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Why is a pulse usually taken at the neck or wrist?
terrible pain in ears because of tmj, any similar experience??
Raynauds help...?
While I have had laryngitis?
Soma, Vicadin, and measurements.?
what does a mechanical injury mean, in medical terms?
My ear drum ruptured, still painful 6 days later, vicoden perscription ran out...?
Broken? Or no?
Is tehre anything I can do to manage the pain of a subluxated rib until my Chiropractor re-opens tomorrow?
Is a Pilon Fracture the worst ankle injury?
scoliosis question?
I have mild pain in my shoulder.It only kicks up when I play a sport like baseball or baseketball.What's wrong
How painful can tendonitis be? That's my diagnosis but OUCH!!?
An old man once told me he could tell when its about to rain because his bones start to ache, hows this possib
what can i do to reduce muscle tone i have a spinal cord injury?
I am a waitress and i have a sprained wrist how long does it take to heal?
To all doctors and medical professionals:how long does it takes to...?
What's good for a broken nose?
How do I fix my skin????!?
How long does it take alchohol to work when getting rid of acne?
How can i get rid of these things!?
Will i get a sunburn in Mexico in December?
How big of a turn off is a guy having a lot of acne?
Why does my scalp itch?
how do you get rid of acne on your back?
Cold Soars Please Help !!!!!!?
Any hickey hiding remedies?
How do I get rid of the white stuff on my tounge?
I have this red and itchy rash on my skin. On my thigh. What do I do and what is it?!?
Types of Myopia?
Contact lenses?
Looking for the name of the manufacturer of a certain perscription sunglasses.?
Does lenscrafters offer or sell green contacts?
Since moving to Florida - eye problem?
How do sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful sun rays?
where can i get a cheap eye exam. area 91790?
How difficult would it be to wear contacts for those who have seasonal allergies and rub their eyes often?
If you get eyelash adhesive in your eye, what happens? Can it cause blindness or any damage?
can anyone please give me a list of suitable doft foods? gluten /dairy free?
if you ccould choose....?
where can I go to have my colon cleaned? no talking about colonoscopy.?
what kind of doctor should i go into if i wanna get a prescription for phentermine?
If your husband couldn't ejaculate after an hour or more of please you what would you do ?
I am a new LMP who just got hired by a chiropractor and i need to become a preferred provider. what do i do?
What controls all the systems in the body?
sore throat?
How do i get rid of smelly armpits?
What have you said lately?
What pill has a double sided green arrow on it?
something is wrong with my arm!!?
what causes a headege?
what comforting advice can i give my friend that is addicted to benzos..hes heard it all before...help?
What should you do when you bite your tongue so hard it bleeds?
Is there any way to eliminate stretch marks?
The picture is a picture of me. Am I pretty? Please don't be mean.?
What can you do to releive plugged up ears?
Drug Testing?
what prcent of teens use Quaaludes?
What is the quickiest way to get rid of a black and blue between your eyes and nose?
What exactly is an electrolyte, and how will it help keep me hydrated?
Is it time for a "Keep America Beautiful" contest?
is it true that black chocolate enhances skin beauty? any scientific explanation?
Homemade smoothie?
Does a lack of sleep make you gain weight?
If you carried extra weight around, would this help get you over the plateau?
Why do I not get fever blisters?
How long does stomach virus last for?
I want to do Process Valdation of Vaccine manufacturing process ... Plz guide........?
can Klebsiella bacteria live for a year outside the body?
Since cold and flu germs are easily spread by shaking hands, why not discontinue that custom?
can you get a mist vaccine instead of a shot vaccine to travel to another country?
what are the signs and symptoms of a staph infection?
Where is the common cold virus most likely to be found in the body?
what is the normal level of calcium in human body?
what are the limitations of MRi in diagnosing epilepsy (give reference)?
Where did these new viruses (bird flu, etc) come from?
why does an antihistamine help with vertigo?
Does anybody have mono?
what is astigmatism?
name the conditions that may cause a potassium deficit?
what is hypogammaglobinemia?
anything u can do to help with schleraderma???
neutrophilic asthma?
where can i find information on how to get a register respiratory therapist job in Europe?
Is there an easy way to get rid of walking pneumonia?
What can I take for a sore throat and a cough? I am 14 weeks pregnant.?
If a person donates blood, will he or she be notified if there was hiv present?
do i have herpes????
hypothetically, what are the chances of contracting a venereal disease?
Has there been any test to see if tetrasilver tetroxide cures AIDS patients?
How can I contact John Stagliano and/or his wife Trish Deveraux concerning a prooven cure for Aids?
has anyone had a rotor cuff surgery and 3 mths later had neck surgery?
soccer injury. Help?
Healing time for Stiches for deep wound below the knee.?
Triceps/elbows..growing or injured?
how do you treat pettella femoral pain syndrome?
what is a noraml blood pressure reading for a child?
what is a pulmonary module?
where can i find a free site that gives examples of meals for people who have very bad heart conditions ?
what does thick heart muscle mean?
why is heart valve catherization done?
On what date and year was the first successful heart transplant?
Today I visited the cardiologist for the 1st time after having high blood pressure readings for the last 3-6 m
Which aspect of the nervous system is involved with stroke?
I am taking the following supplements. Omega-3. 1200mg, Neurobion , Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E 250 I.U.?
What are the best nursing homes in or near Chapel Hill, NC for my very sick father-in-law?
What causes low cholesterol??
Does sugar raise pulse rate?
What are the ranges of blood pressure of children, adolescents, adults and elderly?
Dos diabetes correlation with stroke?
Can DeQuevains and other tendon issues be helped with Botox?
What soothes you?
What was the hardest decision you ever had to make and how did you make your choice?
anybody saw or have an ad from Target 2 wks ago? There's this "colon" or some internal cleanser in pill form.
What is a remedy to lower high blood pressure and cholesteral?
cure for dry coughs?
related to nursing,what does duty of care means?
what is hospital indicator approach and type of indicators?
Does putting lemon heal burned skin ?
when i shave my legs i get a horrible rash?
My skin gets easily irritated and very dry after bathing. What can I use to oil it?
Anybody have secrets for stretch marks?
