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can anyone tell why there is dried brown blood and sticky mucous coming from my sinuses?
how many people get serious frostbite every year?
rotator cuff surgery over nine months ago?
I was shocked by 240 volts.?
Alcohol and memory?
Is ciprofloxcin used to treat bronchitis?
What happens to the lungs when drowning occurs?
what is the best way to remove drainage from my ears during an earache?
Are asthma peak flow meters only sold by prescription or can you purchase one over-the-counter?
About Mnemonics?
pneumonia is in my house, how do I prevent from getting it?
Whats The Best Solution to a Nagging Cough?
Any idea if these symptoms sound like pnuemonia?
Strept? ?? help?>?
Are these typeof aspen neck collars made for trachiostomies and laryngectomies. called aspen collars i?
anyone own a latex mattress?what are the benefits?
How can I tell if I have carpol tunnel or just tendinitus?
Do PainNot patches work as advertised?
foot pain when jogging?
L2 and L3 disk fusioned and L4 rupsured. What damage will it cause to me?
Has anyone ever heard of or used something for headaches called the Rio Light Mask?
i feel things crawling through my eye.My eyes are itchy too but i definately feel somethin movin in them.?
Does anyone know of a website where I can get contacts without verifying doctor info?
How long should you wait before going to the doctor with a sore throat?
why is my stool green?
how can i get rid of the chicken pox scars from my body?
what's the best thing to do if you're stuck in a room with people couching and sneezing?
Is it the flu or not?
Is this a virus or anxiety?
Does doxycycline have any effect against TB?
My throat is CLOGGED help I can't talkk?
is phenol/oral abused?
Does Anyone Notice Some Kind of Sickness Going Around?
Do i have an ulcer? help please?
i wanna know if the cortisone increes in the body what is the said effects?
What can and cannot an ultrasound technician tell you? Can they schedule follow-up ultrasounds?
i have a big headache recomend anything?
How did you get hickup?
I woke up with Pink Eye? What is a home remedy that can help it?
i'm looking for small miracle.com?
need to know who is [email protected] , and if this person works at victory hospital?
DKA, the acidosis is r/t the ketone bodies found in the body r/t fat metabolism, right?
the chance of fetal anomalies in IDDM mother and what is the chance of having a child with IDDM?
How would you know if glucose is present in something?
Are there any herbal treatments for type 1 diabetes?
anyone take glucophage that has polysystic ovarian sydrome?
I desperately need a guideline of carbs, calories etc for a type 2 diabetic. A simply general answer. I have
can someone explain a positive alcohol in a drug screen when I have not consumed anything containing alcohol?
How can obese people with severe arthritis lose weight?
where can learn about Diabetic insulin routines?
What r some good things eat to slow the growth of Cataracts in ....?
Does anyone have a cat which has diabetes? if so did you notice any symptoms prior to being diagnosed?
Is PCOS curable?
WHAt is subcutaneously?
do sugar levels decrease in cold temperatures and is that why people in hot countries......?
find the fastest growing sells for direct selling for dietary supplements?
can u help??
I have a mole on my face and its evened out with the skin, what would it look like after it comes off?
i'm looking for 'BEIKLIN' range of health supplements. Do you know the website please.Thk u...Fr: Eddy
how many medical personnel are there in the united states of america?
hepatic aid ll instant drink?
what is this feeling?
Whats the fastest/easiest way to get rid of a cold?
how to use bio disc and make the healing water?
Any idea what this is?
is 2c-i safe??????????/?
can Nootropics harm your body?
Ever used Dr Natura Colonaide kit?
Isochronic Tones for Animals?
What is the daily average of emergency room visits in the state od Kansas?
Do you think promethazine and fentynal in a picc line may cause a neuropathy?
Hamstring Help?
how do you know if you have carpal tunnel in the arm?
Medical Question...humm?
How do you care for your finger when you lose the nail. It is black and will fall off soon! Help!?
Looking for a Dr. in Sea/Tac WA. who is taking Labor&Inds patients.?
what can happen if you let a torn trapezius muscle go unrepaired for is it a downward spiral from there?
if someone were attacked and cut on the neck, how long would they typically spend recovering in the hospital?
How can you turn blisters into callouses?
what does APAP in prescription pain meds?
My forearm muscles on one arm have been sore for 2 months for no apparent reason. Any ideas?
HIV thru quick kiss ?
what is checked for in a blood test taken for a job?
Can I get herpes sore again!?
How long have you been force to stay awake and why?
What's wrong with me--- HELP!!!?
ever have a new battle with bulimia?
how many women over age 40 self mutilate, and how many african-americans?
How do I get rid of my fear of spiders?
can 40/50 vision be corrected to 20/20 and still be eligable for military?
Why are eyes reflective? (why if you look into someone´s eye you can see yourself?)?
what happens when your eyes become resistant to the drops when you stop treating pink eye?
trial contact lenses?
Is this normal!?!?
Why do my eyes burn sometimes when I put my contacts in? Is it in the solution?
Corneal Tattooing (Eyeball tattooing)?
Is there any way to remove very small scratches from plastic prescription eyeglass lenses?
can you get an effective workout (yoga,pilates, weights)without cardio added to the workout?
I ask those who actually have CHF & severe edema to reply to me.?
help me lose weight? i really messed up my metabolizim, with drugs (speed)?
can eyebrow skin be thickened if a little too much skin was removed during blepharoplasty?
redness of eye while wearing contact lenses?
I need nice toned muscular legs asap? help please?
I started a new birth control five months ago is it possible to have anxiety attacks from it.?
Can you have a second lasik eye surgery?
Any doctors out there?
trying to locate pair of soft contact lenses,new?
eat my way to death!!?
diltiazem question, please help?
i have a high heart rate and a normal blood pressure without causing the rate to go up, whats wrong with me?
how do u lose extra fat?
While in resting state, myocytes are polarized, the interior of every cell being_____-ly charged?
how can i loose weight quickly,i drink alot of water,sleep enough too.i want to loose 6 kgs?
What is the best routine/workout for a woman who is working to loose weight?
How do u lose a pound a day for a week for a acting audition?
I am worried about my hair turning gray at an early age. What is reason.Suggest any medication or home remedy.
