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Can you get a hangover by not sleeping for a long period of time??
I am looking for for Christmas gift certificates for massage therapy.?
does anyone know good meditation music to do yoga to.?
how many millilitre of 4% beer can i drink and drive?
What kind of medicine is "Nordin."?
is taurine a stimulant?
Which form of Fucoidan is most effective?
is there any homeopathy treatment for hair growth.?
What is folic acid , where to find it and how it helps to rduce heart disease ?
Stages of a Cold? Immune to cold meds?
How long is a technis shot good for?
Strep throat or something else? how long? what should i do?
I may have an extreme serious problem!!! it can be deadly someone help please!!! ?
how long before someone throws up are they contagious?
Help with a pilonidal cyst?
permethrin has no antidote, is this true?
Do I have pneumonia???
Has anyone had a laceration? How is it treated if you go to the hospital?
any good tips for getting rid of a soar throat dont want to have it for christmas please answer?
How often do you go the doctor, therapist, or etc.?
Has anyone who has been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia?
had a seizure and got checked up but the DR has no answers?
What does it mean when you can't sleep as much anymore?
I search a video for learning how to place a endotracheal tube.?
would a warm air vaporizor be good or bad for 2yr old with ear infection?
What is the test used to find a exercise induced shunt or lung problems.?
help with tb?
Explain why it is unlikely that the sleep-waking cycle is controlled by a blood-borne chemical factor.?
anyone got bronchiectasis, what treatment they are having.?
My friend says Oil of Oregeno will cure respiratory problems. Is this true?
how to cure an arthritis?
what are currnet standards of care for chest pain and acs in emergency room?
is knock knees curable? if yes, how?
Has anyone experienced nausea or vomiting while taking the muscle relaxer Robaxin?
gallstone cure?
how do i treat bloodshot eyes?
A website with diet plans to gain weight?
How do you know when razor burn is infected?
What does Anorexia Nervosa?
shoulder op?
Why is swelling considered a bad thing?
i got my nose pierce a week ago with a silver stud now i have a dark coloring redish bump?
Is there a way to speed the healing of a fracture?
I used to run and have quit for 7yrs now feet hurt.?
r fairies angles dragons and demons real?
I broke a rib .?
Has anyone ever sprained or boken their wrist(s)?
Blood Circulation?
Why have i been getting increased injuries?
do you feel like you have some wired connection with a friend?
My Kitten Has An Eye Infection. Please help.?
does anyone know?
Indention in my leg from sitting at the computer??!!!?
why do I have numb-ish pain on the area close to my elbow between my tricep and bicep?
Have you ever gone to acupunture treatment?
What could cause an occasional "pop" to occur when I stretch my hamstrings?
I have severe Gashes in my leg, and I have had to have plastic surgery?
shooting pain in the knee joint when getting up from rest position?
Has anyone been injured by an air bag?
Does anyone know what diseases can be caused by mildew?
Is LOW triglyceride bad?
What are possible reasons to pain in the upper back? A little right of the should blades.?
what is the sickness or virus thats horrible in south texas. it has no cure.?
why wont ppl hire someone with Epilepsy?
Can you develop Colin Cancer from Diverticulitis or IBS?
do you believe addiction is a disease?
what do Cardiothoracic Surgens specialize in?
how do I get rid of re-occuring thrush so bad my tongue splits down the middle?
Why does blood pressure and heart rate differ when measured in a reclining position and in standing position?
Anyone with Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy please answer this question!!!?
Arterial blood flow from the heart to the right soleous muscle?
What is the training effect?
I'd like to hear from any MD or someone who had severe heart attack & then CHF?
does halls cough drop raise your blood pressure?
what i am asking is what causes your heart to beat fast when i am not doing anything at all?
spot on my white part of the eye?
Should I wear glasees when working up close?
why is it called internal medicine, when the external body (skin) is dealt with as well?
My eyes r paining alot. by last sum dazs i m sitting 4 long on PC, help me how to keep my eyes & mind kool.?
Is their a cure for fainting at the sight of blood ?
To whom it may concern I wasinvolved in a criminal abuse by several people and I am tring to find finance help
I wake up with sore muscles and an achy feeling, takes me about an hour to be able to move around?
i dont feel good...how long does the stomach flu last. ive had it 3 days and i want it to go away!?
I have another one for the ladies?
why has my trout been sour for 40 days?
Will I have an allergic reaction by touching a Silicate rock if I am allergic to aspirin (salicylate)?
Why Does my red nose pit get sick?
Am I allergic to dust?
I have this skin condition that causes my hands to breakout in tiny itchy bumps. I don't know what to call it?
how much is the punishment for selling weed?
A few questions about St Johns Wort. Please help me?
What is the treatment for clogged taste buds?
Can anyone give me information on these drugs?
How can I supplement iron?
OD on household pills?
I worked at a hospital & was told that anyone over age 60 had a health problem?
I want to gain 10lbs FAST, what remedies should i try?
Why is my room so dusty lately?
What are the natural remedies for excessive flatulence?
How can I treat my allergies in Memphis?
is there such a thing as stool hardener pills?
Please please help, I can't breathe out of my nose!?
What does it mean by" may refill up to 2 times"?
Hulda Clark Question?
What herbal (or other) natural remedies help someone who has cataracs? Provide links if possible. Ok?
Narcotics and digestion? (easy, 10 points!)?
Can I take natural vitamin e and lysine together?
Remedies for a sore throat?
Best cleanse for first timers?
I have a hangover. How can I fix it? ?
Taking Fiber Supplement?
Can i take melatonin while taking Amitripyline?
What natural remedy can I take for a sore throat?
What are herbal/organic/natural medicines or fruits that improve eyesight?
What is your favorite Lean Cuisine microwave dinner?
What does the weight watcher's points mean?
what kind of excersizes should i do if i just need to tone my body up (arms stomack, Legs) but dont's need to
how much does it cost to become a member of a gym in CT ?
how do you measure stride length?
just water?
what is a easy and convinient way to loose weight and how? pls guide?
I have a big bust D cup I weigh 135,5'3"I do lots of arm&chest press nothing wks could it be my eating habits?
does soy cause cancer or prevent it?
