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how safe is a heart defibrillator?
Does cracking your knuckles really cause you to have arthritis later in life?
what over the counter medicines have dextromethorphan?
Is it possible to take to much Iron?
Is wheatgrass good for you?
2 day long migraine?
How do you choose a Health Care Provider?
How can I get rid of Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis?
what is the average time people spend in counseling?
how can I lower my heart rate without lowering my already low bloodpressure?
How can I get rid of the Hiccups? I've had One or Two every hour that are very loud and even scare people!
When was laughing gas invented and why?
crashed against a a pole, no broken ribs but lots of pain and concern about the spleen,?
Back pain...help?
Can degenerative peritrochanteric calcifications be the cause of hip pain?
Back and abdomon pain?
are we getting closer to finding a cure for chronic regional pain syndrome? (sympathetic dystrophy)?
If I'm not sore after lifting weights, does that necessarily mean that I didn't get a good workout?
What meds work best for Sacroiliitis?
Do you have an addiction to anything?
should i be worred about this?
Required tests for blood donations?
I am traumatized with HIV! please HELPP!?
Anal Warts or Paranoid?
what are some websites for figure/bodybuilding competions in Colorado?
what is the safest and most effective diet pill on the market?
What's a new good bicep workout? I've been lifting for years and want to try something new...?
how much water do i need to drink to lose water weight?
Protein Powder Gold standard Protein Powder from Dr. Wheeler?
describe the critical factors during old adulthood?
Is soy milk safe to give to my 6 year old son?
Gain weigh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
is the supplement NO2 effective?
How do i stop my cravings for food? Anything i can take? Any good diet pills over the counter?
What do you think of Trimspa?
How many calories do you burn in a 1 hour spinning (cycling) class?
if you take a diet pill ?
I underwent an Angiogram around a year ago. The artery point of enter still seems sore at times. Problem?
what is the most effective and safe vitamins to gain weight?
I am currently writing a book and I need advice from a hematologist. How do you do your job?
After cured when do health insurers no longer consider the "pre-existing condition" a Pre-existing condition
can i do push ups and pull ups sets togather...as 1st a set of push up and then pull up...would it be good or?
why do my lungs burn after I run in cold weather?
is suppliment no2 is safe to use?
bell life style tea for the prostate?
Should i take beta blockers for panic attacks?
Natural remedies for laugh lines and crows feet?
Referring to weed. What does CBA stand for? And if so is it real?
Is KidNaps Melatonin oral liquid vegan?
OTR/L or COTA/L new laws that are in effect for Ohio?
What is SECRETAGOGUES Stack....?
can you OD on valerian root tea?
Ecstasy and Seizures... help!?
I sewat somuch... What should i do?
Why can you drink salt water?
Can someone PLEASE help me out???? Explain what this is?
Is a continually peeling lip bad?
Muscle tear treatment and complications?
does anybody have any home remedy's?
In case of a self harm severe injury, if the person goes in ER which is the minimum time they would keep them?
What is the recovery process like from a torn Achilles tendon?
numbness after leg trama???
Hip Pointer ?
whats the best for torn or ripped tendons?
If I get freshlook radiance eden contacts will it change the color of my eye?
Contact lenses!?
Whats the best brand for contacts?
Eyes that are bad what do i do....?
prednisone reduction in dose and blurry vision/inflamation?
I have devoloped an eye twitch?
Is there any place to donate old or broken glasses in the North Hollywood/ Los Angeles area?
Will i go blind???
My right eye suddenly turned red and when I took out my contact it hurt and is now uncomfortable.?
I used to wear Sunsoft Toric Multiples. These are discontinued, What alternate should I consider?
Astigmatism - really low prescription...contacts?
Help With Contacts Please?
Eye Floaters? (aka Squiggly Line(s) in your Eyes)?
Color Contacs With out perscription?
Have you ever seen anyone who has Hypertrichosis?
My sister came home high on coke how do i calm her down ?
can a doctor differentiate between a spider bite or a scorpion bite by the way the skin looks?
I've had Bell's Palsy 4x. Anyone else ever had it? Please help me learn how to deal with the lasting effects.
Are blisters on the back of my throat oral herpes?
i want to know about low blood pressure?
i am looking for information on Treatment for Cortical Dysplasia in children. Specialist who perform surgery?
How does nearsightedness grow with age, what contributes to it, and what is the maximum sight?
What is metabolic syndrome and how is it treated?
why suddenly my legs go aside?
Multi-Directional Instability?
why am i afraid of clowns?
Does anyone have a realy good definition and explantion for depression?
why are women more emotional than guys?
How do you manage an employee who you believe has a mental health issue - but they don't believe they do?
What does '1 DS bid for three days' mean?
Are kidney stone sufferers aware of lemonade therapy?
Hear this .. You may not have heard anything like this before! I was an alcoholic who was almost bedridden...?
Does sleeping stunt your growth?
Will you share your most recent nightmare with all of us?
what is Harlequin?
looking for rehab for brother acholic, drugs he has no insurance he's just out thier killing hiself .?
where do i finddownloadsabout on the interetabout self esteem?
Anyone diagnosed with depression?? agorophobia?? panic disorder?? If so what do you do about it???
does chronic knuckle popping really cause arthritis? or is it an old wives tale?....?
My Dad gets choked easiely and says it fells like a "bubble" in his throat. Nothing will go down or come up.
Cure for a stuffy nose?
I know avocados are good for alkalizing your diet, but what if you are a blood type 0?
I need an operation for an inscisional hernia. Anybody ever have one repaired and how was it done?
What will relieve the burning and itching on my face from a allergic reaction?
Gut pain suprise?
What really causes grey hairs?
How do I cure stiff neck?
how much is solarium harmful for skin and how often could I go there without consequences?
How is chinese medicine different from western?
how do you texturize Afro hair?
What is a good excuse for a Guy getting his ears periced?
Hairy chest. Should I get laser hair removal treatment?! Currently single!?
what is a better brand?
Ladies: why do you think sanitary belts are on the come-back trail among younger women?
what do guys look for in girls?
Anal Orgasms. Do they exist? How to get one, female and male?
A newly LVN graduate will earn how much with 4 years student nurse intern experience?
What's better, ttawas or deos and why?
Hair loss in local area?
Strange dream?
