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what is the best way to fast?
Will eating 134 chocolate chip chunk cookies really make me feel better?
i want to slim down, whats your best idea to do this?
When you quit smoking, is it normal after 30 days to be cranky and shakey???
diabetes. what is the best diet for a south indian?
How much do you all work out a day?
what is a phobia of midgets called?
I had a strange dream, who can tell me what it means or how it happened?
is anyone taking lexapro? what has it done 4 u?
how do i get rid of this habit of daydreaming?
fullmoon nigth walking at Kennth hanne recretion park on march 14 06?
What's the best way to potty train a 4 yr old boy with mild cerebral palsy?
How do I find out informatin about prescription meds I have been taking?
is it bad if you work out a lot when your not fully grown and if it is bad what does it do thats bad.?
what happens if you swallow hydrogen peroxide by accident?
How does asprin or tylenol work to make headaches go away?
i want to get my w2 form from maxim healthcare inc,?
Do you have better than 20/20 eyesight? If you do...?
why doctors and hospitals underinvest in tools to improve the quality of diagnoses?
multiple sclerois symptons?
do you know any thing about dehydroepiandrosterone and the body making to much of it?
what is tendosit??
What exactly is Fibromyalgia?
Can you get a STD by trying on bathing suits without underwear?
Does soap kill aids i am Curious?
Is chlamydia more likely to cause burning when urinating, or urgency to urinate?
How long should one take Plavix after having a stent put in?
Heart transplate surgery?
Lower Abdomen, Intestine discomfort?
Is it true if you are a Cancer (sign) you are more likely to get Cancer, than say a Gemini?
Is fluoride a carcinogen?
How many teens get lung cancer a year?
All these cause high blood pressure except?
is it safe to take birth control when you have type 2 diabetes?
How many toes do you have?
ITCHY SUNBURN!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help! I have 32 mosquito bites on my legs!?
HELP!!!!!!!!!!! Is my thumb wart going to spread to my face?
How to clear up acne?
EW, Is this normal and what is it.?
plz help!!! i had acne, but now i think i have acne scars, and i seen a dermothologist once, and he said that?
Can you die from Mosquitoes die ?
Acne break outs, help?
help with sweaty hands problem?
Roommate has mysterious skin rash HELP! What is it and is it contagious?
Acne on my chest... What can I do?
I think my child has a ringworm?
does pulmanary fibrosis have anything to do with aids?
Who sells Acomplia in the U.S.A. I live in Wis. and would like to buy it?
Will there be a cure for Cystic Fibrosis soon?
What is Lung infection, isnt it the same as Pneumonia?
Regarding lung nodules:?
what herbal supllements or vitamins are recommended for emphysema?
what is the relation between no. of white blood cells with asthma?
intraventricular conduction delay?
Does birth control have any effects on heart murmurs? (Docs/heath students only)?
is it safe to take sinutab and bromhexine at the same time?
how long are prescriptions good for?
Are there any type of dietary supplement pills that are safe and work?
Natural Earwax Removal?
Que es mejor el MMS o el Agua Oxigenada? los dos tienen el mismo efecto? Gracias?
How can I get over my cold so I have an appetite for thanks giving dinner.?
Being Bipolar and Smoking pot.?
what diseases can you get only once you know like chicken pox.?
What are some cures for Mutations?
Is it possible to have meningitis without a fever?
am i gonna get ink poisoning?!?
Stomach flu going around. Help?!?
What is Teething Fever?
can someone help me with this symptoms?
What are the best appetite suppressants on the Market?
Do we have lump during chiicken pox??? Need advice on chicken pox?
What is Leaky Gut Symptoms?
can penicillin inhibit e. coli bacterial growth?
How to fracture your foot easily?
Knee injury, help please!!!?
Does it hurt if you broke your leg worse than you did before???????????
why wont this go away?
Cut finger on a band saw. how long is it going to take to heal?
Swollen finger joint? Help?
Knee injury from falling down stairs?
Could I be allergic to cats?
I burned my arm what should i do!?
pin and needles, itchy, headache, nausea?
I slammed my finger on friday and now its purple?
If you're allergic to something, can you still reap benefits?
Question about cool air humidifier?
Does insurance cover medical alert bracelets for those with severe allergies and asthma?
A question on Jind Mahi?
who is the oldest person?
I want an explanation of wholeness?
why dose some hair grow faster in some places?
i have to have my tea/coffee nice and sweet?
Please be HONEST with this...Who stayed up all last night without sleep & plans on not going 2 sleep, but out?
Which is the best hospital in UK or Europe for knee replacement surgery please?
What is earwax for?
is it possible for loud noises from outside,like roadworks etc to cause a headache if you are asleep?
24 hours after 5 night cruise I still feel like I'm swaying. No sickness, just unsteady. When will this end?
If you live in the 2nd story of a very old 2 story apartment complex, what would you do if an earthquake hits?
How often do you dream?
How can you get rid of the record of all the questions u have asked or answered on Yahoo Answers?
We have a five month old girl child. We feel she suffers from constipation.?
How many people uses and/has used Sayman Salve?
How do you prevent flatulance and defacation at pizza hut? Is that place always prone to that sort of stuff?
how long does pot stay in your system?
Is it true that we will be more likely to die of an ice age than old age?
I have a repetitious job and have burnout? Any suggestions how to recover?
Is drinking milk or other dairy products is bad when your hung over?
how to put on weight?
where can i buy ultimate body building encyclopedia by arnold schwarzenegger? i am in the philippines.?
I know i have a UTI what kind of anti biotics are usually prescribed? I know its usually Sulfa Based.?
where can i find a chemist open in norwich area today Monday 17th April?
can stomach ulcer be medically cured finally and how?
I've been told that I got a bacterial infection,how serious this can be? I havent seen a doctor as yet.?
what does personal health care mean ?
I want to know is it possible that we learn "reiki" without teacher?
I need a nutrition author whose last name is Davis?
is a website available to compare medigap policies side by side.?
where can i get a part-time gro shopper/mopper for $8.00/hr?
is there a general graph or scale to ascertain the correct blood oxygen levels in a range of adults?
can i use Bactroban Cream as nasal application?
does vinegar help clean your system?
Can your arteries still be clogged when your overall cholesterol level is good?
what is toxon?