Whats a good recipe for a Yogurt Fruit Smoothie Health Drink?
what is the best home gym ie: band flex , total gum?
Is decaf coffee really good for you to drink?
When is the best time to exercise morning, afternoon, or evening?
how to loose weight without very strict dieting?
what is the most strenuous excercise?
does the snicker diet really work???
How bad is creatine for you? I am 17 yrs of age almost 18 and i am slightly overweight. I want to become buff?
is gastric by-pass the only solution for overweight ppl?
is p24 and elisa the same test? I had elisa one month after exposure, what are the chances % that it is valid?
What are the dangers of fisting?
Does deep tongue kiss cause AIDS?
Suturing Techniques?
pulled muscle in my lungs?
Is there anything that can be bought or made to waterproof a cast?
how long since you last broke a nail?
If your in good health, what would make one of your legs swell a little bit?
How do u rehabilitate a dislocated shoulder like Dwayne Wade the NBA Basketball player?
legal question?
My hamstring is is extremely tight and hurts horribly. Please help?
How does a physician diagnosis mild traumatic brain injury?
Have anyone had an operation that a bit of ur skin is cut off and the pain is killing u?
Anyone had a broken nose. and if so what is the best thing to do for it?
why is my ankle hurting when its not sprained?
What are the Nerve and Circulation check?
An odd feeling in my knee ligaments?
I sprained my ankled?!?
Broke 4th Metacarpal and Cut off my cast. Will I die?
How to become paralyzed?
What can I do to make a bruise less visible?
What can't I do with mono?
metronidazole - Antibiotic?
How big is the chance on getting TSS when ... ?
how can i get over this bad cold before Christmas?
Really bad flu and dehydration need advice?
can gaingrene in the stomach be cured?
How are viruses spread among people?
i pour mucus out of the left side of my mouth and leave lot of mucus?
How to heal a sore throat?
Help with Mono and what happens when your done with mono?
how do i know if my eyes are stressed?
Not sure what type of high-index lens to get...any suggestions?
Need help in locating data descibing predisposition to diabetes in Asian countries?
my dog wa teething on my eye glasses?
Eye Popping?
HELP! I need a science fair project over vision/eyes?
I had my Hypoglycemia blood test and ....?
Switching from Novolin to Humulin?
looking for model plans to address health needs of victims of disasters. i.e pre and post?
What is a normal blood sugar level for a 6 year old child?
Attention Indians (East): Need recipe for Karela Juice?
What is a mutiple personality disorder?
can some one tell me about hyperthyroidism... i have just found i have it...can it make you cough alot at nigh
Iwould like to get expert advice regarding Yoga exercises to alleviate chronic lumbar pain.?
I have two daughters legally blind and i feel so desesperate with my life what can i do to make it easier?
Do sickle cell kids have seizures and cysts on the brain?
If you are being tested for food poisoning - how long does it take for the tests to come back?
is there increased risk of myopia in anemic children?
What are the health implications of too much iron in the blood?
What triggers an epileptic fit/seizure?
Trigeminal Neuralgia?
is it possible for a tracheostomy patient to travel by plane? what are the risk involve?
To get a new nebulizer to have to go through insurance or do you just get them by perscription from your doc?
What do insomianics do at night when everyone is sleeping?
is schizophrenia curable?
Which is the saftest depression medicine to take? Lexpro or Paxil? and------?
My renter is using drugs. He is supposed to be helping me since I'm handcap but has quit and stays in his room
What is the best way to deal with stress?
I've heard anti-depressants can make you have no feelings?
What is the best treatment for the depressive stage of Bipolar Affective Disorder?
What do I need to do to get rid of stress?
How doe tekturna a blood pressure medication work against high blood pressure?
What role does Race and Gender play in CVD?
heart health and helps?
how do infants breathe mouth or nose?
Is it as easy for me to get strep throat without tonsils or aidnoids?
definition of physical hazards?
has anyone felt anxiety in your stomach, chest, arms and legs? I feel it. Is it normal?
What is the best way to treat cough that is a side effect of Cozaar?
how old do you need to be to be a cna in Oregon?
Looking for Medical ID Tags?
Water Blisters on Fingers?
My wife has breast cancer,ducko gram and clip now no surgeon. Please help what to do???
i need a website that opposes child vaccinations?
what are the effects of brain oxygenation?
How to get physicians to be open to outreach from "lay" persons regarding increasing lead testing for kids?
My hand STILL hurts! Why?
why do some people sweat easier than others even if they are not fat?
I'm quitting smoking. Any advice and ecouragement would be appreciated. Thanks Travis in Las Vegas.?
when did a cosmetology license become different from an esthetics license?
are breast enhancer pills safe to use??? Do they actually work??
Why do girls get picked on for THO? What about guys?
Minor Head Injury Dispute?
Swollen lymph node in neck from getting choked..?
Is this a bad sign?
I had a 2nd degree sunburn recently, and its gone now. Problem is, the horrid scar is still here.?
what should i do if my stitches fall out early?
How do you treat a quadricep injury?
what causes pain in the lower abdomen?
I am a "lefty". I have broken my left arm several times & had other injuries to my left arm or hand. Is this
How long does it take a metacarpal fracture to heal?
Weird ways to remove leeches?
What is wrong with my hand?
How can I convince the doctor to keep me out long enough for?
Jammed Finger?
How do you know if its a sprain?
Bruise problem help!?
My Contact Lenses??
How do eye drops like visine clear the redness from the eyes? How do they work ?
What's wrong with my eye?
One of my eyes has perfect vision while the other is nearsighted. What could this be?
Bells Palsy?
What's good for dry eyes?
Where can I buy a pair of flip-up glasses like "Dwayne Wayne" wore on "A Different World"?
How long does it take one to first get their eye contacts in?
I get this whitish yellowish stuff on my eyelashes?
What are prominent eyes?
Redness and some bumps under eyes?
should i get second opinion?
Im not sure if i have pink eye or a sty?
There's a patch of redness in my left eyes. What could be the problem?
How do i know if my eyes can be corrected to 20/20 ?
Eye test question!?
First day need help with my contacts?
Headache is a symptom. How can one tell its cause or how to treat it?
what is temporomandibular joint dysfunction?
