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Does peeing on a jelly sting really work?
Is eczema curable permanently ?
What triggers COLD SORE and what's the best medicine?
treatment for acne?
White Spots On FINGERNAILS ??!!?
HEAD LICE??????????????????????
if you and yo part er are hiv negative....can you still get hiv...if so...how?
did you have swine flu?
Are the viruses going to win over humans?
What is the deadliest Disease known to man?
what are peoples opinions about the Swine Flu?
Should i wear a mask to prevent myslef from getting swine flu at a show?
Things I can and can't eat with a throat infection?
How do you faint???????
I think I have diabetes symptoms....?
What is the number for 911?
How can I stop mosquito bites from itching?
How can I make my acne go away within a week?
I have an itching problem!?
I get multiple bug bites on my neck, leg and it looks like a nasty rash. Help?!?
If I cut my hair will my back acne possibly clear up??
how to get flawless skin? x;?
Bad Cholesterol? What can't I eat geeez?
I want to quit drinking at home- and I believe i can do it- but my husband wants me to go to AA...?
How many people would be scared if there bf or gf got hiv blood spilled on their hand at work with no open cut
BAD BAD SUNBURN!!! Can anyone help?
What is the fastest cheapest way to get rid of acne?
congestive heart failure question?
how to make your eye sight better?
i left my contact lenses in their case without solution for about three hours. Will that damage the contacts?
Could diabetes be causing me complications though I 've never been diagnosed with the disease?
PLEASE HELP ?!??! can you get an std?
I'm a 15 year old girl and my hair is becoming really thin .. can someone please help me?
Having trouble falling asleep at night. Some tips please?
i just hit my face hard (do i have brain damage)?
Should I join the army? I'm a 23 yr old female going nowhere in life.?
can I get the swine flu from eating pork?
What is a "BJ" i have always wondered?
What should I do to help my drug abusive boyfriend alcoholic?
I am having mixed emotioins I think I'm bi?
how to stop sweaty hands?!?
How do you know if your contacts fit you properly?
When should i wear my glasses?
Has anyone ever ordered prescription glasses off the internet...??
When you get herpes, what can you do to get ride of it FOREVER!!!!?
do you eventually die of diabetes?
i think I am diabetic, but not sure?
if i am a 13 year old girl who weighs 125 and is 5"4' over weight?
am i fat? perfect? or underweight?
What about cylinder eyeglasses?
how to change eye color a safe way?
Which is better? Contact lenses or Laser eye surgery?
I got 4 boxes of unused contacts the place i bought them wont take them is there a way I can sell them?
i just turned 18 and i think i have syphilis where do i go to get tested?
What is the safest STD?
ways to lose weight unhealthily fast.?
Ok, I'm a diabetic and I take 20 units of insulin everyday. I usually use the 1/2 cc needles.?
is it ok for a person with diabetes to use honey as sugar subtitute? what are the pros and cons?
Whats scabies like?
How to treat swelling and redness caused by ant bites for my 18 month kid?
how can you get rid of ingrown hairs on your legs?
My boyfriend got stitches today?
What is the best cure for a broken or sprained ankle? And what do i do if my parents dont believe me? Plz Help
what does it mean when your heart has quick, small spasms?
What is on my scalp [with pictures]?
when my man ejaculates on me my skin breaks out with little red dots they dont itch or burn but what is it?
What causes black stains in fingernails?
help this may be bad?
how would I pop a whitehead on my upper eyelid?
BEST acne treatment?
Why do you get cold sores and what's a good way to treat them?
What is the longest you have ever gone without sleep?
I'm 16. Could I be diabetic?
is it true that canker sores are herpes?
What is good for curing severly chapped lips?
is there any way to prevent acne on body parts other than the face (i.e. one's back)?
What to do with a really bad sunburn?
Helpp!! Is my belly peircing infected?
how can you tell if your arm is broken?
Is Diet Soda good to drink?
What's the best way to lose a couple pounds??
is starving yourself a good way to loose weight?
Is type 1 diabetes considered a disability?
My boyfriend gave me a STD, now he regrets everythng, should I forgive him or move on???
How can I help lower my husband's blood pressure?
Why would I get dizzy and my heart pound when I stand up?
the other day i stepped on a piece of rusted wire.....?
need to heal sprained ankle...?
Knee injury? Fluid and swelling. How can I get the swelling down?
girl trouble?
how can i get rid of blackheads that are all over my nose and cheeks?
I just tanned and am now red.?
what is HPV?
Is it possible that i have diabetes? signs listed?
How do i know if i have a std?
im ready to die?
Should I go see a doctor for an injured ring finger?
Where can I find information about my prescriptions?
How Can I Get My Ring Off of My Finger?
How to reduce eye power?
Would there be a problem if you wear your contact lenses too long?
What color are my eye's?
i have a friend who always has thoughts of killing him self...what could he do to get rid of those thoughts.?
Should I tell him I use to be a cutter?
How can I do more push ups?
What's better? Running or Walking!?
What do you consider "fat"?
Will cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?
Would you date or marry someone that you knew had the HIV or AIDS?
What's more dangerous, smoking one cigar or one cigarette on a daily basis?
Why is it called a funny bone, when if you hit it, it's not funny at all?
So i stepped on my scale and....?
I cut my foot on the bathtub faucet how can i tell if its infected?!?
Does it hurt to get stiches taken out?
It really Hurts! How do I tell her to take me to the Doctor?
I want a Concussion!! HELP?
if my eyes hurt from contacts should i wash them with contact solution?
I have -2.00 and the doctor says I have 20/20 vision?
What could it mean if I get blind spots in my vision suddenly?
I'm Thinking About Overdosing?
Pulling an "All nighter"??
Can you get herpes from giving a BJ to someone you know doesnt have it?
Blood test today?
is it normal for my bf to get a ***** just by kissing me?
When I get a pap smear done, will they test for HIV?
At what point during a pregnancy do they test the mother for diseases such as HIV and other STD's?