How long does it take to have symtoms of the flu after you are exposed to the germs?
my ana test came back at 1.1280 should i be concerned?
What is Pleurosis? Not nowadays, but back in the years 1937-45ish.?
I had a Pionidal Cyst and now i'm constipated?
Should I go to school with these symptoms?
What type of doctor removes a nail?
eye infection - can they spread like this....?
What is the correct dosage for zovirax for the treatment of mononucleosis ?
How do you keep vomit from coming out your nose?
Can someone help me what in my eye?
anybody got the flu yet..?
How long does it take for tonsilitis to go away?
Need a gastroenterologist in the Denver Metro area.?
what kind of vitamins can i give my 2 years old? I have tried few of them but they just tasted awful.?
Does Mucinex clear up sinus congestion?
state funded health care for someone that makes mim wage and company does not offer healthcare?
tips for USMLE step 1 preparation?pleas?
How to get ride of DUST ALLERGY?
how much does an MRI tech make in Orlando fl?
How do you find a doctor that wants to help you get and stay healthy instead of handing out pills to 'try out'
Can orange fungas growing on fresh mulch cause a rash? And if so what kind and how is it treated?
My stomach doesn't hurt but I feel like I need to throw up!?
why do i cough after i eat?
Can being allergic to a specific food cause other food allergies?
Swollen lymph node due to allergic reaction?
9 month old bulldog allergic to chicken has about 6 bm a day sometimes in house is now on holistic lamb a?
Numbness at back of head. It feels like pressure, but not a headache.Anyone know what this could be from?
what is a ncs/emg?
CAN someone PLEASE tell me what i can do?
(cross post) best exercise for hip bursitis?
back sprain?
How long does it take for a broken bone in your hand to heal?
rolling your ankle/pulling a tendant??
Acupuncture - Nerve problem?
what color if your blood?
Dermabond question - was scrubbed off?
ACL REHAB - Steady Recovery VS Accelerated Program?
I'm worried about a bruise that just appeared on the back of my thigh?
I fell into a burning ring of fire and preparation H is not helping?
looking for medicen name bio flex?
need to locate microfoam tape in san diego post haste?
snoring girlfriend?
What is the best way to treat the sore throat which is from several years?
endrocrine response to acute and chronic exercise training?
if you only smoke 1 time how much time will it take for all the nicotine?
Back In Sept of 2005 I took a Pneumonia Shot and shortly after that i get the Pneumonia about every 4 mo.?
does anyone have a 2 year old with gerd?
the ABO blood group of student 1 is A. Determine the ABO blood types of the other 4 students & explain clearly
is there a support group for this?
What Month Did You Have Your 1ST HPV vaccine?
yeast infection or something else?
can i take prilosec with zofran?
A question about sleeping pills?
Hi I have had three sessions of acupuncture for my lower back i cant feel the needles go in - but when he jigg?
Can I use Osmolite 1.5 daily?
how to get a refill on prescription?
Vitex herb question-any one else experience this?
As a pharmacist I am keenly aware of the BigPharma pressure on physicians by patients' view of TV ads for Rx's?
Can I still use this enema? ?
Nootropic combination products?
is there any cure for the fungal infec on the hairs on head. it is threating the falling of hairs and itching
Looking for substance abuse intervention treatment centres covered by OHIP in Ottawa or Toronto, Ont. Canada?
shack feeling in one arm?
what is waxing and waning in brain injured patients?
what age does end stage liver disease usually affect?
elephantiasis help!!!?
what does it mean when a person has the symtoms of vomiting and chills?
What would you do if you found out you had HIV?
I'm looking for information about a drug called sultopride ( antipsychotic), could anyone help plz?
i have a problem relating to health and concentration?
what are the side effects after botulinum toxin administration for reducing spasticity?
how to get rid of popped blood vessels on face? hurry!?
Has anyone ever been able to get rid of stretch marks with lotions or oils?
What are the best acne products(over the counter or natural) for acne and oily skin? I need help quick?
what are the best bar soap for ance?
I have a bump behind my ear (upper neck)?
I think my husband might have ringworm, but..........?
I have Seborrhea Dermatitis on my face.Is there a way with treatment that my skin can return to normal?
did i just poison myself with aresnic in an epsom salt bath?
my skin is becoming dark and dark what should i do?
what does ringworm look like?
Whats the best way to get rid of scars?
i have acne problem on my face since 6 years.how can i get rid of it?
Does proactive really work?
itching after use of tampon?
what would cause toenails to fall off?
how do i treat an ingrown toenail?
why is there a bump on my inner labia?
What's something thyat socks blood?
diabetes or not?
How can I minimize bruising when using and alternate site glucose monitor?
Why do I get umcomfortable chest pains when I drink pop?
what number sugar level indicates diabetis?
byetta, drawbacks of?
about 3 weeks ago I wnderwent surgery for my back. Since then I have been put on Neurontin 600 mg,?
What medicare supplement insurance companies cover "Enbrel"?
Health Question?
Do you know any good meals for a diabetic?
Why is blood glucose around 113 fasting AM and fine all day ?
Is Neuropathy from diabetes reversible?
Feet are swelling !?
I'm taking 200 MG a day and my legs feel numb and I louse temp. stoped for two says and was normal?
How do you i lower my blood pressure before my next physical?, thanx?
What does it mean when the heart rate and the blood pressure jumps up and down constantly?
Heart slow own with shock??
Bursts of very rapid heart beat?
What is the best diet for someone with congestive heart failure?
what is the difference between gowers willander syndrome and vaso vagal syndrome?
Is Brown Lentils is bad (harmfull) for heart?
my cardiologist impression to my ecg is nsstp what means by this .?
WIll smoking a cigar raise my blood pressure? If not, what will within a few hours?
Earlobe Creases?
Heterochromia - Are my eyes different enough to be considered "Heterochromic?"?
There's something in my eye!?
What does its mean when your eye pupils are bigger than others?
Is this a better deal?
Swollen Eyelid!?
Can blue eyes get darker over time?
getting rid of dry red eyes?
lasic surgery?
what does pink eye look like??
can you go bline if u get sprayed in the face/eye with axe spray deodarant?