HELP!:::NITS ON EYE LASHES...white flakes at the end, how can i treat?
Can you catch Vibro-Myalgia from keeping your cell phone on buzz mode for too long?
How do i get rid of this sore throat that i had for one year?
When does fever rise in a day to a person infected with dengue fever?
How fast can you get the measles?
How long do you think it'll be before we have nanobots to eliminate sickness?
How to treat a pregnant woman with a 4-week long viral infection?
Feeling a little nauseated and my stomach is making noise I'm I coming down with the stomach flu?
Flu, shortness of breath is this normal?
Is it true that Sevenseas JointCare Pure Cod Liver OIl plus Glucosamine causes cancer?
what is fungomycosis?
What causes brown/dark yellow arcs to appear on finger nail beds close to the skin?
I have an extreamly sore back, I'm guessing it is a back spasm, how can I relieve the pain?
what's the difference between svt and psvt?
Anyone had any success controlling psoriasis?
will eating self rising flour hurt you?
I Feel Burning Feeling Inside Nostril..Help? 10Pts?
I Feel Burning Feeling Inside My Nose..Help?? 10Pts?
Do i have an infection down there?
about all orthopedic hospitals in tirupathi?
WHa are these chest pains?
Why am I getting this sharp pain on th left side of my neck especially when I turn or do movements?
How can I stop the pain in my elbow?
Medication Lyrica Sandie W anwered my question Can one really buy Lyrica online Partial web address readable?
What is a Gd stress reliever ?
How to relieve pain for a stiff/hurt neck?Im 15 and it hurts alot Pls. Help?
My throat has this scratchy itchy feeling in the back and it looks a littl red my nose is runny n e ideas?
Am I allergic to steroids?
Are Theraflu teas gluten free?
How to get rid of a runny nose overnight?!??!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!?
Can someone develop Wasp allergies over time?
Yesterday evening after a trip to Bath and Body Works, I could not stop sneezing! Now I feel fine! HELP?
How to get rid of a runny nose and a sore throat?
Lactaid-Free milk doesn't work, am I lactose intolerant?
Is GenF20 real HGH? is that considered a steroid? Are there negative side effects? Is it the real thing?
Any ideas on my toe problem would be great!?
Ingrown Toenail?
Broken Wrist?
how do i take care of a bruise located on the side of my chest from an industrial accident?
what is the top 3 busiest emergency rooms in the State of Georgia?
stress injury?
DOCTORS or NURSES: Have you ever same day discharged a patient that bled 1,000 cc's in surgery?
Is there anything you can do if you have sweaty hands?
What's the best soap I can buy?
i've itchy eyelids.do i visit an eye doctor or a dermatologist?
my foot is green. need help?
Need Help To Stop Itching!?
A really really embarresing question =/?
i never got the chickenpox when i was younger. what do i do now? I am 20!!?
I Have this big bump around my labia?
Does anyone else have dark circles?
How can I get rid of my acne fast?
My face is about to peel, is there anything i can use to prevent it from peeling besides lotion?
How do I get rid of my dark skin on my neck?
Need Help With An Acne Problem?
:$ imbarrasing! Why..?
home remedy for psoriasis?
How to i get rid of acne scaring? Any help?
what is a normal reading when you have diabetes 2?
ineed to get meds and diabetic at a reduced rate with no insurance HELP?
advice from diabetics and carb addicts?
Does colesteral med make your sugar go up?
Are there any safe low carb. high protien diets for someone who is over weight & hypoglycemic?
what do you eat with borderline sugar?
diabetic recipes?
donated insulin pumps?
Does anyone have information on new Glaucoma treatments ?
what is the difference in sugar and sugar alcohol?
What are some causes of high lipase enzymes?
where can you find insurance for persons who is a diabetic?
blood alcohol testing?
Can fructose cause diabetes? Do fruits and fruit juices like grape have sucrose or fructose only?
how soon can i dive after recovering from pneumonia?
has anyone had blood clots to the lungs?
what affects does ms have on the respiratory system?
my hdl is 15.6mg is it safe?
How Do You Know For Sure If You Have A Heart Problem?
Heart Disease?
What is going on on the EKG and in the heart when ventricular Diastole is too slow?
what's a heart murmmer?
With regards to the causes and prevention of cardio- resiratory arrest?
Is it ok to drink laxative after a diarrhea?
Can I take Midol and Gravol together?
What foods are good for the liver to heal it?
Astaxanthin Benefits?
Astaxanthin Supplements?
mulberry zuccarine side effects and does it work ?
Cold hands and feet plus some white out vision?
Do I just have a great immune system?
Do u.s.b. pills really work?
Does ginger really make you lose weight?
Is there one site which permits you to compare prices for prescription drugs between on-line pharmacies?
Any one on Lunesta??
Is obesity the new smoking?
Is a tryglyceride level of 2520 humanly possible?
What is Vitamin A good for?
what are the psychological effects of a drug addiction?
which blood group most of the people having all over the world? and in Asian Ciontinent & in India?
what are the symptoms of exposure to bleach and ammonia?
price list of medical services provided in England?
I need info on difficulty swallowing/sore throat. The doctor prescribed antibiotics but I still have pain...?
Bell palsy again please help?
is there a relationship between the auditory and vagus nerves?
What must a person with St. Vitus Dance avoid?
How dangerous is Ulcerative Colitis? Is it life threatening? What all I should take care in life?
Does anyone here live with Myasthenia Gravis?
what is fists disease?
someone who knows about Lupus?
white puss on throat every year?
The human immunodeficiency virus?
I have high white blood count (17.5) and high absolute neutrophils (13500), my lymphocytes are down 17 from 36?
I took half dosage of Levaquin last year, is it ok to use the other half now?
Hi I am rabindra a post renal transplant patient with hcv positive?
can anyone explain to me what cholera is?
differential diagnosis of stupor?
In a nightshift, how do I not get completly bored?
Pleeeasssse!?! can any1 cheer me up???
Does this dream mean anything or was my brain just being weird?
I can`t face the fact that I have not nearly achieved what I set out to do as a teen,and it really bothers me.
does anyone know the way to wean yourself from lexapro with as few symptoms as possible?
tourrets syndrome?
Do you know if a mole on your hand (hands) signifies anything?