I just found out I have oral Herpes and seemed to have passed it on to my father who has lupus, what do I do?!?
Should I go to the doctor for a Urinary Tract Infection?
Whats up this swine flu? Are u pretty much guaranteed to die if you get it?
I'm suicidle, what do I do?
What is wrong with my eye?
what effects does excessive time at the computer have on your eyes?
Which one is better eyesight, -3.25 or -2.75?
what people use color contacts for?
If you are diabetic...?
Glucose blood test of 118, 121, 119, 120? Worry?
Are there more deadly STDs I should be worried about?
How can someone not notice that they have had repeated heart attacks possibly over more than a span of a year?
My husband just went through an emergency quaduple (4) by-pass surgery Monday morning. He is suppose to come?
What's your opinion on cutting?
How can I avoid computer addiction?
my sister has really bad back acne ?
Has anyone ever gotten skin reactions from stress, like acne, or boils, or rashes?
What exactly is a freckle?
whats wrong with my skin?
what's the best solution or medecine for acne in the chin area?
Should we start stocking up on Tamiflu in case of a major swine flu pandemic?
how do people get aids?
What should my new years resolution be?
I'm having chest pains! ?
With toilet paper soaring to $10.35 for 12 rolls?
Help! weired things happing!?
Ingrown toenail?
I have a few STDs. How should I tell my BB?
HPV Shot ?
What are the best 5 fruit for diabetes?
If you have HPV, is it safe to donate blood?
How do i infect my partner with STD.....?
Has anyone ever heard of a person having more than six fingers on one hand?
curse for psoriasis?
What is the fastest way to break your wrist?
i was told i had herpes like 4 years ago i havent had any outbreaks since. could the test be wrong.?
can a girl give a guy std?
I had a burn 6 months ago on my shin, there's still a scar, What can I do with this scar?
How come some people always get sunburnt and others never do?
What exactly is the condition Divaticulitis?
Does anyone know about a pill or medication i can take to clear up my acne?
What can a 10 year old take for pain , if bitten by brown recluse?
how do i get rid of lice?
Does anyone know of a great cleanser for sensitive skin/ mild acne? I would love to know about organic product
Why do people get Diabetes? What are the factors responsible for its cause?
How can I get nearsighted easily?
I'm looking for a First Aid course Online, one with reader friendly & clear info, basic and intermediate?
How can I prevent stiff muscles tomorrow?
can i get skinnier by cutting myself? since healing burns energy?
How can you lessen the pain of a sore throat?
Does anyone have a remedy for dry, itchy (extremely) scalp? I use an organic shampoo now and conditioner...Th
I can't make the itchiness stop!?
If you eat poison ivy, will you then be immune to it?
what causes your heels to get cracked? They never have been before and I get regular pedicures?
What causes bags under the eyes?
if i get tested for HIV does it mean i don't have herpes gonorrhea or other stds?
If you sleep with someone who has an STD do you have a 100% chance of getting the disease?
Is there anyone out there that I can talk to about cutting?
I'm scared of myself.....suicide question.....?
How does someone that weigh nearly 300 avoid getting Diabetes?
is it a good idea to become vegetarian if u are diabetic?
If you and your bf both lose it to each other can you get a STD?
Are there bigger chances to get AIDS if your in a threesome?
ummmm? help!!!?
Doctors made a mistake while removing my wife's appendix during surgery, should we talk to a lawyer?
Help my sis. is very sickish?
my son's hands (aged 2) have been purple in the mornings in the past 2 weeks. help?
how much does it hurt to have heart surgery?
how can i get lower cholesterol fast?
What pick-me-up helps you when you're feeling down?
Who should I call when I'm having suicidal thoughts? Please Help!?
how do guys get tested for an STD?
Can i get an STD like this?
which is worst.. gential herpies or gential warts?
Help, my puppy has strange hives that appear and disapear only to return the next day.?
when you break your toe; do you need cruthes?
help, my mom is having really bad knee pain! please read!?
how do you get rid of a hickey?
What's the best type of insulin pump?
Blood Sugar level 394?
umm......is this because of diabetes?
Difficulty at work with a diabetic?
diabetics what do you drink?
Is there age limit to catch swine flu?
can you catch demintia from someone who has it .. is it contagious ?
I have a temperature of 103.8, should I go to the doctor?
what is a bj? explain please?
I have real dry skin especially around the nose area. How can I heal this.?
I had a small amount of blood taken 3 days ago and now there's a HUGE green bruise. Is that normal?
can someone still wear a bikini even if they have stretch marks?
My legs are purple and my feet are cold. What could it be ?
I have new stretch marks. If I lose weight, will the stretch marks disappear (not fade)?
Is it safe to put Hydrogen Peroxide in your ear?
pain in sides and back what could it be?
What's going on with my eye?
i recrntly hurt my leg a couple weeks ago, it's still swollen & now my foot's turning a blackish purple.
i sprain my ankle a few days a go, i did add ice an hour later anyways the sweeling whent down, ?
How can i improve my eyesight naturally?
will this damage my eye sight, im a bit worried, but have no choice?
Do i have diabetes?
Can I get herpes from a guy that has herpes, but isnt having an outbreak?
Why do i get cold sores if i don't have herpes?
About My Heart Beat Rate?
how does blood flow through the heart?
am a cutter... Yeah call me emo when i'm not - heard it all before. Need help covering?
where is the best place to cut yourself?
Does vaseline clear scars?
i have dark circles under my eyes I always have to different degrees. I get plenty of sleep?
i think my newphew has ringworm??
What is a good way to get rid of acne?
I started Accutane today, but I'm scared of the possible side effects. Will it work?
Any suggestions on how to get new ear piercings to heal up?
How can I get my ear to pop?
what std(s) causes the urine to smell like chicken?
How do I lift weights without getting headaches afterwards?
PLEASE Help!!!!?
Will you be you prepared for the Swine Flu this fall?
I think i have the swine flu?
does any 1 have any segetions about how to get rid of a cold ? thanks?
