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i got a cold sore on my bottom lip its white and huge?
How long does it take a typical woman to orgasm?
where do you go when you die?
What is a weenis? and no, It is not misspelled.?
have you ever gotten turned on by reading yahoo q&a?
Requirements for blood donation?
Has anyone suffered from burns, or know anyone that has?
i have to get a mole removed will it hurt?
I have these redish dots all over my legs. I don't know what they are.?
do you think kids should be cussing at the age of 12 cus they do it all the time at my school?
What is the best cure for alcoholism?
I'm 28 and started with eczema on my hands a few months ago....?
My MRI result says: mild amount of joint effusion is seen with focal bone bruise and probably depressed?
Do they cast this kind of injury?
Suspected Pinched Nerve?
Could I have a broken rib?
I might have chipped my radius bone but didnt get it checked out what shoild i do!!?
About a month ago my left upper lip became swollen out of the blue?
I think I have or had concussion,is it safe to sleep now?
Did I dislocate my knee or injure a legiment ?
Take a rest on lifting?
Shoulder Injury??????
Has anyone had a stress fracture ?
I may have gotten an injury from work?
I got my toenail removed permanatly last week, and it's been oozing like crazy?
peyronie disease?
my son was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis at three weeks he had the pyloromyotomy any complications?
what does eee mean on the omron high blood pressure monitor?
What is the toxicity of digoxin?
Any MD or someone who knows precisely please explain to me exactly how edema of CHF develops.?
What can I do to ease the pain on the feet that got hurt when I slipped and fell?
why am i getting pain in my shoulder?
where can i buy the best cushion for Coccyx or tailbone pain?
can i take neutral Arabs w/ vicodin?
tylenol and motrin?
Can any one recommend a good chiropractor in mid-town Manhattan NYC? Thanks.?
what does it meen to have top of the foot pain?
How do I stop my knees from bending backward?
How do I know If I have a pinched nerve in my upper back?
Are there any Doctors around Bham Alabama that will give Oxycontin and Lortabs freely?
Fatigue faster working out in cold?
What is the cause of Paronychia?
Blueberries good for stomach ulcer?
What is a really gross, disgusting chronic illness that is common among elderly people?
I have fleshy looking bumps on my lower throat. Is this normal or is there something wrong with me?
What's wrong with me? What kind of sickness is this?
NURSES OR DOCTORS: IV drug user, not aids?
Do i have a good immune system?
What are some summer camps in the USA that work with children affected with HIV/AIDS or Autism?
Help I got the BIEBER FEVER?
is enough being done to prevent aids worldwide?
What will happen if antifreeze gets on my feet and hands?
Are skin biopsies a sure thing?
Ok, how many of you out there absolutely hate taking blood tests?
I look for training of acuperessure in Shanghai?
REMEDY pantoprazole?
212Degree water will kill germs. Why is hot water(120 degree) better than cold water to wash hands than cold?
My Mom is in the hospital with fluid around her heart and having a VQ necular test, anyone know about the test
what type of sickness is when you ever you breath your heart hurts you have a sore throat , you cant hear well
what is bronchitis/?
how long is wait for results of chest x-ray for tb test?
How would an asthmatic person's FEV compare to that of an athlete?
what is the care of a newborn in ventilator?
If my dog is sick with pneumonia, can i get sick?
what is constricted blood vessels?
what is the steroid deca and what does it do.?
Does anyone know someome who has Arnold Chiari syndrome and suffers from a dry cough 4 over a year?
how often do herpes outbreaks on women last usually?
Can I get AIDS from touching?
Does anyone know what?
what does a high reading level of a cardio crp test mean?
what acromegaly means?give its cause, effect,presentation and remedy?
What is hospital recovery like for a femoro femoral bbypass?
What do you know about Chiari Malformation Type II?
Has anyone heard of Xanzentho Granulomatis Process?
anyone out there have cohn's disease???
How long do people with Spinabifita live?
what is perceptual distortion disorder and what are the signs and symptoms?
My sister shoved a piece of corn in my ear?
Pink/Black Mold in my Room?
what are some medicines to buy for allergic reaction?
Allergic Reaction to Body Wash?
can therebe allergic reaction from inhaling the helium from the balloon?
do i have seborrheic dermatitis or something else?
I am allergic to penicillin, can I take magic mushrooms?
I keep coughing up these little white solid particles that almost look like sand or dust. What is it?
i think i got an allergic reaction from Taco Bell?
How to cure skin asthma?
How Do I Get My Throat From Itching?
Cartilage Piercing- Allergic Reaction or more?
what are the side effects of taking loratabs?
any doctors or nurses out there (will go into more later?
How long can you keep a lie?
I wants to know what is the nornmal age for girls to get their "period" is any age a late age?
What would cause me to have dry mouth only when I go to bed?
Has anyone had osteonecrosis of the knee?
Stepped on the needle, how to recognize injury on heel (is there way that injury is almost invisible)?
What have I done to my foot? 10 POINTS?
Got hurt in a wreck and still in pain...?
got hit on head by a door?
How to loosen a pulled groin...?
can u get pregnant if you broke your pelvic bone?
black nail will not fall?
My brother got into a bad bike crash today and he is tasting blood in his mouth but there is none when spits?
Can I join a commune instead of going to rehab for drugs and alcohol?
what is a grandmother seizure?
Does prolonged cocaine use permanently alter the dopamine levels in your brain?
Is there any thing you have practically no self-control over?
any laws in n.y. that allow two parents to admitt there child to drug rehab (involantary)?
Has anyone tried Leptopril? Want to know if it works.?
How do you keep your muscles from being sore after a workout?
is beachbodys turbojam effective?
are there any books buy african american doctors on proper eating for african americans?
what is the best way to lose 10 kg weight in one months?
Should I not eat/drink certain foods at the same time I take a vitamin supplement (Vitamins B, C, E)?
how do i increase my weight?
How do I know if my vitamins and supplements I take every day have carbs?
affects of running/jogging?
Side effects of large amounts of caffeine?
good and bad sights of diet. what do you think?
Does anyone know of any quality weight loss pills?
If you were to drink six shots of vodka and seven shots of everclear, will you wake up to be on time for work?
which is better a better and safer diet, Atkins and south beach?
Is 150lbs okay for a 14 year old girl?
