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Chupa Chups.!?!?!?!?!?
I am looking for a medical marijuana specialist in VT.?
Ways To Induce REM Sleep?
What is the best muscle gaining supplement i can buy.?
Can fish oil supplements really improve prefrontal cortex functioning?
What should I do because I am confuse about a decision that I have to make I want a new car but ?
Why do the backs of my eyes hurt/ache?
Help with the blackheads!!!!!?
Blue and Red Light Therapy for acne?
What will help me stop sweating?
what am i gunna do when i go swimminngg and i CANT wear makeup to coverup my blemishes?!??!?!?!?
Half my face is red! I have a date in about 1 hour! Its not itchy, just red! HELP!?
bumps on my tattoo, hurt, itchy and red. Please please help.?
what treatment works well for acne?
Would you rather have clear skin or a tan.?
Friend Randomly Picking at Head?
What is this lump on my leg?
What is the best thing to get rid of acne if you have oily/combination skin?
Am i big or small? please help me?
Some Powerful Acne Cures?
plaesa help me im 14 and i have aged skin?
acne help pleasE??? ?
How do i get lighter skin?
Help i really need help on this question?
If you are not wearing your glasses, does your hand-eye coordination get affected?
Cataract Surgery Problem, I think?
Colored contacts???
Where do I find out about a doctor's history. Like any complaints etc/?
How can i treat myself for a concussion?
will i get cleared to play after my recent distal radius fracture?
What's worse for your eyes, staring at a computer monitor or staring at a mirror?
How to walk up down stairs and steep ramps with crutches?
I got pushed into the corner of the wall and hit my back...What can happen :( I'm 23!!?
I hit my knee sledding and now my left foot is kind of splay footed,serious or not?
Do you know how much Acuvue colour contacts are.?
Eye sight improvement?
Does anyone know a uk based website where I can get new lenses put in my glasses I don't want new frames just
What's the difference between the parts of a bifocal lens?
How much will it cost?
pain down right side of body?
Why do bruises show up a week later?
i cut myself but how long does it take to heal?
what kind of doctor do you see for knee problems?
Has anyone had Mono?
I'm looking for a medical condition brought on by stress and fatique. I know that it starts with visoviso?
what's your personal experience with remicade treatment ?
I am doing this project for Biology and I wanted to know how is down syndrome treated?
is scleraderma hereditary?
why is my feet cold and my bottom of hand little pink?
My last bowel movement was 5 days ago, is that bad?
is there any way to stop hair growth on your chin and upper lip?
what are two conditions that would be considered irregular heart cycles?
Is there a good product out there for hair removal that is good for course thick body hair?
Does anyone know how much does an adult kidney weigh (in average)?
What is the best way to stop smoking cigarettes? (ex-smokers only, please)?
Why can't you get a tan on your palms?
Cologne for men - recommendations?
What is the best supplement I can take for weight loss and muscle gain?
how do i know my husband love me???
I want to loose weight. Any tips?
What is the best exercise to lose love handles? I have like 3 weeks to look good. I need one that works.?
How do you know if you have a eating disorder?
Secretaries of allendale and farifax elementary school plus, allendale fairfax middle and high school in sc?
does losing weight and the liver or the fat around the liver have any to do with each other?
Can you lose 30lbs in 9 weeks?
diet oN ssuper size me?
why do i feel fat?
ok, i need some crash diet ideas, i just want to lose weight for ONE weekand, i got 7 days, any ideas?
how do i work out my stomach muscles when i have a bad back?
nonfat diet study?
Pls help with renal diagnosis: high BUN, nl creat, dilute urine and everything else nl?
Where can I find a diet for low sodium and cholesterol,recipes and menu?
Diabetic Feet?
What can I do for nausea from byetta shot?
Healthy sugar level but still feel sick?
What is the therapeutic diet of alcohol for high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure and high boold glucose
what istransdermal medication?
Can I take diet pills if I take Metformin?
Please help me? Serious!!?
Can a high-carbohydrate diet cause diabetes?
What can a diabetic do about foot blisters and calluses?
Teaching my 5-year-old friends about his Type 1 diabetes?
how long for caffeine effect to reduce?
what does a nonreactive Hepatitis B antibody result mean?
What are the benefits of using black seeds. Tell me the best way & timing to eat it?
Can you overdose on drinking regular milk? If so, what effects are there?
If you had to do it all over again would you start drinking alcohol?
Any Home Cures For Common Cold???
Why are women always moiturizing their skin? Is it really because of their curves and such?
Is FEDRON safe to inhale?
what are the brand names of over the counter sinus medicines that contain pseudoephedrine?
What are the cons of smoking weed?
Cold Kidneys?
Where in the middle-east can i buy a veterinary dictionary??
is 1.2 % NaCl a hypotonic solution?
if anything at/under 120/80 is normal BP and anything over 140/90 is high, then what is it between those two?
What is the drug?
I'm gonna study medicine. Do you recommend it?
Why do veins pop out of your arm when you build muscle?
STD testing, will it show anything now?
can i get an std from my boyfriend if he doesnt have one?
is it actuallly some kind of workout, i have been coughing for 3 days straight?
HPV - Low Risk Strains?
how do doctors test for tone deafness?
Please help. Why do i feel thirsty all the time?
My mum had a heart attack a week ago, why is she still tired?
Motion sickness at IMAX and OMNI theaters?
Is it possible to have a sinus infection without having been sick or have any congestion? Just having pressure
what is a swan ganz cathitor?
what sensation do you get out of smoking hookah? and is it harmful? does it make u light headed and unaware?
What structures help increase hte absorption of food in the small intestine? How do they do this?
My son is coughing up yellow/ green mucus should he go to school?
If I had a 2mm pleural based nodule in left lower lobe in a chest X-ray is that bad?
How many women have went to a make up counter and used makeup samples ?
how often should a vit.b -12 be given?
What is meant by Torch profile in medicine?
Dry skin from Hard Water?
Want to know the name of stuff from a fish used to make surgery thread in China & Hongkong..may be fish masss.
chocolate,mmmm yes that what i said. is it good for you and in what dose?
Are there any athletic clubs where you can bring your dog?
Question about Health Insurance and my Job.!?
when you have a bone fracture or an injury who cures it,a physical therapist or an ortopedic doctor?
what is the best way to treat a scary lookin mosquito bite. my girlfriend got bit in hawaii, and its bad!?
