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Poll: which is best?
How do I stop getting up in the middle of the night and eating?
Why has my appetite increased so much?
How do I get motivated to start working out?
How soon and what types of exercises should I do after pregnancy?
how can a teen loose weight at home?
what excersise should i do to shrink the belly?
when i walk on the treadmill....?
What is a good herbal appetite suppressant?
Is the diet drug phentermine safe and effective? How much weight loss can be expected with the drug?
Can anybody suggest any good stretching routines or books?
waht the average weight for a 13 year old guy?
Allergic Reaction to Fire and Ice ?
White splotches on the side of my throat. What is this?
If you give a 9 week old a teaspoon of plain baby cereal in 8 oz bottle of formula cause allergies?
Wondering if I'm having a reaction to a ring.?
Are swollen and extremely itchy upper eyelids a symptom of high cedar pollen in the air?
need to locate ear nose and throat physician in Columbus, Ohio area?
what,s the best thing to do to make a stopped up nose unstop? [lost my smell!]?
I have a tissue-like substance come out during a nose bleed?
are all pugs allergic to wheat?
Weird allergy in the inner corner of my eyes?
I have allergic reactions or bad side effects from antibiotics even my PCP doesn't know what to prescribe?
What's the relation between the kemptrials and the allergies in the cities and the island of Puerto Rico?
A question concerning someone who is allergic to aspirin?
Possible mold consumption..?
skeletal female pelvis from rear view?
Is Manning's thumb really broke?
How do I get my ear to pop?
Weird Bruises??
Do torn ligaments in your pinky figer usually require surgery or what normally happens?
Why does standing effect upper leg muscle damage?
how do you medicate blisters on your toes?
What are the chances of getting cancer from a pilonidal cyst after having it for about 2.5 years?
Will nerve get in between anywhere in TMJ? Pls don' answer if u don't know.?
burning sensation left hand and tingling?
What is this sharp pain???
Spinal back problems, anyone know how i feel?
Daniel Fast?
pain right side abdomen what is it?
What is the name of the phobia when you have a fear of suffocation?
How works rispolept 3mg and who can take it? Is any high risk or health disorders in using for long time?
Party/ Dance/ Light + Noisy Music Phobia?
Hi!Are there any manic depressives(Bipolar type-I) who has been on omega3?
UTI (Urinary Track Infection) and headaches?
Why is it called a fourskin when there is only one?
How to sleep?Answers suitible for ten year olds?
Headache and sore throat?
What medications for mental illness were used in the 1800s?
I need a natural medicine for anxiety. I am on Xanax and don't want to keep taking Rx drugs.?
is possible a CELLULITIS infection can be healed after being on antibiotics but still a little tender?
What is an interesting story that i can use about toxoplasmosis?
How big is Toxoplasma Gondii?
Its anything possible?
Reversing the anatomy of planets orbital path.?
Why did I dream of a funeral at the void deck of my flat, and then 3 black cats which jumped up to my unit?
How do you deal with *mixed emotions*?
what is clinical depression?
what pharases do you say that you cant explain?
How to cure food poisoning? Please help!!!?
How long does a scratched eye take to heal?
what is chronic sinositus?
what is pulmonary lanterhians?
What is a lung pustule? Is it dangerous?
What is normal pulse rate for man 68 years; 240 lbs?
how does retirement affect individuals in their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's?
has anyone had a permanent tickling in the throat if yes what is it?
What are some interesting habits that you have?
How long can the average person be constipated before falling seriously ill or dying?
how can you tell if you have bronchitis the symptoms and how can you take care of?
Does anyone know how to prevent/cure foot cramps?
my son is five very active loves to play football but he suffers with pain and fluid on his knees?
what does a reduced glutathione mean?
has anyone ever been missed dianosed for diabeties?
what are some limitations of using modern injected insulin?
What is Bilatial Foot Drop(I hope I'm spelling it right)?
is there any hope he could get back to normal ?
Anyone diabetic here that's taking Glucophage? What are your experiences?
does anyone else have bumps or scar tissue from years of injecting insulin?
Nikken magnetic insoles for diabetic neuropathy?
i am looking for just the sterling silver medical tag. no bracelet is needed. preferably a smaller one.?
Anyone know why I would get a shooting pain in right calf which throbs and stops?
How does an insulin pump help with your diabetes?
Medisense Optium Glucose Meter; where can i buy one?
Is there a sample family nurse practitioner philosopy I can see?
What does insulin cost in Cairo, Egypt?
hey, i want to know if there is any lastest discovery on HIV/AIDS vaccines?
How can I know if my pinky toe is broken without getting it x-rayed and what could happen if its not tened to?
What Jellyfish stung me??
Knee problems?
I recently broke my nose. How much would plastic surgey cost to correct it?
what is distal supraspinatus tendonopathy and treatment?
I recently noticed my groin sometimes pops out and i feel pain what could it be?
anyone got any tinitus remedies?
I need information on treatment of fatty liver?
can you please give me information about heart in Farsi or Dari languages ?
What are the different things that could cause trouble with one's leg??
is there something wrong with my heart?
Why is all the emphasis on the bad effects of smoking and never or little on alcohol consumption?
my left arm tingles and feels like it is in my left breast. What's going on?
Is it okay to stop BP medication if brought under control through diet control and exercise +life style change
I would like to find out more about mesothelioma. What is the best mesothelioma resource on the internet?
Will iodine supplement help with my thyroid im on synthroid low dose just started the medication two weeks ago?
What causes acoustic neuromas?
I am sick, and everything I eat tastes bad. How do I fix this?
my father is getting surgery for gallstones what are they going to do and what are the going to remove howsafe
eye trouble?
how can i get approved for medical marijuana license in CA?
Chiropractic adjustment OHIP?
Does roaccutane interfere with seroquel?
all heart doctors out there, please answer?
If you lower your cholesterol with meds and then go off the meds, will your cholesterol remain low, or go up?
Anyone ever know a child with extropia,deviation of the eye?
Can your heart rate get too high during exercise?
what is meningitis disease?
why do you get itchy if you have liver problems?
neonatology personal statement?
what is the main problem if the left hand side body system having pain? The place is just right to the stomac?
Could you describe the kind of pain that happens in one's left arm when it stems from a heart problem versus
what is wrong with me?
