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I need to???
how does the blood flow throughout the body?
about orienting new admission (patient)?
What are the process of nasogastric tube?
Where is the best place to get Health Insurance if I want to be self insured instead of what my company offers
Can you get a tumor on your eye?
my 2 yr old grand daughter will not sleep at night.?
how found doctors job in madagoscar?
does gall bladder problems cause alot of gas or weight gain?
Is it true that Fleas hate Citronella Oil?
What is the regular diurex dosage?
2cb trip storys please?
is there any natural herb,food or vitamin that can help ease anxity?
Hydromorphone with Minocycline?
how do Ifind www.highperformanceback.com?
Migraines is killing me,help please?
weird stomach cramps?
what are the benefits from milled golden flaxseed from ground flaxseed?
every morning i wake up with a sore neck! makes me grumpy?
what causes muscle twitches or spasms?
Should I consider corticosteroid shots for plantar fasciitis?
What side effects are there with a Mitral Valve Prolapse? I have this condition -I have to take Amoxicillin..?
Are there any cardiac rehabilitation centres in Germany and if there are, where are they located?
rheumatic fever?
What are Indiana Department of Transportationregulations for Driving w/ Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
are pecans good for yor heart ?
y blood pressure rises after masterbation and y why one feel headach and aches in the body?
Do anyone know of any support groups for Sjogren's Syndrome or any other information about this syndrome?
What is the difference between "legally blind" and completely blind?
what is the cheapest online pharmacy to get rx narcotice with no prescription?
renal mass?
what about verapamil injection for peyronies disease?
I am looking for indormation on a doctor Hassan Abd Gaafar, MD in the USA.?
Looking for a podiatrist in Pittsburgh, PA who does cryosurgery for Morton's neuroma?
Can anyone give me the name of good weight loss pills?
Is there a safe way of using ephedra to lose weight?
Muscle question?
Anyone help me? A question about FOOD.?
When you get fat where does the extra skin come from?
How do I get thinner?
What FAT BURNER have you used, and what were the side effects and results?
What kind of Fitness-Equipment we need nowaday?
when will Xenical be available OTC?
Should a big fat nurse who smokes, work as a floor manager in a hospital.?
Present address of Venus Agawin?
Mentally ill people and Abuse?
is it possible to get herpes in your eyes?
Anyone knows any websites that offer free safety & health PowerPoint Presentations? Many thanks?
i need under ground that looks good and cost around 900.00?
explain various colours have different wavelengths and frequencies?
Are there any free hypnosis sound files I can download?
Looking for answers by former cigarette smokers: I'm trying to quit. Using gum right now.Ex smokers,What works
Health and personal hygiene?
how to improve my eye sight ?
how can i get rid of my shy attitude?
what are the situations that may cause shock?
What would you suggest I buy for my acne?
Is it dangerous if a bb breaks your skin?
Is it normal to have stretch marks if you're 14?
Has anyone taken accutane?
i'm suffering a sweaty palm,armpit and feet and i'm starting to lose confidence.what would be the best cure ?
how do you treat a broken arm?
How do you get rid of a stye?
I have mosquito like bites everywhere on my body, and the so ITCHY!! but im not sure what it is?
How To Make HomeMade Acne Remover?
What would cause me to blackout and shake?
how long does it take for your feeling of being cold to become warmer after from being outside?
What are some ways to prevent the flu and what can you do when you have chills?
I have one kidney, how much alcohol am I allowed to have?
what are the signs of arthritis?
can a person with a drug charge qualify for medacair and section 8?
what the current situation with south korea's healthcare?
i have swe;;ing around the blottom of my knee cap and it burns what are symptoms of fluid or bloodclot?
why do children chew wood and how do you stop them from doing it?
how not remove addiction for a particular TV loveteam, sort of addiction seeing them together?
Have you been on lithium ??
Make A Wish?
My boyfriend just started taking abilify for 4 days now. he is really agitated and restless. anyone had this?
i have a question about the drug risperdal?
Anyone feel 'insane' inside even if you can project a perfectly normal exterior to people?
Has any one had very vived dreams from anti depppressents??
lateral raise injury help?
how do i remove mittnes that are sewed to my wrists?
I have really sore thighs, knees, and legs, so bad I cry!?
Will this bald spot on my head grow back?
Pinworms: why are they ichy at night?
how common is bacterial meningitis? Whats the chance I would get it?
Osteoarthritis Symptoms?
Why Am I So cold? Is it a fever that causes this?
I'm not sure if it's a coldsore or not?
I have two swollen lymph nodes for the past 2 weeks?
what to do if it Is an infection?
Prevent food poisoning ??? How to STOP it !! HELP !!?
can someone tell me the history about inhalants?
What is the difference in warm-mist and cool-mist humidifiers?
for reduce/avoid dipression(tension)whisch medicine is best availiable in india easly?
how does the respiratory system maintain homeostasis?
how to penetrate during intercurse?
can i use epi-max moisturies after acne treatment?
What is the punishment if you get caught after MEPS for lying about allergies?
what's the difference between Tide HE detergent and regular detergent?
The cells most involved with allergic reactions are?
I bought the pills Kalms, and they contain ethonal I'm allergic to alcohol. Can I take the pills?
What is the form food is in when it leaves the mouth and goes to the pharynx?
am i allergic to hydroxy? Help me?
What should i do i just took hydroxycut and im pretty sure im allergic!?
An allergic reaction characterized by the constriction of the bronchial tubes is know as...?
I have a bloody nose which has been bleeding all day and won't stop so I got a towel I?
Why is it doctors work very hard to make the people healthy, so that they (doctors) become jobless?
i have severe pain in my ankles and feet does anybody know of any drugsthat would help relieve my pain?
Can someone provide me with some info on vitamins?
anybody know where I can find a list of doctors in Reno Nevada??
Do you know where I can find information on minimally invasive surgery for GERD?
how do i transport a paralyzed stroke patient?
Is intractable pain curable?
How do I get rid of Gout by natural means?
diseases that related to taking height and weight?
I need a list of Home Health care agencies in Louisiana.?
Why would a man hurt in the groan area after taking a mutivitimine?
Is there any website that will show me good photos and instructions of exercises?
is there a survey that can tell me what vitamin defincenticys i have?