I am looking for information on the Walter Mitty Syndrome. Some one who lives in a fantasy world.?
would washing the face with hot hot water be good or harmful for the skin?
what causes hemifacial spasm?
how long does it take for a scab to heal on your face?
How can i get rid of my sunburn!?
what body organ were 44,989 us citizen on a waiting list for by april 30 of 2000?
Has anyone used Proactive and if so, did you like it?
Very mild acne STILL won't go away?
How do I get rid of stretch marks on my legs?
I have eczema on my finger on my right hand. My mom told me to put calamine lotion on it.?
How do i get rid of my scars / discolorations?
Lumps under the skin on my back?
I have extremely sensitive skin. Can someone tell me if dove works? Thx?
is this a skin cancer?
Oily skin. Please help?
what causes someone to sweat under their arms all day despite bathing and putting deodorant on.?
What is best for acne, benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid?
what should i do i have a eczema?
Is there a medication to treat ADHD and works as a appetite suppressant?
Whats wrong with me i keep suffering with vertigo? What holistic therapies or remedies could i take?
why is a hands and feet massage better for someone with angina than a full body massage?
Xanax for muscle relaxation is being used every?
Supplements to take when juice fasting?
How does one find out where they are in 71/2 years malefic Saturn?
Is laser technology for d eyes is safe..??
Is it abnormal for a child 5yrs old to be taking "trazodone" as a sleep aid?
Is Focus ADDult from Native Remedies a good product if not,what is?
What's the difference between a humidifier and a vaporizer?
Has Goji Juice had any benefits for you?
does anyone know if the lemon/maple/cayenne detox tea works?
Does taking APO-PREDNISONE medicine affect the effectiveness of birth control pills?
Does St. John's Wort counter the effects of birth control pills?
are there any goji juice testimonials out there...i'm preparing to purchase some for my wifey and me?
where can i find information on generic drugs at Walmart?
What is a good brand of yogurt that has L. acidophilus?
For what anatomical reason do many women appear to be knock-kneed?
what is the meaning of gamma gp in a blood test?
can i buy anything at store for saliva drug test? Don't have time to order online - help!?
Anyone know any interesting facts about body proportions.?
Why wont my cuts Heal!?
Girls only!!! Do you like a guy that likes to look at your toenails?
Is salvia divinorum safe?
How do I create dreadlocks?
What is the most inexpensive health insurance? San Diego, CA?
i am trying to find a doc that accepts medi-cal in escondido california?
What is the best way to get fat. I'm allergic to skin. hmp!?
Do you think smoking weed really slows you down?
Why do most African Americans believe that they don't have to wear sunblock/sunscreen?
What kind of stretching, exercise and at home treatments work well for a possible pinched sciatic nerve?
what is the normal pulse rate for 5 year olds?
Can You Give Yourself An Allergy?
What are the sign of allergy?
Allergies that may cause a rash around the eye?
Putting in and taking out contacts?
Wearing Contacts While Oxy-Acetylene Welding?
Colored Contacts?
this is weird?
Can I still do Lasik?
How can i see better without contact lenses, glasses or squirting?
does working on a computer (typing) all day make my eye sight worse?
Compare Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses to other brands (school project)?
problem with vision/eyes during late afternoons and nights?
Optician Front Desk/Receptionist requirements??
Can being on your computer too much make your eye vision worst?
I've had a fungal rash on my waist for 4 months, why?
Is accutane worth it?!? I'm about two weeks away from going on it and I need some advice!?
What is a good acne treatment system?
What are some good deodorants for some pretty bad sweating problems?
Scab like rash on basically whole body...?
how to get rid of dry skin?
First real bloody nose ever, should i be worried?
is it good to get fresh air when you have strep throat?
How do you know if you have a flue or a cold?
Could My daughter have Pyloric Stentosis?
Cellulitis? Should I seek treatment now?
What do you do for a sore nose when you have a cold?
Does the Suzanne Somers diet work?
What can I take to get more energy?
what is a bust buster?
i need prices for cpt codes.?
hu haf skin rash such as .......?
If hiv spreads thru xchange of syringes by drug addicts sufferin wit aids,Y can't it spread thru dog's bite?
I believe I have a disease called Paget's Disease but I am only 24. Is that possible???
Is there an online test one can take to see if they have irlam syndrome?
Iliopsoas Bursitis: Treatment and Pain Management?
what is cotton fever? effects? and cause?
My daughter has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Are there any new medical procedures for wet macular degeneration?
dislocated patella..again? do i need surgery?
Is this pain from the hip?
my scar on my leg still hurts after 2 years!?
How to get sore legs from stop hurting?
i am 49, still get my periods & an anclosing spondillities patient. will i get osteoporosis in future?
Will our score be affected if we shop for the best rates in different banks when ready to buy a house?
How long are you CONTAGEOUS if you have bronchitis, a cold, or ear infection??
could i have lung cancer or some other lung desiease?
What kind of preventive measures can people use for global warming.?
Anyone know of a child with Neuroblastoma?
Is Bronchitis infectious after the fever stage?
Should I get myself checked out after last night?
soldiers accused of deliberately infecting others with STD.?
Back in March/April I went to the health department for an STD Test?
how accurate is a hiv test after 60 days?
How exactly do I know if the thing on my lip is herpes or not?
what is Sclera petichi?
? about wounds?
one retrospective study?
Is it Normal to have pain 24 hrs after a lumbar puncture?
whats the best way to beat the food cravings of quitting smoking?
Has anyone ever been on Tramadol for chronic pain?
feelins as if am going to bleed?
HIP PAIN please help me?
white pill reading Biocraft on one side 105-105 on the other?
Is it better to give or receive...?
What is the difference between Tylenol and Ibuprofen?
What are nerve pinches and where can you get them?
Pain Management?
Chest Cramps?
I have pinched nerve in neck where can i obtain some codeine. must delay needed surgery.chronic pain suffer?
why did i woke up dizzy this morning?
I need to ask you'll this question because I can't find an answer anywhere maybe you guys can help. Have
My skin hurts like it has been bruised all over after eating Chinese food, and sometimes wings, why?
nerve damage in feet after disc excision and fusion with bone graft?
if blood is drawn from me, i cant walk well ,due to severe pain in my hip, why would this be?
i have been having alot of reoccuring symptoms of something lately, i dont know what but im afraid to ask?