What is a WI pacemaker?? And what does the WI stand for??
procedure of checking cholesterol?
What could be causing a painful burning sensation in the back and arms?
where can i find some good cartoon illustrations for using when i give talks?
Can lyme disease cause 1st degree AV block?
whats the best way to heal cuts FAST?
Little red dots on stomach?
What did you do to clear up your acne?
Is it safe to get a face lift?
who discovered a way to preserve blood?
Generic over the counter medicine VS name brand? Which is more effective?
where does the appendix attach to the colon?
why when i fall asleep do i dream that im tripping and my right leg jurks and i wake up and i feels real?
The punching is from Post Tramtic stress disorder, I am on meds, I am fine now.?
who is on the cover of march 2006 mens fitness magazine?
Good orthopaedic specialist in Bangalore?
Has anyone ever had shingles (rash)? Were you in pain?
Whats the worst STD and why?
how accurate is a alcohol hair follicle test?
What's the chance of getting HIV/HEP if someone you don't know got caught in fishing hook and then you did too?
Low vitamin d, and b12 symptoms?
What kind of flu do I have?
How would Strep Throat be confused with Kawasaki Disease?
Is it the cold or flu?
Green mucus when I use the restroom?
How much doses a infectious disease specialist make per year or by week?
Could the common cold be linked to overproduction of saliva?
Sore throat or strep throat?
This may be long......?
Crohn's disease questions ?
I sometimes feel pain in my upper legs extensor muscle?
Bulging Disc/Pain Clinic?
Neck issue?
vicadin vs percocet?
if im sooo depressed, how do i get myself to go to the dr.?
why do panic attacks feel like heart attacks???
Oil price is now at $74, what will it be tomorrow?
Anger that is Depression induced?
I don't find a sense for this life and I've been thinking to suicide. I need help, how could i feel better?
Do we have to do the Hair dye allergy test evan though i already know im not allergic?
I have never snored before and the past couple nights my bf told me I have been. Should i b concerned?been ?
Red eyelids and crusties and stys ?
Medicine that will cure constant stuffy nose (due to allergies)?
boyfriend n steroid ?
Why does my head burn when I blow my nose?
Am i allergic to my dog?
My dog has scaly skin around his neck and down his back?
How To Cure Chronic Hives (Urticaria) ?
Is it possible I am allergic to contacts?
I have never had problems with allergies, but I have a very annoying, persistent itch on the inside of my nose?
I'm allergic to blonde hairdye, do you know which chemical it is?
Best cat to get if someone has a cat allergy?
Can someone explain what the doctor does to remove your corn?
Having no luck finding cause(s) for hair loss on the back of my hands and part of my wrist?
How can you reduce the look of road rash scars?
Are nerve conduction tests painful?
I was sprinting today and i felt a click or pop in my hamstring. What happened?
Hi, I have slip disc, I want to know what r the tummy exercises I can do, the dos and don't's in slip disc?
How is an easy way to break or sprain your ankle with minimum pain?
my foot has been hurting????
Can I be getting corple tunnel?
snowboarding wrist injury?
what is a ankle brachial index?
Is it true that some food ( seafood, chicken, n etc) can cause wound to inflame?
what do you call the proper braces and/or the proper foot padding to correct knocked kneed?
please help?
I have been lifting for 8 weeks religiously (4x a week). I have developed a tennis elbow. WHat do I do?
Can histoplasmosis cause lymph nodes to "crystallize" in the lung?
may i know what is paracardiac pneumonitis and how it is related to chronic bronchial asthma????
What is the effect in the gut of humans ingesting beeswax, as in eating comb honey?
can rescon-mx be taken with ryna?
Does Centrum really provide the body with all the daily vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs?
D.D.R. facts and fiction?
how do i know if my 9 yr old daughter is bipolar? r there n e signs 2 look for?
how do i get a short leg cast?
who else here has insomnia?
why is taccurate recording and reporting in the residential aged care facility so important?
Were do you look for info on a person geting burnt from a microwave oven it was not steam it was microwaves?
What can cause a unilateral periorbital edema in the mornings?
How hard is it to get insurance with a pre-existing condition?
HOW DO I WHITEN MY HEELS? or is it the heel..uhm u know the part that always get the most callus.?
Why is yawning contagous?
What Does A Mall Represent in A Reoccuring Dream?
What do you recommend for eczema in toddlers?
how can i file a complaint against a dr?
why do people hate on you when you put something nice on?
What do you clean your ears with?
is there any cure for adult acne? have tried many products without success. thanks?
what is the email address for mercy hospital located in baltimore md?
i have this itching and burning, what could cause such pain?
i'm a guy and i want to get pregnant what doctors will do that?
do boys like...?
What is xyloxane triol alginate?
eye ear nose doctor that takes medicade in illinois/chicago area?
What does a spa coordinator do? What skills are required ?
where is ilht center in korea?
Trying to get past Drug testers...How long can I refrigerate "Pee"?
Can a person achieve any benefits from 6 minutes on a stair stepper?
with the cabbage diet can you eat fruit or raw veggies between the meals on the fifth day?
What are the advantages vs. disadvantages of using Stacker 2 or 3?
hermann hosptial?
Can a wart or pherhaps a mole be transparent? I have an eruption on my finger at the knuckle.?
What is the best remedy for treating gallstones?
Approximately how many alcoholics live in the Greater Cincinnati area?
I would like to know the cost of one treatment of dialysis?
i won't lose anymore weight. what should i do?
what is the best website for kids??
what causes calicium kidney stones?
if i have thoracic outlet compression, then why does my spin between shoulder blades go numb. pain is there?
does metabolife really work? How about the green tea version?
How do you relieve the nausea related with an ear cleaning?
I weigh 93kg, do i change my diet first or do i start with exercising or both? help. starting to get depressed
is astigmatism hereditary?
I have sore glands on both sides of my neck just under the jaw what?
what is the success rate of retinal detachment operation (scleral buckle)?
If I exercise for 1 hour Mon-Friday when will I be seeing results?
Has anyone had to care for a parent who suffered from a stroke?
do anybody know how to get a diagnosis code for family leave(EDD?
I've got a white tongue and a constantly bloody nose. What is it?
How can the normal people recieve the occupational therapy treatments?
what do steriods look like?
What health problems can make you gain weight?
is eating while laying down bad for health reasons ?
How can i gain weight?
