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How much alprazolam is safe to take?
Why do I feel jittery sometimes?
Vitamin E Capsules/Supplements?
How much diphenhydramine is safe?
How to cure urine infection?
if you are short sighted, can you improve your eyesight?
how does one stop from being to closely attached to a person? must one really avoid being to closely attached?
What's a good way to wake up in the morning without caffeine?
I'm looking for a Windmere 7038 air cleaner. Where can I find this item?
can smoking cigarettes stunt growth? im 20 5/6 can i still grow an inch or 2 if i stretch?
Obesity might be catching?
i have a bad sunburn what do i do?
can people donate plasma while taking prescription drugs?
what is ligaments? what happenes when they are demaged?
Anyone out there have any experience with Inner Vision health site..Heard it was a scam?
Help Help Help...Daughter has Head lice..?
what is the primary outcome of dysfunctional relationships?
Changes in the respiratory rate/rhythm can be effected by changes in arterial pH.?
Q about fibromyagia?
Good online resource for long term care social service careplans?
Acne help!!!! :(?
ring worm?
Small bump that's red and has a white spot in the middle on the outside of my lower lip?
Kids Skin Rash, any organic Creams?
coldsore. dry, five days, no blister, barly there....contagiuos? please help urgent?
Why is my head always itchy?
sunburn question!!!?
What causes itchey blisters on skin?
whats the best doctor for scar problems?
Why am I itching all over?
What is a good way to get rid of acne marks?
The skin in the middle of my eyes is red from rubbing, what can I do to make it go away in 5 hours (URGENT)!?
have anyone gotten rid of strechmarks ?how?
How do you get rid of large pores?
Know any cures for sore throats?
Keloid or just an infection?
does it hurt to get a wart removed?
i wish to export general medicines to african countries,like paracitamol tablets,orh mixes,etc?
I am thinking of trying hypno therapy. Has anyone done it before?
defination of malaria,highlights main points on the pathophysiology of the malaria,?
Weird bug found in my bed. never seen it before!?
I have ringing of ears and need to go off quinine. Can I do it cold turkey or gradually?
what is the percentagage of caucasians that have anorexia?
Very bad sore throat no fever?
Does any body have problem with their ear, like acoustic trauma?
Best solution to treat symptoms of mono?
Flu Shots....................................?
Does the HIV virus itself , cause fatigue ? Or the medications taken to treat it , are they the cause ?
What are small bumps on top of ur stomach called their kinda big and they get hair growin out and it hurts?
I want to become a x-ray technician (radiology technician)....what schools are near Elizabeth/Linden, NJ?
change in medicare pemiums as a result of the 2003 medicare modernization act?
where is Dr. Theodore Rodriguez Md. from Philippines?
I have to take a stress test for a job the doctor that suggested it says that I must pass it to get the job.?
How Can i saty healthy but lose a few pounds? i wiegh 122 i want to wiegh 100 or less and i am 5 foot 3 inches
do you think im strong? i powerclean 210, bench 230, squat 315 and i run a 4.8 as a freshman linebacker.Good?
what is a good LEG workout w/out machines?
I want to lose weight, but without changing my body shape. Suggestions?
is being a size 30 in waistline fat?
What can you eat to make yourself full that does not cost much and just need to eat a little of it?
How much green tea do you have to take for it to help you loose weight?
Best eating/ exercise for my shape?
what to eat during allergy season?
how, do 1 person get HIV by not getting from onother person?
Question about contracting STDs?
there is a bump on the edge of my eyelid that is rubbing against my eye. some quick way to get rid of it?
my heart hurts. help.. is it serious?
Amlodipine (for Hypertension) sideeffect?
Medical- what does the blood test C4a test for?
should i really not be worried? swollen lymph node question?
my hen has started to struggle for breath and is lethargic what could be wrong with her?
Boyfriend OD on asthma inhaler. Moody and side effects?
If i'm allergic to cats but i had one that was shaved, would that help?
can milk and eggs from soy fed cows and chickens cause and allergic reaction to soy? need info on contaminants?
i want to know any thing about sinus?
how do you know if your toddler is having an allergic reaction from a medication?
My bulldog heart rate and breathing is extreemly high. help?
how can i tell if im allergic to nair?
What is the major function of mucosa?
i have pink eyes, both of my eyes and i want to get rid of it or at least the swollenness.?
Where can I get Generic Actifed without paying a lot of money?
advice about allergys?
what is wrong with me?
pneumonia infection and contagian?
How much sleep do you get a night?
Is 5' 4" at age 14 short?
Barbers automatically trim our ear hairs, do beauticians have the right to charge more for the same service?
why can't i get off of drugs. i have tried over and over for years?
well what sugesstions for styles?
Is Angelina Jolie' s face oval ?
-2.5 Myopia and suddenly I can see without my contact lenses?
Can broke eyeglasses be fixed?
What can you do for a bruised tail bone that has hurt for over 3 weeks?
Can black people get lice?
where can i get wheat grass in Connecticut???
how much does intramedullary Rods weight i have one in each femur im 5'1"?
I have been wearing glasses ever since I was kindergarten and now I am a junior?
what can i do?
Is maple syrup glycemic causing spikes in blood sugar?
who was the first country to sign the kyoto pact?
what does it mean if your scab is yellow?
why is it hard to breath when you are taking a bath in hot water?
What are symptoms if you have a stomach ulcer?
What foods help to lower high blood pressure?
what is causing the pain in my left shoulder blade, no results from MRI or docs?
Bariatric Surgery?
Is it dangerous to mix Ritalin and caffeine since they're both stimulants?
Is there really a difference between the 1 day contact lenses and the 2 week ones?
What is a artifact in a heart test?
what is monitor motilaty?
Will a herpes antigen test come positive if I have previously had chicken pox?
Kinda worried: Would the Rapid HIV Test "Uni-Gold Recombigen" detect HIV-2 as well as HIV-1?
How can a relationshipo survive a HSV 2 diagnoses?
do you get blood tested if you are being hired as a patient service representative?
Question about the HPV virus and safety?
How do you cure spondylosis?
how long is the life expectency of the diseaselch in the lungs?
what purpose take NEUROPEAN TABLETS.?