What about Tai Chi ?
is the chocolate good for health?
Is red wine really healthy in moderation?
I am looking for tender grips for my son. Does anyone know where I can purchase these?
Can I loose my vision, basically overnight?
free asthma supplies ?
treatments and side effects for cardiovascular?
Basketball and some pains?
dietary department??
When you see someone in pain, do you get sympathy pains, and where?
what is health as wealth?
why cant i sleep at night. when iv had a full day?
I suffer from 'sleep rages'. What is happening here?
How long after stopping usage can cocaine be detected for in urine or hair testing?
I am an angry, bitter person?
what's the best selling and most current book to read regarding male midlife crisis?
Can tremors cause neurological damage to the brain?
i think my frenulum broke please help im really scared?
I am 48, was in car accident. Seat belt tightened hard on my lower abs.Have not had period for close to year.?
Can I walk to the shops on a sprain?
Why is my stress fracture giving me fuzziness?
Shifted Tibia?! HELP!!!!?
Possible broken humerus?
Which cranial nerve affects the corner of your mouth and lower eyelid?
How long does it take for a bruised knuckle to heal?
I got in a fight a couple of months ago..?
please only Doctors, i have a rigt orbital floor fracture?
Me & some of the boys got together in Seattle last night & really hit it hard... today my chest feels heavy?
what have i done to my knee/leg ?
i hurt my ankle 4 days ago....?
Why does CPR work?
Where can I find a picture of the heaviest people in the world?
Why do I have to urinate every time I go into the shower?
what does an eye look like that has pink eye?
how can i get out the musty arm pit smell from the underarms of shirts?
why do girls like to go barefoot nad show off their feet?
how do i clean the back of my tongue without gagging?
how much do surgeons get paid a year?
What is the greatest saying that U must tell all ladies around the world to push up their confidence!?
what organs are involved in the nerve cell?
can mouth ulcers and diabetes be linked?
Is anyone a care-giver for an elderly parent???
Why do i get super tired whenever i eat fruit?
Common Sense, the truth about Gluten/Lactose intolerance.?
does anybody know a good cure for Edema?
What are alternatives to surgery if you have gallstones and inflammation?
can chropractors help if u have neuopathy?
what causes bilateral facial spasms.?
Zylet, Gentasol, and Romycin ointment--oh my !! What are these for??
I have seizures, I take 1500mg of Depakote daily, why do I still have break through seizures??
You've just been informed by your doctor.................?
I have a problem with my right eyelid jumping all the time to the point that it really bothers me. What is it?
Will soy milk intefere with a thyroid medecation???
What is the best method to teach a teen with Cerebral Palsy to read?
Damaged hearing?
who is the best shoulder surgeon in the US?
can you name some noise related diseases?
How does the drug Methotrexate affect the cells of the body regarding treatment of arthritis?
The top of my foot is bothering me for about one week -is this a disease?
I have an uncomfortable sensation behind my knees. Does anyone know what it may be?
Neuroligist, Md, Dr Clifford Andrew what city is he in?
Does anyone know of any online resources for failure to thrive or growth disorder in infants?
For those with eczema?
spot on the adrenial gland? what does this mean?
Removing battery "Acid" From face?
low throid in my schnauser?
What are clinical preservative?
where can i find drugs in rhyl?
how pure are the vit. we take?
Cost For High-End Progressive Bifocals and Top QuailtyLenses??
im trying salvia tonight?
How would you sterilize heat sensitive antibiotics making sure not to destroy them ir render them useless?
Any one here take drugs?
Is there a way to get promethazine codeine with out any prescription?
Stomach bug? Or something worse?
Why is it bad to drink milk while you are sick?
does performance pill magna rx work?
Should a person be concerned if their feces are green?
black and brown stool? good or bad?
test your tounge..............................................................?
is this the common cold/flu or possible meningitis?
whats scabies and how can it be treated?
What does it mean when you have to many nucleic acids and why do you have to manyt?
would a ppd (TB) test affect an HIV test?
do you have to call planned parenthood...?
Can someone please translate this for me? I try to find correct english translation.?
How long do Herpes symptoms last?
People running away from me for the bad smell caused by contingency syphilis. Please help?
What to do if my bunion hurt??
hypertyroidism causing high blood pressure results to severe headaches.How can I ease the pain?
What did I do to my wrist?
Triazolam. How early should I take it?
right lower back pain -severe?
What can cause discomfort in the frontal area of head?
My foot is numb?
What is Glucosamine Sulfate? Where can I purchase it?...thank you?
Tendinitis? Guitar playing?
can someone give some info.on muscadine grape supplement?
how long does it take to get nicotine out of your bloodstream?
my husband and i can not loose belly fat. any suggestions? we just bought Relacore...does it work?
Dr. suggested routine colonoscopy?
What is the cause of arthitis?
Why did I catch such a bad case of tonsilitis recently?, is it because I work in a college full of kids?
i,ve been out surgery for hip replacement for 4 weeks i feel good,should i go back to work now,or wait.?
what does Vitamin B do for your body?
Is gastric bypass worth the risk?
I´m 61 and have tiny black points in my sight.Is there any diet or medicin to improve my vision?
Is it true that MEN are the CHOSEN RACE, a superior race of people and that WOMEN have to be always PREGNANT?
Is it true that MEN are THE CHOSEN RACE, a superior race of people, and women always have to be PREGNANT?
How long will it take to see results from hydroxycut hardcore?
What are 3 modificatiosn of the small intestine that increase the surface area for absorption?
what is icd-9 code v70.0?
what's the best thing to do for acute back pain? Rest or exercise?
Does anyone know how to get rid of a sinius infection A.S.A.P without going to the doctor?
If you knew you only had 2 weeks to live, how would you spend your time?
self injury scars that look odd?
My ankle hurts and its been over a month since I hurt it, help?
My wrist is killing me to put pressure on it !?
I smashed my toe nail about 5 weeks ago with a heavy wooden chair?
Could this be a bruised rib?
how do you bruise a ankle bone?
I have head-related issues?
Can somebody please help me?
Nose abrasion/cut that has never healed on the left side of septum in nose. What could it be?
Can anyone confirm if cucumber can actually heal acne? And how would it be prepared?
What is a good Anti-aging cream for 16 year old?
So when i was doing laundry i whammed my head into the washer and now i have an indent in my forhead?
my nose fell off? put it back on?
hip pain think caused by a nerve.?
