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web site for OTC prescription drugs when together. Reactions and when they should not be taken together.?
Is nerve gas absorbed through the skin or inhaled when it is udsed to kill?
how long does it take to start eating good after a colon resection?
Are neck rolls, or rolling your neck, unsafe?
if kidneys fail due to problems with an op and need dialisis can they subsequently repair themself given time?
What is the range of age for puberty of male and female?
being born with yellow jundus; does it effect the baby as it grows into adulthood?
I have a black line down my thumbnail and second toenail, what does this mean?
can raynauds syndrome cause trigeminal / facial neuralgia like symptons in the upper teeth on one side?
rWhere can a person ,non specialist, learn to interpet their MRI and C-scan imaging films.?
Migranes & Weather?
I caught the end of Mystery Dianosis today about RSD, I would like some more info?
How long does she have? Living with progressive multiple sclerosis?
does anyone know how to get a free online diagnosis?
what does the tick look like that carries Lyme disease??
Anyone with IBS?
Does anyone here experience petit mal seizures? (details)?
what can be done it ease the pain and discomfort of shin splints?
what else can mimic cystic-fibrosis like symptoms?
Can stress cause body to urinate glucose (in urine)?
what are diabetic socks?
What is going on ? I have petechia, low white blood count, low red blood count and am anemic.?
What is the difference between hunger and starvation?
Does anyone know anything about a disease called merci or mercy???
Is the a recipe book for people who cant eat wheat or sugar?
Low level TSH from blood draw for thyroid panel?
who is going to the diabetes expo in denver on february 10th?
When should you worry about ketones in your urine?
Sacrase and maltase deficiency. What should be avoided?
where can you give the byetta injection in your body without getting nausa in your stomach?
What the heck is this?
Please does anyone know of a med for diabetic neuropathy that actually works and gives some relief?
Does pickles cause the blood to become iron deficient?
Which one is better to take (1) vitamin C and vitamin E supplements in the same time, Or (2) vitamin C?
Has anyone heard of or used Pharmanex products?
Can you add anything to your humidifier?
How do you meditate?The more details and links you give the more likely youl be to get the 10 points.?
What is your natural remedy for a flu?
Has anyone done the master cleanse?
Is there an easy, SAFE home remedy to get my kid to go to sleep and stay asleep all night? I.E. aromatherapy?
does anyone believe in iridology?
Which non-online store carries a non-fragrance shampoo?
Mayo Clinic -cure for herpes virus mouth sores?
Is there an on-line school for Massage or Homeopathic Medicine?
what is a good (remedy)solution to get rid of kidney stones without surgery?
What is another name for fish oil?
How much does a naturopathic physician earn?
what are the benefits of spirulina???
Vinegar and Honey Drink??
What is Hydroco/apap used for generic for Lortab?
what are some health care products advertised, that do NOT work?
Has anyone ever heard of cinergy health insurance?
Does anyone have a "miracle" way to loose weight after havbing a baby?
What is the best way to get in shape?
What is the best way for an underweight female to gain weight without the burly muscles?
what is the easiest diet to lose 15 lbs. without depriving me of good food?
I have a headache and i dont know if it was caused by chocolate or because im tired?
what is ESR westergen higher?
*Please Read!!* Any tips on how to kick this illness/virus?? Thanks!?
What are the first signs of the Stomach Flu?
How long can a sinus infection last?
Staph infection: am I gonna die?
symptoms to watch for after tonsils removal on a 4 year old?
Please someone help- nosebleeds, headache and excessive watery eyes?
Can one get hypothermia without being exposed to cold?
What do lice look like?
What are 5 things public health organizations do to help prevent infectious diseases?
How do I know whether I need stitches or not?
Im 13 and I have a bump that hurts when i bend my wrist, its on the right side on my left hand. What is this?
full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon proximal to the greater tuberosity?
Does getting a nose job to take off that bump hurt?
Dropped foot exercises????
I have a question- A have just started taking rivotril(a relaxant) which is make in drousy?
well my knee makes some wierd sound.its so loud that someone by me can hear it . i am getting so scared.?
Should I play on the computer of anything with a sprained finger?
How do you put your contacts in your eyes?
Why do I see fractals when I rub my tired eyes?
I have a poking type feeling in the far corner of my eye,my eye is all red,it's really runny?
Problem with my eyes?!?
I need help?
I had crossed eyes. Why do I have trouble watching HD TV?
I have a full arm cast and I am wondering if anybody has a remedy for a stinky cast.?
how fade the color of a black eye?
my toe is???
Why is my ankle still black after i fratured it months ago skateboarding?
HELP Please!?
Eye problem?
How much can a optometrist with 5 practices make?
it is posible to have a hadache and to fell strange my eyes?
How much do contacts cost when you first get them?
vision keeps changing?
What exactly casues a person to become near-sighted? (and the science behind it)?
Can you suggest me good contact lenses?
Dull Eye Color?
laser surgery's?
Has anyone used Yamoa to treat bronchitis or asthma?
Can pool algae give you a lower respiratory infection?
Where's the cure for Asthma?
is there any long term effect of "Infant Respiratory Distress Syndrome"?
How can i leave smoking?
a little pain in the area of broken/healing bone?
Headache Relief?
About how many times a week do we get stomach aches?
Upper back pain?
is it tension headache im having?????
What is the cause of my leg pain?
does anyone know if carafate used for pain?
Sudden pain behind left ear with immediate on/off again pains?
Headache Right side of Skull?
Want to know if I have herpes or not?
Biology Projeect: AIDS?
Can an allergy to tomatoes manifest in diarrhea?
a ? for all nasacort nasal spray users!?
Coeliac Recipies Anyone?
Allergy to Anticoagulants?
I have hereditary food and inhalant allergies and I get sinus headaches very frequently…anyone else get them?
how to get rid of this faaast?
Allergic to Citrus?
how do you get rid of eczma.?
Really Dry Face!! HELP!?
My husband has red bumps on his chest and legs? It looks almost like some sort of rash. Went to the derm...?
What's eczema? and How do u get it? and Where does it come from?
I have sores all over my tongue and think it might be from the chapstick that I found on the bus, is it?