Why steriods cannot enchance other parts of the body?
has anyone severed a nerve in the forearm and regained strength and feeling back into the hand after surgery?
how can i get rid of a hip hematoma from 9 months ago??
im 75kg how can i reduce upto 50kg?
Do guys in the army get tested every couple weeks for STDs?
where to find an Arcana cream?
Is it normal when your appendix hurts when your runing?
Can blind people see what they dream about?
if u have kids and u have herpes can u infect them by touch?
Anyone know a good way to handle poor circulation in the hands?
insoles for shin splints?
I had the cartridge removed under knee cap...How long till full recovery?
How do you heal a strained groin?
How old should you be when you have oral?
My friend's sister has herpes but she is only 5?
is there any who survive from HIV/AIDS?
I have a question about HIV?
what are the procedures followed during health exam?
caffiene..what are the withdrawal symptoms and what can it do to you in the long run..?
what is the e- mail address of the W.H.O.in Geneva,switzerland.?
where can I find 300 gal. a day desal plants?
i get little bubble bumps around the tips of my fingers and they got clear liquid iside them, what are they?
Is it will power alone that keeps me from quitting smoking? Any suggestions? thanks?
where can we purchase Tempo antacid?
little dark red mark??????
how to get flawless skin?
i have a mole in my face.what would i do? i want to disappear it. thanks for suggesting. i will wait.?
Does anyone know what's wrong with my arm? please look at the pictures.?
how to cure acne scar?
How to prevent nail biting?
I have a cyst on my forehead and...?
I'm 14 and I have embarrasing eczema on my arms, legs, neck & underarms. Help?
I have dry skin, do you have any ideas how to get rid of it?
the best age for using roaccutane?
Why are my cheeks constantly pink?
I am looking for a moisturizer with SPF in it for my face.?
I have a problem pulling my eyebrows and eyelashes out?
How can i clear up acne?
How to get rid of two zits?
i no that lemons help get ride of acne but i have a few questions about it?
What is a cheaper alternative for visiting a dermatologist?
whats a good product to clear my ACNE!!!!>? plz help!!?
my bones hurt?
Is fibromyalgia considered to be autoimmune, viral, or related to problems with neurotransmitter levels?
waking up with headache and slight jaw pain, could it be TMJ?
do any other meds have neurontin in them besides gabapentin?
Do migraines causes seizures ?
Anyone have any ideas on this foot pain?!?!?! :)?
Contact is making my eye hurt and water all day...?
which is better for a pinched nerve accupuncture or accupressure?
how effective is accupressure,yoga,accupuncture,reiki,body talk,art of living ,etc?
can anyone help.. im looking for latex free eyelashes, im allergic to latex.?
How do you blow your nose?
Am I allergic to bananas?
Home remidies for getting rid of fleas?
My right nut is up and won't come down?
Why is my nose bleeds like slime?
Will sparying furniture with a diluted detol solution help cat allergy?
Am I allergic to something?
Friend Allergic to Cats... I have three.. READ! HELP! PLEASE!?
Is it possible to be allergic to Scotch Tape?
can a premature baby with bacterial endocarditisis get social security disability benefits?
What kind of advice can be given for someone who wants to help a young friend with an alcohol dependency issue
Does end-stage renal disease cause gastrointestinal problems?
Chronic Daily Headache question:?
Anybody know of any ways to cure or minimize chill blanes?
what is polynephritis?
i have a small irritating bump on the white surface of my eyeball. what could this be?
is there any treatment for ectodermal dyplasia?
can you mix tylenol and aleve?
I sleep less and better,if I sleep over a carpet,instead of a bed.Can this bring harmful effects to my health?
Will eating raw pasta noodles really give you worms?
is it true that crossing your legs causes vericose veins?
Why do they call the area around your elbow your "funny bone"? I know when I hit mine, it sure isn't funny!
How can I get rid of a stain let on my skin after being burnt with hot water?
What is best way to handle stress ?
1800 calorie diet menus?
How do I get rid of acid reflux?
Is Anyone Anosmic here???
why is my left ankle always giving away when i have walk.?
What can you do to reduce stress during an average work day?
Sugestions about hip replacement in a 28 yrs female?
what is the patho between age and injuries?
what does this sinus related condition sound like it may be?
workplace chemical exposure?
PET scan. Is it anything like an MRI? What does the machine look like? Will I be enclosed?
how do i get rid of the flu??
whats going on with the bedbugs?
what do you call the value in the upper end of the wind pipe or trachea that trap the air in the lungs?
is creamy shimmering the latest eyeshadow and is it better than the powdered form ones?
pictures of wounds?
I can't sleep even though i've tried medication and I do a lot of workouts.?
how long does it take to smoke speed?
What are some good shoes to ware with shorts for a guy?other?
Can tight fitting clothes have and affect on your health?
scarf treatment?
Naproxen or Ibuprofen? Which is better for sciatic problems?
i hav bumps in my forehead got in accident,why now the swelling go down in my eyes.?
Anyone know about groin pain?
My blood test showed that my carbon dioxide is low, what does this mean?
Does anyone know what the difference is in a Heart Attach and Acute Myocardial Infarction ?
Son has aortic regurgitation, DR recommends blood pressure meds, any thoughts?
what the defination of blood pressure?
Hypertension ?
Can An 8th panel Urine test for LSD ?
Space Incense: jwh-018, or something else?
How quickly can you become addicted to nicotine?
could you mix liquid hydromorphone with oramge juice and drink it?
How long does a typical vyvanase dosage last in hours?
is it possible to lose inches without losing any weight?
What's the best way to lose 35 lbs?
What is the best online diet?
Is anyone familiar with neuro-dermititis?
is there any pills I can take to help me loose wieght, I barely have time to work out? I have a 1 yr old.?
where are there discussion boards about slimfast diet?
I want to lose 40 pounds what is the quickest way to do it?
definition of unhealthy food?
I have cystic acne. Beside using accutane what would be an alternate but agressive medication to use?
after having my last child by c-section, I still look 4 mos pregnant 3 yrs later?how do i lose this big belly?
Which gym should I join. The one with hot tub and swimming pool or the one which is closer to home?
How can I lose weight in 10 days which I gained in 10 years?
my sister-in-law is going to have liposuction done next week. i heard this could be dangerous. is it?
how do i become flexible easily?
what can i do t o help with a hernated disk?