Are those eye-glasses still sold that curve half way around your ears?
what happens to the eye if...?
Is it true that your eye color can change by doing this?
I was wondering how much does contact lens fitting cost, and how long does it takes?
How long does it take after achilles tendon surgery to begin rehab and what does rehab consist of?
Back pain.... injury?
What is wrong with ankle? Pleeaase help!?
tissue fixation artefacts in histopathology?
Hurt my ankle?
What are some injuries that occurs to the biceps femoris and what specific trearment can be used to heal it??
where can i get info on the number of people in the USA with mental and emotional disability?
Has anyone heard of treating post encephalitis with effexor?
How is oxycontin so addictive??
how can a male person understand that a female is a virgin or not?
What can I say to my doctor so he will prescribe me some nerve medication?
Any dream interpreters out there? Can anyone interpret this dream for me please?
What helps you think better, faster, more clearly?
do you believe that dreams come true?
does ne 1 hear go 2 a potters house church?
Are we crazier now than 100 yrs ago??
how do i feel un contiminated?
Do you ever feel this way?
How to get rid of strep throat in a day?
wierd uncomfortable feeling in my throat. its not a cold?
how long on average will it take to play hockwey if i have mono?
should i go see a doctor?
had cough and mucus now for a month now i sweat at nit fever chills stomach bloated been having migranes?
what illness do i have and what do i do?
Please help, what do you think this could be?
My husband had diarrhea earlier today followed by feeling extremely cold, shivering cold!?
I need to get a fever overnight. Help?
after adenoid surgery problem?
Sleep apnea..how many of you suffer from it and what are your symptoms?
losing weight?
what weight loss pills really work without side effects?
Why when you cough............?
Antibiotic Duration?
Looking for anyone who has been diagnosed with a condition, called LEMS, or Lambert Eaton Mysania Syndrome?
pleeasee answe Whats The Best Tea For Asthma Symptoms And Treatment?
mediterranean diet?
I drink a lot--water especially. Are there any downsides to it?
How can I lose weight before the end of school year?
Puffy eyes?
can salt make me fat? I Had a freind that told me for every 1gram of salt you gain 1gram.?
can you overdose on omega-3?
how can i loose weight?
what can i take to get better intensive workouts at the gym?
If you donate plasma and your blood is clean, you shouldn't have HIV right?
Anyone had LASIK eye surgery?
Pain in upper right thigh.?
does any one know if you have stomach cancer and had part of your stomach removed can you get it again .?
does NCLEX for LVNs hard or easy?
Heat exhaustion/heat stroke...what?....Please read NOW!!!!?
What's wrong with my legs?
Does airconditioning cause the commen cold or flu?
does anybody have an idea about gangreen????
I was on risperdal consta for anxiety. I had frequent urination and gas. I was taken off of it.?
what is chronic post rheumatic arthropathy?
what do i do if chemicals or lemon juices get into my eye? how do i treat it? any good websites?
Is fighting healthy?
Can a disease be kept in a jar?
A tan or brown and white 10 mg capsule with 93 over 810 printed on it...can you identify this medication?
Loss of function in hand - any ideas?
pain when i swallow?
how long does it take to get addicted to cigarettes?
How do I home remedy pain swelling and warmth around thumbnail?
can heartburn raise your blood pressure like right now my systolic pressure is 150 and my diastolic is 100 ?
when is a cold no longer contagious?
what is nlp?
Sleeping alone . An actor said once that he loves women ; but a human need to sleep alone ? what you think ?
do silicone hydrogel soft contact lenses have the same benefits as gas permeable contacts? which are better?
x-stop and fusion for spinal stenosis?
i have pain on the inner part of my right foot which i have had since the new year what is it?
Help this cold!?
What is a sinus flush?
is L-argine pills bad for a 16 year old to take ?
What is "The Nightmare Juice"?
what is the dosage and how often is testodex used?
SCARED FOR !!! Suboxone withdrawl!!?
How long is suboxone withdrawl ?
Why is it that i test positive for astigmatism, but i see better with regular lenses?
how come im allergic to iodine in contrast but not in most foods?
Around my nose is red?
Am I Lactose Intolerant?
Why does my nose bleed so much?
Is my nose normal???????
allergic reaction around eyes?
Am I allergic to my tattoo?
Why am I having an allergic reaction?
Why is it that the eyes never see in black and white - like the eye of the camera.?
What snake bit my cat?????
Anyone have good or bad experiences with liquid nitrogen at doctor's office?
does hyperopia of +6.0 in infants usually reduce as they grow up?
do u like fat or skinny girlz?
How do you ask your mom....................?
what organism in plants is helpful to people?
Dose pro active really work?
What are those white half circles on your fingure nails?
can I use the nicotine patch while taking adderall?
Do you have any info on breast reduction surgery?
my hair is kinda flat and lifeless, how do i make it have more body and shape?
If you lift weights at a certain age will it keep you from growing taller?
Do guys like over-bites ?
Is it still true that you shouldn't wear white pants after labor day?
When did you first notice you were getting old and what made you notice this?
can you overdose on zoloft?
any websites offering help for those with suicidal tendencies?
Who has ticked you off today?
what is the website that tells you why drugs are bad?
can someone that is always depreesesd, and eating to forget the pain be cured? and live a normal life?
The area nearby my kidneys ache for a couple of days.Can the reason be lythium?
Cutting back on antidepressants, Are the side effects bad ??
what type of illness does my son have to have to quaified for home heath services?
Do you think everything is either black or white?
So answer my question What was great or bad about your day?
How can i get rid of my cellulite?
Bumps on upper arms, shoulders and back.?
Acne Scars? Is there something to fade them?
What can i use to cure the eczema around my lip?
Dry spot on my kids head?
Warts removed at the doctor? Does it hurt? How long until the wart it gone?
getting rid of exzema?
How to get rid of dandruff?
is there any ways to relieve dry skin?
Who else had diseased knees?
questions about mole removal?
What are these freckles/spots on my ankle ( i have a pic)?
i have this dirt looking mark on my wrisk and arm help?
I'm 21 with acne, I wash my face twice a day and am careful about what I eat, help me!?