Anyone with hypothyroid who has difficulty losing weight?
what is rhabdomyositis in children?
Can Vitamin B complex cause anxiety attacks or heart attack?
I have MS and am not doing the best. Does anyone do anything different other then the CRAB drugs???
is there a cure for lesion disease,and can you control it?
Does Sativex come in a Nasal Spray?
is the syndrom x is a genetic disease or other disease?
my daughter has small white bumps or a rash on her face.. and only on her face?
What is Lupus?
Are most people aware that the herb feverfew taken once daily can all but eliminate migraine headaches?
Why are my liver enzyme levels through the roof???
What are the symptoms of sarcoma?
epilepsy doctors?
grinded niacin mixed with h20 for skin?
What are the lifestyle risk factors for colon cancer?
Want to learn about Healing Stones?
if drinking cranberry juice prevents UTI, can i get the same benefit if i eat dried cranberries?
How long does NyQuil take to start working?
What is an easy way to quit nasal spray?
How safe is diazepam in this condition?
Nitram: mathmatical problem please X^2-y^2/(x-y)^2?
help any nature paths out there? or a doc maybe?
Dosage and Color of good mdma?
How to properly prepare for a 30 day water fast?
shrooms at a concert?
1 big tonsil HELP !!!!?
How come i always have to clear my throat?
fever that wont go away?
How to make a Bacteriophage virus model?
I haven't ate in 2 days because my sore throat is that bad! what to do?
Do i have mono. HELPPP PLEASE!!!!?
Coffee drinking before exercise good or bad?
How many grams of fat should someone eat a day?
What's a good exercise dvd that I can get in the UK?
does iceburg lettuce have much or any nutritional value?
what does the sports med ter "hops" meen?
why do finger nails split?
what should a nine year old girls weight be?
i need to losee 60 pounds in 5 mounths is that dangurous? and how can i do it? HELP HELP HELP summer bod!!!!!
What are the pros and cons of COLON HYRDROTHERAPY?
Weight loss/diet aids?
Is there a free website where you can get diet and workout tips?
How do you get rid of love handels??
I'm 100 lbs. overweight...what's the fastest way to lose weight without surgery?
How many miligrams of caffein contains a cup (250ml)of tea ?
where can i buy xenical pills in germany?
is 123lbs overweight for a 16 year old thats 5'6?
Can a person lose weight by not turning on the heater and letting him self get cold?
Is neurotin the proper medicine for me?
I'm afraid I have weakness waist.?
how would treat a person diagnosed having a PTB minimal?
Is it possible to delete information from your medical record in the UK?
Has anymore had results from the tanagra nanokeratinizing system?
What is the flow of blood from the pulmonary vein to the pulmonary artery by way of the rt. side of the brain?
Who or what are you saying goodbye to right now?
What is the meaning of dreaming with water?
How do you get over a severe depression?
What makes YOU special and unique?
Demonic Posession?
I was bitten by a snake in my dream ( nightmare ) last night and it hurts?
Who decides on the names given to medicines?
Where can I find Loreal Mattique foundation, preferably in Soft Ivory? Or something very similar?
Do you get stretch marks after losing weight?
Has anyone out there had Lasik Eye Surgery?
I took a bad fall on ice and twisted my leg...?
Ive had a scar for 10 years now, would skin creams like Mederma do anything for this that my body hasnt done?
My Buddy got fragged last week and the medic says.....?
Did i have an allergic reaction?
Do I have Sinus Infection?
My father was in a car accident and he's no longer able to abduct his fingers what causes that nerve damage?
what is the difference between a sprained muscle and a muscle that is tired from repetitive movement?
V-8 Fruit Juice Fusion Allergy?
Please help my mum get through this?
am i allergic to mosquito bites?
My forehead been hit with the stairs, it's bulging what should I do?
Could I have broken my jaw eating a tootsie roll?
toothpaste skin allergy?
how do i treat a torn hamstring?
can severe bruises lead to blood clots?
Why am I having weird body reactions?
What is this? Bite, Allergy, What?! Need help. ( 1O points! )?
What does pins and needles mean when you have a broken wrist with a cast.?
Red nose when its too hot and too cold?
My nose gets get help?
Best Ways to Stop Swelling In hand???
Am I having an allergic reaction to... Olive Oil? Please help and explain!?
What is for L-Montus. Is it for allergy, Sneezing, Cough? Will it Cures? or Just Blocks for the day we had?
How is an allergen different from other antigens?
How can you heal tendonitis?
Um....should I be able to do this?
ankel damage,have you torn the ligaments in your ankel ?how do you fix this?
Why is there a bruise near my eyebrow piercing?
Is it nerve damage?
My eye has something in it?
my ribs hurt really bad..?
my father, 90 years old, had a heart attack. We are meeting with the doctors. What are the best ?s to ask.?
Is it true that person having high cholestrol should not consume cashew nut?
What is the procedure for administering a heart catherization?
Does anyone else have a left ventricle stenosis?
how do they arrive at the cholestoral figure?
How frequently does Left heart failure progress to biventricular failure?
swollen heart?
would two 2mm vessels carry more, less, or the same amount of fluids?
Lopid or CoQ10?
Is air pollution making our society inept?
can snakes make you sick without biting you?
Can Lamotrigine, (also known as Lamictol) cause renal failure or chronic kidney disease over time?
Have you seen any older people hurt at their home due to poor home safety?
what is the disease "italacstasis"?
What causes both presence of megalocytes and pancytopenia at the same time?
My images on my site are not showing up in the image search, like they are blocked out?
why is there an increase in consumer demand for health care services?
What is the stuff they are putting in herion now that are killing people.?
disability benefit?
what are the important of scarvenger to health?
is it possible for a 16 year old guy to have AIDS?
Is it safe to take one 0.25 mg xanax 1 1/2 hrs after taking two 81 mg aspirin?
where can I find video footage of muscles and bones moving in ergonomics?
I cant seem to find any simple information on having blocked kidneys ?
medically provenn?
what deos chronic inflamation spinal desease mean?
Why does it take so long to get a prescription filled at the pharmacy?
so I have this really bad cough does anyone have any tips in getting rid of it?
where can i find current information as regards to Pharmaceutical drugs that are on the approval list of FDA?