Has anyone used Glucofast? Does it work?
i need the song lyrics of "one" by the bee gees. a song included in the dvd/album one night only?
which weilght loss pill that really works?
Does being bulimic really help lose weight?
What is the most accurate symptom or diagnosis?
How can I get my CA license number?
lodine xl tabs side effects?
hey i can not check my mail in gust lo gin?
I need forms for a Living Will.Where do I find / download it?
How do you treat a mouth ulcer, on the inside of your mouth?
allergy problems?
what do food have to do?
what are the symptoms of heat stroke?
about a couple months ago i got a stye on my right right eyes.?
Do I have alcohol poisoning?
Can only children die from malaria?
is my vomiting due to ulcerative colitis? plz help me i need help any nurses or doctors?
what is still wrong WITH MY THROAT STILL?
Should I take antibiotics for this cough? Travelling in 2 days. Please help! 10 pts.?
Possible to Get Mono Again?
I'm concerned with my bleeding hemorrhoids ?
rash around my 6 year olds eyes ! looks like blood dots please help!?
how's your left foot?
What is a non-displaced fracture?
How do u get rid of nausea?
what would you do if youre in big trouble of being pregnant in a 14yr old girl?
Can I get lasik done even though my eyesight is not so bad? What is the cost?
Strange stomach noises?
How much does the average breast augmentation cost? How do I encourage my wife to get one respectfully?
Why do some people have black armpits? What causes this?
Does genetics determine whether or not you have an inward navel or an outward navel?
Can any one tell what the average cost per session for the DXR 9000 machine?
Any opinions or recommendations for any Lexington spray tan booths?
question reguarding sprain?
Whats best for growing hair on top of my head?
Do percoset and oxycontin have the same general chemical makeup?
Women Only!!!? What color do you paint your toenails?
what are the general views/perception on fat people?
if a Cancer cell were morphed into new living cells how much life would then be possible?
what the man should do in the first night of his marriage ?
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever experienced?
what is the meaning of life?
I have a very high metabolism, i eat a lot but don't seem to gain weight, what can i do?
are zits caused by stress?
what are some ways to get rid of acne fast?
How to get rid of a stye?
How do I get rid of raser burn?
I have a very dry patch of skin on the edge of my lip. How can I get rid of it?
how do you get rid of zits?
which product(s) is the best to prevent and get rid of Acne?
i have a badly infected finger.?
Salt is good for healing skin, right? But why is it bad when you eat it as it gets in your bloodstream?
What Do You Guys Think Of "Head & Shoulders" Shampoo?
How to not have dry skin?
what???? ahh annoying? HELP!?
how can i get rid of my acne?
how do you reduce acne!?!?
why does my tongue itch?
Acne is stressing me out so bad...?
What cause you to "see stars" when you bump your head.?
Help!!! i got my cartlige peirced!!?
Do I have a concussion?
help please....i need a video on Mattie Stepanek on muscular dystrophy ....any one knows where i can find one?
Does going up and down the stairs every day damage your knees?
Dose any one else have a bump on there bone on the back of there hand just above the wrist? #2?
How long does it take to get oxycodone out of your system?
every time i move my legs and ankels to walk they pop with every bend , there is some pain with the cracking?
growing pains??
how long does it take to excret vicodin out?
Is it possible to get relief from Carpal tunnel Syndrome by massage therapy?
Abdominal Pain!?
Why do I have a pain in both my shoulders and arms?
any new med cine for arthritis?
ever had blood in front of the macula?
what can i do for the pain of diabetic neuropathy?
Does zinc interfere with iron absorbtion?
What exactly is DKA?
what kind of cereal and milk is recomended for people with diabetes?
Hi, I have recently been diagnosed as having diabetes type 2. My g.p put me on diabex xr.?
does red wine reduce blood sugar inhuman beings?
Diabetics: What do you use on long flights to keep your insulin cool?
diabetic type 2,have mic three to four time a day is it ok?i am not taking any medicines ,get checked my sugar
im back! i have lost so much weight over a 3 1/2 month period...?
what is the insulin similar to humalog from novo nordisk company?
Medical transcription: Sounds like: No "shidecadies malfus", polyphagia or polydipsia. Any ideas?
in sugar free foods what is sugar alcohol?
Urban myths: Is it true that when you are having a heart attack it is a good idea to start coughing?
How to cure fibromialgia?
What's the best way to cure the stomach flu quickly and effectively?!?
Can someone help??
what nutritional suppliments do you take for joint pain?
where is there a liars anonymous meeting in portland oregon?
How long do Keflex cephalexin , Ibuprofen, and Vicodin stay in your system?
Can a persons height be 5'12....is that accurate or does it go as 5'10 then 5'11 then 6'00?
does flu comlication include delleriam and depression?
How soon after surgery can I fly?
Does Peridex Oral Rinse, if used correctly, effect the bowels in any way?
Ricently i've lost weight after i gave birth to my 3rd child,im 156cm and weight53kg.still think that im fat.
swollen ankles on long haul flight?
I have been so depressed, and have been thinking about suicide...?
How do I keep myself from shopping when I'm bored or sad?
Could Stitches On Scalp Effect Brain Function?
good otc medicine for anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings?
Why is death so scary?
what is ABHA disorder?
please help! what's wrong with me?
what is the medicine seroquel? what is it used to treat? what's it's side effect? do you know legal dosage?
anybody out there on ambien 10mg?..(sleeping pills)?
Exercise-induced severe sinus pain? Why?
Can you be cured of allergies?
i have white spots on my face?its like skin asthma>? i triad calmoseptine and nizoreal cream but still it?
Methacholine test for a child is it safe?
I woke up this morning with my eye slightly pink.Why?
Hives after long-term latex rubber band (in braces) use?
how harmful is white mold?
Do evaporative humidifiers work without filter?
How do I get rid of crabs?
please help! herpes or not?
Menstrual Cycle on day 8, horrible cramps, very heavy bleeding..need help please?
I have throat herpies... What do i do about it?
According to the most recent research, what is the survival rate of Burkitts Lymphoma for someone that is?
can double taking of iberet folic cause enlargement of the heart?
Tetralogy of Fallot?
thanks for the answers the answers given to my qeus tion. on my daughters heart conition?
heart palpitation? am i having clots?
what is the rupture risk after cabg bypassed aneurysim?