How long will it take for my burn to go away?
May I use the bathroom?
what is testosterone?
Why is it that when I eat more often,I lose weight.When I do measure what I eat,I don't lose any,or I gain sum
What is the fastest way?
Is there any negative effect of using stomach fat burners (by injection in stomach) ?
How to heal a knee injury fast?
Are there "fat man in remission" t-shirts?
I am trying to write a position paper on nutrition. do you have to take nutrition classes to become a doctor?
Most effective workouts in a week?
how do i get rid of lovehandles?
Help me understand about guys with a little bit of muscle?
How can I achieve a similar to body to Brad Pitt in Fight Club? What diet / regimen should I follow?
How do i get small calves????
Does an enema expire if it's only saline?
How can I effectively shorten wait times for patients in occupational health medical center?
Do those 'banish celulite creams' really work?
how do i make my own hand or body soap?
What will happen if my WBC is 7.8 and my RBC is 4.6?
Do i have bronchitis?
PLEASE, my sister has skin cancer and I would like some information and advice?
How much does it cost to get an x-ray scan at your family doctor?
I don't get how nicotine is addictive?
Does anyone know of a cure for sleepwalking?
i have celiacs disease i need more information?
Anyone knows how to deal with sleep apnea?
Can the sinus venuses type of ASD affect a person again after its closure at the age of 18?
What is the most reliable, yet affordable blood pressure monitor?
Anybody know what ventricular automaticity foci are more sensitive to hypoxia?
Could someone give me the physical Characteristics of a healthy heart. Also the weight, size and other info.?
White flares of light in eyes that sometimes have color flares?
i wear contacts all day every day but latly i can not stand to wear them for a long periode of time help?
Why do we have mucus everyday in our eyes?
free eye exams in royal oak, mi?
What is the best way to apply pressure stockings?
Is there any exercise or method/remedy to reduce one's colour blindness?
Does this sound normal for hypoglycemia?
what is the role of stastics in health care?
Anyone know which brand name products contain Balsam of Peru? Doc doesn't know himself, just don't use.
Information about the first use of insulin!?
what are types of diabetes called?
is it lovastatin is a first line treatment for dyslipidemia?
Has anyone every heard of "Medical" paying for a diabetic pump for at Type 1 Diabetic?
what will happen if i went on a gum surgery without knowing that i have diabetes?
What types of Diabetes is there???
What are some low glycemic foods?
I was just prescribed Lyrica and I don't have diabetes or shingles...?
how can i quit my cough even if I'm diabetic and have asthma?
can high blood pressure have a connection with body odor?
a 45 year old hypertensive diabetic female,complaints of fever,decreased micturition kidney transplant history
Instead of the product Ayds being discontinued couldn't it have been renamed?
health screening?
What vegetables are starches?
what is the highest bilirubin level allowed for anaesthesia?
Why a person with thrombocytopenia purpurea shows many bruises or purple marks?
Can I ever stop snoring?
does the nuvaring have many risks? have people died from bloodclots due to using the nuvaring??
Are Hormones secreted by the Endocrine or Exocrine system?
Where can children go for counseling in Northwest Indiana.?
is it possible to get herpes by drinking out of the same cup as someone with it?
Can toothpaste be used as a treatment for herpes?
Does swab test hurt?? PLEASE HELP?
How much does STD test gonna cost?
Does herpes have a carrier male or female?
i have a white bump in my lip?
What can I do to stop my torn toenail from hurting later?
Bump on the inside of my nose?
Can an injured ligament cause numbness?
Badly bruised foot? How to?
Should I go to the doctor- Worried?
Does screaming injure the liver?
I injured my ankle and need some advice...?
Help! i bite my tongue 3 days ago on the left side it hurts and now has a big bump should i be worried? ?
Really sharp stabbing pain in lower calf?
I messed up my ankle, but dont know what I did. Please help!!!!!!!!?
Is it okay to laugh while having a nasal splint on?
is this a nose infection?
If u are allergic to cats, are also allergic to rabbits? Similar fur?
Will a gas grill still mess with your allergies? Or am I stuck with cast iron griddles indoors ?
Can you develop an allergy to dogs over time?
Why am I allergic to Gold Dial Soap and not the white?
Is there something that I could be allergic to?
why do i sometimes feel like i have a fever?
allergic reaction to face wash. PLEASE HELP.?
I need an alternative to tobacco chewing?
Have u used injectable HGH?
about my throid problems?
Is an EMT-I in Kansas allowed to administer D50 via IV therapy?
Are medicines in Canada too expensive?
What is he trying to say this not mainstream science this sound like alternative medicine?
Weird Stuff??
How do I put contacts on and off?
Does white tea cure illness?
is america's best contacts and eyeglasses good?
Contact Use..?
Strange Stuff??
i get like strobe light flashes on the side of my eyes..i had implants in my eyes..?
What does it mean when you see bright flashes of light out of an eye you normally can't see out of?
Is it harmful to my eyes?
WHAT IS WRONG W/ MY EYE? am i about to get pink eye?
how do i stop having black eyes?
What does this eye result mean?
Smokers - Are you addicted? And why did you start smoking?
What do people think about Paramedic's?
Corrective laser eye surgery?
Blood in Urine?
is their a natural remedy for heavy sweating?
Do you belive in tissues?
Why is my hand and a couple fingers numb?
which website can i go to to findout about the eye's health in chinese?
Who thinks that some of the answers to medical questions are downright dangerous?
my friend is having problems with her ear as it was like having flakes, what can do about it?
how can you calculate your total calories you burn in a normal routine day? Is there any standard table?
Where can i buy some Nike MAXSIGHT™ Sport-Tinted Contact Lenses besides the eye doctor?
is there a way to grow taller after 19 of age?
is it possible to go through life without taking any pills?
I don't like driving downhill and invariably end up vomitting. how do i get over motion sickness?
What's your best stress busting technique?
HOW DO I get the scatches off my plastic lens? Refer me to a store to do this myself.?
what type of skin rash would cause water bumbs?
does anybody know how to tone brassy hair after bleaching and re-dying?
I think my mom might be doing drugs. what should i do?
What can i do about dark facial hair that you can see really well?
how is Tay Sachs diagnosed?
money making?
what is cornelia delong syndrom?
how to find reasons for unexplained termination of pregnancy? any help please?
what are the side effects and possible dangers of Endoscopy? is there an alternative to it?