Should people be made to wait so long for a kidney transplant when they have dialysis twice a day?
I just noticed a hard knot, pea size, on the Left side of my 14 month olds neck. What could it be?
There is an Indian remedy for earaches involving a Candle. What is this called and how to do it?
What are the beginning stages of facial lipostrophy for people on HIV meds?
Have heard of worms crawling out from under fingernails?
what percent of diseases are caused by worry?
Can some gas pains feel like you are having a heart attack?
what are light spots on your legs if u have dark skin?
Why do my fingers shrivel when im in the pool???
Due to the rising increase of illegal aliens with TB should I get myself vaccinated against it?
When do you think there will be a *CURE* for HIV/AIDS.?
Whats happening to my lips?
Are massage pads good for people that are building muscle?
Question about weed.?
What is ashwaganda powder used for?
are you a medical marijuana user?
how do you effectively meditate?
Is some antidepressant's safe to take?
what medications alter the effectiveness of birth control pills?
Is Panadol dangerous for health?
What do you think I have?
How should i start my dosage of universal ripped fast?
Is it good to take Zolfresh 5 mg?
how can i improve my memory skills?
I am a 20 year old female and my body hair has gone darker,any idea why?
Does clindamycin cure strep throat?
Is it possible to have MRSA in Throat?
Help please questions about strep?
So i have the common cold how do i get rid of it fast!?
Teen with a foley catheter?
Ascencia Breeze Test Strips?
do all chihuahuas have diabetes? if not how common is it for them to have it? do they need insulin?
low creatine clearance in urine test?
Where is a persons pancreas located? Probably misspelled the organ name.?
is it possible that if your tummy is beating like a heart you are pregnant?
is humibid L.A. and Entex the same?
What steps do you have to take to become a successful peidatrician? and not the ones that do surgery!!?
what is methylphenidate hydrochloride?
statistics on students who don't get enough vitamins?
how to prepare essential oil?
Has anyone used Alfalfa Extract? What did you think?
how long will it take for my tendons in my finger to re-grow?
I just finished playing leap frog with a unicorn and now I am severely injured...What should I do?
What is the best way to overcome something that happens to you?
can having a bowel of All bran cause diarea. I hade a bowl of All Bran this morning with warm milk?
Treatment for 'Policemans' heal?
Any doctors in the house? Opinions?
Crutches for hip flexor injury/?
how long does a torn tendon in the elbow take to heal?
Hematoma where I had stiches removed on my forehead. Any recommended treatments or suggestions?
advice needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can you heal a open wound on the back of your leg?
What are the symptoms of a blown eardrum?
Numb thumb?
ankle got hurt 5 years ago and it wont go down?always swollen?
I fell off a horse today - I am in SO much pain - the ER said it is muscle only, is it a strain?
Is cracking bones harmful?
HELP...so freaked out!?
how can i loose 10 lbs in just a few days?
has anyone tried a product called ECAFuel?
itry &excersize evryday.but when ido you cant tell ivedone ne thing.how cani make it look like ive worked out?
Losing Weight!!!?
What foods enhance the blood thinner Coumadin?
What is the Glycemic Index?
what is dietary requirements of carbohydrates?
Do people still attach a stigma to people who use methadone for pain control? if so, why do you think that is?
Hi guys. I suffer with muscle cramp in my legs. Is there any suggestions or relief from this pain? Help.?
A lot of tension in my forehead?
I have arthritis in both of my hips, the right one is the worse. My doctor put me on 200 mg of celebrex once a
can you give me more info on ADHD?
How do they test for Parkinson's?
Has anyone heard of Blepharitis?
What could be causing my scalp to hurt?
Is there a weight loss program for someone with hypothyroidism?
what are some remedies for intestinal parasites?
Anyone else here have G6PD?
i get tired very soon. do you think i could be aneamic?
what is neuro cystrosis?
Have you ever heard of TPP? Is this some kind of blood disease? What causes this to happen?
Has anyone had good results with drinking cherry juice to elimate Gout?
drinking w/Crohn's Disease?
What causes bursa sack pain in the shoulder?
has anyone heard of a cure for Crohn's disease by a diet. the SC diet?
My grandchild is a twin and she sets and opens and closes her hands like she is excited she is 10 months old.?
anyone know how to get out fluid from your lungs? and does Mucinex DM work as well as the ads say it does?
If somone is put under a medical induced coma with ativan and they are not an alcoholic can it hurt them?
need help. i didnt encounter nose bleeding but theres a blood clot from within?
Pupils and light?
Converting Contact presciptions to 20/20 scale?
Is $400 for 4 boxes of Day&Night contacts and $145 for exam fee overpriced?
Are my contacts all sleeping?
Are there any blind people on this website?
What does eye drop really do?
What causes a stye in the eye?
How do you cure an Eye sighting?
Spots when I close my eyes?
Is it bad to use contact lens eye drops while not wearing lenses?
Why do you see atari games when you push on your eyes?
How do computer workers cope with watching the monitor for hours?
Eye Enlargment Surgery??
depression for not receiving sunlight?? any solutions?
does anyone on here have panic attacks and how do you deal with them?
is prozac an MAOI?
Why is a nervous breakdown refered to as such? You know the nervous part of it.?
Has anyone talked to a dead person they knew in a dream? Anyone had a dream that came true in reality?
Have you tried EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. If so, did it work for you? Ed.?
Does anyone have any idea how long people are usually on Prozac for?
i need all the info on anoxic brain injury i can get, if anyone knows about it please reply, my husband receiv
What kind of treatment would a schizophrenic in Russia receive?
how do i get rid of the hiccups?
How can I lighten my hair naturally?
My pee hole feels wierd, around where the shaft and the head meet. what could it be?
how does mumps and STD cause infertility in men?
como les digo amis papás?
STD question................?
any one have carpal tunnel surgery?
What is the best med for ADD 45 years old female?
I am looking for a product called cactus juice.I can't find the web site can you help?
How much does the average "healthy" person drink?
What do you do?
How does a heart still beat when it is donated/transplanted?
my life as being going down hill i need a very good joke?
what is the socio economic implication of childabuse and neglect on health.?
acne disappear ? can it?
