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Which the best for eyes plasma TV or LCD TV?
Where can I get some men's two toned horn rimmed optical quality eyeglasses on the net?
Does anyone else have a basecurve of 8.5 and a dia of 14.5? If so, what lenses do you own?
What sunglasses and eyeglasses does drew carey wear?
what causes sarcoidosis?
How would the docters and staff rate at the-Ar. Pain Clinic 2504 McCain Blvd. suite 209 North Little Rock,Ar.?
does anyone know if stills disease has any connection to HIV/AIDS?
having a cough with a hot body temperature is that normal ?
How is elevated potasddsium level treated?
im hannah of southwestern university,cebu city,can i ask favor ?wat is activity ntolerance?
I've been told I have a tear in my bulging disk and the doc wants to do a discogram. Is this necessarry?
can a person give something to a child to give asthma-like symtoms?
is there a dr. who does the bonati techic?
What is the difference between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist?
Is it IBS or something more serious?
how much of carrot is to be taken to reduce the eye site of -1?
Weight Watchers or South Beach Diet?
With so many diet programs, infomercials, and diet pills out there, which is the best?
What is the best 1500 calorie meal plan?
What does the color of human waste tell about your health: I know black can mean blood, but what about green?
best way to determine body fat at home?
Why does asparagus make urine smell strong?
how much am I hurting my weight training by combining it with long distnace running?
why do i have a stomach upset after taking in carbohydrates?
Is it true that after u stop working out .. you end up double ur original size?
How long can I go without eating before I shrivel up and die?
i am 27, 5'5" and weigh 200 lbs. How do i reduce REAL FAST?
is CRANBERRY JUICE helpful for loosing weight?
What vitamins should I be taking?? Is Centrum really that bad?? Expensive vitamins?? Dosage?? Frequency??
Who thinks low carb and low carb diets is cool or a good idea?
Is there a good home exercise machine for weight loss/aerobic exercise for a person with bad knees?
What is the best way to lose abdominal flabs?
Is sugar physically addictive?
when i walk, i get intense pain in my shins. Are these shinsplints?
Does anybody have a good workout for abs?
Why do I feel like my lungs are filled with chlorine or ammonia after I workout?
what is the best excersise to get great abs?
are these symptoms in any way related to HIV?
who drinks 8 glasses of water a day?
do nutritional supplements really do anything?
I want to loose between 40-50 lbs. has any one tried trimspa? and does it really work?
Why is the pee in my toilet yellow?
Question concerning AIDS?
Do you know about HPV?
he gave me an std what can i do?
I just drank vegetable juice which tasted like blood. Is it possible to get HIV virus if there was blood?
just found out i have aids?
Do you know of a legit website to order online medication?
Shot numbing?
What is wrong with my grandfather that three doctors can not diagnose?
What could a numb-like feeling in and around the heart be?
Harmony- Do You UNDERSTAND This?
how younge can people have a heart attack??
what happens if you take to much niacin?
Does anybody know somebody who is still alive and has Tretrioligy of Fallot?
when a person is exercising what is the autonomic nervous system doing at this point?
can drinking skimmed milk help lost libido from meds of the heart?
How are the guideline blood pressure numbers determined?
Can you give blood if you have a history of heart arrythmia? Especially tachycardia?
Sinus Tachycardia?
My platelet levels are low?
i was Injury at work and need some?
I bruise for no absolute reason...im scared!!!?
How long before the numb feeling on the side of my chest and back go away?
what does it mean if the roof of your mouth is hot,sore and a bit swollen?
how do i get rid of old bruises on my shins?
Whats wrong with my back? Medical professionals welcome!!?
a stick went threw my hand @?
Big toe might be broken ? Or sprang ?
Slammed thumb with sliding door, diabetic?
i really dont like my doctor?
I recently heard a psychologist on television speak about the calming effect of marriage in men. what is it?
My wife says I'm passive aggressive and maniac depressive.What does that mean?
Bipolar Disorder,does anyone have it? Or know someone that does?
Anybody can explain to me what is CRT (Coprolalia Reduction Technique)?
If you are on antidepressants and they worked, is it common for depression to come back while still on them?
how to stay peacefully in this stressful life?
How long does depression/ansyaty last for?
what is co-dependency what causes it and what are some realistic solutions?
How to keep a discipline?
anyone out there on antidepressants???
What kind of skin allergy is this?
why is my face swollen?
Strange swelling after tattoo , below actual tattoo site ,like water under the skin?
i have been having mucus a lot?
Do i have a gluten intolerance?
Does exposure to mold potentially cause drowsiness?
is he gunna be on soy milk the rest of his life?
How to prevent a cough that is slowly forming already?
home remedies for nasal congestion from allergies?
What medication do doctors give to people who suffer alcohol intolerance?
Who or what is the most common victim for clostridium tetani to prey upon?
help with a power point on disease!?
my 13 yr.old male Scottish Terrier has benn diagnosed vwith Mange. Please what is Mange?
what mechanism in addison disease cause muscle fatigue?
stinky puss in the lungs?
Stomach virus or "morning" sickness?
If I stop smoking will my body repair itself?
How to stop this NonStop Coughing....ughh?
Do I have anxiety attacks?
Hip/Leg clicking when walking,help?
I want to smoke my weed and i'm new, how much should i smoke if i'm new?
Someone who has had their gallbladder removed please answer.?
What can I do to grow taller and have longer legs? If I stopped from growing, can I still grow taller?
What was your first time doing weed like, did you get high of the first hit?
How do you know if u have a figure?
Help! I electrocuted myself slightly?
Food that help you sleep?
Why do all my Mexican Friends that are born in Mexico have sort of an indent scar on there arms?
What do I have??????
Is the average age of death really 77?
okay is it bad to smoke weed?
Can you sneeze in your sleep?
Why Do I Get Diarrhea Whenever I Drink A Bottle Of Pop?
Symptoms of a broken finger..help!!?