Is my weight normal?
is it healthier being thick or thin???
do i need to lose weight or do i just need 2 grow? mostly for girls but guys can help.?
ok health pros, here's one for you. I take medication for HTN, .....?
Blood pressure question?
Why do people who are in perfect health drop dead of massive heart attacks?
Can anxiety disorder or panic attacks increase a person's normal blood pressure?
Itchy Skin?
Why are my blemishes symmetrical?
I just realized there's a small mole growing on my nose. How can I get rid of it without surgery ...?
Ways to get rid of my body odor?
My girlfriend rubs lotion on me alot, is this normal? I'm 15.?
HELP!!!?!? hUGE moneter ZIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How long does it take for std results to get back?
how to make a swelling go down?
How do you break your foot?
Is there something wrong here, blood sugar wise?
Prescribed Percocets, can I fail Oxycontin drug test?
what can you possibly do if you have broken ribs???
armpit sweat?
My skin is turning white?
Gross! My legs look sick! Please help :(
is there any explanation for small red dots on chicken breasts that appear when cooking them?
Help me identify this pain please!?
When was the last time you took a HIV test?
How is it possible to have a heart attack at age 19?
Is my heart rate too fast?
Do you get hiv if you trade a belly ring with a person infected?
What are all of the possible ways of getting STD's???
Lotion types ok for Acne Skin?
What is the best thing to use for acne?
is it better to wear a higher or lower SPF if you are like around 11?
what to do about a serious eczema rash?
My skin is getting scale-like and my skin on my arms & legs are drying and flaky.?
what is this rash on my sons skin? (pics)?
I have Fluid on my knee and will have it suctioned out on friday...Does it hurt?
When exactly are we stressed?
My wife was is a small car accident where a kid ran into the rear side of her vehicle. She has some back pain?
Can you recommend the best type of pillow for neck & shoulder pain, moderately priced if poss.?
I am allergic to cats. So is long hair or short hair better?
Why do i get hives out of no where?
I am 5'2 ad I weigh between 120-124 pounds.. Should I loose more weight???
Do you wash your hands after visiting the restroom?
Which one can lead to faster death - HIVAIDS or Cancer?
Long term Mountain Dew Addict; can I get diabetes?
what should a person do when theres a tendency that he will have diabetes?
Type II and uexplained weight loss?
How can I break my leg or ankle?
in your opinion, is moshing dangerous? Has anyone ever gotten really hurt? I haven't.
i just got an homemade tattoo like 5 mins ago what can i do to heal it fast?
What does it mean when some one gets a fractured nose? How is it different from having a broken nose?
boyfriend cheated and I got an STI?
how much water do you have to drink to get clear skin?
what are the electrical things that doctors put on your chest and yell "clear"?
im a clean freak and i always wash the inside of my private?
I passed out after getting shots I'm scared!?!?
How did swine flu evolve?
Is laser eye surgery worth getting?
Do I have diabetes? please help!!!!?
could i have developed diabetes within a year?
Could a defibrillator have helped revive MJ in a way?
my finger just burned in the oven?
Am I fat????
my baby's just got what looks like a second degree burn...been 15 mins ..what do i do?
How do you know if you're allergic to wheat?
Can you spread herpes by touching with your fingers?
is it possible that hiv can survive on a syringe loaded with infested blood for two years?
How did the first human contract HIV (AIDS)?
is it permanent?
im wanting to DIE what should i do?
When taking insulin for diabetes is it ok to store it at room temperature and not refrigerate?
Diabetes Type 2?
Can glucophage benefit me?
can kids have a higher increase of getting diabetes from not being outside a lot?
why have i never had an orgasm?
Im 13 and just got contacts and cant get them in!?
If I don't wear my glasses for a while can my eyesight get better?
How do glasses help improve your eyesight?
What are the chances of treatment for chlamydia fails to clear the problem?
Do you have to break a person's sternum before doing CPR?
Should I be able to see my heart beat?
do i have heart problems?
Have you ever broken a bone....and just ignored it????
I tore my ACL a year and a half ago, should I ski or snowboard?
Do you think my brother broke something?
what happens in someone eats blood that is in food?
What's your opinion of mentally ill people?
no menstruation. what can be the possible cause?
I am 14 years old and weigh 78pounds and am 5'4 , should i loose weight?
is beer bad for dieting?
Is it better to eat before or after you run?
I'm 14 and 4'11 will i get any taller?
What happens if you drink Mr muscle cleaner?
do i have CDC????
If this situation happened to someone out there would you be scared?
Do you gotta be 18 to get tested for any STD's? Or if younger do you gotta go with a parent?
can you get aids by kissing a girl but only through salaiva?
I think I just inhaled a mosquito! What do I do now?
how do i get rid nof acne?
I'm 18. Can I have a Heart attack?
hi i have question about when i get into bed sometimes i start having uncomfortable breathing like im not gett
what are the long term effects on your eyes of leaving contacts in 24/7?
calling all addicts!! when your are........?
death or life <-- which do you prefer?
is there a cure 4 HIV/AIDS?
three nosebleeds last night. I am tired lightheaded, don't feel all here, and sluggush. what should i do?
I don't have a reason for surviving!?
Am I suppose to wear it at night?
i missed a step from the stairs and my foot is swollen with bruises around it. how could i reduce the swelling?
I'm wondering if i could have a broken bone in my hand?
How to get my lower back to stop hurting? Please help!!!?
I thought it was just a pulled muscle in my knee. but this is the 2nd week straight?
okay so yesterday i got stung by a bee at 9 in the morning.. and then it puffed up... it went down, then came?
HELP! i accidentally cut my wrist while shaving and it won't stop bleeding. what do i do?
I've got a sunburn on my chest, back, and shoulders. Is there something that takes away the burn quickly?
can you drink with beta blockers im on inderal la?
I can feel my heart beating in my throat?
I'm worried about my grandad.........?
My sore throat hurts! What is other way to treat it?
If you have a stomach virus and keep throwing up, what should you eat?
What should a person do to find out if he/she has HIV.?
i just took a drug test and was told i had white cells in my urine will this fail my test?