Can i take dayquil cold and flu while taking naproxen 500 mg?
Question regarding getting a club card?
Does Celexa make your fat?
is there a way to permanently reduce high androgen levels?
Life brand royal jelly vitamin?
what illegal drugs can cause this?!?
How effective are cochlear implants in restoring hearing? Does the implant work the same way for all people?
Headaches supplements?
synthroid and rolling?
I take an anti-depressant that makes me dizzy in the sun?
What are the newest treatments being tested for bladder cancer?
what is the best medical alert monitoring available?
Why do I need a beta-blocker before surgery?
what diseases cause false cholestoral readings?
What is the flow of blood from the bicuspid valve to the tricuspid valve by way of the great toe??
How much of a problem is chronic angina? Is it an unmet medical need? Arent there a lot of treatments avail?
full blood count testes for stds?
can someone get molluscum contagiosum from kissing my cheeks, even if the bumps aren't popped?
can i get disease or is there nothing to worry about from heavy petting?
is it crabs please help me im stressing?
can glucosamine hydrochloride cause diverticula upset & pain?
I've been having moderate shoulder pain for about three days now.?
How bad is the pain from Carpal Tunnel surgery?
Small radial tear of the body of the lateral meniscus?
how do i fix a knee injury?
Is My Cartilage Piercing Okay?
My ankle hurts when i move it up. any help?
Pulled Muscle? (20 characters)?
question about a cut?
i was jumping out of a fallen willow and heard a snap in my neck?
How long do I stay on neurontin?
Popliteal Fossa feels uncomfortable (slight pain) 5 months after torn meniscus arthroscopy?
Has anyone had surgery to release a pinched nerve and repair torn meniscus in the knee?
What is this experience?
Hand/Wrist pain post fall 3 wks ago?
My ankle/back of foot got ran over? ?
Lost feeling on my lower shin down to the ankle, why?
Neck gets stiff + back pain + feel dizzy while asleep (computing job), tried exercises, need permanent cure.?
arthroscopy help? 10 points!!!?
my daughter has a rare bleeding disorder called ttp i would like to find out more about it?
what is HPFH? What causes it? What are the effects of HPFH?
where can i find a hosp in CA that takes care of lymphedemia?
Chickenpox - catching from another person?
I get diarrhoea and tummy pains once or twice a week, can you help me please.?
Can you get tapeworms from dried sausages?
How does smallpox get past the skin? I need sleep T_T?
Does the Chicken Pox Vaccine Hurt?
bed bugs, or chicken pox?
is there anyone out there who can help me out with stretch marks and plus no creams i want to get rid of them?
How to get rid of sunburn peeling?
Help me with my acne problem please!!?
Why can't I tan or burn?
Ive been trying for years and nothing works?
what is the best way to get rid of scars?
Dose milk have an Effect on acne???
How long can you stand on your hands?
I wash my hair ever other day, but I have an itchy scalp?
if i have hepite b can i able to get merried?
help me please...prom in 3 days!!!?
I found a pinworm...?
Is there any cure for the razor bumps I have now?
I need an acne solution!!?
Home remedy for dry skin??
if you know, please answer?
Why do I have a patch of red dots on my leg?
My feet are horribly dry and callous. What can i do?
question about ringworm?
I took Accutane but my acne seems to be coming back?
what is strep throat? CAn you get it without tonsild?
Anyone heard of a wrong gallbladder test?
Who invented the cure for black widow bites?
i get anxiety attacks alot and i take xanax for it.. it makes me really loopy what else can i do to help with?
when mosquito bit why we have itching?
Is it really true that if you didn't have a big toe you wouldn't be able to keep your balance?
Does anyone else here get dizzy when they take x-rays?
Anyone knows how IgG pills work?
Vaccine information needed ?
the providers for the Dr.'s an Hosp. that are in this plan?
do people who snort drugs regularly, have higher incidences of lung disease?
Coughing up blood.?
Should I advise my mother to get the hemoglobulin IV treatment?
what would cause a person to have problems breathing through their nose?
Both my grandfather and my mother died of Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) does that mean i will also have it?
Viral infection or bacterial infection?
How is vital capacity affected in two different respiratory disorders?
Does a food exist that will ease the smoking craving.?
does castor oil really bust your imune system?
why breathing is important to life?
What makes you feel unhappy now?
If I were to ask you again and again "Where are you going" what would be your final and last answer?
Does anyone have adult ADD?
For what really is health and well-being? when it is just but temporary? For what is cure? also temporary?
My lower back is KILLING me...what do I do?
why is potassium so inportent to the body?
What can I do about my rodent allergies?
Am I lactose intolerant?
Why do I have a throat that itches like it has swellings?
What are the reasons for someone to have massive allergies?
Are Phthalates and Natural Rubber Latex the same thing?
What is the meaning of Long Sight and Short Sight?
Can you show again an article about clutter being detrimental to your health?
How long should I give trial contact lenses?
What is the best medicine for red eyes?
one more tear?
eye surgery? any doctors out there?
Computer eyes, what helps?
Just got new RGP contacts, one?
help me get to sleep please :(:(:(:(?
super dry eyes...?
eye problems, call the doc or wait and see?
Why do my contacts turn my eyes red?
Why do I get blurred vision whenever I sit down and watch a movie?
how long can someone wear their contact lens?
Contact problem..?
I have a motionless black dot in my eye?
Neck injury from back handspring?
My eye hurts Really badd helppp !?
Will excessive pressure on knees stunt growth? Because I powerllify and I'm only 16, and sometimes I feel this?
Did I tear my right shoulder labrum from military pressing?
not reinjured but maybe disalinged fracture possible?
i hurt my back 8 months ago.i asked my employer for a injury report.havent received one yet?
Does your lip heal back the same?
How long should it take for bruises to disapper?
Are chronic nightmares a symptom of a specific mental disorder?
cant remember anything,,from small thing till where my house is?
I don't like to touch anyone. Does it show any mental illness?
Paranoid Stare?
What are the odds of a person successfully gettings off opiates?
need help.?
can a person dissociate and not know it?
Why are my memories in third person?
Can you catch an STD if you used the same shower loofah and someone that has an STD?
There is a mosquito on my screen?
How many people had suffered from Sykes BV?