Which diet pills actually work?
can parasites ever kill their host?
Should we start,realy worring about the Bird Flu comming to the U.S.A.?
What are the treatments for Blount's disease other than surgery?
why don't you hear a lot about the sickness Lupus, I wonder why don't they have awareness like cancer?
I had shingles in 96 (I was 34) I had the worst spot on my nose, it scared bad, let a hole.?
is osteogenesisimperfecta a curable disease?
what i can take to decrease the pain of my arthritis?
How can I manage pain?
how do i get my muscles stronger but with out wokin out???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
What foods are rich in magnesium??
does anyone know anything about dupertren contracture of the hands?
What is the difference between Myasthenia Gravis and Guillain Barre Syndrome?
what is pnumonia and what are its causes.how is pnumonia cured.?
What is recovery time for anal fissure surgery?
Is hydroxychloroquine effective in preventing RA from progressing?
What is the best treatment for Barrett's Esophagus without the doctor?
When have you been really sick? What did you have? How did you recover?
What are some good acne treatments that DON'T use benzoyl peroxide?
greenish discharge from tongue piercing what should i do?
can i get a canker sore?
What are your tips for acne?
Left bump on neck behind my ear?
what does this look like to you?
What are some fruits to give me clear skin?
What is wrong with my skin?
PLEASE HELP!! Red skin?
What can we do to a 2yr old who complains of itching at nite ?
under what condition can a doctor break confidentiality?
am i too skinny? helpppppppp!?
Can you use pure salicylic acid to control your acne?
What is the normal blood sugar level for a non-diabetic child? Adult?
Diabetic ?
name the best vegetables for a diabetic to eat?
Has any type 2 diabetics tried exenatide? Let me know how it worked for you.?
what is the brand name stovite for diabetics?
Does anybody know any missionaries that are diabetic?
I would like camp reicepes with dried meat?
Any one on Symlin?
www.diabetic hydro.com?
is there any site for free books downloading specially pharmacy or medical book?
Food and the FDA?
In diabetes mellitus is the amount of cortisol in the blood too high or too low?
How long can be the honemoon period in diabetes mellitus.?
What is chronic pancreas diesease and what types of symptoms do you experiarnce.?
What is the recommended way to use a toilet seat cover?
i have question about bronchitis?
what is the heat limit of tanning bed?
what makes you happy & what makes you sad ?
how& why was the slinky made?
chlamydia worries- professional or experienced help needed!?
medicines for fibromalgia?
Would a broken bone heal properly if i had hiv/aids?
Anyone know any medicine i can take?
do Nerve Tonic tablets work?
Dose anyone know about SoftTouchLenses?
Can someone tell me where can i purchase Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in Mumbai...?
I think I have HIV or AIDS?
what type of supplements are best for relaxing?
What kind of tea is potent for depression and anxiety?
How do i lower my heart rate?
Please help! i need to trace a drop of blood through the heart?
what are the side effects of taking...?
What finding would you expect to find in a hyperthermia patient?
I am going to have a potassium chloride (KCl) sensitivity test how painful is this test???
Is there a doctor out there?or normal people help me with this.?
what is reactive hypertension?
Is Red wine bad for people with high triglycerids history?
mitral valve prolapse?
What are some treatments.?
rheumatic fever ,damage to the heart valves is directly caused by A is not he answer.TOOK THE TEST it is wrong
What is a cardiac cyst?
how do a person get bradycardia- when the heart beat to slow?
Drop in heart Rate<3 ?
My worst ankle sprain?
Someone cold touches me I go into shock?
what is the effects of immobilizing?
If you tore your acl, tell me how you tore it?
Ever been disabled because of degenerative spine/hip?
When do symptoms of ecol i poisoning start after eating undercooked beef?
Does anyone who has had lasik done on their eyes have any long lasting problems?
What is a good way to make a water bomb using only a water bottle and water?
i got 2 cuts on my face around 22 days ago which needed stitches , the stitches were removed 15 days?
What is actually happening, when one cracks his/her knuckles?
i have a bulging lumber 5 disc?
I think i sprained my finger, what can i do to fix it? more details inside?
What are good stretches for the shoulder?
I recently had a skin abcess drained on my elbow. It was infected and I have been on anitbiotics.?
When I run my ankle hurts. Is there anyting I can do about it? please reply?
How quickly do bones heal?
"Left hip pelvic bone joint fracture/cracked" from a vehicular accident last Feb22. No hosp confinement HELP??
Is it possible to have a permanent bruise?
How many weeks does it take chicken pox to incubate inside the body?
WHat happens when you hit the back of your head really hard, like really, really, really, hard?
Has anyone ever been involved in an accident that resulted in head injury?
Can a severe "brain freeze" kill you?
does Biofreeze spray Work???
How come people don't feel pain in their sleep?
I have heArtburn problem in the morning when iam try to jog for block ifeel vomating what is the best way to s
ankle pain?
I am using lenses for last 7 years... and i now got irritation so what kind of lenses i can choose now.?
rheumatoid arthritis?
Info on Parvo Pneumonia?
i missed my tb jab?
Contact lenses questions???please help..?
where can i get a dial a factor sun cream mother in law had one years ago?
eye problems????
how often should you get your eyes tested?
Is it possible to have a hard contact lens slip out of place and find its way into the back of the eye?
My Darn Cold?
Symptoms Of Paradoxical Bronchospasm?
is this a pink eye or something else??
While pregnant my coworkers would smoke in front of me now my baby came out weighting 5'11 and has bronchitis
physical damage to the lamina propria of the nasal mucosa is likely to result in?
color blind lens for color blind people?
How can I talk to my eye doctor about possibly getting contacts?
What causes eye twitches?
does removing moles by a doctor hurt?
what is the treatment for hemachromatosis?
how can i find a specialist in removing a grown pituitry gland in canada?
Is Sleep Apnea linked with SIDS?
Hepatitis A?
Sebaceous Cysts or what?
What makes your potassium low?
I am a graduate of proffesional caregiving course aside from my college degree, im looking work abroad?
"Do indentical haemaphrodite twins exist " ? and an e.g if possbile?
what is pseud fluorescens?
Anybody know what malignant hyperthermia is?
Has there been any advance in the treatment of Irritable bowel syndrome?