Am I an obese individual?
will i lose weight like this?
Gardasil HPV vaccine KILLS.?
how do you tell a sensative friend that she has hygiene problems?
Swimmers ear ???
I injested a small amount of diswashing soap. What should I do?
How can I tell if my finger's broken?
what is the best way to treat a jammed finger?
sometimes i jus get short of breath and my heart starts beating realy fast for no reason at all nebody kno why
pain in knee?
Lower left side stomach/abdomin pain?
I've had a headache for almost 2 months.?
My husband went mental. I don't wanna divorce him, but i dont wanna live with a crazy guy either. Please help!
I am really angry right now?
Please, someone who has had,has siphilis or aids talk to me I'm really scared.?
Do you have a STD?
Can you get sunburn when the sun is not out?
My daughter fell & hit her ear, after a few sec. part of her ear got swallon, like a smallball, what can I do?
Can an older adult who has good blood pressure & good cholestoral still have a heart attack or stroke?
If it is proven that tobacco of any kind causes many health risk than why hasn't the Gov. banned it?
What might cause indents on upper thigh?
Are contacts reely comfortable?
can you wear colored contacts over prescription contacts?
i feel depressed please help!!!?
How do you know your dyslexic?
Can an STD be found in a urine specimen when testing for an uninary tract infection (UTI)??
what are the symptoms of high cholesterol?
tongue problems please help????
does watching tv increase your eye perscription?
Do they sell contact solution at places like ..?
Is wal-mart a good place to get an eye exam and glasses?
i feel like i'm wasting time/my life?
Reading Insulin Resistance causes weight gain but told it causes weight loss?
How manny people here are a type 1 diabetic?
Is it significant if blood sugar readings?
How much calories does a person Burns by smoking a cigarette?
Help with a burn!?
Is a yeast infection a bad thing?
Do any of you have herpes and what is life like with herpes?
what tries to fight back by sending white blood cells to destroy the invaders and surround and attempt to?
i think my brother has aids can you tell me how i can report it?
Once you've been taken to the exam room in a Drs office, what is the acceptable wait time before leaving?
heart problem? - every time i take a breath in...?
What is the best diet for someone with a heart condition?
If some one coughs on you what do you do? Or Sneezes?
Do people with a mental illness experience more obstacles making friends?
Teenagers Make Me Paranoid?
Is drinking in your room alone bad?
How do i know if i broke my wrist (wanted more answers)?
I work at Victorias Secret and hurt my back while lifting boxes... help please!?
My eye keeps twitching?
Can too much soda and chocolate worsen type 1 diabetes?
i have diabetes 2 can anyone send me a list of foods i can't have?
Help, I have high blood sugar and pregnant?
What's a way to deal with depression that doesn't seem to have a solid cause?
Serious question.....Yeah, I know, that's rare.......?
I haven't slept well since Mid-April. The quality of my sleep has improved?
I have a burst blood vessel in my eye and I was wondering if it can happen from crying really hard?
Should i go to the ER?
How can i break my ankle?
Can concussions leave permanent damage to the brain?
what is 364 times 3254?
my blood pressure is 114/64 and my pulse is 107 can anyone explain this?
Help with my contacts?
Is it really true that carrots are good for your eye-sight?
I haven't get my vision checked for 5 years and I'm 21 yrs old?
can dehydration cause seizures?
Is Obesity a Disease?
Do you believe that vaccines are the cause of Autism?
what is the meaning of STD?
hurting sciatic nerve?
Is the glue hospitals use to seal wounds just basic superglue or some special kind?
do i need to go to the emergency room?
how do i get rid of herpes?
i cant pee ... can someone please help me?
who is the old man that says "diabettus" instead of "diabetes?"?
i am getting a pain in my stomach?
I woke up this morning with a cramp in my leg...?
whats worse genitial herpes,aids,or hiv?
My girlfriend and I want to have kids but she has hepatitis c. Would I be at risk for the disease if we tried?
should i kill myself?
I think I have an STD, but I'm still a virgin.?
0MG! Y0U HAVE G0T T0 READ THIS! (Please?)?
Why do I have two different colored eyes?
Hurt my foot at work?
ok i broke my whole rib cage doin something my dad told me not to do now im in great pain but i cant tell himt?
could i have diabetes?
If someone with herpes without an outbreak kissed my cheek but her lips brushed my lips will i get Herpes?
what is the first symptom of having HIV or AIDS?
womens did u bleed for like two weeks after u lost ur virginity?
What's the best way to recover from blood loss?
Can you catch the Swine Flu from eating pork?
If Salad Gives Me Diarrhea, Should I Keep Eating Salad?
Should tobacco companies be held responsible for tobacco related illnesses or deaths?
What does a gunshot feel like?
I think my nanna has been poising me.?
Once your body fights the HPV virus are you then immune to it?
Two cold sores at once ?
Go to urgent care or wait to go to doctor's office?
What are you allergic to?
Causes of myopia ? What are they ? How can I fix myopia ?
Guys do any of you ever get a zit type thing on your....?
Whats the easiest way to get a hiv test for someone under the age of 16?
How to concentrate? ADD HELP?
Is that true rihanna has herpes?!?
what chance does a woman have, to be hiv aids negative when the husband daid off it?
can you just start to have symptoms from an unprotected encounter 6 months later?
I broke my finger, what happens if I don't do anything?
Will the world end in a painful way?
Birthday Cake Choices for a Diabetic. Which one has less sugar or carbs?
How can i stop feeling depressed....?
If I'm gonna regret something in the morning, do I sleep till noon?
how to make person faint?
Does anxiety give you mild chest aches and make you feel off mentally?
I have insomnia/what is the quickest,safest way for me to fall asleep?
what's AIDS/HIV?
Do i have the Swine Flu?
is warfarin the only oral anticoagulant approved?
How can I stop thinking about suicide?
what's wrong with me?
My sister has anorexia?!?
my sister has stomach flu, what can she eat?