If you have been lied to and hurt for so many years how can you get over it ?
Will you tell me your secrets?
how to find peace?how to feel peace?
how long can you keep lever 2000?
give me 5 preventive measures that can keep the male and Female reprodutive system healthy?
wat does it mean to have do after a doctors name?
pharmancy tech?
Anyone ever break a toe?
How expensive is it to get an ECG done in the US?
Is there a difference in treating a pt with A-fib with Low EF vs. one with normal EF (EF=ejection fraction)?
how does blood pressure get caused by hot tubs?
I'm 83 with a 160 systolic and 65 diastolic blood pressure. Any significance as to the big difference?
How to get rid of a LARGE hematoma after Cardiac Catheterization?
Could this be peripheral nervous system damage?
I am a 22 year old with a pacemaker. I still am exercise intolerant.?
Are there any signs of lukiema?
My name is Felicia Sanchez and I'm from Sparta Illinois. I need to know about Gastric sleeve. I?
I m pecient of chronic calcific pancreatitis should i hav to take 2 opinion ?
Is LASER eye surgery practical for diabetics?
does anyone know if,zerprexa causes diabetes?
treatments for the following High collesterol, Diabetes, swollen Gall bladder, high blood pressure, pancreas?
How much does Byetta cost?
Diabetes and Vitamin D - Is there a person who has diabetes that also finds Vitamin D helps glucose control?
medical m.d.?
how do i know if im glucose intolerant?
Is numbness of the legs (while running) a symptom for diabetes?
Need info about Pediatric Diabetes...?
Diabetes questions?
Where in minnesota can i buy b-12 that is hydroxocobalamin injection type?
How do you get rid of blackheads?
How do I get rid of brown spots on my face?
Get rid of a hickey FAST?
How to get rid of scaly skin on my legs?
My palms won't stop itching!?
I have acne on my chin and cheeks, i have tried practiv, clearasil, md formulations?
how acceptable is it to wear halter tops when you have faded stretch marks on your arms?
what are good home products to use for acne scars?
Annoying very itchy rash? please help!?
wHAT should i do about my acne?
What can I do to stop sweating?
hemorrhoids or something else?
Help? My skin is peeling from sunburn!?
When will my acne subside?
are there any legal herbal alternatives to e or weed?
What is the procedure for getting approval for marketing a new herbal formulation (drug) in India?
¿If a doctor prescribes 3 pills....?
So what is this I hear about OJ and Vicks?
Are there any health professionals (chiropractors, massage therapists, etc.) that are interested in nutrition?
im trying to find a good herbal shop in the city, any one know of any?
do taking..efa's really help your health?
Have you heard anything bad about the sugar substitute stevia?
are there any ways to stop me from being as shy.. No advice plz ive tried it but i cant, i mean like remedies?
Does anyone know where I can find saw-palmetto soft gels, manufactured by Cayur?
What is the difference between the two types of stem cell research?
anybody ever heard of vitex(chasteberry)?
What is a natural remedy for UTI?
Holistic medicine for liver problems?
what tropical ointsments used for skin burned by boiled water?
best and quickest body detox for employment tests?
does anyone get a yeast or bacterial infection every month?
need help how to find job in greenville manor center in greenville texas? can u plz help me out?
Doctor question..?
Vitamins cant be absorb thru skin, can it?
Whenever I lean over my nose drips with tears. Why is this happening and how can I make it stop?
How much water is too much for the average person to drink? What complications are there if you "overdose"?
Are you satisfied with your lifestyle? or...are you desperate for change?
Health Insurance for Russians to fly out of Russia?
my mom has M.S. i need some input on what it is. and i need some support, its been about 2 years. it hurts.?
What is Kawasaki disease?
Is a lumbar spinal block the only way to diagnose RSD? Mine was negative, but I still have all the symptoms?
what causes light flashes and dark spots in vision?
Has anyone ever been diagnosed with celiac disease?
can cervical spinal stenosis cause numbness in the head?
possible inner ear trauma from a fall in a 75 yr old?
i broke my tib-fib 20 yrs ago and now im having sharp pains.?
who does the buechel pappas total ankle surgery in Texas?
Bump under Cartlidge??
I was sick last night can i drink tomorrow night ?
Reading Glasses For Computer?
Symptoms not adding up?
Can Iron Deficiency Anemia turn into sickle cell?
orange/red specs in eyes?
what can I take for the flu or cold that wouldn't give me a positive on my drug test?
Ear lobe infection help?
What's the best way to give someone pink eye?
Is swine flu fatal to someone who's had it more than once?
does elevated wbc's for 10 years mean you are bipolar or have a mental illness?
What is the best corection of acne scars ?
hi,what is the best medicene 4 a long term for blood prussure to my friend,he is 35 years old,160/95 alwayes?
Where Can I find a Hepatic Diet for a person with Liver Disease?
TMJ/TMD is ruining my life?
Need eye op (cataract) terrified beyond all normal fear. How can I get it done under general anaesthetic?
My girlfriend has PCOS and i want to help her lose weight. How?
how long do have to wait for your hair to regrow after you lost it because of medication?
BAD SUNBURN, what should I put on it?
Get rid of acne redness fast?
How do I speed up recovery from bacterial pnemonia?
name four condition that cause increased airway pressure ?
whats better proactive or murad acne treatment kit?
is my acne bad?? (pics)?
how do u stop very heavy oily skin?
I need help with my acne please!?
I recently tested pos. 4 THC. I do not smoke! Is there any OTC drugs i couldve taken 2 make the test positive?
I have a tiny white bump on the edge of my lip?
Thank you so much for those who answered my ? about light head and chest tightness with shortness of breath?
Why is my 2 1/2 year old always itchy?
How much concentration is removed from the work due to the pain in throat,i.e. sore throat?What are ot.......?
I popped a zit and now its just a red dot. its like dried blood under my skin. how do i get rid of it?
Dry Skin Problems?
why wont bandaids stay on me?
What does the dermotologist do?
Itchy tingly feeling at random times?
Can a dandruff shapoo be used on a person who does not have dandruff?
best back acne treatment?