Can we sue this doctor?
what are the bests ways to meditate?
Opinions on Promax 70 Calories Bar ?
Weightloss supplements for people suffering from PCOS?
what is the best post workout supplement?
What can I do to heal soft tissue/cartilage damage around my adam's apple due to cupping?
Does "Care Credit" or any other type of health care credit pay cover hypnotherapy?
A big word for to relax ur muscles?
39 weeks, horrible cold symptoms?
I have experienced pain in my upper left abdomen for a couple of months now. I also have had rectal bleeding.?
What is thyroid cancer ?
what do i have and how do i cure it?
Can I get creutzfeldt-jakob disease from regular dental procedures?
i think im dying, but i have bad anxiety anyway so it could be that?
sometimes i can hear my heart beating so loudly that it sounds like a drum in my ears. is this normal?
help on when to test?
Sugar-free Milk?
argh,normal orrr...?
A1C Test Detecting STD's?
can you take reglan and bentyl at same time?
whats diabetes sympthoms?
Give me a brief conclusion about diabetes mellitus.?
Who pays for the food the overweight people eat?
diabetes and life expectancy?
Anyone using Novolog Mix 70/30, how many units do you inject per day?
what does it mean if i have blood in my urine?
What are all the causes of insulin release by the pancreas?
What to eat for a balance diet?
What type of cast do you get right after achilles tendon surgery?
why is my back in so much pain :'( ?
dry blood in ear, how do i get it out?
How long does a sprain ankle and a strained foot take to heal?
Broken / sprained or fractured knuckle?
help with leg pain ? :(?
Got karate chopped in the neck, how much damage can occur?
Sometimes I can't get any words out..I havegone to the doc's and no results..Can any1 help??? PLS!!?
What are some good sites I can go to about vasodilation?
i have herpes...question?
my gf had HPV. do i have it.?
Do I have HIV AIDS?
Can you get a sore throat from giving a blowjawb?
im 18yrs old i found out yesterday i tested positive for herpes.?
does someone at your school have an std?
ALL doctors out there....is there any medicine for "chickun gunya"?please give the medicine's name
What causes constant pain in the upper left side of the abdomin?
What do u do if ur not sure about something?
sadly...i have a hump in my back(waist),how can i correct that,please tell me!?
name of the sicness that can make somebody grow old quickly?
admit it friends, your sitting there typing away pausing to scratch this and scratch that.go on smell that.?
Wakco disease?
how many people reading this suffer from Ulcerative Colitis or Crohns?
Does anyone know any diseases that cause sudden fainting? PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW SOME!?
Sometimes when I'm driving, I feel like I'm standing still -- completely still. What is happening?
Do you think Christopher Reeve died from a stem cell test gone bad?
My face gets flushed randomly (very red and hot). I've cut back on caffeine and all vitamins. Please Help?
What is a multidisciplinary pain clinic?
When will I loose the weight i gained while taking Tapazole for Graves Disease.?
İntraarticular triamsinolone is the right choice for the treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis?
Are you worried about the "Bird Flu"?
Left arm pain and numbness, radiating to the right arm, caused by a Right side basal ganglia ischemic episode?
juvenile myclonic seizures?
Can severe water retention cause water blisters on your legs?
i sit normal to see flashes around the lamb whrn you wake up at night?
Looking for proper pain management?
anyone with an epileptic child i have a 3.5 yr old who has epilepsy i just wanna know how others have deltt?
Can affection turn into a decease?
Physician who does house calls in central Florida?
Is my asthma really asthma?
If I take have a sinus headache & take sinus meds & they don't work do I have an infection?
what is streptococcus lactis?
Horrendous cough!?
Potty training at daycare?
I can't get enough air into my lungs?
what are the chances of a person who had tb of getting a job as a nurse in the US?
my daughter has been dignosed with "Pantent Omphalomesenteric Duct "?
What shall i do?
Do you feel that the needs of this one person outweigh the needs of the group (see additional details)?
Would you do what the guy did who had drug-resistant TB?
how to get rid of a cough caused by a cold?
what if i missed 2 days of drinking doctor prescribed azithromycin which is an antibiotic?
What is good as bronchodilatator for people with arrhythmias?
is gastric bypass surgery performed in south bend memorial hospital?
does anyone know about a cream or any herbal treatment for getting rid of moles?
my 1month old has a sore throat?
Hw can I go on less sleep and accomplish more things in my day???
My cheeks have been red since I was young, how can I fix this?
I have poison ivy all over my arms, what is the best remedy for it?
I have some acne not alot blackheads and oily skin?
What make-up can you use to cover up eczema?
Small hard lump in my earlobe?
dry scalp help????
What can happen if you put toothpaste on your face? Anything Permanent?
what can remove stretch marks?
What are the best Acne Washes?
How do i get rid of ringworm?
what is the best thing for acne?
I burned my arm at work, I want to get it removed?
Im 25 and still have acne! It is diff then most. what can i do?
Scared to take Minocycline?!?
How can i heal sunburn?
I'm 14, turning 15 in August and How Do I Grow Taller?
What's it like for a person to be blind?
Little lump behind my ear/on my neck?
Sleeping problems/ insomnia?
After effects of Plan B onestep?
How addictive is weed?
Please anwer!* am i good? (youtube link included) please be honest, but don't be mean :) thanks?
I am so sick- Please help ?
How to soothe swollen tonsils?
Medical Marijuana and Depression ... SSRIs don't seem to help?
Why does my nose run when I work out?
How to fix stopped up ears?
Im 17, and i think i have an ulcer. my Parents don't believe me. what do i do?
How bad is it to inhale Down from a comforter?
How long does a prescription drug stay in your system?
I need sleep! What should I do?
I've been getting really sick lately..help?
What can u do when ur sick?
I can't feel anything at my left fingertips?
Is it possible to get physically sick from missing someone?
What can 76.8 mg of codeine (6 nurofen plus tablets) do to a 14 year old girl? PLEASE ANSWER?