If someone came up with a cure for aids or another life threatning disease how much do you think they will get?
blood on my mini cut HIV?
what do strechmarks look like?
Do cheeseburgers cure syphilis?
What is the best lotion or cream for a patch of eczema???
How much does it cost to have a gall bladder removed?
where can i find TB Skin testing places on Saturdays in Houston?
Ear Pressure?
I have some red and white capsules with the number DPI644 on them what is the difference between these pills?
Can prednisone be used for migraines?
My throat is sore on 1 side, does anyone know why, it just hurts on 1 side?
any one bite there nails tell they bleed?
i have rsd in my right foot, had nerve block done, and why does my lower back hurt now?
meristolate for arthritis?
in the sun i can see shiny specks on my arms and face?
Is there any thyroid doctors in the house?
Did you know that it finally happened?
Can a person get Disabilty for Ankylosing Spondylitis?
I have dysentery, what should I do to ease the stomach pain?
Why is it so common for Men to develop Gynecomastia? Is it in the pesticides that flow into our rivers?
What is the best treatment for SI joint pain?
what is a knee effusion with a baker's cyst?
has anyone ever been treated with ivig tharapy for perifreal neuropathy and weakness of lower legs?
herbal medicine?
what is provocable myocardial ischaemia?
What are the 2 classes of cardiac muscle cells?
best Alf for amputee?
What are the consequences of having extremely low HDL and LDL?
leading couse of death in us.?
nitratesI am currently taking Metroprolol Tartrate and Lisinopril for the past 7 years . Will a dose of viagr
cholestrol check, what do the numbers mean?
Ive squeezed the blackheads on my nose, now I have cracker bumps and holes? How can I shrink the holes?
Need advice for treating kidney stones.... home remedy style.?
I want to know the name of astronout food product which made in China?
what are the different surgical instruments used for delivering a baby?
where can you find ozonated water in egypt?
what can I do in order not to forget?
What's the best way to treat callouses onfoot soles?
I have four compressed discs in my neck. What type of exercise is safe?
Should faverin & uniphyllin be taken at the same time?
i served 10yrs in IAF,9Yrs in BSF,do i qualify central government health scheme?
More ways to get rid of heartburn?
What Causes Hicups??
am i too skinny ?
how many calories do you have to burn to lose one pound?
how to react if people call me fatt?
If you eat garlic, do you eat only the outer layers or also eat the inner portion which sometimes is greenish?
Meridia???? Ds anyone take it and ds it work?
does the stretch marks in the skin resulted from obesity can be removed by certain type of skin cream?
how can i gain weight in my thighs and arms, but still have them toned?
Is it bad to work out hard after getting an I.V.?
does anyone know what the navy calls the excercise similar to a burpee?
has anyone ever heard of the diet called...?
can yoga significantly increase one's height?
Who made it up to make fun of "plus-size" people instead of thin people?
what could cause painful sores on the tounge?
how does recovery water recovery take place in the large intestine?
Help? Non-Contagious Mono, What is this?
I have a question about valley fever.?
what is the side effect of TeaRexx?
why are both the life cycle and the virion of a postive strand RNA virus likely to be simpler than those of a?
what is the menier deases? how is the treatment ?
what were your glandular fever symptoms?
What are the symptoms of a stomach ulcer?
I am 70 How can I get releif from neuropathy ? thanks?
Side effects to prednisone?
what is the name of the new mri that goes deeper than the regular mri?
How much does a normal eye appointment cost, for two adults and a 2 year old?
I am looking for info on AARP MedicareRx Plan, specifically a list of covered medications, and co-pays.?
What do you think of Goji juice?
what is a holister?something u use after surgery?
holister.let me be more specific!?
Is the crusty stuff in your eyes when you wake up good or bad?
Where do "Charlie Horses's" come from?
what are the points to be successful in life?
how can i stay healthy, without pharmacy drugs?
Had a friend call me, kinda panicking, she came from the doc, they say her plasma is colored green. Any ideas?
to have lasik eye surgery how much degrees minus or plus can u have to still be in the range to have the surge
3 months after sparring and jaw started hurting again?
How do you reduce lip swelling when its due to a piercing?
Question on potential knee injuries ?
Is it possible I have a concussion?
I think my cartilage/ upper ear piercing is infected.?
I bruised my index finger? is it serious? HELP?
Pain in Middle Sternum Area?
Is there an easy way to cure a concussion that was left untreated for a year?
I bent my finger back during my basketball game earlier and i want to know if it is broken.?
Why are my leg muscles so stiff?
How fast do toenails grow?
does being vegetarian prevent acne?
i've noticed litle dots on the back of my arm. what is it?
I just flipped over my bike and hit my head hard on the concrete?
Do stress fractures stop growth?
two huge bruises on my knee?
Get rid of Acne.Get a clear face.Poison Ivy.Legs?
what does it mean if you get a rash from sunburn?
how do i get rid of a sunburn on my shoulders?
Acne? question?
what is the best way to get rid of stretch marks on your body?
blister like things on my feet?
how do i get rid of my colesore ?
i just shaved my chest yesturday and now i have painful red dots all over?
Is water really that good for your skin?
Does anyone know how long...poison ivy?
At what age did your acne go away?
If I touch that spot on my body what will happen?
Is it weird that dandruff comes out when I rub my eyebrows hard?
any secret methods to get rid of acne?
Acne problems. READ PLEASE!?
what type of damage a bullet can do to a lung and how long does it take to recover?
What are some of the ways digestive problems can be remedied or relieved?
what are desired outcomes for breathing pattern ineffective related to hyperventilation?
Last question on BIO HW. Only answer if knowledgable.?
Is it safe for me to complete a 15 day "Juice Feast" considering that I take 900mg lithium carb. Thank you.?
i tried k2(insence) and guilt is killing me?
what are some healing effects of tea?
how do you make pills?
evoin 600 capsule Vitamin E 600 MG Dosage?
Holistic properties of mint?
can one practice ayurveda in singapore as alternative medicine?
What is this rash thing?
L-Lysine and Fever Blisters/Cold Sores?
Anyone know any home remedies or any way to get rid of outer or inner hemmorhoids? Any suggestions ...please!!
what are regulated drugs?
how serious is lymphogranuloma venereum? what other thing we should know about it?
Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma -- Urine Microscopy?