I need a good nausea relief.?
I am scared..is there anyway to get the steroids from a steroid spinal shot out of my system.?
Locating neurologist 'next of kin' in Spain, without knowing spanish language?
Neck hurts extremly bad.?
Is this supplement fake?
L-Tyrosine or L-Phenylalanine for dopamine?
Help with ambien dosage?
neck pain treatment?
Out on short term dis. for surgery but due back soon.....I'm getting and early retirement pkg. after I go back
foot circulation?
Can Citalopram make you gain weight?
has any one taken keral tablets there on prescription .?
What can you do if your knees hurt from running?
can you take motrin two hours after taking tylenol for a fever?
How is Dipyridamole added to an intravenous bag?
which program can i use to play the cardiac catherization xray files?
What is robinsons disease?
where can i locate dr bruce west?he has health alert.?
I just got my tounge pierced on thursday it has aweird ring(skin)around theupper barbel?
2nd time dislocated shoulder.. Need Help!?
I popped my knee cap!?
help my nee it hurts :(?
Have you ever flown again ,after being told you have deep vein thrombosis?
How to know if I have strained or sprained my muscles during workout?
Prolotherapy for Shoulder Pain?
A question about my thumb injury?
What Should I do?¿?
Hey! I just got in from playing soccer and got kicked in the eye!?
Hemeroid its been way too long, what to do?
18 month old...possible shallow socket/hip displacia??
I have these bumps on my arms and legs how do I treat them?
can u sprint w/o any of your knee ligaments (ACL or PCL)?
i need help about my foot?
D'ya drink alcohols?.... why?
I hurt my siatic nerve in my back and have been with a severe limp for a week now. How long till it goes away?
what spider bites that would turn orange?
Is it good too be skinny?
What are some good diet and exercise plans for a 14 year old?
what is modified food starch?
4 evergreen natural vitamins,looking for website,does anyone know what it is?
is it true that eating leftover rice makes a person fat than eating a newly cooked rice?
whenever i take milk i experience somach discomfort .what is the cause and cure?
do you burn the same amount of calories if you have fatty food at night rather than during the day?
weight losss?
What is the correct way to do a pushup?
Should I eat right after I exercise?
What is a safe diet I can do that will let me lose the weight and get the results I want?
have u ever experienced being half asleep and half awake?
After loud noise exposures, why do ears feel painful when hearing just normal soft noises and do not recover?
Why do I think of myself floating in empty space?
adp benefit services contact phone number?
I am looking for a local pharmacy that carries opium tincture. I live in the ATLANTA METRO AREA?
I need to know a method to rid your system of drugs. (something that works)?
Is an internest or a family practice doctor a better overall doctor?
Whats that white thing in my mouth.?
What are some of the symptoms (changes in your behavior, body, etc) that you go through when losing weight?
Who are the manufacturers or importers of nano masks(face masks)?
Do weman who have children healthier than those who don't?
what causes a 4 month old baby's mouth area to turn white or blue when you pick him up?
What total amount of angle can humans see with their peripheral vision?
Whats up with my eye contacts?
Help what should i do to get rid of these annoying coughs?
What are some diseases that you can get from fiberglass, glass, Silicon Carbide, from entering through a cut?
How to Prevent from getting a UTI?
great grandma wants to see her great grandson... but has had a raging staph infection recently.?
A question about weed and strep throat.?
can dogs eat and drink while on iv fluid treatment in er for antifreeze ingestion? its for a project, help!?
Recurring high or something along those lines?
can tigboderm cure fungal infections???
How can infection by microogranisms in water be reduced?
A bite of an insect or something else and risks of a disease?
Kindly give me more information for autoimmune diseases and diet.?
I'm doing a project on the Spanish Flu and I was wondering if someone could explain what the virus looked like?
What are that chances that you're infertile after having PID?
Oral Thrush at 22 from antibiotics?
chicken pox and swimming?
I think I have lip herpes from a girl...?
how many hairs do people have on their head?
Why do females chest rase and fall when they cough and choke?
if i drink 2 liter of water, how many times i will go to wash room to drain it out and does all 2 lit?
Is there a place you can order contact lens without an up to date prescription?
is there any bug going around in toronto, that anybody knows about.. everyone in my family is really sick?
heart stints?
Is Metabolic Syndrome another name for diabetes?
a list of rate of alcoholism by country?
Has anyone on here had Pectus Excavatum? Or know of someone who has?
is there an ointment that can be used for spider veins or varicose veins?
what's the name of illness that causes a breast smaller than the other one?
i have breast pain, and lumps in my arm pit. also lipoma in the throat and neck region, excessive tireness?
information on parenchymal renal disease in children?
I think I am suffering from second hand smoke from my mom is there anyway to help me with this problem?
what are the reasons of a slightly fatty liver and what are the symptoms?
Gastritis and Prilosec question!!!!!! Please HELP!?
I have a mental illness and people treat me like I dont exist. Is it my fault society treats me like this?
how do you deal with ocd?
Whats the best medicine for schizophrenia?
is hypercholesterolemia the same as htn?
What is Epilepsy?!!?
Has anybody tried the Nutrisystem weight loss program? Did you lose weight?
Can anyone tell me what a stimp meter is?
Do tomatoes have any carbohydrates, and if so, how many do they contain?
Back around 2001 or 2002 I had back surgery or spinal surgery shortly after I developed Type 2 diabeties?
sugar industry?
Will a blood sugar level of 145 cause dizziness?
does a home glucose meter read lower glucose levels than blood work levels?
for the type II out there?
How can you tell if your sugar diabetic?
Does anyone here have Hyperthyroidism?
I've heard some diabetic medication inhibits weight loss, is this true?
joint med with 2 word--glucose????
How do I read my lab results?
how has marketing/advertising contributed to heart disease and obesity?
what kinds of food have vitamin A in them?
What do i do with all those leftovers from bars of soap?
what does numbing in the kidney area mean?
Surgery or morphine addiction?
do Oxy-Acetylene Torches hurt your eyes?
what are the pros and cons for pharmacists refusing to refill morning after pills?
what is the definition for the word Malagania ?