What do you take when your feet is swollen ?
Electric shock from a light switch?
Ankle surgery! please help!?
How do i know when to comeback from injury and start playing again?
can you use rib belts to fix flared ribs?
How long it take for a cut to stop hurting ?
Could I have a hairline fracture in my thumb?
my ears are still ringing from a music festival which was 24 hours ago will they stay like this?
Does this sound like a sprain or a break?
i have a really big spine curve.?
My leg still hurts after 5 months?
Im hot but my feet an hands are always ice cold?
I have a plantar wart?
I was bowling with my husband and i hit my big toe now the nail is coming off what should i do?
help! I have a lump on my eyelid!?
ok ok...acne question...again?
Small brown spots on my hand?
Extra Skin? Yes No Maybe?
how do i get rid of acne?
Nasty Moles?
is it weird that i love the feeling of plucking my eyebrows?
AcneFree Treatment?
Eye Vision Help?
question about proactive?
I got headeche and dizziness from ceforal cephalexin 500mg medicine?
dry lips ? chapped?
Skin Discoloration?
i need a quick way to get rid of my acne! what should i do!?
Can I change my eye color?
Is this a bad habit?
why old people get too much wrinkle?
Oral herpes or something about my stitches?
What is the price range for contacts?
The skin around my nails is peeling?
Hydrogen peroxide Systems contact lenses?
how do u get rid on scars?
how do i nurse a wound in the corner of my mouth?
has anyone used illusions colored contacts... do they work?
I have these little bumps on my fingers....?
Sty on the inside of my eye ruptured...?
hickeyyy mysselffff?
I feel like a lepar...?
I have got bladder pain with no infections what could this be?
Why is my vision in one eye sometimes blurry and cloudy for 4-5 days at a time?
How much do the once-dailys contact lenses cost?
How do the eyes keep from drying when you are sleeping?
Can eyeglasses be returned or exchanged?
full feeling in throat but not vomiting?
Eye Color changing?
I know that people get this high pitched buzz in there head but has anyone had a loud one to cause a headache?
How do I swallow?
How do u know if u have carpel tunnel.?
are there any sideeffects of taking norvasc 20mg/day?
Does anyone know the health risk of working 3 rd shift long term ?
what types of shots have an alternative to them, like medications?
pain in knee and leg..?
What happens when we gurgle salt water for throat infections?
the meaning of serological test?
why medicine =tablets ,injections,creme are so expensive??
any cure for mouth ulcers which occur frequently... please suggest?
How can I get rid of my melasma?
why do people grind thier teeth?
what base material could I use to make a facial mask, that is non-organic?
Iam interested in starting up a massage school. what do I need to do first?
What's the funniest sound the human body makes?
Why can't we tickle ourselves?
What kind of bite is this or what is this?
Kidney problems maybe?
Eekkkk HELP !!! Injection Phobia !!!?
Why does this keep happening?
is $80.10 a good price for 60 x 10mg valium?
What are some naturally effective laxatives?
should i not greive?
do you think antidepressants or mood disorder drugs cause people commit suicide when they stop taking them?
I feel no hope, don't know what to do anymore, severe depression?
Why am i so angry at my friend because her family died? I feel really bad that it happened but im really mad.
so... my boyfriend has borderline personality disorder.....?
Is there a Drugist in the house? Over the last two weeks my right shoulder and elbow have been hurting me and
I am on a track team, but I keep injuring myself. Is there any way that I can keep from pulling muscles?
how can i do low carb diet being vegetarian ( no fish/chicke either.?
i want to sleep early, what i should do?
Do you know of anyone that had reduced the cup size of their breasts by dieting?
how can i get more info on a ear staple diet.?
i am 6'1'' and i am 130 pounds, my friends say that i am scrawny ,i dont like that! what should i do?
omg, do i have aids or hiv?
Other than rest, how can I heal my groin strain as it's been six months!?
What is a recipe for a natural cleanse/detox I can make at home?
can i get AIDS like this?
STD questions?
Christiaan Barnard Heart Transplant?
i am wanting to know about calories? ex. does 1lb of fat = to 3500 calories. if so how do you lose it?
Which is better HydroxyCut or Trim Spa?
does it mean i have an STD or STI if i have blood in my urine?
On a calorie counting diet, should I subtract the calories I burn from calories I have eaten to get the total?
Can you reduce the cup size of your breasts by dieting.?
what is gone happen to you when you get STD?
std transmission through towels?
sore throat after giving boyfriend oral for first time. could i have an STD?
can you get herpes by kissing?
I am beginner at yoga, I like to know more about meditation and feeling calm any sugestion on dvd or music?
Celiac Disease and mental Impairment?
Do rainboots have latex in them?
decolgen and tempra at the same time?
In what way does drinking water "thin" out mucus?
my doctor gave me samples of omnaris nasal spray?
what is wrong with my throat?
Are balloon sinuplasty safe and effective?
how do i help someone who has been told she is fat all her life and is has anorexia?
What should I do for a rye neck? It's been hurting me since I woke up this morning.?
Naprosyn Tab 500mg - What is this medicine for. pain, muscle, What?
what is mylan 345?
i wanna see if there is any job vacancy in insurancein sidney/Australia as partime,state salary also?
Can anyone recommend a good website for discount vitiman supplements online?
Where can I find a list of places in my area to donate blood and/or plasma?
its 2:30 a.m. my time and i still cant get to sleep. i always have trouble sleeping is there something wrong?
for women my sister is a jantor and she wonder why women never pick up the pads on the floor and put in the?
how to get copy of iowa nurse aide training cours book?
what is the age to begin madicare or medicaid?
What is the prognosis for someone who has just found out that they have chirosis of the liver?
What is a medically compromised patient?
Does using deoderant ect cause cancer?
What does pain in your chest mean?
I have M.S. and Very Much suffer from FATIGUE....anyone have any answers..PLEASE :-))?
I have Ulcerative Colitis, suffer from Blotting, could advice me on what to eat?
is there any known, studied corellation between High IQ, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and/or MS?
I might have mold in my house making me sick. What are the symptoms?