What is this skin condition?
i have this really bad zit and it wont go away?
Is there soming bad going on?
Stretch mark!! Help!!?
How do I get my 17 year old son to quit wanting to smoke pot?
What colour is peace?
am i ok if it takes a long time for me to know what some1's saying?
terrible acne on chest and back?
pls i need a remedy for my dandruff and itching scalp?
I tried Vaseline petroleum but my legs still so itchy and scaly what is the cure?
HELP!!! i jost got nair and i am freaking out!!!?
Unexplain Cuts on palms and finger. Help?
Something wrong with my hand?!?
How do I stop feeling guilty?
Can alcohol trigger an anxiety attack?
I'm curious about a dream I had when I was 9?
bad sunburn!!!!!!!?
How can i get rid of acne on my back and face?
Extreme Oily Skin! HELP?
Ex Smokers....How did you quit? What worked/didn't work for you?
My baby shakes her head violently when I try to give her my breast or pacifier. Why?
What is the big deal...???
Does shampoo the kill germs in our hair?
What are the different applications of statistics in health science?
i want to the know principle of biopulsar-reflexograph, anyone can share?
What are the exact legal implications of impersonating a physician in California?
Liver cleanse, have you done one?
hospitals close to Land O Lakes FL?
medicare d?
If you know you are going to get sick how do you stop it?
long complicated story question.?
does anybody know of a way to improve vision and lower a prescription for a nearsighted person ?
looking for Nestle Crunch Sugar Free Bar?
how can I improve my memory/concentration?
How can I boost my WBC I have WBC level at 4.5?
What's the clinical term for the inability of a person to move one of their eyes completely to left or right?
what is the normal protein level in spinal fluid?
Loss of appetite and vomiting. What do I have?
Where is Keratoplasty surgery done in India as I suffer from Keratoconus and i live in Harare Zimbabwe?
How affective is Adderall XR, 40 mg q a.m. in divided doses?
who is best doctor in inder puri,delhi?
I have always wondered what causes hiccups? While we are at it can you tell me any good remedies? Thanks.?
what are the correct injection sites for rebif?
Where can I get readymade PowerPoint presentations on Orthopedic topics?
How do I know if I'm developing Alzheimer's Desease?
Anyone know anything about Vitiligo?
why primacor is deleterious in IHSS,does mustard operation work?
What are the side effects of Pulmonary Senosis?
best position and time to check blood pressure?
HOw much is the risk, or chance...?
Enlarged left atrium?
What happens when you consume paper?
Will you help me?
Should I play with a sprained shoulder?
Urgently need help for my bum.?
Sign of a crack bone?
Knee Recovery...Please Help!?
Is swelling, severe pain and popping normal three weeks into a broken ankle with a cast?
What should I do for my sciatica pain?
Why is there a bump on my shin almost 2 months after I bruised it?
Lower Back Pain?
I fell down and brised my breast badly , I hurt worse now a week later?
Any suggestions for treatments for apthous ulcers (canker sores) or know any causes for them?
JOY stick broken during..........?
can anyone tell me what "respirine" is for, when given to a patient with multiple fractures, legs, wrist etc?
When you had your school or sports physical,were you barefoot?
If costochondritis keeps you from working why isn't it considered a disability?
about 5 weeks ago i had a soar throat, then strong stomach pain and ............?
What's it called when something on your body hurts for no reason?
How do you fix bad dandruff?
If i have acne can I still model?
how can i get rid of bugs from my head...i try all the shampoo that i know..but still?
I just got these blister like things on my shoulder out of nowhere?
what acne products work?
blisters on feet. help!!!!?
about healing time for a wound?
I have a Scalp question?
what parasite is small, whitish-clear, and lives inside the body that comes out of your private areas?
Is there any type of pills you can use besides birthcontrol to help get rid of acne?
What causes acne more: Hormones or Bad Diet?
Skin Condition - plugged pores, skin bumps?
I have a very clogged pore on my shoulder and it has become extremely swollen. What should i do?
In the past six hours I have developed 30+ bites... at least they look and itch like bug bites. What are they?
Acne Problems......Help?
Can you go to school with ring worm?
Toe Nail Fungus....Gross I know.... :(?
is this a cold or flu?
A question about opportunistic infections?
my four year old is running a fever of102.0 and complaining of of her back of head hurting?
What are relaxation products to use for someone with a leg ulcer?
besides mono, what could this possibly be?
what immunization is next for my 12 month old baby?
What would happen if?
brown spots in eyes?
What some naturopathic remedies for detoxing off of methadone ? Is there any vitamins or supplements ?
My skin is breaking out really badly. I really feel like my hormones are out of wack...any suggestions.?
will using one of those triple colon cleanse hurt you in any way?
is it normal to a 16 year old girl experienced vertigo?
Can DMSO be used to ferry anything across your skin??
I am looking for people who have gone/graduated from Clayton College Of Natural Health, how was it?
Is it ok to take this combination of vitamins and herbs?
what does vitamin e do?
Homeopathic medicine for arthritis?
how to treat cough for 2 years old baby?
What is the best remedy for on and off cold?
Can i take vitamin C supplement with garlic cloves and how much vitamin C and garlic cloves can i take daily ?
will bleach or alcohol sterilize tweezers ?
Does meditation has any side effect?
I have blue eyes naturally but when i cry they turn like a bright green color.?
can wearing glasses for a long time give you bags under your eyes?
Maybe someone can help me this time...rare eye disease anyone?
how does tear glands work?
what is pneumononultramicroscopicsilicovulacanoconiosis?
Is it ok to use Allergen Refresh Tears eye drops, instead of Allergen Refresh Contacts eye drops for my eyes.?
Where can I find at least 20 years of stats related to childhood asthma hospitalization?
Anyone know a good Asthma & Allergy specialist in Savannah Georgia?
Could You Get Hiv From An Infected Person Sneezing In Your Eyes and plus he has dental ( oral problems )?
what weight loss drugs actually work?
I have body acne, how do I get rid of it?
how can i remove my scars on my legs?
Besides acne treatments, what is good to get rid of acne?
whats the best treatment for acne (facial)?
What are these little bumps on my skin?