Sumone plezz tell me about 'DRUGS' !... i mean the 'dangerous' ones...?
how long does a person live after being diagnosed with lupus?
What is a sure sign that I am having a gall bladder attack?
what is the latest treatment for transverse myelitis?
picture of alzheimer disease?
how does a person get that flesh eating disease that I've seen recently in the news?
does the color of emmiss mean anything?
what is the real reason a person gets (ARDS) and dies?
Anybody had gall bladder sugery?
is methadone ever prescribed for pain management and not heroin addiction?
If you have a prescription from a doctor, should you be allowed to fill it through a licensed online pharmacy?
I just went to Sanibel Florida and I got bit by those no-see-um bugs.?
solution for hammertoes?
pittsburgh's fobes hospitals?
It's 2:06 in the freaking morning, and I can't sleep. Got any ideas how I can?
what is drug?
Any one seeking solution for their sickness or disease? what is troublesome you and how long has it happened?
Why do joints hurt when the weather is rainy or cold?
sharp pain in elbow?
Foot pain 101 needed...?
Differences in Hydrocodone/ Generic Vicodin?
how dangerous is it to mix vicodin with tylenol 3?
Why have i gotten pain on my knees these last weeks?
I'm 25, suff. frm neck pain and shlder pain, i hve cervical Spondolysis frm 3 mnths,doc adv no surgery, help?
does anybody know ........?
What can I do about my Chronic Pancreatitis pain without taking my pain meds?
Headache Question?
About OTC painkillers and how they work?
what can i do about this?
What level of pain do you have to be in before you decide to call in sick to work?
Alternatives to Acetaminophen?
pain killer etobolze 400mg #7 Is this the correct spelling?
does avanza cause bizarre dreams?
I have been seeing a dream..details given below...please help me interpret it..?
what are ergonic aids?would you recommend them for sports person?
Is it okay to wear a shirt if it had the blood of another person on it that has had AIDS?
Can you get an STD from getting a bj?
what does this sign mean for herpes <9.0-?
Knee injuries! Please help!?
How do I know If I fractured, sprained, or broke my wrist?
How can you break a bone?
pseudoarthrosis in the tibia?
Is my finger broken or just injured?
if you break your back and sever the spinal cord do you lose control of your bowels?
How do you walk on crutches, with your casted foot behind or in front?
people on weight watchers?
zero calorie foods?
should i eat first before working out? or work out first before eating?
how can i reduce my weight in very few days?
what is the target fitness zone?????
What are some good exercises for ITB syndrome?
what are the signs of dehydration?
Does anyone have a diet that will help me lose weight, but not force me to eat nasty things?
where can i find a list of healthy foods to to shop with out buying artifical foods with perservitives?
what are the best exercises and diets to loose fat around the midsection?
are pholcodine otc (over- the -counter) drugs?
access endrametaoligy?
i think i have a sty?
What shall I do about a mole I want removed?
How can I get rid of dark spots left by acne?
I need major help with my acne?
How to get rid of blackheads.?
will eating water melons turn my skin black?
How to cure my oily skin?? 10 p oints best answer promsied!?
Neosporin and Peroxide for acne?
Questions about making a dermatologist appointment?
is rubbing alcohol good to put on your face for acne?
How do I get rid of this wart?!?
About these stretch marks............and im a guy?
whats a good way to get rid of zits in like 3 weeks?
What skin disease do you think this is/its cause?
I Wake up in the morning coverd in really itchy bumps?
Why do i have itchy skin... please help!?
Is this a good plan for my acne?
how to get rid of really dry and flaky skin fast?
I have a bump under my armpit? Kind of painful.?
Is uncontrolled active bleeding at present time, considered an intensity of service?
Tingling feeling in the back of throat?
Home rememedies for the common cold?
I have strep and the flu! HELP?
how to prevent mosquitoes....?
Is it common to have spots on your tonsils when you have strep throat?
what colleges have nursing anesthetist courses?
Do they test for pills in court ordered drug tests and how long do they take to get out of your system?
Are pizza hut workers ever hungry? When do they eat if they get hungry?
What are the facts of laser tattoo removal?
Whats the most consecutive sneezes you've had?
How can you relax at home?
how do you become a flobotimist?
my period comes on the second week of every month.but it came on again at the third weekof may.whatdoesitmean
Can allergies cause ear aches on both sides?
What grades do you have to have in order to be a vet?
Hi. I Have Tinnitus(Viz) in my ear's.My ear's damage in army for gun shot. How I can Treatment it?
what is the best way to help a fatty liver?
I have the hiccups... how can I get rid of them?
Will California State pay a family member to care for the elderly?
I had AV node re-entry for 20 years. Has anyone ever experienced recieving a drug called Adenocard?
how to cure wet hands and feets? is there any medicine fo this? alternative medicines.?
Girls if a guy knocks u up at a early age would u get a abortion or have the babe, and why.?
What are the health/medicinal benefits from taking cannabis?
is lasik surgery for removing short sight safe?
why do i get diarrhea from vit.d pills?
my upper stomach hurts alot,like right in the middle of my rib cage,i never felt pain there before,what is it?
Where can I buy a good magnifying glass?
what are different corrective procedures fo exstrophy of the blatter?
Need information about the Heart Protection Study from Merck?
Does anyone know how I can lower my resting heart rate?
is it ok to be on antidepressants?
8 Out Of 9 Members Of the NCEP Have Direct Financial Ties To Statin Drugs?
do i need to fast before going to the cardiologist for the first time?
is their any stuff or anything you can buy?
cyanosis in children?
Can this kind of mucinex get you high?
Is Valerian Root safe to take frequently?
What's considered LOW blood pressure?
can i take adipex with klonipin and hctz?
Would taking D Mannos help get rid of Kidney stones?
What drugs are safer?
is there any difference between the malignt hypertension and accelarated hypertension ? by dr.ramesh kinnera.?
I have a grade 3 AC seperation should i get surgey? ?
What can you tell me about primrose oil?
How much prune juice should I drink?
Chewed up lip..how to prevent infection and promote healing?
i was having trouble taking lipitor,could i try another statin?
I heard on the news that bird flu has had it's first case of spreading person to person...Is it true??
i have spasm formation in my stomach. i have to take magnesium ascorbate,amino acid chelate, can you plz tell?
how long to recover from left common iliac bypass graft surgery?
what is the average life span for someone who has rheumtoid arthritis?