Looking for employment at Highlands Hospital in Connellsville PA?
Brain injury?
Can I wear stilettos after my fractured foot heals?
does the new drx9000 spinal decompression unit really work and can nys workers comp be made to pay ?
will a 70 year old harm her knees or hips doing step aerobics?
i never seem to gain weight, 32 yr old male. I dont really exercise alot except for occasional lifting.?
Help for day after frostbite/nip?
whats the best cure/remedy for shin splints?
How to help a weird bruse?
I have a broken ankle and the cast was just removed today. The doc seriously manipulated it when he removed?
What would you call this kind of neck pain?
has anyone wore a knee immbolizer?
Pain in/around hip area?
Why should I go to the hospital if i have a concision?
what is the affect on the kidneys from drinking different types of liquids?
S.I. Joint Injury?
Is it safe to listen to loud music with a ruptured ear drum?
Orthopedic doctor wants to put me in a cast arghhhh what do I do?
How to cure open wound blisters?
AirCast...Pls..I need help..I'm Desperate?
What can I take in place of celebrex? For Back pain?
Having severe back ache which has now moved to my hip, any one know what it could be?
My throat is swollen and hurts when i swallow or move it whats wrong?
Pain in my shoulder?
my throat hurts.?
Any doctors online?
is it normal for you arm to be stiff after blood was taken?
what is spasm?
I have a pain in my left heel ...I didn't injure it.?
can anyone help? topic on a possible overdose of Kadian?
I have had body aches for a month..any ideas?
What other illegal drugs can be used for medical purposes?
will genetic testing lead to the denial of insurance?
5.Why does adding a salt solution cause soap to precipitate?
What does it mean when you have a head ache on the right side in the front lobe?
What type of massage is best for scoliosis?
how many calories are in one carbohydrate?
steps to becoming a successful nurse?
What machine is used to stimulate blood flow to extremities?
How long after you get a virus or become infected does it take for your immune system to create antibodies?
Do you ever share too much about life and things that interest you with your grown kids?
what does it mean to have Opacity in right lung?
albuterol and atrovent combined make up duoneb-- what does albuterol do that atrovent doesn't and vice versa--
Has anyone had their tonsils out recently (in your 20's)? What is the recovery like?
My baby is just 10 months & he was diagnosed w/ interstitial pneumonia & was treated. Can he get it again?
How to stop my boyfriend's snoring?
I spent some time today working with granite. Am I at risk for silicosis from such short term exposure?
The rank of blood cells in a normal person and one with polycythemia is the same.?
Please tell me what you know about Mosaic Attenuation.?
What is the medical treatment for the naso oral fistulae?
why does our body appear to be so lathargic after a large meal?
What Are The best exercises to build up my arms and fast?
what can i eat that would be filling but not fating?
If I'm on a water fast, how long does it take for ketosis to kick in?
what is the fastest safest way to lose weight after having a baby?
What is Glutamine?
dumbell workouts?
is orange juice good to drink if u are tring to lose weight?
Can the drug Keppra be used as a recreational drug and if so is it fun?
can one shot of penicillin cure my bacterial tensilitis?
tongkat ali and estrogen?
was this indica or sativa?
Home Remedy To Stop Breakout Fast?
Plz answer my question!!!?
Should you take ginkgo biloba with a meal or does it not make a difference?
does mucinex dm make you shakey?
Are Epsom salt baths safe?
What causes elevated troponin levels in a 28 year old female?
heart rate recovery time?
Sinus Heart Rhythms...?
How can a heart murmur affect the whole cardio vascular system?
how can i get rid of my upper back pain.?
what are the requirments for a kindergarten teatcher?
how professionalism is seen in nursing?
How can I lose weight in about a months time?
what is blood cancer?
I have pain in my right shoulder, close to my neck and back. What can I do to help this pain go away??
What prescription drugs can give a false reading on a breathalyzer test?
how many years in college will it take to become a surgeon?
i would like to hear about excersise useing stairways?
banana is a fruit which contains all vitamins @rs.1.50p healthy tips?
I was told that I have a low protein count.What are the health afects of this,and what can I do about it?
I have strep throat and mucus won't stop going into my mouth?
What type of virus is influenza?
What kind of staph infection do I have? I forgot what the dr said it was?
does your doctor check-ups test for HIV?
Do you think my sore throat will go by my birthday?
Hmm.. do you think its the flu?
Jaw stiffness, ringing in the ears, flu-like symptoms and extreme fatigue and more what could this be?
i think i am catching a cold... help?
Could you can an STD from this...?
Do broken bones heal back?
Please click me!!?? Néed help with injury!?
How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal!?
nose injury..i slammed my nose under a table and it bled really dark blood for a bit then...?
What could I have done to my elbow?
Why is a player with a concussion consider being out indefinitely as suppose to being on injury reserve like..?
Will my cuts heal in time?
rehabbing my ankle sprain...?
What are the long term affects of not getting cartilage repaired?
What is wrong with me?! HELP PLEASE! ):?
Could I have a ruptured stomach?
Bruised Toenail - Advice?
no flexion and extantion in my elbow after dislocation?
How do you know when you tore something in your arm?
Something is coming out of the back of my knee?
Will walking on a leg or foot that has "fallen asleep" cause it to fracture?
Question about this here?
Should I go to hospital?
Is my knee dislocated? please help?
What is the difference between ?
spinal cord compression?
How can I help my hives?
Question 1: Do you have to be sunburned to get a tan?
My toenail is falling off ?
my son has eczema just small patches in his back?
Why do I itch and what are these bumps?
I have a rash that is circular, on my stomach, and doesn't itch. It is dark pink. Ideas? Is this ringworm?
How can I get rid of my stye/sty?
really red face!! please help me!!!?
How do I get rid of this acne all over my face?
A good solution to acne?
Can I get poisoned from eye make up remover?
What happens when putting duct tape on my wart? ?
i have mosqito bit all over my skin ,?
Bad acne... Any tips?
Is there anything good to reduce stretch marks or their appearance?
Which works better for bacne?
What product is best to put on a sunburnt face?
Do bug bites typically itch or burn?
would it be a good idea to get this birthmark removed?
My wife is finding welts or maybe bites on her body. We do not see anything biting her but...?