What does it mean if you itch a lot?
Which acne treatment would be best for me?
Should I use vaseline for my dry acne prone skin?
how can you get rid of stretch marks?
Help with a mild acne solution?
how to keep acne away grrrrrrr?
What should I do about this spider bite?
What is this on my back...?
Help me please!! I have back acne and chest acne?
Arm acne. How do I get it to go away?!?
What can i do with epsom salt?
I have a wart on my lip, how can i get it off really fast?
im a guy and i would like to know how i could get rid of my stretch marks on my shoulders?
Why are my legs so itchy?
Bump under my skin around my bikini line?
Iliac Bypass - Recovery time?
I am 33 years old and suffered a ruptured disc in my cervical spine. I am better but not well. Suggestions?
what treatment should I use for a sprained achilles tendon?
Why do the muscles below my calf become very tight when I run.I stretch before I run.I have plantar problems.?
Injured knee,how can I best self diagnose what is going on ? please see details?
What kind of therapy can I do myself to heal torn tendons in my ankle (6 months old injury)?
I'm having neck pain.....why?
i just got hit in the eye with a baseball?
have u ever cracked your neck and it was really stiff afterwards?
I've twisted my knee; should I start running again?
Peroxide Is Dangerous?
Does anybody ever had shoulder surgery at your right hand side?
are there any vitamins or minerals one can take to heal a hamstring pull (Im already stretching alot)?
can any one help me?
Poping jaw?
I think I sprained my toe, should I go to the doctor , or could they do anything for it?
what can i do 2 heal my sprained leg?
I can lock my shoulder whats wrong with it.?
Do doctors make you take shots?
What is the best thing for oxy/roxy withdrawls?
I have a question about sleeping pills?
will pot show up in a blood test?
I have questions about adderall or adderall offbrand type medcine?
If i take ecstasy several times..?
I forgot to eat something before taking an anti biotic syrup containing codiene?
is there any way i can get THC out of my system by today?
i have a quick questions about suppositories?
what is the maximum dosage of omega 3 you should take?
Roor Glass bong, slider and bowl?
i have recently stopped taking my anti depressant and feel dizzy?
Anyone know a good psychiatrist in north York area?
birth control- week on white pills, Jolessa.. read more?
staphylococcus aureus - skin infection?
How elevated ALT levels?
how do you know if you house has carbon monoxide poisoning?
i just recoverd from the cold how can i prevent this agian?
how to get rid of a cold...FAST!?
What do my symptoms indicate?
so sick and tired of being ill with Giadiasis. Why me?
What could have bitten me?
sore throat flue symptoms seems not go away?
have you tried the nicorette gum to quit smoking? if so... did it work for you?
Why can't i find a lover that won't drive me crazy?
help me.got out of hopspital today after 1 week on solumedrol and prednisone.....can barely wak.feel 2 times.?
Does Hydroxy cut works?
what is tennis elbow and what can help the pain??
If you don't mind my asking, did you quit doing drugs? Why?
Is it proper to bare someone's chest before CPR?
name of international companies who distributing their disposible surgical items in pakistan?
Do you think doctors can be trusted?
White bumps on upper arm?
If your allergic to milk can it cause bloody stool?
Will a non surgical nose job work for me?
Could I be allergic to cats?
Is Head & Shoulders shampoo supposed to make your scalp tingle or am I allergic to it?
Do u think i am allergic to gum?
what can I eat if I have celiac disease?
Do i have sinus or any allergies?
chicken pox shot, allergic reaction?!?
guys i am extremely allergic to dust mites?
Am I lactose intolerant?
how did someone could gain allergic diseases? like seafood allergic?
eye appointment for contact lenses?
HELP eye problems?
Does doctors really know the true answers of migraines? What causes them? how to get rid of the very painful .
Am I suffering from Anxiety Neurosis?
is still malaria in india?
How can a condition or a disease be both acute and chronic?
Frequent headaches?
how to deal with asteoarthristis??
What is the name of the CA company that has the patents on the Z finger technique to change mutant genes?
trying to find out what is wrong with my 3 yr olds back. the lower part of her spine pops out like marbles.?
what is the contact number/landline of Dr. Manny Calayan?
What is the best way to stop using meth without rehab?
any diet or medicine natural or not for hypothyroidism?
treatment of hyperparathyroidism?
what causes multiple syrosis?
Medication for bilateral neuropathy, lower & upper extremeties pain relief.?
who knows what cystic fibrosis is?
This is not an emergency?
Diabetis?Any help for type 2 diabetis?
Simultaneously sick?
Is there a group of (over 25) Type I Diabetics online?
Has anyone tried the diabetes medicine called "byetta?"?
What does having a seizure look like? Seizure info?
How much insulin would kill a non-diabetic?
is red wine safe for a diabetic ?
Did anybody else hear that drinking milk with starches can reduce the surge of blood sugar?
role of vanadium in glucose metabolism?
i have chronic back pain,can i order pain meds from foreign pharms legally?where can i go if not?
What does it mean when a muscle feels very hot?
Help on Tylenol!?
is dizziness always accompanied by nape pain?
How to get blood out of underwear?
im asking can we get aids from cats?
How to lower co2 bicarb in blood if too high above 29?
Is asthma supposed to hurt?
Can someone tell me about transplant procedures?
is it safe to go in a house and clean after a fire????
Ways to clear mucus out of nose and chest?
Does anybody out there have sarcoidosis?
what are stymoth of chichen pox?
as a Qualified nurse, how do i work and live in the scotland?
feeling dizzy... can u help?
How do you know when the pain killers are kicking in? Is it as easy as noticing I can type better now?
Tell me the most expensive soap in the world?Tell me the name of the factory ,where does it found & its cost?
where has my rash come from?
YOUR 6 pack abs? What is YOUR story? No advice, just your story to inspire everyone.?
What are some tips for teenagers for getting fit fast ?
Is there a web site which lists the average cost for a medical test/procedure here in America?
Has anyone tried Cortislim?
Eating...Before or after workout?
How many Weight Watcher Points can I have in a day?
If albacore has mercury, why isn't it mentioned in the FDA label on cans?
what product out there is the best to lose weight?
How much time should one sleep in a day?