Do you think I should call the ER incase of a cold med. overdoce?
whats the life expectancy for a child with downsyndrome?
Why do sick people go out in public and sneeze & cough & make sure we all are sick?
HELP!! My friend got her ankle handcuffed,but thankfully only one ankle..Problem is,they forgot where the key?
how to pierce your lip yourself?
Paramedics & EMT's - Have you ever cut the clothes off of an accident victom in front of onlookers or cops?
Drinking blood?
what good house hold item will help on burns?
Has this ever happened to you while you are sleeping or laying down in bed?
Is The Swine Flu An Al Qaeda Plot To Rule The World?
is low pain tolerance when you get hurt easily or the other way around?
I cut my scrotum open, please help?
I think my sister might die! help!?
what should you put on skin that is allegic to adhesive bandages?
I just had an allergic reaction, what can I take?
i want to sprain my ankle ! how can i?at home?
Please help I'm having pain....................................…
What should I do about my big toe nail?
Is there a way to die with no pain?
I THINK there is a glass stuck in my foot?! Please help!?
How old is the oldest person befor dieing?
Would anyone else like to die?
Can taking a bath in cold water make you lose weight?
Is it possible that I am diabetic?
is fighting bad for somebody with diabetes?
I have a really bad pain in my jaw...?
Will my eye doctor let me do this?
Just got glasses today and it's so weird?
What can I do about eyes?
How long do you let a chalazion go before you visit an ophthalmologist?
Question about prescription glassesat Costco?
If the eye is like a muscle, is it possible to exercise it to increase vision?
how to get rid of a headache??
how high is way too high, in blood pressure?
Does washing your hands with warm water kill more bacteria?
What dose a heart monitor do?
Lasik Surgery Worth It?
I have this small round dark circle moving around when i'm looking at something. ?
There's a number on the inside of my eyeglasses?
I accidentally drop my contact lens on the floor inside our classroom, can I still reuse it?
why can't I eat grapefruit while taking certain medication?
I need to start applying for Social Security Disability....what's the best way to get started?
if u had to months to live what would u do?
What's the best way to find a local Chiropractor ?
my son met a girl and didn't know she was bipolar call the house all day said she was going to kill him?
Do you believe in God?
what does it mean if you are dizzy all the time?
Is this a heart attack or panic attack?
How can you encourage a person with diabetes to stop smoking?
why didn't i cry?...?
i need help...school phobia?
Can people tell that i'm on prozac?
What's the worst injury you've ever had?
how long does it take to die if u cut ur wrists?
is it normal for a thirteen yr. old girl to be 5'8"-5'9" and weigh about 157 lbs.?
Why did they ban cigarettes from indoor restaurants??? easy 10 points?
How long does it take to lose 100 lbs?
How can I motivate myself better?
I'm i Depressed?
Could I have Meningitis?
i got stung by a hornet on my finger?
i burned myself !!!??
I Stabbed Myself In The Eye What Do I Do?
my gum are swollen, what should i do?
My little cousin has lice and I....?
how do i get medical marijuana for my fibromyalgia?
I have dizziness from certain things?
Are you a Diabeic too?
Is wearing the wrong prescription contacts bad?
Why is my eye ?
I have a twitch in my left eye. Is this anything to be concerned about?
Eyelashes rub against new glasses?
I have floaters in my eyes all the time and they are anoying!?
contact problem help please!?
if you get burned what would you put on it?but ice.?
Knee injury question. pops out of place?
i Think i Have The Swine Flu!?!??!?! HELP?
Can you be thin and have diabetes?
Blood glucose levels 3.9 ?
how do diabetics eat?
I have diabetes since 1994 (Type 2). I feel dull and tired most of the time.?
My Riding Instructor Told Me I'm Fat...?
Is this healthy?
medications for sore back?
I drank a spoonfulof spoiled milk with my cereal this morning, I don't feel any symptoms. am i okay?
I'm feeling weird & i kinda wanna know what's wrong w. me w.o going to the doctors..?
has anyone purchase a tempurpedic bed and tell me what was your experience?
Can you possible combine diseases to make a new more dangerous one?
What are diabetes symptoms?
if there are only two types of diabetes why are ?
Why did I throw up blood after drinking a large amount of alcohol ?
I just found out my best friend is a pre-diabetic...?
Is there anyway you can get hiki's off your neck?
Why is Urine water yellow?
Mosquito bite spread through a vein up my arm?
I cut myself and i'm bleeding really badly -how do i stop it?
How can I keep my foot dry in the shower?
What should i eat??????????
Am i an okay weight or am i underweight or overweight?
Well i'm about to try not eating for a week starting tomorow. Will it work? I'm 13 and weigh 110...?
I really want to flaten out my stomach! i need some ways fast!?
I've been gaining a lot of weight recently?
Can i lose weight and inches by eating only veggies and drinking water?
I need to make myself throw up?
i swallowed my lip ring whats going happen?
The best home remedy for a canker sore or ulcer on your tongue?
thoughts of hurting myself.?
one of my lymph nodes is swollen and my ear hurts and it's really hard to swallow what is wrong with me?
Is it true that food poisoning takes at least 24 hours to set in?
Diabetic bracelet???
Ways to instantly lower sugar when it is extremely high? please help asap!!?
Help with diabetic foods ?
I am in my ealry 20's and recently diagnosed with Diabetes. HELP?!?!?!?
Is the Atkins Diet supposed to be good (healthier at all?) for people with diabetes?
what would happen if someone got there flesh ripped off?
I am a habit of rubbing my nose. I am wondering if it would cost any permanent damage to your nose?
How do I go about GETTING a scar?
can you help me please?! (:?
can someone please help me?i need a doctors note to give my future employer stating i take medication.?
Where can I find information on pain killers. Vicodin, percodan,methadone,oxycodone etc.....?
I have a daughter who is 16 years old. She has a 103 temp, a throbbing headeache & her heart keeps racing....?
can a fat person get type 1 diabetes ?
How can I stop going into diabetic shock?
why is one of my contacts blurred?
i need contacts but my mom can't afford them right now will i go blind if i don't wear any for awhile?