Bald Patch on back of head?
What's the best way to remove a wart from experience?
what are these itchy red spots?
How can I manage my acne?
What do bumps and blisters on the lip mean?
Whats wrong with my skin? (Pictures)?
any first time tanning bed stories with some advice?
sore burn like blisters on tongue does anyone know what could cause this?
Whats a good prevention of acne?
Can anyone recomend a effective acne treatment that doesn't dry out skin?
How do I get rid of acne on my back?
Will taking Hair, Skin & Nails vitamins help my acne clear up?
How do i get rid of acne scars?
How to get rid of hickies?
i want an ekg findings in hemorrhage?
PKD anyone?
Why do our bones ache when we have the flu?
if we have a cure for aids and cancer and have nano technology, then how come we are letting people die!?
was ist fatigue?
Can you actually pass out for not sleeping for a couple days?
I was wondering if there is any "home remedy" for blackheads?
Have you taken the Prescribed drug LEXAPRO?
Can you be fragrance-sensitive to something natural like fresh flowers indoors? 10 Easy Points with evidence.?
Is it true that if you don't take a shower,you catch a cold?
How did people keep their nails short before nailclippers were invented?
Why do womens have brest but not the male.?
Is physical therapy that important !!!!!?
How Long Does It Take To Build Up A Calf Muscle?
I have Pains Under My Ankles?
Injury Please Help.?
What 2 do... what to do?!?! I don't want to go to the doctor but want it to heal!?! Is it serious?
Whats Wrong with my back?
Any one got advice about SI injections?
Ankle sprained?
how can u tell if u sprained ur ankle? cuz i cant move mi ankle one way and its liek throbbing?
Does anyone have any info on therapiesor medications that have worked on spinal cord injuries, in any country?
have yu ever had an "accident" with the shampoo bottle?
What would a broken wrist bone feel like if it werent a clean break but rather a hairline fracture?....?
can arm muscles swell???
Has anyone had a laceration of the hand? Does it heal quick?
what to do for a sprang wrist?
Can pinching the nose up and in ten minutes a day really remold it narrower ????
Any tips on catching blood?
if i had a sprained ankle would there be marks on it?
Knocked Knees - The opposite to Bull Leggit.?
LACERATION TO THE RIGHT LOB, can it be caused by a fall, not by child abuse?
Has anyone ever had turf toe? How long did it take to heal?
Do reductions in weight translate into cost reductions?
Are wrist blood pressure monitors accurate?
Which is safer, bottled water or tap water?
How long can you use a) contact lens or b) hair gel before they EXPIRE?
What are advanced nursing specialties?
daughter sick dont know what to do?
what is the mineral that causes serious cardiac changes?
surgical stockings aid circulation in the legs .what is used for and how does it support individual?
Any opinions on Gromko, William A MD - Gromko William A MD in Lacey, WA?
Sometimes i feel lightheadness my doc said anxinety.?
How do i know if i have depression? What do i do sine my mom wont get me help?
Boil under skin...killing me!!!!!!!!!!!?
are insurance company's that provide health care management really going to look past the bottom line?
What's the condition of not being able to grow up since childhood?
Do you know of a herbal remedy for eczema? And cradle cap?
Why do I get sick with one thing than catch another bug right after!?
Is it considered sick if you cough and have a runny nose?
If i was with my friend who had a cold thursday night and most of friday and today is sunday when will i be in?
Can you get a staph infection from crushing your finger?
I think my sister gave me an ear infection?
Irritation in throat?
How can a UTI be contracted?
Please help !! My boyfriend is sick with unknown illness?
What is Sinus and is it serious?
Is it normal to be able to visually see your groin and lymphnodes under your ear on your jaw line?
Do I have mono? 21, female, otherwise healthy individual...?
cold sore, herpes ):?
HPV Vaccination, your opinions?
question about std meds being prescribed?
Is the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) free in Canada?
im 34 year old male im taking toprolxl 25mg im having speeding heart rate?
Where can i go to be put on a heart transplant list? Or is going to a hospital the only way?
what causes non-specific ST-T wave abnormalities?
Heart and abnormalities?
Does claritin allergy pills thin blood like motrin..?
fluttering on left side and feeling hot right after what could this be nerves or heart problem?
this is concerning my last question I have arleady had an electrocardigram ekg and everything was fine.?
effects of fosamax plus d?
My 16y/o son is a heart patient.Any christian/inexpensive hospital in Bhubaneswar where I can get him checked?
Is high level of cholesterol related to family history?
Allergies towards nature?
Could i be allergic to neosporin I am putting on a cat scratch?
Can you take Sudafed with these meds i take?
Daily Allergy Fluctuations?
We have two dogs Rotti and Boxer, can i have allergy on Rotti , but none on Boxer?
is it bad to use saline spray when not necessary?
soaps good for acne prone skin?
whats the best acne removal company?
Short Survey for people who had stitches?
Help me Coldsore!!??
little itchy red bumps?
What is the best product for VERY dry skin?
Small Lump on Shoulders/Back of Neck?
How can I clear acne?
how to keep acne off of your face?
SUNBURN /: what to do?
How to get rid of red lips?
my skin is peeling what should i do ?
i sweat excessively in my underarms,so bad that my shirts r soiled,is there a remdy to this problem,?
really embarrassing question, but i need advice on how to stop this?
My lips are swollen and I don't know why??
Any body heard of... ?
my face and skin gets really hot and red after I take a hot shower, why is this? is it normal?
help with my sun burn!?
LASIK - Laser Eye Surgery?
How do you get a smudge off your gas permeable contact lenses?
contacts question!!!!!!?
Where can i get pale blue contacts?
Important VISION Question Improvement?
how much would laser eye surgery be?
Is the new contact lenses that have come out called Ortho-K,which shape the eyes at night are big risk to wear
What could make me see multiple clustered images of things?
Softmed, Contacts?
inner light sensitve layer of the eye?
laser eye surgery?...?
low vision driving. what happens when u bring dl 62 form back?
Is the "Marshall Protocol" a hoax?
are there any eye exercises one can practice to prevent the power from increasing for myopia?
Eye chart???????
what is emphysema?
