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How do you fix the itchy skin after a mosquito bite ?
why is it everything that tastes good or feels good?
an open wound in which tissue is separated from the body is an; abrasion or laceration or puncture or?
Can lighting strike you if you are playing xbox?
What is the worlds healthiest foods?
how can I tell if my physiology makes me liable to become a drug addict if I ever tried dugs?
Can quitting smoking abruptly "cold turkey" cause an increase in blood pressure.?
What does hydroxycut affect the heart? I short term usage ok?
What is the meaning of low blood pressure readings?
thalassemia major ? please help me? anyone?
is it possible to become a surgeon if you are asthmatic and have hay fever?
I have a lot of pleghm that I have been coughing up everyday for past few years?
Does an echocardiogram that measures for circulatory changes require an IV?
Fast Heart Rate and a Heart murmur?
I have a cold... why is it that?
TB test...?
why does pleural effusion occur in Congestive Cardiac Failure?
diet pill that works fast. belly fat etc with heart problem?
Peripheral Vascular Diseases!?
Can you have a stroke from drinking too cold beverage and getting "frozen brain"?
Tumor behind the right lung. what is that called?
What can make a cough go away?
pulmonary edema?
How is air pollution causing health hazards?
when is cystic fibrosis first diagnosed in individuals?
Pain in chest?
Me and my friends have been coughing a LOT lately including my teacher is there something wrong???
what can help in breathing problems due to hypertension?
Who had a hip replacement? Cemented or Non-Cementer? Invasive or Non? Recovery time?
3 main reasons of why drugs shouldn't be legal?
what causes you toe nails to change shape?
why are americans more caught up in fame then they are with the enviorment, ie: THE END OF THE WORLD?
Acute rehab after surgery?
Does the US FDA Work outside the borders of the United States?
Can you have an ear infection without running a fever.?
Who smokes the most marijuana?
How much and what can my accident attorney charge me if fired before the case is settled?
I have a red line on my thigh that moves. Been there for 3 years. Is that a blood clot?
u can not get herpes if neither 1 of the ppl hav it rite? it can only b given if sum1 who has it gave it to u?
what diseases are linked to increased c-reactive protein levels?
Are there any common or certain signs of depression in teens ?
They found an intestinal mass in my mother what does that mean?
what is petechial hemhorraging and what causes it?
Could someone tell me what the technical name is for someone who has........?
I feel an ache in the back, like pressure!!?
how many people dye each day because of not getting an organ that they needed?
do you know anyone with Narcolepsy and did you gain weight and if you did what helped you?
what are triglycerides?and what function do thay have in the body?
What's the worlds' best narcotic?
Percocet not working?
what is mepadine used for?
bruised rib? pain near abdomen?
Terrible shoulder/rotator cuff pain during the night. Any suggestions?
I was diagnoised with a chronic pain desease about 8 years ago. I'm on medication daily and it's under control
My leg was hurting me so bad the other day I couldn't hardly drive. It seemed to hurt worse while sitting.
a litttle help please?
Do you suffer from back or neck pain? What is your story (READ before posting)?
in my throat, I feel a sudden, sharp pain that comes and goes. This started today. Is it normal?
which is worse to take advil or tylanol?
Does taking ibuprofen make a person sleep deeper at night?
Best orthopedic doctor for knee pains in Bangalore?
numbness in lower leg?
Has anyone here taken Donnatal for esophageal spasms?
Is the prescription diet pill Phentermine effective?
What benefits do riding a stationary bicycle at at gym have? What areas will it help?
How do you train your body to be able to do leg splits?
what 2 do?plz help me?
Has anyone done a juice fast here without using fresh juice but bottled fresh juice from a grocery store?
Does Phentermine 37.5have caffine in it?
where can i find free weekly diet menu i could print?
Does anyone know which over the counter diet supplements really work?
i am 13 and i want to lose weight in 2 weeks. i weigh 57"Kg" not lbs. please give me a diet plan or advice!plz
What are good ways of exercising that I can do by myself?
i am losing weight. as a result i am eating very healthy. i am also exercising.?
what is the body's daily requirement of potassium chloride?
What should i do if i have IBS? Im only 17!?
Are there any good energy supplements?
How can i gain alot of weight in just 2months..i weigh 155 but i wanna waiegh like 190..or 200?
Can someone tell me what kind of diet plan to go on? Im trying to lose my stomach fat!!!?
Experienced knuckle/leg tuening. Need help?
Has the ban on ephedra been lifted in the U.S,?
What home fitness equipment offers the best results?
How much exercise should I get in a week?
what information can you share with me about people with allergies or what makes cleaner air?
How can you tell the difference between allergies and a cold?
Trouble breathing at night, allergies.?
How can i get rid of steroid taste?
can you smoke poison ivy?
is there such thing as doggie ashma?
Did I Get An Allergic Reaction, And How Do I Get Rid Of It?
Poison Ivy Remedies, please?
Help? Lactose intolerant.?
Claritin vs Zyrtec? Which is better/?
Can you still get high by re-dosing on morphine if you took some about 5 hours ago?
Why aren't these sleeping pills working?!?
What would make ecstasy better or last longer?
Best Growth Hormone Stimulator/Activator?
How do i completey remove a staff infection on the shoulder?
how is Damiana leaf like?
numb feet from topamax?
can you get computer vision syndrome from xbox 360?
What is wrong with my eyes?
Why do my eyes change color when I cry??
need help,please?
My cat scratched my eye ?
Can contacts be too big for your eyes?
What should I do about my eyesight problem?
Iam seeing peripial flashes of light with eyes open and shut...what is happening?
i recently got a job offer to be a welder. will this job damage my eyesight in the long run?
What is a good cleaner for hard contacts that isn't too expensive?
if someone has a lazy eye, can it be fixed?
my left eye can see 20/15. Why -0.25?
colored contacts?
best place to buy contacts online?
I think I flipped my contacts inside out...?
What is the best lasik eye surgery to get?
how do you get std???
how to get rid of a yeast infection
Can my child catch an STD if someone just touches her?