Can someone tell me what an hyperplastic (adenomatous) nodule is?
how do you get rid of fibromayaliga pain?
Re: LOW THYROID and any connection between this and apoor or compromised immune system.?
Does Fluconozol cause high blood pressure if taken over a 3 year period?
Can being overweight cause gastric esophigal reflex disease?
Where can I find a site with good info on abdominal pain?
Is there a surgery for ibs?
how do I find my work histry?
what is a Severe Panic Disorder?
Anyone have good advice for severe insomnia (besides prescription drugs)?
I sometimes get dark spots on my arm which becomes tender , and hurt is this a blood clot forming?
what causes hicups?
I have what feels like a lump in my throat that kinda burns could it be indegestion?
Does smoking increase body core temperature?
how do i grow tall? i am already 17 year old ?i am only 5'7.?
Why do we get Goosbumps?
i have astigmatisim,do any1 recommend LASEK ? all the tests indicates that i am a good candidate for lasek?
Why do some people spray their wrist with water on hot days??? Any medical or health value to this???
Is it very painful to have a doctor remove an ingrown toe nail?
How can I cure the terrible itching from my hands and legs?
Lower back just went out -- what should I do?
Have I ruined my contact?
Which is the brand of contacts for dry eyes?
what is the history of pedicures?
What are bogies?? what are they made of?
How long does it take to get hair follicle drug test results back???
How does Hahish enters the body?
Drug therapy failure rate in obsessive compulsive thought disorder.?
HOw soes fish oil help bipolar patients?
Has anyone heard of a zolft/ritalin combo for depression?
Even though Wellbutrin SR is an anti-depressant, can a side effect be to make me more depressed?
Does anybody know of any well-qualified docs who specialize in adhd?
How does the media desensitize people to drug use and abuse? Give examples please! Or just the website. Tks!!!
please help me with my bad breath i have tried everything?
What do you think is wrong???
I got an eye problem......?
How often are people discharged from the military for knee problems?
what can happen?
What would cause the muscles in my thumb to hurt?
What is wrong with my knee??
how to remove superglue from the eyeball "lense"?
what do i do about my ears?
OUCH!!i pulled a muscle in muh back and it really hurts they gav me some muscle relaxers but it still hurts!?
dancer down any help?
How do you know if you're getting what's fair in a personal injury case?
Cure Swollen Lip- Fell of a bicycle yesterday, damaged my lip quite bad.?
if you think king kong is super mega sweet answer this question?
please help i am having major back pain in my mid upper rightback. dr said its strained muscle any relief??
knee injury?
rotaor cuff/shoulder?
i think i have acne which is lumpy skin right? what can i do?
How do you get rid of scars?
Is there any acne solutions that for sure work?
can you take out a nose piercing before the four weeks of healing?
Does sun exposure give you moles?
what is this lump called that developed on my arm in a day?
get rid of razor burnssss?
How to improve bad skin quickly?
how to prevent stretch marks and ways to make them disappear.?
I have a condition on my hands, What could this be?
i have skin tags..but?
how do you cure your acne if the cause of it is sweat?
Another blackheads help..for d 2nd time..!?
anyone ever heard of obbsesive skin picking?
what would you reccomend to someone to prevent future skin damage?
How to get rid of bad sunburn/poisoning? help!?
Ways to reduce stretch marks on your shoulders? ?
Does the redness from scratching flea bites ever go away?
I need a way to help stop mosquitoe bites from itching.?
can you use period blood for blood tests?
what are the symptoms different tye of sti?
what is a vaccine that fights against microbes that cause direct damage?
Anybody who got cured from Oral Thrush (Candidiasis) ?
sickle cell structure PLEASE HELP !?
Was it something I ate? Will I throw up?
My friend has chicken pox, and his aunty wont buy him itch cream til tomorrow.?
Are these common side effects of citralopram?
what kind of sickness do i have?
Can a dog be given an antidiarrheal medication such as Immodium AD?
How to get rid of a cold?
What hurts more getting a meningococcal shot or getting puched in the arm?
Help!! How to get my voice back to normal from a cold?
elmiron side effects?
Is something wrong with my head ? (biologicly)?
well 2 years ago i fell down a drain lol and my ankel playes up av bin to the docters they say nuthin is wrong
how acupuncture works?
How do I get rid of my severe back pain?
is it legal to buy pain killers online?
Is joint mobilization technique indicated for patients with dislocated elbow?
anyone else with same back prob. and pregnant?
messed up hand hlp pplz?
does talking and jogging mean that you are not getting a good workout?
Why oil, ghee,butter and fried food is restricted for a daibatic, while they do not contain sugar?
how do i grow muscles faster ?
list of complex carbohyrates?
i have problems with my left knee. everytime i squat i get shooting pains in it when i stand up.?
what is katosis?
What are the benifits of stretching?
How many calories get burned while chewing a gum for 30 mins ?
how to lose 100 lbs. in 6 months?
How much calories does one lose if one walks for half an hour at the rate of 5 miles an hour at averageincline
Can an allergic reaction cause hair loss?
trying to find nutrition labels for 11 inch sub roll to get average facts?
live online treadmill walking?
how do i wean my 20 month old son from my breast? can i still lose weight if im breastfeeing my 20 month old?
can anyone thats taking bellydance offer me some tips,techniques, secrets or information(websites) on bellydan
What is the difference between trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils?
My nose still looks fat and big 6 month after nosejob?
Is it a flu or fever ?
Longevity of cashew allergies?
Why is my eyelid puffy?
My eyes are swollen!!?
Can Allergic Rhinitis be treated for good?
Paracetamol and Aspirin allergic reactions?
I think I'm allergic to my new eyeliner?
How to stop popcorn burps?
helP!!! the white part of my eyes are swollen and infected?
I have an itchy throat and I'm not wearing anything such as perfume , nothing?
Multiple Sclerosis, doctors or people with these please help me,?
what can i do for my teeth to bring them so white?
if a person cannot take blood thinners, will a bone marrow transplant help the condition?????
What foods are good for a person who has liver and spleen enlargement?
Been getting a rotten egg burp taste for past 3 days... What could it be?
what population is most affected by chron's disease?
How can I stop an incipient attack of gout?
Is it illegal to get a live donor transplant in the Philippines?
What ever happened to the man in England who doctors thought had recovered from AIDS?