When was AbioCor created?
what is carotid artery sensitivity?
Should I be concerned that i was told that my blood pressure is static? I'm a little worried.?
I am the only person I have ever met with AV node re-entrant tachycardia. Anyone else treated for this?
What does the phrase "cardinal complaint" means?
do all people with coronary stent implants die from coronary artery disease?
How can I find help paying for a residential treatment program for my developmentally disabled son?
What are the five major brain chemicals?
How many people total have gotten laser eye surgery?
UVB light eye damage?!?
How the doctor to identify the cornea shape change?
Help with contacts!?
I have medium brown eyes and want to get coloured contacts. What brand will work well over my eye colour?
Is taking zoloft and welbrutin xl together common?
Does Joe Barry's Panic Away Book really stop panic attacks? if so how?
i feel very much afraid just thinking of tomorrows. the future scares me. what do you think?
what foods contain high protein?
What is the most best effective way to make beautiful curves around your waist during workouts?
Why can't I taste food when I get sick?
approximately how much blood in the human body?
What is a good name for a new Tanning Salon?
why are yawns contagious?
Other than more sleep, how does one overcome excessive tiredness?
why does it make a bad sound when you pass gas?
I think Being alone is quite enjoyable until I am alone, then I am lonely, why is that?
I sneeze everyday. Usually once or twice. What causes someone to sneeze while just sitting at work typing?
Why do don't some people get mosquito bites?
Is blinking an unconscious act?
Why do I get tonsil stones?
what is tetter?
I'm almost always cold?
how do you overcome hypochondria?
why cant all humans be double jointed?
How can truly quit smoking? Medical breakthroughs? Anyone got any info besides all the reg methods?
how can u catch hepatitus???
How do you get rid of a cold/fever ASAP?
If I smoke alot of marijuana will I keep getting higher or is there a level?
did i break my nose ?
I slipt on ice last night and fell hard on the back of my head what should i do ?
My Nose Ring Fell Out And I Cant Get It Back In?
Little bumps on my thumb that feels like splinters?
how much of your overall body heat do your calves hold?
Broken Collar Bone - Why does my arm hurt?
sprain my ankle by playing football?
Torn ACL and MCL recovery time estimate?
Snowboarding and dislocated shoulder....?
Why my finger hurts when i bend it?
Bump on my ankle that won't go away?!?
How do I know if my hand warts are contagious or not?
Do I have a dengue fever?
How to get rid of tonsil stones?
Whats wrong with my tonsils? pic included.?
i been taking doxycycline hyclate 100 mg?
help i have illness idk?
Ear infection. Help!?
When should you be worried about Mono?
How can I just relieve pain from my strep throat?
why are certain gram-negative bacteria more resistant than gram-positive bacteria to antibiotics that attack..?
Feel achey and tired?
Herpes question, please help?
last night my friend passed out....?
I am a 19 year old afraid of AIDS infection.It happened 2 years ago when I was helping somone to clean a wound?
If I had herpes .. how long would it take for the sores to come back?
Can i get herpes from drinking out of the persons drink?
Are STDs contagious ?
Can you get kidnapped by AIDS?
do cats carry HIV????????????
are aneurysms hard for a cardiologist to detect? in 1995?
Question, please help?!?
Help me figure out this disease?
What causes pressure in the rectum and loose stool. Now have oversized hemorroids and I still don't know?
Always hear stuff when theirs noise?
Bread Choices For Diabetics (Type 2)?
How do I know if my bellybutton is infected? ?
has anyone ever heard anything about your horse taking owners cancer for them?
How long does it take for Hydrocodone/Vicodin to degrade?
How do you explain...?
Do I have heel spurs or something else? If so, what can I do about it?
what causes gas cramps???
having chest pains that comeand go for two weeks. doctor could not find anything wrong. and i fell dizzy?
has anyone used the imitrex injection?
Snorkeling / Muscle Pain?
sore bump on right side of head?
Has anyone ever bought prescriptions from planetdrugsdirect.com or canadamedicineshop? Are they legitimate?
I have had severe lower back pain, any suggestions?
I know its kinda gross...?
Foods/Ingredients that cause/prevent inflammation?
Pleurisy, Or what do I have? Help Please?
i need a massage therapy book, or help in finding a type of massage for a hurting knee muscle?
After sleepin or not walking for a while i have excrutiating pain in my achilles tendon area any idea why????
how long does Dramamine make you drowsy?
Just bashed my head into the corner of a shelf... above my forehead off centre to the left?
how much weed do you smoke?
how sick do you think I am what could I have!!?
How do I strengthen my bladder?
how old do people have to be to start losing their hearing?
Last stages of life? (death approaching for grandma)?
when having a sore throat is it necessary to go see a doctor?
What exactly is orgone?
Does glutathione and vitamin c really whiten skin?
What does it feel like to smoke marijuana?
I have a stuttering problem? how can i overcome it?
What makes you really mad?
How do I break this habit!?
glasses or lasik touch up?
luna eye center in phoenix?
eyesight not as good as it use to be a few days ago?
Eye clicking?
how do i help my mom because she has a bad illness that i cant find any cure?
eyesight question?
is this an eye infection?
Why does my eye make a squishy sound?
why are my eyes still like this?
how much does insurance usually pay for eyeglass frames and lenses.?
some Brazilian have really aw some looking eyes..?
How do you make the redness from an allergy disappear?
sick or allergies? what do you think?
why does my nose (bridge) get swollen after i had an infection in the nostril.?
Nosebleed from drinking milk?
can a dog catch a cold from a cat?
bumbs on cats neck been to vet to get help?
Suffering from allergies, now sick, and pregnant? Please help!?
are my dark circles there because of allergies?
Hurry! Does anyone get a tingly feeling on face after excercise? As I had reaction?
Any at home remedies for a fever?
what is the best laxitive I been constipated for 2 weeks.?
Whats the reason people abuse of drugs?