My boyfriend jus found out he has HIV?
I kissed a guy and right after I had signs of a cold sore, Is it Oral Herpes?
I need some songs about HIV/AIDS or breast cancer?
I was darunk and I made on the floor. I have AIDES?
would you ever date someone with herpes cold sores only?
A girl bit me on my arm and left a bruise, then found out days later she had herpes.?
can kiss on breast cause hiv
im mentally effed up rite now?
can you ski after meniscus surgery?
What are some symptoms of a fractured finger?
I fell and hit my head about a week ago, still feeling really dizzy?
I have a friend who just entered a Coma? Details explained below?
tib fib fracture:0helpme?
If i press my knees together, will it get rid of my knock knees?
i had total knee replacement over 12 months back. i did vigorous ph therapy and was able to bend the knee over?
why do our bllod have antibodies for the types of blood we dont have? ex y do type a make b antibodies?
Why do blood cells need antigens?
Does anyone have this?
I have water in my ear due to allergies. What gets rid of it?
Would anyone recommend laser eye surgery for astigmatisms and short sightedness?
What can I put on a burnt tongue?
what medical screening exams are given to nurses who apply for job overseas?
my heels hurt all the time from walking. Any shoes or insoles, etc to keep pain away?
What does it take to become a Nurse Practitioner?
I am going to get my 12 year old shot soon and I am terrified, what are the shots?
Why do I need to rest after meal? What is the best thing to do right after meal?
how do you belly breathe?
what's the best diet for patients with high triglyceride level?
Sleep deprived!!!?
What should I do for my sore mouth? I am afraid it's from the side effects of psychotropic drugs like Effexor
what are the side effects of bicarbonated drinks and coffee on the brain?
how can i consent rate?
what would happen to someone if they were injected with dry ice?
what are some bad and good effects of the three gorges dam?
Does any one know how far back a blood drug test goes?
what is a person called when they always think something is wrong with them?
how to prevent hands sweating? because even if it is cold i used to.?
How long does it take for bronchitis to develop in toddlers?
How big is the influenza virus in nanometers?
do you think i have mono?
What are the best prescription antiemetics for when you have the stomach flu?
whta is the composition of the nasal mucus? u know, just curious?!?
How do "Halls" work?
Why would Rituxan be given with NaSo4?
does anyone else still feel like they can taste nicotine and tar months after stopping?
My symptoms, your thoughts!?
what is the specific nursing care plan for bronchial asthma? with the actual and potential problem.?
There is a treatment for asthma patents. The treatment is gulp a live fish by patient at Hyderabad(Andraprades
calling all doctors?
what is Bullous Emphysema?? and can Enphysema occur without alveolar destruction ,, just overinflation ??
I have strep throat...?
What kind of strep throat can hurt your heart?
what medication is usually given to infants with bronchiolitis?
does smoking increase metabloism? how?
I have just been told I have sleep apnea and received my cpap machine last night. I dont feel any better Help?
what sort of diet i should take for controlling goitre?
melingomycil any remedy?
which protein is effected by cystic fibrosis?
what is red river fever?
Has there been any new breakthroughs in the research on lupus?
what is a lie bump?
is there a desease called celllulitis? how can u prevent or cure that?
Have there been any new advances for treatment and/or removal of rectal hemorrhoids?
Does anyone know if deer tick larvae cause any sort of disease?
Can you tell me why people defecate?
Can chronic sever stress cause protein (excess) to be in the urine?
is it possible to rectify a deviated septum without surgical operation.How to get relieved from this problem?
is surgery good for your shoulders after having 2 operations they want to do it again!?
How can you tell the difference between gastritis and gastric cancer???
Eye problems?
what the doctor specialize in sleep apena called? eg. for heart cardiologist ....?
Depression and High blood pressure?
Is pain a symptom for Eczema? Besides itchiness.?
Dry lips? Lipice doesnt help?
Acne everywhere!!!! HELP!!!?
Do you clean out your bellybutton?
Can Anyone Help With Sunburn?
I have a small bump under my armit is it serious?
How is it that some people cant grow facial hair?
are hot bath good for relieving hemorrhoids?
sensitive skin and acne?
What is the white stuff coming out of a tongue ring?
Any one know any good acne products?
im getting warts from flea/mosquito bites.. should i be concerned?
I think I have anal fissures?
I just picked of a mole?
How to heal a redish sunburn on the nose?
how to get rid of acne on the back?
Can you catch something from someone's towel?
Does everyone who has a cold sore have herpes?
i have a question!iam a guy i saw that i had a lil small white head in the middle of my private and i went to
I Think I Have Herpes. Should I Get Diagnosed?
EMERRRGENCYY!!!! Is there anyway to tell if you have a STD wthout getting tested??
A friend of mine tested +for HIV, her ins. has not activated yet at her job. can they deny her insurance?
What does this mean? Just told new guy I have herpes!?
why is my v jay itchy and why does it burn after i took a pee and still burning?
A question about herpes? PLEASE answer?
please help uncle had aids need to know some things?
What are the effects of improper rest?
what is neurosed?
successful diabetic dieting anyone?
Does any one know the place in europe wher they cure diabetes with a new stem cell???
what iS the role of circulatory system on epilepsy?
Why does a person crave certain foods?
Is Theraflu good for diabetics?
Is there a quick way to get tested with immediate results for diabetes??
Is there a diabetic magazine that you can get threw the mail in Canada?
Do the lancets come with the monitors?
could unexplained brusing in the foot of an older diabetic woman be gangrene?
Is it alright for me to take my metformin medicaton , while on the atkins diet?
why do they even make regular sodium items..........? plus a blood pressure question?
what is a 12 year old blood sugar level?
Can a person be allergic to NPH insulin?
My uncle went to the Dr. today and .......?
How long does it take for a stress fracture of the lumbar spine to heal?
I can't feel the toes on my left foot?
what type of head injury causes retrograde amnesia?
What did I do to my ankle?
How to help pinched nerve?
i had a proximal phalanx(thumb) dislocation, how does the swelling fix it?