What is the most simple definition of a support group?
my nose gets blocked if i dont use any nasal drop within 6-7 hours, what do i do?
What is the fundamental principle of exercise?
What causes you to feel your heart beating & thumping loudly against your chest sometimes?
why can't the eye ball freeze?
Which new Medicare drug plan should I enroll my parents in?
why am I so lonely while im surrounded with.. people that i can't comminicate with?
is there a cure for pagets disease of the bone?
hypermetropia in children -is it for lifetime or does the vision become normal as they grow?
What are the side effects of taking a laxative and then consuming a lot of liquor and beer?
When you can"t get your breath...?
what is schmagma?
when should i go to see a doc about balding without over reacting!?!?
can the noni juice be used in the treatment of diabetics?
medication occicodun?
can u tell me a good diet, for a diabetic to put on weight?
Is there a place in Morgan Co.that will help with my insulin cost to much?
What can cause bood in urine of a woman who's 45?
Is Prandin helping with your Diabetes ?
about diabetes?
Recipes for home made salad dressing for diabetics?
Colostrol level change?
Any success stories for the use of Exubera (Inhalable Insulin).?
Type 1 diabetes blood results?
is there any site which is used for live diagnosis?I mean getting diagnosed and chat with doctors?
My allergies are HORRIBLE and allergy medicine isn't working?
i have a caucasian and his eyes has been red for weeks with mucus coming out.?
Im allergic to specific types of fried chicken?
How long will it take for my Hives to go away?
When I plug my nose and try to blow air through it, i shoot some kind of liquid out of my left eye?
what kind of snacks can you get for someone who is allergic to sugar?
Unknown allergy? IBS? Stomach problems causing issues!?
2 Months ago , I had an allergic reaction to lipbalm , Why is there still a rash?
Im Sick I have a Running Nose Everytime i breathe in through my nose its freezing and kinda hurts?
How am I supposed to know what I'm allergic to?
Does Sudafed make you sleepy or not?
Can I take casein protein?
A friend of mine has lymphoma, the most curable one, I think Hodgkin's Lymphoma...?
im 13 years old and last couple days my hands have been tingling?
Lately if a walk a little bit, it feels as if my brain swells?
Do u think you can get cancer by bleaching your face?
Is this a low blood pressure?
What's happening to me :'(?
Second day of quiting smoking?
are either of these genetic?
my mom had cancer and her mom had cancer..?
How long after sinus surgery do you start feeling better?
This might be weird, but I burned myself and now i feel sick?
Will the numbness ever go away?
signs of concussion a day later?
Could this be a fracture unseen?
Can I correct an arm size/strength imbalance from radial nerve palsy?
Repost : Ankle always clicks when rotated?
Foot and toe pain after ankle sprain and fracture?
I got a third degree and it didn't hurt?
Swelling between thumb and forefinger ? help?
How long do oral herpes (cold sores) last for?
In the city of Atlanta, is there anywhere you can take free STD/HIV testing at any clinics?
Why do so many people in here hate me because I have herpes?
what is the difference between "Nifedipine, and Felodipine"?
What is the cause of Regurg?
is any amount of tanning safe?
Need proof! Can i be nude in my own backyard even though next door can see me? Am i breaking the aust Law?
My mom's WBC is 67,000. She had a CT scan and we won't know the results until TUesday. What could it be?
kindly,define the confined spaces in construction industry?
kindly,advise at what noise level shall people wear ear protection?
I have a percocet question.?
Any parents out there with a child with Autism?
scabies and swimming?
What does it mean when I hear my pulse in my ears?
what's the best natural cure for allergies?
how does pcp affect human beings and what is it used for?
which is the best method to increase your height?
For an average man, how long is he/she can stay alive without eating any food except plain water?
did anyone ever hear of someone dying unexpectedly, & there was no explanation for why that person died.?
Can cluster migraine headaches be a symptom of taking synthroid?
stretch marks?
can you be put to sleep for insertion of chest tube?
does licex work for head lice?
i had 3 pints of beer but to my surprise the alcohol content when tested by cops after an hour was nil.y so?
How could I overcome my ssssssstammer?
What habit do you have, or someone else that just drives you up the wall?
How To Make Legs Bigger?
can male hormone pills help you develop muscle and grow up quicker?
how would you behave?
Do you take care of an elderly parent?Please tell me your situation?
What is rubella? And is it contagious?
Foot pain, help!!!?
What cause this pain?
What is the correct way to put on a knee brace?
Are there people out there who take Vicodin?
Am I wheat intolerant or up the duff?
Used thermacare the first time and heard an alarm sound in my home, wondering if it emits any carbonmonoxide?
Help? Why does my ankle hurt?
What are the interactions of the drugs allopurinol and benazepril?
What is the pneumonia vaccination protocol ?
What do you know about Calydor Sanatorium in Gravenhurst?
If smokers could get the same fix by breathing through an inhaler, similar to that of an asthmatic...?
does anyone know what side effects you could get from a prednisone iv?
define lytic, persistent, latent as these apply to animal viruses.?
Looking for AA meetings in West Yellowstone, MT?
does anyone have advice on what i can do about my anxiety attacks..?
Any good books on building self esteem and confidence?
I am costantly worried what others think of me and tend to over analyze how can this be fixed??
what are typical heroine withdrawal symptoms?
Could Neurontin cause spotting?
I am currently taking Lithium carbonate and Adderal XR (and have been on these 2 drugs for awhile now).?
My son has epilepsy is there a cure?
Why can I not feel any real happiness?
When I feel very low ,I tell myself may be I will die tomorrow and it helps.Do you think I am abnormal?
what to do with ingrown hairs that turn into boils?
numbness in face after maxillofacial surgery?
My daughter suffers with severe depression ND will not take her medication when out of hospital please help?
are loquats good for you?
Is hypochondria a legitimate condition, or is it just an excuse people use for lack of attention?
Are contacts available for eyes with cylinder i.e. correction of eye axis?
where can i get jalopeno balm used as pain killer?
Can anyone give me info on Epstein-Barr virus?
Wh is it beneficial to eat the peel of an orange?
Garlic and nausea???????
