can anyone help?
Customized Diet?
how to make your cheeks look slimmer?
is it okay to take metamucil with high protein meals?
what is the history of overweight and obesity? when was it first acknowledged?
Why do my eyelashes keep falling out?
does wearing glasses improve or worse your eyesight?
What the the signs and symptoms of malnourishment and dehydration? How are they treated?
Flash of light in the eye. What does it mean?
trying contacts, have questions?
Best place to find coupons online?
Are contacts more expensive than glasses?
What's the best way to increase your metabolism?
How can you loose 30 pounds in a month?
what is the best method to getting in shape fast, as in lung wise.?
Spring break body help...?
Where do you buy contacts?
How long do you have to exercise each day to lose weight?
what causes the feeling of "pins and needles" after your arm falls asleep?
from whom did I recieve herpes? can it be traced to the previous host via DNA? I am not implying that I am gay?
How is Herpes tested?
I'm nervous someone help!?
it burns when i pee, what could this be?
Why do I have these sypmtoms?
i have herpes and my cold sore is?
Can I still grow taller at age 16 if i went thru puberty at age 13?
what is happening to me?! please help!?
Question about AIDS/HIV?
HIV fighting drugs question?
How do I really know if i got aids?
If you happy and you know it...can i get a clap as an answer?
I am pregnant and had many surgeries in the past. Do you think I've been tested for HIV?
Why Do I Feel Sick All The Time?
what will alcohol do to your body?
What happened to me? Help?
When nervous can your stomach tighten up?
Why can't I hear or remember hearing sound in dreams?
Why does everyone's body do this?
lutera birth control side effects ?
i think ive bruised a muscle but am not sure :/?
drinking a week after a mild concussion?
I think I sprained my ankle.....?
Elbow pain....tumbling?
Hurt my thumbnail--what to do next?
What is wrong with my foot.?
How can I make head pain go away?
I think I might have a concussion?
Which is worse a torn meniscus or a torn labrum?
I pushed my couch, afterwards I had this strange feeling in my knees; will this have any affect on my growth?
What is a Deep Explanation of Post-Concussion Syndrome and What are Some Interesting Facts about it?
What causes loud ringing in the ears?
Aches and Pains due to Track?
carpal tunnel??
shooting pain in finger tip?
Has anyone ever lost a loved one going to a methadone clinic for help?
Running and knee pain. What to do?
Help!! My neck hurts :0(?
what is the answer to real pain?
i have a bad headache since three days ago!?
Stressfull Job!!!!?
Hydrocodone and joint paint. Any answers...?
Any comments on Ultram (tramadol HCI) or Ultram ER?
clear up an ear infection after its gone?
Could bad sleep positions make you wake up with neck pain?
eye am taking four asprins three times a day is it helping me or hurting me?
25,000 Americans get one of these each day. What is it?
I woke up and my sternum hurts?
i wanna know what a ribkey or ribcage is???
OK, who has had to give in and buy 1% reading glasses already , and have to use then to see fine print ?
Dry eyes, help help?
im allergic to my watch..?
how long does it take till all the pepper spray is gone?
Finger is swelling could it be a bug bite?
Allergic reaction to pineapple juice?
Throwing up because of benadryll by mouth?
Can Flonase help clear up clogged ears?
I would like to know what her sprung disease is.?
how could i find my Dr Magdy54 from Egypt???
B 12 vitamins used for treating Brain Disease?
Diseases!!! HELP???
What happens if I shake a peroxide contact case?
purevision vs air optix night & day aqua?
What could be wrong with my eye?
would my daughter ever be able to see good with her right eye again?
why does my eye hurt when i blink?
my presc RE DV CYL .75AXIS 50 NV +1.25 CYL .75 AXIS 50 LE DV SPH/ CY .50 AXIS 140 NV SPH +1.25 CYL.50AX140?
The doctors are running alot of tests on my brain!!?
can the diet pill adipex cause high blood pressure problems?
what kind of spot can be found on the heart?
cardiac cath techs???
Propranalol blood pressure medication.?
what are the signs of a heart at tact in a horse?
Does this sound like a heart problem to you?
what is the difference between phobia and depression?
What disorders would cause severe messieness?
Has anyone ever used Ambien for sleep?
Has anyone experienced delirium tremens?
wat gift u would love to have on your birthday?
Is it safe to drink human blood?
How can you direct your dreams???
Do you ever feel like you can't breathe from focusing so much on your breaths?
Is Schizophrenia a chronic illness ?
where can i have a talent to levitate?
What activities could you organize with mentally challenged children?
Is this sleep schedule healthy?
How long does marijuana stay in your system?
if my doctor refers me to a specialist?
i just found a starburst in my cupboard and i want to know if its safe to eat!?
How do you make your libs healthy?
Articles on futuristic prosthetic limbs?
Disorders caused by disjunction?
Why do some people have dimples? And does anyone know what causes them?