Are their any AA social groups on Yahoo Groups?
Who else is prosopagnistic?
Why do I get nauseated if I eat anything after 3 or 4 p.m.?
I am having what feels like pauses in my heartbeat, and i am healthy, anybody else notice this??
is there a web site about info on groves disease?
the core of a virus is...?
can chiari give a child leg cramps and stomach pain that comes and goes quickly?
Anyone taking mirapex for periodic limb movement disorder? If taking something else...what and does it work?
Symptoms of whiplash and what do you do about it?
has anyone taken LYRICA, FOR NERVE DAMAGE?
is it possible that we are infected with TB (lung tuberculosis) even without a cough symptom?
Treatment for Neurofibromatosis and cafe-au-laits as a result of said disease.?
how to cure cought?
what is PNH?
I have a lump in my calf and it causes an aching in my leg sometimes. Does anyone know what this could be?
Dr. Greg Hyde, M.D., Ph.D., Ent Duncan OK?
What's a fair price for lasik (sp?) eye surgery?
Apparently at the back of my eye where it should be smooth it's rough and blister like. What could it be?
Just a random question about eye lids?
Any special pillows?
what's the best exercise to prevent severe knee/joint pain?
my calves are killing me?
Constant foot and leg cramps...?
How can you tell if an ache is arthritis, and not just a sore or slightly injured joint?
what exercises can i give a person that has arthritis?
Fibromyalgia and the medicine Requip or Nerve Stimulators?
do violin players get arthritis when they are older?
Medical question...............?
What is your opinion on cortizone shots in the neck for a pinched nerve?
Has anyone taken Requip?
medical help needs?
Whats wrong with my finger?
Can I take a shower now? (receiver fell on my head, cut my scalp)?
have i broken every toe in my foot?
is my rib broken or is something else wrong?
broken nose vs. changed voice?
Rotator Cuff Tendonitis Shoulder Heating Pads?
Distal Patella realignment and MPFL reconstruction surgery question?
Is My Foot Broken? ! ? !?
Will this patch of skin heal or turn into a scar?
How would i know if my shin bone has a minor fracture?
How might an athlete use information about his or her vital capacity?
This is for Matt since can't email you it was a tube hooked up to a little digital box ?
Can you take augmentin and guaifenesin (expectorant) together?
Why does one need to take frequent deep breath regularly?
What if you just found out you had AID's, and you've only been with one person, a spouse, or long time bf, gf?
Is it true that kids can be born with HIVs and STDs?
what doyou mean by Jackouzie?
Is passing STD's guaranteed from an infected partner?
Why is it that most white people do not use a washcloth when they bathe or shower?
i have a pee question?
has anyone ever had a lucid dream. Does anyone have lucid dreams often?
HIV/ Aids Question?
can u get hiv from another person using your wash clothe?
are cold sores a form of herpes?
I don't know what is wrong with my lips???
Is Hiv or Aids more common?
Can you get STD's from a toilet seat?
Hypertension medication-Benicor sideeffects?
If i take 4 aleve every 12 hrs instead of 2 will it help my pain without making me sick?
I'm retired and moving from California to Florida. I have Kaiser health Plan. Is there a similiar plan there?
Anyone know anything about low blood platelets?
How do you cure lethargy?
are tomoto's bad for a person w/ gout?
Low Fever...?
Lump in leg?
Can I donate Blood?
what is an x-ray bucky?
any research on collaboration model for clinical nutrition and public health nutrition?
can a change in climate change effect syringomyelia?a... how can it effect that?
Hematology - lab values...what does DLT stand for and what is the range?
DLT....good point, could be PLT....the value I have is 34.7, the client has hx of anemia. Does that sound rig
Are American patients over-prescribed? If so, what can we do to reduce our reliance on pharmaceuticals?
why do i love to smell my FOUL oders and others dont, i mean that really burns my hide?
What is good treatment for relief for mascular pain-upper arms and neck and shoulders?
Anyone know how to stop spontaneously combusting?
Has anybody ever heard of another definition of Umbilicus as the attachment to ones offspring? Not the navel.?
Is it OCD?
I would like some help please.?
My sister needs help with her alcoholic husband. Can anyone help us?
i smoke and i get white spots all over whats going on?
How is steroid use effecting by professional athletes effecting today's youth?
Is EveryDay Detox tea safe to drink if you have hepatitis c?
Any news about Chorela?
My girlfriend has the common cold?
Do I have Pink Eye Help?
If You Wanted To Die Will The Doctors Kill You if you Really Wanted Them 2 ?
when can i eat normal again after bacterial intestinal infection?
how does viral genome sequencing help you find out what infection you have?
What are the current 2010 Statistics for Headlice in both Children and Adults?
how much does Tamiflu® or Relenza® cost?
Is the frequent use of eye drops, like for example "presolin", harmful?
question about contacts?
Is this a good idea?
laser eye surgery?
Can eye color be restored if heat has affected or damaged the pigments in the iris?
Took "Phen-Fen" in 1997. Am now having cardiac problems. Can this occur 10 yrs later?
i m so tense due to not get 100 out of 200. i got only 93. wht should i do?
medication for atrial fibrillation making me tired?
hypertension q and what is the purpose of the iliac artery?
Explain in clear English, what does a high result in a 24 hour urine test of VMA Vanilmandelic acid means?
how does low blood preasure happen?
need a physician in the knoxville, tn area that performs the new sinuplasty surgery.?
Is there any proof that the crocodile antidote can heal cancer?
What are some non prescription sleep meds that really work???
How long does a person live too if they smoked since 18 years old?
when do you quit accumulating fat cells?
Is weight loss and hangover a normal side effect with valium?
Can prolonged use of benedryl be harmful?
Taste-bud issues on your tongue!?
Can you label up to 50 parts of the body that perform a function for the nervous system?
how do i treat poison oak rash?
stuffy nose relief?
Term Life Insurance?
What is an ideal body mass index?
How long does it take for the finger to get healed when the infection has been removed from inside the finger?
How do I know if my toe is broke?
Any thoughts on how to fix this?
My left arm is hurting, feels like when you put a rubber band around your finger?