Random bruises on my body?
new freckles on face?
Stretch Marks?
Wheres the most painful place that you have gotten a tattoo?
How do you know when you have found the perfect person?
I want to get back to exercise, and painting, but don't have any motivation,or passion, how can I get back?!
I am very introvert and the people whom I know well say I am really good natured.How can i become an extrovert
is humans can have eyes in different color?
do photographs lie about one's look?
what was the ex guitarist of limpbizkit wearing? mask or black lenses & where i can find something like that?
Do the health department come to your house if you have aids?
Can you get any STDs from kissing?
Yeast infection or Trich?
Need information on a pintch nerve? Should surgery be the only answer or continual theropy? research info.?
Do you know a natural remedy or preventative for allergies such as hay fever?
advantage insurance company?
The Q to the vitamins,I take one aday by viactiv,are they fillers?
what is the iliac bone?
lungs spot of herding in my lung and i get short of breath?
why do burps stink sometimes?
I constantly tap my fingers to music, on table tops, sofa arms, steering wheels, etc. this a phobia?
only for women:have you lifted a man? What sort of way did you lift him?
what exercises are best for preventing shin spints if im prone to getting them?
Does L.A. weight loss work.?
adult acne? _ what meds are there ?
acne issue??????? plz help!!!?
My roommate has lice!!! What do I need to do?
what are the best and quickest ways to cure a coldsore?
help please?
Is there a cure for pathological liars?
which nerve is involved with anosia?
cure for stammer?
I was just told that my haemoglobin is 15 which is high for women. what can i do to reduce it?
i just wanna ask you about my health...i have a sinus..how to prevent this?what should i do?
tell me about normal pressure hydrosyphalus or nph.?
what does tacky?
I have severe pain in my rt leg -on the outside of my calf. Is this serious?
what is lateral epicondilitis?
does parkinsons foundation have a pin to wear to represent support parkinsons?
What is bibliophobia?
What does it feel like when blood is pulling in the legs.?
I have 95% block in an artery near LAD. can it be removed only by medicine. I have been advised ptca.?
During atrial systole...?
I'm looking to continuing my education (Master& PhD.) in SPOTS SCINCE,?
What kind of stretches should i do to be able to do a toe touch and split in 3 months?
Calf Injury Rehabilitation?
what causes cramping in your feet legs and back?
Why do the muscles in my upper arms and shoulders ache with arthritis in my shoulders?
Has anyone ever had a central line or know anyone who has one?
Back surgery messed up?
swolen nerves on the back on my ears? how did it happen?
My right hand hurts all the time and....?
back pain?
pill identification?? bright pink with imprint of 93 on one side and 890 on the other.....?
How much should allergies affect eyelash follicles?
pains in hip?
pregnancy in spinal disease?
can bees sneeze?
I am having joint pain since yesterday.My whole body aches.?
is allergeconitis is one of the reason's why i sneeze more than the usual whenever i have colds?
Upper back pain?
does anyone know a way to make your arms not be so sore wen you have crutches??
Have you had Carpel tunnel surgery?
what is th ebest age for rhinoplasty and does it hurt?
Can I develope an allergy to alcohol following a pregnancy?
What is Asperger's Syndrome? How is it diagnosed?
fatty tumor?
how does aspirin affect the body?
Do you have IBS?
where can i get a seller for portable toilet in malaysia?
INGROWN Toe nail?
Why does my body go numb when stressed?
how can I get my RN licence back after not practicing since 2001?
If our knee caps were on the back of our legs what would chairs look like?
benefits of chick pea?
what are the different medical reasons that a tongue feels bumpy and swollen......are there glands?
does anyone have a natural remedy for psoriasis of the nape of the neck. lemon juice takes away the itch?
how to sanitize the ff:glassware,rubbergoods,bedpans,urinals?
do i have health coverage through my work company?
I had dark lips but my bottom lip is turning pink in the middle. What can i do to get it dark again?
Question about my stye?
Why is it that people catch our colds/flu but our pets don't?
i found out i have hiv positive?
does anyone get a flushed warm feeling in face after takin zoloft?
what causes a bandage over a wound to turn blue or green?
Sore throat, very deep voice?
could this be from a cold or is it something worse ?
Can I ignore this or should I go to a doctor?
whats the chance of getting swine flu?
my eyes are always tired?
Owwww, my eye....?
how do you sleep with your eyes open?
Can you see perfect after Lasik, or does it depend on your eyes?
Do the rods in your eyes have memory?
is this a good or bad idea? answer if youve worn colored contacts.?
Is it true that eating mint can act as a digestive tonic?
For people who wore Colored contacts?
I saw some commercial about 'eye training'? Is that true? Can you do eye 'exercises' to make your vision bttr?
Laser Eye Surgery?
EYE color contacts?
My eyes tear a lot what can I do?
How does hypnosis work?
Where Can i Get CHEAP Contacts Like Marilyn Manson???
Why does relora cause me to feel nauseous?
what are the better food to eat to improve poor vision?
what does lemon actually physically do for a sore throat that helps it?
medicinal herb-black elderberry-sambucus nigra trees for sale?
What kind of muscles move food through the digestive system?
Crystal deodorant?
Natural pain meds?
Any Reki Grand Master From Delhi or NCR?
Can I sell my homemade herbal remedies?
can you use earwax to treat a cold sore?
are you all stoned but are scared to admit it?
How is it possible to get prescription drugs over the Internet without a prescription?
is there an energy pill better than original stacker 2?
has anyone ever had a blood patch following a spinal tap headache lasting for 5 days? does it work?
My boyfriend has a hideous rash on his leg, what could it be?
I had a red knot pop up on my leg. Don't remeber being bit Now a red ring has formed around it. Sore. any id
Acne problem?
i have chicken pox scars n acne n acne scars on my face n my skin is oily how to get rid of these scars?
Can someone reccomend a good acne product for me?
This is pretty disgusting, but...?
My Toes Itch and Hurt What does this mean?
What can you do to stop snoring?
is it ok to cry?
Parents have BG type A+& B+ what is a child possible BG 7 Rh?
do men really influenced by the coloure and texture of bra?
has anyone heard of trigger fingers...?
What is good cream to heal scars on face ?