My contacts won't stay in I touch my eye completely but it still sticks to my finger!?
I heard your heart stops when you sneeze. Why doesn't people with hay fever drop dead?
Sneezing at night, is it allegies?
Could This be Depression?
Will I Be Fired?
embarrassing but i need help!?
water in my ear and it won't come out!!?
what are those single glass lenses that people used to have on a string and hold to their eye before glasses?
I dont know what to do with all my free time?
Emergency! My dad has gout!?
I need help , please help !?
Will I eventually Kill Myself?
Alergic reation to tampons?? :S
Anyone know of a good antihistamine that WON'T make me tired?
How do you get rid of a runny nose?
Is type 2 diabetes completely preventable or do some people still get it...?
do you know about diet sugars,like aspertain?
why is marijuana illegal but cigarette, alcohol, addictive pain medicine and methodom clinics legal?
To the pot heads?
What's the best way to wake up in the morning?
My pointer finger feels like it's gonna explode?!?!?
is it bad to eat hand sanitizer?
does anorexia work?
5'5 123.... guys should i lose?
AH!!! I just binged!!! How do I stop myself from eating when I'm not even hungry?
Can you digest bubble wrap.?
I don't really like to socialize, is this normal?
Is lasik eye surgery worth looking into?
Will "Clear Eyes" eye drops help a case of pink eye?
Can a pillow bend eye glasses?
Is hypoglycemia a form of diabetes?
Can some on answer this?
recently i have notice my hands shaking..........could this be early parkinsons?
coughing blood?
I need help in avoiding mosquito bites.?
how do u cure shingle?
how low can your temperature go before you die?
will a spider be in my bed tonite?
Do you drink raw milk?
how do i get a lash out of my eye? REALLY HURTS! FIRST PERSON TO MAKE IT WORK IT BEST ANSWER!?
My friend isn't allergic to her own cats, but is allergic to other peoples' cats. Why is this?
Why does chocolate make me sneeze?
Does the sinus medication Pseudopherine give you energy or make you sleepy. I am at work and can't fall asleep
Why am I peeing a lot?
can diabetics eat strawberries, grapes or cherries?
Little dots on my finger where I check my blood sugar?
Is staph infections & MRSA contagious?
What would you call this?
Why can't I forgive?
Are cigarettes mentally or physically addictive?
Whats the best way to clear your sinus' at home (without medication)?
Is Coffee A Drug Because it's Addicting?
Possible infection in ear cartilage piercing?
How do I know if my daughter's toe is broken? Her foot was under the leg of a chair and someone sat down!
how do u uncloge a ear?
When your stung by a bee does it really help to scratch the area with a credit card?
My Eye Doctor said that i have to take a class on how to insert, remove, and care for contact lenses?
Help! i have 2 red eyes and they look horrible and i have to go to school tomorrow :(?
If people have bad vision and they look at a blurry picture can they see it clearly?
Developing a twitch in my right eye?
Think i will pass this drug test?
I got thrombophlebitis from an IV and can't move my arm does anyone know whether this immobility could last?
eye problem?
I really really want to swim!!?
What can you take if you're allergic to dogs?
Do men get yeast infections? because I have a odor in my private area that won't go away?
Is there a medical condition that will cause frequent urination ?
Is my bulimia a serious problem?
i think i have diabetes?
How do you know if you're bipolar?
What colored contacts would look best on these Asian eyes? (pic)?
What can I do for a bee sting on my hand?
what kinds of diabetic symtoms are there?
why we have blood sugar?
how do I get my 9 year old to stop craving sugar and carbs?
How come you can not cure diabetes?
my child is always eating sugar?
Will i keep growing ?
I need to gain 40 pounds this summer?
What is the fastest way to get a sore throat? :]?
If you had to choose, would you rather sleep with a man who used to be a woman or a woman who used to be a man
Do eyelashes grow back after they have fallen out?
people make fun of me because i'm short how do i stop that?
i'm allergic to garlic is there anything I can do?
is there any worst feeling than this?
Can i drink alcohol with zithromax?
Where is the weirdest place you've ever puked...?
PLEASE RESPOND! What could cause a massive headache for 12 days?
If you cut your finger off, would they be able to reattach it?
Does anyone have a pulled mussel in their back is there anything to stop it from bothering me or make go away?
When your ears pop, how much does it hurt?
How do I stop my throat from hurting?
What r all the signs of becoming a diabetic?
how do you know if you have diabetes?
my husband has type 2 diabetes but won't change his lifestyle. He smokes & drinks heavily & is overweight.?
Free Medical Insurance PLEASE HELP?
Found out I have Diabetes, Help?
I am 13 and very overweight. I desperately need help.?
Will i be fat like this forever?? O-O?
What's the best way to lose weight?
Does it look like I should lose weight? [[pics]]?
High Cholesterol?
can you lick your elbow
What exactly would happen if a person were to drink a pint of drain-o?
does it help to drink chocolate milk when you have the flu?
My brother sneaked up on me and I was wondering if there are any health effects?
is weed bad?
i'm suicidal. what should i do?
glasses or contacts ?
What do blind people see...?
Can i wear daily contacts more than once?
how many boxes of contact lenses would be for 6 months?
If you don't have pupils, can you still see?
12 year old girl has a heart attack in her sleep and dies?
My doctor said that my blood pressure is too high because of the music i listen to.?
high fasting blood sugar and low iron at 8 weeks pregnancy. how bad is it? does it mean diabetes :(?
Question for parents of kids with type 1 diabetes?
What causes our muscles to ache when we do more than we normally do?
im 16 is that considered to old to sleep with my mom??
my husband smokes pot and goes in a hot tub and falls asleep for two hours couldn't he die in there the temp
benifits to quitting drinking alcohol?
should i pull an allnighter?
Every time i lay down to go to bed i start coughing is that bad?
Who here has Quit smoking?
What does it mean when a guy's vomit is yellow?
Give me a cure for sneezing allergy?