Where can I find the best price for flovent?
To what extent does asthma impact ones ability to jog/run and what can be done to maximize performance?
Does looking at colors affect your vision?
pain in left hipp an swollen feet. looking for home remedys?
Are there any benifits to taking pure Niacin over the "Niacin Flush" or Niacinimide formulas?
i like to sipp on syzurp that purple drank will any but its hard to get how do i get it promethazine w/ codien
Is the Black Walnut & Wormwood Alcohol Free Extract from Nature's Answer good for parasites?
does anyone know a method to reduce water swelling in legs?
HELP ME! my cold!!?
whats ur idea about studing?
Can eyesight be corrected (near and farsightedness) without lasik surgery?
what do phsycologyist do?
Best place to get organice multivitamin online?
Is sne Kintop capsule approved by MOH singapore?
Is Eniva a good product?
what are the most effective natural smoking cessation aids?
does this work?
Is urine therapy against the nature? Does it actually help in general health?
what will happen if a reiki master is not doing reiki on herself for a day or two?
Nutritional Substitute for Orchex?
Do Osteopathic doctors make less money than medical doctors?
do you meditate? is it easy to learn?
is there an over the counter muscle relaxer?
what is cerebral myopathy and what are the symptoms?
What nerves in the human body normally regenerate?
I am retaining an abundance of water, I can press on my shins an have an inch deep pit.?
how long do kids live when they have autism?
At what age do you think drinking will kill you? My friends dad drinks non stop, and he has half a liver.?
i have bad pains on the right side of my back right under my rib cage all the time but mostly at night? any id
What is jacobson desease?
i need your help,does anybody have a disabling health condition known as R.S.D. if so please let me knowr.s.d.
why propanalol used in the treatment of diarrhea in hyperthyroidism ?
Does EDEMA has something to do with heart disease?
Does Pepto-bismal have any effect on the H-pylori stomach infection?
What is the medical name for visual disturbances during a migraine? It has a "toma" on the end of it.
My Knee Pops like when you Crack your Knuckles when I walk up the stairs? No Pain should I be concerned?
I have too much protein in urine (due to kidney failures) - do you know anything to help reduce protein?
Pulled Hamstring but not too bad?
What is the difference between twisting your ankle and spraining your ankle?
How long does it take to heal in the inside from a C-SECTION surgery?
pins and needles...for 3 days!?
Shoulder pain - tendon ?
Wrist Sprained!!I Can I swim with a sprained wrist? Do I need a brace? Can I use a wrist guard as a brace?
RUSTY BLADE>>any complications???!!?
why is my wrist hurting so bad? what do i need to do about it?
How come...........?
i had spinal fusion of my L-4 and L-5 a couple years back, its worsened since..what exercises should i do?
Can bones (e.g. ribs) be bent out of shape if they are under continuous pressure for a long time(months)?
how much $$ for 14 years of pain in suffering?
I have this cut in my mouth that hurts and hurts even more when i eat. What can I do to make the pain go away?
i slammed my nose on a can of beans...?
i want to know abt joint pain & Rheumatic Arthritis?
Are there any good sleeping pills besides Ambien?
what is pseudo gout?
spinal disease?
that would be the superbowl person?
I need a vocaulary list alphabetized of luekemia words?
Air flow through the respiratory system starting with the external nares?
Does your sweat smells depending of what you ate and drank the previous day or two??
how do i find an algorithm for sputum collection and induction?
mail me the cholesterol level chart please, at [email protected]?
there is a bump on back on the spine caused by a hit causing now numbess in arms and legs and neck cant sleep?
My 13 year old son has reoccuring sties on the underside of his eyelids.Does he need a vitamin A suppliment?
What is an Itchy rash that welts up when scratched?
My Bro Has Serious Hair Dandruff Issues?
Does anyone know what this is?
Help with athlete's foot!?
accutane ..'nose bleeds' !?
what is the best product to use for acne?
help about strange red spots?!?!??!?
Oily skin problems?
I might get frostbite, please help?
What could new moles mean?
Bumps on my legs...What are they from?
Do albino people really have red eyes?
recently, I have little bumps all over my arms. They were only upper, now they are all over.?
i am bothered by may oily skin. how can i cure or treat it?
is it bad to remove a wart myself?
How to get a suntan using tea?
Help with sunburn!!!!?
Can someone try to interpret this reoccuring dream I've been having?
son has AUTISM,and it is to hard for me to work. Iam a 50 year old widow.How can I get funding . REAL FUNDING?
Do you ever feel like you just wanna chop off your head and die????????????...?
How to speed elimination of benzolecgonine?
effexior - can anyone tell me how to quit taking it? When I quit for 3 days I am so much worse than ..?
Does anyone know or have any young adults with autism (high functioning)???
READ ME! is anyone who is on this site a CUTTER? AS IN SELF INJURY.......I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU.?
Help with absent mindedness?
what does the letters MD.FACS stand for?
DBSA Support Group in Alaska?
Has anyone ever had to have a fleet enema? Do they work? How fast? Are they used on the toilet?
What are the ingredients of "Dabs Solution" to irrigate wounds? How long is it effective after mixing?
what multivitamin consists?
Do they prescribe marijuana for insomnia?
i have this swallowing problem.?
my mum had lithotripsy yesterday and still no pain?
Question to People in MICHIGAN ( Detroit & Down River Area) ~ My Neighbor has Prescriptions that need be?
does phertermine hci show up in a drug tet as positive for amphetimines?or meth?
Which antihistamine works the best?
should health care professionals lie to the insurance company about a patient's progress?
Has anyone had problems after having PRK surgery? Do you think the surgery was worth it?
i have been exposed to asbestos. how much asbestos is enough to cause health problems?
Body acne?
Would it be weird for a 13 year old to moisturize?
Does anybody else lose eyelashes?
How do you get rid of blackheads? [on your chin]?
is it harmful to put krazy glue on your skin?
i having chicken pox.can i take a normal bath ?
Do i have early stages of parkisons disease or something else?
What do I do about a very sore throat after drinking?
How do i know if my dog has the mange?
what is the difference between diarrhea and cholera infection?
what can I get for a 3 year old cold and fever?
do i have the flu? please help ..?