Dermatologist skin advice?
Does anyone know about warnings issued by the Thai government regarding intestinal parasites found in Tom Sam?
Could a recessive trait skip more than one generation? How could this happen?
What is Cortibion Cream?
bug bite that only itches?
im a single 21 year old male, looking how to get medical coverage, how would i go about this?
i am a doctor from india with experience can i get a job in u s a.?
I have a headache everyday, i take sinus pills but they dont seem 2 b workin what could be the problem?
wht is genetics ?
Hi i lose my smell, i can't scent anything. what i must do to return it?
yzzid itb elttil a gnileef ouy era?
Caffeine junkie?
hi, i lose my smell , it start from 3 years ago , now cannot scent anything. there is no histaminic problem.?
name the most prevelant flu's in asia-pacific regions?
Why cant i fall asleep as soon as im in bed?
hypertension statistics in britain year 2000 onwards?
what does spf+ stand for when you buy sunscreen?
what do u say?
MRI report stated I have 2 "cystic appearing structures" on both left & right maxillary sinus...?
my son was hurt at my wrkplce bad. I think of my boss like family.would it be wrong to sue?
Why do surgeons put tape on peoples eyes when they operate?
What can I do to treat food poisoning? Besides go to the doctor.?
I got a massage last night and my back is killing me right now! I drank plenty of water...?
Has anyone else had headaches everyday for the past 4 weeks?
What are the internal networks of a hospital?
when you are sleepy do you feel colder?
Help! itchy red bumps on body!?
what state has the least amount of mold and dust in the US?
Does septoplasty can effect outer shape of nose?
During a colonoscopy, what medications are used to help you relax?
Has anyone had Sudden Neruosensoral Hearing Loss?
what is available for blocked vertebral arteries?
what happens if you do not take any kind of treatment for blocked vertebral arteries?
I have a sinus and kidney infection. What antibiotic would work for both of these at once? Zithro, keflex?
Urinary problems.. kidneys?
my grandfather is suffering from hemiplegia.tell some speech and physiotherapy to be given at home.REPLY FAST.
what is the name of the surgery called to remove your gallbladder?
I have problems climbing stairs, my knee hurts a lot. Any suggestions?
Does anyone experience severe panic attacks for no reason at all?
I have severe Ulceritive Colitis. Anyone have any advise on cures without prescription drugs?
What's the best way to get rid of a headache??
How do you stop swelling?
Trying to find a Jean Milton who lives in Washington State?
i have ankle swelling. i am on hydro pills . is it from inactivity?
please what is the best way to solve a lingering Chesty and dry cough that has been on about a year now?
Can I get drugs in my system from this? (please read on)?
Why is warming up so important in dance?
Is Epilepsy infectous or Hereditary ?
Can anybody recommend a hypnotherypist in london for quitting smoking?
How do I get rid of the burning sensation on my fingers?
When you wake up you have an attched relation between you and your bed how can you get rid of it?
What are some rotator cuff exercises. I injured mine and need to strengthen it.?
why is my ear suddenly stopping up?
how can i locate a friend whom i lost contact with in Virginia, US? Her name is caroline gooden, a missionary?
What qualifications do you have to have to become a PS?
When i have antacid i get sinking feeling, feel very weak n get very hungry..is it normal.?
what do you think about the health in the future?how about illness?
My hip gives out when i walk...?
Help!! Imbarable lower back pain!!?
Injured finger? Can't quite figure it out...?
My knee popped out!? HELP!!! PLEASE!!!?
Is it time to see a doctor?
How to tell if I broke my toe?
What happens if I continue to workout with a strained lower back?
I think I dislocated my shoulder?
What type of massage can help when you are feeling muscle pains?
I cut my foot, really badly, It isn't infected but it is red and sore to walk on, any ideas what I should do?
How do I make my pinky finger swell up really big?
What should I do now my ankle has swollen up a considerable amount?
Good excuse for a bruised arm and cheek?
Anyone know anything about Zoloft??
How long does it take for the drug ziprasidone to reach a theraputic blood level where a patient will start no
I do NOT want BellSouth as my internet provider. I want my AOL back!!! NOW!?
pounding heart and paralysis, nightmare?
Can medication treating PVC's and PAC's lose it's effectiveness over time?
heart pulse?
who is the best cardiac surgeon in indonisia and in which hospital?
is fingering harmful to the hymen?
what should do if cd4 cout decrease below 200 by hiv?
what will happen if i left my verucas untreated?
In asymptomatic West Nile Virus, how long does the virus remain in the body?
Does smelling your breath hurt you or kill you im worried?
What's going on with my flu virus?
14 years old and i have mono , what type of vitamins should i be taking?
My Daughter has a fever for a week already & a high white blood cell count. What could she have? I'm worried!?
Sore throat, can barely swallow?
Swollen throat from crying?
what to expect at my first urologist appointment?
about new chicken pox vaccines??????
PLEASE, Can anyone tell me if the "coke and asparagus cure" for kidney stones has worked for you?
What are the risks of vapor cigs ?
What essential oil scent would compliment the scent lemongrass?
can you take alli with a green tea pill that had megga-t in it?
Sore Throat Ears Fever Help?
what would 2250mg of Doxepin do to someone?
will the regular bottle of stinger detox work for a daily user?
smoking pot while juice fasting?
How to clean your system from drugs?
My hand is swollen from contact? Is it cracked or broken?
What is the difference between muscle spasm and muscle contraction?
Sprained my knee about 2 months ago, still hurting. Could it be more than a sprain?
How long does it take stress fractures to heal?
What is causing the swelling on the shoulder?
SORE knee when i put weight on it + lift my weight off, please help :(?
Three days ago, my friend squeezed my head really hard. I've had migraines ever since.?
Pointer finger problems! really numb please help!?
could a severe head injury cause someone to be unresposive?
have i sprained my ankle?
Why do some people get better taking a placebo than actual medicine.?
How to prevent scar after appendicectomy?
does anyone have a liver disease called primary sclerosing cholongitis? If so, can you answer this for me?
how can I get my feet to stop hurting ,i have planters Philis?
Sleep Apnea and bad dreams?