Is it immoral to pay a kidney donor in the Philippines where its legal , in order to get the transplant done?
IBS Problem... Can't eat anything with the slightest bit of milk in it.?
how much alcohol would a person who drinks 10 drinks per week have to consume to get alcohol poisoning???
Is this Restless leg sydrome?
what is cyst on the elbow?
Who thinks the bird flu is coming and when?
how do you treat avascular necrosis?
is a liver biopsy really dangerous?
my ear is swollen and it hurts?
what are the symptoms for hofen mouth? (human)?
can one have gout even if uric acid test is normal? (about 6.5)?
Has anyone ever ordered from Mothernature.com?
what i should do about the epilepsy, i have taking the epilim 200mg and it still happen..what should i do?
Can Acacia Catechu Extract help with thyroid problem?
nasaqort dosage question?
if i took 2 mils of suboxone and im going to klonpine to sleep is that bad?
What are some methods to help my pain that doesn't involve prescription drugs, or pills?
will a little bit of weed stay in your system?
Help, Writing story about addicts. Need to know what over-the-counter drugs get you high.?
Hyomax sl drug overdose?
my arms & cheeks have bumps all over it.how can i fix it.?
where can i get coupons for eye exams?
what is the use of a rotating tourniquet?
once in awhile rapid heart beat?
What's the difference between ASTHMA treatments, Ventolin & ASMOL?
Does that snore-relief spray work?
Values of blood albumin may be falsely high with dehydration,WHY?
Ethonal Plants near our city produce a horrible smell, is this dangerous to our health?
I can't go to toilet at morning without smoking..........?
Any adults out there who experienced barotrauma and had tubes placed in to help?
Are there advocates who help pay for Byetta injections for diabetics who are disabled?
Have any of you diabetics tried stevia in stead of sugar?if so did your blood sugars rise?
Has anyone had to deal with a bruised tail bone?
Is there any truth in "Apple Cider Vinegar" possibly stopping diabetes?
is it safe for a diabetic to get a tattoo?
Thyroid removal?
diabetic clintic around warren county pa 16365?
Ear Plugged about 3 days.?
my knee snaped a couple pf days ago and i still dont feel better. could there be any permanet damage?
How close are Doctors to finding the cure for diabetes?
what is hte gi v alue of steak and kidney pie?
help me understand diabetes monitors?
ankle pain?
I have a bad back?
what is a frostbite?
Leg Numbness..............?
Should I see a doc for a slight foot/ankle injury?
I'm doing a research paper on diabetes. If you take shots, how many a day to you take?
At what blood sugar level do you start to loose brain cells?
hamstring problem?
Does anyone really want to read about Leanne's bowels?
what would be a good settlement for a head concussion at work and lower back pain.?
treatments or procedures diabetics undergo?
what are some possible arm injuries?
I have a BlueTick Hound?
is there a scientific name for bet pinkies?
I want to start jogging but should I?
what are the factors of the internal environment must be homeostatic maintained?
Trying to find Mapa Professional Ultrane 551 gloves in UK please advise where?
what does grapefruit do to your pressure and sugar level?
My Eyes are started to goes to bad condition since I wear spectacles. What's the reason? Can you explain?
Who is the publisher and where are they located for Joseph Glenmullen?
what are the conditions of spanish hospitals like these days?
how can i avoid heartburn without being on medication?
Is there any topical nasal salve I can use to keep from smelling offensive odor at my mother's nursing home?
I see spots...?
Has anyone else had Helicobacter Pylori?
How long before Claritin starts working?
i have pain in my left leg start on my thigh and reflect the pain in my kne and i have hard time to walk,thank
how can i get fiberglass off my skin?
Why are americans always getting checked for STD's?
I want to know 100 % remedy for Hyperpigmentation on face?
Sometimes when I yawn a painful muscle tightening occurs under my chin area. Like a charlie horse. What is it?
I'm a lip biter, is there some sort of lip balm that will help me stop biting my lips?
Did anyone hear about a 'virus' that is supposed to be released in the very near future?...?
Can you only get cold sores if you have herpes?
Does an Indian drying stick need to be rubbed with some kind of oil or anything? If so, what kind?
Whats the new sping style this year?
I'm having a breakout, what can I do to lessen the redness?
How do we call the person who cures acne and other facial diseases?
how do you go temporally blind?
How do I get rid of my sty?
Question about Acne, help?
my 2 month old has a ringworm on her face what should i do?
How do you cure a Fungal Infection on the skin?
dry skin???
Why did Michael Jackson bleach his skin white?
My scalp is getting progressively worse... HELP!?
is mole removal free?
I get rash on my leg whenever i walk. i put vaseline or body lotion on my leg but still i get rash.suggestion?
how can i get rid of my strech marks without spending money? any at home methods?
Persistent, recurrent, dry skin?
Latley I have been stressed out and noticed my lips have been chap .. How do I fix this?
Why do i have a sore on the side of my tounge?
The fastest way to cure a Flue?
think i have Food poisoning?
what is wrong with low AST?
Temperature of 103.9! Should I stay up with him?
i was hospitalized and diagnosed with Sinusitis, did i really have Cotton Fever?
Dull pain in arms/legs?
My sister has a worse case of epilepsy, how can i make our lives easier at home with her case?
How do you get help for people with Retinitis Pigmentosa??
after effect of cyber knife surgery on a schwannoma or other base skull tumor?
latest treatment technology available for the kidney dieases?
What is mononucleosis?
What could cause high protein in blood?
What is "focal cortical neuronal dysfunction" of the temporal lobe?
who here has seizures?
I know a few ppl with bi polar info websites?plz?
Has anyone suffered from long-term post-anorexia symptoms?
Why are BAL (British Anti Lewisite) needles so painful?
how many ppl in the world suffer from colitis?
Thanks for caring about my itchy feet. It sounds silly, but it is really distracting, I can't sleep.?
I suffer from "PANCREATITIS", and have trouble digesting food,eg Beef.I'm looking for a good Chinees Herbalist
If you find a deer tick on you and you pull it out are you for sure to get lime disease?
my friend has a serious problem she starves herself all day and when she gets from work she eats and throws up
How can endotoxin cause septic shock in a patient?
Could you please advise use of "nut meg" as medicine and advise method of use and limitation?
If a person talk and answer himself in the mind only, answering with a different voice Is it a mental disorder
Is there a medicine made in pakistan equally effective as prozac.?