Could my piercing be infected?
Is Dementia reversible?
17 year old pain in thumb webbing?
i have a sharp pain on my lower right ribs. it went away for about 4 days but came back when i woke up?
After the plaster had taken [ that was yesterday] still there is swelling . is this normal?
Is my nose broken?????
What is a radial head fracture?
Did I possibly tear my meniscus?
how to function with 2 broken fingers?
Knee brace to stabilize patella?
can answer me??plzzz 10 points?
Concussion question...please help asap?
my doctor said that I have a bump on my spine it's on the back of my neck near the C5 what is that all about?
what is a pooisle disease/syndrome that would cause a child to be constipated all the time?(hirsheys???)?
Can anyone help me find a otoneurologist in the Cleveland, OH area?
Dear Diabetic Freind how much did you buy your insulin pump?
can phenytoin ( anti-convalsant ) cause Diabetes Mellitus as a side effect ?
how long does your glucose stay up after taking prednisone?
for a child that is 7 what should their actuall blood sugar be?
Getting cramps as a diabetic.?
how come my pt with DM type II has hematuria, mitral regurgitation, high uric acid and HCVD???
How could I understand that lantus works 24 hours in my body not less?
good and bad effect of diet?
How can i get over my fear of needles and blood?
would beanpod tea be great for PREVENTING type 2 DIABETES?
How is the role of pancreatic hormones in glucose regulation important for homeostasis?
When your primary physician orders a routine blood workup, is the cortisol level in the blood checked?
High blood sugar?
Diabetic HELP!!?
on which site i can find free ebooks?
Ok so being diabetic?
Leg problem?
OAP special - Hand relief?
Cronic pain in my joints and muscles is unbearable.?
Did you ever reach for a painkiller ....?
pinched nerve in the neck?
Has anyone ever dealt with intense,debilitating migraines? If so,how do you get rid of them?
Did I hurt my wrist?
what are my chest pains from?
yes i haft to have a pain management epidural done the 9th of jan. andi was wandering if it was painful during
I had a cortizone shot for a bonespur is it suppost to give me a headache?
How long before Broken blood vessels will Heal?
Does any one else suffer from depersonalization? and what helps it?
cost for dilation and curettage?
i live in missouri and have horrible allergies, where is a better place to live?
besides,over the counter treatment for tinia,any good home remidies?
If sunscreen says waterproof for 2 hours does this mean from applying it?
Sore Throat Symtoms??
Are the medications accutane and topamax compatible?
what do you know about oil of oregano?
how do i get a job in a morgue or a funeral home?
Need an answer on how to be able to go back to work and take care of home too?
Xanax and pre-employment drug testing?
Laser eye surgery?
can anybody tell me why im still having swelling?
Are alcoholism and drug addiction REALLY diseases?
Have you or anyone you know been diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism?
what to do if you have calculi in bladder?
Can I contract tb by walking through the vagrant district?
Does anybody have information on any new treatments or drugs to help people with Motor Neuron Disease?
Where to treat or Operate a "tracheoesophageal fistula" on my 9 month baby?
I need a diet for gout?
what are the symtoms of acid reflux?
Panic/Anxiety Disorder?
I have various degrees of vertigo which does not go away anyone tried to homeopathic remedies?
touretts has me, i have it ,i need a support group? Adluts only with is as well?
Are there any known cases of leprosy?
I need to find a DVT support group in Salt Lake City Utah?
what is a hemopheliac?
what is central ataxia?
Plantar Faciitis anyone? Did physical therapy work?
if you are/or have taken antabuse...is it better to take am or pm....what about food with vinegar (bbq sauce)?
does anyone here have Cystic Fibrosis??`?
What are obstructive apneas? As simple as possible, what is this?
How can you get Candidia?
Symptoms of Bromine Poisoning?
i think i may have been bitten by something, not sure??
How do bacterial infections spread to the urinary tract and kidneys?
How do diseases avoid antibodies? Help me get some sleep!?
If a dog is sick with something like a cold/flu type illness or anything can a human catch it from them?
watery discharge and stool, please help?
Do i possibly have mono?
Can autoimmunity and having autoimmune diseases decrease chances of fighting infections in the body?
what are the sizes of ureteroscopes.?
would avon lipstick have any soy based ingredients?
What happens after an artery has collapsed?
My son gets this mottled appearance to his arms and legs with white blotches at times, what could it be?
have you used an "abs wheel" in your routine? Would you recommend use of this exercise device?
How many sit-ups do you have to do to start hurting really bad?
What are some of the benefits of using garlic oil capsules?
what is the best way to lose wieght?
what is the average height for men?
What is the best exercise to loss weight in thighs and legs?
Can a person with absolutely no rhythm do aerobics?
Would you consider finding out your blood type and eating right for 4 your type?
what is the nutrition breakdown for lentil soup?
do you get the same benefit of a cardio workout if you do 20 min intervals during the day?
I am looking for a new diet pill that has been advertized in tv that starts with the lettr "L"?
what do you think of the product called RELACORE have you tried it does it work?
ı heard about trevosa diet but can't find more about it.thank you.?
how can i have a good diet?
Need workout program for swim, run, and bike. I run 20 miles a week. Any suggestions for a program?
How is thoracic cavity made thicker?
I have a hard painful lump in my nose in the upper left corner on my right nostril,what could it be?
i mess my immune system up now its is very hard for me to keep anything down and i am very picky with food.?
remedy for nasal blockage?
i have just suffered a collasped lung but all i did was stand up to quickly can any one tell me why?
How can I get my voice back? It just stops on some notes!?
can airborne dry your throat out?
How do I produce SO much snot while I am sick? How am I not dehydrated!?
who do you think i got herpes from??? help!?
Am i infected to HIV?
If someone with hearing aids listens to music and you listen to the same song will you get hearing aids too?
SERIOUS problem, girls HELP , who has gone to gyn's office?
Nerve block isnt working?
how long will my eye take to heal?
How Do You Get it? And What Is trichamonas aka TRICK?
Injured my wrist in September?
my toes pop when i walk?
Bad back and legs help mibi pulled muscle?
HELP my foot still hurts over three months after car accident injury!!!!?
I bumped my ear that had a gauge in it.?
can i exercise with a cut on my leg?
How do I make my bruise go away ASAP?