Does mono cause you to be moody and depressed?
Adult Ear Infection-what if antibiotics are not working?
Can someone give me a site that has statistics on Yellow Fever mortality rates in the 18th century? (1700s)?
I'm turning 16 in february, and are 5'2. What could be the maximum weight for me?
Can you take diet pills while taking lexapro?
I am looking for the best running shoe for the money. Any suggestions?
Is it bad for your health to stay up as late as midnight?
How to increase height? Help me!?
How can I be taller?
Question for Nurses?
can anyone tell me the parts of the gonorrhea cell?
Should I Pop My Blister?
Can a std make your period not come on?
How do I cure a diabetics dry skin?
can i get med boarded out of the army for having "diabities".?
Is there at least $15,000 life insurance for diabetics?
diabetes type 1?
What steps can we take to provide four dialysis patients one home to do their treatments?
what are the bodies weak spots.?
starting a group?
Yes, I have a cast on my foot & my sock is wrinkled on the bottom my foot , how can I help that ?
Anyone know of any experienced Endocrinologist in the D.C. metro area?
i have all the pains and symptoms of having gallstones?
when a disc leaks out does that mean it is herniated or degenerated?
What kind of fracture is this?
I sprained my wrist....Help?!?
PAIN in my stomach?
Did I break Something?
I was mountain biking the other day and I fell?
why is my arm sore and how can i get rid of it?
Can I tape a broken finger with the splint on?
i have a busted shoulder, how much abuse can i give it?
What is the best remedy for trigger finger?
Is this a concussion?
Are there any finger protecters that prevent jammed fingers while playing basketball?
I've been feeling tired and numb in diefferent parts of my body, any comments on this...?
What are the main causes for failure of Kidney specially after heart operation? How can it be avoided?
does anyone knows what is enlarged cardiac silheoutte?
does pneumonia have a effect on the gallbladder?
How many forms of rhinovirus are out there?
Are there any mucus glands in the throat? If so, where are they?
need list of urologists University Hospitals Cleveland, Ohio?
Cold Sores any home remedies ??? please help as sooon as possible !!!!?
I itch like crazy all the time?
I have a rash next to my lip?
Mild Acne, please help me!?
Acne Question, important!!?
What is a good face wash that contains salicylic acid? I have dry skin with moderate acne.?
I have hives and i am 12 weeks pregnant. Can i take Benadryl?
Rash on the but???????
What are some ways to open pores?
I'm 15 and have stretch marks?
How do i get rid of oily skin?
how do i get rid of my stretch marks before summer!!!?
Eyelashs poking my eye! ( lashes grow on the corner of my eye)?
Is it possible for each eye to see colors differently?
for Ophthalmic (Eye's doctors)?
eye contacts..woah?
Who is the best group or person (in the usa)when it comes to cataract sugery and putting lens?
Which type of cataract surgery should I choose?
When you were prescribed glasses for the first time, did you start wearing them straight away?
Why does strabismus get worst over time?
Eye color in blacks?
blurry vision in on eye?
Optometrist - Did I get ripped off?
I have a bubble on my eye ball that appeared after 2 days of feeling car sick , even when I drive?
contact lenses help??!!?
chest pain?
i have Lupus and back problems im on some pretty strong pain medicine do you think its a good idea to stop??
Does anyone really know if Vitamin E really remove acne scars?
Do you know of a website that has pictures of chinese medicine herbs?
Does "cold laser" therapy actually help smokers quit?
have you ever heard of hydro colonics and would you do it??
Can anyone tell me about Enzymes and there effect on Autistic children?
can katakataka oil be an alternative for massage oils?
difference between homeopathic and naturopathic medicine?
what kind of supplements should i take for my liver?
my boy 10yr+4m grow slowly .How can over come problem .for imformation , there is no doctor in my country can?
What to do with patient have poor MI Inferior 25%EF, AND ALSO HAVE VECULAR lIPOMA INFERIOR POLE Limb node.?
Are any of the products from the International Oddities.com worth trying???
Who is regulating the FDA currently?
Do mood stones work?
I bought a pack of Stacker 2 Yello Hornet energy pills from a gas station and I without reading took 2?
this is just something random. why are horses used for therapeutically calming seasons?
www.neuro soft corp.com/support?
On Fox News Dr Rosenfield spoke about red wine and the effects, what was the herbal supplement?
How to increase the energy level of people 80 and over?
Paraplegic needs help!?
What benefits can be derived from taking a tbsp of flax seed every day?
Yoga is an example of which form of stretching???
is this possible?
Help me for my sweaty hands!?
They say girls like guys with scars. What about girls with scars? Do guys like them, or is it a turn-off?
what is this dot/freckle on my eye?(picture)?
What should I do about my fiance's bad acne?
HELP !! Piercing is swollen!?
why do i have open cuts on my arms?
What to do for rough, dry hands?
Weird rough patch on my left ankle?
how to get rid of a freckle?
Any natural remedies to get rid of eyebags/dark circles?
i have acnes on my back. recommend some natural remedy?
how do i get rid of a sty?
How can I get rid of my farmer tan?
out of curiousity.....?
what are some foods that can clear up acne?
I think I have rash and it is keep spreading help!?
how do i get rid of this zit OVERNIGHT!?
Proactive Solution?
Can we dry wheat grass and use?
I sneeze a lot in country towns but rarely sneeze in the city even though the city has more pollution?
How do I know if I have allergies or an eye infection?
Where do charlie horses come from?
i'm tired and at work - how do you wake yourself up in the office?
Allergic to hay but not hay fever, right? Please help!?
I am looking for an affordable or free health clinic. I am new to the area and have no insurance help please.?
I wear glasses with -5 diopt. I play hockey & basketball. Should I go for eye surgery? Who has experience?
Anyone know of a good affordable health insurance plan for a 32yr single male who visits the doctor often?
what is it called?
Who gets massages?
What's the best way to stop the beginnings of a fever blister from appearing?
Who else has had a sinus infection this past week?
what is pica, how do you treat it?
What causes dark rings under eyes when they are strained from reading or staring at the computer?
My skin burns so fast in the sun (in a short time). Whats wrong with me?