How can eating carbohydrates amke me fat if they don't contain fat? How does the body store carb's?
what kind of abs excercises,would be good for lower abs/obliques?
I was walking down the stairs, and I think I pulled something in my foot. The inside of my foot is swollen.?
how does it feel when a person got stabbed?
Do I need Tommy John/Tennis Elbow surgery?
help! my knee always hurts after sport or running!?
sprained ankle. is it safe to travel.?
Punching a car window - how bad would your injuries be?
what is the best treatment for slip disc (inferior disc protrusion) at L4/L5.?
Need help with My nose ring??
how do you get rid of bum acne?
Why can't I enjoy studying and I'm always worried abt exams and stuff?
effexor..anyone know anything bout it?
How do i reduce / control my anger ?
dear eneloc, i am queriying zyprexa as it seems to have too many side effects, the main one being weight gain?
How is one diagnosed as anorexic?
Why am I so dumb?
How to effectively deal with anger and rage?
medical advice chicken farm workers?
Karachi Pakistan where polution is too heigh most of us spend too much on doctor fee after thorat pain?
where to get oxycodone?
AM I ADDICTED? I would like someone's opinion on this?
ingredients in j max?
can lungs be cleaned by natural products?
What vitamin supplement should i take?
Drug Topics (Alcohol or Drugs) ?
One Pupil is much larger than the other.. need help?
What substances augment the effects of dxm without adding unwanted side effects?
Has anyone tried K2 Sky?
what are your general senses?
Effects of smoking damiana?
is drinking water to purge of toxins (thc) just as effective if the water is iced tea?
What are your personal/family health practices used in your home?
What is the best scale for weed?
is there anything i can take to speed the healing of nerve damage to fingers?
Is there any cure for excessive sweating during sports?
i just shaved my legs and now its realy sore and has red spots all over my legs. Why ?
why do stretch marks appear and how to get rid of them? how long will it take?
Can black people get sunburnt?
I think I have mono(the infection)?
Could being out in the cold make you sick?
Can I take an airborne tablet?
G-tube recovery in the Elderly?
What can I do for the staph infection on my foot?
How do you know if you are starting to get food poisoning?
Anyone have Epi-Lasek and what do you think?
Why do I have strep throat all the time?
cephalexin side effects?
entrinisic heart rate study. i was given atrophene and another?
Why can endocarditis cause a heart murmur?
Has anyone tried Commit lozenges to quit smoking? Did they work?
what can i do to prevent aging?
Why do we crack our backs?
which contacts are better for health purposes(not necessessarily comfort):gas permeable or soft contact lenses
Is there a cure for tourettes syndrome?
Can stress contribute to high blood pressure?
When I lay down my right thigh feels like it falls asleep. It feels numb. What does that mean?
what is a coffie enama?
hypothetical; my wife gets transfered from one hospital to another, i ask the dr. in the 1st hospital?
whats is an anti-allergy matress cover?
How can I send my all reports for get solution of illness.?
dementia is one, our doctor mentioned a disease, I though he said Picks or Hix disease, i cant find. any idea
Should i be worried that i'm so much into daydreamin coz heard that daydreaming may cause Alzheimer's disease
what does a 6/9 eyesight mean?
Is hyperthyroidism deadly? is it cureable?
What made the kids, teachers, and medical professionals so sick Jan. 31 or Feb. 7, 1997 at Jasper, Arkansas?
Where can I find oesophageal surgeons or consultants in London?
What are some autoimmune diseases?
symtoms of parkingson disease?
anyone ever hear of exotropia of the eye?
what are symptoms for arthritis?
What is cerebrocostomandibular?
Has anyone quite Coke w/o rehap or involvment from others.?
what bilirubin makes in the human body?
Why is my son aged 8 sweat at night?
differntial diagnosis?
subarachnoid haemorrhage?
medical term for swollen bowel resulting in dry diahereah?
tips for whe using a computer for a lot of time?
What level type hospital is the Emory Crawford Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia?
Cost of Surgery in the spinal canal in the lower back?
I have pain in my shoulder that I think is bursitis......?
How do I get rid of blisters on my leg?
curious healing?
What's the minimal amount of time a cast must stay on a broken wrist?
heat, sweat, dehydration, sees nothing but white. What happened?
what is the most recent treatment of cerebral odema caused by head injury.a boy needs to be saved.?
i'm on crutches and a leg brace on what can i do to prevent hurting it more?
Fingered the other day and now....?
Does having a fever blister mean you have the STD Herpes?
Can Cotrimoxazole cure gonorrhea?
Hiv Ag P24; HIV I & II IgG?
would suboxone test positive for opiates?
Any effective exercises to get rid of my neck pain?
Do chiropractors really help?
Can my doctor legally refuse to release my medication to me?
I have an oblong bright pink pill with an E with rounded edges on one side and a 30 on the other?
every night about 3am i wake from nightmare, sweating, pain in lower back. I take cardura for hypertension hel
does anyone know if migquin is a narcotic?
has anyone heard of having the strep viris in your blood stream that causes seizure like activity?
how I can complete my study in pharmacy doctorate if possible in USA or UK or in Australia and I prefer?
I have little tiny, slightly visible white bumps in the front of my upper lip on my mouth. What are these?
whats the difference between Hydrogenated oil & Hydrolized oil ?
If i have a cold, can I still sunbathe?
I don't drink a lot of alcohol,but why my liver is fatty?
Dark spot in my eye?
Don't yo hate being overtired?
Give me the importance of a COMFORT ROOM? why is it important to us?
Persistent runny nose after flu?
If you are already sick can you recatch what you have from someone else?
What natural herb, oil or remedy is good for arthritis?
how do I cure a boil?
Are there any doctors or people that know about liver diseases that can help me with something??
Could my husband have Parkinsons?
I have infection in my feet since 3 months ago?
what is the diferance between chronic inflamation of the cns and multiple sclorosis?
my daughter in law has numbness throughout her body and periodic loss of sight any ideas on what may be wrong?
what do they look for in a kidney biopsy?
what is an emotional breakdown in detail? does any1 have any sites about futher info?
Is there cure for Muscular Dystrophy.?
how can I cure a soar mouth?
how many people die from terminal diseases every second.?