I have the most horrible acne on my cheek and forehead! what should i do to make them go away?
new scar on my face...what should i do?
Redness on cheeks, nose, under eyes? Treatment?
I've had bad Eczema all my life, I have yet to find that perfect cream or lotion...Can someone help me?
how can i get rid off a stye?
how can i get rid of my acne for good?
i was wondering scence i have a pale skintone if i got a tan or a fake tan would the scars on my legs go away?
How do I cure and lighten tanned skin?
A rash started on my arms and legs
face acne marks help
how do you get rid of puffiness under eyes?
arm pit problems!!! helpp =(?
when will accutane begin working?
school starts next week. do yu have any idea to clear my skin fast?
What is irritating my son's rash?
Getting rid of acne and acne scars?
What are the affects/healing properties of pito-pito tea?
Life question~ What would you do if you were in my shoes? Quit your job, follow your dreams...?
What is the purpose of tonsils?
what about this?
What is bronchial cystitis?
nissen fundoplication?
Pneumonia help?
boston medical group PE?
HSV-2 test results are negative but I know I'm positive and this UPSETS me!?
Is sore throat a symptom of HPV?
What is the fastest way to get results from working out besides starving myself?
What is the best low-impact aerobic video I can purchase?
What are the long-term effects of eating too much raw foods such as Sashimi/Sushi?
Is Chest Biopsy in Males has any side effects? if age is more than 65 years?
I have been diagnosed with mono what do I need to know about this virus?
what is the diagnosis for some one who craves and eats ice all the time?
does anyone have any experience with buprenorphine for opioid dependence?
What is Perry Romberg Disease?
has any of you or someone you know ever got sick from working at a wastewater plant?
My husband just had a growth removed. The Dr. said after exam. It was a Myoxoid. I can find nothing about it?
what is the disease known as siffulus and how does it affect u?
Can I get diabetes?
How do I know If I Have OCD?
I have so many problems that i'm filing for social security disability that i'm not sure how to compress them?
What is a NATURAL remedy for sore and aching joints?
Has anyone here beaten Polio?
Familiar Tremor?
Does anyone else have a pseudo tumor?
why do people use the drug Dmt?
i was exposed to a chemicals at work from this a cough started?
where can I get Manuka Honey with Bee venom?
does cerebral palsy, if mild, become nonexistent.... and will the nerves always be messed up?
Knee brusing without pain?
what tests would a physical therapist do to determine functional level of a patient with a patella fracture?
what does it mean when your nerve in a certain part of your body keeps jumping?
How long, after a good night rest, does it take to fully hydrate your body? Please explain. Thank you.?
I am having wrist surgery tomorrow....?
I Can't Hear Through My Right Ear.?
Sprained ankle?
knee injury?
Is it normal for your shoulder to always pop and when it does it feels as if it took a lot of pressure off?
Have you ever purposely broken your own finger or toe?
What Does It Mean When You Hear Air Blowing Out Of Your Ear?
Last night i only slept 45mins. My hands,feet,and face were cold. They felt num. What should i do?
After cutting and tear my feet and toes up I shoved them into really tight shoes is that good or bad?
how long does it take for a bruise to clear up?
I took my cast off and my foot is bruised. How long do i have to elevate it?
i had a 4 level cervical fusion 6 months ago and one level did not fuse. are there any dangers from this?
acl reconstruction and meniscus repair?
my baby has skull deformity. treat.not covered by any ins. how can i start a fundraising for baby $3000 helmet
tingly fingertips and toes....coud it be ms?
Products to Prevent Acne Scarring on African American Skin?
It's kinda gross but I need some help.?
What are good products to clean the face?
I have a rash from were my hair line touches my forhead all the way across. what might it be?pictues available?
How to get rid of dandruff?
there is a clear fluid exiting from a small wound that when it dries leaves a yellowish ring around the wound?
on my leg there is ingrown hairs (i think) and it is red around them . how do i get rid of them? they r red?
my lip randomly started swelling? why?
Lump on the bottom of my foot?!?
I need advice about my eczema.?
How can i get rid of stretch marks?
Major Acne Problem? ::?
gross toe nail is falling off?
What should i use for EXTREMLY DRY AND CHAPPED LIPS?
How to rid my acne, its only getting worse?
help with acne on 32 year old????????????????????
when an insect bites you...?
What can i do about severe exzema?
I think I got bit by a mosquito on one of my toes.?
Does anyone thinks dreams are true and they tell the future?
dose anyone know anything on tubercle basil degeneration?
Help one last time about 14yr old and bad STUFF!?
if your on loritabs and take a darvocet will you fell the drug testbut they now your on lts?
how long does a perscription last?
My joints pop alot?
i feel so much pain in my right shoulder through neck what will i gonna do to make this ok?
My left hip is lower than my right hip. What can I do so I can play golf with this disability?
Why does the brain not manufacter "it's own" nerves that make us feel pain.?
Pain in the back?
Serious eat pains?
what are some of the signs of a annurisum ,besides a head ache?
I tore my rotator cuff and not even percocet helps the pain, what can I take to stop the pain?
what different kinds of hip surgeries are there?
what is the best treatment for herniated disk and sciatic pain?
What could be causing my shoulder to hurt?
Headache !?
Is it ok to sit for a long time when u have back pain?
When you see No Cholesterol on an item, but different fat %, is there still a chance of building our bad chole
Who is permitted to administer injections in the state of Ohio?
Complicated Mononucleosis Question?
Help needed, drooping eyelid?
Stomach flu:( how do you know it's coming?
Okay so this is what happened after my little sister took pin worms medication, please answer?
How long should I wait to kiss my boyfriend, I had mono?
my dog has stinky ears and algeries?
do u think it is safe to smoke cigs if i have low iron and i have chest pains from the low iron just one a day
I have a nodule on my little finger that when squeezed thick clear stuff comes out of it. What is this?
How would you find out that your immune to an air virus?
UTI and kidney infections / kidney stones?
for nick ex- Jessica Simpson. can you send me a picture of you whit you signature. are you going back to her?
How do I know if my bladder infection is cured?
free online review for diagnostic radiographer?
how do i sell 1 of my kidney to get paid so i can help my parents and home.?
Why do I have a cold a couple of months after getting the flu shot?