HIV/AIDS test results question?
Does H1-B lead to AIDS?
Would a body temp of 35 degrees C be considered hypothermia?
discuss the economic importances of microorganisms.?
Quuestion about Flagyl Antibiotic Tablets?
Anyone know what these symptoms could be?
During initial HIV infection, the HIV virus attaches to CD4 receptors on a macrophage and then...?
I have fistula. Does smoking or drinking affects it?
Why is it that we get chills?
how do you treat tonsillitis? Am I taking the right precautions?
hair drug testing details?
Hyperthyroidism and conception?
Derma Rollers: do they work?
what is the vitamin d3 supplement formula? 1,25 or 25 ?
I have hyPOtension, could any of these supplements be affecting my blood pressure?
How to get rid of a pinched nerve in a shoulder caused by a friend?
10 pts: Does a broken finger (the distal phalange index) need to be treated by a doctor?
my scaffold piercing has been bleeding since yesterday and ive had it done for 3 month what do i do?help?!?
Whats wrong with my knee?
I've been cleaning a house with mold and now my throat feels funny:(..........................................?
I hurt my hip in November.. But why does it still look swollen?
Urgent! Please help! Ankle hurts!?
Fell over a year ago and now have knee pain, need help!?
The top of my foot hurts?
How do I make my neck feel better?
I am having tingling and numbness in my left trapezius muscle or left shoulder blade.It happens all of sudden.?
My shoulders keep clicking when i do press ups (push ups)?
My middle finger is swollen and bruised?
My friend just got back surgery for two damage ligaments in his back, how long would he be in the hospital for?
what does it mean when your T wave changes are nonspecific on an EKG?
Why do you have diarea with cardiac braycardia. I heard it is a sign of heart falure?
why edema short time before and during menstruation?
i need information on heart murmur?
continued potassium issue?
Does someone know where i can find 2007 CPR or BLS Guidlines? Or if you know them by heart can you write..?
Diabetes range is ok?
is it ok to work out if you have a cold?
how can i speed up my disability?
i have the stripe throat! and i need help!wat can i take for it? the local stores are closed! the doc r 2!?
If your a shy guy, but also good looking, how do you get more girls?
Are my contact lenses switched?
Is this the verge of life or death for me? SCARED?
Whats the best way to find a doctor you like and connect with?
How can I tell whether my husband has a terrible illness (which he is keeping secret)?
how do you get rid of hiccups?
Coworkers husband has cancer...?
Why do I crave something sweet when I wake up from a daytime nap?
What are some of the side effects of being anemic?
Can a silver necklace cause cancer?
What are your chances of getting cancer if your aunt has cancer?
Why do people have fingernails?
is it cancer? really scared?
What does an enema feel like? I found out that I will be getting one?
does neosporin sting?
How do you cure sore throat?
Diarrhea in the morning? Serious Answers only, please.?
Do I have low blood pressure?
Should i just get laser eye surgery?
What are the best remedies for kidney stones?
How does Tagament vs Asiphex do? Is one as good as the other?
I keep spitting up these hard yellow round things that smell really bad what is it please help me?
How do I resist the temptation of a cigarette when everyone I live with smokes?
Do you know what is the best food supplement?
oww i just got my ear picered up top where there is .lots of cartalage and it hurts like .. how can i sooth it
my night light keeps me awake but if i turn it off i get scared what should i do?
I found some pills at my house and i want to identify them where can i look?
Do you have psoriasis ? what do you do for it ? how does it make you feel ?
Expiration dates on tylenol (or similar to tylenol caplets)?
How can i curb appetite while on med that inceases appetite?
dialated pupils?
if you get light headed every time you stand up, mmk don't u just get a blood test?
Wart question.......................?
What is having no cones in your eye called?
do they numb you when they have to cut small things out from your skin?
Quick treatment to razor burn?
What are some good remedies for facial scars??
my hands are sweatingg does anyone know a way for it to stop?
I have ringworm all over my body and it doesnt seem to be healing PLEASE HELP!?
if u have a painful bump on your back?
my husband started itching and then getting whelps. It is on his hands, legs, stomach.?
what can bumps on the back of my kids arms be?
Why is there red bumps on my bikini line?
I was picking out the hairs on my legs with tweezers :|?
how to soothe really dry hands?
Is there any way to get rid of old scars?
What can I use for acne...that will actually work?
I have a bunch of really bad scars what is the best way to get rid of them?
How to control eczema? Gets Worse When Stressed..?
What is it?......................................?
is my daughter allergic to hotdogs?
Can i but raspberry tea on my nose piercing?
Is Holmes Harmony air purifier...?
Soar throat? I think i had a reaction.?
Steroid Testing. Yes or No?
My eyes and nose are running like taps after 20 sneezes?
morning sneezing in the morning?
I'm severely allergic to penicillin my partner is taking it, am I in danger?
Mouth started watering?!!?
HELP???? was eating food fast , and think a tiny piece of food went up my nasal cavity while chewing fast....?
what causes continuous side pains even after medical consultations?
What is the best kind of massaging chair to get?
My friend has been getting terrible headaches all day, what is wrong?
i just burst a spot?
Anyone heard of a bar of soap placed in your bed relieves back/leg pain?
What could be causing my pain?
Does Alzheimers usually run in the family?
treatment ofradial nerve injury with supracondylar fracture in children?
Does anyone know if taking phentermine alone causes pulmonary hypertension?
If someone loses their spleen, Can they get mono with it being an infection of the spleen?
Have anyone of you seen the case of adult onset hemihyperplasia?
what does agonist mean?
what is.....?
How dangerous are tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigaretss?
3 years 6 months baby has tonsil infection ... how do i cure either operation or laser treatment .. any idea?
Christmas Tree's and Asthma?
Contact Lenses..HELP!!!!?
Is getting charged $400 to remove one small mole normal?
how do you get over your ex-girlfriend for good?
Someone help me understand this dream?
DESPERATE PLEASE will you send WARM thoughts to heal my friend IRINA?
Why are we fearful of things? What creates that feeling and how do we get rid of it?
what is the treatment for cholinesterase inhibitors?
Will i lose what i have learnt or memory when someone hit my head ?
What are the most important vaccines to be given in the first year of a baby?
how can i stop involuntary actions like lip biting?