What does your pain feel like with a herniated disc in the thoracic spine, thoracic herniation?
How to stop someone with a finger or two?
Can you break the knuckle of your big toe?
i have bad memory tis last 3 weeks?
numbness on the right quadriceps?
Has anyone ever heard of a Vagal Nerve Stimulator or have one, it is used for Treatment Resistant Depression.?
Home remedies for Arthritis pain?
What does stinging of rubbing alcohol mean?
Why does pain feel good to me?
Excesisive long ter effects of soma (carisoprodol)?
Abdominal pain that worsens when laying down?
Ultram medicine uses and looks?
What is better: Tempur Pedic pillow or IKEA memory foam pillow?
Why won't my leg stop hurting?
back painproblems?
can't feel my toes on left foot,nails turning purple?
im 13 and i gethes extreme pains in my ribcage?
what causes foot oder and whats a good solution?
does anyone out there know about migraines?my head hurts and my arms are throbbing?
I took my husband to the ER because he had a bad earache.?
hydrocodone(vicodin), darvocet OR soma?
"sacroiliac dysfunction" I just got diagnosed today!?
Effexor XR and Codeine?
lipo6 with ephedra?
How can I lose 35 lbs. in 8 weeks?
does anyone know if Formula 9 supplements have side effects?
What is the Lemonade Diet/Cleanse?
I would like to get toned up after losing weight. Where might I find some workout routines or other ideas?
what is a good home workout routine for a beginner?
How can I Lose more weight?
how to really loose weight?
I want to reduce 30 kgs of weight within 4 months ..what should i do?
How to increase one's metabolic rate?
do you agree with me?
Low Calorie Diabetic Diet,seeking food plan n recipe for 60+ female,diabetic, hypertensive n heart patient.?
hi people, im overweight about 115kgs and 6 feet tall, which exercise should i do and what diet should i take?
Pain below rib occurs from running for ones who rarely do running.?
what are Gabapentin used for?
What is AcipHex?
do kids with club feet eventually walk normal??
Is this normal ?
can a urinary tract infection kill you?
pemopar, what is it? Is it a drug and if yes,what is it used for?
What is your advice to people that have to poo every few hours?
Tired ALL the time!?
What is the word for someone who is always paranoid about being sick?
Where in Houston can I sell blood for money?
what is dna?
How can I tell...?
I want to learn about Yoga.?
I need a monitor that checks coagulation time for keeping track of coumadin?
Have you ever thought about it?
Is it possible to be able to breath without a heart beat?
can an anesthesiologist insert a chest tube?
What should I do about my allergy-related post nasal drip?
Why is my nose so itchy?
does smoking cigarettes really stunt your growth?
are chest xrays obselete today?
i am hearing rubbing sound sometimes from my rt knee while walking.whats the trouble?
What causes a warts on your hands?
weight gain?
What is the best treatment for a canker soars?
Because nose hairs excruciatingly tickle me does pulling them out with tweezers help or hurt my situation??
Does anyone use flax seed products?
what is the name of one part of the body that might contain epithelium tissue?
Is it safe to take non-prescription sleep aids. for an extended period of time?
Why does it hurt?
What's the difference between contact lenses?
Is it factual that prison inmates supply the welfare recipient's optometrist w/the eyeglasses perscribed?
I got prescribed reading glasses but these don't seem right?
LasikPlus cost?
When I had my eyes dilated why didn't I see worse?
Hard Contact lens not used for some time?
Colored toric lenses?
my eyes always tear?
can you tell me what this means? plzzzzzzz.?
I want to have eye surgery?
I have a spot in my eye?
Red hue Blue hue?
how do they tell if you're wearing contacts for something that there is a minimum vision requirement for?
Why no matter how much water I drink the night before do I wake up so thirsty?!?
Should I be worried that I have a cough but can't cough because it hurts to much to cough.?
eyelashes getting thin?
Do you ever get,"Itchy Feet",the feeling you just want go somwhere?But don't know where? AND?
what are the best ways to have a great day?
What causes hiccups?
Why do some scars continue to give pain even a week after getting one?
What is the best thing to eat or drink to improve the condition of the liver?
why can't we are able to control our anger immediately?
how do you get rid out stretch marks?
Why is yawning so contagious?
is there any new drugs developed to remove the cholestrol deposits in the blood vessels to heart tissues?
can i get my medical history on line?
Can wearing black everyday effect your all around mood?
Can reading problems from dyslexia be prevented?
why do you get the hiccups when you eat to fast?
What is a good , non surgical, method of resolving low back pain caused by a hernieated disk?
Are pessimism and antisocial behavior inherited?
are steroids P-gp inhibitors?
Eyesight-Vision problems Help me pls?
Does bio oils last forever?
what is baidyanath vita x gold capsules side effects?
A Friend With Dysthymia?
drug effects...?
What can make bruises go away faster?
Why does my rib cage stick out so much?
something by my left shoulder blade hurts and im 13 you can bearly touch it and it hurts and my ribs hurt?
i think i stretched a muscle in my arm from over throwing a foot ball?
hi friend could u pls explain the meaning of this pls?
How long does it take to heal tendinitis in the shoulder?
kickboxing aggravated possible carpal tunnel syndrome?
Pulled muscle??!?! Help?!?
really painful canker sores?
what is the cure for foot and mouth disease?? in cows?
A sickness where in you faint due to fatigue?
How long could smallpox live without a host?
What kind of disease does this sound like?
Clear runny discharge?
Question about under eye wrinkles during the flu/any sickness?
Any good remedies for eczema?
I think i may have bad allergies, or its a cold?
What is the best daily OTC allergy medicine?
Does anyone feel like your cpap with oxygen machine makes your headaches worse instead of better?
did patients take active role on their own health care or passive role?
Does this happen in your nose/sinus? perhaps deviated septum?
If a person was just exposed to abstestos last night, could he be experiencing any negative effects tonight?
how can I test for mold and treat or remove mold myself in my home?
chronic cough?
Yes I am a 11 year boy with the diesese called Nephrotic syndrome?