Where can tell how long rx meds actively last?Pamphlets encld don't tell..?
does anybody know anyone who has died after having a pnumonectomy (lung removed) of multi organ failure?
Anyone have experience with carpenter's lung?
side effects from claritin?
About how many people die each day from heart disease (in general)?
Does being referred to rehab by a Dr. show up on a background check?
What should my dad do to get rid of his high blood pressure?
what does a low carbon dioxide blood test mean?
Is IPPB therapy still widely used form of treatment for patient with rib fructure and lung contusions?
when was asbestos removed from roofing shingles?
Yellow Toes - How to stop without prescription?
DX with COPD, what can I expect?
Will Cold Fx work if I already have a bad cold?
how do I change the code on the freestyle blood glucose meter?
Can anyone tell me from personal experience?
How does pneumonia avoid white blood cells?
mysterious hard forehead bump...?
Physicians in northern VT?
Get a massage with a happy ending?
How many vertabrates are in a 3 year olds neck?
I take ambien, when I visitied the web site, I did'nt see where to get the free ambien c r that was on a tv
Could my body system be rejecting sodas and candy and junk?
body fat calculate?
What do you guys think about the Total Gym System?
should I eat before or after I Exercise?
What are the pros and cons of a gastric bypass?
how can i lose weights in 1 month???????plss?
I read and article on EPH200 weight loss pill. Is there a website?
I have a backache problem and Have seen doctors and they have diagnosed as no serious issue. Any suggestions?
if your really busy all the time, what's one of the best ways to get in shape?
If i try to eat right i starve, so my question is can i eat lots and lots (and lots) of fruit and still be ok?
Is gaining weight easier than losing weight?
What the quickest way to lose weight healthly (with out facing troubles futurity)?
how can i flatten my tummy without going to the gym ?
should i use steriods in order to acheive more defined and lean muscle?
Am I underweight?
on the 3 day diet from floridee149 it says to have 1-2 packets of a sugar substitute do I have to use it?
how do you know you tore something or pulled something...?
Pseudomembranous colitis?
Herniated Disc C 4 C 5?
This morning I saw a really long worm in my stool, it was as long as 3 inches and had all the features of tape?
Does aloe really heal scratches quicker??
Can you actual get a disease/virus from drinking human blood?
OMG , worms ... im freaking out?
What should I do for a busted knee?
How to solve the throat infection give me tablet?
can u get a fever by wrapping yourself in a lot of blankets?
how long will it take for the blood to rush to your head, and death to occur while upside down?
What does it feel like to get the soles of your feet whipped?
Knee Problems HELP ME!!!?
Low Grade night fever from an overall healthy 29 year old female?
can you please give me some information on eye implants?
Help! I used to smoke pot about 4 days a week up until november 11th like 5 blunts per day can I pass?
Anybody tried dimecurve pills?
What realy is frission?
is adderall really an addictive med?
What are some alternative to day care systems?
ow I have created a group how do i post it where everyone can see this new group when they are on yahoo?
x-linked Retinitis Pigmentosa only males are suppose to have it so why do i have a daugter who has it?
what is anion gap and what is a readin 5 mean?
what are the side effect of a bat bite?
crenated red blood cells in spinal fluid?
What is a good, safe medication for fibromyalgia? What have you tried that isn't good?
how does botox help ms patients?
What are the symptoms of GBS? Guillaume Barre?
who makes the new anti smoking commercial that has the guy who has a hole in his throat while showering?
Is shingles contagious and unsafe for pregnant ladies?
what is diamond blackfan anemia?
Fentanyl patch manufactuers?
How much protein?
What do you mean by safe staffing saves life?
Why is it so FREAKING COLD in airplanes?
I chclate bad if you take out the sugar and fat?
Does the National YMCA still offer certifiations in Fitness testing?
what is sleep paralzed/ or the old witch holding you down during sleep?
Suggest treatment for chronic sleeplessness, I have suffered severe depression and taken prolonged treatment?
Anyone out there taking Wellbutrin SR and Lamictal? Need Feedback please...?
Can anyone tell me anything about Wellbutrin? Success stories or anything I should know?
Why do peoploe get ssaick both mentally and physically at the same time?
Who here has been hospitalized? And for what?
what do u do when a woman is constantly trying to start trouble and you leave her alone? yet she still gossips
where in florida to get a male brazilian wax?
is it harmful to get cortizone shots too often?
How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal?
Is it normal to feel like you have the flu after having minor surgury?
I had a cold sore on my lip and my boyfriend swears he now has one on his tongue?
I have a question about aids can you get it through gums?
Whats wrong with my lips?
what do you do if you have a stye? can you self medicate?
how to clear up an outbreak quicker?
what are some things that should be done to reduce acne?
Atomic Dermatitis?
Blackheads .. really starting to bother me.?
cure for cracked lips?
how to remove ink from skin easily?
How can I clean my acne up in a few weeks?
medicine for this?
Am I supposed to tell my dermatologists about my dandruff ?
I have school pictures today & i have a zit!?
Is there any oral medication you can take to get rid of eczema?
Question on skin/acne?
How to stop biting the skin around my nails?
help with rash?
will this scar go away?
Acne Medicine, please answer quick?
how do i get rid of dark circles!!!!!?
I'm breaking out - help!?
Does cracking your knuckles really prevent arthritis?
taking suboxone currently,have to have surgery in 8 days, will require pain meds for 3 days?
5yo with a stiff neck from sleeping the wrong way.?
how can i strengthen the muscles that support my kneecaps mine have both slipped to the outside of my knees?
Weight lifting and back pain?
Have you heard of Vantal gel? is it safe to use during pregnancy for back pain? I got it in Mexico.?
I have lumpson my feet and they hurt to walk,anybody know what it can be?
I constantly suffer from joint pain and i don't know what's wrong.?
why do i have stiff fingers early in the morning?
Post acupuncture pains?
I got my toe nail removed and im in pain, how long is it going to last????
I think I'm getting shin splints from track..what should i do?
My thumb hurts?
can you tell me what is wrong with my knee and how long will it take to get better?
Long term affects of TMJ?
hurt at work then moved while temp. disabled?
how does nicotine and tar harm ur body?and does smoking ciggarette stop ur growth?