Shoulder still hurts from football..?
Is surgery the only way to stop the pain from a prominent cisterna magna?
Is it possible for the same parents to bear two children: one with blood type 0, the other with AB?
whats the best way to beat anxiety attacks at work?
what is the best way to quit smoking?
Possable Allergic Reaction!?
Is it Ivory or Dove soap that supposed to help bachaches?
Lockjaw is a form of?
what do u think about Immunology system in human body?
i cannot find website commercial says go to to getbausch & lomb free contact care package?
Should I choose to go to allopathic or osteopathic medical school?
clean colons?
Natural Growing Pills/Growth Supplements for Teens?
Is it safe to use coleus forskohlii with zoloft?
post-flu ear infection...?
Gabapentin and alcohol?
Does your country practice "the lemon therapy"?
When is application form for LPN program availabe for2011?
what causes too much potassium in blood?
How do I fix messy writing?
Have any long-range side effects ( good or bad) been mapped for acetyl-l carnitine?
looking for a group. health,groupyahoo.com/group vctsfamily support?
How can I help someone get off drugs?
Where can I get paid for blood plasma in Hot Springs Arkansas?
What's the easiest/best way to have the dream of your choosing?
Do children 4years old below dream while sleeping?
are there any alternatives to treating depression than prescriptions drugs? something like a natural remedy?
What is the best diet to prevent heartburn?
i need sincere advise from doctor pls help me?
what is the nature of hyper obesity?
echo virus?
has anyone out there tried digestrin for i.b.s. ? results requested;?
Is there really such a thing as a zombie virus?
What causes bilateral sensory nerve loss to lower legs when labs are normal, and no diabetes?
How can I get an Orthopedic treatment?
How do bacteria mutate from taking too many antibiotics?
how many times a day do you have to take 500ml. pill valtrex?
Why is multiple sclerosis so hard to diagnose ?
i am having hives please help?
what is orthopedic?
Have you ever heard of having a urniary tract infection causing confusion.or can diaylis do it,?
why does my throat itch?
Why does Zyrtec cause sleepiness?
What is the deal with varicose veins?
allergic to high fructose corn syrup? 10 points!?
i was told that vergo is a disease that effect the inner hear, is it unstoppable?
Allergic reactions to Herbel Essence Spray gels or Aussie mousse?
what are the best ways to get rid of allergies?
the back of my legs are red and swollen and hot feeling?
Throat tight like I'm going to cry, except I'm not-- what's it mean?
What is wrong with my nose?
Questions about a latex allergy (long-ish sorry)?
what relation therte is between body energy and crystal, health and complementary medicine?
eay floters at 19 is this normal?
Is possible to eat a meal and go to the restroom soon after to find the food you just ate is coming back out?
What can cause someones pupils to be dilated if it's not drugs or a dark room?
any stop smoking products with quick and effective results?
I want to know if the ddrug lisinopril, used primarily for high blood pressure can be used illegally?
Can legal action be taken against an ex-spouse for exposing kids to second hand smoke?
Why are my eyes itching and burning all the time?
Why does my nose clog up when I am sleeping?
Why do some people often smoke? What are the advantages of smoking tobacco?
What happens when your ear drum burst?
cobra letter from employer - is it required?
what is APRAXIA ?
what are the symtoms of a bad gallbladder?
What possible causes other than arthritis for increased pain, stiffness, immobility and including chest tightn
what are the reasons for anxiety? when does it need to be treated?
what are lateralizing signs?
Elbow injurie????? :(?
whats wrong withs my ankle?
I pulled a muscle but I still want to play b-ball should I play?
I fell and bumped my head on a rock ?
broken nose recovery?
I am a massage therapist I I recently got my thumb injured by a steel door. My nail had to be removed and doct?
Odd wisdom tooth extraction swelling?
what is this all about?
forearm pain in both arms?
Best knee brace for a luxating patella?
Fractured Scaphoid (treated in cast) - Will moving my thumb make it not heal?
My wrist has been in pain after exercise, what should I do next?
what do doctors do if you had a concussion? coz im only 11 but i hit my head hard yesterday and it still hurts?
Cerebral Hypoxia Prognosis?
If you puke 2 times are you sick or ok?
If i had 3 MMR's do i need a TDAP?
how to get over the flu fast (or as quickly as possible)?
I want to get tested for an STD?
Can you get an std if a stripper at a strip club spits on you?
PLEASE HELP ....... girls answer about BV?
just 3 days ago i was diagnosed with molluscum contagiousm (sry for spelling).?
what does the clap look like?
can my kids get herpes from sharing drinks with me?
Chronic pain management?
I hurt my shoulder playing football. Is there anything I can do?
Spinal Tap/ Lumbar Puncture back pain?
I have sharp pains in sometimes the left and right sides of my stomach. What could this be?
I have pain and pins and needles in my fingers, is it arthritis?
back pain?
I have a pinched nerve, in my back are there any ways to cure/unpinch the nerve without surgery?
I have fibromylagia, does anyone know of a dr. that specializes in this area.?
Whats the best way to relieve Asgood Slaughters(sp.) pain?
How do you increase dopamine levels in the brain?
how bad is a heel spur?
Can you take fiornal w/codiene with percoset?
What might cause on and off numbness on my leg above the knee, below the hip, outside?
Could i have strep?
does costco carry Tegaderm, transparent dressing?
what is the best way to cure acne?
facts on smoking?
is being slapped child abuse? and what do i do?
My voice is completley gone and I cannot get it back. I've tried honey, tea, ginger you name it. Help!?
my friend is gettng drug tested in 16 days from the last time he smoked, will it show up even if he drinks H2O
Anyone had a hip replacement replaced??
what can I do about my marital problems.?
What are the results of resent studies of health benefits of green tea?
potty training?
Do you think more white people smoke than black do?
Why is it that we need air and food?
What are the causes of eye "ticking"?
What is that ringing you sometimes hear in your ears?
why did my Friends mum bath her mixed race child in bleach?
How could a older man fall aseep about just anywhere at anytime?
Why do I feel queasy while I'm swinging on the swings??
I am having the GERD surgery, my surgeon says recovery varies. How long does it normally take?
How long does marijuana stay in the system after prolonged use?
what is the National Medical Office? Are the a fraud? Why do their reps have middle east accents?