Blood testing while sick with a fever?
Can anyone help pinpoint these symptoms?
if i had a cold with a sore throat what will i take?
do you ever admire someone who you would love to meet.?
who makes the best cpap machines?
Is it possible for a person to be prone to developing allergies to medicine?
IS A EGD TEST DANGEROUS??? CAN IT KILL YOU?? i might get one.?
what does it mean when i cough and gag for several minutes after i eat a meal?
psychosomatic symptom nodding head?
i was told i can get a Dr. in canada to get some meds?
how to get rid of a sinus cold?
Mucous in the corner of the eye after sleeping; as known as sleep. What is it really called?
What are the symptoms that a high school kid is smoking?. Any advice on how to make the kid stop smoking?.?
I have a question about docters calling?
Why babies spit up. Could it be cystic fibrosis?
Do you vent when you are about to fall asleep?
what exactly is spina bifida?
Other than blood sugar disturbances, what can cause nocturnal seizures?
can you describe disease in terms of causation? can you describe disease in terms of epidemiology?
I would like info on sudo arthritis. I have serched the web and I can't find a thing?
How does a Tart cells look like in peripheral blood?
Hep C infected and High Cholesterol?
is there a cure for pernecious anemia?
Anyone else have interstitial cystitis?
I have brain lesions but its not M.S? any help?
what is the best treatment for MS?
when your in the process inbetween waiting for them to contact you for classes, what do you do for the pain, m
sodium and pottasium ratio in our bodies?
Human Version of the Mad Cow Disease??????
I would like to know your experiences with the onset of Appendicitis.?
What does an elevatedT4 mean, when the value is 16 ?
i need answers. can anyone tell me what condition i might have?
does pressure/stress from family members cause hypertension?or is it solely contributed by abusing our heath?
I am undergoing a cardiac catherization in a couple of weeks. Is it ok for me to consume alcohol?
Can you lower your cholesterol too much with...?
is it heart disease?
what make me take a deep breath every 3-4 minutes?
Any opinions on Neurology in Jellico, TN?
i did lipid profile test last week & my cholesterol is normal.but?
Help,,,my heart is doing "flip-flops" and i know it's because i had caffiene today,,?
How can heart failure may lead to cardiac cachexia?
Is a triglyceride level of 250 dangerous?
I need to find videos, animations on open heart surgery that I can download & put in power point presentation?
Methadone vs other opiates?
What type of Doctor handles aches related to the jawbone area?
Why is it, when I have a migraine, it often gets better after I throw up?
I'm having severe sharp pains right below my left ear, that shoots from my ear to my lower neck.?
What are the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel?
what could causing a sharp pain in ones stomach?
hi ppl, there is pain in my upper middle back for about 3 months and i think the reason is that i,m sitting?
What can I take for really bad back pain?
What could cause a very overweight woman pain like a charlie-horse in her leg /?
My Throat is killing me i tried everything!. what am i to do?
Is there a some kind of brace for navicular or medial cuneiform (foot bone)?
everything i eat makes my stomach hurt.?
I have a sharp shooting pain on my left shoulder. This pain only occurs when I breath in. What is wrong?
AC Arthritis?
I think i pulled a muscle in my neck?
what's wrong? forehead hurt and feeling of vomiting/when i eat?
i have a headache thats been going for 8 hours now, my head is hot any tips on making it stop?
My throat is hurting like ive been yelling for hours...what could it be?
Is Tylenol PM really bad for a person to take.? I try not to take it too much but it really relaxes me?
Is artificial insemination a solution for me or in vitro?
Does bloodwork detect STDs?
Can Somebody tell me what would make my brother pee blood?
is it obvious when a person has HIV/Aids?
If a mosquito bites an HIV+ve person and then goes on to bite an HIV-ve person can it transmit the virus?
can i get std from kissing a stranger in bar?
If someone has gential herpes 2 and I lick their gential will I get type 1 on only mouth or 2 on gentials?
I got head (B_L_O_W__Job) from a girl who I just found out had syphilis (HIV). Does that mean I have it?
seeing motion/fuzziness when you stare into space?
how do you become lactose and tolerance?
what is purple haze?
my husband has golfers elbow?
Does anyone know anything about pink eye. My little girl has nasty green stuff in her eyes.?
whats the best way to get a free massage?
How long are you passed out for when you're drunk?
whats the best remedy for a hangover?
what is Ethylmethylnitrosamine?
candida-has anybody heard of it?
my friend is only 13 and she is pregant and she doesnt know how to tell her parents?
What causes you to have a headache on the top of your head?
How do you remove a sliver?
Are energy drinks bad for you?
how do i cool down?
what should i do if my baby swallows a chewing gum ?
acne and acne scar treatment?
eyelid swollen, soar..please help?
I have jock itch? I have been been treating but its not going away?
How could I remove my armpit hairs without making them become coarse?
what can cause anal itching?
I have a Really gross Question?
what percentage of Salicylic acid does Neutrogena Pink grapefruit have in it?
Will Lemons Really Lightin My Skin?
my chest is breaking out?
I got cut very badly but too little blood?
Why is my body so weird?
What bug is biting me?
How to remove Flaky skin due to acne medication?
the best way to clear acne?
what is a good acne spot treatment that does not have salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide?
dry skin on my face!?
OMG please help! What is this?
is it ok for your nose to bleed after banging your head 4 weeks ago?
Runners, outside of knee pain? Need treatment HELP! PLEASE!!?
i need to lose 100 lbs in one year?
what are some negative calorie intake foods?
Best Place to get a GOOD 5 on 5 Basketball Game going?
How do I combat weight gain caused by a prescription drug?
herbal diabetes medicine versus pharmaceutical companies?
Odds: Getting Hit By A Freight Train?
Aleve..What is the difference?
Is there any Fiber in the milk or milk has fiber or contain it?
what are some good home remedies for mosquito bites?
can anyone please tell me the remedy for neck pain?
spring mattres ?is it better than other types of mattreses?
What is Epocrates software used for and who uses it?
home remedy for red eyes - from unknown allergies?
what is the meaning of pilot study?