Is it harmful to burp too much?
heart bypass surgery recovery?
Need help with ilness?
Question about hiding self harm?
I'm really sick and i have plans? :/ help?
What does this sound like to you? Could it be anxiety?
Physical Therapist Question?
why many nutritional products (nutrilite from amway, new vitality products, purity products, etc) are not FDA?
Are you working day and night on acute myeloid leukemia and need a serious product provider for your research?
Sore throat, stomach ache and head ache/ sensitive to light?
Extremely sleepy and it's only 7 o'clock?
Passing a drug test? For a not so frequent smoker...?
Why do i feel tired while playing?
so this has been happening at night hard to catch my breath while sleeping?
I found this lump!! Would really like some advice please!?
My upper eyelids are extremely swollen with no pain and no irritation?
Where can I find good massage therapy in Chicago?
Where can i get Natural Dessicated thyroid hormone?
Is it ok to take Nyquil just a few hours after taking Dayquil?
Is it possible to use Salvia for studying?
Do vaporizers give you Cannabis metabolites?
can i melt crack to shoot it up or should i only do that with cocaine?
Salary range of Acupuncture TCM Practioner?
Sick and days away from hanging out with thiss guy i like.! ?
My knee has been hurting for 4 months now.?
injury to head, hearing loss?
the nerve path of a reflex is through the?
Hamstring tendonitis...?
How hard is it having a broken leg?
one shoulder blade is lower than the other?
Patella Subluxation Recovery?
If you have only one match and u walk into a cold,.....?
Lump under forearm on bone?
I was shot as a teenager and had bad scar tissue damage and have no retina can any thing be done?
should i go to the doctor if i have a big lump with a bruise on it?
I'm 13 and has had a broken back for 1 year?
same question.. more details..very personal.?
What are the chances of getting STD or HIV if you received a BJ?
How can you contract oral herpes?
my girlfriend have yeast?
Almost certain I have bacteria vaginitis.. but I don't have health insurance. What do I do?
What is the chance of getting hiv from a contaminated needle in a tatto shop?
How to prevent STDs with a former drug use?
Can you get HIV from urinating on on men's lavatory and having it bounce back onto your private men areA?
If someone with a cold sore on their lip gave me oral will I get herpes?
Glands are not swollen, but i think i have strep?
I have a sore throat and a slight headache?
Do i have mono? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is this normal for strep or mono?
To go to the hospital, or to not go to the hospital?
does a change in sleep schedule change eating habits?
I threw up all night and now my whole body hurts?
What is the best way to get rid of a sinus infection?
What diseases could be caused or worsened by stress?
can a concussion make you depressed? please help.?
Can someone please explain the American health care system to me?
Severe sore throat. Please help.?
is there any wrong that i write name on my arm with blade?
Do you have a hard time sleeping at night or know what is best to do to get a good rest with out being tired?
How can I have a full 8 hours of slepp?
Will cracking your fingers give you arthritis?
Is the pain of the splinter going to go away?
Why does my ear ring?
Help feeling really bad after drinking?
I got a cast yesterday on my leg...the bottom of the cast towards my toes is not as hard..is that bad?
Got a nice cut on the top of my head what can I put on it?
Are contacts worth it if I wear glasses 24/7?
Is it possible for a faulty pair of glasses to let you see double images?
Eye is blind or blurry?
How long would it take to cure strabismus through vision therapy?
Hi people..when i take long showers..my eyes strat to get watery and i cant keep them open and i start sneezin?
how long to contacts take after you order them?
Pink vision (not pink eye)?
Stinging type feel in eyes?
Lazy eye fixed or not please help?
Vicks First Defence - Does this stuff work? How well?
Which navy destroyers contained asbestos?
Today at the doctors...?
How long should I wait for significant improvement of sympton of pneumonia to get better with treatment?
What is Thallasemia? How this disease is treated? What is the chance to recover from this disease?
Muscle aches and cramping,mucus in the throat,trouble breathing?
could i have acute chest syndrome without having sickel cell?
my throat is scratchy and my chest hurts. what is wrong with me?
I was just diagonsed with a right to left shunt. i am 22.?
How do you breathe naturally?
My husband Have TB? or Not?
why do i feel so out of breath...????
What is exactly is tb and why is it so contagious?
how do you cure layrengitis??? i always get it: somtimes for no reason...?
Trouble Breathing?
What are the symptons of internal poison ivy/oak/sumac?
the relationship between vaccination and immunity?
help! anyone here a doctor?or studying to be a Doctor?what type of math do doctors study?
Does anyone know if Medicare covers hearing aids?
I heard of someone who got poisoned by eating a meal microwaved in a styrofoam container. Is that possible?
Sunburn - Already peeled - now what?
how does ariel sharon helthy case become recently ?
What do you think about Voyager Pharmaceuticals Alzheimer's Treatment?