Will 'Alka-Seltzer Plus Night' make me drowsy?
what could this be?
Did the TB man love his new wife if he exposed her to his disease?
Chest infection?
I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago because I had a bad cough.?
what's the best way?
Chemical smell when breathing through nose?
Can you get asthma by handling a cat too much?
Urgent question?
Is the smoking ban a good thing in the uk?
Blood clot in lung?
Neice will be 3 this month, has had a productive sounding cough for 4-5 months! asthma? allergies?
how many times a day you smoke?
Should I be worrying about TB?
I had pnuemonia in april which landed me in hospital for a week?
Are marlboro smooths being taken off the market?
What is the best way to get over bronchitis?
deviated spectrum,difficulty breathing & nosejob?
How do I control asthma without prescription meds?
coma question?
there is a bump on my sclera any suggestions what it could be?
How long does it take for a cyst on a thyroid to go away?
ITP and Beauty Pageant?
can tinnitus cause total deafness?
how unpleasant is upper (stomach) endoscopy?
whats good to not get low platelets?
Can someone please tell me if thyroid condition can make my skin look older?
What type of Dr. is a Physiatrist?
willy crown syndrome?
ethics of individuals in a vegetative state?
how long to heal from a lung puncture from a fall?
What are the tests for liver in men body?
How do i stop feeling guilty about the food i eat. How do i not worry i will get fat if i eat?
What disease can kill you in less than 12 hours and isn't that painful?
my head hurts!please help!?
How much force does it take to crush a human head?
Can a Frozen Shoulder and a Tear in a Rotator Cuff Ever Heal?
small lump in navel, how to get it checked out without fainting.?
Do I have nerve damage?
can you injure the knee and calf together?
What Have I Done To My Shoulder & How Can I Make It Better?
workout video for hip and shoulder injuries?
my acne has gotten really bad!!any sugested products?
what is this rash and what can i do to get rid of it?
problem with these scars?
why do i have white splots on my forhead?
What is a cancerous mole?
hairloss after finishing accutane??!?
my bottom eyelid keeps getting bigger
how to get rid of steroid induced acne?
Dandruff Help!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I treat mosquito bites?
My toenail turned black after hiking, what does it mean?
How do I get clear skin?
Very small bump on lower lip?
Over the counter products you would recommend to help prevent acne?
what is the best acne solution?
ingrowing toe nail plzz help?
What are these little bumps on my upper arms?
Natural cures for itchy scalp?
Acne treatment issues!!?
Has anyone ever pulled a groin muscle? How do you stop the pain?
drugs, could addicts just stop takin it?
Where can I buy xenical in USA?
how many calories do you burn when you swim the brest stroke?
how to tell your partner you have herpes?
Could you acquire HIV from kissing?
could this possibly be an std?
how to treat urinary tract infection?
I have no time whatsoever for anything?
std question?
What is a viginity test?
What kind of STD could i get?
i had slept with 2 guys and did not use protection ?
I had one drink and I 48 hours I got tested by my P.O.Any chance Ill pass? I also did coke 9 days ago.Scared!?
sir my name is suresh and sir one day viginal fluid touches on my ring finger.i tested hiv test and it is nega?
I often feel dizzy and nauseous when I read or work on PC, is there something wrong with my eyes?
Acuvue Oasys?
Human eye model...?
how do color contacts change the color of your eyes?
eye contacts?
I wish I don't have?
Can staring at a computer screen for too long give you a dull pain in your eyelid?
constipation in 14 months baby?
coffee and caffeine help?
Can you test positive for marijuana if it was only secondhand?
what happens if u do have tubercoliuis?
Will drugs show up in a bloodtest?
What is anemia? Is it bad?
What do you think of people who smoke Marijuana?
Do I need to see a doctor?
My ear is all blocked up! Help!?
When was the last time you was home sick?
Severe cramps with a UTI?
What could be causing my thumb to twitch randomly?
What happens if your nutrafills are to high?
I want to have a stress EKG?
My 48yr old friend has cancer, bad heart, and type 2 diabetes, how can she get help?
Epidemic question please?
i have a stye and wanna get rid of it QUICK !?
what is meant by nosocomial infection?
I have strange symptoms?
Germs? Exactly how dirty is dog pee?
did the swine flu effect lions?
help i recently did a blood test and it showed hepatitis b positive but possibly chronic?
i Have ( MRSA ] in My Blood , Questions ? PLEASE HELP ME .?
What is the most sinus infections you have had in a year?
How to make the symptoms of a cold worse?
What are some of the common illnesses that present in a family clinic?
worried about my mother..maybe a stroke ): ?
Heart Attacks in Cats?
Have you or anyone you know had surgery for hyperhidrosis?
can u still have gall bladder problem even though nothing showed on ultrasound? even if they saw nothi?
Heart burn help ????
Could this be a Brain Tumor?
is it true that everyone needs a psychoanalyst and how sure can be us that going to him really works?
Ive been taking Zoloft for 3 wks my appetite has vanished and Ive lost around 8 lbs. Is this normal?
I go from normal to extremely hurt in seconds if someone says something to upset me, is that normal?
Has anyone here been prescribed Effexor? If So any info or life experience that would be helpful? Thanks?
i just want some advice....?
what are symtoms of a bladder infection?
what medicine for ulcer and is it a good one?
What do each of the results of a hematology report mean, specificaly the PDW.?
What is "Valley Fever"?
What is a Pillar procedure for sleep apnea?
Is a annular tear at your L5-S1 A soft tissue injury?
Growing pains, poor circulation... rheumatoid arthritis??
Can you teara muscle in you're back as you're sleeping?
baby fell down the stairs and been sick?
I have 2 knots on my head?
Hurt Elbow- what is it?
LOL Foot seizures maybe?
My reindeer has a canker sore. Help?
My left hip hurts when I run, walk, etc.?
My shoulder feels... restless? I don't know what this is and i think its getting worse! help?
did i pop a vein or something?