Do i have the flu, or just a virus?
Is it just a cold ? or what is it ?
Are tonsil stones caused by candida albicans (thrush)?
What are good flowers for someone with H1N1...?
I got an infection and tested positive for mrsa.On my lab report it says...?
do abdominal x-rays show inflamed lymphnodes?
How can you tell the difference between a cold with sore throat, strep throat, and tonsillitis?
i have C Active Protein In My Blood.can u tell me if it can cured?
What does the apendix do?
what is an Aquapheresis catheter?
Can't breath, BUGERS!?
How do I know if I have a corneal ulcer? ?
Where can I purchase Cat's Claw Formula Vivo beverage concentrate?
I am having slight pain in the upper region(humerus) of the arm.?
For all the Doctors in the crowd, What is the cure for pediactric sarcoidosis?
what is the name for a tumor that has precursor tissue that produce hair,teeth etc?
Ibogane: how do you feel about it's potential theraputic use? READ DETAILS!?
Im trying to find a doctor who treats ms people at st.thomas in tenn and his last named is hunter?
bird flu pandemic?
Could i be allergic to blush?
can almond milk cause joint pain?
Why can't your body build up an immunity to an allergy?
Does anyone have a description or know anything about Tarsol tunnel or Tarsotunnel? It has do do with feet.?
Has anyone ever heard of chocolate covered cherries causing hiccups?
At what age does nose start to droop down?
What is a good medicine for severe sinus trouble?
Tahitian Noni?
what is a nation wide child abuse hotline number?
why do we yarn ?
This photo was taken March 17 2106 in Evergreen Co., Will the Govt, tell us about bird flu if found in U.S.?
Home remedies for pencil lead splinters?
One way for me to prevent burn-out is......?
I had a runny nose and It finished now my throat is clogged with somthing and I can't speak?
Are dogs allergic to herbs?
history of pharmacy?
what is massage therapy?
What is the ICD code for a large stature child?
can you tell me the numbers for prehypertension AND hypertension?
natural hdl cholesterol different than drug induced?
whats average pulse rate?
has anyone ever had vein treatment ?
ACE inhibitor for high BP?
Is there any good ways?
Normal pulse for a 10 month old baby?
Teen with atrial Fib.. a little chest pressure now? heart beat normal.. whats up?
What happens when a salt water cleanse doesn't work?
is sea salt a different type of salt?
Can you take cold medicine while on methadone?
Does walmart sell coriciden cough and cold?
What is the difference between Kaneka QH and Q-Gel? (These are two forms of CoQ10)?
Taking atarax (hydroxyzine) for anxiety even though it was not prescribed for that?
What is the best treatment for hypothyroidism in women?
how long does cocaine stick in your system?
Are any of these energy supplements particularly harmful, especially to someone under 18?
What is a medical Code Black?
I have mild to moderate scoliosis. I had it checked a long time ago, the doctor said I don't need to have?
is diabetes curable?
how do i loose weight especially on my upper body. breast and arms?
Protien Supplement question?
Diet Troubles?
What is the safest way to lose 10 lbs as fast as two weeks?
What are some Web sites or good ways to burn fat fast?
Does anyone know how to gain weight really fast?
what do african bush men eat while on a hunt?
In the State of Georgia how long does it take to complete documentation in a hospital setting?
What is the best way to get rid of or shrink your love handles?
steroids used by professionals?
Why do overweight people have to ask about losing weight.?
Weight transformation question. please answer?
is the fat burner really works or not?
Need help loosing weight again!!! Please?
what to eat after workingout?
what exercise workouts are best for developing an eight pac abs?
What are the dangers of Zyladex Plus? Does it REALLY work?
What foods should i eat for my diet, that keeps me full longer?
Advice please: any suggestions for losing ab-area flab?? (not crunches which work the muscle, but not the fat)
Bone Bruise?
What kind of exercises can I do after a knee sprain to get back to normal?
Not carpal tunnel but..................?
How do I make my parents more concerened about my sprained foot/ankle?
I have scoliosis?
Blood Test Needle Hit Nerve or Tendon???
Keep breaking foot (metatarsal), why?
What excersises can be done to help with numbness in you pointer finger, I tnink they shoud be neck excersises
what are the symptom's of diabetes please tell me?
what is ESRD?
What can a type-1 diabetic do for short term health insurance?
Has anyone tried the product Threelac for a Fungas Infestion?
I'm on cobra and it's coming to an end. How much are my medication (metformin and lovastatin and trazadone)
everybody in my family?
1800 calore diet for a newly diagnosed diabetic?
how can i get opiods out of my urine in less than 3 days?
what should not be eaten?
My Urine!!?
Hi:EQUAL & SPLENDA which one better for Diabetes.?
I'm a diabetic. After lunch, how do I bring my "two-hour" after lunch blood sugar under control?
What is thrush? Please help!!!!?
I am a long time psoriasis sufferer and need some advice on treatments.?
Looking for information about adhd.?
What is the prognosis for Polycistic Kidney Disease?
where can I go to watch an autopsy being performed? or help bury people. I will work for free?
Does anyone know what a "GIn Blossom" is ???
Looking for really recent info on fibromyalgia. Have they figured out was causes it?
What are the odds of a person living in Colorado to get West Nile?
Odd question about MS (multiple sclerosis)?
explain why hyperkalemic episodes tend to occur during a period of rest following activity.?
what is a cavernoma? What are the treatments? Can you lead a normal life?
what is the home remedy for thrush AKA thrash?
what is a thalamus storm?
I woke up this morning with what seemed to be my equalibriam all messed up.?
How can I find jon openings in ORMC / OSCEOLA CANCER CENTRE etc?
suggestions for reducing cholesterol?
im a nurse living in south africa would like to recruit were do i look for help?
Prolonging mononucleiosis?
Can aspirin cause you to be cold all the time?
What home remidies can you recomend for a sinus headache?
Is is easier to wean off 100 mg of oxycontin a day then it would be for 200mg a day?
Whats the crackling noise I hear whenever I move my knees, elbows and shoulder?
What promotes a heatlhy back?
Leg Pain..help!?
How much does a chiropractor cost?
I had a muscle spasm for the first time today. Is there any way I should sleep tonight to make it better?
How does one recover from chikungunya?
Do i have meningitis!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?