My 13 yr old has had a pain in her lower rt. stomach for about 4 wks. now and yes we have had all of the blood
my triglyceride level gone very high but is normal now after medication,what should i do now?
what is brain attack ?
what do i need to know before i travel by vehicle from illinois to s.c. i have parkensins & want to be prepare
disorder of the nervous system obstetric paralysis, puerperal pscychosis?
Does anybody have an arthritis called Fibromyalga?
What ever happend to Susan Powter?
why does my chest hurt and nose sting whenever I run or jog?
Has anyone tried the Raw Food Diet?
how much weight can you loose eating flax seed?
what is difference between mother;s milk and cow's milk?
does the cross crunch abdominal exerciser really tone your abs?
What wrong with me?!?
Where do I find refund info for Q Ray braclets?
When one's knees ache painfully, should one apply ice or heat to the local area in addition to anti-inflammato
When you hurt in the mid section of your stomach and prilosec wont help what do you try taking?
Please only answer if you've tried Gabapentin for pain relief. Did it work? Any side effects?
I have Patella Chondromalacia and I need help?
How is acid intake related to pain?
does anyone know what and where to get a topical liquid for arthritis called 'euclip'?
How do you find a company or way to get lancets and strips to test blood sugar for cheap prices?
Where can I find a list of low protein foods?
diabetes for seniors?
If soy milk is good for you, why is there so much sugar in it ?
Does splenda increases Hemoglobin A1C levels?
Is Whey Low sugar substitute safe to eat.?
Insulin and Glucagon?
Help! how do I learn to give insulin shots?
diabetes in the philippines?
Why is it a person develops a fever will shiver as if cold?
What is the cause of diabetes mellitus?
human body question?
A Coma????
After five years of being aware that i have diabetes, it jumped from 6.7 to 7.2 why did this happen.?
Type 1 and Baby size?
Why is blood sugar higher(113) in the am before anything to eat, although it was 105 before bed?
Ideal diet/meal composition before the 2hr post-prandial glucose test?
please give me information where ii could find form of PRO RE NATA?
Ringworm Help Please?
Why am i breaking out?
What is it and how do I make it go away?!?
Have you ever been prescribed medicine for breakouts?
Extremely dry skin after bad sunburn?
How to get rid of my acne?
Blackheads !?
my right arm is turning blue for no reason and i am not taking anything?
whenever I get nervous, anxious or cry, I get red blotches on my neck and upper chest. What causes this?
Whats the best way to get rid of acne scars?
AHH! I'm so worried about my veins!?
skin tags..?
how to prevent sweating problems?
How to get clear skin FAST. ACNE HELP?
i have a problem?
I am going to the besch in lik a week and i have like alot of acne on my chest... AHHH HELP!!!?
Does green tea help for bad skin?
I sprayed gucci perfume earlier today around 2 then i came home around 7 and took a shower, after i got out?
can you be allergic to barbecue sauce?
Am i allergic to my braces?
The lymph node under my chin hurts?
allergic to pumpkins and cucumbers!?
Am I allergic to mint?
Allergic by Whey Protein (Serious Mass)?
Why does my throat feel like its clogged/swollen and its hard to swallow food?
anyone else get a rash after using a hand lotion with mineral oil?
Questions about oatmeal and allergies?
what are shoewallets?
Is there a food to help get rid of blood clots?
how can we examine the uv protection effect of sunglasses?
best quit smoking aid, commit lozenges or nicoderm cq?
Why does my stomach graggle?
How does it feel to break your leg?
Is it good to crack your back?
Does anyone know someone who has an organ transplant who had chronic rejection?
what does the the thyroid do for the human body and what are there functions and of not working right what?
How do you get carpal tunnel syndrome?
can I get a cash out payment from a disability monthly payment?
can bronchitis and pnemonia be caught from other people?
sone que me salia sangre de mi ombligo que significa?
Has Anyone had of the herbalist that claims to cure HIV?
What is the name for the psychological condition where a person believes they do something they do not do?
me and my friend got in to a fight will we ever get over it?
what do i do if i have to wear glasses because i have an infection and can't wear my contacts?
just a simple explanation. is somnambulism caused by an external or internal factor?
Can Ambien cr cause visual hallucinations??
How does James Frey maintain sobriety?
What are the most credible on-line pharmacies to order medication from without a prescription?
Is it leallgy a loud to order Somarx on the internet?
I need to get my bipolar sister committed in California but don't want to involve the police, what should I do
Is this wierd?
Adult ADD and gambling: is there a connection?
What does Marijuanna do for you?
Has anyone had bad experience with seroquel?
does anyone suffer from SI?
What is hpolari and is it a disease?
Are staff (sp?) infections contagous? ?
Help fast! swollen throat glands?
Did I have the flu? Here are the symptoms I had?
Does licking paste give you heartburn?
Is there a cure for hepatitis ?
How does smallpox affect cells?
My Symptons! Help! What could this be?
My Neck hurts when I look to the right.?
I have a swollen finger joint?
I burnt myself and it doesn't hurt...?
i was lesion to my i pod and my foot went the wrong Direction?
I have been using ice on a bad bruise on my thigh,,should I switch to heat?
Athletic Knee Injury?
will i get crutches if i have i need stitches in my knee?
What kind of a wheelchair should I use for a broken femur?
I have question about the achilles heel?
Draining a blister?
Do obese people only pay for 1 seat?
What happens if you get bit by a spider?
why we pay different price for same service in the health care and finance?
When taking prescriptions pills how long does it take to clear your system?
is mannitol safe for patients who have had a stroke?
Cruciferous vegetables are a form of..................?
Looking for a shampoo that doesn't contain sulfates?
If someone drinks washing powder with water can it kill them?
What do you guys think of this workout supplement website? I really need some input!? I?
Drugs: What is wrong with Magic Mushrooms?
How to lower blood pressure naturally?
is it ok for me to take lycopene supplements?
would i need a prescription?
Adderall, how bad is it?
What is Asperger's Syndrome, how doe it affect your life? Why?
Has anyone had their Thyroid glad removed?
what site can I go to, to find pictures on hodgkins disease?
Eye Doctors or any specialist please help... or anyone...?
anyone else have Severe Rhuematoid Arhtritis?