Whats a fast way to heal scratches? need answer fast!?
how to diabetes test,without blood test?
my sugar level is 18.4 is this really bad?
Are there any food that is low in sugar and good for lowering blood pressure?
i had a seizure on fri., they say that it was due to low blood sugar, what are my chances of having another?
Has anybody's eyesight improved from eye exercises?
What is the best cure for a broken heart?
How healthy was this meal choice? [easy 10 points]?
throwing up ???
what causes déjà vu?
Why does smoking cause a rise in blood pressure?
URGENT! ear bleeding randomly!?!?
My boyfriend cut himself pretty badly on his finger...?
I need help knowing what kind of burn I have?
Is this really dangerous...HELP PLEASE...?
I cut my finger, what should I do?
I have a bad ingrown toenail.. Please help!?
Is being diabetic a cut and dry diagnosis, or can u be part diabetic, or a little diabetic?
Does Diabetes really affect your mood?
Why is it that Diabetic people suffer from nerve damage.......?
I love cheese but it constipates me..HELP!!?
ok so this is weird i went to my doctors and had a fasting done for blood sugar?
ecstasy and the next day burning up?
i ran over my toe with my computer chair now it wont stop bleeding . what should i do?
when i stand up i feel really dizzy?
my back has been hurting for years after an injury and the doctor wont give me an xray?
Do i have diabetes for girls?
Why do diabetics have a special diet? ?
What are some facts about strokes?
500 mg amoxcillian??
Please help! I'm on the verge of tears :'( What do I do?!?
am i anorexic? please answer?
After I take something with acetaminophen it makes my throat feel like im gettin a soar throat. Am I allergic?
I don't have to cut my toenails for more than a month,it takes too long to grow.Is this normal?
low blood sugar and brain damage?? im worried?
Blood glucose level is 64, only 2 hours and 45 minutes after eating. Is that bad/too low?
Do I have diabetes? I am thirsty and am dizzy. is this a warning to diabetes?
Blood pressure. is 109/58 too low? heart rate 56?
How do you induce a heart attack?
How do i tell my mom I'm, for real, seriously depressed?
I've been normal my entire life. Soon as I hit the 7th grade it all began to change. I'm afraid.?
What do you feel are the benefits of marijuana?
When people refer to 20/20 vision, what exactly does this mean?
i need a doctor but i have no insurance?
whats wrong with my knee?
How to heel a pulled muscle?
This past weekend I broke my ankle in two places. I knew I'd have to get a cast, but I thought?
can't sleep?
i don't remember what i did last week is that normal?
What will happen if i just leave the tiny splinter at the bottom of my foot alone?
Should I go to the hospital?
Stung by a jellyfish?
Im 9 weeks pregnant?
how to break my finder,basides a hammer or a door please?
Why am I miserable? I have just had major surgery. Now I dont feel like myself anymore. Is this common?
life or death situation please help?!?!?!?!!?
if you have a cut, is it better to use a plaster or not?
how do i break my ankle???
how can i break my leg or foot or ankle?
My eyes really are hurting, does this mean anything, and how can I stop my eyes from hurting?
bad calf pain?
I heard that chewing on a clove leaf can help with a tooth ache, has anyone tryed it and does is really work?
depression + musiicc?!?
How do you feel about smoking?
do you think if i smoked pot before studying it would help me or no?
Why is weed illegal noboby has died from it and its natural with no harsh chemicals like cigarettes?
Is this evidence that homeopathy works? (lol)?
Marijuana for depression?
What if i put acid in my mom's coffee?
what's better for you soy milk or regular milk?
what does it mean if my ear burns when i put peroxide in it to clean it out?
Inner ear itching?
need help!!?
Will Desitin (for baby's diaper rash) work on an adult rash as well?
is 10 hours of sleep too much too little or normal? ?
What exactly is a hookah, and it is illegal for a sixteen year old to use?
I've been having trouble falling asleep lately...?
is viagra worth the money?
Why does my friend bite me?
Is it possible to cure the flu by stuffing my nostrils with kitchen utinsels?
even after 8hours sleep i have to drag myself out of bed..how can i wake up feeling refreshed in the morning?
what is the reason why we have physical education?
My husband and I are preparing for the zombie apocalypses and would like to know?
I have fruit allergies, how can I still get a good daily intake of nutrients?
how well can you handle pressure?
What can I do about my boyfriend's cannabis addiction?
help! an some acne liquid has gotten it to my eyes what do i do?
what would you call my eye color?
Sometimes I see moving colored lines that flash through my sight?
For contacts, my box says -2. What is that out of 20?
What happens if you reuse one-day colored contact lenses?
Contacts Help?
why is marijuana taken so seriously?
how can i over come my low self esteem.
how is the bird flu in your country...is it bad?
Which gets you cleaner, a bath or a shower?
how do i know if someone is using voodoo on me?
Is it healthy for teenagers to consume coffe?
What is the best way to cut ur veins?
Ok...who here is tired?
what are some signs of someone being suicidal?
What is the best way to detoxify your body?
my dad's leg hurts really bad, he has diabetes, he went to a doctor but it still hurts what can it be?
Does my daughter have Diabetes?
cant get rid of bad breath...?
Honestly, WHY do you people have to be so rude?
would you say my eyes change color (pic included) ?
can i take allergy pills for my itchy eyes?
How do you improve your eye sight?
I'm having eye problems I been seen flashes?
I have bad eyesight in one eye?
Has anyone found an allergy medicine that's very effective at treating allergies to cats?
Horrible pain in right side and abdomen...Please Help!?
Help. Sharp pain, right side, just above waist, radiates from side towards back.?
Do you have a cure for the common cold?
how to lose weight fast?
how many miles a day should a person walk to lose weight.?
is it bad to have 12 water bottles a day?
I am a 13 year old and im 167 pounds am i too fat...how much am i supposed to weight?
I am a 14 years old girl. I 'm only 5'3. How can I grow taller(by a natural way)?
is it safe to take a shower a few hours after you just got burned? and it was like a 1st degree burn?