Please help! i'm scared!?
What happens when you go past your range of motion?
i have tunnel vision the doctor said along time ago but so how do i know what my field of vision(view) is?
is it normal 2 b able 2 pop ur shouler out 3 different ways?
Could my toes/metatarsals be broken possibly?
Bone graft surgery on knee? 10 points :D?
how to stretch my hamstrings which are tight for last 14 years?i am unable to run/walk fast.?
Question about ipecac syrup?
What are caffeine pills called in the drugstore?
What does this dream mean?
Is it okay for a teenager to take 400IU Vitamin E?
Whats wrong with my REM sleep?
what are some good low calorie dinner recipes?
why do fitness experts tell you to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth?
Has anyone tried Bikram Yoga? Is it really as great as everyone says it is?
what's the best way to lose weight rapidly?
What kinds of exercise should you do to lose weight and tone up more faster?
How to lose 41lbs quickly?
How can I lose weight fast?
Is it true that when someone has a cesarean section (c-section) there muscles are cut so it's harder to ...
Does anyone know if Nutrex Lipo 6 works?
Why would you gain lbs&inches in a weight loss routine?(see details, I KNOW that muscle weighs more then fat)?
I was wondering if any1 has used HYDROXYCUT? if so does it work? how much did you lose?
what is the fastest way to lose weight.?
would this give me a STD?
i did coke and pillz wednesday and have to drug test monday ive donep pillz on a thursday and tested clean?
hiv/aids question......................?
Strep Throat or Possible STD?
interesting question on herpes?
if u went with a person who has aids?
Whatever happened to AIDS?
Do I have head lice? How do u get it?
I recently found out that i have AIDS. Should i tell my parents?
It burns when I pee, and it bled a little?
I have a mild subtle skin condition that has been a nuisance for a few years?
severe acne?
How does hospitals provide services for people with physical impairments?
what is accupucture?
what are some popular magazine sources with articles on banning smoking in restaurants?
What is a food allergy?
why do i feel faint and dizzy after walking even slowly for a while?
why does the hair on my head keep growing but not the hair on the rest of my body?
Is anyone else addicted to those moist wipes?
my daughter is 7 yrs. and has recurrant chalazions;now has 2nd one on other eye; how can they be prevented?
Why is it wrong to sleep when wearing contact lense?
Mixed contact cases?
My eye resembles that of a dinosaur's?
does it take more effort to keep eyes open or closed?
billing question for some kind hearted eyecare specialist>?
Pain in my foot??????
what is the best mattress for pinched nerves in C-6 C-7 and dislocated disc 5-6 lumbar?
Back Pain - Stretching or massage?
what is the possible Dx when one has a LOM and pain on abducting the thumb?
What causes a charlie horse?
how long can a migraine last???
In how many ways can scoliosis kill you?
the Hope Clinics in Michigan?
I suffer with Fibromyalgia and back pain. Is there a drug under Morphine to treat this better than percocet?
Pain under my right ribcage?
something happened to me while I was running?
Does Cortisone injections have adverse reactions down the road?
What is the best sleeping pill out there non addicting etc?
Has anyone had a hida scan before???
How long does it take for skin to heal from allergic reaction to benzoyl peroxide?
4 yr old with constant runny nose?
How do I get rid of my mucus, how do I get my body to stop producing excessive amounts?
What's the best allergy medication for a daily regimine?
how to calm down my asma?
When is Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan season 2 coming out ?
Why does the roof of my mouth tickle and how do i get rid of it?
How to stop stuffy nose?
Asbestosis night sweats?
Rattling feeling in lungs?
cystic fibrosis treatment?
What specific tissues in the lungs are affected by cystic fibrosis?
I want to know about signs on inspecting.and like bacteria vinginal infection?
what are some things i can do to get rid oflaryingitis?
My baby has a low C4 count - help!?
what is huntingtons disease?
What can I do for post nasal drip. Nothing seems to work.?
What are signs of diabetes? Also if I have pancreas problems am I @ Risk?
What is difference between fasting insulin test and glucose test?
how can i get info on blod sugar levels?
what is "sulf" is it a rare blood type?
how much is 75 grams of glucose?
please need help?
When was date of death of Dr.F.L.L.M. Merckelbach?
images of the gene ppargc1a or pgc1a?
What does it mean when you urinate alot?
Is udder balm available without a prescription?
what are some minor controllable risk factors?
Can I buy fasting insulin and fasting glucose online?
gestational diabetes ???
pololosis adamo?
what are the risks of cholecystectomy in cardiac and diabetic patients.?
Low blood sugar?
Has anyone here besides me had to deal with the effects of ROP and were u premature?
Does anyone have both fibromyalgia and myasthenia gravis?
Can accupuncture help the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis?
Rheumatoid arthritis?
My sister is a compulsive eater...she tried overeaters anonymous....?
Has anyone experienced alopecia areata?
Can anyone name this muscular disorder?new flatmate is wheelchair-bound, no muscle/finger dexterity.. ideas?
What are the symptoms of Cushing's Syndrome (from someone who has experience with it)?
I am looking for information on Cortical Basal Gangliane Cell Degeneration also known as CBCD?
does anyone know all the symptoms of cystic fibrosis??
are "growing pains" real.?
What are the different type of BCUG and how it is diagnosed in UTI's?
Location of rapid detox for alcohol center near Modesto, Ca.?
I suffer of tremors, what can I do?
My son´s has medicaid. Will he loose it if we live with a relative with very good income?
Any RNs or MDs in the US here?
70/100 pb is it considered low?
I believe I have a wart on my finger how do you treat them?
Does facial hair and missed periods on a woman always mean PCOS?
can soil be used as sources of treatments?
Bruises appearing on my legs?
whats catastrophic disease?
What are the symtoms of the West Niel disease?
If the doctor ran a test for Lupus and it came back abnormal, should you be worried??
how closely related are chonic migraines and anurysums?
What is Lofgrens Syndrome?
do removed moles grow back? what are the chances?
is a life it self a good teacher ?
Is the dust from moths poisonous? If i touch it will i get sick or something?
can you tell me about bone graft?