I have a big bag of fluid UNDER my Eye...near my temple...What is it?...?
I still feel high after 48 hours?
What is hydroxychlorq?
When taking your temperature...?
can I get vaccine for hep. A and Hep B on same day?
Always Sick! Whats wrong?
what is the effect of a cold?
Why is it that you skin dries out after a shower?
Why my breast are so swallen and painfull ?
What is the worst cough,cold,flu,virus or infection you've ever had in your entire life?
What hcpcs code do I use for Bupivacaine(marcaine) injection?
yeast infection.. pinworms at the same time?!?
i have had three urine infections what could be the problem?
what can you say about medical globalization?
Why is winter considered flu season?
Is there a connection between blood type and ethnicity? For which ethnic group is type A common?
how long will broken blood capillaries last ? I have them on one hand after getting a body wrap!!?
HowTo Make Acne go away?
Stretch marks or cellulite?
Best face lotion for acne-prone, dry skin?
If drug and tobacco caused aging is permanent then why......?
what do u recommend for acne redness/acne?
Can you speed up the healing process of scabs? If so how?
How can i get softer hands?
Bubbles on the side of my lip?
Question about blackheads?
Bad Acne problem...!?!??!?!?
how to get rid of stretch marks?
How often does this problem occur? i'm losing hope. =/?
Which body soap is better, Acne Solutions Cleansing Bar by Clinique or Mario Badescu A.H.A.Botanical Body Soap?
I have spots on my genatles is this bad?
I bought some yeast infection meds yesterday and the itch still hasn't went away. Is this normal?
Nothing is working for my acne!?
what is the prognosis of malignant cerebellar astrocytoma in a child aging 11 years ??
where do i go to get help with paying for prescriptions?
What is psychosis of inspiration?
what could this be or what does this sound like??/?
help with ocd/ocpd, paranoia, severe internet addiction, bipolar disorder.?
Is there a link between stress and blood pressure/heart rate?
Is drinking Rockstarts good for you?
I get a very uneasy feeling in my legs, usually at night. It feels like I need to move.?
Anybody else on Effexor XR?
why we need to shave the hair?
What is the approximate heal time for Grade II sprained wrists?
Why is my nose not as congested when I stand up?
I get a random hive occasionally? Why?
Is it possible to be allergic to a fake Christmas tree?
Why are my eyelids always swollen when I wake up?
Is this normal when taking benedryl? Should i be worried? Please help!!!?
Sudden lactose intolerance?
can you be allergic to Oreos?
Why do I have hives, for the last 4 months? I'm 25 and never had allergies before.?
Comtrex allergy sinus ?
what is a red stripe on my nose?
Why is my snot brown?
how can nigella sativa prevent asthma?
Swine Industry:?
Chest Tube Scar Site?
how much do sports doctors make per year ?
torn meniscus what to do?
it's been two days since i got a black eye.?
why sometimes i feel that my legs are so heavy?
how long until knee fully heals?
Does a high amount of sodium increase your chances of getting a nosebleed?
Where can i buy a 16 ounce jar of Fototar Cream?
Have any of you tried to keep your eyes open when you sneezed? Were you successful?
is it safe to stack supplement "no explode" with a fat burner like hydroxycut hardcore?
what is the most effective diet for an athlete to attempt while trying to build muscle, but lose fat?
Does Hydroxycut work? has anyone tried it? how do you take it?
I need to gain weight fast for a show that I'm doing in late April, how can I best acheive this? I need 10lbs.
how does chocolate aid digestion?
Does a grapefruit diet work?
What's the healthiest fast way to lose weight?
i need information about cataract etiology .?
Tomography of the kidneys - IVP?
I have to have an Achilles tendon put in my knee, but it's from a dead person. Is there a chance of rejection?
How is strep transmitted?
I smelled a used sanitary napkin which had menstrual blood on it. Can this lead to HIV?
Does the Army Check every year for STD's?
if i get cold sores..?
Is there any kind of sunblock lotion or something I can use to minimize tanning?
How to get rid of a swollen gland?
how much does a package of cigarettes cost in colorado springs, co?
if you catch a cold and then it seems to go away for a week but then you have cold symptoms again, could it be
What does BMR stand for when you are talking about health and what is BMR?
How to fix front ribs that pop out?
What is the difference between a wheat and gluten intolerance?
how are blood groups in humans differenciated?
Does the lifesaver bottle desalinate water?
Apa sich obat ngantuk yang paling manjuur..?
what does nutmeg do that makes you high?
what is the best bentonite clay to use?
Does methamphetamine effect muscles ?
Mixing Adderall and Cocaine?
centrum vs enervon vs stress tabs?
know anything about MS?
Allergies...or Sinuses??...Just moved into a new home...?
Has anyone used the lidoderm patch?
Is sulfa a Macrolide drug?
How to cure acne scaring?
Is fluidasa a good drug for an infant (boy) of (10) months (26) pounds?
All the sudden I have had itchy hands all over the palm and fingers.no allergies & no rash what causes this?
penumonia symptoms?
how do you get your hostile inlaws to stop smoking for your baby?
Is it possible to teach a permanently deaf, mute, and blind kid?
whats the best schedule and best exercises to do to get a six-pack?
I have bad body pains. Does my mom's smoking have anything to do with it?
What are ways to relieve a headache besides taking pain killers?
whth is a CXR-pa-lat test?
I have a high metabolism, I am 29 years old, and only weigh 89 pounds, I am 5'4, and wonder how i gain weight?
thinking of buying a reverse osmosis water filter system, does anyone have any opinions on how good these are?
Should smoking become ilegal again?
What besides pesticides kills nits ?
I have bad body pains. Does my mom's maoking have something to do with it.?
I had a quadruple CABG 2 years ago and recently had a positive nuclear stress test.?
What's Polio booster?
What does the virus shingles look like?
Has malnutrition or low electrolyte count been seen to effect the QT longevity of the heart?
TMT shows significant ST changes in leads 2,3, AVF & v4 to v6. Explain. Postive for exercise inducible ischemi
i think my dog has ingested meth?
examples of a case study on MMR?
How do I get this wound to heal?
possibly appendicitis?
does sunscreen help you get tan?
Spray Tans ... Walk me threw it?!?
I have acne and i have combination skin. Any advice for natural ways to make it better?