Bad Baby Rash on back?
How to get white skin?
how do you get rid of a hickey?
what can i do for dry lips?
Strange puffy eyelids.?
Left Eye Twitch!?
I want to get Varilux Progressive Lenses, but which kind is best? I hate distortions in the sideview.?
My eyes Hurt, What do i do?
When I wake up in the morning, my eyes are crossed. WHY?
what do think about H1N1 virus?
I think i have an eye infection?
What are the molecular and genetic characteristics of the influenza virus? NEED ANSWER ASAP?
Does this look like Tonsillitis or Strep Throat?
Newly diagnosed hashimotos disease?
I need to find credible sites on anorexia and possibly its prevention but if not just some helpful links?.?
can embronic stem cells helps in recovering from cerebral palsy?
What can I do if I have Horners Syndrome?
Small red(?) lumps at back of tongue?
I have some mono questions?
yoga classes for 6year old with low muscle tone . must be in darwin n.t. australia?
Please people who knows boy 1 years old has a syndrome of small intentional?
how do you get rid of a annoying cough?
♥what exactly is pulminary teberculosis? (sp) ????
how many people no someone who's had a transplant?
Do you smoke?
Z-Pack (Zithromax)?
can a stuffy nose in 2yr old be caused by enlarged adenoids and could it be the cause of her drooling lots?
what is the worst case of lung disease cost by smoking?
Does COPD make you sleep more?
What are the sedatives used in a GI lab?(for a paper)?
health plan reno nv?
need a phyical typist.a live in if possable. FREE ROOM AND BORAD SOUTHWESTHOUSTON [email protected]?
Is Ephedra going to be released again legally to the public?
I have a Microwavable Moist Heat pack. It is called "The Doctor" I want to know how to wash it. I lost the dir
Health Care in German Culture?
can you apply online for Medi-Cal benefits in the state of CA?
What is brain concoction ? cure?
how can I get help with a person with multiple medical problems?
i want o plan my diet. How do I go about it ?
Where can I buy RHINOCORT TURBUHALERwithout doctor prsciption?
is heart attack a disease of the conduction system of the heart?
odorless pesticide that causes inflamation of gums, fatigue, lightheadedness, & elevated heartbeat.?
i have RVH what to do?
Diff between valve Prolapse vs valve Regurge?
minimum weight of a patient who requires triple cardiac bypass surgery?
What is a cardiac S1, S2?
What are 4 transport functions of blood?
How long will a drug-eluted heart stent last before a new one is needed?
What can I serve an overweight child for breakfast daily?
What's the fastest way to cure my Hepatitis B without resorting to violence?
Do you know what ischemic heart disease is caused by unstable medium and small bloodvessells? How serious is ?
whats the difference in a heart attack and a stroke?
is 18 pounds to much weight to lose in 2 months?
what are signs the infants a are having high blood pressure?
Anyone have Aflac?
Why do black babies hair smell different than white babies?
Why is health care very expensive in this country as compared to others ? Europe for eg.?
chiropraxie cabinete Bucuresti?
I get sinus infections far too often, is there a way to prevent them?
a blocked ear?
Will you tell me some things that can happen to you if you don't get enough sleep?
Is Diet Coke with Splenda really better for you than regular Diet Coke?
what are laughing seizures?
how to prevent cracked toe nails?
how long does alcohol stay in your system ,how about your blood?
Will repeated hot/cold shock reduce fluid sac on elbow?
can u have a trapezius muscle strain from being overweight and lack of exercise?
breatheing problems?
Pain In Upper Right Abdomen During Nights?
my legs are restless?
Small Robitussin high?
Help in drugs&friends?
What is VF HRT test for glaucoma?
Does Grapefruit Juice (a 1/2 C a day) effect Hydrocodone, Ranadine, Salsalate,Vitamin D or Klonopin ?
thinking about medical marijuana for my pains can someone help (PAINS)?
drugs how many kinds are there?
What are some good tips to become motivated?
I'm hypothyroid and I wonder if I can use "tincture of iodine" to regulate my thyroid?
what is the best medication or herbal remedy for social anxiety for a recovering alcoholic?
Allergic to a medication that I need to take every day...?
is it possible to be allergic to.....?
Very puffy eyes every morning.. since 4 years!! :( What can I do??!?!?
how to make a nose splint?
Congested nose and unpopped ears?
Is it okay to take 2 dosages of OTC antihistamine at the same time?
i have one side of my nose blocked but there is nothing there and stings when i touch it?
Could this be a sinus headache?
would being around propane fumes cause your nose to bleed?
BF is allergic to cat dander, what to do?
disc decompression?
How do i find out about a certain Dr. Like whether he has had any bad reports on him.?
What is chrones disease? I heard people are diagnosed at the age of 14 with it.?
What is the time it takes for a damaged nerve to heal? I had back surgery last year to treat my sciatica?
can you get a tapeworm from cake frosting?
What can be the possible treatment or therapy for Alzheimer's' victim?
why does my tongue sometimes appear orange ?
Why do people sometimes get diarrhea?
anyone out there have a good low carb diet?
what are good foods for diabetics to eat?
I have a question for those of you who are doing "Body for Life"?
diabetes and antipsychotics (e.g. Zyprexa, Seroquel)?
diabetic at 54 and can not cook! help?
What is the frequency in diabetes?
how do you get diabetes type 2?could you be born with it?
Can Diabetes be diagnosed before birth: (Explain how)?
financial aid with lantus insulin through pharmaceutical companies?
How does Byetta, help to lose weight?
Does elevated blood sugar in a person with diabetes affect physical coordination & judgment?
Does anyone have experience with Richard Schulze's herbal programs?
How Can I raise money to get a Transplant?
Can someone explain my recent headaches?
answer the question below?
Growing pains of 11 year olds...[For Sister]?
Is there a Orthopedic specialist who accepts Medi-cal in the Los Angeles area.?
i have a sharp pain below my neck?
Need Help with knee issues?
Does the anribiotic cipro have sulda in it?
What can i do to get rid of mono fast?
What is the history of encephalitis?
How long does it take abscess to kill you?
How do you know if you have TONSILITIS?
why is my mucus yellow?