Why if you provide the same list of symptoms to several doctors do you get several diagnosis???
why do doctors have you stand on your tip toes after back surgery.?
where can i get a LEGAL online prescription for Bactrim DS, and also order the med online?
If I am alergic to cats, is their any way to get over this?
What is a really good cleansing laxative?
could you analyse based on the result below?please tell me...?
What's the best way to cure a sore throat after a bout of flu?
I had a couple sharp pains in my lower right side then they stopped - should I be concerned?
Is it bad to be exposed to over 300,000cpm's a day GAMMA/BETA radiation?
What causes major foot pain?
Can I Order Contacts Over the Phone?
Waves on my eyes?
Where can I get contacts witout any UV protection?
What are the pros and cons of contacts?
I am looking for a list of Reflective Lens Exchange practitioners in Ireland - where can I find one?
Colored contacts?
Flu + Blurry Vision - Common Side-Effect?
Optic nerve swelling and Prednisone? (any opthalmologists in the house?)?
Contact Prices??
Can I wear my trial lenses to school?
How many times do you think i can wear disposable contacts?
could my stripey shirt give me a headache?
Stick on Eyeglass tint?
What are the side effects of Salvia Divinorum?
Do hot peppers cure sicknesses?
Home Remedies for Cystic Hygroma?
Fast healthy sickness remedy?
Have there been any recorded deaths from Peyronie's Disease. If so, what are the statistics?
why do my hands keep going numb?
If there any non-profitable institution that helps people with Espondilitis Anquilosante (AS)in South America?
what about headace, and zoloft?
What's the disorder called when you're born with your brain outside your head?
What is the viability of using Microchimeric cells in lieu of fetuses for stem cell research?
In Las Vegas...looking for a neurologist?
weak arm muscles must it mean motor neuron disease?
Has anybody heard of the Institute of Regenerative Medecine in Barbados? Is it legit?
Any advice for 8 yr old girl who just was diagnosed w/cealic(SP)?
what is the medical description for doloneurobion?
Does anyone suffer from osteonecrosis of the femur from a cramped driver's seat? What were treatments?
Whats the name of that new drug that treats depression & bipolar disorder?
Shocking News: Teenagers with STDs?
HIV/AIDS info! help please?
I just kissed this girl and now I've got diarrea really bad. Do I have an STD?
Should my friend get tested?
answer honestly..please?
If you're tested for HIV (AIDS) and it came out negative...?
I have a burning sensation?
ejaculated in her mouth?
What are 3 noninfectious diseases?
i have tb and i did not take all my med what cane they do to me ?
Do I Have An Illness?
help with swelling of the glands?
Is this the flu or anything else?
What is the difference between 'Meningococcal Septicaemia' and 'Meningitis' ?
Can Neti Pot help my hubands snoring problem ?
what's the best concentrator on the market?
Docs say I'm fine, yet still get symptoms~ help!?
What is this?
is there any way to get ill because of the ventilator in my room?
lots of snoring?
what is humira prescribed for?
what are the simptoms of tuberculosis (TB)?
having problems running?
Air purifier: what makes it smell like a medicinal odor? What would happen if its unplugged?
Iam looking for the address of the physicans & Surgeons of Sask.?
Smog and Air Pollution: what is the government doing?
info on dan dans 5442?
Everyday phlegm and sore throat?Could it lead to more serious health problems?
Previous rotator cuff injuries?
I need a "medschool" book on carpal Tunnel?
guitar related injury? picking hand finger...?
Bump on finger joint...what is it?
how long after my acl surgery will i walk?
Dislocated Knee / How Long to heal and algood to walk on it?
My elbows keep locking up?
Should i seek medical attention for my head injury?
how to tell if wrist is broken?
Head injury help please!?
back pain problem..=(?
My boyfriend has PTSD really bad. He is in Iraq and will not talk to anyone. What can I do?
What is Adult ADD and does it really exist?
What is the way to master English in the short terms?
Allergic Reaction of Infection to Eyes?
I get bad nose bleeds?
Why is one side of my nose always blocked?
Can I use my EpiPen on a person other than myself?
Is it sickness or allergy's?
What is your favorite tooth paste?
In drugs, what does the acronym, NSAID, stand for?
what are the side effects of clonidine in a three year old?
Do you think it is true that kissing an infected person would get HIV only for a month?
What do you think of......?
Hiccups! Help!!!?
Anybody wants her/his dream interpreted? So tell me your dream.?
i have hyperhidrosis?
what is crystalline sulfanilamide? what does it do?
where can I get a medicare handbook for 2006 in franklin, Tn or in nashville, TN?
How come people have allergies?
Can a person drink too much water? i drink +- 6 to 8 litres of h2o a day? good or bad thing?
What does STAT stand for in medical-speak?
Is it healthier to sleep naked?
do you Shoot or SNort herion?
how can a fat person lose lot of weight in a shot time?
Where do I start? I want to study to be a nutritionist with an expertise in food allergies, specifically...?
Remedies for dark eyelids?
I have These Small Bumps On My Face But They Dont Look Acne What Could It Be?
My baby had eczema, did your baby have skin discoloration?
how can u get rid of acne scars and what can be used to speed up the process?
What foods are bad for your face/skin (that can cause breakouts)?
How do i get ride of acne??!?
Does an itouch skin protect your itouch well?
i have this huge zit on my neck, gulf ball sized, how do i get rid of it?
Do you have to wear sunscreen even if you never get burned when you don't?
i really need some help with my sunburn! plzzz help?
my baby is a year old and woke up with what looks like bites with white pus in them and lil red spots on back?
dude!how do i get rid of bed bug bites?
I have this stuff on my lips?
I Have stretch marks coming up how do i get rid of them please help!?
Hit In The Face A Couple Times?
Tiny bumps all over body and itches badly?
feet itch, peel and looks like mold?
what happens to your body when you eat once a day is that good for you and exercise too.?
Is a glucose level included in basic bloodwork?
How will you cure pancreatitis?