Why do we get dreams?
What is it like on effexor?
Does anyone know anything about 10 mg Methylin pills for ADHD?
whats a strong anti depressant that doesnt make u gain weight?
Is the brewers yeast they feed horses the same that is sold for humans?
Which is better for your health, matcha tea or regular green tea?
carpal tearing on dogs foot?
what are the veggies with purine contents?
do i need a humidifier?
Swollen Hands, especially at night... what can I do?
How do I dilute pure saline so its safe for a stuffed up nose?
Itchy eyes and nose feels stuffy allergies or what?
Would Nyquil knock me out...?
I need a quick fix.....shin splints?
How to clear a congested nose?
does the medical supplement "Parvaid" really work?
can weight lIftin stun ur growth?
Can any doctors help me?
If I were to take a protein supplement right before bed, would I have trouble falling asleep?
Post Head/Neck Injury Symptoms...what to expect that's normal?
HELP skin rash mystery?
Weird Running Injury, can anyone please help?
I got a vitamin B12 shot last night from my doctor, and got a zit at the injection site today. why??????????
big cut in my mouth?
Is Hines Ward missing an ACL?
Are there any lactose intolerant pills that last all day?
lumbar cannal tenosis at L3-4 what is the treatment without surgery?
what massage video you recommend I buy (deep tissue massage)?
Am I allergic to cats and rodents?
I hurt my ankle last night....I possibly injured an anterior tendon?
What can you do for an arthritic ankle?
Popping, grinding, and cracking in right wrist?
Hpv gardisal and depo at same time...may have allergic reaction?
Allergy shot maintenance dosage reached...?
i am allergic to cats and my boyfriends family doesnt make it easy.....?
My thumb nail is growing with a deep indent in it what causes that?
I don't have "doctor money" to get pills I've taken for 9 years. Are the online pharmacies legit?
If a person were to fast for 24 hours no food or water what changes would happen to the differant body systems
Hiccups are sudden, involuntary contractions of the diaphragm muscle but what causes these contractions?
What do my legs go to sleep and what is the medical term for that?
Why does almost all american food contain frutose?
what is serequel used for?
How do you get rid of baby hiccups?
Is there any evidence that Ambien can lead to suicide?
i need to see a picture of breath Cancer/?
is there any sideffects in taking medicine for checking Bloodpressure ?
how can i get rid of my constant sinus problem?
What is the most effective diet medication on the market and where can it be purchased?
How can I increase my stamina? I am an amateur footballer and I easily get tied when on the field of play.?
how to get my belt slim?
how much is too much carbs in foods?
what is it?
how can i asimilate Ca calcium more eficetly, becase i have problems in asmilating this...?
best workout to do to get 6 pack abs in 6 months or possibly SOONER!!!! right now im at 6'2 210 pounds?
How can I get rid of cellulite?
Is the gym a good thing to lose the pounds?
What work out video/show or fitness equipment would you recommend?
what is the optimal body fat percentage?
Can richard simmons help my freind that is very Obesse?
medication from northstore?
Ew Flem, how can i get rid of it?
Chesty cough or tickly cough?
did he suffer?
What do I do about this masquito bite???
What does an enlarged spleen mean?
what would be reasons why your doctor would recomend a tonsilectomy?
are there any possible dangers with using aerosol spray cans?
Who over sees narcotics & substance II drugs? How many levels.....examples of??
why is my neck always red and i dont have high blood pressure?
I am looking to talk to a doctor?
I have been having mild electrical shock like pains in my heart this week should I be worried?
can you see a heart beat on the ultrasound at 3 weeks?
the effect of altering the electrolyte concentration of the interstitial fluid on heart rate/pulse?
Can muslims use porcine medications?
Where can you send a hair sample to be checked for poisoning. We are concerned our sister is being drugged.?
how to lower my diastolic numbers?
Vision "noise" floaters etc?
Is there any herbal method to make white hair black?
can yall give me some tanning secrets or advice for outside tanning?
My son is 12 and autistic. He doesn't speak and I was wondering if anyone out there can help me please?
Where can I go to look up pills and what they look like?
wut do i do if i know someone that cuts himself??
What do you think...?
will eyelashes ever grow back?
where is the thicker fuller hair spray?
Which do you prefer, hot showers, or cold? just curious?
I'm a Father of 6, who is severely disabled. I wanted to give my family everything; now I can't. What can I do
Being a doctor, How I can write a medical certificate? web side required for samples?
what is the treatment for cystitis intertitial?
can someone help me?
Graves Disease?
Could the tingling sensations in my head be related to my neck or back?
i've been having light bleeding recently. what's happening to me??
Is it true that IBS........?
I use famotidine, but still have not improved. Suffer from alot of gas, nausea without real vomitting?
Is Hepatitis C a fatal disease?
now a days i have palpitation followed by gas coming out?
Does anyone have a child with a birth defect? would you like to share your story?
What is Cheleation?
if you have a fibroid would you take it out if it is not bothering you or you will leave it until time .?
I have been having some balancing and coordination problems and i am only 16-years-old.. what is the problem??
What is the right treatment for the non canceratic brain tumour if the person even lost both the eyesights?
when to report nonreactive or negative and reactive or positive in laboratory test?
dɔd uo ɥƃıɥ uǝɥʍ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝdʎʇ oʇ ןɐɯɹou ʇı sı?
Do I have tonsillitis? What's wrong with my throat!?
someone sprayed deodorant on my arm for like a minute and now its all swollen?
does anyone know anything that gets rid of stretch marks ?
I have a sore throat again after being diagnosed with strep a few weeks ago.. is this serious?
Varicella Zoster Virus and Shingles?
How can i get pretty skin?
best way to cure acne & e fastest way?
If I'm immune to measles, but I came into contact with it, can I carry it and pass it to my six-week old?
How to stop the spread of disease?
I am just about reached 14 and I have severe eczema and in the past year its gotten really bad.?
The Future About AIDS?
How to spent life ? ? ?
Throat randomly flared up today - what to do/what is it?
Red Face! how to reduce redness from face when you have just ran alot?
Best acne treatment for teen?
what is the best acne treatment?
Viruses differ significantly in their mode of transmission.?
I am taking augmentin?
Clean and Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion ?
Help with acne treatment?