What are some good home treatments for a cold?
where can i find the full history or time line of the scarlet fever?
how long does food poisoning last?
is this a canker sore? or a cold sore? or herpes? helpp?
Whats a pulmonary function test??
Lost my voice?
Can any body help me by providing the best procedure methods of RESTORATION OF RESPIRATORY and CARDIAC SYSTEM
where will they inject you for the VQ scan?
fluid on lungs?
when you smoke or your a second hand smoker does this affect you're blood?
Why did you say that food itself can't cure lung disease ma'am christy?
can i have a good answer for this question?
Ladies, where are you most likely to meet your next boyfriend?
what are the causes of hairfall? how do i control it?
there's a sticky white discharge on my lips after I use a lipstick and a lip balm.. How do I get rid of it?
THREAD LIFT: Saw this done live on NBC a few mos. ago. Has anyone out there had this procedure done? Results
Does tea clean your systen out?
how can one take care of their hair in summers?
to find out if a nurse is registered in the state of ny what site do i go to?
how do i get free samples?
why is modelling all about the naked woman instead of the clothes or product the models are meant 2 be modeln?
is their such thing as lipstick u can eat and use as normal lipstick???
anyone know how to cure chronic headaches?
how to control anger?
help!i`m going thru menopause-should i go get horomones ?
How can I breathe Oxygen?
is it true?
any body tell me alink for aided chairs tools for quaternary paralyzation?
Are contact lens comfy?
My mom says dhe chewed on coffee grinds to get her to stop smoking. True or not?
Ear buds.why dont the manufacturers make small ear buds?
Has anyone experienced severe leg pain after starting Wellbutrin?
i dont want a damaged arm from a TYPHOID shot AT ALL? :[[[[[?
What could be wrong if you have no bowel movement after an enema?
What is Metro Manila Denver Screening Test for infant all about.?
nursery updates?
i hv big rashes on my armpit?wat should i do?
Cold soar in the corner of my lips?
What does it mean when u feel itchy all of a sudden? Almost like the feel of when u touch Fiberglass ?
How to get rid of scars?
Stretch marks please answer =(?
Sunburn treatment? 10 points!!!?
How can I get rid of dry skin and acne on my forehead?
i think i have dandruff?
Itchy red lumps on my skin?
will baking soda sting sunburned skin?
My BGF has acne on her back and it bugs the heck out of me!?
my virgina itch on the inside of my lips what over the counter cream can i use?
I NEED MAJOR HELP! pleasee helppp.?
what is tape worm ? can a women have it?
unstoppable sweat in my armpit?
How can i make my fore-head smaller?
Which birth control pill helps the most with acne?
i hve reddish acne scars and using retin a since 4 weeks but still no effect. plz help as getting married soon?
Do you think we tend to be a Narcissist in our own little ways?
how could I speak among people without stress?
How to maintain Mental Health?
I have mood swings throughout the day, and I can actually feel myself going in and out of them?
what are uses of risdone?
Can you drink alcohol if you are taking effexor?
Do dreams have any significance/effect on our future?
why does a heart replacement patent keep coughing years after getting the new valve.?
Anyone had a heart valve replacement?
how do I get back the yahoo home page old format? I tried the new format now I'm stuck with it.?
I had abnormal ST and t-waves on an EKG, what does this mean?
Can I take Tenuate & Atenolol together?
Can food trigger Atrial Fibrillation?
my thesis is all about phenomenological study of child malnutrition, what is the best main problem about that?
During heart attack does the blood pressure and the pulse goes up higher than normal?
will cranberry juice detox my system from cannibinoids?
How can constant room temperature chages effect health?
Does anyone know of a hospital in Lagos called His Mercy Hospital and would you know how to get the phone numb
my wrist hurts :-(?
have any ideas on how i can get rid of this ear ache?
Would you rather have a soar throat that lasted for the rest of your life, or a cramp that did?
Can a bad back or pinched nerve in neck cause headaches or tingling in the head...?
Does anyone work with CArpal Tunnel or are u on disabiltiy?
Postural exercises?
I sprained my neck yesterday morning and it wont get cured, what should I do?
what is inside of a budbuddy?
knee pain medication oxycodone?
After taking .25 mg of Klonopin at night for years, can you have?
Can you use solution as eye drops?
Sick with cold, Nyquil question?
Has anyone ever fasted for healing?
Drug testing tomorrow...yes another drug testing Q..?
How many of these supplement pills should I take a day?
Where is the best place online to get Massage Therapy liability insurance?
what is a percocet ir?
Does JWH free incense show up on a drugtest?
Dry knuckles remedies?
who invented bowflex?
why do i have frequent swellings of my lympth nodes?
re parkinson how long after being diagnosed can it take for a 63 yr old otherwise healthy woman to decline?
What is the disease that causes intching and painful feet and leg muscles?
how can having poor spleen function hurt you (symptoms)?
what causes low platelets in fat embolism syndrome?
can i drink alcohol with doxycycline?
Anyone know if chronic pancreatitis can lead to collapsed lungs??
what do socks do 4 your feet?
When buying replacement contacts for an astigmatism do the values for the DIA matter?
what is your definition of beautiful?
olive oil...?
Anyone know how to get reduced price on medicine? Husbands has new job, probation over in about 3 weeks.?
What options are there both in the USA and in other countries for breast augmentation?
i have skin discoloration how do i get rid of it please help?
how do you remove sunless tanning spray?
Will there be a cure for the morning stare?
I have back pain and cant find out what exactly is wrong.?
how much does a physical theropist get paid a year?
what's the best way to get rid of razor bumps?
How do i get rid of freckels?
Good beach/swim coverup for thighs with stretch marks?
Foot Surgery?
How can I make bruises fade faster?
how do you get rid of acne on the rear???
why does my sh1t sometimes float, and sometimes sink?
Herniated Disk problems?
I twisted my ankel sunday and I have been putting ice on it once a day and been wearing a brace?
workmans comp settlement guidelines?
Something broken in knee?
How to reduce swelling of right cheek caused by injury using home remedies?
can you get UTI's from fingering?
Male nurse? Yes or No?
boyfriend has head lice? D:?