I've had shingles for 6 yrs.does anyone have any idea how to make them go away? the doctors sure don't.
can anyone give me a percent of peoples ages that get acute lymphoblastic leukemia?
Is there any charity or any foundation which can help my sister with kidney disease?
What are the symptoms of low sodium blood levels?
I have rotational scoliosis anybody else suffer with this?
Anyone with Hirschprung's Disease?
what family member passes down scoliosis?
Is my headache something to be concerned with?
What is causing SEVERE abdominal distention & off and on upper abdominal pain?
What's the reason why we get canker sores and what is a way of preventing from getting them?
Why is there prolonged, involuntary contraction when stretching legs in the morning?
what can i do to stop this pain.....?
bacterial antagonism?
How many people will be eating turkey this christmas now that bird flu has been confirmed in u.k?
Is muscle distrophy and myopathy are same dieases? Which is dangerous to the human ?
can i get rabies from this :'(?
Early typhoid immunisation?
please give details on the common cold?
does aspirin cause hiv?
how to get rid of calf muscle?
Is it easy to strain cartilage that was torn several years ago?
Re-starting school with a broken leg?
[Serious Question] Back injury that's stopped my friend from dancing.?
When should I go to the Dr for an infected finger?
2.5 months and still an ankle sprain?
Is it possible to throw out your tail bone?
can i stretch my ear's after the cut and stitch surgery?
I just got out of a cast a week ago but....?
What color should a facial bruise be after about an hour?
if you wear iron ring or gold ring then you do EKG ,may result come difffrent?
just a question out of curiosity can a heart attack last more then a week?
What is the difference between cardioversion and defibrillation?
Is calcibloc 30mg OD same as nifedipine XL?
is taking ace inhibitors and phentermine dangerous?
Drugs that cause low blood pressureW?
Does anyone know about the heart condition in which a little bit of blood comes back after the heart pomp?
Who all likes to listen to Akon?
Honest question! Adults only. Have you ever contracted a venerial disease?
Are doctors like mechanics these days. They don't fix you right the first time?
Poly Heme Study how to get braclet excluding someone from this test as seen on 20/20?
What type of student health care insurance while abroad?
Burning lungs when running?
can a cough and cold medication containing phenylpropanolamine cause menstruation to stop/become irregular?
Cough from upper respitory infection?
Why does this happen when I run in the cold?
How dangerous are steroids even when prescribed for health problems?
Do I have a yeast infection.. maybe?
Can you get HIV or AIDS through skin contact?
What are the signs of having an STD?
orthostatic hypotension - when sitting down?
What should I eat if I have Pneumonia?
how might the human body respond to allergen?
could caffeine cause muscle pains?
If you use ear plugs, the one's that you stick inside your ear. Can if affect you ear or cause hearing loss?
How do I treat Plantar Faschia?
where do i find charts or graphs on unhealthy kids?
I should have asked if military personnel can take Phentermine if Prescribed by a civilian Doctor?
Does anyone know what the Spartan diet is?
does anyone have a Nordictrack SL 528 owners manual?
Pure Cane Sugar everyday can't be good?
what is a good weight for a teen girl at 5'0 with kinda small bone structure but kinda broad shoulders?
Is there an exercise that i can do to get rid of that inner up thigh fat saddle bag?
Usually how many calories I burn if I got into dancing in home exercise (1 hour strenous exercise) pls?
i want to increase my breast cup size, tell me the best solution.?
why is eating a fruit ok-bt drinking fruit juice fattening? Am on a diet-can i drink fruit juice?
how to reduce my tummy?
Has anyone ever tried the "AB Scissors Machine" for flatter/toned abs, if so, does it work?
how can i remove my thick fat in my belly?
how do i change a digital scale from kilograms to pounds?
I need to loose 8 pounds by 10/14/06, HELP!!!!!!!?
What's the quickest way to lose weight on Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet if you're not exercising?
I guess I have anxiety disorder, I am nervous all the time, but I don't want to take drugs. What should I do?
what do you do when you are stressed out or upset?
Is there any genu varum treatment or surgery?
What is the current average cost of gastric bypass surgery?
did anyone try a chemical peel? does it works?
Where can I find good second hand mobility equipment?
What is the best acne treatment?
red scarring after cuts on legs?
My face has been stinging for two months?
I have dry skin are oil free moisturizers good for dry skin?
Toothpaste on fever blister?
My mouth is really itchy, and the skin on the inside is red and tender. Why is this? How do I get rid of it?
Why is hand washing a health issue?
infected eye!!!! Help!!!?
hi im 13 and i have a bunch of warts on my hands and its really embarrassing!?
What makes us have the urge to scratch? Why?
I can't get rid of my acne!?
does anyone know how to ghet rid of freckles or prevent them?
getting a birthmark removed ?
I'm so sick and tired of my acne.?
black specks under my skin on my finger?! help please!?
Yellow molding behind ear?
What is the easiest and most effective way to get rid of hiccups? I'm curious.?
how do you take pain out of arthritic in your joint?
how do you cure smelly feet?
what are the causes for bleeding inside the stomach and blood vomiting?
Foot massage therapy how do I get into this?
The world's shortest person?
in the morning when i wake up, under my left foot botton heal is hurting.whyy is that?
Where can I get a copy of the vinager book for your health?
Are there any sports drinks that are actually good for you? Which is the best?
Is there any news about the "Renu" contact lense solution fungus?
why does evrybody hate me?
how can I loose 25lbs. and keep It off for good .and not gain that amount off weight back after I loose 25lbs.
Does any one know what causes the Coarctation of the Aorta?
How can I get rid of a headache without taking aspirin?
Is there a warning telling kids NOT to divulge their age on here?
Does anyone know the name of the surgeon who did eye surgery on Al Pacino's twin(s)?
use:brain, chin, ear, eye, eyes, face, hair, tongue, tooth to complete these sentances?
When I'm drunk or really tired, my eyes don't feel like they're lined up?
One of my eye is very smaller then the other can it be corrected? Eye transplant?
How do I get a contact out of my eye?!?!?!?
Inner eye lens replacement, my wife is investigating surgical methods to improve her eyesight.?
Why does my right knee hurt and why does my foot go numb?
How long will it take my perforated ear drum to heal?
A homeless man scratched my face with his dirty nails, should I be worried about infection?
hip flexor injury??!!?