So yesterday i sprained my ankle?
might have broke my hand a few years ago and now its weak!?
Please help me, my foot is in a lot of pain!?
Can I Get Mono From This?
Does ginseng help with the stomach flu?
can scabies get into a mattress pad if you have a sheet over it?
Do you think I have mono?
Kissing while having chickenpox?
How long has malaria existed?
What do these symptoms indicate I have?
how does a throat infection make you feel?
what causes reacurring uti's?
My sister has hepatitis c and I am worried for her?
if i'm 5 foot and 13 how much sould i why?
My back really hurts. How can I relieve the pain with no medicine?
i'm looking for celiac support groups on yahoo?
Can a lack of sunlight make you feel depressed?
My friend told me that he took a nap in his house. However, when he tried to wake up (continued on add details
y do alot of asians have acne???
how is the heart affected being a diabetic patient?
free diabetes medicines where can i find info.?
What does this expression mean?
Should smoking be illegal?
smurf's can you tell me more about the antibiotics and mersa stuff i have a test tomorrow and need more info?
Any signs a girl gives when they walk pass you, shows that they are attracted to u ?
need picture and name of a pill?
how do you get rid/ avoid a tan?
Does anyone know if St Johns wort works?
I have hypothyroidism. I sleep frequently. Why? Should I be worried?
Ah, the bird flu?
Cant we live without money?
I feel like being an idiot tonight, can I be one?
I want to have a social life but...?
I am scared of people and being outside what should I do?
Are you happy w/ me?
Is it possible to be a doctor and ezquizofrenic at the same time?
how to not get sleepy in your office although you sleep early !?
best new medications for panic disorder with some depression?
Has anyone had laser eye surgery with LASIK PLUS Visions?
How can I make my contacts last longer?
Optometry: What does "BC" mean? What does this prescription say?
what glasses do i get if i have 20/80 vision?
Contacts went behind my eye?
Why are light colored eyes delicate to light?
What are the contacts you like to wear.?
Contact Lens eye irritation?
What is your own way of inserting and removing contacts?
do eye pillows really work and are they long-term effective?
how do i ask my mom if i want contacts that have the different colors?
How do you get six pacs?
I was just told i have an exersied induced right to left pulmonary shunt?
Do you still go to school/work if you're a little bit sick?
Are "chicks" from Canada really hot????
how dous a ten-year-old get popular?
can someone show me through directions where girl's g 'spot is located?
Isnt there a more toxic side to aluminion foil?
When do you do your laundry? Everyday, on weekends, a particular week day, rarely, or do you send them to mom?
help me please?
has anyone ever had a spinal tap?
how come i feel no emotion???
How to avoid Dark Circles under eyes?
burning senstion when i urninate?
do u know anyone famous that has AIDS or has died from AIDS?
is it ok for me and my boyfriend to perform oral if i have been tested positive for herpes??
If someone was shot, who had HIV/AIDS and that bullet passed through him and hit me, would I get infected?
why don't they list everyone that has a std on the internet?
i was with a girl last night. she told me, she has crabs, am i going to die?
Do you HAVE to have herpes to get a cold sore?
how long can sprem live in a cup from hospital?
Do you have a past in drugs?
How do you know when Ur growing ?
gynacologist question?
can you get herpes from using someone else s toothbrush?
Telomere restoration is safe?
What are the chances of acute kidney failure?
hiv testing?
how do i get rid of herpes?
I have crabs, can anyone help me? i feel alone..?
Cure hiccups! please help!?
OXY Pro Elite Side effects?
Can i apply for full medicaid benefits in texas if i make 18 this month.?
does niacin clean out thc?
What other treatments can I use? Really need help :(?
What are the things u expect from health resort?
brown discharge from an ear infection...wtf?
What is foot callus?
How do you prevent scarring of wounds?
Get rid of stretch marks, HELP!!?
Does getting moles removed leave bad scars?
Skin tags....how do i get rid of them?
5 month pregnant and have sun burn, what can i do about it?
how to get rid of fever blisters?
Women - hyperhidrosis?
My daughter has scars on her chest from a bad sunburn,what can fade the dark spots?
gettin rid of tan?????
Please answer, i really need help?
what are freakles?
Is this a Canker sore or not?
pain in my achilles tendon?
Hit head on ice rink?
If you had a facial fracture, would a bruise (black eye) usually show up?
what is the brand name of carbamazepine?
Is Thompsens / Muscular Dystropy serious?
What is lymphosis in kids?
How much time is safe between drinking(moderately) and a clean UA?
If someone has a tumor taken out of their brain and just had surgery done do they leave the hospital that day?
what wld happen to a rhesus -ve foetus if its blood mixes with its mother whose rhesus +ve?
Help, I need your?
How do I lose 5kg in 6weeks?
What are some of the various chromosome disorders, other than Down Syndrome and sickle cell?
is marajuana still used to treat glaucoma in some states?
What is the best method for losing weight...gastric bypass, diet and exercise, or diet medication?
What is the fastest way to get nice abs?
How to get my hips down?
Can I change my contacts?
the bottom of my eye feels like jelly?
Eyesight - Contact lenses DIOPTER HELP!!!!!!!!!?
Going on the computer in the dark ruins your eyesight?
what happens cause im nervous about this eye exam?
What contacts have the most natural looking colored contacts?
Do your eyes vision affect your eye appearance?
Eyeglasses Question?
Okay well my eye hurts really bad and I slept with my contacts in last night?
Little White Dots????
What is wrong with my eye?!?
My iris is yellow, and it "bleeds" into my eye, is there a name for it?
I've been having problems seeing clearer and/or sharper with contact lenses, should I see a different doctor?
Can you develope a blood clot 2 months after heart by pass?
should a patient rely on family members to make an "right decision" when it comes to an medical procedure?
Health Care Process?
does alchol lower blood sugar?
does anyone else get optical migraines?
Do I ffeel so tired all the time because I dont wear my contact lens.I hate wearing it, I am so aware of it.?
Can old stoves that leak gas cause sore throats?
Back Sensitivity. Can anyone give me an amateur diagnosis on my symptoms?
Can you take cold and allergy pe with allegra?
Is there any natural way to get rid of hives?