How long does E-Coli last,live on a hard dry surface?
Please help me with the Stomach Virus?
can i get glandular fever (mono) again?
在北京市哪是肺病治病的好医院。In beijing where is the best hospital for this kind of sickness.?
help!! son has high fever!?
Did I have a flu or a bad cold?
How many Apo-Doxy pills could kill you?
Viruses and Antibodies?
was i bitten by a brown recluse?
how long does a non enveloped virus last outside the body?
what std, or any illness in general, besides colitus is a powder substance curable for?
How do I make the best of physical therapy?
How do I deal with a hurt lip?
My dog's eye is getting very swollen it's bulging past its socket?
Pain in me leg and foot?
how do you get rid of shin splints?
Help me, I was at the denist...?
Uhhhhh! GROSS!!!!!?
Are you a sports medicine specialist?
Will my ear be ok?
How do I help keep my body healthy after my injury?
will she get better?
How can you remove of corns on your toes?
SILVER THERAPY,cure for Hiv/Aids or SCAM?
I think i have a pulled muscle, and I'm running the marathon help!?
swollen knee in the front and back uncomfortable to bend hurts the worst when not active?
Purple Bump?
How long does it take for an AC sprain to heal?
How is knee damage cased and can you keep working with it?
Should I see a doctor and go for a scan?
Cortizone injections?
What does the FACEP mean after MD?
why does my mother in law always try to compete with me?
If you breathe Tilex too much can you get amnesia?
Are sphere and power the samething when ordering contact lenses online?
VERTICAL Double Vision? SERIOUS answers, ONLY, please!?
contact lenses question!!!???
I currently wear Acuvue Oasys w/hydraclear, but my eyes still get red and dry! What about One a Day Moist?
natural touch baby blue?
I have dark brown almost black eyes. Are there any purple contacts out there that would work?
Where can you buy non-prescription colored contacts?
Is it safe to store soft contact lenses in a case that is meant for "rigid" (hard) lenses?
my optician took the distance scrip. from my progressives and applied it to single vision lenses appropriate?
Regarding LASIK surgery, is Custom Wavefront Lasik worth $800 more than Flying Spot Technology?
I am trying to get used to the C-PAP ....anyone have a suggestion?
I'm almost certain I have a deviated septum, but I'm only 13 so how do suppress it, if I can? Please help.
ent specialist - what x ray equipment do they use?
Can swallowing mucus really cause bronchitis?
HELP! Proactiv causing facial swelling?!!?
sunbeds! help didnt do anything?
I'm in late 40' often with head congestion,no help from medication any remedies out there please!!?
I can't figure out what this is? a wart maybe?
will accutane be hard to take in college?
How can I heal my cold sore?
I used clean & clear advantage acne wash and woke up to a red swollen face and little bumps. What should I do?
Best way to get rid of zits in 6 months!?
what is south beach diet?
What's the best way to get rid of acne?
I have these white bump appearing all of a sudden?
i got a bad sun burned can you help me plz?
Medicated acne treatment - who know's a good one?
i have these patches of dry skin on me, buth they aren't severe. what could it be?
Help with acne, please?
Need help with ringworms?
I have hemorrhoids and I don't know how to treat them?
Eczema problem on legs and hands?
Canker sores??
(sunburn related) will my skin stay spotted after peeling?
Anyone know how to REALLY get rid of acne?
Any guy like using vanilla extract as cologne?
What causes someone's eye to shake?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that paints your toenails?
how can someone grow to be tall?
Will my shoulder ever heal on its own? (minor weight lifting injury)?
Fell during a bad ice storm?
Where is your vagus nerve located?
what are the most common anti-inflammatories and there side effects?
How do you get fuid on the knee?
chronic pain in my shoulder?
would it hurt?
What can you do to help a pulled hamstring?
think i broke my finger?
How long does it take for a nerve to heal, when on Lyrica?
Swelling on my face - please read and advice do I have a broken face?
Back injury? Lower Back Pain?
Hey y'all..I started wearing contacts about a month ago..and i recently changed to my second month out of six.
If I had a non-surgical nose job and I hit the tip of it real hard, will it stay the same?
what is the appropriate healthcare management of adolescent following concussion?
please help...?
Why is my scalp so sensitive and bleeding?
How to get rid of a big scar?
acne troubles answer if you are a dermatoligist or you know about acne and skin?
i got a minor sunburn on my stomach, but now there are red itchy bumbs.. what is it?
I have an itchy rash that comes back once a month. What should I do?
how do you get moles removed?
is my piercing getting infected?
Which Acne Medication?
Can you get blisters in your mouth from eating to much acid fruit?
Which statement is more effective?
How to get rid of stretch marks without surgery or lasers?
How can i really get clear skin? and fast!?
How do i get rid of this bump?
How do I turn a burn into a tan?
are moles worth getting depressed about?
I have a red rash and hardness where I got my tetness booster shot is this normal?
Is this a side effect?
How to take care of a dry scalp?
needle exchange in east bay area?
How do you get tested for HIV?
HIV or Hepatitis trough cut?
How long does Syphilis live outside of the human body?
Gouty Authorities is there anything that really works or am I stuck with the pain for life.?
Which is stronger ms contins or oxy contins?
infection in the spine?
Aleve side effects??
MY LEFT CALF COTINUES TO HAVE CRAMPS,whats the best thing or reason for this?
TMJ See if you agree Please answer all 3?
Any Methadone users??
i broke my neck?
Spinal Arthritis?
My boyfriend has had watery eyes, nose and pain behind his left ear for 2 days. Suggestions for home remedies
My left shouder is in pain and bulging whenever I have heartburn, what shall i do?
Feeling hot even if the weather is cold 24 degrees and sometimes dizzy is it a cause of high blood pressure?
how many injections for low back pain management is too many in one year?Anyone had good experiences with them
I have real bad chest pains and burning, and i cant breath or catch my breath. What can be wrong with me??????
does anyone know how to get rid of a skin tag without seeing a dr?
How does one stop bitting the inside of their cheek?
how long dos vicodin stay in the system before i can be clean for a drug test?
Does exposure to cold weather cause sickness or is that an old wives tale?