I need hospital ranking system forms and conditions?
why is my mucus green thick and bloody when i blow my nose?
Extremel itchy! Please help me!?
how do you get rid of a birthmark ?
my 2 years child has sores around mout? what to do??
Is sugar bad for acne?
HIV/AIDS has impacted modern culture & public health specifically mentioning 2 factors related 2 each category?
Why Africa has the highest rating in AIDS ?
Can you recommend HPV test if your under 30?
will my friend pass his drugs test?
should i get glasses or contacts?
Flexon from ebay?
Swollen eye?
reading glass?
this is weird?
does blepharoplasty change shape of eyebrow or just make the skin thinner and less full?
Irritated eye for one day and then...GONE!! What was it?
How can meditaion help you relax?
I'm looking for a cane that fastens to the wrist because I have trouble using my hands.?
what are some side effects of taking prozac along with concenrta?
what is prozac, and what are the side effect of it?
hi!im ifa..and 18 years old..just want 2know,i'm very skinny.my height is 150 but my weight is just 35.help me
can you get meningitis more than once?
what is parachuting drugs??
name the parts of the respiratory system?
How do you remove glass from your throat?
I just purchased 2 shin compression sleeves i was wondering if i should only wear when running?or all the time
Eye muscle surgery?
what is the proper weight for a 5 foot 5 man.?
I lost circulation in my finger, what could cause this?
i tore my stomach muscles throwing up. How can I make them stronger?
when do bones break?
the back of my leg™?
Have surgery to fix a broken nose??
knee injuries?
Lower Back Problems?
Question to RNs (Registered Nurses) ONLY. Why did you choose to become a nurse?
Which pranayam (yoga) is good for 6-9 month pregnent lady?
How long could a person survive if buried inside a coffin? To ensure they are still OK when you dig em up?
Why do we get moles?
What do you think about the show The Biggest Loser?
how can i get rid of freckles on my lips??they drive me insane!?
What exercises can I do to quickly tone up my arms?
What weight loss drugs really work?
What is the THYMUS CHAKRA, and what does it do?
can you take zoloft with adderall?
where can i find evidence that marijuna helps cancer and aids patient and treat glaucoma patients?
remedy for the common cold anyone?
what is a sleep test?
Are there foods/drinks you can have to help you learn and do better on a long test?
what are the eleven states that legalized medicinal marajuana?
Pls advise any natural remedy to be done to prevent or minimize dark eye ring.?
Anyone taken a fresh boiled leave of Neem Herbal?
what can I eat after my egd?
do prediabetic meds like metaformin help lose weight if u r insulin resistant?
I'm trying to locate a company called Council Labs. They make dietary supplements, but I can't find them!
do you think this might work with vitiligo?
Would you like to have your body frozen after your death? http://eternidad1963.tripod.com/?
After you eat what should your Blood Suger be?
how much blood can a 25month child have drawn.? how much is to much?
can methylprednisolone be taken with tylenol?
does cayenne pepper cure headaches?
i have a problem when it comes to water , have just fallen pregnant, what is a natural diuretic, besides green
GAD65 antibodies present but C-Peptide Normal?
I just got blood test results and the Glucose was 99 and the Glom filter rate was 59.9?
medication zolforin?
Is it safe to take Alka Seltzer with Zoloft?
where can i find the herbal pill quercetin?
Are the health claims of Wheat grass juice bogus?
I have an question regarding a recumbent stationary bike?
Any diabetics out there with an insulin pump? Question about being intimate...?
Should I be worried about my health?
What do the numbers 20/20 mean regarding vision?
my dad had a stroke 6 months ago?
Blood sugars again!!?
Does anyone know what the range is supposed to be for One Touch Ultra Control Solution?
why do diabetics have acetone on their breath.?
Why does my baby toe feel tingly when I walk on it?
Does Antibiotics agrevate an accute Gastritis?
what causes mucus in stools?
bad tummy:?
How can i get rid of neckake that sometime i have?
can you give me the information sheet on coumadin?
Anyone had any side effects from Cymbalta?
what causes like tiny black specs on the tonsils along with whitish looking circles?
does anyone think the bird flu will hit the usa this summer?
how many people have heard of minere's desiese?
Could Fibromyalgia be a composite of allergies.?
i would like find some color imaging about foot drop , but cant find it threought yahoo image?
What does one do to combat seasonal depression and hormone imbalance?
what does the term uc stand for? I know it is a medical condition?
How Do You get rid Of A Mole?
What gets rid of acne the best?
Acne problem?
How do I treat my sunburn?
omfg! i had a zit on my face this morning and its the first day of school!?
Does the proactive solution work?
will my holes close if i take off my earrings for a few days?
I have a little bump on my underarm.
Really bad sun burn. How do I cure it within 10 hours?
What is vascular decompression?
I have had a pain from dull to major in my lower right backside what could it be?
How could i stop poping my neck,back,knuckles,toes, and anckles all the time?
bone scans?
I have a few STDs. How should I tell my BB?
what's a yeast infection?
what is cardiovasculatr disease?
FOUR years ago the accident happened-no results yet.?
What does this sound like? It seems like the specialized people don't know...?
Cervical Disc Fusion Question?
medical emergency?
Total Knee Replacement?
Ankle injury!?!? What to do?
for a Grade 2 Strain on the wrist, how long should you wear a splint?
What can I put on a hicky to make it fade faster ?
nose damage?
Thigh strain (Quadriceps strain)?
Pulled groin?
How can I stop my over active tearing in my eyes?
my left hand has been tingiling for the last half hour, what should i do 2 make it stop?
I need to know if I should seek a second opinion and forgo P.T.?
nessesary 2 go to the doctor? More questions -----?
I dropped my contact and overnight it dried out can i still use it after soaking it?
where can i find someone in new york state who is looking to buy a used power whelchair?
I'm thinking of getting my naval pierced. Dose it hurt to get it done? Please be honest.?
IS Triclosan a derivative of agent orange ?
i hav hair on my face how do iget rid of it??its grow above my beard!!!jus below da eyes wat do u suggest???
why are us Asian girls flat chested and have flat bums ?
my cat sneezed twice about an hour apart,is she sick?is it normal?