Should I go to the hospital?
The outside of my left knee hurts when i cross it over my right leg?
What's going to happen?
Is this an allergic reaction?
if you don't drink enough water, will it cause you to have nose bleeds?
How can people stop smelling certain common odors after a time?
am i latose intolerant?
do almonds have Largenine?
gatorade gives me hives?
suffered boils, was prescribed antibiotics, now have developed very painful,red swollen ears?
Is it safe for you to eat food with some ingredient of monosodium glutamate?
i have to swallo this capsule pill but im terrified so i usually spil the powder out on spoon?
why is my throat slightly constricted?
My hedgehog gives me hives?
What happens to your body when you quit drinking alcohol???
My vitamin is making me sick?
Advise needed would it be okay too?
Is pepto bismol good?and where can i..?
Girlfriend smokes weed to relax and not be manic?
Any alternative cure for Social Phobia? The Medical cure did not help?
What natural/herbal remedies are there for colds?
what fatal? disease causes pinching of arteries?symptoms: frequent headaches, dizziness, blurred vision?
What natural/herbal remedies can I use for hot flashes?
can a mother with hydrocephalus have a natural birth if she have a shunt draining into the perinatal cavity?
How soon after and intracranial hemmorage can you start DVT prophylaxis (heparin)?
is there any cure for ulcerative colitas?
institute in tampa, fla for spinal stenosis?
How do you read long without your eyes ache?
What can cause cramping, and what can I do to prevent it?
i have terrible pain almost every month !!!?
severe low back pain,radiates up right side and across my upper back.?
does anyone get heart palpitations and pain in upper back!?
Need advice on Neck Jolt?
has anyone ever had bad pain on the right side and right lower back?? i'm 20 weeks pregnant.?
can fibromyalga cause herniated discs in the neck?
pain in my left leg?
why are triglycerides elevated in diabetics?
how do you use rapid rise yeast?
Diebetic's and tatoos?
What are the affects of MS Contin on a Type 1 Diabetic person?
what elements are present in makahiya roots?
anyone whos been on the medication metformin.?
I have a 56 year old friend who suddenly began experiencing arm pain down both arms.?
Is Epson salts bad for diabetics?
another question for metformin users?
can caduet be used by someone with Type 2 diabetes?
what is proper nutrition?
Is there anyone out there that has had back fussion surgery for scliosis wilth harrinton rods/need advise?
I am 7 weeks pregnant and wake up during the night and feel like I need chap stick and lotion?
Does spinal decompression work?
Is there anything to onions absorbing viruses?
Lyme's Diagnosis......?
which bacteria is most similar?
What are the Symtoms of Bladder infections?
How can a doctor detect chronic fatigue? URGENT? If you answer mine i'll answers yours!?
I've had chicken pox for a week now. I've been using calamine lotion and taking oatmeal baths to heal the pox.?
I have a problem with my stomach?
Whats the best cream etc..for diminishing wrinkles?
Are you afraid of death???If so why??
what do you think?
is there a cure for herpies of the mouth?
My head has been hurting for a few weeks now. what could be the problem?
What is Atenol / Chlor Tab 50 - 25 MG ?
What are you? Overweight or underweight? How many pounds/kgs?
Is the Goji Berry and it's juice as good for us as some people claim?
are there differant thyriod tests?
At a funeral veiwing, why is it called a WAKE?
Is it bad when u spit out stuff have blood in it to?
Spot is still slightly red a week after TB test?
During the early stages of Alzheimer's, which part of the brain is primarily damaged?
has anyone played the choking game...i think it has like 100s of names like flatline and america dreamer?
Help,anyone knows how to differentiate?
Why are my hands always cold?
Can somebody provide me the list of Cardiac Cath Test Centers in India?
tetralogy of fallot prescribed medication?
Cardiovascular Help Please?
Do You Think They Have A Cure For Cancer? If So Why Have They Not Realeased It ?!?
Bedtime sweet cravings... need help.?
Heart attack in young women??? What causes?
cholesterol LDLs and vegetarianism.?
Which body systems or organs does cardiomegaly affect?
What are some symptoms of anxiety??????
For Girls about skin care?
Is either frankincense or myrrh incense toxic and damaging to the lungs?
uncomfortable breathing...?
What does asbestos removal mean?
CF pt. post lung transplant, cured of all lung disease?
Catching tonsilitis from a boyfriend?
is there an std that causes excessive sweating?
Does anyone have any answers on how to get rid of a child's virus called molluscum contagiosum?
what do you call a doctor who specializes in herpes?
How long does it take to notice an STD?
is it true just because someone has a cold sores that don't mean they have herpes?
i have a yeast infection but my perineum is spotting blood , whats wrong , is this normal?
my foot got run over by a car... help?
Is my finger broken/fractured.?
i hurt my thumb?>>>>>>>>>>>?
What should i do to make a stitched wound heal as best as possible?
if i were to accidentaly sever my arm how long go i got to go to the Doctor to reach it?
swolen ankle from kicking a football?
Help! what is wrong with my thumb...?
What, if anything, do you think is up with my lower jaw?
Pulled a muscle or something?
two weeks ago my aunt under went spine surgery, as there was a extra skin growth which was actually blocking?
Head ok if I hit on blacktop?
does anyone know what is wrong, when only one foot and leg swell's and the other one doesn't? it doesn't hurt
Have you ever had nightmares when taking darvocet?
ULCER. What are the best antacids to take? Does diet affect the ulcer? Does milk a good remedy for having one?
Which is the best home remedy for slow metabolisms?
Does asthma limits chocolates and other sweets?
What are some of the best work out videos for a woman?
how many weitght watchers points is a chef salad worth?
How can I use my mountain bike in my home like a stationary bike? Any suggestions for stands.?
when toning ur body(female)i want real deffinition around my lower body,where my hips bones are?any tips?
heres an easy 2 pts. and 10 for the first girl to answer.....whats the difference between chin up and pull up?
I had lipo 9 months ago on my lower abs and it still is not flat is that normal?
what are the effects of heavy vs lite resistance training on the cardiovascular system?
are there any special diets that can improve eyesight(lower a prescription) for a nearighted(myopic) person?
i want to lose 40 pounds in 10to20 days how do i do that by dancing and eatting right.?
Brimingham Hospital Cardiac Diet?