Symptoms such as fatigue, headache, fever, feeling hot like i have a fever, sometimes sore throat, glands hurt
besides cpap machine what is best cure for sleep apnea?
how can i cure hypothyroidism?
primary biliary cirrhosis:best treatment options?
can drug Lipitor help with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis?
how did my unborn baby get and die from vasculatis?
Should all brain tumors be removed?
what is a good way to get rid of mononucleosis?
Any Surgeon? ENT?
What kind of diet is recommended for one who has chronic renal disease?
Anyone with Rheumatoid Arthritis get numb joints?
of late i have both of my feet swelling mostly when am standing or seated what might be the cause?
Muscle and Joint Pain Arthritis?
restless leg syndrome?
I have bulging disc in my neck for quite awhile now.Always have chronic headaches.Would a cortisone shot help?
I am looking for an actual AIR CUSHION insole for my work boots. Where do i find them?
sometimes whaen I'm sick it feels like the air is pinching me?
I am a person who takes methadone. I am wondering if there is any other drug like it that will do the same.?
I just found out i'm pregnant and take percocet for severe back pain....?
how do i locate my shoulder back into place?
Is "Saridon" is safe medicine to take for head ache?
Why is my body so tender to touch?
how do u remove moles w/o surgery?
what's the best way to get rid of mosquito bites?
do the acne pills really work?
what does it mean when u break out in a rash..after u have been with a guy?
is it bad to have a wart?
ingrown hair on my arms???help!!?
hi dont laugh or be rude i need help and im scared?
What is a good and fast way to get rid of acne??
get rid of blackheads?
how can i get rid of acne zits?
how to get rid of back acne?
really weird thing going on with my thumb?
im a 17 year old boy and i hit puberty at 13 and i got acne on my face and now im getting it on my arms,back?
spots (plz read)?
I have these strange marks on my Back. they are only on one side.?
Acne Fighter Help Please?
acne later in life...
I have tiny bumps all over my face. Are they blackheads?
Does Viagra really work for women?
what should the protein level be for a 1 month old baby with pku?
how long would it take to show up?
what can a person that suffers from IBS eat without the fear of a painful flair-up?
Can someone tell me about infrared theropy?
at what age does a person feel thier life has been fulfilling?
whats do you eat with lots of fiber, what so good about a fiber rich diet?
Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure?
blood tests can they show if you have a infection of some sort.ie inner ear etc?
Does eating a lot of cooked spinach have bad side effects?
Is it illegal to purchase prescription drugs from Canada?
My nose bleeds! some times randomly and sometimes when i touch the inside of especially the left side.?
I broke my elbow a few years back and the same spot is hurting so much?
Is it okay if I take a bath immediately after doing exercise like jogging or playing basketball?
whats wrong with my thumb?
There is sharp shooting pain in my left knee ONLY when going down a flight of stairs.?
something about my toenail-?
Neck injury need advice?
is my rib broken, or is something more going on?
when do you think i can walk again? please answer! 5 stars!?
My friend is a TBI survivor but skateboards without a helmet. How dangerous is that for him?
My arm hurts really bad. It has been for about 5 hours now. It was on and off before, but now its constant?
what are the symptom's of a pinched nerve?
open rhinoplasty left awful scar?
What will happen to your arm if you put it into a?
What is a musk anti-body?
what year was the bone marrow transplant invented?
Does an abcess in your armpit mean you have hiv?
How long does it take for chlamydia to go away?
Tested positive for an STD. Help please!!?
hard bump under edge of lip?
what is the sign language hand symbol for HIV/AIDS?
What is the best gym schedule to burn fat and gain muscle. Get cuts?
When is the best time to eat? Before or after working out? Why?
I am a 19 year old female I am 5 foot 2 inches and I weigh 130 pounds. Is this overweight?
Is fuit juice better than whole fruit?
how many points is a Sonics santa fe grilled chicken salad on the weight watchers plan?
How is carbohydrate stored as fat in the body?
Why am I gaining weight?
hi i am 14 and weigh 227 i am 5'9 please tell me what to do drop some weight around my chest and stomach area
Does anyone have a rough idea on how long it would take someone who is not that flexible to learn the splits?
will you hire a personal trainer if you live in a small town of about 4700 people?
what is the best solution to get rid of stored fats and big tummy?
Food poisoning? Help?!?
Microbiology Case Study Help?!?
my boyfriend has mono and i dont?
what causes if you do not go to bathroom for 1 week?
what can you do to help huntingtons disease?
Should I get the Flu Mist?
Is It Dangerous?????
I need relief please help?
Has anyone tried the FreshStartMethod for quitting smoking?
my grandpa has blood clots in his lungs. how long do they take to dissolve? chances of survival?
Does anyone know examples of isotonic, hyptonic and hypertonic fluids?
educational material for closure of stoma-for a boy who has had stoma since birth?
Has anyone else here had 'Eosinophilic Pneumonia'?
Pulmonary Emboli or blood clots in the lung...?
on neopets do any of you now were i can find Neomonia med?
Anybody have some quick info. on Dysphagia?
does rebif for ms or ms itself cause realistic dreams?
Natural Pathecs or Doctors?
Can chronic fluke disease cause Myasthenia Gravis in humans?
Early kidney stone symptoms?
what would you do if your friend was on drugs?
I love sushi but I am on a diet what do I do cause i can;t not Ignore it it is a tradition to eat everyday soo
best treatment for idiopathic peripheral neuropathy?
what are the most effective drugs to cure hepatites c type 1a?
what are normal inr level ? i take coumadin and levels are 1.1 what happens when gets this low?
Can anyone tell me what foods NOT to eat if you have colitis?
Does g6pd enzyme deficiency go away?
I have Pectus Excavatum! click to read more! please help if you know ...?
Could I have suddenly developed an allergy to something in bread?
if I have an allergy or sensitivity to cilantro, will parsley also react?
How common is a mushroom allergy?
my lips are swollen!?
Can someone be allergic to air?
I have Sinusitis.. Need some facts if it really is Sinusitis?
Why am I allergic to my dog but not my friends dog?
if i am allergic to Morphine am i allergic to Vicodin ? HELP ASAP?
I had something like an allergic reaction after running - what might it be?