Anybody please help me have u ever donated a kidney to your son ?
What disease would you have if you lost your vision except your retina?
Anyone with firsthand experience with Islet transplantation?
is there a surgery for peripheral neuropathy?
Is there such a thing as sugar and carb free pudding?
Is Lil Boosie in a diabetic coma?
about metformin?
I've been eating the same breakfast daily (egg & toast) and now my Blood Sugar is spiking?
how can you know if you have bipolarism? and how can we control it?
How to heal herpes sores?
jst got fingered and it hurt a LOT...?
Long std name really weird question =P?
Why do people's joints hurt when it rains?
What is a "BJ?" No-one will tell me!?
Is there a way to lessen the pain when waxing?
Mid to lower left abdomen localized pain?
Help me out?
Would you date anyone that has Hiv ?
Yeast Infection, Getting better?
i cut my finger with the tiny sharp thing that exist in a part of the chair,am i infected with hiv?
i hav tested negative hiv test after 1 year of my exposure. so nw is there any chance to get infected from hiv?
knee straps/braces?
Any possible risks here?
Does Zithromax prevent STD's?
I have TMJ, and this Lorcet(hydrocoton) is not helping much at all!!?
Stomach pain?
help headache problems!?
Is 100 mg of diclofenac ok to take at once.?
can you get aids from eatting out or blowing a guy....what if they shave and cut themselve?
How does exercise help arthritis?
what made me so sick after i took suboxone ?
what is your opinion for bulging disc at C3-4 C5-6 and xtra ribs at C7 and TOS?
I had a spinal done yesterday, what do I do about the headache?
What is modes of transmission of HIV infection?
How come i cannot find anything on Kevin Trudeau's personal life (Family ect.)?
does corn syrup have an impact on appetite?
Does anyone suffer from cramping at the bottom of the foot?
Is there a possibility of increasing height after age 30 in females? if yes how?
pleaseI need anybody to help me?
how much weight i can loose in 2 weeks if i walk 2 hour in every day and reduce the calores of my meals?
How do you get rid of the car sick feeling (dizziness) after being in a long car ride?
Why are some people more sensitive to the effects of caffeine?
Does anyone suffer from panic attacks when your family is sick?
What does it mean when the inside of my eye peels?
Thank yall?
I always lose my voice when I get sick?
how do i systematically murder and bury procrastination?
How do iknow if I have a mental ilness,specifically a personality disorder?
Is benidryl bad to take every night?
who sings the song that goes you left a hole in my heart the size of texas?
How can I find statistics on specific doctors?
Health question can someone please help!!?
How can one check if your blood vessels are in normal condition?
Eyes changing colors?
watery eyes?
Teteus shots?
Has anyone had bypass surgery ? after effects ?
Im 22,6 weeks pregnant and have congentital heart disease will my baby be ok?..will i be ok?
Why eye color change?
is insence smoke harmful ?"?
When you get health insurance through your employer, can you be denied coverage for preexisting conditions?
USA health cover?
is metoclopramide the same as maxalon?
How much is the average emergency room visit cost?
what kind of bug bites are these?
How poeple stand?
Health Problems?
I woke up with what looked like a black eye..and later today I had a bad headache?
I have a problem snoring. Is it safe to maybe cover my mouth while sleeping to train myself not to snore?
Is Goat cheese healthy?
What are some good dieting tips?
How to lose belly fat?
how can i lose 10 pounds in one month or alleast flatten my abs about few inches?
is adipex dangerous to take for weight loss?
how to lose weight easily?
im haing trouble looing weight, help?
how much weight can you loose in a month on phentermine?
what's the best running shoes for a beginner who's overweight?
Weight Watchers Vs. Low Carb.?
anyone ever get crampy muscle pain in left arm when running?
can I lose weight by drinking water with lemon?
Any simple ways to see results in losing weight? I need to get ready for summer and I have way to much bellyfa
I am skinny and I wanna gain more weight maybe like 5-7 lbs. What can I do.?
Does running 300 feet a day for 1 week make you lose any weight?
where can i find pills for rapid weight loss?
How can I be on a diet on a budget? What things should I buy when I shop for groceries?
How do you loose tummy fat quickly?
does the special k cereal work?
how to build up every muscle in my body?
is everslim a good diet pill?
What should I do about my hand?
I have mallet finger and I want to start tumbling again?
I have Marfans Syndrome does anyone know of any local support groups in the Houston, TX area?
How much swelling is TOO much for a broken elbow?
TibFib Fracture:(help!?
How to treat canned air freeze?
what are the characterisitics of microorganisms present in water trerament plants before and after treament?
My enemy put a person with head lice's hat on my head for about five seconds. How do I prevent an outbreak?
Is there 5 types of malria?
Is lupus mortal? When diagnosed, how long do I live?
Why does my thumb hurt when i touch it?
Is there anyone in Cleveland Ohio that has hypokalemic partial paralysis--who is your doc that is treating u?
Cut to inner eyelid/eyeball?
Why do balloons sometimes pop when poked and other times just let out air through the small hole?
I cut my pinky finger down to the bone on the top of my middle knuckle 2 weeks ago now it is hard to ?
i know i got post nasel drip always now?
My ear kinda hurts, but with pressure?
can i go to a regular doctor for cystic acne?
Whose cruel idea was it for the word “Lisp” to have a “S” in it?
What really causes autism?
Friend ate something and got diabetes?
what is wrong with my three year old?
Question concerning my...?
What causes cyst to develop?
Has anyone taken Wild Oil of Oregano for any length of time?
If I have hepa or jaundice, what specialist doctor should I go to?
does sulphur kill viruses?
Who found the first parasite?
what is the best place in western Europe for American trained nurses!?
Has anyone ever seen ecstasy pills in the shape of the state California?
how long do you have to wait to kiss after feeling better from mono?
is this normal for a cold?