What causes headaches?
Best Ankle Brace / Support for the Anterior Talofibular Ligament?
My knee is starting to hurt?
Concussion Still after 5 months?
did i sprain my wrist?
Is my nose broken? Idk if it is?
How do I make injuries scar fast?
knee wont straighten... and when it does it hurts?
when would you need immobolization of your ankle?
is my hand broken, fractured, or brusied?
I did back flip and smacked my head on ground?
taking the cast off from broken nose ?
what causes swelling when you get hit?
Dr. out there? gotta killler sore throat & no voice?
I am having n eye infection (red eye) wat should i put in my eye??
where can i find % daily value information for young children?
why is it important to be thorough?
what r signs of a sinus infection?
What part of the human body's blood creates new blood cells and what might cause the need for a transfusion?
What could cause chronic pain in left shoulder to get suddenly worse so that I cannot raise my left arm?
Lamictal and Rash?
Why are you all asking question that need to be asked by your own doctors ?
There is a foot soaking system called "Ion Detox", that claims to rid the body of toxins, is this a hoax?
Swelling on wrist with joint pain?
yesterday it was it for me........?
what makes you jealous?????
Can teens be drug free w/ Bipolar or Depression? Info needed on Cymbalta Lexapro Lanictal?
optimum mental ability?
In the morining i don't eat breakfest a neither at lunch nor at home i have no appetite what should i do?
Is it normal that i'm attracted to big girls? and am I the only one?
i have a scar on my stomach from hot water how can i get red of it its only a couple months old?
how to dsesitize one year old babby boy from milk allergy?
What is pollen allergy?
Why do people ask medical related questions on answers?
Will Reincarnation ever come back?
im an iv meth user what causes a miss and where did my veins go, will they repair themselves and come back?
i am in paterson nj and i am looking for a medicenter nearby?
how long does it take to get rid of a cold?
My dougther has AST 800-1000.What should we do?
i have nose problems it bleeds all the time!!?
Does sunscreen expire?
I'm thinking about laser eye treatment with Ultralase at £1500 an eye!?
DayQuil or NyQuil?
Nurses out there sick of "profits instead of patients" contact me. Let's reverse the demoralization of nsg.
im having swelling in my feet and hands what could be wrong?
what does a hospital aide do like a teenager hospital aide?
how do i get rid of a cold sore?
Once you have had herpangina, can you get it again?
Feverish and sickly feeling but no fever?
Has the incidence of Aids decreased since first discovered?
Do i have Strep Throat?
raw throat, bumpy tongue?
My mother inherited 20,000 $. She is on mass health and ss. How can she keep her health care and $20,000.?
were in Little Rock can a man get a massage from a female topless theorpist?
What is the difference between Humulin and Humalog?
how does the body compensate for acidosis?
What type of specilist should you see for stomac intestine problems?
Where to find good socks for diabetics?
How far back can alcohol be tested with an extended urinalysis test?
I need advice on social security for diabetes?
I was not diagnosed to be diabetic but resently my blodd sugar was reached to 10/180.Am I considered diabetic?
Eye laser treatment question?
Diabetic realtionship to sympathetic and parasympathetic reactions?
Will extrs strength tylenol hhelp with the burning pain of neuropathy?
Question re: hypoglycemia?
Pain in left upper abdomen?
Recently diagnosed with diabetes, and I'm trying to eat right and?
whats the cause of polycythemia vera in infants of diabetic mothers?
what does they doctor do to you, if your kidneys aren't working properly?
Can Lupus be caused by repressed emotions?
Can DDT eradicate malaria? Hoax or fact?
what is factor 11 in hemophilia disease?
Not knowing you have Lyme disease, Could a mother transmit the disease to her unborn child ?
What is a panic attacks?I think i have them....?
Will there ever be a cure for AIDS/HIV anytime soon?
Can the over consumption of alcohol cause a loss of smell and taste?
does weed show up on an anuual blood test?
does ampicylin treat syphilis?
If you are taking Sudafed and Actifed for a cold, is it safe to take Advil or Robax for muscle pain as well?
Left knee is feeling weak and odd?
Fractured Larynx Details?
Knee Pain? Twisted it the wrong way x:?
why can't I bend my knee?
URGENT!!! Shoulder muscle help?
Should I be worried about my bruises?
Pain just under knee. Please help :) 10 points best answers or most helpful.?
how do you increase swelling on a bruise?
how can i break my ankle?
Can your body grow an amenity to THC?
What kind of drugs...?
Any interactions between lotrel and the herbal extract Hawthorne?
Is purple dragon herbal incense any good? Does it do the trick?
what is the difference between original flavor and straight flavor dipping tobacco?
Can you drink peppermint tea while taking ginger capsules?
where can i get anti depressants?
i went to the ophthalmologist on Wednesday and my eyes are still dilated.. is this normal?
over the counter contacts?
Will looking directly into an open DVD players laser harm your eyes?
i will have lazik eye surgery after 2 weeks but..?
one of my eyes is crossed and did'nt see properly like the other can i get solution?
Eye ache when upside-down?
Large Change In Eyesight?
i used to have really blue eyes but ive noticed they look green now..why?
How much do contact cost?
Why is the sclera in my eye darker?
does anybody know the greatest way to lose weight?
Allergies. Peanut,dairies etc..Is there an explanation as to why it seems to be so much common those days?
calf muscle!?
A good site to find food info.? amount of protein, carbs , and fats in a food?
Weight Loss?? any others: aside from aerobics, belly dancing, swimming or badminton and full diet...?
What is phentramine capsules?
Should i take this????
Has anyone tried the prescription diet pill Bontril? Does it work?
Does any one know what th 3 day Diet is ?
What's the best book on nutrition?
an impossible question?
what is the best way to loose weight?
what are signs of hip dyplasia?
the heels of my feet are so sore especially at night, the pain will wake me up from a sound sleep.?
I have a Canker Score in my mouth it is white and very red around it. How do I get it to go away?
How long does Lortab stay in your system?
I just recently had a Tonsillectomy done and I was prescribed Tylenol Codeine [3] for the pain.?
I have a pain in the back of my neck near my skull?
my right arm and hand go numb while i'm sleeping to the point that it wakes me up and it's painful.?
I have a sharp pain on the right side of my head about and inch above my ear, what's wrong?