Treatment of Chronic Hypernatremia?
Is having a high potassium level dangerous?
Do I have a big chance of getting sick by friday??!?
does kaiser permanente health insurance cover hair removal?
i cant tell if things really happeded or they are just a dream help!!?
can someone give me the number for sharps hospital in weston west virginia?
Is there any herbal drug, or tablets , to solve depression and idleness (lazyness also) ?
do antidepressants work? how do u feel on them? What feels differant?
Are you scared of death??
need to chat with other parents who have autistic child?
can resperidone drops be given with milk?
I have been married to a suspected adhd,bipolar, and obsessive compulsive. Am I wrong for wanting to help?
I have girl problems help?
Has anyone tried the aloecran juice?
ADD and adderall question ?
I'm getting over a virus. Is it a bad idea to go get a massage?
Beside St.wort's John is there any other way to naturally treat depression?
i need to know a natural and safe way to rebuild the cartilage in my knee and i don't care how long it takes?
Where to buy bacterial cultures?
Can I have these two medicines together?
I take 2 omega 3 pills aday; is that too much?
Is there different types of sleeping pills?
What does this prescription means?
how to quit smoking??
A Question About MDMA ?
I wanna do shrooms.? and i need some pointers.?
Any remedies for gallstones?im suffering an attack at this moment!?
human Anatomy or medical careers?
Acne help please?
Baking soda acne treatment?
HELP! Acne scars & products for sensative skin w/ acne?
What do you think the skin color would look like 160 years from now?
i have a ingrown toenail about a inch long in my toe it grew into it how do i help it from being sore & remove?
scars form zits have to be gone?
Which acne product works best?
I was just crying and throwing up and now theres all these red spots under my eyes?
how do i get rid of dandruff before tomorro ?!?
this is the 3rd time i ask this but i need a doctor to answer this?
can small children get rashes around there mouths and on entire body?
describe reasons why antiinfective drugs may be given in combination for certain infections.?
What do burns look like after a scab?
how to get rid of fungus under the toe nail.?
I have had hives for almost a week now.What do I do?!?
This girl I know always has sores on her skin. Like her back face and arms, what could this be?
does an artery carry oxygen rich or poor blood?
Is this a spider bite?
What are those little bumps on my face,blemishes or blackheads,and what can i use for it((easy 10 pts))?
How do I get rid of skin tags?
what causes cold sores?
Does anyone think that lysol can help end a cold faster?
Where does Dr. Harold D Thomas Jr now practice medicine? I think he lives in NC He may have retired.?
can gas get trapped in the middle of your back?
i was stretching and i hurt my leg (more details inside)?
where can i find things in pediatrician doctor?
Why do we always sqeeze out too much shaving cream?
Does anyone know anything about "NikoStop," those little plastic filter tips you put on cigarettes? Effective?
how long does a pain killer such as vicdin stay in the blood stream??
I am a slim guy (27 age, 5'10'' and 65s kgs). But I am gaining weight in my belly, which I want to lose. Help!
How badly should a torn meniscus cartilidge hurt???
how do i write or make a resume?
fell onto my tail bone...now what?
Has Anybody ever had a lump form on their bicep?
My eye is swollen shut should I be worried about permanent impaired vision?
i was jumpinng into a sinkhole filled with waterfrom this 60 ft ropeswing and now my ears are killing me? HELP
i had back surgery 1 mo. ago now my legs are swelling from knee down what is this??
Anyone ever a pinched nerve ?
Should I be nervous?
Is it ok to run if your shins are sore? When do you know you have shin splints?
why do i get pains on my left thigh just below my hip when i play either football or b ball?
How long does it take for your body to rid of cholesterol from the food you ate?
how do you like tofu?
do fat free means calory free?
Are water fasts bad for you?
Which is best Adkins diet or weight watchers?
job vacancy for physiotherapist in kolkata?
has any one heard of a fat burning drink called the hulk?
I need to shape up (lose weight) fast. Help needed!?
how can i loss weight without loosing motivation?
Has anyone had luck with the South Beach Diet?
is the sugar in fruit bad? some fruits are really sweet so they must have lots of sugar?
My husband is 6ft 1in tall and weighs 235 lbs he feels he is overweight.Is he?
do situps help get rid of fat?
Can I receive communion if I'm on the Atkins diet?
which execise is good for me to reduce my weight?
i dont know if i'm suffering from a hypertension..somebody help me pls..?
Heart burn with rapid heart bit?
I really want to hear from those with CHF, who took diuretics for edema.?
how long does it take to recver fm heart bypass surgery?
can someone tell me the procedure is for a arterial blood test (ABG) and if so how does this test different?
Blood Clots in Humans?
Noninvasive, non-interventionalist Cardiology.?
Arterial Blood Gas?
Inverted T Wave at V3?
from where i will get detailed information of E.C.G. changes in L.V.F.?
Which Heart Scan is better, CT scanner or ultra scan?
How come medicine hasn't found a measurable scale for the effects of stress on the heart and rest of the body?
I have severe edema from congestive heart failure. someone please help advise.?
I have some questions regarding the thickness of a person's blood to prevent such things as strokes, etc.?
what types of bonds are in sugar?
side effects to diacetic medications Metformin 500MG Tablets and Glipizide10MG Tablets?
Some good diabetes-friendly recipes?
What are early signs of diatets and what do you do if you suspect you might be a diabetic?
who or what type of person does obesity effect?
I have type 2 diabtetes and I am constantly losing weight, is this normal?
can a provider of medicare use their medicare number for more then one practice?
Why am I drinking excess amounts of water?
I can't afford health insurance how can I get help from medicare?
ancient fasting techniques?
I don't have any sugar problem right now.?
How close are we to finding a cure for type one diabetes?
Is sweating and urinating alot a symptom of diabetes?
Can Lunesta cause an increase in blood sugar levels?
who is the best retina surgeon to close a hole in the macula?
What could cause sudden intolerance to caffeine and artificial sweeteners?
I think I have a bit of allergies but I don't really know what to.?
Burts bees allergy question?
Somethings wrong with my nose...?
Why do i always get a runny nose?
Can I take Claritin with my Xyzal prescription for better results?