Can eye drops get rid of my pink eye by tonight?
is it a contradiction to do drugs and drink alcahol if i want to delve into meditation and yoga?
how often are you suppose to take hydroxyzine?
back strength. advice on back requested.?
my ball python has ant bites what should i do?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I have been known to pass out a lot, so far the doctors don't know why? please help.?
what commercial has the catch phrase (10 million strong and growing."?
can amoxicillin suspension be used on patients with phenylketonuria. Why or why not?
my 2 best friends are somewhere in different states and i can't reach them and i'm depressed. what do i do?
Where can i find a cheap but good anger management class to go to in los angeles?
What exercises can I do with total knee replacement?
what does it mean when u have high enzymes in ur liver?
why do yawns feel SO GOOD.?
Have you wash IT?
Are there any health risks for getting a tattoo when you are 16-17?
does getting a tatoo near the pelvis hurt really bad? i need someone who has had one there before?
i've been having double vision...?
how long can you keep shampoo, conditioners & cleaning products?
Whats it mean?
i get light headed and a little dizzy when i laugh alot...any ideas Y?
Can rattlesnake venom, wet & fresh on rubber, be absorbed thru the skin & be harmful?
tell me more about vitamin d?
potato chips and cancer?
Has anyone heard of Xango?
I feel ignorant and need some expert advice from you fabulous people...?
I am a bi- polar bulemic who has tried everything but keeps failing; HELP! Underneath it all I am still me!?
Alloted hours?
I want to ditch my cpap humidifier for travel?
How come no medicine I have taken so far helps reduce my runny nose?
is it possible to develop side effects into 1 month of medication?
i need help because of my asthma!!?
can asthma make you smell bad????
my husky has a bad cough almost sounds like shes gaging. just started this, what do i do?
what is an eating disorder?
what does 15 respiratory number mean?
How do I manage asthma and allergies?
Are the hiccups good or bad for your health? or are they neither? why?
Have you smoked herbal cigarettes?
How to stop myself snoring? I snore sometimes and i'm not aware of it! Pls help!!?
Recently quit smoking?
info on the Buteyko method?
How do you stop SNORING???
How do you know when a Smurf is suffocating?
Young Non-Smokers with Emphysema?
Can animals get STD's?
STD's and where to get treatment.. help?
Blood In toilet, Is It Ok?
Could this develop into herpes?
why does it burn when i pee?
Does this look like a cold sore?
???Will you get STD's from a public laundry facility?
if you have oral herpes are you going to get a cold sore?
Was I tested for HIV?
Why is yawning contagious?
Can slobber while asleep contribute to acne breakouts?
My son is 4 years old and has a swollen hand and elbow what can this be from?
Super big cold sores - how do i heal quickly?
For people with psoriasis: How do YOU treat it?
do you know a good way to get rid of acne?
I have tingling sensations throughout my arms and legs. What could this be?
My face is extremely dry...?
what is the best cure for a stomach bug?
Does tanning really help my situation?
How can I have perfect, smooth skin?
how to get rid of oiliy skin/acne?
oily, dry, tight skin!! need help!?
Thick Dry Hands and Feet?
Is washing my face in the morning and at night worse for my skin?
question about coconut oil on my skin?
Does this sound like a cold sore to you?
injured finger EMERGENCY?
how to strengthen the spinal cord?
Hit my 2 month old industrial piercing really hard this morning, now there's a hard bump?
Do you have therapy after hard unknown tissue mass removed?
How long do canker sores last?
Did I fracture a bone?
what can a doctor do for a concussion?
I was taking out the trash and the trashcan fell on my foot and my big toe is slightly purple and it hurts.?
Why is there a bruise mark on my knee?
How to cure migrain? or what medication should i take?
How dangeorus is lead in power cords?
why does my right hand keep peeling?
How do I find out how well a Doctor is rated?
What does it mean by me waking up dizzy?
where do the leads go when performing an electrocardiogram?
When do you fall asleep in the summer time?
My skin tag fell off!?
i got a paper from the dr today and it said that one of my liver tests was abnormal/high what does that mean??
I need help getting water out of my ears!!! ><?
Why when we sweat, does it taste salty?
What is the best treatment for a terrible ulcer on inside of mouth?
Is it true that piercing your ears keeps them clean?
Wat does this mean?
are their any prescription pills that make it feel like you had a good 8 hours of sleep?when you only have...?
Is an antibiotic always needed to cure a sinus infection or does it sometimes resolve on its own?
Is there health hazard in eating food cooked or heated in a microwave oven?
What is wrong with my eyes??
Long term effects of sleeping with ear plugs?
were can I find a workout club with help to lose weight in caslton area in indianapolis In.?
fresh fruit & yogurt for 2 days straight only these 2 item's is this healthy.?
Is your blood pressure lower than mine (121/71) at this moment? Higher?
Did You Ever Google Saturated Fat MYTH?
How Much Longer Are You Going To Put Up With Your Doctors SideTracking About Saturated Fat From The REAL CAUSE
Are You Aware The AHA And ACS Are Organizations Bought Many Times Over And Are NOT Concerned With Your Health
Did You Know Dr. Ravnskov, Anthony Colpo, and THINCS Are NOT Proposing A Theory They Are Expoing FALSE Lipi
how does one increase their metabalism rate ??????
risks with high levels of calcium serum uric acid serum iron serum cholesterol serum triglycerides serum LDL?
Can one faint due to stress?
How can you make money online?
When was the longest time you've gone without taking a shower?
Inside stretched ear?
Will I faint if I do this?
Soar Throat, Cold, and Crying?
What can I do about being so tired all the time?
what type of sleeping pills will i get from doctor?
New lip piercing, lump on the inside?
Wake up with sheet wrapped around neck?
Does high body temperature cause hallucinations?
Why am I soo hungry all the time all of a sudden?
Is it bad to smoke one cigarette a week when you 14?
Why does this happen?
Why does eating ground beef hurt my stomach?
Is there something wrong with me, read & answer simply yes or no please?
How to avoid getting a migraine?
what are social poisons?
Is there a difference between a carpentry meter stick and a clinical height meter?
Is there a website where I can find information about multiple sclerosis?
does anyone know what HLH is?
how can i help with my westie skin Allergy?