Why is trauma to the base of the brain more damaging than trauma to the frontal lobes?
Explain the role of the endolymph of the semicircular canals in activating the receptors during angular motion
I used to be anorexic, stopped, but I still have breathing troubles?
where can i get the best RRT exam review?
How to tell Doc I don't need Oxygen on the airplane? Girl with MD... help!!?
My dog has Pneumonia....Do i need a cool or warm mist humidifier?
I have just developed some symtoms....?
Why do people stop coughing after smoking for a while?
what illnesses can black mold spores cause?
how do i relieve stress that causes breathing problems?
NEED HELP: What is this desease called?
What causes garlic breath if you have not eaten garlic or onions?
am 30 week pregnant , had sore throat for 5 days and then throwing up mucus. what should i do to stop it.i?
What does hilat bilar adenopathy mean?
What is this TB disease anyway?
Sorry just venting?
can ne one help me?
Is it possible to have a combination of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Pain under my kneecap would be what? Especially walking upstairs, and what can be done about it?
Going to a new Doc. Should I tell him I smoke marijuana for chronic headach relief?
Appendix Pain?
right side pain close to hip...?
what kind of shoes help with heel pain?
where can i find good chiropracter in oaklawn?
I not right on the left side and there's nothing left on the right side. What do I do?
How can I get rid of the pain in my lower back?
My body is really stiff and I'm in pain?
Help with plantar faciitis - daytime boots?
Should I be worried?
Does anyone know a natural remedy for headaches?
What caused my horrible headache yesterday?
Curry for achy joints?????
has anyone heard of their cholesterol rising 100 points in 6 months i went from 20mg Lipitor to the generic si
Why does the inside of my ear hurt?
Will a cat scan show what's causing my husband's back pain?
I get a sharp pain in the lower left side of my back when I stand up and try to walk.?
Quit Smoking with laser acupuncture in Littleton or Denver Colorado Stop smoking?
So I want to try Salvia, How many leaves do I smoke for the first time?
Are there other non-prescription appetite suppressants besides caffiene and nicotine?
Blood test...THC.....?
Is there any real way to willingly use adrenaline?
what is the medical term that means excess of regular number?
How do I tell the guy I am currently seeing I want him to be tested for an STD?
When i am coasting on a bicycle, Leg twitches?
Why is cracking your knuckles so frowned upon?
can i have a self test on HIV?
I have had an STD before, will that take away my chances of getting pregnant?
Can Oral's give STD? and how dose it work?
He came inside me? should I have anything to worry about?
Can you get an infection when you make out like french kiss?
I think i have an std and im only 14 how do i tell my parents.?
Herpes question...need help?
how long should i wait to go for a blood test for herpes?
Whats the best way to treat oral herpes?
laser eye surgery. do you recommend it?
How many people have eye floaters? What do you do to cure your symptoms? Thanks!?
How much does a year supply of prescription colored contact lenses cost?
Out of pocket Expenses?
Is there a best time to get eye laser surgery?
My Vision is Weird??
Why do i feel so drowsy and so weak ?
Will you always run a temperature if you have a cold?
How Do I Get Rid of a Runny Nose?
Could drywall dust be causing headaches?
what is the nurse called who gives allergy shots?
What it causing my puffy eyes and blocked nose?
Any tips to help feel better with Allergies? It's Almost Autumn and I think im allergic to Goldenrod :(?
how to prevent yourself form getting cold sores?
Bumps on tongue?
how can i prevent breaking out on my period?
Whats the best quick,and effective cure for acne?
My fish has fungus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!… ?
I have a bruise on my arm that isnt going away?
Retin-A!? Anyone tried this stuff?
How To Get Rid Of Spider Veins?
Acne solutions for teen girls?
tanning question....answers please!?
Cold Sore Help :( ?
what to do when you get hives?
how do you stop sunburns?
What can I do about acne?
Are there any kinds of creams that get rid of peeling from a sunburn quickly?
Itchy rash, looks like mosquito bites? Help!?
Help with wart removal?
How do I get rid of acne at home?
A website of a Doctor online 24/7?
I have hemmroids, can this be caused by sitting at my PC all the time?
is it appendicitis?
What is the difference between Wellbutrin XL and Wellbutrin XR? Has anyone taken them together?
Why do people all over the world kill themselves by smoking,drinking,&using drugs at same time making .......?
what is the best way to get rid of a blister?
Right side headache w/pain in muscles?
I have slow blood flow to my heart. Nothing fatal, just limiting. Is angioplasty a good idea?
Why do some wounds require stitches and others staples?
What's the difference between a fever blister and a cold sore on lip area?
what can cause a staph infection? and of some puss comes out do i still need to get it lanced??
My daughter is having diarriha and is now green and looks like grass clippings?
What are the reccomened Cholestrol levels for a 49 year old man?
Is dark chocolate helpful in lowering cholesterol:?
when i get up in the morning why is my left heed sore?
If you smoke a cigar, but don't inhale, does some of the smoke go to your lungs anyway?
Does Canada have free medical care for its citizens?
Western Medicine?
what can eat a person who has done cholecystectomi?
If my grandparents have diabetes, what are the chances that i will get diabetes?
do you have to be diabetic to get a diabetic ulcer???
Diabetic with high blood pressure Please help !?
Do you have some recipes for people that are in a ranal diet? My mom is in dialysis.?
how do i prevent low blood sugars?
is there such a thing as normal high blood pressure?
Ingrown Nail Surgery Aftercare?
How long does it take to recover from laparoscopic surgery?
How long will the swelling stay?
My seven year old daughter was recently diagnosed as "insulin resistant". Any good dietary suggestions?
what should a non-diabetic child sugar level be????
molal sucrose, molal glucose, invertase, molal urease?
I just want to know the sings or symptoms of cancer of the lympnodes, Hogkins, glands ect?
Is there any scientific literature to back up the efficacy of fasting?
the oculomotor nevrve controls?
whts d normal level of Hemoglobin in blood ? what should be the level so that one can donate blood ?