Does anyone know what this bug is?
how to prevent strep if i came in contact with someone who has it?
is it okay to use an inhaler while having strep throat?
could i really have mono?
does cholera have a vector agent?
Is someone less likely to transmit herpes when they are not enflamed?
treatment for mollouscum contagiosum?
Information regarding leukocytoclastic vasculitis?
i have had fluid in my chest for many years, what can i do about it?
need help on hay infusion report?
I have upper rt. abdominal pain. Had a CT, HIDA scan, ultrasound and upper GI - no results. Any suggestions?
email address of Dr. Hakan Oral at University of Michigan Hospital?
short of breath?
Can spending 2 weeks in China affect my copd?
what is the chemical composition of the cell?
no hair on the body?
how can i arrange as a company to get flu shots for my staff?
what sickness has symptoms such as; soar throat, swollen neck glands and bumps on the roof of the mouth?
Arch of hand. How can you tell if the arch(creases) of the palm of your hands are normal?
I only in my mid-30s but I have more white hair than anybody around me. Is there any solution?
What are the health hazards in drinking demineralised water?
what is a sist and what can it do?
what are the side effects of long term calcium+D intake for women?
I have bad headaches and dizzoness help me!!!!?
what is ashburgs disease?
How can you tell if you're stressed out?
what is aconite tablet? is there any side effect when you take it?
where or what is R.I.S.E laser technology for quitting cigarette smoking .. can anyone help out?
My brother has a partially collapsed lung...it was spontaneous. What will happen next? What caused it? Fix it
I need a st.. Paul attorney pro bono who does living wills n a will Can anybody help me find on?
is cyclobenzaprine addictive?
Do I have ringworm? Help?
Can a person really be allergic to the cold?
Benadryl Max. Strength Severe Allergy & Sinus Headache?
Anytime I eat icecream or have whipped cream my throat gets itchy and I start coughing is this a food allergy?
Allergy dark circles?
promethazine and codeine syrup help!?
Strange itchy rash in random areas driving me CRAZY?
help i had an allergic reaction?
Is this normal after allergies?
Has anyone else had any experience with "Pillow Pets" causing an allergic reaction?
can enlarged adenoid be caused by allergies?
if i am allergic to sulfa meds..?
Will you help me with my acne?
really bad sunburn! help!!!?
Is there anything i can do to get of my acne in a day?
How to hide warts on my hands?
HELP. Why do I get hives everywhere on my body?
whats wrong with my skin?
please helpppppppp!!!!!!!?
foot infected what to do, may be spreading?
ways to keep acne away?
why do i sweat so much and can i stop it?
how do i get rid of blackheads?
Can you really take a pill internally to prevent acne breakouts? I've seen them advertised, but do they work?
what is the best thing you can do for acne?
How to get rid of my body acne ?!?
Am i gonna get a scar?! help?
Some bite, red, ichy and has a thin red ring.?
Does anyone else get a rash on their legs after shaving?
Dry Scalp Help? nothing works!?
my dad might have a bug or spider in his ear im worried what can i do? ?r=1248149092?
Cream for stretch marks?
getting rid of those microscopic blackheads?
I need E-mail address of swss CHUV hospital?
cardio vascular bio therapeutics inc, anyone know about?
what is miocardial ischimia?
Treatment for a hematoma resulting from a cardiac catheterization?
weight gain with Topral xl?
I had a taxus stent placed on friday and i need to know if it is dangerous to go cold turky off vicodin?
ECG Question?
what are the nursing responsibilities before, during and after oxygenation, ventilator and nebulization?
Carotid ultrasound result determination?
What types of food are good for clear skin?
what does the word Namaste mean?
why old people have bigger ears and noses?
whats the best stop smoking aide?
how to make to become a taller?
What does burning skin smell like?
what is a home remedy to get rid of a sty on your eyes?
Requqest for SAVVY Magazene JAN.1986--MAY 1986 For DR.VARMA'S Article?
Does anyone know who the leading ear reconstruction surgeon is, in the world?
Iwould like to know where I can purchase dermassage lotion in Grenada, MS?
Why would anyone chose a life of crime of family, friends, career & integrity?
There's No Way!?
Please Please Help me......I am mentally drained?
when enrgy is low what do you do to get the sparkle back in life?
I need to find an Oxford House for recovering Addicts and Alcoholics in the Philadelphia area?
taking time off from college?
Can you sneeze if you just got your nose pierced?
Ways to decrease UTI pain?
Over the counter anaesthetics?
does GHB cause birth deffects?
i take sleeping pills 5 nights a week is this ookay?
Is yamoa powder available for prescription in germany?
Rapid heart rate after taking adderall?
growing hair on wrist?
Can you break hand/wrist opening a jar of sauce?
Any good bud for 10 a gram that doesn't smell that bad?
Has anyone ever used Colo Vada Plus cleanse?
Whats better methadone or suboxone?
I am looking for some kind of treatment center in NC named Pottersville or something does anyone have any info
what is squamous dystlasia?
I need better information on EMPHYSEMATOUS GASTRITIS . How do you live with it once your STOMACH is REMOVED?
What home made remedy is there for cysthitis? read details please?
I have a bulging disc in my neck with arthrictic spurs..,?
solutions against cold and dust allegery?
what is the definition of non-immunologic?
What does it mean to have a fatty liver?
Ever heard of stuttering as a side effect of a nerve/pain pill?
Is it safe to take two different medicines ex. tylenol & tums?
Does anyone know how to ease or stop the pain of arthritis in the hands?
Red, inflamed tear ducts & sore red veins in eyes?
Help with contacts?
what do you think is wrong with my eye [pic included]?
what prescription would be considered coke bottle?
Where to go for cheap eye exam in Gainesville FL? We don't have Walmart Supercenters.?
Is it annoying to wear contacts?
Eye problem?
Contact lenses?
Is +3 diopters a lot?
Does the eye color of a person change as they grow older?
Color contact lense for one eye blinded person?
Why does my tattoo swell up?
What is the best insect repellent?
What is the best flat iron product to buy?
i want to know what is the spots on my face?
whast is the best handcream?
Do you live with an alcoholic?
What are some of the reasons my eyes would be photosensitive?