How come when you eat corn and then use the bathroom it comes out whole again?
does eating sand affect your digestive tract?
Why beard hair are lighter(white for dark/black hair color) than the hair color after certain age?!!!?
my legs have this incredible itch?
What is this?
How can I get rid of a stiff neck?
why is there hair in our noses?
why do my hair fall out?
why do people yawn. I heard it was to get oxygen to the brain but if thats true why do we yawn when scared.?
What can I do with painful sinus presure ?
Why do some people twitch, is it a illness?
What are the benefits of GREEN TEA??
I need to find oxygen tubing that the cat can not chew through, anyone know if it exsists? Thanks.?
Is this true about sweat?
Where can I find an users manual for Dr. Scholl's model DR6624 foot spa?
What would happen if you didn't pop your acne?
Can you prevent acne?
My nail is falling off. What do I do!?!?
I was terribly ill two weeks ago?
I haven't been feeling well the last 2 days?
how can you treat an ear infection ?
How do u make sure u r over the stomach flu?
Deferred from donating blood due to Hepatitis?
Can you take azo cranberry and azo maximum strengh together?
Ciloxan ointment helps heal or makeScratched Cornea worse?
i have a trake in my throat im down to about 3 wks till it comes out for good how long will it?
Staph infection?!!!!!?
What kind of antibiotic is used for sinusitis?
What is lymphomatoid granulomatosis of the lung?
My Mother, the hospital, and alzheimers?
I need some information on a condition called costochondritis...anything helps.Thanks!?
what is the relation between cancer and food?
What are the pros and cons of DIY surgery?
plz help.........?
Which is the best way to ensure an uninterrupted, peaceful sleep?
Please,what date in November 2006 is West African College of Physicians Annual General Meeting in Gambia?
what do you call the condition where you can see the white of a person's eye below the iris(colored part)?
Only for ENT Doctors?please give me answer?
throbbing head :-(?
Where can I find information about iron deficiencies and sypmtoms?
my son cpmlaines of sudden sparks in the brain (head) that feel like electric spike?
need an answer for medication?
write in brief about cholera?
is there anything new for children with ceberal palsy,some new supplement?
Elderly woman.Large lump appears. Pushes out abdomen moves across. Disappears. Reappears in few min.Much pain.
What kind of thyroid problem causes the eyes to bulge out?
Is a nose Bleed a concern if you have high blood pressure and you have taken your pressure pills?
What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome? It this curable or its just a chance to get rid off this syndrome?
what is the meaning of conjunctival hyperemia?
What is the purpose of Barium swallow?
what causes kidneys to shrink?
What do the medical diagnostic codes 477.9, 627.2, and 110.3 mean?
How can H-Pylori effect the heart?
What is the difference between stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension?
Why is my BP the same as when I used the ANEROID sphygmomanometer on the right arm & DIGITAL monitor on left?
if you have a bad heart and bad lungs can you be treated with medicines to repair a bad liver?
Heart bypass 5 years back & no complications. But sometimes I have swelling in the left ankle. Why sometime?
What's a open heart surgery? Is it the best method if an elderly person has blood clot in their arteries?
dr Pauling's therapy against coronary desease?
Digesting popcorn?
Hey guys I just accidently ate a penut cookie and now my throat feels really tight?
what are the symptoms of an allergic reaction to pollock fish?
What is it called when a person is allergic to everthing?
why does all food suddenly taste hot to me?
Dangers of airbourne mold spores?
doese zantrex 3 work for you guys? I lost 25 lbs but cant loose anymore?
It there a home recipe for a Fat Flush?
What is the best type of workout for beginners?
i have acne what products will help clear it up?
My bracelet turns my skin green, what should i do?
is there a product to help my redness...?
I think my dermatologist is wrong...?
PPL What is this,how can i get rid of it ASAP?
skin..suggestions// acne solutions?
Should a woman sweat this much!?
I got some sun this weekend and now back is really really itchy.?
Acne scaring???
How can i get a tan with light skin?
i THINK i feel a cold sore coming what do i do besides abreva ?? please help me?
anyone have bells palsey?
appendix bustd 4weeks ago last week lump showed up on middle right side thay said it was blood clot ?
why anxiety?
What should i do about my depression?
do you know about the zodiac sign of taurus?
i cant get out of this ruddy depression?
How does the Media influence Anorexia Nervosa?
Surya Namaskar!!?
if a person with full sight wore a pair of sunglasses worn by the blind?
Are Encore Premium lenses 2-week or monthly disposable lenses?
Are contact lenses measurements standardized or do they differ among various brands?
Degenerative myopia?
blood vessel in eye?
How do you treat sore & watery eyes?
Would you get a sandwich after 2 days in the fridgerator?
how do i treat sciatic nerve pain?
whats the best alternative stuff for asthma???
I have spider veins on my thighs. Does anyone know of an easy, but workable remedy for this. Thanks?
Has anybody had any REAL success with herbal meds for ADD?
Natural Parasite Cure - Zapper Machine?
No remedy for yeast infection to be found. Please help!?
Ever cleansed your system? Anybody?
Dose eating fiber flush out THC? What foods have high fiber?
For people that know alternative medicine only please.?
Is there any homeopaty medicine for enlarged prostate?
don't you know anything about "herbal medicines"?
Vital centers controlling things like heartrate, ventilation, blood pressure are located in what?
Salvia Divinorum 5x?
anyone used paragone or anyother parasite cleansers?
what is Mona Vie?
Alternative medicine?
Im looking for an eye surgeon in NY?
What happens to medicine after it dissolves?
Which is a better natural anti inflammatory?
So should I be more worried about getting sepsis from a pilonidal cyst then getting cancer from it?
Ankle Issues...?
When i put salt into a wound, such as an ulcer, is it actually cleaning it, or just hurting it?
Post Scaphoid Complications?
shoulder injury advice?
Does Structural Integration work?
Strange electric shock result...?
anyobody got answers for shin splints?
Hi, i hurt the ligaments in my neck before xmas and i'm still in pain.Doctor suggests rest and anti inflammtry
What is the worst or most repetitive toe-stubbing you have had?
My brother has been saying that is heart hurts...?
i slipped on ice & hit my toe what should i use 2 get swelling down?