What do you think of the Slim in 6 workout video series?
What are some typical diet and exercise plans?
what r the swmptoms of diabetes? what if im feeling shaky? is that normal? cuz i drank coffee to!so am i?
whow do i loss weight?
Lactose Intolerance?
My right leg is slightly wider than my left leg is this normal?
what is the cheapest fitness center out there?
im a girl 16 years old how can i gain weight?
Has anyone ever tried Wu-Long tea, it's a chinese weightloss tea. Does it work?
Does anyone know a High-Protein, Low-Phosphorus food?
Is there any known way to reverse withdrawl effects from not taking an antidepressant?
what causes persistent hecops?
What types of exercises make ur abs and bicieps visible?
what are some excercise I can make to get a flat stomach and to get rid of fat on it???please help be specific
how I can ge out my paranormal power from my body quickly?
how can prevent eye tiredmness?
role of inflammation in non alcoholic liver disease?
HAS anyone heard of Dr. Kimberly Ventus- Darks? An awesome motivator!?
i was held in a multiple angle mandibular pressure point and now i can't feel parts of my face, please help.?
Where do dreams come from, and why do we have them?
Coughed up blood stained, fleshy mucus?
do you have a test i can take to see if i am at risk for pulmonary fibrosis?
how does the carbon ioxide get out of the blloodstream bac into u lungs to be breathed?
Who has Ulcerative Colitis? and if u do What can i do to control it ?
can u stop hair growth in certain parts of the body?
are naps a healthy way to get through the day before heading off t bed?
If you inhale alcohol, can it make someone pass out?
why does deep breathing relax but a sigh does not?
What are the benefits of chocolate?
different bones & muscle deformities & illness?
Can kidney failure patients lead/preserve a standard quality of living?
What significance to fingernails and/or toenailsserve in helping to determine a nuerological disorder?
Could you tell me more about the anti-malarial drug "metaprim"?
should i have my gallbladder taken out if it is not working properly?
has anyone had peyronies and what did they do for it?
Anyone out there with Renal Artery Stenosis?
Does anyone have neuropathy in their arm?
Caught a cold being out in a downpour yesterday, what's the best way to get over it quickly?
How do I get paid through the state to care for my mother?
If I have a temperature below 98.6, is that still considered a fever (or why do I feel feverish below 98.6)?
Is there any correlation between arthritic joint pain and internal soft tissue pain?
I had Grave's disease, was treated w/ radioactive iodine, now hypothyroid..is Coconut oil right for me too?
Which famous leaders have Dyslexia?
How long should a bruise on the ribs take to heal?
Hurt myself? Fell on ice..?
Does an injured limb take longer to heal if you broke it before?
Need help with leg problem.?
Help me please. My heart is so broken. How do I move on?
Sports-related injury to my left wrist. There are two random dots on the outside of the bone- what are they?
Needing advice regarding a serious back injury.. long story.. sorry :(?
How to fake a broken arm?
Fingers hurt during bball?
Any questions about wearing a back brace?!?
what minerals are used in medicine?
Zonegran questions...?
colonoscopy, anaesthetic?
Whats the best thing to use on a coldsore?
What kind of massage is better? Swedish or Deep Tissue?
whats the most effective herb for treating ADD preferably something that last long?
Herbal equivalent to cortef ?? Or OTC ?
Can you accurately measure central venous pressure via a FEMORAL central venous line?
myCECT abdomen indicatesthat mild thickening is noted in terminal ileum extending into ilecocaecal junction
Show Us The Evidence From Randomized Clinical Trials Mamason?
how can we stop yawning wen we talk or sing?
What do you do for a stiff neck or tight, aching neck and back muscles?
every time i eat fish i get sleepy, does anyone know why?
Has anyone had in the past swollen and/or red eyes when waking up?
oh no my eye feels like an ipod?
what are the symtoms of mononucleosis?
Who & Where in Boise,Idaho can you get Rx eyeglasses for free?
Whats the best and easiest and painless Glucometer?
Why does Europe does "not" allow Trans Fats when U.S.A. Does allow! Why?
Has anyone here ever had nose surgery?
What are the medicinal uses of liquid oxygen?
Can any Opthomlogylist help me !?
C5-6 disc has disc/spur and uncovertral joint hypertrophy produces a mild impression on ventral cord?
My eyes hurting in one eye when i blink fast or when its in bright light, this started yesterday..............
I need information regarding ependymoma II and its treatment, can any one enlight me please? Thanks, E. Colon?
Ouch. My hemorrhoids are burning. Darn chili. Help me please!! Ow!!?
what are the causes of a broken blood vessel in the eye ?
My doctors say my body rejects vegetables and fruits. If being almost totally carnivorous common ?
how to remove dark circles around the eyes quickly and effectively?
What Is Allergy Immunology?
Why exactly am I allergic to fruit? What's in it that bothers me?
are there any ways to make the nasil nostril passage way bigger?
How do I know if I have swollen glands?
What happens when an STD is reported to a health department?
Do antibodies test can detect different kinds of viruses?
How do i know if i have pre diabetes?
Is there a way to stop your hair from falling out during chemotheropy?
Does hemp raise estrogen levels?
Could it be a lactose intolerance? (Probably "TMI")?
how is black stool from blood thinners treated?
What could these dots be? Please help!?
question about sleep apnea?
What do you think of this?
Does this cough mean I am getting better?
Am I Celiac? I have a lot of symptoms but would like to know for sure.?
Im scared i might have meningitis? what should i do?
Was there a human element to the swine flu pandemic? 2009. Did it help or made the situation worst?
Do you know anything about staph infection?
has anyone tried aloe elite for ulcerative colitis?
question about the common cold?
What does it mean for a disease to be armed or dangerous?
How does glandular fever affect the body in the way it does.... not looking for the symptoms...?
I got my flu shot; can I work out?
I have these coldsore things but there not coldsores HELP!!?
do fungi develop drug resistance?
would u prefer, A) 2 be able 2 have an orgasm on demand or B) 2 give an orgasm on demand?
Red bumps on my skin?
What is the name of the new Vaccine used for alcoholism?
what is l-glutathione, and what effect does it have on you?
arent there diff types of x-ray for tissue and bone?
My oesophagus is crawling out of my mouth. Whatever shalt I do?