I'm 20 weeks pregnant, I just started to get sick think it might be my allergies. what is safe to take?
Is it possible to be allergic to feathers / Birds ?
Is it possible to be allergic to Garlic?
what is the best shampoo to use when your allergic to every shampoo youve tried?
Swollen and bruised lip? really painful? Hit it on a car door....?
Bruised and swollen lower back...Help!?
Does cutting a 6th toe hurt?
Is this a concussion?
How much $ will this ER visit cost me?
Who took my posh chair?
How long do I have to wait to play volleyball after spraining an arm?
Will a dislocation heal by itself?
bone spur surgery how serious?
i have a small cut on the inside of my nostrill where my sons finger nail cut it its very sore,red,sensitive.?
What does a positve O'Brien Test Indicate?
when do you think i will be able to walk again? please!?
how long does it take for a broken calcaneus to heal?
Injury after surgery?
How long does it take for canker sore to heal?
What can cause a high fever and an elevated heart rate in a person?
Rachel has gone on and off starvation diets. This will hinder long-term weight loss because this type of dieti
what is the remedy to keep away sweat smell other than deo or bath?
What is vascular malformation?
I am looking for a list of medications that you should not break or crush....Thanks, [email protected]
my hair is folling down besause of tense what i do?
Easy tips for reducing stress at work?
t what age can a baby go in a pool containing chlorine...I have a 4 month old daughter?
Is too much sweating not good for health ?what are the reasons for too much sweating?
anyone wit hepatitisC virus?treatment or medication help....?
Can a convicted felon become a nurse in kansas?
How to live healthier and longer?
what is the use of collegen? Is there any side effect? Is it effective? If yes, how effective is it?
BIIIIG dilema!!!! huge problem!!!?
how to get rid of a backache?
Why is it a BRAIN FREEZE, and not another part of your body?
Why does my arm feel sore when touched? (no bruise there)?
What color is the Multiple Sclerosis ribbon?
How do i change my personality?
I am weaning off my antidepressant because I am pregnant, when will the withdrawl symptoms stop?
What is chemical imbalance? I was told my child could have it.?
has anybody know "Enneagram" ? and if yes, what type are u?
Is it true that the phrase "Be a good girl/boy" or " Your being a bad girl/boy" can damage a childs
When you hear or see RED what do you feel or do, what springs to mind?
How its Hurts you?
What is the (trade name) of an antisuicidal medication that starts with "t" is about 6-9 letters long?
Drinking with depression?
I tend to make things bigger than they really are kinda like blowing things out of porpotion. what should I do
What are the signs and symptoms of hyperglycemic patients? hypoglycemic patients?
Metformin for diabetes?
my son is 5 years old and he gets ssi b/c he had a speech problem,how long..?
Does caffeine affect people with diabetes?
I recently had one of my big toes amputated.?
Does anyone know where I can get B12 injections for weight loss in Tallahassee, Florida?
I score 155 on European IQ Test. I know its too optimistic. What can be my real IQ score?
bibliographies about diabetes?
Anyone using metformin?? Or have pcos...?
How can a diabetic control sugar level while swimming?
Where can I buy BH&G Biggest Book of Diabetic Recipes?
Is Anhidrosis (also called hypohidrosis) a condition of diabetes insipidus?
Urea and creatinine?
Trader Joe's Unrefined natural sea salt?
How i can encrease my hight?
eyes are sensitive to light?
Can Celexa make men gain weight like it does to women? Please Help!?
how many pills of Doxepin 25mg pills would it take to get an overdose?
Why/how does hot lemon, ginger and honey cure a nervous stomach?
Do happy shaman herbs work?
Looking for a website that sells authentic VIOLET SCENT essential oils?
I drank alcohol, could a doctor see it in blood test?
mukatavi herbal medicine?
Has anyone had this problem when you give oral?
is it ok to receive oral?
Do girls know what this is?
Broke my nose 4 days ago. Can it still be reset without surgery?
What causes patellar subluxations?
Numb Thumb i am really worried??? please anyone....?
Thumb Injury; not swollen; advice?
my daughters stitches still haven't dissolved?
How to Stretch an injured back?
Torn calf muscle that did not heal? ?
good muscle pain cream? or muscle recovery cream ?
my knee is easily irritated and somewhat unstable. It get reinjured so easily. What is going on ?
I have had a CT Scan and an MRI on what I have been advised is a nerve problemle in my right side. The last Do?
Should i return to rugby early?
i think i scratched my eye should i give it a few days to get better or just see the doctor now?
How do you splint a compound fracture as an emt?
Should i just go see a doctor or not?
how long does it take to recover from an lower lumbar bone spur surgery?
Weird rash on my face , help ?
does eczema affect childs physical development?
getting rid of acne scars?
How Do i get Rid Of?
does anyone have or ever had acne on there bum?
I dont know what else to do for lice.?
Toenail growing up through my skin? ?
I don't have any known allergies but when my upper body gets warm or hot its starts to itch really bad!! Help?
Poison Ivy question ?
I have had a swollen throat for over 3 months and also had a painless small white patch on my uvula.?
i have a acne problem im not perfect but im really sensative to products will regular soap be good?
How do acne pills help acne?
Is it better to let acne run its course, or to use medical treatments?
Fastest way possible to get rid of a zit?!?
I have a problem with adult acne and never had a problem as a teen. Any suggestions?
does bananas help with acne?
Get rid of a bruise/ hicky. Cold or warm?
Is There An Acne Cure In Our Future?
I have a Wart on my foot?
New Zealand Green Mussels's HDL and LDL level?
why diff blood pressure at other office?
How do you work up exercise program when you are very out of shape?
Questions about Plavix (Clopidogrel) and drugs in the same class?
I need some medical sites to check on a heart murmur condition. Thanks for the help!?
Can you have a second anorysm after having a aortic surgery once already?
does ecospirin drug have any side effectsfor my husband who is 41?
A Question about Cardiac Catheterization..?
Are there any effective therapeutics available for Rotavirus?
Virus question aka rotavirus?
How to unclog enflamed gallbladder?
Are my pinworms gone?
i have another virus question?
I need a list of diseases that can be cured.This is for a a project.?