To burst or not to burst, That is the question!?
Hand exercises? Trying not to get carpel tunnel . . .?
whats wrong with my ear?
Phrenic nerve origin and function.?
Okay i've popped my knee out of place a couple times now im worried.?
how long does it take for the bruising on my ankle to leave?
Has anyone cheated death tell me your story?
do you remember what was the most beautiful dream you had when you were child?
how many years would i have to go to school to become a cosmetoloigest?
My brother is alcoholic. Can I help him even he doesn't want to ? Can I send him somewhere ?
Do people with Downs Syndrome actually know they have it?
Anyone use witch hazel products???
why do vegans who claim to be for the enviroment and for animals drive cars, when they use animal fat in metal
My nose piercing hurts...?
any tips on how to get rid of stretch marks and scars?
When shaving my legs break out bad with little red bumps even when I use shaving gel. Can someone tell me why?
Dry but not chapped or flaky lips?
Using Toothpaste for acne?
How come I can perspire when I am cold?
Why do humans get diarrhea?
Does anyone know the best college of podiatric medicine?
How can I relieve the pain of a shoulder muscle strain without Ibuprofen?
what is the presevative 282?
Has anyone gone through a methacoline challenge test?How much time does one take to recover from it?
i want yahoo to vote for the best answer to my question, what is the best medication for backache?
natural laxatives?
How do you get rid of a stuffy nose with out using over the counter drugs? Is there a home remedy out there?
What does MEQ stand for on perscription dosages?
I find it difficult doing CPR on a full chested woman,how can I solve this?
if you slept on your stomach, and all of a sudden had pelvic pain when u woke up?
cause of headache?
what is the best pain reliever for pinched nerves in the neck?
Orthopedic Surgeons?
The right side of my body is hurts real bad!?
My back hurts really bad n my arm from cheer. HELP! how to cure it? any good things that work?
i have drainage of the retum but no pain?
Burning in right shoulder that goes up the right side of my neck?
does sleeping on concrete hurt your back?
What causes headaches?
my hip at the joint sometimes feels like its out of joint and aches so severely i don't know what to do?
Do you think I have mono?
Who else has had Steven Johnson's syndrome?
I have a pain on my neck...?
I still feel sick after having the 24 hour virus on Saturday?
If you stop biting your nails can that prevent threadworms?
how do you if a person as tapeworms?
Need help with bad ear infection...?
Can you get hep c saliva to blood?
If a cat dies from tuberculosis, can it still become an abolitionist?
Do i have pink eye? ( my symptoms below)?
Could I have strep throat ?
what does it mean when one side of your throat hurts?
My Esophagus tore (from food poisoning or stomach flu) and now i can not drink alcohol for a month?
i feel contious dull pain with sight numbness restricted to the left side , this happinning before 5 years ..
where's can help free to treat brain tumor for children in poorest country ?
what are the symptoms of mono?
how to treat Miskito bytes?
Where can you find visual aids for Graves Disease?
With new urine analysis techniques, how far out can alcohol be traced? Am I safe after 48 hours?
can you breastfeed an infant that has MSUD?
what does MPC means in Opthalmology Medicine?
anyone know of a website that offers recipes for celiac disease?
what's the life span of the rsv out side of the body?
Sinus Infection?
phone # for childrens hosp. in houston tx. or the name of hosp.?
are there support groups for primary progressive ms patients?
pain in my right lower lung?
my mom has a hear conditon and lung dieses and she does dope what should i do?
history, sign and symptom of impacted fracture?
I just fell and landed on the same part of my back that has a herniated disk. Already sore...any advice?
I have a pain when I walk? Groin?
Which of the following requires immediate professional attention?
Does anyone know how to stretch or treat a back injury?
How long does a puncture wound take to heal completely?
Should I get some Georgia in my bones?
What exercise can be done with torn meniscus?
ive had astiff neck for over a week,it wont go,help.?
SKATEBOARD INJURY - is my doctor lying about an ankle fracture?? Should I trust him?
I have a burning pointed pain at lower right side of my left knee?
What should for the past 5 days everytime I move my wrist to the side it cracks. It's bothering me!?
If I wanted to get my nose pierced and then take it out a couple of years later, will the hole close and heal?
im 16 yrs old and play soccer, i notice when im in class and begin to move around my ankles, i cant move it...
what do/did I have?
i was punched on my head yesterday it hurt really bad i have to big bumps tht hurt?
what hurts more?
What exactly make crutches so uncomfortable?
how to set priorities in action plan regarding eye care service?
Mosquito bites, how do you stop the itch?
Does acupuncture work for hives??
What is the best anti-itch cream for bug bites?
New vaccines?
bioavaility is defined as?
Do you know of a sunscreen SPF15 or more, blocks UVA and UVB, sweatproof, waterproof, and doesn't sting eyes?
Why would anyone worry about pot when there are such worse drugs out there?
Anti stress meds and HIV window period?
Can you get hiv from someone licking your finger?
I want to get herpes how can i?
What effects does drinking coffee regularly have on the body?
How do you know if a child has mild autism ?
How do I stop biting and clipping my fingernails too short...I constantly do this?
what's the best way to treat an infection from an ear piercing?
Ive been having this pain, what is it?
How can i get rid of / and prevent brown patches on my face?
Is it honestly bad to smoke pot and if so why?
are sun sprays like sunblocks or sunscreens?
please help us. skin condition?
what to do about this bump?
Does it hurt?
should i where sunblock.?
Any solution to severe acne?
Why isn't one of my toenails growing?
how could i get rid of my acne?
what are stretch marks and how you get them?
Does drinking alot of water clear your face?
how do you give a bath to a hobo?
I have a circle on my arm?
How can I get rid of body spots.....?
how do you get ride of acne?? : (?
Why does my face keep turning pale?
What is cellulite and how is it caused?
ive got some warts any help?
How do I stop sweaty hands?
home remedies to get rid of a bruise asap!?
what is left axis deviation,what does it indicate and what is the treatment to rectify it ,is it a disease .?
how do i loose weight within two weeks and not gain it back and of course still stay healthy.?
Who are the best lasik surgeons in Colorado?
Why do some tight, tense muscles hurt, while others don't?