When you get dressed, is there a routine you go through that never changes?
anyone know what causes inflammation of the sternohyoid muscle?
hepitis that isn't a b or c. what do you know about it?
Serious question. Why are "thin" people usually COLD and "big" people usally HOT?
is drinking water in standing position harmful ? You are not moving at all , just standing still.?
my blood group is AB+ and I am in a group of more than 300,we are only 2 people with such a group of blood?
how to cure poison ivy?
how old is gary null?
Why can't the U.S adopt a health care program like the ones in Canada & Great Britain?
what is diabetes? how to cure it?through ayurvedic system of medicine?
Will Advil work for an infection in the v*gina?
How much longer will this stomach bug last?
can you get a infection from oral?
Will be able to walk after all the Pus is drained out of my legs?
Cold - white mucus from nose but while coughing yellow mucus?
How do you get rid of a chalazion?
Is there anyway to get rid of Post Viral Fatigue?
i have a fever really bbad plz?
What do I have? (Medically, I'm sick)?
how long does stomach flu germs live on surfaces?
What can you tell me about ASPARAGAS other than the obvious ?
i'm a 49yr old female having extreme arthritic pain in right hip and?
Why do some medicine cause drowsyness?
how can you dry poison ivy up quick.so it dont spread?
less pain-migraine?
i'm looking for a clinic that does colonics in west suburbs of chicago?
i hav done my reikimasters course does any one know how to devlop quin yin position is there any easy exercise
anzemet and drug tests?
Has anyone had the weigh loss, stop smoking staples. They put a staple in your ear. It's acupuncure.?
Recommend best Vitamin 'E' form / capsule?
how could you erase a birthmark using a non hazardous chemicals?and can make and found in your kitchen?
How do you know what vitamins does what?
Do you feel you are an enlightened person?
Has anyone truly benefited from having accupucture?
Has anyone ever done rolfing for lower back pain? If so does it work?
what are some of the dangers of taking multisuplimental vitamins?
where can I find a plasma donation center in college station texas?
Does leaving prescription drugs in the sunlight affect them? Will it make them less effective?
What foods causes or can CANCEL gastrointestinal olfactory releases?
what causes pain in the knee when kneeling, and numbness?
How does deep fried food even in vegetable oils tend to increase cholestorol and is bad for heart.?
i have oily face, how to keep my face dry all the time?
symtoms:sneazing,runny nose,and stuffy nose. is it allergy season already??wat do i take for it 2 go away?
my left nostril is usually always clogged and swollen....?
please help! I've got some black area in my under arms due to infection-any cure?
how will i know?
Ive been experiencing allergies (or allergic symptons) for the past 2 weeks but I dont have seasonal allergies
allergy to ketchup??
health risk of methylene chloride?
Is there a cure for athlete's foot?
if a person is sufering hepatitis c but his lft remain normal for three years should he be worried pr not?
pain while urinating and passing stool?
What's more important the upper or lower number for blood pressure ?
If I live in Las Vegas, Where can I get a free heart exam?
Does SXC Health Solutions,Inc pay for gastric bypass surgy?
Congestive heart failure = heart failure?
Why do I have a dent in my leg?
anyone know of any drug stores i can still buy mass quantities of pseudoephedrine? i've have bad colds lately.
eye problems sometimes!!!!!!!!!?
What could be the injury, if my shoulder just randomly started hurting while I was benching a week back?
how do i lose my calves..??
How come lately when I'm benching I start to get a bad headache in the back of my head?
is erbs paulsey correctable?
Long Arm Cast Problems?
its about erbs paulsey?
how do you heal a broken nose??
Is my eye damaged?
Is it normal to have swelling two months after having a lateral release?
what is wrong with my foot?
I sprained my ankle a week ago, every time I try to step on it, It feels like my foot falls alseep?
I have got cervical disc prolapse at C3-C4. Is it fine to exercise to lose weight with this condition?
How can I get the redness out of my scar?
Terrible Static Shock?
I have a torn pcl and lcl, my acl is a cadavers. I need a knee expert to help me decide about surgery.?
Broken collar bone?
My grandmothers face is swelling... any help?
easy ways to break your finger?
Injured Leg.. not healing?
Just asking; if Aspergillosis is found in thousands of dead Mallard ducks in Idaho today why no worry?
why does people breathe???
what are the symtoms of pnemonia?
Is there such a thing as an over the counter inhaler?
Is there a way to test air in home for asbestos?
How does alza 36 work?
i am really deppresed because i am having real bad luck lately do anybody have any advice?
Excuse;s, Why do people make them?
What is high anxiety? Any solution besides going for treatment?
what are some effects of too much stress?>?
how can I help some one in depression ?who I live with.?
What is dyslexia? How is it caused?
i need to know the email address for dr.mark agresti, m.d p.a. so i can make a appointment?
i m not able to have a sound sleep at night.. wht should i do??
has anyone ever gotten off of Xanax & the horrible withdrawal symtoms.I try to lower dose but still feel need?
What is the highest grade level this "pyschiatrist" completed?
is kissing strippers dangerous?
yes. sorry another question on herpes?
What helps too keep your blood pressure down, and Sodium level?
Has anyone heard of a Sugar Crystal Web??? Supposedly caused by diabetes?
Fellow Type 2 Diabetics, hows life treating you?
I got my monthly AIDS, but not the other stuff I need... v_v ?
help with insullin pump suplies?
metolazone, fierisemide, glyburide, avandia, potasium, lipitor, ecotrin, procrit, will these medications inter
Pasta carb counts?
gastric bypass surgery for people with very low income and no insurance is their someone out that help peopleh
once you are diagnosed with diabetes, can you get rid of it / be cured?
any experts out there? i need to know if anyone on any glaucoma drops is having any side affects.?
Is it harder for a person with Diabetes to loose weight?
What possible reasons would someone have too much protein in their urine?
Can Dried Blood Under Fingernail Carry HIV or any STD?
is lap band surgery better than gastric bypass surgery. 44 - 5'8" 228 lbs. diabetic with all typicacl problems
Diabetis and kidneys?
Are there any diabetic fashion models?
Diabetes and Pregnancy?