Do they sell allergy masks in CVS? Post-Nasal Drip? Sudden allergy?
Is it okay if i feed my Kitten evp. milk with egg yolk an some karo syrup?
How can I get rid of parasites at home (parasites in the human body)?
Mn.Regional Sleep Disorder Center Dr. Carlo Schank How do I get ahold of them?
Bogies, do you know....?
is it possible?
Anyone go off cpap for a few days?
i have asthma the medication made me gain weight. will water pills help me lose it?
whats an ng tube like?
What are the signs and symtoms of Asthma?
What about powder reliever for asthmatic children?
the lung capacity for men is greater than the lung capacity for women...what are the differences?
What PSI would you set a regulator to, to get 15 LPM flow rate?
where is good school in san diego for respiratory therapist?
Do they actually have such thing in the called "artificial lungs"?
What is a typical recovery experience with mediastinoscopy?
how many breaths does a person takein one day?
husband died smelled and taste blood that night?
Could I have pneumonia???
Does sleep apnea affect teenagers too?
someone told me this?
is the yawning infectious?why do you when watching any body yawing you do so?
Where can I purchase shoes made for people born with seven toes on one foot?
I am writing a paper and i was wondering what are some major health concerns that are in Brazil?
could i get skin cancer, from only 3 sessions at the tanning both?(2 start my tan)?
Does anyone here know anyone with polymastia?
In what states can a nurse practitioner practice without oversight from a md.?
should using a cell phone while driving be banned?
What to do this fearful attitude towards life? what should I do when fear suddenly strikes and stops my work.M
What to do for a sprained ankle and foot?
Do you think too many people are put on dangerous meds for a mental illness in the USA?
Can you get STDs if your with one women?
What's it called if you can only get turned on by virgins?
I need someone to talk to? About a situation I am in ? With a fear of hiv infection?
does douchin make a pap smer results abnormal?
how do you prevent oral herpes???
Do u think think that it is wrong to recieve oral and not give it?
Why is Medicare Part D not covering lorazepam or Fioricet?
Why are HCO3- levels decreased in normal urine?
What do chemoreceptors respond to?
What exactly is heartburn? And where do you feel it at? How long does it last?
how long does it take a sprained foot to heal?
What else helps Smelly Feet? (they aren't helped by baking soda as much as...?
how many people have been infected with the mumps in Illinois? and where?
help needed!!?
whats the best way to treat a lip burn and bring back the original appearance?
I love some one,do you know if he is mine?
what are the medical benefits of herbal supplement Undecyne?
i have had a broken feema(upper leg Bone) and a broken knee what u think is worst?
at 70 I had an accident a couple of weeks ago and had pain moving up the arm over the last week-blood clot?
Need your advise.. please help?
I am 16 Years ol d with a height of 5'5". my legs are 37" long but my upper body is only 28.How to lenthen it?
whos fault??whose to blame???whats up with parents and teens these days?
how can I get my friend get her a LPN license transfer form to Alaska??
signs of a ruptured cyst.?
What do these symptoms mean?
doggg vomiting help!?
what are these symptoms to?
i get nausea at night?
has anyone out there tried interferon and found they were not a candidate?
Is there any future for children born with heart defects and is there any treatmant?
Was this a bruised bone?
What are your choices for cast colors?
what to do if you see a black dot on your eye?
whats a broken knuckle feel like?
Why do my ankles give out all the time?
i fell like a week ago and hit my forearm on a table pretty hard and ever since theres been a hard bump?
Should I soak my toe after toenail removal?
Ran into Couch ? Swelling in the cuboid area?
does having longer legs increase your chance of having a knee injury in sports?
Knee pain and muscle twitches...?
How do I gain my natural high back so that I dont have to be psycologically dependent on adderall?
Is there a home remedy for total body cleansing (i.e. colon, blood stream, etc).?
temporary loss of coordination and muscle twitching after ecstasy abuse *no lectures*?
Can metal tabacco pipes be used for marijuana?
can you get a disease from a lap dance?
abdominal muscle damage?
seriouse question???
I heard there was some kind of blood diease in Irish people, does anyone know what it is?
what are the latest developments for treating eye disease?
can you be only a host to the mumps virus?
Does anyone out there have iritis? or uviits? They are both conditions of the eye.?
What does "nh dump day" in the field of EMS workers refer to (not New Hampshire!)?
is colon cleansing going to make me have better breath?
can scabies affect the neck?
What is considered a low TSH level (I understand there are new clinical values.)?
I work about 10 hours a day on the keyboard. How do I reduce Carpal Tunnel pain ?
Need to find pain doctor or pain clinic one that will not treat me like a drug user?
Does sciatica ever go away on it's own? Anyone ever had it go away with physical therapy alone?
How do you overcome the discrimination against long term opiate usage?
painful area on head?
Why would BOTH heels on my feet suddenly hurt?
Wrist hurts!?
broken bone?
Please help me?
Arm numb after sleep ?
what helps aching knees while biking?
How does sitting cause back pain in the spine?
Hey neurologists/orthopedics! Need advice on how to treat nocturnal leg cramps.?
Does it scare you that people cut themselves?
Is 100oz of sugar a year, bad for you're body?
If you were to have one STD what would it be? and why?
will drinking a lot of water clear a mild yeast infection?
i was in the emergency room for stomach pains, the doctor did blood testing. now if i had AIDS would they be?
i fell in a gutter and got a wound can i got hiv virus ?is there any risk of hiv?
if your friend told you he has HIV, what will you do?
after i pass urine there is a cream colour fluid coming out . what is it? its even itchy there what do i do?
i got fingered and now ...?
Could I have a mental disorder?
Found out i needed glasses a yr ago.. never wore them but got eye strain?
Very Strange Vision??
Has anyone ever used Botox?
Why do my eyes change color?
inter ocular lens implants?
Remove/reduce blood vessels from my eyes?
contact lenses?
home tinting kit for sunglasses/eyeglasses?
Has anyone tried SofLens 66 Toric and Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism ? If so, how do they compare? If no?
With PRK eye surgery can eyes worsen at 2 months then get better?