5'3, 195 lbs and 48 years old. How long should it take me to lose 50 lbs if I walk 3 miles 3 days a week?
exercise can really make ur bottom look and feel better if u r skinny?how can i get a little fatter?
Does Yahoo have a wellness program? Where can I find info on it.?
Is it safe to eat left over rice ?
I want to gain weight cuz m underweight.Even diet supplements along wid regular meals are not workin.what2do?
Where can I get the soundtracks for the HotPants Workout DVD?
what is the best way to get rid of blackheads?
What kinds of vitamins or supplements can I take to help acne?
weird bumps on my foot?
what is the yellow bumps inside my finger?
I have acne and, if i smoke and take a shower 1 hour after will the toxins that make me break out go away?
red bumps everywhere and it's super itchy!?
Is Vicks Vaporub any good for Sunburns?
How to get rid of acne?
i always have a feeling of bugs crawling on me help?
what are the best scar treatments? Has anyone ever heard of Silicone patches?
what do u do if u have sever Eczema and they want to treat the symtoms?
i have a huge zit on my forehead and it hurts to much to pop... what do i do!?
I have a chocolate lab and he have this patchs on the skin and i don't know what exactly it is? Can somebody h?
How to get rid of acne?
i have a scar in the middle of my forehead how do i get rid of it?
what foods help clear breakouts?
What is coming out of my face?
HELP! What do you do when there is blood under the skin?
how to get rid of eczema on your head?
how to get rid of it fast?
How do i get rid of my acne?
Sweating...HELP! please:)?
Medical Practices and Discoveries from the years (1919-1935)?
is there a law in the state of texas concerning double diapering a child?
I heard Balsamic Vinegar can cause girls to get yeast infections...is this true?
information about cysts in the sinus cavities?
If I have a headache, stomach ache, body aches, diarreah, fever, and feel like vomiting what am i sick with?
What causes a bitter laste in my mouth especially after meals?
i want to know more about serosis of the liver,and hepatitis C.?
what is the name of the disease that the eye ball has trembles?
Any cure for aplastic anemia?
Lower back injury..?
can some one tell what to do when your neck hurts?
Help! My hair is falling out. I have been taking narcotics for back pain, is this why I'm losing my hair?
Chest Pains?
tissue damage around a joint?
Is there a kind of smoking paper longer than 110mm?
Why are tablets popular as dosage forms?
Is H2Ocean spray really better than home remedy of a mild sea salt and warm water solution?
Have any of you tried focus factor?
Dónde puedo comprar Protandim en Colombia? ¿Cuánto cuesta?
Whys everyone takin naps today?
Allergic reaction to depo provera shot?
How do you make gelatin with raw natural ingredients?
Heparin dosage calculations?
Question about shrooms?
I want to try Keto-7. Does anyone know anything about it?
How do you reduce tension knots in your shoulders??
How do you get rid of a bad fake tan?
What is the biggest nimber ever???
Which country is the main culprit for global warming?
How do you get rid of scars on your face? Does tanning help or hinder?
What do women think of anti ageing creams ?
How do I calculate my height percentile?
what do i do?
I am 32 years old and and my face is really dry and i wear makeup what can i do to bring moisture back to my f
can parents of a disabled child take and bring them into school until the aide arrives then leave?
what are methylxanthines?
Is anyone else that is allergic to grass get this kind of rash?
What allergy medication works best for you?
Is it possible that the H1N1 Vaccine made me devolop allergies 6 months later?
What makes me allergic to seafood?
bad bite? allergic reaction?
Cherry Eye.....?
If weed allergy season peaks in early October why are levels still extremely high in east Texas, where I live?
can discharge also be a sign of allergic reaction to a pantieliner?
Can I kiss someone after taking something they are allergic too?
Why when my allergies act up, does the inside of my nose at the very tip, my chin, and my throat all itch?
sometimes painful bulging vein in hand?
What Kind Of Knee Brace to Get?
How to rehabilitate a arm that has been in a cast?
I had an accident its about SALT!?
Doctors have told me nothing is wrong with my spine and I dont think its a strained muscle,please read details?
Top 10 STD disease in the philipines?
I am tested for chlamydia every 2 years, always negative yet now I have PID?
I think I mighht have concussion again... HELP PLEASE!!?
ok so me and my uncle were runnign?
What job is it where you put casts on broken bones?
pit bull and severe head concussion?
Should I go to the doctor about my knee?
I fell 9 days ago and hit a metal door frame under my knee. new bruises keep appearing. should i be concerned?
please help i have a problem?
I have a bump above my earring hole opening how can i get rid of it?
what are the symptoms of a spinal infection,and just how serious is it?
help me please? ? ? ?
I've been sick for almost a week?
Who has gone raw??? and has actually stuck with it?
Can you have your blood tested right away like a day or 2 once bitten by a suspectedly dengue mosquito?
How can I tell if my asthma has turned into Emphysema?
what is the duration of ulceration of the esophageal sphincter?
Asthma Question?
C Slice xray for checking heart arties?
do i have pneumonia or another serios problem?
are personal steam inhalers safe?
is there a inexpensive insurance for between jobs?
How Can We Reverse The Aging Process ?
In school we were always taugh that weed is really bad for you....?
Does the appendix really don't have functions?
what is a oesophageal diverticula?
what virus did my friend have?
is it better for me to smoke (puff)1 grape cigar a day, or 7-10 cigarettes a day for my health ?
Can the birth control mirena with diabetic women increase their chances of getting sick?
will i prob get cancer?
I keep shaking?!? not like shivering though?
do i have sleep apnoea?
is yaz birth control harmful to your heart?
What is the difference between positive inotropic and chronotropic?
how come when you have diarreah and as soon as you pull your pants down it comes out? is the pants a miracle?
I've worked retail P/T from time to time, and I've noticed it makes everyone's nose run. Why is that?
Is being 155cm considered short?
I just purchased a top of the line water ionizer....Is it safe to drink water beyond a 9.5 PH level?
i am searching for south suburban chicago african american personal trainers who will come to my home 2-3/week
what are the working conditions related to being a physical education teacher?
my throat is killing me!?
Has anyone taken or know the scoop on the medicine NAPROXCINE ?
do you always desire to sleep ?however,I have plenty of sleep,7hous per day.but I am still sleepy,why?
Why not four dog night? Can it get that cold?
How likely is it that a person who is experiencing a panic attack will have an actual heart attack?