Is there really something special about wheat grass?
Are there medicine to be taken for dust/dustmite allergy?
Why do I keep sneezing?
Telling a patient's loved ones he has AIDS?
what are some types of?
Do AIDS/HIV symptoms appear immediately after you are infected?
Is there a shot that can be administered to cure STDs like syphilis and chlamydia?
Are there colored contacts that can be worn 24/7?
Urgent--mixed contacts!!!?
if a person has strabismus can they wear contacts?
What are some websites where I can recieve a free trial pair of freshlook coloblends?
Neuro or optical ??
Does anyone know of a natural cure for cataracts ?
What makes your eyesight go bad?
where is a good place to purchase contacts online?
I think I have eye floaters!?
my 19yr olds eye test was re sph+2.50 cyl+1.25 ax 85 & le sph+1.75 cyl+1.25 ax 100, what does this mean?
How good are UK optometrists? (+ purpose of eye tests)?
Hi, I went to the doctors about a painful, red right eye which hurts a bit when in bright lights....(iritis)?
why does diarrhea hurt so much?
Are there some knee stretching excesses I could download and print.?
Unusual headache prob - Bright & warm sunlight on the side of my face (esp. the temple area) triggers headache
it hurts!!?
i have really bad pain in my left side i have Crohn's Disease?
does anyone know if colloidal silver is a good treatment for hidradentis supportiva?
I have a noticable scar on my face I would like to remove are there any scar removal products?
I have several fractures in my lower left leg along with some muscel damage.?
How do I get rid of a sore ankle and knee? Does stretching and icing them really work? What can I do for them?
i want to know if there is a hosptal in africa called crystal hospital?
what are the top ten causes of work related accidents?
Anyone heard of DXR9000 for back pain?
post-surgery exercises to strengthen knees?
time limit for personal injury suit (colonoscopy) in North Carolina?
Can you remove scars?
Has anyone had Arthrodesis or fusion surgery in the foot? If so, how was the experience and results?
how do you treat small electrical burns?
Good doctors in Phoenix, AZ? for orthopedics?
body temp 95.6 what am i sick with?
What does high levels of interferon mean?
Can a carrier of Spinal Meningitis give another person Strep in the bloodstream?
what does these symptoms mean?
Why does my nasal cavities sting so bad that it spreads to my eyes and left ear?
H.pylori mode of transmission...?
is there such thing as this illness?
Positive Hep C antibody test with good liver function test?
how does your diet change after you get a dental implant?
What are the dangers of drinking or using drugs while on antibiotics?
Why urine turns into yellowish color after taking multiple vitamins?
What does water, drowning in dreams signify?
My feet HURT?
My 10 year old son has sore ankles and is pigeon toed we are off to the podiatrist what will he recommend?
my body aches all over sometimes it hurts to walk. I hurt from my fingers to my toes.?
Do you think I'am a Health Freak???
What is being on ecstasy like?
How long would thc stay in ones blood & pee?
Can caffeine turn an indicia high into a sativa like high?
How quickly does a fleet enema make a child evacuate their bowels?
What can someone do if they have pancreatic cancer?
Took too many diet pills?
About opiates.. have a hard time peeing everytime i take em.?
can you drink alcohol if you are on canesten duo <the thrush medicine>?
are glucosamine and chondroitin safe?
will taking a glucose supplement increase my insulin?
Cure to a stuffy nose and a sore throat by friday?
is dihydrocodeine stronger than codeine?
Who makes eXhilarating fizz bath salts 500mg ?
Where can I get the published list of The Best Doctors in America 2005 (by Best Doctors, Inc.)?
tell me about the health and culture of mexico?
What Do You Do When Knots in Your Stomach Keep You up at Night?
How can I get rid of my heel spurs ?
Does distillers get rid of arsenic in drinking water?
has anyone ever used a colon cleansing product and what did you find that came out?
what is your favorite slang term for the act of smoking marijuana?
whats the term for someone addicted to plastic surgery ?
Is there any scientifically proved relation between anorexia/bulimia and bipolar disorder?
I have a bachelors degree in psychology and would like to find a job in Santa Barbara what jobs are available?
How can I overcome my fear of heights and flying?
Can losing a mother (as a result of death) at age 13 cause anxiety or personality disorders?
Do you think most overweight people get that way because of depression?
what causes hernia?
What impact does the Drug Industry have on our health?
I really need to lose 20 pounds in two weeks what can i do?
what is the best way to lose 20 poundes in a month ?
Has anyone had results with the Ab Lounge or the Bun & Thigh Roller? What did you do to achieve your success?
Is weight gain a Genetic thing?
What is the diet product that is called Rapid? Does it work to help with weight loss?
how much do you drink?
Any tips on tasty dairy free breakfasts?
Is BELLYDANCING an effective and fun workout for the abs and any tips(technique,dvd, websites)?
Why does your voice get deeper when you get musculuar?
lezzie drama regarding hpv disclosure?
Do I have Eczema Or Something Else?
My top eye lid hurts. what can it be?
itchy body please help
how can I get rid of acne in less then 1 week?
How can I get rid of this Zit?
How can I get rid of acne fast?
Extremely bad acne problem!!! HELP ME PLEASE?
I just started going tanning and I am itching reallllly bad I have fair skin and am slightly red..?
acne looking ? wtf? wat is going on?
Is it possible to have a false positive twice is HSV II ?
small lump in armpit?
Acne on smelly scalp?
How do u get rid of dandruff?
is there a treament for dandruff?
Will going to a dermatologist for my acne solve my problem?
White skin around my stiches?
Why can't I feel heat in the heels of my feet?
how to stop mosquito bites from itching?
I have these white marks on my body, on my chest area?
stomach anurism in aorta?
My Dr. is sending me to a cardiologist for a stress test. I understand there are different types. What r they?
what are some diseases of the cardiovascular system?
What is my health problem?
If you are MD or if you yourself suffer from CHF & severe edema-please REPLY?
I am on blood thinners and asprin, i have been having blood in my snot and drainage, why?
My question is, is it possible that my doctor and the allergy blood test are in mistake?
What allergy med has the least side effects?
Can Spiriva Cause This?
My lips are swollen and burn, help?