Why would my feet feel as if they are frozen and when I touch them, they are hot?
I just got contacts a few days ago. I am wondering how long it usually takes for your eyes to adapt to them?
Why is there phlegm when I cough?
What is the thickest, most cushioning eye drops for RGP contact lenses?
i live in england.. and i really want contact lenses.?
what shampoo doesn't have sodium lauryl sulphate?
How do you get rid of a nasty cough?
What are these medical conditions called?
red faced work out?
What is the difference between a slap lesion and a rotator cuff tear?
I have some red dots on my leg and hand. It looked like mosquito bite but I did not bite by mosquitos.?
Should I use a Tanning Bed if I'm African-American?
i want to get a pair of aviator sunglass's and have no idea where to get them or whats good and not?
Is it normal when I see my veins through my skin?
I am just wondering - what happens to certain medicines when they expire?
i`m welling to donation by my kidney?
need help putting contacts lens in for prom... anyone?
Has anyone else had a sleep paralysis experience?
why are most cough medicines cherry flavored?
Is there really a cough medication that works?
Where can I find unbiased analysis of nutritional supplement (such as probiotics) quality?
I want website re Serenity Spa in Wilm. DE?
I am thinking of quitting my job and opting for COBRA. How much would this cost me approx per month?
Is it better to have more common sense, or brain smarts?
what are health hazards of electromagnetic waves?
what symptoms does house hold mold cause in people?
I have a few red spots of poison oak in various areas on my body but my whole body itches, why?
Is food cooked in direct flame of LPG (say Barbeque) is healthy ?
Can a physician deny giving another physician medical record, even if the patient agrees to the transfer.?
Which medications to treat Asthma stain your teeth? Some do. Asked but can't get straight answer from doctor.
Has anyone ever had a problem with hitting their head when it itches? How did you break the habit?
i have been tanning.i have swollen areas under the eyes. this is severe what should i do?
working in a multidiscipilanary team, how have you developed camaraderie and earned respect?
Help my knee hurts?
How do I stop sores from forming?
please help! possibly broken arm?
My cardallege was peirced in Oct. And it hurts to take it out or touch it! Embedded or infected?! Or neither?!?
Stepped on the metal part of a hair dryer?
Is it possible to pull every muscle in your arm?
My sister just got stiches in her foot.?
I have a nickel sized deep bump in my armpit.?
Lack of Iron. ?
how to get rid of posin ivy quick ?
my skin is messed up HELP!?
How can I treat a rash between the legs?
What is a gentle acne treatment?
home remidys good for acne ?
How can I get rid of this awful zit?
Can shaving with a razor cause shingles ?
what the best way to get rid of acne??????
My hands are very red, dry, and they are cracking.?
what causes eczema?? I need to know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Hiding scars in water??? ?
what is this and what can i do to get rid of it? (picture)?
What are the three most common human infectious diseases in TX?
When you are obviously come down with the stomach flu (extreme nausea), is it okay to make yourself vomit?
Is there some kind of surgery that fixes dent scars in skin face?
Acne and marijuana????????
whats this white bump in my mouth?
Cold sores, best thing for them ?
how do i get rid of a inside fever my 2 year old son have?
examine genetic content of hiv?
Need to know the reports of restuarants of bacteria.?
If I have mono, can I kiss someone on the cheek or forehead?
My fever wont go away!!?
could sore throat/cough (possibly strep throat) cause heavier pre-mature periods?
Is risk of CJD generally huge?
Sore throat question.... ?
What are some good diet tips?
Why cant cigarettes get banned? But Ephedra can cigarettes have NO upside.?
What is the best way to get rid of love handles (hehe)?
is bench press as efective on a squat machine?
On occasion, my eyes dart from place to place, and I have to struggle to keep them open. What is this?
Where can I legitimitly buy Elegance contacts by CIBA?
Why do I keep coughing at least 8 times in a row throughout the day?
sleep apnea?
What is going to a Oxygen bar like?
all i need to know about cancer?
How many pancreatic absorption enzyme capsules do you take?
Childhood asthma therapy: specifics?
what can i take to reduce the swelling in my legs and feet?
vocal chord dysfunction (VCD?) II?
How do I make travel arrangements for someone on oxygen?
Anyone ever found a "foreign object" in a food product or in fast food?
can a copd/chronic bronchitis patient live with cats at all?
constant burping a symptom of GERD?
What is the best way to avoid an asthma attack?
Now that it has been confirmed that 911 workers Contracted Sarcoidosis, will this help Sarcoid Awareness?
How does one stop snoring?
Enlarged tonsils and reflux?
How does chrontic bronchitis affect the nervous system?
what is the prognosis and best treatment of 72yo male, DVT with PE and chest infection?
eating after a gay person?
Should you be scared if you have HPV?
When the symptoms will show if you have AIDS or HIV??? or can effect one person?
if i kiss my boyfriend will i get herpes?
Can eating a girl out give a disease....?
I shared a spoon with someone who may have gonorrhea am I safe?
I'm Looking For Unbiased Sites With Marijuana Facts?
If you have a Canker sore do you have herpes?
okay this is really nasty but i want to know?
Is it safe to take Nexium?
free natural herbal sleep aids?
How To Cure Chronic Hives ( Urticaria ) ?
how to know if my boil is healing?
Ayurvedic uses of banana?
What are the ingredients in "Bigelow Green Tea" and does it contain aspartame?
Having a colonic for 1st time on Wednesday?
Does anyone know any good remedies for a bad stomach ache?
What does "Bones are diffusely osteopenic" mean?
Does anyone know how painful bunion removal surgery is?
If you have a knot do you use a hot or cold pack to help get rid of it?
How often can I give my son phenergan (given on his wrist)?
Hydrocodone 7.5 mg...can i use this to help me sleep at night?
My wrists always crack, is that bad?
Tail bone pain?
pin in hip joint?
Why is my arm so numb!?
is extreme pain common in the last trimester?
Am i going to start hurting later?
Can Scoliosis be caused by an accident?
how do i ease sore muscles after a car wreck?
Someone try Sonic ultrasound massager for pain relief?
Has anyone had success treating TMJ pain with BOTOX?