I stand at work for up to 8 hours, so what are the best shoes to prevent backpain?
Does Suntan Lotion go bad after one season. Can you use last year's bottle?
I need a good long list of Wilsons Syndrom websites. I think that is what is my newest illness.?
hospital names in hawaii?
could i be overdosing on folic acid?
How much liquid can the average bladder hold?
Do hepatitis B shots expire (i.e. after 15 years)?
I just want to ask what is the problem on my eyes..i used to feel a flash of light on my eyes esp my right eye
Do the benefits of the anthrax vaccine outweigh the risks?
what are the nursing management of redtide poisoning?
Does Raynalds have anything to do with migraine headaches?
What Can Induce An Appendix Attack?
does the fibroids make your stomoch grow big?
can an inhibited protein synthesis in a pancreatic cell still allows secretion in that cell?
How many U.S. Inmates were HIV positive in 1990? Need source of info. for research..Thanks!?
What are the Nursing and Medical Management of Diaphragmatic Hernia?
what is the full details of symptoms of "stomach calculus"?
Why would my ankles and legs hurt me at the end of the day?
never done drugs before-i need a lil help?
What is an amphetamine? Do any illegal drugs contian this? If not, how is it possible to fall a drug test?
someone please give me a doctors note?
How can a 13 year old girl get rid of her D sized breasts, in a healthy way?
know any Natural remedies for slight acne?
Why do some people get bruies easier than others?
What gets rid of unwanted hair for ever?
I like wearing shoes without socks. How can I keep my shoes from smelling?
How Many People Out There Have Red Hair?
What shampoo is best for a thick haired?
ACL and Meniscus reconstruction surgery done. Rehabilitation period?
the part in between my cheekbone and my under eye is swollen?
Could violent vomiting cause Gastroesophageal Reflux (GER)?
I think i have a trapped nerve in my foot?
please help me! my ankle hurts terribly!?
Can a knee injury such as spraining of a ligament cause muscle shrinkage in the thigh?
wen u have stretched ur ears n took out your plugs then u want to stretch again is it easier?
Unseen bruise on kneecap?
Bruising/ Knots?! anything i should do?
is it bad if you take deep breaths and blow on your thumb?
Shoulder and Shoulder Blade Pain...?
Am i just been paranoid?
if someone is born with AIDS in how much time he dies???(without drugs)?
what does it feel like when you get licked out?
I need help with back acne!?
Any tricks to get rid of xiema....or dry skin?
Can I use Proactive and salicylic acid treatment for acne?
acne help needs to go away soon A.S.P!!!!!!!!?
Problem acne and zits on back How to remove?
What can you do to ease the symptoms of rosacea?
Anyone know any good desserts that aren't bad for acne?
Been wearing my watch a lot, noticed an itch. took off watch this morning. marks on wrist r scabby, red, why?
What kind of bug bite does this look like? (Picture)?
is there a fast ways to get rid of bruises fast?
What's the best acne cleaner?
A squirrel scratched my lip and now I have a small red bump. Could it be deadly?
What skin infection do I have?
I have a small bump on my foot what is it?
What happens if you avoid ingrown hairs?
Best overnight acne treatment?
Big Boil. How to pop it.?
Is there anyway to get rid of scars?
question about acne ??????
ingrown toenail can i run ?
is advil pm a strong enough pill for my situation?
Has anyone tried homeopathy for a child with cerebral palsy?
what is a home remedie for tingling burning hands?
if your dhea is low, is it good to take a supplement?
I need drugs????!!!!!!!?
am i going to have bad withdrawal from xanax?
Cetirizine hydrochloride?
Advise needed health wise?
how people get astigmatism and why?
is ipill available in chennai ?
what is the treatment for alcohol and drugs?
What is the difference between blueberry and bilberry in terms of eye benefit?
has anyone had to have eye surgery for a...?
What is gelothology?
where can I purchase toilet hats?
How do I motivate myself when I feel tired and have no energy?
I think I have an addiction problem?
need ideas how to orient new doctors to the nursing unit?
Can you give me factual medical information on bipolar manic depression?
What is good for lowering depression?
How can I lobby for mental health?
Are enneagram test accurate?
Saaaaaaaad MAN?
Why do I sometimes forget names or numbers that I know well, just to remember them the next day?
We're simply dumping our mentally ill citizens on the street upon discharge, what can we do to solve this?
is there a doctor in the room, having mood swings,on a emotional roller coaster ..?
My best friend thinks shes bipolar?
what are the psycological changes that occur in the elderly?
What am i ?
How do you deal with suicidal thoughts even if your taking antidepressants?
whar atr yhe symptons of pulmonary artery disease?
what are the statistics of adolescence and adults dealing with body dysmorphic disorder?
what exactly is the meaning of schizo-affective disease?
neck pain help!!!!!!!!!!?
What in the world is that clear black stuff that floats in my eye?
Why did you do it?
Should I take White Willow Bark supplements instead of Naproxen?
Are bi-polar and self harm closely related?
Help??? I am having sharp pains on the side of my head!!!?
Is a headache physical pain or mental pain?
I had tumor removed inside spinal cord pressing brain stem lots of pain Lside face, now bad odor from L ear?
I got a sharp pain by my ear up into my temple and into my cheek and jaw and neck,any ideas what caused it?
i have a rotator cuff surgery for ove a month and feel so much pain never get over?
why i always got pain at my left brain?
Why doesnt the hospital put a cast on you when you brake your toes??
What is a good way to get rid of inflammation in your feet? Thanks!?
Strange headache?
has anyone been refered to methadone program?
pain management?
Is this gym workout OK for weight loss and toning?
in phase one in soutbeach diet should i folow the exactly diet for a day or what do i do???
is it possible for peaple to get shorter?
how many crunches should i do right now?
i loose 31 pounds of my body weight followins advice of a dietiatian, how can i maintain it.?
Are protein powders effective?
what has been proven the most effective piece of home exercise equipement , for weightloss ,for cardio?
I'm going to Tijuana for cosmetic surgery... has anyone else out there done this??
Has anyone ever tried the redline supplement pills? need reviews on it?
How do you eat better for your nutricious, delicious, healthy diet?
swolen gum cheek is puffed out?
Did I get food poisoning?
Do I just have a cold or worse?
what are the sympyoms of mono?
Where can I get the FluMist vaccine?
is ink poisoning real?