Besides all that mythological stuff, how can I cook up a good dream for nighttime?
Help you GO!?
Common cold or should I go see a doctor?
Is this bug I have a cold or something else?
Why does sinus infection cause excessive thirst?
Signs and prevention of becoming deaf?
Do i have pinkeye?????????????.?
Physical Description of Avian Flu (Bird Flu)?
what do I do if I get the stomach flu? I just had a laproscopic cholecystectomy on Friday?
would i have caught the sickness bug by now?
Effects of STD's passed to children from parents?
Can I be infertile due to Chlamydia?? please help me.... :(?
I need a cream for male thrush?
Respiratory Sounds?
What Is The Diagnosis For Pneumonia (PCP)?
Has anyone heard of "nate" for chronic fatigue syndrome?
How can we stop the humidity in an oxygen compressor from forming drops of water that come out the cannula?
Do I have exercise induced asthma?
My boyfriend could be a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis, how much does DNA testing usually cost?
How can I control my asthma naturally without using drugs?
Anyone used the patch to stop smoking??
how do you get a uncontaminated sputum specimen?
how is bronchitis transmitted?
What are bilateral infiltrates?
Had blood drawn, now arm is killing me.? ( mid arm)?
Odd question why do I have one shoulder blade to stick out?
whats the matter with me?
need help thank u?
Who will cover my surgery?
Is it possible to reopen a 3 week old incision from the inside if you twist your body enough?..?
Has anyone ever had a 'BLOCKED TEAR DUCT'???
what is the difference in b-12 you get over the counter, & b-12 prescription?
What causes a rison to develop on your body??
What is the intial simptom for heart attack?
top cardiovascular surgeons/experts in america.?
would it be okay to just cut a hemmoroid off with a pair of scissors i really?
I am on ALLOPURINOL 400 mg per day for high uric acid level.?
What was the last disease a cure was found for? And when?
What is a fat flush?
For "body builders / sculptures": have you discovered any particular fresh food that?
Quick way to get rid of a coldsaw?
do those topical creams that you rub on to get rid of fat really work? "The Liposuction Alternative?"
How can I get rid of my Acne?
ingrown toenail and dry skin on my feet...help?
Is this an allergic reaction?
breakout !!! please help 10 points?
My fiance is allergic to metal, what kind of wedding ring can I get him.?
I have REALLY bad acne on my back. help!?
how do you take care of dry skin?
Can this be a cause of mouth sores?
What estimated price range would I be looking at for lasik surgery?
does anyone know any stress tipa and study tips?
What can I do to get rid of stretch marks?
skin hardens and darkens for my 18month old daughter.suggest the best treatment to maintain her complexion?
why do we sleep?
suggestions on making a hickey go away?
Does laser really work for acne and keep it off?
How do you take methadone?
Itching after taking a shower?
what is the best cheap way to keep your skin clear?
how do i get rid of a unwanted hickey? i have tried toothpaste and it doesn't work. please help?
whats the best thing to use to get rid of ingrown hair?
How can i make my eyes white,they are reddish yellow?
I colored my hair now my head itches like crazy after a month of this what can i do?
definition of customer relationship and customer service?
Do Hand Sanitizers really work?
Does drinking beer help reduce the occurence of kidney stones?
Best way to get rid of itch on and around testes?
if you get a sun burn?
What food stuff can I have during stomach upset (dysentery)?
Swollen Gland?
what is the best drug for the treatment of maleria?
Dole packaged lettuce E-Coli outbreak.?
Anybody with Meniere's Syndrome out there. I have symptoms and wonder what impact can it have on my life. Tnx.
been denied health insurance (new policy) for issue that was fixed, what are my options?
The three--month's child shake hands during crying. It is normal?
Can you destroy nasal membranes afte one use of cocaine? And if so how would your nose feel?
Are colonics safe?
Why do people talk & walk in their sleep? Why is it caused & what does it mean? Can it have any consequences?
What is the role of decision making in the management of the hospital?
i have two 3cm cysts in my thyroid now what?
why is it important to know how the body works?
How is jaundice and/or hepatitis passed on to others?
Sclerosis? What is it? What happens to the person who has it?
How is cranberry juice good for you?
Ulcer? Ulcer?
Do you think America has set unrealistic standands when it comes to what beauty and what is not?
what are some easy ways to relive back pain?
where can i find nutritional info on seaweed?
Do you know anyone who has died of alzhheimers disease?
I have a slight "Hypothyroid" and am 5 months prego...my face is so dry, is it from my thyroid or pregnancy??
What causes inflammation of the heart?
Do you think we will ever discover the cure for the common cold?
why do my fingernales break?
Hi can inhaling combustion smoke lead one to have myocardial infaction?
I am being asked to have a blood test for "ck" and I don't know what that is or what it is for.?
Does any know why your electro lites wouldn't go thru kidneys. They say I have gitelman syndrome.?
what is the average adolescent heart rate supposed to be?
i want to apply as a home maid or caregiver in france i want to ask where can i find agency on how to apply?
Echocardiogram results.....regarding my other post about angina.?
what does an ekg result of "borderline rhythm" mean?
what is a enlarged heart?
Inwhat conditions does the cardiac output increases either normally or pathologically?
Can you be allergic to the scent of citrus tanning lotion?
not sure if im allergic to guinea pigs?
runny nose with clear snot and dry/slightly sore throat?
allergic reaction help?
does apple cider vinegar get rid hemorrhoids?
I have been experiencing episodes of hives, hotspots and all over itching that is accompanied by chills...?
Zyrtec/wal-zyr and flownayze?
My nose smells wen i take my piering out?
How to know if you have a big Nose?
my cat has bad allergies?
EMERGENCY! Lamictal Rash--At what point should I see doctor?
Advise please :) allergy?
Is anyone allergic to heat period?and do you know why?
Allergic reaction to face wash? Help!?
REALLY REALLY dry throat remedy!?!?
What are the other cleansing juice on the Philippines?
Why does your heart beat so fast while pilled with triple c's?
what is the most potent strain of cannibus?
Are there sedatives available without prescription?
is propoxyphene a upper or downer?
What kind of oil is this? Given to by chiropractor, helps to relieve coughing?