Does anyone have a good cure or recommendations for Plantar Fasciitis?
questions about ear aches....?
whats wrong with my leg?
Back pains?
What exercises can I do to tighten the skin on stomach?
any dentists in north wales taking national health patients?
When having hip replacement surgery.. where is the incision made? On the hip, the back side? Where?
How do I stop back pain?
What to do with my articulation disorders?
What can cause noise sensitivity in a child (3 yrs old)?
Should you tip a "come to your home" masseuse?
What is the best/fastest way to get rid of cold sores?
I have recently strained my hamstring, what should I do to help it heal asap?
Looking for workout buddies who might be interested in chatting and keeping each other motivated?
My elbow pops very often.this started after injury where my elbow got pulled in the opposite direction.Help!?
Hives: Allegra vs Claritin vs Zyrtec?
Oily Skin. Facial recipe to cleanse oil?
does hydrogen peroxide help get rid of hickeys?
Why isn't colored toilet paper made anymore? There has to be safe dyes out there!?
how do i get rid of smelling feet?
Is there a place to get COLORLESS polaroid glasses? Should be useful for driving at night to minimize glare.?
when someone gets a UA, for probation, how long does alcohol stay in your system?
how can i reduce the amount i sleep from 8 to 5 ? i'm a 15 year old agl?
What illness kept you out of school the longest? I had mono when I started college. I was out for a month.?
how to increase self-esteem or confidence if you have acne scars and your classmates don't have?
I am currently 22 years old, and 5 feet 2, I would like to grow a few more inches, is it still possible?
What sizes of women clothes are used on US ?
what makes moms so specail?
need a shikakai shampoo recipe?
A girl and her twin wants to fight me because i sat to the back of the bus so what do i do fight them i ?
How can you get rid of a cutaneous tag ?
does Sodium Laureth Sulfate cause cancer?
i have hairs on my body.i m girl gir.i cant wear low waist jeans coz of these unwanted hairs.is there solution
Where did the term "bellybutton" come from?
My thumbnails on my hands grow in waves,sort of ridged.What is this and why does it happen?
what is the FAST medine to heal bones?
why does my mom call me fat when i am 89 lbs and my height is between 5'4 and i am 16 am i or what?
i want to get a volunteer job in a pharmacy, but it seem very hard. Could anyone please give me tips?
which side is medicine side on icy hot sleeves?
I am looking for a manual in English on how to do effective medical reporting, such as patient carts etc?
ashma ia one serious problem please help me?
Anyone know anything about St. John Wort? I've heard it's a mood enhancer but....?
how many calories do you consume daily?
How quickly will batril and amoxicillan reduce high temperature in canine?
what is phlocinocihiliphilification?
Where can I find a Emergency Room Process Flowchart?
Why do I sometimes get this "kolodiscope vision"?
Is It Serious?
does the drug "nubane" have any moriphine in it?
My friend has an allergic reaction of some sort that no doctor can explain. any suggestions?
Is the patch effective?
I was hit by car 14 months ago i went for many phyisio treatments and phisycolist treatments?
Hi!My husband has a ganglion cyst inside his lower back.The MRI showed that it was 9mm.HIs doctor told him?
Permanent Damage from Boxers Fracture? Please help!?
Bump in my wrist, what is it?
Sternum Pain from sporting injury?
What do you think this could be?
How can I tell if I'm going to have a heart attack?
What happend? a pulled muscle?
What is the room "condition" for Rep. Giffords?
Sensitive to hot weather?
What is the difference between fats and transfats?
Holter Test Result Question?
Are Wristband Blood Pressure Monitors very accurate?
Is there a difference between the amounts of blood pumped by each ventricle with each beat?
VSD-Feeding Problem?
Random Allergy attacks? Please help Doctors have no clue?
Should I use my WARM HUMIDIFIER or COOL VAPORIZER indoors?
I lost my smell because of sinusitis & Allergy and I had operation 6 year ago, please help me.?
Some disease or condition that presents itself as an allergic reaction?
Why does my eyes and neck keep turning red?
is this a sinus infection or not?
Red burning lips, Please help?!?
Has anyone else suddenly woke up with a bunch of allergies tonight?
Why does Tequila make my Asthma act up?
what is bronchial cleft cyst?
How much fluid can a pneumatic lung hold?
is it just me?
I have had low grade lymphoma for about 4 years, question is how common is it to show up in your lungs?
If the eye sufferd a thermal burn how would you know if the anterior chamber and the cornea were damaged?
how much asbestos is in hardy fibro sheeting manufactured around 1985, what working precautions are needed?
Cigars questions.?
Has anyone heard of Periodic Breathing in children?
Why in bright light do my brown eyes have green in them?
How bad is my vision?
Why do some people think that everyon who cuts themselves is emo?
i need help?
Shoplifting, is it not a mental illness. Should they take something for it?
how do u know if some one is gay?
alcoholic versus heavy drinker?
do i need to go on meds again?
Has anyone had success in helping a child with "selective mutism"?
What percentage of the population has bipolar disorder?
do yall have family members that are backstabbers because most of mine are like that.?
Is Shegella Contagious?
what should i look out for during the two weeks of waiting for hiv results?
Please help!!! Whats wrong with my kidneys?
Can Anyone Tell Me In Laymens Terms About Shigella? 10 points?
can smelling your breath kill you if you smelt it alot?
Is my Eye Contagious?
Does the CDC & Prevention hire psychologists?
Can you get strep throat without your tonsils once a year?
Is it true if you have MRSA you can't come home from nursing home?
I think my stye in my eye has ruptured?
years ago kids had the fifth measel do doctors still acknowledge it today?
my husband has pancreatic cancer the dr. is talking about the whipple operation how serious is it.?
what are the home management of urinary tract infections?
age 45 Years, female:Symptoms: pain in knee joints fluctuation in BPdizziness,backache,toothache, IS it BPA?
is my cholesterol result going to be extremely high cuz i ate a this?
Does Graves disease only effect the thyroid gland?
which THREE dilute acids are produced by water in the atmosphere combining with the pollutants in C and CM.?
guillare's syndrome?
What are the last & final stages of the disease Polymyositis? How does death occur?
What parts of the body do respiratory infections affect?
do they have Lupus fundings?