What is CS disease and allegy to gluton?
Does a strep rash come and go? PLEASE HELP :(?
Lip infection or normal?
Can using too much "Abreva" The cold sore medication possible give you a cold sore if u never had one?
Hair Loss, Itching, Peeling, and Burning Scalp... what should I do?
Impingement Syndrom: Shoulder and Rotator cuff hurt and excrutiating pain?
How long does it take for a foot to be ready to play sports after a cast has been on for 6 weeks?
Strange knee problem?
wats the best way 2 get bee stings out if there been there 4 a while?
How to buy the right sneakers?
how can I find doctors in nicaragua?
Why Do people changes the time?
Why do I hiccup at least once everyday?
Does Cataract extraction hurt?
how do I quit drinking without AA?
How do you learn to burp?
how long do medications stay in your system?
How can I get rid of hick-ups?
Should we bank our baby's cord blood?
does anyone have turner's syndrome?
How do you cure hiccups?
Someone knows how much blood a person has? Is it a % of the total body weight?
Should I switch to gluten-free makeup?
what can i do for the redness, ichiness, and irritation of the eyes at all moments in my day?
tongue feels tingly? what? worried! help!?
What is wrong with my nose?
am i allergic to dogs?
is anyone allergic to yellow #6?
Can Pataday eye drops cause insomnia?
flonase/nasonex question please?
Is shaking with allergies normal?
I'm allergic to macrobid so can I take Azithromycin?
how to make hives go away quicker?
What's the best way to cure acne?
How do you get rid of old scars?
Why did they invent cigarettes?
what's the difference between addiction & long term perscribed meds?
what are the positves and negatives of wearing skinny jeans?
how do i whiten my underarms?
Is it true that if you shave hair it will grow back thicker?
Static electricity, why does it follow me everywhere ?
can you recommend vitamin A supplements with 15,000 I.U.-25,000 I.U.?
I am updating my job's MSDS books and have a question.?
Do you donate Plasma?
my girl friend is stunning but has very little self confidence any tips any one?
Does anyone know of a support group for gastric bypass surgery patients?
my back started to peel and now it stopped. i have spots all over my back. what should i do?
is it ok to use bubble bath in a jacuzzi?
Does a thicker lense in your glasses make your look eyes smaller?
why are tears so contagious?
Does cologne expire?
does anyone have any information about spinal stenosis (severe)?
Addresss & phone # of Dr. Brent Nickischer, DO?
i need a miracle cure for hayfever please!?
Why am I always hungry?
is lasik safe? and do u know the fee if u do it in singapore?
What is Occupational Protectionism?
what website i go to for to see if i am currently a CNA?
is thinning of the blood a possible side-effect of cephalaxin?
drugs laced with drywall compound? Story going around.?
In reference to caring for the elderly in the neighborhood, what is "home house"?
I have migraines and I am on meds for them. Last night the left side of my face went numb......?
does anyone suffer from hyperventilation disorder?
does brownciteuis go away on its own or do you have to be treated?
Has anyone had srugery to correct a deviated septum?
Give me a concrete ans. on how our body interacts with foreign substances?
what medication helps chronic bronchitis, besides Ventolin..i cannot take advair(steroid)...?
virus/pneumonia in rabbits?
reoccuring infections, asd, pulminary stenosis, vertical placed bladder with spasms, immature windpipe, reflu?
What's the significance of predicted FEV1 AND FVC?
goes gas causes weight gain?
For anyone who has had a liver biopsy. Was it painful? Should I be knocked out?
has anyone had success with antidepressants for migraine prophalaxis?
Is there any correlation between high cholesterol and lymphocytic colitis?
is kadain as good as mscontin?
anyone had any info on duragesic patches for back pain do they work?
Does anyone know about Hoigne's Syndrome? If so, PLS provide contacts to answer IMP health questions. THX
how do u get red of swimmers ear?
I'm looking for a replacement Treatment card for a Neuro 4 stimulator, the number is: TRO-765 not made anymore
I have a cut in the back of my throat...should I get it checked out?
I had a closed reduction with pinning done on my wrist 1 week ago. Can the bone diplace again? It hurts!!!?
dmso or msm cream or gel to soften scar tissue though the skin?
Has anyone had or have an adrenal tumor?
Is what I have chickenpox?
What is the occurrence of MRSA?
I think my child might have the flu. What should I do?
Are there medicines to treat Swine Flu?
Can I get swine flu from eating or preparing pork?
Ear lobe piercing infection?
i am having a hepatitis check through a blood test. do they normally test for drugs too?
Is there a treatment to remove or deaden exposed nerve endings?
is this the stomach flu?
How do I get rid of food particles behind my tonsils?
can mucormycosis be an infection by a dintist?
kinda a weird question but i need help!?
Chronic pain, anyone use a TENS unit?
I have a pain in my left lower back when I cough an when pressure is applied what might this be?
Cortisone Injections side-effects?
Thanks for those answers of embalming, but why is the body deteriating quickly even after the embalming?
question about anbesol?
i have chf, just started taking 6.25 of coreg but i am constanly?
what is this medical condition when the blood pressure of both arms differ?
Lovastatin, depression side effect, high cholesterol.?
What is an Angiogram/describe?
what is Pentazocine/Naloxone ?
what is lower gastrointestinal bowl contractions?
why cardiac patients are on low salt/sodium diet?
Why does my heart do this? Is it supposed to happen?
How long could she possibly last ?
What is the gene responsible for causing Duchenne Muscualr Dystrophy?
Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Drainage (TAPVD)?
Pila Na Ba Lelleng Layuh-layu...? How Far Would You Really Travel To Follow The ONE You Trully LOVE?
myocardial disease without coronary involvement?
which contacts to get... which is better?
I can't cry out of my left eye, should I see a doctor?
Does your "number" affect the cost of your contact lenses?
Emergency please help?
How many weeks can you use the same pair of contacts until you have to buy a new pair?
Could someone help me with understanding colored contacts?
If someone says that his prescription eyeglasses are 1000 grade. What does it mean?
What is the difference between kundalini yoga and chakra yoga?
what' the best way to lose my stomach fat?
What are the most successful diets real people have tried?
i want to loose 50 lbs in 6 months how2 do i go about doing this?
How do I exercise while tending young children?
what are the negative health effects of too much coffee?
can you actually lose a lot of weight on the grapefruit diet since you can eat what you want after 12 days?