How do i prepare for being a medicine doctor? I'm 14?
does anyone know if there is a different treatment for bi-polar than the medicines ,?
dreaming questions?
Tonight my blood sugar was at 191. For the day i ate whole wheat toast, cereal and a veggie sub on whole wheal
I am worried about my glucose tolerance test tomorrow. Any info?
I had a glucose tolerance test today. After I drank the liquid I felt nauseous and fuzzy headed for an hour.?
I am a diabetic. I was wondering if it is safe to take the nutrition suppliment 17HD?
i am a diabetic ,iam trying to get disabilty from railroad retirement board any ideas?
Question for Long Term Type 1 People.?
Hi I see double Vision since 2 Weeks. Doctors Told me it is the Sixth Nerve of my Left eye.?
104 fasting?
How is it that I ate 100 grams of sugar...?
I am daibetic, have high blood pressure and have FLU,any tips..?
What is the price of Lap band surgery or bariatric surgery?
Why is it that when I skip a meal my blood sugar is closer to normal range (140) ?
Being a dibetic, what all food ( veg and non veg ) to be intake to reduce my dibetic count?
why is my left temple tender to the touch?,.?
Glucosamine HCL?
What negative health effects do drugs like hydrocodone and oxycodone have on the body besides addiction?
What do you do to deal with headaches and nausea after stopping Lexapro abruptly?
Recently I have noticed that I have a darkend skin pigment on my top lip, which looks like a mustache -- help!
why is there a current trnd in using natural ingredients (papayas) in soaps?
any quick way 2 get rid of black circles around eyes?
how can i live my life to it's maximum extent?
whats the best way to get rid of an ear ache?
how do you keep?
Waxing kits and professional services.?
Has anyone bought reading glasses at Wal-Mart, how good are they?
Do you have a rubber duckie in the tub?
Where I can get information about: How the discovery of Anesthesia change Health care Systems?
Does anyone have any tips to get rid of/control acne?
how do u cure or prevent jumper's knee?
what is osteotomy of the 5th metacarpal ?
What type of stretching does not involve joint movement? Isometric, static, isotonic or PNF?
I had shouder surgery 7 weeks ago and now my shoulder blade sticks out.?
How do you know if your knuckle is broken and how do you fix it?
enicma can,t spell word right?
Whats mono?Just curious to know?
hiv test index value?
Rash on thigh..what is it?
I have an annoying cough that won't go away?
Can you have viral meningitis and a cold at the same time?
What serious risks can mono cause?
If ive had alcoholic hepatitis in the past will it reaccur easyly?
How long does it take for mono to make you sick?
Does the DTP vaccine use active or passive immunity?
Help Hemophilia questions! (:?
night sweat with flu?
Pros and Cons of colored eye contacts?
can i wear contact lens?
How do you get rid of a sty?
Backpacking Help!?
Colored contacts?
Contacts xx?
I was long yrs ago at an optometrist at Newkirk plaza, and...?
My 9 yr old son has 20/25 vision with nearsightedness. If I don't get him glasses, will it hurt his eyes?
Can you put on contacts if you have on false nails?
Cost of corneal transplant?
My white eyes became Red for the last two months. age 41, feeling severe strain when watching tv / pc.?
Can excessive crying affect your eyesight?
Do I have Pink Eye?
is my eye irritated?
Is mycobacterium avium infection fatal?
Are pneumonia and an atelectasis the same thing?
if cough phlegm how best to loosen phlegm, thru nebulizer /steam room #minutes? twitching eyebags means what?
what is the pathophysiologic reason that people with emphysema loose weight?
If you smoke hukka/hookah without any drugs, is it still bad for your health?
Why do I get so sleepy after eating sweets?
How do i find my certificate for my CNA License online?
Weird noises?
Why does naproxen sodium have sedative effects?
Are visible veins in one's face and head a sign of high blood pressure?
i am 30 & would like to know if being on Caduet is too extreme? my dr. rx'd it 4 me?
i put toothpaste on my face because of acne?
Will apple cider vinegar cure my head fungus?
What is a good warm non alcoholic drink for the flu?
im looking for a cure to swell down a sprang ankle on line?
How would I deal with my 3year old daughter who keeps snoring when she sleeps?
Get answers from millions of real people.?
My skin is pealing, how can I et it back to normal quickly?
How many cells are there in a persons brain?
Weird rash?
I was in the sun for a long time?
How to cure acne and the scar caused by it?
What clears acne in less then 1 week ?
analyse the ways in which abuse may be identify and manage in a nusery class?
Focalin XR??
how do you treat rosacea?
Home remedies for removing warts on fingers?
Does anyone know of any ways to cure acne, wether it be home remedies or store bought .?
baaaad foot odor PLEASE HELP?
Would Proactive work with Severe acne?
how many fingers do i have on my right toe?
What do you do when you get a sun burn ?
How can I get rid of blackheads?
Dry, flaky skin? How to get rid of it?
Hair problem?? Disease??
why is the top of my tounge white and nasty?
Have any of you had first hand experience with new Alzheimers treaments that show positive results?
Who is the best endocrinologist in the Philadelphia area?
what are the early symptoms of AIDS on a man's body ?
Why is it when you have a medical condition people shy away from you?
whys is severel hairs coming from same folick,and waxy substance come from skin?
Eye Fungus?
just out of curiosity.. how many strepsils would one have to take to harm oneself?
Omega-3: Why must the DHA value be higher than the EPA value?
How to copy Teavana® Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chai mix!?
What can i do to lower my blood pressure ! 160/105 ?
What are some interesting facts about opioid?
Effects of L-Arginine on a 16 year old male?
How do you make a bong?
should i supplement with both chlorella and chlorophyll?
Common household sedatives?
Why do SPEED medication make you lose weight?
What is the right hydroxiycut dosage?
Which do I take Konsyl Natural Fiber Bulk Forming Laxative Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid everyday?
things to help sooth a sore throat?
any suggusestions on diet for a very active person?
Do the Herbalife products really work?
what is the quickess way to lose weight?
Are NO supplements for bodybuilding safe?
Tummy Tuck?
How to loose weight in a minimum amount of time?