Whats the difference between Peritonial dialysis and Homeo dialysis. Which is more costly and why?
How can I improve my hair after thyroid disorder?
Websites for medical PG entrance mock exams?
I have diabetes, why can't they clone me and others a new pancreas?
Are heart palpitations alone sign of something serious?
Colorectal cancer symptoms ....?
How come when we're depressed we eat alot?
How can I get rid of really bad dandruff?
Does anyone else like the smell of farenheit cologne?
what is the difference of monounsaturated & polyunsaturated fat?
which food is good?
Are there long-term problems if I crack my knuckles?
Laughter, how often does it happen? How many times a day does a child laugh compared to an adult?
What percentage of men want a woman who is honest and loving over beauty?
It is someoane to speak about persons who had an laser intervention on the face skin, for acnee problems. Than
When I lightly toch the inside bend of my left are (oppisite side of my elbow) it makes my tounge itch!?
What is a good treamtent for blisters on the heel?
how much do hair sylist get payed?
What is puss made of?
How do you stop a child's skin from itching? I've tried basically everything. I was told may be allergies.
Christian Dior home web site. For questions about hair mascara?
Im a BLACK guy & i find WHITE women more attractive, is somethin wrong with me? does any1 else feel the same?
i want to earn money well and i am in an health and beauty concern how can i attract more customers?
what are the best fragrances for men??
I guess I pulled a muscle in my lower back. Since 2 days I cannot lie down due to the pain. Any solutions??
How can I remove nicotine stains from my fingers?
why can't we smell our own body odor?
Internal bleeding or something else?
Is it safe to tak stool softner and motrin?
Where can I purchase focalin without a prescription?
things that contain aromatic amide?
Vision Therapy Question?
Is it Bulimic to drink prune juice after every meal?
does planet fitness drug test ?
Syphilis experts? Please help?
Wanting to loose my virginty:).. with the guy i love?
std or me? is it my head?
Why do my eyes hurt?
exercises on sciatic nerve pain for pregnant women?
after a gallstone attack?
Anyone have any luck with nerve blocks working on an area that has had a neurectomy? (nerve has been removed)?
stomach ache...plz help?
My stomach hurts sooooooooo badly?
Can I chew on Vicodin ?
Pain in my hand?
Chest Pains? Feels like someone is putting a knife in my heart area...?
Can a previous nerve injury cause headaches years later?
Any good low calorie liquid diets?
What burns more calories? Riding a bike or walking?
What do you do to stay slim?
What's a good threadmill to buy?
Foot Blisters Question?
what is better for joint flexability yoga or palaties or kickboxing?
tricks the brain into thinking it's full?
I hate myself for this?
When exercising, why do we get that pain in our side called a "stitch"? and why is it called a stitch?
How You get big Hands!?
How do I get strength when I have Fibromyalgia?
Dieting Delimma?
everytime I ride on an airplain my throat hurts really bad. Is there any thing I can do about it?
Why do we need to reapply sunscreen/sunblock?
what if it's one of those raised skin looking moles can i still remove it?
Is there any connection between being a twin and having a split pallet?
how many calories do i need per day to gain one pound?
how do i cure an anal fissure?
Why does Ambian work so well.?
whats the best way to shower with broken arm and leg on opposite sides of body?
Does anyone have ideas for a 'group' gift for a cancer patient, preferably inspirational.?
If I was to drink 10 litres of 5% strength alcohol each day, do no exercise, and hold an office job?
Can edamame cause diarrhea?
When people overdose from cocaine, what happens? Is it a heart attack, or what...?
When can I safely do Yoga, including downward dog pose, after cataract surgery?
Think of two or three of your favorite places ~ what do they smell like?
How many contact lenses are in a box?
Acuvue Oasys?
What does it mean to dream about looking at both my eyes in the mirror, then visiting an optometrist?
When you are about to put in a contact....?
Has there ever been a succesful eye transplant?
did i sprain my elbow?
how can you know whether you have nerve damage.. and is it permnant or can damage be reversed?
My arm hurts really badly?
Area below knee hurts!?
I broke my arm about 1 cm away from my wrist 3 years ago and it still hurts!?
Why did Phineas Gage's personality change after his injury?
I hit my neck HARD and I'm extremely worried?
Back pain after car accident.?
why do i keep getting pins and needles when the cut has healed for ages?
i had an operation on my little finger about 3 years ago?
What to do about a sublimated arm?
What would cause a sprained arm/wrist?
Bad thigh hematoma after crush injury it's been 7 months and it's still really bad?
what will my face look like 2 weeks after mole removal?
How do you get rid of acme with household items?
how do u get rid of a hickey?
is a chemical peel good for rosacea?
Why would anyone get a ringworm?
I have a yellow little bump on my eyeball!!!?
Acne Cyst question, help!?
looking for a good dermatologer that knows how to treat eczema,atopic dermatitis or crhronic dryness in skin??
im looking for something to get acne away or to hide it....any solutions?
What is wrong with this bug bite?!?
How do i prevent sweating?
how to get rid of blackheads?
skin question?
Do i have to live with oily skin forever?
what is wrong with my toe??
help with dry lips . .?
Potassium level?
Post Meal BG Number?
230 one hour meal is that something I need to see an urgent care doctor about?
is green apple good for diabetics?
Anyone tried Konsyl fiber supplement?
what is the prescription reglan used for?
New discovery for type I...what was it called?
Is it possible to control diabetes with just control eating pus exercise?
If you have Diabetes Insipidus do you have diabetes? No one else seems to think so...?
Question about the effects of diabetes on healing....?
Hypoglycemic: can't seem to raise my levels, I eat often & check frequentyly.?
lowest calorie gluc?
the volume of umbilical cord blood is hardly some 40-150 ml so can it b an efficient source of stem cells?
Who is more culpable for Wrongful Death of Cardiac Patient?
Nitroglycerin spray ? How long to take effect ? How long oes the effect last ?
what is the smooth system???
Is there a risk/danger in taking Tenoretic (high blood pressure pills) with Lariam (Malaria prevention)?
any reactions in delays in seeking myocardial infarction?
any recommendations in delays in seeking myocardial infarction treatment?
If you have a heart diseases, can you not be a pilot?
What is the lowest reading an electronic blood pressure will register?