Can drinking coffee from a coffee machine cause a bladder infection?
what is the chance that some1 would get arthritis?
Do I have a UTI/kidney disease?
how do you know if someone is carrying a pathogenic organism?
Is it true that Rheumatoid Arthritis can turn into LUPUS?
height blood pressure,any help from you guys,taking pills every day i don't like....?
what should i do ?
has any one heard of the disease from vietnam called jasinophilic fascihs?
Where can i find good doctor or medicine for my disease?
I think I have foot neuropathy. Does anyone know how this happens? It's very painful. Thanks for ANY help!
addiction recovery?
Has any1 ever heard of the disease POTS?
What health hazards do roaches present?
Any one know about alcoholism?
Is it illegal to get a live donor transplant in the US ?
If the doctor tells you to go on a low sodium diet, roughly how many mg a day would that be?
need help with lithotripsy and ureteral shunt iam very uncomfortable and cannot sleep sugestions?
anyone experience a sinus infection with discharge that smells like decaying flesh?
What is the Telephone Number of Indraprastha Appollo Hospital, Delhi?
does fosamax work in avascular necrosis of the hips?
I've taken Lexapro for 8 wks. I have been getting really bad headaches and nausea.?
Which is worse a bunion or a bone spur?
back muscle cramps medicine, What results ? for example Skelaxin?
I have had bouts of diarrhea for 4 or 5 days now, but i do not feel sick. what could cause this?
Why do I burp all the time? Seriously...?
my dad and granddad has cancer.I am female so do i have a higher risk of having it to?
what is the reason for excessive water retention in the body and especially the feet?
How can you tell if a cough is due to lung congestion or just sinus drainage?
Does anyone know the benefits of DayNursery and Night Nursery medicine?
sinus headhace?
Knee pain (knees)?
cramps at night?
what is a good over the counter medicine for strong pain of the sinus and leg?
Marching Bass Drum creating severe pain.. what to do!?
How can I grow taller if I'm already 30? is there anyway?
I want to give up sugar/white flour from my diet -don't tell me what NOT to eat - what CAN I eat?
how many times a week should you do the same exersize?
the work out that is called Tabo by Billy blake?
What is the best way to trim the hips & thighs?
how do i figure out my body fat percentage?
can u still do crunches if you are on your period?
what are some vocational nursing schools in austin?
Does anyone have a copy of the St. John's Hospital 3 day diet?
Help with Hips?
What's the best way to lose weight?
What supplements are good for boosting testosterone levels?
I hate cardio! How can I make it more interesting?
does anybody know any tricep stretches?
Details of drugs available for insomnias?
i've suffered over 20+ yrs with depression/anxiety and tried many things-nothing seems to work for me.?
i dreamt last night that my wedding ring broke. what does that mean?
I fell and hit my eye. Now im getting bad headaches?
How do i heal my swollen eyelid?
Pulled back muscle, is this it?
what is wrong with my wrist?
is there a way you can land on your arm/wrist that will fracture it or break it?
How do i get rid of an allergic reaction?
Help! Could this be allergies?
what type of earrings should i get if im allergic to metal?
Wierd question but what should i do?
Am i allergic to Pine Trees?
My wife's chocolate allergies. Am I paranoid?
Why does my throat tingle when I eat avocados or peaches, as well as some other fruit?
big toe bone injury ?
Apple and peach allergy?
What is true about pet fur and allergies?
Home remedies to cure cat allergies!!!!!!!!?
red bumps that dont itch..allergic reaction?
Could it be lactose intolerance?
Is there a good website that sells 1/4" shoe inserts for a short leg?
I have bone loss in my skull from usage of a hair growth product.?
High Ana? Red flare ups around eyes dr tested for ANA do you know why?
can the suns radiation cause people to look older faster?
is lecithen good for you...pills, or granules?
I need a good eye doctor in Long Beach & accepts VPS & has a great selection of frames to choose from...Help!
i would like to see images and descriptions of different muscle relaxers and valiums, where do i go to see it?
colon care?
Will dextrose cause herpes breakout?
can you catch this problem this away?
anyone taken zyban to quit smoking?
Salvia in a water pipe...?
Was my Marijuanna laced?
If I switch to State Farm health insurance?
Are collagen supplements a viable alternative to injection?
how long does adderall xr 40mg last?
how much of a need is there for massage therapy?
Is acculser therapy effective?
how come on the automatic urine tests klonopin does not show up as positive, but if it is sent to the lab it d?
How long does it take for hives to go away?
pain pump and work?
what is colan cleansing?
In between the times you are sleeping and while you're awake, what are you usually doing?
what foods can i eat to gain healty weight?
Is fasting good for our body?
a person who has parkinson's takes 100mg. of parkinson's medication per day how mush is absorbed by the body?
What is fresh frozen plasma?
How do you no when you have a bad heart?
quickest way to get rid of nausea?
when hospitals suspect drug exposure to a child before birth when do they test the newborn?
What kind of food should i take 2 relieve sinus?
what is amaryl?
What causes so much indigestion/hearburn??
Hernia sufferers....does this ever happen to you?
What is a drug of choice to give a person having seizures?
Why does daytime nondrowsy medicine still give you "medicine head"?
i have ra is this safe to use on this type of condition?
do you know about dystonia?
what is the fee for icd9 code 99387?
I really don't know about any procedure. you might have one in mind, thx?
Anyone here suffer from Myofascial Pain Syndrome?
bats and rabies?
im looking for a name of an opthmalogist in austin,texas?
How do you lose weight with hypothyroidism and you are currently taking 112mcg of Synthroid?
Do eye floaters ever go away?
Anyone ever head of CRMO, its an auto immune disease?
I need information on thyroid problems?
What is Dirty Pee?
Does Ciba vision clear care have to be used on a daily basis?
Swollen lymph nodes?
what are some things I can do to help my nails grow?
Ear problem....can anybody help?
does a block of cheese a day keep the doctor away?
How to stop drooling?
why does benadryl make you crazy, just one pill?
If two people have ADD what is the possibility of their child having it?
Do you feel your age?
What is going on with my legs!?
How do I get rid of Body Odor?
what clears a rash quickly?
How much sleep do humans really need to survive?