Im looking esoteric workout machines that the old inshape gyms used?
What is the recommended amount of calcium your body needs each day?
is strep throat lethal?
when I move my eyes quikly in a single direction i sometimes see a black spot for a moment..is this normal?
Clustering Migraines..?
i am 25 yrs old female. i have pain in my legs.calcium test shows that -1.1 which doctors says its osteopenia?
I get this eye problem that happens ....?
Is there really a need for aerated drinks to be banned in schools?
what is the childhood disease, roleosis? I think I may have spelled it wrong,any answers?
Are there any home remedies to cure Acid Reflux?
What is Interpersonal Nursing Theory?
Is it possible to touch poison ivy, then touch your ears, and have your ears break out but not your hands?
How long can the Staph Virus live outside the human body?
how can a craniotomy patient be taught to do the swollowing?are there any course regarding this?
do i need to provide a interpreter for a deaf patient?
VSC stands for what?
Has anyone here completely lost their hearing? How did it start? What were the signs?
question bout STD's?
I want to know the symptom of thalassaemia? I am 52 years old. Lately I feel very tired and having hair-loss?
Does acupuncture treat gallbladder diseases?
How Can We Reverse Headaches Of All Kinds ?
Should active voluntary euthanasia be legalized?
do i have an eating disorderr....?
This is 4 the Doctors and/or senior residents?
How long does alcohol stay in the blood stream after drinking it?
what's better? wiping from the front or back and why?
how long does drugs stay in your urine?
I have reelie bad pain just above my stomach, its stoppin me eating anyone know wot it is?
Tell me more about cancer research?
where do i find the shot to help you quit smoking in utah?
Opinions on Kenny, Raymond P MD or Celebre, Louis J, MD--gastoenterologists in Bloomfield/Glen Ridge,NJ area?
I have been having fever for almost 2 months now and depends on paracetamol. is it safe?
Help!!!!JAMMED FOOT!!!!!!!!?
My Ankle What could be wrong?
How do I get a marker stain out of my white shirt?
Soccer and the knee injuries?
Association of Massage Therapist and Wholistic Practitioner(AMTWP)?
My wrist hurts, what should i do?
Ankle sprain(?) treatment?
Tenderness in lower left rib!?
Has radioactive iodine treatment made any men infertile?
are there any non-online stores where I can buy castor oil?
can children donate their cornea?
Where can I buy sample sizes of hand lotion for gift bags?
Is laser eye surgery effective?
Prescriptions/ Dates?
Do I have a concussion?
meps blood glucose question?
Does whiplash pain suddenly come back?
How can I cure gout naturally?
abbott laboratories?
Can we diagnose Diabetes from the images of islets of langerhans?
How do I know if I'm more insulin resistant or I'm not making enough insulin?
gabapentin side effects?
What exactly does it mean when the white blood cells eat the red ones?
describe ktones effect on diabetics?
what and how do I know what to take other than Medicare?
where can i get a free diabets test done in Leeds, UK?
My dad has diabetes and wants surgery for a torn shoulder cuff. He's over 60 years old.?
what is the normal immunoglobulin e level and what does it mean if you have a score of 794?
I need a list of vegetables and their carb values!?
Do you take Lantus or Detemir?
When the label don't tell you if its not reccommended for use by diabetic's?
i have fear of exam so guid me.?
Today my mom had eye surgery. The doctor said she had trouble with the regional anesthesia. Read details!?
Why do my eyes hurt so bad after only a few minutes of being on the computer? I have glasses that I wear and?
Any tips of taking an accurate blood pressure???
why when someone hurts your heart, and you open your chest, its just an organ pumping blood doing its job.?
I have migraines a lot lately. I usually take imitrex. I hate the rapid heart symptom. Is there anything else?
Are You Familiar With Dr. Uffe Ravnskov's Work - Showing The Lack Of Evidence Behind Anti Cholesterol Campaig
What can this mean?
what are the advantages of SIMV in general?
What is the main (one) force driving filtration in the glomerular capillaries?
About how much tar builds up in human lungs after 1 year of smoking?
Sleep apnea consultation.......?
I always do jogging everyday for 45 minutes on a treadmill inside an air con room. Will I have lung disease?
Do the following factors generally increase or decrease the respiratory rate and depth?
What is the best way i can help myself not get pneumonia again?
what is the lysogenic cycle?
Is it possible to cured it totally? Please anybody help me ?
ok im 15 i dont want my parents to know i got gonorrhea im using amoxicillian and im feeling a diffeence would?
my friend had his last probation report today and they asked him to do a cotton swab test.?
Can you get cold sores from kissing someone even if they don't have them?
My Friend Thomas got crabs?
how many std symptoms do you have to have to have stds?
I may have gonnorhea and need some advice?
Shoulder needs popped out?
A strange old wound, what could it be?
how to release shoulder muscle pain?
Small injuries leading to big bruises?
I hurt my knee training. I wanna know what injury I have and if I should go back to training in two days?
How long is the surgery for nerve repair in ring finger?
I have a head full of painful head knots and lumps noone can figure it out they are red and black and really?
How well does your foot recover from a bunionectomy?
I have an eye bleb according to my doctor what can I do to make it go away faster?
Why is my rib hurting:(?
How deep is a deep self harm cut?
what does dental public health mean ?
RN.best way at 52 to re-enter the work force. Recently took a class on Billing and coding for hospitals & Dr.?
Is my life over?
How can a person get more info b4 choosing an orthopedic surgeon?
What Causes our skin to itch when there is nothing there?
Sometimes I see my Floaters when using a computer? normal?
What are the health side effects of concrete demolition dust to humans?
what is CNA/PRN?
do u have any tips on how to become a model?
i cannot put my contact lense on after cutting onions...IT BURNS!!!?
blue algae vs. ritalin the affects on children?
lost glasses?
When and who invented the medical tool known as an "eye dropper"?
job recruitment agencies for health and social care in new zealand?
I have have a giant sore on my bum. how do i remove it?
I am thinking to go for lasik surgery, but scared too,?
Pls can anyone help.Serious!!!?
Any known health benefits of ear stretching? (potentially ayurvedic)?
Legal plant drugs that I can grow inside?
can i use a 100mm cigarette roller on 78mm paper?
Can i take one a day women ? (vitamin)?
Contact Lenses Help!!?
On a 15 mL mixed solution, what is the cc per lbs on the following dosage?