Any way to get rid of sunburns?
Could your own bedsheets give you acne?
Acne trouble, please help?
i need to get rid of my cyst.?
I have terrible eczema and I'm only 11. What should I do?
Why do I have dark circles ?
i used nivea whitening cream for a few months n nothing happen.My armpit doesn't become whiter too.?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
Im 13 and have really bad acne..What can help it?
how to get rid of hickies?
How to get rid of a huge zit?
I have acne and Im only 14...I also have sensitive skin..What can i use?
Is there anything that can fix this dry scalp?
Help with acne scars?
how do you get rid of razor bumps?
Big itchy bumps spreading on shoulders and stomach?
how do you get lighter?
Industrial Piercing Bump?
Phakic IOL's?
What's causing my eyes to increase in numbers?
eye numbers?
Dry Macular Degeneration...any suggestions, meds, treatments?
does medicar a/b pay for new eyeglasses?
Is their any bad points to wearing contact lenses?
what causes this sticky film that sits under both your top and bottom eye lids?
my contacts r becoming blurry-ish?
when i go to a movie at a theatre it hurts my eyes,like they feel strained and i start to feel sick.?
remedies for stiff neck?
it hurts under my knee cap?
pressure on chest?
Why do narcotic pain relievers cause constipation?
Has anyone heard of narcotic pain medications actually aggravating the pain?
Is surgery the answer for carpal tunnel and does it work?
bone spurs (ouch)!?
ive been taking percocet 5/325s for about 3 months now for sholder related pain (labral tear) and sometimes i?
i would like to know thw milagram of this pill its oxycodone 512?
my mom has severe lower back pain....?
Chest Pain?
Whats wrong with me??? FLU?
Days after my Chicken pox shot is it supposed to be puffy and red?
HIV rashes are itchy?
What's wrong with my left ear?I think I have an infection?
Is this a disease or is it nothing?
I feel afraid in exam hall. What kind of fobia it is?
High fever question ? ? ? ? ?
White bump in the back of my throat?
Do i have MRSA? (Staph Infection)?
What Will Happen If you swallow Piece of shirt?
how should i style my hair for a party curly or straight?
what are some of marijuana's effects right when you're smoking it?
I have dry skin?
Is all soap Anti-bacterial?
Ladies, what's the best way to get soft feet?
Is Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery preformed in Jackson, Ms.?
why chane child's gene?
I may have slipped rib syndrome. Is there another way to diagnose this besides the "hooking manuever" test?
scanner machine?
has anyone got info about spinal strokes?
how do i know dat i hav a intestine worms/parasite inside my body,is there any symtoms if this worms r presen?
what is the best way to cure/or deal with panic attacks?
how many muscles are in a human body?
Why does my breathing settle down during my running after the quarter mile point?
what can be the effects from tanning?
where can I do a blood group test in london?
What is it that people are "cracking" when they crack their nuckels or neck?
cooking recipies or list of foods or a website 2 view for stroke victims on coumadin or warfin?
In terms of function, white blood cells are divided into what 2 groups?
why do i have pain on the top of my feet?
Can a person with a lower back injury (two spinal fusions) still sea kayak?
how do u do a back bend?
How do you stop canker-sores?
Help! Eyes are Blurry????
will cokeacoal hurt you?
Does Tricare prime insurance (military spouse) cover chiropractor visits?
ankle foot leg hurts boe or health problem?
Fluid draining?
Anyone know about Anhidrosis (also called hypohidrosis)???
Is it more deadly (or fatal) to be shot in the gut or chest?
my wrist...?
calf pain?
hi,ive wrenced my neck and shulder yesterday ,what can i do?
shoulder pain?
Has anyone ever been invloved in an auto accident in which your injuries included a broken pelvic ring ?
i got my tragus (the inner part of your ear) pierced thursday in Boston with a gun and its been killing me?
I am having Shoulder Problems Some one please help me?
which is bigger ulna or radius?
What supplement(s) should I take for my muscles?
Can someone with scoliosis & siatica get disablity?
I need to find a cancer lung surgeon in new york city?
How do i get rid of the blister on my thumb??
what cures are there for HIV/AIDS in Africa and/or what treatments are there?
I'm looking for an eye institute where Dr's donate there time for laser surgery in Michigan?
what do they put in cigaretts to make them burn faster?
At home remedies for Sinusitis?
what is flexion of the thigh?
Is it worth the time to make homemade soaps, lotions, bath salts etc? Is it really healthier?
What is Imipramine Tabs used to treat?
Have you ever taken Xanax as a recreational drug, along with alcohol?
Is there such a thing as a far infrared sauna made with natural materials?
Do the drugs they give you for surgery (tonsils and adenoids) make you expose secrets without noticing?
My Eye is Swollen!?
how can i help relieve the pain of fibromyalgia?
What is Chelation therapy? How would I find supportive MD of complimentary/alternative therapies?
What are the benefits of Petrissage massage?
Is this bad? (alcohol-related)?
Any solution to have a nice voice as singers do, please help!?
What are quick and effective home remedies for the common cold ?
Why are there so many unsafe medicines on the market these days?
Does Zicam really work?
does apple cider vineger help cure ibs?
Does Moodlift Complex work?
what is zinc-sufate for?
why am i told to take my 2 daily doses of isosorbide dinitrate no more than 7 hours apart?
Smoking and your Heart?
Should my 2-year old son need vsd closure?
how to manage pdal edema?
What causes a person to have an abnormal EKG specifically the span of the Q wave, is there any treatment, what
How is cardiovascular heart disease formed?
Do I have a serious problem?? What could it be??
What kind of exercises can i do while taking Coreg and Coumadin?
Do I have allergies?
how long does it take for allergy meds to start working?
Sneezing QUESTION?
i have nose allergies and my nostrils swell and i sneeze alot. what is the best medicine for my allergies?
Do they still make Dristan?
Celiac Disease - If my sister has it is it likely I do, too?
How long do you have to take allergy shots for?
possible bee sting?
It has been 10 days since I have been givin the antibiotic for gonorrhea, how do I know if I am okay?
How can I tell if I have a UTI?
Weird sleeping condition I've developed...?