I need to get rid of acne fast. PLEASE HELP!!!!?
what can i do?
Foot fungus?
Peeling Hands?
How do I get rid of stains on the bottom of my feet?
Please give me some advice on what not to eat to help my acne?
Does anyone know any acne home remedies that WORK?
i have a few gross blackheads on my CHEEKS that refuse to go away..ive tried a lot..any suggestions?
Help! My eyelid is puffy and almost scaly..Anyone know what this might be?!?
i sweat alot?
Can you explain this picture to me please?
I have small red acne like bumps on my back. What could this be?
how do you treat hot grease on face?
Does going out early morning or late afternoon prevent tanning/sunburn?
Does rubbing alcohol help with razor burn in any way?
i scartched off some of my mole and now it hurts?
dr J or sourgirl, or anyone who knows about spine alignment?
Tooth Pain?
What is the difference between hydrocodone and hydrocodeine and what are the name brands?
Treatment for a bone bruise?
i get hand cramps after dialysis what can i do to relieve the pain?
which is stronger.. dilaudid or demerol.. mg to mg. surgery was labral tear in shoulder..?
How much night quil does it take to OD?
is there a forum on the net for dog diabetes?
How do lose weight without exercise the best way to get the most of it?
Does anyone get burning skin? It's from my knees down, and it feels like fire. Could this be a sugar problem?
does ne one know the sugar content of cantaluope im type 2 diabetic?
deadly conflicting medications?
I desperately need a great health insurance for a diabetic type 1. please can anyone help me out??
Why is potassium necessary in the diet?
I am experiencing problems with orgasms due to taking cymbalta is there anything that can help reverse this.?
What is the ideal glucose reading for a 35 yr old male, 300 pounds?
Question about blood samples and hospital storage..?
Can Gestational Diabetes lead to hypoglycemia?
what does number 8 mean inlow blood count?
Anyone from USA can help me?
Has anyone got pregnant with a type 1 diab hubby, if yes hw long it took for u to make it??
naked juice and diabetic?
how was the cause diabetes discovered an by whom?
Fingertip is bent forward?
ok please tell me what to do about my ankle!!!!?
i got hanicaped 3 years ago my problem is icant do alot of stuff any more gained alot of wght need to lose?
what can i do to heal my thumb?
does yoga cause knee injury?
Does anyone know??????
How can I best protect myself during a soccer game when my stitches were recently removed?
Strange obsession....When i get nervous i tend to swallow air????
does anyone think bipolar( MI)and Schizophrenia are brought on by using endless amounts of drugs.?
Excessive Memory loss from ECT?
teanage boy symtoms as follows, defensive, high achiver, irratable, negative, short temper, non drug user,?
how can i get my mom to listen?
Whats the disease or sickness when bones of your skull gets eaten away slowly?
What should I expect from a dilantin level of 38?
how many prerequisites does a rheumatologist take?
Will kelp really help with the symptoms of hypothyroidism?
can you drink alcohol while take humaria shot for RA?
Has anyone ever heard about viking blood that causes a growth in your hand.?
can you tell me about tuberculosis?
Why so much fat-empathy?
Peyroines and plaque?
Docters please answer this question!?
Is it possible to be allergic to rice.?
Allergic to cats and took in a stray?
Does preperation H work on swollen eye lid due to fake eyelash glue reaction?
Does "Dollar General" sell robitussin products?
What is causing my wife's skin to feel sticky and why is she coughing up a clear substance?
why a person with lactose intolerance would have flatulence with the ingestion of dairy products?
Can you be allergic to pore strips?
Toddler and cat allergies?
Help! I have an itch problem?
Am I having an allergic reaction?
Is there wheat in 100's and 1000's?
I'm 24 and I'm suffering from hairfall..... please help!?
Does Heat Cause Swollen Throat - like symptoms? Kind of Raspy?
Why do i get hives around this time every year?
Testing allergic reaction?
why did he have to shoot me in the face?
What would your answers be to deal with back pain?
Why am I often feel sleepy in the daytime?
whats the main cause of hip pain?
Is quitting smoking so "hard" because we've been told that it's hard so many times?
Has anyone had gastric band surgery and did you find it to be an effective way to lose weight?
How to treat the first signs of a cold, cough problems, dizziness?
Does eating BBQ meats cause cancer?
how do i go about finding a place to join like the biggest loser t.v show??
does anyone have any good sinus remidies?
I need financial help to pay for my dogue de bordeaux's medication, office visits and tests.?
what is SBP? (spontaneous breathing parameter)?
where can i find information about a perforated eardrum in an adult?
VICKS VAPORIZER harmfull to baby?
what anti inflammitory drug can be used with prednisone?
what does "dfoh" stand for?
Report Abuse?
Any ladies near Va. Beach? Im a masseur and looking for clients.?
where can i find a comparative prescription to soma,they don't carry it here in Australia i have severe muscle
Will you get mono by kissing someone who doesn't have it?
Is it possible for humans to create a super contagious, super deadly disease...?
What is the structure of the Kuru Disease? Is it even considered a virus?
what illness do i have?
(second trimester) ate a meal and threw up, feel nausia and i feel my tempeture is elevated a bit?
What is Viral eukaryogenesis?
If you touch surfaces that someone else touched that has done drugs will you test positive ?
Is there any good OTC medcine for BV?
Is it possible for a cold virus to not be contageous?
quick! tissues or wipes!?!?
Torn Ligament or Muscle Contusion?
I broke my index finger about 2 months ago. I had it operated on, but it is still swollen and crooked. Is that
How long does it take for swelling to go down on a nosejob where the cartilage was not operated on?
How long does it take for a bump on your head to go away?
I have a small knot and swelling on my check, how do I get rid of it?
Can someone please send me 2 tubes of "Muscle Rub"?
Workmans comp question?
Can you tell if a scab is a old scab just by looking at it? If it's possible then how do you do it?
Is my burn infected!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!**************$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$?
Aiken Health Department?
Can you tell if a scab is a old scab just by looking at it?
Color peepol nao wotter haz AIDS?
is there any best way shave hair of man at bottom back?
totally annoyed ??
What presciption drugs will test positive for opiates in a drug test?
what are the different principles in nursing management?
functions of the rural health midwife in the philippines?
doc i need help?