Spastic Esophagus?
what is the best way to gave up smoking ?
How to overcome Throat Dryness affecting breathing during lying down ??
what is the difference between a fellowship & a residency for a medical doctor?
Is there anybody out there who has THALAMIC PAIN SYNDROME? If so what did you do?
How do you get rid of embarrassing gas?
Lime disease?
what does it mean when the iron in your blood is to high?
High Temperature?
what prescription medication is best for stimulating appetite in people with crohns disease,??
What is chrom's disease??
I was bitten by 2 ticks about a month ago. I think that I removed them completely. I still have 2 itchy bumps?
what is FFA definition of "fibrovascular ped"?
does anyone ever space out and feels "not here"?
Whats wrong with my stomach?
I need medical help!?
whats wrong with me?
Has anyone had this experience with abdominal pain?
amoxicillin is it related to the penicillian grou. if allergic to penacillian can i take amoxicillian?
what is the shape of human that have hydrocephalus?
Can any one who have had an abnormal pap test tell me what Coloscopy is will the Doctor be able to tell cancer
is there an age limit on organ transplant recipients?
Is there a website where I can find information about multiple sclerosis?
Is there a website where I can find information about multiple sclerosis?
What does this feel like?
what is the best over-the-counter medication for gout?
i foun an oval white pill with 800 onone side and 800 on the other. what is it?
I found a white oblong pill with PAL on one side and 0775 on the other. Can anyone tell me what these are.?
what is the time frame of recovery from a stomach aortic aneurysm that ruptured survived surgery is now home?
Has anyone experienced sacroiliacitis?
Feedback on lab test please?
What is a pulmonary infiltrate? If pulmonary infiltrates show up in a chest x-ray, what does this mean?
Who has the responibility of providing water and water cans on a construction job?
i am 21 years old but i look younger help me if there is a medecine to be tall?
do you think money controls life? why?
Will a child end up with cancer if he has a habit of eating chalk?
Why do have black eyes when we are tired or didn't get enough sleep?
What are some good ways to motivate yourself to be more productive?
What do you think about energy drinks?
How to stop feeling guilty and sorry for self?
How long do I have to go to school to be a Neonatal nurse?
I am looking for the location of Tina Kmowles beauty shop called Headliners Hair Salon in Houston TX.?
why does Finland have low HIV cases?
im starting to have zits on my face what pruduct should i use to get rid of them?
My husband has spots on his brain which may be MS, what signs would we look for to know if he has ms?
can there be a mistake when a paternity test comes back 97% on a father.?
Does anyone know what causes a jagged line of light in vision?
what are multi level degenerative changes in my back?
What causes us to get the hiccups?
Yesterday I tweezered an eyebrow-hair, and my nose fell off in the sink. Super-glue or elmers?
What is the next higest position after OR RN in the mediacl profession?
who filipino nursing theorist?
Which eye care vision center is better for eye exams, pearle vision or lens crafters?
Are there any psych drugs that make you lose weight?
I feel really sad lately even though life is good, can someone give me some cheering up?
Where to find lactose free WHOLE milk?
these are hives correct! (picture) pregnant and very itchy and uncomfortable?
can dairy allergy cause depression?
Can you get Leukemia twice?
what is wrong with my eye (Please help)?
I want some contacts that..?
I am allergic to latex. Should I stay away from a latex bed?
afraid i have diabetes and cant get tested?
is it possible to check astigmatism prescription by lenses?
What is the best cold/flu medicine?
When I grow up I want to be a laser eye surgeon/ophthalmologist help?
can you be allergic to air conditioning?
who do my right eye twick sometimes?
I suffer from agoraphhobia.Can anybody help me. I cant get out of my home.?
My dogs nose, mouth, and eyes are swollen?
Question about eye prescriptions.?
How did you get rid of your eczema/scars?
How blurry should your vision be when wearing contact lenses?
Thyroid Condition/Disease?
Is it OK to use expired contact solution?
What would happen if you got poision ivy in your eye?
Why are some defibrillators better than medications for treating some chronic heart problems?
Question about contacts.?
why are my eyes two colours? on the same eye!?
Does a chest ray hurt and what do they do?
whats the cure of forgetfulness?
rinsed nose with salt water, somebody help here?
Chest hurts when i breathe in?
Color changing sunglasses?
How much does Similasan Pink Eye Relief drops cost?
Should I wear my glasses?
I can't swallow?(best answer 10 points)?
I hear a dark man's voice in my head?
I recently got new glasses for an astigmatism but they are blurry.?
Pain in my shoulder while pitching in baseball?
I just gashed my foot on glass, what should I do?
Severly painful elbow...?
Frostbite help?????????????????????/?
How can I get the knots in my boyfriend's shoulders to pop?
Adult Underarm Adjustable Crutches?
When i twist my elbow it's constantly pops over and over!?
how do i know if its a serious shoulder injury or a minor sprain?
What is wrong with my knee?
Should I get crutches for my ankle?
Red rings around wrist area?
My muscle feels as if it was ripping appart, is this normal?
how to get rid of mange?
Why suger will increases in infections?
Recent developments in acute pyelonephritis?
My niece is vomiting blood and on her way to the hospital, but she also has blood in her tears?
herpes from door nob or sheets?
So...what's to stop someone from getting herpes?
Anyone know about or use policosanol for lowering cholesterol?
Anyone gained wait because of their thyroid? If so, what happened to you?
Lunar cycle fans: when is the best time to cut hair for optimal thickness and growth?
is one of the ingredients in Cymbalta a sulfa drug?
does she shag like a minx?
what the best for keep inner balance?
How to crash diet?
Stomach has the taste of boiled eggs ???
Do you think that you dream if you are in a coma?
long term effects of malnutrition?
is thursh dangerous?
Do you know what are the 13 speeds you have to control to stay healthy, as describe in Ayurveda.?
Have you ever been at the end of your rope with any given situation? What and why?
How do i improve motivation?
How can i find out what should be my normal weight without asking the doctor?
Are most people concerned about our destruction of the environment? Does anyone think of our future?
is it dangerous to use memory enhancing pills everyday?
Metabolism and recreational stimulant drugs?
is there any weed that causes hormones to increase?
Some Questions About Sea Kelp Pills?
Interesting Remedies Used back in the day before medication?