I am looking for a good diabetic cookbook?
Calculating total chloesterol?
Need soem help finding...???
How can a diabetic get callouses of their feet?
Is it possible to be born with a ulnar nerve pinch?
Has Anyone Tried Byetta?
does Metamusil capsills contain sugar? my fasting sugars are up?
Has any one heard of Geographic tongue?
Is there any quantitative test to know the quantity of insulin produced in body.?
having the worst pain ever?
What is wrong with my shoulder?
Extremely painful arm and elbow?
baker cyst, treatment?
Does normal flu lasts more than a week?
Looking to find in fo onsober living homes in MA or 1 bedroom sober homes in Ma Have 3 yrs sobriety?
what is the nopmer of egyptian pyrameds ?
Is there a generic version available for Trileptal?
Anyone out there a fibromyalgia sufferer that feels more pain during barometric pressure changes ?
what is sleep walking and talking a semptom of?
Anyone have experience taking Hepsera for chronic Hepatitis B?
talk me to basedow desease, pleease?
Is there a non-surgical way to correct scoliosis?
Does anyone know what herbs would be good to help with inflammation of the sciatica nerve?
how to remove my vaccinated scar?
What Causes This Blood/Brain Disorder?
I am (well used to be on 112mcgs of synthroid).Has anyone ever stopped taking it? and what might happen ?
Know a doctor in the syracuse area that is not a tight-wad about prescribing narcotic medication?
Anybody with neurofibromatosis what kind of problems do you have?
how does one feel after receiving a blood transfusion?
Is there anyone with a spine injury that uses a service dog that has been denied a apartment or house to rent?
frontal lobe epilepsy?
Can AIDS cause brain haemorrhages?
Fighting global infectious diseases worldwide?
Is there a cure or treatment for cat deafness?
What is it like to have appendicitis?
sales representives of medicines in pakistan?
i think i have salmonella?
My normal body temperature is about 97.3. So what is considered a fever for me?
risk of hiv and hcv ??????????????????
why shouldn't you take tablets with fizzy drinks?
whats the fastest way to lose 50 pounds in 4 months?
Best quickest way to lose 10 pds? any diet pills out there WITH ephedra ? No pills seem to work !!?
Can i grow any taller?
Stomach aches all the time!?!.....?
How exactly are stem cells produced?
How to get rid of a dead feeling?
How tall will I probably get?
Legal drugs ("herbal" highs) Illegal drugs or Alcohol which of the 3 are the most dangerous?
I am smelling things that are not there! Is that normal?
A 12 year old taking 800mg of ibuprofen ?
Milk of magnesia and constipation question ?
How can I raise my body temperature?
I saw a robot out my window when i was younger?
What is Pediatric Pulmonary?
prednisone and anxiety depression???
side effects of mucinex DM?
what are the differences btween communicable n noncommunicable diseases including causes,symptoms,n treatments
What symptoms do you have for pulmonary fibrosis?
I am a carrier for TB. Can it then go active at some point?
Can you get AIDS from a mosquito?
Has anyone seen actual proof of someone getting healed of HIV/AIDS?
Anti-smoking Inhalers?
I am starting to feel the very all too familar sinus drainage which starts for me with a slight sore throat.?
I've had a freon leak from my air conditioner, & i'm sick w/ bronchitis/sinusitus for 3 mos. Is this related?
How long would you survive if you have Pneumonia?
what high do you get from smoking cigars and how come youre not supposed to inhale?
If you fall into a coma, would you colapse or keep the position you were in when you were concious?
Certain times, it feels like I have fluid in my throat, which makes me cough for a while...?
how do you get treated for chlymedia?
what could a hospital do to remedy a mismatched blood transfusion?
Loss of Appetite?
Could someone please give me some info on Asthma?
My friends day old infant's lung collapsed???? IRDS???
what is inhale and exhale?
Worried I might have oral herpes .. if I stop by a drugstore pharmacy, can they help me?
can you just develop aids??
Is bronchiactesis can cause i p f ?
Kindly let me know all types of pollutions?
How long does bronchitis take to go away?
These distrurbing mental images, are poping in my head randomly and I dont want them too, is this a problem?
Will I die from untreated pneumonia?
endocrine and nervous systems?
can i buy something over the counter for urinary tract infection ?
type two diabetes is usually what onset?
Anyone know of a really good eye doctor in philadelphia that specializes in very high prescription lens?
will i be saved from my eyesight gettign worse if i ONLY wear glasses 1-3 hours a day?
does anyone know the vision type that doesn't allow you to drive ??
is there a way to treat lazy eye?
Eyeglasses Photoray?
Is my contact prescription too low for laser eye surgery?
My eye keeps swelling ?
Eye question?
i need help Cornea injury help?
cooking spray in my eye?
Vision problems?
Trouble wearing my glasses?
Can I wear glasses without rims even with my high prescription?
Eye Contact Question...?
i got bitten by a bug and it kind of swelled up but went away. does anyone know what it is?
help with my swollen fingers please?
sprained ankle or what?
PLEASE shoulder very painful/numb?
Triathlete: upper anterior knee pain?
I tore the ligaments tendons and musles on the top of my foot i was on crutches for a week my foot is hurting?
dexa scan results show I have osteopenia of the spine. What do the dark areas on the x-ray mean please.?
Chest pains?
what muscles are temporarily"put out of business"by the sling?
what do you do for a pinched nerve in your lower back?
<See Details>?
is there a website that shows where organs are positioned in your body?
does your industrial hurt?
stiff neck.it hurts...!please help??
a cure for pain pill addiction?
Stiff Neck?
How long will Hydrocodone (Loritabs) stay in your system?
Can any one help or advise?
How to help strained eyes?
Need coccyx pain relief?
Does arthritis pain really change with the weather?
has anyone tried a herbal chinese supplement called SAGEE? its suppose to improve brain function?