How do I get cat dander out of a rug?
Why does my nose run when I'm in a warm room?
Pet fur allergies and antihistamines?
Is this an allergic reaction?!?
can sinusitis effect your vision?
gluten allergy??????
I've been on a gluten-free diet for a couple of days now...?
Is it unhealthy to have your ankles crack when you walk?
What is the probability (roughly) of contracting HIV/AIDS from an infected man when orally pleasing him?
Do you have to be HIV positive to be an AIDS activist or to run a AIDS campaign?
Who is more likely to get herpes.... guys or girls?
can I get aids from a doorhandle with blood on it?
how long does it take..?
Do crabs eat herpes, i was just wondering.?
Is it to early to talk to a 13 year old about STDs?
What is the meaning of life?
Are herpes fatal or just embarrassing?
What is a prescription remake?
Need help with contacts!?
Does anyone know where I could find some cheap astigmatism colored contacts?
Get rid of dilated pupils?
I have trouble distance reading, but I'm great with upclose reading, should I wear contacts all day, or wear..
!!!!!!Food Poisoning Help!!!!!?
How soon after starting oral antibiotics will impetigo (school sores) go away?
Help me figure out wat might be wrong?
Antibiotics & Implanon?
Why might a virus exist for years?
Do i have the flu? please helP!?
When i move my neck downward my right arm hurts?
Am I elgible for disability benefits after 360 lumbar fusion 10 years post-op?
tingley legs, is it the nerve ends?
I have a small lump on the bridge of my nose....?
could i have a concussion even though i havent vomited?
I hurt someone and feel bad about it?
Broken nose & deviated septum-cost to fix other stuff as well?
What is my chance of getting MRSA with turf burn on my knee?
I got chilblains a few weeks ago and my toes are still a little sensitive. How do I keep them warm?
Why do I have pain on my collar bone when i shrug my right shoulder?
My period came on two weeks ago and now back on now heavy and my back side and stomach pains me sometimes?
What is more accurate Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff or Arm Blood Pressure Cuff?
Has anyone heard of White Tea extract in Capsules? As a supplement?
How long is suboxone withdrawl?
What are wheat germ tablets for ?
Dust! Aromatic Herbal Blend?
I drank medicine to go to sleep... How is that gonna turn out for me?
what cough syrup makes you hallucinate?
Being that i have asthma and constant chest pain....?
Has anyone us Chantix to quit smoking?
Why do I smell an overwhelming scent cigarette smoke?
i just lost my voice today, how can i regain it fast?
Does anyone know of any good smoking cessation websites?
what effects does smoking have on the respiratory system?
how can i find where to buy a pulse ox?
Are there any new medicines or procedures for patients unable to wean off ventilators ?
im gonna see a docter but...my nose?
Has anyone heard of low pulse oxygen caused by breathing incorrectly? I am trying to use recorded drum beats.
Is there a lung infection or virus going around right now?
im burping weird?
What blood pressure medicine causes the least number of side effects?
Do human lungs ever heal?
Breathing/Lungs: I noticed in the past month or so that it is kind of difficult to take a deep breath.?
how to stop my sweating?
What are some home remeidies to get rid of dandruff fast?
how do u get rid of acne scars....?
Will i get sunburnt if...?
do acne scars ever go away ?
can a child have chickenpox more than once?
my skin is sooooo dry but anything i put on it ill get breakouts so i think its oily, how do i know ..?
Can anyone tell me what could be wrong with me?
HELP ME PLZ!!!i have red dots on my legs. does that mean i dont moisturise them enough?
My nail beds are purple... What's wrong?
I have a painful rash thing...?
topical cream to heal jock itch?
Poison ivy help?
How do you get rid of flem? My chest seems to be frequently congested and I'm coughing up green flem.?
I'm a 38 yr old woman who is sickly and I'm now seeing quarter size bald spots all over my head!?
Who is more prone to dandruff? is it male or female?
i sweat way too much how can i prevent it?
What kind of bumps are these?
is hydrogen peroxide bad for the skin?
small white heads all over the cheeks area?
How can i help my scar?
how ro stay awake after having diazepam 2mg?
pth,tsh,t3 and t4 stands for what?
Way to make myself wake up easier / earlier?
Can anyone explain this feeling in my stomach?
Can a person addicted to marijuana ever be sober again? Or will he always come back?
Hiccup cures????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
From this info, can you try to make an educated guess at how tall I will be as an adult?
Ahhhhh! help! ( Girls ONLY please)?
How to heal body after drug abuse?
3 Vials of blood allot?
What to do about clubbed feet?
Is 98/60 BP normal for a 5 feet adult?
Embarrassing question.. blood when I wipe?
anyone ever done an orange turd?
POLL~ How often do you sneeze more than just once in a single day (when not sick)?
How do I get taller? ?
If I took one Baby Asprin today (Bayer) can I drink wine tonight?
How did you stop smoking?
Why do I have cravings for chalk and drywall?
Can a DNA test tell me if I'm more than just Korean?
How to get my parents to understand my drug/alcohol problem?
how much would a general checkup at the doctors cost for someone with no insurance?
How do i know if my dad has some sort of depression ?
What is wrong with my knee?
Can Carbamide Peroxide for ear wax cause convultions?
Evening Nausea?
Pain in the left arm ?
I have been told that having sheets on your bed is important( in a health related way) we have always slept?
anyone know of any symptoms of gall bladder problems?
low iron, what are the side effects?
were do you find a school that you can get a license to be a phlebotomist?
I just got surgery on my tongue but i took the pain med......PLZ!?
is there any non-invasive way to check your bone density?
women have you ever sat on the washing machine when it is in spin cycle?
my girlfriend just swallowed a cherry stone, what is going to happen?
Other than medicinal use, can you give other uses for rubbing alcohol?
What Physicians are excepting Medicaid in NW Arkansas?
What is the best way to find blockage in heart other than angiogram ?
In what areas of the US would you prefer not to drink the water?
swollen neck?
I have quit smoking for one month now,cold turkey,feel great no cravings,is this normal will my body be okay?