My sister died tonight. She had gastric by-pass surgery in September.How do you know if this is why?
how do you treat pnk eye?
My stomach is always swelled, What can i do ?
how can you tell if you're about to throw up?
would you send you kid (assuming they had a weight problem) to a so called Fat Camp?
what is the best anxiety medication?
What are some signs of diabetes?
Do some insurances cover homeopathy?
im 14. is it bad for me to have smoked a few cigarettes?
does anybody belive the world is going to end in 2012?
How do I get an eye lash out of my eye?
Is it possible for a human being to have 20/1 vision? ?
when I can't see very far I squeeze my eyes, is that a bad thing to do?
What are those little holes on the inside corner of your lower eyelid?
Do eye doctors normally have color contacts in stock?
Is this bad eyesight for a 14 year old?
i would like to know if you have to have your eyes dialated before you do the eye test?
My urine was bright to neon yellow, is there any danger signs to that?
what are the health benefits of donating blood?
im 22 male a 29 woman raped me and i dont know what to do i cant go out anymore im scared if someone rapes me?
I have a mosquito bite looking thing all over my body. but i don't think its mosquitos b/c it is winter...?
What is the best way to control anger especially towards kids.?
Self Harm. Keeping Razors clean.?
What does it mean when you're always cold?
This is gross but I am scared change in stool color fatal?
How does one mentally ignore physical pain especially if the pain is wanted?
What happens if I take 4 tylenol?
i've got dull, constant stomach pains?
I've got this strange pain right below my ear?
how do you survive in a house that has a dog that yo're allergic to without taking antihistamines?
How young is too young to try LSD?
In your opinion, what is the worst pain a human can feel?
swallowed a small sharp piece of chicken bone, how to I get it past my throat?
is this number good bloodpressure?
i got a headache how to cure it Naturally?
How can I help myself cope with my best friends suicide?
i can't fall asleep if i go to bed early, any tips?
Is there any medicine specifically designed to cure hangovers?
how do i know if im lactosintolerant?
Milky liquid pouring out of the head...first aid??? What could this be?
Can my house be the reason we stay sick all the time?
What's this random high pitched noise in my ear(s)?
Fluoride in water?
what is the FDA?
tricks to curing asthma, for my little girl.?
i have a question about my finger?
How long does it take marijuana to leave the system?
what cures constipation?
i am a 13 year old girl and i cut myself. Can someone give me advice? has anyone gone thorugh this before?
How do your food allergies/intolerances make you feel? Emotionally and physically?
Can i be allergic to inactive ingredients?
what is it called when your body doesn't produce the enzyme to digest red meat?
HELP! Should I go to the ER?
A porcupine bit me what sshould I do?
Is taking a stool more than once a day bad for one's health?
HELP. My friend's earring back just got stuck in her ear!?
What is biting me at night!?
Do I have pink eye?
school starts in 8 days?
Usually, how long does a broken arm take to heal?
My ankles are killing me please help!!!?
Ingrown toenail surgery?
Why does bright light cause me to sneeze so much?
Why do most children not visit their Parents when they are in a Nursing Home?
what is your secret to stay in good shape?
is it healthwise to apply fingernail paint to eyelashes?
what is the best alternative to smoking joints?
Im 31 and in my 1st trimester of pregnancy and my Fasting Blood sugar is 97.Please help?
I tested my 21/2 yr old child 1 hr. after eating with a home blood sugar test and it was 168 is that ok?
at what number of your blood sugar start to be dangerous?
what is the side affects of smocking weed?
Is there any affects of having hair in your face/eyes?
How old IS old?!?
Any positive effects with tobacco/nicotine?
I broke my middle toe...
Fell and now my foot is "bruised"?
itried to balence a spoon on my nose but it fell and i swallowed it. am i going to die?
I was bitten by a spider and it caused my leg to swell up and became extremely hard, what spider caused this?
Can tampons stop a nose bleed ?
Got really drunk tonight, I feel sobered but very sick...?
What are the most severe consequences of seizures?
i am a cannabis smoker, and i need some help....?
Why would a baby spit up excessively 2.5 weeks old - nursed?
How to get mosquitos not to bite you?
what if i accidentally took an expired pills?
am I mentally ill?
Self harm: I have a blade, what do I do with it?
How can I improve circulation in my feet?
Iron to low to donate. How can I fix this?
Is there any natural herbs that can bring down high blood sugars other than using pills or insulin?
Blood sugar? Is this normal?
How to stop being emo?
Ophthalmologist told me he doesn't see why I have double-vision and visual disturbances?
What Color Contacts Should I Get?
what if your contact lense expired one year can you put back in your eye 2 years later and be okay.?
can you die from not blinking?
Biomedics 55 lens tint color?
Is something wrong with my eyesight?
I need help with my contact lenses.?
can i smoke if i have pink eye?
How do I deal with this anger?
Why don't pharmaceutical companies admit that extacy is a cure for the common cold?
I already have a cold and but i want to make it worse or pretent to make it worse help its for 2 morra?
how do you know if you are going to soon get alcohol poisoning?
I have silver nitrate on my hands and wrists?
What's the most weight you've ever lost?
do i weigh to much for my age?
whats the highest weight for a girls whos 5'5 w/o being fat?
My daughter is trying to loose wait she is 11 and doesn't like to go to the gym or running in public?
I'm Really OverWeight can you help me???
if i starved myself for 2 weeks how much would i loose?
Is it safe to go to the gym at this time?
Are there any natural substitutes to antibiotics?
how do I stop? help please!?
Can you get a consussion from getting hit in the head?
Does Cannabis/Marihuana Help Anxiety?
how do you cure poor circulation?
Is there any way I can treat ingrown toenails?
What do I use for a wasp sting? Fine time to get stung huh???
what do you do if you burn your finger on a candle?
Question for EMT's, Paramedics...?
what should i do? i didn't mean to kill her!every where is so messy now.?
Suggestions on how to convince someone to test blood sugar?
My diabetes...i feel like a missfit?