I have the worst ever cold and need to get rid of it by new year-- HELP!?
what is complejo b use for?
Do You feel that my broken Patella is healing or not?
What are alternative ways to deal with adult ADHD?
Curing a Cold quickly?
I've got an Itchy sore throat?
emergency!! to much vitamin D3?
Am i sick or just having bad allergies?
My both ears are blocked for unknown reason.?
Am I allergic to corn?
I spit up or vomit after eating.?
I've been wearing the same pair of contacts for about 3 weeks, how do you know when its time to change them?
What is wrong with the skin on my back?
What medicines have codiene syrup ?
What is the most common allergy?
GP's in Ada Oklahoma who accept new medicare+humana patients?
Why do so many people take drugs to cover symptoms- Why don't people try to treat the cause of their problems
will cracking my nuckles cause Arthritis?
Yesterday out of the blue my eye just got irratated and swollen. I've tried the ice packs and the swelling has
is it possible to have a smoke allergy?
where can i apply for medical billing and coding positions?
Nurses, do you like your job?
I need information on writing a mission statement for my own web business?
individual personal "change" techniques that aide in making permanent change?
iPod causes hearing loss?
why is yawning contagious?
what causes flatulence. is gas a sign of not digesting food properly?
can eating too much fiber cause gas?
My friend has plantar warts any way to get rid of them?
what groups support medicare?
Is it a spider BITE?
What is scar on my husband's arm?
what can i do about slight pitted acne scars?
Hard purple ball on tip of my tongue?
dry skin??????? cures?
sore on the lips, what should I do? ?
my 14 month old son has lots of tiny little dots on the side of his eye. are these freckles?
Ahhh..my legs.what can I do?
Does not sleeping affect acne?
White vinegar for underarm odor?
What pigment gives the skin a yellowish hue and where in the skin is that?
How to cover self harm scars at the doctors?
how can i get my acne to go away?
how do i get rid of ......?
The skin of an apple. The unhealth thing about it.?
BEST solution for stretch marks?
i am 19 years old i have no mustache, what i do?
Why am i always cold? Please help.?
Does injecting KCl into a pregnant woman enhance the chance that the baby will be healthy?
What does it feel like waking up from brain surgery?
Is it good to take 5-HPT after an ecstasy?
How to get rid of a SORE THROAT!?
Can eye drops at the drs. with pontacaine in it make you pass out?
how is diabetes related to glaucoma?
Glasses web sites--can anyone provide some where you can 'try on' different frames ?
Deep Set EYES?
My right eye is always tired and feels heavy?
Do the Freshlook eye contacts expire?
my eyes hurt?
what's the quality of life being colorblind?
How to get rid of the red veins in the white part of my eye, due to a scratch?
How much should I start the price for my colored contacts lenses on eBay for?
itching eyes- help!?
My Eyes hurt also?
Why are my eyes turning red after eatting appples for 2 days?
Is speed reading bad for the eyes?
With New Glasses...HELP?
can staring at the computer for too long cause your eye to twitch?
why are people with fibromyalgia not "believed" and are put down even tho FMS is an AMA diagnosis?
What does IgM Ab to M.TUBERCULOSIS 350 U/ml : Positive imply? Relation of this to Smoking and Drinking?
WHAT is the name of Lymphatic system disease if the count is more than what it should be?
what needs to be done to correct a high ldl106, hdl is 89 cholesterol ?
What is the growth rate of a thyoid nodule?
Has Anyone Ever Suffered From A Transient Ishcemic Attack (Mini Stroke)?
what happends if you dont excerise?
I am trying to sing up for a yahoo group and I keep getting stopped because I don not have a non yahoo email a
va disability claim statues?
What causes Asthma?
what is hypertension of the skull of the brain. At the pinpoints. I have changes of the blood vessel size?
Can I quit taking topomax abruptly?
Does anyone know any thing about pernicious enema,?
any one out their has emotional asma?
what can be done to avoid std disease?
I think I have HIV. Could my mom be telling the doctors I've been taking the tests with to lie?
Can AIDS be spread through pool water?
Do you have to have a outbreak to be tested?
Can I get a disease from smelling/licking a girl's stinky socks?
How bad is type 1 herpes?
how do you tell if you have an STD?
I'm 16. Is my doctor allowed to tell my parents if I have an std?
if the skin is the defence?
So this hot guy has herpes, but I really like him, and want to kiss him. What do I do?
How do africans get HIV?
Have you ever had a dream where you were Sigourney Weaver in Aliens?...?
is scalp med good for grow hair?
I got a Stethoscope stuck in my ear?
How do you get the chicken pox?
are magenstrasse and mill gastroplasty became abundant now?
Can Penicill vk 500 mg cure a UTI?
What do you think about the whole TB crisis?
Is there a difference between Fluticasone Propionate Nasal Spray (generic Flonase) from Flonase?
can chronic broncitus kill you?
Wine and asthma?
Does a smoke eater remove enough allergens? (to reduce allergic reaction)?
Staying out of the hospital?
Has anyone used a website for support in quitting smoking and?
Can coxsackie cause pneumonia?
Has anyone had exprience with a mold/fungal infection in the lungs?
Why do I keep caughing?(Doctors welcome!)?
methergine after effects?
What is the best brand of nebulizer's for around +/-$50 ?
Anyone with bronchial asthma?
Me: non-smoker, about 3 weeks ago my doc told me I had a cold, but I wheeze when I breathe and cough non-stop?
cystic fibrosis?
why do you need to go to a doctor for an injury when all they do is..?
The wing mirror on the car hit me when I was on my bike..?
can cholesterol stay in the body for a long period of time?
Constantly Having Chest Pains?
Can the sugar from my coffee cause my sugar to drop?
Paranoid of respiratory disease...Can someone please help me...?
slim fast and type 2 diabetes?
Chemotherapy Information? Hair falling out?
HELPP!! When I purge, blood vessels in my eyes burst, it's awful!! How do I prevent it without stopping?