Do I weigh too much?
how to i prevent this?
i have bumps all over my arms how do i get rid of them?
I have a hickey the size of a hippo on my neck and I need it gone fast! Help meee!?
Acne-Free Product, dry & irritated around mouth and nose! HELP PLZ!?
EWW! ingrown toenail!?
Is it a good idea to go on a sunbed before going on hoildays?
Help with severe acne please!?
i have flesh colored bumps all over my arms. no puss and no blood. just bumps. what are they?
what causes water retention in th body and sweling in the ancles due to water retention?
How Can I get unchapped lips?
How do you get rid of skin tags?
what is the best way to avoid sunburn?
my hairs so dry i need help?
what is a good way to stop mosquito bites from itching?
I have eczema in my face i went to Dr's and i used creams and alergic pills but didnt work i pain and i c?
Adults who used to have severe acne?Advice?
SWEATY ARMPITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do I see dots when I get up fast?
What causes blood pressure to drop?
My son is very, very shy how can I help him with this?
Something in my eye!?
Why does sleeping on my back give me nightmares?
I have had the sniffles for a long time and tried almost everything over the counter and nothing helps. Help?
I have a swollen face and its not my tooth does not hurt or ears?
Why does my body only sweat on one side, literally dripping on left and dry on the right side?
How do you get rid of a common cold?
What is the body weight to water intake ratio that a healthy person should follow?
Why is yawning contagious and breaking wind not?
What is the best way to adjust to the night shift?
Ive lost myself? How do I find myself? What do I do? Where do I go?????
How can I sleep without any medicine?
Wanting to come off SSRI for depression, but have been unsuccessful in the past..?
Whats your experience with Narzissistic people (Parent/Partner/Kids/Boss etc)?
Tylenol 4 discovered when?
What are your thoughts on anti depressants.?
Should I be using natural/organic personal care products?
Can Adderall increase tics for those who have Tourettes/Tic disorders?
Qualifications for a diagnostic radiographer?
inositol and warmth.. HELP!!?
About blisters problems?
Free HIV testing in Stuart, Fl?
How long does it take for Doxycycline to clear chlamydia up?
What are the statistics of Diabetes Mellitus in India?
Help plz; I am 1m70 and weigh 54kg what is my BMI? and what could be my average calory intake?
Insulin Pump?
safety of glyburide?
Who found and named the disease Diabetes?
Diabetic comma Question, Please help.?
Has any diabetics tried cinnamon supplements?
pl give suggns. for Diabetes, what to eat and what not ?
when does one become insulin dependent ...?
Is there any recent findings of liposuction and diabetes?
Diabetic Meals?
How safe is metformin, I am on it to help control the amount of insulin my body produces?
Has anyone been feeling overwhelmed lately?
why am i losing weight.i am 69yrs old and am a type2 diabetic?
Who eats fish everyday?
who else has had their growth plate get irritated?Mainly I want doctors but others can answer on experience to
What can I do to not be so miserable with allergies?
is it possible/normal to become lactose intolerant later in life?
I am allergic to the silver burr ragweed what would probably happen if I touched it?
Do gumy earphones have latex in them?
Is there red codeine ?
How to get rid of a runny nose fast?
I had an allergic reaction to a face mask and now my skin is hot and red?
Am I allergic to my new guinea pig?
What are normal readings for blood sugar 2 hours after eating?
why do people stammer? and what is the cure?
Market size for the non rebreather mask?
from where in the world i can purchase distalgesic tablets without prescription?
i want to undergo laser for Diabetic retina.I want list of reasonable good eye hospitals in south delhi?
ok thank you very much i made an appt?
What is a CVRF facility?
this guy kissed me and after the right side of my tongue went numb, what happened?
Can YOU tell that someone smokes just by looking at them?
Do you know how to make nose more prominent?
For you other mums out there, can you help? Docs, nurses, or dermitologists, too?
Help- does anyone else get thefeeling insied where they need to do everything very very fast and rush it!?
Can hair follicle testing for drugs come up negative if I've recently died my hair? Anyone know the answer?
Can you get sick from eating expired swiss cheese?
Why is the Rhesus monkey protein found in human blood if negative RH is considered the purest blood?
What is Parkinson's Disese?
Does anyone know of anything for alzheimers besides aricept, that has a lot of side effects?
i want information on specialist doctors and hospitals treating retinopathy of prematurity all over the world?
does anyone know about cobblestone eye disease?
How does smoking/using tobacco affect your mouth, teeth and gums?
i was in contact 3 times with someone with tb do i need to worry?
What happens next?
triam hctz?
How long will liver enzyme stay elevated?
what does "blood ties" mean ?
My baby 9 months old-cassional fever and tire some for few hours. urine and booldreports are fine. Pl.suggest?
Magic Shaving Powder formulated for black men. Can women use it too?
can you fail a drug screen by takimg adipex?
is showering at night bad?
health hazards of the mineral lime?
My pines is red and block in what do you think its?
Any suggestions for removing a stubborn, deeply wedged sliver in a child's foot?
is it true that if u do excercises u tend not to grow?
definition for medical terms?
why do we get feverish after getting drenched/drizzled in the rain?
Why is monocytosis a good prognosis in all infection but a poor prognosis in TB infection?
My personal trainer friend says there is a muscle therapy that helps asthma sufferers. Does it work?
TB more information?
Does anyone know what pulmonary infiltrates with eosinophilia is?
Any personal experience with BOOP (Bronchiolitis Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia)?
Aunt on Ventilator for almost 4 mo will she be able to breath?
agravation at the time of change of season also alergy from dust suggest aparticular remedy?
i want to know more abt asthma. where can i get informations?
What are symptoms of "pulmonary fibrosis"? read on...?
Could terramycin antibiotic ophthalmic ointment commonly used on pets be used on a person with a eye infection?
Are there official statistics on Hospital acquired infections in India?
After Gram staining, a gram positive coccus would appear as a ?
is it possible that igg is more than igm in first exposure or first infection?
UTI meds. Need advice?
Nausea and Shivers after eating or drinking?
how to get a fever in a few hours?
What causes eye allergy in children?
how do you get mold off leather shoes?
What vitamins will help improving the memory and brain functions?
Why do I have water draining from scratches on my legs?