Are blind-born people gay or straight? Does it make any difference for them?
Anyone here have Eustachian tube dysfunction?
does ADHD stick with you for your whole life?
I think I may have fibromyalgia - anyone out there have the same symptoms?
How come sometimes when I eat out at restaurants I get Diarrhea the next morning?
Is it hard to get a doctor to prescribe topamax?
Have anyone heard of Morgellons Disease?
where does osteomyelitis metastasize?
lung flukes? what is it?
what would the effect of microwaving seizure medicine, tegritol and kepra? would it weaken the effectivness??
What kind of sleep disorder is it when a person starts to sound drunk at night when tired?
have u ever had a serious ailment?
what is joint laxity and treatment of it?
does the prolapse which comes with AS(ankylosing spondylitis) improves with treating AS?
What is my back pain cause?
how long until ciggarete withdrawl symptoms end and your back to your self before you started?
What is LubraJoint?
Does anybody know of any Dr's.in the Kansas City Metropolitan area that does lap band surgery?
want to know if carpet shrimp can be treated and if its dangerous. manager said nothing she can do.?
my mum won't let me get acne pills?
Can you help with my acne?
I have what LOOK LIKE spider bites all over me, but they keep coming back and I have not seen 1 spider.?
I am using murad acne treatment , is it good or the same as others?
I have itchy little bumps all over my body.what is it?
Does stress and/or depression really cause acne?
acne ... help me please !!! :( :( :(?
why does my ear always get red?
is there a thing i can do daily to reduce acne?
Can someone help with my face and acne? (pictures?)?
Best shampoo for itchy, dry scalp?
something to get rid of acne?
WART problem....I NEED something new?
I have reallly oily skin!?
what are some good ways to get rid of zits (over night).?
how do i get of ringworms on my body?
Natural Eczema Remedy?
why is my cold sore getting bigger?
i have a wart in the middle of my finger where the first joint it hurts?
might have a spider bite?
I've had cats all my life. Why am I allergic now?
My nose keeps running and it doesn't stop running. What can I do to get my nose to stop dripping like crazy?
why do mushrooms make me gassy?
Is this an allergy, intolerance, or something else?
Why does my nose itch soo badly Inside?
is this due to allergies or a cold?
How can i get my voice back?
does anyone have 1500mp cause little brother needs iy?
Am I allergic to ants?
Someone I know occasionally has wide open pupils which remind me of people I've seen that were on strong drugs?
How long would it take to get strabismus surgery for my eye?
why is the blind spot in the human eye necessary?
Dry red itchy eyes...What do I do?
Can pure strength white vinegar harm you?
Why do I have birthmarks in the whites of my eye?
I have slight eye redness under the bottom half of my iris. Please Help?
How can i get rid of my lazy eye?
Anyone had a vitrectomy?
What could cause temporary blindness/ fuzzy vision/pain in my right eye?
With a lazy eye how long does it take for your brain to ignore it?
I whiplashed my kneck and hit my head, and now have a constant headache?
My left shoulder feels out of place, like its a bit forward?
Heel numbsess. why do i have it?
Shoulder issues...any ideas?
My shattered growth plate still hurts two years on?
would someone die if their car hit a tree going 45-55mph?
Experiencing intense pain in shoulder, but only when pressure is applied to it?
Knee feels like a bubble-ish thing?? helpp?
Why do i get a bump when i hit my wrist?
Medical treatment without advanced medical supplies?
Do you have herpes?...just to see how common it actualy is.?
Can you only get STD's if the person you do it with has STD's themselves?
how do i know i have herpes?
oxycodone withdrawls?
can you get herpes on your arm?
About Meniere's?
can a guy have kids if he has an STD?
can you catch chlamydia by sitting on a toilet seat?
is it a good idea to wear a knee brace to bed?
Nagging pain in hamstring that keeps coming back?
Does anyone have the secret cure for herpes?
anyone else had a gangrenous appendix?
Ultracet/Tramadol for pain. I get debilitating pain from IBS. Would this be a good pain reliever?
What kind of headache do I have?
what is this? and std in mouth?
Can you spread herpes on your lips by kissing even if you dont have an outbreak?
My foot hurts around the 4th distal metatarsal on the top. It is worse after resting and then trying to walk.
What is the best way to cure a really bad migraine?
I have a urinary tract infection that is not responding to any over-the-counter pain meds.?
Any ways on how to to treat an earache?
Does this look like herpes?
what is A good thing to put on a bump on forehead (from banging it)?
losing weight??
I had steroid injection for De Quervain Tendinitis.?
Does anyone know someone or have dealt with a syrinx(searing)?How does your Dr. deal with it?
what is the best treatment for degenerative disc disease,and what is the real cause of pain in DDD?
I hate my neck!!! Can I have a new one??
What happens after the overdose?
Is there a difference between sleeping 8-9 hours a night and sleeping 12?