I have a bruise on my leg and I don't know where it came from?
what to do for painful crackling, splitting, severely chapped lips with pain/swelling/redness,no sores/blister
Alternatives to glasses?
Is LASIK eye surgery effect last for a long time or it's only good for a couple of years?
How long should it take to get my contacts from walmart?
ok why are my eyes always pinned have been for 15 years I'm not on drugs or anything so can you explain it?
Dark eyes (pic included)?
How often do people who wear eye glasses usually keep a prescription?
i have a pain in my left eye and i dont know what is wrong with it?
Lasix Surgery?
weird blinking when tired?
can you get Soothe eye drops in australia ?
i just got contacts for the first time and...?
I Am Color Blind but HELP ME PLEASE.?
Contact questions.?
Is there is any eye doc/specalist out there who can kindly answer my questions?
Eye problem?
what should i do if my eyes are red from contacts?
Why am I so dizzy...?
Why do i get so sick? ?
why are my eyes doing this?
can a registered nurse change coumadin dosages?
How do you change your diaper without removing your pants?
what is this happening to my body?
Autism or Aspergers Symptoms?
I need to pass a drug test in 4 hours. read the details below.?
i have bad gas it wont stop!!?
Bad medication combination?
why is my voice not coming back?
Will the darkness go away?
Im 13 and im 5'2 or 5'3 please help!!! I really have to get taller.?
Getting antibiotic unstuck from throat?
Do I have Aids?OR no?
is it true that if someone had hiv + blood in their saliva that they wouldnt be able to spread it to someone?
can a positive test for chlamydia be wrong?
Will A Hot Water Bottle Help A Swollen & Bruised Face?? Please Help?
after your first herpes outbreak??
Can someone quit taking Oxycodone on their own without medical intervention?
What can help with dizziness when im standing? i get it all the time pretty much.?
I accidentally cut off my scrotum... Is it that unappealing?
If me and my bf were messing around and i gave hime a handjob inside his pants and some got on my on my hand a?
what can i catch from kissing?
i wonna make my teachers jaw drop?
Why does weed put you to sleep?
How do I heal this scab?
Is this a migraine headache?
do i have herpes? I cant understand my test result page??
should i go to the doctor?
I have lower abdomen pains! Whats wrong with me?
Does it hurt to give blood?
Why wont my wont my head stop hurting?
is it wrong for me to eat christmas pudding 1 month after christmas?
Why am i hearing voices when i'm drowsy and about to fall asleep?
Does a "loose knee cap" require surgery to fix?
Instant tips to 'wake you up' when tired?
Has anyone had success treating arthritis with meds, supplements or other methods in a large...?
10 POINTS! My foot hurts A LOT and I have school. What should I do?
What household medication causes deep sleep that is safe for children?
Always wet, uncomftable and stressy?
do Halls cough drops have caffeine?
Is it better to order salvia online or through a head shop?
Does anyone know what froseptic-sinuses are?
Can anybody tell me more about blood infections?
What does it mean if someone fails a treadmill stress test during a resting period?
Is there anyone out there with the condition P.O.T.S. with MVP?
Blood Pressure Mediceine Lopresor?
risks of angiogram procedure?
what does it mean when your blood pressure rises hourly?
jornal papers?
Have you ever taken Cartizem?
Cardiac Adaptations?
Pulled chest muscle advice?
Did I fracture my foot?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? seriously please help me?
I use a treamill 6 days a week, 3.3 mph at a 3% incline. can I expect to lose weight in 30 days?
How many metabo speed am i supose to take and how many times a day?
i need to loose quick to fit into my dress? Does anyone have any ideas?
need to clean my daughters ears out?
Is alfalfa a natural diuretic? are there any benefits to taking a supplement?
can anyone give me the website addresses?
tell me how would you empty a Foley Catheter?
What are the signs of glyclemic diobetic?
why do my ears itch so bad?
Is popping your back/knuckles really bad? Will it cause deterioration as I age?
can you use pet ashes in a tattoo?
good heartburn and nausea medication? please help!!?
If someone on disablity gets married, will they lose their benefits?
Somebody help me find a solution. I think the Dandruff in my head is going to KILL me very soon?
Looking for jobe as a family dr?
I have been trying to get rid of head lice!?
is water really good for you??
Where did the term "goosebumps" originate when referring to someone's skin condition when cold?
How do you survive a heat wave without AC?
what do they do if your ingrown toenail is really bad?
my appendix?
Is anyone on the acne medication Accutane? If so, what side effects have you experienced? I am on Accutane?
what should i do if my vocal chords are irritated?
how long does it take aspirin to start to take effect?
I have pain,and can hear popping sound in my right knee what could it be?
-Recurring Flu Help-?
How long after taking an antibiotic (Azithromycin) would I notice side effects?
I have to do a presentation on infectious disease in underdeveloped countries. What key information is there?
hiv testing.................................?
My full blood count : relative lymphocytosis?
Question about sicknesses?
Nausea, cold and gassiness causes?
Whst Causes A Weird Scratchy Throat?
very important question : tonsils or not? should it be taken out or not?
What stores can you buy an cord or sports strap for eyeglasses at?
does wearing or not wearing eyeglasses affect your vision? will it make my eyesight better?
Can an eyedoctr answr this or someone who knows as much?
Is the Sphere the same as the Power on my toric contact prescription?
How Does a Rx For Myopia Work In Contact Lenses?
Should I keep my contacts?
Right eye looks futher than the left.?
Was there a parasite in my steak?
what did people do in prehistoric times when they didnt have glasses?
Foreign object in eye after cataract surgery?
where can you get contacts without a prescription?
I can't get this out of my eye!?
Help with Contacts Please!?
How do I get the suction broke when contact is stuck to my eye?
Is it safe to take xanax after a stroke?
Is diabetes a "Black" disease?
What man made chemicals are in cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco products?
What causes you to faint ? ?
What type of allergic reaction could I have?
How can I stop an allergic reaction to cats?