Should I take someone with me for an EMG?
Bruised foot for over a month now...?
nose bleed and numb/tingling hands?
Possible head trauma, what to do?
Im suppose to get stitches removed from finger tomorrow but its still swollen and sore is that normal?
Are there any shoes that have a good amount of toe room, besides velcro/medical shoes?
Completely tore my ACL?!?
Tragus (part of ear) is hurting?
What should i do about my thumb?
how does stress look like?
What's a really good make up remover/face wash?
Today is my birthday, I'm 32 and it's depressing me. Any suggestions?
how many calories do Icicle pops have in them?
When applying your own false nails,what do use use to fill in the new growth?
what is the best way to get your upper arm less flabby and more toned?
What is your best physical feature?
Why do your eyelids get so puffy when you cry before you fall asleep? How can you prevent this or fix it?
Giving Blood?
How helpful are air purifiers?
What are the best contacts to wear if you have a high chance of falling asleep in them?
Is there any relation between sezuries and nosebleeds?
can sesame seeds effect a drug test?
what is a disease ofe the immune system and what is it treated with?
I have severe tmj pain and a open bite. I've tried many thing, has anyone found relief from the symptoms?
what symptoms indicate that you have aphasia?
Mine is not a Miniere's Disease. What's Elks Rehab Center? Where is that?
What is the latest recommendation (formulation) of O.R.S BY W.H.O?
what is parkinson's disease?
How do I appeal my insurance's choice of a hospital that cannot do my type of surgery.?
Can stimulant drugs make lazyeye worse?
eyes feel cold?
i use acuve osasis contants lens and wanted over night ones any suggestions?
Are there ways in which people can overcome depression without taking drugs?
How can I open up more to people?
Why is my blood sugar getting worse even with more medication?
is paying patients to donate organs or blood an apropriate way to combat the waiting lists for tranplants?
what are the symptoms of low blood sugar?
What could swelling in only your left ankle mean?
Does working out offset (or help offset) bad eating habits for diabetics?
protein alpha 2 level is high, what does this mean?
how does one cope with epileptic spouce who cannot work and has no insurance ?
is camel's milk is good for diabetics?
if your blood sugar is 130 an hour after you eat is that bad?
what is the normal glucose levels fasting and after breakfast?
I have type 2 diabetes.?
When should a diabetic use "gastric delayers" medication ?
My sister foot broke out in blisters?
Does anyone get cold or chills from metformin? from Debbie D?
what can cause..................?
How does BC?BS handle allergy injection when a child has to have them for 10 days straight and then once a wee
what is the web site for the YMCA in bonaire Ga.?
I have got a bit of a cold/ flu. When I go underwater water, my sinuses ache. Should I go to swim practice?
what is 1.80m in feet and inches?
I s there any precaution to be taken?
Signed a non-compete contract with a agency denying any related employment for 1 year or 50 miles away.?
Has anyone had a child that suffered from a near miss Sids episode?
laser lithotripsey of gallbladder and what is the way out for stones?
how can i get a perfect tanned skin, can you give names or products? how do you get a perfect tanned body?
Drug calculations?
what is spirit of wine?
When you get a physical for sports...?
Has anybody had to have their nose drilled?
Why is healthcare not free???
insurance through church?
The super wal mart restroom sinks were broken...is it ok that there is a mcdonals right outside the door ?
Vegs Like cucumber, green peas, tomato, Lettuce. do u have to brush after eating them?
I am moving. What would be a fair price for 15 to55 lbs hex dumb B. with a double stack rack and Incl. bench?
What was the disease that was almost wiped out?
How long does a neonatal auto-immune disease last?
why & how is the flu vaccine grown in chicken eggs?
How much does Pentasa 1000mg cost for Crohn's disease?
Whatever happened to SARS?
I'm pretty sure I have herpes. what should I do? i've slept with 74 different guys.?
For 2 weeks now I have had blood in my urine twice.......very reddish urine. What can cause this?
how do u tell your boyfriend that u think u have an STD...? serious talk i need help...?
I have a white lining running on the inside of my cheek and at the end there is like a white mass?
iz STD testing the same as HIV testing?
I was drinking all day yesterday.I slept for seven hours,would I pass a breathlizer test?
Do STI's make u smell 'down there' ?
This question is deep so if u sensitive don't answer it. let's say i have aids and died because of it. DO you
how doyou get rid of hikkys?
Can I get small blisters on my hands from washing them too much?
Question about taking the pill for acne?
What do I do to avoid getting white heads on my Nose?
my head itches but no lice or dandruff? please help me?
Can putting on too much acne medication make your acne worse?
Recently prescribed Epiduo?
What vitamis help with acne?
Beauty tips plz..... Dark line across nose?
How do I get rid of these things?
Should he get a tan? is he too white?
Preventing acne? ways to get rid of it?
Help, is my toe broken?
My skin is breaking out more often than usual! :((?
do you kno what this is?
tear in my retina?
Do people usually see distance better out of single vision than progressive lenses?
every time I look at a blue screen I see these motionless blobs in my eyes?
how do i keep my contacts from irritating my eyes as much?
is eye brow tint dangerous???
contact problems?
sensitive eyes problem (thanx)?
more questions on contact lense.?
concluding contact lens questions! sorry!?
Eyes get teary so easily..?
Just got gass permeable contacts but something weird is hapening what is it?
My eye is excreting a lot of pus. I had a bad cold all week probably the flu.?
Colored contacts?
am I seeing eye flashers? or just worrying?
Pain in the Eyes??
Which muscles are trained when riding a bicycle?
who does dna testing in louisiana?
do men find girls/women with large eyes attractive? if so why do u find them attractive?
back problems?
are my teeth supposed to hurt when i use whitestripes???
Other than eyedrops to lubricate the eye. What are other safe lubricants for the eye?
Metal for bone surgery?
Any opinions on Tubs-R-Us in Federal Way, WA?is tubs r us private hot tubs?
Where did the term "under the weather" come from - not what it means.?
should EMS workers be allowed to carry Mase?
if you drink a lot of city water can it be bad for you?
What is the product (a lotion) recently advertised, to prevent chafing?