What can I do if my akles hurt because of many phisical exersices?
what do you do if you get aids?
What time does Carolina Family Urgent Care close on Tuesdays?
I need a sponsor using e-mail to be my sponsor for over eaters anonymous?
Is colon cleansing good for people and the american dream? Do you think it would cut down on irritability?
When will the swelling go down?
Have a question for the hearing impaired?
how do you know if is some one is high of crack?
What do you think about guys who work with the mentally disabled?
How many people do not mind visiting their doctor once a year?
Does junk food really cause mental illnesses?
Where can I find informaion on effects of smoking & the process your body goes through when you quit?
Any idea what I might have if I have muscle spasms, shivering, vomitting, and light fever?
Can weakness in one side of the body occur after a car accident?
What does it mean if you sprain your fingers a lot?
I pulled (strained/knot in back) my muscle and right after started coughing?
What is wrong with my shin?
can i play football with runners knee?
How did Aron Ralston not pass out from shock when he cut off his arm?
shoulder pops when swinging?
Wrist pain help plsss?
my horrible knee problems, not getting the right answers...?
Can i get some more detail on my wrist injury?
Can I take off my Aircast earlier?
Inflamed bruise on my calf?
christie an answers user is addicted to percocets and is a mean and angry girl how do we stop these narcotic?
Why is it common for mentally challenged people to wear helmets?
I have dreams of becoming a human christmas tree. Am I normal?
home remedies for BACK & CHEST acne?
Is it true that there are many asthma sufferers in Sydney and if yes why?
what is the effect of antispasmotic drugs on the bronchodilaters?
Lung capacity differences?
How many people died last year from steroids?
Proposed bill b4 the House in U.K on "Terminal death" on the old people.Do you think such law shld be pass?
I have developed allergy to all types of proteins and it is in the form of rashes on the skin. What is remedy?
what is the most effective treatment for insect bites?
Small bumps suddenly appeared all over my face? I am not allergic to anything and this has never happened?
Can latex examination gloves be heat sterilized in an autoclave?
Potassium K?
What harmful long term effects could alcohol have over the digestive system?
why do dimples form?
how can you test for an ulcer at home?
Breathing Problems?
What are the steps to transfering a Bally's membership? How can I the buyer make sure I am not ripped off?
what is cmmon cause of gestric ulser & its treatment.?
Can you lose pounds and inches if you only lift weights at the gym?
I weigh 116. Everything looks good. But I have belly fat. What is the best way to tone my stomach?
What is a good way to get rid of stomach fat without expensive equipment?
How can you lose weight?
dieting eating 5 or meals a day, how is it done?
What's the difference between loose skin and fat?
How to get rid of flabby skin around stomach and some stretch marks on legs?
what muscles get worked out when bike riding??
are liquid vitamins pasteurized?
help any one know about weight loss?
Who was the fitness trainer who used to have videos on the beach with 2 people behind him.?
What over the counter medications - like aspirin, Tylenol, aleve can you take while drinking wine?
how is my lower back connected to my achilles tondon?
Joints are sore after workout exercises...?
my cat looks like she has a stomach ache i think she ate a point ceita plant what can i do to ease the pain ?
How can one reduce pain in knee while suffering from Rheumatism?
aches and pain in the heal?
after a c-section my daughter has a trapped nerve has anyone every heard of that?
hiding easter eggs, real hard boiled, how long can they sit out??
surgery for acid reflux?
In five star hotels, there is always a linin towel next to the toilet seat... What is that for?
WOMEN:what are you lookin for a guy?is love at first sight?do looks matteR?
what is the best way to get over vertigo when it hits?
Headaches that last for like a second, come back, and are accompinied by flashes of light?
diet and supplements that help increase brain power?
what is viral infection?how do we get it,and what are the symptom and can we prevent it.?
I had heartburn all week, this weekend I eat my normal diet yet strange things happened!?
what ink is used on cigrettes to write on it?
What is this dark painful spot on my foot?
what is the medical term for normal relaxed breathing?
Are live Americans allowed to sell a piece of their own Liver.?
Prescribing medicine..?
we were on holidays in Roatan and got a lot of sand flea bites,what can we do to stop the itching?
Where can I find a place on the net to download a legal living will?
SERIOUS HEALTH QUESTION-My husband has noticed that when he eats lettuce he has the most awful tummy pains and
Can, do labs check for synthetic urine in a drug test? Do they have the capability?
where can i sell my blood plasma in Minnesota and get top dollar?
What kinds of stores carry Borax and Sulfur?
when will tony blair die?
What are the dangers, and how serious are they, of bringing an infant home to a studio apt. with a gas stove?
What exactly is poo and why do people think it is part of the american dream?
what do you perfer summer or winter?
why doth thou like to smokie la ganga???
is it true that tea with lemon and honey helps with ur flue.?
I got my first pair of contacts and I can't get them in, any original tricks?
Is it save to cut a corn on your toe with toenail clippers?
please help Mucinex dm and dayquil?
What's stronger watson 439 or cyclobenzaprine pills?
Is there a way to make a homemade sleeping drug or something?
Is www.seedsdelivered.com a scam?
Is taking licorice very effective for increasing cortisol?
How do I detoxify each of the 7 channels of elimination?
My friend has a shifted eardrum & and dr. put her on steroids is there another cure?
What are the pills Sibutramina for ?
Avian Flu question?
FMS question: How many of you with FMS suffer from the cognitive symtoms ?
i need to know what causes onychauxis in nails how it can put right and what after care would be required?
blood clots..?
How can you lower high Blood pressure thru yoga and meditation.?
need to know why?
What did zyprexa cause to physically happen?
How effective is Alpha Lapoic acid ?
Does anyone know Eddie Easterling in brazosport, Texas? Heard he had a heart attack. Checking condition!?
i had a test which shows gallbladder abnormal....?
Muscle tear - rest or use?
Please help my foot hurts so badly i don't know if it's a twist or break?
Trigger finger HELP ME PLEASE !?
What could be wrong with my foot?
My tip of my thumb is very tender to touch and slightly swollen for several weeks.?
ankle pain when lifting my foot?
whatshappens when fall down a stairs onto a needle from a serenge?
I may have broken my tailbone how do i tell?
i ran a lot but now my left ankle and my right knee kills.?
Bicep and brachioradialis muscle swelling, moderate amounts of pain upon movement and heavily restricted use.?
Is it normal for a broken rib to still hurt after about 6 months?
Weird twitching sensation in my ankle?
what does a concussion feel like?
Is this just anxiety?
My husband has been passing blood while having a bowel movement for the last 15 year and he will not go to dr?
CPAP- Sleep Apnea- Gastric Bypass Surgery?
What is thyroid palpation?
Will my friend die soon?
I also have a question about fast heart beat!?
What would be off in a blood test if you have lymphoma?
Is Fruitbread healthy for a diapetic to eat?
Anyone here had heart surgery?
should i go see an allergist or dermatologist for my hives?
Could I have gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance?
My son is allergic to eggs. Is there anything...?
I think I may have a food allergy, but my only noticeable reaction is on my lips.?
best plastic surgeon or ENT for rhinoplasty (nose job) in Massachusetts?
Weird feeling after drinking/eating something sour?
I feel that my head is going to explode..allergies!!!?
I have allergies and sinus infection, what will get rid of the infection?
Runny nose for 2 months?
Is pott's disease again infected after treatment? What is it's chances for infection?
Can anyone reference me to a reliable website about how Bird Flu will affect the UK?
Can I donate bone marrow if I had the Chicken Pox immunization?
Molluscum Contagiosum.?
have you gotten diabetes from taking prevacid?
what causes hyperemia?
what is obesity and diabetes?
Cant sleep...had a fever?
Therma flu nighttime not enought water effects?
when your sugar is 500 what can happen to your body?
does anyone have any great tips on ways to keep your blood glucose levels in check?
pharmacist work-up of patient with diabetes mellitus?
why would dr.s want to take a pint of blood for 2 days from my dad?
why choose porcine insulin instead of any other mammals?
Need financial help please?
is ther a cure for a retenr detachment,?
anyone have a kidney transplant that wants to share?
sees.com Do you carry sugarless candy..if you do where is it listed. thanks.?
can kidney damage be reversed?
recommendations to overcome overweight issue??
is it ok if i inject streptozotocin on 25 mices with same injection tool?
how long does one that go for autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI) recover?
can the azithromycin tablet be crushed or cut to be taken?
wat is parasagittal meningoma?
I am feeling sick...?
I dream almost every night I sleep nowadays. Good dreams! It's ace, so what kind of things might cause this?
How do I keep mosquitos away from me while I sleep?
How long can WD 40 stay in the air?
does osha recommend tying straps on N95 respirator to get a good seal is this safe for working with TB patient
Cough medicine?
What are apical/paraspinal masses?
What causes a cold to turn into a sinus infection? How can you tell when it IS a sinus infection?
acupuncture and cystic fibrosis?
HPV injection confusionnss!!!!!!?
Throat Asthama with some black cough ? Please help me urgently?
can you get an sti or std even if you & your partner have never been with any one else ?
Does chocolate give you headaches?
Does hypnotheripy work in regard to helping improve confidence or stopping smoking.......?
I am having leg and ankle swelling. Does anyone else have this?
Massage therapist or esthetician?
is there a way to make your vision better??
Would folic acid be in a multi mineral supplement?
What can I do about teenage depression?
what is the difference between the medical and surgical unit in the hospital?
what is a good body cleansing system?
what are the side affects of seroquel?
how long nicotine stay in urin and blood?
Have you ever had a "moment of clarity?"?
wen do girls stop growing?
how do you make ur underarm white?
Where can I get/buy a drug pee test?
What treatment for wart removal has the shown proven efficacy?
How do I know if I broke my toe?
What is the problem when you move your bones make a poping sound?
Is there a natural / non money waste product/way?
How do you cure a nose bleed.?
Why put blue liquid on white clothes?
What the average height of a male and of a female?
why does my soul feel so bad ?why does my heart feel so bad ?
Does anyone know any remedies for canker sores?
what does it mean when a 2 year old gets a large dark red bump after she has had a immunization?
i need something...this is driving me insane!?
Where does one dispose of medical needles in Nassau County Long Island?
how to remove foriegn body from eye?
Are soft drinks really that bad for our bodies, idrink about 2 to 3 cans of diet coke each day....?
im 16 years old and have wrinkles on my forehead.whats the cause of it?
do you get car sick in the back seat?
If 4 out of 5 people SUFFER from diarrhea...Does that mean 1 out of five people enjoy it?
how can we maintain good health?i need detail answer?
What is sufrexal p? how does it work?
Are there any medications or vitamins that help rebuild cartilage in the joints?
my friend have white spots in her arms .what that could be ?
Which ear do most humans hear best with?
where can I find a 24 hours emergency clinics/rooms in melbourne or Palm Bay, Fl?
how can I get my feet to quit hurting during working out?
vitamin E and its side effect...is there any risk?
in case of bird flu , name the medicines available & cost of such medicines & also tell who manufactures this?
What is biogonomy?
What is Calcitonin?
How can you help relieve braces pain?
I've fallen earlier on my left leg, I have 1 huge bruise and a smaller one, on my left side of my leg, and 2 o
Any side effect by using VIKKI LAMOTTA'S 60 second face lift product?
I sometimes have a sudden pain that runs from above my right elbow to my hand. Its very short, but frequent.?
Help...it's the middle of the night and I am having sharp pains...?
I woke up and my Neck was hurting a tad?
stomach pains and back pains after the flu and throwing up?
Pain on top of my foot?
i wake up dizzy this morning?
Methylprednisolone and Naproxen?
what did you know about brexin?
my daughter has an enlaged spleen and was sent home from hospitol ahe is still in alot of pain?
at night there is this ache in my knee and it really hurts every night ...?
please help me with a recurring ankle injury?
Fell hard on my knee in practice? Game tommorow?!?!?
What is up with my finger?
What is wrong with my finger?
How do you get a stress fracture to heal when you can't afford to be off your feet?
someone threw a dart in my leg, help?
Has anyone had a lateral release?
Is it normal for my shoulder to pop every time i rotate it to a certain angle? I fell...?
Hip, thigh hurting. what is it?
Adkins Diet: Side Effects?
can i take clenbuterol without exercising but still lose weight?
Muscle soreness after exercise Tylenol or Advil? Or something else.?